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  1. Twinscrews

    Got some 10-22

    Wanna start by saying thank you to the crew and captain of the Tribute who fished a patty with many of us and then offered free bait when they decided to leave. The captain even got on the blower and told the deckys to chum as much as they could while they were leaving to keep the bite going for...
  2. Twinscrews

    Fishing tomorrow 10/22

    I know this is the wrong board, but if anyone is going tomorrow, I'll be launching out of shelter tomorrow early....happy to team up on the radio and share intel. Call sign "Spartan" Probably the 371 area, unless someone has a better idea... Tight lines!
  3. Twinscrews

    Sat...tough day.. Chips report from the Thunderbird says it all... To say it was a parking lot doesn't describe it. Watching the Yellowfin pop over the last two weeks, I finally made my yearly pilgrimage from Ventura County to San Diego figuring the odds were in my favor with the...
  4. Twinscrews

    Short video from solo trip this weekend

    Love doing this once a year on my own....wife says I'm crazy, but there's nothing like literally doing everything yourself. Don't get me wrong, a bunk and a hot meal on a sporty is great, but when you've been fishing tuna for 30 years, you want to put that all together sometimes and just test...
  5. Twinscrews

    SW of Lower 9

    Didn't know Shelter Island Launch was "closed until late 2018" until I arrived at 10:30pm last night after 4 1/2 hours from Ventura County........good times..... Ended up in MB with a plan to hit the 371 and 425 area in my little 18 footer, all by my lonesome. So I did just that, and like some...
  6. Twinscrews

    Bonita at the upper 4 rigs off Santa Barbara

    Decided to do an easy run today out of SB after striking out on the YFT off the islands lately..... Huge schools of Bonita and easy to land on the iron off of any of the rigs past the 4 mile....also saw a yellowtail landed. Heading back in, I saw the famous Capt. Dave Bacon on top of the 4...
  7. Twinscrews

    8/7 Dana....3rd Times a Charrm

    After 2 fishless trips out of Dana in the past 6 weeks, it finally happened. 10 miles out, find the right paddy, and bingo, nice bull dodo and 3 YFT. Left them biting and handed it off to some guys who were close by. Considering these are trips that start in Ventura County, the long drive...
  8. Twinscrews

    7/14 Domes

    I really suck at fishing.......lots of fish caught today, and I had my chance. 20 minute fight with a beast and he spits the I'm done with circle hooks! My buddy got a 50 pounder, saw an 80 pounder at the dock at Dana, and witnessed the end of the 2 1/2 hour fight of what the...
  9. Twinscrews

    First SUP Yellowtail of County Line

    Always wanted to do this, and after 4 tries, I got it done.......bucketlist item, check!
  10. Twinscrews

    Tuna Fishing on a SeaDoo- Video

    I've always wanted to do it, and I finally did. After owning 9 ocean boats up to 38 feet over the past 24 years, this was by far my most satisfying tuna trip!
  11. Twinscrews

    8/11 good day in a tiny boat - 302

    I took my little 18 foot Sea Doo jet boat out on Lake Pacific today For 5 yellowfin and 3 yellow tail At the 302. all the fish on bait and it still looks very fishy out there if you find the right patty. I've learned a lot the last few weeks reading everyone's post.I've always wanted to go solo...
  12. Twinscrews

    Mexican Navy

    I know it's a touchy subject.......but has anyone seen the Mexican Navy at the 302,371, or any of the other hot spots the past few weeks during this bite..........just wondering if anyone's been boarded out there or on the way back in?
  13. Twinscrews

    North or South: Best YFT Chances??

    Ok.....I'm the last person that needs others to do my homework, but the O.C. - San Diego boys have been putting in some work on the epic 2014 bite, and I could use some help. I'm coming down from Ventura to fish Tues, and staying in San Clemente with some friends. I've been reading this board...
  14. Twinscrews

    Morro Bay.....whatdayathink?? looks like San Diego may be in the last gasps phase for the albacore season.......but I suppose that could change.....maybe. And then there's Morro Bay; or at least there was a few years ago when you could almost count on a fall bite up there after the fat lady had sung down...