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  1. ratboy

    Gov. Newsome to increase boat registration up to 250%

    any boat worth more than 5k
  2. ratboy

    Best diesel engine for 24' radon repower

    how long will that outdrive last is the big question!
  3. ratboy

    Bight Sportfishing may have a new vessel

    150 trips at 5,000 it'll be payed in a year, is that thing is 750k?
  4. ratboy

    Bight Sportfishing may have a new vessel

    Someone worked their ass of and built a great business/brand!
  5. ratboy

    Fish and Game has temporarily banned use of the water-squirting pumps that have become the dominant tool of clammers

    says nothing about closing clamming, you just gotta dig the old fashion way.
  6. ratboy

    Homemade 20' designed off seaway

    looks like a cloudburst.
  7. ratboy

    Tomales / SF bay winter fishing

    usually winter time fishing for dabs the boats catch them, they live in the same area but 2020 saw lots of petrale in the halibut zones 50-80ft of water during summer and fall.
  8. ratboy

    Meet Maverick.......

    looks like its for sale on craigslist in Oregon
  9. ratboy

    San o squid

    why don't you go for a drive?
  10. ratboy

    My TOP 40 Sonar Screenshots of 2020...2kw Raymarine system

    are the two frequencies set at different gains? I just got the 275 LHW so trying to figure out best setting thanks, mines only 1 kw
  11. ratboy

    My TOP 40 Sonar Screenshots of 2020...2kw Raymarine system

    On the sounder when in contact with the bottom why not tighten up the bottom range from 90ish up to 70 you'll get a bigger view and more detail
  12. ratboy

    Mercury marine has a new $77000 outboard

    80k for some unproven technology, sounds great.
  13. ratboy

    Tomales / SF bay winter fishing

    dabs n petrale out deep 150-300
  14. ratboy

    Cat 1/7

    30 years not one time have they asked for a net or if I have a net.
  15. ratboy

    For Sale Davis Bahia 1/2 Pilothouse W/ Suzuki 350

    yup wish Harold build more 22 with outboards!
  16. ratboy

    Airmar TM275C-LHW

    looks like it could use a shim down, might help your bottom images? I had to do it to mine, works fine in all conditions.....
  17. ratboy

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    No politics unless is directly linked to anything outdoorsy
  18. ratboy

    For Sale 21 Cabo with tandem aluminum trailer

    Take more than a carpeted bunk to crush em.
  19. ratboy

    For Sale Davis Bahia 1/2 Pilothouse W/ Suzuki 350

    Not many if any other 25' Bahia outboards are there? Great rig!
  20. ratboy

    For Sale Panga Style Sled

    you didn't understand his question, don't kill the messenger,
  21. ratboy

    For Sale Panga Style Sled

    I think he meant internet thing for selling his own boat?
  22. ratboy

    SOLD 1964 Glasspar 2016 Yamaha 70

    thanks, add to your post maybe? you find a new skiff yet?
  23. ratboy

    For Sale 1989 (Radon 16) Radoncraft Bahia 16 $25,500

    I'm always in the market, and yes it does matter, wasn't bashing anything I was asking if you knew who built it. I looked into buying it when it was in Santa Cruz, Scott told me but I couldn't remember if it was a home built finish or Harold. Harold built some radoncrafts, and I've owned one...
  24. ratboy

    SOLD 1964 Glasspar 2016 Yamaha 70

    How much fuel does it hold?
  25. ratboy

    SOLD 1964 Glasspar 2016 Yamaha 70

    Clean fish killer right there, perfect first boat with a great low hour outboard or a great trailerable skiff for up and down the coast.
  26. ratboy

    For Sale 1989 (Radon 16) Radoncraft Bahia 16 $25,500

    Cool except I don't think Radon or Harold Davis built boats in oceanside. Whats the pink say? Radoncraft? Thanks, just trying to figure out who built this one?
  27. ratboy

    Attention commercial fishermen, satisfied with you job?

    Not true..... Crab yes but for different reasons.
  28. ratboy

    SOLD Any interest in my maritime pioneer 20'

    As much as you want to pay. I'm just trying to figure out what the boat market is doing an I didn't sell I'll get a price figured out and it will go up for sale at some point, I decided to keep the permit so I need a boat to transfer permit before I sell maritime.....
  29. ratboy

    SOLD Any interest in my maritime pioneer 20'

    Not many out here on the west, thinking about changing directions and moving to a 28-30 boat and a smaller skiff. wonder what I would list it for??? Thanks! A couple details, 2005 maritime pioneer 20' hull, its not perfect but it is a 16 year old hull, re powered in 2015 with an old stock 13'...
  30. ratboy

    SOLD 1988 18' Stringari PH

    could have sold that fast for 35k
  31. ratboy

    Starlink Internet

    any idea if its available up in SE AK yet?
  32. ratboy

    Building a pilot house

    nice trailer, scrap that hull get a cheap glasspar or similar hull for a few hundred bucks! Your Bayliner has a super low bow and made for lakes.
  33. ratboy

    Suzuki Df140/150

    didn't know people still ran Merc's lol
  34. ratboy

    Suzuki Df140/150

    what's your boat weigh?
  35. ratboy

    For Sale 1989 (Radon 16) Radoncraft Bahia 16 $25,500

    Boat is definitely dialed, I forget if this one was built by Harold or not, I've owned two in the last 15 years, that would be the perfect motor for it, mine had a 60 and and 85 both a bit under powered when loaded.
  36. ratboy

    For Sale 1989 (Radon 16) Radoncraft Bahia 16 $25,500

    I was thinking the same thing????? I guess I should have bought it when you were selling it. You need to check your porcini spot!
  37. ratboy

    For Sale 12' Hawkins

    looks like the same skiff to me?
  38. ratboy

    What's Up With All The Cruise Ships Today?

    This thread is fucking retarded, are you guys sniffing glue or what?
  39. ratboy

    Wire Line Halibut

    Not sure why you think wire lining is so effective? someone tell you that? Now a days bouncballing is good if there in no bait available, otherwise drifting good bait will out fish any other techniques .
  40. ratboy

    Testing the new rods at Sebastian

    It's changed since the good old days, the pier/jetty is not a solid slab since the rebuild. It still wedges but not like it used too.
  41. ratboy

    WTB Cabo 226 , maritime patriot

    Mine is a pioneer not a patriot. Just re read your title....
  42. ratboy

    WTB Cabo 226 , maritime patriot

    I've got a 20p maritime, not sure I want to part ways but we can chat......
  43. ratboy

    Feedback for Arima 19 Yellowtail

    Isn't it just an Arima hull with a different pilot house????????
  44. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Ur welcome and Merry Christmas!
  45. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    All you spew is meaningless crap! It's kinda funny how fucking lame you come across and there have been lots of beauties on the thread........
  46. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    I don't believe any of the bullshit on either side!
  47. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Great Job answering my question! Keep posting fucking memes and making shitty comments!
  48. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    The truth?
  49. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Uh ok dickhead, great response.........Pretty impressive memes bud, very proficient in 1st grade computer technology.
  50. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    How do you know the truth? Internet? OR? Lets hear the secret you have for finding all the hard facts?
  51. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    How does any of this actually effect you or your family? Honest Question, everyone is so pissed about the "fraud" haha but nobody actually states why they give a shit? Or how it actually effects them or their family personally.....We paid more taxes with trump in office, made the same paid...
  52. ratboy

    im in Santa Cruz

    im in Santa Cruz
  53. ratboy

    I've got some danielsons I bought and haven't used, I payed 20$ each ill let them go for that.

    I've got some danielsons I bought and haven't used, I payed 20$ each ill let them go for that.
  54. ratboy

    For Sale 2016 29 CUSTOM RADON

    two parkers for the price of that, but id buy a 29 radon if I had 300k lying around for a boat.
  55. ratboy

    WTB Dream boat for less than 100K

    I guess if you never use it then you won't need to rebuild, bigger diesel boats eat them up!
  56. ratboy

    WTB Dream boat for less than 100K

    No outdrive! unless you like to spend money rebuilding or replacing every few hundred hours.
  57. ratboy

    Is this okay for my simrad radar?

    looks like its on backwards
  58. ratboy

    For Sale 2017 PARKER 2320 SC Loaded

    3 years at 1350=not 2700
  59. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    starting with 2016 election or earlier? Or is this just an isolated incident since ur boy lost?
  60. ratboy

    Election Fraud - non-political

    so many tears!
  61. ratboy

    Garmin Panoptix - do I want it?

    No get a great transducer and you'll be happy!
  62. ratboy

    For Sale 2017 PARKER 2320 SC Loaded

    uh yes he said 2700 hours, not hard to do if you fish 70-80 days a year
  63. ratboy

    For Sale 18ft RadonCraft new post

    well i'd be careful you need to change that prop, you should be reaching at least 5000rpms, just a heads up. good I was getting worried somethings wasn't right!
  64. ratboy

    For Sale 18ft RadonCraft new post

    sweet rig! I'm confused cruising at 3000 rpms is 25-27 knots but wide open is 30-32 knots? I'm assuming 3200 rpms is incorrect I think you should be reaching 5500rpm - 6000 at top speed? Thanks!
  65. ratboy

    Scratches on lower unit? Whats causing it?

    I've seen otters use hulls and outboards as a tool to get into clams and mussels
  66. ratboy

    For Sale Great Deal on FLIR

    do they work in the fog?
  67. ratboy

    Maritime Skiffs

    thank you!
  68. ratboy

    Maritime Skiffs

    where did you get the heater fan? and what brand if you remember? I need one! thanks
  69. ratboy

    Maritime Skiffs

    my 20p sits pretty ass high with the 115 i think you'll be ok, if/when i re power I'm going suzuki 140 its only 11 lbs heavier than my 115.
  70. ratboy

    SOLD DAiwa saltist 20P new

    exactly my thought
  71. ratboy

    For Sale 2012 Davidson Albi 19'

    yep i would still have mine if it had a 250 on it!
  72. ratboy

    For Sale 2012 Davidson Albi 19'

    I think it was towed there, and your boat was the plug for the mold, built heavier and beefy, i owned the #1 boat out of that mold and was happy besides the performance issues, mine only had a 175 and was slow for a modern 19' boat with a 175....
  73. ratboy

    Trailer boats. leave inspection hatches open?

    it must not rain much there......
  74. ratboy

    First Boat Parker 1801?

    I disagree, the difference between a 21 and 18' boat isn't much, hell a 25' boat you still gotta pick your weather days going offshore, and a 6 cylinder will pull an 1801 no problem, i think the dry weight is 2200-2400lbs, and totally doable catalina and coronados for sure.
  75. ratboy

    I/O to outboard conversion 26ft Bounty

    Not out drives, they are horrible especially in a slipped boat, most inboard motors last thru 3,4,5 outdrive rebuilds or replacements, not many conversions on shafted inboards mostly outdrive models.
  76. ratboy

    Bft on the beach...

