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    For Sale Flat fall jig blanks 100-500g

    Hey guys I've got some flat fall jig blanks for sale raw unpainted blanks through wire construction 100g 2.25ea 150g 2.75ea 200g 3.00ea 250g 3.50ea 350g 4.00ea 500g $5.00ea I'm in norcal I can take venmo or PayPal and ship $7.35 for most orders Having issues posting pictures of your...
  2. tmcustoms

    For Sale Flat fall jig blanks

    I have some 150 and 200 gram flat fall jig blanks made with through wire forms $3ea Having trouble posting a pic of youd like a pic just text me and I'll send you one 9162338877 Can ship as many as you want for 7.35
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    WTB 4lb cod sinker mold

    Anyone selling a 4lb cod sinker mold I'm in norcal so probably need it shipped PM me if your selling
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    For Sale Wahoo tackle

    19 Bombs all 5 and 6oz 1 8oz troll lure 4 10oz troll lures All new and unrigged 120.00 shipped via PayPal PM or text me 9162338877
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    Report from Shogun Guadalupe trip 12/26/2016

    Hey guys I had asked for some advise on hooks before leaving on my 5 day for Guadalupe a week or so ago so I am back now and figure I would give a report. I followed advise I got on here and fished the smaller 3/0 hooks as most of the bait we had picked up from the receiver was smaller grade...
  6. tmcustoms

    Hooks for guadalupe

    Hey guys doing the trip on the shogun 12-26 last year I fished all super mutus 4/0-6/0 hooks on mainly 80lb line. Im hearing 50lb line and 3/0 hooks are getting alot more fish this year. That being said they don't make a 3/0 super mutu what hook would you recommend in 3/0 size?
  7. tmcustoms

    Jig Heads and jig blanks rockfish gear

    I am located in Sacramento or can sjip via flat rate if needed Shipping via USPS flat rate cheap prices up to 70lbs payments via check or paypal Round Jig Head good for making octopus or lucanus style jigs 2oz 1.25ea 4oz 1.50ea 6oz 2.00ea 8oz 2.25ea Swimbait heads Heavy hook mustad 3401dt 3oz...
  8. tmcustoms

    Ceader plug hooks stainless steel 10/0

    I have 400 10/0 ss ceader plug hooks I bought them from a guy on here told me there the same ones lead masters uses 113.00 shipped
  9. tmcustoms

    vintage silaflex rods

    Hey guys recently picked up a silaflex magnum pt515 and pt520 anyone know the rating of these rods?
  10. tmcustoms

    Shogun Guadalupe 12/26

    Just got back into town late last night from a great trip aboard the Shogun. This was my second year on this trip upon arriving at the lading me and my friends who came down were greeted by old friends and I could tell it was going to be an awesome trip. After loading up and driving down to...
  11. tmcustoms

    Shogun 12-26

    I'll be on the Shogun 12-26 with several friends, after doing the trip last year I though this is a easy trip yt and rockfish. A good place for some of my novice friends to start, wow that backfired. Anyhow anyone else on the trip?
  12. tmcustoms

    ex30 left hand reel

    Hey guys wondering if a ex30 is available in left hand? I know the mx series just came out in left hand id like to own a ex30 not exw30 which I already have thanks in advance guys
  13. tmcustoms

    Avet hx 5/2 left hand

    I have a avet 5/2 lefty has up graded t bar aluminum handle on it used a few trips has a few small scratches good shape mechanically great aswell. Asking 310 tyd If you want some pictures I can text them no line currently on the reel 916 233 8877
  14. tmcustoms

    Rapalas magnum lot

    Asking 75 shipped great for trolling the local hoo
  15. tmcustoms

    Mustad 12/0

    Mustad 12/0 100ct 3407dt just bought them not gonna work for my application 75 shipped
  16. tmcustoms

