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  1. Cody B

    Rocking Fishing with Berkley Gulp Grub and live bait. Top or bottom hook?

    For those of you that use a Berkley Gulp Grub and a live sardine or mackerel on a dropper loop setup for rock fishing, are you putting the Gulp Grub on the bottom or top hook? Or does it even matter? I want to try it this weekend. I'm taking my son out for his 1st time rock fishing.
  2. Cody B

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    Looks like most of the San Diego fleet is behind Catalina today. Hopefully the local SD bite turns back on. I'm driving down to SD from Orange County on Friday to go out on a 1.5 day trip. Looks like a possibility right now of going back north just miles from my house and a lot of extra driving...
  3. Cody B

    Anyone on the Sea Adventure 80 1.5 day leaving 8-14-20?

    My cousins bailed on the trip and since this is my b-day gift to myself, i'm going solo. Anyone going on this trip? Ever been on this boat? Can't wait. This will be my 1st trip this summer.
  4. Cody B

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    I am starting to look into taking my first long range trip. Probably a 6-8 day trip next fall. I know many of you have been on more than one of these long range boats. What boats do you like and why? I'm sure they are all great, just would like to hear some opinions. Pros, cons, crew? Thanks!
  5. Cody B

    Carnage rod for Penn Fathom 40NLD2 ?

    Looking for a little advice. Which Carnage rod would you guys recommend for the Penn Fathom 40NLD2 with 80lb braid to 60 pound mono top shot. The 7' medium heavy rated 50-130lb or the heavy rated 80-200lb?
  6. Cody B

    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    Does anyone use CBD to prevent seasickness in lieu of the traditional medications we have all used? Does it work? How much do you take and how often while on the boat?
  7. Cody B

    Tips for winter spotted bay bass in Newport Harbor?

    Anyone has some tips for winter fishing spotted bay bass in Newport Harbor? Figured this wold be a great way to get my son his 1st bass before we go on a party boat. Thanks.
  8. Cody B

    1.5 Day Baja Coast Boat Recommendations

    Looking at the 1.5 day Baja Coast trips this winter. Which boats have you been on for this trip and which ones would you recommend? Condor, Tomahawk, Pacific Queen, Old Glory, New Lo-An? Condor is the largest with about the same load of people which seems like a plus. Thoughts?
  9. Cody B

    Jetty Fishing Techniques

    What are some of the techniques you like to use fishing from the jetty's? Jetty's like Newport Harbor and Dana Point Harbor.
  10. Cody B

    Dana Point/Dana Warf Outer Jetty?

    Has anyone been fishing the outer jetty at Dana Point Harbor? Any tips or recommendations? Any Calicos biting around there yet? Looks like a fun place to wet a line.
  11. Cody B

    What happened to the 2310 model?

    Does anyone know why Parker stopped producing the 2310 model? Has anyone heard of any talk about possibly putting it back into production?
  12. Cody B

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival ?

    Anyone ever been to the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival at the OC Fairgrounds? Do they have good deals on gear and tackle? Or should I just wait for the Fred Hall show?
  13. Cody B

    OC Salt Water Fishing Clubs

    Anyone have any recommendations for a saltwater fishing club in Orange County CA?
  14. Cody B

    Carolina Skiff DLV series for bay and lakes?

    Anyone have a Carolina Skiff DLV series they use fishing the bays and or lakes? Thoughts on these for an entry level boat? Pros and cons?
  15. Cody B

    What Size Saragosa?

    I want to purchase my first salt water spinning outfit for this season. I am looking to get something for casting top water iron and fishing live bait. What size Saragosa would you guys recommend for school size tuna and yellowtail fishing? Is the 8000 sufficient or should I go with the...
  16. Cody B

    Show us your Steiger Crafts

    Have become extremely interested in Steiger Craft boats lately. If you got one, let's see some pictures!
  17. Cody B

    Judge Boats

    Does anyone have any experience either owning or fishing on a Judge Chesapeake 27? Has anyone seen any on the West coast? Thoughts about the boats on how they fish and ride offshore?