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  1. longboard85

    Nados 1/31

    Launched at 6 this morning with my buddy Michael and headed to the islands with a great half scoop of bait. Weather was cold and there was a decent north wind with slightly lumpy seas. Got to my spot in decent time and started picking at the bottom critters. We were able to put together a...
  2. longboard85

    Winter solstice variety pack

    Launched at 6 this morning with my good buddy Michael and an excellent scoop of bait, and headed to the islands for some cod fishing. The weather was amazing all day and even got pretty warm as the day went on. The fishing was fantastic with excellent quality all day long at my shallow water...
  3. longboard85

    A little patience

    Launched from dana landing this morning at 6 and made my way out to try and snag another yellow or two. The air was cool and the ocean was flat calm with a slight offshore breeze. I was in the same zone I got them last weekend and there was plenty of bait on the meter and a lot of birds just...
  4. longboard85

    Yellows off the beach 11/29

    Launched at 545 from dana landing and made my way out to make some macs before searching for the yellow kind. The air was cold with a decent offshore breeze but there was almost zero swell. It took a little longer to make bait then I would have liked, but I am thankful that it did. At 645 the...
  5. longboard85

    A pair of jacks 11/25

    Launched at 630 with my good buddy Michael and headed north towards del mar to get some rockfish. We skipped getting bait and were at my spot shortly, the seas were amazing today. Fishing was a little slow at first, but once the tide shifted things picked up and we put a nice limit of reds and...
  6. longboard85

    Yft and Yt 11/17

    Left the bait dock at 5 this morning with an amazing scoop of bait and headed south for my last offshore trip of the season. The seas were amazing and the skies were clear until I reached the fog bank south of the islands. I found a kelp at 25 over 25 that was loaded with small yellows. I...
  7. longboard85

    Great fishing!! 10/28

    Launched at 6 this morning with my uncle and picked up a scoop of the best bait ive had all year! Weather was crisp and cool with i slight offshore breeze. We headed south to the temp break and started searching. Around 8 we found a kelp at 7 over 26 that had a bunch of rat yellows and small...
  8. longboard85

    Yft and dorado

    Left at 530 with a killer scoop of bait and headed south. I found a kelp early at 10 over 21 that started out with rat yellows but then turned into yellowfin. I caught and released a dozen rat yellows and boated 4 yellowfin before a massive swarm of porpoise blew by the kelp and killed the...
  9. longboard85

    Limits of fog and tuna 10/15

    Left the bait barge at 530 with a decent scoop of bait and headed south with awsome sea conditions. Once i got south of the islands i was greeted with thick fog bank that stuck around most of the morning which made it difficult to spot anything. I ended up stumbling apon a nice kelp at 13...
  10. longboard85

    Easy limit 10/8

    Launched at 530 and had the nets in and soaking by 6. Pulled 2 sets for 7 nice legals and off the water before 8. Used tuna scraps for bait and fished between 35 and 50 ft. Nice relaxing evening on the water with great conditions. Good luck and stay safe out there!
  11. longboard85

    Full speed yellowfin and dorado 9/4

    I left shelter island at 430 with my uncle and picked up the best scoop of bait I've had all year, didn't loose a single piece. Headed towards the 371 looking for some fish to pull on. Got to the zone about 645 and put the trollers out and my uncle gets bit while letting the daisy chain out...
  12. longboard85

    1 and done 8/31

    left the bait barge at 5 this morning with a decent scoop of bait and headed out with smooth seas. Water leaving the bay got down to 59 degrees but quickly got back up a mile or so out. Headed towards the 371 but never made it there. I found a decent sized kelp at 21 over 28 that had a ton of...
  13. longboard85

    Yellows 8/20

    Started at skr at grey light trying to get on some more bluefin. I quickly put 2 yellows on the boat on the slow troll but only saw one quick spot of bluefin pop up but they sunk out quick. It started getting crowded and the sea lions were brutal so I pointed it south. The water drops from...
  14. longboard85