    Need some help spooling a exw30

    Hey guys going out on a 7 day soon have most my tackle ready however still need to spool my biggest rig avet exw30 done by cal 1:1 blueprint drag ect its matched to a phenix 700xxxh I will be using it for mainly trolling and possibly some bottom fishing who knows maybe big tuna. I posted this...
  17. tmcustoms

    EXW 30 spooling

    Hey guys looking to spool up my exw 30 for a up coming trip it will be on a phenix 700xxxh I want to spool it mainly spectra 100 or 130 with a ??? top shot of 80lb mono will be mainly using this set up for trolling but maybe some heavy bottom fishing.
  18. tmcustoms

    wtb spectra

    Looking for some 80-100lb solid spectra either white of hi vis yellow if your selling some for a good price pm me thanks
  19. tmcustoms

    Morro Bay Princess 2 day trip 8-14 8-16

    Fished the Princess out of morro recently on a 2 day the fishing was awesome, the crew was very helpful to the anglers that needed help and the the fishing couldn't have been better. Heres a few pictures from the trip I brought my mom along who doesnt fish and she had a blast probbaly had...
  20. tmcustoms

    jigheads assorted

    Cleaning out my stuff jig heads from 2-16oz 40.00 shipped
  21. tmcustoms

    RP sep 12-19th

    Hey guys I will be on this trip accurate reels trip wondering who else is going? Any predictions for the trip or any must have lures or rigs feel free to let me know. Looking forward to the trip everyday while I am slaving away 12hrs a day at work, seriously it cant come fast enough.
  22. tmcustoms

    wtb calcutta 401 te

    looking for a 401 te in good shape pm me thanks
  23. tmcustoms

    Wated bullet jig head molds

    Looking for some bullet jig head molds 6-16oz pm me with anything that you think may interest me thanks
  24. tmcustoms

    Help me pick a few rods

    Hey Guys my buddy is putting together a few set ups for a up coming trip this December which is the 5 day new years trip on the Shogun which I was on last year. He has 3 reels a sx jx and hx all raptors Last year we really only did a few things mainly yoyo dropper loop and threw a few lighter...
  25. tmcustoms

    Black Pearl 2 day 6-5-2015 Morrow Bay

    First off just wanted to say that this is a awesome fourm, recently I bought some rod building parts from Jonathan Vadney who I met on here. Here invited me on a 2 Seeker Rods sponsored trip on the Black Pearl out of morrow bay. It was a awesome trip and well the rest is history. I also...
  26. tmcustoms

    Jig blanks

    Hey guys if your like me you go through a lot of jigs rockfishing or yellowtail letting friends borrow them ect. Im making these low cost jigs you can fish them raw spray paint them powder coat them whatever you'd like. They have been very effective for me, and saved me a lot of cash vs...
  27. tmcustoms


    10 12oz cannon ball 10 16oz cannon ball 5 16oz cod sinkers all for 50 shipped paypal
  28. tmcustoms

    Rings on jigs?

    Hey guys rigging up a bunch of jigs I made for a upcoming trip, they are megabait style I am going to rig some up with trebles and was wondering if you guys also like a ring on the nose when using these for vertical jigging or prefer to leave them off? I prefer to have them on the nose for the...
  29. tmcustoms

    2.5 day trip out of oxnard need some help

    Hey guys I booked a 2.5 day trip out of oxnard fishing the channel islands june 26th. I talked to the boat and was given some very vague tackle recommendations I guess we are targeting whatever is on the bottom hopefully sea bass and halibut but probably alot of whitefish and lings mixed in...
  30. tmcustoms

    Misc weights and jigs

    Hey guys offering up some overstocked weights all are new I have approximately 10 1lb cod sinkers 2.00 each 2 2lb cod sinkers 4.00 each 2 3lb cod sinkers 6.00 each Unpainted raw diamond jigs 10 16oz 3.00 each payments via paypal or check shipping 5.50 up to 20lbs 12.50 for up to 70lbs
  31. tmcustoms

