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  1. firreal

    Grady White Islander 26' Bait Tank Install

    Where are you located. I have a 282 Grady. Im going to be installing a 60 bait tank this weekend. Plumbing is going to go under the deck over the gas tanks and into the bilge area. Hit me up if you want to see the process on boat
  2. firreal

    Evinrude Etec Surging problem

    Sounds familiar, replaced fuel pumps and all the problems went away
  3. firreal

    WTB Looking for twin Yamaha 250, 4 stroke

    Under 750 - 1000 hours. Looking to repower my 282 Grady White Sailfish. The newer the better. Please share! Thanks
  4. firreal

    For Sale 17-M Yamaha stainless counter rotation props

    Big price drop. First $300 takes both props.
  5. firreal

    For Sale More n More shimano reels

    I'll take this reel if it's still available. (2. Saragosa SW5000 - $200)
  6. firreal

    For Sale 17-M Yamaha stainless counter rotation props
  7. firreal

    Extra Transducer & Diplexer on Furuno TZtouch3 DFF3D Install

    I did all the install myself, just working out the bugs. Might be taking it to a local Furuno dealer in Ventura soon. I just want it 100% asap
  8. firreal

    Extra Transducer & Diplexer on Furuno TZtouch3 DFF3D Install

    Did you follow the video you sent me? I'm still trying to get past the Helm Sensor Test. How about the maps. I downloaded the fishing charts USA West Coast that I purchased through The GPS Store. The detail isn't there. The depth contour should be 1' graphs. Did you download any maps?
  9. firreal

    Farallon Whaleback Value

  10. firreal

    October 13, Low Expectations Fulfilled

    I like at 1:14. Don't count your chickens, lol. It's not yours until it's in the bag. Great video!
  11. firreal

    Extra Transducer & Diplexer on Furuno TZtouch3 DFF3D Install

    Awesome thanks, I think I'm going to add the SS175L. Thanks for the youtube video on calibration. I got as far as the Helm Sensor Test. Unfortunately it failed. In the video, the guy is making a circuit board. Really? Do I need to get something else to complete the calibration. It was all...
  12. firreal

    Extra Transducer & Diplexer on Furuno TZtouch3 DFF3D Install

    So the TZtouch3 12" has room for another tranducer?
  13. firreal

    Extra Transducer & Diplexer on Furuno TZtouch3 DFF3D Install

    I have the B165T - SS260 for the DFF3D Can I install another transducer for deep swordfish? If so which one?
  14. firreal

    Aluminum fabricator for bow rail??

    I find you see a lot more aluminum on the east coast and Florida. Stainless on the west coast. Tough to find a good anodized aluminum welder
  15. firreal

    Furuno Package for 2021 Parker 2320 TzTouch3, Radar, DFF3D, autopilot

    I just installed this same system on my new to me, 2001 Grady White Sailfish 282 I did add the HUB101 because I installed 2 TZtouch3 12". And realized that I really didn't need to spend that much, as mentioned earlier. Also added the Satellite Compass SCX20. It has 4 internal antennas to...
  16. firreal

    SOLD 2 Gallons Yamalube 2 Stroke Oil

    I will take both of them. I can stop by Monday. I live in Simi and will be going to Ventura in the morning
  17. firreal


    $28,000, SIMI VALLEY I love the boat, just getting a little bigger one. Always ran premium fuel!
  18. firreal

    SOLD MAKO 228 CUDDY CABIN - 2002 YAMAHA, 225, 4 STROKE, F225TXRA. 1986 MAKO 228 CUDDY CABIN - 2002 YAMAHA, 225, 4 STROKE, F225TXRA. 2006, PACIFIC TRAILER with new stainless steel disc brake and side bumpers. (5) brand new tires with the spare mounted on trailer. All...
  19. firreal

    For Sale Pacific Trailer up to 23’
  20. firreal

    For Sale 20 to 23 ft boat trailer, good tires, new jack, still has plenty of life
  21. firreal

    11' Boston Whaler

    $1000.00 Price Drop Check it out
  22. firreal

    Kayak bait tank with battery delay switch

    This is a modified, tuna tank, kayak bait tank. Comes with adjustable delay timer to prolong the life of your batteries. Rule 360 bilge pump wired inline. No loose wires leading to pump. Stainless strainers. Keeps fish alive! $75.00. Richard 818 888 5499
  23. firreal

    11' Boston Whaler
  24. firreal

    11' Boston Whaler

    Check out the Craigslist ad. 6060308436 Super clean little skiff.
  25. firreal

    Suggestions for an Overhead Storage Box

    I have an extra overhead box that would work out great. Im in Burbank Text me I will send you a picture. 818 888 5499
  26. firreal

    Tuna Tower Accessories

    TTT. - SUPER DISCOUNT Chair - $3.00 Overhead box - $5.00 Tower control box - $7.00 BURBANK - 818 888 5499
  27. firreal

    Tuna Tower Accessories

    Came off a used tuna tower, I installed on my 228 Mako. Tower control box, w/ compass turns but foggy, controls are seized also an overhead electronics box, all good fiberglass shell, ready for a remodel. Asking $125 for all. I'm in Burbank Richard. 818 888 5499. Plastic chair thrown in the...
  28. firreal

