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  1. The Bushman

    Wanted... Black Makaira's SEA

    Looking to add some Black Okuma Makaira SEa's to the long range arsenal. Since they don't make them anymore in black, I thought I'd check here. Looking for 16, 20, 30 or 50/50w. Can pay top $ or I can trade and build you a custom rod. Just send me a pm. thanks Ken
  2. The Bushman


    Are you selling these? Might want to put it in the classifieds...or you could always contact BD and become an advertiser?
  3. The Bushman

    ONE WEEK TO GO....

    Then our fifth annual Ken Bush Custom Rods 10 day Intrepid charter is off and running.... errr.... FISHING....! Due to some cancellations, there are still spots open on my upcoming trip. There is a ton of swag, and a great group of fisherman, and there's still time to jump on. 10 day leaving...
  4. The Bushman

    Ken Bush Custom Rods... Intrepid 10 day Sept 23, Spots Available..

    Its that time of year again, and we have some spots available on my upcoming 10 day on the Intrepid. We're looking for a few good anglers to join us as we travel south in pursuit of those fine finny fellows. . If you've been looking for a Fall trip, come join us for 10 days of fun filled...
  5. The Bushman

    San Diego Rod Class... this week

    Hi to all the usual suspects..... Since Don is out this week.. Class will be at my house. I'm having it WED (not Tues) and we'll have a guest appearance by Poncherello who will be showing us all about ringing his jigs and hooks. Sort of a mini ringing party so bring your jigs as needed. Maybe...
  6. The Bushman

    Rod Class 10/31

    Hey guys... I forgot its Halloween. Class canceled.... we'll pick it up next week .
  7. The Bushman

    Looking for a few good fisherman...or rodbuilders

    We're still looking for a few good fisherman... see my other thread in "Long Range"
  8. The Bushman

    Looking for a few good fishermen

    Well, the trip is a month away...and we're still looking for a few good fisherman. Due to a few "regulars" not being able to make it this year, we have 5 spots left that we can fill. If you're looking for a fall trip, come join us on the luxurious Intrepid for 10 full days of fishing fun. My...
  9. The Bushman

    SD Rod Class (AGAIN)

    Class is at my house again Wed.... We'll have a special guest appearance by Gutstick, and he's bringing the Carne Asada....(I'll get everything else) I know Allan and Ethan will be there, who else is in?
  10. The Bushman

    SD Rod Class

    Wed. Rod Class is at my house this week while Don is recovering from his knee surgury... call me for directions at 619-335-0450 or send me a pm if you've never been to my house. Its a little hard to find.... I've got brots, salad and sides for dinner. All the usual suspects...
  11. The Bushman

    Sd Rod Class Tonight

    For the regulars... the SD Rod class is at my house tonight..... while Don is recovering from his knee surgury. PM me if you need directions. See you at 6 for Pad Thai and Egg Rolls. Ken
  12. The Bushman

    Ken Bush Custom Rods... 8 day Intrepid Trip.

    Well,. what can I say...our third annual trip in in the books. Left on Wed, Sept 28, loaded up with the usual slammers and tanks full of fine sardines, and headed south. Two days of travel time enjoying Javier's fine cusine, giving away tons of raffle prizes (thanks to the sponsors: my custom...
  13. The Bushman

    Rodless Jim's first Rod

    Anyone following Rodless Jims tireless efforts, knows Jim has been trying to work with the Mexican Authorities and get Guadalupe fishing opened in a more streamlined regulatory/ immigration process. He continues to work to that end today. I just wanted to thank Jim personally, for all his...
  14. The Bushman

    Phenix 868L for Corb

    Just finished this Phenix 886L for Corb.... light as a feather, built for throwing light swimbaits and ??? with his jet black Scorpion. Black over black and white varigated Holland underwraps. Split grips with black EVA, dark burled cork,grey EVA and Alps guides.
  15. The Bushman

    A few recent rods.....

