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  1. aguachico

    WTB WTB - Simrad NSS9 Evo 2 or 3

    yeah I should have got two. It was from defender. Another BDer shared it last year. Have not seen the offer again
  2. aguachico

    Fuel tank cleaning and coating

    Coated my tank with black tar from proline paint.
  3. aguachico

    WTB WTB - Simrad NSS9 Evo 2 or 3

    Remanufactured one year warranty
  4. aguachico

    Avet or ?

    50 is a big reel for a sporty and winding flatfalls. It's good for macs and kites. I would use my HXW or a 30 with 100#. Penn and Okuma are nice reels.
  5. aguachico

    Mounting B175HW ducer with the fingertips of one hand?

    dry fit. dry fit. dry fit. I had two hand access top and bottom, but with an uneven surface I did a few dry fits before the installation. Maybe it's time to cut a bigger hole.
  6. aguachico

    BFT 2/26

  7. aguachico

    Grady White Islander 26' Bait Tank Install

    Nice! The hoses should between the deck and the tank without much bend depending. The bulk head, not sure. sweet boat.
  8. aguachico

    Grady White Islander 26' Bait Tank Install

    if it fits in between the two inspection plates and both pipes point towards the stern, you are golden. If you have a mismatch on pipe sizing and you make the smaller one bigger with marine shrink wrap over the fitting to increase the size. Dish soap is your friend for lubing up tight...
  9. aguachico

    Hook size on sibiki

  10. aguachico

    Food recs for offshore

    12 volt food warmer. Filipino food. takes a few hours to warm to temp. Plug it in and let it get ready. very low amp draw.
  11. aguachico

    WTB WTB - Simrad NSS9 Evo 2 or 3

    I picked up a reman for $900 last year as $$ was tight. Really happy with the unit so far and it came with a 1 year warranty. defender marine, but can't find them at the moment Simrad NSS9 evo3 Combo - REMAN, Insight Cartography
  12. aguachico

    Help with rigging flying fish

    local knowledge has a tutorial. Ali and the boys know a few things.
  13. aguachico

    For Sale Diawa Saltist 35H $220

    Are you interested in this 20h?
  14. aguachico

    Ensenada - feasible by sea?

    What do you want to fish for, from your boat, in Ensenada?
  15. aguachico

    CC or Panga?

    The fact that you can run a 32foot boat with a single 300 outboard, proves my point.
  16. aguachico

    For Sale Avet 30/2 silver like new

    wow there was a BDer's looking for a 30 about 3 weeks ago.
  17. aguachico

    CC or Panga?

    pangas were designed to be used with oars. The design has never changed. pangas are great, until you own one and want to go offshore or a south wind. a good 21 CC console, Grady, Wellcraft or Parker will outperform a 26foot panga... unless you are on the sea of cortez in flat clam water I...
  18. aguachico

    Not a good week for me

  19. aguachico

    For Sale ProKat 2660 2005

    I see you behind the wheel
  20. aguachico

    Wanted!!!!! Fuel tank fabricators

    Yup. Had two tanks consolidated into one on the grady. went from 149 to 170 gallons. Great job. Good price.
  21. aguachico

    SAC Offers Waypoints For New Rockfish Regulations

    That's great. thanks. WIll catch up my editing
  22. aguachico

    Gyro holders

    I added these for lens protection.
  23. aguachico

    SAC Offers Waypoints For New Rockfish Regulations

    Downloaded. File looks good. thanks
  24. aguachico

    SAC Offers Waypoints For New Rockfish Regulations

    try renaming the extension
  25. aguachico

    SAC Offers Waypoints For New Rockfish Regulations

    Have you tried attach files? Lower left.
  26. aguachico

    Dead Flyer life jacket question

    It doesn't take much to get it away from the boat. On the slide will work. Got bit on the slide also.
  27. aguachico

    Mex Ped crossing for visa

    They took the paper work and it seemed they were logging something in a book. So at that point the 180 day visa was done. The crew had to buy another. TIP#1 When that go fast boat is checking the sporties.. don't run! Stay in the middle grounds just not near the sporties. We came off the 9...
  28. aguachico

    Mex Ped crossing for visa

    The guy from INM that you spoke to has no clue to what you are talking about. Neither will the Mexican Navy guy that asks you for your Marine Visa and Biosfera paper work. This is how I do it, somewhat like yours, but a bit better path. I have my crew go online and buy the Visa for my boat...
  29. aguachico

    Mex Ped crossing for visa

    What do you want to do with your boat?
  30. aguachico

    Do you glue your FG or PR knot?

    I finish under and over hand knots. 3 each way. When I see the tag starting to unravel, it's time to retie the 6 foot leader.
  31. aguachico

    MXJ Drag Ramp Up after Strike

    The cam is design as such. Call Avet and purchase a cam they call "sail fish" cam or something like that. It's more graduated.
  32. aguachico

    Okuma 50 service?

    Alan Tani
  33. aguachico

    For Sale Large (291 cf) Helium Tank - 90% Full

    thanks sending to my yatchie friends
  34. aguachico

    For Sale Large (291 cf) Helium Tank - 90% Full

    Sorry about his biz having issues. Ask your friend who refills it for him please.
  35. aguachico

    California flyer company

    Yeah, but you can always change the rig for the floater and or add a back pack if it doesn't float. Will be interesting how it plays out. Also what is the over/under that there will be a cheap Chinese clone this year? I hope we have the year where the bite is good enough to test them against...
  36. aguachico

    2006 Yama F250 internal anodes

    Good question, following. I know they need to be changed when you see the jacket bulging.
  37. aguachico

    California flyer company

    Yeah. Also retrieval issues...
  38. aguachico

    California flyer company

    Sent them a message asking whether they float or not
  39. aguachico

    California flyer company

    Yeah the video is the same. Wings look grey, which I like better. I wonder how that retaining loop is constructed...? I will get one, but I feel the tuna will hold onto the dead longer. Just a feeling with no science behind it.
  40. aguachico

    California flyer company

    where these called the "immortal flyer" at one point? wonder why they changed wing color?
  41. aguachico

    For Sale Honda 225 outboard

    Yeah I have seen threads on this issue. I forwarded the link to my mechanics apprentice. Would be a perfect project at that price.
  42. aguachico

    For Sale Honda 225 outboard

    I know a young kid that maybe interested. Forwarding the link. Looks like the fix is a head removal and may as well change the oil pump . Such low hours. Nice
  43. aguachico

    Tanacom reel cable parts

    I bought this to make a cable without the alligator clips:
  44. aguachico

    Dry storage vs Wet slip

    I agree with Jason^^^ I slipped my 22ft Grady for 7 months. Best day was getting it out of the slip and back on the trailer. As far as using it more, I can see that is you inshore fish a lot. The costs and logistics are better on a trailer. Hauling the gear especially ICE was a PITA...
  45. aguachico

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    After reading this thread I was happy to say I have never been stuck, but forgot to knock on wood. Sunday my girl pulls up a nice rattler. I hand the skipper my shears to trim the spins. Later on the day, I was transferring fish into a larger bag with the orange fish gloves. Pinche...
  46. aguachico

    Has anyone added a reel seat to deckhand jig stick?

    I took a phenix 9 footer to squidco and the moved a reel seat location for me at a great price.
  47. aguachico

    Avet HXW 2 raptor. max drag with free spool?

    The Avet reel is also American made, both reels get the job done. The specs are spot on. I loaded my hxw with 100 hollow. it's multipurpose with great free spool
  48. aguachico

    NO Football or Super Bowl in my House

    Yeah I'm with Carl. Don't watch it. I don't lump them all into one category. I got better things to do with my time. Spent the day on the water catching fish.
  49. aguachico

    SOLD Grady White 208 Adventure w/2013 Yamaha F200 I4 4 stroke

    The good thing about the sv2 hull is it handles a person on the hard top much better then the older hull.
  50. aguachico

    Has anyone added a reel seat to deckhand jig stick?

    I used xwrap and a cork puppy on my del mar. I wrapped the top grip with 3m double tape and then a winn wrap. I have slipped a reel seat over the butt end and used cork, 3m 2x and winn wraps to make the grips If you decide to go with 3m and winn wraps, be sure to spiral in opposite directions.
  51. aguachico

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    Politics policy? Back to no politics? My problem with them is they divide and that's not what fishing or hunting is about. But every other platform allows it worse than we do. Do I keep the traffic? Make a new forum just for politics that doesn't show up in new posts unless you are subscribed to...
  52. aguachico

    For Sale New Panga 25ft $10,500

    Imported from where? Maker?
  53. aguachico


    I saw a few wrenches to buy, but it was quicker to have it fabbed in Tijuana. Looks good.
  54. aguachico

    For Sale Offshore bait tank 90gal

    Nice tank good price. thinking 90 gallons, here are the measurements. Will forward to a friend. PE90S Oval 90 Gal 24”Wx42”Lx35”H
  55. aguachico

    SOLD Avet Pro EXW 30/2 (360$)

    wow, great price. What spectra?
  56. aguachico

    Biosphere paperwork

    I talked to squidco a few weeks ago and they were waiting for the new ones, Price unknown. Seaforth said they have them. $5. I suspect the increase is because each biosfera will be getting a their share of the fee. This passport is for all of Mexico's bioferas. Only fair. Hopefully they...
  57. aguachico


    It's 4 3/8" wide for the nut . it's about 7 inches long.
  58. aguachico


    I had one made, forget the width, but the length is the issue as you can see I had to cut the handle
  59. aguachico

    Battery isolater

    Have had one of these for 9 years, No issues.
  60. aguachico

    Nados 1/31

    Very cool.
  61. aguachico

    Launching private boat to Cedros

    You also need the biosphere permits. The biosphere is the Vizcaino Biosphere.
  62. aguachico

    denis quesnell 1/17-22/21.sq.

    Hey Juan; looks great. Happy New Year amigo.
  63. aguachico

    A bit of under water Yellowtail Porn

    Your fish finder should be lit. I want to switch to rumble also. What issues are you having?
  64. aguachico


    They just crossed the border. Good move to lose a day and not lose something more important.
  65. aguachico

    Dead Flyer life jacket question

    Yeah it looks good. There is no set correct way with flyers. You put 5 guys on a boat and you will end up with 5 different rigs, all have caught and lost fish. My fist few times I was not happy. Take the whole foam tube and just play with it until you get it right and bit.
  66. aguachico

    Dead Flyer life jacket question

    The reason it's flipping over is the lack of foam and you hooks are high. add more foam and lay the front hook down.
  67. aguachico


    Word is being tied up to the bait barge was no picnic last night. Hopefully they will get underway and kill a lot of fish.
  68. aguachico

    Dead Flyer life jacket question

    Do you have a foto of your setup?
  69. aguachico

    Airmar TM275C-LHW

    Nice. It has the universal plugs for Garmin, lowrance, simrad and furuno?
  70. aguachico

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    I made the run November 16th. Fishing was good, but not on that day. 22 GW. solo. 200# ice 170 gallon tank. 30 extra, testing a new prop. I have 2x15 gallon containers. I use a syphon glass valve baja style. Worked great, fast and safe. 15 minutes for 15 gallons...
  71. aguachico

    Airmar TM275C-LHW

    I know someone that is looking for a chirp upgrade. That's a nice xducer. Can you post fotos of the TM holding bottom at 20 knots?
  72. aguachico

    minimum hollowbraid for 30lb mono wind-ons

    Not all hollow spec is the same. I agree with a double walled, but you may want a thinner hollow.
  73. aguachico

    New Gaff build

    Very nice. Just bought some bamboo, but want to upgrade the hook. The stainless hooks I have were twisted by medium size fish, I like the Winthrop. I saw CUDA brand is making Winthrop gaffs. Shit is very expensive.
  74. aguachico

    Tunas on popp

    Very cool
  75. aguachico

    Bracket install.

