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  1. crazy cajun

    Legal take of octopus

    What are the legal methods of take for octopus? Can you use a flat hoop net from shore?
  2. crazy cajun

    Spider crab questions

    The larger ones are good. Clean em before you cook em.
  3. crazy cajun

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    Bad knot. And in the future, no one else touches your drag. Set it right and leave it alone unless you think it needs adjustment.
  4. crazy cajun

    Sea Watch full day 7/24

    I took a trip yesterday (7/24) on the Sea Watch out of SeaForth. First time I have been on the boat fishing a full day. The crew were on it and worked hard all day. The Capitan went long trying to find what little fish were still out there. We finished the day with six BF in the 25 to 30# class...
  5. crazy cajun

    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    That is the good stuff right there.
  6. crazy cajun

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Thoughts and prayers on there way.
  7. crazy cajun

    Boat Survey needed in OC

    Hey BD, need some help here. Does anyone have a boat surveyor they have used and would feel good about recommending that works in the Orange County area. I am looking at a hydra sport 230 this weekend and want a survey of hull and motor before I purchase.
  8. crazy cajun

    WTB Doornobs

    Gary, it was great meeting you yesterday. Thanks again for the Doornobs. To everyone else, Kong is alive and well in Carlsbad!
  9. crazy cajun

    WTB Doornobs

    I am looking to purchase medium to large size Doorknob Jig heads in working condition. If you have some that you would like to part with, I am interested.
  10. crazy cajun

    Cracked Jig head fix?

    Thanks for the replies. I too have a wall of battle busted jigs and hard baits. Will try the tan glue, can’t hurt.
  11. crazy cajun

    Cracked Jig head fix?

    Is there a fix for a cracked acrylic Jig head. I have a few with now with some hair line cracks but not missing any pieces.
  12. crazy cajun

    Sit down everybody, and hug your family.....we lost a really good one. RIP Mike (Sluester) Besaw

    Mike used to work at a facility I manage now. His impact is still seen today. God Speed Mike. RIP.
  13. crazy cajun

    SOLD Parker: 2120

    Bump for a fish killer machine
  14. crazy cajun

    Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    Rob, I hate to hear about another bad experience on a sport boat. I agree with ya though. If the customers still wanted to try for BFT, well, you should go try. That is what you paid for, that is what the trip was sold as. If the boat decided not to try for BFT, then offer a re-ride or refund...
  15. crazy cajun

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    Solid post. My condolences to you and your family.
  16. crazy cajun

    Pacific Voyager 4-Day 8/19-8/23/2016

    Thanks for the post, sounds like another great trip. Got a 5 day on the PV at the end of Oct. Thanks for getting chief Jeff the new concert videos. Can't wait for the fish chowder and all the laughs. Love fishing with that crew.
  17. crazy cajun

    Flat fall 4 bluefin, what size

    I use the 80g to cast and swim the jig through schools of breaking fish. Reel through the school just fast enough to make it swim but not roll. This has been working well for me now the last two years. I use the 250 g on heavy spinning gear if fish are down deep. I am not a believer in colors...
  18. crazy cajun

    6/18 Wet Ass Whipping and a YFT

    Dang D-spot. I wish I would have seen this a i little while ago. Just finished the collars with a littlw salt, pepper, and olive oil. It was gone befor i knew it. Had a great time as aways and hope to fish with Mike again. He's a hoot with that cocktail cabnet/sashimi serving tray.
  19. crazy cajun

    3/4 Day San Diego trip - Fish report from SATURDAY 4.2.16

    Thank you for posting that, great day for sure!
  20. crazy cajun

    San Diego Seaforth 3/4 day boat, Bluefin

    I was on the boat yesterday. Tough fishing but it was great! Captain Ryan went long and stayed late trying hard. We did not get back till after 7PM. His team he has put around him on that boat are a class act. Here is the break down. One fish came off of bait, one or two on a colt sniper, the...
  21. crazy cajun

    Whoo's combing the Nine.