    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    Fished the islands with my good buddy Rick this morning. We grabbed a great scoop of bait and headed towards south island. We got there about 615 and saw what we came for right away. There was a ton of small bluefin up splashing around eating bait. It took a few schools to figure out what...
  15. longboard85

    Rinse and Repeat 8/7

    Launched at 4 this morning with my buddy from Montana for another quick session before he heads home. Picked up an awsome scoop of bait and headed out in semi confused seas. We headed between the 302 and 226 since the water temps down south dropped a ton from Monday. We got lucky and found a...
  16. longboard85

    Rinse and Repeat

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  17. longboard85

    Mixed bag 8/3

    Left this morning around 7 with my old fishing buddy that's down from Montana. We picked up a decent scoop (which was closer to 2) of bait and headed out with great sea conditions. Headed south west of the 425 and found all you want yellows on kelps at 10/27. And then another good one at...
  18. longboard85

    Tuna 7/16

    Left around 430 this morning with an awsome scoop of bait and headed towards the 371. Seas were lumpy all day but very fishable. Lots of marks around the 371 and between the 425. You really needed a lot of chum today to get them going. I was able to scratch 1 bite and put a nice yellowfin on...
  19. longboard85

    Coulda been worse 7/1

    Left shelter island this morning with Michael at 430 and picked up a terrible scoop of bait. Half of it had rolled by the time we cleared the point. Game plan was to head to the corner and search for a bluefin or two. Well we never made it that far. We stopped on a kelp at 32/39 and went 1...
  20. longboard85

    Islands yellows 6/19

    Launched at 4 this morning with my buddy Rick and an excellent scoop of bait. Only 5 boats in front of us, but was prob 30 behind us by the time we got ours. Cruised out slowly till grey light and made our way to the middle grounds to start, trying to avoid the crowds. Slowed trolled around...
  21. longboard85

    Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Left shelter island at 5 yesterday morning with my good bud Michael and an awsome scoop of bait. South wind was already up and it was a sporty ride down to the zone. We stopped on a paddy about 10 miles short of the 371 and hooked a couple nice sized yellows, Mike landed 1 and we broke off a...
  22. longboard85

    Nados tails 5/16

    Launched at 430 this morning to beat the weekend rush. Still waited for 30 min for bait but no big deal. Bait is excellent right now and didn't loose one all day. Was greeted with a good size wind swell and somewhat confused seas but was still able to make decent speed. I went straight to the...
  23. longboard85

    Coronado yellows!!

    Left at 6 this morning and made my way slowly to the islands after picking up an awsome half scoop. Fog was very bad this morning and took awhile to clear up. Started at the light house and put 2 yellows on the boat in the first 20 minutes on the rapalas. I stayed in that area untill about...
  24. longboard85

    Coronado islands 5/1

    After 5 weeks off the water it felt awsome to be back. I got to shelter just after 7 this morning and waited on the street parking for the harbor patrol to allow us in. Around 745 we were allowed in and were limited to 5 people launching at once. It was heavily patrolled and ids were being...
  25. longboard85

    For Sale Perko 1 1/2 bronze thru hull

    Brand new fitting still in wrapping never been used. I ended up not needing it. 50$ cash and local pick up San diego. Send pm. Fits 1 1/2 inch hose ID. Max hull thickness 2 inch. Mounting hole size is 1 7/8 inch. Flange size is 3 inch.
  26. longboard85

    P.m. grocery run 3/22

    My wife and I left shelter island at 1130 to fish the last 3 hours of the outgoing tide. Picked up an amazing half scoop of larger sized dean's and began pounding sand. Didn't take long to find a productive area with hungry fish. Ended up with 6 fish, 3 of which were legal from 24 to 30...
  27. longboard85

