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    Transducer interference help

    That’s very likely RF or EF noise. The good news is it’s repeatable, so it’s just a matter of troubleshooting isolating the problem. How is the Axiom grounded? Does the power supplied to the axiom have a ferrite? From your explanation the transducer wiring/cable is separated and has...
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    Triple Axle Trailer Advice

    Overall good quality with Tuff, all the wiring and break lines are in looms. Nice thing about tuff is all the bolts are SS, so easy to mod/adjust/upkeep. They also make a good EOH stack to keep everything up high out of the road grit and water. (granted a triple the stack likely won’t get...
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    Best Boat Wash Moss/Mildew

    Muriatic Acid, get a gallon for $7 at Lowe’s and it will last you a lifetime. (Unless you do masonry for a living.) Hydrochloric acid (HCl) (the base acid in muriatic acid); is the most cost effective way. And if you need strong stuff, you can readily find 30%. (You can cut it with water.)...
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    Need a E over H brake guru

    what happens when you pull the emergency pin. Does the actuatator kick on and the brakes clamp. (if so do it again and put a little pressure with the truck to see if they are actually clamping with some pressure.).
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    Anchor and rode needed

    Agree that two setups is the way to go. A few things to throw out there. The lighter (longer) anchor system will make a great stern anchor or stern tie-off when gunkholing. There are a lot of anchorages where stern tying becomes hugely helpful or necessary. So keep that in mind, 100’-200’ of...
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    Two Stroke Silencer?

    This is a good write up i stumbled across trying to find the material. It is spot on in the comments about air gaps causing sound ‘shorts’ (which you can’t eliminate on an outboard air intake), and the need to mylar wrap the edges...
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    Two Stroke Silencer?

    Years ago, redid a 90 hp Merc 2S cowling. Used heavier duty material than dynaliner (bit more pricey too). It worked pretty well for an outboard. clearances were very very tight (1” thick). And was worried the mylar outer layer might refract/reflect a lot of heat back into the engine. It’s...
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    Wtb distribution panel

    AC switch 3-position, Kraus & Naimer C32 - 50amp 2 pole. Free (took it off a boat for a 4-position)
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    Ever wondered what sunfish meat looks like

    Not that I enjoy hitting animals/fish, but glad to see the amount of soft tissue before the harder cartilage in body. Definitely hit a couple decent ones this summer. They were very close at one point, inside the red can.
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    Charging systems 6V 12V 24V?

    yeah i hear you, ac (hvac) units are not cheap on a boat, granted nothing is. 50/50 in my opinion, on PNW boat with lots of rain and seasonal use probably ok. A southern cali/mexico boat that gets a lot more salt marine air with little rain, probably not so much. But you get 3 tries cost...
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    Charging systems 6V 12V 24V?

    100% on do whatever you want. And keeping it simple. Suggest some quick paper napkin calcs load estimations, alternator (output vs rpm) and battery capacity and then determine what goes on what circuit. — Because an HVAC unit can be really big load. (Especially if it’s wired AC, requiring an...
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    A10 open

    West Point wind today...
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    Here we go again NB 2021

    Hobuck resort’s website has stated for several weeks they are not taking 2021 reservations. Big salmon has my last year’s reservation too; just waiting it out. — Maybe a summer salmon trip at this rate.
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    Charging systems 6V 12V 24V?

    If you’re starting anew on a rebuild/upgrade, a full 24VDC all the way around will probably be easier/simpler and cost less. (Given your engine/alternator output.) Check the electronic systems to see what is only 12VDC. You’ll probably find that replacing a handful of older items, like...
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    Happy Tanacom Tuesday!

    24 of them...
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    Gas tax 2020

    Yes, tis the time. The plain language explanation for those unfamiliar:
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    Canvas Maintenance??

    taking care of canvas is a huge pia; it’s just like waxing and sealing gel coat... Get the right product on the right material, as others mention. Cleaning is straightforward: A good rinse, soapy water wash (light brush on canvas, clean cotton rags on windows), rinse again, then dry and...
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    Winter boat projects...

    Bump, what’s everyone’s new project, or project they didn’t get to last year...
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    PSA for those on a septic system

    Oh yeah, trust me, I tend to the system in every detail. It’s on an O&M annual inspection as well due to location. I just do an additional one myself, being ocd. (Along with items such as paper towel wiping of excess grease from kitchen pans; and removing the garbage disposal and using fine...
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    PSA for those on a septic system

    I have an interesting story about a failed system... My current house was a causualty of the 2007-2009 bust that i bought. Countrywide (now BofA) foreclosed back in the day, and the during the their ownership the sand system failed. (Oops!) County Health Dept then red-tagged the house. BofA...
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    Speaking of Transducers

    Got that unit in a TM mount, and it’s a tight fit between the twins too. The elements are getting almost comical in size. Love the ducer, couldn’t be happier actually. You’ll be thrilled too; along with the new toy. (I prefer the L element, for most of what I’ve experienced. But always...
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    Aluminum baking racks?

    Those are tackle drawers, load them up with plano’s!
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    VHF w/ GPS vs. AIS??

    Get the VHF-GPS-AIS-NMEA2K all in one unit. Much easier to deal with. — If you want you can get a transceiver AIs version that broadcasts your position. (a few hundred more). - And be aware of the antenna configuration; may need splitters and/or separate antennas. In the end you may...
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    Boat scientists... radar mount angle and ideal kicker angle?

    Mount the kicker as deep as possible, whilst allowing it to be tilted up and clear the water at rest and on a plane. — Typically having the kicker trimmed in (down) will help if it’s rough and prevent a kicker rooster tail/wash-out. —. If you follow the anti-cavitation plate rule of thumb the...
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    Food for thought, didn’t Blackman make a few larger 50’ish footers? (Custom builds for private owners.) Those were outfitted with upper helms, decent cabins and definitely had the full walk around and a proper rail for fighting fish. (Not sure what they had for power.) There’s probably a...
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    Boat Trailer Inspections, & Titles

    Up your price $50 and tell the seller to get the trailer titled before you buy it. — It will be his affidavit that was not stolen (or whatever).
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    while prospecting for squid

    Pretty sure that was attempted already with the Puget sound rockfish populations/species. But it was determined that the puget sound rockfish populations/species were not distinct population(s) with different genetic traits as to what is found elsewhere on the coast. (That determination was...
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    Machine shop recommendations (kicker motor)

    How much of the 6mm bolt is broken (remains in the block) and of that, how much is threaded and in the block? And it broke while initially trying to remove. The bolt head made a couple turns.... Which likely didn’t turn the threads but deformed the bolt and broke it. Which means stuck good...
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    while prospecting for squid

    Generally, yes when they school up. Here’s another rockfish screen shot from this summer in A10. (But i did catch a few on the squid jigs so that helps.) The Garmin was in auto at that exact moment, but i was probably drifting or backing down to have a closer look. So only doing 1/2 knot or...
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    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    Be careful if you do this totally empty. Removing 1800lbs from a ~8000lb (guessing the weight) is 22% of the weight (low center of gravity). — The boat will be tender given it’s 8’6” beam (especially with little fuel); sling launch if you can. Ballast with a pallet tank (or garbage cans) and...
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    while prospecting for squid

