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    For Sale Okuma Soltera SLX-10L and Okuma SLX-20L LeverdragLeverdrag

    The SLX-10L has been sold. SLX-20L is still available, price lowered.
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    For Sale Okuma Soltera SLX-10L and Okuma SLX-20L LeverdragLeverdrag

    Up for sale is an Okuma Soltera SLX-20L, they are the new generation SLX with thrust bearings. Payment via PayPal Friends and Family. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail, Insured w/ tracking. (Can ship UPS Ground if that is preferred) SLX-20L is brand new, never used, no box, includes clamp...
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    For Sale Avet Reel Bag, Large Size, Excellent Condition

    Up for sale is a used Avet reel bag, size large, in excellent condition, kept in the closet while stored. Also includes an Avet reel cover in excellent condition, size Medium. Price: $80 Shipped to lower 48 states. (Payment via Paypal friends and family transfer.) $60 Meet up in Orange County...
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    For Sale Highly Upgraded Penn 4/0 YTS and Penn 6/0 Narrow W/ Tiburon Frames

    Both reels have been sold. Thank you for the inquires BD!
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    For Sale Highly Upgraded Penn 4/0 YTS and Penn 6/0 Narrow W/ Tiburon Frames

    Bump. All messages replied to...been of the website for a while so I apologize for the dated replies.
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    For Sale Highly Upgraded Penn 4/0 YTS and Penn 6/0 Narrow W/ Tiburon Frames

    Hey Mark! Yes, this is the "caca" bucket challenge prize, nice 6/0...I just do not give it the respect it deserves, so time for a new home. Hope all is well!
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    For Sale Highly Upgraded Penn 4/0 YTS and Penn 6/0 Narrow W/ Tiburon Frames

    Up for sale are some highly upgraded Penn reels... 1. Penn 113H, 4/0 Narrow AKA the Yellow Tail Special Mechanical Condition: 10 of 10 Cosmetic Condition: 7 of 10 $220 Shipped (Mismatch Sideplates, colors are slightly different red, different production years) Reel is highly upgraded and...
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    For Sale Okuma Metaloid, M-5NII

    Reel has been sold to the gentleman above. Thank you for all the inquiries BD.
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    For Sale Okuma Metaloid, M-5NII

    If the current offer falls through I will get you the dimensions and size comparison tomorrow.
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    For Sale Okuma Metaloid, M-5NII

    All messages replied to. Bump.
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    For Sale Okuma Metaloid, M-5NII

    Up for sale is a gently used Metaloid M-5NII, reel has a few upgrades (listed below) from the Andros and Makaira...See Attached Pics Price: $160 Shipped w/ Tracking and Insurance $150 Pickup in the OC Cosmetic Condition: 7 of 10 (In my opinion) Mechanical Condition: 10 of 10 Spooled with...
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    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    As of now, there is no replacement-upgraded handle available for the Komodo. Some can be custom fit (dremel work) to match the Komodo gear sleeve, but Okuma does not have a stock handle assembly that will fit the Komodo gear shaft off the shelf. - Scott
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    Tiburon 7530 Quick Change Lever Drag Reel

    Up for sale is a Tiburon Quick Change Lever Drag reel....Beautiful tank of a reel. Comes with two sets of gears, 4.7:1 and a 3.3:1. Gear sets can be swapped out in about 5 minutes..."Quick Change" Reel is in excellent mechanical condition. 9 out of 10. New spool bearings, lubed with TSI 321...
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    For Sale: Shimano TLD 15/30, Penn Fathom 25NLDII, and Daiwa SL20SH

    TLD 15/30 HAS BEEN SOLD. Daiwa SL20SH is still available, PM me an offer if you are interested. -Scott
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    For Sale: Shimano TLD 15/30, Penn Fathom 25NLDII, and Daiwa SL20SH

    Hey Mark! Yeah, you know how it goes, but I will never sell my old school Penn reels, too much sentimental value and the AT upgrades just top it off. Saw you bought an Accurate Valiant, sweet little reels perfect for a 5 day trip and any #40-50 YT breezing by. -Scott
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    For Sale: Shimano TLD 15/30, Penn Fathom 25NLDII, and Daiwa SL20SH

    Penn Fathom 25NLDII is pending pick up today. I will update if the deal falls through.
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    For Sale: Shimano TLD 15/30, Penn Fathom 25NLDII, and Daiwa SL20SH

    Pics are up, PM me if you want more pics via text or e-mail. -Scott
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    For Sale: Shimano TLD 15/30, Penn Fathom 25NLDII, and Daiwa SL20SH

    IN EXCELLENT MECHANICAL CONDITION, fully lubed and greased inside and out, drags included. Payment: PayPal, will also accept USPS money orders. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail, Insured w/ Tracking Can meet in Long Beach, Cash on pick up. PM me if you are interested. Thanks for looking...
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    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    San Benito, June 2015
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    Cedros 12. Braid or mono

    The majority would say straight mono, or a 100+ yd top shot of mono over braid, 40# is perfect for either setup, and the Cedros 12 will hold more than enough 40# mono. To me, the braid is for capacity, if you are jigging where 100lb+ fish are it is good to have, most all local fish can be the...
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    Seeker 670 and 270H-8, Custom Deckhand

    Both rods have been sold. Thanks Rodger!
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    Seeker 670 and 270H-8, Custom Deckhand

    BOTH RODS HAVE BEEN SOLD. Seeker 670, built by Fisherman's Supply in Lawndale: SOLD!!! Triple wrapped black on black on black. Black steel guides, deck hand wrapped with black x-wrap over entire handle section. Well used, but still in really good condition. Seeker 270H-8, West Coast...
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    Okuma Metaloid setting drag

    All reels currently available in stores and on-line will NOT have the new drag cams installed. Even the back stock at Okuma will not have the newer drag cams. Okuma just received the new drag cams, which they may be out of already... To be honest, you do not "need" the drag cam, most guys...
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    Okuma Metaloid setting drag

