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  1. Fishantiser

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 20DC...

    Let’s try this again.... Looking for a Trinidad 20DC in good condition you would be willing to part with. PM me with what you got!
  2. Fishantiser

    WTB NIB Trinidad 20DC

    Looking for a NEW Trinidad 20DC. Who’s got one for sale... PM me with price.
  3. Fishantiser

    SOLD Decided to keep for now

    I have a Accurate Valiant 600 2spd in the limited purple/black colorway filled to the top with Izorline 100lb braid. It’s only been out for one short ride in the skiff but never made it out of the rack and has been sitting ever since. Price lowered $600 shipped Dm if interested!
  4. Fishantiser

    WTB Cousins 95J-Mag blackout or factory blue

    PM me what you’ve got and how much your asking.
  5. Fishantiser

    SOLD Accurate valiant purple/black 2 speed reel

    I am looking for an accurate valiant 2speed reel in purple/black. Anyone have one they would part with that is new or in like new condition?
  6. Fishantiser

    SOLD Salty Crew SS 6470 or 6480H

    Does anybody have a Salty Crew 6470 or 6480h in good condition for sale?
  7. Fishantiser

    WTB Shimano BlackMoon Bag (Medium)

    Do any of you have a Shimano BlackMoon tackle bag for sale in a size medium for sale?
  8. Fishantiser

    SOLD Accurate Valiant 2SPD Purple/Black

    Does anyone have a well kept Accurate Valiant 500n in the purple/black colorway for sale?
  9. Fishantiser

    WTB WTB UC Centaur or Seeker OSP Rail Rods

    Looking for a UC Centaur or Seeker OSP in good shape. Custom or factory are both fine.
  10. Fishantiser

    Need help with rods for long range trip.....

    I need some rod advice for a five day trip. My father is giving me a really good deal on his older accurate reels because he is upgrading to the new extreme series from accurate. I now have a b2-270, (2) b2-870's, b2-665, saltiga 30L and a new accurate bx-30. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area...