    Looks real!
  77. ratboy

    Charter Boat Captain & Teacher arrested on child porn

    i'm sure was active with kids n sports
  78. ratboy

    Did i crack my transom

    is it the round crack? I'm assuming this is a "new" outboard conversion and transom was plugged then bracket installed? might be where "new" transom and old transom were joined?
  79. ratboy

    Leaving Boody Decks

    so what did the wonderful potus do for you that was positive? we paid 4 k more in taxes because of DT "tax cuts" for the middle class!
  80. ratboy

    For Sale Livingston 19ft alert

    yup need plenty of parts for those mercs
  81. ratboy

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    mine was 38 knots at 5800 rpm, cruise 25 knots at 4000 with a 225, yours is going to fly!
  82. ratboy

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    hey retard same boat different day!
  83. ratboy

    WTB WTB - 29'+ Radon/Anderson/Wilson - Project or Complete

    name some"better"so we understand your comment?
  84. ratboy

    For Sale 16' Radoncraft 1989

    Your boat is a dime a dozen, there are a limited amount of these built. But it is only worth what someone will pay for it, and this boat sold for a few grand less few months ago, so someone is trying to get what they have into it I imagine. And also its not built by davis or radon.
  85. ratboy

    Theft Alert - This is why we can't have nice things

    what does that have to do with this guys shit getting stolen in hawaii? And please believe there are tweakers in every state! no just blue states!
  86. ratboy

    For Sale clean bay skiff 18' panga - offer him $5k

    it was for sale a few years ago, for about the same price.
  87. ratboy


    You think voting for the president actually matters ur stupid, ur vote Doesn't count!
  88. ratboy

    Monster 353-pound bluefin on International 20VISX aboard Pacifica

    40 lbs of gills n guts geez.
  89. ratboy

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    spill the beans, was it landed? why wait to tell people?
  90. ratboy

    Remanufactured powerhead

    time, money spent, fuel saved, less oil= 4stroke
  91. ratboy

    SOLD 25’ whaler outrage twin Honda’s LOW hours

    this the one thats been on craigslist for a while?
  92. ratboy

    For Sale Radoncraft 16

    wow i sold my 16' with a 60 hp for 14k guess i should have held onto it another couple years then sold it!
  93. ratboy

    Anderson Greenough 21

    what was the barn find cost???????
  94. ratboy

    4stroke repower mixed gas tank

    get tank drained and polished, don't mess around with anything in it! Last thing you want is junk in your fuel system/injectors.
  95. ratboy

    Should I invest or buy different boat? Radoncraft 1989 22ft

    sell it for 10k and fund your boat project!!!!
  96. ratboy

    Monterey bay boat launch injustice

    Or you could have had a slip and been fishing all along!
  97. ratboy

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    so who knows the water temp at 1000 ft? sea surface is a lot warmer than a thousand ft id imagine???
  98. ratboy

    New electronics go to

    Johnson Hicks price matched my auto pilot off the internet. And If I need a techs(mark) help they are available more often than not.
  99. ratboy

    SOLD Cabo 216 1991 hull 2008 Yamaha

    Sold! sorry for the late reply!
  100. ratboy

    15.5 Livingston

    Nice Joey! You can come fish with me whenever! Look forward to your progress!
  101. ratboy

    For Sale 1985 radon 15

    Dang Pat cool rig!
  102. ratboy

    Seafood Sale Potential? Need feedback.

    gotcha, you guys buy fish from the docks on the west coast at all? Thanks! I'll dm you with some questions?
  103. ratboy

    Seafood Sale Potential? Need feedback.

    No local seafood offered???? I'm confused you only offer frozen non local product?
  104. ratboy

    Autopilot Recommendations??

    AP 44 is tried and true simrad unit........
  105. ratboy

    Launch ramp closures

    All ramps closed in the Monterey Bay
  106. ratboy

    SOLD you snooze you lose suckerrrrrr

    Lets see some pics sounds cool!
  107. ratboy

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    lots of people fishing today here, sport and commercial. So far salmon is a go for the sport opener, unless something changes......
  108. ratboy

    Shelter in place order until 4/19. Does that mean no more fishing?

    Roger that I heard the same, I guess I should have spelled out what I was implying better, there are fish being caught and sold still here and the Bay Area, mostly smaller skiff guys and some crab guys for the local markets and CSFs. Bigger boats that ship out and bigger markets are on the...
  109. ratboy

    SOLD Cabo 216 1991 hull 2008 Yamaha

    thanks! Your rig should sell at that price it is a great deal, I paid 25k for mine 3 years ago with a low hour 08 225, I enjoyed it but downsized as I mostly fish by myself these days.
  110. ratboy

    SOLD Cabo 216 1991 hull 2008 Yamaha

    Thanks good luck with the live ones.
  111. ratboy

    SOLD *Off the Market* - 21ft Boston Whaler Justice "Grey Ghost"

    you right be right about sf bay but not sure ocean is different.
  112. ratboy

    SOLD *Off the Market* - 21ft Boston Whaler Justice "Grey Ghost"

    Not true! have to re register every season(April for commercial) and salmon is no sport take with a salmon permit(unless you are charter) so that is not correct you can fish sport if you are fishing sport and following sport regs...
  113. ratboy

    Coronavirus A Must Read

  114. ratboy

    Coronavirus A Must Read

    always someone to turn a thread political.....
  115. ratboy

    SOLD Cabo 216 1991 hull 2008 Yamaha

    never been in a dusky or Edgewater, it rides better than a whaler. yes nice aluminum trailer included
  116. ratboy

    SOLD Cabo 216 1991 hull 2008 Yamaha

    too fast! yeah I love it, need something smaller to fish alone.
  117. ratboy

    SOLD Cabo 216 1991 hull 2008 Yamaha

    I’m up in Santa Cruz
  118. ratboy

    SOLD Cabo 216 1991 hull 2008 Yamaha

    I bought this 216 Cabo from Harold Davis in late 2016 it had 230 hours. Harold did the re power in 2009. It currently has 1400+- hours. Older ray marine electronics ff/plotter auto pilot and VHF. Has a custom aluminum pilot house. 17k or best offer.
  119. ratboy

    Brand new Sierra exhaust manifold failures

    Bum deal, you contact Sierra and tell them the problem?
  120. ratboy

    Don't vote Democrat.

    Far right and far left both suck!
  121. ratboy

    Ring in gel coat around scuppers

    if they used a new gelcoat when matching the old to install scuppers?
  122. ratboy

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    So you have7 batteries now? How much extra weight is that? I've always thought the spot lock would be super fun to fish!
  123. ratboy

    Garmin - want more Gain

    I have a 1040xs as well 50/200 is what I have on my non chirp Airmar, I can see a chovie fart at 100 ft, try manual gain.
  124. ratboy

    processors who can fish

    we got yft tuna canned at 5star it turned out great......
  125. ratboy

    Garmin - want more Gain

    chirp ? I can tune my 50/200 and see everything.
  126. ratboy

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I don't imagine that 2 stroke getting 2.5 mpg so range might be a lot less. I have a 225 4 stroke and I get 2.5 -3 mpg at best. They are great down hill for sure.
  127. ratboy

    2019 Amato PH

    30k and you'll be up and running with a new 300, or a used 250+ for 10-15k
  128. ratboy

    Sunken boat on Craigslist

    It was a joke, but if the motor was pickled and everything flushed it could be fine.....
  129. ratboy

    Sunken boat on Craigslist

    snitches get stitches.....
  130. ratboy

    Arhnklin River

    I have not fished it but have friends that do every year. Seems to be better than the situk with less pressure, that being said its still about timing and if the fish are there.....
  131. ratboy

    Elfin Cove question

    Sounds fun on the surface, maybe a popper or fly would be cool too.....
  132. ratboy

    Elfin Cove question

    Since when? One any size and one 28" or less, Or two any size if you are sport fishing by yourself(not on a charter).... I've only been going for 20 years and consistently see fish over 100 and seen them up to 270......Average fish is probably 40-60, I landed a 130# off my stand up paddle board...
  133. ratboy

    Elfin Cove question

    Like most of Alaska ? You are tripping we get a nice grade of fish!
  134. ratboy

    Deal or No Deal: 26’ Bartender

    I'm guessing cruising at maybe 8-10knt I wouldn't want to go anywhere at that speed unless I was commercial fishing and making lots of money.
  135. ratboy

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    hundred hours or once a season
  136. ratboy

    For Sale Parker 2005/2018 Parker 2120 with white Suzuki 200

    cool rig, thought it had a brand new trailer as well? From Florida?
  137. ratboy

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    not all harbors allow hoists
  138. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    thanks Jeff shoot me a text when the dust settles up there
  139. ratboy

    15ft Sorenson- Catamaran- Project

    that's a big 15 footer
  140. ratboy

    WTB Hobie Power Skiff

    bummer, there's another one in east bay I think, I'll try and find it.
  141. ratboy

    WTB Hobie Power Skiff
  142. ratboy

    WTB Hobie Power Skiff

    there has been a few the last few months up here, ill try and find em again and post the links.....
  143. ratboy

    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    legally they fish outside of 50 miles, they had opah, swords and a big eye last offload I think? the stores I've heard (drift gill net) they were abundant from here to Morro bay. Not sure at our local canyons but who knows I'm sure they are around.....
  144. ratboy

    (El Sueno) Offshore Looking to add to my call list!

    sounds like a fun trip..........sarcasm!
  145. ratboy


    you can keep two fish legally in yakutat, one fish any size and one 28" or less 2 total. 2 any size if you are sport fishing NOT on a charter, fishing can be as close as 2-4 miles or as far as 15-18 miles, good grade fish is common.
  146. ratboy

    Autopilot choice recommendation

    I had an AP25(I think) by Simrad with an octopus drive for cable steering, it worked awesome......
  147. ratboy

    42' defiance?

    why a mistake? please tell.....
  148. ratboy

    For Sale 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    Thing should sell quick I imagine! Chris said he was going to call you!
  149. ratboy

    For Sale 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    thanks bud, just couldn't pull off having two boats at the moment.
  150. ratboy

    For Sale 1985 Olympic boat

    so he owe you money? Or trade or? why not deal with him directly?
  151. ratboy

    SOLD 2011 Parker 1801 - 230 hours

    I think the live well is 30gal
  152. ratboy

    Please dont touch my drag

    buy a boat and nobody ever fucks with your drag!
  153. ratboy

    16 ft radon

    115 if you are thinking 90, not much weight differance. boat looks great!
  154. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    I’m looking for a 16’ the 15’ is just a bit small for what I want to do with it! Cool lil boat....
  155. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    I sold it a year and a half ago, I miss the ease and fuel economy.
  156. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    I wound up selling the first one made by Harold, sold the second that was a hull and cap finished by un known. Looking for third and final 16 Bahia hull, I was going to buy a nice 17 whaler but the guy decided not to sell yet. I don't remember where Harold said the mould was but he did say...
  157. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    heard a dude had a down payment no boat started......???
  158. ratboy

    shipping company

    Anyone have a contact for a company they've used for shipping a boat and trailer from the north east? Thanks!
  159. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    thanks, I have one that might come up in the next year so we will see....
  160. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    people pay lots(60-80k) for mass produced aluminum boats too! wink wink.....
  161. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    It is a supply and demand thing also! Not many used smaller Radon/Anderson/Davis boats come up for sale.
  162. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    exactly what I was going to say, up 5 k in 2 weeks
  163. ratboy

    WTB Bayrunner, 16-18

    boat is set up, you should take a look.
  164. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    thanks i have been
  165. ratboy

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    Looking for a radon or radon craft 16' Cash in hand! Thanks
  166. ratboy

    SOLD 16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Do tell for other potential buyers! What was the deal breaker for you?
  167. ratboy

    Is Chartreuse ever thrown on the West Coast?