    Spectra connection knots

    Hey guys I do most of my connections with spectra to mono or floro with the Alberto knot with great success. But I'm mainly working with 40-65lb spectra and 20-40lb mono I noticed that it doesn't work very well with heavier lines. Can you guys give me some suggestions on knots to learn that...
  32. tmcustoms

    Jig lots

    Over stocked need to move a few jigs sold
  33. tmcustoms

    small id hypalon

    I'm building some jigging rods that have a small diameter around 3/8 can I get hypalon with a small id? And where?
  34. tmcustoms

    2 pair fishworks shorts sz 34 sell or trade for 36

    I have 2 pairs of sz 34 fish works shorts been worn a few times in great shape one black one dark blue Ill sell for 65.00 shipped or trade straight across for 2 pairs of fishworks shorts sz 36
  35. tmcustoms

    Jigs all styles (Unpainted blanks)

    updated a new post on the classifieds this one is getting too big
  36. tmcustoms

    WTB avet exw30 left hand

    As title states looking for one in nice condition
  37. tmcustoms

    30 Diamond jigs

    Hey guys I have a bunch of diamond jigs I wanna move so I am offering a package deal 30 jigs 10ea sz 10oz 12oz 16oz These are blanks un painted no hooks they are made with high quality sz 3 stainless eyes 30 jigs 75.00 shipped
  38. tmcustoms

    Anyone use the jigging world reels?

    Hey guys I have been using a lot of butterfly type jigs for rock fish and YT hope to get some tuna on them this year as well. I have been using my avet for jigging but don't think I can go much longer without instant anti reverse. I was looking at the jigging world reels has anyone used them...
  39. tmcustoms

    Unpainted Jigs (Diamond, butterfly, megabait)

    I am selling unpainted jigs 3 styles to choose from Diamond jigs made with sz 3 stainless steel eyes 10oz 2.50 each 12oz 3.00 each 16oz 3.50 each Meagbait style 1oz & 2oz 1.25 each 3 & 4oz 1.50 each Butterfly style jigs I usually rig these with assist type hooks when I fish them, they...
  40. tmcustoms

    Lead weights (Torpedo Cannonball downrigger pyramid & Cod)

    Made a bunch of weights this weekend 2.00 per pound shipping via usps flat rate boxes payments via paypal I am in Sacramento if any locals desire pick up thats ok as well. 12-16 oz cannon ball 2lb-2.5lb-3lb-4lb-5lb downrigger 8lbs 10lbs 12lbs & 15lbs cod sinkers 1lb 2lb 3lb I can ship...
  41. tmcustoms

    Downrigger balls

    I have downrigger balls 12lbs 22.00 each 5 for 100.00 shipping is 12.00 on one ball or up to 5
  42. tmcustoms

    seeker black steel rod

    I have a seeker black steel graphite rod model G 660H AR 30-80 6' all roller rod has aftco reel seat and gimble butt cap factory wrapped rod I have only taken the rod on 2 trips and its in very good condition would like to get 280.00 shipped can text message pictures 9162338877
  43. tmcustoms

    hypalon sources

    Hey guys building myself 6 new rods and was wondering what hypalon people like best seems like I have got it a few different places and its all been a little different. However I like the feel of the spongier stuff like I have seen on some factory calstar rods. Any opinions I will need to mail...
  44. tmcustoms

    Ling Bars and 1lb jig heads

    Lot of ling bars all but one are stainless steel from 7-10"+ from aprox right under 1lb to about 1.5lbs includes a few new owner 4x hooks 4/0 37.00 shipped lot of some 1lb jig heads and one giant grub 18.00 shipped All payment through paypal please as regular payment
  45. tmcustoms

    Unpainted butterfly jigs 7 and 9 oz

    10 7oz 9 9oz Unpainted jigs with through wire thick stainless steel harness paint them up in your favorite color and catch yt rockfish ect great for teaching novice jiggers before you give them a 15-20.00 jig to loose. all 19 jigs 40.00 tyd
  46. tmcustoms