    Kona Mike's Seeker 809 swimbait rod Cap LR's 770XXH.... should be on the June Heat trip with him now... Corbs latest...... Phenix hybrid spinner.... wrapped in old "holland" thread Jigging Spinner..... unknown blank... maybe a synit? Wrapped to match the yellow/green...
  16. The Bushman

    Rod Class.... again

    Rod class again at my house. Burgers with all the trimmings. (No thai food this time) Also, I will be selling all my 100 yard and partial spools of thread for anyone interested....really cheap. Need to make some space for the new thread collection I acquired. See you all tomorrow...
  17. The Bushman

    Tues Rod Class

    Tues Rod Class....(San Diego) Class is at my house this Tues....while our esteemed leader is in Texas... Serving Pad Thai, rice, salad and chicken satay... PM or call for directions if you've never been over. Ken 619-337-3241
  18. The Bushman

    Something red, something blue something borrowed, something new

    Nope, not a wedding... relax... Almost done with this pair of Phenix jigsticks (929H and 969H) for Corb. First he said do whatever I want, then said maybe black wraps. I wrapped em with just a bit of a subtle colorfade (black and red rod has no finish yet) on the ends ( they could be...
  19. The Bushman

    Intrepid Boat Rods

    Just finished this set of 12 boat rods for the Intrepid. Done in their colors (Elec Blue, Silver and Black) to match the rods already on the boat. Big thanks to Ken Price and Kevin Osborne for having me build them, and to David (Wahoodad) for picking up the blanks and guides from Seeker and...
  20. The Bushman

    Rods for Interntional Cow Club

    These were some rods I built for Scott and his International Cow Club trip on the Intrepid. There were 5 rods I built , two for him and the others for raffle prizes. Unfortunately, his trip was unavoidably cancelled so I don't know what became of the rods. I'll find out on Friday, as he was able...
  21. The Bushman

    San Diego Rod Class

    Hey guys... its back on for Tues night.... my house. PM me if you need directions. Making my usual Pad Thai for dinner.
  22. The Bushman

    San Diego Rod Class

    No formal class this week..... I'm too busy building 12 boat rods for the Intrepid. We'll pick up again next week while Don is on vacation, and I'll host them for the next month or so. Ken
  23. The Bushman

    Captain Kevin's Seeker

    Just finished this Seeker Swimbait rod for Intrepid Captain Kevin Osborne. Done in his "usual" colors, Seeker 809 Inshore series, slpit grips, trigger reel seat, Alps guides with silver rings, and custom "label". big thank you to Steve T for the labels. Hope you get a chance to...
  24. The Bushman

    Another Chuck Byron Memorial Donation Rod

    Like Randy said.... nothing too fancy, but I'm sure someone will like it.... Now if I only had a pool for the background.... Either a Tiberon or a Premier blank...I forgot which, but its a nice lite little stick, cord grip, pac bay casting guides... kind of old school colors...
  25. The Bushman

    More Candy Corn

    Finally got around to wrapping this stick.... I had wrapped the candy corn cord grip for last years rod show, and finally figured out what to do with it. I'm giving it away on my upcoming charter.... to the 'hot stick" of the trip. Its a Super seeker, with Alps guides (gold rings). Red...
  26. The Bushman

    More fun with turksheads

    Thought about titling this one show us your dykes.... but thought better of it.... Anyway, been doing some 4x19 turksheads for dykes/pliers... thought they came out pretty cool. Have a few others done, but not tightened down yet...
  27. The Bushman

    San Diego Tues rod class

    Rod class is at my house in El Cajon this week(Aug. 31), as Don has a prior commitment. Same time as usual. I'll have dinner ready. If you haven't been to my house before (Len, Terry, etc) then shoot me a pm.... Newbies welcome as well.
  28. The Bushman

    Couple of new ones... finally finished

    Finished a couple of new ones... First is a 7', Am Tac blank I started before the last rod show. Cord handle (parachute cord) with 4 turks heads, Alps guides with black base wrap, red metallic inlays, and Holland varigated white/gold thread on top. Its a giveaway/raffle rod for my October...
  29. The Bushman

    Speaking of cord handles...

    Just thought I'd post these finally... I finished this just before the rod show last year, but I hadn't gotten around to wrapping it yet. Still trying to figure out If I'm gonna keep it or sell it. Its on a 9Ft Amer tackle blank, and its a 30 inch grafted cord grip. The Tan cord is a single...
  30. The Bushman

    Pair of Super Seekers

    Just finished these Super Seekers for Art (Jigstrike Productions). One is a CJBF 70, and the other is a 2 x 4. Both are all black with gold trim. The 2x4 has a Rail Rod grip from Merrick. I didn't like the color it came in, so I dyed it black and gave it a couple of coats of cork sealer. It...
  31. The Bushman

    Capt Kevin's Cow killer

    Intrepid Capt Kevin Osborn asked me to wrap his Seeker 2x4 for him. I picked up his blank, and wrapped it to match his other sticks. I didn't choose the colors, but it came out nice anyway! Rear hypalon grip, Alps Centra lock reel seat, the last of Scott Throop's rail rod grips, and the Am Tac...
  32. The Bushman