    While A10 prospecting for squid yesterday ran into a couple large masses of rockfish. I dropped the squid jig to try and to see what was underneath them and sure enough, instant double Coppers in the first 50’. There are a few other random spots that hold large schools of rockfish year round...
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    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    Is the transom square? (level of effort changes drastically with odd profiles obvious comment here.) Given twin I/O, there is likely good access to the aft area and transom, so beefing things up should be accessible without having to make new large cuts into things. (Again level of effort.)...
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    So would a production boat be an option? Something that covers the big wants: twin screw (for speed), accommodations, full walk around, and modest value to price. Yet with decent power plants and semi-modern appointments and systems. Thinking of the Mainship 430 Sedan (not the trawler or...
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    Hood Canal/South Sound Chum Advice

    I’ve caught a few bright chum in the last week or so (A10) while targeting the last remaining coho. (And while using coho techniques.) Chum were fun, but small once you get them to the boat, <2lbs. — There are a few coho still around near their respective target destinations. But mostly in...
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    something like this?
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    Angler is an older Modutech hull, I was thinking about their newer builds. Not that anything is wrong with an older hull with new propulsion. A newer Delta construction is going to be a bit different nowadays...
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    tuna marks on the fishfinder

    is the transom-ducer in clean water. My TM275LHW (8616xsv) is on the absolute bottom of the V (small pad really). (Dual engines so only one place to mount it.) — That said the marks are small at 6-7 knots, especially if it’s rolly-polly out on a smaller boat. And do you have the scroll speed...
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    Modutech made several 6-pack/crew boats in the early-mid 2000’s. They’re nearly identical to the Delta’s. So a bit more modern construction and engines (3406/3408). May fit the bill, granted there’s not a lot of them around.
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    what kind of fishing? (or purpose) — Those delta’s are nice but, they’re high off the water. (which maybe is what you would like.) Otherwise suggest a downeaster with a short cabin, just add the hand rails to make the walk around a little easier. Much lower aft deck and rails, granted...
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    Squidding A10

    On the west side: Yesterday i went to look for them, and this is what i saw. (Herring, lots of it and some salmon chasing it around. Alas salmon gear was just taken off for the windstorm.) So went out today (evening high) and drug some salmon gear around. Same looking screen, but nothing...
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    PV Quick Trip

    Nice weekend, beat watching the wind and rain all weekend. Still plenty left. If you don’t have it already, may want to double check (or get) travel/medivac coverage. (Have a neighbor where it was a massive help (two broken legs), long story.)
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    Canning jars won't be shipped out until March 2021.

    Retort bags are ok if you want small quantities and if it’s what the household eats. The drawback is a lot of small packaging that goes to the landfill. Glass, quarts (and pints). Which can be too much in some households. Some of my jars are 30+ years old. That’s a lot of re-used glass...
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    Canning jars won't be shipped out until March 2021.

    Back in late Sept, could not find any lids at a Walmart, Safeway, Central Market. Found some smaller jars sets (w/lids), passed on those. — Luckily still had 3 packs of wide mouth left over. Been searching ever since.
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    Wide open squid bite

    I tried the other day in Port Madison area, but there were so many porpoises around i pulled up and left. Bait balls were are scatter shot. —. May tried again soon on the evening high.
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    Garmin Time Zone Glitch ??

    I noticed the same thing, haven’t looked into it yet. (8616xsv)
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    Scratchy tuna and bar crossings

    Well, that’s better than a day dinking around the sound trying to get the coho to bite. (sucks about the gear, take a chance to upgrade.)
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    Last run of season for kelli ann

    Nice you made it out, wrapped up the season. Lost 7 troll fish, surprising. Do you just hang yours while trying to get the bait bite going? (I almost always end up hanging a few fish, but that’s because often short handed or too many newbies. Of the dozen or so, only lost one.)
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    Meadow Point

    Went out this morning, slow, one small 2lber that got to live another day. (And one blackmouth). — Screen still shows plenty of fish.
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    Boat fuel tank ??

    Is this going to be a new tank, or a used tank? If the used, suggest not coating/painting it unless you intend on blasting, etching, etc etc. (Not to lecture on proper chemical vs mechanical coatings.) If the aluminum is good, it’s much easier to visually inspect 10-15 years down the road...
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    Boat fuel tank ??

    If metal, ensure grounding and proper ventilation. Repurposing semi tanks sounds great, but they do get lots of air around them on the trucks. That may not be the case in boat compartment (sealed or not). So that different environment (corrosion) would be a concern. (Probably don’t want to...
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    Moving batteries to cuddy

    Repeating a couple items, adding a few new comments. - Is it fair to say you’re moving 2 batteries (or three)? Try and go with AGM’s as ventilation (and water/condensation) is something to deal with for lead-acid in cabin space. Boxes will be required with lead acid. Assuming standard...
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    Meadow Point

    Dunno It was not my day. - Had a few on the down and up this year.
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    Meadow Point

    Yes, went solo and started very very early. First bite at 7, last one at 8:45. Yet somehow I went 0 for 5. 3 of them lost within 8’ of the boat once they started doing the coho thrashing thing. Which is fine, happy to get out and play and not have zero life and zero take downs. (Giving my...
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    Proper reel for 200-250 gram flatfalls, targeting unknowns...

    Interesting, I had the same conundrum at the start of the PNW season. i went with Avet HXJ 5/2 loaded with 80lb hollow to floro as a pure jigging/flat fall reel. (it’s a narrow body spool, and the reel clamp is nice and small, 25 oz dry, narrow spool is little easier to wind in IMO). -...
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    Captain's Nautical Supply Auction

    Unfortunate, but not surprising. — Lots of stuff from my boats came from them. In fact was just holding a pair of bino’s that i got there.
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    I know that redundancy is good but......

    is that an anchor windlass on the port rail?
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    I know that redundancy is good but......

    wow! that took a lot effort to achieve. picture while driving?
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    Kodak TUNA Trip 9 21

    Awesome job on the boat and braving the early AM departure in the fog. As for the finger, ouch. I keep small bolt cutters in the toolbox that should it happen, makes easy work some of the bigger hooks.
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    Wldlfbio on AGT

    Yes, happily. — Congrats to those who have enjoyed the long ones.
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    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Much better grade than the past few years. Wasn’t doing the derby, but yesterday started the AM quick with two fish yesterday within 20 min. (7lbs tops). Went home to pick up the smaller crew mates and back out at 8:30 nada for the rest of the morning, called it at 10:30. Most boats i have...
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    SlapShot tuna 20 Sept 20

    Nicely done, and one for pop. - 67.4 is warm water, whew. Did you drop on a mark or just happened?
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    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    somewhere in there... A small hatchery in the first 3 minutes and that was it. Saw one other fish. left at 9:30.
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    Wldlfbio on AGT

    ...doesn’t mean you have to watch it with her!
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    Not Close, but Still Scary

    Today’s fog came in waves, there were moments of 3/4-1 nm vis; and then 45 min later 150’ vis. And the thick stuff was thick. And it went well into the late afternoon. As for puget sound traffic; (AIS/radar are big helps), but for the big stuff so does listening to VHF ch 14 (seattle...
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    Beached Boat In Grayland

    not good by any means. Lost mariner (in a couple different ways) or medical emergency.
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    Westport Saturday 9/12

    congrats on the first successful trip.
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    2020 Edmonds coho derby

    nicely done. Getting a late start myself.
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    Tough day of Westport

    Leaning on shark. Still fun to hook into, getting a visual would be priceless. (Aft facing camera on the spread would be neat.) On a side note: hooked a sunfish a few weeks ago and it full on took off and jumped out of the water. (those things can actually move a bit) Generally speaking...
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    Tough day of Westport

    I’m surprised you’re trolling with line counters.
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    Spotter aircraft this season???