    WTB Yamaha wiring harness

    I just upgraded to a used 2002 Yamaha 4 stroke outboard (F225TXRA) and am having difficulty finding the wiring harness. Part # 704-82590-10-00 Yamaha has it on back ordered until February 18th. \ Someone has to have one of these in stock or just laying around. Please give me a call. Richard 818...
  29. firreal

    7 gallons of 2 stroke oil

    Sold with 6 new spark plugs and an engine manual. That happened to be his motor too.
  30. firreal

    7 gallons of 2 stroke oil

    BUMP ok 6 1/2 gallon for $75
  31. firreal

    7 gallons of 2 stroke oil

    I moved on to a four stroke and have (7 gallons) of 2 stroke oil. First $100 takes it. In Burbank 818 888-5499
  32. firreal

    Magma Charcoal Barbecue

    bump............. first $75 takes it
  33. firreal

    Magma Charcoal Barbecue

    Magma charcoal barbecue. Used once. In excellent condition. Comes with rail clamp. $120.00 Richard 818 888 5499
  34. firreal

    Raymarine electronics For Sale

    Yes it does. I might have the west coast chip for it
  35. firreal

    Control box for sale

    Overhead box (fiberglass) $35.00, Plastic seat $20, upper control box (fiberglass) $45 controls are non-op. Just selling the box someone can start with as a project and make real clean. Richard 8188885499
  36. firreal

    Raymarine electronics For Sale

    Raymarine L1250 plus comes with the DSM250 Digital sounder module. All cables included. $400 In working order. Richard. 8188885499
  37. firreal

    Furuno Radar

    For sale. Furuno Radar Bought this from A fellow Bder. It served its purpose. Not as strong as the new one. But will share the same deal. First $150 takes it. In working order. Sold as is. Richard. 818 888 5499 Burbank
  38. firreal


    Looking to upgrade. Selling or trade in. Evinrude Ocean Pro E225TXECS, Runs strong, fires up every time.
  39. firreal

    WTB Boat mechanic in San Fernando Valley

    bump Are all the mechanics busy? Or does no one here own a boat:repost:
  40. firreal

    WTB Boat mechanic in San Fernando Valley

    I'm looking for a good mobile mechanic (electrical) to wire throttle, ignition, gauges and engine. Evinrude 225 , 2 stroke on a 228 Mako cuddy, Also need tune-up, water impeller and carb rebuild. Boat is in Burbank. Can bring to your garage if needed.
  41. firreal

    raymarine auto pilot .. sportpilot+

    Does it mount to hydraulic steering?
  42. firreal

    1 Spot open on Shogun 3 day/ Aug 7-Aug 10.

    I'm in. So pumped. Can't wait to rip some lips. Never been on the Shogun. Thanks!!
  43. firreal


  44. firreal

    Windline bow roller

    Thanks, Josh :hali_olutta:
  45. firreal


    Radar arch removed from a Mako 228. Stainless Steel. Can be adapted to your boat with some alterations. Three platform area to install radar, antennas, gps etc. Internally pre wired. Has already been removed and ready for pick up in Burbank. $250.00 is a great deal. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]...
  46. firreal

    WTB- Boat cover, 20 ft Mako w/ T top cover

    Check classifieds
  47. firreal

  48. firreal


    PRICE REDUCTION $399.00 FIRM - BRAND NEW IN THE BOX (UNOPENED) PANASONIC TC P50X60 50" CLASS 720P PLASMA HDTV Eco-Friendly 50-Inch Class Viera 720p HDTV Produces Crisp Images Panasonic 50-Inch Class Viera X60 Series 720p 600hz is part of Panasonic's Vierra line of televisions manufactured...
  49. firreal

    Raymarine DSM 250

    The DSM250 has been replaced by the DSM300. The DSM300 will work with E series displays and the DSM250 will NOT. I am told that the display compatibility is the only difference between these units. This hsb2 sounder adds HDFI technology to Raymarine’s Pathfinder Plus Radars, Raycharts and echo...
  50. firreal

    Highlander boat trailer

    Major price reduction....need to make room. first $195.00 takes it
  51. firreal

    Highlander boat trailer

    New adjustable bunk brackets
  52. firreal

    Highlander boat trailer

    Highlander boat trailer, new bunks and boards. LED lights. Fits boat up to 12' to 14'. Permanent trailer registration in hand. $250.00 Richard 818 888 54 nine nine
  53. firreal

    Raytheon Electronics Raychart 620 Charting System w/ C-Map-Acapulco,Mx to Flattery,Wa

    Your buying a used, clean, great condition and no screen scratches Raytheon RayChart 620 is a sophisticated charting system. which uses GPS, dGPS, or Loran-C technology to make navigation as simple and accurate as possible. Comes with power cord, display, owners manual and C-Map NT+ only...
  54. firreal

    Hard Top

    bump for a weekend sale Make offer need to move call 818 888 5499 Richard
  55. firreal

    Hard Top

    I would have to guess, not more than 75 lbs.
  56. firreal

    Hard Top

    Hard top - Solid foam filled white plastic (67.5" widest point x 88" long x 1" thick) Has conduit to run wires for lights and electronics. Has 3 molded light compartments and glove box. Came with boat I just bought, not installed. Too small for my boat. Has a number of threaded inserts for...
  57. firreal

    35-40 Gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    Hi Oceanjake, Consider it sold. I spoke with you earlier this week. Richard 818 888 5499 Lets schedule a meeting time. Thanks