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  1. aguachico

    New Biosphere permit costs 2021

    I'm hoping it is a mistake, but will find out soon. Looks like the annual biosphere costs are going up from $380 to $1500 pesos.
  2. aguachico

    Winthrop conversion

    Anyone have experience in converting a factory rod to a Winthrop Terminator adjustable butt? How much in labor can I expect to pay someone to have it done? thanks
  3. aguachico

    New Fujinon TSX 14x40 Floating Binos

    Anyone have these? About $400 more than the original. Older model is $1000 new and the new model is $1400
  4. aguachico

    BFT Flat Fall rig setup

    I have yet to catch a BFT on the deep drop FF. I have never really been in a good bite until last weekend. I got skunked dropping the glow, but my friend got bit dropping the white and silver striped FF. I had a few home made rigs with looped kevlar which I gave away on the boat. I'm...
  5. aguachico

    Bigeye versus Yft ID

    Just learned you can distinguish the two by the tail section. There's no blood line on the tail cut of a Bigeye.
  6. aguachico

    SOLD Dead flyer rigs. Jobu hooks

    One rig is used one is not. 12/0 Jobu hanger hook. 5/0 owner stinger. Chaff tubing. Jinkai crimps. 300# ande. $40. You pay shipping PayPal. Adding +3% for insurance if needed.
  7. aguachico

    WTB Daiwa Saltiga 35HA star drag.

    Anyone have this reel? Not interested in any other model. Art
  8. aguachico

    SOLD TRANX 500HG w/ braid and tiburon

    Serviced last year with new drags and bearing. 65# max cuatro Tiburon clamp that's two weeks old from squidco Showing the handle damage for full disclosure as this reel handled big fish. no box. ship at your cost. Paypal plus 3% if you want paypal protection $400 Can meet in Mission Bay will...
  9. aguachico

    Robby Gordon at West Coast Marine

    I'm sure by now all of Robby's former clients know he's merged his business with WCM. I recently had Robby and WCM fix a motor issue that I had. 1. I'm very happy for Robby. He's surrounded by quality technicians. 2. WCM is a top notch operation for everything you need. 3. As always my motor...
  10. aguachico

    Looking for a boat to fish offshore Friday 7/10

    I have Friday off, but my motor needs some work. Would like to go hunting for what ever the skipper decides. I got all the gear needed for BFT. Boated 198# tuna with this gear and several 150# tuna. flyers gas(helium) balloons kites yummies ICE, shaved ice. I can drive all night as I do on...
  11. aguachico

    SOLD Cousins Raze CPX909 $125

    9 foot jig stick 25-40#. Reel seat. used a handful of times. $125. cannot ship. Mission bay met up or San Ysidro. Art 858-xxx-603-xxx-3600
  12. aguachico

    For Sale Lot of 21 rapalas and two bonus poppers $110

    21 rapalas in various rapalas 50% are new or IB. $110 meet at mission bay marina $130 shipped
  13. aguachico

    WTB Standard Horizon Eclipse Mounting bracket and knobs

    Looking for a bracket and knobs. thanks in advance
  14. aguachico

    Crossing the Border with your boat... You may need a TIP

    A few weeks ago I dragged the Grady into Tijuana to finish a list of repairs. All I had was the boat registration. I went into secondary and was being handled by a 20 something female with an attitude and gun. Her attitude started when I told her I don't speak spanish. She kept asking me for...
  15. aguachico

    SOLD TM260 $200

  16. aguachico

    PST 4/16

    Fished the yak yesterday. Needed a day on the water. It was excellent.
  17. aguachico

    Phenix cord grip

    At the FH, I was in the Phenix both checking out their stuff. I noticed they added a corded grip into the rod line. I immediately thought Winn was behind it, but Winn was not aware of the addition. Not sure why Phenix would add corded grips to the lineup. Sure they are durable, but they feel...
  18. aguachico

    Spin combo 2020 for May/June BFT

    2019 was good for me on the top water BFT baits. Got a PB jig fish this year. Had I been able to toss my baits 20yds longer, who knows... So I want a Spin outfit. $500-$700 range. 20-30#'s of drag. 500Yds of 80#. SO If I'm casting poppers or stick baits, who long should the rod be for the...
  19. aguachico

    BFT being BFT

    The school at the border was a tough school, lottsa run n gun with no results. I had several failed attempts at this point with megabait, live bait and poppers. So I thought I would be sneaky a slow troll live bait past them. Didn't work, but the chrome tady9 did.
  20. aguachico

    9/1 tuna

    Change in plans had me fishing solo Sunday instead of Monday. Got dope on a paddy on the 425. Plan was to look at the water west of the 226 towards to corner, 371 and then the 425. Water west was not ready. 371 was ,metering. Apollo was chumming them up. There were a few yachts on a paddy. I...
  21. aguachico

    Yamaha Exhaust issue 2006-07 F150 AND F250

    Remember this thread? This thread detailed what was a known issue with 03-04 yamaha F225's. Just when you thought it was all over. It isn't! I have been hanging around the shop at Boating Dynamics. I...
  22. aguachico

    To the Striper dive boat at the nados... 7/25

    Please excuse the profanity laced radio rant and screaming at you as you snagged my gear in your prop. I was not sure why you pulled anchor, drove all that distance directly at my stern within casting distance, but I now understand. See I give divers way more room than the law states. I don't...
  23. aguachico

    7/7&7/9 Offshore tuna

    I have been out a couple of times at the wrong time or place over the past few weeks for a nada. Sunday I was to go out with a friend that called out, so a solo trip to the 302 was in order. I like to leave early so I hit the area of 30/30 with info from a few friends that they were eating the...
  24. aguachico

    For Sale Yozuri marauder lot $150 or OBO or trade

    This is a lot of 3 nib, three took a ride, but did not swim. One megabait which is used but unbitten. Will trade for a Lexa 400 HD 7:1 or a Tranx 400 HG. Total is 7 for $150 or OBO. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal FF or add %3.
  25. aguachico

    BOLA with Capt Juan 6/1-3

    Wanted to get this post out here for the guys heading down. I will add fotos later. I used Remitly to transfer dollars to pesos to my Mex bank and got the best rate possible. BOLA has some seriously jacked up exchange rate. So if you are going down and your charter is in dollars, ask the...
  26. aguachico

    SOLD Torium 30 $100...

    Bought used last year from the ultimate tackle HO, sealskinner. Nice reel. 50# spec with a 40# top. Can ship on your dime. Price is firm. I think I paid $150. Too much reel for the application. Going down too a 16. Regret selling the 20, but oh well. 15580536943351116612929132534520 by...
  27. aguachico

    WTB Silver Hxj raptor

    Silver is preferred. Eight586036zero0
  28. aguachico

    1.75 day trips limits

    Does anyone know if this trip has a TWO day fish limit permit.. or one? thanks in advance
  29. aguachico

    Phenix 909H v UC 9 foot series

    I have a custom 909H that has a tranx500 on it. Killed nice BFT under 60# on the stick baits last year. Really like it. I'm looking for a top of the line jig stick( to throw full size sala jigs) witha Saltiga 500/400. I pulled on a UC monster yesterday and it feels fast... just like my...
  30. aguachico

    For Sale Life fitness elliptical x9

    $500 Commercial grade Great shape. In San Diego Art 858-603-3600
  31. aguachico

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    Just put my order in. I love these weights.
  32. aguachico

    Knife sharpening San Diego

    I sharpen my own knives with a Ken onion and syperco. Where do you guys take your knives into to be professionally done and how much guess it cost?
  33. aguachico

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor - silver

    $400 Two years old. 100# izorline. Box can ship at cost. Art 858-603-3600
  34. aguachico

    US Seiners on the BFT?

    Anyone see the commercial boats on the BFT? Any word on the season, quota and this years catch?
  35. aguachico

    SOLD AVET EX 4/0 gold two speed

    Reel is clean and smooth. Shows the signs of normal wear for ten years. Fotos show the worse spots on the reel, nothing hidden. Last fish caught was a 50# wahoo on the 9 mile bank. Get into a large strong two-speed reel for your best offer Local pickup South San Diego or Carmel Mountain...
  36. aguachico

    Mono specs - my Ande is too thick!

    I have been fishing Socal for about 20 years. I have always used Ande line for the most part. 20.30. and 40# test is the range of line most used.. in pink! The offshore, big tuna, hollow core spectra, windon leader and crimps has changed a lot of things for me. I like the Jinkai crimps. So I...
  37. aguachico

    Windon leader and solid spectra specs

    If I have a reel with 100# solid, I can either make a bimini or add a hollow loop to it. What are the pros and cons to a bimini versus a loop to a reel with solid core? If the solid core is 100# what is the max hollow I can safely insert the solid? For my windons, what is max delta of mono to...
  38. aguachico

    SOLD or trade Mint unlocked Samsung S7

    I have an S7 that is mint. CL's are going for $225 in this condition. I need $200 so I can buy a rod. No damage to any corner as it was always in the case. ATT phone that is unlocked. can ship on your dime. WIll trade for a phenix PSW 8' H or a Axis 8'2 2xh. Art 858-603-3600...
  39. aguachico

    SOLD TWO-Seeker a660-XH . Both $100

    Pickup in Carmel Mountain. during the week(tue/thurs) Pick in South SanDiego, this week . Both for $100, $60 each. Tip on the right is less pretty then the left. Fuji reel seats. Great rods for trolling feathers. Durable. [email protected] 858-603-3600
  40. aguachico

    Spooling my Avet 50 for a Yummy

    Last year I did not get a tuna on the kite. I didn't put a lot of time on the water, maybe 5 times. I hope they show biting this year, because I'm going to give it a better effort and fly the bird farther back. I got an Avet 50 and want to spool it as such to give max yardage and a bit of...
  41. aguachico

    WTB phenix HAX-820XH

    looking for a HAX-820XH
  42. aguachico

    Which hollow spectra?

