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  1. jonrx7

    Freespool time difference . Torque 25n vs Torque 12. Star drag

    This is why newell reels and spools cast LB sooooooo well.
  2. jonrx7

    WTB rod clamp for Tranx 400

    i have new duran DFP if interesed.
  3. jonrx7

    Roti-Molded Skiffs

    Most of the roto molds that I seen are kayaks... not larger skiffs...
  4. jonrx7

    SOLD Misc Rod Clamps

    check your PM
  5. jonrx7

    Need Vintage Marlin Jig Repaired

    Please post pics so we see this bad boy.
  6. jonrx7

    SOLD Misc Rod Clamps

    Hope this helps
  7. jonrx7

    SOLD Misc Rod Clamps

    Interesting looking clamps with spacer inserts. Are the metal inserts o the clamp threaded or not where the bolt goes through?
  8. jonrx7

    Passing quarantine time with Newell’s

    I need professional HELP with my Newell Addiction!
  9. jonrx7

    Newell specifications

    If you are a Newell Whore like me. Goto FB and search for "newell reels" group.
  10. jonrx7

    Sl30sh handle upgrade

    These are avail if interested with foam Knob.
  11. jonrx7

    Gen 2 Saltiga 35 Handle replacement

    Interesting, everyone wants the offset handle?
  12. jonrx7

    Vinyl cutter and heat foil machine

    Big mahalo for the input. I will be crying soon. Looks like the 300 dollar hobby cutter is out.
  13. jonrx7

    Fathom 400 LPHS Problem

    The east coast guys are having the same problem. They use 40 to 60lb, alua rods, surf rods for shore casting and use smaller reels for casting. The reel foot rolls inside the reels seat. Im working on a solution. John
  14. jonrx7

    WTB PENN 525GS or 535GS Reel

    Great reels to race out...
  15. jonrx7

    Vinyl cutter and heat foil machine

    Tried to change the header, but it wont give access.
  16. jonrx7

    Vinyl cutter and heat foil machine

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Just bought a HOT foil machine and I will pick it up this weekend. I will be testing many types of foil and prism patterns. Stay tuned. I been looking at the Vinyl cutter, hobby to commercial, big price window. John
  17. jonrx7

    Vinyl cutter and heat foil machine

    Looking for recommendation which model to look at. Just overwhelmed with all the flavors Looking into buy a new vinyl cutter to make my own fishing sticker labels. The next thing is a hot foil machine for the round lures. diving into a new hobby due to Covid. Any input is Appreciated. John
  18. jonrx7

    Daiwa SL50 accurate mod power handle

    Yes it is heavy. At that time, 40 size Daiwa reel did not exist. Now that I look at this, most of all the new reels are Alum and heavier like the Avets. Thank you for your input.
  19. jonrx7

    Daiwa SL50 accurate mod power handle

    Am I the only one who like these reels. They are tanks and you can mod the SG 5 to 1, or SL 6 to 1... Recently added a power handle to my old SL20 and SL30. WHat A beast .
  20. jonrx7

    For Sale TLD II Tiburon Magnum 20 and Calstar 7465L

    Does the reel have the tiburon drag plate? of it is the standard drag ?
  21. jonrx7

    SOLD Shimano TLD30 2 Speed w/Tiburon magnum 30 frame/sideplate kit $225

    Recommended seller ..... No BS on many purchases.
  22. jonrx7

    Thrasher Rods?

    It is a rolling action type of rod. Meaning that the more you load the rod the action can change from fast to moderate much like the jigging rods. So you have a rod that can fish 20-80
  23. jonrx7

    reloading for dummies like me?

    Back up plan B, buy a 22LR for plinking incase the ammo prices and availability is not there. Welcome to the new world.
  24. jonrx7

    Low profile reel comparisons

    Which one is your favorite sin you tested them all?
  25. jonrx7

    Reel seat clamps

    here is another option.
  26. jonrx7

    SOLD Trini 20 gold $250

    what a beauty...
  27. jonrx7

    Tern 600N?