    Halibut love them, caught seabass, rockcod, stripers on it and supposedly its the most visible color under water...
  168. ratboy

    Anybody running a newer Honda 90?

    the 70 is pretty bad ass, i have two friends with them, they are badass fuel efficient and lightweight.
  169. ratboy

    SOLD 16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Biggest 16 footer ever made! It’ll be sold soon.
  170. ratboy

    1987 Invader 182 Center Console Fishing Boat 17' - What's this worth?

    buy it before i do, trailer looks to be in good shape, wonder if it has an internal fuel tank or just above deck? If i remember correctly they are asking 3200?
  171. ratboy

    Pacific Quest crashed

    Sounds like he fell asleep! Squid light boat traveling at night....
  172. ratboy

    WTB Looking for a cabo 216

    what kinda budget you looking at?
  173. ratboy

    WTB 17-19’ Valco Bayrunner/Klamath/Western

    the 13 calibogie looks sick and right in your budget....
  174. ratboy

    SOLD Solddddd

    whats the box in front of the console?
  175. ratboy

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Seems like a slap on the wrist, I know of a few charter boats in alaska that lost their liscences for culling halibut and fined on top of that , and not 199 fish over the limit !
  176. ratboy

    For Sale Misc. Boat Parts. VHF, Temp Gauge, Gimbal etc.

    I'll take the icom, does it have a mount ?
  177. ratboy

    WTB Looking for a Cabo 216 Cuddy Con or Parker 1801.

    10k doesn't count that bad, add a scratch n dent for 14k rigged ant 24k new boat!
  178. ratboy

    Parker Boat stolen from Alfonsinas GB mooring

    uh boats are made for the water, coverage should be on the water, i think you have terrible insurance if its only insured on the trailer.
  179. ratboy


    do a patent look up?
  180. ratboy

    Self-Guided Alaska Fishing Trip

    In Yakutat its two halibut per angler per day, 1 any size and 1 under 28inches on charter boats, on your own(skiff rental or sport fishing not on charter) is two any size!
  181. ratboy

    Self-Guided Alaska Fishing Trip

    Yakutat! Quiet town, two Alaska air flights a day, steelhead in may and halibut will be moving in.
  182. ratboy

    Outboard hight on livingston 14?

    Most boats will do that on hard turns. On a normal hull the cavitation plate should line up withe bottom of the hull.
  183. ratboy

    youtube blackhole and boat launch fails

    Geez get that guy off the boat already
  184. ratboy

    SOLD 13' Trueline Sportcat $800

    No steering wheel? Or I'm confused, same boat?
  185. ratboy

    Does anyone what kind of fish this is.

    lets talk about that rig????
  186. ratboy

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Sent you a message
  187. ratboy

    Heading to Yakutat in July

    We most likely will be there in july!
  188. ratboy

    SOLD 2006 Davis Cortez w/ Yamaha 250

    won't last long! Dream rig!
  189. ratboy

    SOLD Sold!! 2008 Parker 1801 price drop $18,000 OBO

    I did two seasons, bought it with 49 hours in 2016
  190. ratboy

    Heading to Yakutat in July

    Best place in Alaska for us! We bought a piece of property last year, have plans to be there 60-80 % of the time, Surfing, great halibut fishing, the river is awesome, the town is quiet and people are nice! Go check the fly shop! go to the hardware store for your saltwater tackle, check out Icy...
  191. ratboy

    It begins again...

    200 yami? great boat right there! you sell your 20?
  192. ratboy

    Radoncraft Davis Boats Porn.

    Looks like polish jig and shark bite.
  193. ratboy

    Halibut WTF

    Its from catch history I would think, and yeah halibut bycatch is some crazy percent of the quota!
  194. ratboy

    Cabo Boat Owners

    i have a 225 on my 216, I'm adding some height to transom via starboard, it sits fine in the water and haven't had much issue with father coming over the transom.....
  195. ratboy

    Holy crap

    Not true!
  196. ratboy

    Old radon

    Its been for sale for a long time and for cheap, make sure you check that thing might be a can of worms once you get into the restoration, Call Radon they might give you some insight, They've helped me before with pics and year/model they will tell you most likely materials and what to look out...
  197. ratboy

    Yamaha corrosion

    can't believe there are zincs on there still!
  198. ratboy

    Dropper loop vs 3x for White Seabass

    uh if you think sea bass are not finicky you are trippin!
  199. ratboy

    Dropper loop vs 3x for White Seabass

    80 lb ok sounds great! 100% disagree
  200. ratboy

    Tokyo Japan. what should I buy?

    lots of boots and fishing gear like that, I spent 3 hours in a giant store near shabuya they love fishing.....
  201. ratboy

    Selling Old Boat buying New Boat... Need Help

    Parker, with twins would be awesome. Next level parkers might be able to help you out.....
  202. ratboy

    Boston Whaler Outrage 22ft for sale

    A nice clean whaler, Great ride and well set up!
  203. ratboy

    Dropper loop vs 3x for White Seabass

    a couple cranks off the bottom.
  204. ratboy

    Dropper loop vs 3x for White Seabass

    sliding sinker 4-6 ft 30-40lb floro leader, 2 snelled 5/0 single hooks 3 inches apart.
  205. ratboy

    Monster Bass off the Jersey Shore

    Nice fish, we fished block island and the trip a few nights before guys had 40-45lbers is that common? Ours were 25-30! It was a blast, fricken eels were tough to hook and hold on too!
  206. ratboy

    Rent My Boat

    Huh well that's interesting, so no need for insurance? Or ??? 600$ seems pretty spendy for a skiff! But to each his own!
  207. ratboy

    Rent My Boat

    If people get hurt on your boat they could sue your ass, I'd be scared to just let some random take my skiff without a full contract waiver of liability. I'd rather go hit up harbor boat rentals! Good try but not that simple!
  208. ratboy


    Bamboo or fiberglass gaff will flex more and not break, where do you gaff them? You fish stinger hooks?How deep do you gaff them? Nice work !
  209. ratboy

    RADON 15

    Pretty much any newer used 18-20 fter for that.
  210. ratboy

    Hobie power skiff (not mine, on CL)

    thanks! looked a little beat, the one for 6k is pretty cool, not a hobie but same hull i think!
  211. ratboy

    Hobie power skiff (not mine, on CL)

    I look everyday! shhhhhhhh
  212. ratboy

    1989 RadonCraft Cortez 22

    I know someone who wants it....... whats your number?
  213. ratboy

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    I think unless you go big a little step up is not going to be easier to get sleep, bigger beamier boats roll slower, so that takes a bit to get used too. Cabo 35? Make sure the rig you get fits in the SB slip I hear they are super fucked and you can't keep your boat unless it fits in the slip...
  214. ratboy

    Santa Cruz 11/19

    most likely sharks for the leaders, lot of soup fins and dog sharks around this time of year. It's rare that halibut will break/bite thru leaders unless you horse the crap out of them..
  215. ratboy

    Real Estate and Home/Property Location Value...???

    Less privacy also, if you have fence hight restrictions for front yards then is it for both street facing sides?
  216. ratboy

    WTB 20 foot Radon....

    Sent you a message
  217. ratboy

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    The surf "punk" that saved the guy? I've saved a couple people when I was out surfing, and he was 13 years old, better than playing video games all day or causing trouble.....
  218. ratboy


    Yup Harold is a great contact!
  219. ratboy

    Help a brother out! Socal homie spending Thanksgiving in Gualala

    You can launch out of bodega bay south of gualala 70 miles?(not sure exact distance), rockfish, ling cod or Dungeness crab are your options, swells can be huge that time of year so be careful.....
  220. ratboy

    WTB 20 foot Radon....

    Its been kept on a lift, be a good boat for ya capt. cautious
  221. ratboy

    WTB 20 foot Radon....

    whats next Glen?
  222. ratboy

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability I'll stop talking now! I'm wrong again! Looks like recreational landings are about half of commercial landings.
  223. ratboy

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    Ur right i stand corrected! I read some old regs and might have had a beer or two. But I'll stand behind my Landings theory ....
  224. ratboy

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability
  225. ratboy

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    I believe commercial take is only males!
  226. ratboy

    Cali Lobstering for long term sustainability

    Not sure that is true! Most of the time the recreational landings are more than commercial landings!!
  227. ratboy

    Dungeness Crab Season Opener and Tips

    half moon you can get them in shallow! And yeah be careful by the buoys if there is swell!
  228. ratboy

    2018 Parker 1801 115hp or 150 hp

    If you have the extra 5500 budget yeah..... I have an 08 with a 115 and it tops out at about 30 knots, cruising 20-22knts and get 4.5-5mpg with 30 gal of fuel and two people. I think the 150 would fly and also get better fuel/speed numbers loaded.
  229. ratboy

    Point Sur giant ling hunt 10/14 ho spot open

    Isn't it 50 fthms? It closes mid month I think?
  230. ratboy


    Build your own jig, small Soft glow bead above a treble hook, snell five on about 8 inches a part and then they won't come off! Treble bead treble bead.
  231. ratboy

    SOLD ,-

    That thing must fly with the 200
  232. ratboy

    22 foot Seaway for was sold October 19th

    thats a cool boat at a great price!
  233. ratboy

    SOLD Sold!! 2008 Parker 1801 price drop $18,000 OBO

    Yes she wants a cabin in alaska. What i meant was a cabin on a boat haha
  234. ratboy

    SOLD Sold!! 2008 Parker 1801 price drop $18,000 OBO

    She has been fishing her whole life! So? She can teach you if you like!
  235. ratboy

    SOLD Sold!! 2008 Parker 1801 price drop $18,000 OBO

    Love this thing but wife wants a cabin. 60 gallon fuel tank(newer models have 40 gal tanks) average 4-4.5mpg cruising. Yamaha 115 fourstroke (2250 hours) Garmin 840xs sounder/plotter Simrad AP24 auto pilot 30 gallon bait tank built into swingback seat(new rule1100 gph pump) Standard Horizon vhf...
  236. ratboy

    Davis Rock Harbor #0001

    Nice work again Alex!
  237. ratboy

    Which 115 hp outboard?

    my yamaha 115 has been great!
  238. ratboy

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    thanks thats what I've heard and what i do!
  239. ratboy

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    i'm buying a boat with an 08 225 should i be concerned?
  240. ratboy

    Rodless Again

    not trying to be a jerk, I've had shit stolen from my truck. Now i don't leave shit in the truck! sorry it sucks!
  241. ratboy

    Rodless Again

    uh why put in your car the night before? tweakers cruise around and look in every car, seen it happen out my window.....
  242. ratboy

    Rock Fish Closed Beyond 30 Fathoms for Rest of 2017 Season Central and Northern California only

    well they probably opened it up out to 50 fathoms so this would happen and it will never open again! Not sure where all these yellow eye were landed, not many people around here even fish out there, the party boats would know better than to land yellow eye, so where did all these landings come...
  243. ratboy

    2530 Parker - Long Cabin - Dialed in

    any pics of cabin layout!
  244. ratboy

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    Holy shit thats crazy! and yes with a dominant NW wind always nice heading downhill home....
  245. ratboy

    Mushroom Thread

    no lobsters?
  246. ratboy

    marijuana on a private boat

    wow haha really? rather a guy be stoned than on a 12 pack driving a boat!
  247. ratboy

    Opah - How to?

