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  1. pgangler

    Shimano Bearing Seal - BNT2878

    Definitely not an O-ring, but it was so deteriorated, I couldn't tell you if it was a fiber washer, or some other material. Fiber washer seems like a good guess, though. From both posts, I gather it wasn't super critical - and yet, it was destroyed, implying that it saw lots of wear. I will...
  2. pgangler

    Shimano Bearing Seal - BNT2878

    This bearing seal is used in the old Trini's and Torium's. When I took apart my Torium 20, that seal was pretty much destroyed. Can't find one from Shimano or ereplacement. Does anyone know where I can find this part (new)?
  3. pgangler

    Cannon DR just quit working

    There might be a relay on the circuit board. The switch would activate the relay, the relay would energize the motor. If so, that's the next place I would look.
  4. pgangler

    Possible Craigs List Parker Scam alert

    Yeah, I saw that and ignored it. Either it's a scam, or a big typo.
  5. pgangler

    Parker Diesel

    Not in Monterey
  6. pgangler

    Parker Diesel

    Very tempting, but you guys have convinced me not to do a MV. Still looking for a unicorn - 2530 under $70K
  7. pgangler

    3-turn surgeon knot for floro to mono?

    Have caught 2 cows on 130 with this knot; flouro leader to mono. In fact, have never had the knot fail.
  8. pgangler

    Yet another wooden box, a bit smaller this time, with adjustable height, and one hand access.

    Don't care for the aesthetics of the long legs, but that is a beautiful f'ing box!
  9. pgangler

    Is Chef Jeff Still Around?

    I've eaten a lot of great food all over the world, but THE best meal of my life was a pork loin with a mushroom sauce that Jeff served on the Intrepid.
  10. pgangler

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    Yes, but the OP came out of Dana Point - not Mission Bay. Dana is further away and he had to go around SCI.
  11. pgangler

    Planing speed

    Albycor, I'm in Pacific Grove. Let me know if you need a deckhand! I had to move from 3-blade to 4-blade props on my Cabo for that very reason. Made a huge difference in getting up on plane. Still looking for the right Parker - I'm thinking 2530 to get more cabin space for our colder waters.
  12. pgangler

    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Left. But I'm also left handed and fish a RH reel.
  13. pgangler

    Bluefin restrictions

    Interesting discussion. Here's a link to the latest stock management report by the ISC (International Scientific Committee for Tuna): In short: 1. The Pacific bluefin tuna fishery has been...
  14. pgangler

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    If you got 3 great fish and 2.3mpg with a full load, looks like an excellent trip. Congrats!
  15. pgangler

    Shogun Let’s Talk Hookup 6 day Oct. 23-29

    Outstanding!! Thanks for the report. You're gonna need a bigger avatar...
  16. pgangler

    Planing speed

    Really appreciate the responses. Interesting and logical that the modified V planes at a lower speed. I just don't want to tradeoff the ride quality for our waters.
  17. pgangler

    Which Magazine?

  18. pgangler

    Super Cows on the AA

    Can you believe that on an 8 or 10-day right now, you've got great shots at yellows, wahoo, dorado - and then 100's to Supers on the back end?? This is unreal.
  19. pgangler

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Isn't it great that old farts like us can get this excited about something?? I can totally relate. Have a great time!
  20. pgangler

    Planing speed

    I previously owned a big, heavy Cabo that had to be doing 20+ knots to get up on plane. So basically, I had to be doing 8 knots or 20+. There was no in between. That was OK down in San Diego, but completely unworkable up in Monterey where I live now. I'm looking at buying a 23 or 25"...
  21. pgangler

    Catch and Cook | The Meanest Thing in Creation

    True story: Back when Clarion was open, I landed a 195 about mid-morning on the Rooster, with a lot of help and coaching from Nicky. The AA was anchored up next to us on the tuna grounds. The deckies flushed the stomach, and out pops a perfectly intact piece of Canadian bacon. The...
  22. pgangler

    Catch and Cook | The Meanest Thing in Creation

    I just threw up on my keyboard
  23. pgangler

    Fly Fishing as Therapy

    Sorry about your loss Daniel. Losing my son, which I've been close to a couple of times, is about the worst thing I can imagine. Very nice tribute.
  24. pgangler

    Big Boat Lupe

    Went the first time last year on a 7-day on the Star, in Nov/Dec. Loved it, can't wait to go back. I'm not Hoodad, so it took me 3 days to get bit. Needed all 5 to get a respectable catch going. What I'm hearing is that it's closed for the year due to Ensenada/Covid.
  25. pgangler

    Braid cutting thumb

    I used some of those Buff finger guards on my last trip - thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. They worked pretty well and stopped by abrasion issue. They get soaked, and I'd stop to dry them out periodically, but I could reuse them day after day, so overall I was pretty pleased.
  26. pgangler

    Flat Fall question

    On the Intrepid last week, the crew suggested we rig the flatfalls with 300lb leaders, typically 3-4 feet long. I had assist hooks and a stinger on mine. Jigs were anywhere from 200-250g. I caught 2, 70+ with that rig. I don't know the specifics for the jumbos we caught (4 over 150)...
  27. pgangler

    Intrepid and Capt Sam 5 day report

    Two different reports being referenced, as speculated above. I was on the 3-day that returned on 9/9, and we did have a really good trip, as the details from the website show. We were in the BFT grounds behind SC for all three days, as Sam didn't want to chase mini-YFT and dodo's down the...
  28. pgangler

    Built another box.