    I have been using izorline. I have a 50 class reel to fill with 130#. Looks like Jerry Brown is cheaper than izorline. Is it thinner? Thanks in advance
  43. aguachico

    Phenix 909h reel seat move

    I have a 909H that was custom built. It was built incorrectly and I want to correct it. The seat is about 4-6 inches too high on the blank. The rod has a Fuji 22-H reel seat. I would like to have it removed, the handle rebuilt and the seat remounted all from the butt end. Looks like the...
  44. aguachico

    SOLD WFO tackle-lite bag

    Used a few times, maybe 4-5 at the most. No corrosion. All zippers are perfect. $70 OBO San Diego pickup South SD or Carmel Mtn Ranch or Tijuana.
  45. aguachico

    Hollow splice serve connection, tag end or floss?

    Over the past month I have started to make my own loop connections in hollow spectra. My first serves have been using thin spectra, bobbin and glue. Today I saw this video and would like some feedback on this tag end serve. Skip to 4:55 too see the serve using the tag end. The uploaded file...
  46. aguachico

    Upper hidden 8/4 - Game Warden and a ride along marine.

    Fishing is good for larger model YT and dorado. There are still bunches of rats, but we didn't encounter many. I think we farmed more jumbo YT to the kelps then rats released today. Bait is suffering with the hot water in mission bay. It's not the fault of the receiver guys. metered 76 on...
  47. aguachico

    SCI BFT zone and closures 7/31-8/5

    Never really took into account the closure schedule, but it looks like my 8/4 trip working the area SW of the island is dead. Can anyone confirm my fears? thanks
  48. aguachico

    Seaguar Thread Lock splicing

    I got an HXw for my kite reel and thought it would be cool to load it with hollow core. Why? fuck if I know. I had heard it give more capacity the solid. So I ordered a 600yd spool of 130#. I loaded with about 500yds. That's not enough for kite flying. So I pulled it off and went with 675...
  49. aguachico

    Tuna buyer shows the 'tail tell' sign it's a bigeye vs YFT

    I was watching wicked tuna on youtube, since I can't catch one...:( Then I started to wonder about the core sample. I think I take excellent care of my fish and wanted to see if my cores would be good. Watch this video, start at 1:10 and he will show you how to ID a bigeye with a tail section...
  50. aguachico

    My Phenix 909h, not working as a jig/popper stick

    History; a few years back I was jig fishing YT at the rock pile and cleaned up. The old jig stick was very parabolic, but it was a hand-me-down. The 20# yt would beat me up for a bit until they died. I decided I wanted something faster and lighter. I bought a 909H blank and had it wrapped...
  51. aguachico

    SeaStar 5271 helm repair

    I have an older HH5271 ~~ 2005 edition. I replaced a large seal about 4 years ago, but it's been bullet proof. Now the helm feels like the check valve is hanging up. SeaStar used to provide maintenance kits, but no longer. I decided to just get a new helm and rebuild the other helm later...
  52. aguachico

    WTB a flying gaff.

    In San Diego. trying to stay south of Oside.
  53. aguachico

    Yummee leader - Floro or Mono?

    Do I really need $20 of floro flying thru the air with a yummee? How about #400 mono leader material as opposed to #200 floro? What is the abrasion resistance comparison? thanks in advance
  54. aguachico

    Loading spectra onto the spool without tape

    Anyone out there use this method? He uses the tag end of the spectra to lock it to the spool.
  55. aguachico

    120# rig - which spectra?

    Going to pickup a #120 rig at squidco in a few weeks. This will be my boat doing everything, kite, trolling and long lining for rock cod :D. I have an 80# rig for bait. that will be mainly for soaking large macs for big fish. phenix axis 724xh and a HXw raptor. Question I read where people use...
  56. aguachico

    Daiwa Proteus 800HFS and Saltist 6000 combo

    Combo is about 6 weeks old. about 10 boat trips. Bought as my popper setup, but moving in a different direction. Has 80# daiwa spectra. I think it cost me around $475 @ squidco. $375 Firm price and no separation.
  57. aguachico

    Rod for the HX Raptor Calstar or Phenix

    Looking for a 7.5 foot rod to fish my HX from 20-30#'s of drag. No roller guides needed. Should be rated 60-100# Calstar - GFGR-775H 7.5′ 60-100 Phenix - HAX-780X2H 7'8" 40-100 All opinions welcome.
  58. aguachico

    Ella Mae gets her BFT @ the 43

    A few weeks ago we watched a two skiffs kill BFT on live macs. We had poppers and deens. We sat there skunked. The next day I was left solo and headed to the 43 with a tank full of macs and no plan on how to land a large tuna solo. At this point my largest was about 70#'s and that was on a...
  59. aguachico

    BOLA yak fishing - La Gringa

    I'm heading down the pacific side for some inshore yak fishing next week. Memorial day week looks to be a bit blown out on the pacific. Trying to formulate a planB to yak fish in BOLA. I used to camp and launch in the inside of Smith island. La Gringa IS that still available?
  60. aguachico

    If meat eaters acted like vegans

  61. aguachico

    Fishing boat is hit by commercial ship

    I guess you don't want to sleep in the shipping lanes.
  62. aguachico

    Website is finally back and looks good

    The site has been down for a bit. Not sure how long the new site has been operational, but so far I like the format.
  63. aguachico

    Grady Fuel Tank Question II

    I have been smelling more gas than normal, but nothing in the bilge. Filled her up and took her to Robby's for my service. STill smelling gas, but nothing out of the vents. Opened the deck plates and found the source of the leak. The two arrows are possible sources. It is either the weld or...
  64. aguachico

    WTB: women's fishing boots Size 5

    Let me know if you got a pair. thanks Art
  65. aguachico

    Ensenada Squid FWIW 12/19

    Fished Enseanda on Saturday. Last minute decision to jump on Sergio's re-powered Cazador was a great decision for easy limits for the 4 anglers. That's right, 4 people, and we had non-stop wfo ground critters and one 20# YT, few lings and you know the rest. On the way out, a light boat was...
  66. aguachico

    HX raptor -vs- Pro30EX

    I do not own any heavy gear. I would like to have an outfit that can pull on 100++ tuna from my boat. The HXw raptor has more drag and line capacity then a pro30. What does the pro30 offer that the HX raptor doesn't?
  67. aguachico

    WTT: "Krocodile" #7 die for

    I got a handful of the Krocodile #7 die lures. They are the 3.5 ounce. I'm looking for the the 7 ounce version. I have a handful of used and a some NIB. 1:1 trade expected as I know the heavy iron are not always the best application. I would like to have a balanced mix.
  68. aguachico

    Rule Tournament series bait pump problem

    Anyone out there killing these bait pumps on a regular basis? I run the 1100 into a 40 gal tank. I have about 6 feet of hose on a 2 foot rise. I seem to kill these pumps every 75 hours. One I had die in one day. Foto below. You can see the post just overheating and exploding. At first I thought...
  69. aguachico

    10/22 afternoon wahoo bust

    What a difference a few days make. Tried for an evening bite and launched at 1300. Water along the S9 was 74 average. Dirty water inside better water outside the bank. The difference I noticed between 10/17-22 was the lack of flying fish. When we got two on the 17th, there were FF all over the...
  70. aguachico

    Two Wahoo 10/17 at the 9 on the line

    The boat really wasn't ready and I really didn't feel like fishing. My elbow was jacked up so I didn't fish all day. Left SD with a tank full of deens. Didn't use one all day, now I have 5 bags of chunk. The south 9 was lit up with skiffs. The skiffs leaving MB were heading north, so I went to...
  71. aguachico

    8/29 between the 230 and the Knoll

    Found the current break holding lotsa paddies. My plan was to fish the east-fly. Never made it. Loaded the boat with 10-12# yft. Chunked them up 400yds OFF the paddy and kept them under the boat. 12yft on chunk, poppers and deens. Could have caught them all had went heavy line and straight...
  72. aguachico

    425 cell signal

    Last week I noticed I get a Movistar signal at the 425. I received data, whatsapp and sms. Didn't try web or voice. I also got a Movistar signal 3 miles west of the nine. I believe a repeater was placed on the nados. I have an ATT Mexico plan, I will test the nados soon saludos
  73. aguachico

    7/23 YFT on the north 9.

    Found boiling yft in the 20# class on the tiny bait fish. 47/35 ish. Some will eat the deens some will not.
  74. aguachico

    WTB Avet HXJ Raptor - SIlver.