    long line!
  248. ratboy

    Anderson/Greenough 19, Price Drop 37.5k

    17 without power 37k nah? nice 19 foot boat, nicest out there!
  249. ratboy

    Searching for a RADON 26' diesel to buy

    yeah but its in sitka right?
  250. ratboy

    number 26 is an idiot

    maybe the guy who caught them owns or works at the market
  251. ratboy

    Advise about dealing with insurance for a boat claim.

    questions to ask your insurance guy...
  252. ratboy

    number 26 is an idiot

    If i brought a thousand pounds of fish home and texted my friends/family come get it, it would be gone in two days no problem, throw the neighbors in and a day maybe....
  253. ratboy

    number 26 is an idiot

    Must be on a commercially registered vessel fishing commercially, back at the dock sell to a "receiver" fish buyer who has landing receipt booklet, or land yourself if you are a receiver. Option B write a transportation receipt, weigh fish and transport to a person/buisness who has a receivers...
  254. ratboy

    number 26 is an idiot

    doesn't work like that....
  255. ratboy

    Yakutat report 7/28-8/1

    Our favorite place to go now, great surf as well! Some of the best shallow water halibut in alaska I think! Looks like you had an amazing trip! We were there from the 6th thru 16th of july and had great fishing minus the silvers(we didn't try) !!!
  256. ratboy

    Fishing inside bodega bay

    theres halibut caught in the bay sometimes and just out front towards dillon beach, also salmon in the same area.
  257. ratboy


    How about a non plug in hybrid? 45 miles to the gallon is pretty darn good!
  258. ratboy

    Funny Boat Names

    seen a big sport cruiser at the fuel dock named MENTOLAY lets just say they were a little :gay:
  259. ratboy

    HMB 3.0

  260. ratboy

    HMB 3.0

    north or south of the harbor?
  261. ratboy

    Surf fishing guides for NorCal/CenCal?

    What are you looking to catch?
  262. ratboy

    2010 Contender 39ST For Sale - Triple 350s 60mph cruise!

    only five years ago maybe it hasn't
  263. ratboy

    Personal Best

    yeah man glad you stayed and got one!
  264. ratboy

    Fish finder recommendation for Santa Cruz

    Furuno with a 1kw transducer simple operation...
  265. ratboy

    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console - includes shipping

    I bet they are flip up scuba tank holders? Only thing i could guess!
  266. ratboy

    Santa Cruz Salmon

    haha there's krill and chovies around right now, you might know that if you fish EVER, but what do I know?
  267. ratboy

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    They stink pretty bad and can have lots of worms....
  268. ratboy

    Santa Cruz Salmon

    Why would ask someone a leader length question, then say there are to many variables for an answer you got? Ask any commercial salmon fisherman and i bet 9 out of 10 would say about "two times the flasher length" on hootchie leaders.
  269. ratboy

    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console - includes shipping

    Geez you are clueless, these things are bullet proof and pretty high bow with a self bailing deck!
  270. ratboy

    1994 Boston Whaler Outrage 17

    nice skiff right there!
  271. ratboy

    WTB 17-22ft greenough, anderson, wilson, radon
  272. ratboy

    WTB 17-22ft greenough, anderson, wilson, radon

    look at the davis boats website, harold had a nice 18 Avalon for sale.
  273. ratboy

    Santa Cruz Salmon

    Works with a ring and a buoy, I've done it before! You need the right gear though!
  274. ratboy

    Santa Cruz Salmon

    Maybe try the BS you said a few times before advising people to do it?
  275. ratboy

    1994 26' Skipjack

    Very nice rig! Outdrive?
  276. ratboy

    Worst salmon season in eight years projected in California

    Defiantly in outer space!!! We had fish from 26" up to 17lbs buddy boy!
  277. ratboy

    2017 is On the Way.......

    wow that is so shitty! Sorry for the pain in the ass they caused you!!!
  278. ratboy

    SOLD Yamaha Performance Stainless Steel Propeller 13-1/4 x 18

    shit sorry, my computer took a shit
  279. ratboy


    rockcod or salmon only allowed one rod
  280. ratboy

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    yup I get it I'm just sick of this thread being neg, as the owner of the first Davidson i did a ton of defending and calling of bullshit so i get it......
  281. ratboy

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Only asked if they joined to make a neg comment on this post!
  282. ratboy

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    You join BD just so you could comment on this thread?
  283. ratboy

    Calibogie 15 with 2010 Honda 30hp

    cool! great little skiff!
  284. ratboy

    Calibogie 15 with 2010 Honda 30hp

    what is the box in the middle
  285. ratboy

    Help with Halibut gear...

    Fun on super light tackle too, I've had some nice 30-40 lb halibut on our light spinning gear with 20b braid.....
  286. ratboy

    Help with Halibut gear...

    Braid is a must if you want to fish lighter tackle, the current gets going and unless you want to fish tons of lead you should fish 50/60 lb braid. Spreader bars just get in the way, we just tie our own dropper loop rigs with circle or J hooks and 80 lb mono. Glow or white grubs or hootchies...
  287. ratboy

    Custom Skiff

    pretty neat little skiff, i don't see the radon mod done to hull, but i love this thing!
  288. ratboy

    well that would be mighty nice of you! 124 A pine st santa cruz ca, 95062 shirt size large...

    well that would be mighty nice of you! 124 A pine st santa cruz ca, 95062 shirt size large thanks so much, you like mushrooms? chantrelles? if so i'll send you some...
  289. ratboy

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Bill Anderson has been building boats a long time, Anderson is renowned for building a quality custom skiff! Can you blame him for being sour if someone takes their hull design and undercuts their prices?
  290. ratboy

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    nor cal guys?
  291. ratboy

    boat without a title.

    50$ sounds like it fell off a truck.......
  292. ratboy

    Looking to buy a Panga Marine 22

    i bought my 2008 1801 with 49 freshwater hours on a yami 115 for 20k, they are around, ill message you if i see anything!
  293. ratboy

    WTB calcutta gaff

    Moretta forgot spelling make nice custom ones
  294. ratboy

    Green Mountain vs Traeger

  295. ratboy

    2002 KEY WEST 17.5" CC W/ 115HP YAMA $12K

    sweet rig! what year is motor? thanks
  296. ratboy

    Dungeness Crab Opener?

    I hear on schedule, i think there is a meeting on Wednesday about it.
  297. ratboy

    Registering a 26 foot panga from Mexico in CA.?

    I believe it has to be a commercial vessel over 5 net tons or 30ft
  298. ratboy

    Registering a 26 foot panga from Mexico in CA.?

    26 panga over five tonnage?
  299. ratboy

    Registering a 26 foot panga from Mexico in CA.?

    one or the other coast guard documented or DMV.........
  300. ratboy

    Baby yellowtail killers

    Great response, way to use that keyboard and shut me up!
  301. ratboy

    Baby yellowtail killers

    So you tell people what they can and cant post? HAHA you are amazing!
  302. ratboy

    Baby yellowtail killers

    If I spend money to go fishing, I'm going to keep some for dinner if they are legal to keep.......
  303. ratboy

    Rotten fishing in Lopez for Mark and Gary with Captain Chico.

    Wow! Always one of you in the crowd!
  304. ratboy

    Alaska/BC 1st timer - Big silvers in early Sept?

    seems like 2nd week of sept is the start of run the last few years, id plan on at least 7 or later imo............
  305. ratboy

    FS: 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    buy this thing scott, its set up so sick!
  306. ratboy

    Evinrude E-Tec 115HP - Gas Usage

    maybe mounted to low or high? props make a big difference as well
  307. ratboy

    defiance 220 ex owners

    is it coming up from transom mount transducer?
  308. ratboy

    FS: 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    Surprised this hasn't sold, ive owned two of these! great set up! biggest 16 ever built!
  309. ratboy

    Boston Whaler Project

    still for sale?
  310. ratboy

    how many hours do you have on your 4 stroke outboard?

    i put 1300 hours on my yamaha 115 in the last 16 months, my buddy has a 2001 with 7k still going
  311. ratboy

    Parker 1801

    i believe the newer 09 and 0n has less than 60 gallon tank!
  312. ratboy

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    So my question is how do you measure a fish that looks legal but is questionable? WSB is one of the best eating fish around, hate to release a 30inch fish if thats all I got for the day!
  313. ratboy

    1990 Cabo 226 Cuddycon

    why Etec? why not a 4 stroke? heard some nightmares about etecs.....
  314. ratboy

    Fishing in santa cruz

    Head to manresa beach south of santa cruz there have been tons of stripers. or hit up any of the other beaches around there, also perch are abundant. Bucktails and sp minnows or swimbaits 1/2 to one ounce white works well. High tide seems to be better, look for deep holes and rip tides, don't be...
  315. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    fuck I'm no entitled millennial shit head, just a shit head....
  316. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    ooops gotta go Ellen is on, goodnight ladies!
  317. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    Selling my 800,000 $ house that is worth 250k and looking for a 250,000$ house that should be worth a million up there.............
  318. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    In the straight for me........
  319. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    Flying into seatac end of july hope we can grab a beer.....
  320. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    Shit I'm talking to myself again!
  321. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    Talk soon, I'm waiting for your response! Hurry please!
  322. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    Everyone is so pleasant and kind online, I love you guys!
  323. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    Nah cocks over rated I prefer goat like you, can I borrow a couple cialis? I am waiting for an invite for halibut or albacore, if you are ever down this way I'd be thrilled to take you out and give you a hard time....
  324. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    Shit is so cheap up there why not buy? I got enough friends most are assholes like you fucks so we'll get along just fine, see you soon. More like I hate everyone...
  325. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    I love this stuff! Fishing is slow here(obviously) or I could give a shit about your chubforum, but please let me introduce myself!
  326. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    Looking by Neah bay, bull beach, I think some good waves there....Anyone got any dogfish hotspots they wanna share I'd love to take my mice out and catch a few.....
  327. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    I hate peanut butter and cheese!
  328. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    Fuck you too! And fuck your "subforum" goatboy! I can and say what I think it's the interweb how do you know who what when where i live......... Oh wait it says on my thingy.......Anyway Y'all can eat a dick! Actually I am looking at property up there so look out I'll be running your subforum...
  329. ratboy

    Near Bay Arima Story

    A long period 19/20 plus second period swell can lay dormant for 20/30 min at a time. This happens often while surfing during those long period swells. It could have been the case that day not sure but it happens.......
  330. ratboy

    Halibut area for little kids

    :finger:No wonder shit is so cheap up there, normal people gotta deal with you fucks on a daily bases.......Guess I wont ask for halibut numbers next time I'm up there.
  331. ratboy

    Looking for Parker 2120 with budget of 45k
  332. ratboy

    Looking for Parker 2120 with budget of 45k

    with 2 strokes for 35k go for it!!!!!!
  333. ratboy

    25 Bahia Davidson(Davis) $68,000

    I ended up getting 80% of what I paid for my Davidson Albi 19 after 2 years 3 months. It was a cool boat I just couldn't do what I wanted to do with it.... I believe the ballpark for that 25 rigged was 135k plus and it will be rigged by a professional now. Sounds like someone will be saving some...
  334. ratboy

    Long shot but have to ask

    Yep thats it place is insane!!!! I spent 3 hours in there, it was the coolest! clothing, boots, coolers, tackle, shit you would never use but love looking at! Reels we never see, rods, jigs you name it.
  335. ratboy

    Long shot but have to ask

    i went to a huge one at shibuya crossing(right near it) walking distance, was really cool the products we never see, or even think of...
  336. ratboy

    Ranger 250C Center Console

    35k without the trailer?
  337. ratboy

    Looking for Parker 2120 with budget of 45k

    The guy wants a parker, trying to sell him your over priced center console is stupid, if you read his post it needs to fit in his driveway, and im sure your boat does 45 all the way home, with a neck brace and a helmet.........
  338. ratboy

    Looking for Parker 2120 with budget of 45k

    seems fair it is a 2012 and low hours.I bought a 2006 from NC for 40k shipped with only 100 hours, Id stick it out and wait for one. A 2120 came up here for 35k with a 150 and 600 hours.
  339. ratboy

    Looking for Parker 2120 with budget of 45k

    you will get an almost new one for that, google craigslist search tempest parker 2120, look on the east coast, and get it shipped it will save you thousands.
  340. ratboy

    Any navigation tips/trick for the Santa Cruz Harbor?