    Yeah fish it hard.
  76. aguachico

    Missing Person in Bola

    We can only hope that she is ok or the family is able to find closure. The amount Americans living in Mexico statistically creates involvement with criminal events. The probability is low, but not impossible.
  77. aguachico

    Missing Person in Bola

    share the link. I don't frequent nomad. I used to, but started to see the margarita influence.
  78. aguachico

    Bracket install.

    take pics and call the bracket maker. I would leave it as is unless there's an easy fix. Nice looking bracket.
  79. aguachico

    Missing Person in Bola

    Mex1 is not as forgiving as Cali H5. There are many places she could have had trouble and not survived driving solo along the way. Prayers go out to her. let's keep the comments mature until we know for sure. saludos
  80. aguachico

    Fix the website

    That's a good point! Never thought about it like that. My Mexican paper work, all of which is available online, is good for all the states. Also a year from when it was purchased. Viva Mexico :-)
  81. aguachico

    Asunción Surprise

    WTG Ross. get some more
  82. aguachico

    Fix the website

    We are lucky to be able to fish the protected zones, unlike Cali. Rollout and testing websites has not been a strong point here in Mexico.
  83. aguachico

    For Sale Ed's Jigs 2 ways

    Yellow's like them too:
  84. aguachico

    For Sale Ed's Jigs 2 ways

    I love my Ed's jigs. They weed out all the small cods. We got limits on a rock in about an hour on Saturday. Looking forward to my heavier jigs.
  85. aguachico

    Trailer bunk bracket paint or replace?

    Mine were twice as worse. went to proline for two part epoxy paint. looks good now
  86. aguachico

    2006 Sea Pro WA220.

    I think I saw this boat at south shores today. Really nice.
  87. aguachico

    Second Transducer

    Hit up @Semperfifishing
  88. aguachico

    For Sale 2950 Prokat Catamaran Pilot House New Suzuki's - 95k

    This boat is a great fishing platform owned by the most meticulous guy I know. The zukes sound like quiet jet engines under way. Very sorry to see her go. Someone is going to score a fishy boat.
  89. aguachico

    New Motor !

    wow! congrats
  90. aguachico

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    Yeah no worries. I'm a big 1st amendment advocate, but content is important. Funny for all the things you need to do, it's quite easy to obtain the papers online. This is unusual for a 3rd world country. Now if you are a citizen and need to obtain papers, the process is grueling and...
  91. aguachico

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    I'm not sure of the range, but I believe it is within same range as the FMM.
  92. aguachico

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    I deleted this post, but thought I would just leave it. Hijole
  93. aguachico

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    Mexico has been proactive in reserve declarations, enforcement is another issue. The pens are a big money maker. I talked to a Mexican biologist. He said the inshore bait scooping is only a tip of the iceberg. The offshore bait scooping for cow feed has the largest impact - go figure.
  94. aguachico

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    The current exchange rate is hovering around 19.9:1. So last year I paid $20 for my yearly and this year they want $75.I wouldn't mind paying it to fish the Nados if the banned gill netting... since it is a reserve. That said, I always feel blessed to fish Mexico seamlessly. A 400% increase...
  95. aguachico

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    They way I understand it, but must verify, is that is the biosphere is in your municipality. then you are exempt, For instance residents of Loreto do not have to buy a biosphere permit. As you know laws always change and are interpreted differently.. :D
  96. aguachico

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    Yeah I called squidco. They are out and expecting the new... more costly ones next week. Mine is good until the middle of 2021. Was looking to buy one for a friend. I read somewhere that residents of the biosphere do not have to buy a permit. Checking into it.
  97. aguachico

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    I'm hoping it is a mistake, but will find out soon. Looks like the annual biosphere costs are going up from $380 to $1500 pesos.
  98. aguachico

    FYI squid...

    Thanks for the heads up. Not sure if you know about the satellite overlay, but I like it better
  99. aguachico

    Rewiring problems

  100. aguachico

    New Gaff build

    Like those winthorp gaffs. Was it hard to mount in the bamboo?
  101. aguachico

    Yamaha 2 stroke mech. needed San Diego

    Robby Gordon is at West Coast Marine Morena BL San Diego. 619-333-5088
  102. aguachico

    shogun dec 26 5day

    What did you have on the kite? Flyer or deens?
  103. aguachico

    shogun dec 26 5day

    Losses over 100% :D
  104. aguachico

    2006 Sea Pro WA220.

    gonna guess 25,500... Buy it D!
  105. aguachico

    Two Speed Reel Storage or Transport

    Good idea. If the reel is only in low gear during transport, I don't think the spring stretch should be an issue.
  106. aguachico

    Sentri processing time

    ^^^ for sure add global entry. When you travel you skip the regular line at airports and come back with the pilots thru customs
  107. aguachico

    Sentri processing time

    Don't believe so.
  108. aguachico

    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    My experience with Vince was the same. I did all the heavy lifting. took the boat to him. What a pro. I tried doing thinner material and he flat out refused. He explained the safety issues, I'm glad I listened to him. I opted out of the sending unit. 7 unnecessary holes that often corrode...
  109. aguachico

    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    My boy had a 24 open. Loved that but, but he converted it to diesel. Sipped fuel. I loved fishing that boat. I pulled my tanks and got one tank from American, increased capacity from 150 to 170. I just got a new prop this year to get better fuel consumption. I average mpg. cheers
  110. aguachico

    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    2013? That's great for gas.
  111. aguachico

    Sentri processing time

    I got mine when they first started sentri. Take all you info. Employment. Home address bills. Vehicle regs. It's very important that all the windows, trunk and hood latches work for the vehicle inspection. No tint. Congrats. Sentri is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  112. aguachico

    Sentri processing time

    3- months average depending on how sordid you history
  113. aguachico

    Does the new rockfish limit apply to Mexico?

    Be sure to have the declaration form. You only need 5 reds and 10 fish todos. Fresh is best
  114. aguachico

    Medium vs Heavy Frame for 100#+

    My first 100#+ BFT was on the HX raptor and an incorrectly matched seeker. It broke on the last lift. After which I learned about drag setting/ Line and rod ratings...
  115. aguachico

    Medium vs Heavy Frame for 100#+

    I think you are on the right track. I fish Avets, but most reels in this class are well designed to accomplish the task. It seems the flatfall for BFT window is small and not every year. MY hxw is used for macs, floater rigs and flatfalls. I have 100# hollow, but that's because it was first a...
  116. aguachico

    Medium vs Heavy Frame for 100#+

    HX is a great setup for flat falls. Solid spec is better for dropping. My HX has killed BFT on bait up to 150#, no problem. I had the HX but went to a HXW for the kite. Then demoted it back to bait when I replaced the HXW with a EX50. If you are standing and winding, the HX raptor is what...
  117. aguachico

    How Honest is COSTCO?

    I see people at Carmel Mountain, actually mostly women, returning cut flowers all the time. I've heard them in the return line complaining about "not smelling right" and "died too fast". Costco doesn't care. You are paying $2.50 a pound for apples.... This clown is crying about supply and...
  118. aguachico

    Pure SoCal Bluefin Pandemonium – Student Of Slay

    Congrats. Good read.
  119. aguachico

    Assist Hook Testing

    Ocean Cat. I saw another BDer make his assist hooks with them. Splicable kevlar
  120. aguachico

    Kite reel question.

    tanacom. it's worth every dollar. deaf flyer - $30. helium/balloon/kite $200 Electric reel - priceless
  121. aguachico

    Any LEO's on BD

    Yup, point being the insurance company will work harder than the police. If they don't have insurance, you don't have to follow through with the claim.
  122. aguachico

    Any LEO's on BD

    You will not have to pay anything if you use your insurance and they go after the offending diver. I was side swiped and there was damage on the truck bed. She claimed she had the right of way and she lost. Her insurance sent me a $900 check. Got the marks buffed out in Tijuana for $40...
  123. aguachico


    Good info. I was hoping to fish with Ramon in a few weeks, saludos
  124. aguachico

    Assist Hook Testing

    I think the only factory made assist hook I would trust would be owner. I tie my own from 700# kevlar. Now all I need to do is get Walt to test them and catch a big fish on them I wet the kevlar before doing the heat shrink
  125. aguachico

    Castro's Camp, Erendira, Baja Mexico

    This thread has turned to nothing but a bunch of chismus. Sorry for anyone's lost of loved one's There are many outfit's in Erendira. I may be down there in a few weeks. WIll post a follow-up on a different thread.
  126. aguachico

    Zihuatanejo 12/2020

    Thanks for the info.
  127. aguachico

    SOLD 35ft panga boat for sale with two Yamaha 300hp

    they are both 25 inch motors correct?
  128. aguachico

    Winter solstice variety pack

    Those goat carcasses make excellent soup stock. Congrats
  129. aguachico

    SOLD 35ft panga boat for sale with two Yamaha 300hp

    watching. I have seen that panga style before. shit that f300 weighs less than my f225. Hmmmm
  130. aguachico

    Refining my Quiver

    I have a phenix 82Mh on the lexa 300 and a lexa 400 on the 82H I like the release of the MH with the 300 for putting my baits on the perfect spot.
  131. aguachico

    Fishing from a small boat

    22footer to the tanner.
  132. aguachico

    Seadek install

    Very nice! What year is your Grady?
  133. aguachico

    Coaming bolsters - Want to add

    Going that way next time. Maybe not as soft, but so much easier
  134. aguachico

    Why are women's clothes ads on BD?

    I keep, accessing . Then big data keeps putting all those lovely women on my bd page.
  135. aguachico

    For Sale Dometic Portable Fridge

    Interested, how old is it?
  136. aguachico

    Driving down....border crossing

    Be sure to have all your docs of the property you own. You should have no issues.
  137. aguachico

    Election Fraud - non-political

    I can see this thread went south quickly. Trump has been a great President. His first four years in politics have been stellar. Biden, well, it's sad how the party of tolerance has picked a documented racist and a man that has pedophile tendencies. 47 years in politics without accomplishing...
  138. aguachico

    Bigger Reel for EXW 4/02

    call them. You will talk to Scott. Good luck
  139. aguachico

    Split Ring Testing

    Thanks Walt!
  140. aguachico

    For Sale Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    Next time I sell something, I'm gonna dream price it and have my homies fight over the price. Orale.
  141. aguachico

    Winthrop conversion

    Yup. Just got off the phone with Cesar at Phenix. Not changing a thing. Just need one more rod for the boat , Standup it is.
  142. aguachico

    Winthrop conversion

    Yup. would hate to loose a PB and the gear at the same time. F'n BFT
  143. aguachico

    Winthrop conversion

    Thanks. My main concern is leaving it in the rod holder under load. If I increase the load to 60# of drag, will I take the chance of breaking the blank?
  144. aguachico

    Winthrop conversion

    Thanks The phenix axis is a glass rod. It's fairly beefy and I like the way it pulls. Need to call phenix for some info.
  145. aguachico

    Craig From West Coast Bait Tanks

    Yeah that sucks. He's still wheeling and dealing.
  146. aguachico

    Craig From West Coast Bait Tanks

    His FB account hasn't seen much traffic, have you been to the shop? Really nice tanks.
  147. aguachico

    Craig From West Coast Bait Tanks

    Hope it works out. Everything is impacted these days.
  148. aguachico

    Craig From West Coast Bait Tanks

    Nice looking tanks. Which one did you order and how much?
  149. aguachico

    For Sale Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    I think he's getting the exposure he needs since his TTT are restricted. So what if the boat is priced too high? Free ads. Maybe he knows its only worth $25k and is entertaining those offers.
  150. aguachico

    Monster 44 Hour Catch

    very cool!
  151. aguachico

    For Sale Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    watching this thread. free bumps with all this banter.
  152. aguachico

    Would You Get The Covid Vaccine?

    Yes. I want to visit my parents that are 83YO. I don;t do flu vaccines as it makes me sick
  153. aguachico

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Dominion. Worked for Chavez, why not Biden?
  154. aguachico

    For Sale Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    WOW! GLWS. :oops: Engine year/ hours? Electronics?
  155. aguachico

    San Diego lockdown

    Maybe that age group makes up 13.6 % of the population. If you add up the column, I believe it equals 100% The title of the column says percent of county population.
  156. aguachico

    San Diego lockdown

    This is San Diego. These are the numbers.
  157. aguachico

    Reel protective film

    Foto please.
  158. aguachico

    Covid 19 idiot free thread

    Below is the current rate chart in San Diego. My interpretation is that of the 90K cases, 50% are from ages 0-40. Ages 70+ make up 50% of the deaths but only 6% of the cases. I'm 57 and have less than 1% chance of dying if II become infected. Crunch the numbers. If my math if wrong, let me know.
  159. aguachico

    Reel protective film

    Congrats on the gift. Never ever hard anything like it and it sounds like the adhesive to attach such a thing would be worse than the inevitable scratches the reel will get, get a good cover and don't hang tackle from the reel.
  160. aguachico

    Late YT no catch report (Video)

    Saw this. We had an over under on whether you got bit. I thought you slinked a few off camera.. 8-) Large school. Good stuff
  161. aguachico

    Winthrop conversion

    Thanks for all the input. I am right in being concerned about putting 50-60# of drag on a rod in the rod holder that's rated to 200#?
  162. aguachico

    Winthrop conversion

    Thanks. I have an axis 4x. Was thinking about converting it to the terminator if I upgrade the reel past the 40# drag mark. I worry about a lot of pressure on the butt while on the rod holder. I could do the work, cutting off the reel seat is my main concern. The axis has been a beast this...
  163. aguachico

    Winthrop conversion

    Anyone have experience in converting a factory rod to a Winthrop Terminator adjustable butt? How much in labor can I expect to pay someone to have it done? thanks
  164. aguachico

    where do you guys get you reels service in Socal ?