    They retail for $445.
  75. aguachico

    Mexican Navy boards the Ella Mae 7/8

    Hit the nados late morning for a few YT. Ran back to SI and grabbed my homey and off to the 9. Hit the 9 mile bank to be tossed like a rag doll for no tuna. She's solid and dry, but I'm ready for those flat summer days and loaded paddies. Decided to run back to the islands for some YT around...
  76. aguachico

    Mexican Navy - watch the gringos run 7/5

    Pulled into the middle grounds to the open YT bite in the afternoon. 5 sporties and 24 skiffs mas o menos. Then in came bad ass Mexican navy boat. All of a sudden the skiffs where moving around, hiding behind the sporties. It looked like they boarded one PB. Then they chased down and easily...
  77. aguachico

    Keeping Ice the entire trip

    Over the past three years I have been using the Polar bear soft ice coolers to maintain 120#'s of ice on my boat. The Grady doesn't have a lot of storage, so I needed a way to keep 10-12 fish on ice for a day. I bought 4 of these coolers from The Hull Truth. Two 48 can and Two 24 cans. I can...
  78. aguachico

    Last Cast sportfishing Ensenada 5/2

    I fish out of Ensenada about once every three months because it is the best way for me to spend time on the water with my girl. We were on the "Azteca" at the end of the year. Turns out the Azteca is now the Last Cast...
  79. aguachico

    Sea Shepherd rescues fishing poachers

    When the fight is over we all have to lend a hand.
  80. aguachico

    Looking to buy a Phenix black diamond blank for 30# jig stick

    I have a older 30# jig stick of unknown origin. It is easy to throw, a bit too parabolic and has cork tape. I'm looking for another jig stick for 30#. I would like to to be 9feet, faster action and a reel seat. Any thoughts on this Phenix black diamond blank? PSW-909H-B 9' 20-50 1 Fast 0.730...
  81. aguachico

    WTB- Shimano Charter Master

    Looking for one or two let me know. Actually its a Charter Special lever drag level wind. thanks
  82. aguachico

    Sergios 12/27-28 Ensenada

    I fished out of Sergio's with the mi chapis. Saturday windy with big YT 20-30# on the Yoyo. I got one and the Skipper got two. Then off to hammer some big reds and assorted ground fish. great day on the water fishing the "no limitz 2" traded the Yt for reds so all was good. Sunday less windy...
  83. aguachico

    Mex1 Ensenada policia doing sweeps

    Drove down to Snada Friday night. The police were out in full force with many cars pulled over. After exiting the Calimax, it was my turn. I got pulled over for what I thought would be my window tint. My mistake was not asking why I was being pulled over.. He asked me did I speak spanish, "...
  84. aguachico

    Two drag washers?

    I have been very unhappy with the performance of my last purchase. JX2spd. I have one, loaded with spectra. Bought another. The newreel has had stuck dog issues since day one. Since I know the how to tear them down I have been fighting this reel for two seasons now. Changed parts cleaned the...
  85. aguachico

    Lowrance external GPS antenna vs internal

    I bought one of these external antennas when I was settin gup my Lowrance electronics. My head units has in internal antennas and that is what I'm using now because the external has failed. I have noticed a few funky things o the screen, but for the most part the internals are working. What...
  86. aguachico

    Question about weigh-in logistics

    I'm the only driver on the boat. Can I tie up to the fuel dock in SD Bay, take my fish to the weigh-in, weigh-in, then come back and drive off - OR Do I have to drop the fish off with the crew Captain and drive away until the weigh-in process is complete? thanks
  87. aguachico

    Looking for Cedros report, May...

    Thinking about fishing that area as option #1. Wind forecast is not too great with prime time gust to 30mph. If the fish are biting, I can fish around the wind no problem. Haven't seen any reports from the local operators. No news is bad news in that business eh? OPtion #2 Chivato.
  88. aguachico


    This unit is in perfect shape as it was in a cuddy cabin and never wet. Comes with bracket and power. This unit has all 4 connections(pwr,ducer,nmea,ethernet) so it can be easily networked into your current configuration. Makes a perfect second screen. Transducers for this unit are readily...
  89. aguachico

    Pelagic Fish bags

    SOLD Both for $275/ each-150
  90. aguachico

    WTB #28 graphite reel seat.

    Looking for one of these as I don't want to install aluminum. thanks Art
  91. aguachico

    Vessel Assist and the skipper's responsibility

    While cruising back from the Nados Sunday and skipper in a 22 Marlin, no boat name given, was calling VA. He was dead in the water 2 miles south of south island. Back and forth with VA he's talking. What it came down to was: 1. approx 6 hour round trip @ $1300. 2. a wait at the customs...
  92. aguachico

    Nados 1/4/14

    Fished the Nados for easy limits of rockfish. assorted, but no lings. Jumbo sculpin and white fish, the rest were good eating size. 25 mph to the nados. 30 MPH back. Should have saved the money on bait, but the thought of YT made me buy a half scoop. First stop at the middle grounds...
  93. aguachico

    Weston 2300 Stainless Vac sealer

    One year old. Used about 6 times. Using my small one way more than this. Comes with a slightly used roll of 15 inch material. Paid $390 Need $250. I may have the original box, so shipping is possible,
  94. aguachico

    Best source for bulk pack owner hooks

    I have been doing ok with private sales over the past few years. Looks like I need to restock with about 6 various bulk packs. Would like to get them right under a buck a piece, free delivery and no sales tax :D
  95. aguachico

    Loreto 6/10-6/15

    The plan was to fish mon-thur. Towed down Saturday and arrived Sunday Afternoon. Day one, with a hired skipper: Plan was fish outside in the grass for dodos, teaching Mari how to flyline. Made bait. Big macs. South wind made it impossible to get there. Went back to the YT grounds for a...
  96. aguachico

    Loreto 6/10-14

    Making my second trip to Loreto. I fished this area for the first time in July 5 years ago. The fishing was great for stripers, sails and dodos. I didn't mark any routes, spots or take any notes. This time I'm taking my skiff and would appreciate any helpful info on skippering this area...
  97. aguachico

    Loreto in June. Where, how and what?

    Got a week of vacation I should use in June. Loreto is a possibility. I would like to tow my boat. I would like a mid-priced hotel with a pool if possible - AC, Bandamax on cable and wireless internet. If I could put the boat in a slip and fish for 4 days, that would be nice, but...
  98. aguachico

    Trailer tires 225x75xr15 - for beer or fish taco meat

    I got 4 radial Hi-run tires with varying treads. Treads were hammered by bad springs. I also got 3 carlisle Bias ply with great tread, just don't know the age. They are at lease 3 years old.
  99. aguachico

    (4) 27 inch trailer springs 3000#, for beer

    Got 4, one was used once. Other mounted briefly, two are brand new.
  100. aguachico

    Which trailer tire?

    When I got the grady a few years ago it had Carlise Bias-ply tires. One tire died, so I thought they were all gonna do the same, So I changed them out with HI-RUN Chinese crap radials. The Hi-Run tires died a quick death, maybe due to bad springs, maybe due to Chinese crap tires. I kept...
  101. aguachico

    Ensenada Semana Santa

    Last minute vacation plan changes had my getting a room for 5 at papagayos and a slip at the Coral Marina Ensenada. Thursday I dragged the boat to Coral and stock it into dry dock. Booked it back to Tj for the chapis, chicos and one extra. My crew had never set foot on a boat, cept one short...
  102. aguachico

    Mexican navy 3/23 - DFG

    Fished the nados today for LOTSA fish, but no YT. Even the big ling cod scored last week were few. Lucky there were big reds to fill the boat. On the second loop of the islands. The mex navy came by looking at all the boats. There were no crew members on the deck. The Mex navy boat was...
  103. aguachico

    dog slipping

    I have upgraded some of my older Avets to the silent reels over the past 6 months. I bought a JX2sp, MXj and (2) sx's. The one sx, had the dog slipping right out of the box. I returned that one for a new one. The JX 2spd, which was new -6 months old, but I have used a few times started to...
  104. aguachico

    Alternative to Seastar Hydraulic fluid

    @$25 a quart, the Seastar brand is too expensive. Has anyone tried Aeroshell 41 @ $30 a gallon. The spec is MIL-H-5606G. What do ya think?
  105. aguachico

    CAUTION: La Salina Jetty

    La Saline marina is currently dredging the entrance. I have stopped there twice in the past few months to watch 4footers breaking across the mouth of the entrance. The military dock has been ripped away due to the waves, according to a resident. There's a sunken sailboat on the south side of...
  106. aguachico

    Bilge prep for LSS-2

    The Grady had a thru null xducer that wasn't being used. I hated the cord just laying there, and the xdcuer didn't look like it was installed to my standards. Notice the top fairing block is untreated and wedged in between drain and the bilge pump stand. Though it was water tight at the time, I...
  107. aguachico

    West Marine Price match - fail

    I was surprised when WM didn't honor a price match for a Lowrance LSS-2 thru hull bronze xducer. They have a catalog number for it, but it was not in their 'warehouse'. I also ordered the LSS-2 module. The girl writing up the order attempted to place the order without verifying the price...
  108. aguachico

    Raymarine Fishfinder and Garmin GPSMAP $250

    Raymarine DS500x. Works great. Transducer is a thru hull B744v. Just cut it out of the boat. Plenty of stem left for a new install, as the fairing block shown has not been cut in half. Garmin GPS 220-map with Socal card and doom antenna. All brackets and cables. Great...
  109. aguachico

    Remove the Thru Hull Transducer nut

    Got an Airman b744 thru hull xducer I need to remove. I'm thinking it has corrosion or 5200 locking it in place. I don't have a lot of room and can't get a breaker bar on the nut. I was thinking heat. anyone have any experience with these?
  110. aguachico

    Red light camera Point Loma

    Saturday morning I got flashed by the camera at ?nimitz? and Rosecrans. The truck was safely in the intersection with a yellow, the boat trailer - I believe and am hoping - set off the camera. Anyone have this happen? AC
  111. aguachico

    Yamaha F225 4stroke exhaust corrosion.