    Look at the weather/ tides before you go out! If it is a minus tide and a big swell like 15ft @ 16 seconds or if its a south 6ft @ 17seconds you have to watch for breaking waves in between the jetties at entrance regardless of depth.
  341. ratboy

    !Yamaha F250 2007/2008 Bogging Blues... Help!

    high pressure pump?
  342. ratboy

    It's here.....

    looks like one of those anderson knock off (don't remember name) How big? custom?
  343. ratboy

    2006 9' Livingston w/ 2006 Yamaha 4hp 4 Stroke

    sounds like a great deal, post some pics when you get a chance. Does it get on plane with the 4hp?
  344. ratboy

    2007 radon signature 22 for sale

    still have the salmon permit?
  345. ratboy

    2012 23' bayrunner baja walk around

    Ill buy your plotter how much? or just the sd card with numbers!
  346. ratboy

    Lingcod Heartbreak 0 for 3 on Big Lingcod ( Video )

    Gaff please! what kind of trolling motor set up?
  347. ratboy

    Cabo Cuddycon 226

    Still for sale?
  348. ratboy

    Salmon Season 2016 - Looks like may not happen

    last week there were tons of anchovy, sardines and small macs everywhere when we pulled our pots.
  349. ratboy

    For all of you Radon lunitics

    I know the seller and boat. Worth more than asking price in my opinion. If i had 12k i would snatch this things up in a sec.
  350. ratboy

    2007 26' Osprey Pilothouse

    So did he sea trial it? Or is he just trying to throw other potential buyers off with this post....
  351. ratboy

    Davenport or Franklin Point?

    This time of year the weather forecasts can change over night, so be sure to check again in the upcoming days.
  352. ratboy

    Davenport or Franklin Point?

    27th looks good for swell and wind, I might be heading up to franklin.
  353. ratboy

    parker 2110

    Right on cool boat, and a great deal. I passed it on to a friend!
  354. ratboy

    parker 2110

    corrosion issue in exaust looked at?
  355. ratboy

    1995 Marine Acquiring Co. 206 CuddyCon

    I hope you called the guy out if he told you it was a cabo, always run the HIN # if you don't intend on getting a survey and at least you will get a manufacturer name, then do your own research. Sucks sorry!
  356. ratboy


    call Harold he will give you a straight answer, the boat is worth 37k no problem.
  357. ratboy

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Any updates on this build? Looks awesome!
  358. ratboy

    Yesterday Afternoon Mission Bay Jetty

    wow, winter time swells 15 to 20 ft lets go fishing?
  359. ratboy


    Boss coolers look killer and are quite a bit cheaper than all the others.
  360. ratboy

    best offshore fish finder under 2000 bucks

    chirp is great but I had an older 585 furuno and now I have chirp and it's not my favorite!
  361. ratboy

    best offshore fish finder under 2000 bucks

    All the brands are good these days, go with any mid range unit and a 1KW transducer. Learn how to use it on manual mode, that way you dial it in for the particular targets at the time.
  362. ratboy

    Blackman 26 Billfisher Fish Machine $42,000 Mission Bay

    Fishy boat, well maintained, I'd buy it if I had a spot for it up here.
  363. ratboy

    12-6-15 Big But

    Wow #44 is 44 pounds. You are out of your mind! Ha that felt good!
  364. ratboy

    Any toxin concerns in lobster right now?

    be aware the swell was 18 ft @ 17 seconds today, might be kinda crappy tomorrow.
  365. ratboy

    Seeking 1/2 Tote, Info

    wow that is cheap if so!!!!
  366. ratboy

    Rule Tournament series bait pump problem

    they have a year warranty right? mine goes out in 6 to 8 months.......Bring it back replace it.....
  367. ratboy

    Xtaero Boats Build Thread (Baja Outboard)

    aluminum? looks like the new zealand/aus style boats, very cool best of luck!
  368. ratboy


    Hit me up next time, if its a weekend. My wife wants to go and ive been out there a few times so i feel comfortable in the zone.
  369. ratboy

    Should I even bother??

    bagel boy, don't do it........
  370. ratboy

    WTS Tanacom Bull 1000

    Does it have english instructions/screen? you buy it online? thanks
  371. ratboy

    Ca. Delta Stripers 2015.

    I'd still love to get out and hitch a ride. Tight lines!
  372. ratboy

    What thew hell was THAT!?!?!!!

    nice you got one? i heard of at least one other....
  373. ratboy

    Thinking about a BFT run......

    slowed a bit, was much better a month ago. The weather might be an issue? They are still catching a couple as of yesterday, id slow troll macs if anything.....
  374. ratboy

    Wet Slip Bayrunner question

    cool boat! you selling your radon?
  375. ratboy

    Furuno FF and transducer suggestions please

    1kw shoot thru and a 585........ Or 587 but the bottom discrimination didn't do it for me so i bought the "older" unit.
  376. ratboy

    Crab Opener delayed?

    I believe mussels and clams are closed during certain months every season because they have domoic acid at higher levels.
  377. ratboy

    Crab Opener delayed?

    From point conception north is where the dungy and rockcrab are affected.
  378. ratboy

    Todd Kline Comes From Behind to Win FLW Tournament

    Todd is a good friend and a great fisherman, glad to see him doing well and following his dreams.
  379. ratboy

    Squid everywhere

    Day time guys, the squid will be suspended or on the bottom, put your sounder on dual frequency and it shows up better on the 200 side, color is green or yellow, red if its really thick. no need to go at night only.
  380. ratboy

    Squid everywhere

    Squid bite in the daytime as well, most times really well at first light and dusk.....
  381. ratboy

    WA Record Opah for ARSC?

    Thats cool, i'm amazed at how small both the old record and potential record are. Great eating as well.....
  382. ratboy

    Another NorCal BFT

    Nice how was the weather? Best eating fish around!
  383. ratboy

    Free gaffing

    No don't delete my post I will be so offended.
  384. ratboy

    Free gaffing

  385. ratboy

    The DFG Has Spoken, It's Time For A Change

    Typical lawyer bullshit, judge and jury.........
  386. ratboy

    STOLEN 2320 pilot house...

    insurance? I hope so. I was looking at parkers online last night and came across the boat in the pics on search tempest. I hope they find it/them.
  387. ratboy

    SC bluefin

    water turned didn't see chit today!
  388. ratboy

    late SC Fri bluefin report

    Same for me nada yesterday!
  389. ratboy

    Report from the American Angler... Surprise

    internet police at it again.
  390. ratboy


    no pics of the surf?
  391. ratboy

    malihini bigeye

    Yes but before last year "local" wahoo were virtually non existent.
  392. ratboy

    TUNA in Avila / PSL / Morro Bay

    YFT not here, BFT here.............
  393. ratboy

    Seasons SportFishing?

    Duane is cool fishes hard and will find the fish, i think he runs the 25 and Jaime the owner runs the big parker....
  394. ratboy

    Yakutat, Alaska

    nice Yakutat is an awesome place, great surf there as well.....
  395. ratboy


    Here's what's left of the boat, sounds like they had some electrical work done recently, and pow thing blew, one officer released from hospital one still in hospital!
  396. ratboy


    Pfft troll haha you funny, i tried to load the vid. Sorry ya my IG is private oh well.
  397. ratboy


    it was the bigger 21 ft maybe twin honda 150s i think...
  398. ratboy


    theres video on my instagram, wont let me upload file is to big. @jasonratboycollins
  399. ratboy


  400. ratboy


    My friend sent me the video as well, guys got blasted out of boat and boats is burning in gear till it sank!
  401. ratboy

    1995 17' Parker for sale**SOLD**

    Things in great shape for a 20 year old skiff. Looks just like my 1801, I'm sure it will sell quick.
  402. ratboy

    Hammerhead Shark Bites Diver Off San Diego Coast in Rare Attack

    Fish in his hand, so the shark ate the fish and got the hand!
  403. ratboy

    Half Moon Bay private boat 8/2 - ling limits and awesome mola mola show!

    hit one doing 20knts the other day, scary shit. Be aware they will not move and sometimes are right under the surface, why they call them sunfish i guess. Nice work on the lings......
  404. ratboy


    south america not africa
  405. ratboy

    try new spots for tuna

    wow you are that guy huh...
  406. ratboy

    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    3 putt is karma for fucking another tour players wife on tour he's a kook!
  407. ratboy

    WTB: 18ft Parker

    nice boat!
  408. ratboy

    Yamaha 250 repower cost???

    25k new rigged
  409. ratboy

    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    A friend told me about this an hour ago it's legit, go get em boys!!!!
  410. ratboy

    24 radon

    I stare at the one in Half moon every time i drive by, up on that little mound before you turn into the harbor.
  411. ratboy

    Best bet for getting my first WSB

    North? Uhh not much squid at all up here.... Seabass eat other food not just squid!
  412. ratboy

    Neah and yakutat

    Nice job on the flatties, Yakutat is a great place. Were the fish inside the islands? Good job....
  413. ratboy

    virg's landing - 5/22/2015

    Joey is good people
  414. ratboy

    19' Arima Sea Ranger 23K

    Seems like a decent price to me, it would sell in a heart beat down here with that 115 only 20 hours......
  415. ratboy

    Salmon Care 101

    land the fish, pop a gill let bleed out in a splash well or bleed barrel, gut n gill or put on ice if fishing is wide open. Gut the fish asap and put on ice fill belly cavity and bury in ice. If you drag over board you are asking for a seal to steal and eat in front of you.
  416. ratboy

    Wide open leopard shark fishing. Just for fun.

    Uh I'm sure your kid and friends thought you were cool before, now you are the best ever. Great memories right there!!!
  417. ratboy

    Proping Yam. f115

    6600 to 6700 that does not sound good. Sounds hi too me.
  418. ratboy

    23 Parker Pilothouse for $20k - not mine, passing along

    Thank you for the info shad, sounds like you got it dialed!
  419. ratboy

    23 Parker Pilothouse for $20k - not mine, passing along

    Whats low hours for an 8k 225? I know you find them all over just curious. Shad have you had any fudged hours on any of your motor purchases? Would a 225 push that thing?
  420. ratboy

    hag fish boat sank off of LA Push this morning

    Commercial fishing is a dangerous job, it's sad and devastating when boats sink and people die. Sorry for your loss.
  421. ratboy

    Lingcod/vermillion massacre!!!!

