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  1. slomonkey

    Is the Freedom gone? WTF

    Bummer dude ,i used to deck on that boat ...good times
  2. slomonkey

    marlineer /delta 50
  3. slomonkey

    marlineer /delta 50

    yA,No confusion meant , shes a marlineer for sure of th grandy heritage ...a little complicated but i have the original plans "The New Marlineer/Delta 50"is the script on them and yes ,built in the goodell yard in washington as the Betty Jean II
  4. slomonkey

    marlineer /delta 50

    ya , one of the Minnies i believe , or part of that oc old school core , used to have a business delivering sporties to Hawaii ,40 - 50 foot boats .they would board up the glass and load em with drums , after a bit they figgered out they only needed to board up one side !!! little balls and...
  5. slomonkey

    marlineer /delta 50

    good , info never knew the older marlineers were planked construction , i have always admired bear flag ,never occured to me it was a marlineer do you know of any other fiberglass hulled marlineers ? as far as i know this was the only one
  6. slomonkey

    1986 Stringari Skiff 18'

    Great boat , sure you dont wanna trade for a Marlineer!!:doh: good luck with the sale
  7. slomonkey

    marlineer /delta 50

    I sent the pm yesterday, lemme check sorry bout that ,let me know when you want to see it ,my schedule is pretty open rite now 7143624701
  8. slomonkey

    marlineer /delta 50

    Yes , As a kid growing in Orange County , When there were a lot more "marlin boats"in the harbor I used to drool over the Marlineers ,but i never owned one cuz im not a fan of glass over ply. This one is a one of a kind ,as far as i know ,they intended to build more but that never...
  9. slomonkey

    marlineer /delta 50

    Thanks, i hate to see it go but thats the way it is ,too many other irons in the fire
  10. slomonkey

    marlineer /delta 50

    kind of a project ,but not a big one ,tons of new parts included(new refridgeration freezer compressors, new 1000 dollar vacu flush heads ,new shower and sink fixtures /chicago/electronis/furuno this is one of a kind sportfisher ,built in 1985 at the jones goodell yard in washington as a long...
  11. slomonkey

    Chilean Sea Bass

    Didnt know they were listed as endangered , australia still has a heavily regulated and succesfull fishery for them , they circle the globe in antarctic regions and in those not regulated , and difficult to enforce they where hit pretty hard a couple decades ago , i guess the key is were are...
  12. slomonkey

    Can you fish while hooping???

    ha, interesting i never really read the sport regs in regards to that , but when i fish under the commercial regs if you follow the letter of the law there are many situations where hook and line or other tipes of gear have to be stowed and inoperable so as to insure the bycatch laws are...
  13. slomonkey

    OC / LA Bulk bait? Salmon heads - macks

    If you go to tomlick seafoods in pedro (san pedro fish market )just past berth 73 they sell frozen macks fob not super cheap but they have all u want ull havta go inside the plant and ask the dude in the bubble
  14. slomonkey


    took another look at the op,pipefish do not school gussin tube snout may be right ,although when reading saurys caME TO MIND
  15. slomonkey


    just grazed the responses , but when i was just a kid spending my summers in newport harbor ,pipefish were everywere almost every bass u caught had a pipefish tail stickin out of his gullet we used to catch em by hand leaning over the dock, i think the bay pipefish get bigger saw a kid catch...
  16. slomonkey

    Volvo Outdrive Mechanic in San Diego or socal

    grant at sea and ski in costa mesa know volvos very well ,hes been at it a long time was invaluble to me when i had my skippy not sure about the not charging a fortune part tho pg
  17. slomonkey

    Just gets better....its now a "mortality event"

    I couldnt help myself , so i did a little reading on the interweb LONGEVITY <table border="0"...
  18. slomonkey

    Just gets better....its now a "mortality event"

    it seems like the number of pups dying is kind of irrelevant without knowing how many were born doesnt it ? or total population numbers maybe thats just me ,but one set of numbers hardly tells the whole story , it seems makes me kinda curious ,
  19. slomonkey

