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  1. hookenthemlips

    Repower with ?

    Hello, I posted previously enquiring Which direction I should go to Repower my boat. Got a lot of feed back, thanks for all the responses if your reading this post as well. Finally figured it out after a few months of searching. I’m going to order a brand New GM 5.7 Vortec from...
  2. hookenthemlips

    Getting a new motor. Any idea wheres the best place?

    So I'm new to boat ownership and got off to a bad start. Rookie mistake of leaving the drain plug out, wondered why it wouldn't float off of the trailer :(. lol . but figured it out and got it out on the water. Started to overheat, so I shut her off. Check the oil and it had turned greyish...
  3. hookenthemlips

    ISO Raymarine Dragonfly 7

    Just bought a boat and I want to upgrade my raymarine C70
  4. hookenthemlips

    Trolling secrets

    Hello all Im a noob here, and just purchased my first boat. Im trying to get everything I need to go out and catch yt, bft, makos or whatever I can get a hook into. I recently purchased a couple Penn fathom downriggers. Just curious what lures should I be using (I've read purple cedar plugs for...
  5. hookenthemlips

    Best fish finder under $500 ???

    Hi all, My first post on BD. I also recently purchased my first boat. Im working on getting all the accessories to make it a fish slaying machine. My boat came with a raymarine C70 . Im not really familiar with fish finders and what to look for in them. I've been looking at the Garmin striker...