    They just arrived today, maybe Eddie was not aware of it, picked one up for my M5NII today. Maybe try to get the info tomorrow?
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    Okuma Metaloid setting drag

    Who did you speak with?
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    Okuma Metaloid setting drag

    Okuma has received some of the new drag cams for the Metaloid 5 and 12 reels...Makes a big difference over the original drag cam. Hit them up.
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    Torium 16 vs Metaloid 5nii

    Tough comparison being a star drag vs. lever drag, best option would be to hold onto both in person and compare the two. Go with what feels best. I started with all star drag reels, then converted to lever drag. I prefer the lever drag for simplicity of use, less moving parts internally, and...
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    Shimano makes some quality reels, I own a few, but their marketing and sales pitch catches a lot of mentioned sucker reels... Shimano markets their new reel(s) as having a "Hagane" metal frame, same as the Samurai weapons, lol, I call BS on that one...forged is a very broad...
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    Solterra 15 cs best application

    Nice reels for the price, has an Anti-reverse bearing with two back-up silent dogs, and SS gears. Good for live bait, bottom fishing, and medium duty vertical jigging. Can fish 40# all day.
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    WTB surface irons

    What area of SoCal are you in? I have some various jigs I will part with, I can post some pics tonight.
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    yts new tiburon frame new grears CLEAN!

    I believe this is a thread from 2011?
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    COMING SOON: New Pro Gear Reel V50

    Very nice for the Pro Gear enthusiasts. Are these going to be a domestic or foreign production?
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    WTB: Calstar 9' jig stick

    I have a Calstar 900M up for sale, custom, deck hand style. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Calstar 900M Yo's Custom Rod

    Thanks for the free bumps guys...I miss yo's too, spent a lot of my time there after school, learned a lot from Martin and the guys that hung out there. Good times. Bump...
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    Calstar 900M Yo's Custom Rod

    Bump... Still available. Also open to trades for a 30-40# 7-8' rod. Prefer Seeker, Calstar, Phenix...
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    Calstar 900M Yo's Custom Rod to trades.
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    Calstar 900M Yo's Custom Rod

    Up for sale is a custom deckhand style Calstar 900M, metallic silver and black, built by Yo's Custom Rods. I am the original owner, rod has been well taken care of and washed down after every trip. Rod is in good overall shape, used it this past June on a 5-day, caught a 25# yellowtail. Still...
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    Wanted: Two young studs

    Which harbor are you going out of? What size boat do you have? What day were you trying to leave and fish? I am interested. -Scott
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    40TN Trini, 20 & 25 TLD Shimano's F/S

    If that is a 40 Narrow, it is a great price. Somebody is going to buy this, quick. GLWS
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    Fathom lever drags, greased?

    Hey Steve, I heard on Alan's site that the Penn Blue Grease (great product you guys put out) can also be used to grease the drags. Is this true? Appropriate to use on lever drags and star drag reels alike? Thanks.
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    50#, 65# or 80# braid on fathom 25n 2 speed?

    I used Izorline Brutally Strong 65# spectra and got right around 300 yds (+ or -), with about 40 yds of 50# Izo XXL to the top. That is how I fish it, and change out fluoro top shots to the mono as needed.
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    landing big blues what gear?

    15-20 sized reels from Makaira, Penn VSX, Cal'd reels, and Talica, you should be set. They have the drag and capacity to handle them.
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    Handle Upgrade for Penn Fathom?

    X2 You will have to drill out the handle knob to get it off, then screw on the appropriate sized handle, should not be much trouble, but worth the effort. I would recommend loctite on the handle connections, just to be completely sure, I have seen knob screws come loose.
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    What's the advantage of the Raptor versions when fishing only 40lb test?

    The Raptor models "may" be slower than standard models, being the raptor model has more drag components attached to the spool, with the dual drag discs. Saying may because I do not know if the additional drag washer and metal plate are attached the spool in freespool. Also, the MC feature...
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    WTB: Looking for tricked out Penn 4/0, yellowtail special, baja special, etc..

    With all the upgrades, that is a great price Mark. I am still jealous of that maroon frame, never seen one besides your's.
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    Custom Seeker 220 8'6" Deckhand Style Line Rating 15-(20)-30

    Last bump then putting it on consignment at my local shop. BUMP
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    Custom Seeker 220 8'6" Deckhand Style Line Rating 15-(20)-30

    PM replied to. Thanks for the bump b-reel....BUMP.
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    Newell Blackie 338-F w/Tiburon Frame

    BUMP.... Got a couple of offers, but nothing legit so far.
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    Newell Blackie 338-F w/Tiburon Frame

    PM'd you. The distance between inner clamp studs is 1-1/8 inch.
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    Custom Seeker 220 8'6" Deckhand Style Line Rating 15-(20)-30

    Hey b-reel, just saw your post... $80 is the lowest I would go on the rod, thank you for the offer though.
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    Newell Blackie 338-F w/Tiburon Frame

    Really depends what rod it is, I will measure the distance between clamp studs and PM you the details
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    Newell Blackie 338-F w/Tiburon Frame

    Up for sale is one of my surface iron reels, a Newell 338-F "Blackie", one of the originals. This a is a great reel, all original Stainless Steel internals, and 4 Stack Drag; upgraded with a graphite spool and Aluminum Tiburon Frame. Upgraded to a graphite spool for faster start-up on casts...
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    Custom Seeker 220 8'6" Deckhand Style Line Rating 15-(20)-30

    Thanks for the bump...nice little rod. Bump...
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    Custom Seeker 220 8'6" Deckhand Style Line Rating 15-(20)-30

    PM'd you back... Rod is pending meet up with FishGod411 tomorrow.
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    PM'd you about the Seeker rod.

    PM'd you about the Seeker rod.
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    Getting my Nerd on!