    Not sure if that clamp will fit the rod. John
  28. jonrx7

    WTB Help with reel clamp

    Great pics, the clamps were design with open architecture. For the guy who love tools and mods, grind away what you dont like . The clamp will hold 3000 lbs. the clamps now are being used with all the bait caster and the DFP clamp.
  29. jonrx7

    Clamp for Lexa 300

    DFG mini and a trigger clamp is the setup to get. John
  30. jonrx7

    SOLD Boiling tuna clamp...for bigger one

    the standard size now is the .75 to 1.4 - the clamp has been modified for bigger diameter rods. the OG design 3/4 to 1 but you can grind the inside edges to accomidate 1.4 inch rods ... see link ...
  31. jonrx7

    SOLD Boiling tuna clamp...for bigger one

    Call me i send you the larger model with clearance 1.4 inches. 310-918-0318 John
  32. jonrx7

    525 Mag4 (European model)

    I still fish mine...
  33. jonrx7

    For Sale LexWin 400 on Seeker PH 9-9' CT (10-40) & Avet JX 6.0:1 on Shimanno Tallus

    I have 3X for sale. Fish and dive single, tandem and hobie evolution 13.5
  34. jonrx7

    Tiburon clamp issue...

    Making a 1 size fit all is easy to talk about but not an easy fix. Nothing is perfect and it depends on your OCD level.
  35. jonrx7

    Jx studs,

    Definitely keep that in mind, bottoming out is bad for both cases. OH NO...
  36. jonrx7

    Jx studs,

  37. jonrx7

    Okuma Komodo coating

    i thought the frame was composite not Metal?
  38. jonrx7

    Jx studs,

    Do you really want to know, ???? Here goes. My solution. Allen socket head is a good idea until the Alum get stripped out. SS wins over alum, and galvanic corrosion. I hate Allens, looks HD, but when I need one it is not the right size. going back to flat and phillips for simplicty. Looking...
  39. jonrx7

    Does the SXJ come with a clamp now?

    is it the same clamp as the SX?
  40. jonrx7

    Tiburon clamp issue...

    Here is a better pic of the gap in questions if you are not sure what we are looking at. thick rod diameter... pics were taken my trip yesterday.... rod belongs to the deckhand.
  41. jonrx7

    Tiburon clamp issue...

  42. jonrx7

    Tiburon clamp issue...

    That is the small version for UC rods And small diam rods. 3/4 to 1 inch, OG design. The standard version now has has been modified to comply .75 to 1.25. Many UC rod guys prefer the OG design due to minimal side play.
  43. jonrx7

    Tiburon clamp issue...

    Yes the trigger can be removed.
  44. jonrx7

    Tiburon clamp issue...

  45. jonrx7

    Tiburon clamp issue...

    The patent was to have a rod clamp cover the lower 1/2 of the blank diam. This does 2 things. 1. you will NEVER crush the blank. 2. the clamp is less intrusive in handling, and contours your hand nicely. You don't have the the square corners of the clamp biting your hand but this creates another...
  46. jonrx7

    Tiburon clamp issue...

    The 50 percent t curve on the bottom of the rod was patented by shinamo. This is why you dont see it. it is now public domain. Now the problem is how do you cover .75 in diameter rod and 1.25 diam rod ?
  47. jonrx7

    Reel Clamp for Large Grip

    The Duran will fit the ticket...
  48. jonrx7

    SOLD 8 Braid wahoo bombs $35

    interested - are you ever in OC?
  49. jonrx7

    SOLD Used Raider jigs

    Only 40? Lol . That is a lot of brass
  50. jonrx7

    SOLD NOW $150 Factory LB Seeker 858-8 AR

    Interested in reel. Where in LA are you located. FYI those are aftco light weight roller - casting is sweet, getting harder to find and they do break like all other guides
  51. jonrx7

    Reel clamp for torium 14

    Yes, they break - Moving up to 5mm studs and screws. Will post pics when done. THis will keep my rig light and ultra strong and NO breakage. John
  52. jonrx7

    Best clamp for PENN Fathom II 25NSDP to CalStar BWCDH-90JC ??

    Yes - screws that are too long will tear up your spool or chew up your line and screw you up big time.
  53. jonrx7

    SOLD Gold 40N $375.00 SHIPPED

    Perfect transaction as usual. Recommended seller. John
  54. jonrx7

    Reel clamp for torium 14

    The gray Torium 16 seems to be brass and chrome. The Trinis versions are solid stainless - much more robust.
  55. jonrx7

    WTB Daiwa Grandwave or SL 30 - Broken Reel or Sideplate

    I work on reel all the time, but i am in orang county.
  56. jonrx7

    WTB Daiwa Grandwave or SL 30 - Broken Reel or Sideplate

    Which side plate? the crank side is more work, but the non crank side is a no brainer.
  57. jonrx7

    WTB Daiwa Grandwave or SL 30 - Broken Reel or Sideplate

    No luck with the silver side plates. You can use the the standard SL SHA if you need it get your reel back online and roll all the parts over. John
  58. jonrx7

    I like girls, boos and fishing. Simple life.

