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    For Sale Shrimp traps and crab traps

    i have three shrimp tramps and two crab traps I need to get rid of, I brought these down from the Washington area. Traps are in very good condition and I would take $70.00 dollars each. 951-767-3009
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    SOLD ,-

    What's with all this bump shit?
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    2003 Gregor 20 Ocean --SOLD

    Nice talking to you too Dave, glad we could make a deal. I'll call when I get back from Idaho. Chuck
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    2003 Gregor 20 Ocean --SOLD

    Fish box is shown up front not sure if it is insulated I usually fill with ice ,a twenty lb bag will last all day, it measures about 30x15x15 and she has less than 500 hrs
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    2003 Gregor 20 Ocean --SOLD

    I'll pull it up for you, let me know. Chuck
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    2003 Gregor 20 Ocean --SOLD

    Working on getting more pics up, I'm all thumbs and may have to wait until my wife gets home tonight
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    2003 Gregor 20 Ocean --SOLD

    2003 Gregor ocean 20 2003 115hp Honda four stroke Fuel capacity --50gal 32 gal Kodiac bait tank 2006 garman chartplooter/fish finder 2006 Furno 1715 radar Marine radio Custom T top 12 chrome rocket launchers Out riggers l Leaning post Bilge pump Anchor with rope &chain Anchor pull system Fish...
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    Lingcod Fishing on the Fiesta • Morro Bay

    Just wondering, did you go north or south?
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    Ffm problems...

    Try going to Dana landing website they have a link that is very easy to follow, I had no problem and found it uncomplicated. Hope this helps!
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    Mission Bell

    Still learning the skills needed, learned a lot on this trip and yes they just installed a new RSW system, the Mission Bell is a class act !
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    Mission Bell

    Learned my lesson !, that won't happen again !
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    Mission Bell

    jumped on the Bell yesterday,7/28/16 about 32 on board. First time fishing the Bell, can't say enough about the crew! Karon, Steve on deck and Robert in the galley all just plain great ! I think the skippers name was Tom, sorry if I got that wrong. 67 yellow tail, from 10 to about 25#. I however...
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    Liberty 3/4 Day (24JUL16) Coronado Islands

    Thanks, I was hoping that was it. Do most boats have RSW? Just asking
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    port san luis

    Any live bait at port San Luis ? Where you able to make any bait if not?
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    40-42lb Yellowtail, you be the judge.

    Great vid--thanks for posting, bet your friends arms and back were sore the next day!
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    YFT from the Jetty!!

    I'm pretty sure it was Brian Williams !
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    Trigger Fish Chasing My Camera

    Cool vid Dan- thanks for posting. What kind of bait would you recommend to catch these fish.
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    Furuno 1724

    Can you provide a few pics of the screen? Thanks C
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    Fish ID help on a fish that never got caught

    I've cauught White Sea bass hanging iron off the side sittin in a rod holder the very same way!
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    Top shot

    Did not mean to post above sorry about that .Tom thanks for your reply, but it seems the braid would be better at cutting kelp than the mono top shot. Again I'm not sure why you would put mono over braid. Just trying to understand the theory.
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    Top shot

    af dreamerWell-Known "Member" Location: long beach,ca Name: tom schlauch Boat: 44 luhrs dreamer Joined: Apr 16, 2007 Messages: 1,395 Likes Received: 40 New many use it as a kelp cutter when fishing Cbass.Tom af dreamer, 15 minutes agoReport #2Like+ QuoteReply
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    Top shot

    i'm confused- I see people filling their reel with 50-60# braid and then putting 40# pound mono top shot on top of the braid. How much mono over the braid and what's the thinking ? Why put braid on at all?
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    Rockfish Rumble

    That's gettin it done !
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    Fish ID

    Very cool whatever it is!
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    Local Rockfishing at it's Best

    Same problem, have noticed several people are posting their pics this way and I can not view any of them, I'm thinking maybe my iPad ?
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    Yellows at Nados 3/15/15