    This problem has been documented with 1000's of comments theories and all kinds of stuff. I am currently making my winter maintenance schedule. The large project will be redoing and cleaning up the transom. Included in this project will be removal of the old exhaust and oil pump and the...
  112. aguachico

    San Quintin 9/16-9/17

    Towed the Grady down Friday after work. Smooth sailing, just takes longer towing. Mi vato Mike riding shotgun for his first adventure past the La Bufadora turn off. Hit Tito's around 11pm, greeted by Lola as she was leaving the bar.... nice welcoming committee. Tito is our skipper for...
  113. aguachico

    snow or crushed ice in San diego

    Heading to San Quintin Friday. All the good ice houses in baja are on the wrong side of the highway in hard to turn areas when towing the boat. I need two coolers worth which is about #200. Where can I get that in san diego?
  114. aguachico

    Current 1.5day surcharge?

    Witht the current increase in fuel, what are the landings adding for the 1.5 trips fuel surchrge this week?
  115. aguachico

    Salt scales on glass

    scaling on my glass is getting out of hand. What's the best to remove it? TIA AC
  116. aguachico

    F'n Henry's trailers

    Last fall I needed my trailer ready for Baja. I wanted new springs, disc brakes and the old bunk bolts cut. What I got was a Spring service, which was just galvanized paint over rust, you know that lasted 3 months. Master cylinder repaired, when it should have been replaced for d the...
  117. aguachico

    Bahia Tortugas

    Camped and kayak fished the area last week. Camping was rough with high nightly winds and morning fog. I managed to pull YT from around the kelp area. The fish were full of squid which made the bite sketchy. I didn't have time to locate and catch squid because of newby campers on the...
  118. aguachico

    Avet raptor advice at squidco

    HIt up squidco yesterday for some rapalas, which were all sold out... Placed my order and checked out all the boths. first stop Avet. Picked and held my first Raptor reel. The guy sitting at the both had a BD shirt on so I'm sure he will read this. The first selling point for this reel...
  119. aguachico

    what's the status for bait in ENSENADA?

    Planning on scraping la mision, todos and offshore over the holidays. Is the barge selling? If so what are the hours and VHF? thanks in advance saludos.
  120. aguachico

    Fishing Mexican waters on your private boat

    This post is my own personal opinion thru research and conversations with others. Forma Migratoria Mutiple, or FMM I own a boat that I take into mexican waters via san diego, via baja on the trailer. The visa requirement changed, requiring an Forma Migratoria Mutiple, or FMM is a good...
  121. aguachico

    LEWMAR: 50 amp circuit breaker

    Unused. part lists for $110, but can be found for $60 plus shipping and taxes best price would be $70 I'm selling it for $50. Pickup in San Diego or Carmel Mountain.
  122. aguachico

    Pacific Yacht Tower Belly bar

    OK. make me a reasonable offer via pm. Come grabit, install it, spot that paddy and call me in on it. Ring. 24x44x36 LWH Feet 50x56.5 LW length= forward/aft width=port starboard
  123. aguachico

    shaefer 16ft outriggers for sale

    In excellent shape with no visible damage. Bases are in the t-top Have all the riggings. cut a hole. bolt them on and watch those marlin dance in your wake :D ok whatever. $200
  124. aguachico

    finding a marine grade timer switch

    I want to replace the washdown switch with a timer switch, 5 minute minimum, low profile. All help appreciated, Art
  125. aguachico

    Need 30 gallon barrles for gas

    Where can I buy good barrels 30 gallons to hold gas? I can drive from tj to ensenada in a heart beat. thanks Art
  126. aguachico

    Mexican fishing licenses

    Year after year this question pops up. Last year I stopped in my local shop to purchase a permit and left with it and some tackle. I proceeded to toss the bag with the permit in the trash. :D Now I go online and can print as many as I want. I keep copies in the truck, yak and boat. Now...
  127. aguachico

    Trolling outfit gone becuase of a rod holder

    So I got the Grady in April and have been going thru every nook and cranny. She's running well and I'm happy with the boat. While returning from the fishy 371 on Saturday afternoon, riding 25mph smooth with a few bumps I hear bing bang boom. One of my trolling outfits Avet pro30 and customer...
  128. aguachico

    Mexican secondary

    headed south last night I cross thru Otay because my first stop is east TJ. I get pulled into secondary because of my kayak. English speaking young guy. "i need your boat registration" - it's not a boat, it's a kayak "when you come to mexico you need regristration. how do i know this is...
  129. aguachico

    Need to overhaul the trailer

    Wanna get the trailer Mex1 ready. Don't want to spend too much and am willing to do the bunk hardware myself Issues: 1. brakes 2. bearings 3. springs 4. Middle bunks are a bit low 5. rear bunks are too close together End result: 1. Disc brakes 2. New bearings 3. New springs if...
  130. aguachico

    remove the painted boat name?

    The Grady has a name painted on that I'd like to remove. I had seen a post about ez-off oven cleaner, but didn't tale it serious. Any help would be great. Art
  131. aguachico

    Waypoint format

    I was talking to Lowrtance yesterday. The girl said when I receive a waypoint in this format 32.32.50 x 117.10.50 I should enter it as 32.32.500 x 117.10.500. Is this true?
  132. aguachico


    (3)1317 $40 each (2)1323 $50 good, $40 for bad. 3 sold.Make me an offer. I have 8 of these hatches from the old panga. The had 300 hours or 3 years of service before being removed from the panga. These...
  133. aguachico

    Complete Hydraulic steering $400

    1990 Sestar Hydraulic Helm. Cylinder. 2004 14foot Teleflex pro hoses. New seal kit for the helm. I got the grady in April. The cylinder seemed loose, so I replaced it. Upon removal and learning how the cylinder is supposed to be assembled, I discovered it just need tightening on the collar...
  134. aguachico

    6 Volt configuration

    I want to move the house batteries forward. I'm thinking about in the cuddy under the step. two 6volt in series to run everything - and I have a big wish list. :D 1. What are the pros and cons of this config? 2. If the house config is rated reserve capacity @856 minutes at 15 amps, what...
  135. aguachico

    Hydrualic steering hoses

    I am looking for the low pressure return hose 22-25ft. Also two high pressure steering hoses 18inches to 2feet.
  136. aguachico

    1998 Yamaha 225, OX66

    Here's the situation. This motor was hung on a Grady 22 about 5 years ago. Estimated hours 700. This is estimated because there's no hour meter. When the original motor died on the Grady it was at 1600 hours, now it's at 1900 plus the 400 it had on it when it was hung. (1900-1600)+400 = ~~700...
  137. aguachico


    I need a free TV or two to put in a crash pad. 20-27 inch tube. I know Santa delivered a lot of flat screens for the holidays. Will pickup from Vista to the border. Salud Art
  138. aguachico

    Any feedback on a Grady SeaFarer 22

    Dialed in a Overnighter 20. It's a great ride, but have a chance to trade it in - so to speak... Looking at a 22 SeaFarer. Bracketed which I prefer over the Overnighter that is not bracketed. If the stock batteries are in the rear, in the bilge, I want to move them to the cabin and...
  139. aguachico

    La Bocana Labor day week

    Bill Opdenaker(OP) and I dragged the almost complete Grady to LB. A lot of work went into getting this trip ready. The boat, though not perfect is a fine running hull. My job schedule has not let me fish for a year, so this was the boats real test. Towing was uneventful, which is good...
  140. aguachico

    Baja Bound

    OK pirujos. Headin back to LB for 12 days. Taking the grady, except the idle on the yamaha is stubborn. YT has showed in LB, Scratchy, but I'll give it a try. Viva BAJA!
  141. aguachico

    Offshore Oval bait tank 45 gallons os45-o

    Need a tank for the Grady. I got aroiund $300-$400 depending on the condition. No need to be real pretty, no inner breakage. Will pickup as far north os San O or Temecula. Tuna are 10 months away, sell me your bait tank and use this money to upgrade with all the gas money you have saved in...
  142. aguachico

    Santa Clara Forty-niners

    These fools are dancing the with devils from the NFL(nothing's free league). Can't figure out how a HUGE city like San Fran can't keep 'em. Living in San Jose, I'm subjected to the propaganda daily on the tube on how it's a good win/win situation. I can't think of any business in the free...
  143. aguachico

