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  1. chuck norris

    WTB Topless 16S

    What's your budget?
  2. chuck norris

    Table top propane grill ?

    Weber Baby Q. Heavy duty unlike the shiny stainless ones that are overpriced.
  3. chuck norris

    For Sale Caddis Wading Systems 3.5 Neoprene Stockingfoot Wader, Forrest Green Lg.

    New, Caddis Wading Systems 3.5 Neoprene Stockingfoot Wader, Forrest Green Large. ebay... 19.99 starting bid
  4. chuck norris

    Figure 8 Rings on Heavier Flat Falls

    Do you use single crimps or double crimps on your leader?
  5. chuck norris

    Lobster diving at Catalina

    There is no official Buccaneers this year, but there is some impromptu pirate activity according to the charter around the harbor over here.
  6. chuck norris

    Cobalt Sport Fishing

    Something about a patty poacher according to LTH.
  7. chuck norris


    Is the GPS antenna external or built in?
  8. chuck norris

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    And all of them are RH rotation.....
  9. chuck norris

    Thrashed skiff

    A buddy in Florida has been streaming live from gulf breeze Fl and just posted a few pics of his skiff torn off a covered boat lift...
  10. chuck norris

    Dealing with small cuts on your fingers/hands

    I had a gnarly cut on my thumb from a splice ripping across my thumb. So I cleaned it and used liquid bandage. Did this several days in a row.on the 5th night of a 8 day I woke to pain and throbbing in my thumb. Went to the sink and found it swollen and inflamed. Gave a squeeze and the rest...
  11. chuck norris

    Long Beach Marina Boat Storage ?

    What do they charge?
  12. chuck norris


    They work good but we had a guy on a 8 day 10 or so years ago hook a big bull dorado. When that thing shook its head, that heavy cowbell was slung around banging the crap out of anything that it got close to..
  13. chuck norris

    Any news on Guadalupe re-opening?

    Fisholc is correct. Boats have permits but are unable to process in and out of ensenada.
  14. chuck norris

    Colt Sniper Jerk 32g hooks

    I was given a few of the colt sniper jerk baits and noticed the hooks rusted bad in just a short time. I even wash my lures in fresh water after use. What is a good replacement size and brand?
  15. chuck norris

    Political banners on boats...

    Did I said I was offended? Nope. But parents with little kids nearby might be.
  16. chuck norris

    Political banners on boats...

  17. chuck norris

    Top Gun80 Multi Day trip cancelled

    Were tucked into the Isthmus here at Catalina and I can tell you its snotty. Last night the wind was snorting big time even inside the harbor. I have my 20 foot cc side tied to the big boat and the surge and wind was nasty. Spent much of the night keeping the 2 boats from killing each other.
  18. chuck norris

    Best overnight boat out of h&m landing

    Mustang. Great crew. Big bunks. Full RSW. I'm usually don't fish H&M anymore, but the Stang gets it done. Fished a Taft boat one time...never again. Eff Bob Taft
  19. chuck norris

    Ranger 85 2 1/2 Day July 23rd Departure

    Funny you mention the Ranger 85. They just as anchored up outside the Isthmus at Catalina.
  20. chuck norris

    Successful trip returns: Shogun 8-day June 19-27

    Great trip report. That boat turns out some righteous groceries....
  21. chuck norris

    Cat harbor moorings

    When you enter the harbor hail the Cat Harbor Master on channel 9 and they will assign you a mooring. Fee is based on your boat length. They had a online payment system that they will direct you to. FYI, there's usually one guy on duty that time of the evening.
  22. chuck norris

    SOLD Seeker 2x4. SOLD

    I've got a Timmy D 775XH. Great rod and wrap.
  23. chuck norris

    Shooting caught on Eagle Cam, west end Catalina Island

    I'm sure they know who it was if they wanted to make an issue with them. Plenty of vessel search sites out there.
  24. chuck norris

    Huge white plane over LB thurs

    There's a Virgin Galactic 747 hanging out at the Long Beach Airport.
  25. chuck norris

    For Sale New West Marine glass Dinghy with 6hp Merc. 4 stroke 5hrs

    Yes, registration is required and are you in possession of the title?
  26. chuck norris

    Jabsco raw water pump rebuild?

    Impeller replacement isn't an issue, it's pulling the shaft and replacing the seals. I've done it, but am busy with many projects right now.
  27. chuck norris

    Jabsco raw water pump rebuild?

    I'm looking for a shop that rebuilds Raw water pumps. I have 3 that I want to keep as spares, but need new seals, packing.
  28. chuck norris

    WTB Trini 30 dc

    You never stated what your budget was......
  29. chuck norris

    WTB Trini 30 dc

    There's a shop in San Diego that sells items like this. Don't recall the name. What's your budget?
  30. chuck norris

    Anchor winch repair.

  31. chuck norris

    Anchor winch repair.

    My 42 year old anchor winch needs some TCL. It's an Ideal brand, functions good but time and saltwater has taken it's toll. I sandblasted it years back and epoxy coated it, but this time it needs more. Looking for a shop in Long Beach preferably to replace the nasty metal. I know, it looks like...
  32. chuck norris

    Hull speed?

    Not so much on a non-planing hull. My boat is a non-planing hull. Once I hit 8 knots, throttling up only adds a few tenths of a knot. A friend of mine hand a displacement hull MY. 10 feet longer. 10 tons heavier with the same twin diesels as mine and had the same fuel burn at 8 knots, sometimes...
  33. chuck norris

    Trip Roomate from Hell...

    What ever became of FishkillerAZ? Didn't he author the Jerry saga?
  34. chuck norris

    Avalon Closed Until Atleast May 31.

    We received the same letter from the Catalina Island Company telling us that until further notice, we cannot use our mooring in the Isthmus. end date.
  35. chuck norris

    Cannot buy ammo?

    New caliber for me, so I wasn't stocked up in this one.
  36. chuck norris

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Not my primary. . Besides no one hoards the .17 like the. 22, the issue is finding any place that is selling ammo in Ca.
  37. chuck norris

    Cannot buy ammo?

    For them varmints.
  38. chuck norris

    Cannot buy ammo?

    I only need some .17HMR
  39. chuck norris

    Cannot buy ammo?

    The Walmart I contacted said the person who is authorized to sell ammo isn't at work...... 5 different stores....
  40. chuck norris

    Cannot buy ammo?

    All gun sales had to be on contract before 3/20/2020. All are closed for now.
  41. chuck norris

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Navin Gruesom? No one had a answer. 4 storesout here in the CV.
  42. chuck norris

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Most gun stores closed. Walmart has ammo but won't sell it. ... Statewide?
  43. chuck norris

    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    The gun show at the fairgrounds was cancelled. ..
  44. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    Update..... So I went to HF armed with a 30% off coupon and picked up a load tester. I got to the boat Saturday and started to check and isolate probable causes. The battery checked good, so I went to the engine side of the battery cables and immediately found the positive cable dead with a...
  45. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    I'm making a trip to HF in the morning to get a BT-100 schumacher load tester but won't get back to the boat until later this week.
  46. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    Thanks. Many great suggestions.
  47. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    When I turn the ignition switch to the on position, voltage drops to 3 volts. When I turn the switch to start, voltage dropped to zero
  48. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    I sure that's not the case but I'll surely check it again.
  49. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    I measured the voltage drop at the positive post on the starter that also feeds 12V to the trim tilt relay. I have no battery voltage drop at the battery. ..
  50. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    Thanks. I've done many of those steps. All my connections at/on the engine and battery are super clean. The head scratcher is the 9 volt voltage drop when I simply turn the ignition switch to on, not start. ..
  51. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    I did that with the same results. Thanks
  52. chuck norris

    Yamaha F115 trim/tilt issues. Help!

    I'm attempting to fix a problem with the trim, tilt electrical issues on my year 2000 F115. I know this got tossed around about 5 years ago, but I have a similar problem with my 2000 Yamaha F115 except with the following symptoms. BTW, the trim tilt relay gets its power from the positive post on...
  53. chuck norris

    06 Yamaha F115 Trim/Tilt issue

    So I know this got tossed around about 5 years ago, but I have a similar problem with my 2000 Yamaha F115 except with the following symptoms. BTW, the trim tilt relay gets its power from the positive post on the starter. I get 12 volts until I attempt to use either of the trim switch's up or...
  54. chuck norris

    Kona fishing trips

    Kona Blue Sport Fishing
  55. chuck norris

    Update on wife

    Prayers and healing that you win your cancer battle. I (we) have been living this nightmare since my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year ago. I don't wish it on anyone.
  56. chuck norris

    Condor or Mustang for 1.5 day..

    Your thoughts on the Condor vs Mustang for a 1.5 day.
  57. chuck norris

    1.5 - 2 day trips out of San Diego

    Having spent most of the last 10 plus years fishing trips 5 days or longer, I fell out of touch with the San Diego fleet fishing shorter multi day trips. Many boats are done for the season, but a few are still running. Your thoughts on the Condor, Pacifica, Mustang, Tribute. I've been dealing...
  58. chuck norris

    For Sale 1997 Pro Sports 1950 CC with a 2000 Yamaha F115 4-stroke

    For sale, 1997 Pro Sports 1950 CC with a 2000 Yamaha F115 4-stroke on a Pacific galvanized trailer that I need to part with. (Family illness) I just serviced the engine including all fluids and new filters, fuel and oil. I just rebuilt the electrical panel with all new waterproof lighted...
  59. chuck norris

    WTB 17-18' cc

    I have a 1997 Pro Sports 1950 CC with a 2000 Yamaha F115 4-stroke on a Pacific galvanized trailer that I need to part with. (Family illness) I just serviced the engine including all fluids and new filters, fuel and oil. I just rebuilt the electrical panel with all new waterproof lighted...
  60. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme getting it done right now at the Lupe!

    We fed them well last week, they should be full. You're welcome
  61. chuck norris

    Lupe or the Ridge

    It was the LTHU 6 day. The tuna were 50-90 lbs. You needed to fish 60 lb to get bit although it was possible to get bit on 80. All flylined bait. The chunks worked in the morning on 80lb after the crew started a chunk line. The sharks forced you to pull hard or lose you fish, every time......If...
  62. chuck norris

    Lupe or the Ridge

    50 or so tuna. A handful of wahoo and a couple of yellowtail. The sharks decimated the hookups. A big GWS attacked the kite rug and went totally bonkers after which he came to the corner and ate my 5th tuna of the day..... You gotta pull like you're trying to break your line or the sharks get...
  63. chuck norris

    Lupe or the Ridge

    Just got back from the Lupe this morning. The sharks were horrendous. There was a few small packs of wahoo cruising around. ConaPesca paid us a visit. It's sounding like some area's are now restricted. ...
  64. chuck norris

    Guadalupe weather forecast for the next few days

    Just an FYI. Looks decent for the crossing to the island from Ensenada this weekend. PZZ945-200615- San Clemente Island, CA to Guadalupe Island from 60 nm offshore west to 120W- 827 AM PDT Fri Oct 19 2018 TODAY N to NW winds 5 to 15 kt. Seas 4 to 7 ft. TONIGHT N to NW winds 5 to 15...
  65. chuck norris

    Seaguar Pink Label Fluorocarbon Leader vs. Blue Label

    Seaguar Pink Label Fluorocarbon Leader vs. Blue Label Has anyone used the Pink Label stuff frequently and noticed any difference to the non-tinted Blue Label or Premier in regards to getting bit any better? I know that the Pink label and Blue label have the same diameters. I am more interested...
  66. chuck norris

    Penn Int 16S Handle swap?