    You make a right turn outside the jetty? Nice work.....
  422. ratboy

    23 Parker Pilothouse for $20k - not mine, passing along

    Drop another 25k on a repower and you have a great boat for 45k
  423. ratboy

    19' bayrunner baja

    Hows the halibut bite? Nice rig by the way, efficient and fishable, easy to trailer and launch. Should sell soon, the motor alone is 11k.
  424. ratboy

    Parker 1801 any good?

    Thanks for the kind words, spring time is windy as hell this year there are days on end that are un fishable in any vessel, we pick our days up here. I have a dozen friends who fish skiffs under 20 ft and catch a bunch of fish. Just gotta be diligent about watching the forecast and if you are...
  425. ratboy

    Parker 1801 any good?

    I just picked one up from arizona, fresh water boat. It's a 2008 1801 with a yam 115 the first ride my yamaha fuel management system said 39mph wide open at 5800 rpms getting 3.47mpg cruising at 25mph 3800rpms was 5.9 mpg with me 167lbs and 45 gallons of fuel. I know numbers will decrease as...
  426. ratboy

    Santa Cruz?

    :smoking33:yup no fish here!
  427. ratboy

    WTB - Used Four Stroke Outboard from 140-200 HP

    davidson has a 200 lying around with 500 hours on it
  428. ratboy

    FaralloN BOATS catching salmon in HMB with a DRONE video

    cool was getting scared for ya, was someone on your boat flying the drone?
  429. ratboy

    Davidson Albi 19

    oops yes a washdown, no side curtains, no rocket launchers. I have basic furuno 585 with a shoot thru 1kw transducer and a garmin plotter. I'm thinking I might keep the displays and leave the transducer and plugs, thats why there is no mention of them.
  430. ratboy

    FaralloN BOATS catching salmon in HMB with a DRONE video

    You want it hitting your Davis?
  431. ratboy

    FaralloN BOATS catching salmon in HMB with a DRONE video

    Sweet boat, hows the wrecking ball slamming the side? Might wanna set the auto stop a little lower.
  432. ratboy

    cambria 4/10/15

    how deep?
  433. ratboy

    Davidson Albi 19

    Oh it has bottom paint as well.
  434. ratboy

    Davidson Albi 19

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have heard it all about the company and its product, I know there will be some shitty comments but that is the internet. My 19 that I ordered new(2013) now has a little over 1400 hours on it now with zero issues. I've fished a few hundred days since new and I am...
  435. ratboy

    RR3 #200 lb. Club Jacket. Got one for sale. Maybe you lost or wore yours out.

    He is still fishing, putting fish on consumers tables.
  436. ratboy

    SOLD Furuno Navnet 3D MFD8" Display

    Does it need a "block box" to run sounder?
  437. ratboy

    WTB aluminum t-top

    I have a stryker for sale, been modified a bit not by me by original owner......
  438. ratboy

    Looking for Santa Cruz connection

    Sorry to hear that, hope the best for you and family.......
  439. ratboy

    Looking for Santa Cruz connection

    I think there is a lady in SC called samurai seamstress, johnson and hicks uses her. they had some cool canvas covering some of their electronics at shop
  440. ratboy

    Buying a new motor out of state.

    Where did you purchase it from?
  441. ratboy

    a blast of fish

    5 months later? You just get out of jail?
  442. ratboy

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Thank You such cool skiffs, would a little center console be the same or a few $$ less?
  443. ratboy

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Do you guys know a ballpark figure for one of these built custom? Obviously you could trick one out but just a starting figure? with power.
  444. ratboy

    Bayrunner 20 with 2008 Honda 90

    That is a sweet skiff Andrew, hope it sells soon.....
  445. ratboy

    Fish Skeleton ID?

    The size of the spine makes me think WSB, if anyone has filleted one knows how big vertebrae are on them....
  446. ratboy

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    wow sick, love to see pics, live fish?
  447. ratboy

    Ratboy, Jason Collins Featured

    Thanks guys! I'm old and would fish more than surf any day, but waves get good here(fishing sucks during winter) so i get the best of both worlds..
  448. ratboy

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    Anybody fish with Al Merrick founder/owner of Channel Islands surfboards? Top surfboard brand in the world..... A "celebrity" in my book.
  449. ratboy

    Hobie Power Skiff restomod...pic heavy.

    So sick, I want one. Mitch's old skiff? I keep looking at the anchor locker, I would fall in that thing every time 100% looks like an epic all around skiff.
  450. ratboy


    haha ya
  451. ratboy


    explain how i got screwed out of a boat? Why take delivery of a boat that was an "abortion" of a boat? Thanks for your concern or are you just joining the witch hunt?
  452. ratboy

    Post Your Best Surfing Pictures and Stories!...

    Looks like heroins? Wait is that what they call it? I think it is outside north end salt creek?
  453. ratboy


    I agree I would have Harold there from the get go obviously!
  454. ratboy


    Gosh you are right I am an idiot, If there were more outboard 22s I would have bought one. It would have cost me a ton to find a 22 Davis convert it to outboard and repower it. I like outboards, thats what I bought. There are plenty of "Radon" hulls that were not built by Davis or Radon so do...
  455. ratboy


    I've talked to Harold about my Davidson and them in general, I've owned two Davis boats a 22 cortez and a 16 bahia, He had a few couple negative things to say about the rigging, not any bad things to say about the fiberglass work, designs or molds. I know he's bummed that Davidson flailed at his...
  456. ratboy

    1/28 Fishing meter marks on the hard bottom

    Take it off auto and tune your gain as high as possible without a ton of feedback.
  457. ratboy

    Twin Anchors Marine - Asset Liquidation Sale - Mission Valley, San Diego

    Have you checked the wilson out? why hasn't it sold it seems like a fair price is there "issues"?
  458. ratboy

    White bottom paint?

    My buddy has some it's off white, when it has some growth it turns greenish, looks like whitish bottom paint when clean.
  459. ratboy

    Bayrunner 20 with 2008 Honda 90

    Free? OK I'll take it!
  460. ratboy

    Is crackerjack still in busines

    I've seen him post in this forum recently I think?
  461. ratboy

    By Catch

    All for some fucking sole........
  462. ratboy

    Great Ranch Boat - Classic Wood Dory for sale

    Cool lil skiff I've seen it in person, very stout and stable for a small boat.
  463. ratboy

    Tribute to a fishing friend

    Very nice, I hope I get a send off like that........
  464. ratboy

    Thumb Off The Spool!!!

    Pinch method works great, thumb is there guiding line on already!
  465. ratboy

    Nooksack bullshit

    Wait you are whining....
  466. ratboy

    Nooksack bullshit

    Ya tons of white or other colored folks doing horrible shit to our resources and fisheries........Stupidity is color blind!!!
  467. ratboy

    japan tackle?

    I think they ship from Japan, I've looked at several electric reels on Ebay from Japan tackle.....
  468. ratboy

    San Quitin Yellowtail and Moonfish

    ha hairy cornfish....
  469. ratboy

    San Quitin Yellowtail and Moonfish

    Moonfish as in Opah?
  470. ratboy

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    Uh because it is, looks like shit, tastes like shit.......
  471. ratboy

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    Pretty much what people see(hear) when you write(speak)...............Farm raised fish is gross peiod, shellfish is a different story.
  472. ratboy

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

  473. ratboy

    1984 18' BW Outrage

    give you 4k now
  474. ratboy

    Rock cod / squid question 12/18

    I've caught squid in 300ft of water, not sure how deep they will spawn, seen em thick top to bottom in 160ft.
  475. ratboy

    Looking to buy new Davidson boat?

    I'd love it, I have some friends in oregon and vancouver. Some great surf up there as well(shhh don't tell anyone) haha......
  476. ratboy

    Looking to buy new Davidson boat?

    Ya but you guys get albacore!!!!!
  477. ratboy

    Looking to buy new Davidson boat?

    But you own a striper? Known by millions to be poorly built cheap crap......
  478. ratboy

    Looking to buy new Davidson boat?

    Ha you funny guy, 1300 hours, tons of fish, home safely, I'm not gunna let a few internet grinches influence my feelings about my 19....
  479. ratboy

    Looking to buy new Davidson boat?

    Wait what issues? Boats taking a long time?
  480. ratboy

    Looking to buy new Davidson boat?

    Thats how Harold is!
  481. ratboy

    Bait receiver for squid???

    I've kept squid for 3 to 4 days in my receiver with 3/4 inch holes, expect some die off every day and clean em out, squid will get "beat up" but is better alive than frozen....... I think as much flow as possible........
  482. ratboy

    Custom Hawkins 10 skiff

    looks like humbolt bay, and looks great.....
  483. ratboy

    21' Boston Whaler Guardian re-build

    Looks awesome, nice skiff go anywhere do anything. What kinda power you putting on? 200 yam?
  484. ratboy

    Halibut in the Bay

    nice fishin, is that inside the bay?
  485. ratboy

    Northern CA Yellows

    Awesome by the way
  486. ratboy

    Northern CA Yellows

    mother f#$%r we get nada this season.
  487. ratboy

    Channel Island White Seabass Boat

    Your Blackman 26 and squid....
  488. ratboy

    2014 Gregor 17' center console..

    below deck fuel tank? Batt switch? Has it been set up, oil, lower unit?
  489. ratboy

    Water Wolf In-line Camera and Wahoo

    How much are they?
  490. ratboy

    Video Montage - Ca. Delta Fall Stripers, pt. II

    Cool video, I love topwater blowups!
  491. ratboy

    Bastards tried!

    ok! Why live in a place where your shit gets stolen all the time?
  492. ratboy

    Bastards tried!

    So snowboarders are stealing shit to pay for lift tickets and pot now?
  493. ratboy

    Davis/Radon parts,plus much more

    Is harold building boats again?
  494. ratboy

    Sauerfish EPIC Cedros Trip

    What did the WSB bite? did you get em with the other fish? Looks like a fun trip.......
  495. ratboy

    a blast of fish

    Real fisherman only fish on sportboats for cuda, skulpin and sand bass.........
  496. ratboy

    What happened at the bait barge

    Should have politely asked for a few more baits and offered more $$$$, who comes back after leaving and says they got shorted? I would have questioned you too!
  497. ratboy

    Coronado wahoo

  498. ratboy

    Ye Olde "Fake Bird-School" trick....

    sounds stupid
  499. ratboy

    Rockfish at 500ft +

    ahhhh , I've only heard shelf around here........ ya around here 50 to 100 fathoms is loaded and not legal to fish.....
  500. ratboy

    cant find style of bait pump I want

    Keep it in the garage in a bubble, you won't need a bait pump.....
  501. ratboy

    Rockfish at 500ft +

    Ya our nearshore rockfish are pretty overfished, bummer the outer shelf fish aren't open for us..........Put up a pic, pretty cool when they float up a huge lead like that........
  502. ratboy

    6 pk. Charter pipe dream

    comm boat reg is 300 something, lingcod is open access, as well some rockfish, meaning limited amount per period......hali, seabass is it for the "commercial" can sell albacore as well but you need some hms thing from NOAA i think(not much tuna since they started this hms thing...
  503. ratboy

    Rockfish at 500ft +

    Black gill?
  504. ratboy

    Delta Stripers - 10/18

    So epic!!!!!! I gotta find my way out there at some point!!!!
  505. ratboy

    6 pk. Charter pipe dream

    You will be doing less fishing if you are running a charter....... What kind of fish will you target? Salmon is good if we ever get rain again, rockfishing is ok, Halibut is good if you know where to catch them, crab n dab trips? And hmmmm maybe we will get some albacore again? There is room...
  506. ratboy