    Came out nice! Color combo looks great, but does it make sound affects according to the degree of bend and stress on the rod?...that would be cool.
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    Calstar Line Ratings Inquiry

    I use 40# on the 700M, I hear a lot of people say it is more of a 30# rod, not much for 40#, but I call BS on that, I believe this comes from those accustom to using a rod with very fast action that shuts off quickly towards the upper portion of the rod, the 700M bends for comfort then shuts off...
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    Pics are up...

    Pics are up...
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    Pics have been added...

    Pics have been added...
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    Colt Sniper Jigs

    X2 They have a nice flutter on the drop, so can be used with a long cast, drop to the bottom, and retrieve. I used mine as a heavy surface iron, same color and size as above, wind faster with the heavies, they have a quick flutter left and right on the tail end.
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    Advance Reservations for Fish Fish Processing ServicesServices

    My charter trip had a no tag arrangement, we split the fish evenly among each other, people could still tag a fish if desired, but about 98% were not tagged. We ended the 5 day trip with 14 yellowtail per person average. We had prior reservations with Sarah of Five Star, I told her I wanted to...
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    Custom Seeker 220 8'6" Deckhand Style Line Rating 15-(20)-30

    Up for sale is a Seeker 220, 8'6" Deckhand style rod, custom built by "T" at Fisherman's Supply in Lynwood. Wrapped in royal blue metallic under wrap, metallic gold accents, and black over wraps. Has my name written on it, just above the deckhand handle. This rod is rated for 15-30# line, great...
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    Anyone tried new seeker rods?

    People and shops are upset they moved to Oxnard, I think that represents the majority of attitude swing towards seeker, even though the landlord of the Long Beach location is the reason for the move (would not renew lease), but those soap boxers may have some relevant issues to talk about...
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    2015 of adventure charter

    Thank you for setting up the trip Alan, I had a great time, really was a great group of guys and gal that came together. I will out the narrow 6/0 to good use. Here is a pic of my personal best calico, caught at Cedros:
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    FS: Penn 975 LevelWind Reel

    I agree with that... Reel has been sold, payment has been received, and the reel will be shipped out tomorrow. Thank you for the inquiries BD.
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    FS: Penn 975 LevelWind Reel

    All PMs have been replied to, waiting on response from the first interested party, will go down list, in the order of contact, if deal falls through.
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    FS: Penn 975 LevelWind Reel

    Thanks for the bump... Pics have been added, I will reply to PMs shortly, just wanted to get pics up so all interested parties could check it out before running offers around. **There is a little more pitting around the spool area than I initially thought/posted, but not bad, please see...
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    FS: Penn 975 LevelWind Reel

    Up for sale is a Penn 975 Levelwind. The reel is in good overall condition, mechanically sound, rate it an 8 of 10 mechanically. I changed both bearings out when I first bought it, so the bearings are new. There is some boat rash, not bad, average, and there a few little spots of pitting on...
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    Sale pending pick up this weekend, to dave_k Will update if it is still available after this weekend.
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    What line do you prefer?

    Pretty much agree..they are both Co-polymer lines, softer feel (less wirey), less memory when coming off the spool, so it doesn't get thank "slinky" look when your line leaves the spool, and both break at a higher point than rated. I use XXX, but that is only because I use know how it...
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    Salas Baby 5x WTB

    I think I have one in white-ish/silver. How much are they going for average?
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    I have up for sale a queen size panel bed, no mattress or box spring included. Bed is real wood, comes with headboard, footboard, rails, and mattress supports (screws included, 3 on each side), everything pictured, in a Merlot finish. The bed is in good overall condition, structurally sound...
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    cedros lever drag

    To my knowledge they have been discontinued. Great reels, but Okuma shot themselves in the foot with this one, for roughly $50 more you could get the gold Makaira, I do not know why they had the price points so close, kind of killed the Cedros model off before it even had a chance; similar to...
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    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    I e-mailed the SOA last night and got a response this morning, very happy with the communication. Annemarie said it was fine for me to bring beverages aboard, water, beer, or alcohol, and keep them stored in my room. She said the only issue would be storing some beers in the cooler, not that it...
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    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    Thank you for the input. I will call/message ahead of time and clarify with the boat, this is my first LR trip, so it is all new to me. We worked the tip into our fare price, so they already know they are getting a tip, but I have no problem throwing a $20+ to have my "extra" stuff hauled onto...
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    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    Lol I am not much of a drinker, beer mostly, people said hard alcohol was fine to bring on a charter but not beer, as the boat sells beer, and that is the reason I was asking, because the boat sells bottled water.
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    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    Saw a post where somebody said they were bringing booze and bottled water on their charter, I am going on a 5 day charter on the SOA, is it acceptable to bring my own 24 pack of water aboard? Thanks for any input guys.
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    Avet Magic Cast Magnet

    I am a good caster, no more no less, I can cast those same small baits on an SL20SH, SL30SH, and Penn 975 no problem (I know, slightly smaller reels with lighter spools), so that is why the issue with MC derived. I just may keep it, I bought this one off of the BST forums here, 1.5 years ago...
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    Avet Magic Cast Magnet

    I just took it out two days ago, have not fished it yet. I removed it because I was having a difficult time casting small sardines and anchovies this past season, the spool reacted with the magnet, in my opinion too strongly, and slowed it too quickly. Also checked out a couple floor models at...
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    Avet Magic Cast Magnet

    Hey guys, I have the magnet from a Magic Cast reel available, the magnet only, not the magic cast adjustment knob or any other part of the MC assembly. I removed from my MC reel to improve freespool, the magnet is a little scratched from the teeth of my vise grips used to pull the magnet out...
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    Going long video .... Cow time

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing man. Cannot wait til I work my way up to a 14-17 day trip, going on my first 5 day this June.
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    Daiwa Sl30SH --For Sale

    SOLD Payment received, reel will be shipped out tomorrow. Thank you Eddie.
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    Daiwa Sl30SH --For Sale

    Reel sale is pending payment.
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    Daiwa Sl30SH --For Sale