    I have 2 Penn Int 16S reels. One has the short stock handle and the other has the longer T-Bar handle and a knob from a Penn Torque 300 reel. It came that way when I bought it and I prefer this configuration. I want to do the same to the other 16S but cannot find just the T-Bar handle sans the...
  67. chuck norris

    Seal Beach 10FEB16

    Thx. Thanks for your service.
  68. chuck norris

    Seal Beach 10FEB16

    AMS/AMH 1985-1988. Maybe there's another version to use......
  69. chuck norris

    Seal Beach 10FEB16

    What's the story with your avatar that looks like mine?
  70. chuck norris

    Avalon Moorings/Thanksgiving Holiday

    We have gone over on TG morning and gotten a mooring...... 45'
  71. chuck norris

    Shogun Nov 7 - 12 Guadalupe Report

    What I used: Day 1: 80lb solid and 80lb Seaguar on a 16S with a GF770XH for 2 60-70 class yft Day 2; couldn't buy a bite on 80. Switched to a Talica 16 with 65lb solid, 60lb Seaguar on a SS6470XH. got 2 yft late in the day on the lighter rig. Day 3: Same Talica set up but went to a smaller 3/0...
  72. chuck norris

    The rest of LR fleet fishing Guadalupe next year?

    So, BS and politics aside, I was damn glad to get to the Lupe and the chance to pull on angry fish. The lost time was worth it for me and if I was thinking I would have booked 2 trips and gone on the next trip. The Shogun crew did a great job in my view, when the bite was on, they ran like dogs...
  73. chuck norris

    The rest of LR fleet fishing Guadalupe next year?

    Was on the last Shogun trip. Checked into Ensenada going. (Dogs, Kids with M-16's) checked into Ensenada returning. Cleared US Customs and Immigration into San Diego.....................................yes you lose some time but it was worth it.
  74. chuck norris

    Shogun updates?

    on the yellows.. use no less than 100, or you got killed. they were 37-40+ lbs. tuna were angry. use no less than 60. nice grade of fish
  75. chuck norris

    WTB-Looking for either a GF770XXH or a SS 2x4

    thanks, but looking for a slightly used one... no worries.
  76. chuck norris

    WTB-Looking for either a GF770XXH or a SS 2x4

    Might be a bit heavy for my needs. But thanks.
  77. chuck norris

    GF770XH rating?

    Thanks, after pulling on it and loading it up, its more of an 80... used my rail simulator..... and a bucket of lead.
  78. chuck norris

    GF770XH rating?

    So, is the GF770XH more suited for 80 or 100? or both?
  79. chuck norris

    free deck chairS, Jabsco marine heads-electric, bimini frame

    Free 2 deck chairs that need to be recovered. 1 stainless and 1 aluminum frame. Also, 2 Jabsco electric marine heads. motor pumps need to be rebuilt. Also bimini frame. came off the bridge of a 44 trawler. stainless. free.... Free............ Lakewood.
  80. chuck norris

    Too Many set ups for Lupe.

    I just re-counted rods-8, but packed 12 reels in the reel bag. Just need to refresh top shots. I did a bunch of 8 days in previous years and found I used the crap outa 3-4 rigs. everything else collected salt.
  81. chuck norris

    Too Many set ups for Lupe.

    Who is on the Nov 1st trip? I had 11 set ups, but have it at 9..... for now. Use the 50 bomb for surface iron if you have the desire. I have 1-40lb bait with a back up reel 2-50lb bait 1-50lb for bomb/jigs if the need arises 2-60lb bait 1-80lb bait with back up reel 1-100lb bait 1-100lb dropper...
  82. chuck norris

    WTB-Looking for either a GF770XXH or a SS 2x4

    Looking for either a GF770XXH or a SS 2x4
  83. chuck norris

    Hoo dat hoo dat

    Heard you guys on the radio yesterday. nice job.
  84. chuck norris

    Lost all my fish, freezer down !!!!

    its even worse when your boat neighbor's diver unplugs your shore power cord when your boat freezer is loaded....... never found out which one.
  85. chuck norris

    Van Halen this Sunday. Great Seats below my cost

    put them on stub hub...... go under the lowest prices for that section....
  86. chuck norris

    Buccaneer day?

    Buccaneers day It was a fun gig years back... now it's a zoo.
  87. chuck norris

    Need QUALITY Custom Tarp

    I still have some "canvass" items he made for me 35 years ago......
  88. chuck norris

    Need QUALITY Custom Tarp

    My Navy buddies operation....... Jim Watt
  89. chuck norris

    Anybody baiting/chunking the mini yellows?

    There is a guy on another post selling some $65.00 Halco's that might work just as...
  90. chuck norris

    If Land is Not Posted, is Hunting Trespassing?

    Don't be an ass, go ask. Saying if it's not posted it's ok? Kind of like just walking into someone's backyard.....
  91. chuck norris

    Yamaha fuel additive?

    Ring Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  92. chuck norris

    06 Yamaha F115 Trim/Tilt issue

    check the auxiliary switch on the RH forward side of the cowling. The one on my F-115 had a short that made my motor go up and down while running. I cut one of the wires to disable/isolate it. just used the switch on the helm
  93. chuck norris

    Avalon Tuna Club Offers Limited Tours

    I did this tour last year with my wife. It's a great way to get the inside scoop of a very private club. It reeks of old! They do NOT allow any photography........ one of the old school long range guys was there with a great camera set up.... was told not to use it... he wore a pink Braid hat....
  94. chuck norris

    Dinghy towing

    Just ensure you use good line on your tow rig. I tow a 20ft CC behind my boat. I use a bridle on the port/stbd cleats on the big boat, then the tow line attached to the tow ring on the towed boat with a slack bridle attached to the cleats as back up. Haven't lost it yet... The bow lifts as it...
  95. chuck norris

    1st time staying at Catalina, Lava Wall?

    never heard of it no, unless other boats are bow and stern anchored shore boats service the main coves. Isthmus, Cherry, 4th, etc....
  96. chuck norris

    Garboard drain plug stuck

    heavy grease.......... and it will always loosen.
  97. chuck norris

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    I know how that feels...................that's a Marauder hook. the hook point is toward the tip. buried. 400+ NM from San Diego....
  98. chuck norris

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    Strong Meds (antibiotics). Had a partial root canal done before I went on a 8-day and on day 3 of said 8 day it went haywire. there was still one bad spot......... vicodin didn't help.... dentist put me on a strong medi-pack for a few days when I got home. wish I had that medi-pack with me.
  99. chuck norris

    Mooring at Catalina

    Avalon Harbor master is on VHF Ch. 12 Two Harbors is on Ch. 9 Avalon Shore boat is on Ch.9 Avalon Harbor patrol controls Avalon, Descanso and Hamilton Coves. Two Harbors controls all the remaining coves from Whites all the way up going west..... to Emerald Bay. Cat Harbor also. If you are going...
  100. chuck norris

    BFT email from NOAA

    will be eating fresh on the boat........................... lots of fresh.
  101. chuck norris

    Do not deal with "gtw7983"

    Had to magnify the pics to see a micro, no super micro slight natural flaw in the cork..... good grief.
  102. chuck norris

    USCG Masters Renewal

    Tine to renew my 100 ton and am looking for a good place to get the physical and drug testing done. Not happy with the previous location as they always seem to interpret the requirements differently each time I go there and they don't understand the federal forms and are accustomed to using the...
  103. chuck norris

    Check this out! never get stopped by Mexican Navy!

    Means you have cleared into Mexico..................
  104. chuck norris

    Makrolon for canvas.

    Yup. It's the bomb. Did the entire bridge of my 44.
  105. chuck norris

    Cabo 4/3 Report- Billfish Heating up!

    We fished with those guys in February.... Great boat and crew. Top gear and unique fishing know how.... They fish the kite for tuna while making patterns on high spots... not on the anchor.
  106. chuck norris


    Current location?
  107. chuck norris

    3/22 Thunderbird yellowtail 3/23 bad weather and Tbird turn around back to Daveys

    I remember going to SCI on the T-bird 16-17 years ago in a shitstorm. You had to crawl on your hands and knees if you wanted to get to the head..... once there at the island it was flat calm.
  108. chuck norris

    Virgin Gorda BVI fishing questions

    Lots of tarpon in the bays. There were some blackfin tuna NE of the Sound in the drop off areas. That was about 5 years ago.
  109. chuck norris

    Tradewind Inflatables

    Get the manual and do your own servicing......
  110. chuck norris

    LORETO REPORT, March 19 - Turnabout is fair play

    I recognize a few of those spots.............. great times
  111. chuck norris

    Kansas Tickets x2

    Or Best offer
  112. chuck norris

    Kansas Tickets x2

    Kansas City National Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA Wed, Mar. 18, 2015 08:00 PM Section 200 table. 2 seats Includes multi course Dinner. $150.00 Xfer Via Ticketmaster
  113. chuck norris

    Mexico Customs Destroys Fishing Reel

    I was going to say something............... but I will refrain. Kind of like my Pemex Shake down last month in SJD..
  114. chuck norris

    Bottom Paint Color

    I did a color mix on my skiff a few years go... looked great. Kind of turquoise. fish Don't care. You can maybe find that squid sticker guy that used to sell the $1000.00 "system" at the fred hall show years back...........
  115. chuck norris

    Reel for the Shimano Trevala Butterfly Jig System

    And BTW ppstryper, I have 6 Trinidads....... Great reels. But so are my Penn's and Avets. And Daiwa Lexa's. I got the trini's because I got a killer deal on some NIB gear.
  116. chuck norris

    Reel for the Shimano Trevala Butterfly Jig System

    Doesn't bother me at all.............. just making a point; and that apparently bothers you. you don't need the $500 reel when the $200 does the same thing. You can stop crying now...
  117. chuck norris

    WTB: Super Seeker 1X3 factory wrap

    WTB: Super Seeker 1X3 w/factory wrap. Looking for new or like new condition.
  118. chuck norris

    Reel for the Shimano Trevala Butterfly Jig System

    What ever you buy, make sure it's the most expensive shimano regardless of other reals that can do the job...... maybe the one with the camshafts or what ever they were selling.......... nothing personal on you, it just bothers me when they sell a "system". Buy a Penn, or a JX.........
  119. chuck norris

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    Actually. Prime Rib....
  120. chuck norris

    Deciding on the 28-35 Sportfisher

    35 Bertram mi be a good fit.
  121. chuck norris

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    Had dinner with Tommy Lasorda a few weeks ago........ Does that count?
  122. chuck norris

    BD Sighting Renton Plant 10-20 Parking Lot

    Does it rain there all the time?
  123. chuck norris

    We lost a good one

    Heard that early Sunday. Tough losing a father.......... RIP
  124. chuck norris

    WTB: Marine Diesel Generator 9-11KW

    6.5 KW is not enough Eric, but thanks. The unit I have is a 10KW
  125. chuck norris

    WTB: Marine Diesel Generator 9-11KW

    Thanks. No AQMD... wish. Its for my 44 trawler. The current unit is an old industrial unit made by Fidelity driven by a 4-108 Perkins...... works, but leaks oil, smells to high heaven when running. And did I tell you loud?
  126. chuck norris

    WTB: Marine Diesel Generator 9-11KW

    Looking for a Diesel Generator (Marine) in the 9-11KW range. New, rebuilt or used or a handle on a local deal. In the LBC.
  127. chuck norris


    Ship to the LBC?
  128. chuck norris

    Looking for any feedback on the Mikelson 43

    I have spent some time on a 2004 model 43 locally and in Mexico. Cummins diesels. Almost 16' beam. Lots of room. Big cockpit. Large Salon. Rides good. This one had the galley up, 2 S/R and a day head off the cockpit. The owner has cruised Mexico for several years.
  129. chuck norris

    Patio Roof

    any general construction guys that can replace the old patio roof panels? Its the corrugated stuff. Long Beach area.
  130. chuck norris

    Bad Mexicali cops

    Got stopped in Cabo during last years Bisbee.... spent 45 minutes "shaking me down". But he had my Ca D/L which I wasnt about to let him keep. He was a motorcycle cop, empty holster.. no radio. He only got 20 bucks.... Gonna start bringing old expired DL if they want to keep them.
  131. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme - Any word??