    So who’s going to pay the divers to attach the fish to our hooks?
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    Garmin customer service... WTF

    Sorry to hear it gave up the ghost. If i remember correctly it’s a 2yr for self installed. — That said i don’t know of any OEM’s that will give a refund or store credit without having received the unit for inspection (and attempted repair first). - It sucks because it’s a time off the water...
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    Newport Meat sale 9/11

    I would love to get a case of bacon. But would need a mule to N Kitsap. So if someone is making the run feel free to PM and i can fund some gas money.
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    Any one move from a 3/4-ton to 1/2-ton and regret it?

    Nicely done. I bet no tries to crowd you at the ramp.
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    Westport bait Saturday 9-5

    Got a scoop at 8:20, and it wasn’t bad. But the halfway point boat check on the drive out found most of them on the bottom. I don’t have the ideal tank setup, but enough to keep 3/4 lively on a run out. — So they were ok.
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    Another quick Saturday Westport report.

    cheers, our original waypoint was 55/30, but we stopped at 55/24 and found the same action. ~20min to the first hookup, consistent through the day. Bait sucked and saw several turn away from the bait at last second. We kept getting sharked out almost immediately. (We started late (left at...
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    Tuna virgins christened!

    nice, they’re hooked now!
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    WP Labor Day weekend

    Actually the Aqua MODIS array is back up as of yesterday, granted the image is not that great. Sat does look interesting.
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    Any one move from a 3/4-ton to 1/2-ton and regret it?

    Weight distribution hitches don’t work on 99% of boat trailers (that could use them) due to geometry. The trailer coupler beam (that has the coupler) is several feet long and the “Y” in the structural members are typically too far aft to make use of the distribution hitch spreader bars. Unlike...
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    Scupper thru-hull fix

    Nicely done. (And if you’re ocd like me, write the install date!)
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    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    Seastar Optimus EPS - an electric helm encoder, controller unit and pump per engine/rudder (steering cylinder really). So it’s wire to the controller/pump, with N2K going into the autopilot controller. If you’re putting in a hydraulic pump to run an auto-pilot, it’s an interesting option to...
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    255 whaler conquest Repower ?’s

    What are your auto-pilot intentions (if you don’t have one), and electronics package. As fly by wire throttles/shift and wire steering, can be something to take into consideration. Also reach out to forums on ContiousWave and Whaler Central. (Both Whaler centric sites.) They may have some...
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    Boat window hard water spots

    Quick comment, make sure you know if you have glass vs plastic. (Not trying to challenge people’s IQ, but spare someone a simple mistake.) — Windshields that have curves (wrap arounds, small port) are mostly plastic (acrylic or poly). Accordingly are much softer, prone to scratching with...
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    Any one move from a 3/4-ton to 1/2-ton and regret it?

    Based on you usage, 3/4 or 1 ton. My Ram 1/2 ton (5.7l) usage is much lighter duty few trips per year (westport, ilwaco, neah) pulling ~8,500 lbs. Just not going to win any races, and few chances to get over 60mph anyways. (No going up the passes with the big boat for sure.) AND the big...
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    Albacore report

    Cheers, we started at 40 - 11, trolled SW, W then NE from there. (So probably crossed paths a bit, granted there were plenty of us out there.) Put 11 in the boat. — Very scattered fishing (for us and the radio chatter), cedar plug and mexi flag on troll and of the converted bait stops only...
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    Westport Albacore Thursday!!

    Heading to WP today, will ice up in the AM. (Anyone want to buddy boat.) And anyone want to split a tote in the AM. "AE" ch. 68
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    1KW Transom Mount Transducers on tin cans

    Are all sonar pictures taken when the boat was off solo not around other boats that could cause interference? Because the first 3 look abnormal, but the second group kinda look like interference from another transducer. (But that’s a guess at this point.) One thing i noticed on the airmar...
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    Westport Albacore Thursday!!

    I would buddy, but looking like friday for my boat. (Not to hijack the thread, but looking for buddy boat friday. 24’ and 24 Deg V, with lots of range.)
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    Westport albacore fly rod madness

    That fly looks great, i bet salmon would crush that too.
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    Chloro charts - Aqua satellite down

    It would be curious to see/know how satfish does their data smoothing for the images. (Terrafin is very explicit about what they pick.) That image looks like the last image from the Aqua MODIS (last good one was Aug 15th). But it could be blended/averaged with imagery from the Terra MODIS...
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    Chloro charts - Aqua satellite down

    So noticed on Nanoos that the chloro charts had not updated in a bit. Pop up (on nanoos) today confirmed that the Aqua satellite MODIS array was having an issue. (which is the primary sat and sensor element used for chloro.) In theory there is the ‘Terra’ satellite that also takes the same...
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    Seigler Reels Anyone?

    Looks beefy. The reel foot looks rather large (wide), curious how it fits some of the smaller reel seats. — Is this to be used as a live bait reel, or trolling or ???
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    Well, T run Wednesday

    well done on the tuna, thanks for pointing the way.
  93. K

    Well, T run Wednesday

    Somehow i imagine this:
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    8/19 CR/WP tuna. WFO.

    Good news, sounds like some prayers have been answered. Thanks for the intel.
  95. K

    Down Riggers at Buoy 10

    If you’re using manuals, it’s a definite no. But a good electric with a fast “auto-up”, it’s easy to manage. There are trade-off’s no doubt, no doubt. I find it’s overall easier to control exactly where your gear is when it’s on the DR, allowing for more maneuverability (driving around other...
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    8/13 Westport tuna attempt/report

    Thanks for the update, seems like the weather held up but the fish didn’t come to the party. Curious to see how much further west boats go today.
  97. K

    east elliot bay wild kings

    Got an official reply from WDFW: Ok to keep wild kings (chinook) on the East Elliot bay fishery. I asked the same question different ways and she politely said yes...
  98. K

    Boat surveyor near Anacortes?