    Squidco. They also have a gift cert program for the holidays.
  165. aguachico

    For Sale 1990 26' Shamrock Mackinaw

    wow! Deal of the century.
  166. aguachico

    New transducer for Lowrance HDS

    I went thru the same pain over ten years. I went lowrance gen1 and the stock xducer. then I added a 1kw Tm 260 and a LSS1 and a hub Then I added some gen2 head units. I mainly fish offshore and could never get the signals back that I see posted. I talked to a Lowrance guy at he FH and...
  167. aguachico

    Davies launch trailer stolen

    I like this.
  168. aguachico

    Mak 20 sea popped out of gear

    Probably just needs a little lube on the lever that holds it in low gear. Hitup Alan Tani.
  169. aguachico

    Boca Bearing Upgrades?

    I"m happy with the free spool right out of the box. Now that Avet added the access holes to the pinion bearing I'm even happier.
  170. aguachico

    Why Hollow Braid?

    I was at a seminar with Mike Lackey from the Vagabond a few years back. He said there are 400-600# bft out there - boy was right. He also said the flatfalls work better with solid spectra.
  171. aguachico

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    22 for boat. 40 gallon tank. Wish it was 60.
  172. aguachico

    Interesting FG test results

    Yeah. I write the date received on the spools. I called seagaur to see if I could get the manufacturing date from the spool info.... Crickets.
  173. aguachico

    SeaBlaze lights for Floating squid

    I have one. works great. Hit it with prop :D . Took out a side.
  174. aguachico

    SeaBlaze lights for Floating squid

    watching as I spent some time on their site. Never got a good understanding on how much spread one light would give.
  175. aguachico


    Put all sexy purchases on hold. Buying the epirb.
  176. aguachico

    Recommended trolling lures for Baja

    You are trolling from Washington to La Paz! Nice. You will need wire when you get into wahoo territory. 5-7 knots. Pink skirt. Cedar plug. xrap-15 and xrap-40 in the sardine pattern.
  177. aguachico

    11/26/2020 Fat lady sang for Team Tuna Sniper trip #15......SKUNKED

    You have had an impressive 2020. Looks like the schoolie tuna started biting off the banks.
  178. aguachico

    FREE Pacific Boat Trailer 25 foot

    Interesting how you double bunked your trailer. I did the same to mine to get the boat higher. Just replaced the axles and painted one that was in the same shape. Nice of you to give it away.
  179. aguachico

    Covid IS serious.

    30yo died in our neighborhood. Smoker. She went into the hospital for intestinal issues. Fluid build up. Then then throat issues. She died in 4 days. Died of covid. Never tested for covid.
  180. aguachico

    post your Black Friday deals

    I think the best deal would be the $1000 cert at squidco.
  181. aguachico

    ping pong or flapper scupper?

    both work. I had ping pong on the panga where the scupper went directly from the deck, transom and no floor drain. The grady has floor drains, drain hose - thru hull and then the flap type scupper.
  182. aguachico

    La bocana baja california sur 22, 23 nov 2020

    Hell yeah. Looking good.
  183. aguachico

    So did everyone know fluoro breaks at less than 50%???

    I have found that if you take a floro leader and stretch it to the breaking point and it breaks, the recoil damages the leader. It almost looks crinkly. That leader is wasted. Seen mainly on newer model thinner floro and 20-30#
  184. aguachico

    Trump 2020

    Trump was the best President black folk will ever see until another like him is elected. My people are slowly leaving the democratic plantation.
  185. aguachico

    rigging a mak 16!

    Alan, very cool. Just to be clear about the hollow to hollow connection... loop to loop. or are you inserting the tag ends into each other, exit and return? you are mad scientist of fish stuff :D
  186. aguachico

    Headed to Baja early Dec.Where?

    Asunción is a great choice to tow into. You can camp with Shari close to the launch. Hit up Ross, rossman here on bd Shari above for details.enjoy.
  187. aguachico

    FG Knot Performance

    Mostly at the end of the knot or your first loop. I also see it at the where the spectra turns clear, the tightest point which is mostly in the middle.
  188. aguachico

    FG Knot Performance

    I have been playing with nub knots on my leader the my windon server goes over. I just need to catch more and bigger fish to test them out. good luck this winter
  189. aguachico

    FG Knot Performance

    OK I understand. Do you think the LR anglers will be moving towards FG and RP and away from hollow loop windons?
  190. aguachico

    FG Knot Performance

    I have used the FG knot to 80# with no failures. When I change the know out, I have crudely tested it by tying it off on a scale. Killed two spring scales with the recoil... then I got the AWS scale. The FG knot breaks at strength of a few points plus or minus. It always breaks at the where...
  191. aguachico

    11/15-19 Sea Adventure 80, Big bluefin or bust

    Good report. Yes the mosquito fleet is out in force. the fence has been moved. At one point it was the 43, then SCI now it's the tanner/cortes.
  192. aguachico

    Headed to Baja early Dec.Where?

    Pacific side. Safe Launching. First time 1. San Quintin. ramp, you need a guide to get out of the channel and there's a san bar. good fishing. 2. Santa Rosalilita, I believe there's a ramp there. There's a beach launch. I would work with the locals. Good folks there. gem of a calico spot...
  193. aguachico

    New Fujinon TSX 14x40 Floating Binos

    Anyone have these? About $400 more than the original. Older model is $1000 new and the new model is $1400
  194. aguachico

    A few Baja questions

    Hi, Just a heads up. They are requiring a TIP at the border San Diego. Suerte
  195. aguachico

    3700 sized tackle bag recommendations

    Plano. No zippers. Holds a ton of stuff. The Handle is a bit awkward. I got the 3600 first then the 3700.
  196. aguachico

    Pro EX 30/2Wide and Low Max Drags

    A little history would help. Did you but this reel recently new or used? Is this the first time testing the drags or are you familiar with its drags testing out as expected?
  197. aguachico

    Are there any fishing tackle stores in Tijuana?

    What reels did you take down and does he have parts?
  198. aguachico

    New LO-AN 3-day report

    Thanks for the report
  199. aguachico

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    Just picked up two 15 gallon containers to have a total of 200 gallons. Waiting for today's reports. I would leave Monday morning to be at the bank in the afternoon low tide swing.
  200. aguachico

    SOLD Used Daiwa Tanacom 750

    it will change your life
  201. aguachico

    E T A Attacks

    stay safe and dry.
  202. aguachico

    Is the Signatura group still active in Mexico Yup. they are around
  203. aguachico

    Bad cops in Santa Rosalia

    Just got my license renewal. Time to claim that one lost and get another. Be sure to give the pinche puto rata con dos patas the first one.
  204. aguachico

    Custom fish bag

    How about buying a few sheets of one inch closed cell foam? Cut it and line the box. should be free standing, easily removed for a wash down. Adhere a piece to the lid. 2 inch would be ideal, cut costly and takes a lot of room.
  205. aguachico

    SOLD **Boat Trailer**

    Wow, that reinforcement is bad ass.
  206. aguachico

    BFT Flat Fall rig setup

    I have yet to catch a BFT on the deep drop FF. I have never really been in a good bite until last weekend. I got skunked dropping the glow, but my friend got bit dropping the white and silver striped FF. I had a few home made rigs with looped kevlar which I gave away on the boat. I'm...
  207. aguachico

    Buddy boat to the cortez for Wednesday.

    waiting until next week, but I would go this week - if I could but you should look at SCORE and decide if getting the 'magic hour' shut down is worth it. SWTR-EXT 11-NOV 1400 11-NOV 1530 SFC:25K SWTR-S 11-NOV 1400 11-NOV 1530 SFC:25K
  208. aguachico

    Cow Reels

    Yup, but it's really a chevy ford dodge kinda thing. Remember when Okuma first came out and got the nickname Obooma!? Now Okuma has a solid product. Avet set the bar for affordable two speeds when Penns were too heavy and Shimano - well - the only people that tout Shimano... don't pay full...
  209. aguachico

    Cow Reels

    any 50 class reel holding 700 yds of 130# hollow. 40# of drag. you will kick it's ass
  210. aguachico

    So close to a Cow 11/3

    Nice. Is that the first time you have knocked the lever into free spool? I have seen it a couple of times.
  211. aguachico

    Please kill the TranX 500 already....

    Sold my tranx500 this year. Nice reel. Can't cast for shit. Bearing it too hard to replace, cast system sucks. My two lexa400, cast like butter. Cast system is easy to adjust on the fly. I don't have any brand loyalty, Daiwa needs a a larger capacity low profile reel.
  212. aguachico

    Fucking Stan! Honouring Surfdoc at the graveyard

    Shari; thank you for taking the time to visit. saludos
  213. aguachico

    Flat Fall Rigging

    Amazing. Thanks I tried for sometime to tie a loop two ends, but was unsuccessful.
  214. aguachico

    SOLD Phenix 809H, Seeker black steel G 6460-6

    You can build yup the fore grip with cork tape and grip wrap. If you are interested hit me up.
  215. aguachico

    Great fishing!! 10/28

    Damn! look at the water. glad to see some better YFT in the mix. congrats
  216. aguachico

    Is the tranx worth the extra money

    I had both, Tranx 500, Lexa HD's. Sold the tranx because the lexa casts better and has enough drag pressure. The Lexa is smaller, but can kill a 100# tuna with no problem. The new Lexa is even better than my HD. The Tranx required more maintenance. The bearing is a bitch to replace. The...
  217. aguachico

    100 miles out

    Was this yesterday 190#
  218. aguachico

    FG Knot Expiration Date - Do you retie?

    unused not it the sun... fish it
  219. aguachico

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    Above my HX's I have an Avet 50. 130# hollow, 200# windons. It's for the Flyer and Floater.
  220. aguachico

    Dead flyer - Head straight up

    Post a foto of your rig
  221. aguachico

    Avet hx or hxw for big tuna

    HXW raptor. 700yds of 100# izor hollow, 100# mono windon. 27# of drag. 145# bft on a way back mac. 30 minutes with no problem, Phenix axis XXH. There's only 150 yd difference between the 2 reels. They both will be fine, depending if you are on a sporty or not.
  222. aguachico

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    I was on the tanner last week in a big boat. There were 22ft skiffs out there. I was planning on taking my 22ft grady in a few weeks. 170 gallons in the floor plus 30 gallons on the deck. I would like to sleep on the hook in the cove before heading back. I would take 250# of ice, I can carry...
  223. aguachico

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    This is a thread jack, but I would like your opinion. I built these rigs last year, but have not caught a fish on them. Should have a legit chance this weekend. The have 750# kevlar spliced loops that I know are good. I bounce test them with 50# weights to set the knot. The leader is 200#...
  224. aguachico

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    Interesting points. Why would the braided loop negate the need for a swivel? Tail slapping spectra over mono? No swivel because? I have tied a handful of flatfall setups that break these rules, but can alter them. thanks
  225. aguachico

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    Looks good. Maybe chaff the circle hook?
  226. aguachico

    100lb setup on a budget

    30# of drag to fish how? too many options. You can have three different setups from $500-2500 . more info
  227. aguachico

    Bluefins season?

    the Sea Adventure 80 has been killing the fish. The tomahawk and the outrider have been putting cows on the deck. You gotta do 1.5 day or better,
  228. aguachico

    “Life Jacket” flyer

    it works!
  229. aguachico

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    Thanks for the info.
  230. aguachico

    Braved the fog, rewarded at the 371

    forgot the gaffs! now you don't have holes in your fish. orale
  231. aguachico

    Limits of fog and tuna 10/15

    AH yes 2015. A year of years
  232. aguachico

    Limits of fog and tuna 10/15

    You got called in on a bite? WOW! Karma coming back at ya. Curious about your avatar foto. La Bocana?
  233. aguachico

    Bigeye versus Yft ID

    watch this video and skip right to the part when the board is taken outside. You will see the tail cut difference between the BET and YFT. Minute 1:16
  234. aguachico

    Avet Service in San Diego

    Agreed with the Alan Tani rec. I think Alan went from accurate to Okuma. He has a web site you can join and post the questions to detail you need.
  235. aguachico

    Bigeye versus Yft ID

    Very cool. But if you don't have fins nor liver. The tail section of the bigeye doesn't have the T markings of the blood line.
  236. aguachico

    Bigeye versus Yft ID

    Just learned you can distinguish the two by the tail section. There's no blood line on the tail cut of a Bigeye.
  237. aguachico

    Brazilian Seafood Stew

    google moqueca
  238. aguachico

    WTB Avet, Penn International or Makaira 50w reel

    Get the 50. You are spot on.
  239. aguachico

    Any Ford f 350 knowledgeable peeps out there

    good luck fuse 13... the unlucky fuse
  240. aguachico

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    as long as you has a tow service... fishing the front side or back side. you burn most of your fuel on the way out. going home you get good mpg without a south swell
  241. aguachico

    On board battery charger issues

    I pulled the toilet out and put the first batts there. My only issue is drifting with the motor off all day but I can get around that next time with a solar panel. I think running two different batteries in parallel is the issue. Separate the horse from the starter and add another house...
  242. aguachico

    On board battery charger issues

    I like the my lifeline house batteries and I have noco chargers also. I'm a bit confused why a large boat like yours only has one house battery and is connected to a starter. So can you detail what size battery and type are connected? My 22 footer has 2 group 27 house lifeline is parallel...
  243. aguachico

    Bahia Asuncion...wide open Yellowtail bite!