  132. chuck norris

    Tribute(Buyer bware)

    guys throwing heavy jigs on dorado on kelps scares the bejusus out of me and i head to the other end of the boat....
  133. chuck norris

    Which boat has the best food?

    Veal Chops on the Supreme
  134. chuck norris

    Help me prepare for 25hr saltwater bottom fishing trip.

    What are these 'knockers" you speak of?...................
  135. chuck norris

    Questions on Yamaha 115 four stroke service

    dump the gear oil and replace it also. easy to do.
  136. chuck norris

    Need Catalina Info

    Avalon Harbor is on Ch 12, not Ch 9. Most of the time they tell you to see the red patrol boat.... Two Harbors is on Ch 9. Two Harbors Shoreboat is on Ch 9. Avalon Shoreboat is on Ch 9. You can make online reservations at the Isthmus, Cherry, Forth of July and other coves. But not Avalon unless...
  137. chuck norris


  138. chuck norris

    Does Chris Randal own this web site?

    What's wrong with Chuck Norris?
  139. chuck norris

    Diver down

    one at Cat/Emerald Bay a few days ago. one in SD and one outside Alamitos Bay last night.
  140. chuck norris

    Gordo Bank Report

    crap. They took a hard hit over there.
  141. chuck norris

    SOLD-12ft Achilles RIB $500 or Trade for DRs

    RIB's don't come apart or have sectional floors.
  142. chuck norris

    (Almost) No Love Front Side of Cat 9-21

    Saw you trolling by the Isthmus..
  143. chuck norris

    landlines are up/video of downtown cabo
  144. chuck norris

    Los Cabos resort info

    Spend a bit of time researching the conditions............ then make your own decision.....
  145. chuck norris

    San Jose del Cabo charter recommendation 10/13-10/16?

    Don't consider going for some time. Cabo and San Jose Del Cabo were Hit hard.
  146. chuck norris

    Los Cabos resort info

    cabo is messed up big time. SJD and La Paz also..... bad stuff down there. $500.00 taxi rides......
  147. chuck norris

    Freedom RSW

    sea water
  148. chuck norris

    Fishing in Nuevo Vallarta

    That Mayan is a nice place, but is a city in itself. Too many high pressure goons hanging out. We got banned from the property...............
  149. chuck norris

    Trim tab actuator repair?

    just replace the actuator..... just happen to have 2 used in very good condition.....
  150. chuck norris

    Anyone ever use ABY charters out of Cabo?

    Be careful booking anything online right now..... The boat might not exist.... or at the bottom of the marina. CSL took a direct hit.
  151. chuck norris

    Major Hurricane Odile - another one!

    Airport got hammered. Not to mention all the homes of the locals, all but wiped clean away. Not good. No power for weeks.
  152. chuck norris

    BAC Masters Update?

    Marlin nut website
  153. chuck norris

    My First Local Marlin- Released

    Nice job. But,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Here goes............................................................... just leave them in the water during the release..... I know the photo op is cool, but resting the fish on the gunnel/your lap can casue injury to the fish.
  154. chuck norris

    Anyone ever bring a VHF radio on a long range trip?

    leave it at home. Are you going fishing or listening? Besides most of them are on SSB
  155. chuck norris

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    I chartered Pat's boat several times years back and we always slayed the fish. Always. I did LL 2-day trips and had nothing negative to say about the operation. Getting limits on day one is a great thing. On one trip we were releasing fish the first afternoon and went yellow hunting the...
  156. chuck norris

    94 Wahoo

    Yea, I read Drew's blog the other day. They were looking for the next number and only missed it by a sixer...... still good hoo fishing. Even 25 isn't bad. Seen many days when 25 would have been great. Great job.
  157. chuck norris

    All Coast Website???

    And that dude that wrote the 150 page post about his drunk friend Jerry................He moved to the NE boards also.
  158. chuck norris

    8/31 Catalina YT and Disrespectful sportboat

    I was at the island for 5 days including Sunday. That west end was a zoo most of the weekend. On top of that the fishing was never really wide open on the yellows that we saw, either that or we sucked. Just wide open on boats. I should have stayed on the mooring and drank beer.
  159. chuck norris

    What is your favorite 50lb mono?

    Soft Steel
  160. chuck norris

    Bad fuel problems

    Heard a week or so ago somone here on BD had issues with the gas, but didn't hear anything about the diesel. I am a bit concerned as i put some Avalon fuel in my skiff not long ago (Yamaha 115) on my way back to the Isthmus, which is where I keep it. Didn't have any problems then, but have not...
  161. chuck norris

    F/S Deep Purple & Blue Oyster Cult

    bump for price drop-120.00
  162. chuck norris

    F/S Deep Purple & Blue Oyster Cult

    Or trade for saltwater reel/rod
  163. chuck norris

    F/S Deep Purple & Blue Oyster Cult

    F/S: 2 tickets for Deep Purple / Blue Oyster Cult The Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA Wed, Aug 6, 2014 07:45 PM Section 2 (Loge) Row N, great seats with VIP parking $140.00 Free ticket transfer to your e-mail address.
  164. chuck norris

    Catalina Island Next Week

    spent last week there. limits of wind..... go this week. no wind.
  165. chuck norris

    Tuna Rods For Sale

    If you will ship I will take 2ea. of the 765H rods...
  166. chuck norris

    I'm hooked! (literally…)

    [Sorry, I didn't mean to highjack your post. Any hook in a digit is no fun. Hope you're healing ok.] My buddy (don't ask me how) but got his line tangled on a pelican's wing..ugh. We brought it close to the boat and I was trying to untangle the line, instead of leaving a 5 oz weight stuck to...
  167. chuck norris

    I'm hooked! (literally…)

    They (the crew) tried to push the hook up and out and I started to pass out. That was when they cleaned it up, wrapped it and called it good.......... and that was after they numbed it up. Then the weather got real shitty...... very humbling. The morphine was fun for a few days.
  168. chuck norris

    I'm hooked! (literally…)

    about 480 miles from San Diego...... long story. A few details: Happened on a Saturday morning and didnt go into surgery until after midnight the following Tuesday....a few years back. Took several months to recover. Lots of damage inside. The hook point was up the center of my finger to the top...
  169. chuck norris

    I'm hooked! (literally…)

    Hook from a Jumbo's cut off at the eye in the pic.
  170. chuck norris

    need yamaha mechanic yesterday!!

    Mauer Marine in NP/Costa Mesa
  171. chuck norris

    Chino Air Show

    Great war birds...
  172. chuck norris

    Kona Charter in July?

    Capt Dave at Kona Blue Charters. Big Hatteras. Fished them in February.
  173. chuck norris


    We were out in the RIB watching the start. Wishing I was fishing...
  174. chuck norris

    El Nino is coming this year???!!!!!

    looks like it's on it's way...
  175. chuck norris

    moving my boat

    Water route.........
  176. chuck norris

    Rod recommend for Talica 16ii

    Super Seeker 6470H of XH
  177. chuck norris

    Looking for advice on AP

  178. chuck norris

    Ethanol/Water in Fuel of High Pressure Fuel Pump

    my 115 had corrosion inside the VST chamber that was shedding tiny bits of material, then clogging the injectors.... changed averything and started fresh.
  179. chuck norris

    Need help in making rod holders off a milk crate

    Yes. what he said...
  180. chuck norris

    Need help in making rod holders off a milk crate

    I made two of them. Used 2" PVC, HD plastic zip ties, 6 rod holders per crate. Load the bottom with the lead i take on long trips.
  181. chuck norris

    Kona fishing?

    Kona Blue-53 Hatt Fished with them a few weeks ago. great operation.
  182. chuck norris

    Licence question

    I sent in the order to the San Diego Office last fall for 6 of us and got them back in the mail in 2 days....... The forms are on the Conapesca website.
  183. chuck norris


    Go to this place. They have lots of young kittens/cats. Almost free. (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority: Downey 9777 Seaaca Street, Downey, CA 90241.)
  184. chuck norris

    Avet LX 6/3 Grinding

    You won't notice it when you are pulling on a heavier fish..................
  185. chuck norris

    Gear question

    Uhh, unless you are going March 1st, rockfish is closed.
  186. chuck norris

    Rare Sriracha

    One BNIB Sriracha hot sauce unopened........ very hard to find 2013 vintage...... $499.99 free shipping.
  187. chuck norris

    Ron Kovach passes

    Yup, sad news. He got many people out fishing, and helped me with many projects that promoted angling education. RIP Ron
  188. chuck norris

    TruLine and seeker

    I will take the seeker if it does not have the gold guides... pm sent also
  189. chuck norris

    Two bucks locked dead.

    That is friggin amazing....
  190. chuck norris

    Long range Reels for sale

    how much for that Penn 16 in the first photo?
  191. chuck norris

    South Dakota Mule

    Good hunting to you....
  192. chuck norris

    South Dakota Mule

    My brothers recent hunt in Western South Dakota... my old hunting grounds.
  193. chuck norris

    vessel refrigeration service

    thanks, looking for someone different....
  194. chuck norris

    vessel refrigeration service

    vessel refrigeration serviceI need my refrigeration system serviced on my boat. R404 system (Tecumseh condensing unit). PM me or respond here. Long Beach Shoreline Marina.....
  195. chuck norris

    vessel refrigeration service

    I need my refrigeration system serviced on my boat. R404 system (Tecumseh condensing unit). PM me or respond here. Long Beach Shoreline Marina.....
  196. chuck norris

    RR3 - 8 Day Seaguar sponsored Oct 11-19, 2013

    I think I know some of those guys in the photo's. Were they loud, drunk and obnoxious and drank a lot?
  197. chuck norris

    Boat Seized From Norteamericano In Mag Bay

    City Constitution, South Baja California. - During an operative one in the open sea, inspectors of the Secretariat of Fishing and FONMAR Comondú, in coordination with personnel of the PROFEPA, they managed to assure a Bayliner boat, with motor of 175 horsepowers, marks Suzuki, with 178 kilos of...
  198. chuck norris

    Fish thief caught in action!

