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  1. harryo

    51 Yellows on the "Malihini" 4.11.2014

    Just got back from the trip. Fantastic fishin! Pukey green/brown water from the Point to midway to inside of the Islands, then clearing to a green, then past South Island clearing more down below the Rock Pile,then murky blue water. The yellows are there in the blue water. Fish caught on the...
  2. harryo

    Fishin on the "Christina Lynn" for halis, not 4.7.2014

    The conditions for fishin is still rotten. Dirty green/brown water @ 58 degrees. Decided to go to plan b after a was a dud. The Imperial Reef again produced for us with a couple of lings & reds. The new location for the bait barge is at the Eastern end of Harbor Island. Easy access! Nice...
  3. harryo

    Yellows still on the chew at the Nardos "Malihini" 2.10.2014

    Didn't get the first fish until after 3:30pm, but got a few fish no help from the seals. The seals were bad! Capt Mike stayed out there until about 5 o'clock. The fish are there & it is a matter of time, when it will go wide open. The fish are hugh!
  4. harryo

    A "Tribute" to the ling-lings 1.11.2014

    The bite on the lings is wide open! And they are huge! Limits of rockies. Capt Mike found them last week. 4 boats drifting in the same area yesterday. All did well! Get out there before the weather changes. It is a matter of time, we are going to have back to back to back storms sooner or...
  5. harryo

    Da "Chief" honest injin 147 ling part of the limit of rockies 12.27-30.2013

    Nice to be out on the briny on 2 of the most beautiful Dec days you can ask for. Tee shirt weather. The sunrises & sunsets were fabulous. The fishin was second to none as Capt Chris would say. Couldn't ask for a better fishin trip to end the year. Seaya! harryo
  6. harryo

    Limit codding on the "Chief" 11.7.2013

    Came back early on our 2 1/2 day trip. Fished Sat & come home Sun because of the weather. A little narly! Got in a full days fishin with over one day limits. Had a little excitement on the way home near the Banda Bank within sight of Punta Banda & Todos Santos. Run over a long line put out by...
  7. harryo

    Limits of humongous Lings off Colnett on the "PacVoyager" 11.30.13

    Refer to the fishin part of the trip on Doncatfish's thread. Besides the fishin there is such a thing as smelling the flowers around you. On a 1 1/2 day trip, you get to see the sun rise twice & a the sun to set. Can't forget about the water conditions too. Nice to wake to the sunrise & watch...
  8. harryo

    Shelter Island Pier fishin report 11.16.2013

    Got nothing better to do than to check the pier for the latest in fishin on my way to the gym. Wide open big lizard fish & not too wide open mackie bite. Not too good of a sunrise either. Seaya! harryo
  9. harryo

    Day & a Half trip on the "Shogun" 10.21.2013

    Being on a long range boat is the next step up from the usual short range boats. The room, size, food, service, you name it the long rangers are the way to go. Fishin was so so, a hand full of tuna & too many small tails. Nice to fish with Greg again. The Gold Coast Lady Anglers was well...
  10. harryo

    Fishin 2 1/2 days on an Inoxicated & One Cool Tuna charter on the "Eclipse"

    There will probably be several more reports & pic from the trip more entertaining then mine. Short of it, lots of micro yellows, yft & dorado. John & Jeff put together a great charter with give-a-ways & 2 custom rods in the raffle. The "Eclipse" has some features that other boats do not have...
  11. harryo

    Buggin on the docks of Southwestern 10.5.2013

    Our annual Southwestern Yacht Club Lobsterfest produced this humongous bug that weighed 11.45# on a certified electronic scale. Nice family fun! Seaya! harryo
  12. harryo

    Fishin with Capt Buzz on the "Prowler" 9.30.13

    Buzz decided to go down the coast off of Colnett. Limits of rat yellows & some small yft & a handful of dodos. Was hoping for an evening bite on bft, but was not to be. Nice sunset though. One of Chef Action's specialties is his freshly made salsa fresca. Great stuff! Seaya! harryo
  13. harryo

    MAWTC 2013 Report of some of the high lights of the tournament

    Well, the tournament is over. The seas did not treat us well. Most boats did not do very well, but a very few boats did ok as "Reel Eze" led the way. 9 bfts, 1 yt & 2 dodos. Great when you consider what the rest of us did. They told the high boat award, grand Richard Thomas Grand prize...
  14. harryo

    Cortes Xpress "Freedom" 8.15.13

    Just got back from the trip. Long drive home, worth the chance at a humongous bonita, yellowtail & bft. The count was all the bonita you wanted, 26 small bft & 3 yellowtail with the jackpot yellow weighing about 19#. Pic of a young lady with her first bft. Seaya! harryo
  15. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Wish Kid fishin trip on the "El Gato Dos" 8.5.2013

    Mark & part of his family & friend was granted a wish. Mark's wish was to go deep sea fishin & catch a lot of fish, which he & his family did. Being from Arkansas, they enjoyed their first venture on the ocean. Fortunately, no one got sick. Mark has a life threatening condition of a post...
  16. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2013 Seminar 8.1.2013

    Want thank those who attended the seminar last nite. If you were't there, you missed out on a lot of free door prizes including subscriptions to fish dope, guide service by Dave Hansen & rods & Reels from Okuma. I even won the guide service by Dave Hansen. The panel of experts were great too...
  17. harryo

    Yelllows & bft on the Cruz charter on the "Apollo" 7.30.2013

    Cruz is the usual chef on the "Apollo", but today he hosted his first annual charter. He was able to do what he couldn't do as a crew member & then some. Jessica, his new bride, was aboard & was able to wrestle a few tails & bft. All in all fair fishin, but the seas were calm. Just nice to...
  18. harryo

    Epic BFT fishin on the "Apollo" 115, 113 1st day 7.17-18.2013

    What can I say, once in a life time BFT fishin within 1 day range. The Pens are the place to be. Join the crowd & get in the rotation, long drifts. Capt Jodie & crew were able to save most of the fish, but there were a lot of pulled hooks. The key to the bite is the hot bait. On the "Apollo"...
  19. harryo

    52 BFTs on a 2 1/2 day trip on the "Apollo" coming in this morning late 7.7-10.13

    Going to meet Junior at he dock & see if they might have some bft belly meat for me. Capt Jodie did it again. Time to sign up for the Make-A-Wish Tuna Challlenge 2013, Aug 23-25. Seaya! harryo
  20. harryo

    Wide Open Sandie bite off TJ 7.9.13

    Was on Clay Darrow's "Orca" anchored with the fleet. Had limits & then some in little over an hour of fishing. The sand bass eat everything you throw at them, from chovies, plastics to iron. Nice quality fish too! Seaya! harryo
  21. harryo

    75 BFT in 2 days of fishin on the "Apollo" 7.4,5.13

    My hats off to Capt Jodi, he put us on the fish! We were down about 116mi for the bigger tuna & about 100-90mi for the smaller 15# tuna. Got them trolling & on meter marks. The bait was super good due primarity to the care they give the bait. First of all they load the bait in buckets &...
  22. harryo

    Friends of Rollo trip on the "Sea Watch" Wed 6.17.13

    Great squid fishin & good bass, barracuda, macherel fishin. The kids had a lot of squid & fish to pull on. This was a Southwestern Yacht Club charter as part of our week long Junior Summer fishing 101 program. It is open to the public. We teach the rudiments of angling & a means of applying...
  23. harryo

    1 1/2 day Mexican Coastal Run on the "Aztec" 5.18.13

    Not much to report, fished the kelp line & Rockcod spots from Mezquite down to off Todos Santos. Catching was so so. Most thank the capt & crew for being helpful. Even carried my gear up to my car. Those who did not know how to setup for certain situations were given a hand. They wanted...
  24. harryo

    Southwestern Yacht Club Bottom Fishing Tournament 5.4.13

    An addendum to Mikey's report. Mikey didn't mention the water coming off the slopped transom. Jason's not dumb, nice & dry in the wheel house. It was definitely victory at sea. Want to thank the brave souls that made it out there. Southwestern again won the club award with "Concubine" &...
  25. harryo

    Prefished-Southwestern Yacht Club Bottom Fishing Tournament on the "Orca" 4.26.13

    Clay Darrow & I on his boat, "Orca" went looking for the winning fish. We knew about the big bite on the tails at the Nardos, but we were on a mission to find that honey hole for the tournament, which is on Sat May4, just one week away. BTW, all of the proceeds from the tournament goes to...
  26. harryo

    "Eclipse" 1 1/2 day trip to Colnett 4.13.13

    Usual limits of rockies & lings. This time the grade of fish seem to be better & more lings. No tails on this trip. We left early enough to get down to the high spot. I keep saying it is going to happen, one of these days. At least Mark tried for them. Sam, Marks son was pin heading on the...
  27. harryo

    Yellowtails at the Nados on the "Christina Lynn" 3.20.13

    Didn't set the world on fire, but we stumbled over a few inside of North Island. The party boats left us to go down South of South Island, where they got most of their fish.
  28. harryo

    Usual limits of rockies off Colnett on the "Voyager"

    A disciple of Mark Oronez carrys on the personalize service so needed in having a triving sport boat operation. All the accolades of the "PacVoyager" is carried on the "Voyager". Jodi has a boat that is faster than most & can get to where you have to go at day break. Leaving earlier helps...
  29. harryo

    Fishin the "San Diego" at the Nados 3.13.13

    25 tails on the boat with a few dumped. As usual Booger put us on the fish. First class operation! The size of the fish were humongous, 20 to 30#. Pays to be on a boat with a side scanner or drift with the party boats & hope the tails will pass under your boat. Not much bird action.
  30. harryo

    Prefished the Southwestern Yacht Club Bottom Fishing Tournament on the "Orca" 3.2.13

    Hit some stones on the lower part of the 9. Still have not found the honey hole yet. The fishin was good with a couple of small cows thrown in. Again the weather was outrageous! T-shirt weather. Seaya! harryo
  31. harryo

    No Tails on the "San Diego" 2.28.13

    Strange when the reports say that the tails were caught at the rock pile the day before. Booger, skipper/owner of the "San Diego", spent some time first thing in the morning metering around North Island & again in the afternoon before going home. He metered a lot of bait. The "Malihini" was...
  32. harryo

    What a joy to fish on the "Pacific Voyager" 2.23.13

    Limits of rockies, of coarse, just above Colnett. Mark Oronez, skipper/owner of the "PacVoyager", has a top notch operation, all from the amount of fishin time, fish caught, attentive crew, great food to the price of filleting fish. Love the sideways bunks, storage under the lower bunks &...
  33. harryo