    Teak Nightmares

    clean it ,and bleach as neccesary , sand to perfection treat with west systems thinned with acetone so as to penetrate the teak deeply ,apply at least two coast ,sand again ,build up with unthinned west with 207 hardener aply several coats ,sand apply varnish on top of all epoxy as many coats...
  20. slomonkey

    catalina new pb calico

    nice fish , there older than they look
  21. slomonkey

    What is this?

    looks like a lancet ,or sumpthin close ,cool fish tho (googled)
  22. slomonkey

    Vessel assist or sea tow?

    ive never had sea tow , i have used vessel assist once in the last 10 or 15 years but they were great zero complaints
  23. slomonkey

    Raymarine C90w

    Thanks James, nice doing business with you peter
  24. slomonkey

    kayak demands?

    harbor freight plastic welder ,once you find the rods that work ur set !!
  25. slomonkey

    Woodbridge Fish Dump

    ha ... the jumbo feeders work the best !!! biggest bass i gt out of wodbridge was around 8 pounds when i was in high school Sean & Skylar didnt mean t come off as confrontational sorry
  26. slomonkey

    Woodbridge Fish Dump

    uh....... ,there are talapia in pacific watersheds all over california ,especially southern california and lots of em all of the fish in woodbridge park are invasive species ,if there are any native fish there it is entirely accidental sorry , just get a little miffed at the disinformation...
  27. slomonkey

    Woodbridge Fish Dump

    hate to be the devils advocate here ,but what "native" species would be damaged by fish placed in woodbridge park? just curious
  28. slomonkey

    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    the belt is a little different length than the dodge belt / no ac compressor on a boat/ any good auto parts store should be able to measure the old one and order the proper length with the right number of grooves ,they may have one in stock hub in costa mesa has had them in stock for me in...
  29. slomonkey

    fuel tank pressure test

    not anybody mobile.......ive had barry tank in cm make a few for me ,as i recall they are only tested two 3 pounds ,might not be to difficult to do yourself(as long as your a non smoker !!!) might be worth calling barry tank and see if theyll do it pg
  30. slomonkey

    Local squid around San pedro

    havent been up around pedro ,but lots of bait outside newport ,night before last small -medium deans some of the pedro seiners were down that way looking around dunno if that helps but its all i got pg
  31. slomonkey

    SEA SNAKE?????

    yellow snake eel ,me thinks
  32. slomonkey

    PETA vs. Bikers

    this ones my favorite ...and its real i especially like the part were the "activist" screams like a girl and the gets wacked with his own flag
  33. slomonkey

    local boom/crane truck in san pedro area ???

    dan worked out great awsome great guy thanks for the tip, and thanks dan pg
  34. slomonkey

    local boom/crane truck in san pedro area ???

    Thanks guys, ill give dan a call, pg
  35. slomonkey

    local boom/crane truck in san pedro area ???

    ya didnt have much luck with that figgered there had to be someone here that had or new of one for pulling motors and such it was worth a try !
  36. slomonkey

    local boom/crane truck in san pedro area ???

    Does anyone know of a local crane truck operator that i could hire to lift some gear from the warf in pedro onto my deck probably a two hour job tops thanks pg
  37. slomonkey

    Newport Back Bay - Westcliff Park

    could be wrong but i believe that area is closed anywhere past the pch bridge , but theres always been alot of fish in there spotfins croakers leopards and some big spotties and halibut fished every inch of that bay regularly when i was a teen ager check the mlpa maps pg
  38. slomonkey

    Thresher from the beach?

    thats awsome , when i was a teenager i hooked about a four foot mako in the surf in orange county ,busted me off and we hooked him three more time never did land him but i wont ever forget it a thresher from the surf would be awsome !!
  39. slomonkey

    da clowns from 'whale wars'....