    You got booted from FB? no mames! request sent. I hope your fall/winter bite is WFO. Now that everything is open, you should see a lot of gringos. saludos.
  244. aguachico

    Islander saves panga with 18 people

    probably launched out of popotla. The Islander has always been a class act. 5 days without water is a really bad, especially surrounded by water. Kind of ironic though. 5 days without eating in Mexico is not uncommon, yet you are surrounded by food.
  245. aguachico

    Teak Trim and Chalky gel Coat

    I had teak trim that was growing hair it was so neglected. I sanded off the hair. Cleaned with teak cleaner and then teak oil, looks great, now it just needs light maintenance.
  246. aguachico

    Wind on’s

    I used one for 2.5 seasons around 10 fish. many hours in the air. It was down to 6 feet from 25feet before I changed it.
  247. aguachico

    Wind on’s

    What size windon leader would you consider replacing with a PR knot? I only have windons on my 100# and 200# outfits. I use the FG-knot for 40-80#.
  248. aguachico

    Moving batteries to cuddy

    I moved my house batteries into the toilet compartment when I got rid of the two stroke and needed 4 batts. 2 starter in the rear wet. Two house forward AGM life line batteries for the house. A yadina charge relay for all 4 from the motor. 2x2 leg chargers when on the house 110 volt.
  249. aguachico

    Wind on’s

    I hear ya. The BHP serves are so damn perfect. I bought two 200# mono windons. First one lasted two years and about 10 fish. I changed it out last week. First fish an my brand new BHP buried the spectra(user error)... zing pow. Now I am going to test mine as I'm happy nub knot, nail knot.
  250. aguachico

    Proper way to charging dual batteries?

    Are the two batteries house and starter?
  251. aguachico

    Wind on’s

    I can needle and serve my own. If I was going on a LR trip, I'd buy BHP. After a few fish hit the deck, then test mine.
  252. aguachico

    No Drag on JX Raptor pass Strike

    Agree. I think the rule of thumb is one leg of the cam points at strike. If you bought a used raptor and it is not working correctly, you should download the diagram and do a full break down and clean. Not very hard. There's a lot of you tube vids. I think Mayo has videos for this reel
  253. aguachico

    Figure 8 Rings on Heavier Flat Falls

    How do you attach the kevlar to the bottom loop? I use the quickrig's ringed swivel for the same result
  254. aguachico

    Weakfish Action in Jamaica Bay

    nice weaky
  255. aguachico

    New Avet MXJ Star finally arrived after nearly 7 months

    Nice, break it open!
  256. aguachico

    cedros island in my own boat???

    I'm under the impression that you can if you pay the guide fee. Don't know much more than that.
  257. aguachico

    Epic Estuary Fishing

    Yeah You can see the building. It's not a secret spot... I'm glad they have went strictly CnrR.
  258. aguachico

    Portable solar panel

    remember to check the USB outlets for amperage. Bigger is better and faster
  259. aguachico

    Portable solar panel

    The canned solutions are best if you are not into building your own. You want to charge a battery to charge the phones and radio at night. If you are in a hurry get a an all in one solution that has the embedded. I suggest you buy a 2000 watt generator... I have one and it's great.
  260. aguachico

    Bahia Asuncion fishing heating up!

    Congrats on the early start Shari. Hope the wahoo come in bunches for ya.
  261. aguachico

    Portable solar panel

    I have two folding panels I use for camping. One cheapy to charge batteries, one good panel to charge the battery that runs the fridge. What are you wanting to do?
  262. aguachico

    cedros island in my own boat???

    yeah. PM porfa
  263. aguachico

    cedros island in my own boat???

    How is your spanish? I Have you ever been to Tortugas before?
  264. aguachico

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    All boating stuff is affected by COVid. 3000 hours on a 2003 f225. I think she's good for another 2000 as long as I don't do something stupid. I have a friend with twin 200 zukes.. He maintains them himself as there are not too many shops in san diego.
  265. aguachico


    Site is fixed, parts need to be done over the phone for the time being.
  266. aguachico

    HXJ5.4 high speed reels

    call. Sometimes the system will disconnect, just call back
  267. aguachico

    Unable to contact??

    Talked to Scott and they are now aware of it and working on it.
  268. aguachico

    Bonita Sushi!

    Talked to a local in Erendira and they ceviche cuda. Gotta wash it well before filleting and keep it cold.
  269. aguachico

    Avet website

    Give them a call. what schematic do you need?
  270. aguachico

    50lb braid for October yellowfin ?

    I put 50# max on lexa400 paired with a phenix 909h, sweet! I put 30# PP on a sx on a seeker 809. I use 20# leader on it. perfect. Most applications are fine with lighter spectra in SoCal
  271. aguachico

    Free NMEA2000 to USB connector/2 12" RAM E mounts, one with a VESA mount

    Good stuff there. Good karma on the give away.
  272. aguachico

    Reprinting Mexican Fishing Lic

    yup. All's good. it will work. I buy my US license in the US and my Mex license from Mexico. I can print as many Mex licenses as needed, Fucking Mexico has a better licensing system than the US. go figure.
  273. aguachico

    SOLD Dead flyer rigs. Jobu hooks

    One rig is used one is not. 12/0 Jobu hanger hook. 5/0 owner stinger. Chaff tubing. Jinkai crimps. 300# ande. $40. You pay shipping PayPal. Adding +3% for insurance if needed.
  274. aguachico

    09/11 SCI bust

    it was worth the try, fishing has been good there for 9 days straight.
  275. aguachico

    9/8 -9/10 SCI report

    Bad ass bow rail. Glad to see someone is outside the box and doing something about it. Every time I walk on a bow I think. " this doesn't work"
  276. aguachico

    200hp Yamaha Shuts Off randomly

    check the internal separator for an air leak
  277. aguachico

    Fg knot on Doubled braid?

    No, but I use the FG knot a lot. The RP is too big and flakey. Cut the bimini off and use a single strand for better grip. Sounds interesting though. @yessokk ?
  278. aguachico

    BFT hook up, but lost

    thanks for the report
  279. aguachico

    Mexico legal
  280. aguachico

    Transducer Wrench?

    there's a wrench at home depot. I used this for a transducer. you can cut the end to fit. I also made one with 3/4 ply that worked
  281. aguachico

    This kid loves to fish

    Nice Robert. Good job on the dodos.
  282. aguachico

    SOLD 24’ Shamrock WA Hardtop sold

    finally a boat with enough rod holders and at the right angle. Not leaning over the deck! What a beauty!
  283. aguachico

    100# spectra for FG knot

    100# spec to fish what live bait? Big macs? Dead flyer? Hollow loop and buy a wind-on. FG kot is great and I use them for 40-80#. Casting knots on all my low profile reels. My spinner. My HXW and 50 have windon leaders. The long range board can get you straight.
  284. aguachico

    Full speed yellowfin and dorado 9/4

    Congrats. 4 bulls. sweet 😉
  285. aguachico

    SOLD F/S Tanacom 1000

    Interested, please show the power port.
  286. aguachico

    Reading sci closure

    Yup. Looks like they started opening it up today
  287. aguachico

    Reading sci closure

    I'm thinking about 9/6 the entire ocean looks closed.
  288. aguachico

    Reading sci closure

    Looks like it. The backside looks shutdown for 3 hours 8-11. You can anchor at the northwest cove. I have never been there though, C 27-AUG 1918 07-SEP 2359 SFC:3000 SHOBA D 27-AUG 1918 07-SEP 2359 SFC:3000 SHOBA SHOBA 27-AUG 1918 07-SEP 2359 SFC:3000 SOAR S1 07-SEP 0800 07-SEP...
  289. aguachico

    SOLD Double Axle Galvanized Pacific Trailer

    Shit! Just ordered axels for my rusty trailer.. This is a good deal
  290. aguachico

    Tiburon clamp issue...

    The last tiburon clamp I had, I paired it with a cork-puppy backing
  291. aguachico

    Site has turned into a chore...

    I'm inundated with ads from CHICME. :D I think it started after buying underwear for my girl. first time in decades I have enjoyed ads. Now all my pages are loaded with beautiful girls. When my women walks in and see the ads... all's good
  292. aguachico

    Pacifica Killed the Big Boys yesterday!

    Where the flat fall fish early morning? congrats
  293. aguachico

    Turners- Line Counter. Wrong?

    did he charge you for 800? max50 is .32mm. This reel fills with 420 yds of .37mm
  294. aguachico

    WTB Daiwa Saltiga 35HA star drag.

    Anyone have this reel? Not interested in any other model. Art
  295. aguachico

    SOLD TRANX 500HG w/ braid and tiburon

    Serviced last year with new drags and bearing. 65# max cuatro Tiburon clamp that's two weeks old from squidco Showing the handle damage for full disclosure as this reel handled big fish. no box. ship at your cost. Paypal plus 3% if you want paypal protection $400 Can meet in Mission Bay will...
  296. aguachico

    MAG BAY REPORT, AUG. 23 - Wahoo show up late

    Great report Bill. I hope the new regs do not impact anyone negatively. It will be interesting to see if the regs are lifted at the end of the year or will they go full blown "Cedros".
  297. aguachico

    wide open yellow tail bite in SQ

    Very Nice, congrats
  298. aguachico

    For Sale Avet EX50/3

    That's the truth. I loaded mine with 100# wish it was 130#, hence the question.
  299. aguachico

    For Sale Avet EX50/3

    do you know how much spec it's loaded with?
  300. aguachico

    Fluro knot testing

    The tester I know and trust. @yessokk I believe he has data already posted.
  301. aguachico

    Traveling down Hwy 1 Baja

    You need to be more specific about what you want to know. What experience do you have? Where are you going and how? The link above is not related to fishing nor traveling Mex 1-since it's on rosarito.
  302. aguachico

    How to make my boat even safer?

    Nice boat. Limit the tuna tower weight for stability. If you are not using the tower much,pull the hoop and chair. Tower will be nice during the summer flat paddy hop. Check the thru hull fitting and move the ball. Buy a couple or more toilet wax rings to stuff in holes, JIC
  303. aguachico

    SOLD 1996 Grady White 209 Escape For Sale $14,000.00

    you could push that CC with a 175HP. GLWS.
  304. aguachico

    Done buying any other rod other than Okuma.