    Justin--I ask you a simple question that I'm sure others were wondering, your answer proves just what a dick head you really are!! I'm glad you were able to catch some nice fish and had a great day on the water but really why do you have to be such a major Asshole? Thanks to the one answered my...
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    Yellows at Nados 3/15/15

    Justin-help me here SKR=?
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    Guppy Quest with Bankrobber in Florida

    Those sheepshead have to be the hardest fish to hook that I have ever fished for. You just can not feel their bite!! Also they can get very big!
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    270 Slug

    Most impressive !!
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    More closures due to Proposition 1??

    Everyone needs to vote no on prop 1&2--protect the few rights we have left.
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    Garman 2006C

    W T B garmin 2006 C--color GPS receiver . Must be in good working order.
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    Anybody fishing on the central coast ? Come on guys let's post some reports we all need the intell !
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    Looks like you shot it !
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    Turned out to be the switch!
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    23 ft BAJA Bay Runner made by Valco - $15000 Phone 619 666-5020

    I may have missed it but is there a price?
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    Left shelter island at 0:630 flipped the switch to the bait tank for nada fiddled with it for a bit for a no go, decided to troll feathers and throw irons. Hit the islands and headed north trolled for about 10 miles and found the San Diego and a pb hooked up trolled on the out side of them for...
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    June 19, 2014--Big 'But on the Mirage

    I think that's a new state record! 57lbs old state record-am I wrong?
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    WSB report.

    Cool report! Thanks
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    Local Bass and a 100 lber !!!

    Ran over one outside O'side , stopped to check it out had to be two hundred lbs, no BS. Tried to turn it over to check for injury, but couldn't. Slimiest fkn thing I have ever touched.
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    WaveWalker limits with a Leo bonus 6/14/2014

    Thanks for the report- your fried fish looks great, can you share your recipe ? Keep the reports coming .
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    WSB at the Barn Friday night

    What kind of light are you using to make your squid? I'm looking for one to mount on my boat, have checked with ray marine for nota , about the only thing I can find is a floating crappie light. I guess that would work but I would really like to find a more sea worthy fixture. Help me out here...
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    WSB at the Barn Friday night

    Why bust his bubble---gotta be at least 65lbs.! Good show my man!
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    sealion in my boat

    I call B.S. Without pic's.
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    WSB- San Onofre 6/9

    Nice fish--worth the trip!
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    WSB- San Onofre 6/9

    Left Mission Bay at 6pm and headed to San Onofre, now that's a haul. How long did it take?
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    Regarding the FMM---it's good for 180 days as long as you don't leave Mexico. Anyone just say thery're staying for that long , just trying to avoid getting one each time you visit the Nados ? Just thinking.
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    Newport Beach Thresher Report

    Bait-o-magic ? What's he talking about ?
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    Dana Pt Paddy YT

    It's looking better every day! Thanks for the report, a pic would be nice.
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    nuclear water??

    Great tacos right there!!
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    5/25/14 Oside - wide open small fish bite...

    Thanks for the report---it's nice to see some action coming out of O'side
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    GPS recommendation

    This is why I read the fish reports, it just can't get any better!!
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    Moby Dick at the Coranados

    Nice trip -great report! I have not been out to the islands in a few years and just checking on paper work needed to keep u safe from Mexican Navy. I have Mexican fishing lic. And my passbook, any thing else needed ?
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    Dana Pt. Halibut

    Squid--live or dead ?
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    half day report 12/06

    How did you go about making the squid? Have tried many times and have never managed to put any in the tank. Jigging is the only way I know and I hear you can only make them at night. Please, some help in this area would be great. Anybody
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    "BUBBA BLADE'S" at Turners !

    Great, but what exactly is a Bubba blade ? A pic would help.
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    Hit the playground , got some corbs report for 10-23-13

    Any tips on making ghost shrimp, I have no idea how to and would sure like some help!!
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    Nados 8/28

    Yea ,yea, yea,,,
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    Fishing SUCKS!!