    Limits of Rockies on a 1 1/2 day trip on the "Old Glory" 2.16.13

    Joe Phillip's new boat, "Old Glory", refurbished Cherokee Geisha, is up & running. We fished off of San Tomas & up off the Banda Bank. The ride was fabulous with hardly a bump on the way down & back. Nice sunrise to awake too, beautiful day! T shirt weather throughout the day & hardly any...
  34. harryo

    Colnett limits of humongous red on the "Fortune" 2.2.13

    Went fishin with Bruce Smith on his charter boat, "Fortune". Bruce's is going to run a few more trips to Colnett out of San Diego before he goes up to 22nd Street Landing. The first couple of hours, we fished the high spots for yellow, but did not find any biters. It is just a matter of time...
  35. harryo

    Wide Open Mackie Bite on Shelter Island Pier Christmas Day

    Usual Christmas Day stroll around Shelter Island to the Pier. Nice sunrise! Lots of time to reflex on my good fortune. Merry Christmas to ya all! Seaya! harryo
  36. harryo

    WFO mackie bite on Shelter Island Pier Thanksgiving Day

    Took my usual turkey day stroll from home around Shelter Island to the pier & back. Had a lot of time to reflex & to give thanks for my good life. Lan & I wish everybody a nice Thanksgiving Day. Seaya! harryo
  37. harryo

    Tagging calico & sand bass in the restricted La Jolla cove area 10.24.12

    The DFG has a grant to study the calico, sand & spotted bay bass. Yesterday was one of several trips that Lyall arranged for the tagging program. One interesting thing about the tagging was the few number of fish that were tagged a few days ago that were retagged. Pat McDonell, editor of...
  38. harryo

    And the Beat goes on, Limit fishin on the "Pacific Dawn"

    What can I say. Now is the time to go fishin, won't got any better. Thanks to the Pat & the crew for a great trip. Fished with some guys from the Harbor Sportsman, the club my brother, Tsutomu, belongs too. Some of our friends that go back to the old school days in Altadena & Pasadena. Good...
  39. harryo

    Found the right paddie to make the day "Fortune" 9.18.12

    Finally about 3pm we found the paddie of all paddies. It made the day with limit style fishin from the dodos to the bft. Made us a little late in getting back. Want to thank Capt Bruce for letting us take advantage of the bite. Thanks also to Chris in the galley for wearing the T-shirt of...
  40. harryo

    fishin was good the "Dominator" 9.3,4.12

    A mixed bag of bluefin, yellowfin, albacore, yellowtail & dorado. Started at the pens & spent the rest of the day pattie hopping & trollng. There is only 1 pen now out there now. Hope the one sticks around. The brothers, D-Anna, work hard to get you on fish. Now is the time to go. Fishin...
  41. harryo

    Near limits of yt on the "Cortez" 8.20.12

    Hadn't fished with Capt Jim in a couple years. Nice operation! The usual paddie hopping & meter marks on the Bluefin. Nice ocean. We were out by ourselves most the day out round 50 miles south. Sorry no pics, you have probably seem enough pics of yt, bft & dorado. Want to remind everyone of...
  42. harryo

    Fishin on he "Aztec" 7.20.12

    I sure can pick them. Seems as if the fishin is down & the seas rough on the days I get out. Was on the "Aztec" for the first time in years. Boats canceled due to the lack of enough peeps to get out & the "Aztec" benefited. Not 34 as Ron had on he "Condor", but more than I wanted to deal...
  43. harryo

    Fishin on the "Condor" 7.7.12

    What can I say, short period between swells & 25 kt winds made for shitty catchin. No tuna with a few 5-7# tails. We had a lot of time to nap & clown around a little to pass the day. Fortunately we had a great dinner with a choice of spaghetti with Bologmeise sauce or chicken curry on rice...
  44. harryo

    Twilight fishin with Capt Ron on the "Point Loma"

    Fishin was good, catchin not limit style. Lots of shorts, a few nice fish. A neighbor of mine was on the boat & needed a lot of help. He got it. Capt Ron went through the whole routine from selecting, hooking & casting a bait to swinging on the fish. Pic of the jack pot winner. Seaya harryo
  45. harryo

    Limit style cali fishin on the "Dolphin" 7.2.12

    The wide open calico bass fishin is back at the Point Loma kelp. Capt Coz encourages releasing of all large bass, so he weighs all large bass released for the JP. It makes it easier for a person in the jack pot to agree to the release. All of the fish in the pics were released & quite a...
  46. harryo

    Fishin the "Sea Watch" with our Junior Anglers 6.28.2012

    The Southwestern Yacht Club Youth Foundation in partnership with Friend of Rollo sponsored the tripl The bite was exactly what we needed for the kids to pull on fish. All they wanted to do was to pull on a lot of fish & they got it. On the first few stops, we loaded up on the Calis mostly...
  47. harryo

    Cali fishin on the "Point Loma" tonight 6.22.12

    Sure enough I shut the bite off. Not limit fishin, but decent fishin. Look at the counts & you will see it was down for everybody. Capt Ron put us on the fish & fortunately we had some nice chovies for bait. Every bait was a bite, unfortunately half of the bass were shorts. 1/4 oz egg...
  48. harryo

    Night Fishin for WSB on the "Pride" 5.16.2012

    Well, Capt Greg had a crew trip to see if the fish were going to bite. Not tonight. Cannot say that it was the lack of trying. Greg was up almost all night resetting all of the lines as the boat would swing & the lines got caught in the kelp, untangling lines, retying new tackle, rebaiting &...
  49. harryo

    Two days on the "PacVoyager" 5.12-13.2012

    First day of fishin off of San Jose for rockies, lungs & white fish. Limits all around with some quality reds. Had to fish on the anchor all day because of the extreme current & wind. Anchored in 300plus feet of water. Try staying on top of a stone, almost impossible, but Mark did it time...
  50. harryo

    SWYC Bottom Fishing Tournament- Add a little fish porn 5.5.2012

    A little late, I've had issues with my new iMac. Seaya! harryo
  51. harryo

    Yellows on "Pacific Voyager" 4.28.12

    It was a very tough day on the tails. They are there in a half mile area near the rock pile. Mark would meter them & get on them, but they would not bite. We would run on birds, the tail would go down as soon as you get there. This happened over & over for most of the day except for a couple...
  52. harryo

    Fishin the "San Diego" 4.25.12

    Louis Almeida put together a few of the San Diego Anglers to get Booger out to sea. 8 of the 10 fishermen were SD Anglers. Had our chances this afternoon, but got only 2 biters. My claim to fame was holding the tail caught by Chris, the cook on the Boat. And I got a piece of the fish. so it...
  53. harryo

    Colnett on the "Constitution" 4.21.2012

    Tough fishin for Colnett standards, nevertheless a nice day on the water with ideal weather conditions for travelin & fishin. Seaya! harryo
  54. harryo

    Fishin wih Booger on the "San Diego"

    What can I say, Booger is da man! Had a great day although I did not get a tail. Nice to be out on the water. Sold my Hatt,BTW. One of the happy days. Seaya! harryo
  55. harryo

    Not so hot mackie bite, Shelter Island Pier 4.8.2012

    Gym was closed for Easter, so I took my usual holiday walk around Shelter I sland. What a beautiful day! Nice to get out alone & count my blessings. Poor guys on the pier weren't having a very good day on the fishin, but I am sure they appreciated the weather. Damn, life is good! Seaya! harryo
  56. harryo

    One Nice Hali on the "Point Loma" 3.14.2012

    Went out with Capt Ron again. Started using the plastics until the wind blow so hard where I could not keep the leadhead on the bottom & an 8oz sinker would not keep the dine on the bottom. The guy next me hooks this keeper on bait. After some coaching by the crew, he gets the sucker in, 34.5#...
  57. harryo

    Fishin butts with Capt Ron on the "Point Loma" 2.24.2012

    Nice day out, but the fish gods were not cooperating. One lonely legal with a few shorts. If you want to drift all day for halis, Capt Ron Baker,, the halibut king, is da man. Seaya! harryo
  58. harryo

    Epic Fishin Colnett on the "Voyager" 1.7.2012

    Left an hour late after waiting for the Visas to be processed. Still got down on the high spot for the tails early enough. We caught 3 yellowtail, but it could have been better if the damn Humboldts weren't harrassing us. Oh well, learned that Humboldt tenticles make good rockie bait & it...
  59. harryo

    The "Constitution" does Colnett 12.29.2011

    This will be the last trip to Colnett without paying through the nose for something called a Visa. What a ripoff! As usual limit style fishin for rockies. Capt Darryl (owner/skipper) has a crew of Captians to run the boat & find the fish. Lots of talent. Many happy campers aboard even a...
  60. harryo

    WFO Mackie Bite Christmas Day 2011

    Took my usual holiday stroll around Shelter Island. Nice day! The pier anglers were having a field day. Saba, probably the most important seafood in the world. We certainly have plenty here. Here's hoping for some 3 pole tuna for 2012! Just an excuse to wish everyone a Merry Christmas &...
  61. harryo

    "Journeyman" Blue Marlin? PV 12.2.2011

    Released a small blue marlin or could it be a striper or another species. The dorsal does not have the typical look or height of a blue. Has the height of a stripers dorsal fin. Maybe small blues have the higher dorsal than the much larger ones. The thickness of the body suggest a blue...
  62. harryo

    "Journeyman" Fishin PV 12.2-4.2011

    Fished in the area of most of the life, West of the northern most islands. Fishin was fair with mustly small yft up to over 100#. Get a blue marlin & a dorado. Dropped off some provisions on the "Maximus". Nice weather with mild temps for PV. Grace & Robert Pedigo have a fishin machine among the...
  63. harryo

    WFO Mackies on SI Pier & Fiesta Isle Whale Report Thanksgiving Morning

    My annual turkey morning strool around Shelter Isle to smell the air & to thank God I'm in the greatist country & city in the world & thanks for my good life. This time I added a trip to Fiesta to see the progress in disposing of the whale. Went out yesterday to see what they were doing with...
  64. harryo

    Easy making squid on "Pride" in La Jolla 11.18.2011

    It's has been about 6 mo since I been able to get around to fish. Back surgery didn't do the job. Nice to be on the water again. It was an all night affair. Plugged the tanks & a large barrel with the candy bait. Capt Greg & Matt worked their asses off to get us some wsb. but was not to be...
  65. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge results 9.10.2011

