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  1. chuck norris

    For Sale Caddis Wading Systems 3.5 Neoprene Stockingfoot Wader, Forrest Green Lg.

    New, Caddis Wading Systems 3.5 Neoprene Stockingfoot Wader, Forrest Green Large. ebay... 19.99 starting bid
  2. chuck norris

    Thrashed skiff

    A buddy in Florida has been streaming live from gulf breeze Fl and just posted a few pics of his skiff torn off a covered boat lift...
  3. chuck norris

    Colt Sniper Jerk 32g hooks

    I was given a few of the colt sniper jerk baits and noticed the hooks rusted bad in just a short time. I even wash my lures in fresh water after use. What is a good replacement size and brand?
  4. chuck norris

    Political banners on boats...

  5. chuck norris

    Jabsco raw water pump rebuild?

    I'm looking for a shop that rebuilds Raw water pumps. I have 3 that I want to keep as spares, but need new seals, packing.
  6. chuck norris

    Anchor winch repair.

    My 42 year old anchor winch needs some TCL. It's an Ideal brand, functions good but time and saltwater has taken it's toll. I sandblasted it years back and epoxy coated it, but this time it needs more. Looking for a shop in Long Beach preferably to replace the nasty metal. I know, it looks like...
  7. chuck norris

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Most gun stores closed. Walmart has ammo but won't sell it. ... Statewide?
  8. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    I'm attempting to fix a problem with the trim, tilt electrical issues on my year 2000 F115. I know this got tossed around about 5 years ago, but I have a similar problem with my 2000 Yamaha F115 except with the following symptoms. BTW, the trim tilt relay gets its power from the positive post on...
  9. chuck norris

    Condor or Mustang for 1.5 day..

    Your thoughts on the Condor vs Mustang for a 1.5 day.
  10. chuck norris

    1.5 - 2 day trips out of San Diego

    Having spent most of the last 10 plus years fishing trips 5 days or longer, I fell out of touch with the San Diego fleet fishing shorter multi day trips. Many boats are done for the season, but a few are still running. Your thoughts on the Condor, Pacifica, Mustang, Tribute. I've been dealing...
  11. chuck norris

    For Sale 1997 Pro Sports 1950 CC with a 2000 Yamaha F115 4-stroke

    For sale, 1997 Pro Sports 1950 CC with a 2000 Yamaha F115 4-stroke on a Pacific galvanized trailer that I need to part with. (Family illness) I just serviced the engine including all fluids and new filters, fuel and oil. I just rebuilt the electrical panel with all new waterproof lighted...
  12. chuck norris

    Guadalupe weather forecast for the next few days

    Just an FYI. Looks decent for the crossing to the island from Ensenada this weekend. PZZ945-200615- San Clemente Island, CA to Guadalupe Island from 60 nm offshore west to 120W- 827 AM PDT Fri Oct 19 2018 TODAY N to NW winds 5 to 15 kt. Seas 4 to 7 ft. TONIGHT N to NW winds 5 to 15...
  13. chuck norris

    Seaguar Pink Label Fluorocarbon Leader vs. Blue Label

    Seaguar Pink Label Fluorocarbon Leader vs. Blue Label Has anyone used the Pink Label stuff frequently and noticed any difference to the non-tinted Blue Label or Premier in regards to getting bit any better? I know that the Pink label and Blue label have the same diameters. I am more interested...
  14. chuck norris

    Penn Int 16S Handle swap?

    I have 2 Penn Int 16S reels. One has the short stock handle and the other has the longer T-Bar handle and a knob from a Penn Torque 300 reel. It came that way when I bought it and I prefer this configuration. I want to do the same to the other 16S but cannot find just the T-Bar handle sans the...
  15. chuck norris

    GF770XH rating?