    IT was 10-3-15. Sorry, I was sworn to secrecy on the bait used. Right dead smack in the mile of the Nine.
  22. crazy cajun

    Whoo's combing the Nine.

    The plan for the day, comb the nine and find a Wahoo. Here is how it laid out. The crew of the "Half scoop " started the day at 0430, loaded up on food, ice and a scoop of great looking deans. We hung out at the bait barge and made 20 or so macks. We made our way to the nine mile bank just...
  23. crazy cajun

    Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    As allways it was a great time on the water. Every cast had a something blowing up the poppers. And to be there when your future son-in-law caught his first Do-do was awesome. That you again for letting me tag along.
  24. crazy cajun

    Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    Make sure to bring that retarded tady on Monday. I sure would like to steal, I mean see it.
  25. crazy cajun

    Pacific Voyager 3 day

    First let me say Capt. Mark just wants his passengers to catch fish and have a great time. His team of men on the boat were as good as any out there and better than most. The whole crew was on the ball, polite, enthusiastic and seemed happy to be out there helping out the passengers. They worked...
  26. crazy cajun

    Mexico fly backs with fishing Reels

    I have never been able to carry reels back with line on them from Mexico. I used to push the issue at the gate in Cabo or PV every time and was allowed to carry them on about 60% of the time. I pushed the issue once to far and missed my flight. I now remove the spools from my reels and place...
  27. crazy cajun

    East Cape to Loreto

    Thanks Guys! Looks like the bus to La Paz and a shuttle to loreto. I am meeting wife in Loreto so no go on rental car with my poor Spanish speaking abilities.
  28. crazy cajun

    East Cape to Loreto

    I need help. I am having a hard time finding transportation from Los Barriles on November the 15th to Loreto. I have found Baja Eco Tours and ABC busses but can not get an reply back or make contact with either one. What are some of my options? I would rather not pay 500USD for a van ride. Any...
  29. crazy cajun

    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    Pacific Bait and Tackle in Oceanside on Highway 101
  30. crazy cajun

    Delta Airlines checked baggage fees are ridiculous for fishermen!

    Okuma and Toro Tamer both make great travel rods. I believe Clark Bait has the Toro Tamer but most places have the Okuma.
  31. crazy cajun

    Please Comment on Plan to Ban Lead Fishing Gear in California

    Thanks Joe, It's time we stand together.
  32. crazy cajun

    bomb/jig storage

    I use fluorescent light bulb safety sleeves to do the same as above. It keeps everything straight and tangle free. Go to, in the search box type in "Safety Sleeves". Once they come in, cut to the size you want. I prefer the T8 and T5 sizes. I store all my feathers, skirts, booms...
  33. crazy cajun

    Shootout in Los Barriles

    Breaks my heart to see that. Thanks for the help with the translation.
  34. crazy cajun

    Shootout in Los Barriles

    How did you find this out? I can't it on any sites I look at.
  35. crazy cajun

    Held Hostage on the Assembly Required! (Ready to Assemble)

    You two gentleman handled this as well as you could have. Thank you for getting this out. I was actually thinking about contacting the RTA to put together a trip with a few friends. I believe I will go another direction now.
  36. crazy cajun

    182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    DAMM IIT SON!! It don't get any better than that! I don't get to go yesterday because I have to watch John's Crew and you guys hit the tuna! I can't believe you let John gaff your fish. No really, Glad it happened for you. After working hard the last few trips it paid off! That's awesome!
  37. crazy cajun

    My experience on the Oside 95, 7-30-14

    Went fishing on the Oside95 yesterday. I will admit I was a little skeptical as Oceanside has always been a flop of an experience before. However my buddy insisted we give it a try since it is in our backyard and they were catching a few fish. I mean, how bad could it be right? Well here is my...
  38. crazy cajun