    What length/size boat? Generally speaking, small boats <30’, typically don’t get surveyed.
  99. K

    east elliot bay wild kings

    Per the emergency announcement, there doesn’t seem to be any wild king restrictions. Is this true and properly interpreted? —— August 6, 2020 Chinook daily limits increase to 2 fish in Marine Area 10; Elliot Bay fishery to open 4 more days Action: Allows retention of up to 2 hatchery...
  100. K

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    12 & 14, dark one struck on the surface as i was cleaning seaweed
  101. K

    Westport salmon 8-4.

    ditto the report at the 200’-240’ line W and SW. Pretty slow action, a few coho here and there, no kings, no bait, and a handful of radio fish. The North beach ~100’ was packed in the jellies making it unfishable. The water W and SW was rather green and warm. Went north on Tuesday and water...
  102. K

    Surfboard wanted WP aug

    i have a shorty non-floater ~6’, but if you don’t know how to surf it’s not the board you want.
  103. K

    First Tuna run of the seaon

    Well done, everyone zigged, you zagged!
  104. K

    TV Antenna ?

    YoutubeTV worked well. Discontinued it during the fishing season, will start back up in Oct.
  105. K

    Sept king in July?

    Look at the color of this one. Pulled it out this evening (A10), normal fishing grounds 70’ on the wire. (58F water). Must have gotten into some warmer shallow waters. — Normally don’t keep fish this color, but it’s July! (after opening it up mostly mature male, had a scar on the right side...
  106. K

    stolen fishing gear, Westport

    F. that stinks for someone’s vacation. The worst is when you’re sleeping aboard and the boat starts to rock... You’re cussing a storm before you can get out of the cabin...
  107. K

    Neah bay 7-25/7-26

    nice, looks like you need a bigger cooler!
  108. K

    Hey y’all

    Welcome, good find on the boat. Remove the old fuel, and clean (wipe out what you can) and inspect the tank while you’re at it. Pull the injectors and get them to Dr Injector.
  109. K

    Westport 7-29

    Thanks for the update, sport boats reporting the same thing. Great fuel numbers btw.
  110. K

    Westport Tuna Thursday 7-30

    running monday and tues
  111. K

    Alright I peeked

    Well who knows what the weather is going to be. Looking at a specific forecast 10 days out is a stretch. 10 days maybe to see if a major LP system is moving up the coast, but that’s about it. Without knowing the boat and abilities. Looking at thursday, yeah 3.37knots ebb is something to...
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    let me look at a few options, i won’t be going to blaine but maybe anacortes. —- mailing can...

    let me look at a few options, i won’t be going to blaine but maybe anacortes. —- mailing can work, but heavy so may not economical
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    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    today was my first goose egg for kings (out of 5 days). Had maybe one decent chance. Nice day on the water, with lots and lots and lots of company.
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    Free chit part III

    @Calis has the trim tab zincs 3” & 4” @Andre has the vhf & antenna still sorting out the rendezvous with different parties
  115. K

    Please read this it explains a lot

    huge condolences to your family on the tough unexpected loss. Take care of the niece. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help (in addition to the
  116. K

    Free chit part III

    @robodad - items listed are yours (emery cloth is c-4 if i remember)
  117. K

    Free chit part III

    quick comment, the shakespeare antenna only has ~2.5’ of wire. (thank the thieves that got into my boat)
  118. K

    Free chit part III

    Ok most stuff is free, too much to explain in words. Items that are not free have a nominal price (these items are resting on bare wood). Happy to return favors to those that have helped me in the past. — Would appreciate a mule for pickup on some items on the Eastside that i have not gotten...
  119. K

    1KW Transom Mount Transducers on tin cans

    Just installed a similar footprint unit on a glass boat. With twin engines it’s a tight fit but so far have not noticed any any prop performance issues even in high turns.
  120. K

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    No kings today for me today, saw a few caught. Dis keep a couple small coho. (Sure are a lot of them.)
  121. K

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Went this morning with kiddos (skipped yesterday). Better grade fish than the opener, 13lb king and 2 nice coho for this time of year 4.5’s. But crowded for sure. I had to stop entirely pull the gear up and let the traffic move past before re-setting outside and away from everyone. Silly...
  122. K

    Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    kept one of each nothing big maybe ~6lbs, lots of socially distanced friends... And lot’s of either large 24” shaker kong’s or scary small kings...large enough to pop the clip, but not take line. And plenty of small coho. And yes I too saw several schools of rock fish and caught one cooper...
  123. K

    Gasp! A Area 7 Fish report!

    Well done, my friday efforts resulted in nill. I never seem to catch fish when it’s raining, and it was on-off-on rain all morning. Did find lots of bait and plenty of marks to chase:
  124. K

    Minus Tide - Everett & The Crab Opener

    ha that’s a half rack of entertainment right there. —. Everyone has to learn somehow.
  125. K

    Another transducer question

    Technically true, that it’s a not a Low Wide. Mis-stated. I was transmitting at 42kHz which is 25 degree beam/cone. (widest it will transmit.) The Hi is 25-30 degree beam/cone, and i had it at 250 kHz so like 27 degree cone. I was trying compare the two elements keeping the beam widths the...
  126. K

    Another transducer question

    quick report, the transom mount tm275lhw was awesome. — Did not play around too much with settings (gain/rejection/etc); mostly left the Garmin to auto. (will get it dialed on another trip) And found the “low wide” element actually worked better. Stronger returns/marks, and the fish and...
  127. K


    @MarkColeman thanks for the parts awhile back. And for showing the boat, it’s quiet the impressive body of work you’ve put together. — A lot of people are going to be thrilled just to go for the ride. (Let alone catch some fish.) Flagship of the All Rivers Armada.
  128. K

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Ha, curious how many people had a brain melt on the materials science class Hard Chargin just gave.
  129. K

    Throwable PFD group buy

    perfect, i’ve been looking for one on the small boat. These are pricey little buggers but huge space savers.
  130. K

    Another transducer question

    I intend to get a TM275LHW in the next week or so. So no report, other than the spec’s seem pretty decent for most salmon and tuna fishing, but will probably be too broad a cone for precise structures on deep halibut/ling. My concern was Garmin XSV series actually putting 1kw to each element...
  131. K

    Custom trailer

    TuffTrailer. Love mine, granted my boat weighs half the 32TE. This said, that’s a lot of boat to be trailer around. Do able, yes, absolutely. — But may not be practical. 12.4’ wide (??? tall) and 26k lbs is going to put some transport limitations.
  132. K

    Anyone got an opinion on

    I have several new and old style. I went with the new style recently because... 1) Now in lefty version...not for me personally but need a couple on my boat. 2) 6.3 ratio so they crank fast. Super fast for bringing in gear! 3) Smaller profile. (at least 600’s) And as Redzwulf stated. Gears...
  133. K

    Etec’s toast....

    this is a bit of a market shock. I’ve got one that I love (hp to weight ratio is perfect).
  134. K

    White starboard

    i have some 1/2” (white) you can have. If the other options don’t work. — rendezvous tbd, as i’m all over the place at the moment.
  135. K

    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    Otherwise you really want a hydraulic mini-jack plate or kicker bracket.
  136. K

    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    Can the rigid kicker bracket be removed and mounted under the swim step (upside down). Several angles and clearances at play; but may work out with some minor hardware mods. Or new bracket mounted underneath. Bigger issue on swim step mounts is clearing the stern wake once tilted up. The...
  137. K

    Neah bay reservations

    Their (Mike) FB page said they were going to start calling people about affected reservations. (That was dated the 6th May.) — This said, there’s probably a pretty decent backlog to call, and probably a decent cash flow issue to address as well. (We may end up with store credit, not too hot...
  138. K