    Renzetti bed extension

    Someone here was looking for a Renzetti bed extension a while back... Spotted one on ebay... RENZETTI ROD LATHE COMPONENTS - eBay (item 270521137085 end time Feb-01-10 13:30:25 PST) If you were already bidding on it, then sorry for spilling the beans!
  33. The Bushman

    My 7 day Intrepid Charter... Fish Report

    Well, it was one of those trips that we all dream about. Everything we did turned to fish. Started off last Friday heading south, going slow and to the outside of the storm that was at Alijos, waiting for it to move east and south. While heading south we found two barn door sized kelps that...
  34. The Bushman

    Intrepid charter, 5 spots left...

    We have five spots left.... see this thread:
  35. The Bushman

    First Annual Fall Classic

    Five spots left! Only two weeks to go.... Come join us. Tuna Chasers and Ken Bush Custom Rods Charter has openings on our 7 day INTREPID charter Oct 2nd thru Oct 9th. Come join us on the luxurious Intrepid, share in chef Javier's 5 star cusine. Experience fall fishing at its finest, from...
  36. The Bushman

    Fellow rodbuilders

    Hi gang, just thought I'd let you know I just posted about openings on my Intrepid charter in October... There well be several rodbuilders on board, so I thought the more the merrier! Check it out...
  37. The Bushman

    Wanted: Looking for a Few Good Anglers

    Tuna Chasers and Ken Bush Custom Rods Charter has openings on our 7 day INTREPID charter Oct 2nd thru Oct 9th. Come join us on the luxurious Intrepid, share in chef Javier's 5 star cusine. Experience fall fishing at its finest, from the Rocks, to the Lupe, and offshore, catch Wahoo, Yellowfin...
  38. The Bushman

    Sun July 19th Birthday Albies and a dodo

    Went out for my birthday, Fished Sunday with a few friends on the Captivator. Left SI about midnight, picked up 3 scoops of dines, and headed south. Started just outside the 371. Started with a jigstrike, and two baitfish. One pulled a hook, but we boated two. Trolled the area, followed the...
  39. The Bushman

    Fun with Marbling

    Figured I post these while I had the time... I had the cord grip rods laying around after the WCCRS so I thought I'd get some guides on them. I had a couple of sets of Pac Bay turbos I had sitting around for a couple of years, so I thought I'd put them to good use. 8WW inspired me to try his...
  40. The Bushman

    Recent work

    Been too busy workin on rods to post pics, but I thought I'd try and catch up. To bad I suck at taking pics... (usually) A while back a 270-8 for M Mashur... A GUSA Wahoo... for JC... green and gold electra.... Corb's "Secret Project" are dark but its black on black with...
  41. The Bushman

    Tues Rod Class

    Class is at my house again this Tues... Come one come all.... two special guests will be joining us as well. Dinner is whatever I find at Costco tomorrow. Might be Brots, might be mexican, might be steak, might be seafood... who knows! Heres some shots of last weeks class.... uh.. BBQ. But...
  42. The Bushman

    Tues Rod Class

    Class at my house again... Tues Whos in??
  43. The Bushman

    When, Where, and How....

    Did you get started rod wrapping? I saw somewhere recently that Ed (Bowhunter) had learned to wrap from some of the "forefathers" of rod wrapping. (Clemens and Rowe etc) and began wondering how and when others got started. I know there are many on this site who have been wrapping for many years...
  44. The Bushman

    Rod Class

    Hi Gang... The san Diego Rod Class is at my house for the next three weeks.... Everyone is welcome. PM me for directions if you need them. Class is Tues eve. 6pm Ken
  45. The Bushman

    Sneak Peek

    Couldn't get the other files to load, but heres a couple of Cord grips I've been working on for the upcoming show.
  46. The Bushman

    Rod Wrapper For Sale in BD Classifieds

    Just saw this in the BD Classifieds Rod Wrapper for sale. Pac Bay Rod Wrapper - Bloodydecks Classifieds
  47. The Bushman

    Finally finished

    I finally got around to finishing this rod I had started a while back. It's an AmTack graphite rod 7'9", rated 15-30. Threw in a few Turksheads, a tiger wrap, Alps guides. I think I'll give it away on my Charter on the Intrepid next year. Sneak peak... working on a GUSA...
  48. The Bushman

    A few new ones

    Finished a few rods just in time to take on my 10 day.... A GUSA 79xf, blue hypalon,Forecast EZ tight reel seat, Alps guides with blue rings (Thank you Bill Batson), wrapped in a black base, gold metallic, with a metallic color fade of blues over the gold. no its not a glob on the...
  49. The Bushman

    just playing around...

