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  1. bowen405

    For Sale 2008 Parker 1801
  2. bowen405

    Storing an 1801 in SD

    Good morning, Just moved to Carlsbad and plan on fishing out of SD or mission bay. I had space to store my boat at my old house but currently do not. A slip is out of my price range so I need some dry storage suggestions. I would like to have it close to mission or sd bay. I found a cool spot in...
  3. bowen405

    Installation Help Parker 1801

    Good afternoon guys, Recently bought a Parker 1801. Bought a blue water 38g oval bait tank, new pump, wash down pump and everything I need for a thru hull pick-up. Turns out I do not have time to self install so I need recommendations for installation. Anywhere is SD would be solid. Thanks in...
  4. bowen405

    WTB Bag bought. Remove please

    Need to buy a reliable kill bag. Let me know if you have one in good condition unfortunately my sewing skills are sub par Bryan
  5. bowen405

    WTB Parker 1801 So Cal

    Willing to buy a Parker 1801. A lot on the East coast but I can’t afford the drive time home right now. Let me know if you have one or have seen one! Thanks Bryan
  6. bowen405

    First trip checklist

    Good morning guys, Headed out on my first trip on my own boat. Need a checklist from all you experienced guys. Pre-trip and necessary equipment to make sure I have! Thanks dudes Bryan
  7. bowen405

    Coronado Island Checklist

    Hey guys, Heading out with a couple buddies to the Coronados on June 16th.. looked at old posts but want to make sure I have the most current information. What licenses and biosphere bracelets do I need? Does anyone have a checklist for me, my boat, and what all my buddies need? Thanks in...
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    COVID-19 Just curious... what effect (If any) do you guys think this will have on the season? Crossing my fingers my 5 day in July is still a go!
  9. bowen405

    WTB Phenix 809 xhj for Tranx 400

    Looking for this rod to pair up with a Tranx 400 Thanks in advance Bryan
  10. bowen405

    Casting issue Komodo 400SS

    Hey guys, My Komodo keeps hanging up at the apex of my cast... I have checked the braid and there are no deep seated snags in it.. any ideas? Took it in and they were unable to find the issue Bryan
  11. bowen405

    Reinforced lures/jigs

    Morning all, Just bought split rings and hooks to reinforce my colt snipers. (Learned the hard way on a couple bigger model bluefin last year...) anyone have suggestions on how to beef up my flat falls? I had heard the stock set up is sub par. Any help is appreciated Bryan
  12. bowen405

    Best Phenix for Tranx 400

    Good morning guys, Just bought a Tranx 400hg and was told by the guy at the shop there was a phenix rod that pairs well with it but I cannot remember the model... the plan is to use it for surface iron yt. Any insight is appreciated Thanks
  13. bowen405

    WTB Tranx 500 PG for July trip

    Willing to buy Tranx 500 PG Thanks
  14. bowen405

    Accurate BX2-500 for sale

    minimal use have had it for a year... filled with 65 spectra and 50lb mono top shot $400
  15. bowen405

    WTS: Accurate BX series Rods

    selling my identical accurate rods that have only been used twice. $150 each/$275 for the pair
  16. bowen405

    Wts: EOTECH XPS 2-2

    selling my EOTECH XPS 2-2 sighted in and used once price $400 pm for pics
  17. bowen405

    WTB: the so cal angler by Brandon Heyward

    New to fishing and heard the book is full of good knowledge. I just can't find it anywhere. Tried to email the author directly and he no longer has them