    That's Pancho... we saw him several times last week down in Cabo. He comes up behind many boats and sits on the swimsteps and rides the boat in until he gets fed. Last monday we were on our way in when he came up on our swim step and one of the crew fed him one of our bigger baits. Marlin...
  199. chuck norris

    Pearl Jam Tickets X2 @ LA

    still for sale..........
  200. chuck norris

    need help to avoid shitty job

    Yup. When the tank over fills, it either blows or goes into the vent line and then clogs the vent filter if you have one. In turn this sometimes will not allow the tank to pump out via the macerator pump by not allowing air into the tank as the liquid is dispersed....
  201. chuck norris


    Is you KVH HD or non-HD?
  202. chuck norris

    Early Cows on the Supreme - Trolling!

    it's a 8 angler charter..............
  203. chuck norris

    Mexican Fishing License

    just use the mail option and send a money order to conapesca office in San Diego, they process and turn them around fairly quick. The forms are on the conapesca site.
  204. chuck norris

    Pearl Jam Tickets X2 @ LA

    FS Pearl Jam Tickets @ LA Sports Arena on Sunday November 24, 2013. Loge-4 Row 7 Seats 7-8 my total costs are $179.60 Ended up with 2 sets of tickets........ need to sell one set.
  205. chuck norris

    Our New Boat: 31 Tiara Open

    Nice. Love the Tiara's...
  206. chuck norris

    Kids Hoopin - tradition continues:

    Nice job Kevin, watch out for the pirates.....
  207. chuck norris

    the elk hunt that almost wasn't

    Nice Bull. My Kid just got back after he spent 8 days in Colorado with his friends and toughed out the weather for nothing...crappy weather.
  208. chuck norris

    Go Get A Wahoo 1 spot open Supreme 8 day

    It's a great trip, wish I could go again....super limited load. Been going every year on the Supreme for the last 6 years. Gonna miss out this year. Good fishing...
  209. chuck norris

    Good Job, Brandon!!

    no more building big round things for me......
  210. chuck norris

    What is your favorite Carking Knife??

    caulking...............= putty knife....
  211. chuck norris

    buccaneer days at the isthmus

    leave them with the grandparents. Leave your pets behind also. Cannons being fired all day for several days. You may also get to see some "cannons".................:boobies:
  212. chuck norris

    1.5 day on the Islander 8/12/13

    Awesome............. the look says it all.
  213. chuck norris

    2 sets of STYX Tickets, OC Fair

    Change of plans for the weekend, but have 2 sets of 2 each tickets for STYX at the Pacific Amphitheatere Friday night August 2nd. First set is in Section 1 row "T" and the other 2 tickets are in section 2 Row "U". $70.00 for each set of 2 tickets. I can transfer via Ticket Master transfer or...
  214. chuck norris

    Whats the differance

    But for sure, not left handed.....
  215. chuck norris

    Whats the differance

    Ask Steve Carson...................
  216. chuck norris

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Video Weather Update 6/26

    Thanks Chris, for the great weather...............
  217. chuck norris

    New member looking for friends... My mom is Hott...

    sam owen........ you out there? Hello?
  218. chuck norris


    stolen car................sunk
  219. chuck norris

    BzBoys back in action!

    Nice catch.... BTW: We did'nt know you were out of the action.
  220. chuck norris

    2 day, $305 Fathers Day weekend incl meals & permits

    Go... years ago I took my now hospitalized father and my kid (who is now grown and married) on a fathers day 2 1/2 day trip..... we killed the albacore.....wish I could do that trip again. BTW: we came home on the morning of fathers day, so we got to fish and celebrate. Good Luck!
  221. chuck norris

    Black and Gold

  222. chuck norris

    Poll and opionon on tipping.. curious what the "norm" is

    I saw a jar of jelly in the tip bowl on a 3-day LL charter.............But it was home made. - - - Updated - - - BTW: usually $350-400 on 8-day trips
  223. chuck norris

    Rpt-8 day on the Excel ending 09-23-11

    Nice look back at past trips.... gets the blood flowing.
  224. chuck norris


    I saw it over at 22nd St Landing last weekend. At the dock..........
  225. chuck norris

    your wake

    Not Just up there in the WA. Dateline; Long Beach Ca. We had a whack job blow through the marina the other afternoon that pushed a wall of water through the boats in slips. My Skiff Beat the crap out of the side of the big boat. Downtown Shoreline Marina. Tuesday. A Cabo...
  226. chuck norris

    New GoPro Footage...

  227. chuck norris

    Cory's First Demo...

    wild stuff there Tim
  228. chuck norris

    First reel/rod

    The 555 is way too wide... If you want a Penn, start with a 535 at the low end of the cost chart. Then move up to the Torque Series.
  229. chuck norris

    WTB 2 Suspension seats
  230. chuck norris

    Helm Seats, not much info online about them

    I got two setups from these guys....
  231. chuck norris

    Thieving piece of rat dung

    That was a nice build. I remember seeing in the booth. Here are a few pics of the 2013 monster mossback.
  232. chuck norris

    Limited load on the Pacific Star out of LB THIS SUNDAY NIGHT 4/21 FISHING MONDAY!!

    have fun trying to get to the landing.......Long Beach Gran Prix this weekend. All those roads are blocked..
  233. chuck norris

    "Gabby is Angry Today".....Mark Kelly

    yea I saw that BS MK was spewing about shame and all that crap. Who does he think he is?
  234. chuck norris

    1:23 seconds, I about fell off my chair??????

    Yup. I saw/heard that also. Morons.
  235. chuck norris

    Long Range Trip

    I usually book a year in advance, so I set up auto payments from my checking acct to be sent monthly divided by the cost and add in a little extra each payment so it covers permits, fuel, etc. Then 12 months later you only missed a few bucks each month and you're on the boat! No sticker shock...
  236. chuck norris

    Marbled up monster mossback for Rollo

    see your pm. Mike needs to talk to John............ or John needs to talk to Mike.
  237. chuck norris

    Penn 50 S

    PM sent on 50S
  238. chuck norris

    Marbled up monster mossback for Rollo

    Nope, I auctioned off the Lamiglass last year.
  239. chuck norris

    Marbled up monster mossback for Rollo

    The Friends of Rollo Monster Mossback is safe. See my post above...
  240. chuck norris

    Looking for a current Loreto fish report?

    water was cold and the wind blew last week.
  241. chuck norris


    I know lots of guys used that several years ago, like the mid-70's when we hunted pronghorn in South Dakota. Popular with the ranchers I remember. You dont hear too much about it these days. Everyone is focused on black guns.......
  242. chuck norris

    Blank recs for 40# and 50# rigs for Wahoo

    and a Trinidad 30DC with 50lb mono
  243. chuck norris

    Blank recs for 40# and 50# rigs for Wahoo

    I chopped down my Calstar GF850M a few inches for bombs on 50lb.
  244. chuck norris

    Where am I going?

    grew up there. Know that airport and car rental.................... My brother said last week the sky was clouded............with birds.
  245. chuck norris

    Where am I going?

    and that restaurant sign is for the Shahi Palace
  246. chuck norris

    Where am I going?

    looks like you landed at the Sioux Falls Airport....
  247. chuck norris

    Anyone buy a "cruiser" and using it for a fishing machine?

    Several years back I had a 29 Express (Searay). It had a large deck area for 4, a mid deck for kicking back and a cabin that had a enclosed head/shower, a forward v-berth and an aft berthing area also for 2. It had a sitting area/dining for 4 and a small galley. Twin engine. Problem? Range. fuel...
  248. chuck norris

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    <TABLE id=entries><TBODY><TR><TD class=word></TD><TD id=tools_653155 class=tools></TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD id=entry_653155 class=text colSpan=3>That is a travesty, it's a sham. It's a mockery. <TABLE id=entries><TBODY><TR><TD class=word>It's a traveshamockery</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>...
  249. chuck norris

    That Guy

    That calico looks like it's been dead for a few hours.............
  250. chuck norris

    Ho Made Raiders

    Isn&#8217;t this the same (that guy) guy that had the picture of the supposed 40+lb yellowtail caught at Catalina that looked like a 16 pounder lat year?
  251. chuck norris

    GOOOOOOOOD BOOOOOY!!!!!!! the egghead is a hero............
  252. chuck norris

    I'll admit, once we put the gas nozzle in a rod holder....

    While on a 2 week BVI bareboat charter, some friends on another boat pumped 250 gallons into a sailboat..............that had a 35 gallon went into the bilge.......So the dude at the fuel dock turns on the bilge pump.................. that's something they won't forget. Stunk forever.
  253. chuck norris

    A Few Pics From Yesterday....

    Tim, How do you move that thing around?
  254. chuck norris

    Marbled up monster mossback for Rollo

    gonna raise some bucks..........
  255. chuck norris

    Independence @ Fred Hall Show

    Stopping by Saturday with the wife.
  256. chuck norris


    Wait........... I have a 115 Yamaha on my skiff, or at least I thought I did.
  257. chuck norris


    Eric @ Gordo Banks Pangas had one of his skiffs lifted out of San Jose Del Cabo Marina last week............
  258. chuck norris

    Clearlake Day 6..... Epic, epic, epic!

    Nice, now get back to work.
  259. chuck norris

    Tiburon frame for Intenationals and 12T good sardine live bait reel?????????

    Here you go...... great prices. Got mine from them..
  260. chuck norris

    Looking for Yamaha mechanic/service

    Mauer Marine. That's the place my 115 Yamaha goes...
  261. chuck norris

    Penn International T16 With Cofe Upgrades

    I'll take it if the other guys backs out.
  262. chuck norris

    Do you drink.......

    Lady: Do you drink? Man: Yes Lady: How much a day? Man: 3 6 packs Lady: How much per 6 pack Man: about $10.00 Lady: And how long have you been drinking? Man: 15 years Lady: So 1 6 pack cost $10.00 and you have 3 packs a day which puts your spending each month at $900. In one year, it would be...
  263. chuck norris

    AA 12 day / some afterthoughts

    I thought you only fished them little trout these days......or was is bass? But any time spent on a LR trip is always an adenture in many ways. Hope to run into you again some day. Dan
  264. chuck norris

    Great deal on a Penn Lever Drag!!!

    Single speed.................. 6.2:1 Why?
  265. chuck norris

    live on cnn

    OBLAMA AND bydin are blathering on CNN live on how they will take your guns....
  266. chuck norris

    Inexpensive way to make your own steel leaders and lures.

    Been using aircraft safety wire pliers for years to make wahoo leaders. I can crank them out quick. Guys on the boat see what I use and there is usually a line to borrow them. I get a few free beers in return.....
  267. chuck norris

    Relentless Auction Jan 11

    <TABLE class=results border=1 rules=all width="100%"><CAPTION>Data found in current database.</CAPTION><TBODY><TR><TD width="24%" align=right>Vessel Name:</TD><TD width="24%">RELENTLESS</TD><TD class=gray rowSpan=11 width="1%"> </TD><TD width="24%" align=right>USCG Doc. No.:</TD><TD...
  268. chuck norris

    Help Identifying reel.

    jigmaster model 1929. Give ya 20 bucks for it..................
  269. chuck norris


    I use a cut down GF850H which gives me about a 825XH with a Trinidad DC30 and 50LB for bombs, Raiders, jgs, but mostly bombs.
  270. chuck norris

    Pigeon eating catfish!! Awesome

    Along the Missouri river banks, the swallows made their nests in holes in the cliffs&#8230; the young ones sometimes fell out in the water below that was fairly deep from the current. There wasn&#8217;t much of any shallows along some areas, so the catfish tended to hang out below. Waiting...
  271. chuck norris

    Laguna Niguel roasts mayor

    Did they eat him also?
  272. chuck norris

    Good wahoo combo?