    I dont think you really know what these people are doing#1 Not an illegal activity #2
  40. slomonkey

    Taking it old school.

    Very Cool, I love those old bantams ,I used to kill the local yellows with those when i was a kid and all the chovies were like 2 inches long fish all around the boat and no one could get a bait to them wed fish those bantams or the old diawa millionaires flylined bait on the bass...
  41. slomonkey

    Bowfishing is So Cal

    I Just got this funny image in my head of you walking from your car down to echo with you bow in hand to do some fishing !!!!! not sure if its legal but ,it would be funny to see, looks to be legal at castaic and cachuma ? dont take my word for it though
  42. slomonkey

    da clowns from 'whale wars'....

    So i am sure i will get a bunch of haters, but i fully support what they are doing and i think you guys should too. Sure their antics are not always "safe", but they are enforcing international laws and on a few episodes i saw them trying to stop BFT poaching. I don't see why anybody would want...
  43. slomonkey

    My last offshore 10-16

    nice job on the feeeesh !! thanks for the info !!its not over till well ....its never really over
  44. slomonkey

    Need some Help!! What boat to buy!!!!

    Im gonna say the pacifica is the most interesting Nice west coast boat built for our water , I will also say that in that market you are really shopping for engines more than the boat ,major overhauls can be very expensive and very quickly can surpass or equal the cost of a repower...
  45. slomonkey

    New to me 1996 Skipjack 24

    nice looking boat When i had my skippy i ordered most of my parts from these guys ,they always had the parts in stock and there prices where pretty reasonable I also used grant at sea and ski in costa mesa, he was always very helpful with tips and...
  46. slomonkey

    27' Radon Complete Restoration

    cool pics of the lisa marie ,she was a cool little boat wow that radon is a lot of boat ,that beam is awsome i love that you guys just dug right in ,it would be awsome to have a shop like that that is gonna be a cool rig keep up the posts ,i cant wait to see the house on it !! pg
  47. slomonkey

    Fish id ??

    Whalebreath I did find some picture of jacks caught in washington with very similar coloration that seems to make the most sense ,especially the haed and jaw shape and the distinct lack of spots below the lat also the broken pattern of the spots although nit the best indicater the only othe...
  48. slomonkey

    Fish id ??

    Yea, Chinook is a possibility the area he was caught once ad a chinook run but not now I wish i would have landed the larger one he had the exact same markings only was somewhere around 24 inches give or take I stilll leaning toward steel throat but jack is entirely plausible ,strange...
  49. slomonkey

    Fish id ??

    Its buggin me but i think i have i narrowed some looks like its most likely a sea run cutthroat,di some reading and it seems they hybridize with steelhead or rainbows fairly easily explains the specles some maybe pg
  50. slomonkey

    Fish id ??

    garety , ya while i was looking i did think hmpf looks alot like an atlantic im still thrown by the distinct lake of markings below the lateral line i caught him in kodiak ak ,but ya i guess bc waters would be the closest thanks for the input
  51. slomonkey

    Fish id ??

    ya ,probably not the best realese in the world but far from the worst i assure you that fish is happily and greadily eating the bed of salmon eggs i plucked him from To those concerned ,He definatley didnt "bounce"on the rocks and as you can see he was released without being touched by...
  52. slomonkey

    Fish ID help please

    deleted ,sorry double post
  53. slomonkey

    Fish id ??

    caught this little guy today in kodiak cool fish ,he still lives there very golden with an olivey tone ,at first i thought some sort of whitefish hooked another much larger but didnt land him ,they where mixed in with some silver salmon and sockeye presumably eating eggs ,he hit a spinner...
  54. slomonkey

    Keep from knocking shore fishermen out

    Following these rules while visiting Huntington Dog Beach will help to ensure that your day is happy and enjoyable for both you and your dog: - Maintain control of your dog at all times. - Please pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in the trash cans. - Under the existing city...
  55. slomonkey