    I was wondering wtf was up with that. I try not to buy rods from reel manufacturers.
  305. aguachico

    SOLD Dead Flying fish Rigs

    Interesting design with the leader to leader loop. GLWS
  306. aguachico

    Upper Hidden Bank 8/20

    Thanks for the dope. Let's hope it gets better
  307. aguachico

    Electric reels for the kite

    get the daiwa. It becomes your extra deck hand. push a button, it retrieves the kite and stops 5 meters away from where you launched it. The metered feature is cool. good resale value. If you get the small battery that is attached to the rod, your riding in style. I attached a 9amp/12volt...
  308. aguachico

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Isn't the current bait tank removable? Do you not have hatches underneath the seat pads?
  309. aguachico

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    Yeah tell me about it. After about the second time trying to squeeze my fat ass thru that hole, out came the sawzall. I I installed my rear battery charger, that services the two starter batteries, against the bulk head in the bilge. so easy when you can use both hands and laying comfortably...
  310. aguachico

    Grady Seafarer Transom Mod

    I cut out that wall where you rod holders are. Replaced it with a piece of starboard. Now I can access the entire bilge with ease. Funny how I didn't get much warm reception to the idea at the GG The bait tank goes in the middle of the floor. It gives me a lean point while fighting fish. I...
  311. aguachico

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Sorry for your lost. Thanks for sharing. RIP.
  312. aguachico

    Thru-hull B285HW Chirp

    good dry run! interesting how your pickup is pointing
  313. aguachico

    SOLD Large Yozuri marauders

    wow. that's a great deal.
  314. aguachico

    Sucks lately...

    I was west of you Friday Ron. It felt empty.
  315. aguachico

    Robby Gordon at West Coast Marine

    Yeah they have a good inventory. I like the online billing system. Some very sexy motors in the yard
  316. aguachico

    Robby Gordon at West Coast Marine

    I don't think Mike made the move. I believe he went out of state. Mike is a good guy, a good old boy.
  317. aguachico

    Robby Gordon at West Coast Marine

    I'm sure by now all of Robby's former clients know he's merged his business with WCM. I recently had Robby and WCM fix a motor issue that I had. 1. I'm very happy for Robby. He's surrounded by quality technicians. 2. WCM is a top notch operation for everything you need. 3. As always my motor...
  318. aguachico

    Denatured Alcohol Cali Love

    I bought two liters for $4 in Tijuana for a rod building friend
  319. aguachico

    Mexican Liability Insurance

    I have coverage in Mexican waters call your agent for the add-on.
  320. aguachico

    Opinions on daiwa salttiga for surface iron

    I wanted a 35, but went with a used 40. Great reel. 90# BFT no issues. Smooth. Looked at trinidads and was blown away by the size/price ratio
  321. aguachico

    Jx studs,

    gonna check that out.
  322. aguachico

    Late Report Fort Bragg Albacore

    Very Cool. Belgian Mal? very nice
  323. aguachico

    Need a new axle....

    Yeah the bite is not worth it.
  324. aguachico

    Harsh day today at The Corner, and 43.

    Yup. thanks for the info. I looked outside of Del Mar while doing a shake down. 69-70 blue water. bait, porps no pelagics.
  325. aguachico

    Need a new axle....

    Be prepared for the same quote from PT if not longer. Sd trailer said 3-4 weeks as I'm in the process of redoing my trailer. Try and borrow a trailer from a member. I'd lend you mine, but my axle is about to fail and is too short for a 26footer
  326. aguachico

    Jx studs,

    Call again.
  327. aguachico

    Rod match for a JX raptor

    Mine's on 909xh. 500yds of 65# max4. I like the pulling power.
  328. aguachico

    Erendira 8/1 8/2

  329. aguachico

    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    I have been a wood smoker for 15 years. I perfected smoking anything that lasted two hours. Fish and ribeyes. Anything else was just too much work. My homey has a camp chef and i watched it for a year before finally pulling the trigger on a camp chef wifi. I love it. I have the grill box...
  330. aguachico

    Rinse and Repeat 8/7

    Nice. You out fished most of San Diego this week,
  331. aguachico

    Liberty 8/5

    The kite was fishing deens on the double trouble?
  332. aguachico

    Erendira 8/1 8/2

    The father in law of my youngest is a TJ moto cop. I will ask him about Sindicatura and it's current status. When it first came out it was determined that it could bring you more trouble than worth. I've paid mordida when I was wrong back 10 years ago. Now I just argue with them :D.
  333. aguachico

    Avet HX 5/2 versas JX6/3-MC Rator for 60#

    I have a JX raptor, HXJ and HWX. All can fish bait - just depends on the scenario. I did however took my 80# izor off of the JX and spooled with 500yds of 65# Max4. The JX is a small, especially on the long soak. My HXj can throw flat falls, fish deep drop and is good for fishing macs. Not...
  334. aguachico

    WTB Lost Reliable XL Kill Bag 8/2 on I-5 in Oceanside

    what size by inches? look at craigslist in the lost and found?
  335. aguachico

    giant on standup on the East Coast

    Very nice. I like the dart thru the head.
  336. aguachico

    Battery Charger questions

    Got the same setup, but my starter batts are wet. I got the noco waterproof chargers. The starter batts charger is in the bilge on a bulk head. Been there for 4 years no issues. The house are forward. Been happy with .noco. My first chargers died when I took on some rain water....
  337. aguachico

    Mixed bag 8/3

    Nice Cody. Hope that wasn't my rock :D
  338. aguachico

    8/2 Humble Pie

    Amazing how the day before was totally different on bait. We had a lot of chum in the water. Tuna were full of chum. Next time
  339. aguachico

    Erendira 8/1 8/2

    Wow, there's more to that story, if true, that is not being disclosed. As for tinted windows, yes they are illegal. The fine is this. Police must remove the tint on the spot and give you a $800 peso ticket. That ticket will reduced to $200 pesos at the court house with the judge.
  340. aguachico

    JX Raptor Line Capacity

    65# Took the perfect amount for a short floro leader. Saturday got a nice BFT 35ish on the setup, deen, 3ounce ez weight and fgnot to 40# floro.
  341. aguachico

    NEW AVET 50 SDS: Loss of Freespool at Low Drag setting? Which Bearing got Crushed?

    The spool stack has an issue, so I like Alan's suggestion. IMHO, I would take it back and have it done via warranty or call Avet before cracking it open. There are a lot of pricey parts.
  342. aguachico

    Avet 30/2 line capacity.

    all about the diameters. I believe Avet rates their capacity with JB hollow. They need to do an update on that chart. So if you are filling 3/4 of 80# solid maybe 400 yds as it maybe the same as 100# hollow? The 30 is a beast, but it's a bit narrow. I went with an HXW for that reason. So it...
  343. aguachico

    Avet Factory is back up and running!

    You need to call for parts
  344. aguachico

    8/2 Humble Pie

    That should have worked. How much bait did you have?
  345. aguachico

    JX Raptor Line Capacity

    Just spooled a JX raptor with 500 yds of Maxcuatro
  346. aguachico

    For 150+ lb. Bluefin

    I have a 50 and a hxw3. The hx3 will give you more flexibility and use. The 30 would be a better trolling reel.
  347. aguachico

    Cheap Hydraulic Fluid vs Expensive Fluid??

    You need the Mil spec. I have been using this for a long time without issue. I like the fact that it is red an easy to see. My last order was when I changed the steering system out. 4/17...
  348. aguachico

    For 150+ lb. Bluefin

    how do you plan on fishing it mostly? kite, troll or bait?
  349. aguachico

    Mission Belle 7/30

    Been there when they only wanted 20#. I will, at times, add a 20-30 floro to a heavier floro using the surgeons knot.
  350. aguachico

    Mission Belle 7/30

    Way to get some meat and then stick with plan. Loos like the Belle kicked ass yesterday. BTW: why not a Lexa400, sure you got 10 of those on the shelf :D
  351. aguachico

    SD Tackle shop recommendations

    call squidco, stock is impacted by the rona
  352. aguachico

    Difficulty w sardines on circle hooks

    Yeah they are narrow. Start.from the tail. Move forward
  353. aguachico

    7/26/20. Failure. FAILURE. SUCCESS!! Success.

    Congrats on the fish. Looks sporty out there. Can you give more details about the windon failure please? Failure info is so important. Back to tying my own using nub knots and serves. cheers
  354. aguachico

    South Shores homeless

    I was there saturday morning 0200. There was a full blown rav party going on on the beach. They were using parking at south shores. Very interesting. The poor homeless people could not get any sleep.
  355. aguachico

    Check out this guy!

    Yeah that's him. He's very cool and fishy as hell.
  356. aguachico


    thanks was the beach and restaurants open? How much did he charge to clean fish?
  357. aguachico


    Never fished there, but like to spend the afternoon there. Is the beach open? Restaurants?
  358. aguachico

    Reliable kill bag stitching

    send it back to reliable. best repair. call first. there's a covid delay.
  359. aguachico

    SC Knot

    yeah it was a covid buy
  360. aguachico

    SC Knot

    I bought an FGknot assist tool $40(ouch) I like it. It's very hard to tie the fg on the water when you are rocking back and forth. The tool solved that. I like the FG for 40-80# and have went back to the RP know for 20-30#.
  361. aguachico

    SC Knot

    Didn't like the way it looked, but was waiting for your thumbs up or thumbs down. thanks
  362. aguachico


    Glad you were able to get some Juan. You need to start the WSB in SQ. suerte
  363. aguachico

    Videos from the past few days fishing the islands.

    Great video! She's a keeper. Gotta do something about jigs/stick baits in eyelets. Bad storage spot, The should be low near the reel. Hate to mark up that pretty face. cheers
  364. aguachico

    Low income dog surgery help

    Glad it worked out for you. Like Kurt said, the vet costs are cheaper in Baja. My boys took in a stray that was hanging around their store. A few years later, someone poisoned her the day before Christmas. Christmas day we called the vet and he took her in and give her amazing service and...
  365. aguachico

    Coronado Canyon Foamers

    I have never seen them west of the nados. That said, they like to chase the ones that run. Since it's a cat hull, I think they would catch you. They like look some kind of Japanese sea creature when on plane! saludos Looks like I am wrong the boat looks like a B90 assault boat. Top speed if...
  366. aguachico

    For Sale FUJINON TECHNO-STABI 14x40 used

    I got mine 3 years ago with the 4 year warranty.The shipping was was very fast as it came from a east coast shop.
  367. aguachico

    For Sale FUJINON TECHNO-STABI 14x40 used

    good to know as I purchased the extended warranty from amazon. 6 weeks a long time.
  368. aguachico

    San Diego Full Day Foamers 7/18/2020

    Haven't seen this issue on a private boat, but on a sportie I'm thinking maybe a short shot, 25 yds, then floro or no floro.
  369. aguachico

    San Diego Full Day Foamers 7/18/2020

    Heard the same thing last year from other skippers.
  370. aguachico

    Experienced bracket mounters

    You are in good hands.
  371. aguachico

    she found her way home after 3 years

    Congrats on the sale, buy and I'm guessing sale March 2021...
  372. aguachico

    Gas station crook in Guerrero negro

    Nope. The 3.8:1 litros and 20.8:1 pesos, while drinking tecate, is too hard to manage.
  373. aguachico

    "A family affair"- 3 Days on the Royal Star

    Judging by the boots, the rookies are on both ends and the pro is in the middle, sorrect? Nice job. Family fishing, memories forever
  374. aguachico

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Yeah I guess being blinded by the surprise overlooked the great info you provided. thanks and tight lines
  375. aguachico

    Windlass thoughts

    Have had the profish 500 on the grady for 8 years. No problem.
  376. aguachico

    Did the Gov. just shut down LR/Overnight fishing??

    You gotta get that exposed skin in the hair. Friend got it bad at what he referred to as the"part" in his hair. Swimmers cap would work but not too comfortably. Saludos
  377. aguachico

    Did the Gov. just shut down LR/Overnight fishing??

    and skin cancer on the head Agreed, being outside, inhaling saltwater vapor, is the best IMO
  378. aguachico

    Erendira WSB 7/12/2020

    Was the American with the squid in a tincan?
  379. aguachico

    MXJ raptor question

    Yes. It's not necessary to screw the drag knob all the way then go into full to get the max drag. Get an accurate scale and do increments. Also remember as the fish is dumping line, the drag increases. I also broke a rod with my raptor, 20# of drag is rated for a 60# rod.
  380. aguachico

    SCI rookies!

    very cool
  381. aguachico

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    I am only aware of that happening in PV.
  382. aguachico

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    yeah. understood. I would like to know if the OP would feel the same if his first fish was a 40# bft, would he be ok with missing a shot on the kite.
  383. aguachico

    MXJ raptor question

    The MX series are great reels to fish at 20#'s of drag. Most rods you have connected are not rated past 20#'s a drag for such a small reel. The MXJ is tiny without a lot of line capacity, so long soaked and stretched baits are not ideal. Hence I use the MXL ona a rod rated 30-50#'s at around...
  384. aguachico

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    get the fu*k out of here?!
  385. aguachico

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    No, that is not the point. At the very least, the skipper should have asked if it were ok to give up your spot on the rotation. Personally I would have told him no. I will fish my turn. If I end up catching more than 2 BFT I will donate one to the boat. The skipper's position on this matter is...
  386. aguachico

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    The hypocrisy is obvious. If you are first in the rotation and get a fish, then you are free fish for another with bait, but not other way around. I don't think this would have went down so easily with me.
  387. aguachico

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Th boat needs to be names so the issue can be discussed. The skipper can make any rule he wants, but has to live with the consequences.
  388. aguachico

    Cedros For BFT

    Axis 7'8" 2x
  389. aguachico

    Cedros For BFT

    #145 and #125 bft on a HX raptor. Only reason it took over minutes on each was the how far the mac was out. Harnessed.
  390. aguachico

    SOLD Kencor 900MC

    If you ever head down to San Diego and still have it. Hit me up. I have one that's the next model stiffer. Really like it.
  391. aguachico

    Battery cable sizing? Moving battery...