    So, is the GF770XH more suited for 80 or 100? or both?
  16. chuck norris

    free deck chairS, Jabsco marine heads-electric, bimini frame

    Free 2 deck chairs that need to be recovered. 1 stainless and 1 aluminum frame. Also, 2 Jabsco electric marine heads. motor pumps need to be rebuilt. Also bimini frame. came off the bridge of a 44 trawler. stainless. free.... Free............ Lakewood.
  17. chuck norris

    WTB-Looking for either a GF770XXH or a SS 2x4

    Looking for either a GF770XXH or a SS 2x4
  18. chuck norris

    USCG Masters Renewal

    Tine to renew my 100 ton and am looking for a good place to get the physical and drug testing done. Not happy with the previous location as they always seem to interpret the requirements differently each time I go there and they don't understand the federal forms and are accustomed to using the...
  19. chuck norris

    Kansas Tickets x2

    Kansas City National Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA Wed, Mar. 18, 2015 08:00 PM Section 200 table. 2 seats Includes multi course Dinner. $150.00 Xfer Via Ticketmaster
  20. chuck norris

    WTB: Super Seeker 1X3 factory wrap

    WTB: Super Seeker 1X3 w/factory wrap. Looking for new or like new condition.
  21. chuck norris

    WTB: Marine Diesel Generator 9-11KW

    Looking for a Diesel Generator (Marine) in the 9-11KW range. New, rebuilt or used or a handle on a local deal. In the LBC.
  22. chuck norris

    Patio Roof

    any general construction guys that can replace the old patio roof panels? Its the corrugated stuff. Long Beach area.
  23. chuck norris

    F/S Deep Purple & Blue Oyster Cult

    F/S: 2 tickets for Deep Purple / Blue Oyster Cult The Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA Wed, Aug 6, 2014 07:45 PM Section 2 (Loge) Row N, great seats with VIP parking $140.00 Free ticket transfer to your e-mail address.
  24. chuck norris

    Rare Sriracha

    One BNIB Sriracha hot sauce unopened........ very hard to find 2013 vintage...... $499.99 free shipping.
  25. chuck norris

    South Dakota Mule

    My brothers recent hunt in Western South Dakota... my old hunting grounds.
  26. chuck norris

    vessel refrigeration service

    vessel refrigeration serviceI need my refrigeration system serviced on my boat. R404 system (Tecumseh condensing unit). PM me or respond here. Long Beach Shoreline Marina.....
  27. chuck norris

    vessel refrigeration service

    I need my refrigeration system serviced on my boat. R404 system (Tecumseh condensing unit). PM me or respond here. Long Beach Shoreline Marina.....
  28. chuck norris

    Pearl Jam Tickets X2 @ LA

    FS Pearl Jam Tickets @ LA Sports Arena on Sunday November 24, 2013. Loge-4 Row 7 Seats 7-8 my total costs are $179.60 Ended up with 2 sets of tickets........ need to sell one set.
  29. chuck norris

    2 sets of STYX Tickets, OC Fair

    Change of plans for the weekend, but have 2 sets of 2 each tickets for STYX at the Pacific Amphitheatere Friday night August 2nd. First set is in Section 1 row "T" and the other 2 tickets are in section 2 Row "U". $70.00 for each set of 2 tickets. I can transfer via Ticket Master transfer or...
  30. chuck norris

    Do you drink.......

    Lady: Do you drink? Man: Yes Lady: How much a day? Man: 3 6 packs Lady: How much per 6 pack Man: about $10.00 Lady: And how long have you been drinking? Man: 15 years Lady: So 1 6 pack cost $10.00 and you have 3 packs a day which puts your spending each month at $900. In one year, it would be...
  31. chuck norris

    live on cnn

    OBLAMA AND bydin are blathering on CNN live on how they will take your guns....
  32. chuck norris

    Laguna Niguel roasts mayor

    Did they eat him also?
  33. chuck norris

    WTF? farmer eaten by his hogs

    WTF: Authorities: Oregon farmer eaten by his hogs. The Associated Press COQUILLE, Ore. — Oregon authorities are investigating how a farmer was eaten by his hogs. Terry Vance Garner, 69, never...
  34. chuck norris

    Rods-How many is too many?