    Need Advise : Fishing deep while drifting a paddy

    I need a little direction. While fishing on Sunday we metered fish at 100+ feet. I put on a weight 4 feet above my dean and let it slide down until I thought I was in the zone. At that point, what do you do? Place your thumb on the spool? Let it continue to drift out? Let it go past the zone and...
  39. crazy cajun

    182 7/2/14

    Arrived at the 182 yesterday at 930AM, the placed looked dead. Boxed the area in for two hours when we saw the ponies. We trolled on top of, in front of, along side of and behind them for nothing. We stayed with them dragging everything we had; natural and painted plugs, daisy chain cedar plugs...
  40. crazy cajun

    Okuma Travel Rods

    I have both the inshore and offshore versions. The inshore goes everywhere with me. I don't care if I am going to visit my father in Louisiana, bear hunting in Canada, or going to Phinex to visit my inlaws. I bring it everywhere. It is built very well and is nicely balanced for a travel rod. I...
  41. crazy cajun

    Borrowing gear ettiquete

    If you are really worried about hurting his feelings, just buy him a cheep or used combo for his birthday. Buy him something that works and leave your loner rig at the house next time you go. Or, better yet, buy yourself a loner set up and keep the good stuff for you to use. Or, tell him how to...
  42. crazy cajun

    Chief 2.5 day Questions!

    First off, thanks for asking what we want to see instead of doing what you think we want. Class act IMO. For me, I do not want to give up a sick day to go catch rockfish. I rather save that for tuna and tail in the summer. So a 2 day trip that leaves between 5 to 7 PM on a Friday and gets back...
  43. crazy cajun

    Palmas De Cortez. 256.6# YFT

    Thanks guys. That is the first cow that I have ever been part of.
  44. crazy cajun

    Palmas De Cortez. 256.6# YFT

    Sorry for the late report. But I had to share this. My good friend John Correia and I went down to the East Cape on the 10-2-13. We fished for three days. First day was on the boat Bite Me. Our count for the day was 4 Homboldt squid, 4 Dodos, and one sail fish. We fished 20 miles offshore...
  45. crazy cajun

    WTB Okuma Nomad Casting Rod M\MH

    I am looking to purchase a Okuma Casting rod M\MH 40# to 60#. I can pick up in the San Diego area or pay shipping if price is right. Please PM me for contact info. Thank Sean
  46. crazy cajun

    Disappointing Trip

    IMO this is the best captain & crew in the fleet. You should ride again when the bite is WFO, that a way you might get a fish or two and see why this boat is always full. Sorry you had a bad day but it sure sounds like Capt. Scott was working for you.
  47. crazy cajun

    C&R vs. Keeping

    I always keep enough for a fresh dinner. After that, it is C&R or I target something else.
  48. crazy cajun

    Fishing on the Condor. 7/29. What worked, and what didn't work.

    Down around 100 miles south. No pins in sight. Oh ya, we only had one jig struck in the morning. It was on an Mexican Flag skirt. The fish was lost due to a saw off. I Don't know how big it was, I was not on the troll.
  49. crazy cajun

    Fishing on the Condor. 7/29. What worked, and what didn't work.

    Just got in this morning from a day and a half. Capt Scott put us on a drift that lasted from 8am until 4:30. It was never a wide open bite, but there was 10 to 12 fish going a few times. First, MAJOR props to the crew, Rob, MIke, Mike, and the new guy. They're did another outstanding job with...
  50. crazy cajun

    Pacific Queen BlueFin BloodBath

    Very nice. Thanks for the info. Heading out Sunday on the Condor.
  51. crazy cajun

    Help on Set Up for Trolling on Blackfin 29

    You ever think about running hand lines? A great low cost option.
  52. crazy cajun

    Steve, would like your input

    Thank you Steve for your input. It's a great resource to have you on this board. FireFishq, while I can appreciate your recommendations about your set up, think about the weather that goes along with fishing Albies. Cold, Cloudy, and windy. A capable spinning outfit would be a great tool to...
  53. crazy cajun