    Coronados 2/1

    Left at 6 this morning with my uncle and headed towards the islands with a great half scoop of bait and awsome weather. We started out in 250ft and put 6 nice reds in the boat quickly before the salmon grouper took over. We headed to shallower water and found lingcod and nice reds stacked...
  28. longboard85

    Islands 1/3

    Left shelter at 6 yesterday with my buddy Michael(@mkfriedrich) to go catch some tacos at the islands and possibly find a yellow. It took a little while for the fish to get with it but we ended putting a nice day together on the reds and chucks. We fished multiple spots from 165ft to 250ft and...
  29. longboard85

    Fun halibut fishing 11/30

    Fished the bay this morning for a few very productive hours. Launched at 6 and picked up a great half scoop of horse dean's. Fishing was slow to start but once the tide switched it was non-stop action. The halibut bite was very good with a couple sculpin mixed in. Finished the day at 1230...
  30. longboard85

    Short and sweet 11/24

    Left shelter at 5 got a scoop of bait that was not very good, mostly 7 to 9 inch deans with a few small mixed in that were very weak. Found some fish out west at 31 over 57, and 33 over 52. It was definitely a slow pick but managed to get some nice quality yellowfin between 25 and 35lbs...
  31. longboard85

    Veterans day (Full speed YFT)

    First of all I want to thanks all the veterans and active military for there service which allows us the freedom to do what we love!! I left shelter island this morning at 515 with my uncle and an amazing scoop of bait. We were greeted with great sea conditions and and made our way towards the...
  32. longboard85

    Coronado islands

    After a long offshore season and many miles on my boat I was ready for a layed back trip to the islands. I left shelter island at 5 with my buddy Rick and was greeted with great sea conditions. Got to my rockfish spot and quickly started putting some nice reds in the box. They were eating the...
  33. longboard85

    Yft 10/23

    Fished today with my buddy Michael. Headed SW in search of those bluefin but never found them. Went west of the 302 and 226 and found beautiful blue water 68.5 degree but no tuna just some yellowtail on a kelp at 41 over 25. Headed back towards the beach and found the entire fleet spread out...
  34. longboard85

    Full speed ripper 10/10

    Left shelter island at 5 this morning with an amazing scoop of bait and was greeted with sloppy messed up seas. Slowly made my way to the grounds and thankfully around 730 the wind backed off allowing a better cruising speed. Got west of the islands and instantly found 2 spots of foamers up...
  35. longboard85

    Bugs sd bay 10/6

    Went out with my wife last night to hoop the bay. Only brought 5 nets, fist net in at 6 last net out at 8 pulled 3 times for 9 quality bugs. Fished 40ft of water using tuna scraps for bait. Awsome weather and some nice Bugs! Get out and get some!
  36. longboard85

    Phenomenal morning

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  37. longboard85

    Phenomenal morning

    Left shelter island at 530 this morning with a great scoop of bait. Only one boat ahead of me at the bait line which was a nice change. Cleared the point and was met with amazing sea conditions. Pointed the boat towards the 425 in hopes of finding some dorado inside the temp break around that...
  38. longboard85

    Multi-species limits

    Left shelter island this morning and grabbed an ok scoop of bait and headed south. Was greeted with amazing sea conditions which continued on throughout the day. Fishing was good just had to work a little harder to find them. Here is a list of what I found. YFT 23/23 got 3 fish of the...
  39. longboard85

    Awsome morning 9/5

    Launched at 5 this morning with my uncle and picked up an ok scoop of bait. We were greeted with a mixed up swell that was running from every direction that made running out a little slow. We headed towards the 425 and found a kelp just SW of the islands that had some rat yellows on it but...
  40. longboard85

    Wide open 8/28

    Left sd bait barge at 530 with an awsome scoop of bait and headed southwest. Wind was light but there was an annoying swell, small but close together running from the west. Headed towards the 302 and around 7 Corey ( Hardcor) calls me up and says he's bit and gives me the numbers so I change...
  41. longboard85