    Yeah, great shape overall. 8 of 10 Cosmetically 9 of 10 Mechanically One of my favorite reels, but have an Avet MXJ and Penn 975 that cover the same use, so does not get as much use. Great reel, work horses that simply last, love my SL20SH for 15# live bait, my go to 15# reel. Thanks for the...
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    Daiwa Sl30SH --For Sale

    Up for sale is a used Daiwa SL30SH. Reel is in good overall condition, well taken care of, nice freespool, great for anchovies and surf fishing. Gold rings have normal boat rash, as pictured, and there is some corrosion on the counter balance area of the handle, but not bad at all. Reel has been...
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    WTB: Tiburon Gear Sets for Tiburon 7530 Lever Drag

    Thanks for the information, I think you are the fourth person to mention Ken's, I will call them tomorrow.
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    WTB: Tiburon Gear Sets for Tiburon 7530 Lever Drag

    I am looking for the various quick change gear sets that are available for the Tiburon 7500 reels (prefer lower gear sets, currently have the 4.7:1 gsars. Also looking for the SST upgrade for the 7500 reels. As I have read, the 7500 series accept the same gear sets and the same SST upgrade...
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    What model torque, if still available? -Scott
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    Anyone vending at the LB gun & rod swapmeet?

    So it would be cool to bring a rod or reel with me to try and trade up?
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    Odd Inquiry...Etiquette on a Sponsored LR Trip

    Thank you for the input gentlemen, all of you are on the same page and have helped further my LR knowledge, now I just need to decide which trip to book..... -Scott
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    Odd Inquiry...Etiquette on a Sponsored LR Trip

    The six day charter I had planned on the Spirit of Adventure was cancelled, it would have been my first LR trip, now I have been looking at other trips and see a lot of Sponsored ones. So the thought came, is it acceptable, or looked down upon to use/wear gear that is not of the Sponsors...
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    Shimano TLD STAR 20/40 --For Sale-- $70 Shipped

    Up for sale is a Shimano TLD 20/40 star drag reel, in great condition. I would say an easy 8-9 out of 10 cosmetically, and a 9 of 10 mechanically (only gave it a 9 because freespool is not great, other than that, mechanically perfect). Comes with rod clamp accessories and extra handle (flat...
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    Yellowtail and Sharks Tooth Pendants - Silver

    Up for sale are yellowtail and sharks tooth pendants, for a necklace. Selling as a set, will not separate. The yellowtail is silver, not positive if the sharks tooth setting is silver or another metal, both have jeweler markings giving the details of the pieces. Will take more pictures for...
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    NEW Seeker Extreme 270 Custom Wrapped Price Reduced

    Nicely done! Are these blanks still available from Seeker? Noticed you said it has a little more and shuts off faster, would you rate this a strong #20 stick or #25? Sounds like a great rod for the chovies.
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    LA / OC local open party boats

    What happened on your trips that made you feel abused? Not trying to dismiss your experience, just want to know what happened. I frequent 22nd St.
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    First 40lb Set Up

    Are you saying the Penn Torques are made in China? The torques are USA made, fathom line is made overseas.
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    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    Just Fishing by Pete
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    Fathom 25NLD2

    I think Penn has a winner here. The torque 2-speeds are out of my budget, the fathoms come with double-dogs and a thrust bearing; I was debating between the Fathom and Andros-A, after hearing the drag numbers for the Andros-A (compared to the Metaloid, given the A-series' dual-force drag...
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    Drag Rating for New Andros-A Series?

    I checked out Okuma's website and there was no info on the Andros-A, just a blank area where the reel/model info would be. I checked tackle direct and the site says the Andros-A has the same exact drag rating as the Metaloid series, I hope that is a typo, or misinformation, especially with the...
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    WTB- Seeker Black Steel G 6480
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    Tool sheath for sale

    Cord wrapping came out nice man, really nice, thinking about trying to do my own wrapping. Who wrapped your pliers?...just in case mine do not come out as planned. lol Free bump, GLWS.
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    Blue Avet MXL MC 5.8 For Sale

    How much did they charge to remove the magnet(s)? What was the increase in freespool time, estimate? Thanks. GLWS
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    Freedom RSW

    I cannot say for sure, but I know they added some anti-foam to the hold, so I am assuming RSW.
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    Bloody deck.

    Nice pics Mike, I did not take any pictures, phone was dieing, only thing bad about the trip. Good fishing with you, everytime I looked up you were hooked up running down the rail. On thr wide open bite on the second stop I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Cannot say...
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    Native Sun or Pursuit from 22nd St Landing

    Both boats are good...With the Pursuit you get a little more fishing time, but the load is up to 70 people, where the Native Son gives you about 2 hours less fishing time, but are currently running limited loads (not sure of the number). I would go wih the Native Son, less fishing time and $15...
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    Overnight boat ?????? which one

    See you Friday night Mike! Booked my spot earlier this evening, trip is sold out now, just in time. -Scott
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    Jacuzzi Cast Iron Kitchen Sink, Black-- New --Double Basin

    Up for sale is a Jacuzzi Cast Iron Kitchen Sink. Still in the original box. Bought it maybe 7 years ago, found in storage recently when I moved into my apartment. A little dusty and dirty from sitting in storage, but no dings or scratches. Price: $100 -Firm Will not ship, local meetup in...
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    Overnight boat ?????? which one

    I will know Monday for sure, just hope they have not booked up by then.
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    Tiburon 113H Frame - Black, Top Bar and Penn Aluminum Spool

    No. This one is the same width as the standard size, stock 113H frames. Standard width: 2.437" Narrow (YTS) width: 2.125"
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    Tiburon 113H Frame - Black, Top Bar and Penn Aluminum Spool

    Up for sale is a Tiburon 113H frame, black w/ top bar, and a Penn 113H aluminum spool. A few light dings and surfaces scratches, 8 out of 10, still in perfect mechanical conditions, all threads seem smooth. NO rod clamp included. Price: $40 + $5 shipping Local Meet up in Southern Cal, Gardena...
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    Overnight boat ?????? which one

    I might be going out on the Freedom that night too, debating on that or the 1.5 day Sunday night, but will more than likely hit up the Friday night trip. They have been getting pretty good numbers on the yellowfin, 15-40# range.
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    stolen gear!!!!

