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  1. madrugador

    FREE Free nav lights

    Free if you can use them . Off my 26 blackman
  2. madrugador

    Another great build

    Bill did a great job on this one for me .
  3. madrugador

    SOLD Sold sold gone see ya

    Good condition 40 ×12 ... 65$$
  4. madrugador

    For Sale Rack to hold rods

    26 rod rack . Good condition . Pick up in el cajon . 50.00
  5. madrugador

    New Gaff build

    Built a new calcutta gaff . Got more winthrop gaff hooks on the way . Going to build a couple more .my old ones are worn out.
  6. madrugador

    SOLD SOLD s5100

    Simrad s5100 sounder module /black box . Works great . . If you don't have one you should . These ate a game changer . 1200.
  7. madrugador

    SOLD Simrad Ap24 head unit

    Good condition , good working head unit with cable . 300.00
  8. madrugador

    Buggin with bug rider

    What a year so far . 7 trips for 84 buggs most nights done by 9 . Me plus 1 in the skiff each trip.
  9. madrugador

    Info on destin/pcb fishing

    going to see my daughter in november around Thanksgiving. Possibly looking for charter or trip to fish on . Whats biting this time of year in this area. Any recommendations on a trip or charter. Thank in advance.
  10. madrugador

    For Sale 250 gallon bait reciever

    250 gallon bait reciever . Seal proof . Works great . 500.00 obo. Will post pics later today .
  11. madrugador

    SOLD Bait receiver seal proof

    Nice receiver 250 gallons . Works great seal proof 500.00 .
  12. madrugador

    Bookends by 11

    Fished with mikeylikesit ,captjd, fritz and mike on mikes 35 cabo . nice pair done by 11am and headed home
  13. madrugador

    SOLD Makaira 20ll SEA

  14. madrugador

    SOLD SFE kite

    green sfe kite . New never used . 120.00$ firm located in san diego.
  15. madrugador

    WTB Simrad evo 2 sun cover

    Just like title says . Evo 2 7" sun cover
  16. madrugador

    WTB Volvo A3 props

    looking for A3 props . Let me know what you have
  17. madrugador

    FREE Free Lead to good home

  18. madrugador

    HAPPY EASTER From the bunny

    easter bunny wants to fish too
  19. madrugador

    Finally got out on the boat

    To do some wood work and refinishing. You know we cant use the ramp 🤣🤣. Big thanks to mikeylikesit for helping while staying 6' apart 😁.
  20. madrugador

    For Sale Volvo penta inttercooler

    Volvo ad41 inttercooler. Pressure tested and cleaned . I believe this fits the 31 41 43 and 44. 1400$ price drop 1200.00
  21. madrugador

    SOLD Flo scan part #231

    Yellow floscan sensor. I believe this was for bigger motor 20$
  22. madrugador

    Old oron

    What are these worth ?
  23. madrugador

    SOLD Battery boxes x 2 for sale

    2 boxes ..5$ each
  24. madrugador

    For Sale Fujinon binos

    10x70 for when you want to see what that boat 2 miles away is up to. 350.00 obo. No low ball offers please
  25. madrugador

    SOLD 2 vhf anntenas

  26. madrugador

    For Sale Feathers and murauders & more

    Pics with prices bellow. 1st come 1st serve.... cash only .
  27. madrugador

    SOLD Blower motor for gas boat

    Attwood blower motor 5.00. Don't go boom....
  28. madrugador

    For Sale 2 transducers

  29. madrugador

    SOLD Sat phone from madrugador

    Motorolla sat phone . All acc. Incuded. 300$ obo
  30. madrugador

    For Sale Misc rods for sale from madrugador

    Quantum superlight 90.00 obo Possible trades Will all be at marlin club swap meet on saturday along with a bunch more tackle . Murauders ,iron etc
  31. madrugador

    For Sale Fred arecher books

    2 books 50$ for both .
  32. madrugador

    For Sale Cutting board and misc

    Cutting board and mount $old Cleat 5$ Thru hull 5$ Rod holder line spooler 75$
  33. madrugador

    For Sale 36 promar hoop net &misc

    36" promar net $old 2 bait tubes and cage $old Promar gloves 10$ Ropes and cord reels gone pending pick up.
  34. madrugador


    Anyone else going to KOH ? Im going up monday thru saturday . Will be camping with bitten off road car 4815. Wish us luck . If your going see ya there
  35. madrugador

    Bug rider for for rent *Video added!*

    Bug rider for rent . 150 per trip (jk) . Ever since he joined my team we have gone 27-0 on lobeter trips minimum of 4 bugs per trip. What a great season .hooping in 5 to 35' of water all with sardines . Thursday we had 6 friday 4 . Leaving by 830 both nights. Keep at it guys
  36. madrugador

    My 12 year old niece hangs out with bug rider

    My 12 year old niece wanted to go hooping . So i went and got her all the gear and off we went . She pulled hoops like a champ and was rewarded with a limit of bugs
  37. madrugador