    New Transducer need opinions

    It seems the opinions are for a 175HW first and as a secondary 175M or something with a narrower cone.
  139. K

    I got some grinding to do

    Well done. What specifically did you settle on for removal, chemical remover then sand or just sand away?
  140. K

    Off topic. Used jet ski recommendations

    New vs used? 2 seater vs 3 seater? towed/trailer vs floated/stored at dock? How’s your back? Are four defining questions to be answered. Otherwise, lightly used Sea Doo Spark 2 seater, 90hp engine. Had predecessor models, loved them. Enough punch to do a standing hole-shot, but not too much...
  141. K

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    On a separate note, the boat OEM Sailfish (aka Seminole Marine) aftermarket support, has been awesome in providing the electrical drawings (wiring harnesses, etc) and respective like-like replacement parts listings to get things back in order. -- Even listing the items that are not obtainable...
  142. K

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    The odd listing of what was removed, is due to the fact they removed dash panels in entirety and cut the wiring. Said panels had multiple things mounted them. I'm just glad they didn't destroy all the console gelcoat. -- It's an odd mess to clean up, and jumble of cut wiring. But if you...
  143. K

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    Add my boat to the list of pilfered whilst in front of the house. Short and sweet is they tore through pulling the entire panels, DC switches, trim tab controller, 3 Yamaha Command links, cutting through the harnesses; tried to extract flush mounts (12" Garmin - smashing it) and few other...
  144. K

    2020 halibut

    Anyone get cancelation notices from Hobuck resort today? I just got one for Memorial weekend. — A precursor of things to come... (Going to call Big Slamon Monday about pre-paid mirage...)
  145. K

    Electric/Hydraulic Brake Controller Problems

    have someone pull the breakaway while you watch the pads move (all of them). (As best possible with a mirror.) — One of my pre-season checks.
  146. K

    22’ Glasply repower opinions please

    F200, just make sure the exhaust update has been done. (Or ask for a discount to get it done before you hang it.) The 470 (~170hp) was 3.7l engine the f150 is 2.7l and the f200 3.3l. So the f150 is probably going to struggle a bit. (Either a good engines.) If you can get a f250 that would...
  147. K

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    From what i saw of the deep set I pictured above after 4 hr soak of the 10 pots i saw from the string, resulted in one crab. — This said I’m not surprised, it was not a good place to drop. But no crab is a not for for anyone. (I would like to see what the east side from Dash Pt to Des Moines...
  148. K

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Over the last few days a few different boats/crews working a few strings. There are two sets (one shallow one deep.) The deep set is almost shrimp territory?
  149. K

    WTB/WTT Whale Gulper diaphragm housing

    Ok perfect Mark, I’ll send you a PM about rendezvous or similar. - I suppose a roll is in order, what’s your flavor of choice?
  150. K

    WTB/WTT Whale Gulper diaphragm housing

    Looking to buy or trade for a Whale Gulper Diaphragm housing and threaded fitting assembly. Or trade. (Free and used would be fine too.) Basically the boat builder sealed the joker valves in. Cutting the 5200 didn’t work on one as it would not seal. — So looking for one new housing...
  151. K

    Rainshadow RCLB79ML rods for sale (I see for live bait)

    Those are nice rods at a great price. ...Now if i didn’t already have 7 nearly identical Rainshadow’s...
  152. K

    Free chit part II, and some not so free chit

    All items are spoken for except the 30 amp breaker. Just need to finish a rendezvous for delivery.
  153. K

    Masco sold to PetroCard

    Well the US oil and gas segment is going nuts; exploration, extraction, upstream, downstream, card-lock pump stations you name it. It's getting a serious shakedown. WTI was all over the place today <$5... talk of it even futures trading at negative. -- It won't be surprising to see a few...
  154. K

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    It’s happening several boats went by Brown’s Point. Waiting on some pictures; or if anyone else.
  155. K

    Free chit part II, and some not so free chit

    All, responded to PM's and replies in the order received.
  156. K

    Free chit part II, and some not so free chit

    A variety of things... Free Chit: 1) Cannon mounting pad(s) older digi-troll and uni-troll style (and a lock) 2) Scotty base pads 3) Cooler chalks 4) Rigging Flange 5) Perko all-around light 6) Perko stern light (clear) 7) SeaDog 12VDC Outlet 8) Baldwin Filter 9) Folbe cup holder and pole...
  157. K

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    Yes, Linc’s closed awhile back and did the mod. And another good one shutting down is Ted’s Sports Center on 99 in Lynnwood. (At least that was the status last time I was in mid Feb, before the lockdown; not sure if anything has changed.)
  158. K

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    Well nothing prevents us from observing and recording their respective commercial activities. — Specifically talking about port/marina traffic, pot sets, and landing load/unload activities. — This in turn can be used to help validate or in-validate their internal counts record keeping or...
  159. K

    New wiring on TJ - diagram

    @FISH fanantic, yes agreed soldered is better, wasn’t implying any different. As to switches, it’s a multi-faceted, but the simple question of can can you truly shut off all electronic devices/systems from power sources. And separately are there parasitic drain issues (or similar) that you may...
  160. K

    New wiring on TJ - diagram

    Couple quick comments to add. Each of the +12VDC runs to each distribution/load center need to have a fuse (for total max load). This can be integral to the fuse box or separate in-line fuse. (If separate fuse, resettable breakers are nice if/when you want to turn off a section of power)...
  161. K

    Salmon Season areas 5-13 Comments When/Where?

    Agreed that 2 Chinook limit in A10 is not a good idea for duration of the season...basically it will be over in 2 weekends if A9 does well on the opener. Dropping months in 7 and 11 is a bit of squeeze too.
  162. K

    Connecting Main Engine to a trolling motor

    Here’s a simple setup for <$50. 1) SS threaded rod (cut to length, bend as needed) 2) Clear tubing (as a sleeve over threading) 3) SS Nylocks 4) Ball joint set (Marinetech 55-5100 Balljoint, (Pack of 2) ). - FYI: these are not SS so they degrade over time, and the little o-ring keeps it from...
  163. K

    Fishing closure statewide

    Apparently crowds bank fishing was the trigger for this (where don’t know - Lowland lakes don’t open till 4/25). This sucks; especially if it gets extended... But overall this was coming...not surprising. Small boat is floating and fueled (purposefully launched to do a few day trips), was...
  164. K

    Gelcoat Restoration Question

    post a few quality pics and that will help understand. — Rubbing compound is usually a good start but wet sanding is also an option. (2000+ grit, super fine polishing paper) Depends on how bad things are and how much material you have left. If it’s an older boat (Glasply) it may have more...
  165. K

    Some good Puget Sound news - massive herring spawn

    Sea lions are actually feeding on herring and the spawn hatch or just eating the egg covered grass. It’s been rather impressive to see them in the shallows.
  166. K

    Bottom paint ish

    If the boat is only in the water 3 months year (July-Aug-Sept); suggest having the boat scrubbed by a diver. (Or pull and scrub if you have spare time...) -- At least try it for one season, because the alternative is basically permanent. As others ball parked, bottom paint is ~$2K-$3K for a...
  167. K

    Ocean Salmon Season option’s

    cheers Dave, thanks for your efforts
  168. K

    Trailer side bunk & bracket pair (aluminum)

    responded to all PM's in order received.
  169. K

    Trailer side bunk & bracket pair (aluminum)

    Side bunk and bracket pair that came from a new aluminum Tuff Trailer - $40 This two bracket set originally was part four bracket set (as shown below). (The original setup was converted to two brackets/arms with ~2' side bunks; which is plenty given the construction of Tuff Trailer and the...
  170. K

    Yamaha aluminum props (2)

    I’m interested, i’ll try and get a PM started
  171. K

    Do you top shot?