    I saw you have been looking to do some trades in the past, have you done any face to face deals/trades at your place, or let a deal know where you live? If so, maybe they cased the place while setting up a transaction. Good luck man.
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    Overnight VS. 1.5 Day Trip ---Difference?

    Thank you for all the replies and information gentlemen, I have been edified on 1.5 day. -Scott
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    Overnight VS. 1.5 Day Trip ---Difference?

    I am familiar with overnight trips, but not 1.5 day; so my question refers to the schedule of a 1.5 day trip. What is the timing schedule like for a general 1.5 day trip staying in local waters, freelancing things? It seems as though you get an extra 1-3 hours fishing on the first day, but do...
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    Seeker cal coast?

    I believe they are Boron/E-Glass rods. Still work, I have a 270H-8 Cal Coast Classic I picked up for $30 here on BD, paired it with an MXJ. Nice line of rods, work like any other rods, graphite, glass, carbon fiber, or combination of all three...they all have a slightly different feel even...
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    New tackle store Gardena

    I have stopped by a couple times so far, the store is set up nicely, open and inviting layout. Pretty well stocked with what is needed for local and LR saltwater, and a good selection of fresh water tackle, good prices too. Jeff is pretty cool, nice guy to talk fishing with. Hope you guys do...
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    Couple of Stolen Set Ups

    Sorry to hear man. I would check with some of the local pawn shops to that area, see if anybody sold them there. All these posts about stolen gear...getting me paranoid. I think they should get there own section, "bad deals and stolen gear", onlt so I do not get depressed when trolling the...
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    Tackle stores and why do you shop them

    There are: Stores that have everything on the shelves you could possibly want or need. Stores that have the best prices or willing to work out a deal. Stores that do not have everything, but will order it for you. Stores that may treat you as a number, but you can get serviced and in and...
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    Rods for sxj

    Also check out the 800XLH by Calstar, I believe it has the same tip as the XL, but a little beefier on the butt end for extra pulling power. Either choice will work great, cannot go wrong.
  120. S

    New PENN website

    More modern and streamline than the old website, aesthetically much cleaner. -Like the filter option(s) for looking through the models drag, line size/capacity, gear ratio, and retrieve. -Like the magnifier for close inspection of the reels. I would say to add a list of the reel sizes at...
  121. S

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    They stated Atlantic Bluefin mature at 3-4 years old, while new studies show that Pacific Bluefin may not sexually mature until age 8. Possibly the reason our Bluefin numbers in the Pacific are steadily declining. There was no statement differentiating mature from fully mature, I am assuming...
  122. S

    1 day offshore gear?

    15#, 20#, 25-30#, and 40-50#...Four setups covers all the basis. Sometimes the tuna will not touch anything over 12-15#, 15# was the norm back in the day for local bluefin tuna fishing. ...And guys who voice the need for 40-50# line for 40-50# tuna (party boats want you to use heavier line...
  123. S

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    When compared to commercial fishing, the sport fishing in Mexican waters is a drop in the bucket, given that, I still feel that we need tighter restrictions on Bluefin Tuna...soon to be on the endangered species list? **Correct me if I am wrong on my facts, but a mature Bluefin Tuna capable of...
  124. S

    Return of American made Senators?

    “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” -Plato Still, let us not turn this into a flaming thread...To each their own.
  125. S

    Truline Octagon 1080

    I have a line on a Truline 1080, in regards to damaging an old rod, do you guys feel it would be safe to fish, given it is not damaged or splintered, and fishing within limits? I do not want to spend that much cash on a rod to hang on the wall, I want to fish it, but also do not want to buy a...
  126. S

    WTB CALSTAR 700H & 765M
  127. S

    shimano lifetime rod waranty going away 8/1?

    So...I guess we will be seeing a lot of Shimano rods in the BST section.. Have no underlying opinion about Shimano, positive or negative, but, bad move if true.
  128. S

    Avet SXJ - Need MC

    I vote no to the MC. I have an MXJ with MC and it definitely slows the spool too much for light baits and jigs (if you are trying to make the most distance possible). The SXJ naturally spins better than the MXJ, given the size, but I would still recommend the non-MC. Just my opinion.
  129. S

    Wtb Penn Baja Special

    Stories are share.
  130. S

    Bass fishing in ponds

    Hooked a 4# large mouth at El Dorado Park in Long Beach, used a six inch tan/brown swimbait w/ 3/4oz lead head fished about 4" below the surface. Bass eat anything, mice, frogs, blue gill, rainbows, crankbaits, spinners...just part of bass fishing, there is no correct answer. I have had best...
  131. S

    High speed star drags

    May I ask, what market segment is this coming from? I am in no way trying to discredit Penn's reasoning, I know you guys have a huge market to satisfy, just saying that I have not heard people on boats or seen people on forums saying such regarding gear ratios, or voicing an urge for higher gear...
  132. S

    FS Newell's, Penns, and a Sealine SL20SH

    Where are you located? Are you open to offers? I am interested in the Sl20sh. Thanks.
  133. S

    Roller Guides....No Roller Guides - Question

    Thank you for the input gentlemen. Havng never used a roller guide, I assumed rod twist would be one of the issues with roller guides, from torque of line wanting to get to the lowest point when hooked into a large grade fish. I now understand where and why people stand, in regards to roller...
  134. S

    Roller Guides....No Roller Guides - Question

    I see more then a few guys in the BST looking for certain types of rods, 40-100# setups, and a lot say they want rods WITHOUT roller guides, I am assuming they are tuna and yellowtail why the "general" dislike for roller guides on rods? I know that is a generalization of guys...
  135. S

    Return of American made Senators?