    YFT SW of the 230/ 8/18

    Left shelter island at 345 solo to beat the line at the receiver. Plan worked as there was only one boat ahead of me. Picked up a decent full scoop and slowly made my way south in excellent seas. Got to the 226 by daylight and started looking. Not much going on so worked south towards the...
  42. longboard85


    Left shelter island at 5 this morning and got the best scoop of bait ive gotten in a very long time. Headed south in smooth seas straight to the 101. Worked the area south of the 101 and then out towards the 425. Water in this area ranged between 71 and 73.5 but was off colored. There is...
  43. longboard85

    Epic solo half day 7/8

    Left sd bait barge solo just after 530 after picking up an amazing half scoop which I did not need. Made my way south to the area I've been fishing the last few weeks. As soon as I get in the zone it's foamers everywhere. And they wanted to die today! I ended up going 6 for 6 on the bluefin...
  44. longboard85

    Yummy bluefin 6/25

    Left shelter island at 6 this morning with an awsome scoop of bait, didn't loose one all day. Flew down to the 425 in smooth seas and was in the area just after 7. First kelp of the day was loaded with 12 lb yellows and quickly put 2 in the boat on the iron. After getting those 2 they shut...
  45. longboard85

    Quality yellows and a peanut dodo 6/18

    Left shelter island later then usual around 7 and picked up an awsome scoop of bait. Cleared the point in calm seas and headed south towards 425. Once to 425 area the place was alive with with birds bait and puddling bluefin. Chased school after school of tuna but they were extremely...
  46. longboard85

    6/10 (302/371)

    Launched at 530 and picked up a somewhat decent scoop of bait. Hit about 6 huge paddys just shy of the 302 with nothing on them. Found some birds working about 3 miles west of the 302 and caught and released 5 jumbo bonito. Trolled down to the 371 and did not see anything else. Wind came up...
  47. longboard85

    Coronado islands 6/1

    Left shelter island at 530 with a buddy and headed to the islands with a very healthy half scoop of bait. Got to the north island just after 630 and started looking around. Spent 2 hours slow trolling and trolling rapalas around the north island and middle grounds without much sign. Water was...
  48. longboard85

    Cinco de Mayo Yellows

    Left solo this morning and cleared point loma at 6 with a great scoop of bait. Made it to north island around 645 after a nice ride down with little wind and swell. I trolled around north island and down to the lighthouse for a couple big Bonito but not much sign of yellows. Water down at...
  49. longboard85

    Islands 4/24 mixed bag

    Left shelter island at 615 this morning with my uncle. We picked up a killer scoop of bait and headed slowly towards the islands in the fog. We started in the middle grounds and quickly picked up 4 yellows and a few jumbo bonito on slow trolled deans. We worked the area till about 9 losing 2...
  50. longboard85

    Final report for 2018

    Left dana landing this morning with my buddy at 615. Was greeted with a cold, stiff offshore breeze and slightly mixed seas. We headed north to where i got them good last week off del mar. Water was green and 61 deg with red crab everywhere but the fish still bit well. Quality was decent...
  51. longboard85

    Rockfish 12/21

    Left dana landing this morning at 630 with my buddy. Fog was thick and swell was up but spaced out so wasn't too bad. Slowly made my way north towards la jolla. Watter in la Jolla was 62.5 and off colored so continued north to one of my better spots off del mar. Water here was 63.5 and...
  52. longboard85

    Sd bay halibut 12/8

    Fished sd bay this morning with my uncle. We launched at 530 and picked up an awsome half scoop of 4 to 5 inch deans didn't loose a single bait. The weather was amazing all morning and the drift was perfect. We picked away at the bass and small butts right away up until the high tide slack...
  53. longboard85

    SA 80 epic 2.5 day

    Just returned this morning from one of the best trips I've been on. We left Thursday with 25 guys and headed towards lake Cortez. We arrived Friday morning south of the bank looking for some yellowfin that were caught the day before. That didn't work out so we headed up towards the bank. We...
  54. longboard85