    I have used a GF700H, SS6470, SS6470H, SS6465H and a GF825XH. A 1x3 might be a bit heavy for 50 or even 60Lb although some wahoo guys like stiff wood.
  273. chuck norris

    Must have item

    neosporin....Had a thumb with a short but deep cut a few years that got away from me. Not good when you wake up at 2AM and your digit is bloing up like a balloon. 2 pair of deck boots. Alternate so I always have a dry pair. I toss them into the engine room at night also................nice, dry...
  274. chuck norris

    Must have item

    24 oz torpedo and a milf for your bunk.....
  275. chuck norris

    Hot wahoo bombs

    Ed's (RIP) Skinney Bomb's in orange/black worked at the Rocks a few weeks ago.
  276. chuck norris

    Hurricane Paul

    We had 4 hours of fishing at the Rocks before we had to haul ass north. There were many LR boats hiding up around the Cedros area......
  277. chuck norris

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    Gave all my fish to Sarah at 5-Star yesterday from my 8-day on the Polaris Supreme...
  278. chuck norris

    Changing your line

    Daily on long trips. Top shots, short and long make it quick and easy. Learn a simple but effective connection.
  279. chuck norris

    WTF? farmer eaten by his hogs

    WTF: Authorities: Oregon farmer eaten by his hogs. The Associated Press COQUILLE, Ore. — Oregon authorities are investigating how a farmer was eaten by his hogs. Terry Vance Garner, 69, never...
  280. chuck norris

    Two speed dumb question #1

    The first time I used one of those years ago, I sat in my garage messing around with it and I must have pushed the button 50 times before the duh factor set in.
  281. chuck norris

    Wahoo Lite Bait Combo

    25-30lb mono and 12" of 27# solid wire. Small solid ring on top, 2/0 sharp bait hook hanging on a haywire twist.
  282. chuck norris

    If you're a poacher, Don't come to Dana Point

    Maybe get the addresses of the 4 guys to the owner of the traps................public record, right?
  283. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme 1.5 - 10/4

    You should try 8 days on the the end you can double for Santa Claus. Great crew also.
  284. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme 1.5 day 10/6

    They have a commercial grade rig on the Supreme. It works great.
  285. chuck norris

    Rods-How many is too many?

    Chopped it down to 10 last night. I'm done....but it's painful.
  286. chuck norris

    Dog has Lymphoma

    My wife had a pet that was very sick and got to the point that it was not fair to the animal to allow it to suffer, so I found a company that sent a vet to our house to put it to sleep. At home. In her lap. Sitting in the backyard patio. Better than a room full of barking and other noise going...
  287. chuck norris

    Rods-How many is too many?

    One year I used a JX-2 on a SS6470 and 40lb. for 95% of my fishing............. Last year I had 2 reel failures but had back ups rigged and ready to go. I use the most back ups when we are into wahoo as things happen fast and you do not want to be in the rack fixing or re-tying leaders. I set...
  288. chuck norris

    Rods-How many is too many?

    Quote: I think the mexicans only allow 10 rods per person. Just make sure if you bring that many you are considerate of the other anglers on the boat. Someone with 7 or 8 rods shouldn't not get spots for theirs when someone with 15 does. Mexico does not come on the boat and count your rods...
  289. chuck norris

    Rods-How many is too many?

    Okee Dokee. Rod selection out of the way. Wire leaders-tied plenty last year. Tackle bag: Ready. Duffle bag: Packed. Need new top shots on reels and a booze run and I am good.
  290. chuck norris

    Rods-How many is too many?

    You would think after going on five 8-day trips I would have this down to a science, but.... while pulling rods out of the rack to take Oct 13, I counted 14. I have been on trips that had so much variety that I used 9-10 different set ups. But mostly, as you know your main deal is the 40lb and...
  291. chuck norris


    Rode that boat once................................................ was told about 15 signed up on a Sunday night departure. 52+ when it left the dock.
  292. chuck norris


    change the channel...........
  293. chuck norris

    Beneteau 9 Barracuda

    Bow thruster? Really? kind of a neat boat. Nice bow ornament also......
  294. chuck norris

    976-Tuna with the Eclipse: 9/16-18

    Great report. Hearing good things about that boat, operation and crew. Nice to see for a change.
  295. chuck norris

    RR III October 5th 8-Day

    I'm not, but i know some perps that are.......................... Watch out for One Eye, Lefty and Notorious UB Noxious <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  296. chuck norris

    fishin soon, reports tepid

    480 miles from San Diego BTW.
  297. chuck norris

    fishin soon, reports tepid

    23 days for me. Kant whait two goe souf 2 Al A hose
  298. chuck norris

    Baby Pelicans?

    Q. why do they always turn left when diving for bait? A. Rudder rig out of tolerance..........<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  299. chuck norris

    Special place in hell for "Vandals"

    That sickens me to the core. My son is a FF and they do so much for mankind but still get no respect. Then people bitch that they get paid too much then bitch when no one shows up in 90 seconds because budget cuts eliminated engine and truck companies and cut back paramedics......(LBFD) and many...
  300. chuck norris

    Any one on the Oct 13th accurate trip?

    Maybe move this to the LR board if you want some exposure..........
  301. chuck norris

    Hot tip on fishing for wahoo with iron

    They are not using the fluorocarbon for visibility reasons but for durability from bite offs, if I am understanding Rick’s write up. I heard this before on an 8-day a few years back. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  302. chuck norris


    Not again...............Looks like one of those half mounts that hang on the wall.
  303. chuck norris


    This one was 39 on the scale at Fishermans Landing.........
  304. chuck norris

    LR Trip Insurance

    Really? FYI: I have a blown out disc between L3 and L4. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comDuncan</st1:place> Donuts&#8230;&#8230;.<o:p></o:p> :food-smil
  305. chuck norris

    LR Trip Insurance

    Has anyone ever purchased/used trip insurance on a LR trip? I am on an October 8-Day, but have been dealing with a blown out back and am questionable in regards to making the trip. Who have you used?
  306. chuck norris

    1973 Pacemaker Sportfisher

    Awesome. Love those boats! Almost bought one years back.
  307. chuck norris

    Do you have a 17-20' boat and want a $100 West Marine gift card?

    Sorry, but the boat spends most of its time floating. If you ever need someone down here.....
  308. chuck norris

    Do you have a 17-20' boat and want a $100 West Marine gift card?

    What's wrong with the LBC? =Long Beach......
  309. chuck norris


    H & L Marine Woodwork, Inc. 2965 E. Harcourt Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221 Tel: (323) 636-1718 Fax: (323) 636-1720
  310. chuck norris


    H&L in the north Long Beach area. The place has everything from small pieces to massive timbers of teak and any other wood. "You will get wood here".
  311. chuck norris

    Tweekers suck!

    As soon as I figure out how to make the files smaller. They are 5 million gigapixle or something like that.
  312. chuck norris

    Tweekers suck!

    I watched a tweeker get busted yesterday in the CVS parking lot in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Lakewood</st1:place></st1:City>. He was attempting to break into a van. Whacked out of his gourd. Running...
  313. chuck norris

    How bad is it if....

    So what boat and trip are you now on?
  314. chuck norris

    farmers v.s joey trouters

    his cousin.....
  315. chuck norris

    Fishermans landing no warranty on custom rods,,,

    And there you go. That's how it's done.
  316. chuck norris

    USS Harry S. Truman Going Tokyo Drift

    Did that on the Kitty Hawk with a deck full of birds........
  317. chuck norris

    06.11.12 - 06.19.12 American Angler - Bluefin, Yellowfin, & Yellowtail!

    DUh on my part, but why can't I see the photos?
  318. chuck norris

    Covering Opening in Center Console

    Make a hinged cover out of starboard or just attach with screws if you don't want anything fancy. I have a helm console like this that has a box with slide out tackle trays and the front is covered with an upholstered pad to lean back against. Do you keep that in a marina?
  319. chuck norris

    cat jet ski rentals

    I know you can rent some small outboard skiffs of 14 feet or so, but never heard of any jet ski rentals. Maybe Avalon, but doubtful. Two Harbors, the same.
  320. chuck norris

    Drive away from the bite:

    how was the ride over Friday morning? The harbor looks like there was some empty moorings.........anytime with kids is great though.
  321. chuck norris

    GOING "AWAY" PARTY: Soundview Tavern - 06/05/12 - Tuesday - 5PM

    John K??? You were in Long Beach before, correct? I thought the name looked familiar. DA
  322. chuck norris

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    I think many of us have gotten ideas from what you have done and put it to use on our own boats. The LED light info was great. I have used them on my skiff and the big boat already. That source was so much cheaper than what's out there. Noce work!
  323. chuck norris

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Watch the weather over at the island. It's gonna be ripping off and on over the next few days. Watch Friday afternoon into Saturday.
  324. chuck norris


    Awesome. BTW: Can you photo shop the guy in the red shorts out of the picture that is standing in the background? Just saying........
  325. chuck norris


  326. chuck norris

    Is this bad?

    stress from contact?
  327. chuck norris

    Dodo recipies

    We had that last winter in was awesome!
  328. chuck norris

    fighting chair

    I am next..........
  329. chuck norris

    Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3

    They were ran over by something big.....The prop on those ships are huge plus the weight of the ship bearing down on them. Sad deal.
  330. chuck norris

    Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3

    It had radar.....................................
  331. chuck norris

    Going on water with NO Cf numbers?

    If the boat was a larger boat which is more likely to be assumed to be documented than yes......they may not look.. but having been in Dana Pt Harbor before, the Harbor Patrol will nail you. outside The CG will be asking for docs if they decide to give you a visit.
  332. chuck norris

    Calstar Rod Collection

    I must have fell asleep on this one.........
  333. chuck norris

    Eisenglass work NEEDED!

    Harbor Canvass hands down
  334. chuck norris

    Was told I cant fish here:(

  335. chuck norris

    4/22/12 Long beach halibut fishing,

    .....You didn't mention the location, you know....Lat. ...Long, Landmarks...............
  336. chuck norris

    I died and went to Avet heaven

    So the Raptor kit does exist………..I stopped by the Avet booth at the Fred Hall Long Beach Show and after asking 3 different reps, I got a blank stare from all 3 (insert cricket noise) I thought maybe I dreamed that I heard about the conversion kit for my non-Raptor 2-speeds. . <?xml:namespace...
  337. chuck norris

    Finish for mahogany tackle box

    Hands down: Bristol Finish. It's a two-part varnish.
  338. chuck norris

    New Shogun Crew - what happened to Norm, Chachi and rest of the crew?

    Correct. I met the "other" Tommy in the Polaris Supreme booth at the LBFHS. Nice guy and a good complement to the already supreme crew of the PS.
  339. chuck norris

    PR knot in hollow spectra?