    I was bored the other day, so I decided to wrap a blank with a cord handle. A few turks heads, and a couple of blisters later and it was done. Still have to determine if I'll do a wrap from Billys book, a purple tiger, or some new material I got which is basically a film that transfers on to...
  50. The Bushman

    Nothing too special

    Wrapped a URC 60HF (GUSA CHALLENGER) for Mike in Kentucky. He wanted x-wrap over hypalon, and a very simple wrap. I picked the Fuji HB guides, and the black alum reel seat. The blank was colored dark cherry, so I tried to complement the blank color. Went with a black base with gold electra...
  51. The Bushman

    Kenai River charter boat?

    I have a friend who will be in Kenai the week of Aug 1st. Can anyone recommend a charter operation in Kenai that fishes the Kenai river?
  52. The Bushman

    Intrepid 6 day July 6 - 11

    Just got off the Intrepid this AM. The trip was a Larry Brown Charter,and Larry had some great "swag" to give away from all his sponsors. Day 1 had the usual start (except it was Sunday). New Captain Kevin Osborne welcomed us all (his 2nd trip) and gave us the rundown. Crew was Rick, Kevin C...
  53. The Bushman

    GUSA jigstick

    Finished my GUSA jigstick just in time for my 6 day on Sun. Started with a GUSA 10' blank. This baby is stiff.... more or less its a WAHOO that been "butted" at the factory. It feels like its rated like 50-80 like the Wahoo. Started with "pouring" a one piece foam grip directly onto the blank...
  54. The Bushman


    Finally got around to finishing my GUSA WAHOO. Done to match my other sticks (mostly). Thread is Black base with Gold metallic inlays, gold metallic over the guides, and varigated "old school" Holland thread on top. Fuji HB guides. Finished off with blue hypalon grips, black Forecast EZ...
  55. The Bushman

    Gonna fish this one...

    Finally got around to finishing my new Phenix blank that I picked up at Day at the Docks. Its a Phenix Black Diamond, model psw5760m rated 15 to 40. Wanted to keep it light, so I used cork grips, a graphite reel seat, and Alps guides. First wrapped in black/black, then I marbled it just...
  56. The Bushman

    Something old (school)/something new

    Tim wanted an old school 690 J to go with his Penn 501 with the old school red/burgandy side plates! He left it up to me for the colors, and knew he wanted a cord handle. I did a cord grip with all the turkshead trimmings, and added a (new school)tiger wrap. Guides are gold perfection/pac bays...
  57. The Bushman

    Rod Dryer

    Finally got around to finishing my homemade rod drier. Sort of copied a current design, but it holds 5 rods. Made of plexiglass and arcrylic, with pvc couplers to hold the rods. Thanks to Don for the "wiring" lesson.... his way was a lot neater! Only problem is the damn thing shows all the...
  58. The Bushman

    A Couple of new ones.

    Just finishing up a couple of customers' sticks. First one is a GUSA 80 monster mag, Alps H guides, x-wrap over cork tape, with a requested gimbal and he wanted it black on black!! Second one is a Calstar GF765ml, Aftco rollers, black alum reel seat/gimbal and black hypalon, also...
  59. The Bushman

    Ty's new GUSA

    Ty wanted a new stick to commerate the birth of his son a year ago. He picked up a GUSA 80 mag from Kevan, and had me wrap it in basic black and silver. Cut 3" from the bottom, (really wanted a 79 mag), black alum reel seat, silver metallic base with black over the guides, and a little marbling...
  60. The Bushman

    Couple of new ones...

    Just finished up a couple of old rods. The first is an old Seeker or Calstar (I forget which) I actually started over 5 years ago. I had wrapped the base wraps, and the guide wraps but never did the triple guide wrap, or any butt wrap. After sitting in my rod rack for so long collecting dust, I...
  61. The Bushman

    Fun with Turksheads!