    Still picking away

    Still getting bugs it has slowed down but has been a great year. 21 trips in the books 200 legal bugs .9.52 average per trip. Last night we had 5 on trip 22 . All trips we were done by 930 at night . Keep at it guys .hooping san diego bay with me plus 1 on my skiff.
  38. madrugador

    SOLD Small

  39. madrugador

    Bug rider collecting bugs

    Been a great year so far. Last night was my worst night with 4 by 7:45 and heading home .a few pics . Also watch the big seal in shelter island ramp he came up from behind me and grabbed my bicep.lucky for me i wasn't hurt but scared the shit out of me .
  40. madrugador

    Bug rider at it again

    Had limits by 730 . Tossed 5 legals back and headed home.
  41. madrugador

    Bug rider at it again

    Double post ..
  42. madrugador

    Bug rider at it again

    Friday got limits for 2 by 10 pm last night got 12 by 930 called it a night . Go gettem guys.
  43. madrugador

    Bisbee tournaments

    Got an invite to fish the bisbee this year . So here i am . We are fishing on a 35 cabo . The first tournament is the bisbee off shore and started yesterday . Black and blue is next week . The shotgun start was crazy and this was the small tournament only 119 boats . Only 1 release for us...
  44. madrugador

    Bug rider

    You have all heard about mackerel man about bug rider. All really nice bugs last night . Back on the trailer at 8:30.
  45. madrugador

    How not to pull your boat out

    Shelter island yesterday . Name on boat says it all . Strap broke . Make sure you have a safety chain as well .
  46. madrugador

    For Sale Narrow special 40n

    Trinidad tn40n narrow special . In good condition. Missing clamp but ill see if i can find it.65# spectra Minor rash . See pics . 475 obo
  47. madrugador

    SD rod and reel big fish tournament 1,2,3 +

    1st off thank to san diego rod and reel club for putting on another great tournament . The big fish tournament is open to anyone that wants to fish it. Team madrugador (ronson aka downtime and mikey aka mikey likes it and my self ) ended up with 1st ,2nd and 3rd place plus both side pots for 3...
  48. madrugador

    Couple on the troll

    Left at 11am (not like me) went to the 9 fished the middle of the 9 for a double on yellowfin on the outside edge . Back to fuel dock by 430. Go gettem boys .
  49. madrugador

    Kite flying on the 4th

    Happy 4th eveyone
  50. madrugador

    One of our own needs help and prayers la tigra

    For those that don't know, one of our own ( la tigra ..captamb1 wife ) has been battling an infection in her leg due to a surgery a few years back. Unfortunatelly they had to amputate her leg a few days ago . I know many of us have talked to her over the years on the radio to communicate back...
  51. madrugador

    Built another bait reciever

    Built this one today 200 gallon grey/rain water tank . You can see my 130 gallon one in one of the pics . It works great too but figured a little bigger won't hurt.
  52. madrugador

    SOLD Picnic table

    Gone .... going to bdoutdoors.
  53. madrugador

    For Sale Fujinon 7x50

    Fujinon 7x50 fmtr-sx binos in great shape used as back up set . I think i paid around 650 for these. 400.00 firm .
  54. madrugador

    For Sale 6/0 kite reel with power lug

    6/0 kite reel with power lug ready to go . I think its 80# spectra . 75.00
  55. madrugador

    SOLD Penn 16visx

  56. madrugador

    Got a new kite

    I'm really going to put the wood to them this year.
  57. madrugador

    SOLD Shimano tac20 II

    New in box talica 20.. 2 speed . 500.00 firm.
  58. madrugador

    For Sale Promar bait tubes

    10 promar bait tubes 100.00 for all
  59. madrugador

    SOLD Skb medium 7100

    New skb box with trays . I did use 1 tray out of it but its back in the box . Box has never been on boat sold includes rod holders .
  60. madrugador

    WTB Capstan power winch

  61. madrugador

    SOLD Blackman radar arch

    Blackman fold down arch .all hardware included . I bought from another member but I decided to go a different route. 850.00 obo .measures 70"- 76"width +or -. 1 1/4 stainless tubing.
  62. madrugador

    WTB Hooop nets

    Looking for good used promar nets .
  63. madrugador

    My new gregor hoopster

    Sold my old gregor about a year ago . Was bummed when i did . Been looking for a while and this fell in my lap at the rite price. Everything works . Brand new 15hp 4 stroke merc .
  64. madrugador

    WTB 360 stern light

    Looking for light and mount like one in the picture.
  65. madrugador

    For Sale Volvo penta air filters

    Volvo ad41 air fillters part # 21646645 . 40.00 for the pair . Pick up only san diego area
  66. madrugador

    For Sale Diesel parker

  67. madrugador

    For Sale New yetti 110

  68. madrugador

    Custom made jigs

    Had oct make these custom for me . They are at paint now then rings and hooks. Cant wait to fish them .thank you panic , oct , jeff .
  69. madrugador

    For Sale Kite for sale

  70. madrugador

    For Sale Aftco fishing kite

    Aftco kite with 2 sets of spars . Will fly from 4-14 mph . 100.00
  71. madrugador