    Saw this on Alan Tani's website. Really glad you (Penn) decided to follow through with this series, and I like the asthetics. Hope they sell well, so we can get the US Senator 112 and 112N. Step in the right direction Penn!!!
  136. S

    good eveing those any one

    Glad you got this worked out in the end....Not a Turners hater, but I would recommend supporting smaller, local tackle shops, if at all possible; that and other issue aside, you picked up a great reel!
  137. S

    tuna jigs advise ????

    For the iron, Blue and Chrome, Single Siwash hook...Brand and size is up to you and the type of jigging you want to do.
  138. S

    good eveing those any one

    I have heard that Avet line capacity numbers are a little exaggerated, or at least based on numbers using a specific type of braid (small diameter), again, just rumored; Penn, for example, tends to under rate their reels line capacity. Did they fill your reel up from a bulk spool of 65# izo...
  139. S

    Saw This on Charkboards, Interesting...Seaguar Pink

    Seaguar has recently come out with a Pink Label product, with some of the receipts going into breast cancer research - part of the big breast cancer promotional push. Note, Seaguar offers several different fluorocarbons: Red Label- first generation stuff, cheap and dated. Blue Label -second...
  140. S

    good eveing those any one

    I have a non raptor mxj (not sure if the raptor has a different size spool capacity) and have right about 275-300 yards of 65# Izo, to the top.
  141. S

    Saltiga 15 or 20

    I have played with the 20, and say go with the 15, no legitimate reason, only because I have never seen a Saltiga 15 in person.
  142. S

    WTB: Newell 338 GRAPHITE Spool...Local, SoCal Meetup

    Please PM me with your price and location, if you have one available. Prefer local meet up, I am located near Torrance. Thanks, Scott.
  143. S

    Gold for Newells!

    Hilarious Bro. Sticky anyone? The real question is, has anybody called the number, or PM'd you for details and directions? Lol PS: I love my blackie 338.
  144. S


    Looks like the seller changed his location recently, suspect...his e-mail communication you posted does not show him as knowing the rod was "fake" prior to selling it to you, but rather he seemed to respond to your accusation that he was selling a counterfeit Phenix. Also, it looks like you...
  145. S


    Phenix blanks are made in China...someone could be attempting to copy the blanks from the genuine designs and produce fakes. To be fair, and may be the same difference as a fake, but could it have been a no name, other brand blank, made to "emulate" the Phenix rods? "Some guys little rod...
  146. S


    Sucks to hear. I hope it is not a trend brewing. Made in China...They actually had an unauthorized Apple Store set up in China, Apple had no idea! If they can operate a fake retail store from one of the most polarized companies in the World, in one of thee most polarized countries, of...
  147. S

    WTB: Makaira 8 II--So Cal Meetup

    Picked up a 338-F Blackie today, no longer looking for a Newell.... Still looking for a Makaira 8-II Bump...
  148. S

    WTB: Makaira 8 II--So Cal Meetup

    Looking to buy a Makaira 8 II (Primary) and a Newell 338 or 332. Looking for a clean Newell, will be used on my jig stick, not looking for a collector's or NIB price tag... Have Cash, and will drive to you if you have what I want. Local meet up sale in So Cal preferred. PM me with...
  149. S

    Trinidad 10A (Sold)

    Also PM'd, in case other offers fall through.
  150. S

  151. S


    How long is the rod? Are you open to offers? Thanks.
  152. S

    Modern Anchovy Reel

    X2.... SL30SH w/20#, on a whippy 8'6" Seeker 220, spits chovies out. Don't forget the TSI lubricant on spool bearings, speeds them up extremely well, perfect for anchovies.
  153. S

    Looking 4 a Penn Baja Special 113hn

    I would just be careful with high drag numbers and a brass? gear sleeve. They have a possibility to round off from the handle pressure at higher drag numbers. A SS gear sleeve would be great....Penn
  154. S

    Acapulco Gold

    Colors compliment and contrast perfectly. Nice work!
  155. S

    what's w/all the eBay feeds all of a sudden ???

    Maybe they made a deal with eBay, paid advertisement?
  156. S

    Where to get custom decals and lettering made?

    I had an idea for putting my name on my rods with a sticker and wanted to know who you would recommend for making a custom decal. Should I just try a local print shop or sticker kiosk at a mall? Thanks guys.
  157. S

    How Can I Get a Pink SXJ for My Wife?

    This is Baja Fish Gear's eBay page, sucks that has happened, maybe they ordered it from Avet for you? Still, should have heard back, call the store directly and find out what is going on.
  158. S

    How Can I Get a Pink SXJ for My Wife?

    I would hit up Baja Fish Gear in Lomita, Ca. They have a nice selection of Avet reels on hand, and I believe I saw a few pink ones when I was there two weeks ago, not sure which models they were though. GL
  159. S

    WTB: Purple or Green Avet MXL or MXJ

    BUMP Want to stay local to So Cal, so I can check out the reel and pay cash.
  160. S

    WTB: Purple or Green Avet MXL or MXJ

    Let me know what you have, condition, mechanical and physical, along with what the reel comes with or any extras like MC. Prefer to deal local around Los Angeles and South Bay area. Cash ready. Ready to buy this weekend if we come to a deal. PM or post here. Thanks.
  161. S

    Which rod for the AVET MXJ & MXL

    X2 on the Seeker 270H-8 for 25#, nice backbone for 25# and light enough tip to get a sardine away from the boat. Also have a seeker 670 for 30#, good rod that you can also tie a jig onto in a pinch. Calstar's equivalents have a slightly stronger backbone; depending on what action you prefer. so...
  162. S

    25# line on MXL or MXJ...too much?

    Within the 25-30% drag range. I am new to lever drag reels, and was worried about damaging the pinion bearing if I have the drag constantly set on the upper end, but everyone says it is cool, I guess that is why avets have a good reputation. I am used to the ability to lockdown the drag as much...
  163. S

    25# line on MXL or MXJ...too much?

    Ok, I am sold on the MXL. Thanks for all the input gentlemen. I am going with a Forest Green or Purple MXL w/Magic Cast.
  164. S

    25# line on MXL or MXJ...too much?