    New years trip on the shogun (a few pictures)

    Hey guys thought I would share a few pictures from me and my buddies recent trip on the shogun, it was a blast. Caught a ton of yt kept 15 myself and released quite a few smaller ones less than 10lbs and the seals got a few as well. The iron was the hot ticket for the yt and we caught pretty...
  47. tmcustoms

    YOYO rod

    Hey guys gonna be building a new stick for jig fishing mainly just throwing 6x salas jigs the rod Im currently fishing a old glass sabre that my dad used when he used to fish down in Baja 20 years ago I re wrapped the rod and its a pretty sweet rod I think they rating was 20-50 and I may just...
  48. tmcustoms

    Jigs 50+ Salas Tady Iron man UFO

    Here is a ton of jigs 50 something every size light heavy ect a few of every kind jigs are brand new to used conditions all of them are fishable a few need hooks. Also a few few cool bucktail jigs thrown in the mix. 140.00 shipped paypal
  49. tmcustoms

    Best place to get 6x jigs online

    Hey guys living in norcal we dont have a good jig selection, Im looking for some 6x jigs and jrs in Python and brown mac anyone know where I can find them at a decent price? Thanks
  50. tmcustoms

    Tuna in the freezer fishy tase wtf

    Hey guys fished on the searcher 7-28-14 on a five day loaded up the freezer with a bunch of yft bft yt and a few lings been eating the fish a few times a week. However I canned alot of tuna and have mainly been eating that. I thawed a few tuna chunks the other day and bbqed it and it had a...
  51. tmcustoms

    Shimano Tyrnos 30II 2-Speed Baitcasting Fishing Reel NEW

    Shimano Tyrnos 30II 2-Speed Baitcasting Fishing Reel I have one new in box 260.00 shipped or 250.00 if you pick up in Sacramento Ca I can text you pictures 916 233 8877 Taylor-
  52. tmcustoms

    Help me pick a trip for next year

    Hey guys been out on one 5 day on the searcher this year in July nailed alot of smaller grade tuna and really had the most fun fishing san martin island for the day we were there on yt and dropper loop assorted bottom fish. Heading out on the Shogun for the new years trip this year. So Im...
  53. tmcustoms

    New years trips

    Hey guys Im itching to get back on the ocean again, I was thinking I may be able to make the trip on the royal Polaris the day after xmas. It says yellowtail and rock fish fishing. Which sounds good to me anyone ever been on this trip, I would like to catch a good number of fish don't really...
  54. tmcustoms

    avets and penn torque

    avet sx silver left hand like new comes w box clamp ect 160 shipped avet mxl silver left hand like new comes w box papers clamp 175.00 shipped penn torque trq30ld2 like new box papers ect 475.00 shipped
  55. tmcustoms

    avet jx raptor lefty trade for mxl raptor lefty

    Have a nice raptor jx left hand used on one trip excellent shape spooled w 80lb power pro want to trade for a mxl left hand raptor in the same condition I have the box papers clamp ect
  56. tmcustoms

    Searcher 6-28 7-2 trip report

    Headed out on the searcher for my first trip on the ocean and had a blast. We fished all 5 days first four off shore for tuna and the final day at san martin island for yellowtail and halibut. I landed a lot of fish 90% being on bait mainly flylined sardines and then a few fish on the dropper...
  57. tmcustoms

    Anyone selling a nice fish fighting belt

    Looking for a nice fish fighting belt for lighter tackle not going after any cows at the moment I will most likely need it shipped to Sacramento
  58. tmcustoms

    aussie swivels 600lb

    12 aussie swivels 600lb they have the welded rings on both sides (no snap) they are stainless new un used got them in a lot I bought don't think I will ever need them. 30.00 shipped to your door paypal ok
  59. tmcustoms

    wtb tld30/50

    Looking for tld 30 or 50 in great shape used is ok just looking for a nicer reel pm me with details on your reel with price and pictures if possible thank you!
  60. tmcustoms