    Go for the swords, their thick-just outside the bay !!!
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    DP Inshore Sat.Sun

    Question-having never caught one of these what is the next step once the shark is next to the boat? I don't think gaffing him and pulling him in the boat would work out to good. Help me out here. Thanks
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    Anyone else tired of reading this post? - - - Updated - - - Anyone else tired of reading this post?
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    Big Opah

    Bait-O-Matic, What is it and where can I get one. Can you post a pic?
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    Scotty Pot Puller

    Thanks for the report. I was waiting to hear how they performed b4 buying. I too like thier size and don't mind lifting the pots over the side.
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    used pot puller

    Looking to buy a used crab pot puller. Send a pm
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    I've got wood

    PM sent, check your messages--Chuck
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    181 an No Fish after 50 gal.

    And we wonder why our schools have failed!!!
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    Daveys 5am half day never again

    Just the reason I bought my own boat- never again, unless long range.
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    So a gringo couple illegally migrate to mexico, they conceive a child. Question, would that child be concidered a Mexican?
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    Local WSB report

    Nice Fish!!! I too was out there yesterday, could not find any squid anywhere, my meter was blank all day. What channel did you contact the squid boat on and how does that work. Congrats on the WSB!!
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    All but one of those Bass look short- just my opinion
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    Nice fish!!!! If it's just the two of you, you might be over the limit, last time I checked it was a two fish limit. Did you have more folks on board?.
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    6/30/2011 LaPush Report

    Okay- I hate to be dummy, but what's a pipe jig? Can I assume they are homemade? Any chance someone could post some pictures for me. Thanks,CK
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    Lopez Island Shrimping

    Damm, must have been pretty hard to pull by hand- pretty sure you must have been fishing 300' or so!! Sounds like a pretty bad day on the water,we've all had them for sure!!!! Anyway, hope some honest guy finds them and gives you a call. P.S. Was that you floundering around out there out of gas ?
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    parting out boat

    How about the anchoring system-would you have a bow mounted pully arm?
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    27 radio check

    Hey what's up with channel 27 radio check. It dose'nt seem to be working this year. Anybody know anything??
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    First Blue Perch? And Possible "All Tackle" World Record!

    Oh good sombody caught a perch!!!!! Any reports out there???
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    Hooping mission bay 12-13-10

    Thanks for all the replys- these ligthts are really cool-in my report I said we fished tuesday the 13th but it was in fact the 12th. The barge was there. Thanks-Chuck123
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    Hooping mission bay 12-13-10

    Went out last night to Mission Bay. Set our first string of seven hoops by 5:30pm fishing just inside the intrance in about 12' to 15'. Only able to get to shorts. Fished until midnight. I saw guys using what appeared to be led blinking lights on thier bouys, could see them all the way across...
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    280 miles north, for limits of C-Bass,on the 'Ashley D' 8/27-30th/10

    Hey Geno, thanks for the info on makin squid, sounds easy enough. I'm heading up north next week-280 miles- just wondering if you might provide some numbers or maybe general area where you where fishing, I know the area well. Thanks again, Chuck
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    280 miles north, for limits of C-Bass,on the 'Ashley D' 8/27-30th/10

    Nice fish!!! Did you get your squid from the bait barge there, or did you make your own? If so what's the technique I've never tried to make my own and have no idea how.
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    Live bait prices go up

    Deflation at it's best!!!!!
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    177 pound OPAH

    Nice fish, but what are you going to do with it? I ran over one last month just out side of oceanside , had it along side the boat, had to be at least 300lbs. Really ,are they any good on the table?
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    fishing mexico h2o

    what is needed to fish down at the coronados-paper work wise? I would like to launch out of san Diego but not sure what is really needed-ie, mex. lic,boat permit, passport??? Also where do I get these items