    You would think after going on five 8-day trips I would have this down to a science, but.... while pulling rods out of the rack to take Oct 13, I counted 14. I have been on trips that had so much variety that I used 9-10 different set ups. But mostly, as you know your main deal is the 40lb and...
  35. chuck norris

    LR Trip Insurance

    Has anyone ever purchased/used trip insurance on a LR trip? I am on an October 8-Day, but have been dealing with a blown out back and am questionable in regards to making the trip. Who have you used?
  36. chuck norris

    Killer whales killing sea lion pups at alarming rate

    Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if any of the MLPA spotters are reporting these guys..... ( Killer whales and other ocean predators are targeting and killing...
  37. chuck norris

    Homelite Electric Pole trimmer saw 9 ft.

    For sale: Homelight Pole trimmer. extends to 9 feet. Used one time. Tree too tall now...worked great the time it was used. $60.00
  38. chuck norris


    Videographer <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I am looking for a reputable videographer for my son’s wedding in June. Must have references and do HD quality video. <o:p></o:p>
  39. chuck norris

    Marine Trader 44 Bimini

    Selling the Bimini top and frame off my 44 Marine Trader trawler. I am getting a different style frame this month. It is about 118" X 120" and includes the top cover that is in good condition but needs some cleaning. The frame is in XCLNT condition. $250.00
  40. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme 8-Day Trip #1123

    Late report&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.. October 1-9, 2011 <FONT color=black>Polaris Supreme 8-Day Trip #1123<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p> Saturday October 1<SUP>st</SUP>. <o:p></o:p> One year ago (October 5<SUP>th</SUP>, 2010) while fishing...
  41. chuck norris


    I need some tips on cooking grouper that I caught on my 8-day last week. We grilled the cheeks and some scraps last night. Killer, but the fish is so mild that even the bloodline tastes good...It needs something. Any ideas? The fish were 35-40 pounds.
  42. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme, one open spot 8-Day. LL-20

    We have one open spot on our (LL-20) Polaris Supreme 8-Day. Leaves Saturday Oct. 1 and returns Sunday Oct. 9, 2011. You only miss 5 work days and you get a private main deck stateroom. Trip #1123 Lund/Anderson
  43. chuck norris

    Burns Saltwater Outfitters in Carlsbad, CA

    Do these guys still exist? I have been trying to find the small solid welded rings that they made that i have used in the past for rigging bait rigs on solid wire for wahoo. I went to a few places in the LBC and found the large ones at Fishermans Hardware in LB, but they don't carry the very...
  44. chuck norris

    KK-Pono Wahoo Bombs

    KK-Pono Wahoo Bombs are the bomb. They were in the Ken's Reels booth at the LBFHS. I got a bunch of the guys hooked up to prepare for a fall 8 day. Jamie Lyons "Pono" makes a great lure. Built tough. Check them out at the FHS Del Mar Show. He sold out the hot colors but is making more.
  45. chuck norris

    Fiberglass & Teak Bench Seats from the bridge

    We are changing things on the flybridge of our 44 Marine Trader trawler. We have 2 fore/aft bench seats. Made from fiberglass, trimmed with varnished teak. The cushions are forest green and in very good condition. 300.00 each, 500.00 for both......obo. going on e-bay and craigs list in a few...
  46. chuck norris

    Diff between a GF850H & GF800H

    On a Calstar Grafighter 850H, where does the rod get its “H” from? In other words the tip seems light for an “H” rated rod. If you compared it to an 800H, is the extra length in the tip section, the butt section or both? If I wanted to stiffen this thing (850H) up a bit I assume I would...
  47. chuck norris

    72 series Velvet Drive

    I need a knowledgeable mechanic to work on one of my boat’s transmissions. It’s a 72 series Velvet Drive that blew the gasket that is between the transmission and the adapter housing.
  48. chuck norris

    Calstar Grafighter 700H X2

    I am looking for 2 Calstar Grafighter 700H Rods, must be in very good or better condition. Factory wrap ok, matching.
  49. chuck norris