    PR knot or the "RP" knot?
  340. chuck norris

    Yamaha Fuel Management Kit

    Mark, Would it work on my 115 Yamaha? How does it connect into the fuel system? What is the size of the display?
  341. chuck norris

    I googled "Find Chuck Norris"...

    Chuck Norris went to the Fred Hall Show.................
  342. chuck norris

    Some new stuff, and a surprise at the Long Beach Show....

    I stopped by the booth at the Long Beach FHS to inquire about the Raptor lever conversion kits for non-raptor reels and when I asked about the kit, I heard crickets..........4 different people, but today I came across this, so my answer was right here. It would have been nice to actually talk to...
  343. chuck norris

    Rollo Friends 2012 build

    Do you know who wrapped the three other rods that were given to Friends of Rollo? "Wahoo Special" was on each rod.
  344. chuck norris

    MLPA Monitors (undercover)

    They are lurking at the Fred Hall Show............Bay Keeper or what ever they call themselves are next to the DFG booth no less...
  345. chuck norris

    First chucks of the year- warning graphic

    Just sittin there minding his own business when all of a sudden......Blam!!
  346. chuck norris

    Anybody have been on a 8 day trip on

    Lots of yellowtail and dorado, some yellowfin, some grouper, pargo. Only saw a few wahoo. Tuna were scarce down there. The previous years we released tons of tuna (really) not last year. You get a nice variety and lots of fishing, plus thats a bargain rate compared to other boats, but it's not...
  347. chuck norris

    Anybody have been on a 8 day trip on

    I don't know much about their 8 day trips but we did fish next to them last fall on the Ridge when I was on the Polaris Supreme they do go long.
  348. chuck norris

    Indian announcement today

    That sucks. But he is not the first one to call it quits. Heard Ben walked away from the BMS. Cherokee Geisha was listed for a U.S. Marshalls Auction not long ago.
  349. chuck norris

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Is that dirt on the bow's non-skid?...............................
  350. chuck norris

    Penn 12T spool

    I have always found what I need at Scott's here's a link to the 12T page
  351. chuck norris

    Soft Steel Ultra Line

    I have used the 30-80 for several years and its my go to line. I get bigger spools and keep them in a cool dark area. Nice to use.
  352. chuck norris

    Getting your captain's license?

    Not with Boat U.S.
  353. chuck norris

    Black Steel 6480 for 40#

    Too bad there isn't a 6480MH..................
  354. chuck norris

    I googled "Find Chuck Norris"...

    There is no life on Mars because Chuck Norris has already been there................
  355. chuck norris

    I googled "Find Chuck Norris"...

    Hey....come on. Get back on track here.
  356. chuck norris

    I googled "Find Chuck Norris"...

    Chuck Norris doesn't do push ups. He pushes the earth down...........
  357. chuck norris

    I googled "Find Chuck Norris"...

    Chuck Norris made Ellen Degeneres straight.
  358. chuck norris

    I googled "Find Chuck Norris"...

    Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting infers the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.
  359. chuck norris

    I googled "Find Chuck Norris"...

    Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life.
  360. chuck norris

    I googled "Find Chuck Norris"...

    Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn't dead it is just afriad to move.
  361. chuck norris

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Barrett, On one of your previous posts you installed some LED light strips. Which model did you use and what is the color, bright white or blue? It gave me an idea for my own skiff. CN
  362. chuck norris

    Killer whales killing sea lion pups at alarming rate

    Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if any of the MLPA spotters are reporting these guys..... ( Killer whales and other ocean predators are targeting and killing...
  363. chuck norris

    Homelite Electric Pole trimmer saw 9 ft.

    For sale: Homelight Pole trimmer. extends to 9 feet. Used one time. Tree too tall now...worked great the time it was used. $60.00
  364. chuck norris


    Videographer <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I am looking for a reputable videographer for my son’s wedding in June. Must have references and do HD quality video. <o:p></o:p>
  365. chuck norris

    7-8 day fall trips

    A. Some years we had fuel surcharges, some not. The beer was $1.50 and sodas were $0.75 Bring your own booze and wine. BTW: We have a few openings on our Polaris Supreme 8-Day leaving Sept. 29, 2012. LL-22. $2500.00
  366. chuck norris

    4 Days at Catalina - 12/30 to 1/2 - Goats on Fire

    Great photos. What mooring were you on? We spent 6 days on 186. The weather was super Wednesday and Thursday. I heard about the vineyards but never seen them, yet.
  367. chuck norris

    Cabo Bars/Restraunts

    I just got back from Cabo 2 days ago: Margaritaville is closed. Empty as is the No Worrys at the Lighthouse building. Economy is tough down there also. Try the Baja Cantina on the Marina not far from Solomans Landing. Beers are about a buck fifty. We had a good lunch at the Office one...
  368. chuck norris

    Yellowtail Fishing California and Baja (picture thread)

    Cedros yellows. 41-44 pounds on the scale at FL.
  369. chuck norris


    Nice job on the 201.2! going again in 2012, 8-Day leaving Sept 29th.
  370. chuck norris


    Quote: <TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD style="BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset" class=alt2>Originally Posted by G-Spot They need to get a web site..... Their site sucks..... About the...
  371. chuck norris


    Right on! I just got off a 8-day (20 anglers) so I am done for a while. We fished it (the PS) in October, 2010 with 15 anglers. It was one of the best trips I have done on the Supreme. Combined with killer fishing, crew and food, had my own stateroom with double lower bunk, man what a blast.
  372. chuck norris


    Obviously Dan here from Las Vegas has a vested interest in this trip and the boat may need a few more guys. He was just wanting to help by spreading the word to get a few more on the boat, but what quickly happened was “that guy” jumping in, slamming the website, the boat, pictures bla, bla...
  373. chuck norris


    You're correct Jeff. The PS was built in 85/86 and is one of the top San Diego operations. I don't think there is any room to slam any of those top operations down there and the PS is one of them. Tommy and Susan run a first class operation.
  374. chuck norris


    Dude, What crawled up your back side? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> You ever fish the PS? Or are you just guessing? And no, Frank didn't own this boat. It was built by Bill Poole. Sold to Tommy.
  375. chuck norris

    Anglers Choice/American Angler 11day

    public info........ <TABLE class=results border=1 rules=all width="100%"><CAPTION>Data found in current database.</CAPTION><TBODY><TR><TD width="24%" align=right>Vessel Name:</TD><TD width="24%">SANCTUARY</TD><TD class=gray rowSpan=11 width="1%"></TD><TD width="24%" align=right>USCG Doc...
  376. chuck norris

    Marine Trader 44 Bimini

    Selling the Bimini top and frame off my 44 Marine Trader trawler. I am getting a different style frame this month. It is about 118" X 120" and includes the top cover that is in good condition but needs some cleaning. The frame is in XCLNT condition. $250.00
  377. chuck norris

    Rice Bowl 8 day Spirit of Adventure 10-24

    [QUOTE= What didn't work- This is where I should go ballistic! There were 6 gold Trinidad failures. WTF! I had 3 failures and another passenger had 3 failures. The trinis I fished were serviced each year and were as clean as they come. The other 3 trinis were serviced somewhere else and just as...
  378. chuck norris

    7 day report - mixed bag

    OK. So now you pulled the pin on the grenade and are holding onto it. Put the pin back in or roll it across the floor...........:Death_To_Above:
  379. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme 8-Day Trip #1123

    We had high hopes for tuna and wahoo even though it had been slow. That was the reason we hit the ridge first, but it was only yellows and dorado with a few pargo tossed in. The overall fishing was nothing less than outstanding and most all of the new guys were amazed at the fishing, crew, boat...
  380. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme 8-Day Trip #1123

    Camera? A little Nikon Fine Pix my wife gave me in 2008. Its been on several trips and keeps on going even after sitting in my tackle bag during trips.
  381. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme 8-Day Trip #1123

    Late report&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.. October 1-9, 2011 <FONT color=black>Polaris Supreme 8-Day Trip #1123<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<o:p></o:p> Saturday October 1<SUP>st</SUP>. <o:p></o:p> One year ago (October 5<SUP>th</SUP>, 2010) while fishing...
  382. chuck norris

    "Super-Hoos" on the ridge - EXCEL

    Good for them. I was down in that area last week and there were no tuna or wahoo....huge bummer. Lots of yellows and dodo's. Missed it by a few days........
  383. chuck norris

    Sad day

    It's a bummer for anyone to lose their boat. I fished the BMS several times during my "budget" days, but man we always plugged that thing. Not upper crust but for the working stiffs, it worked. Hope Ben can move on, maybe retire.
  384. chuck norris

    Is it an off year for yellow fin?

    We saw you guys at the Rock. You deserved every fish you got for sitting there that long. It was too painfull for us. I was trophy hunting, but I guess there is always another trip..........We pulled on yellows until our arms fell off.
  385. chuck norris

    Is it an off year for yellow fin?

    Why? You going out on a LR trip this week? :eek: Yea, we caught fish. All the yellows you want. Dodos also. A few fat grouper. We got hoo'd once at the rocks, never saw any down below. Sat in the kite rig for a few hours one day until my balloon popped and the kite rig plunged into the sea at...
  386. chuck norris

    Is it an off year for yellow fin?

    Yup...I just got off my 8-Day on the Polaris Supreme. We bypassed the Rocks and went to the ridge, 23, 13, etc. No tuna there either. Made the run uphill to the rocks midweek for no love. We trolled for no wahoo. Anchored for nada. We watched the boat next to us battle a marlin on the kite rig...
  387. chuck norris


    I need some tips on cooking grouper that I caught on my 8-day last week. We grilled the cheeks and some scraps last night. Killer, but the fish is so mild that even the bloodline tastes good...It needs something. Any ideas? The fish were 35-40 pounds.
  388. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme, one open spot 8-Day. LL-20

    I have one guy who backed out on our LL-20 Polaris Supreme 8-Day. Last spot leaving in the morning, Oct 1st. Private main deck stateroom.
  389. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme Accurate 8 day is a go!