    Places you have put bd stickers

    Where have you put bd stickers? Hawks nest resort in the bahamas.
  72. madrugador

    Eds jigs at it again

    Went rock fishing today with mikeylikesit and gary .great day on the water and some nice reds. Stoped in the bay for a couple halibut drifts 1 short.
  73. madrugador

    G loomis tackle back pack

    Great condition g loomis back pack . No trays . 50.00. Obo
  74. madrugador

    Albackore reel bag

    This fits on there back pack . Great condition . 30.00
  75. madrugador

    New toy

    My new desert toy. Can am x3 :D
  76. madrugador

    Pool table

    Oak Connelly 1" slate table with light and cues. In great shape. 599.00 obo. You move . Trade for fishing tackle or ??
  77. madrugador

    Tackle to give away question.

    A friend recently past away. I have lots of his tackle i would like to donate. Penn 500s , diawa sl40 and 50 . Calcutta 400 tld25 asso a few rods. Does friend's of rollo take donation like this or would I be better giving it away to kids on here ? I want it to go to kids.... also will be tuna...
  78. madrugador

    Last sunday 302

    Good day . Late report. Limits by 930.
  79. madrugador

    Wtb. Volvo a4 props

    Delete . Bought new ones
  80. madrugador


    Looking for old stainless bimini top if any one has one laying around . Even if its bent . Thanks
  81. madrugador

    9th inning stretch

    Pulled it off late . Left at 5am got the kite bite at 6:30 pm . 22 minutes to gaff . Guessing around 140-150. But who knows . Kite fish .16hrs on the water .
  82. madrugador

    Wanted blackman rod holders

    Looking for 2 of the 3 rod holders and 1 of the 4 rod holders . They look like the ones in picture . Thanks
  83. madrugador

    Worked hard and made a day if it.

    Ended up with 6 nice yellowfin for the day . All on troll cedar plug and zucchini Broomtail. Only boat in the area most of the day.found them under the birds and rolling in the swell . Binos are your friend #s are on fishdope .
  84. madrugador

    Loreto Tuesday 20th

    Flying out of tj. On tuesday ...Anyone else going down at this time ?
  85. madrugador

    Simrad nss8

  86. madrugador

    Simrad nss8

    Simrad nss8 in great condition still on my boat if you want to see it work . 500.00 obo. Pics to follow
  87. madrugador

    Eds jigs on south 9

    Made short work of some nice reds with eds jigs on south nine
  88. madrugador

    Show me your blackman boat

    Let's see your blackman boats. Here's mine.
  89. madrugador

    Good food ,good friend and bluefin

    Left the dock about 4:30am got 2 scoops of great bait and off we went . Spotted a small kelp around 8 . MikeyLikesIt drops in a bait fish on ...capt jd drops a flat fall fish on . Gaff jds 1st them I get a bait in I'm bit .. break it off on the trout rod . Jd gaffs Mikey's fish ... good job guys...
  90. madrugador

    Blackman 26 swimstep

    Swim step off blackman 26 . 300.00 located in San Diego. No shipping.
  91. madrugador

    Wtb precision marine outriggers with maximizers

    Looking for precision marine outriggers with maximizers for my 26 blackman .pm me if you have a set
  92. madrugador

    Down rigger mounts.

    2 mounts 1 for cannon 1 for scotty . 20.00 each
  93. madrugador

    Bait o matic

    6 bait o matics 20.00 each or all 6 for 100
  94. madrugador

    Large reel bag open water /nomad

    Large Reel bag for sale 45.00
  95. madrugador

    1st bluefin caught today

    Just read the 1st bluefin was caught today on the eclipse 15# fish...
  96. madrugador

    Got my Christmas tree up

    Here it is . complete with ornaments
  97. madrugador

    Found hoop net in San Diego bay

    Found a hoop net In San Diego Bay this morning . 1 yellowtail float and 1 white float . Would like to get it back to its owner . Describe the white float and you'll get it back .. pm me .
  98. madrugador

    Baldwin bt292 filters

    Baldwin by 292 filters. I believe these are for yanmar motors but you will need to verify. 10.00 each . I have at least 3
  99. madrugador

    Galvanized wheel and tire . 6 lug

    Galvanized wheel and tire . 6 lug 15" . 50.00 or trade for 8 lug wheel .
  100. madrugador

    Furuno ff GPS radar

    Older stuff . Gps works, ff works , radar sceen turns on but could not get it to function. Not sure why . 100.00 for all
  101. madrugador

    Shimano terez

    Shimano terez tzc-stmh2ss-blk 5'6" braided line 40-100 . Used 2 times never caught a fish on it. 500.00 obo
  102. madrugador

    Went marlin fishing..

    Went to 43 to fish marlin for the 1st time on the new boat . Had success on the short corner black bart . Don't worry guys my hands are tough and I hate gloves was released to fight another day
  103. madrugador

    MADRUGADOR finally gets a cow.