    Salmon downrigger trolling: Yes, sorta. The top shot is ~300’ of 25lb mono, gets replaced every year. So the braid acts as backing that typically never sees daylight, maybe 1-2 per season. (And a good braid that doesn’t get all wavy after getting wet/dried repeatedly.) Salmon trolling...
  172. K

    Document or Register??

    Do you plan on boating internationally (excluding CAN)? Documenting a vessel is not hard, it’s one of those things to broker... And unrelated, if you do go commercial, changes the insurance needs?
  173. K

    Winter boat project - deck lights

    Ah, the bridge of any USN vessel is red during night operations. (But that’s part legacy and slow technology adoption.). But for most of us, the commercial products we get for our courtesy lights is only slightly better...they’ll ruin your night vision any color with that level of intensity...
  174. K

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    The tank configuration is probably to prevent valve line up issues that would allow the return fuel to over fill the saddle tanks. A saddle is 25% capacity of the main tank. (So bad line up could easily get messy fast.)— Also it’s less valves to deal with when you have 3 tanks to plumb into a...
  175. K

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Well that’s a tough first day experience. (Glad nothing serious happened like blown into breakwater or something.) So not trying to stick my nose in business, but a few things really should happen. Even though you’re doing incremental purges, and will get a lot of stuff out. I’ve had crap in...
  176. K

    Sea Magazine (producers of the Fred Hall Shows) shutting down!

    unfortunate and hopefully not a sign that the broader boating economy is morphing into two discreet markets, with all the marketing focus and effort going into the ultra’s.
  177. K

    Cannon Digi Troll 10 Downrigger issues

    oh yeah and i use the exact same blue seas resetable relays.
  178. K

    Cannon Digi Troll 10 Downrigger issues

    Whew this is being over thought. I have no idea where you live but, happy to swap some basic parts to do some testing. And provide a DC current clamp(s) to see where the issue is. Also you state your run is 5’ which actually needs to be evaluated as 10’ for the 3% or 10% voltage drop...
  179. K

    Free boat chit

    Everything spoken for (first response basis), barring any re-neg’s. Thanks for your interest, i’ll respond to pm’s in a bit. And i’ll load everything into a vehicle tonight for rendezvous (whenever dates/times get sorted out). Fishwacker1 - most items Jasper H - fridge
  180. K

    Free boat chit

    Free boat stuff, all in working order. (One simple request, no flipping.). Most of this stuff i’ve accumulated from new boats or simply given too me. 1) Isotherm (danfoss) marine fridge. (110AC or 12/24 VDC, compressor is mounted separate, lines are still good. (removed from boat last...
  181. K

    Are older Avet’s generally smoother?

    i recently got 7 5.3 mxl G2 mc’s and one was much louder. After loading the reel, decided nope not going to use this. It was causing the entire line to vibrate all the way back into the service spool (making the service spool vibrate). There were 6 others to compare against... —- so off...
  182. K

    Westpoint report - week of 9/16

    Did a 1.5hr troll this evening putting two lines out... picked up two ok sized 4 & 7 toward the end. — As soon as i dropped gear the orcas start pushing through (very spread out). So the first hour was kinda wasted fishing but great whale watching. Had a very up-close drive by...literally...
  183. K

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    2500 gpm more like 2500 gph (hour)...probably too much flow. 2500 gph is 41.6 gpm (probably comes close to filling the tank in just over 1min) which is x7-x10 more flow than you need. (Too much flow is especially true if you have a high speed pick-up, which will increase your flow a bit once...
  184. K

    Sucia Island Report

    Well done. keep the lady, and upgrade everything around her.
  185. K

    3rd Tuna Run

    Well that’s a damn nice day; 8 is better than “0” which is better than day a working!!! Break out the waterski... Did you drop any iron or swimbaits? (Add that to the collection of pre-rigged rods...)
  186. K

    Selling Tuna

    Your heat transfer math is ok, but your starting temp is way low...try mid 80’s as an average temperature...tuna cores can be in the 90’s why they are dropped onto the deck. This is the condition everyone is trying to manage...
  187. K

    First Time Tuna

    Congrats, well done write up. - Tuna fever hits some people hard, most common symptoms: 2-foot’itis, rod envy, and live-well conundrums. Initial symptoms vary and continue until mid April; most people relapse in May/June causing peak report watching frenzies in early July. Mild off-season...
  188. K

    Bremerton WA 9-25-2019

    There’s a sport boat chart that runs out of Brownsville, check it out. —- I’ve seen him several times this year.
  189. K

    2 - 4 - 21 went the bait stops

    After keeping an eye on the weather (all week), and making one last AM check, made a go for a late Saturday morning start (to let things calm down as much possible). -- Once the boat was iced up, fueled and baited; motored out of the WP breakwater at ~8:45AM. Set a waypoint for the middle of...
  190. K

    Fish ID needed!

    Squawfish (now called Northern Pikeminnow), there a nuisance fish. (Predatory on trout/bass etc.). — They use to have fishing derbies to eradicate them; they would catch so many the farmers plowed the excess fish into the fields.
  191. K

    Crossing into to

    Fishing in Canada can involve 3-6 agencies. Each agency has different regulatory objectives and goals; accordingly different requirements. (And of each has confusing websites and materials, and no obligation to explain the other agencies requirements...) 1) US Customs Border Patrol 2) USCG...
  192. K

    Area 9/10 Opener

    Fished solo Thurs, Fri and Sun. - was done at 7:40, 6:00 and 6:20 AM respectively. On Sat took some friends and came home empty after ~5.5hrs. Saturday was a mystery, rather unfortunate. Fished same place, rips, bait patterns (spoons or hoochie). Nothing deeper than 75’, all early AM bites...
  193. K

    Crossing into to

    EJ - WDFW trip notifications are required. — The second underline of “not required” refers to filling out the WDFW “trip notification” forms. As in, you don’t need a Wash. fishing license (and Wild ID) to fill out the trip notification. The form is rather easy to do online.)
  194. K

    Ma 7

    Made a very long run into A7, and it paid off. I had released two wilds, and had kept a consolation coho; on the last pass of the day got solid take down and deeeeep straight down run. (Got a double bonus on the king...white king.)
  195. K

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Pau, i spend a fair amount of time on vessels of all kind troubleshooting (and first of class certifying) structural and propulsion systems as an engineer (PE). — Not turning wrenches, or as USCG licensed engineer; but as engineering group whom rides ships, leading tests, looking at designs...
  196. K