    Catchin was terrible, most of the tuna caught were off of San Martin. The pens were a bust. Otherwise onezys twozys blind strikes here & there & under paddies. The Grand Prize was won with a released marlin worth 25 points, which means all of the tuna caught were under 25#. Pics: Overall top...
  66. harryo

    "Journeyman" joins the Longer Rangers off San Martin 8.26.2011

    Tough limits of YFT & BFT in really bad bad seas. Our only stop early in the morning. Headed for home at 11am with short stops along the way home. Took 20 hrs to get home. Nasty seas! Seaya! harryo
  67. harryo

    "Journeyman" Off Shore below Colnett Limits of YFT & handfull of tails 7.28,29.2011

    Just got back from 2 days of fishin on Robert Pedigo's Yacht, "Journeyman". First day 11 yellows & a yellowfin tuna & second day Limits of yft & one yellowtail. Find the right group of porpoise & you will get a lot of yft. All of the yft were caught on one porpoise school & all on rapalas &...
  68. harryo

    "Journeyman" goes to San Martin 7.16,17.2011

    Trip to get limits of 20-30# yellowtail as advertised. Well, day late or whatever. Lots of 4-8# tails at the island with a few a very few over 10#s. The calis made up for the lousy fishin though. Limit style fishin with quality toads. Thank god we had a excellent chef aboard. Can't caught...
  69. harryo

    Wide Open Cuder & Cali bite on the "Sea Watch" 7.1.2011

    As part of the Fishing 101 week long summer camp at Southwestern Yacht Club we completed the week with the 3/4 trip on the "Sea Watch" out of Seaforth Landing. With the help of the captain & crew & volunteers from SWYC, we were hoping that the kids will learn a little about the joys of...
  70. harryo

    41st Annual SWYC Bottom Fishing Tournament 5.7.2011

    Well, the tournament is over. Fishin for cods were down this year. There were a few boats that did well as the "Doghouse" & "Lively One" from the Mission Bay Marlin Club combined to win the prestigous club championship perpetual award. There were as usual plenty of fish for the fish fry. We...
  71. harryo

    Prefished the SWYC Bottom Fishing Tournament 5.6.11

    Still not too late to enter the tournament. You can register as late as tomorrow morning starting at 5am at the Southwestern Yacht Club. Free breakfast at 6am & shot gun start at 7am. Remember all of the proceeds goes to the San Diego Hospice. The seas were as good as it is going to get. All...
  72. harryo

    Reminder 41st Annual SWYC Bottom Fishing Tounament

    The big date, Sat May 7th. You can register as close 6am of the day of the tournament. Shot gun start at 7am from Southwestern Yacht Club. Seaya you there at the tournament! harryo
  73. harryo

    "Journeyman", the ultimate fishin machine

    Well, Robert Pedigo's boat is finally ready to go fishin. Can't wait for the fishin to improve. Went on his Whaler & shot a bunch of pics of the revamped lady. Seaya! harryo
  74. harryo

    Easter day stroll around Shelter Island 4.24.2011

    Normally I would be in the gym, but being Easter, it was closed, so a walk around the Island except I only made it to the club. I took these pics along the path from Kellog Beach to Southwestern. It was misty early in the morning & after my camera get soaked, decided to go to the boat to wait...
  75. harryo

    Mackie Report from Day at the Docks 4.17.2011

    The mackerel set aside for kids fishin had a die off due to being harshed by seals. The fishin was cut short as a result. Damn seals! Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2011 was there to sell tickets for our Defiance 220nt Center Console & to, of coarse, to spread the news of our tournament...
  76. harryo

    Fred Hall Show Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2011

    As usual we had an exhibit at the Show in Long Beach. We thank those people who bought raffle tickets for our Defiance 220nt Center Console boat donated by Defiance own, Bo Palmer & San Diego Boat owner, Robb Sanford & for the Shimano Tiagra 30W 2 speed reel. Want to especially thank Saluki for...
  77. harryo

    Codding on the "Pacific Voyager" at Colnett 3.5.2011

    Capt Mark apologized for the not so usual fishin at Colnett. The comments from the anglers were that it was great fishin & they will be back. The current was screaming downhill & was difficult to hold bottom even with a 3# weight. Mark anchored up & still it take a lot of weight. The weather...
  78. harryo

    Shelter Island Pier Report 3.3.11

    On my way to the gym, I occasionally check out the fishin on the pier. Glad to see the bait size mackie bite is in full force & some lizard fish. Now to the important part of the stroll, which was to test my new 18x270mm zoom lens. Have more variety now in shooting pics now. Seaya! harryo
  79. harryo

    Hali fishin, but not catchin outside of San Diego bay 2.23.11

    Went out on Sam Minervini's sailboat, "Sailfish", this afternoon for a couple of drifts above Buoy 5 & below 6. Got one sandie & couple of other unknown bites. Nice day out though, but colder than hell. Seaya! harryo
  80. harryo

    Tough day for limits of rockies & Lings at Colnett on the "Apollo"

    Wasn't easy to get a lot of fish unless you were tirelessly dragging the bottom. The quality was not there for Colnett standards. Reds were not the dominate species, but unusually more slimers & staries in the mix. The yellows were no show, drifted anyway over their haunts hoping they will find...
  81. harryo

    Zuniga Hali on the "Sail Fish" 1.25.11

    Hopped on Sam Minervini's ketch for a late afternoon slow ride out to #8 & 6. Made a couple of drifts with 3 solid bites for one fish. Nice to be out in this beautiful weather we are having. Seaya! harryo
  82. harryo

    Another Colnet Report on the "Apollo" 1.15.2011

    Seems the reports from the area are getting to be ho hum. The bite down there is still the same, fabulous, limit style fishin for quality rockies & lings. JJ was the first one down there with ample time to fish for the homeguards & yet have plenty of time to fish the bottom grabbers. Didn't...
  83. harryo

    Not so wide open smelt bite on the new "Jouneyman" 1.12.2011

    Robert Pedigo had his whole family including his father-in-law on their boat today. To pass the time away, they did a little fishin on the "Journeyman" dockside. The mackies were not biting, but the smelt were. His Father-in-law went home with a ziplock full of smelt. The "Journeyman" is...
  84. harryo

    "Voyager", the fishin charter vessel, undergoing a makeover

    Capt Jodie thought it was about time to get some overdue creature comforts on the boat. I agree after getting soaked everytime I ran to the head in the bow going uphill from Colnett . There will be 2 heads with shower heads in the housing behind the 2 new spiral staircase into the bunk area. No...
  85. harryo

    Fishin report for the Shelter Isand Pier 1.1.11

    "Happy New Years" everybody! Damn, should be out fishin today. Gorgous weather with a slight wind coming out of the East. Starting tomorrow, forecast is for rain the next 4 days. There was an improvement for fishin over Christmas Day. Saw one mackie caught today. Nice sunrise though as...
  86. harryo

    Fish Report for the Shelter Island Pier Christmas Day

    First of all, a Merry Christmas to you all. Had my usual holiday stroll around Shelter Island, the gym was closed. Terrible fishin on the pier, not one fish in the buckets of the diehard anglers & it was gloomy out there with foggy conditions. Seaya! harryo
  87. harryo

    Colnett yellowtail, reds & lings on the "Voyager" 11.27.10

    Great fishin with limits of quality reds, lots of lings, a cow & 8 yellows. The tails were brutes with many lost. Got to get there early at day break before the Humboldts show or 8ish appears. Capt Jodie left the dock at 6pm with bait already loaded. Even at that, we got more bait from the...
  88. harryo

    Wide Open Mackie Bite on the Shelter Island Pier

    The gym was closed for Thanksgiving, so I took my usual holiday stroll around Shelter Island with my camera. Beautiful day to reflect & thank god for all the good things. Couldn't ask for more. Seaya! harryo
  89. harryo

    Epic cod & ling fishin on a Senortuna charter on the "Pacific Star" 11.13-14.10

    Limit style fishin of quality reds & lings. My hats off to Chris & Mike for having the best all around operation in the mid multi-day range. One thing I hate about some of boats is the shower facilities. Usually not made for convenience & comfort. On the Star, you have large showers with...
  90. harryo

    Fishin is still good at San Barbara Island on the "Freedom" 10.28.10

    Got in on the action, but I sucked. Nice to have Larry Fukuhara, one of the regulars on the "Freedom", give me some of his fillets. We will have some yellowtail sashimi tonight. Thanks, Larry. Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge thanks Capts/owners Tom & Darlen Lee for supporting our tournament for...
  91. harryo

    Fishin Report Q105 at Benitos on a Capt Ron Baker Special 9.28-10.2.10

    Capt Ron at his best talkin fishin. Of coarse, Deena was there to show us how to fish by example. Besides the limits of yellowtail, the best part of the trip was the food prepared by Chef Chris, a Cordon Bleu graduate. Learned that Ron not only is a fisher person, but also a song writer. He...
  92. harryo

    One albie on the "Cut Loose" 9.18.10

    Fished the Chuck Byron Commemorative Fish-on Anglers Tournament on John & Barbara Arrietta's "Cut Loose". We were in the fleet a few miles below the 43. It was tough fishin! Cut bait, then cut more bait. I think we caught the only albie in the Tournament. We will see if the fish will hold up...
  93. harryo

    Pics & some results from MAWTC 2010 9.11.10

    Well, the carnage is over. "Reel Eze" took most of the top honors. Lyle Hall won the Richard Thomas memorial grand prize with a 50.8# Yellow Fin Tuna, Gary Burke won the large boat division 1st place with a 42.4# Yellow Fin Tuna, Steve Nagel 2nd with a 38.6# Yellow Fin Tuna & Butch Jorden 3rd...
  94. harryo

    Tough fishin for a BFT on the "Kendandy" 9.1.10

    Started with the fleet just outside of the upper 500. Lots of meter marks about 120 ft down with big areas of krill at the same level. Got just one to die on a yoyoed jig snagged near the tail. We were real lucky we got that fish. Wore my new lucky cap today. That did it. We thank the...
  95. harryo

    Humongous cali c&r on a MC weedless swimbait 8.3.10

    Luc Ofield of Anglers Choice as he was approaching the club called me to weigh his fish on our certified club scale. I was doing some repairs on my boat, so I was close by. Luc was fishin with Cory Sanden on Cory's bass boat. After weighing the bass, I accompanied Luc & Cory back to the weeds to...
  96. harryo

    Good fishin East of the dumper & West of the airplane on the "Christina Lynn" 7.25.10

    Near Mexican limits of albies. Headed for home goin 9+kts as we were filletin fish, we had our best stop. We didn't have time to box the area, but the area looks promising. Seaya! harryo
  97. harryo