    I like girls, boos and fishing. Simple life.
  59. jonrx7

    WTB Daiwa Grandwave or SL 30 - Broken Reel or Sideplate

    They are no longer available new. But you can find them in the used market. The SLSHA cast just as well but The gold color makes some PEWK.... The Grand wave is the top of the line caster and components in bearing ect. They were 199.99 when they were new. I usually replace the handle, and add a...
  60. jonrx7

    WTB Daiwa Grandwave or SL 30 - Broken Reel or Sideplate

    the 50 is too big not compatiblewith the 30
  61. jonrx7

    WTB Looking for SS 6480-6485

    Mine is Glass not SS
  62. jonrx7

    WTB Looking for SS 6480-6485

    I have Seeker 6480 available blue factory wrap 200
  63. jonrx7

    Boiling Tuna Clamps

  64. jonrx7

    For Sale Shimano Tiagra -20 with 80 spectra and mono

    400 or trade for others fishing items
  65. jonrx7

    Okuma Komodo 450 SS & Tiburon Lexa 400 Reel Clamp...???

    Please post a pic and rod diam? John
  66. jonrx7

    SOLD Used Torium 16 $100

    Thank you Ray///
  67. jonrx7

    SOLD Used Torium 16 $100

    i will take it
  68. jonrx7

    Rod clamp?

    Stock clamp is the cheapest route. then there are many other brands,
  69. jonrx7

    Does it exist?

    Go buy the Duran clamp or the tiburon clamp.
  70. jonrx7

    Best clamp for PENN Fathom II 25NSDP to CalStar BWCDH-90JC ??

    try the boilingtuna trigger
  71. jonrx7

    Okuma Komodo 450 SS & Tiburon Lexa 400 Reel Clamp...???

    There is one available for the 3XX komodo.... and a trigger to go along as well. I can post pics if needed.
  72. jonrx7

    Rod for Komodo SS 463P

    Add a composite trigger on the clamp and you have a bad ass setup.
  73. jonrx7

    Pull the Trigger? Or not...

    I think now a days you can add a trigger to Tranx 400 or 500, better sensitivity, better rod control and casting accuracy. you need a duran clamp and trigger base. I love my tranx and lexa with a trigger. Popping need castability, Jigging you need balance and comfort. John
  74. jonrx7

    SOLD Newell p-332 $170...

    wow that was fast...
  75. jonrx7

    Is there a rod clamp that would attach a Daiwa Lexa 300 to a deckhand grip rod?

    He is talking about the SEI clamp. it does not work for this reel. Is is cast metal and is HUGE and wide. One size fits all rods. I have tested this clamp
  76. jonrx7

    WTB Knob for avet SX

    I have a few floating around in the garage ... i'm in garden grove John
  77. jonrx7

    Do you use a flying gaff for big BFT?

    flying gaff is usually used when the fish is too large for the boat to pull in with fixed gaff. The flying gaff head breaks away and is connected to the boat cleat. After the fish tires out we start pulling in the line. Sometimes the fish is shot to make it easier. then bring it in the normal...
  78. jonrx7

    Is there a rod clamp that would attach a Daiwa Lexa 300 to a deckhand grip rod?

    I will have a 300 reel and the mini clamp this weekend. I will post pics of the reel thing
  79. jonrx7

    Is there a rod clamp that would attach a Daiwa Lexa 300 to a deckhand grip rod?

    There are no mounting holes on the bottom of the Lexa reels. Option are, reelseat rod, after market clamp Tiburon or Duran, or hose clamp. John
  80. jonrx7

    Is there a rod clamp that would attach a Daiwa Lexa 300 to a deckhand grip rod?

    I will have a 300 reel and the mini clamp this weekend. I will post pics of the reel thing
  81. jonrx7

    Is there a rod clamp that would attach a Daiwa Lexa 300 to a deckhand grip rod?

    Yes, Duran mini and boilingtuna trigger is the ticket. Here is a pic of the lexa 400 and duran. will upload photo
  82. jonrx7

    WTB Need cork puppy

    I have 3 cork puppy and Boilingtuna. clamps PM me if interested.
  83. jonrx7

    reloading for dummies like me?