    Steve, would like your input

    I am looking to put together 2 Anchovy outfits. One spinning and one conventional. They will mainly be used on the day and a half to 3 day trips out of San Diego. Will be used to target local dorados, yt, yft, and albies. I will be fishing with 30# braid and a short top shot from 17# to 30#. I...
  54. crazy cajun


    Make sure you are fishing the up current side of the structure you are targeting.
  55. crazy cajun

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod

    Thanks for the feed back Dave. Yes, I purchased the inshore spinning rod. Used it yesterday during my lunch break in the bay. Did not catch anything, but I like the balance and the way it cast. I have it paired up with a 4500 Peen. I think this will be a great little combo for my work trips and...
  56. crazy cajun

    Fishing tips for the kids first fish

    Half day boats rock for a kid, something to do even if the fish arnt feeding. My biggest problem when I take a kid fishing is to ensure he has fun, not just making them fish. If the kid want to play with a dead sardine, let them, if they want to dig throught the tackel box, let em. Just make...
  57. crazy cajun

    Comment on Okuma Customer Service

    3 years ago I purchased a Okuma Guide Select rod from Anglers Choice on Rosecrans in Point Loma. When I got it home, I put a little Avit SX on it and made a cast with a large rattle trap in the back yard. The Rod broke about 10" from the tip on the first cast. I brought it back to the tackle...
  58. crazy cajun

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod

    Thanks Kim & Mike for the feed back, just went down to the tackel shop and picked it up! Heading up to Main to do some bear hunting with my Father in mid May, going to bring this rod along and try to find my first Small Mouth Bass. The Feed back is greatly appreciated. Also going to leave this...
  59. crazy cajun

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod

    Thanks Scott
  60. crazy cajun

    Okuma Nomad Travel Rod

    Does anyone here have experience with the Nomad Travel Rods? Any insight would be nice as I am about to pull the trigger and purchase one. Saw some at the Fred Hall shows and planing on taking it with me on my work trips. Looking at the spinning rods in the M\MH.
  61. crazy cajun


    That's funny, you're not as entitled as you thought you were.
  62. crazy cajun

    Circle hooks vs. J hooks

    This is great info. For me it's simple, light line for the species = circle hooks, heavy line = j hooks. My examples are this, #6 line for sand bass or #17 line for tuna or YT I use circle hooks, 15# line for sand bass or #30 line for tuna or YT I use J hooks. Never thought about using circle...
  63. crazy cajun

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    For everyone that thinks they have a right to fish in the US, please read the Patriot Act, you will find that all you have now are privileges. That change was made right after 9\11. I hate the fact that we are loosing our fishing grounds, but if we want to change this, we need to come together...
  64. crazy cajun

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    You have to be honest, but the hell with being polite. If you keep rolling over, they will keep putting it to you. Question them every step of the way and record the event.
  65. crazy cajun

    First post to a bunch of idiots...

    Dead on Man! We have to get together as a group.
  66. crazy cajun

    CONDOR YTail Limits+ TUES--7-24-12

    I could not agree more Norm. I was on that trip with you. The crew never gave up looking for us well after the sut set. They worked hard all day and it paid off towards the end. I think Mike said it best, "It is a great day, the wife is not fussing, the cell phone is not ringing, and we have a...
  67. crazy cajun

    8/29 to 8/31 on the Legend

    Got back this morning from a day ½ on the Legend. Aaron was running the boat. We picked up a few BFT at gray light. Seven or eight were in the 30 to 45# class, the rest were from 12 to 18#s. I think we only had 3 jig stops. I did not see the jig on one stop but one fish came on a blue and white...
  68. crazy cajun


    Way to go! That is how you build a bond with your kids.
  69. crazy cajun

    Reel in carry-on

    I have never had a problem packing them in my carry on in the States, Cabo, or La Paz. Every time I have flown out of TJ and Puerto Vallarta and once in Costa Rica I have had to place them in my checked luggage. Now, I just removed the spools and placed them in my luggage. I kept the reels in my...
  70. crazy cajun

    Wheres The Squid?