    Finally got a Cow. 252# kite fish on the yummy. 2hrs 55 minutes on 130# . Loving this boat.
  104. madrugador

    WTB BAKER MARINE 7X50 binoculars

    Looking for a set of baker marine 7X50 binoculars let me know what you have
  105. madrugador

    My new to me blackman 26

    A few pics of my new blackman 26 . 1020 hrs on volvo ad 41p with 290 drive . Future plans new electronics (still deciding on simrad or garmin ) and change the name MADRUGADOR II .
  106. madrugador

    SOLD This thread is 4 years old

    Great condition dorado avet trade for talica 2 speed in same condition. Had spectra backing I will keep unless your has spectra .
  107. madrugador

    Tds desert safari .

    Who's going to tds this year ? I'll be there in the cherokee this year .
  108. madrugador

    Got my fishmas tree up

    Wife wanted a tree this year . So here it Is :)
  109. madrugador

    It's football season

    Wasn't looking for tuna but stopped at 08/33 for limits of yft footballs it a short amount of time . Then went back to hoo hunting .. no hoos thought ,maybe next weekend . Sorry no picks
  110. madrugador

    2yft ,1 Dorado ,5 new tires

    Fished from la jolla to oside today . Ended up with 1 Dorado 2yft and 5 new tires . I found them floating .found 1 with a label then another then another ended with 5 all in excellent shape with labels no growth on them . Got them on ice so hopefully they won't taste like rubber lol.
  111. madrugador

    Here and there

    Managed 8yf and 1 Dorado . Had fun getting another yf to color on my ultra ultra lite lol then the reel froze... next time .no #s today on the move all day couple here couple there . But made a day of it and had fun doing it .
  112. madrugador

    Trying not to be a dick

    Left the slip at 330am sd bay . Got to the bait receiver to find no bait . Wait 1hr to get bait and took off . Got to the #s below and went wide open for 2 hrs . I had all beginner's on the boat today .kept 22 released a few more . Had fun catching one on the lite gear too . Most days I fish...
  113. madrugador

    For a few more

    Fished yesterday for 3 yellowfin ,8 dorado ,2 yellowtail. Left at 330 am for the 182 . Worked north west from there lots of nice kelps along the way . Seen some 100# plus tuna jumping on one but no takers . Turned and worked back south west to the 43 then back in across th he corner . Back to...
  114. madrugador

    Skb box

  115. madrugador

    For a few

    Fished yesterday with 2 buddy's on the boat. . 302 area to San Salvador knoll . Lots of life and kelps throughout . 10 larger yellowtail , 4 dorado, 1 yellowfin . Released some smaller yellowtail and doritos . Not a bad day on the pond . Pics to follow. Large dorado was 36#
  116. madrugador

    Dorado avet = dorado

    Took out my new avet mxl raptor dorado with a new 700m calstar ..about 7 off del Mar on a kelp
  117. madrugador

    Off road lights ,with bar

    Off road lights with bar off jeep Cherokee with rack on top complete with wiring. 200 or trade for boating or fishing tackle . Located in san diego
  118. madrugador

    skipjack cabinet hinges wanted

    Looking for cabinet door hinges skipjack
  119. madrugador

    Wtb 2 antenna mounts in san diego

    Got them . Thanks bd
  120. madrugador

    wtb calstar bwc 196 7c or 700xl 10-25

    wanted calstar bwc-196 -7c -10 25# san diego area
  121. madrugador

    12# down rigger ball mold

    Mold for making down rigger balls 40.00 or trade for ?
  122. madrugador

    grab bars

    10 at 24" 1 at 18" 10.00 each or best offer
  123. madrugador

    cabelas rooling reel /tackle bag

    rolling reel tackle bag 45.0
  124. madrugador

    albakore reel bag for back pack

    Albakore reel bag for the top of albakore back pack good condition 40.00 .
  125. madrugador

    albakore back pack

    Albakore back no trays . Good condition . 75.00
  126. madrugador

    volvo 290 dp-e rebuild shop

    Needs a shop to rebuild the top end of my dpe drive who do you guys recommend ? I'm located in san diego but don't mind driving to orange county if need be .just want it done rite. Thanks in advance .
  127. madrugador

    my new lobster / baja skiff

    Picked up a 13 1/2 gregor with a 25 yamaha 2 stroke . Gotta do some clean up but will have it ready to hoop by friday .
  128. madrugador

    15,000# boat trailer distribution hitch

    15, 000# boat trailer distribution hitch 150.00 or trade for ? Pics to follow made by reese
  129. madrugador

    bumpers /fenders

    1 large 6 small Large 10.00 Small 5.00 each
  130. madrugador

    braid harness

    Braid fighting harness 45.00
  131. madrugador

    8' vhf antenna

  132. madrugador

    bait receiver

    bait receiver 50.00
  133. madrugador

    base for figting chair

    Base for fighting chair 10.00
  134. madrugador

    rod riggers

    Aluminum rod riggers 40.00
  135. madrugador

    raymarine auto pilot .. sportpilot+

    Raymarine sportpilot plus . Had this on my skipjack worked great but would not work with dual steering staions and cable steering . It was new usedvfor one season then removed for tower and steering. 700.00 obo
  136. madrugador

    wtb antenna for lowrance globalmap 2400

    I need an antenna for a lowrance global map 2400 .let me know what you have and price thanks End Should look like pic below
  137. madrugador

    another wahoo speard ???