    Yes head stamp is important if you want consistency in your shooting.
  84. jonrx7

    SOLD New Saltiga clamp and hardware

    Here is a daiwa clamp on Ebay:
  85. jonrx7

    SOLD New Saltiga clamp and hardware

    See Jigstickjeff for the clamp. I forgot the word NOT in my previous post. Did not mean to threadjack. Error is fixed. Yes, same screw pattern 20-50 , 5mm metric. The old silver saltist is the same thread.
  86. jonrx7

    SOLD New Saltiga clamp and hardware

    The saltist and the Saltiga are the same pattern from 20 and up to 50. Saltiga is Alum, saltist is plastic. I have NO factory clamps for sale. Just assisting on the issue.
  87. jonrx7

    For Sale Custom composite 90j

    sweet rod there.
  88. jonrx7

    Best Reel for Calstar 90J Mag???

    The 16 might be too narrow for the large butt, my vote is the for the 20 size.
  89. jonrx7


    Done , when? Bigfish? I have green ready for ProGear.
  90. jonrx7

    reloading for dummies like me?

    Lee classic press is quite impressive. Large opening and long stroke , this press is great. They actually have this press for use with 50BMG. Resizing rifle rounds can be a pain in the ass if you don't have the right tools. John
  91. jonrx7

    For Sale Various Blanks

    Please let me know when my 4 rods are ready for Pick up. I cannot wait to try them. John
  92. jonrx7

    For Sale Various Blanks

    I got a rod wrapped from Steve, great workmanship. I will not hesitate to place another order. Two thumbs up...
  93. jonrx7

    reloading for dummies like me?

    First, go buy a reloading book. This will give you a birds eye view of the process and some idea what is involve. it is the best way to start without breaking the bank. then decide if want pistol and/or rifle rounds, and how fast? progressive or single stage press. If you shoot rifle you will...
  94. jonrx7

    SOLD Calstar 700L Used Once $165

    Love it, I will have to go kill fish this year. too much stress.. things are well Bratha. John
  95. jonrx7

    SOLD Calstar 700L Used Once $165

    Are in Manhattan beach now? John
  96. jonrx7


    you can pick the one you like. It will come with clamp and screws
  97. jonrx7


    Yes, I do. will post PIC.
  98. jonrx7

    Newell Revived?

    There are pics posted in FB newels reels group. YOu guys beat me to it.
  99. jonrx7


    I Will post pics tonite SL30SH if interested
  100. jonrx7

    Passing quarantine time with Newell’s

    Great Newell sets there my friend.
  101. jonrx7

    Newell Revived?

    I would spend a little more and buy the OG newels. John
  102. jonrx7

    WTB Seagate 20h/ silver saltist 20h

    You guys are likking those drums from shore., heffers?
  103. jonrx7

    TRADE Talica 20 for Tiagra/tanacom

    I have a few tiagras, will send pics
  104. jonrx7

    SOLD Daiwa sealine X50SHA carbontex drags

    Ok - I will take it. work in seal beach
  105. jonrx7

    Okuma Komodo

    I have received great help from Ron at the service desk. Thank you Ron.
  106. jonrx7

    Boiling Tuna Clamps

  107. jonrx7

    jig stick for lexa 400 hd

    Most of the bait casters are design for low seating and non of them have provisions for trigger clamp. On a deckhand rod, fishermen are buying Tiburon or Duran clamp kit to mount the bait caster reel to their rod . The boilingtuna clamp replaces the bottom flat clamp with a nice trigger clamp...
  108. jonrx7

    For Sale Cousins 530 clean

    Obviously we are all broke. LOL...
  109. jonrx7

    Just got my new Avet - love it...

    Will do.....
  110. jonrx7

    Just got my new Avet - love it...

    Ready for next year.
  111. jonrx7

    What scale for setting drags

    Just make sure it has a Peak hold to save time and effort.
  112. jonrx7

    Okuma Metaloids ?

    Just picked up a 12 and 5 2 speed.
  113. jonrx7

    jig stick for lexa 400 hd

    ebay or google - trigger clamp boilingtuna.
  114. jonrx7

    Okuma Komodo 450 SS & Tiburon Lexa 400 Reel Clamp...???