    Yup...we get a jump start on ya...Leaving in the morning (10/1) on our 8-Day. We also have openings, just one. Its great that your trip is a go with 15. Class Act! I did a 5 day last October with 15. Lots of space.
  390. chuck norris

    hurrcane update

    What a relief...Leaving this Saturday on an 8-Day. Was worried last weeknd, but as the week progressed, it looked to be a non issue.
  391. chuck norris

    Coast Guard airlifts passenger from the Indy

    This happened to Planet..........?
  392. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme, one open spot 8-Day. LL-20

    We have one open spot on our (LL-20) Polaris Supreme 8-Day. Leaves Saturday Oct. 1 and returns Sunday Oct. 9, 2011. You only miss 5 work days and you get a private main deck stateroom. Trip #1123 Lund/Anderson<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <IFRAME style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none...
  393. chuck norris

    Hurricane Hilary.. storm track

    I hope no trips get messed up. I leave Saturday on a looks like the wind will be far enough offshore not to be an issue.........I hope.
  394. chuck norris

    October weather

    It can be smoking hot on the ridge and lower banks that time of the year. Worse if there is any tropical flow down south. Can be very humid also. Fish hard, water down.
  395. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme, one open spot 8-Day. LL-20

    Thanks. Getting ready. Need to tie up some more wahoo leaders. Reels are ready. 2 rods in the shop. No I'm not excited...........:rofl:
  396. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme, one open spot 8-Day. LL-20

    $2835.00 That's based on a Limited Load of 20 vs. 24. More room but the per angler cost goes up. We did the LL-20 for that reason.
  397. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme, one open spot 8-Day. LL-20

    We have one open spot on our (LL-20) Polaris Supreme 8-Day. Leaves Saturday Oct. 1 and returns Sunday Oct. 9, 2011. You only miss 5 work days and you get a private main deck stateroom. Trip #1123 Lund/Anderson
  398. chuck norris

    Pacific Star

    Yea, I'd love to jump on the Pac Star, but have been busy and am getting ready for a 8-day. I did a bunch of charters with Mike and had some great times.
  399. chuck norris

    Pacific Star

    Great news Chris, Say Hi to Mike.
  400. chuck norris

    Stainless Bimini Frame

    Well it's not quite the size you are looking for but I am removing a very good condition frame that is about 120" wide and 120" long with the bimini top. I am installing a different top.
  401. chuck norris


    You can buy a BNIB Trinidad 30DC for less than $400 bucks. The standard Trinidad 30's are going for 250-275 on e-bay BNIB!
  402. chuck norris

    custom built milk crate tackle box

    I have two. The milkman gave me one and i found the other floating in the marina after a storm last spring. I added some PVC rod holders, so i think I am into mine for $3.97 :rofl:
  403. chuck norris

    Win a Stryker T-Top - a $1,299 value - Contest ends 8/15/11

    Pick this one..........
  404. chuck norris

    Passports now MANDATORY!

    Got a passport?
  405. chuck norris

    Passports now MANDATORY!

    Not sure but I heard the same thing from a very good source. Some 3-5 day trips was what i was told.
  406. chuck norris

    Burns Saltwater Outfitters in Carlsbad, CA

    Yea..... I saw that but had already ordered some online. Thanks though, I did find some other items buried on the Charkbait site.
  407. chuck norris

    Burns Saltwater Outfitters in Carlsbad, CA

    Out of biz? Bummer. I found a few bags in the local shops, but they were the very large ones. The Owner brand rings are stamped. I do not like all. I need about 30-40 to re-stock my wahoo leader supply for this fall.
  408. chuck norris

    Burns Saltwater Outfitters in Carlsbad, CA

    Do these guys still exist? I have been trying to find the small solid welded rings that they made that i have used in the past for rigging bait rigs on solid wire for wahoo. I went to a few places in the LBC and found the large ones at Fishermans Hardware in LB, but they don't carry the very...
  409. chuck norris

    Velvet drive - dead in the water

    Harpurs Marine. Give Tom a call over there in Pedro. He rebuilt one of my Velvet Drives this spring. A+ service. He came to the boat, removed the transmission, hauled it back to his shop, rebuilt it, bench tested and installed back in the boat with a dockside run in 4 days. Looked new. His work...
  410. chuck norris

    Wire & hook preferences for wahoo live bait rigs

    AFW. Single strand in camo color.
  411. chuck norris

    wahoo wire

    38, 44, 58 for bait & 86 for your raiders/sea strike 33's
  412. chuck norris

    help setup for dropper loop/tuna

    Use the boat gear. Most are free or they charge you 5-10 bucks for line.
  413. chuck norris

    Court Requires MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force to Repay Angling Groups All Legal Fees

    That's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that you bas&ards..........
  414. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    Dude, breathe... All I did was ask you if you had ever fished the PS. Nothing else. The orginal post asked about that operation. That's it. He asked about certain things of the operation. I am not beating a dead's buried. Get over it. Go on what ever boat you want to. I don't care...
  415. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    Except the original poster was asking about one operation: The Polaris Supreme...........see below. Polaris Supreme<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <HR style="COLOR: #000000; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->Well I just booked my second long range trip for...
  416. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    The folks at Inside Sport Fishing hooked me up with a DVD of the original "Deep Color". Classic Polaris Supreme fishing. It might be my own opinion, but I didn't have any problems filling up our fall 8-Day on the Polaris Supreme this year. BTW: the galley crew is outstanding as is the entire crew.
  417. chuck norris

    2 fishermen sentenced for possessing protected sea bass

    Yea, I saw the news story on TV Wednesday night. It made me want to reach through the screen and smack both of them. Morons. And on top of that the one whack job holds up a copy of a WON photo taken on a long range trip, of what appears to be a grouper and says, &#8220;Look, these guys do it all...
  418. chuck norris

    KK-Pono Wahoo Bombs

    KK-Pono Wahoo Bombs are the bomb. They were in the Ken's Reels booth at the LBFHS. I got a bunch of the guys hooked up to prepare for a fall 8 day. Jamie Lyons "Pono" makes a great lure. Built tough. Check them out at the FHS Del Mar Show. He sold out the hot colors but is making more.
  419. chuck norris

    Fiberglass & Teak Bench Seats from the bridge

    We are changing things on the flybridge of our 44 Marine Trader trawler. We have 2 fore/aft bench seats. Made from fiberglass, trimmed with varnished teak. The cushions are forest green and in very good condition. 300.00 each, 500.00 for both......obo. going on e-bay and craigs list in a few...
  420. chuck norris

    Friends of Rollo 2011

    It's not a raffle gotta throw down some serious change to buy it at the F.O.R. booth. Last years Super Seeker went way up there. I know. I sold it.
  421. chuck norris

    72 series Velvet Drive

    Yea, but I was hoping to get it done in the boat, maybe slide it back enough......
  422. chuck norris

    Diff between a GF850H & GF800H

    On a Calstar Grafighter 850H, where does the rod get its “H” from? In other words the tip seems light for an “H” rated rod. If you compared it to an 800H, is the extra length in the tip section, the butt section or both? If I wanted to stiffen this thing (850H) up a bit I assume I would...
  423. chuck norris

    72 series Velvet Drive

    I need a knowledgeable mechanic to work on one of my boat’s transmissions. It’s a 72 series Velvet Drive that blew the gasket that is between the transmission and the adapter housing.
  424. chuck norris


    is the calstar gfr 700h factory wrapped or custom?
  425. chuck norris

    Royal Star - 19JAN / 05FEB

    Glad to see that you are still around and fishing the long trips. I moved up from the 2 day charters on the Pacific Star to the Polaris Supreme about 4 years ago. I happened to see a report from the Star a week ago with your photo and said, "I know that guy". Dan
  426. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    How many do you have signed up so far?
  427. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    on my wall in my office.........what do you want to know? on the lower deck forward is S/R 3, 4 & 5. S/R 3 is a crew room. aft is S/R's 7, 9, 11 & 13 on the port side and 6, 8, 10 & 12 on the Stbd side. I like S/R's 8 or 9 on the main deck is S/R's 1 & 2. there are 2 heads/showers...
  428. chuck norris

    Accurate Reels & Super Seeker Rods

    e-mail sent on the Super Seeker 6470XH, Super Seeker 6480 and the Super Seeker 6465H,
  429. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    some more shots
  430. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    Yea, but they got Schooler now.....he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He is doing some great things on that boat.
  431. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    Have you ever been on the Polaris Supreme????
  432. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    This year will be my 4th time on the Polaris Supreme in the last 4 years. three 8-day trips and a 5-day. The boat and crew are great. We never had any bait issues on any of the 8-day trips and we fished hard the entire time. Great food also. I prefer S/R #8 or 9 although 6, 10, and 11 are also...
  433. chuck norris


    Deal. Just need a pick up location/time/date...early next week maybe Monday
  434. chuck norris


    $100.00 G-loomis obsidian ps78-50 custom blank 40-60lb 7'
  435. chuck norris


    Isn't a G-loomis obsidian ps78-50 a 6 1/2 foot blank, not a 7 foot blank?
  436. chuck norris

    Seeker Black Steel 6470 X 3

    Thanks, but no gold guides.
  437. chuck norris

    Calstar Grafighter 700H X2

    I am looking for 2 Calstar Grafighter 700H Rods, must be in very good or better condition. Factory wrap ok, matching.
  438. chuck norris

    Seeker Black Steel 6470 X 3

    I am looking for 2-3 Seeker Black Steel 6470 or 6470H rods. No gold guides. Factory wrap is ok. Prefer rods in very good condition or better.
  439. chuck norris

    Superstorm coming to California............?

    Back in the 1950's I think, there was a super storm that was made into a documentory. "A Storm Called Mariah" or something like that.
  440. chuck norris

    Anyone heard from CALCOfshr?

    Nope, Not me. I Bought several NIB reels and tiburon frames last year with no problems what so ever. Fast shipped.
  441. chuck norris

    Seeker Rod for Sale

    So much for being the first to respond..........
  442. chuck norris

    Seeker Rod for Sale

    I will take the 6470 if you can ship to Long Beach for 120.00
  443. chuck norris

    Rods, Reel and Blanks. New TLD-5, 2-speed INT12, Torium 14, 16, Graphiters, etc..

    700H. If its a factory wrap I am interested. Calstar Graphiter 700H 30-80 rated Purchased at Squico. Excellent Condtion $135
  444. chuck norris

    Calstar GF Rods

    Interested in the 700M but a few picks would be nice first. 150 Shipped to Long Beach?
  445. chuck norris

    Avet & Shimano TN's for Sale

    Melton is selling the 16 and 30DC models for $349.00.
  446. chuck norris

    Avet & Shimano TN's for Sale

    I wasn't going to say are a bit high. I recently purchased a NIB 30 for 200 and a NIB 30DC for 275.00
  447. chuck norris


    That's a great deal Chris. $250 w/meals! Wish I could go, family weekend. The weather looks like it's going to lay down. Gotta jump on the boat soon. Say Hi to Mike. Dan
  448. chuck norris

    Fish Of The Year: Already, Again?

    You don't have to get all upset..............."sound out the big words"........moron.
  449. chuck norris

    Talicas, Trulines, Calstars, Etc

    I will take the 700H if you could send me a few more photos of the condition. Its a grafighter correct?
  450. chuck norris

    Fish Of The Year: Already, Again?

    The guys get a great fish and already folks are taking shots at them…………unless you were there, don’t pass judgment yet. Mark may have had a gaff in the fish before the hook pulled. Ya don’t know. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p>Great...
  451. chuck norris

    Talicas, Trulines, Calstars, Etc

    do you have pics of the 700H? I need one of these...
  452. chuck norris

    The Q got a Super

    Mark C on the Supreme does it all. On my last trip he made a near dark free dive in under the boat to "remove some stuff" in surging cold rolling water under the boat to "remove some stuff". That dark water was enough to give anyone shrinkage let alone going under....
  453. chuck norris

    The Q got a Super

    The Polaris Supreme got a big one also, cool story.........from their report. Alright, first things first. This will be a long report. Next, the original report for yesterday was the names and size in pounds of every angler from yesterday. One problem. Only one person did not catch a fish...
  454. chuck norris

    Penn International 12t or 12lt

    40# of drag or 40# line? How much$$$?
  455. chuck norris

    8-day gear

    My first 8-day I took 11 rods and 13 reels. I used 4 rods the entire trip and 5 reels. (Dog blew on the Torque 300) One 30 live bait One 40 live bait 2-spd One 50 for the Wahoo iron/bombs One 80 for dropper loop. 2spd. Pretty much the same thing on later 8-day trips. A couple of 2-speed reels...
  456. chuck norris

    Need Info for BVI/Sir Francis Drake Channel

    Spent 2 weeks there in 2008 cruising all the islands. That was in the month of June, the water was hotttttt. If i remember the water in the SFD Channel wasnt that deep and the only fish caught were some small blackfin up around Anegada. There was a big billfish tournament going on based out of...
  457. chuck norris

    Walker Bay RIB deluxe w/ 8 HP Mercury 2 stroke

    are the tubes Hypalon or PVC? Walker Bay offered both on these boats. What year is the motor?
  458. chuck norris

    Team boat build...