    Halibut 10/27

    Fished sd bay solo this morning. Needed a change from the offshore stuff. Launched at 545 and slowly made my way to pick up some bait in super dense fog. (Be careful out there lots of boats going way to fast with almost zero visibility.) Picked up an awsome half scoop of small deans and...
  55. longboard85

    Early crawl 10/19

    Hooped sd bay with my wife last night for quick limits. Only took 6 nets packed with skipjack for bait. 40ft of water pulled 2 sets for 14 quality bugs. Had a limit before it was dark. Threw the big one back. Good luck!
  56. longboard85

    Easy limit 10/9

    Left sd bay solo at 530 with a scoop of ok bait. Was greeted with amazing sea conditions that were grease calm all morning. Headed southwest and found a kelp early and was able to put a limit of 8 to 10lb yellowtail on the boat in short order. Continued south and got 6 skipjack on the troll...
  57. longboard85

    9/28 Fun morning

    Left sd bait barge at 530 with my buddy after a busy morning replacing my bait pump after it died half way to the bait barge. No biggie had a spare in my truck so turned around and 20 min later we are back in action. Picked up an incredible scoop of bait ( best of the year for me)and off to...
  58. longboard85

    Got a few 9/21

    Left sd bay around 530 with an awsome scoop of mixed sized bait. Made our way slowly towards the islands in flat out awsome weather. Got to the north island around 630 with purchased (fmm) 3 miles south of the north island we find fish up splashing around. Stopped and threw bait for an...
  59. longboard85

    Should have gone left

    Left mission bay this morning at 430 with a great scoop of large dines. Made about 15 macs in short order and headed west about 15 miles. Water was deep blue and 72 degrees but pretty lifeless. Turned north and ran into a small school of decent sized bluefin splashing around but they sank out...
  60. longboard85

    1 lonely bluefin

    Fished the islands this morning with my uncle. Got to sd bait barge at 515 and grabbed a decent half scoop of small bait with a dozen or so larger mixed in. Made about 30 macs and cleared the point around 6 and was greeted with nice seas. We got to SKR around 645 and started slow trolling...
  61. longboard85

    Dorado limits x2(U.S. waters)

    My buddy and I launched from dana landing at 430. Got to the barge only 1 boat ahead of us and picked up a great half scoop of small dines. Made our way to the jetty and picked up 20 or so Macs and headed out. Winds were light but a slight bump. Plan was to shoot out 15 or so miles then head...
  62. longboard85

    Long boat ride 8/2

    Left dana landing this morning with my uncle. We grabbed an awsome scoop of 4 to 7 inch dean's and cleared the jetty at 530. We were greeted with calm wind and nice sea conditions. here is a list of where not to go tomorrow. 178/ 78 degree off colored water lots of birds and bait a couple...
  63. longboard85

    Tuna and Tails

    I left solo this morning at 530 with a decent scoop of firecracker dean's from sd bay. I was greeted with sloppy south wind chop and decent sized swell running from 2 directions which made heading out a pain. Got to the color break around 645 and instantly found a nice kelp. Pulled up and...
  64. longboard85

    Nice surprise

    Left sd bay solo at 530 with a beat up half scoop of bait. Made my way southwest in the semi confused seas at 15knts. Found a nice kelp around 645 that had boiling yellows all over it. Threw a bait out and was slammed instantly and the fish ripped across the surface and then a nice dorado...
  65. longboard85

    302 to north 9

    Fished solo this morning leaving sd bay at 530 with a mediocre half scoop of 3 to 7 inch dines. Headed straight to the 302 in flat weather. Found my first school of bluefin up splashing around at 645. I proceeded to chuck everything I had at them but they were not interested. The next school...
  66. longboard85

    Another fun morning!

