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    For Sale Revo Toro Beast 50HS

    Very lightly used, if used at all, Abu Garcia Toro Beast for sale. Model REVOT2BST50HS 6.2:1 Comes with box, paper work and 3 handles. Filled with 65# izor Pick up in Corona for $225
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    SOLD Simrad GO5 XSE

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    SOLD Trinidad12a

    Eh. Just gonna keep it and maybe one day fish it.
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    SOLD Penn International VISX16

    Reel is filled with hollow spectra. Comes with box, manual and clamp. I bought the reel with the line on it, and the guy I bought it from can't remember what size / brand line he put on it. Line feels solid, I've never had any issue with it. I don't use it like I thought I would, so selling it...
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    For Sale Couple UC rods for sale

    Custom wrapped by Moon CP80HP Pending Never fished factory 76 Centuar $Pending Blank GP76Predator $200 Located in Corona 92881 Thanks
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    For Sale UC GP blanks

    I have some United Composites blanks for sale. I dont plan on wrapping them anytime soon so I'm putting them up for $200 each. All are GP models. 900 Reaper - sold 76 Predator 80 Tilefish Jr - sold 80 HP - sold Located in Corona.
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    Need a 20" shaft

    Got what I needed. Thanks
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    SOLD Trinidad 20a $380

    up for sale is a Trinidad 20a, just had it serviced by Shimano at the end of last season, reel is in excellent condition. Its spooled with about 80% of spectra, if I remember right its 65# izor. No box, just clamp Located in Corona Price is $380
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    SOLD Seeker Black Steel G 6480H

    I have a lightly used Seeker Black Steel G 6480H 8' CT, rating is 30 (40) 50. Just looking to thin out gear that sits at home and apply the cash toward some fishing trips.. I'm located in Corona. Price is $225
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    Serious fishing hoe seeking new friends....Pt II

    Moved thread over to: Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning
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    SOLD Seeker SS 270H-8' CT

    Up for sale is a new factory wrapped Seeker SS 270H-8' CT, rated 20-30lb. $200SOLD Located in Corona
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    SOLD Shimano Talica 20II & 10II

    Hey BD, Looking to sell a couple reels I dont use to fund a project. For sale New Shimano Talica 20II filled about 85% with new Izor Spectra 80#. Reel comes with box, tools and manual. $SOLD Great condition, practically new Shimano Talica 10II loaded with I believe 65# PP, room left for...
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    SOLD Speedmaster 16II

    NIB Shimano Speedmaster 16II, spooled with 80# Izor spectra. $SOLD I'm in Corona, but will be in SD/Coronado this Thursday and Friday
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    For Sale 1990 Outrage 17'

    Keeping it!
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    SOLD Sold

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    SOLD Black Diamond 808MH & Teramar Rod

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    SOLD Penn Trq25nld2

    New in box Penn Trq25nld2 Located in Corona Price $450
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    SOLD Calstar GFGR 700 XLH

    Bought this rod from a fellow bd'er, never got the chance to use it. It's in great shape, lightly used. Rated 15#-25# $120
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    SOLD NEW Seeker G6475 $200

    New, still has tags... Seeker Black Steel G6475, 7'6" 30#-50# $200 Located in Corona
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    Group of VETERANS who want to FISH..

    Not sure if this is the right spot to post, but here it is. Theres a group of us(8-10) who served overseas for Operation Iraqi Freedom, and we’d all like to get together and fish. Some would call it a reunion, I just call it Fishing!! My question is, does anyone know where we could charter a...