    Volvo duo prop

    Times two for asking Grant at sea and ski he is a wealth of good information and a great guy he knows volvos and the volvo skipjack combo very very well pg
  56. slomonkey

    Derelict Gillnet: 6 Coho, 30 Crab, 200 Dogfish, Seabird

    Wow , that is a grotesque waste I cant believe that is allowed to go on , just makes me sad Nobody who would intentionally abandon gear as damaging as that should have any right to fish AT ALL Just sick
  57. slomonkey

    estimated boat value.

    soo many factors age ,construction permits ? what its rigged for what kind of cummins need more to work with really
  58. slomonkey

    9/19/12 Finally got em....sorta

    with the right permits ya can !!
  59. slomonkey

    24' Skipjack 7.4l

    ya , hadnt thought of that ,is the pump right up against the tank, when i put the diesel in my skippy there was not a ton of clearance between the tank and the front of the motor you can usually change out the raw water impeller without removing the pump ,just the cover also they do make a...
  60. slomonkey

    24' Skipjack 7.4l

    Sounds like your motor is fresh water cooled wich means it has a heat exhanger that is cooled by seawater the coolant circulates through the block in a closed loop ,the seawater passes through the heat exchanger and exits through the exhaust maybe or maybe not cooling you manifolds as well...
  61. slomonkey

    27' Radon Complete Restoration

    cool project !! I saw that one , or a veery similar one for sale in the last few months ,i was thinkin about it ,very cool hull baire marine or freeman for the hatches maybe , ive had both i prefer the freemans i have had but both are good with support for parts and whatnot I wouldnt do...
  62. slomonkey

    24 skip flybridge

    when i repowered my 24 fly ,I found a volvo 42 series diesel and dpe drive for 6500,did the repower myself so saved a lot of dough ,it was a perfect setup plenty of power (30 is knot boat in good weather ) and excellent fuel econ If you keep your eyes open you will find the right package for...
  63. slomonkey

    Rule Bilge Pump with Large Crack

    just curious ,what were the chemicals that corroded your shaft ,i sometimes use degreasers in the bildge and i have been concerned about that but it hasent happend yet !! thanks
  64. slomonkey

    is this for real

    I hate to be the first to say it but this sounds like a load of evironmentalist animal rights activst propoganda from the go!!! I by no means advocate the use of puppies or kittens as bait ! BUT the information in the article is vauge ,and frankly doesnt make sense This...
  65. slomonkey

    Too good to be True?

    Always pay by credit card through paypal ,there resolution process is very slow and not very effective ,the credit card co. will cancel the charges if you make a fraud claim and in my experience paypal will concede that the issue was ruled in your favor and the dispute will be settled ...just my...
  66. slomonkey

    1977 24' Radon Project

    that thing sounds awsome!! that cummins is the best powerplant there is imho looks like lots of fun craig, i have a little downeast style boat myself ,its waiting for time and money !! I had to go east to get mine too ,there just anrent many here congrats on the radon project looks like...
  67. slomonkey

    Out of state boat purchase

    I have purchased boats out of state before ,never had any problems I always take the title and bill of sale back to california and register them here ,so as not to pay reg twice but also these were always cash deals ,no financing and tax based on the amount written on the bill of sale have...
  68. slomonkey

    Casting Newell Reels

    havent fished a newell conversion in a long time ,but i have never cast anything as far as a newell with the graphite spool >>> I f they still cast that far with the aluminum i would be very impressed please update the results you get i would be interested in knowing pg
  69. slomonkey

    1977 24' Radon Project

    Wow , your radon is nice but that novi was awsome ,not alot of those boats made it west that was a cool one the radon is cool too definatley a cool ride ! pg
  70. slomonkey

    Trolling with single speed?

    when i worked the party boats (live bait),it was 60 or 80 (they were all single speed)for the trollers the idea was to get the fish to the boat as soon as possible ....and not lose them in the hopes that they would bring the rest of the school with them and into the chum so we could hold...
  71. slomonkey

    who the crap bought all the x-raps?