    Rockfish at 500ft +

    wow thats plenty deep for all the shelf rockfish!
  507. ratboy

    Rockfish at 500ft +

    How deep can you fish down So Cal waters legally?
  508. ratboy

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    looks just behind the seats to me, deck space aft of tank?
  509. ratboy

    WSB? WTF?

    sashimi the belly meat it is amazing.....
  510. ratboy

    New Lame-Anne

    At least you guys have fish to catch down there...... So much whining with plenty of fish around! I'm contemplating fishing sand dabs or lingcod, meanwhile you all have YT, YFT, OPAH, DORADO, HALIBUT, MARLIN, WAHOO and on and on......
  511. ratboy

    NASA releases haunting images of the sun

    Wow looks like lots of solar flares?
  512. ratboy

    CIH full day boats

    Ha I live 400 miles north, I got a call sat, county line..................
  513. ratboy

    Government confirms first case of Ebola in US 9.28.14

    I agree 100% shut those flights down from the "infected" places..... I just wonder if this is "news" or a major threat to the world?
  514. ratboy

    Government confirms first case of Ebola in US 9.28.14

    swine flu,issiisssssssss,avian bird flu,Lucky and good!!!!!
  515. ratboy

    Government confirms first case of Ebola in US 9.28.14

    So no west africa? whatcha saying?
  516. ratboy

    Government confirms first case of Ebola in US 9.28.14

    Doesn't our common flue kill more people than this annually? 3000 something have died recently from Ebola and 49,000 die from the flu here annually.......
  517. ratboy

    LB Halibut-10-01-14

    Ya simm barn!!!!! Atta boy.................
  518. ratboy

    BD biggest asshole poll

    You are a fucking kook Alex, you said the same shit to me word for word ............. "Your mental capacity couldn't fill the reservoir tip of a pygmy ants condom".... "you are the quintessential hypocrite" .... Very original!
  519. ratboy

    What's a solid 26ft WA fishing boat, used 2000+ less than 50k?

    you been on a cat? great underway but tend to rock a ton at drift, i would not do striper, you could get a nice parker for under 50k There are some nice smaller radon/andersons on here that are super trailerable.....
  520. ratboy

    scaling salmon

    Uh ya never had a mouth full of scales? Not pleasant......
  521. ratboy

    scaling salmon

    spray nozzle from the tail up works well, scales and slime gone.....
  522. ratboy

    Knotty Starfish

    Very nice! I here the salmon are biting right out front of HMB..... Albacore in Eureka a few days ago!!!! Maybe we get a late season?
  523. ratboy

    40 short white sea bass

    What a shame, I'm assuming the "whites" were just released recently?
  524. ratboy

    Salmon or halibut out of Santa Cruz?

    All good info if you only fish in SF bay.............Good luck fishing your downriggers around structure...........
  525. ratboy

    Salmon or halibut out of Santa Cruz?

    You wanna make jokes about my well being? I don't think that is funny or amusing..... Grow up!!!!!!!!
  526. ratboy

    Salmon or halibut out of Santa Cruz?

    I was joking Ronne, I watched you get a couple up north....... Good work!
  527. ratboy

    Salmon or halibut out of Santa Cruz?

    C'mon Ronne there are no halibut around, BS without pics...........
  528. ratboy

    Salmon or halibut out of Santa Cruz?

    Bayside is the daily report that i look at to get a general idea of whats going on in the area. NOAA is generally the best, I look at the winds on the local buoys and look at the marine forecast, pinpointing the location you plan on fishing by clicking on the map. It zooms in and gives a...
  529. ratboy

    Blue caven MPA busted

    where ?
  530. ratboy

    If you had 40K what boat would you buy?

    look on the east coast and get it shipped here, tons of inventory there......
  531. ratboy

    Baby Yellowfin

    What does a 7lb YFT look like? BS without pics.
  532. ratboy

    Two rods of four honoring a fallen fisherman

    Epic I want a few more soon I'll keep in touch.
  533. ratboy

    Two rods of four honoring a fallen fisherman

    Amazing rods! Great story and wonderful send off!!!!!!! Sorry for the loss....
  534. ratboy

    Holy Crap Check out my PB Butt

    My buddy had one today that was skinny and 48 inches for 40.28lbs Probably high 30s epic fish...........
  535. ratboy

    Half Moon Bay Albacore

    did you go?
  536. ratboy

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    Haha Yup for sure, you been watching the movie "North Shore" again?
  537. ratboy

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

  538. ratboy

    Okay, Albacore Within Reach

    Caught them as early as june and as late as nov 15th. Hopefully they are just late and giant when in range. The Irish had some at the dock today all nice 20/30lb fish, 100 miles from SC.......
  539. ratboy

    Okay, Albacore Within Reach

    I heard they were outside the pioneer n gumdrop, 120 miles! If they were 30 it was hush hush, there would been tons of boats. Geez the last couple days have been perfect weather, I hope they are close!!!!
  540. ratboy

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    Plenty of bass near san diego, plenty of yellows as well. I guess when you are on a big boat paying big money they would rather fish south of the border than run home early? Typical!!!!
  541. ratboy

    What Ever Happened to All The Sockeye?

    I fished In Yakutat AK last week, they reported 45,000 escapement in the situk river.....
  542. ratboy

    Bodega under assault

    Am I wrong about the squid being processed in china and shipped back?
  543. ratboy

    Any one interested in being a buddy boat for a Sunday Tuna search

    Well did you find em? PM me I'll put you on the "hot spot"......
  544. ratboy

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Ahhh Nice ride............ I've had a few walks on that sandbar, wish the swell was 20 @ 17 I'd be parked there as well. You have an awesome skiff/fishery/surf zone there best of luck........
  545. ratboy

    Has anyone ever caught this fish?

    looks like a diamond turbot, scratch that petrel sole...
  546. ratboy

    Bigeye tuna in the Azores (May 17-19)

    wow amazing! How insane is that fishery!!!
  547. ratboy

    Sauerfish day and a half charter

    DUH! Always a tool in the bunch!
  548. ratboy

    New Boat

    How much?
  549. ratboy

    Best Fiberglass Boat/Hull Cleaner

    FSR fiberglass stain remover it's blue wipe on and let sit for a few then wipe off. Takes most every stain off I've had.
  550. ratboy


    um yeah those are not seabass...... Had some frizzing herring I was fishing for halibut, couple squid around but no fin bait......
  551. ratboy

    Rock cod opener

    Looks like flatness up there, should be good up there if this swell settles down......
  552. ratboy


    Hmmm a couple weeks ago I got two on squid one on a mackerel, one on a herring and four on swimbaits......
  553. ratboy

    Rock cod opener

    Can't use barbed hooks if you have salmon on board, you might wanna go rockcod then salmon.........
  554. ratboy

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    Ya id sell it for 259k Sickest boat around!!!!!!!!
  555. ratboy

    Fishing Line Tested: Results Surprised Me

    No Maxima? All my reels have 25 maxima green. Works great for me, I'll fish 50lb braid on my swimbait rod, but thats it....
  556. ratboy

    Monterey Area 2nd day

    Ya dude we go tomorrow as well, gunna try closer to home.
  557. ratboy

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    $500 hundred seems like a lot, I got a couple epic custom calstars for less than that.
  558. ratboy

    Salmon season is quickly approaching....Lets talk gear...

    Nice Marc thanks, You got a spot in SC for the opener? What are your rates? pm if you like me i might be able to point some people your way, I'm assuming the six-pack boats here are booked up pretty good.
  559. ratboy

    Salmon season is quickly approaching....Lets talk gear...

    What kinda gear you northern folk troll with?
  560. ratboy

    Salmon season is quickly approaching....Lets talk gear...

    ok! why pay 10$ for a single hootchie?
  561. ratboy

    That Stinky Old 2-Stroke!

  562. ratboy

    Salmon season is quickly approaching....Lets talk gear...

    I'm always stoked on your willingness to help and you always invite people to fish.
  563. ratboy

    Salmon season is quickly approaching....Lets talk gear...

    Id go for a ride and not butt hurt........ I need help as well i suck at catching salmon, i looked at khans website out of curiosity and laughed, the guy is pitching a shit site instead of suggesting lures and tackle....
  564. ratboy

    That Stinky Old 2-Stroke!

    Sounds pretty good how much oil do they burn and how much for a gallon of oil?
  565. ratboy

    Salmon season is quickly approaching....Lets talk gear...

    Thanks for the invite I'll stab a few salmon off the hook with my awesome netting skills......
  566. ratboy

    Salmon season is quickly approaching....Lets talk gear...

    Let Capt Con sell his own crap, no need to suggest someone go to a half ass website for salmon gear. Sling blade/ with whatever spoon,hootchie or bait will work fine.....
  567. ratboy

    Rob Sanford . . . . . Again

    Great call geez ha, might as well get Walt White on him.......
  568. ratboy

    F'ing Rude Drivers- If you're gonna drive slow, move to the right...

    She was clearly going faster than traffic in the slow lane, Fucking idiot got what he deserved!!!!! Idiots tailgate no matter how fast people drive. Haha don't ruin your 60k jacked up diesel that will never see a speck of dirt, at least it looks awesome when you are cruising down main st in...
  569. ratboy

    This is the view I had today!

    Hey Barn knuckle it wasn't LB breakwall haha. I have plenty of skills and confidence on boat and in water but still be the first to admit it was kinda freaky out there bah......
  570. ratboy

    Sometimes It's just hard to

    In my mind I was thinking shoot thats gotta be the ranch............
  571. ratboy

    surf's up!

    Very cool, point breaks are the best........NW swell or S?
  572. ratboy

    DP ghost 3/24

    Nice any halibut?
  573. ratboy

    Staying in SLO, Charters?

    Not much to fish for, salmon closed, rockcod/lingcod closed, crab n dab combo is probably your only option, might get lucky with a random halibut if you drift some live bait or throw a swim bait, a little early for them up here.......
  574. ratboy

    Leader for Halibut????

    I use #30 lb all day long.............
  575. ratboy

    Change in bait biomass this year?

    The last time I fished in huge shoals of chovies we were off moss landing in shallow(120ft) and fish everywhere in the water column. Mooching was the way to go, find the piles of bait, meter the fish and toss bait slowly do "pulls" till you feel a bite, let rod load up then wind wind wind(circle...
  576. ratboy

    WSB Released into CIHarbor

    Ahhh I know they are released tiny, I think they told me it was a hatchery fish, don't remember the details exactly....
  577. ratboy

    WSB Released into CIHarbor

    awesome I hope they made a right turn out the harbor.......... I caught a 45# that was tagged on catalina island in 2009 it was 23lbs and traveled up to monterey bay in 2012 where it ate my squid and died, epic project!!!
  578. ratboy

    Small Male Butts and a Little Head

    um ok caught plenty of fish over 20# on chovies and a few over 30# but what is big?
  579. ratboy

    Wow, cost of CA halibut at the store.