    Tiger's return

    The first question to Tiger after his press conference will be: "how ya hittin it?"
  144. aguachico

    Cowboys are in!!!

    looks like the BOYS are in the playoffs. I believe we are the better team in the NFC east especially adter we beat the Eagles. The Giants got lucky both times during the regular season. I would be great to see the Chargers face the Cowboys in the superbowl. That would be a win/win...
  145. aguachico

    get you pesos now

    Saw a marketing blurp where Mexico is getting another bailout. Watch the peso gain strength against the dollar. Going on vacation? Maybe get your pesos now. Maybe not?
  146. aguachico

    Only in San Diego... Halloween fight - Halloween Fight - San Diego
  147. aguachico

    Finally sent a reel into Avet

    After 6 years of using Avets, I finally sent one in I couldn't fix. My first MXLsp2 has been my goto reel for 3 years and has caught 75% of my fish fron the yak and boats. It fianlly developed a nothcy feel on one part of the gearing. I broke it down and cleaned it several times. I then...
  148. aguachico

    Giants, Skins and maybe Eagles

    Fuck yeah Giants lost! Come on OAKLAND! GO COWBOYS!
  149. aguachico

    FREE Ford f250 long bed liner

    Genuine ford part. Off a 2004 long bed. Pickup Chula Vista before this weekend. Art
  150. aguachico


    I always thought the reefs were safe havens for fish. I am sadden, but not suprised when I ran across this video. It's not my country, so my opinion doesn't mean squat. Maybe the cartels could fund a fish rejuvenation program :D YouTube - Pistoleros
  151. aguachico

    Weird problems and solutions

    Just did my winter maintenance on all my Avets. They were in great shape and I only replaced 4 bearings out of the possible 60 or so. So I decided to upgrade 8 metal knobs to the rubber, cleanup some over worked reels and get ready for the summer. I have an LX2pd, which is one of the older...
  152. aguachico

    Where to get firbeglass stuff - NO MORE DMC

    Diversified Materials is no more. I need some stuff. 5 gallons gelcoat, cabosil 1 gallon tooling gel ground fiber roller 3/4 ounce
  153. aguachico

    Wanna get a boat from Jacksonville

    There's a boat in JAX that I'm interested in. I need to have it surveyed, engine checked and delivered. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Any professional help can be compensated. Art
  154. aguachico

    Dropped money at the Esenada ATM

    I was coming from a friend's place today. I needed some pesos, so I stopped at the Banamex just a click south of the Costco. As I got out of the truck and reched into my wallet, a $200p note fell out. Fuck I'm getting old and careless. My friend OP was sitting in my truck, he's too old to...
  155. aguachico

    The dollar v peso

    The trillion dollar transaction between the fed and the reserve has the dollar in free fall. The Peso is down to 13.8:1 - should have got a couple of K when it was 15:1.
  156. aguachico

    Damn Cowboys

    Just got back from 8 days fishing BAJA. Only to find out that Dallas lost to Pittsburgh. WTF. No details on the game. I was in Mexico when there was a clip of a touchdown for Dallas againbst Pittsburgh, I assumed they beat the Steelers. Looks like the Steelers are a serious superbowl contender...
  157. aguachico


    We are in second place!!! LAst four games are Steelers, Giants, Ravens and Eagles. No sweat. Who ever picked that schedule must be a Philly fan. The boys are going to be so tired after December, even the Chargers could beat them. LOL
  158. aguachico


    I received a forced vacation from a company of ten years :D. I wasn't planning on traveling south until the end of the month for the Bocana tourney 10/25. Packed up everything for a safari when Derek(yellowklr) gave me a call telling me about the WO wahoo off La Bocana. I'd seen the Mag Bay...
  159. aguachico

    Hope all BDer's are OK. 7.3 earthquake!

    Just over the wire, with no details.
  160. aguachico

    Need a prop shaft volvo cobra sx 11154

    Come on you pack rats, trying to work on amigo's outdrive. Have found online for $300.
  161. aguachico

    Gringos attacked in La Bocana

    We should make Derek the Sheriff of BAJA. I heard it was Derek that helped these two guys get medical attention. MEXFISH Just remember there are two sides to every story. Rumors from down south indicate that there's a lot that's not being told and there was no robbery. Hmmm my guess...
  162. aguachico

    Driving to San Quintin.

    I've been down to Quintin 5 times this year. Fishing has been good inside and great outside. I've been fishing my buds panga and my yak. The inside fishery is about to go loco. Fished the yak for 3 hours Saturday where I put an amigo and new yaker on his first WSb and YT. In the 8 years of...
  163. aguachico

    No Diesel in Baja Norte

    Hit Via Rapida going east. The first Pemex was dry. Hit the main road from Otay to Tecate. Either there was non being sold, empty or a very long commercial line. Traveled to the west part of Tecate and it was worse. Talked to a trucker there, he'd been in line for 3 hours. Needless to say...
  164. aguachico

    Baja Fuel in Big demand

    Looks like we are draining Mexico dry - yipeee. $100 maximum is a good idea. > News > Mexico > Tijuana & The Border -- Baja runs dry as Americans fuel up on cheap gasoline
  165. aguachico

    New MXJ

    Got a new MXJ. Haven't purchased a new reel in a while. Most of my AVET purchases have been used reels. I needed a 30# jig reel for tossing off the yak, small and tough is the key - so the MXJ is the answer. First thing I noticed is how much smoother the reel winds as compared to earlier...
  166. aguachico

    SX for sale on CL - $105

    Looks like a good deal. Especially if it has the rubber handle. Avet SX
  167. aguachico

    Looking for a MXJ

    I got around $125 for a MXJ. This is a good time to upgrade to a MXn-2speed. I am looking to buy one - not sell. Looking for a USED single speed avet for around $125.
  168. aguachico

    Mexican Car Insurance

    The policy on the ford expired. For the past 7 years I would just goto Discover Baja and renew. This year I called my US insurance 21st and asked them do they have a rec. They sent me thru to Mexipass. Got an email with the price qoute. The policy for my truck would be around$320, which is...
  169. aguachico

    La Salina great white

    I was not allowed to launch the yak out of La Salina marina today. Seems sever grande tiburoes have benn spotted over the past few days. Anyone else get this info? Maybe they made it up to keep me out of the fog? The fog was too thick for me leave the marina.
  170. aguachico

    Diesel and the border

    Hit the Pemex on my way down today. There's a Chevy 2500 with FIVE, 50 gallon drums that were filled. These drums had the standard snap on plastic lids with no venting, no locks, nothing. This was his first time coming to a Pemex and attempting to cross with Diesel. I don't think the CBP...
  171. aguachico

    San Ysidro Border Police

    F'n border cops. Today I was returning from Ensenada. The border was a mess, so to get to the Sentri lane, I decided to take the Ocampo route past the smart and final and make a left onto COL FEDERAL _ that's the lane right of the normal border crossing. This stupid gringo runs over the...
  172. aguachico

    Craigs list fishing gear

  173. aguachico

    PM mailbox storage quota

    I must have missed the notice on mailboxes. I thought the limit was 3000, but noticed it's been changed to 1000. This forced me to delete 4 years of junk. Just deleting the sent items cleared the situation, then I downloaded the inbox to text - no problems.
  174. aguachico

    Yakin Isla San Marcos 2/18,2/18 from San Lucas Cove

    Brad(madscientist) and I packed up and hit the road on 3/16. Our plan was to go to San Lucas Cove to fish the yakas off a panga. The problem was the iritis I'm suffering in my left eye, but a needle in the eye ball and an okey dokey from the doc had us heading south. We left that evening to go...
  175. aguachico

    Need a 500 yd spool of izoline 65#

    I need to buy it this weekend. Any recs? ty ac
  176. aguachico

    BOLA report 1/22

    Friend of mine fished, don't know where, for 8 yt up to 15#. Wind is the problem, but at least there are fish.
  177. aguachico

    Baja the ghost town.

    Took a ride to Maneadero yesterday. Rosarito looked empty, but that's a summer getaway. The big surprise was how empty Puerto Nuevo was. Normally the lots are full by the afternoon with people seeking out lobster. Empty! Driving thru Ensenada in the afternoon. Empty. Maybe it was the fog, La...
  178. aguachico

    Camping Santa Rosalia or SLC

    Anyone have any recommendations on a camp site. I'd like to tent campo for a couple of days in February? HOT SHOOWERS ARE A PLUS - not obsessive, just clean. thanks in advance. AC
  179. aguachico

    Props to Alan Tani

    I took an SX and MXJ in the begining of the year and set them up with the open bearing casings and greased drag washers. I use these two reels on the yak. I performed little to no maintenance on these reels for the year. Opening them up this week has revealed the drag washers have no salt...
  180. aguachico

    Shawne Merriman's Lights Out Development

    I just caught Merriman on ESPN. What a class act that guy is. They showed how he lost two homes to fires growing up as a kid. Growing up poor. Anyway his construstion group build a home for a young couple in San Diego after the fires. The couple was under insured and was told it would...
  181. aguachico

    anyone hating their jx 2spd - blue?

    pm me.
  182. aguachico


    I got his bar of soap from my boy Tone. The other night I thawed out a box of squid to repackaged for the winter yak season. It means I place a few bits in sandwich bags after thawing it out. My hands smelled like shit. My wife hates smelly fish hands "if hands smelly, no punani" Used...
  183. aguachico

    Tide question for Santa Rosalia area?

