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  1. TheDifference

    For Sale Accurate BX2-500 and BX2-600 Narrow (Priced to sell)

    BX2-500 Power Handle, AccuCast, Loaded with 80# Spectra, Clamp and no box. $450 Firm shipped using PayPal Friends BX2-600 Narrow Power Handle, AccuCast, Approx. 200 yds. 80# Spectra, Clamp and no box. $550 Firm shipped using PayPal Friends. Reels used to fish Bluefin on 5 trips. Not many...
  2. TheDifference

    Custom Calstar 6455XXH and Baja Boomer

    Will be in SD tomorrow afternoon and evening. Rods are vintage but perform great! Perfect for trolling! All reasonable offers accepted.
  3. TheDifference

    BNIB Diawa Saltiga LD 20, LD 30 and LD 35 2-Speed

    I will be in San Diego this Saturday afternoon or can ship for $15 extra. LD 20 - $380 LD 30 - $390 LD 35 - $400
  4. TheDifference

    Upcoming 6 Day Trip

    I have been fishing The Revillagigedos Island group for the last 15 years so I have lost touch with the local scene. I would like recommendations and/or experiences about what size of flouro leaders to bring. I have all the right poles and reels. I will be on a 6 day in a few weeks. Thank...
  5. TheDifference

    Yellowtail Jig Recommendations

    I'm heading out on a 12-Day and would like to get some recommendations from you on the best yellowtail jigs. Also, your tips on how to fish them down deep and what types. Colors as well. Thanks for your help!