    Picked up some diamond braid rope at FH the other day. Three new spools, one borrowed from Jay, and some Black I had already. I was inspired by the Turksheads we had done the other day at Don's so I sat down and made a few Turksheads. Coming soon, to a jigstick near you!. :) The...
  62. The Bushman

    Rodsmith Power Wrapper on e-bay

    FYI... about 5 hours left... good deal for someone on a used rodsmith.! The Rodsmith Rw-1L Professional Power Wrapping Machine - eBay (item 180216767342 end time Feb-24-08 18:01:24 PST)
  63. The Bushman

    Class Wed

    Since Don is unavailable tomorrow, I'm having rod wrapping class at my house in El Cajon. Send me a pm if you need directions. Who's showing up?
  64. The Bushman

    Rail Rods Finally Done

    Finally finished the two rail rods I started way back when. Built a pair of Seekers (60XXXH and 63XXXH), with Hypalon, Aftco Reel Seats, Scott's Rail Rod Grips, All American Roller Guides, color fade guide wraps done in Superior Metallics. The pics didn't turn out great, but the rods did...
  65. The Bushman

    Open spot on the INDY...10/22 to 11/1

    Trying to sell my spot on the 10 day Indy trip....Usually $2950 Will discount $500. Call Ken at 619-335-0450 or Judy at the Indy office at 619-226-6006
  66. The Bushman

    Latest additions to my rod arsenal

    Decided after my last 5 day that I needed a few new "heavier" sticks... so it was off to Noahs to pick up some GUSA blanks. Saw Kevan and picked up a 70 monster mag, a 70 XXH and a "Predator". I was going to wrap them like all my other sticks, but decided to do a slight variation on the blue...
  67. The Bushman

    spot available Independance 10/22-11/1

    Trying to fill my spot I just vacated for the Indy 10 day trip on 10/22 thru 11/1. If interested call Judy at the Indy office... 619-226-6006
  68. The Bushman

    Class 8/8

    Just a reminder.... class is at my house tomorrow...(as Don is unavailable)please PM for directions if I haven't sent them to you already. Ken
  69. The Bushman

    Searcher 5 day...7/24-7/29

    Had a nice long narrative all typed out... lost it when I tried to preview it so... heres the short version. 5 days on the Searcher, beautiful weather and flat calm seas, awesome fishing (30# avg YT, some YF and DODOs too),and won first in the jackpot. Here's the pics...
  70. The Bushman

    Ulua's finally done!

    Finally finished the rod... 4 coats of Aftcoat, a long piece of xwrap, and a turk's head later, its finally finished. Just in time to go on my 5 day... Damn, this things long...hope I can throw it! Couldn't get a butt cap to fit over the end, so I used another piece of a blank...
  71. The Bushman

    Albies and an Opah

    Short version: Went south to the Hidden Bank. Caught albies and caught and released an Opah Long version: Met John and Miles early at SI ramp, in the water and getting bait at EB by 3:00 AM. Headed out for the Hidden Bank. Passed thru some cooler water, and at gray light put in the...
  72. The Bushman

    Skinny thread club renewal or ULUA almost done!

    Well, I spent the 4th of July mostly indoors finishing the butt wrap on my personal (10') Ulua. Done in "A" thread, with a spider pattern, and my sunset color fade backround. Added a Wahoo weave in gold electra metallic (Thanks Jim K for the pattern) Closed the wrap, and am still working on...
  73. The Bushman

    Some more new sticks

    Been wrapping a few new sticks for myself, and another for a friend. All are the new Kencor blanks, 700 series. Got one of my three finished, and the second one just needs Aftcoat finish, and the same Turks heads and reel seat treatment. Both have xwrap over cork tape, cord wraps for the reel...
  74. The Bushman

    Latest Wraps

    Recently finished a couple of rods... First one was a GUSA monster mag 80... tiger wrapped in metallic aquamarine and gold with black on top. Same colors for the guide wraps. and before the finish and black was done down to the foregrip... The second rod I just finished for a...
  75. The Bushman

    3D Tiger... updated

    Finally "finished" the gaff with the "tiger wrap"... Came out pretty good for my first one. Scott, I can really appreciate what it takes to take good photographs of your work! The start of the unveiling... Wahoo colors...sort of... another pic, this time with a flash... Then color...
  76. The Bushman

    3D tiger wrap... interesting side effect..