    I'm looking at the tidal swings for February '08 2/14-2/16. The high tide is around midnight @ 80cms and the low is around 1pm @ minus 20 cms. What is strange to me is the lack of tidal swing in between the low and the high. Also this period is during 1st quater moon, but it seems like the...
  184. aguachico

    Chargers Stadium in Chula Vista Part2

    It's been a few weeks since the meeting I attanded on the stadium. I initially expressed concern about Chula VIsta getting fucked in dealing with the slimey owners and lawyers from the Chargers. The Chargers are approaching the project a bit diffeerent than they approached San Diego. The...
  185. aguachico

    Chargers Stadium in Chula Vista

    I was aware of the town hall meeting last night, but too tired to attend. I just read in the paper that the stadium project will proceed a a possbility in Chula Vista. I will attend the next meeting to hear what is being "lied about" I have mixed emotions about the stadium project...
  186. aguachico

    Neoprene off the roll

    I posted this in fishing chit/chat. 50 views and no replys. UFO used to sell 3m neoprene, but no longer. Where do you guys go to buy it cut for patch work and custom stuff? thanks AC
  187. aguachico

    Need Neoprene off the roll

    UFO no longer sells neoprene. Got some patch work to do Looking for 3,4 or 5mm. In San Diego area or TJ/Ensenada. Thanks AC
  188. aguachico


    I've yet to see a storm hit the mid-pacific side of baja. Everytime they prdict it to go the Abreojos, the desert kills it. This storm is predicted to head off shore, since the predictions are always wrong... better watch this one. TS KIKO
  189. aguachico

    Baja travel incident

    Departed SD in an 2004 f250 PSD. Thursday Night 8pm with $1500 collectively between three people. Destination Bahia Tortugas. Drove thru TJ. Damn cops everywhere murdering gringos. Since I'm black they let me pass unscathed. At the Rosarito Gas station I gave the attendent $400p to fill...
  190. aguachico

    Little BDER

    Sorry if this is a repost.
  191. aguachico

    7/26 UH-OH

    Lotsa skunkin out there today. Launched Si for the afternoon byte. Circled the 302 from 12-6pm for nada zippo nothing. metered fish at 120 feet. If you didn't get an albie yet, your chances are swimming away to cooler water. Did hear about a 35# yft under flippers @ 17 over 25. big Yt under...
  192. aguachico

    7/22 long tuna day good late fishing

    Fished the Do'rado with Joe on Saturday. 371/390/371/302 from 5am-5pm 1 albie, 1 yt. 530-630pm south inner edge of the Kidney. 4 albies. 2 on long fish traps. one jig and one deep soaked weighted sardine. Sea were flat in the evening and good for whole. Fish are running kinda deep...
  193. aguachico

    Limits of Albies 7/11 on the Do'rado

    I was waiting for Joe to post his report. He is probably sleeping on the keyboard as I write this. Hit the 302 at grey light. Nothing. Instead of going to the 182 with the rest of the boats, Joe decides to hit the 230. We arrive as did 6 San diego sporties. We had jumpers boiling on the...
  194. aguachico

    Dorado and YFT at San Quintin

    WTF? water was no warmer than 66 tops. During Saturday's YT bite at the 6spot a panga gets a dodo. I didn't believe it until he held it up. Sunday, Ivan Perez skippered OP's panga with OP, Steve and myself on board. We left at a 240 heading. 15 miles out in 64 degree water, Steve spots...
  195. aguachico

    Blue book for used outboards

    I need to find out what an engine is worth. ie: 2004 Yamaha 150 4 stroke 30 inch. Warranty ends in 8 months and can be extended. 262 easy hours mostly idle hours. Digital controls included. thanks AC
  196. aguachico

    Question on twin outboards

    Do all twin OB setups have 25" shafts? What if it's on a bracket or transom? Is it dependent on the boat? thanks in advance AC
  197. aguachico

    A couple of things I noticed.

    First I'd like to send many props to Alan Tani. His bearing tutorial was right on. I've seen his posts on other boards. His setup is incredible bordering on crazy :D Alan's bearing tutorial helped me with a friends SX. This Sx was free spooling like a champ, but turning the handle was a...
  198. aguachico

    The road to San Francisquito

    Going on safari next week. Would like to take a peak at this spot. Anyone master "La Cuesta" through El Arco?
  199. aguachico

    PAC BAY Wrapper for sale

    Thought I'd post it here to give you guys first shot. Very clean. This is the wrapper that's sold at Squidco. I bought it a few years ago for about $300. It's goes to the first PM at $100. Aluminum channel, 3 spring loaded posts, upgraded the spindle by pac bay for smooth wrapping. I'll...
  200. aguachico

    Squidco gets Robbed - Joey fights tweekers

    Talked to Joey this morning. All he suffered was a broken nose. Some smash and grab tweekers had hit other East County stores earlier. They entered Squidco, grabbed rods, and ran outside into a waiting truck. Joey gave chase and grabbed them. They broke his nose in a two on one fight with a...
  201. aguachico

    Yamaha Promo

    Not a bad deal. Extended warranty for free. Why Wait Buy Now AC
  202. aguachico

    Labocana 9/13-14

    Hooked up with Joaquin and his group for a feast at Joaquin's Restaurant. Tuna sashimi, grilled sashimi and grilled YT. A group from Redding has scored well on the high point with a marlin and a few tuna. Joaquin is one helluva guy and all he needs is a hotel to turn Boca around. I fished...
  203. aguachico

    Wahoo in Abreojos

    I had lunch with a gringo today. His name is Dave from Santa Monica. I invited him to the board to post the pic of a 68# wahoo he caught Saturday 9/9 with FAUSTO out of Abreojos Pangas. He got a cuople of tuna and a dodo. This wahoo is the first in a long time. I'm getting pics for all the...
  204. aguachico

    Abreojos/Labocana 9/9- not sure yet

    Arrived Sat. WIND. Setup Juanchy for Sunday. Juanchy decides we'll go on Les' panga. I know Les, no problem. 36 YT 5-153. I pay Les $50 for gas and to give some to Juanchy, :finger: MORE WIND. No problem, I have Juanchy scheduled for Monday... WRONG. Juanchy's tuesday appointment...
  205. aguachico

    John bypasses Ojos/LaBocana

    Three bders and their wives should be safe and killing fish. I've booked 2 days with Juanchy, 2 days with Paco and taking my yak. I have 6 days of fishing available.
  206. aguachico

    Good news from La Bocana

    1. The exotics are WFO and close to the beach. 2. No signs of the nasty seiners, but they are probably steaming that way. 3. Dave and Jim will be back soon. 4. I'm leaving next week for 7 days of solo bliss. 5. Don't even think about booking Juanchy, he's #1 and booked solid. You can book...
  207. aguachico

    big yt down deep

    Yesterday I metered a large school from 40-60 feet. We were fishing a paddy WFO 10#yt and a few dodos10-15#. Threw bait, but the school didn't budge. Dropped a 6x salas chrome. Grumpy Island type YT. Big shoulders and all - 25# average. Got three to the boat farmed one. AC
  208. aguachico

    The problem with owning all Avets

    I really don't have the need to look at the reel section anymore. I walked into Squidco and Joey showed me the new sx2spd. I flinched a little, but didn't bite. Maybe I'll treat my self this xmas to another Avet like the SDS. I sold all my other reels except for a gift reel and my inshore...
  209. aguachico

    Deep or modified

    I'm looking to upgrade - year maybe two. If the right hull comes along I'd get on it. I'm not sure if I'm going to get a twin V or mono hull. I know I'd like to get a 25-27CC that will like twin 150's. I'd like some input on the pros and cons of deep V's like the Grady's and modified V's of...
  210. aguachico

    Pros and cons of the twin vee

    As I prepare for my next boat I've decided on a few things I want, but I'm not sure if the mono hull is the best design. I've read several articles on where the cat hulls are better rides in rough water that mono hulls. The only reason that they are not accepted is they look funny. What do...
  211. aguachico

    HI Fishing charters

    I friend of mine just returned from the big island. He said the fishing charters are expensive, ok... but you can't keep the fish you catch? :rofl: I heard something like that before, but thought it was a joke.
  212. aguachico

    Gold Line boats

    Anyone heard of these? The hull is $18k.
  213. aguachico

    22nd-23rd 238-295

    Saturday. First solo trip offshore. All the big boys left early running to the 238/295 in the dark. I left the Coral around 0700. Got bait in front only to have a mean ass wind 15 knots, 4 foot swell, lightning thunder and rain before I got past santos. News over the radio was not good. The...
  214. aguachico

    Hurricane Check out this Hurricane path. These suckers aren't due until September.
  215. aguachico

    Furuno 600l FF DOA

    Was at the Coral this weekend. Fished Saturday and left it in the slip. Sunday morning FF no worky. Could the submersion in the slip for two days screwed it up. 1. blue screen, no readings. 2. powered on and off a few times. 3. self test is passing. 4. Cleared memory. 5. Black screen...
  216. aguachico

    Prop theft - Warning to boat owners with slips!

