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  1. masterrep

    ELEC-TRA-MATE REELS with Penn 330GTI

    I have 1 model 430-XP and 1 model 414-HS both with PENN 330 reels. The 430-XP needs some work the other one worked well last time out. Selling as is 200 each.
  2. masterrep

    Daiwa Saltiga rods with Daiwa 40 reels

    4 each Rods (SA-B 70MHP 7ft med hvy 15-30) 2 each rods (SA-B 70 heavy 20-50) 4 each 40t 2 each 40H theses Daiwa set ups were originally purchased for Sturgeon rods. Then transitioned to Tuna live bait sets ups. rods are in good condition the reels could use some maintenance but at price...
  3. masterrep

    8ft boat

    Small lightweight 8 ft dingy plastic $200 in federal way.
  4. masterrep

    1000 pound boat lift

    Ace 1000 pound boat lift electric powered. I’m selling due to not having a need to lift boat off the beach. Able to pick up 16 ft Alaskan aluminum boat off the beach over 4 ft bulkhead swing arm cable strap for boat included. If you have a need for a device like this feel free to check it out...
  5. masterrep

    Marlin Hook Up at WTC

    We fished the WTC and the day started out great. We ran south to 26/44 saw 66.8 degree water so decided to get on the troll we pretty much were in the fish non stop. By 11:30 had 19 in the boat back on the troll with Zucchini being the hot set up and my buddy Johnny yeahs fish on then he’s yeahs...
  6. masterrep

    Johns River report 9-16

    3 of us fished the Johns on the opener Saturday. Took all day but we got our limit of 6 coho and released several nice kings. Used green label behind fish flash with dropper. Looked like others were doing ok a couple guide boats were kicking butt.
  7. masterrep

    Scotty Downrigger new in box

    strongarm 1080 $100.00
  8. masterrep

    Westport Tuna 9-3

    Fished Westport for Tuna Saturday with 5 man crew that included one Tuna virgin. Cross the bar at 6:30 no problem got out to tuna grounds with others started fishing at 38 over 45. Got troll rods going picked up one within 30 min got another one reeling in troll rod so 2 on troll then a 90 min...
  9. masterrep

    Westport salmon windmills

    Fished Saturday with dad and nieces husband. Left the dock headed South towards windmills. Starting fishing in the fog in about 60 fow. Divers and cut plug on all rods nothing happening. Moved into 30 fow fog started to lift and realized we had lots of company. Ended up with 5 kings and a...
  10. masterrep

    Westport tuna 7-23

    Great day on water 7-23 don't think you could ask for nicer day on the water. We heard fish were straight out 34 miles so we were pumped with good reports and in close. Interesting day we started trolling when we hit 34 miles out from South Jetty didn't have any action so moved out to 124.50...
  11. masterrep

    Hand Carved Cribbage Board Stealhead and Razor Clam

    This is a one of a kind cribbage board that is the perfect gift for the cribbage player that loves to fish or dig clams or justappreciates the beauty of wildlife. It is to be appreciated as a piece of art that can be hung on the wall and admired by all. The attention to detail is amazing the...
  12. masterrep

    Westport report 6-19

    Fished Westport with Dad and friend Wednesday hit the bar at 5:30am bait tank was loaded with fresh Anchovies was thinking pulling anchovies in helmets behind diver and fish flash would be the ticket. Hit the south beach no birds no bait worked from 25 ft of water out to 40 nothing. The 6 pack...
  13. masterrep

    Westport 7/30 Tuna Trip 36 pound Tuna

    Fished out of westport on Monday great day on the water had a 5 person crew including myself. Caught fish on troll and at bait stops best bait stop was 12. We had issues with bait tank lost a hose clamp so had some down time playing around with tank. Total cound for the day was 38 fish...
  14. masterrep

    34 Tuna 7-22 Westport

    Headed to WP Saturday afternoon had to get ice by 5pm gor there just in time to load the boat with a tote about 700 pounds is what the ice man told me. Was hearing mixed reports for Friday started to hear better reports Saturday evening. Fished with a crew of four brother Steve Jeff Pederson...
  15. masterrep

    Westport Tuna Trip 8-3 37 TUNA

    Made my first Tuna Trip on my 26 foot Northriver. Had a crew of 4 including myself. Went out 50 miles pretty much straight out. Fishing was hot got our first fish letting out a daisy chain out the center rod didn't even get the rod in the holder it was fish on. This was the virgin run didn't...
  16. masterrep

    Westport 7-17-18

    Fished Westport Sunday in 225ft off of Wilapa. We fished 2 rods off of downrigger and the other 2 on fish flash and diver. We picked our limits of 4 kings and 4 silivers took 12 hours of fishing. Monday we went north of Westport about 3 miles and fished in 225 to 240. 3 guys on this trip...
  17. masterrep

    New to area MA-7

    I've never fished area MA-7 before and was looking for some info on where to launch as well as where do you go after you launch. Looked at MA-7 in the game book and it shows all kinds of restricted area's. I live down South in Federal Way area not sure I'll make it out to MA-7 but the reports...