    I have the duran on my lexa 400. I also have one on Komodo 4XX. But cannot remember what make or model. Duran just came out with a new small clamp for the SXJ and will fit most 300 bait casters. Clamps are injection molded .
  115. jonrx7

    Okuma Komodo 450 SS & Tiburon Lexa 400 Reel Clamp...???

    eBay trigger clamps ... Or I think. The top part of the clamp is the duran clamp
  116. jonrx7

    Starting my okuma collection

    Yes, it is … my bad... installing it upside down. LOL
  117. jonrx7

    Starting my okuma collection

    Just picked up a few …..
  118. jonrx7

    jig stick for lexa 400 hd

    They have them for reel seat and deckhand rods. ebay has them. With a trigger, you load the shit out of your rod on the cast without the fear of tossing your rig overboard.
  119. jonrx7

    jig stick for lexa 400 hd

    Have you tried it with a trigger?
  120. jonrx7

    Okuma Komodo

    I'm late in the game. Okuma growing on me.
  121. jonrx7

    Okuma Komodo 450 SS & Tiburon Lexa 400 Reel Clamp...???

    Get the Duran and add trigger if you won't look back. I have it on Komodo
  122. jonrx7

    First Ever Tranx 300 Lexa 300 and SXJ Clamp!

    Looks awesome Edward.... I will need to pick a few up.
  123. jonrx7

    TRADE Phenix m1 9'H Deck Hand for phenix m1 8' or 9' with trigger seat

    Here is one option based on the reel you use.
  124. jonrx7

    SOLD OR FS Torium 16 and Newell 332

    The two reels you have for sale is one of the best jig casting reels you can get.
  125. jonrx7

    SOLD OR FS Torium 16 and Newell 332

    looking for anything specific?
  126. jonrx7

    SOLD Only blue allstar rod left

    Ball park location in LA? Just read it, Puente hills
  127. jonrx7

    For Sale Krokodile spoons bigs

    that means it was tested in salt water.
  128. jonrx7

    For Sale Trinidad 12 Calcutta 50 &Newell p322

    What does the trigger clamp look like on the reels?
  129. jonrx7

    Boiling Tuna Clamps

  130. jonrx7


    Great info here. Venmo and other service offer no protection.
  131. jonrx7

    Boiling Tuna Clamps

    No problem, I will be working on more fun fun stuff.
  132. jonrx7

    Reel Clamp - how tight is too tight?

    I agree with all the others post here. It is all about clamp force and surface area. Factory clamps want to be small for the reel seat so small is good. But for a Decky rod, it can be a bad thing. in addition some clamps use fine thread pitch so it increases clamp force and you don't notice it...
  133. jonrx7

    Boiling Tuna Clamps

    Here is classic trigger clamp with a Newell reel. the clamp support 200 and 300 series newels.
  134. jonrx7

    Boiling Tuna Clamps

    Blind leader, does it have mounting holes for a clamp? If it does, you are good to go.
  135. jonrx7

    Boiling Tuna Clamps

    Hi Adam and all, thank you for your input. 3 years ago I had this crazy idea about making my own trigger. I did not like anything out there. Needed light strong, no corrosion, trigger, hook keeper for my newell and old school daiwa sl. This came about - my east coast fishing guru asked, where is...
  136. jonrx7


    location in southern ca?
  137. jonrx7

    SOLD Calstars $100

    what city are you in? Los Angeles is huge. THanks? John
  138. jonrx7

    Hotrodding/Improving Reels

    You can start with the following: Remove packing grease use light weight oil on the bearings, At the same time upgrade the drags. John
  139. jonrx7

    WTB Flying Gaff

    back up plan for FG - Im in Garden Grove
  140. jonrx7

    Fathom reel seat screws question

    thread size 10-24 buy them in 1.25 long or as needed. John
  141. jonrx7

    SOLD Saltist BG40 and BG35

    Will see you there on Sunday....
  142. jonrx7

    Uses for a hot rodded Tib/Accuplate/Penn 6/0?

    Sweet Deal …..
  143. jonrx7

    SOLD 2 reels + 1 free 5 oz Crocodile lure

    Perfect for my son . I will take it
  144. jonrx7

    WTB Daiwa sealine 50 shv x high speed

    I will check tonight --
  145. jonrx7

    Are all Sealine 30 6.1 gear ratio...

    Some of the older SG series have 5:1 ratios. These are the SL XX SH or slosh.
  146. jonrx7

    Longer sleeve nuts?

    Thread size is 10-24 and I think they are 3/4 long from Penn. Good luck.
  147. jonrx7

    Jigslingers only??