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    First glad everyone is safe, and the boat washed ashore which allows some lessons. One item that has not been mentioned is bildge water level alarms. The common method is a float switch that activates the pump AND a dashboard light and aural alarm. (Or just a plain float switch to turn on a...
  197. K

    Westport salmon 8/9

    I’ll 2nd this report (Aug 9), stick wth birds and bait balls more than anything. Even a late start didn’t make a difference on the bite. Super agressive coho hitting right behind the boat. Had several hits with 20’ of the boat. (Kings are mixed in, with them.) — Our location was basically...
  198. K

    Sons salmon

    A10 holds fish (last night and this morning).
  199. K

    Area 10 Dungeness

    Slower than a few years ago, but not area 11 bad. (Which was bad for some time in a few popular spots.) Currently doing 2-3 bigs per pot per ~12 hrs (vs limits+ per pot a few years ago). Plenty of females and more red rock every year. In a month is when it will be apparent how picked over...
  200. K

    USCG Boarding at Sekiu

    100% respect their service, and any other armed service for that matter. Have a good friend that took a basket ride (helo) out of a floundering boat so, no qualms meeting their requests or requirements. This said, if i see a USCG boat b-line for me, i quickly hail them on 16 to ask their...
  201. K

    Edmonds fishing on 9/17 is gonna be windy

    Weather wasn't any worse than halibut openers at Neah. (It wasn't the worst i've fished in around here/Edmonds, but windy none the less.) And oh man, it's a morning bite, i could have wrapped up at 7:45; but tossed back a few in the 2-3 lb range, then went blank or no-stick-ums from ~8AM on...
  202. K

    Westport tuna 9/11

    So 103 fish X ~25lbs each X ~55-60% = ~1500lbs in fresh tuna loins. That's ~250lbs per angler...that's a lot of processing and canning.
  203. K

    Edmonds coho

    I would say it's been a morning bite. I was out Sunday evening (Edmonds last night for ~1.5hrs or so). All the fish i marked were deep 90'-150'; and 1 hit nothing stuck. --- A few days ago in the AM fish were as shallow 35', and the bite was good (20 min per fish) and took ~30-45 min a keeper...
  204. K

    Area 10

    agreed, picked through a few small ones and found a few LARGE ones. One was derby quality (~12lbs) ...if it was still on; I for sure thought it was wild and had to double check. -- Headed in at 9:15 myself. The morning was a treat, glassy water (minimal weeds), distant lightening/thunder...
  205. K

    Crab Bait

    Just about any store will have a scrap meats section if they have a true butcher shop within. the store. Salmon heads/frames, trimming discards, etc. Just have to ask them. -- I've used junk beef bone shanks (mostly marrow), and still got results.
  206. K

    Cleanup on aisle 10

    Went out Sat/Sun in A10 with a couple friends, 8 total over the two days. (8 for 12, 7K's and 1S really small) -- Spoons were the trick, depth didn't seem to matter, 60'-135'. Incoming tide was a better bite, and seaweed was tough going. The coho was tiny, but the last fish to make the bag...
  207. K

    Area 11 advices?

    I grew up in/on Brown's Point so let me PM you my watering holes. (I spent a fair amount of time catching nothing down there too when i was younger.) I am up in MA9/10 now, so we probably won't cross path. And for the general discussion, most of what you say is on the mark. I will say that...
  208. K

    Slow..But put the time in this year

    Your friend obviously was liberal in filtering your picture. He/she changed the crimson sweatshirt from WSU to Alabama... Otherwise looks great.
  209. K

    Westport 10/2

    Well done. Always good to see reports in Oct. Chicken broth when canning. Add hot sauce, or slice of jalapeño. (amount varies) Pinch of salt. (1/4 tsp per 4oz) Pack the meat in real tight, and slide butter knife on the edges of the jars to help release any trapped air bubbles as you top off...
  210. K

    WP tuna 21st

    Exactly. Trying to respect some unspoken rules. (Granted while breaking others: No pictures!) PM me if you're really curious. With today's wind I am sure they are someplace a little different now.
  211. K

    WP tuna 21st

    Took a WP sport boat charter Wed, 44 total. The kicker: 56nm run back to the south jetty...and the N wind was kicking up and looks to stay that way. -- The sport fleet was almost all there packed in tight; so my guess is they are back at it today weather permitting. (Not my numbers to give...
  212. K

    Why I got my Shamrock 26'er

    well done, thank you for sharing
  213. K

    Astoria bridge 8/20

    Well you basically confirmed the creel reports. Slow going... Nuts, either there are no fish, or there still sitting out there in cold water. --- Just bailed on my plan to head down to chinook during the week.
  214. K

    Chum Report. Hot bite area 9/10

    The only reason chum fishing is open is so they nets can stay out. I drove by said nets on Sat.
  215. K

    A9 leftovers

    Well these were ~3lb fish tossed back. I talked with a few netters next to where I live and they were averaging 7lbs with 5.25" mesh. So there are bigger fish to be had, if you can catch them.
  216. K

    A9 leftovers

    Unclipped from the buoy at 7:10 turned the corner and boom, first thing I caught was a stellar sunrise, took a quick shot while underway at 25knts... Rounded the corner drove north around some nets (man do they panic, thinking I am going to run straight into a net)... Started the troll...
  217. K

    Wormy salmon??

    I have seen that for many many years on almost all species of salmon from all bodies of water in the PNW. That is by far the worst, and makes me think you have a sick fish. I caught a wild king many years ago in Elliot Bay (when it was legal) and it looked a bit skinny, cut it ope and sure...
  218. K

    Westport 8-11

    nice run on the weather window in the Tiderunner.
  219. K

    Westport Plan B

    nice intel, may have to follow your lead or go B10
  220. K

    Buoy 10 Opener, anyone giving it a shot?

    Any news on B10, would like to head out there in the next week or so.
  221. K

    Tuna run - 2.5 minutes per fish...

    Big thank you to Cpt Darrell and deck hand Daniel with Far Corners. Had the luxury of doing a tuna run on the 25th, and it was fast and furious fishing. Trolling gear in ~7:15-7:30AM and two quick bait stops…but those were teasers. Our 3rd stop netted ~50 fish. (Yes, fish coming in so fast...
  222. K

    A9 Combo

    516 kings with 708 boats is a 75% rate per boat...which if continued for the remaining weekend is not good for the recreational A9 fisher person. I've contributed my 0.011%. I don't think of the 516 kings all blackmouth (maybe a moderate percentage); one of mine was definitely ocean and the...
  223. K

    A9 Combo

    I would like to say thanks and good luck to the fellow solo fisher/boater who was running close by in the opposite direction during the first hook-up and subsequent run. Gave a good excited "That's it!", as the action kicked off. Then proceeded to get his boat/gear out of tangle zone. --- I...
  224. K