    Interesting, please explain.
  392. aguachico

    How many hours is too many on a Yamaha 150

    I've only hear of balancer issues and not sure if that year is affected. Hit up West Coast Marine to verify.
  393. aguachico

    Battery cable sizing? Moving battery...

    Look on the starter or ask not mechanic
  394. aguachico

    Battery cable sizing? Moving battery...

    You will need your starter amperage Go here to determine cable length
  395. aguachico

    Gas station crook in Guerrero negro

    Was this the PEMEX closest to the main highway? So you are saying he didn't reset the pump to zeros and started pumping adding to the $200 pesos that were already on the pump? $200 pesos is a big score when you consider he may make 300-400 pesos a day. I thought it was impossible to do that...
  396. aguachico

    DIY tackle center

    Looks great. Hope it fits your needs. Good thing is that you change it at any time!
  397. aguachico

    Guia en Bahia de los angeles

    @Captain Juan SQ Marca 6161096877
  398. aguachico

    La Salina update

    The fix would be to change the face of the opening south. Ain't gonna happen unless some dinero de yeyo invests.
  399. aguachico

    Avet MXJ 5.8 MC - Problem reeling in

    hmmm agreed pinion bearing
  400. aguachico

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    Have used these for a long time. Got two sets. Will take them back for a fresh coat of Covid paint.
  401. aguachico

    Hydraulic steering suggestions

    yes they are reliable. I have used them for 15 years. -I use sun oil brake aero fluid because it's the same mil spec and cheaper and red. -protect the ram cylinder. -learn how to bleed your system. -when your motor leans to the left or right when up, you have air in the system, then you need...
  402. aguachico

    Looking for a boat to fish offshore Friday 7/10

    I have Friday off, but my motor needs some work. Would like to go hunting for what ever the skipper decides. I got all the gear needed for BFT. Boated 198# tuna with this gear and several 150# tuna. flyers gas(helium) balloons kites yummies ICE, shaved ice. I can drive all night as I do on...
  403. aguachico

    Tuna Report Puerto Vallarta

    Nice cograts. What are the covid19 protocols?
  404. aguachico

    For Sale Knife holders

    These are great holder at a good price. I have 4 for all my forschners.
  405. aguachico

    another 23/26 Blackman build

    amazing the sticker is 2013
  406. aguachico

    New: Simrad Evo3S Next Generation (NSS9/NSS12/NSS16)

    Most new product with processor upgrades have a higher cost. When the end of life for the older processor is announced, the evos3 will come down in price. The big units are insane
  407. aguachico

    LE TIGRE update

    Glad to see you are pushing thru it. Hope to hear you on the radio soon. saludos
  408. aguachico

    1 for 2 on the Bluefin

    AH ok. agreed. It doesn't take much to degrade spectra. I was just wondering if it was a loop or windon issue. I just had squidco work on my big reels. Had too many twists and hull scuffs. Removed the damaged spectra. added more with loops. Locked and loaded. go gettum
  409. aguachico

    1 for 2 on the Bluefin

    Congrats! Can you explain "bad braid"? Too many twists? Old? Nicked? thanks
  410. aguachico

    Venice Louisiana

    that looks fun.
  411. aguachico

    For Sale Grady White 255 Sailfish Sport Bridge

    nice barn find. exceptional condition. a few mods and it will be cherry.
  412. aguachico

    Coulda been worse 7/1

    Boat breaks down and you still catch fish... nice
  413. aguachico

    going south with beers

    3 liters, I believe, You can pay taxes at about 140% of the cost to take more. Also 6 liters of wine. Local costco had beer last week. One 24 pack of each is allowed, One tecate, one ultra, one corona virus and i believe modelo
  414. aguachico

    Tuna watching Tuesday

    It's hard solo, but with the electric reel... very easy.
  415. aguachico

    Honey, I'm HOME

    glad you are back
  416. aguachico

    6/27 San sal knoll yellows

    Looks like a Grady Deck.
  417. aguachico

    Searching the Forums and Results

    The issue is the default search is by "relevance" not date. I will send a message. In the meantime, goto advance and select by date.
  418. aguachico


    Costco Tijuana had Tecate roja and Tecate light. Ultra and Corona. Only allowed one case of each. I bought a case of Roja.
  419. aguachico

    BFT NW 230 6/25

    Congrats Ron; what xducer do you have? saludos
  420. aguachico

    Helium Gas Discounts for BD Members!

    Thanks Ali!
  421. aguachico

    Fuel Tank Pinholes 1987 Cabo216

    $12K? Aren't you getting a new motor? Get a new tank. That sweet boat deserves it.
  422. aguachico

    Pinion Bearing

    Check the other side for push holes. If not, insert a tight drill bit and wiggle back and worth.
  423. aguachico

    Which EPIRB to buy?!

    me too. too many evenings on the backside solo with 75 miles to get to shore.
  424. aguachico

    Adding to my fishing collection....

    Looks good!
  425. aguachico

    Avet Factory is back up and running!

    Thanks for the update
  426. aguachico

    Help - After two months still waiting for my reel back from service dept,

    I talked to Scott yesterday. They were impacted by the shutdown as was everyone, even Amazon :D
  427. aguachico

    Bahia De LA July 10-13

    You can find boats there now. @Captain Juan SQ There have been cancellations. Fishing is great. have fun.
  428. aguachico

    The ultimate smoker

    Where's the smoke box? If the nose is the chimney, it's not going to work. Cool looking, but doesn't look functional
  429. aguachico

    Ensenada Lock Down South Bound

    I drove thru Saturday 6/20. The road block was there, no cars were being stopped. On the way back around 2pm, it was the same. No cars being stopped. There were 3-4 military guys standing away from the cones.
  430. aguachico

    Sat June 20. BFT akunk @ 43

    Did you see any bites in the group? Quite an impressive fleet was parked there on Saturday.
  431. aguachico

    6.19 intel

    Yeah I got one. Still learning. Holds bottom really well with LHK Marine spacer.
  432. aguachico

    6.19 intel

    I'm in the same situation. tight lines
  433. aguachico

    6.19 intel

    Nice model. Cool finder pic. What gain setting?
  434. aguachico

    BFT Tuna eating Salps

    Sure you all know, but just in case... tuna are eating red crab. Hence no foamers.
  435. aguachico

    371 and Hidden

    Thanks for the info
  436. aguachico

    Cedros Air strip Closure

    BOLA is open
  437. aguachico

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Again

    This is the clown that started it. Eastern San Jose? WTF Ash Kalra is an American politician serving in the California State Assembly. He is a Democrat representing the 27th Assembly District, encompassing parts of eastern San Jose. Kalra is the first Indian-American...
  438. aguachico

    Daggett's sport fishing..bahia de los angeles..june 13 ,14, 15

    Nice; Glad to see you are open and operating.
  439. aguachico

    Chasing blues for hours..

    Reports of YFT in that area at that size also. Both YFT and BFT can be picky
  440. aguachico

    Looking for Fishing Partner for BFT

    ^^^ that's what you need, youth and gear!
  441. aguachico

    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    My f250 has been broken into 3 times in TJ. This saves the day. Updated the link
  442. aguachico

    WTB Standard Horizon Eclipse Mounting bracket and knobs

    Thanks but it the gx1150 looks a bit wider. cheers
  443. aguachico

    Launching private boat to Cedros

    Have fished that area for 16 years. There's a post buried in the archives of a member that took his smaller CC to Tortugas and launched. I suggest you drive down after baja is open and take a look at the ramp. Make a few friends that would be willing to help you out. Logistics for your stuff...
  444. aguachico

    Woefully Underprepared - 60lb to 100lb Tuna

    Avet HX. 50 Is Too heavy.
  445. aguachico

    For Sale Lot of 21 rapalas and two bonus poppers $110

    Gone, actually donated since no one had any interest in tuning these after every strike. I still think these run better than the new ones.... but there's that tuning issue!
  446. aguachico

    BFT Tuna eating Salps

    Buddy of mine got two last week with these in their stomach. Ask Owyn @DOS BALLENAS here on BD. He's the fish scientist.
  447. aguachico

    YFT and YT 6/10

    gob bless you for the screen shot. Not for the numbers. I'm trying to figure out what to expect from the simrad. saludos
  448. aguachico

    Is the 175 h w too big

    Yes, the stock spacer ring is nothing compared to the one sold by @JHMarine .
  449. aguachico

    Is the 175 h w too big

    Just installed one. Here's what I learned and will pass it on. I am very happy with the results on day one. You have to find the spot to install. Free of any interference. No chines in front of the ducer. I decided the extra $65 was worth it to get a spacer from @JHMarine , so the hole is...
  450. aguachico

    Upgrading transducer- B175HW

    I feel your pain. I stayed with Lowrance for a few upgrades. The FF woirked well inshore, but is not an offshore product. The Simrad CPU and core count allow for better processing. Hence I went with a 175HW and a reman evo3 head unit. Loved the imaging, target separation and performance day...
  451. aguachico

    WTB Panga with trailer

    Whatever you do DO NOT buy an Amato Panga. PM me and I will tell you why
  452. aguachico

    SOLD Cousins Raze CPX909 $125

    9 foot jig stick 25-40#. Reel seat. used a handful of times. $125. cannot ship. Mission bay met up or San Ysidro. Art 858-xxx-603-xxx-3600
  453. aguachico

    SeaDek for Coming Pads

    Nice! Patched mine this year. Last time for that.
  454. aguachico


    I towed a month ago. Didn't have my TIP, though I have one. It was a struggle. Not sure how you will fare hitting the check points South. If you own a house , take proof to get thru the check points.
  455. aguachico

    6/6/20 2 more BFT

    Great job. I did see a few boats heading south as we were heading north trigger. Congrats. I can get reception at the 425 thru a Mexican courier.
  456. aguachico

    Yellow tail rod - Phenix Inshore M1 SMX 82h or PSW 809h

    I have both and yes, but a 909h Both have a Lexa 400 The M1 sees more kayak time. The 909h more popper and small stick baits. I think the 909h throws the 7x lite jr better. The m1 inshore, the 909h offshore
  457. aguachico

    For Sale Lot of 21 rapalas and two bonus poppers $110

    21 rapalas in various rapalas 50% are new or IB. $110 meet at mission bay marina $130 shipped
  458. aguachico

    For Sale Potentially For sale 2005 Yamaha F150 4S

    Looks like a great deal. Pop the head replace exhaust, oil pump, injectors, zincs and she's good as new.
  459. aguachico

    WTB Standard Horizon Eclipse Mounting bracket and knobs

    Looking for a bracket and knobs. thanks in advance
  460. aguachico

    Windy app

    luv it! use the PC version first, then the app will make sense
  461. aguachico

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 30hg& sold sold

    ^^^^ agreed, great reel.
  462. aguachico

    La Salina trip planning? Thinking of towing the boat down and launching at the marina?