    Thanks or all the help and input guys. I am definitely leaning towards the MXL for my 25# reel, I have no doubts it can fish 25#-30# line. I was just worried that fishing the appropriate drag setting, even within safe limits, for 25# line might be too much for the reel over pro-longed period...
  165. S

    25# line on MXL or MXJ...too much?

    I am looking for a 25# reel, and people have said go the MX way, but I am concerned about the drag abilities being pushed to the limit on the MXL with 25# line. At 8 lbs of drag at strike, for 25# line, I am right at the threshold of losing freespool and being at max for full. Also open to the...
  166. S

    WTB: Narrow Tibuon 113H YTS Frame and Spool

    CHRISTMAS!!!! BUMP Still looking. Cash on meet up. Also interested in frames with top bar.
  167. S

    Old School Avet LX...Worth Buying?

    Thanks for the info. If I get the reel, I plan to use it as a 25# setup, 30# at most, so it would work for me. I am not a fan of pushing a reel above its line class just because it can do it (sometimes quite well), I'd rather take a 50# reel and use 40# on it. All components last longer and you...
  168. S

    Old School Avet LX...Worth Buying?

    Thanks for the info guys. Trying to get it for $80, will not pay more than that. Seller says it is new, unused. $80 will allow me to do upgrades or fix any possible issues and still feel like I got a good deal.
  169. S

    Old School Avet LX...Worth Buying?

    I found an older model avet LX and wanted to know if it would be worth buying. I heard they can have anti-reverse issues and bad bearings; so my concern is, can the anti-reverse mechanism be upgraded or would I be stuck with whatever comes in the reel? It is the reel with a ledge on the...
  170. S

    Old School Avet LX...Worth Buying?

    I found an older model avet LX and wanted to know if it would be worth buying. I heard they can have anti-reverse issues and bad bearings; so my concern is, can the anti-reverse mechanism be upgraded or would I be stuck with whatever comes in the reel? It is the reel with a ledge on the...
  171. S

    WTB: Narrow Tibuon 113H YTS Frame and Spool

    Thanks for the pics Han! Still looking...PM me if you have one.
  172. S

    WTB: Narrow Tibuon 113H YTS Frame and Spool

    Looking for a narrow Tiburon YTS frame and spool for a 113H. Prefer a topless red frame, but open to any color or a frame with top bar. Prefer a purchase person to person in the Los Angeles area, not interested in having it shipped, so I may check out the frame and spool. Cash Also have a...
  173. S

    Tons of Rods and Reels

    What area of So Cal are you in? Interested in the Calstar 670 and TLD Star combo.
  174. S

    Tiburon 113HLW Frame, Black, w/ Penn 113HLW Aluminum Spool

    Just to clarify, only the Tiburon frame and Penn spool are for sale, not the reel/sideplates itself. BUMP
  175. S

    Tiburon 113HLW Frame, Black, w/ Penn 113HLW Aluminum Spool

    Forgot to add...PM me with any offers. BUMP
  176. S

    More newbie Qs: guide alignment

    Agree with above^^^ Don't go too crazy about getting the guides perfectly straight. Of course we want it to be perfect, but too much fiddling could cause some problems, mostly unneeded stress; trying too adjust a guide too many times could result in the wrap becoming loose and need a re-wrap...
  177. S

    Tiburon 113HLW Frame, Black, w/ Penn 113HLW Aluminum Spool

    For sale is a Tiburon 113HLW Frame, w/ Penn Aluminum Spool. Rod clamp NOT included. Good condition, normal dings and boat rash. No stripped threads, all are good. One of the hex heads on rod mount is stripped, as pictured; does not affect seating strength. Reel is NOT included, sale is for...
  178. S

    Help needed posting pics

    I use a web photo hosting service; such as photo bucket, after uploading to photo host copy and paste the IMG link into your BD post and pics should show up.
  179. S

    Single J Hook (Siwash) VS. Treble Hook.......Surface and Yo-Yo Iron

    Yeah, I see the aptitude toward a higher hook up rate with treble, as compared to a single J hook. The idea of a jig possibly not swimming optimally with a J hook also makes some sense, I mean there has to be a reason the majority of So-Cal use jigs come with a treble hook; then again a lot of...
  180. S

    Single J Hook (Siwash) VS. Treble Hook.......Surface and Yo-Yo Iron

    I have always been a treble hook fan (because that comes on most stock jigs), but recently bought a few jigs at an unbeatable price and a few have siwash hooks on them. I have read multiple times people recommend single J hooks for tuna, less likely to come loose on a longer fight; yet people...
  181. S

    Assorted rods, reels, jigs, and more for sale November 9th in Torrance

    X2 Good stuff and even better people. Stop by if you can. Picked up 4 Salas 6X jigs for $8!
  182. S

    For Sale or Trade, Lamiglas 7'6" 12-25#, Inshore Classic

    For SALE or TRADE: Lamiglas IC76H, Inshore Classic, 7'6" 12-25# rating. Rod is in excellent condition, rate it 8/10. Only blemish is some surface rust on a few of the guide feet, but does not affect wrap to guide integrity or strength. Pics below. Sale Price: $120.00 Wanted Trades (used or...
  183. S

    CHEAP Seeker G670 Black Steel

    Open to trades, or only cash?
  184. S

    Just bought a Penn Torque 30....WOW!

    Disclaimer, I do not own a torque...Take care of it, keep it greased, lubed, and in proper shape. It is a reel that will work and last forever, if taken care of, and still look good doing it 15 years from now. Good pick up.
  185. S

    What's your favorite Rod/Reel to fish live bait (Anchovies/Sardines)?

    Seeker 220 w/ a Daiwa SL20SH or SL30SH. Gets the bait out there and so much fun on a hookup. There are a lot of nice setups being listed.
  186. S

    Wtb gloomis 12-25lb rod

    Lamiglas Inshore 7'6", 12-25 lb. Cork Fuji trigger handle. **Nevermind, saw your post on looking for 8' or above. GL
  187. S

    Definition of ADDICTION Hope you don't come back saying, "I would have caught limits if I had the right setup for this one wide-open bite we had going". Have fun!!!
  188. S

    Difference between TLD 15/30 and TLD 20/40 star drag reels?