    My uncle and I left sd bay this morning at 530 with an good scoop and were greeted with light winds and slightly choppy seas. Made it to the south island by 615 and picked up two yellows within the first few minutes. Slow trolled around for a few bass and cuddas after that but couldn't find...
  67. longboard85

    Limit by 730 and then some

    Fished solo this morning leaving sd bait barge at 530 with an amazing scoop of slimy dean's. Headed out in flat calm conditions and made it to the south end of south island just after 6. metered around and instantly found some small scattered school. I slow trolled some dean's around and put...
  68. longboard85

    For Sale Evinrude/ Johnson props

    Solas amita 4 aluminum 12.5x19 pitch only used once. 13 spline fits v4 gearcase. Pm me if intersted.Price 70$ obo Ss prop sold
  69. longboard85

    For Sale 22 gallon kodiak bait tank 100$

    As the title says 22 gallon bait tank in good working order no cracks and no leaks. I upgraded to a larger tank and no longer need this one. Pm me if interested. Price 100$.
  70. longboard85

    La Jolla 3/9 rockfish

    I launched from dana landing this morning at 545 and was greeted with calm weather and an awsome sunrise.the morning started off slow and I caught and released safely about 10 small whitefish and assorted rockfish the first 3 hours. At 9 the switch got flipped on and I began catching some...
  71. longboard85

    Big bay bass and butts 2/17

    Fished the big bay this morning with a buddy from 630 till 12. Weather was amazing and so was the half scoop of large sized deans from the bait barge. The bite was hot all morning for us on the sand bass and halibut. All of the sand bass were nice sized 15 to 18 inch fish. I managed one...
  72. longboard85

    Water therapy 12/26

    Over the weekend my family member lost his life at the young age of 26 in a tragic car accident. He was my buddy and fishing partner growing up and will be greatly missed by me and my family. So I headed out to point loma this morning to get some much needed therapy. I got some decent bait...
  73. longboard85

    Quality reds LJ 12/3

    Launched this morning from dana landing at 6 and made my way to la Jolla. Seas were calm with a slight offshore breeze. Set up shop on one of my red spots that I have not fished in a long time. Instant bites on quality fish up to about 5 or 6 lbs. Got a nice limit and off the water by 930...
  74. longboard85

    Relentless bluefin bite!!

    I left Saturday night fishing Sunday aboard the Relentless with 20 passengers. We left the slip around 830 and headed out into foggy yet flat conditions. We were given our safety talk and run down while the crew loaded up on some great 5 to 8 inch deans. After loading up on bait I rigged up...
  75. longboard85

    Pb lobster 11/22

    I'm hooping the big bay tonight with epic weather conditions. First 2 sets have yielded 5 quality keepers and 1 monster. This is the biggest bug I have ever caught the pics don't do it justice. I snapped a few pictures and set the old man free to be caught and probably eaten by someone else...
  76. longboard85

    1 hour limit 10/23

    Hooped the big bay this evening got my 5 nets in by 6 and was done by 7. Threw back 6 legals all quality tonight did not have to use the gauge. 35 to 40 ft of water with tuna scraps as bait. Good luck they are crawling.
  77. longboard85

    Fun times Vendetta 10/7

    Went on the Vendetta this morning on a 3/4 day charter with guys from my work. We left the dock promptly at 5 with our 12 passengers and picked up so bigger bait that was a little beat up. Headed down south to the secret spot and started searching. Around 8 we find a big paddy outside of a...
  78. longboard85

    Left em crawling 10/2

    Hit the big bay this evening and felt like I had the whole place to myself. I stayed inside the bay on a piece of structure i found a few years ago. Got my 5 nets in by 630 loaded with tuna scraps and sardines. Pulled 3 sets catching 18 legals and 4 shorts. My 3 biggest were over 3lbs...
  79. longboard85