    Just heard on the radio another wahoo was speard . I don't believe everything I hear on the but this sounded legit.couldn't make out all the details but sounded likevaround the 209 .
  138. madrugador

    marlin , dorado , yellowfin 371 , 302

    Made macs friday night to marlin fishing , also got a scoop of bait on the way out . Left the slip at 5:30 am worked the 302 to the 371 lots of kelps . Finally the black and purple marlin jig goes off , nice dorado . Keep working the areai pink marlin lure goes off marlin . 40 minutes later...
  139. madrugador

    a few more bugs

    Went out again last night for a couple hours .
  140. madrugador

    a few bugs

    Went hoopin last night on my buddy fritz boat . Ended up with 15 nice bugs for 3 guys .hooped san diego bay .
  141. madrugador

    below the 371 yft , yt , dorado and a broken foot

    Started at the 371 with the fleet at grey light . Decided to work away from the fleet south west . Finally found the rite school of yft .ended up with 17 yft ,8 yellowtail and 1 dorado . Slipped off my engine hatch a rolled my foot . Got worse as we were out there .came to ER to find out I broke...
  142. madrugador

    volvo 5.7 tbi mechanic

    I need a mechanic that is good with throttle body injection . Motor is a 2001 volvo 5.7 . Chad 858 248 7582
  143. madrugador

    tuffy box for jeep ...JK

    Large box for back of jeep jk ... made by tuffy 450.00 obo
  144. madrugador

    ready welder 12, 24, 36 volt welder

    Used this in my samurai rock crawler . Sold the crawler so no need for this 500.00 obo
  145. madrugador

    large insulated kill bag

  146. madrugador


  147. madrugador

    15000# weight distribution hitch

    Reese hitch 15000# , was on a 30' boat trailer . Fits 2 1/2 receiver . 250.00 with flags and wide load signs
  148. madrugador

    samurai rock crawler / flat bed trailer

    87 suzuki samurai , linked , built toyota axles , locked front and rear ,102" wheel base , front warn 8000#winch , rear suck down winch ,master craft seats , power tank ,1.6 16 valve motor , 6.5 :1 t case lots more plus tons of parts 8000.00 obo 14' flatbed trailer with honda 3500 generator...
  149. madrugador

    leaving for loreto

    Heading to loreto today , may the fish bite and the beers be cold ....
  150. madrugador


    Anyone have one of these ? Are they worth the service ?
  151. madrugador

    raymarine sortpilot plus auto pilot

    Good working raymarine auto pilot. Had this on my 25 skipjack but when I added my tower the steering wont work with it,.. I have the original box and paper work . Was only on my boat for last summer. 750.00 obo ! Pm all offers
  152. madrugador

    wtb gps/chartplotter/fish finder

    Looking for a used combo unit with built in antenna and transom mount tranducer. Anybody have anything for sale ?
  153. madrugador

    wahoo fish mount

    5' wahoo fish mount .excellent condition. 450.00 obo
  154. madrugador

    lowrance lcx15 mt ?

    Anyone using this unit ? Any pros/cons ? Any idea what a used one is worth ? Im looking for a smaller unit to install on my tower and found one of these used. Thanks in advance
  155. madrugador

    wtb gps/chartplotter with built in antenna

    Looking for a smaller size chartplotter with built in antenna for up on my tower . prefer color , might also look at a combo with fish finder.
  156. madrugador

    tierra del sol at truckhaven

    Its almost time whos going ? I will be there on thursday afternoon thru sunday , camping off n marina drive just psst the houses on the left .stop by for a cold one !
  157. madrugador

    hi lift 1st reponder jack with mounts and accessories new

    Hi lift jack with mounts and accessories 250.00 for all or trade for ?
  158. madrugador

    newell questions

    I recently picked up 2 newells , the price was rite. The 1st one is a 338-5 The 2nd is a c332-5 Can anyone give me any info on these, gear ratio, line, etc .thanks
  159. madrugador

    utility camper shell heavy duty

    Heavy utility camper shell 350.00 obo or trade for??? Located in san diego
  160. madrugador

    san diego 4 wheelers superstition mtn run

    Anyone else going to this event .january 17,18,19.
  161. madrugador

    Christmas in loreto

    Came down to see some friends for Christmas week . The wind has been blowing all week and havent been able to get out on a boat. Still making the best of it relaxing and fishing from shore.
  162. madrugador