    I have had good luck with the dorado before , yellowfin eat it and that day they chose it over the bonito : ) pg
  72. slomonkey

    Fishing Right of Way

    I dunno , I like being on the ocean away from other boats ,I do not expect people to pull or drive close enough to my boat to interfere with my fishing , And I definately wouldnt do it to someone else I usually pass on paddys that have boats on them ,I find it irritating ,although a little...
  73. slomonkey

    Kodiak Lodge 8/10-8/17

    Nice job , looks like a blast i am dying to fish the halibut here!!! Im on kodiak now working and will be for a few months , just trying to find the time to hop on a boat and catch some halibut the salmon fishing has been awsome though !! pg
  74. slomonkey

    Kenai Silvers starting to show up

    nice job, im on a job up in kodiak rite now the pinks and chums have been thick , but the silver s are starting to show in the rivers in the last few days hopefully well getem tommorow
  75. slomonkey

    Hydraulic Steering vs Mechanical

    sea star hydraulic ,in my opinion is far superior in every way ,i do not think you will ever want to go back if you switch i have had inboards outboards ,and i switched my volvo duoprop over to a single system hydraulic(got rid of the volvo mechanism straight sea star cylinder I prefer the...
  76. slomonkey

    Leopard Sharks!

    wow keep on truckin boatless it may never have occurred to you but many if not most large aggregations of sportfish occur when fish are spawning ,and or migrating to spawning grounds or feasting on bait pre spawn or hungry again post spawn ,oooooo the cruelty !!!!! better go eat a hormone...
  77. slomonkey

    Yellowtail without a boat?

    its happened before ,theres probably some places down south beaches and rocks you might get lucky ,laguna has produced a few and as said before california piers have produced there share .pretty much a game of chance right place right time right year sort of thing if you do find a spot pm me...
  78. slomonkey

    Bennett trim actuator

    Yup,minneys had a pile of them ,brand new ones just recently probably your best bargain as i recall they were cheap
  79. slomonkey

    My first real boat.

    nice should be a cool summer for you,lots of cool local fishing you can get to with that
  80. slomonkey

    Using Grunions for Surf Fishing

    Yup, Ive used them during grunnion runs calicos croakers halibuts makerel and sharky types eat em for sure
  81. slomonkey

    avalon bank sharking ...not

    yup , It could have been a scalloped ,I did some searching for good images of both the great appears to have a very different dorsal shape than the one we saw others i have seen in the past i believe to have been greats but both the scolloped and smooth seem to have a shape more in line...
  82. slomonkey

    Anything at the Flats or Shoe???

    Fished the shoe a little for rockfish on my way home last night , lots of bait about two miles south of la light ,looked like decent fish underneath didnt fish it i fished a little farther out on our way home for rockfish they were biting just smallish reds you should be able to them on some...
  83. slomonkey

    avalon bank sharking ...not

    yup, I have only seen the large brown ones ,for lack of a better description , in the past but this one was grey /bluish he stayed with us ,or us with him for quite a while so i got a pretty good look as best i can id he was a smooth hammerhead ,pretty cool fish he was only about 9 miles...
  84. slomonkey

    avalon bank sharking ...not

    Just a quicky not much to report made a quick run to the avalon bank yesterday set up just before sunrise ,drifted a couple of chum buckets for a few hours one black stingray within minutes of setting up on flylined mack pretty cool fish that i have not seen before ,pelagic stingray with a...
  85. slomonkey

    Good Read for Bass Anglers fishing the LB Break-Wall

    I am definatley in !!!!
  86. slomonkey

    Freedom for Holy Calico

    thanks for the report , who gaffs a fish in the tank....? what a duche nice jib on the calico , Freedom is a cool boat ,lots of good memories for me i decked on it for a while back in the day we put a lot of fish on that boat pg
  87. slomonkey