    Thanks for the info on the reel size difference. First, the Shimano websites says the TLD 15/30 and 20/40 have the same 5.2:1 drag ratio...but when searching for differences between the 15/30 and 20/40 I saw random comments and forum listings, of the 20/40, having a 4.3:1 gear ratio; it may...
  189. S

    We Want YOUR Opinion! Versa-Gear option for Fathom Star Drags. PART TWO)

    Have there been any updates from Penn about the Versa-Drag, or them selling Fathom models with varying gear ratios from the factory? I am interested in the 4:1, not going to get into the debate of which ratio is better or more suitable for a given application, but I would definitely fall in...
  190. S

    Difference between TLD 15/30 and TLD 20/40 star drag reels?

    I have not seen them in person, and cannot find any information on size difference, only comments on line capacity. Is the 15/30 a narrow version of the 20/40, or is it simply a smaller sized frame and spool? They both share the same internal mechanical components, to my knowledge, but the 15/30...
  191. S

    Seeker WHITE rod blanks. Anybody wrapped a white blank?.

    I see what you are saying about the possible discoloring, but do you not think Seeker would have possibly fixed the problem of fading/yellowing through the production process. I have not been around long enough to experience a white rod discoloring; just saying, I hope they would have worked...
  192. S

    Seeker WHITE rod blanks. Anybody wrapped a white blank?.

    I was in my local tackle stop, and Steve showed me some stand up tuna rod blanks by seeker that were all white. I have seen white rods (freshwater) before, but never a seeker tuna blank, and two of the blanks had -prototype- written on them. Not sure if that prototype label was in relation to...
  193. S

    Quick questions...Wrapping OVER existing rod wrapping? & Re-attaching top guide?

    Thanks for the input. You guys answered all my questions. Mainly adding the second wrap layer for rod wrapping practice, then the color change; added strength of an additional wrap is just a bonus. Thanks again!
  194. S

    PENN Fathom 25N - Surface Jigging w/ 100yd 40# Topshot...Too much???

    I WAS TOTALLY WRONG!!! The Penn Fathom 25N actually has MORE line capacity than the equivalent Daiwa model; couple this with the Penn having more drag, I believe I have settled my own dilemma. See what happens when you second guess a potential purchase too much!? Thanks for the input...
  195. S

    PENN Fathom 25N - Surface Jigging w/ 100yd 40# Topshot...Too much???

    I really like Penn's new Fathom 25N, plan on using it for 30# surface jigging, backed by 50# Spectra, in local So-Cal waters. However, I have been told that for SD long range trips (4-7 days) it is recommended to use 40# for surface jigging. Do you think the 100 yards of 40# topshot, with...
  196. S

    Quick questions...Wrapping OVER existing rod wrapping? & Re-attaching top guide?

    I have an off the rack AllStar graphite rod, 30-50# rating, the guides and wrapping are fine enough, but it is only single wrapped. I wanted to add another layer of wrapping to add strength (and a color change), as well as allow me to practice rod wrapping, I am a newbie, on an inexpensive rod...
  197. S

    Penn Baja Special...Opinions??? Post 2005 Production Reels

    Thank for all the replies, and tips guys; especially about keeping the screws greased and reel maintained, really helped my decision making. You know how it goes, we all like a vote of confidence in a product we are thinking of buying. Thanks again for all the input Tunanorth! I am going to...
  198. S

    Flurocarbon Leader to Spectra mainline...??? How do you use it?

    I never though about braid being difficult in tangles, and not welcome with open arms on a party boat. Unfortunate, but makes a lot of sense. Thanks pmurphy. Thank you for the insight Joe, and thank you for the welcome to BD! I accept what you are saying in every aspect and will use that...
  199. S

    Flurocarbon Leader to Spectra mainline...??? How do you use it?

    Researched Basil wind on leaders and he makes some good quality products, and uses quality components like Momoi and Seaguar Fluorocarbon leaders. If I purchase, vs. making my own, I will be going with Basil's products. Thanks for that info Tunavato! Another leader/topshot question... I...
  200. S

    Penn Baja Special...Opinions??? Post 2005 Production Reels

    I am interested in purchasing the Penn Baja Special, post 2005 model; I am pretty much sold on this reel, but wanted to hear people's opinion about capabilities, limits, strengths, etc. Any quirks or tips I should know of? For the apparent abilities and pricing, at $249 MSRP, it seems like a...
  201. S

    Flurocarbon Leader to Spectra mainline...??? How do you use it?

    Fly lining bait and I never tie flouro to spectra. I use wind on's. I have been looking at the wind on leader, and seem like a good option when fish are boiling, for quick rig changes and when breaks occur. Thanks for that input. I use and improved albright (if i tie floro or mono to...
  202. S

    Reel Recommendations for my Rods??? Any and all input welcome.

    The reels may have changed but, in all likelihood, no one's told the fish. The Daiwa SL20 and Newell 338 are the only reels you've mentioned; do you have others? It may be possible to do maintenance and minor upgrades on your existing reels and bring some (possibly all) of them up to par. Of...
  203. S

    Flurocarbon Leader to Spectra mainline...??? How do you use it?

    I misspelled Fluorocarbon in the heading^^^ Please don't rub it in...OCD I know everybody has their opinions, but I'm pretty sold on fluorocarbon leader. I see a lot of people conveying to just stick with mono, and I do not disagree, but there are "CLEAR" advantages to Fluorocarbon; whether it...
  204. S

    Reel Recommendations for my Rods??? Any and all input welcome.

    This is my first post, so if it were suited to a better section of the forum please let me know. I have not been fishing in almost 13 years (pray for my soul); I used to frequent the half-day, twilight, and overnight boats out of 22nd St. in San Pedro, during my teen years, but left to college...