    LED navagation light

    Bought these for my skipjack but they would not work where I needed to put them. 30.00 for the pair
  163. madrugador

    second steering station

    I'm going to add a tower on my 25' skipjack and want to put steering and controls up there.pyt is installing the tower.any recommendation on who does the steering and controls. Thanks in advance.
  164. madrugador

    tower flooring

    I going to put a tower on my 25 skipjack.I need to put a false floor in it because you can't stand on the hard top.what do you guys recommend. Want to keep it as light as possible. Thanks in advance
  165. madrugador

    cmmg 308 ar10 $ 2800

    cmmg ar10 308, 2- 10 round mags ,100 rounds of ammo,bipod,scope . 2800.00 OBO ffl transfer only pm me for pics no trades
  166. madrugador


    looking for a couple gallons of bottom or dark blue.let me know what you have and price.thanks
  167. madrugador

    wtb wooden rod rack

    Looking for vetical rod rack for my house.let me know what you have and price.
  168. madrugador

    lead bricks

    clean lead bricks. 80¢ a #. May back better deal if you buy it all. I have over 300 #
  169. madrugador

    small marauders

    Looking for some small yo zuri 5 1/2" me what you have and price
  170. madrugador

    mirrolures/grouper leaders

    Mirrolures 10.00 each 22 grouper leaders 6.00 each got these for a mother ship trip. Never used them. Located in san Diego.
  171. madrugador

    how accurate is your flow scan?

    Wondering how accurate your flow scan is.I just installed mine on my skipjack 25 and was within about 2.5 gallons.flowscan said 29 i used 26.5.will it dial in closer or is this about as close as they get? thanks
  172. madrugador

    1 yellowtail for Madrugador

    We got 1 yellowtail today.scrambled egg yo yo iron.lost another on the dropper loop.great 1st trip of the season. Everything ran great.all the off season modifications worked.called it a day at 12. Time to start the bbq :hali_olutta:
  173. madrugador

    Honda 225 prop

    Prop off 225 Honda 75.00 like new
  174. madrugador

    Tds 2013 pics

    A few pics from Tds
  175. madrugador

    albackore back pack

    Black albackore tackle back trays. 65.00 located in san diego
  176. madrugador

    icom vhf ic-m302

    Sold sold
  177. madrugador


    I have about 150# of lead. (Maybe more) to trade.looking to trade for torpedo,egg,and other me what you have to offer.thanks.
  178. madrugador

    sitka or juneau

    Im going on a cruise to alaska 1st week in july.which area would have better fishing?what will be bitting then?any recomendations on guide or charter. Thanks in advance
  179. madrugador

    6 lug galvanized 15"wheel

    Looking for a 6 lug galvanized wheel or wheel/ tire combo need it for a spare pm me what you have and price thanks.
  180. madrugador

    steel trail rite trailer for 25' skipjack

    Steel trail rite brakes.needs paint.1000.00 obo. 10,000# gvwr trailer 858 248 7582 chad
  181. madrugador

    wanted:alluminum or galvanized trailer

    Found one. Thanks delete
  182. madrugador

    new trailer options

    Im going to be loking at getting a new trailer for my 25' skipjack soon.should i get alluminum or galvanized?any manufactures better than others?thanks in advance.
  183. madrugador

    superstition for thanksgiving

    Any one else going.ill be out there wed thru Friday
  184. madrugador

    outriggers on 25 skipjack

    Does and one have out riggers on the 25 sport cruiser are the mounted. The top is not strong enough to mount them to.any ideas?
  185. madrugador

    Furuno navnet

  186. madrugador


    Want buy floscan for 5.7 chevy fuel inj.let me know what you have
  187. madrugador

    one more skipjack.

    Picked this up a couple months back.time to start cleaning it up.
  188. madrugador

    23' cuddy 225 honda

  189. madrugador

    50-60 gallon bait tank

    Looking for 50 - 60 gallon bait tank.prefer offshore in tan color but let me know what you have.thanks
  190. madrugador

    hard top rod holder

    Rod holder for hard top.250.00 . . . . possible trade for? Pm me offers/trades thanks
  191. madrugador

    tilt steering

    Tilt steering kit 50.00
  192. madrugador

    humminbird fishfinders

  193. madrugador

    1 icom 1 garmin

    1 icom gps 1 garmin gps i only have 1 antena it will work with either gps. 125.00 for both
  194. madrugador

    lobster and eggs

    Went hooping last night. Got 4 bugs in s couple hours.went and droped the hook.spent the night .woke up and cooked lobster and eggs.
  195. madrugador

    hooping on the breakaway

    I went out last saterday and found some bugs after fishing all dayat the 1010.talked with jd on the breakaway on sunday and made a plan to take his boat out last night oct 2.we did ok for only going a couple hours.thanks for another great trip jd
  196. madrugador

    got a couple

    9/29 report 2 yellowfin 2 dorado 7 lobster left si for the 1010 at 1am.finally had some decent out butts kicked going about 10 above the 1010 at grey light and decided to start trolling.could not make much better time anyway.found a kelp for a dorado and a yellowfin at...
  197. madrugador