    Friends of Rollo trip on the "Cortez" 6.30.10

    Thanks to Friends of Rollo, John Rowe & Captain Jim Hughs & Crew, we had a great trip. Kids that are being introduced to fishin need a lot of help & Jim & his crew were busier than normal. Not a moment to rest. It is an exasperating task. Thanks Jim & crew, you guys were very patient...
  98. harryo

    Epic tail fishin on the "Chubby II" 6.21.10

    For me not, but for some Mexican limits. Should of, could of change my lines more often. Any whooose, another day of tackle failures. Got some though. The pile is the place with a down hill current. Got to give kudos to the deckies on the Chub for their skill at untangling lines in a hurry...
  99. harryo

    T the Admiral out hali fishin on our boat, "alfresco III" 6.18.10

    Fished off of IB for a few hours again for just one butt. Lots of raked baits. Unfortunately, Lan did not get one, so I decided to add a pic I took of her & her riding buddie a week ago on Monitor pass, a 3,500 ft climb up to the summit from 395. Tried to make my butt look humongous, but I have...
  100. harryo

    You don't have to run & gun for tails, just go butt fishin 6.9.10

    Driftin for butts off of IB today for some halis & a nice yellow on the "Christina Lynn". Pic of Rob Lane, who had the hot stick. Seaya! harryo
  101. harryo

    Checked out the Lingosaurus hole this evening 6.1.10

    Shoud be out runnin & Gunnin the tails or soaking bait all night at Cat or fishin for mr t. Did not have the time, sooo fished a leisurely few hours this afternoon. Seaya! harryo
  102. harryo

    Can't fish outside, do it off the docks 5.23.10

    The annual Southwestern Dock Fishing Tournament was held today off our docks. Everyone is a winner in this tournament & no one gets sick. With fuel between 3 & 4 bucks a gallon, who can afford to go outside. Be crasy to go out today anyway. Caught & released everything from spotties, sandies...
  103. harryo

    Fishin on the "Chubasco II" 5.19.10

    Tough fishin for them yellows. Fished the flats a few miles inside South Island & near the pile. Caught all of the fish in the afternoon after returning to the flats. Seventeen peeps is a lot better than fifty-eight. Had room to sling iron, but you got to throw on top of the herd. My mistake...
  104. harryo

    West Marine opening for their new expanded fishing display

    Still time to come down today & tomorrow for the free tacos & hot dogs besides the opportunity to see our (Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2010) Defiance 220nt pilot house boat & get a chance to win it. It is only ten dollars a ticket. It take only one ticket to win. All of the processes go to...
  105. harryo

    SWYC 40th Annual Bottom Fishing Tournament 5.8.10

    The best bottom fishing tournament for reds. I've never seen so many quality reds. Most of the tournament winning fish came on the drop off below & outside South Island. Great fishin! Southwestern finally won the club award after a 9 yr drought. The top boat was "Listo" with 30.40# for 5...
  106. harryo

    Prefish the rockies again 5.1.10 for the Southwestern Yacht Club Bottom Fishing Tour

    Tried some other #s today south of South Island for just a few medium sized reds. Didn't take any pics . The bottom fishing tournament is the best bang for your buck of all tournaments that I know of & all the proceeds go to the San Diego Hospice. For you entry fee you get a T-shirt...
  107. harryo

    Tough fishin below & around the pile on the "AJ" 4.26.10

    Went out with Rob Lane on his "AJ". One tail & a bunch of log berries to show for our efforts. We tried everything from trolling rapalas to trolling, flying lineing & dropper looping deans to yoyoing & throwing iron. Berries on the rapalas & surface iron, the lone tail on a flylined dean. It...
  108. harryo

    Lower 9 Rockie fishin on the "Alfresco III" 4.24.10

    Haven't had the boat out in ages. Good to see she still runs with just minor problems. We are prefishin for the big bottom Fishing tournament to benefit the San Diego Hospice on Sat May 8, 10. It is the greatest bottom fishing tournament around with an all you can eat fish fry ya want to come...
  109. harryo

    up above the half in La Jolla on the Defiance Guadalupe 4.19.10

    Rob Sanford & Bo Palmer invited me to fish with them on their Team Defiance's 290 Guadalupe. Nice rig! Fast & efficient. Bo got to throw some of Cory Sanden's new weedless MC baits with the master himself on his weedless boat. They did the business inside the weeds. Then he hops on the...
  110. harryo

    Fishin way below the pile to North of North Island on the " Mission Belle" 4.16.10

    Fishin was crappy with a Spanish Jack winning the JP. Seems as if there were fish here & there but no biters. The best thing to report on was our deckhand, Karen, who in my mind was one of the most helpful of deckhands I ever encountered. She spend a lot of time with the newbies & did not...
  111. harryo

    "Legend" off Todos Santos 4.6.10

    Oh, what a difference a day makes. Hump fishin yesterday & half per rod today. Shawn worked his ass off. Didn't get home until 9:30 tonight. Suppose to be small craft warnings down there tomorrow. Hope the "Legend" has decent enough weather to do the business. Pics from the trip. Seaya!
  112. harryo

    Fishin a few miles below the rockpile on the "Christina Lynn" 4.2.10

    Fished basicly insight & in with the fleet for near limits of humongous bonita. It was run & gun for most of us. Any iron or megabait would work, you just have to get the iron to them. Nice to have a side scanner, but we didn't. Had to have one today to get a tail or lucky enough to see one...
  113. harryo

    Fished off of the Del Coronado Hotel & in San Diego Bay on the "Cut Loose"

    John & Barbara Arrieta lent their yacht to Make-A-Wish to forfill a dream of a young man with a life threating disease. David, their son & I want along to help. John, the recipient of the wish wanted to catch some fish, but had to settle for some macherel, which he was delighted with. I think he...
  114. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2010 at the Del Mar FH Show

    It was good to visit & thank some of our 2010 sponsors. Surprizingly we saw people here that we did not see in Long Beach. We must of missed them in Long Beach. This is what I like about our show here. It is harder to get lost here. Want to thank those of you, who bought raffle tickets for...
  115. harryo

    Knot Tying at the Fred Hall Show Del Mar

    Went by the Izorline booth to see what was going on in the knot tying contest on Sat. Shauna Barton, one of the Izorline pro staff, told me the knot that was going to win will be a Uni. She went through the steps of tying the knot. I got lucky & tying the knot 4 times I finally came out the...
  116. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2010 1st day on the Fred Hall Del Mar Show

    Seem like a slow day, good time for one on one encounters. Want to remind everyone that we have a Defiance 220NT Pilothouse boat & Shimano tiagra 30WTSLR reel for raffle. The drawing for the reel will be on Sun, the last day of the Fred Hall Show. Seaya at the show. harryo
  117. harryo

    Limits of Humongous Reds & Boccacios on the "Voyager" 3.20.10

    The best rockie bite I've experienced this year. It was great to fish with Junior & Matt. Junior is on the "Impulse" & Matt runs the "Impulse" occasional. The trip was sponsored by Berkeley Penn with Matt Barlow aboard. Matt brought a lot of goodies, the best I've experienced on sponsored...
  118. harryo

    2 days on the "Indian" 3.13,14.2010

    Tough fishin on the Banda Bank, Middle Grounds & North of North Island. The weather conditions made it miserable to fish without getting tossed around. The JP ling was only about 7#, so I choose not to take any fish pics. The trip was sponsored by the Western Outdoor New with Bob Semerau, a...
  119. harryo

    Knot Tying at the Fred Hall Show

    A side note to the show. Lori Sachau ( Byron) taught Barbara Arriela, one of our key members on our Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2010 committee, how to tie a palomar knot & low & behold, she ended up as one of the top contestants in the knot tying contest at the show. Not bad for a not so...
  120. harryo

    Apollo does Colnett again 2.20.10

    Limits of all combined fish. Fishin was fair. Had to work your ass off to catch fish. It was rough as hell going down, but nice coming up hill. With areas of rain around us, we lucked out to run into only one area of rain on our last drift. Got to rub elbows with some of our politicos, Bob...
  121. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2010 Rule Change

    The committee decided tonight to change the small boat category from 28' & under to 26' & under. Hopefully this will give the smaller boats a better opportunity to compete since the larger ones have more range & can accomodate more anglers. For "Finology" last year it did not make any...
  122. harryo

    "Christina Lynn" Hits the Lower 9 for Rockfish 2.3.10

    Near limits on the boccacios & not much else. We were looking for reds, but could only get one. Even got a bonita on the gangions. All in all a nice 1/2 day on the water exercising the boat. Notice the carrier trying to poach our #s. Seaya! harryo
  123. harryo

    MAWTC 2010 2nd day at the San Diego Sunroad Boat Show

    Saw all of the exhibits & boats yesterday, so I browzed the exhibits & took pics of one of our committee members, Steve & Athena Warmenhoven' booth & the only other directly related fishie display, the new yellowtail derby. Josie added some balloons to our Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2010 display...
  124. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2010 Sept 10-12, 2010

    Just a reminder to put the dates on your calendar. For further info goto Thank you for supporting us last year. We just got the commitment for our boat for raffle. Again Defiance has come through with a pilot house 220NT. This is the 3rd year they have donated a boat & we are...
  125. harryo

    Epic 2nd day bottom fishin on the "Indian"

    Started south of San Martin dragging dropper loops & gangions for some tails & a bunch of humongous whitefish with the lose of a lot of lead. The highlite of the day was one of the deckhands using the rail to subdue a bsb (?) that did not want to leave his home. After a little over a half...
  126. harryo

    Sunrise pics off Shelter Island 1.10.10

    Too much goofoff time, not enough fishin time. On the way to the gym, the sunrises lately have been spectacular & I didn't have my camera with me, so this morning, I brought my camera & got a not so spectacular sunrise. Oh well, like fishin. Should have been here yesterday. Seaya! harryo
  127. harryo

    Swordie fishin Florida style on the "Kendandy" 1.1.10

    What better way to start the year than being out on the water. Drifted on the 300Fa curve inside the 43. With about 5 grand of equipment, you too can soak a bait 2,000 ft down without having to crank the gear back up. Did not connect with the right kind, but we do know that the humboldts are at...
  128. harryo

    "Alfresco III" on & near the pile

    The Admiral needed a rockfish & tail to round out her year. Got the rockies, but no tails. Didn't meter much bait off the pile but plenty on the high spots of the pile. Yoyoed, dropper looped, Gangioned. Lots of bottom grabbers on the many stones off the pile. Great shallow water codding with...
  129. harryo