    I can throw only so much then my arms die. Nevermind, I'm old.
  148. jonrx7

    TranX 500 Tiburon Clamps Screws

    Spray WD-40 and let is soak overnight. Good luck brother it will work.
  149. jonrx7

    Wiffle ball handle for Newell's

    Some like it, some don't like it. it is all matter of feel and hand size.
  150. jonrx7

    Tranx 500 clamp

    Some clamps wrap higher, but gives you less room for compression. Since you have a big but rod, so lots of space is there.
  151. jonrx7

    Shimano Tiagra

    Get a extended power handle. I designed this one. This kills tuna, more torque in low gear and slightly slower in high gear. 1 inch increase in stroke.
  152. jonrx7

    TranX 500 Tiburon Clamps Screws

  153. jonrx7

    Wiffle ball handle for Newell's

    Here is my newell project
  154. jonrx7

    TRADE Sealine 30shv for baitcaster

    I have a shimano Corvallis 400 or 300 if interested. John
  155. jonrx7

    Braid on a Newell

    Doit - no problems...
  156. jonrx7

    SOLD Shimano Torium 50 $125

    Any spectra line on it?
  157. jonrx7

    WTB Cheap penn GS 525 or 535

    Reel found --- thank you
  158. jonrx7

    SOLD Accurate 270 & Avet SX 2 speed

    great seller- no problems.
  159. jonrx7

    For Sale Shimano Tiagra -20 with 80 spectra and mono

    I have a Tiagra-20 for sale $400 in excellent shape, delivered to your door with Tracking and insurance. Please see attached. For those of you who bought rod clamps from me before- I am a upfront guy. NO FLAKES. Bearings degreased, free spool very well for 20 size reel, drags are solid, all...
  160. jonrx7

    WTB WTB Daiwa Saltist 20H (Silver) or Grandwave 20

    Looks like you are fishing for reds with the 14ft heffers. I have both 20H silver the grandwave 20... Will send you PM
  161. jonrx7

    Light red Newell

    There is a Newels group on facebook, If you are looking for parts, you can look there.
  162. jonrx7

    Any Way To Minimize Wind Noise When Driving With Kayak?

    My scupper holes were howling like a ghost on the road ….
  163. jonrx7

    For Sale Penn 12 ($60)international

    I will take the 2 grandwaves 310-9180318
  164. jonrx7

    WTB Shimano tiagra 16/20

    Will send pics I have both ...
  165. jonrx7

    Newell 338 rod clamp

    Thank you Everyone for positive feedback. The trigger clamps are on ebay and other forums. it is relatively new, once you use it on your Corktape rod it is hard to go back. We have a many options now. It is graghite composite, no rust, no corrosion. Reel seat version comin soon.
  166. jonrx7

    SOLD Newell S 229

    These are the closed bearing S series - not worth as much as the other series.
  167. jonrx7

    More Reels Cheap

    sent text to your phone
  168. jonrx7

    Hobie REVO

    as in a Revolution kayak pedal drive?
  169. jonrx7

    Newell 338 rod clamp

    these triggers are smoking
  170. jonrx7

    For Sale 7.0 OZ Large crocodiles

    big crocodiles = Big tuna
  171. jonrx7

    For Sale Large crocks 7 OZ and 5 OZ

    lot mixed up - still available.
  172. jonrx7

    Shimano Speedmaster?

    Gt it, you will not regret it. I have 5 of them. John
  173. jonrx7

    For Sale Large crocks 7 OZ and 5 OZ

    It is only bad if you are seeking for them. if not move on.
  174. jonrx7

    For Sale Large crocks 7 OZ and 5 OZ

    2 pieces 7 oz monster crocks and 4 pieces around 5 oz. very hard to find. $100 for the set. Pick up in Seal beach or Garden Grove John 310-918-0318
  175. jonrx7

    For Sale 7.0 OZ Large crocodiles

    SOLD ____For sale 5 pieces monster crocks. very hard to find. $100 for the set. Pick up in Seal beach or Garden Grove. or 8.00 dollars shipped to you. John 310-918-0318
  176. jonrx7

    WTB Shimano Tiagra Power Handle

    Working on building my own crank arm for tiagra and TLD 2 speeds. I will make a them out of SS.
  177. jonrx7

    Crank for Red Newell

    see pic... good luck
  178. jonrx7

    Crank for Red Newell

    good luck on your search, the og clamp was red. John
  179. jonrx7

    Shimano torium 16 reel clamp/screws

    If you have a reel seat, this should not be a problem. But, When I used it on my jig stick, only the clamp is used, no reel seat. Fighting with the seal the mounting crews fell on the deck due to push and pull on the reel seat. My rig was done for the day. No mounting. John
  180. jonrx7