    Raymarine C 120 help needed

    As already stated thes units are very voltage sensitive the manual suggests they have there own circuit and power switch isolating them from other electronics. I had similar issues with mine ,it came down to voltage somewhere to start maybe pg
  88. slomonkey

    direct drive maintenice

    I see that is has been said already , you surely already have a good grasp of diesel mechanics from your line of work Many marine diesels die untimely deaths from overheating ,Your cooling system is key learn the cooling circuit from raw water pump on and regularly inspect the failure poits ...
  89. slomonkey

    Maybe this question isn't so dumb

    I usually go to the noaa marine weather site and check there forcast then the bouy's as well inside and outside usually I can make a pretty good prediction ,looking at the direction of the weather and checking the outside bouy's to see if the sea is building or dissapating and i listen to the...
  90. slomonkey

    Chovy on light line

    back in the day calstar 220 8.5 (and a newell 220 loaded with 15 ande pink used to shmammer'em everyone would be looking at you wondering why you were always bit!!!! when i was a kid i learned how to cast in the front yard with a wooden clothespin i still love my 220 i caught some big fish...
  91. slomonkey

    Something to look out for

    not to sound like a dummy but what is "single ship" just curious not currently a baja traveler but im thinking about going alot latley...
  92. slomonkey

    Santa Cruz Salmon

    great info , I am looking at going this saturday , I sent a pm peter
  93. slomonkey

    Does Party Boat fishing affect the fishery?

    I really try and stay out of these ones..... ,pollution ,population ,weather patterns and cycles (if you look at fisheries data over the last twenty years and more there are some pretty clear patterns of 10-15 years with the pelagics ,when i was a kid we had like an eight year stretch with...
  94. slomonkey

    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    I dunno , I had my skippy 24/kad42 diesel /duoprop , for a short time fished the shit out of it after the repower .Put couple thousand miles of sea time in it and i have to say it was a very seaworthy boat in all conditions when weather permitted i could cruise at 30 knts averaged about 15...
  95. slomonkey

    Looking for an affordable multi day trip near newcastle in late feb /march

    Hello, I am traveling for work this winter and I will be done late febuary or early march . I am trying to research some kind of multi day trip for my son and I ,I am planning to fly him down near the end of my trip so we can take a few days to fish. We both are experienced ocean kayak...
  96. slomonkey

    question: which diesel engine

    the volvos are nice ,i repowerd my skippy 24 with a used kad 42 and duoprop (6500 for the package)pretty heavy boat and it would cruise nicely at 20 when the weather allowed and topped at 30 plus no problem good on fuel too my only issues with them is parts ,volvo parts are veeeery expensive i...
  97. slomonkey

    79 21 ft stringari skiff center console (not mine)

    wow , thats a good one if i had the extra scratch id buy that merc diesel package i saw a couple day ago less than ten grand in a 21 foot diesel skiff hmmmmmmm..............
  98. slomonkey


    I Guess this topic just struck the bone with me, There are lots of factors an even more points of view NOAA and the california DFG post commercial catch numbers in pounds and monetary value publicly on the web there is also information regarding the numbers of permits issued and actively...
  99. slomonkey


    Yes , its a shame really, everyone seems to have an agenda perhaps politics is the worst form of pollution alterior motives and such . I hate to see people drinking the cool aid and helping the process along conservation is not closure in most cases I just wish the motive was really to...
  100. slomonkey


    Ha ,thats probably true!!! I was going to bring up the point about recreational numbers but you beat me to it aside from large corporations and profiteering pirates ,a commercial fisherman is exactly who you want speaking out if there are no fish there is no fishing plain and simple as...
  101. slomonkey


    wow . I try to avoid these types of discussions ,the bill is wasteful in my opinion ,it is already illegal for a commercial fisherman to posses fins of a shark without the corresponding shark carcass,finning in california is illegal period . now it seems the law should be that commercial...
  102. slomonkey

    290 Due Prop trim question

    Mine did the same thing ,if there are no leaks in the lines its probably the cylinders ,they tend to leak when they get older (at least that was my experience) there was a guy online selling seal kits to rebuild them as volvo does not if you search a little you may find the kits ,otherwise i...
  103. slomonkey

    Avet SX repaint?