    Nados on the "San Diego" 12.19.09

    Not much to report. Metered tails around the middle grounds & inside North Isle. No takers. Never got down to the pile. The Belle & Malihini did not make it down to the pile either. We might try the pile tomorrow or La Jolla. The Admiral is determined to get a tail which has eluded her this...
  130. harryo

    Robert's new sled- 65' Custom Sportfisher

    Robert & Grace Pedigo just got delivery of the old "Cbandit". Nice to be able to move up. The "Ocean Pearl" is now for sale. Want the perfect fishin boat, the Pearl is it. Seaya! harryo
  131. harryo

    Southland Technology's Christmas Party 12.4.09

    I'll do anything just to post some pics. Robert & Grace Pedigo ("Ocean Pearl") does it up right. What a feast at the grand ole Coronado Hotel. Came home a ton heavier. Gym time. Seaya! harryo
  132. harryo

    Thanksgiving day walk around Shelter Island 11.26.09

    Wow! What a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky. Got a chance to see the sun rise as I leisurely strolled on the path around the island. Took a bunch of pics, naturally. Had time to reflect & thank god for all the good things that have happen to me. I am thankful for my situation &...
  133. harryo

    "Black Pearl" Hits Colnett/San Jose for Rockfish & Lingosaurus 11.14,15.09

    The fishin was fair, not what you would consider good for the area. The boat is not for the people accustom to the amenities of a long ranger. Rick, the owner/captain, will go to any length to get out to slay fish. The morning of the departure for the trip, there were only 5 reservations He was...
  134. harryo

    Time to go Lingosauras Fishin

    Can't catch carp, so maybe we could capture a ling. Had a couple of hours this afternoon, so we headed out a few miles dodging lobster pots. Thanks, sdfishkiller. Seaya! harryo
  135. harryo

    "Ocean Pearl" marlin fishin off the East end of Catalina 9.18,19.09

    Caught & released 4 marlin in 2 days of fishin, which was enough to win the Interclub Light Tackle Tournament & Heart Tournament. Robert Pedigo released 2 marlin to take individual honors. "Ocean Pearl" won the top boat award & "Ocean Pearl" & "Christina Lynn" combined to win top club honors for...
  136. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2009 Luncheon Pics

    I was in & out doing tournament goofer stuff, so was not able to take pics of all the winners or get to know the names of the winners that I took pics of except for the club award that was won by Southwestern Yacht again for the 7th straight year. Since I was part of the team, I should know...
  137. harryo

    Marlin fishin, not catchin on the "Ken-Dandy"

    Went from the lower end of the 9, through the canyon, out to the 439, over to the inside edge of the kidney, back to the warm side of the temp break, up to the 182, short of the 138, to the 178 & home in Mission Bay. Stopped on a bunch of nice paddies & porps for one dodo. Conditions looked the...
  138. harryo

    Limit yft fishin on the "Ocean Pearl" 8.19.09

    Started below the 295 @ 71mi, worked our way farther South & East & back through the 295. Picked a few fish in each jig bite & paddie throughout the day. Had enough stops to get a pile of yfts, one bluefin & several dodos & yt & skippies. All in all a good day & calm enough weather @the...
  139. harryo

    Run & gun fishin outside & above the 230 7.25.09

    Definitely an evening bite with terns over the albies & tuna in 73 degree water. We couldn't get them on the small megabaits or the tady c, but was fun to see all the fish chasing bait. The only way we scored was by driving the jigs by them & live bait. Great practice for Mag Bay. Dennis...
  140. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Wish Trip to IB 7.15.09

    Joined the fleet of sand bass boats just south of IB pier in about 80,90' of water. The short time we were there, we could not make the fish to bite. Metered quite a few fish for a cali & a bunch of mackies. The fleet seem to be constantly on the move for not much. Levi's wish was to go...
  141. harryo

    Epic tanker fishin on the 4th on "Alfresco III"

    Took the Admiral out again. Robert Pedigo of the pearl joined us. Robert was on fire. He was our designated deadhead & he did his duty. What a way to celebrate Independance day! And we back in time to see the fireworks. Unusual for us, we dumped way to many fish. Seaya! harryo
  142. harryo

    WSB on the "Sea Watch" 7.1.09

    Thought the wsb might get your attention. First we, Southwestern Yacht Club Anglers, thank John Rowe, Friends of Rollo & Seaforth Landing for providing the "Sea Watch" for our on hands part of our fishing 101 coarse for our Juniors. This is an annual partnership with Friends of Rollo to teach...
  143. harryo

    Fishin on the Chubasco II 6.25.09

    Chubby II was on a half day run today. Fishin was so so with a few barries & lots of small calis & macks. The only excitement were these gals on a mission to kill some fish & kill they did. Seaya! harryo
  144. harryo

    SCI WSB Fishin on the Alfresco III 6.21.09

    Well, got out on our boat again. Spent 2 days at the Island for 2 WSB. It was slow for us east of Lost Point & inside Pyramid Cove. We were happy to have 2 tankers rather than a limit of smaller ones. Got them on a weighted plastic squid & 3 oz lead head with 2 squid pinned to the hooks...
  145. harryo

    Shelter Lodge, Juneau, AK Fishin for halis, king salmon & black cod

    Just got back too many pounds heavier. The food is outrageous with pacific rim flavor & lots of rice. My kind of food, soul food for sure. Lots of fish, but no trophy size ones. Brought home about 100# of fish & salmon eggs, all vacuum packed & flash frozen. Guality fish for sure. Black cod...
  146. harryo

    An "Alfresco III" hali on Doghouse Jeff's #s

    Thanks to Jeff, we caught this humongous hali today. BTW, this is my 2nd hali on the last 3 trips that ate a channel island chovie 5in Fish Trap. Thanks, Barry, also for the squid. Seaya! harryo
  147. harryo

    Hali fishin on the "Ocean Pearl" 5.25.09

    Thank God, we had squid left over from a trip to Catalina. The squid did not do the business at Cat, but the halis loved them down here off the Imperial Beach Pier. Started fishin with sardines, choves & squid. We changed over to squid only when it became apparent that the fish wanted the...
  148. harryo

    Fishin for halis on the "Alfresco III" 5.24.09

    Took the Admiral & our mechanic, Mark Henwood, on an extended sea trial & hali hunting. Mark got his fish, but Lan could only cry about a couple of lost fish. All in all, a good day considering what the armada did. It was in the usual area of the good bite for the last few weeks around the...
  149. harryo

    San Diego Anglers charter on the "San Diego" 5.23.09

    Wide open bite on the barries for those who can throw iron off Pt. Loma & quality cali fishin at the Middle Ground. The lone tail caught at the Middle Grounds won the jackpot. Nice day fishin with fellow Anglers. Seaya! harryo
  150. harryo

    Not so wide open cuder bite on the "Dolphin" 5.20.09

    Went out with Jason this afternoon. Did not expect 68 people on the boat, only 16 in the morning & it was a wide open bite. Oh well, at least no one got ironed, amazing it did not happen. Man, the irons were flying every which way with a lot of tangles & near misses. You did not want to move...
  151. harryo

    Fishin with Mark Wisch on his new boat, "Pacific Edge"

    Was envited by Robert Pedigo to fish with Mark. After going through Marks book on fishin wbs at Catalina, it was time to gain further knowledge of catchin them ghost. We went on a day & one half trip, 2pm on Sun to 6pm on Mon. In seabass fishin, time of day is important since we don't know when...
  152. harryo

    Tough weekend at Calalina for 2 WSB

    It is getting to be a habit, took the Admiral & some friends of ours, John Arrieta & Mike McGrath, out on the "Alfresco III" to catch some wsb. Lan did not want any part of those 3 4 hundred pound T fish any more, so we went ghost fishin. This is her kind of fishin. Friday & Saturday, we...
  153. harryo

    "Dolphin" 3/4 day report 4.28.09

    Went out with Capt. Jason today for rough fishin & weather. It is a rare occasion when Jason goes 3/4 day. "San Diego" was chartered, so the "Dolphin" took the open party people like myself. I think he might be running quite a few of them in the future. Jason knows the islands. Catchin of...
  154. harryo

    Southwestern Yacht Club Bottom Fishing Tournament 4.25.09

    Team Tuna Jihad saved the day for Bloody Decks with Ollie (Ali) & his first place lingcod. Those guys from San Diego Anglers are something else. Always weighing up humongous bocacs & reds for first place club honors. Seaya! harryo
  155. harryo

    "Ocean Pearl" Catalina Trip 4.21.09

    Had to cut short a ride that we were hoping for some decent fishin. Hit the beaches & kelp from Sentinal Rock around to Starlite. Fishin sucked but the weather & the squiding made it bareable. Made bait between Ben Weston & Sentinal Rock. Pics from squid grounds at sunrise. In the second pic...
  156. harryo

    Annual Easter Sunday Walk Around Shelter Island

    WOW, what a beautiful Easter. Couldn't ask for better. Off coarse, I brought my camera with me. The gym closes on holidays, so I get my walks in when the gym's closed. BTW, walking, at least for me, is as good as the exercises that the therapist prescribe for your back. They all have different...
  157. harryo

    Final Day at the Fred Hall Show Del Mar

    Long 5 days, but very satisfying. This is home so it was more of a social event than the Long Beach Show. Good to see old friends. We bought hundreds of dollars worth of raffle tickets & expected to receive a call on my cell phone, but sorry to say, it did not happen. I was watching the...
  158. harryo

    Fred Hall Show Del Mar 4th day

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2009 had a great day. Sale of Raffle tickets for both the Defiance boat & Tiagra 30 LRS were up thanks to the many who bought tickets. Got some 50m spools of Blackwater fluorocarbon for about half the regular price at Anglers Choice. Seaya! harryo
  159. harryo

    2nd day at the FH Show

    Had time, for a change, to wonder around the floor. Great buys, you got to come to the show. Of coarse, stop by the Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2009 displays to buy raffle tickets for our Defiance 220nt center console boat & Tiagra 30 LRS 2 speed. Stopped by the Big Game 90 booth to give Steve...
  160. harryo

    The bargains are still there at the Fred Hall Show.