    A9 Combo

    Got lucky in today's A9 opener. Left the buoy at 5:25AM, line down at 6:00AM, line out a 9:09AM, back in the house at 10:10AM. 13.5 and 11... --- Expected to have to scratch out one fish. Did loose a cannon ball, when the downrigger missed the stop, cranked away (while I was cranking in...
  225. K

    area 9 kings help

    be safe, last year (or year prior) I watched a mid sized walk around (21'-23') take out an older bayliner runabout (17') just north of PNP. Luckily no one was seriously hurt, bayliner was essentially a loss (windshield ripped off, gunnel crunched, all except motor. Bayliner was smart and...
  226. K

    Ilwaco tuna report

    right place at the right time...nice work fellas...lifetime experience. Looks like they are on autopilot for Neah Bay.
  227. K

    how's lingin

    I hit A9 Sunday at low slack for a couple hours. Released a smallish Cab, a nice Copper, and ~25" Ling (but skinny). Fished with larger gear to avoid catching too much small stuff (had a lot of small tap taps)...may try Sat if he weather holds. (It was nice to shake out the boat.)
  228. K

    RIP A10 summer kings

    Tribal harvest of Kings will also be closed in said marine areas. (I have not seen/read this years official agreement, but that is typically how it works. -- Could be different this time, which would be insult to injury.) -- I do not recall how this affects the feshwater side of tribal...
  229. K

    RIP A10 summer kings

    Central Sound closed to summer Kings this year according to Mark Yusa of the Seattle times. While no one (at least no one reading on this forum) can be happy about the...
  230. K

    Edmonds Silvers

    Any body catching anything of decent size. I fished the am tide change solo today and got three to the boat, lost one, but only kept one (~4lbs), everything was rather puny, didn't even get the net out. (Same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago.) -- Everything was from 113' to 45' cable...
  231. K

    WP Tuna 8/15

    You can run a swim bait way back, and down the center of the spread on the troll. (Deploying obviosuly depends on what else is out and adjacent.). When you stop it does a nice dive, and if your lucky something will hit and quickly turn into a double.
  232. K

    No fish and Down 2 riggers.

    bummmer, you're lucky no fingers got in between. I'll take braid over cable any day. Mainly it is easier to cut in an emergency with dull bait knives. And when rubs up against things it does not cut and abraid in (like on props or gel coat). -- And you can buy it bulk for fraction of cable...
  233. K

    need some help area 9

    You'll get a flood of advice on what to lures use, so I'll comment on other items. I prefer to troll and cover ground and contours (shallow to deep and visa versa or ledges, or flats). At mid channel, likely be trolling into the tide at one point. Stop the 0.5kts (over ground) trolling up...
  234. K

    Area 7 trifecta, almost!

    if your pots were a 1/2 nm away, I am surprised you even found them, that's about a 1 sq nm search area if you take a simple circle around where the pots started. granted depth contours make searching a bit easier. but having watched a boat pull my pots from the house, so I know the feeling...
  235. K

    Solo Tuna 7/22/14

    Well played for a solo trip, nice haul...really well played. How long does it take you to haul out, clean/bag fish and wash down all solo? That must take 4-5 hrs in itself.
  236. K

    Area 9 & 10

    PNP-Pilot Pt Wed/Thur with mixed bag: Wed: left the buoy at 4:30, nice calm ride and punched into the fog just at PNP. After a few hours of searching, 14 & 22, getting 2 for 3 lines in 4.5hrs of fishing (let my buddies keep the fish). Thurs: Left the buoy at 5, rode the southerly to...
  237. K

    Humpies, 8/24 Shipwreck etc.

    I don't think it would be that hard to jump on channel 16 and say: "Sector Puget Sound this is X, I have a commercial fishing vessel in the location of XYZ waving a rifle at our vessel (or other vessels) with N occupants, how would you like to proceed." This will be officially recorded, and...
  238. K

    Nice Pair A10

    Dummy flasher, from my understanding is a flasher that is deployed ~5-10ft above/below the lure that is simply attached to the cannon ball or line. Hence the lure (herring/spoon) is being trolled naked, with flasher the same distance aft (but +/- 5-10ft) serving as the attractor. --- Hook a...
  239. K

    A9 Sunday Smell

    The skunk on the boat smells so bad you can probably smell it through your speakers. -- First skunking in a long time so I can post this report without too much shame. Long story short: left the buoy at 5:45AM, dropped crab gear, and ran with the tide to Craven (took awhile to get there...
  240. K

    fishing a 14' lund/20hp yammy in fair weather at PA,Sekiu,etc. prod. or stupid?

    I think your fine, as long as your safe and sane. Both places can get nasty, but if the swell is low and the weather is nice go for it. My uncles fished the Westport in 12'-14' tin'ies (as I call them) back in the day, drifting out on the ebb, coming home on the flood. -- Just pick your...
  241. K

    NOAA - 1/2nm Orca No-Go Zone (Buffer) off San Juan Island

    Some of you may remember this idea proposed by NOAA a few years ago. Well it appears NOAA is kicking this idea around again. The short and sweet: a 1/2nm No-Go Zone (buffer) on the west side of San Juan Island from May to Sept for Orca's. Conservation and stewardship are needed on multiple...
  242. K

    Thought I'd seen it all

    I trick I have learned from cleaning birds, is get a towel and wrap it around them. Keeps the amount of flopping wings and and hysteria down. And always wear gloves, for some birds the beak is a weapon.
  243. K

    Area 11 Reports?

    Last Sunday I hit the Browns Point, and Puyallup (3-4 hrs fishing) before hauling the boat out (been on the buoy or dock since July). Pulled a small (3lbs) silver out of the mouth of the Puyallup, and marked a couple kings (I assume as they were big marks) at Browns Point in shallow shallow...
  244. K

    MA 7 report- Sad Sad..

    I feel the pain, last Fri. I worked Pile Pt to Andrews bay without a scratch. I did manage to catch a few lings. One even took a buck fly 30" behind a dodger. Around 10 AM I watched a few netters come up empty and decided time to call it a day and check the pots.
  245. K

    Area 9 (20th, 21st & 22nd, 28th & 29th)

    Covered a lot of area 9 these last two weekends, time to share the recon: Marrowstone Pt, Craven Rk, Bush Pt, Foulweather, PNP, Pilot Pt, and a little bit of Edmonds. Almost the entire time I was fishing solo, in the AM. But before I get to far, I would like to thank the Albemarle that...
  246. K

    Downrigger Cable VS Braided line?

    This is why I use braided line: 1 - cut it with a regular knife, the most important safety feature 2 - if it wraps the prop it typically doesn't cut into the prop blades like cable 3 - buzzes less than cable 4 - smaller profile (per tensile strength), hence less blow-back 5 - easier to terminate...
  247. K

    Checkout this little pilothouse!!

    So where is the fishing report, this is a fishing forum not for your private marketing.
  248. K

    MA11 6.19

    Nice Hi-Laker. I always wanted one when I worked at the Boathouse, all the old timers used them with meat lines trolling and knuckle busters mooching. And basically they still do.
  249. K

    Westport 15th, mixed bag

    Longtime lurker here, so finally decided to add my posts to the mix. I made a solo trip to WP on Friday (15th) and had a mixed bag. I caught mostly native kings (3), and release a small hatch (1 @ ~5 lbs) and a small coho (maybe 22” at best), plus many other take-downs, and lost...