    Aluminum wont rust it may oxidize some , i do believe some types of oven cleaner will remove the anodizing if you use them
  104. slomonkey

    looking for stainless rails???

    Try industrial metals in Santa Anna ? (kind of behind the airport just off red hill) for the tube (they will cut if for you too) and you can usually find the ends on ebay for pretty cheap or Railmakers in costa mesa for not so cheap just a thought ,good luck west systems goes a long way on...
  105. slomonkey

    Boat Donation

    Growing up the sea scouts always had at least one fishing boat at all times they seemed to actually fish them ....wich is pretty cool most donated boats seem to go to the auction block PG
  106. slomonkey

    Trailer Parts....?

    The guys at pacific trailer in chino are great i highly recomend them if you have a pacific trailer plus the parts are all exactly what you are replacing peter
  107. slomonkey

    The little green pier in Avalon

    Walk out to the ferry pier ,my son and i have caught plenty of bonita all times of the year some times they are there and sometimes not ,bring a cast a bubble have fun
  108. slomonkey

    Lobster Bait Prices?

    Chuck , I sent you a pm regarding the salmon heads thanks
  109. slomonkey

    Lobster Bait Prices?

    I would catch it myself but i needed 300 pounds of it and unless your really on em that could take a while perhaps my macking skills are not good . Mine came from san pedro at the fish market (tomich seafood ).sounds like that price isnt sooo bad (OUCH 3.15 per !!!) thanks for the input .
  110. slomonkey

    Lobster Bait Prices?

    I was just curious what kind of prices those of you buying frozen mackerel or other fish are paying ,I purchased a 50 lb block of mackerel at .80 cents a pound ,just curious if there may be better sources or prices out there .80 cents seemed high to me ,thanks
  111. slomonkey

    Steering a little stiff in my Skippy 24 FB

    not sure what drive you have i am not familiar with the sx style but if you have an aq type you will find bushings Volvo Penta Exploded view / schematic SHIELD WITH MOUNTING COMPONENTS DP-S - fig 14 and 15 Where the steering shaft comes out the top of the transom shield...
  112. slomonkey

    Steering a little stiff in my Skippy 24 FB

    had a 24 a while back with the volvo drive also check the bushings on the yoke shaft mine was steering hard ,the bushings were shot only about 12.00 worth of parts but not much fun to do cable and or rack sound like good places to start too
  113. slomonkey

    baby WSB??

    Not a white sea bass Ive caught them that size and smaller with my kids in HH (after i identified them we stopped messin with them !!) they look really funky with dark brown /black fins
  114. slomonkey

    I said I would never do this again!!!!!!

    ha hadnt seen your post ,skippy went for 16,000 i was sad to see it go but i came out on top so thats good I have the little chris to use for the summer the seaways on hold for a minute i am in the process of getting legal for commersh so soon as thats all done the seaway will get powered up...
  115. slomonkey

    290DP helmit sleeve removal?

    are you talking about the pivot pin (little round stainless part that the helmet pivots on) if so its probably just held on by corrosion once you remove the allens it should come off i had to put both of the allens back (part way in ) i then put a small break bar between them so that i could...
  116. slomonkey

    Duoprop Shift Cable....DIY?

    It's pretty straight forward you only have to remove the small cover on the drive I connect the new cable to the old one and pull it through I would say go for it
  117. slomonkey

    Albacore are here.