    Pile of crap

    Cleaning house and found this stuff im in Sacramento so will be shipping pile of stuff some treasure some junk 40.00 shipped paypal ok
  61. tmcustoms

    Good Long Range tackle box

    As some of you know Im getting ready for my first 5 day trip on the Searcher 7/28 I have most of the gear ill need. What I don't have is a good box, I have a good bit of tackle Im bringing because 2 of my buddies are coming along for the trip and were basically running a community chest for the...
  62. tmcustoms

    Floro leader ?

    Heading out for a 5 day on the searcher and was just going to buy some leader material, whats the preferred brand and what weights should I go with 20,25,30,40,50,60,80 I 25yd spool of each?
  63. tmcustoms

    Power pro braid

    Hey guys I normally throw the original power pro but like the feel of the new slick 8 any opinions on this line?
  64. tmcustoms

    Tackle for 5 day on searcher

    Hey guys I have booked a 5 day on the Searcher july 28th Aug 2nd This is my tackle that I currently have 808 abyss with avet mxj raptor (65lb white power pro) 909 abyss with avet jx raptor (80lb white power pro) black diamond psw 700h with avet jx raptor (80lb White power pro) seeker G 660H...
  65. tmcustoms

    Lets spool my jx raptors what should I fill them with?

    Just picked up 2 jx raptors Im going to pair them with a abyss 808 and a abyss 909 hoping to throw some jigs and live bait on them as I am pretty new with saltwater fishing top shots ect looking for some advice on what to spool them with and how long of top shots ect? Bass fishing I use all...
  66. tmcustoms

    Help me on my first long range trip

    Hey guys I live in Sacramento and have wanted to go fish in SD on a trip for a long time finally I think ill make it this year. I would like to go for around 5 days and am really looking to just catch a ton of fish I don't need them to be cows 20-40lbers will make me happy. I see the trips are...
  67. tmcustoms

    Sulky Thread

    Hey guys Im looking to sell this sulky thread 21 spool I dont think any has been used off them mabey just a few trims on guides 40.00 for all of it with shipping
  68. tmcustoms

    Reel seat and grip epoxy

    Hey guys I have always bought the little 4 or 8oz kits of epoxy for rod building recently I have bought and used this epoxy with great results alot cheaper than the little kits if you planning to build alot. BTW I am not affiliated with this company or anything just a happy customer...
  69. tmcustoms

    10" mauraders and a diver

    2 10" mauraders and a diver the mauraders have never been used the diver may have been used once or twice. 50.00 tyd will accept paypal
  70. tmcustoms

    aussie swivels 600lbs

    all never used brand new Aussie swivel made by rite angler 12 aussie swivel 600lbs silver 3 aussie swivel 400lbs 2 blk 1 silver 25.00 shipped I am new on here but see my feedback on ebay Noisy2Stroke Taylor Posey 916 233 8877 Will take paypal
  71. tmcustoms

    More pictures

    Hey guys just wanted to share some more pics let me know what you think!
  72. tmcustoms

    My Custom boat build

    Started off with a shell of a boat and a beat down motor, heres a few videos of my project. Hope they can insipre someone to save a "Junk" boat from the grave yard.
  73. tmcustoms

    Lake Amador 12-29-12

    Caught 3 limits of trout flyling grubs on the top trolling 2 of the 15 fish came on broken back rapalas. A few videos from the great day!
  74. tmcustoms

    Fall 2012 river run Salmon pics

    Hey guys Im new on the site and just wanted to share some pictures enjoy!
  75. tmcustoms

    New guy with some rod pics

    Hey guys Im new here thought Id share some rod pics these are alittle older Im working on making one of my most current stuff! Here is a slide show of rod pictures I put together.