    Was at Robby's yesterday. Guy rolls in from one of the local Marinas. One of his SS props were stolen while the boat was in the slip. A diver is suspected of hitting boats at night for their prop.
  217. aguachico

    Problem with Avet SX clicker

    This weeknd while on the Dominator. My Avet was always in clicker everytime I went to cast. It was funny it first. I thought someone was playing a prank on me. Unfortunatley it was a fucked up clicker. Seems Avet decided to make the spring loaded mode - free and the unloaded mode - IN...
  218. aguachico

    Albies in the counts

    Damn I gotta fish this weekend!!!:git:
  219. aguachico

    6/29 Nados quickie

    Hit pukey point with my neighbor Tony Gilbert. I heard Ianna is the real fisherman, but he'll do:D 0600 set the hook with the Relentless in a good spot against the wall. 90 minutes later, limits for both. Tony was on fire throwing the iron towards the shallows. I was on he bow catching the...
  220. aguachico

    First BFT for the Diabla.

    At the 302 for a couple of YT (yawn) went south. Water dirty and cold. Found warmer clean water at the 425. slow trolled deen. First BFT on the panga. Limits of YT back east of the 302. (yawn)
  221. aguachico

    The 9 and weather buoy

    Late slow start, beacuse the Ho's Jefe has decided to sell the crib (open house). Solo is cool because you don't have to hurry, or catch fish or stay out or come in. Lotsa bait, birds and marks at the 9. Trolled the BOM, nada nunca zippo. Decided not to go to the 182 when reports from the...
  222. aguachico

    T and the Panga

    YAWN.... After I saw the report of #370 T, I thought I'd let my report rest a little. Fished the parking lot on Saturday. Orange bait-o-matic goes off. I fished west of the fleet. 20 minutes at the boat. 10 miutes figuring how to get it in the boat. I'm glad it was under 200#. I'm...
  223. aguachico

    How do you get a 180# T-shark on a yak

    1999; when larger T-sharks where roaming LJ. You have two crazy friends. Karl on the left Neil center. One sane friend Bill on the right. I was not at this killing, but here's the story. Neil brings the beast up and flips it over. Karl sticks the gaff in it's head and starts to Bayonet the...
  224. aguachico

    Red Tide

    Just got back from Ensenada. Looks like a bad tide breweing from Rosarito to the border. Anyone been in it?
  225. aguachico

    LJ 4/13

    All the hard work on my panga has paid off. I cancelled the trip because of hotel, crowds, gas and panga and fished the yak instead!!! 53#
  226. aguachico

    Gas tank replacement part 2

    I had originally thought I would suspend the tank from the frame. Then I decided to glass and install a sub-floor to help with support. My research shows that keeping the dry is key, giving a wet tank the ability to dry is also important. I didn't think I could keep it totally dry, but I...
  227. aguachico

    Gas tank replcement part 1.

    When I first filled the gas tank, it leaked. Robby would get the leak to stop, but it would eventually start again. I guess I waited too long to start to fix the problem. I've learned a lot about my panga over the past three months. I'm not too pissed about it all since the outcome will be...
  228. aguachico

    Panga upgrade #3

    My engine bracket was upgraded so that the ram, steering and tilt can all operate. Amato built me a new bracket, but like most things - for every action... The zinc on the bottom of the engine created a spray at certain speeds. Also, the height of the motor is a little up. I tested for...
  229. aguachico

    Panga changes part two

    I needed a way to cover the transom, gain access to the stuff above and below the deck and fish around it. I started building a cabinet out of wood. I wasn't planning on making the cabinet removable. Bill(OP) owns a panga, he came by and saw the mess I was creating. He said, "go to...
  230. aguachico

    Pange changes part one

    I've been slaving over the panga trying to get it ready for a baja trip. I let the boat sit for a few months instead of working on it steady. My goal was to change the engine bracket, change the bilge, foam the deck and seal the leaky vent fitting on the gas tank. When it came time to get...
  231. aguachico

    Rubber knobs on Avets

    Just saw the Shimano like comfy grip son the new Avets. Looks pretty nice. I'm not to keen on that style, but a lot of people like them. I find it interesting that Avet would spend time working on the knob - instead of fixing the reel seat foot "that's too damn small" problem instead. I...
  232. aguachico

    Santa Rosalia Hotel Problem

    I'm scheduled to leave in two weeks to fish the islands for a week. I still need a gas tank, but that's another story. Yesterday I called the Las Casitas to make a change to my reservation. I booked 3 rooms a month ago for 3 guys. Then my gay friends decided to spoon each other to save $30 a...
  233. aguachico

    Planetary gearing.

    I remember Avet had "planetary gears" with a whopping 8:1 ratio. I had 2 or 3 gears surrounding the main. It was some funky shit. Are they still around or was it aother reel manufacturer? AC
  234. aguachico

    Different dogs on an MXL 2speed

    Check it out. The blue mx2speed is mine. It's newer than the silver MX2speed which is my friend's reel that was purchased as soon as they were released. Notice the difference in the dog and sprin assembly. IMHO, I prefer mine over Neil's dog. Neil's dog will eventually wear and then it will...
  235. aguachico

    Gas tank replacement

    I need to replace my gas tank. Yes the panga is less than a year old, but one US year is 10 Mexican years. For maximum capacity, I'll probably have to go with a custom tank. FUCK! Questions. 1. Recommended remover and installer 2. Steel or PLastic. Thanks AC
  236. aguachico

    Weigh station

    I live in Chula Vista. I need to weigh my boat and the tongue weight. My f-150 is struggling. Where should I go? AC
  237. aguachico

    Tranny Advice

    Not that kind of tranny:finger: I have a 95 ford f150 4x4 long bed. Lifted 6". 35' tires. I recently had the rear springs arched and shocks replaced. It lifted the rear another 2". The mechanic shimmed the drive shaft underneath bearing. Since this happened the truck slips slightly when...
  238. aguachico


    This is not an instructional pictorial. I'm still learnning This is why she spins like butter. Looks like one piece. But it's four Grease on the dog housing had salt build up, but not bad for 2 years of yak fishing. WD, qtips and toothbrush. Cleaned and awaiting new...
  239. aguachico

    SX and JX breakdown

    After two years of abuse and light miantenance, I've pulled apart and totlally cleaned out both the SX and JX. I found it very helpful to have a dedicated table to spread each section out for cleaning. Also the PDF file to keep everything in prespective. I'm totally stoked on the quality...
  240. aguachico

    Customer service

    Another great episode with Avet. Called and asked Louisa for tech support. She came back and asked "what kind of reel do you have?". I said all but a the pro50 and the t-rex. I got Harry on the phone and we talked about the retaining clip on the the smaller models sx-lx and how the the...
  241. aguachico

    Need a winter Baja trip

    I'd like to tow the panga down for winter YT on the cortez side. I'd like to fish between Lucas cove and Loreto. Any info would be appreciated. AC
  242. aguachico

    They ain't your daddy's jigmaster.

    Started the winter time cleaning. Started with the sx. I've had this reel apaprt before, but not at the depths it is now. Every possible part is disassembled soaking in wd-40 or scrubbed awaiting a new layer of grease. I have some questions. 1. There's a screw in the knob, but it doesn't...
  243. aguachico

    Reel foot info - warning and fixes.

    While picking up my Avet Pro 30 yesterday, I showed Joey how BAD the reel foot size are on the Avet line of reels. I pulled several Precision aluminum reel seats out of the bin. Size #24,#22 down to size #19. The shortness of the feet were an issue on the #24 and 'one' of the #22's. This...
  244. aguachico

    Paging Get a Gaff!

    How should I winterize my Yamaha 150 4-stroke? I expect to have her out of the water for 3 months next year. Thanks AC
  245. aguachico

    Pro 30 - Merry Xmas to me!!!

    Just got off the phone with Joey. Put my order in for the Pro-30 WIDE. In FAG Blue.gayz: I'm going with the wide because of Nelz's suggestion, Joey's suggestion and this reel is in lieu of buying the topless 50. AC
  246. aguachico

    Abreojos 11/25-11/28

    Bill, Neil and I packed up the morning after thanksgiving and went to Abreojos. Our goal was to catch fish at the Bajo Wright, from kayak only, killing only grouper and releasing all YT. We arrived to hear fishing was good, but not WFO. We fished the first day. Made lotsa bait and paddled...
  247. aguachico

    New Avet model Pro 30

    What's the deal with this reel? All reports say it's the new and improved Avet with features added and removed. All my info is coming from Charkbait. Mark is always right on time with info and product. I'd add a link to his site with the info, but that may not be allowed. There's no...
  248. aguachico

    Need an estimate on cabinet work - photos included.