    Check to see if it's open. I tried calling and could not get thru. Hitup @yellowklr for more info
  463. aguachico

    transducer plug

    Where do you find the connector on the foto
  464. aguachico

    transducer plug

    Link to the connector?
  465. aguachico

    transducer plug

    Yeah the waterproof connector was used in a kayak application
  466. aguachico

    transducer plug

    What type of transducer? Use this to shorten cables, so all you need is a new plug.
  467. aguachico

    TIP (temporary import permit) application question

    Which one: Required Documents It is recommended that one carry three copies of each of these documents. Passport Driver's License issued outside of Mexico If you are not a Mexican citizen, a Mexican immigration permit-such as a tourist, business or immigrant permit/visa. Original and...
  468. aguachico

    Free FMM 7 days or less? $383 the logo upload is your foto
  469. aguachico

    Fried Chirp Transducer

    Hey Mark, sorry to hear it. Yes, you are correct as I am installing one right now. The ducer has a warning that it needs to be operated while in water or will overheat. My first thought was why doesn't the temp sensor not detect and auto shutdown with a warning? Mention that to Simrad and...
  470. aguachico

    Crossing the Border with your boat... You may need a TIP

    Yes, damn thing is a sticker you apply to the boat. Never looked at it...
  471. aguachico

    Temporary Import Permit???

    TIP's are not for travel by sea and return via sea. They are for land based travel with a vehicle, camper or boat and you are crossing into the import zone. Or if you travel by sea into a marina. Going to the nados doesn't count. saludos
  472. aguachico

    Crossing the Border with your boat... You may need a TIP

    She called over a colleague. He asked me where was I going. I told him. She asked him if I'm right about not needing the TIP. He shrugged it off.
  473. aguachico

    Crossing the Border with your boat... You may need a TIP

    A few weeks ago I dragged the Grady into Tijuana to finish a list of repairs. All I had was the boat registration. I went into secondary and was being handled by a 20 something female with an attitude and gun. Her attitude started when I told her I don't speak spanish. She kept asking me for...
  474. aguachico

    SOLD ./

    amazing you got that out intact
  475. aguachico

    2007 Suzuki 250.....stalling at cruise speed and dies

    If you pump the bulb, does it run again? On my yammi the low went out, thank god when I just put her on the trailer, proactively changed the high 6 months later with injectors. You will hear the low whining, it's one of those things were you say "what is that noise?"
  476. aguachico

    Tired of driving to Puerto Santo Tomas

    contact @yellowklr for La salina info. I feel your pain as the road to PST gets longer as I get older. but it's a beautiful weekend getaway.
  477. aguachico

    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    I hope it opens up. Scheduled to be there also.
  478. aguachico

    For Sale Offshore bait tank on offer up

    looks like the older model 30 gallon tank
  479. aguachico

    Free FMM 7 days or less?

    Looks like they are trying to change systems and web pages. Instead of leaving the old system up while developing the new. Seems they shut down the old first... :D
  480. aguachico

    2020 Mexican license

    Got one today at
  481. aguachico

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Just googled 30ft Skipjack with twin diesels, $339k. How about an upper end 27-28ft with outboards? good luck
  482. aguachico

    Should current registration sticker say 19 or 21?

    If you have a 2019 sticker, your renewal will say 2021
  483. aguachico

    2020 Mexican license The CONAPESCA Representative Office in San Diego is being reorganized as part of changes and improvements of the Mexican Federal Government. We are working to implement new procedures to issue Mexican sport fishing licenses online and at this time are no...
  484. aguachico

    Free FMM 7 days or less?

    7 days free when traveling by car and not crossing state lines Does not apply to travel by sea
  485. aguachico

    Really tough dirt stain on nonskid deck

    Try adding a carpet brush to your rotary buffer. I'm about to do the same to remove oxidation. I'm going to lay down the rubbing compound and remove the crap from the non-skip grooves using the brush. Then coat it with Woody wax.
  486. aguachico

    Prescription Sunglasses Advice

    I got the Costa Permit. They work great to fit the big head and I got them in prescription lenses, love Costa brands... not cheap. I cannot stand the Maui Jim bar "we help you squint" design.
  487. aguachico

    Baja 5-phase plan announced

    So the question on everyone's mind is whether BOLA will be open and what are the chances of getting sent back that the various check points?
  488. aguachico

    Rod for Daiwa lexa 400

    I have one on a 909h and another on a 8'3 M1 inshore. The inshore sees more kayak time.
  489. aguachico

    SOLD TM260 $200

    Sale pending.
  490. aguachico

    SOLD TM260 $200

    I attached the pics via my phone. Guess it didn't take. I will post pics in a few hours. Just pulled the cable and bracket. Will answer replies in order.
  491. aguachico

    SOLD TM260 $200

  492. aguachico

    PST 4/16

    Punta Santo Tomas.
  493. aguachico

    SOLD WTB (again) Daiwa Lexa 300HD

    Played with the new ones at the FH. My homie bought one. They are nice. I own three already...
  494. aguachico

    SOLD WTB (again) Daiwa Lexa 300HD

    If you buy a new one, be sure to get the latest model - the LX LX-HD300XS-P
  495. aguachico

    Suggest A Levelwind for yoyo

    I got the wife Daiwa Star drag level winds. I like both of her thumbs to free of spectra cuts.
  496. aguachico

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    To be clear, that was south Shores, correct?
  497. aguachico

    Nados and beyond. Report 5/1

    Nice. Cody is one of a kind.
  498. aguachico

    Uc 900 ce delmar jigstick

    Fine for YT and tuna at 20#'s of drag. Handle needs to be built up, Added the 'cork puppy' for stability. My first top of the line jig stick.
  499. aguachico

    Sad morning in Ensenada

    Yeah, this one is bad. I remember the tide wiping out the grouper in Abeojos.
  500. aguachico

    Another Filet Knife thread

    Forschner! Still go the first one I got from Fred Hall maybe 20 years ago. I use the blade tamer sheaths!
  501. aguachico

    Another Filet Knife thread

    Kitchen is full of them. My folks have set . Friends and other family have bought them also. My Girl and I have a double set. Forschner. Good price. I am not a professional so they are perfect for the boat and kitchen,
  502. aguachico

    La bay today John Fitzgerald and juan They said they release the hundred

    you are correct and this was not sportfishing. Needed a batch of tacos I'm guessing
  503. aguachico

    La bay today John Fitzgerald and juan They said they release the hundred

    My trip is scheduled for mid-june. I'm staying hopeful. Baja is already starting to discuss how to get the economy back on track and stay safe. Summer heat should be good for a topical/aerosol agent - no?
  504. aguachico

    Commercial hacks

    Good processing info. I cringe when I see YT vids, We bleed our tiny tuna in salt saltwater holds before goin on ice and the quality is noticeable, though a lot of work. SO on the recreational level drag the bleeding big BFT in the water until it cools down. Can you buy salt water snow ice?
  505. aguachico

    Anyone going out these days?

    I fished Santo Tomas last Thursday. Beautiful fishing and really nice water. I did see the ride tide in Ensenada. I will be driving down again on Saturday just to get out of the house.
  506. aguachico

    Tackle Box Design Questions

    Looks great. Maybe the next one with a bit thinner ply to save weight? Always wanted one for the novelty, but I went from WFO soft bags to the Plano zipperless bags. Plano bags are great.
  507. aguachico

    Won't be long now.

    Doesn't look like it going to happen since the Mayor is looking for County approval: Posted: Apr 21, 2020 / 09:28 PM PDT / Updated: Apr 21, 2020 / 09:28 PM PDT SAN DIEGO (CNS) – County supervisors Tuesday voted down proposals by one of their colleagues to reopen businesses and outdoor...
  508. aguachico

    "Hidden Pickle"

    Must have seen the recent BFT youtube video.
  509. aguachico

    Quarantine brings out some of the finest in San Diego..........

    Nice voice, looks like a bit of BACK under that gown :D
  510. aguachico

    SOLD Rockfish candy ..News

    Love these flies... Didn't even need to bait them.
  511. aguachico

    Commercial hacks

    And if watch the video there are a dozen surfers in the water.
  512. aguachico

    Commercial hacks

    For sure the warranty changes when the vessel is registered commercial. I have been in talks with the tax lady, motor mechanic, vessel assist, boat insurance, marina and the DMV - about getting a commercial license. There are pros and cons. Each situation is different. I suggest research, a...
  513. aguachico

    Airmar B175HW Transducer- necessary to install in cool area AWAY FROM INBOARD ENGINE?

    If heat is an issue, look at the insulation they use on starter motors.
  514. aguachico

    PST 4/16

    Btw, technically I'm one over limit.... The ling ate the chuckle head :D
  515. aguachico

    PST 4/16

    Fished the yak yesterday. Needed a day on the water. It was excellent.
  516. aguachico

    Quarantine challenge. Saltist 50

    Not sure. Did you finish the project?
  517. aguachico

    Quarantine challenge. Saltist 50

    Impressive. Just serviced my girl's 30LW. A complete tear down on a paper towel over carpet AND you pulled the c-clips!!! You are a rock star. where's the needle bearing chingadera?
  518. aguachico


    Very coolcool.
  519. aguachico

    What size avet for UC monster and UC del mar rods

    MXL raptor is a good reel for multiple applications. Light strong and has good line capacity. I suggest upgrading the reel plate for any cork application. I beefed up my UC rod with an extra layer of cork tape and x-wrap. Then added a 'cork-puppy for stability. The UC blank is quite thin.
  520. aguachico

    Broken hx

    I thought it was a bit extreme at first. I have two HX reels. Both are quite heavy. The push button is not a solid bolt, but hollow and is the key to two-speed engagement. I'm guessing it landed in a way that put all the weight of the reel on the handle. If the push button can be extracted...
  521. aguachico

    Broken hx

    Judging by the fotos alone. 54,48 and 42 are the parts you need. The online ordering is being redesigned. Call first to see if the repair shop is open. It's about $50 at least in parts. Thanks for sharing your misfortune,
  522. aguachico

    Penn Slammer for Stick Baits/ Small Poppers

    Waiting for the freeze to be over. Going with a 6500HS on a phenix 909.
  523. aguachico

    Local Knowledge Season 5 Starts This Sunday!

    I'm ready. Thanks.
  524. aguachico

    BET & Gorilla encounters

    The foto is dated 2000, but I think it it may have been a few years earlier. Grande 1.5 trip. Penn 501 on 20# test. grabbed a mini mac in the midst of a paddy bite. Had just caught a dodo and in the midst of rapid retie, looped the mono around the tip. Deckhand, Louie, was able to cut...
  525. aguachico

    SOLD you snooze you lose suckerrrrrr

    Nice looking panga. Is the gas fill in the console or is that water?
  526. aguachico

    Fading drag on Raptors

    Just had a long informative call with Scott about everything but the drag washer. Send him a fofo and will update this thread. I have noticed the drag changing on a long fight also. I thought as you gain more line, the drag decreases.
  527. aguachico

    SOLD Airmar B117 Transducer

    You'll see tuna farts with that
  528. aguachico

    Fading drag on Raptors

    I sent an email. Not sure if they are closed. I am going to give them a call.
  529. aguachico

    Fading drag on Raptors

    No. Stock. Trying to find out about the OEM blue grease. Very thick.
  530. aguachico

    Fading drag on Raptors

    It was impacted with some type of material that I needed to clean off. The reel was OEM, 1.5 seasons old and caught a few nice BFT. Drag washer was burnt on both sides. Trying to determine the root cause.
  531. aguachico

    Fading drag on Raptors

    Like this?
  532. aguachico

    SOLD Airmar B117 Transducer

    Nice, what did you fill the hole with?
  533. aguachico

    Avet JX Raptor 6/3 service video

    DOH! Youtube opened me into another video, which was not very good. My bad. I just serviced my JX raptor yesterday. Avet is using a very viscous blue grease in the gearing. It's almost like a glue. I sent them an email about it, but I suspect they are closed.
  534. aguachico

    Avet JX Raptor 6/3 service video

    Just serviced a JX and removed the 'blue glue'. Drag washer and brake were impacted by BFT 2019.. Love my Avets
  535. aguachico

    3/25 Cabo Tuna Still Breezing Thru....