    For whatever its worth thanks marcus, I appreciate all the reports of any kind ,even if they are just rumors that get me out on the water with high hopes. The fact that there are fish moving up the line is great news ,I personally dont want the "numbers" that just means every kook and goon for...
  118. slomonkey

    Skipjack cooler /seat thingy

    I have the cooler seat dealy from my 24 skipjack ,it was used on the 20's as well i think i am cleaning house make me an offer it needs to go to a good home needs a little cleanup but otherwise good
  119. slomonkey

    Volvo Penta AQ 140 A Outdrive Problem??

    I have a couple of Volvo props in the garage ,lemme know what pitch risk yours is I might have one If I do u could have it for 50 or so ,beats 350 new!! Pm me if you like Peter
  120. slomonkey

    I said I would never do this again!!!!!!

    thanks pescaloco , I love the boat I still cant get over how big it is for 26 feet the cockpit is huge!!! its going to be alot of work but when its done it is gonna be a great boat that I would not have been able to afford any other way hardly wait. I went ahead and joined the boat diesel site...
  121. slomonkey

    I said I would never do this again!!!!!!

    Ok, I have a habit of shopping for boats just always looking at whats out there ,In the past I have fallen for the "wow what a deal I cant live without this" syndrome wich twice before has resulted in diesel repowers (i hate gas!!) . I just sold our 24 skippy that we had repowered with a...
  122. slomonkey

    24 Skipjack Re-Power

    mine has a kad 43 in it I think its around 1200 pounds i also stretched trhe tank to around 120 gallons and on offshore 50 gallon bait tank I have to say with all the weight it is a better boat its more stable with the side to side rocking and handles better in a sea and thats with three...
  123. slomonkey


    I always thought you didnt need one on the pier, But yes i cant tell you how many times i have seen short and illegal fish in buckets on beaches jetties and piers it is a shame that the many get punished for the acts of the few who do not respect or appreciate our resources .
  124. slomonkey

    catalina 2/25-26

    Only one commercial type there all night , they would fire up the lights from time to time and even motored around the area a few times ,kinda looked like they werent getting em either. i was up most of the night making bait pretty much plugged the tanks with little spanish Oh well ,gotta...
  125. slomonkey

    catalina 2/25-26

    not much to report made the run to the isthmus thurs night, a little sloppy but very pretty semi full moon light anchored up between the reef and bird rock soaked a few baits through the night for i bat ray and a couple bass. no signs of squid moved down towards whites fished a few spots...
  126. slomonkey

    SMB Shark,Whales & Rockfish......

    Pacific Sharpnose i believe caught a few near Dana point last month they are sort of in northern most portion of there range up here I thought it was a smoothhound at first then i noticed it had teeth cant vouch for how they taste ,ours were released
  127. slomonkey

    Thresher local trip 9-29 first one !!

    Fished just outside newport this morning we were going to fish for halibut at the domes but we got sidetracked by some birds and fish working so we put in some trollers had one on in pretty short order ,hour or so later put em on the boat we hooked one more but we lost it at the boat launched...
  128. slomonkey

    shakedown cruise + yellowfin

    I never really thought much of them , we bought this one cheap and took it out a few times with the orig gas motor ,its a lot of boat for 24 feet !! i decided i liked it We repowered with a volvo kad 43 230 hp did all the work ourselves so its been pretty exiting to get out on it. So far two...
  129. slomonkey

    shakedown cruise + yellowfin

    at least some of them were ,thats when i hit the button on the plotter the fish were pretty spread out ,im going again tomorow,thinking i might go look at clemente for some yellows if the tunas dont stop us on the way p
  130. slomonkey

    shakedown cruise + yellowfin

    9-25-09 Loaded up and launched from the dunes in NB Second time out for our skippy ,had it out once after the repower still in the shakedown stage new 120 gal fuel tank newly installed diesel new bait tank updated to duo prop finally get to use it !!!!!! Loaded the tank with med large...
  131. slomonkey

    anyone know if you can take a kayak on the catalina express?

    Nope, but you can take it on the catalina explorer out of long beach for an extra 20 bucks or so, getting ready to go again this year with my son we did it last year this time for his birthday cool way to fish the island.