    The boats were working La Jolla yesterday night
  71. crazy cajun


    If you catch a fish bigger than Hector then it a cow!
  72. crazy cajun

    10-10-10 Oside Bassathon!

    Glad you had a good time but they just had a sewer spill in that area just before the last rains. Hope you rinsed off the taco meat. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  73. crazy cajun

    Volaris airlines- rules?

    Just got back yesterday from Cabo. Flew Volaris from TJ to SJD Cobo. I got stoped and was told to check my reels with line on the way down in TJ. I thought I would see if it was the same coming back and was asked to check my reels with line on the way back.I asked to speak to a manager. When the...
  74. crazy cajun

    Dorado on the Chew

    Went to Cabo this last week with the wife. We made a new friend by the name of Gustavo. He runs the restaurant La Palapa which is located behind Squid Row. When we sat down for lunch, he sat down with us and started talking. When we started talking about fishing, we found out he use to run a...
  75. crazy cajun

    Cobra xl vs ocean kayak scrambler XL

    I own two cobras, Fish & Dive & the explorer. I could not find a cobra xl on their web site, I am thinking you are referring the explorer. I use the fish and dive when I am hoop netting, drifting for larger fish, or when my wife goes with me so I can carry extra gear. I use the explorer when I...
  76. crazy cajun

    K&M San Quintin

    Dat's NASTY
  77. crazy cajun


    Nise fish Capt. Danny.
  78. crazy cajun

    Late report Bass and bluefin on the San Diego

    Went on the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">San Diego</st1:place></st1:City> again on 7/25. Fished for sand bass in the morning. The bite was tapering off but Capt Ryan was able to find a few to chew. I...
  79. crazy cajun

    oceanside hali

    Fish in front of the jetties on a out going tide. Make certain you keep on the outside of the breakers. Look for them in 20 to 80 feet of water. If they are not there, fish in between the kelp beds and the beach. Look for the bottoms that are covered with small pebbles or sand. Keep a track with...
  80. crazy cajun

    Shark Eating Seal off Catalina

    It's a GW. The teath are to large and to far apart to be a Mako.
  81. crazy cajun


    Sorry you ended up on a bad trip, but thanks for posting it.
  82. crazy cajun

    Half day PM

    Took a fried out for a PM half day on the Premier out of H&M. The calicos were on the chew. The rig for the day was a 16th ounce slider with a #2 hook on 20# line. Ended up with limits for two and a few extra that were given away. All fish were on anchovies. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  83. crazy cajun

    Kids N Dads on the SeaHorse part 2

    It does't get any better than that
  84. crazy cajun

    Blue Fin at the Islands

    The 3\4 day boats will be full this week.
  85. crazy cajun

    Kill bag

    I got one from Bass Pro two years ago and it still in good shape. It has been with me on two trips down to the East Cape and about 20 trips local. It holds more fish that two guys can carry. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  86. crazy cajun

    megabait help

    I have caught fish off of the mega baits on the slide by dropping the bait back about 30 yards, putting the reel in gear and shake the tip of my rod until the boat stops or a fish bites. The purple and black was deadly for me last year producing fish on all four trips I took last year. I even...
  87. crazy cajun

    It Was Just A Matter of Time

    Any launch or landing through the surf that you don't end upside down is a good one.
  88. crazy cajun

    Line Recommendation for Tuna Trip

    50 to 65# braid and a 20# fluoro leader would be a great set up on that outfit. Remember, if you don't use it, you won&#8217;t get good with it. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  89. crazy cajun

    Why nothing new on PV fishing

    Next year we will bring cash and look for tuna one day and roosters the next. No more checks!
  90. crazy cajun

    Why nothing new on PV fishing

    Hey Kurt, I got back two weeks ago from PV. I was able to fish with Capt. Danny Gomez. Class act all the way. We went looking for some inshore fish, nothing to much was happening. He and his deck hand Hector worked hard all day and tried just about everything to put us on some pargo and...
  91. crazy cajun

    Light Tackle Mangroves

    great looking fish.:beerbang:
  92. crazy cajun

    Recommendations on the best way to BBQ YT Steaks!