    SOLD or trade Avet SX 5.0.1 for Daiwa or Penn GS

    I have an Avet SX lever drag single speed I like to trade for 2 Daiwa SL 20 or SL 30 for my kids. Or Penn GS 525 and 535. I am in garden Grove.
  181. jonrx7

    Reel deal 2 speed squidder

    recently picked this up, anyone know the value of these? They are 200-300 on eBay John
  182. jonrx7

    WTB Looking for Cheap Canoe for duck hunting 200 sit on top- wife ran over the paddle, Have a i piece replacement
  183. jonrx7

    WTB 9' + Jig Stick

    See above pics
  184. jonrx7

    WTB 9' + Jig Stick

    will send tonite when i get home
  185. jonrx7

    WTB 9' + Jig Stick

    Seeker 530 9ft rod. $150
  186. jonrx7

    WTB Jig stick calstar / seeker

    seeker factory 9ft 530 - $150
  187. jonrx7

    WTB Grandwave 20s

    I have one for 100 includes shipping
  188. jonrx7

    Best place to sell Clear Newell 220?
  189. jonrx7

    WTB Kencor bpos 15-40

    i have the blanks - not wrapped if interesed.
  190. jonrx7

    Starting to kayak fish - advise needed

    Great I will just have fun and get my toes wet. This will be fun. Thank you for input. John
  191. jonrx7

    Starting to kayak fish - advise needed

    What length rod? I have a 12 foot cobra. In thinking 7-8ft graphite. John
  192. jonrx7

    J rack or slide/saddle

    I have the J rack, used it once. After that, I lay the yak top side down on the cargo rack. Strap nose, stern, and center. J rack is pain to attach and remove. You need to get higher than the roof line of the car to clear the yak into the J bars. It became more work than I need, so I no longer...
  193. jonrx7

    Home Depot Fishing Cart?

    I can use that as a dolly to move my kayak to the water and troll with it on the yak. Looks dam nice. John
  194. jonrx7

    What's up with Newell C model220

    I fish them all.
  195. jonrx7

    What's up with Newell C model220

    If you are an Newell nut like me,and need input there is a Newell group on facebook. Wait til you see the skittle colored ones. I have no problem fishing fixing or fishing any newels. S,C, P series are fine with me.
  196. jonrx7

    For Sale Calstar 6480 / BG40 comdo

    Nice rod/reel setup, free bump. John
  197. jonrx7

    WTB Looking for Penn 525GS reel

    I have 50 dollars to spend on a penn 525gs . Please pm me. I’m in garden grove. Thank you
  198. jonrx7

    daiwa saltist 2018 question

    The silver ones that I have, the outside got scratched up and rash very quick. The new black and gold has a much better durable finish. I don't think bearing is an issue. John
  199. jonrx7

    Shimano torium 16 reel clamp/screws

    Posted pics of Torium 16 with inserts. See above.
  200. jonrx7

    Daveys Locker 8-18 cattle boat lesson

    Bring your cattle prod next time.
  201. jonrx7

    No Daiwa in the reel forum??

    It cost money and a dedicated person from Daiwa to represent.
  202. jonrx7

    collins? savre? what is it

    Looks like very interesting find. Another RARE bird.
  203. jonrx7

    Shimano torium 16 reel clamp/screws

    I have modified my torium 16 to take threaded inserts and crews to fix this issue. Will post pics John
  204. jonrx7

    Shimano torium 16 reel clamp/screws

    The clamp studs that screws into the frame breaks all the time .
  205. jonrx7

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH, SL30SH, and SL50Sh

    Are you framing them again in Alum?? John
  206. jonrx7

    International 50vsx or avet hxw raptor

    The 50VSX is a solid built machine. I would not hesitate to buy it.
  207. jonrx7

    Newell s332-5 Help

    I fill min 3/4 full - about 400 yards and the rest mono.
  208. jonrx7

    For Sale Vintage Candybars

    Are you sure? Trolling time.
  209. jonrx7

    For Sale Rod clamps for Daiwa and Newells

    Selective laser sintering, in polycarbonate.
  210. jonrx7

    For Sale Rod clamps for Daiwa and Newells

    Don't have anything for Tiburon or Avet.
  211. jonrx7

    For Sale Rod clamps for Daiwa and Newells

    Polycarbonate - please google.
  212. jonrx7

    For Sale Rod clamps for Daiwa and Newells

    Rod reel clamps for Newells 220, 322, 229, 332, 338, 4XX and 5XX Also some Daiwas SL and SLX 20, SLX 30 and SLX 50. See pictures clamps are 10-18 dollars each. I have Newell and Daiwa longer screws. Pick up in Seal Beach or Garden Grove. Jon 310-918-0318
  213. jonrx7