    It's usually 15 to 19 bucks a pound up here, we get $7 a lb tops for whole fish, might be time to sell em down there for 10$
  580. ratboy


    I think the actual definition of haole is "short of breath" or something like that........
  581. ratboy

    WTB-Yamaha F70 Outboard

    Maurer marine seems to have great deals, not sure if thats the correct spelling. There in costa mesa i think.
  582. ratboy

    Fishing WSB

    Look for the bait, you can meter bass if you know what to look for. Up here we drift usually they are up top or near bottom, sometimes mid column haha, double single hook4/0 or 5/0 hooks. on 30/40lb with 25lb main line.... Squid is my bait of choice the fresher the better, we fish a single...
  583. ratboy

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    siiick, gunna see plenty from the polling platform.....
  584. ratboy

    Yamaha 250hp 2006 year, hours?

    Not under powered, Yamahas will go forever i've heard of motors going for 5000 hours, just do normal upkeep.
  585. ratboy

    Gaviota Pier: Nice knowing you

    Surf googans haha Ranch locals are a lucky crew Lots of them are horrible surfers(googans) and lucky($$$$$) to have that sacred place to surf....
  586. ratboy

    Fishing gaff's

    build your own easy and fun, calcutta bamboo tuna cord and some epoxy.......
  587. ratboy

    Smallest Boat for Tuna

    geeez quit your crying, tuna are tuna. I've been 30nm in my 17 bayrunner. Pick your weather windows, pay attention to changing conditions when you are out fishing if it gets a bit windy head home. Down here we have high surf advisories, small craft advisories and gail force advisories. If you...
  588. ratboy

    Gaviota Pier: Nice knowing you

    wow..... Three more swells the next two weeks...
  589. ratboy

    22' Anderson - Honda 250hp+20hp vs Twin 135hp...?

    Why not 115 yamahas? better on fuel and I'm assuming lighter than the 135s......
  590. ratboy

    ...schooling halibut

    pacific butts....
  591. ratboy

    kenner boats?

    PM me I'll go take a look at anything in the local area before you drive 400 miles...... I've owned 7 boats over the last 25 years and have a decent idea when it comes to things to look for before a purchase.
  592. ratboy

    kenner boats?

    Looks like a nice deal, from the pics it looks more like a bay boat to me..... A 17 proline is not to much smaller. Stop in SB and check the anderson 16 with the honda 90 on CL......
  593. ratboy

    18lb 36" steelhead anyone.... please... an aplause :lol:

    Nice feeesh, I never seen one so gross looking? But not seen very many fish of that size.......
  594. ratboy

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Yes sir, Albi 19 is awesome, I just enjoyed my 16 after as far as trailer, launching, fuel burn.......And yes Mavs was awesome.
  595. ratboy

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    i miss my little 16 bahia ugh..... Biggest 16 ever.
  596. ratboy

    What type of sounder/fish finder do you use?

    furuno 585 pretty fair price and works great.......
  597. ratboy

    2009 Mako 212 CC

    Wow awesome, Tuna in the comfort of a cabin.....
  598. ratboy

    2009 Mako 212 CC

    What are you getting?
  599. ratboy

    2009 Mako 212 CC

    Ya I think so people are hesitant to spend 50 plus on a 20 ft boat
  600. ratboy

    2009 Mako 212 CC

    Small boat? I got a 19er I'll sell ya...... haha this mako is sweet, I like that set up........
  601. ratboy


    Pretty amazing!!!!
  602. ratboy

    Rental commercial fish boxes?

    Costo has a good return policy.........
  603. ratboy

    Lobster Whisperer and Tony Destroy in O side

    Haha this is awesome. Do you eat animals taken from LB? Sounds toxic!!!!! I hear the white croaker sashimi in LB is amazing!!!!
  604. ratboy

    Lingcod what do you use to catch the BIG monsters????

    kingfish, sand dabs, big swimbaits, biggest one I've seen here was just over 31# on a 26 inch lingcod......
  605. ratboy

    Fish ID

    We call em kingfish,croaker, Lingcod love them, halibut n seabass will eat them.
  606. ratboy

    Fuck Salmon...Make the Desert GREEN!!!!

    I think white trash, farmers and laborers live in those highly populated inland locations, central valley I-5.....
  607. ratboy


    Always a good idea to cleat your skiff off to an unknown buoy.........
  608. ratboy

    Fuck Salmon...Make the Desert GREEN!!!!

    I could do without grapes,pistachios, citrus or milk. Didn't the Klamath salmon run get screwed because of potato farmers got to divert water it. It's about $$$$$$$$$ period nobody gives a shit unless there are lots of zeros at the end.......
  609. ratboy

    this oughta make ya sick......

    Our open access quota is 200lbs a month..... Geez the floaters that the seagulls ate filled my quota for a few months....
  610. ratboy

    This is the view I had today!

    Nearbrt, Ya new boat is dialed in after 450+ hours since june I felt pretty confident, but the ocean can change in a split second, I am always watching my back in those conditions. My buddy was heading in and said he sensed something, he turned around and a 15 after was capping behind him...
  611. ratboy

    This is the view I had today!

    Ya me too Tazi was charging as well as Augi and T fox, Pete didn't get many waves in the semi. As far as Dorian and Twiggy they are two of the best in any ocean. Always a freaky situation coming back into HMB harbor when it's big, I'm not super familiar with the safest route thru the buoys and...
  612. ratboy

    This is the view I had today!

    Here is one that went unridden! Had a SE wind going up the face, made it look pretty but harder to get down the face......
  613. ratboy

    This is the view I had today!

    Not fishing but, my friend Pete called me yesterday and asked me if I could take him out on my skiff to mavericks. He got some bombs in his first heat but got a couple beat downs in the semi, We got to watch from the front row and had a blast!
  614. ratboy


    I ate one once didn't like it at all. Pain in the ass to deal with, rather eat sand dabs... Awesome fish to see I'll never kill one again....
  615. ratboy

    8oz diamond jigs $2.50 $6.00 shipping

    Am i missing something? I guess someone deleted a post or I'm stupid.
  616. ratboy

    ROCK on Capitola CA fishing

    Great lingcod fishing in Milbrae i bet, some big females......... Is this a female?
  617. ratboy


    Yup inbred men worse than any women.
  618. ratboy

    Prayers needed for Capt. Trevor Rodgers

    Get well! And please wear a seatbelt, sometimes it wont save you but why risk it, they save lives......
  619. ratboy

    Cali boys spoon to keep warm during Arctic Chill

    What the hell? it ain't cold here???? Haha super windy my hair n leaves are blowing around...........
  620. ratboy

    ROCK on Capitola CA fishing

    released all males kept the females.........
  621. ratboy

    19 foot orgeon dory for sale , $4000

    Cool skiff for sure..... Fishy boat........
  622. ratboy

    ROCK on Capitola CA fishing

    Kill em all!!!!!
  623. ratboy

    1978 26 feet walk around pilot house

    Looks like a bad ass boat even needing a repower it will sell.....
  624. ratboy

    1978 26 feet walk around pilot house

    pics? price? what make and model?
  625. ratboy

    A&E Suspends "indefinitely" Phil Robertson

    I'm sure another network would pick this show up in a heartbeat.
  626. ratboy

    Santa Cruz PB lingcod

    Ya I figured that lil rock in the background was a giveaway........ Nice work! swimsuits have been producing as well......
  627. ratboy

    Santa Cruz PB lingcod

    Nice work!!!!!! that little silver fish would been good lingbait haha! what town is that in the background?
  628. ratboy

    Not a report, looking for advise on Peru beach fishing

    Wife and I are headed to northern Peru and want to do some beach fishing. Anyone ever been there done that, looks like there are lots of fish within casting range but a little knowledge would help. Thanks
  629. ratboy

    Eddie Aikau

    10 to 12 ft PIPELINE today and a world title race on the line.........
  630. ratboy

    19' Albi

    I had posted a crappy PM some douche PMd me but took it down because I was being lame by posting it.
  631. ratboy

    19' Albi

    Just 476 hours since july, not bad for new boat.
  632. ratboy

    WTB davis cortez 22'

    something will pop up it's almost christmas.....
  633. ratboy

    19' Albi

    As far as a trailerable boat it's amazing! If you are talking about owing lots of money and not making much, yes the american dream.
  634. ratboy

    19' Albi

    WOW the 31 is for you guys???? Insane!!!!!!! Not a ton of interest in my rig so I will put another 500 hours on it next season. Is Johnson Hicks rigging it? If so I'll go drool on it.....
  635. ratboy

    19' Albi

    Cool thanks Koy, I will gladly keep it if it doesn't sell. I was just trying free up some cash to get a little skiff, might end up getting one and having two boats. I'll keep my eyes peeled and say hi next time.
  636. ratboy

    1986 21 Bayrunner with Honda 90

    Nice little skiff Andrew..... Looks like it is set up nicely.
  637. ratboy

    19' Albi

    haha good observation!!!!! So anyway thanks for the sidetrack/BS..... back to your bahia and quiet!!
  638. ratboy

    19' Albi

    Um did you read the first post? I'm selling because we bought a duplex, I don't need to sell it and I wont unless I get what I want for it. It is an awesome fishing platform and killed lotsa fish. Thanks for looking out
  639. ratboy

    19' Albi

  640. ratboy

    19' Albi

    Matt I'd love too! No butts for a while now,tons of chovies and great lingcod fishing.
  641. ratboy

    19' Albi

    House is bought, it's all good. If I don't get a good offer I will fish the shit out of it next season. The house is a better investment for us at this point...... Not in a rush to sell....
  642. ratboy

    19' Albi

    It was fun but gotta go buying a house..... 60k or bestest offer 400 hours Custom bait tank Giant fish holds Big cuddy cab 175 suzuki fourstroke
  643. ratboy

    Radoncraft 16' Bahia

    I got a 19' Albi from Davidson, I love it but would put a bigger motor if I was to do it over again. A 16 came up in more bay CL a few months back with a 90 suzuki super clean, I think it sold...... I looked for mine forever, then got married and some deck space and a cuddy were needed.
  644. ratboy

    WTB Davis Bahia

    any pics? sounds cool!
  645. ratboy

    Radoncraft 16' Bahia

    Bummed I sold mine, awesome little skiff. It will sell!!! are you getting another boat? If so whatcha buying?
  646. ratboy

    Radon Sport 21'

    Looks like a good deal, better go I'd say it sells quick. Cool boat and trailer looks almost new.
  647. ratboy

    Help with engine trouble?
  648. ratboy

    Lings, Cod, Crabs

    nice work! A buddy and I fished yesterday up there weather and fishing was amazing!
  649. ratboy

    Funny fish Story....the PB Harbor Halibut that got away

    I've seen um open a cooler flop around and out of a boat gone. You are kind of asking for it putting it on a stringer, halibut are strong and will come alive after gaff shots and bats to the head. Not trying to be a dick, next time hit in head pop a gill and put on ice(in the boat). And...
  650. ratboy

    Your Dream Fishing Boat?

    Rockharbor31 twin 300s on a bracket
  651. ratboy

    Anyone here tried buying a boat from east coast?

    Yup twice! shipping is the only pain in the ass. You can find awesome deals over there...... I bought a new boat once(no survey) and another I felt comfortable with the dealer and rolled the dice got a great deal on a 2120 parker.
  652. ratboy

    Want to buy Radon, Anderson, Wilson, Parker I've checked this thing out it's pretty cool, older volvo diesel 94 i believe with 200+hours.... I'm sure if you waived cash in his face he'd jump on it, needs a few odds n ends like railing and electronics.....