    Good to have the show in our back yard. It was like ole home week. The Admiral had just a mile to go from her office to the fairgrounds. Nice. Seaya!
  161. harryo

    Our Gals go through great lengths to please our sponsors

    Barb Arrieta & the Admiral slaved over the stove tonight to make Lan's famous egg rolls. It is a labor of love! It is labor intensive & takes a lot of time. Our Make-Wish Tuna Challenge sponsors, especially Robb from California Offshore Marine, look forward to the egg rolls. California...
  162. harryo

    Finally ran down Oliver Yee, skipper of the "Samurai"

    Man, he is a hard guy to get a hold of. Had to get more Samurai T-shirts to replace the one & only tittered one. Got some new ones now! My avatar was taken from the official T-shirt for the sportfishing charter boat out of H & M Landing. Oliver is a great captain, btw. He is now installing...
  163. harryo

    Get your red hot tickets for the Defiance 220nt center console boat raffle

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2009 will be at the Fred Hall Show in Del Mar from March 25 to 29, 2009. We will be selling raffle tickets both for the boat & a Tiagra 30 LRS Two Speed reel. The drawing for the reel will be on Sunday at 4pm. Be there! Attached pics from the show in Long Beach...
  164. harryo

    Make-A-Wish at the Fred Hall Show

    Thanks to everybody, who bought raffle tickets for both our Defiance center console 220nt boat & Shimano Tiagra 30 LRS reel. We will have another Tiagra at the Fred Hall Show in Del Mar. Seaya in Del Mar. harryo
  165. harryo

    San Diego Rod & Reel Club Awards Banquet

    Yesterday was the Biggest raffle I have ever seen at a fishin club awards event. The Admiral went crazy & bought $200 worth of tickets. It worked. She won quite a few items. Attached a pic taken by LAN of most of the award winners. Seaya! harryo
  166. harryo

    Nothing better to do than goofing off taking pics

    Going to the gym everyday I see beautiful sunrises off of Shelter Island close to the Bali Hai & each sunrise different from the day before. Decided to record the event starting today. Each day I am sure the sunrise will be different. Tomorrow we will see. Hopefully there will be more cloud...
  167. harryo

    Humboldts...there back

    The "Ken-Dandy" went out to where RJ on the "New Seaforth" relocated the varmits & got a few of them, all they wanted. The Admiral & Dennis Albert joined Marty Morris on the hunt. It was scratchy at the beginning & got better after being called in by another boat. I wasn't on the trip, so I...
  168. harryo

    "Wow" check out this new Defiance center console 220NT boat

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2009 was presented this boat by Shamrock Boats & California Offshore Marine or California Offshore Boat Center. In these bad economic times, it took a great commitment to Make-A-Wish to give us such a great prize. We thank Shamrock Boats & California Offshore Boat...
  169. harryo

    "Wow" Check this out- Defiance Center Console 220nt donated to Make-A-Wish

    Shamrock boats & California Offshore Marine donated this boat for the Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2009. We thank them for their continued support of Make-A-Wish. Last year they donated a Defiance Pilot House 220ex. Took pics of the boat at the California Offshore Marine Office yesterday. They...
  170. harryo

    Walk around Shelter Island

    My gym was closed today so I went for a long walk from the subbase around to Shelter Island Resort & back. Nice leisurely 2 hour walk. Took a lot of pics, but could only download 4 of them. Was hoping for a red sunrise, but was greeted with this....Gloom even my camera went on the friz... not...
  171. harryo

    Epic lingosaurus bite on the "Legend" again off Colnett & above.

    Went down with Shawn on his boat, "Legend" to Colnett to fish the tails. The 3 boats that we saw down there had a total of 8 tails. We lost about 5 hrs of rockie fishin time down there since Shawn's favorate rocks are much further up the line. Despite the lost hours, we managed to get near...
  172. harryo

    LA Billfish Club Reunion

    The old farts met today for lunch in Newport Beach. There were about 30 of us in attendance. The club was formed 45 yrs ago. We are known primarily for our Avalon Billfish Tournament. It was the tournament that led to all of the other tournaments out of Avalon. In its days, it was the...
  173. harryo

    Wide open carp bite off Mag bay with quality incidental catch

    Went down to Mag Bay with the Riviera fleet of 6 boats with the "Pacific Provider" as our mother ship. Nice to rub elbows with the rich & not so famous. The Admiral & I were guests of John & Barbara on their 42' Riviera, "Cut Loose" & amenities on the Provider including exquisite drinks, pupus &...
  174. harryo

    A few days carp fishin off Catalina on the "Concubine"

    Just got back today from fishin off the west end of Catalina. Released 2 carp, 2 makos & kept a tail to eat. Weather was ok, not the best. As the days went by, the worse the fishin got. Mon & Tues the bite was wide open during the Catalina Classic. I hope it is not near the end. Like to see them...
  175. harryo

    Out again on Alfresco III for carp today

    The Admiral is determined to get a carp, she'll have to wait until tomorrow. She got to pull on a fish anyway. Doc Marty Morris of "Ken-Dandy" fame, joined us . Attached pics of the Admiral. Seaya! harryo
  176. harryo

    Tuff day on the water today on the "Cut Loose"

    Started north of the 182, from there to near the 43 & to about 5mi North of the 43. Finally found a paddie with yft on it at the area North of the 43. Bleak day with enough paddies & propi. Attached a pic. Seaya! harryo
  177. harryo

    MAWTC 2008 Banquet Highlites.

    Congrats, Tail Party & Getsum, they had an awsome day on Sat to win honors in the MAWTC 2008. Read about their day in the threads posted by them in the California Offshore Fishing Report Forum. Southwestern Yacht Club won Club honors again for the 6th time in a row. Attached pics of the...
  178. harryo

    Thanks, Tommy, for the gift certicates for Catalina Seafood Products

    Went over to Tommys to get some donations of gift certificates & Unibutter for Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge. Not only did I go home with the donations, but left with a nice slab of wsb & sea urchin eggs. Had some of the raw wsb in a chirashi salad for dinner. Great stuff! Thanks, Tommy. I keep...
  179. harryo

    Another day on "Afresco III"

    Pounded the ocean on the 9 & off Pukey for some incidental catch of yft & dodos. The Admiral filleted the fish before before we could take pics. Bs without pics, right. One of these days Lan is going to get her carp. The bite was around the 178. I wasn't going to post, but decided I ought to...
  180. harryo

    The Admiral & I again out on "Alfresco III" for carp

    This time we did not bother to work the porpi, too many boats on them. The one paddie we chunked developed into to a mini mac bite. We now have the perfect bait for the MAW. Had 3 solid hookups on Ken Yasuda's Lil Scoot. The Admiral got to pull on all 3 fish. Lots of practice with nothing to...
  181. harryo

    Rode with the Coz on his boat "Dolphin" this am

    Just got back from fishin on the "Dolphin". Fishin was great, catching was something else. No tails or bonita, lots of small bass & a few barries & rockfish. Nice day on the water though. Good to see a lot of kids fishin with their gramps & dads. Want to thank Jason for the passes on the...
  182. harryo

    Used the "Alfresco III" again. It is beginning to be a habit.

    The Admiral & I & a special guest went out to catch a carp. Didn't get one, but we settled for some yft on porpoise. Knew exactly how to do it by the reports on bd. Thanks, all for your reports. Marshall Madruga ( Gyotaku prints on his different ware) was our guest. Fantastic fisherman, just...
  183. harryo

    Yellows on the "Dolphin" am trip this morning.

    Forgot how it was fishin with 40 people. Not good. The bite is still going on. There were about 10 quality tails caught mostly on bait & a few on the iron. Parked in several places a few hundred ft from each other below the northwest corner in 70 ft of water. Attached pics: Ross with the...
  184. harryo

    Epic day on the "Ocean Pearl"

    Stopped on meter marks 225 Degrees 40 miles at 3am & drifted until a little after 12 noon. Saved a lot of fuel. In those 9 hours, picked away with 21 bft, yft, abies & a dodo. Slow plunker bite! Attached pics.
  185. harryo

    No carp in our travels, got a few dodos 8.8.08

    Plowed the ocean on Robert Pedigo's "Ocean Pearl" from the 9 to outside of La Jolla canyon, out to the 182, down to 224 & across the middle of the 9 to home. No signs of marlin, but plenty dodos around. Seaya! harryo
  186. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2008 Tuna Seminar

    Please keep Thrusday, August 14 open. The place: Sivergate Yacht Club. There will be a presentation by Capt Bob Woodard, Jr of Izor-line Pro-staff & Ray Lowry of Shimano Pro-staff. Food & Drinks may be purchased at 5pm, Seminar begins at 7pm. Free raffle afterwards. Seaya there! harryo
  187. harryo

    Tried getting the Admiral a carp the last 2 days

    Brutal 2 days on the water. Not much to show for it other than a dodo. The fish gods weren't with us. Oh well, tomorrow will be another day in paradise. The upper end of the 9 was on fire. We got in there late on Sat , & spend the whole day, Sun, there chasing breaking tuna from 10-30#. We...
  188. harryo

    Released a carp this morning on the "Alfresco III

    I took the Admiral out today or was it she took me out. Anyhoose, we got lucky this morning & had a marlin eat the dropback. Tough fish, was tail wrapped. Sorry, no pics, the photog was busy on the wheel & leadering the fish. I could have grabbed my camera & took pics as the Admiral held the...
  189. harryo

    Our annual trip to Catalina on the "Ocean Pearl"

    Got back this afternoon from fishin the squid grounds off the Palisades. The bite is still going on there. When the stuff is going to move is a good question. It seems as if it has been going on forever. It made it easier for us as to where to go. Attached pics: Seaya! harryo
  190. harryo

    Slow Albie day on the "Cut Loose"

    Started at the upper #s east of the Upper 500. Got a quad early in the morning & a single, all on jigs. We each got a fish anyway. The Admiral & Barb did a great on the quad. That was our day. Fish are there, but are playing hard to get. Forgot about the tailer we baited just below Hidden. The...
  191. harryo

    Maiden Voyage- Mighty Murray's "Ken-Dandy"

    Most of our action happened at or near the San Salvador Knoll. Dennis Albert drew first blood with this nice albie. Lots of boneheads out there with a few albies. Attached pics. Seaya! harryo
  192. harryo

    Friends of Rollo trip for SWYC Junior Anglers on the "Sea Watch"

    Southwestern Yacht Club is a yearly donor to the Friends of Rollo Foundation & also include in our juniors angling summer camp a trip with the Rollo fishing program. Thanks go to John Rowe for making this possible. It is a win win situation for both the fishing industry & Southwestern. We...
  193. harryo

    Hali fishin at South Island 6.21.08

    Team "Ocean Pearl" is on a roll. Fished the Southwestern Yacht Club halibut tournament today. The Admiral held up her end & caught the largest fish in the tournament. The only hali for a full day of plowing the lee side of South. "Listo" was on fire & caught 7 halis. Seaya! Attached pics: harryo
  194. harryo