    how Not to fish someones paddy

    Saturday we were fishing above the 1010 when this asshat pulls up on the paddy we were fishing and runs on top of it.we had a nice yellowfin bite till then:finger:in the first pic you see the paddy on the port side then he drifts rite over the top of it.look at the way hes drifting and were he...
  198. madrugador

    furuno ls-6100

    Black and white furuno great.50.00 obo no transducer.
  199. madrugador

    magma bbq

    Magma bbq with rail mount 125.00 obo or trade for kill bag
  200. madrugador


    2 boat seats 50 for both obo sold Compass 50.00 obo kicker bracket 75.00 sold Icom chart plotter 50.00 obo
  201. madrugador

    vhf with dsc

    Found one. Thanks
  202. madrugador

    intake manifold for volvo tbi

    Looking for a intake manifold for a volvo5.7 350 tbi.1996-2000.part # should be 3856270.thanks
  203. madrugador

    garmin data card 2006c

    looking for a data card for california / mexico for a 2006c garmin
  204. madrugador

    furuno 582L or 600

    Looking for furuno 582L. pm me what you have .thanks
  205. madrugador

    4hp 4 stroke tohatsu

    4 hp 4 stroke 20" shaft tohatsu just serviced by outboard king .runs great 500.00 obo 858 248 7582. Trade for ?
  206. madrugador

    kicker bracket

    Kicker bracket for up to 30 hp. 150.00 obo. Chad 858 248 7582
  207. madrugador

    pro/cons volvo 5.7 fuel inj motor

    Looking at a boat with a volvo 5.7 fuel inj motor (chevy 350).any pro /cons to fuel inj on the water. Thanks in advance
  208. madrugador

    twilight on the point loma

    Went out on the point loma on Thursday and had great calico bass fishing.there were 3 halibut caught also.boat left at 3:30. Got back around 9.highly recommend this trip.nothing like catching calico and watching the sunset.great crew and cory makes an awsome bacon cheesburger.
  209. madrugador


    im going on thursday anyone else going?had alot of fun on this trip last year .talk with capt ron and the calicos are biting .:cheers:
  210. madrugador

    Bang sticks

    Is it legal to use a bang stick in Cali ?I picked up one at a garage sale and want to use it when fishing for makos.thanks in advance
  211. madrugador

    Twilight trip on the point loma

    Catching fish now here are some pics
  212. madrugador

    Eclipes 1 1/2 day trip

    Went on the eclipes for a 1 1/2day trip 29 people 1 albacore on the troll .great crew and the best food I have had on a 1~2day trip.will be back on this boat again.fished around the dumper.
  213. madrugador

    yellowtail in cabo

    took a cruise to cabo with the wife and 2 freinds .was not going to fish but ended up going for a couple hours one day .we didnt leave till 10am but got 4 yellowtail.3 on iron 1 on bait
  214. madrugador

    san diego 4 wheelers superstition

    anyone else goint to this event super 13 by san diego 4 wheelers at superstition jan 13,14,15 ?
  215. madrugador

    samurai in action video the samurias first dent
  216. madrugador

    superstition new years

    going to super for new years any one else going ?
  217. madrugador

    superstition thanksgiving pic heavy

    here are a few pics.ripped the panhardbar off the samurai had to weld it on the trail.i have a 24 volt welder on the zuk so got it fixed and kept wheeling:beerbang:
  218. madrugador

    superstition for thanksgiving

    anyone else going to superstion mtn for thanksgiving ?
  219. madrugador

    plaque was stilll there

    last march we put up a plaque at the phone both at truckhaven hills for a freind we lost .went back for the first time over the weekend and it was still there ..had a beer for him . i know he's there wheeling somewhere .someone put up another plaque so now he has a wheelin budy.....
  220. madrugador

    intrepid deck hand shot in cabo

    just read that a deckhand from the intrepid was down for the bisbee and got shot twice in a robbery ,once in the shoulder ,once in the neck. he is at a hospital in cabo and ok .his name was mike meridith(kona) .Point Loma Man Robbed, Shot in Cabo The fisherman describes what happened when he...
  221. madrugador

    operation desert fun pics

    here are some pics from odf
  222. madrugador

    operation desert fun ..ocatilla wells

    anyone else going oct 15,16
  223. madrugador

    large locking reel box

    got this to travel to baja with ... underwater kinetics 27 1/12 x 17 1/2 x 8 1/2 60.00 obo or trade for ??
  224. madrugador

    zukapalooza 2010

    here are few pics from a samurai event called zukapalooza its all suzuki based the blue one is mine ,the red is fellow bder and freind mandy kate ...
  225. madrugador

