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  1. jonrx7

    Vinyl cutter and heat foil machine

    Looking for recommendation which model to look at. Just overwhelmed with all the flavors Looking into buy a new vinyl cutter to make my own fishing sticker labels. The next thing is a hot foil machine for the round lures. diving into a new hobby due to Covid. Any input is Appreciated. John
  2. jonrx7

    Daiwa SL50 accurate mod power handle

    Am I the only one who like these reels. They are tanks and you can mod the SG 5 to 1, or SL 6 to 1... Recently added a power handle to my old SL20 and SL30. WHat A beast .
  3. jonrx7

    Does the SXJ come with a clamp now?

    is it the same clamp as the SX?
  4. jonrx7

    Just got my new Avet - love it...

    Ready for next year.
  5. jonrx7

    Starting my okuma collection

    Just picked up a few …..
  6. jonrx7

    WTB Cheap penn GS 525 or 535

    Reel found --- thank you
  7. jonrx7

    For Sale Shimano Tiagra -20 with 80 spectra and mono

    I have a Tiagra-20 for sale $400 in excellent shape, delivered to your door with Tracking and insurance. Please see attached. For those of you who bought rod clamps from me before- I am a upfront guy. NO FLAKES. Bearings degreased, free spool very well for 20 size reel, drags are solid, all...
  8. jonrx7

    For Sale Large crocks 7 OZ and 5 OZ

    2 pieces 7 oz monster crocks and 4 pieces around 5 oz. very hard to find. $100 for the set. Pick up in Seal beach or Garden Grove John 310-918-0318
  9. jonrx7

    For Sale 7.0 OZ Large crocodiles

    SOLD ____For sale 5 pieces monster crocks. very hard to find. $100 for the set. Pick up in Seal beach or Garden Grove. or 8.00 dollars shipped to you. John 310-918-0318
  10. jonrx7

    SOLD or trade Avet SX 5.0.1 for Daiwa or Penn GS

    I have an Avet SX lever drag single speed I like to trade for 2 Daiwa SL 20 or SL 30 for my kids. Or Penn GS 525 and 535. I am in garden Grove.
  11. jonrx7

    Reel deal 2 speed squidder

    recently picked this up, anyone know the value of these? They are 200-300 on eBay John
  12. jonrx7

    Starting to kayak fish - advise needed

    What length rod? I have a 12 foot cobra. In thinking 7-8ft graphite. John
  13. jonrx7

    WTB Looking for Penn 525GS reel

    I have 50 dollars to spend on a penn 525gs . Please pm me. I’m in garden grove. Thank you
  14. jonrx7

    For Sale Rod clamps for Daiwa and Newells

    Rod reel clamps for Newells 220, 322, 229, 332, 338, 4XX and 5XX Also some Daiwas SL and SLX 20, SLX 30 and SLX 50. See pictures clamps are 10-18 dollars each. I have Newell and Daiwa longer screws. Pick up in Seal Beach or Garden Grove. Jon 310-918-0318
  15. jonrx7

    For Sale Long-range tackle bag RodTek - Large

    Long-range tackle bag . Fits 14x9 size tackle boxes. Can stack 7-8 of these in the bag. Bag only. No accessories or plastic boxes. Bag has side pockets has two front pockets with mesh. Has a top access to tools. please see ruler size. It has two backpack straps and top handle straps. Or trade...
  16. jonrx7

    Some older lures to start

    I have some interesting vintage lures. I thought I was the only one who had this interest. Guess I am not alone. Ken is brought me here.
  17. jonrx7

    ISO saltist 30H (silver or black), torium 14

    Willing to trade my newells 220 or 229 or cash. Let me know.
  18. jonrx7

    Calstar TCR

    Hello, I was wondering what does TCR mean ? I saw a custom calstar 655XH TCR logo. Just curious ? John
  19. jonrx7

    Penn Fathom Questions

    Looking to buy a Fathom star or 2 speed. Interested in 25N and 40N version. They look awesome. Is there a reason why people are selling new ones after they buy it. I been seeing more and more on the for sale list next to new. Just wondering ? if you have any experience please advise. I am...