    1st Overnite range albie on the "Legend" 6.15.08

    Shawn went the distance, 240 mi down about 170 degrees on a 2 1/2 dayer for albies & bluefin, but did not get any down there. Had to come in on the last day about 88mi from Pt Loma on a 155 degree coarse to get the only albie caught about 8am in time to call Lets Talk Hookup with the report. We...
  195. harryo

    Took delivery of Marty Morris new ride today

    Marty's 25' Parker is decked out with the latest electronic controls & wheels in the house, tower & cockpit. What a sweet machine! Attached pics: Also a view from Marty's Parker of nesting Ospreys.
  196. harryo

    Tough day in the Marlin Club Halibut Tournament

    Team "Ocean Pearl" fished the lee side of South Island all day for just 2 halis. The wind was howling out of the southeast. Had to use 12oz cannon balls to stay on the bottom with bouncing the ball off the bottom. We lucked out & come in 3rd in the tournament. Thanks to chairman, Bill Mcleod &...
  197. harryo

    Dropped the Admiral off for the Roc & Roll Marathon

    Well, finally got back from the starting line. Dropped Lan off as close as I could & looked for parking. Never found any, so here I am. No pics. Maybe I can get some shots at the finish line. btw, the Admiral is running with Team In Training, Leukemia, Lymphoma Society. Might be able to find her...
  198. harryo

    Hali Fishin in San Diego Bay this morning

    Was invited to go fishin this weekend off Colnett & San Martin, but the trip was canceled due to the weather. Fished with friends Ray & Frank on Ray's boat, "Great Escape" this morning on the in coming tide. Went through a few shorts to get these keepers. Saved a lot of fuel! Seaya! harryo
  199. harryo

    A dog has his day 1st T fish for the year

    The Admiral & I went T fishin on our boat for a change. Waatoosee said he got his fish yesterday inside of the fleet. Birds inside of the fleet, put the gear in the water & worked that little area for our fish. Lan did not want to pull on a fish, so we went home. Good move to go T fishin since...
  200. harryo

    RJ going the distance to catch fish.

    It just confirms my impression of RJ. The bite was slow on the cuders early on, so he went to his secret hole to limit out on bonita, then came back off of green tank later to get into the cuder bite. RJ knew the bite was later in the morning. What more can I say about the skipper of the "New...
  201. harryo

    Picking on bones on the "San Diego"

    Near Mexican limits today on the bones around North Island. They are getting smaller on the average. All the other species decided not to bite today. Attached pics: Keith, the relief cook & a friend of my son, Harry III & couple of nice sole that were mixed in with the sand dabs caught by bder...
  202. harryo

    Holy shit Batman, now these are quality feeeshes!

    The cream always rises to the top especially in tournaments. Props to "Team Ferret", the Bad Company of the rockie world. Ted Phoenix, Dennis Burlason, Glen Davis & Steve Stachelski, you guys are something else! They won the Southwestern Bottom Fishing Tournament hands down with a total of...
  203. harryo

    Day at the Docks

    Good to see all the bders. Thanks to the bders who dropped by the MAW Tuna Challenge display to buy raffle tickets for our Defiance 220nt & Zodiac. All of the proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish. A reminder that the Tuna Challenge this year has been moved up 3 weeks to Sept 5,6,7. Attached pic:
  204. harryo

    Wide Open Cuda & Bone bit on the "San Diego"

    The average size of the berries were about barely legal size with about half of the fish shorts. The bones averaged about 5 lbs with the jackpot fish being the largest. It looks a lot bigger in the pic. The crew did a great job in coaching her through the ordeal. Booger is my favorite...
  205. harryo

    Epic Bassin at Diamond Valley

    Was invited by Ai Nguyen, owner of Aim Marine, to fish with one of his prostaffers & guide, Mark Franco & young up & coming pro basser, Josh Moreno on Marks Sun Catcher pontoon boat. Mark specializes in catching trout with many of his clients, families. Great platform for the wife & kids...
  206. harryo

    Southwestern Yacht Club 38th Annual Bottom Fishing Tournament

    The date: April 26, 08 at Southwestern. Registration- 5:30am; breakfast- 6am-7am; shotgun start in front of club at 7am; weighin by 4pm and fish fry at 6pm. All proceeds go to the San Diego Hospice. For more info & registration forms goto Seaya there. harryo
  207. harryo

    Phantom strikes for her 33rd wsb this season

    After reading Saluki's thread on Old #7, my thread will seen insignificant. Only one right kind caught by a good fishing buddy of mine, Robert Pedigo. Congrads to Capt Jeff. Damn I hated having to miss his 2 dayer this weekend. Capt Tino worked hard for us. It wasn't his day. Seaya! Attached...
  208. harryo

    FH Show- Del Mar Good to see old winners of MAWTC

    After putting all of the crap for our MAWTC booth bck in storage & had a nice dinner at the new Sammy's Woodside Pizza at the old NTC, had time to post my thread. Thanks go to those people, who bought raffle tickets for our Defiance, Zodiac & Tiagra 30W. We had a banner week for Make-A-Wish...
  209. harryo

    2 dayer on the Top Gun 80

    Had to work my ass off for what fish I got. Not quite the 2 day Mexican limit of 20. It was a slow trip by Colnett standards. Fish were smaller on the whole, but there were a few nice fish. I'll let Peter, Petey & Jeff & Shlep Rock give the longer versions. PeterC3, of coarse, out fished all of...
  210. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2008 at the Fred Hall Show

    Finally have some time to post a thread. There seems to be a lot of complaints about the show. For us it was a great show! We sold more raffle tickets for our Defiance 220nt & Tiagra 30W LRSA than we dreamed of. Thanks to the bders, who bought tickets. Nice to see Ross, Chris & Ben at the booth...
  211. harryo

    A sunset to die for on the Apollo

    Just got off the Apollo on a day & halfer! No tails, the usual bonito & lingasaurus & rockies. Attached pics of Nick, the ultimate chef; a bder at work; a near jackpot fish & a sequel within an one hour frame of the sunset. Finally found the resize small enough to post. While I am here again, I...
  212. harryo

    Epic quality lingosaurus bite on the Legend

    Just got back this morning from a Let's Talk Hookup sponsored day & half trip on the Legend. I was out voted, so we went bottom fishing off of Santo Tomas instead of continuing down to Colnet for the tails. The lings more than made up for the tails. Near Mexican limits of quality lings. Pete &...
  213. harryo

    New samurai stained glass pic for my hideout.

    Doc Marty's (Marty Morris) most recent masterpiece just for me. Marty & I go way back when! Great friend & fishin buddy. Goin to miss those Wed reports from the "Ken-dan". She is in Cabo. He has become a master in stained glass art & has done many pieces for different organizations. Thanks...
  214. harryo

    San Diego Boat Show- Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2008

    Just got back from the 3rd day of the show. Good to see some bders out there. We got nothing but good feedback for the new earlier date for the Tournament, Sept 5,6,7,2008. The entry fee will be the same as last year. Some pics: A little advertising for my working wife, Lan Tran, Bob &...
  215. harryo

    Epic fishin for quality reds on the PacVoyager

    Just got back on a 2 dayer with Capt. Mark. The seas were too rough down off Colnet for the tails, so Marco opted for rockies on the Peanut(Worm, sausage, whatever) Bank. He was able to get on top of the rocks long enough to load up on the rockies with 80% of them reds. It was almost...
  216. harryo

    Fishin on the "Premier" this morning

    Hopped on the one of the best platforms for throwing iron. Yea can throw from any place on the boat. I threw & threw for just a nice cali & a short ling. Got bumped a zillion times on the bones & macs, but the jig was a little too big for them small buggers. The megabaits were working great on...
  217. harryo

    Fishin with PeterC3 on an Outerbanks Boat Club Twin Vee Cat

    Nice fishin with Petey, his dad, Peter & Dave today. One paddie made our day. Great not having to scrub the boat. The club does it for you. PeterC3 will give you a long version of the trip. Some Pics. Sea ya! harryo
  218. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2007

    The gala luncheon is over. Estimated minimal donation to MAW is $340,000, probably end up closer to $360,000. Not bad! Every year it gets bigger & bigger, thanks to all of you. It takes a lot of work the year round. For sure we will further fine tune this tournament even more. Tom Drake, our...
  219. harryo

    A need to be part of the Epic Thread

    Hey Jason, I wanted to be part of Bad Dogs epic thread. I guess I will not be #431. Oh, well! harryo
  220. harryo

    Fishin at lupe on the "Mar de Cortez"

    Don't know which forum this thread such go on, Jason. Leave it up to you to decide. Team Pedigo prefished on Wednesday at Guadalupe for the WON Dana Landing Tuna/Yellowtail Tournament with fair results. Caught these two YFTs, lost 1 to the Taxman & 1 to the tackleman. Conditions looked good...
  221. harryo

    Marlin fishin on the "Cut Loose"

    Went marlin fishin with John & Barbara Arrieta on their boat the "Cut Loose". Hit the areas off of the Banda Bank, Todos Santos, 475 Knockle & Inner Bank for a couple of tails under a paddie. Pics of fish & "Cut Loose". BTW, Lan & I will be fishin the Make-A-Wish with John & Barbara. If you have...
  222. harryo

    Albies & YFT at the West Fly, 23/23

    Hot bite for some & not so hot for us on Robb Lane's "AJ". Get a few albies & YFT, not the 40 pounders some say they were catching. The yellowfin were football size. The area was definitely the place to be, lots of meter marks & breaking fish. Couldn't stay for the late bite. Took some pics, but...
  223. harryo

    No fishes, but still an epic day on the "Ken-Dan' & "Snooper"

    The seas were calm. With his old eyes & aided by gyros Marty picked out a tailer. That was our day on the "Ken-Dan". We witnessed Chris Lapham of "Snooper" fame throwing a mackie multiple times to a swordie. His perservance paid off. He finally hooked the fish & the show was on. I was put on...
  224. harryo

    Tails on the upper end of the 9 today on the "Ken-Dan"

    Haven't posted a fish report in a while. Mainly cause marlin fishing sucks for us. Decided this afternoon to stop on a paddie so we could at least pull on a fish. Caught a few tails with this one being the largest. harryo
  225. harryo

    WON Bass Tournament Report from the "Ocean Pearl"

    Didn't finish in the money, but we had a great day. Released a bunch & kept a few whole for oriental steam fish. Fished Clemente with a few others. The bigger calis came from the island. The biggest 9# plus. Our biggest was a hair under 7#. Big spanish & brown bait, big calis! It was worth the...
  226. harryo