    Playing around with Scott's tiger wrap. Did the first layer as suggested in his article.... black and a light blue/grey inlay thread. Burnished it like crazy in all different directions. So far, normal. Took this pic.. and this one... It already looks like one can see the swirls and...
  77. The Bushman

    Spyder's new gaff

    Spyder... your gaff is almost done. Spyder wanted a new gaff for his Kayak... He wanted it marbeled and done in black and red. I got a little carried away...just having some fun with thread! The gaff is on the dryer now, and I still have to attach the butt cap and hand cord/loop but its...
  78. The Bushman

    pac bay wrapper on e-bay

    Pac Bay wrapper on e-bay: eBay: PACIFIC BAY ROD SMITH ROD WRAPPER , ROD BUILDING, NEW (item 280105272489 end time Apr-22-07 19:30:27 PDT) Just in case anyone wants one...
  79. The Bushman

    Custom Rod Thread Art.... Hey Scott !

    18 hours left?? Scott, was this your book once? eBay: RARE BOOK CUSTOM ROD THREAD ART DALE P CLEMENS FIRST (item 120103073218 end time Apr-08-07 18:00:00 PDT)
  80. The Bushman

    Anyone with a Clemons Rod Lathe...

    Saw this Clemons thread holder on E-Bay... Could come in handy... eBay: DALE CLEMENS CUSTOM ROD WRAPPER,THREADER (item 270107862809 end time Apr-14-07 08:48:09 PDT)
  81. The Bushman

    Finally Done

    Well, I finally got around to finsihing the jig stick I started a while back. Pretty simple on the guide wraps, as the butt wrap stands out pretty well. Three coats of Aftcoat later... and its done! Tried to take some outside shots just before the sun went down. Moved inside and took...
  82. The Bushman

    Clemons Lathe on e-bay

    FYI... Clemons Rod Lathe on e-Bay... 4hours left... eBay: Power Rod Wrapper Lathe Dale Clemens Custom Builders (item 220095610712 end time Mar-30-07 17:30:00 PDT)
  83. The Bushman

    pac-bay power wrapper on E-BAY

    Saw this on e-bay...just in case anyone's interested! eBay: Rodbuilding Power Wrapping Machine by Pacific Bay (item 130093702652 end time Mar-30-07 13:38:16 PDT)
  84. The Bushman

    Hey Don!

    Class tonight? What do you need me to bring? Cigars? Port? Cheese and crackers? Smoked fish??
  85. The Bushman

    Who will be at Fred Hall and when?

    Hey gang... Just wondering if any of you are going to the Fred Hall show in LB...I know some of you will be there at various booths/places and times. Just wanted to stop by and say HI on Sat if I get up there! Where will you be??
  86. The Bushman

    First Weave attempt...

    Well, I thought it was about time I got around to trying some weaving. Last weekend, I stopped on over to meet Jim Kastorff and pick up a couple of his weaving looms, which he mentioned an another thread. I was fortunate enough that Jim helped me out with not only some weaving patterns, but he...
  87. The Bushman

    First Marbling attempt

    Well, like many others, I finally decided to try marbling. I had to make acouple of fish draggers, so I thought this would be a good project to try it on, rather that waste a good blank if it didn't turn out. I did find out, that when you marble on polished aluminum, the colors become almost...
  88. The Bushman

    ALL that glitters...

    Should not be on your rod...but in your WAHOO bombs!! ok, Its not exactly rod-building....just lure making!! I got Wahoo fever on my 10 day last November (ended up with 6 Hoos!) so when I got back, I decided to make some wahoo bombs, rather that buy them for $10 each. Started out buying some...
  89. The Bushman

    Rail Rod.. beginnings

    I decided to use up two sets of Aftco Big Foot guides that I have had "laying around" for several years. I didn't want to build an "unlimited" sit down marlin rod, so I decided to build a couple of big tuna stick rail rods. Both are Seeker ctsfXXXH blanks rated 80 to 130 so they should do the...
  90. The Bushman

    Rod Class Tonight

    Late Notice, but Keith (Patty Ho) wanted me to post for him that there will be a class at his house tonight. (He's trout fishing at Lake Cuyamaca right now) Around 5:30 or so...same address as the last one. 9297 Lavell St. La Mesa, 91941 Keith's Cell # is 619-300-9754 for any one that...
  91. The Bushman

    Custom Rod Thread Art

    Found this on e-bay.... in case anyone is interested... eBay: RARE- CUSTOM ROD THREAD ART 1982 Dale P. Clemens "NR" (item 150064377930 end time Dec-03-06 19:00:39 PST)
  92. The Bushman

    Just another jig stick...base wrap!

    OK, so a while back I decided to build two new jig sticks. The first one an 8 footer, (both the new Kencor blanks) was done hurriedly because I wanted to take it on my upcoming 10 day. This one, I took a little bit more time. This started as a Kencor NGPOS900MC blank, which I got from Mr...