    9/27 dodo yft

    Left mission bay at 530 after picking up a good scoop of mixed 4 to 8 inch dean's. Sea were flat glass and allowed me to make good speed out towards the 182. about 730 I find 2 massive paddys about 150 yards apart and birds going nuts around them. I pull up to witness anchovy flying from the...
  80. longboard85

    Yft above the border 9/19

    Left dana landing 430 grabbed a half scoop of great bait mixed with a few mini Macs. Wind was light but would come up for a bit then lay down again. Put the trollers in at 630 and trolled for a few hours stopping on paddys here and there that were dry except for 1 that had a 10lb yellowtail on...
  81. longboard85

    Circus in la jolla 9/15

    Left dana landing this morning solo at 5. Got a great half scoop of bait and headed for the 178. Made it out and trolled north hoping to find some fish away from the crowd. Found a bunch of empty paddies and 71.5 degree water. Wind started to pick up so I ran into la Jolla. Got their to...
  82. longboard85

    Bluefin 9/1

    Me and my buddy left dana landing g at 430 with some less then stellar bait. Slowly made our way to the 182 due to the fog we kept it around 10 knots. Made it to the bank with everyone and there mother out so we went inside and north. Found a spot of puddling bluefin and got in front of them...
  83. longboard85

    Mahi madness 8/26

    Left dana landing SOLO on Saturday at 430. Picked up an awsome half scoop of bigger dean's and cleared the Jetty at 450. Was greeted with smooth seas and made my way out to the 182 where I got some fish on Monday. About 1 mile north east of the 182 i found a paddy with birds and puddling...
  84. longboard85

    Total eclipse tuna

    Left dana landing at 530 and got a half scoop of the best bait I've had this year. Cleared the Jetty and was greated with lake like conditions. Ran to the 9 and stopped on a couple of paddys one of which had a few dorado and was able to get one to bite. Left that area and ran to the 182...
  85. longboard85

    Go fishing!!

    Left dana landing this morning solo at 430. Picked up a great half scoop of small and a few large dean's. Left the Jetty entrance at 5 and instantly the wind picked up. Slowly made my way out at 10 knots due to the slip. About 8 miles straight out I found a nice paddy and pull up and dorado...
  86. longboard85

    9/178 7/28

    Left dana landing this morning at 5 and got a great 1/2 scoop of lively deans 4 to 5 inch with a couple larger ones mixed in. Got to the top of the 9 and found a SMALL paddy right away. Through out a dean and got smoked instantly by a quality yellow. I fought the fish for a bit and finally...
  87. longboard85

    7/3. 9 mile bank 182

    Fished this morning left dana landing at 4 and picked up a half scoop of dead dean's. On the way to the 9 we found a paddy in the dark that had some quality yellows on it only 4 or so miles off the beach. My first bait in the water got smoked by a nice yellow. I fought the the fish for 10 or...
  88. longboard85

    N9 ,178, la jolla

    Got to dana at 6 and baited up on some decent sardine chovy mix I would say 25% dine 75% chovy. Ran out to the 9 in calm seas with decent south swell. Got to the top of the bank and found endless schools of porpoise and tern working bait. Trolled around them through them all over marking fish...
  89. longboard85

    18 gallon topside fuel tank

    I have a 18 gallon Moeller fuel tank that I no long need after repowering my boat. Only used for 2 season comes with fuel line and primer bulb pm me if interested. Sold
  90. longboard85

    Solas 4 blade prop ss 250$

    I have a new solas hr titan 4 blade prop that I have only used once. It's a 13.25x15 fits evinrude Johnson v4 gearcase I got it foe my etec 60 but is too low of a pitch. 250$6194156386
  91. longboard85

    Repower shake down la Jolla

    Fished la Jolla this morning running my new etec for the first time. Weather was awesome slight bump in the water and no fish. Water was dirty brownish green with zero life except for some porpoise working some bait. Green backs were non existent in towards the kelp but I found them out...
  92. longboard85