    Salt, pepper and lime, keep it simple.
  93. crazy cajun

    Rancho Leonero

    Just got in from a trip from PV yesterday. No issues with the line on my reels, but I have covers on them so you can't see the line. Not even tag ends are sticking out. I bundled my shirts and shorts around my rods and placed them in the rod holder. It made it a little pain going through...
  94. crazy cajun

    Dorado sushi?

    I have eaten Dodo sashimi many times and it was excellent each and every time. Try it at least once, before you puss out. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  95. crazy cajun

    Can Cows Really Fly ?????

    Best fish porn I have ever seen!
  96. crazy cajun

    Kayak Ducer Wet Install????

    I use silicon to attach it to the bottom. Just make sure it touches the plastic and there are no bubbles in the silicon. I redo it once a year and get great results. I can tell the difference in sand, mud, & rock bottoms.
  97. crazy cajun

    Good Gulp baits

    3" swimming mullet in red, pink & nuclear chicken work well. Also, I use a little super glue to kep them on th hook and repair any tears.
  98. crazy cajun

    Fishing Bird Schools

    Great post,,,nice Fish
  99. crazy cajun

    What about mega baits for yo-yo yellows?

    Use the Mega bait on the slide. Every 25 to 30 feet, place your thum on the spool and shake your rod tip and make the bait dance. If you don't get bit, real it in and go the an iron.
  100. crazy cajun

    Sea Adventure II Strikes Again 4/5

    I went out Sunday night on the Sea Adventure II. 33 people on the boat made it real tight. Chef Eddy made it real clear at the beginning of the trip that everyone would have to work together in order for use to catch fish. The first three or four hours, it seemed as if his speech was in vain as...
  101. crazy cajun

    which rod length do you prefer?

    6 to 7 except for the surface iron, then it is a 9
  102. crazy cajun

    NLA and Sea ADV. Over 100+ today 4-3

    I am on the sea adventrue on Sunday night. Anyone nows if they are on the plugs or on the yo-yo?
  103. crazy cajun

    North county yak

  104. crazy cajun

    North county yak

    Went out today in north county. Started the day off looking for Calicos. Found lots of small bass in the top of the kelp until around 8AM. Nothing big, 10 or 11" max. Caught a few Macs and drifted the outside edge for nada. Started fishing a jerk shad on an 1\2 ounce head at the base of the...
  105. crazy cajun

    Bananas or No Banana's ? ?

    It has been bad luck to have bananas on a boat since the times of the Romans. Here me out. Green bananas (the way you have to ship them) give off a gas that will make other produce rot. The better, bigger boats did not carry bananas for this reason. The smaller older boats carried them, but...
  106. crazy cajun

    Making the most of your Humboldt squid, w/pics.

    Way cool,,,,Thanks
  107. crazy cajun

    C-Bad Kelp 3/12 Lifeless

    I fish that area all the time. Try the kelp bed just to the north of the floats. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  108. crazy cajun

    La Jolla Kelp

    Go out to LaJolla and look under the birds and Yo-Yo the high spots. Still kind of early for large spot of fish.
  109. crazy cajun

    New to Kayaking

    The best thing to do is go down to several shops that sells them and take a few test paddles. Just know the wider it is, the more stable it becomes. The longer it is the fast it is. Wider ones take more effort to paddle but can hold a ton of gear. The longer ones are harder to turn but are...
  110. crazy cajun

    Chaps my hide

    Your fish, C&R all you want. My thought is at least let them get big enough to bread once befor they become taco meat. Personly two or three fish is enough for dinner, the rest go back.
  111. crazy cajun

    La Jolla Squid?