    Those are some nice models there! Congrats
  536. aguachico

    San Diego Border Crossing/Corona Virus Status

    The border is shut for people with tourist visas. Enforced going north, not sure about south.
  537. aguachico

    SOLD Rockfish candy ..News

    Got mine and they are really well built. Only problem is I ordered 30 and my girl saw them and asked where are MINE? Should have got 100.
  538. aguachico

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    Public services impact public servants. Bathrooms, trash and on the water assistance.
  539. aguachico

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Lawsuit has been filed, but thanks for your insight on treasury bonds.
  540. aguachico

    San Diego Border Crossing/Corona Virus Status

    Tijuana is not a place that will practice social distance nor close non-essential business. IMO, the virus will spread eventually. I hope I am wrong, but most will believe their symptoms are just a cold or flu. Factories are open and loaded with workers as are the buses that carry them back and...
  541. aguachico

    San Diego Border Crossing/Corona Virus Status

    I have crossed Saturday and today. No questions asked
  542. aguachico

    FG vs RP

    I was a fan of the RP knot 2015 fishing 20/30# leaders. Quick and easy. I did break a few, but only when tying the knot and cinching. Then when using heavier leaders 40/-80# it is too big and sticks. Doubling the 40/60/80# leader is a big knot. I may go back to the RP know for 20# as that...
  543. aguachico

    Can’t find my bilge pump

    Yup and back flush with hose.
  544. aguachico

    FG vs RP

    Spin rods don't count
  545. aguachico

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Collecting is not an issue if you already owe. Hence if I owe China 500 million and sue for 400 million, a debt removed is a financial gain.
  546. aguachico

    Crossing US/Mex border by water

    If you are taking a boat down and bringing the other back, just do it. The worse that could happen is you are stopped and taken into customs for inspection at shelter island. The law requires you to check into customs since you touched land, but... just saying
  547. aguachico

    Crossing US/Mex border by water

    Border is open to US citizens.
  548. aguachico

    FG vs RP

    The RP knot sticks in the guides at 40# floro. I have tested and trust the FG knot with no issues thru all up to 80# leader at 30#'s of drag. If I need a fast leader because fish are boiling around the boat, I'd use another rod. Too many issues with RP knot.
  549. aguachico

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    China is doing the big CYA. The lawsuits are being drafted as I type this. It's easy to collect after the win since most owe China money.
  550. aguachico

    Trip cancellation 3/18

    Sorry to hear this, but it is for the best for everyone. Fish will be a bit closer and hungry in April!
  551. aguachico

    Lexa Winn 300 series at 119.99 American Legacy Fishing

    only one of 300 is available. but it's a good deal.
  552. aguachico

    Siwash Hooks

    Do you have any reservations about losing integrity when you close the open eye hook? Do you weld them after pushing them together? thanks
  553. aguachico

    SOLD Rockfish candy ..News

    Gonna get me some. checking inventory.
  554. aguachico

    Attn. Ali causes a 60% drop in BD traffic

    On the wall of my bosses office "If you don't like change, you will love obsolescence"
  555. aguachico

    single hooks for snipers

    I welded this on for BFT, just f'n around. It worked! Even survived a kamizee run at the boat with full on head shakes
  556. aguachico

    SOLD Looking for a Daiwa Lexa 300HD (again)

    The new models are really nice.
  557. aguachico

    Phenix cord grip

    No it's not tuna cord. It's a rubber grip that has parallel cord embedded like a golf club grip.
  558. aguachico

    Bluefin on the Pacific Queen - Quick Report

    Nice job. Did you go inside for rockfish at all?
  559. aguachico

    American Pride

    Very cool
  560. aguachico

    Phenix cord grip

    At the FH, I was in the Phenix both checking out their stuff. I noticed they added a corded grip into the rod line. I immediately thought Winn was behind it, but Winn was not aware of the addition. Not sure why Phenix would add corded grips to the lineup. Sure they are durable, but they feel...
  561. aguachico

    WTB motor bracket outboard

    I would think the tube brackets would cause the water to ball up in front of the motor. Hence armstrong flotation
  562. aguachico

    another 23/26 Blackman build

    Wow Kelly.Should be great! Suerte
  563. aguachico

    Whats this little Grady worth in So Cal? Ballpark?

    They are nice boats and not very many here. The wiring is suspect as is the transom. Fuel tanks need to be dated. $7k plus the motor value.
  564. aguachico

    Best starting battery for a Ford 7.3 diesel 3500 pickup Truck?

    Keep your eye on the posts of those wet batteries if you like to run on bumpy roads. If you break I post, it will corrode the terminal. OEM cables are impossible to splice and a new one cost me $60. Otherwise take those costco batts back every 14 months or so and you are golden.
  565. aguachico

    "Glow Tassels" and making your own assist hooks?

    I had glow hair on my assist hooks. I use splicable kevlar for the leader and like the Ocean Cat assist hooks. The glow hair fouled the entire rig because it was so thin an wispy. I think a good quality flat fall paint and assist hooks are more important.
  566. aguachico

    BLUEFIN SEEN REPORT 2/19 (Islands too)

    Blue/green water 60 deg off santo tomas Sunday. Not a lot of fin bait. Yeah absolutely. People can't even pickup their own trash and think they are smart enough to change the weather...
  567. aguachico

    YT Collars - lots of blood

    Agreed ^^^ Not bled. Eat it and enjoy.
  568. aguachico

    Best starting battery for a Ford 7.3 diesel 3500 pickup Truck?

    Interstate from Costco. Be mindful of the warranty as it has shrunk from 48 to 30 months. replace every 24 months.
  569. aguachico

    Captain Juan Cook, San Quintin!

    I sent Juan a message
  570. aguachico

    HXJ as a kite reel?

    daiwa electric reel $500. 50# cheap spec. connect to a 12v 12amp battery for all day use. I put my battery in a dry bag and hang it from the same rod holder. Makes it portable and the connections stay dry. An electric reel is like having an extra deckhand.
  571. aguachico

    Boating Dynamics repair of Yamaha outboarf

    It's better to call, 619-225-1690. Leave a message. Reason being, the yard is locked, so you cannot pull in. You can park and walk in the stairs and then down to talk to Robby. Call. He's great guy that I have known for 15 years.
  572. aguachico

    9 mile bank 2-8-2020

    Some toad reds there! Congrats
  573. aguachico

    What Rod for a Lexa HD 400 HS-P?

    I have two Phenix 8'3 M1H and Phenix 909H. Here's the M1 with a Yozuri Hydro for YFT
  574. aguachico

    Too much bait tank

    20 gallons for a 3 net pass 1/2 scoop. Temp depending. Hotter water 2 passes. I have a 40 gallon. I do 5-7 passes depending.
  575. aguachico

    For Sale 2012 Grady White 300 Marlin – 2016 Yamaha F300’s

    I like how they are designed. The other seats would require too much glass work. Maybe one day.
  576. aguachico

    If You Only Had One Jig

    7X light green/white. Since some jigs cost $50, I get 5 7x's!
  577. aguachico

    Winn Grip / Overwrap: Durability?

    The adhesive on the wrap is worthless, Hence I use 3M heavy duty double sided tape going the opposite direction of the winn wrap. I redid the cork tape upper on my UC Delmar. I layer of 3M on the cork, then the winn grip. I railed a 90# bft for 45 minutes. No issues. In the long run, I...
  578. aguachico

    Winn Grip / Overwrap: Durability?

    Only one layer?
  579. aguachico

    Winn Grip / Overwrap: Durability?

    How would you get a rail rod grip over the reel seat? Do you use cork and shrink wrap?
  580. aguachico

    Winn Grip / Overwrap: Durability?

    They will not unravel is installed correctly, They do not last on the rail cosmetically. The finish comes off, but that's ok.
  581. aguachico

    Not Sword Fishing Report

    Nice!. Octopussies! How many times have big cod hit the deck puking octos?!!! Fredhall item list
  582. aguachico

    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    Be sure to wipe the fish down before Filleting. Keep the board clean of slime. Sashimi, grill, smoke then can it in that order of shelf life. 6 months.
  583. aguachico

    Phenix axis 909h (help please!!)

    Moved my tranx500 from the 909H. Put a lexa400 on the 909h. Small lite iron, small stick baits and poppers. Casts great
  584. aguachico

    Just got a Calstar GG90J, just don’t know wether I should get a avet mxl raptor or the sx raptor, and if I should put 65lb braid or 50lb braid.

    9foot bait or jig? I love my avets, but moved away from them for jig sticks. All of my 9foot rods are on star drags. (Daiwa and Shimano) The MXL is the better reel for dual duty reel. The mxj is a small reel that can get dumped on a long soak or way back slow troll. The Sx is a great reel for...
  585. aguachico

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    This is not a bug report, but a suggestion. Put a reply timer alert of 12 months. If someone clicks reply, have a popup display that they are replying to a thread that is xx months old, are you sure you want to continue?
  586. aguachico

    Don’t Buy RTIC Coolers

    That sucks. Fuck hard coolers. Buy a Dometic portable. I camp Baja. Got my 95liter for $950. pre-cfx3 A 95 liter fridge stores twice as much as a 110 liter cooler. OH and it stays dry. I can have a freezer on one side and a fridge on the other. I can lift it solo, empty. the demand has...
  587. aguachico

    How Important is Spiking or ikejime your fish?

    Interesting. I have had good results by clipping one gill and placing live fish into the water filled fish hold. They slowly bleed to death and the temp comes down from the fight. They fish is gutted and packed in fish. When we fillet the tuna, there's very little blood on the cutting...
  588. aguachico

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    There;s a 404 error when trying to expand the articles in the post:
  589. aguachico

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Looks like the like button has emojis again!!! Wasn't that tried and removed. Once a gotta a nasty gram from a guy about a post that I ACCIDENTALLY clicked thumbs down on. He was not happy... New format is a lot quicker and more stable. I do miss the latina dating ads though
  590. aguachico

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Noticing a few issues also. Looking for the central bug thread. Shouldn't you be tying knots for tomorrow morning?
  591. aguachico

    BDLA- House for rent/lease

    Yeah the link is broken. one moment. Let's give it 24 hours to let some meta data sync up. The post is coming back not found. can't edit. My experience is to note bugs, but don't expect fixes right away
  592. aguachico

    BOLA or BA in mid-Feb?

    They are catching fish in Tortugas 20-30# YT, that said they are probably catching in BA also, Hitup Shari or Rossman here on BD.
  593. aguachico

    BD Freezes

    Penn Reels is the new ISP. They are failing the SLA. :D
  594. aguachico

    BD Freezes

    Yeah. Have tested on many platforms and clean vms. Been good today though.
  595. aguachico

    Bertram 20 Bahia Mar - Rebuild

    Project looks great. Did you need to add more core to the stern for the bracket? great work.
  596. aguachico

    In Honor of My Wife

    I'm sure she's watching over you and enjoying all the success you have had since.
  597. aguachico

    65lb braid for Lexa 400?

    I use 50# since I fish it with about 17#'s of drag
  598. aguachico

    WTB WTB Grady White 228G

    google 'craigslist parser". I used one when searching for my GW. Almost jumped on a flight to Florida one day until I notuced it was the model with the 9.5 foot beam. I ended up buying mine locally. Trying to find a SV2 hull may need searching outside the state.
  599. aguachico

    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    I agree with ^^^ 20# floro leader is the hardest to cinch.
  600. aguachico

    Upgrade HXW raptor to Mak SEA20?

    Look like the same reel for the most part. I do not have any experience with Okuma. I got a 145# bft on the hx raptor and it killed it just fine. Upgraded to the HXW for capacity. Filled it with hollow. I have heard a lot of good things about the Okuma.
  601. aguachico

    Spinning rod for Penn Slammer?

    Didn't realize maxcuatro was that much thinner. I like the way it casts, but it ain't cheap. My favorite stick bait is the Orca then the yozuri hydro. I got bit on a braid mega-type bait and a tady-9 also. Didn't get any bft on surface iron this year, though I did watch some good fish following...
  602. aguachico

    Best hand held vhf?

    Been yak fishing for 20 years. Handhelds basically live in the water. Standard Horizon.
  603. aguachico

    Spinning rod for Penn Slammer?

    I had a daiwa spin outfit. 8foot heavy, The reel was good, but the rod was so stiff I could not throw a stick bait or popper out of my shadow. Sold it.
  604. aguachico

    Spinning rod for Penn Slammer?

    I'm adding a spin outfit this year. I'm going with a slammer3. 9500HS w/ 65# maxcuatro on a phenix 909h. The sole purpose of this outfit is run-n-gun bft. The grady is a great chase boat, but I cannot cast from the bow. I want to be able to throw as hard and long as possible without worrying...
  605. aguachico

    WTB WTB Grady White 228G

    Good luck with your search. Try south east.
  606. aguachico

    Any news on the stardrag

    I have a spot for a 20# class star drag. I filled the 40# last year with a Saltiga 40 and it has proven itself. The bar is set.
  607. aguachico

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    DamDang you guys scared me there a bit. Jason just had surgery a few days ago. He's tough add as nails. Prayers sent.
  608. aguachico


    Catching BFT in December should not be a debate, but a celebration. 2019 was such a steady catching year. Having good fishing allows for new things to be tried and tested. Failures do not hurt as the window of opportunity is there on the next trip. If you can go, get out there!!! I wish I...