    Light load sea adventure 2

    Fished an overnight leaving 4/6 with only 4 other guys which was amazing. Woke up early with tuna around the boat but they didn't want to play. From then on it was stopping on school after school which most didn't want to bite, but we were lucky enough to scratch out a few. I got the 1st one...
  93. longboard85

    Sd bay halibut 4/2

    Fished the bay this morning from 7 to 1130. Bait was awsome managed 1 legal halibut before the tide bottomed out but once it began moving again the bite picked up. Landed another decent legal and pulled the hook on 2 big boys. Caught numerous shorts as well as a fat sculpin. While moving...
  94. longboard85

    LJ 3/3

    Steady pick on the rockfish this morning in la jolla. Weather was amazing light offshore breeze with smooth seas. Caught a limit of reds in about 4 hours fishing 130 to 140 ft. most were one to two pounds but got a nice one at the end of my day. I did meter some yellows early on but nothing...
  95. longboard85

    New lo an bluefin

    Just returned from a great trip on the new lo an. Left Sunday night with 11 anglers ready to do battle with some bluefin. Woke up Monday to slightly choppy seas with a small swell. Captain motored around and found a school somewhat soon which resulted in 2 fish one of which I was able to...
  96. longboard85

    Sd bay on the water bug report 10/6

    Hooping the bay solo on a little piece of structure I found a few years ago that always produces. First 5 nets 4 nice keepers and 2 shorts before 645. Good luck this weekend I'm using tuna scraps for bait fyi.
  97. longboard85

    Sd bay 8/21

    Fished the bay this morning from 6 to 11 for a steady pick on the halibut. Got 2 legals one 28in and one 34 in and about a dozen shorts released. Beautiful morning on the water with perfect drift conditions beats chasing the elusive tuna.
  98. longboard85

    Grande overnight 7/29

    Left Saturday night in the grande with a light load of 17 on a 85 ft boat so we had plenty of space to fish. Woke up Sunday morning surrounded by the charter fleet and tuna pens. Looked around for the yellowfin for awhile with no luck so the captain decided to head south 10 to 15 miles and...
  99. longboard85


    Launched mb at 530 got a killer half scoop of dean's didn't loose one all day. Ran straight out 8 miles then hung a right and made my way up to encinitas stopping on a few empty keLPS. Around 9 found birds sitting on the water as I got close they flew away and I noticed a small kelp. Made my...
  100. longboard85


    Left Dana landing at 430 got a half scoop and went towards the 9. Lots of birds and huge bait balls just no fish. Continued 4 miles west of the 9 and turned north and followed that path all the way up past la jolla stopping on a couple empty keLPS. Water was 72 to 73 and green till you got...
  101. longboard85


    Left mission bay at 6 loaded up on some excellent dines a little on the small side but didn't have one roll all day. Headed to the 9 a few birds around but no sign of fish so headed north passed del Mar stopping on a few kelps for Nada. Didn't see one spot of fish all morning so went into la...
  102. longboard85

    Man vs Seal and seal lost!!!!!

    Fished la jolla this morning 5/3. Got a half scoop of dines at grey light and made our way out. Got to the nw corner and made about 20 pieces of greenbacks and began fishing shortly after. About 30 min into the first drift the flylined Mac gets hit and dumps about 150 yards of line. Once...
  103. longboard85

    La jolla 4/19

    Good bite for me on yellows this morning AWAY from the fleet. All fish on dropper loop macs in 110 to 120 ft.
  104. longboard85

    Pre Easter Yellows

    Launched MB Saturday at 530. Made bait very easy and set up our drift in 110 ft of water away from the fleet. Went 2 for 3 on bigger grade yellows on the dropper loop macs all before 830.
  105. longboard85

    Wahoo west of last jolla

    Fished upper nine all morning for Nada trolled up off of la jolla got bit on the black purple and orange marauder at 1030 9 miles off the cove trolling at 9knots.