    It's a cold mold, veryyyyyyy strong and lighter than fiberglass.
  459. chuck norris

    American Angler/Penn 10 day, phenomenal!

    I watched them unload. They did "very well"!......................
  460. chuck norris

    7 day

    do an 8-day, prices are usually close to some 7 day trips. Gives you much more options. We are fishing on the Polaris Supreme leaving on a Saturday and returning on a Sunday. You only miss 5 days of work. Oct. 1-9, 2011.
  461. chuck norris

    What boat?

    Bone in Veal Chop on the Polaris Supreme Last week was off the hook. So was Fillet and lobster, prime rib, pecan encrusted pork loin, Seafood alfredo with jumbo shrimp, scallops, etc. That was on a 5-day. And the fishing was great.
  462. chuck norris

    What boat?

    Polaris Supreme 8-day. 20 to 22 anglers max. 2 man staterooms. Great food and crew. figure about $2400.00 LL. Oct 1-9, 2011.
  463. chuck norris

    canceled trips....

    <FONT color=black><SPAN style="COLOR: black">I waited and watched the Guadalupe deal all year&#8230;&#8230;waiting&#8230;&#8230;..hoping&#8230;&#8230;the 5 day trip I was scheduled to go on canceled, not enough anglers and the ones who were signed up bailed to later trips. <?xml:namespace prefix...
  464. chuck norris

    Mini SKB Tackle box for you 7200 SKB

    What about a straight sell on the mini? How much?
  465. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme 8 Day Report

    Just got off the Supreme yesterday, 5-day. great crew, fishing & chow.
  466. chuck norris

    Wahoo Techniques

    Use the boats gear. Pick the rod with the lure that is the most tore up.They troll marauders and big catch spinners, depending on the boat you are going on. be ready to grind like a mad man if you get bit on the iron to get that hook to set. If you think your hooks are sharp enough, hit em again.
  467. chuck norris

    10 day weather forecast for Alijos Rocks / Ridge

    Don't worry about the weather, You're going to the ROCKS! It will either be flat calm and the fish are biting full speed or it will be nasty, but the fish will still be biting. Have fun.
  468. chuck norris

    Guadalupe and immigration issue

    yea........that its still off limits.............
  469. chuck norris

    Guadalupe and immigration issue

    Tuesday. Polaris Supreme.........
  470. chuck norris

    Guadalupe and immigration issue

    Should I give up hoping Guadalupe will be accessible to the San Diego Sportfishing fleet by next week for some of those big tuna? The boats have the permits; but they have not resolved the immigration issue. Your thoughts&#8230;&#8230; 5-day leaves next week. Should have stuck with the...
  471. chuck norris

    Reel Colors T-Handles for Penn 12T/LT, 2-Speed

    For sale: I have 2 T-Handles made by Reel Colors that were machined by Cal to fit on my Penn Int 12T and 12 LT reels that are 2-speeded. Included are the longer length push button nuts that allow for the thicker material that are about 0.050 longer than the push buttons used on the standard...
  472. chuck norris

    Electric Dryer/Kenmore

    For Sale: Electric Dryer, Sears Kenmore. Color-bone. Was only used 6 months, but has been in my garage forever. Some exterior blemishes. Inside like new. $75.00 Lakewood, Ca.
  473. chuck norris

    SenorTuna 2010 Charter Schedule

    Still cannot logon......
  474. chuck norris

    Cost to convert MC back to a regular JX?

    I have a silver non-MC JX 2Sp. I may want to trade. Whats the condition of your frame? What don't you like about the M/C?
  475. chuck norris

    New 32 Gal. holding tank-Ronco $150.00
  476. chuck norris

    Cowbells ?

    No kidding! We were at the rocks on 2008 trolling for the hoo and I was "lucky" enough to hit a BIG Bull Dorado. That Cow Bell weighs a ton. Imagine five pounds of big A#& chunk of whatever being slung around by a pissed off bull. Two gaffs later and the deck on the Polaris Supreme emptied fast...
  477. chuck norris

    Any Word on the LUPE?

    That's the reason that the SD Sport Fleet isn't going there, yet. They will not go into a foreign port. They have the permits, they just need to resolve the check in issues that exist. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  478. chuck norris

    New 32 Gal. holding tank-Ronco $150.00 For sale: New 32 Gallon heavy duty holding tank made by Ronco Plastics. :_diarrhea_: I miscalculated by a slight amount and cannot use this tank on my boat. I had to order another one. They won&#8217;t take it back as I had custom fitting locations, etc., so I...
  479. chuck norris

    Emergency at sea..........

    In the Navy we called this a "Un-Rep" or under way replenishment....... classic. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> YouTube - Emergency Sport fisher-to-Sport fisher Beer transfer
  480. chuck norris

    Captains license!

    Yup..there is a 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, unlimited and so on. You can even get an 25, 50, and 100+ inshore, such as lakes, rivers and harbors. The CG did away with the old paper license a while back. The new passport style also has a spot for the TWIC card you are also required to have to have a...
  481. chuck norris

    How to Remove Fuel Filter Housing on 225 Yamaha 4 Strk?

    It is threaded. It should be finger tight. I have removed mine with ease sometimes. Sometimes not. If it doesn&#8217;t come loose, be gentle with some pliers to attempt to loosen it. Don&#8217;t crush the bowl. It&#8217;s plastic. I always keep a couple of extra spare bowls just in case.
  482. chuck norris

    help w/yamaha 115-4stroke-injectors

    Why are you replacing the injectors? If it&#8217;s a performance issue try getting the cleaned with an ultrasound unit. I had injector problems with my 115 Yamaha and had Mauer Marine in Costa Mesa Clean and re-build. About $375.00. runs like a rocket. Make sure you have a big inline fuel water...
  483. chuck norris

    Seeker Black Steel G660H

    dude you didn't have a price in your post before and said "make offers". What do you expect. Now you show a price and want to get all sensitive.
  484. chuck norris

    Yamaha service center

    Anyone know of a good Yamaha service center/mechanic that's good and honest? Long Beach area? I have been going to Costa Mesa but looking for a shop closer.
  485. chuck norris

    Seeker Black Steel / Shimano Rods

    PM sent on the 6470.... QUOTE=dnichols36;1648596]Hello More of my collection up for sale. All of these rods are in like new condition. G270H- 8 CTSeeker Black Steel Cork Tape 15-40 lbs $ 160.00 TLD-70MH Shimano TLD 70 Rod with Gimball like new 15-30 $ 60.00 G660H-6C Seeker Black Steel...
  486. chuck norris

    SenorTuna 2010 Charter Schedule

    Since I have been banned from ever logging on or even attempting to register to ST, can you post the actual dates of your charters? I looked at too many posts on ST and was sent to the carp pond................
  487. chuck norris

    Why are their fish so dam ugly on the other coast?

    Those east coasters sure catch some ugly fish. I sure hope they taste good as I would be cutting my line otherwise........ Photo Gallery=
  488. chuck norris

    Another boat burns off Cabo

    Sad to see that happen again. We were down there for the Bisbee when Bottom Line burned off San Jose Del Cabo just minutes after the start.
  489. chuck norris

    Rpt Sunday 12-20-09 SCI-Vermillion Thrashing!

    I can't see the photos...all I see is a icon that says click here...
  490. chuck norris

    South Dakota Pheasant hunt, 12-9 - 12-12-09

    What part of SD did you hunt in? I kinda know the area........
  491. chuck norris

    Greg Norman's Yacht vs. Tiger Woods Yacht

    it actually launched in 2005 and has been up for sale.
  492. chuck norris

    Wahoo tips!

    Longer and heavier wire leaders when bait fishing. I just got off an 8-day. We had 70 + wahoo. I lost a bunch. They were biting through the wire under 60. The fish were a better grade at the rocks and the ridge. The short wire leaders caused many lost fish, these wahoo have a long set of jaws...
  493. chuck norris

    2 ea. Penn International 12T Reels

    about $17.00 Fedex 11-13 USPS
  494. chuck norris

    Stainless Prop 4-Sale-Alpha Drive 17X19

    For sale: one LH Rotation Stainless Steel Prop from Mercruiser Alpha One Drive. 17X19 in excellent condition. It was a spare on our 29 Searay that we sold many years back. Had a RH also, but it grew legs. $150.00 Saltwater Fishing Discussion Board Including Inshore Fishing, Offshore Fishing...
  495. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    I am on the longer trip right before you. 8-Day. Old Wild Bunch
  496. chuck norris

    Polaris Supreme

    What trip are you on in September? I did an 8-day in October-2008. Outstanding crew, boat, meals and the fishing was off the charts.
  497. chuck norris

    Rods - Calstar, Seeker, Gloomis, & Gusa

    I will take #14)Seeker Classic Honey SC660XH (30(40)100#) 6' factory wrap, roller stripper/roller tip, good cond. - $60.
  498. chuck norris

    3 Calstar 6460XH A/R (Black)

    what city? What blank?
  499. chuck norris

    Need crew ASAP, Cabo to Long Beach!! 6/18/09

    Just a tired owner and one other crewman. They came up from way down south and want to get home after being gone since last Oct. They found one more crew and plan to leave later this afternoon.
  500. chuck norris

    Need crew ASAP, Cabo to Long Beach!! 6/18/09

    I have some friends that are in Cabo right now that are in need of another crewman to help them get their boat from Cabo to Long Beach. Weather window is good until Sunday June 21st. Boat is fueled and provisioned and ready to go. They will pay expenses, daily fee and return to Cabo if needed...
  501. chuck norris

    2 Day July12-13, 2008. Pacific Star-

    Only a couple of spots left.......
  502. chuck norris

    2 Day July12-13, 2008. Pacific Star-

    Only a few spots left..................... 2 Day July12-13, 2008. Pacific Star-Seaforth Landing, ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:place w:st="on">San Diego</st1:place></st1:City>. Departs Friday night July 11 @ 9:00PM-returns Sunday night July...
  503. chuck norris

    Pacific Star Charter-2 Day July 12-13 and 2.5 day

    2 Day July12-13, 2008. Pacific Star-Seaforth Landing 2 Day July12-13, 2008. Pacific Star-Seaforth Landing, San Diego. Departs Friday night July 11 @ 9:00PM-returns Sunday night July 13 @ 8:00PM. Includes Meals/Permits=need full amount-$505.00 to sign up. Limited Load-23. I will be unavailable...
  504. chuck norris

    Pacific Star Charter-2 Day July 12-13 and 2.5 day

    Open spots on my 2 day charter on Pacific Star. LL-23. $505.00 includes meals/Mexican Permits, but NOT the FUEL Surcharge-expect 15+ per day. Leaves Seaforth Landing San Diego Friday night July 11, 2008. Need full amount to sign up. CN 310-480-9491 [email protected] Also 2.5 day. same...