    I have a cabinet that needs altering for a hood to be installed. The vent hole and electrical are in place. The cabinet needs the lower portion removed. My number is 619-587-4302 Art aka Aguachico
  249. aguachico

    Average time of ownership

    This was my first year owning a boat. I spent more time building then fishing. I'm very happy with my Panga. I did pretty well for a newbie driver. I was curious to how long most small boat owners keep thier current ride before changing styles, size or brands? Also why did you change...
  250. aguachico

    Warm water push

    Temp maps show a big push of 71 degree water. Hurricane Otis?
  251. aguachico

    Hurricane Otis

    I called my friend Chelo yesterday. She is the hotel owner in Abreojos. I told her about the storm. She has big glass wndows in the restaurant. She said " good, we'll have some excitment here!!!!" What a gal. AC
  252. aguachico

    Radio interfering with FF

    Everytime I press the TX button, it sends vertical lines onto my FF screen. The cross talk is coming thru the Xducer cable. Both units are in the same radio box. The xducer cable doesn't appear to be shielded. The FF is a Furuno 600L with the thru hul xducer. The radio is a Standard. The...
  253. aguachico


    Rolled down to Abreojos with the panga last Friday. With only 80 hours on the motor, I've managed 5 ablies this season on two trips. I should be happy that the panga is running, but I needed to catch some fish. Abreojos holds everything within range, it's a place I love to be, so off we went...
  254. aguachico

    Trolling fishtraps

    I's like to troll my fish trap, but at what size and speed? Thanks AC
  255. aguachico

    Problem with an Avet ex-2pd

    By now you all know that I dig my Avet's. A few of my boys have purchased them also. Over the past year between the four of us we've purchased around a dozen. My friend Bill had his EX-2spd "SPOOL LOCK" engage on it's own at Lupe. I showed him how that could happen if you hold the rod wrong...
  256. aguachico

    425 7/22 Tuna

    Launched SI for the first time. Who the fuck did they design that ramp area for, row boaters? Think the rocks are close enough? Watched a guy launch without a drain plug. I had spares in the truck, but he didn't need it. Does eveyone do that at least once in their boating life? Great bait...
  257. aguachico

    First Blood on the Panga at the 238

    I was at the Coral Saturday to watch all the boats come in plugged with albies. I could have went out Saturday, but solo, for the first time, at the Coral was a bad idea. My friend Neil met me Saturday night and we slipped the panga that night. The Coral is a monopolizing ripoff. Got...
  258. aguachico

    Which Buoy Report for Ensenada

    Which report should I look at 0-30nm or 30-60nm if I'm leaving Ensenada and creeping my way towards the 238? AC
  259. aguachico

    Bait in Ensenada

    Does anyone know the status of bait in Ensenada? If I were to stay the weeknd in Ensenada, is the Coral the only place to stay and Launch? AC
  260. aguachico

    Which chart

    Want to add the c-map for my Standard 175c. My panga will be going all over baja up to 40 miles off shore. I'm not sure if I want the Max megawide or just the pro angelers series for San Diego? TIA AC
  261. aguachico

    Fishing line info

    I've been using Ande exclusively for 8 years. My new avets have a fast spool. So fast that bait can get a couple of unwanted loops on the spool. I wind my own topshots. And have had success wiht them for quite sometime. Now I'm thinking Ande's quality ( stiffness) is waning and would like...
  262. aguachico

    Pimp my Ride II

    Things are looking up on this new build. Robby is paying great attention to details as each piece is a new install with no templates. Robby has been great in handling the "Mexican" gotchas we've encountered along the way. I'm a much smarter boat owner and wish I knew then what I know now...
  263. aguachico

    No more kelp cutter

    Interesting article in the UT. I wonder how this will affect fishing. I was telling Iceman yesterday that the LJ kelp was expanding. UT article
  264. aguachico

    I need storage!

    I signed up at Mission Bay Boat and Ski Club in March. It was $300 to start and $110 per month. When I was at the first meeting they were talking about a rash of break-ins by the local fucking tweakers. They said that they were going to get on-site security at night. I was like cool. I...
  265. aguachico

    1.5 Outer Limts

    We fished 95 miles south. 15 sw of the 483/500 hump. The water was 62.2 and blue. Around 40 albies for 17 anglers with equal amount of farming going on. I had the farner johns and pitch fork in hand the whole time. Mark on the Pacific Voyager came into the area late and hammered the fish on...
  266. aguachico

    Shut off valve.

    Is it necessary to put a shut off valve on the outtakeof the bait tank? AC
  267. aguachico

    Seaswirl Trophies

    If been watching a lot of boats for sale here and different boards. I did this while tryiing to make a decision on what boat to buy. Is it me or do the Trophy boats change hands a lot? Is it because they are the most popular boat to buy, or is it a disappointment after the purchase? The...
  268. aguachico

    LaJolla YT

    It's been two months since I've boated yt on the yak. :FU: Fuck :FU: those kayaks, bring on the PANGA: I got a 24# and 19# yt on bait.
  269. aguachico

    Pimpin My Ride

    I'm so close to getting on the water I can taste it. This is Robby Gordon from Boating Dyanmics and he's pimpin my ride: This is the top of the tower: Here's the console. Robby has it so the everything is seen without a lot of movement. The Radio and FF are in the...
  270. aguachico

    Panga Update

    Robby has mounted the motor, configured the console and started on the radio box. Almost time to learn how to be Captain. Furuno and two Standards Motor mount:
  271. aguachico


    I was able to get my panga off to Boating Dynamics this morning. Here's a pic of her getting the canvas fitted. The white thing on the ground is an aluminum engine bracket for the Yamaha 150 4-stroke. Robby Gordon of Boating Dynamics will be rigging her for the next 3-4 weeks. She's a...
  272. aguachico

    Bait tank light

    I've got a rectangular 40 gallon bait tank. It's about 2feet high, 2.5 feet wide an 1.5 across. What color light red, white or amber? TIA AC
  273. aguachico

    Coast Guard Classes

    I'm looking for a few boating classes. West Marine and the Coast guard offer some, most are bad for my schedule. Does anyone have any suggestions for a new skipper on a small boat trying to learn the laws of the sea? AC
  274. aguachico


    I just ordered boat insurance and Vessel assist. I'm trying to make sure I'm covered in Mexico. What a confusing cluster fuck that is. I would have to carry multiple policies to be covered for boat damage, liability, liability on the water and the trailer... yikes. I currently have truck...
  275. aguachico

    Signal detection scanner

    I saw a VHF detection scanner attenna today. It was just installed on a boat. The installer told me that when you talk to someone over the radio, your postion pops up on his GPS. It was a 4-attenna looking thing. Anyone have this thing installed? AV
  276. aguachico

    New Shimano reels

    When I read about these reels I was excited that Shimano had actaully followed Avet's lead and created a castable lever drag that didn't cost you an arm and a leg. But leave it to Shimano to put that stupid bar across the top of the spool and you have an instant backlash. IMHO. Tyrnos AC...
  277. aguachico

    Finding the spine

    How do you find the spine? When it's found, how do you position it in reference to the guides? I've used the book and it seemed to work on all my rods except one. It's something I'm still not too confident with. Any advice is sure appreciated. AC
  278. aguachico


    Here's the story: Launched at 6am. Lots of people on the beach. Made a few pieces to get started. I comedy of errors from bad knots to broken wires seemed to ruin the first five minutes. I only had an hour to fish. The mac on the bottom takes off only to outrun whatever was chasing it...
  279. aguachico

    New Avet Reels are out

    Just got off the phone with Avet. Looking to tweak my ex 2-speed with a longer base. They informed me the the JX and LX models are being two speeded for $369 and $379. The pulling power of these reels are HUGE! I use my JX to toss the iron with long accurate casts. The spool floats on 6...
  280. aguachico

    Pac Bay Rod Smith

    I've had a Rod Sith for about 6 months. I've built 3 rods on it. It was never worked right with the thread carriage not moving properly. I received a new carriage and that didn't wotk either. I worked with JT today and got it tuned by degreasing the bearing for a smooth clean ride. The...
  281. aguachico

    which transducer for my Furuno 600?

    I know I want a thru-hull with temp, but what's the diff between 1KW :) and 600W - ok it's 400W - but what does the extra 400 buy me? Also this is going into a panga - what's a fairing block and do I need one? Thanks in advance: AC - about to join the ranks of the extremely broke mofo...
  282. aguachico

    Topless 50 Avet

    Stopped buy Squidco yesterday. I have one more reel to buy for my collection to be complete. I was pawing the Avet TWIN DRAG TOPLESS 50 narrow. I will fish 80-100# on this reel after I build a rod for it. The spool floats on 6 bearings when in free spool. It's a sick reel. Squidco offers...
  283. aguachico

    Avets and Kencore

    I've seen a lot of people looking for 40-60# outfits that can cast well and not be too heavy. I feel there are many different solutions to similar applications. I'm too much of a HO to be objective, so I'll tell you about my friend Bill. Bill is tight... I'm talking still fishes with rods...
  284. aguachico

    First Conole setup

    My panga will need the toys. I can't afford everything at once, but would like to start off with a fish finder. I have a hand held GPS and VHF to start the season. Actually a flush mounted VHF will be installed. Anyway with a predicted forcast of $3k over the next 18 months for electronics, how...
  285. aguachico

    Lupe 11/14-11/19

    My fishing bud Bill and I caught the Bright and Morning Star to Lupe on the 14th. They have a 2 for 1 special in the begining and end of the season. We've been cathcing this boat for a few years, twice/three times a year. We arrived at Lupe Monday morning and found green water at Pilot rock...