    Anyone finding market squid in La Jolla yet?
  112. crazy cajun

    first fish you've ever caught ?

    First one was a catfish. Caught it out of the Pearl River with my father. Every year he and I try going back and fishing that spot. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  113. crazy cajun

    Build a hand line?

    I want to make a couple of hand lines for this year coming up. Any input would be helpful. How long of a line, how heavy of a weight, do you use a release to connect the line to the back of the weight, favorite jig? Right now, I have a four pound weight I am planing to use to keep it down. Then...
  114. crazy cajun

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    Headline News Reports "Broke college student is attacked by shark inside his homemade PVC Shark Cage. More on this story at 10PM.” :imdumb: I FN love it!
  115. crazy cajun

    Steps to a happy life: Squid @ the 9....01/07/09

    I was there as well. The whole boat was done fishing by 6:20. I was at the house by 9:30. When you clean them, you have to take of both membranes. ( The white film and the yellow flesh )Otherwise use it as bait. Also, don’t cook them longer than one minute or they will end up to tough to eat...
  116. crazy cajun

    Dumb Tackle question maybe

    I have a couple of the Trevala rods. The heaver one (80 to 200) I use as a yo-yo stick. It also works great to drop a dean on the slide. I have a lighter one as well (I think 30 to 80#) that is great for tossing a chovie underhanded when the rail is crowded. They are both on the shorter side...
  117. crazy cajun

    Kayaks caught in the wind

    Hopefully it is lesson learned for the three of them and anyone else reading this.
  118. crazy cajun

    avet sx

    I use 65# spectra with a 3 foot leader of 30 to 40#. If I am rockfishing, I use 30 feet of mono.
  119. crazy cajun


    Some of the best fishing is right in front of your home town. Fish the outside kelp line with any minnow bait from spring to fall. I personally like the Rapala x-rap in the spotted minnow pattern. This time of year the fish seem to hole a little deeper. Try a 1 to 2 ounce fish trap bouncing off...
  120. crazy cajun

    Thanks guys

    Keep looking for the hard bottom. Most of all, keep looking. Macs and Bones are still working just as well as they were in the first part of the season. I found my last limit in 15 feet of water on Tuesday and five the day before in 50 feet of water. Fish the tides, and keep moving until you...
  121. crazy cajun

    North to South....So much FUN

    Nice report, thanks. I think I will try a few spots that look the same down here when the swell dies down. With the swim bait do you use a stop and go or just streight retrive.
  122. crazy cajun

    watch your stuff at mb!!!

    May not be a bad idea to drop the boat in and let a friend take it for a spin while you sit back and have a cup of coffee and read the paper. Did that a few years back at a ramp back in Louisiana with a few other guys. Be smart about how you handle the situation as you can end up in trouble for...
  123. crazy cajun

    fishing the tides

    Put them on the calender on your cell phone before you get on the boat. If your cell phone does not have a calender, text yourself the times you are intersted in and set the alarm on your watch.
  124. crazy cajun

    Hoopin last night and WTF!

    Swellshark. Caught one last week while hoopen outside of o-side. Big head and gut with skiny tail. Did not want to f with it while i was in the yak.
  125. crazy cajun

    gasparilla catfish poisonous???

    It is a Sea Cat AKA Hard head catfish. Yuo can eat them, they just don't have the sweet white meat that fresh water cats do.
  126. crazy cajun

    knocked out of yak heads up!!

    At the end of the day, I just want to let everyone know what happen to me so they can make their own desions on how to handle the situation they are in. I just hope that the tree huggers let the seals know that it is open war now.
  127. crazy cajun

    knocked out of yak heads up!!

    I am almost willing to live with the tax man if it means putting the hurt on the seals. Even though this happened, I think my buddy is hooked.
  128. crazy cajun

    knocked out of yak heads up!!