    Seeker Black Steel 6470 X 3

    I am looking for 2-3 Seeker Black Steel 6470 or 6470H rods. No gold guides. Factory wrap is ok. Prefer rods in very good condition or better.
  50. chuck norris

    Guadalupe and immigration issue

    Should I give up hoping Guadalupe will be accessible to the San Diego Sportfishing fleet by next week for some of those big tuna? The boats have the permits; but they have not resolved the immigration issue. Your thoughts&#8230;&#8230; 5-day leaves next week. Should have stuck with the...
  51. chuck norris

    Reel Colors T-Handles for Penn 12T/LT, 2-Speed

    For sale: I have 2 T-Handles made by Reel Colors that were machined by Cal to fit on my Penn Int 12T and 12 LT reels that are 2-speeded. Included are the longer length push button nuts that allow for the thicker material that are about 0.050 longer than the push buttons used on the standard...
  52. chuck norris

    Electric Dryer/Kenmore

    For Sale: Electric Dryer, Sears Kenmore. Color-bone. Was only used 6 months, but has been in my garage forever. Some exterior blemishes. Inside like new. $75.00 Lakewood, Ca.
  53. chuck norris

    New 32 Gal. holding tank-Ronco $150.00 For sale: New 32 Gallon heavy duty holding tank made by Ronco Plastics. :_diarrhea_: I miscalculated by a slight amount and cannot use this tank on my boat. I had to order another one. They won&#8217;t take it back as I had custom fitting locations, etc., so I...
  54. chuck norris

    Emergency at sea..........

    In the Navy we called this a "Un-Rep" or under way replenishment....... classic. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> YouTube - Emergency Sport fisher-to-Sport fisher Beer transfer
  55. chuck norris

    Yamaha service center

    Anyone know of a good Yamaha service center/mechanic that's good and honest? Long Beach area? I have been going to Costa Mesa but looking for a shop closer.
  56. chuck norris

    Why are their fish so dam ugly on the other coast?

    Those east coasters sure catch some ugly fish. I sure hope they taste good as I would be cutting my line otherwise........ Photo Gallery=
  57. chuck norris

    Stainless Prop 4-Sale-Alpha Drive 17X19

    For sale: one LH Rotation Stainless Steel Prop from Mercruiser Alpha One Drive. 17X19 in excellent condition. It was a spare on our 29 Searay that we sold many years back. Had a RH also, but it grew legs. $150.00 Saltwater Fishing Discussion Board Including Inshore Fishing, Offshore Fishing...
  58. chuck norris

    Need crew ASAP, Cabo to Long Beach!! 6/18/09

    I have some friends that are in Cabo right now that are in need of another crewman to help them get their boat from Cabo to Long Beach. Weather window is good until Sunday June 21st. Boat is fueled and provisioned and ready to go. They will pay expenses, daily fee and return to Cabo if needed...
  59. chuck norris

    2 Day July12-13, 2008. Pacific Star-

    Only a few spots left..................... 2 Day July12-13, 2008. Pacific Star-Seaforth Landing, ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:place w:st="on">San Diego</st1:place></st1:City>. Departs Friday night July 11 @ 9:00PM-returns Sunday night July...
  60. chuck norris

    Pacific Star Charter-2 Day July 12-13 and 2.5 day

    2 Day July12-13, 2008. Pacific Star-Seaforth Landing 2 Day July12-13, 2008. Pacific Star-Seaforth Landing, San Diego. Departs Friday night July 11 @ 9:00PM-returns Sunday night July 13 @ 8:00PM. Includes Meals/Permits=need full amount-$505.00 to sign up. Limited Load-23. I will be unavailable...
  61. chuck norris

    Pacific Star Charter-2 Day July 12-13 and 2.5 day

    Open spots on my 2 day charter on Pacific Star. LL-23. $505.00 includes meals/Mexican Permits, but NOT the FUEL Surcharge-expect 15+ per day. Leaves Seaforth Landing San Diego Friday night July 11, 2008. Need full amount to sign up. CN 310-480-9491 [email protected] Also 2.5 day. same...