    The Plearl strikes again, tails at SCI & albies at the 371

    Fishin on the "Ocean Pearl" is an experience! Robert & Grace Pedigo are great hosts. The !st day was spent at Clemente for calico bass, but in their haunts, we found tails. The 2nd day we fished southwest of the 371 & got some albies. 1st albie for the kid, Matt, 1st albie ever for Bill & the...
  227. harryo

    Tough day, we still scratched out 21 albies

    My usual wednesday ride on the "Ken-Dan" with Marty, Ken, Mike & Dennis. Kevan said to stay short. We don't listen to well. Started at grey short of the 1010, then to east of the 1010, to above the 295, to upper 500, Hidden Reef, west towards the 390, north to the west of the 371 & south of the...
  228. harryo

    Anchor Point Lodge, Pristine Scenery, Superb Pacific Rim Cuisine & Great Fishin

    Just got back from Alaska. Anchor Point Lodge is located on Shelter Island just a 20 minute boat ride from Juneau. In the pic of the King notice Mendenhall Glacier in the left background. The seascape & mountains are just fabulous. The cloud formation are constantly changing & adds to the beauty...
  229. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2007 thanks BD for their support

    Hey Jason, thanks for having us at your Bloodydecks Yellowtail Tournament awards banquet. Sorry I couldn't make it, but you got a chance to meet the Admiral. Anyhoose they had a great time & learned a few things about running tournaments. We have been running our tournament for years, yet it is...
  230. harryo

    WSB limits at Catalina this morning & other species

    Rode with Allan Sheridan on his Pacifica, "Comanche", two old farts who haven't fish together in years. Setup before dark the day before in 100' of water off of Orange Rock. The fleet of about 30-40 boat were west of us all the way up to the V's. That nite we caught & Released an estimated 200#...
  231. harryo

    Quality Hali at South Island

    Rode with Bob Baker on his Pacifica, "Talisman" today. Had a few raked baits, shorts & this beauty. Caught her in tight to South Island in about 25' of water. Bob's biggest butt! harryo
  232. harryo

    Wide open cuder bite on the New Seaforth

    Hooped on the am trip of the New Seaforth this morning. Limit fishin on the iron. Only fish I took home weighed 7.96#. The JP fish was much larger. Brian put us on the fish. harryo
  233. harryo

    Know how, perservence, luck= Old farts rule

    Went ghost hunting for a few days before the WON Tourny & during on Robert Pedigo's "Ocean Pearl". Good bite for 2 days at West Cove. Shut off after, unfortunately during the tournament, but we found one at Ribbon Rock. The fish got us 8th place in the tourny. Can't complain. Let the pics do...
  234. harryo

    SWYC 38th annual Bottom Fishing Tournament

    Another great tournament to benefit the San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care. The top winners of the tournament & pics. Even threw in a bder. harryo The top club- San Diego Anglers- Ted Phoenix & Al Stasukevich accepting the award. 2nd pic- Top male angler- Steve Greene of Southwestern Yacht...
  235. harryo

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge thank the bders for coming by the booth

    Thanks, bders for dropping by & buying some of our Parker boat raffle tickets. Here are some pics: The Samurai- tried to take a pic of my borrowed avatar on the forward bulkhead, but it was removed to be replaced later by a longer lasting image of the samurai. Bad Dog with his Berkley T-shirt...
  236. harryo

    Ghost fishin on the Old #7

    That is exactly the reason they call it fishin, not catchin. Needless to say the catchin was not good. Curtis, if time on the water means anything I might get one of ghosts. Need a lot more time. The odds might be sightly better than swordhfishin. Can't prove it by me. Jeff anchored & brought up...
  237. harryo

    In pursuit of that elusive ghost on the Pacific Dawn

    Went on my annual snipe hunt up to the Channel Islands yesterday, Tuesday. The count: limits of assorted blue bass, chuckleheads & reds in that order, no whites, tails or lings. Pat Cavanaugh has tricked out his boat a notch above the average overnite party boat. It is beautiful from the Bill...
  238. harryo

    Well, the FH Show is over!

    Got to meet a lot of the bders at the show. Want to thank the deckers who bought raffle tickets for our 1801 Parker boat. Make-A-Wish thanks you, the kids thank you. A little plug for the Tuna Challenge, which, by the way, will be on Sept 29 & 30, 07. Pic of the Bloodydecks booth, we got to...
  239. harryo

    Last few drifts made the day on the "Black Pearl"

    Went on a 2 dayer on the "Black Pearl" to San Clemente Isle. The seas were narly & the birds were not working. No tails. The rockies we caught until the last few overtime drops were nothing to brag about. The last few drops were epic Colnett style fishin, but more boccacs than reds. Hated to...
  240. harryo

    Fred Hall Show- LB

    The show's over in Long Beach. Looking forward to the Del Mar Show. Bought a lot of crap too, besides a bundle of raffle tickets for the Make-A-Wish Tuna Tiagra 30W reel. Didn't win it either. The guy that won it bought just 1 ticket. Oh well, there will be another chance at Del Mar. Went to the...
  241. harryo

    Good to back down to Colnett on the Holiday

    Good to see Blake again on the "Holiday". Last time was a few years ago on the "New Loann". Blake's dad is Darryl Wasano of Sumo & little league world series fame. Got some 11 tails on the boat with some good rockies. Pics of Blake about ready to eat the tail, the biggest ling, one of my reds...
  242. harryo

    Get a load of my new avatar

    Had to pull teeth to get it, but finally got. Inside joke! Thanks to Jan Kirk, the owner of the party boat, "Samurai", docked at H&M for the use of the "Samurai" logo. It has been a long time coming. Thanks, Jan. harryo:)
  243. harryo

    Another great Pac Voyager trip

    Couldn't resist those toad tails at Colnett. This time my only hookup was stolen by seals. Anyhoo, the reds & lings made up for the lack of tails. Pics of some of the fish. harryo:)
  244. harryo

    39 Tails on the Pacific Voyager

    :notworthy What can I say! Marco is the Man! He is my kind of skipper. Marco located the toads & the rest was up to us. An ultra ultra limited load of 13. Man, it couldn't have been better! Here are some pics. Jody & Kyle taking fish out ot the refrigerated hole, part of first days catch & the...
  245. harryo

    Incidental catch- paying our dues

    Left Mission Bay with Doc Marty on his "Ken-Dan" at 4pm yesterday for of nite of paying our dues. Started drifting a little below the 178. Someone tell me what the odds are relative to the number of trips it will take to catch a swordie. I will guess manybe 100to 1. If that is the case, I...
  246. harryo

    Hoo' your dad- 9.25.06 off of Colnett

    Believe it or not! Attached a pic of the hoo I caught on the Big Game 90 on 9.25.06 off of Colnett. The boat got back this morning from a 2 1/2 day trip. I do not remember when the last hoo was caught in local waters. I'd rather be lucky than good anyday! harryo:)
  247. harryo

    9/8 I'm on a roll, got the admiral a fish

    In with the ILTT fleet, we came across some feeders that stayed up long enough to get a mackie to them. After 25 minutes Lan, my wife, released the marlin. Love bait fish cause the fish is in much better shape especially hooked with a circle hook in the side of the mouth than on jiggies. No...
  248. harryo

    Marlin fishin doesn't suck after all! 9.6.06

    :) Heard about yesterdays big bite, sooooo I sneaked out today with Bob Woodard, Jr. Had 3 bites on the jiggies for 2 fish, 1 boated & the other released in the area of 37/34-30. Great to be able to zig instead of zagging to avoid boats. Attached are some pics. harryo:)
  249. harryo

    Marlin fishing sucks, incidental dodos & tails

    There were a few marlin caught today near yesterdays numbers. Should have been there yesterday. The paddies were virtually untouched by the marlin guys, sooooo we were able to find a few paddies with a dodo or two & a tail or two. About the area of 34/45. Petey boated his 1st dodo &...
  250. harryo

    A carp under a bush

    :) Sorry about the late post, but as soon as we got in yesterday, I had to get to a Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge Committee Meeting. Yes, we are working hard to put on a great tournament for this year. Don't have any pics either since the photog was on the fish. Read all of the postings of guys...
  251. harryo

    They call it fishin, not catchin, 8.3.06 Ken-Dan Report

    Started on the 43 & ended on the 182. A long day of eyeballing without seeing much. The good looking pattys we stopped on were dry except for one, under which we salvaged a couple of tails. Bob Vanian of 976-bite gave us some encouragement late in the afternoon by reminding us that it only...
  252. harryo

    I'd rather be lucky than good- Fishing on the "Al B"

    Started the day on the 1st patty with limits of dodos. Called in any boat interested, but no takers. Left the patty with the dodos still biting. I wasn't drivng, but I know we were somewhere between the lower end of the 9 & the 302. Should have called it a day, but decided to concentrate on...
  253. harryo

    Pics to accompany Wed.7.19.06 "Ken-Dan" fishing- Limits of quality tails

    Bobby's toad, Harry's biggest, Ian's tail, crew-Marty, Bobby, Geoff & Ian, Bobby's dodo
  254. harryo

    Wed.7.19.06 "Ken-Dan" fishing-Limits of quality tails

    Started east of the plane, worked east to the base of the 1010 to the 20/20, up to hidden reef & headed towards home. The patties saved the day for us, one in particular(wide open bite). Missed the albie/tuna bite by 15mi. The dodo can out of nowhere & bit a marlin lure. A side note-Doctor...
  255. harryo

    Fishing was so so for us, but the coffee was great.

    What few fish we decked, fortunately were guality fish. He who snooze, lose! It was the case with us since during our sleep, the squid could have floated. Anyhoo we did not make any squid the first night at the anchorage, soooo we idled up to "Wild Bill" with our tails between our legs and...
  256. harryo

    This old fart can still pull on tuna, but barely

    2nd post. 1st, props to Captains Randy & Sean & crew of the Ranger 85. Yesterday, They went the extra mile to the hot spot.:notworthy 6pm to 9pm, somewhere 165 degree 145 mi. from the point, the game was on. Wide open bite on yft & bft. Every bait lobbed on the corner got bit. The farmers (...
  257. harryo

    This yft/bet saved the day

    1st post. Yesterday, We (Ai & Kevin of Aim Marine & friends & myself) on my boat Alfresco III had our day saved by this 51.36# yft/bet winched in by Kevin. With a few short strokes & boat work by yours truly, she was subdued in record time. Kevin is a mainstay at the Aim Marine Tackle Center &...