    For Sale Long-range tackle bag RodTek - Large

    Long-range tackle bag . Fits 14x9 size tackle boxes. Can stack 7-8 of these in the bag. Bag only. No accessories or plastic boxes. Bag has side pockets has two front pockets with mesh. Has a top access to tools. please see ruler size. It has two backpack straps and top handle straps. Or trade...
  214. jonrx7

    SOLD Bone Jig Collection

    That is a great find.
  215. jonrx7

    FYI from Buds Gun Shop (online retailer)

    I love your CA approved handguns list on your website. will be ordering some bolt riffles too.
  216. jonrx7


    I take the penn 535.
  217. jonrx7

    Some older lures to start

    I have some interesting vintage lures. I thought I was the only one who had this interest. Guess I am not alone. Ken is brought me here.
  218. jonrx7

    Skitz Jig

    I have 2 of those in blue and white Z shape. They are so kool looking
  219. jonrx7

    Daiwa blast from past

    I have a gold accurate frame, I will post photos tonight.
  220. jonrx7

    SHIMANO TORIUM 16 BNIB $150.00

    Next in line if available.
  221. jonrx7

    ISO saltist 30H (silver or black), torium 14

    Willing to trade my newells 220 or 229 or cash. Let me know.
  222. jonrx7

    Trolling Lures - Marlin

    Thank you so much. Love the lures
  223. jonrx7

    Quick Question - base wrap epoxy

    I use Color preserver to stop the threads digging into each other, but not finish.
  224. jonrx7

    WTS Custom Power Rod Wrap Machine

    Interested....Location? Please send pics to 310-918-0318
  225. jonrx7

    Calstar TCR

    Here it is
  226. jonrx7

    Calstar TCR

  227. jonrx7

    Calstar TCR

  228. jonrx7

    Calstar TCR

    Hello, I was wondering what does TCR mean ? I saw a custom calstar 655XH TCR logo. Just curious ? John
  229. jonrx7

    WTB Penn 525Mag Reel

    I think I have one, will look tonite
  230. jonrx7

    Penn Fathom Questions

    Thank you for the clarification. I will make note of it.
  231. jonrx7

    Penn Fathom Questions

    I read about backing off the spool 1/4 of the way, if you have fish on, and heavy drag before you shift it to free spool on the star models. Another problem was the shift lever getting loose. These might the early models on the initial run. Other than that, the 2 speed looks robust over the...
  232. jonrx7

    Penn Fathom Questions

    Looking to buy a Fathom star or 2 speed. Interested in 25N and 40N version. They look awesome. Is there a reason why people are selling new ones after they buy it. I been seeing more and more on the for sale list next to new. Just wondering ? if you have any experience please advise. I am...
  233. jonrx7

    La Jolla 6/2

    WOW.... what a fish.
  234. jonrx7

    Triton- LA Waterfront Sportsfishing

    All new upgrades, the bathroom is kinda narrow.
  235. jonrx7

    **Looking for Kayak Fishing Friends** Huntington/Newport Beach Area

    Well I just got 13.5 Revo, getting all my stuff in order to get it wet. Soon it will be ready. I have never been on the water yet, green as you can be. John
  236. jonrx7

    Torium 16 or Torium 20?

    The 16 clamp is too narrow for some jigstick, held together with shit screws. The 20 is much more robust. Reel clamp sheared off on the 16 on a yellow... Get the 20....
  237. jonrx7

    Fishing shorts

    I use the most deckies use, Dickies!
  238. jonrx7

    New Braunfels Bandera Tower Smoker

    Please post pics of the smoker, we are interested..
  239. jonrx7

    MY 25 yr old GF for your AVET 2 speed

    Does she have a younger sister available?
  240. jonrx7

    TruLine Rods.

    I saw those rods- but did nto jump on the it. I did pull the shit out of it and it is strong. The funny thing is that if the rods were cut off by 6" on the but the rod ID is still intact. You can put alum pipe extension on it and it will be a great halibut rod. I did buy the 2 #30 jig sticks...