    2 car thieves off the street

    i live in el cajon /granite hills area and have had alot of problems in the past year or so .i live on a corner lot with no houses facing mine on the one side.alot of people were parking on this street doing drugs,smash and grabs etc. so when there is a car parked there i check it out .yesterday...
  226. madrugador

    building a new samurai

    here are a few pics im taking a stock samurai with an 80"wheelbase and streching it to 102" wheel base 3 link front and rear with spidertrax d44 axles
  227. madrugador

    tds tierra del sol offroad

    anyone else going ??
  228. madrugador


    heading out to super for tday thru sat anyone else going out
  229. madrugador

    ocatilla wells 10 -16,17,18

    anyone else going out its operation desert fun weekend..... taking the zuk and qauds out off main street
  230. madrugador

    legend 2nite

    any one else going on this 1 1/2 day trip .....
  231. madrugador

    legend friday 10/2/ 09 anybody else

    leaving on the legend friday anyone else on this trip ????
  232. madrugador

    a little upset

    i bought an avet lx 6/3 at fred hall in 2008 the first fish i caught on it was on a mothership trip in july of 08 the reel had a skip in the drag system took it to avet at the bd yellowtail shootout that year they said they fixed it try it again so took it out same problem .had it back to them...
  233. madrugador

    shortbill spearfish at 226

    went out with gary today on the reel adventure got 1 dorado,1 yellowfin ,and a shortbill spearfish really cool looking fish we released it
  234. madrugador

    suzukis in azusa

    here are few pics from wheeling up north at azusa canyon i had this sticker made for my brothers zuk:rofl:
  235. madrugador

    new gears for the zuk

    justed installed new 6.5 t case gears and a new t case cradle in my samurai will try it out next weekend
  236. madrugador

    back from adrea lynn midriff island trip

    had a good trip lots of yellowtail ,got my 1st white seabass ,also cought tortwava(all released),triggers,and the rest of the usual suspects...did get hand cuffed at the border by customs as there is another person with my name who is wanted held us up for an hour before realizing it wasnt...
  237. madrugador

    avet jx 6/3 or tn 30

    want to buy avet jx 6/3 or shimano tn 30 send a pm with price /details thanks
  238. madrugador

    andrea lynn baja sportfishing july11

    just wondering if any other bdrs are going on this trip leaving july 11 on the andrea lynn ???
  239. madrugador

    avet lx 6/3

    avet lx 6/3 gunmetal 60# spectra used 2x xclnt condition trade for trinidad 30 with spectra
  240. madrugador

    down rigger ball mold 12#

    i have a 12# mold for down rigger balls 45.00 used 1 time or trade for ???
  241. madrugador

    tierra del sol pics (TDS)

    here are some pics from tds
  242. madrugador

    fu&%^% thieves /tweekers el cajon /granite hills

    sat night they broke into my work truck and ramsacked the cab got my digatal camera and an ipod (that acutally quit working on friday)they used a key to get in its a chevy truck i have them on video getting in the truck and in the cab from my survallance camera ...then on sunday night they...
  243. madrugador

    tierra del sol (tds) 4x4 safari

    any other bdrs going to tds i will be going on wed -sunday
  244. madrugador

    any one going to sd 4 wheelers super 11

    i will be at superstition this weekend for super 11 anyone else ?
  245. madrugador

    andrea lynn trip 4th of july 5 spots left

    still have 5 spots on the andrea lynn leaving july 5 if intrested call john 619 572 9070 1500pp 2 per panga 2 per room
  246. madrugador

    baja sportfishing mothership trip 5 spots left

    i have 5 spots left on the andrea lynn with baja sportfishing leaving july 5th returning july10 or 11 this is a limited load 2 per state room (private bath/shower),2 per ponga this is my 3rd year on this trip and have had a great trip every time .we will be catching...
  247. madrugador

    cuda/hoo killer becomes a charger fan

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :nutkick: :nutkick:
  248. madrugador

    big game 90 8/25-27 2 day

    left on the big game 90 on friday for a 2 day it was pretty slow.i ended up with 2 dodos and 2 yt . i didnt get the finall count but i know a couple people got skunked and there were a few with only 1 fish .the boat worked hard to find kelps there was just know one home ...maybe next time...
  249. madrugador

    midriff island trip baja sportfishing

    went on my first mothership trip last week on the andrea lynnn off to a bad start they didnt have the fuel in the boat the tides came in and they could not fuel it had to wait for the tides to go out got the fuel in barrely make it out of the harbor in san felipe .. they also said they...
  250. madrugador


    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  251. madrugador

    leaving for MIDRIFF ISLANDS /andrea lynn /san felipe

    im leaving for a friends batchlor party on the andrea lynn tommorow at 10 am are there any other bdrs going on the andrea lynnn leaving on the 11 ? THIS IS MY FIRST TRIP LIKE THIS ... WILL REPORT WHEN I RETURN
  252. madrugador

    big game 90 5 day

    i just talked to a friend who got back from a 5 day said fishing was shitty .but even more disturbing to me is that one of the net boats skiffs approached them and asked for beer and the skipper gave them a 30 pack WHATS UP WITH THAT ?Death_To_ Death_To_
  253. madrugador

    sea adventure 2 day late report

    went on a 2 day on the sea adventure last weekend and they only went down 90 miles this was my first 2 day trip all we caught was yellowtail when they were catching tuna at 140 to 160 miles should a 2 day go this far ? i was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen .we also paid the 30...