    On a side note, this was Mike's first trip in a kayak.
  129. crazy cajun

    knocked out of yak heads up!!

    I went fishing yesterday at La Jolla looking for the bigger bonitos and yellows. Fishing was a little slow at first with lots of small bonitos in the 12” to 14” size. I was able to hook-up to a larger grade bonito, maybe 6 to 7 pounds. I was letting him play out a little bit before bringing...
  130. crazy cajun

    3/4 Yellows

    Fist fish ever on the yo-yo. they are still out there.
  131. crazy cajun

    3/4 Yellows

    We on the San Diego yesterday. It was a light load of only 15 people. Capt. Ray took us out to the Rock Pile looking for Yellows and Bonitos. We left the Bait Barge around 6AM and got to the rock pile just after 9AM. Long ride but it paid off on the first stop. Javier tossed some bait and it was...
  132. crazy cajun

    Whats your Favoriet Mono at 20lb Test?

    Berkley Big Game in Green
  133. crazy cajun

    when trollin in front of dolphin ????

    Dolphin are good eating? Taste like Pork
  134. crazy cajun

    Seeker roller stand up rods

    still got the BSC 659XXXH- 5 3/4' AR 80 (100) 130lb $150 . Give me a call 760-535-7995 in carlsbad today, can pick up
  135. crazy cajun

    Condor on 9/19. Need advice please!

    Two thoughts on the flouro leader. Either a short 3 to 4 foot leader so the knot wont go through the guides when you cast. Or a 25 to 30 yard leader so the knot is on your reel when you cast. I can tie some great knots, I just cringe when they go through the guides. Uni to Uni or bimmine to...
  136. crazy cajun

    new penn torque spinning reel

    Tunanorth, your seminar at the Del Mar Fred Hall show help me and my Father put a few extra fish on the boat. Even put a large pargo (22#) on the boat with a Purple and Black Jet Popper you handed out. The little tips you gave out about traveling in Mexico help as well. Thank you very much!!
  137. crazy cajun

    8/28 Tuna swimming under the surfers at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad

    Fished from Ponto to Swamis in a kayak Sunday. Lots of small kelp bass on the outside of the kelp, and three bonitos between the kelp and the surf on the paddle back in. better grade of bass on the inside line of the kelp. Was using a small Rapla X-Rap in the spoted minnow, maybe 3" long.
  138. crazy cajun

    drive or ride

    thanks guys
  139. crazy cajun

    drive or ride

    If your fling into San Jose Cabo airport, is it better to jump on a shuttle bus or rent a car if you are going to Los Barriles? We will be there for 5 days and the rental car is $90. I am bring my father for his 65th b-day and don't want to shake him up to much.
  140. crazy cajun

    Capt. Ron Likes Big Butts

    Capt. Ron is tring something new. He is working his "Butt Off" to make it happen.
  141. crazy cajun

    Capt. Ron Likes Big Butts

    Went on the 3\4 day local out of Point Loma on Wednesday with Capt Ron Baker. Capt Ron not only did a great job of finding the fish, he did an excellent job at having the whole boat work together. The deck hands did an awesome job as allways. There were 25 people on board the boat, about half...
  142. crazy cajun

    Front page on Yahoo this morning

    bad things happen to good and bad people. it doees't matter what side of the border your on.
  143. crazy cajun

    Best 1/2 or 3/4 day in SD

    Sea Forth landing on the San Diego for a 3\4 or the New Sea forth for a 1\2 day
  144. crazy cajun


    deep fry or pan Fry. Best taco meat out there as long as it is fresh.
  145. crazy cajun

    Fishen the San Diego 4/30

    Went to the Corodano Islands and Rock pile yesterday on the San Diego. Fished the middle grounds and the rock pile. Great boat and Great Crew. George and Larry do a great job all day long. The baricuda bite on the serface Iron was off the charts. Did not mater what color you were feeding them...