    IMO, finger joints (also known as box joints) are a lot easier than dovetails. Just takes a little practice, and some simple jigging on top of a good crosscut sled.
  29. pgangler

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Mak10 - for the more discerning tuners. Giving it the Alan Tani treatment now.
  30. pgangler

    Built another box.

    ...and full of scotch. I don't know how, but yeah - full of scotch.
  31. pgangler

    Built another box.

    Absolutely beautiful. Truly, well done!
  32. pgangler

    Short floro to mono connection in 100lb?

    Braid, then 50 yds of mono (for casting or stretch), then the short section of flouro.
  33. pgangler

    Short floro to mono connection in 100lb?

    I like a mono topshot for stretch in the endgame. Usually tie on a 6' flouro leader with a triple surgeon's knot. Never had that fail. Have used that setup up to 130.
  34. pgangler

    Vagabond July 15-19 Trip Report

    Excellent report - thank you. Will put it to work in a couple of weeks on a 6-pack trip.
  35. pgangler

    Documented covid testing?

    Had the same question and got this interactive map from our outfitter in Alaska. We ultimately cancelled our trip for other reasons, so I don't know how well this works out:
  36. pgangler

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    If you're going to the Lupe, I'd bring some hooks even smaller than 1/0. On our December trip last year, the go-to hook was a size 1 or 2 (below 1/0), but I forget the brand. I was very skeptical about whether we could pull on 50-100lb fish, but I only had one pull out.
  37. pgangler

    Masks or no masks.

    You hoax conspiracy theorists are morons. Is it really so hard to understand that masks provide some minimal level of protection with barely any inconvenience? Of course that's not sufficient to keep indoor gathering places open. It just provides some benefit, and IT'S EASY. And calling...
  38. pgangler

    Masks or no masks.

    Where are you guys getting these numbers? That was from March 9. As of today, the global death toll is over 5000 per day. If you want to argue that not all of those deaths are caused by CV, well that would be as true for anything else on that list. It wasn't the 56/day back in March that...
  39. pgangler

    Royal Star 6/20-6/27 Larry Brown 7-day Report

    Makes me wish I was there! Brian did me a solid - fished my gear until "I" got bit. Never will forget that. Will be back on the Star this fall for Jurassic Park, part 2.
  40. pgangler

    Any ideas on rods to pair up with a Shimano torium

    Can't give you a rod spec, but I have mine mounted on 7' rods rated from 15-30lb. Used to be my albacore reel, but now it's mostly used for schoolie YT, dodo's, and catching bait.
  41. pgangler

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    All the wifi on these boats is satellite-based. So there's limited upload/download bandwidth, and they really only want you to use it for checking email - not for streaming vids or pics. And if lots of people are on at the same time, it gets really slow. So usually, most anglers will...
  42. pgangler

    Best Wishes For Pappy

    Look what the RR3 and Accurate did for Pappy. Jesus, this chokes me up. RIP Pappy!!
  43. pgangler

    Bozeman Area Question

    Sorry I was late to see this. I was out there a few weeks ago, and runoff had already started on the Gallatin and West Fork of the Madison. Locally, the Gallatin is usually a pretty good bet in the canyon once the runoff is over, and the East Gallatin is a nice wade, but not too productive...
  44. pgangler

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Have ridden the Rooster, Intrepid, Shogun, Star, and Searcher. I find that the most stable boat is the one headed South 😁. Coming north is a crapshoot, almost regardless of boat length. Beam/stabilizers do matter more during the shorter summer trips when the winds are usually higher. Of...
  45. pgangler

    Red Rooster 111

    Pretty funny that the gaffs are ready to roll up on the bow. That would be a long reach. She does indeed look great.
  46. pgangler

    Who Pointed You to the Blue?

    I grew up fishing for trout with my father and grandfather. That was mostly spin, and I took to flyfishing in college. Trout naturally extended to salmon when I moved to the Bay Area after college - credit buddies Ed Yano and Dennis Stratmann on that one. But the guy that got me into tuna...
  47. pgangler

    Custom Small Tackle/Jig Box for Rick Russell

    Mark, I'm guessing teak, but can you please let us know what woods you use on these? Beautiful!
  48. pgangler

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2020 15 day Intrepid Report

    Just what we needed - thank you, Craig!
  49. pgangler

    Guadalupe Island White Sharks

    I was on the Star, 11/29 - 12/5. I believe someone saw one shark, but it wasn't a GW. I saw none. MF'ing Furbags on the other hand...
  50. pgangler

    Quarantined. Bored - Well here is a project for you:

    So Invictus - how are you skinning these shelves so they look completely built in (no seams, etc). Are you putting a plywood skin on 3 sides over the 2x2 frame, and spackling up the seams, or?? Really nice work - would like to know how.
  51. pgangler

    Quarantined. Bored - Well here is a project for you:

    Clamp rack - way cool, well done! And I agree - you can never have enough clamps.
  52. pgangler

    Best Wishes For Pappy

    Bobby is one-of-a-kind, a real OG. I used to follow him around the boat to figure out what his secret was. There was no secret sauce - he'd just sit up at the bow and patiently fish a bait until it got bit. He didn't go in for fancy tackle discussions or any of it. But underneath it all...
  53. pgangler

    Monterey Bay Long Rangers? [subtitled: I ain't desperate, I just sound that way on the interweb]

    Hi Craig, I live in Pacific Grove and have the same afflictions that you do. I've been riding 3-15 days for about 30 years, and more than happy to have a beer and share war stories. Will send you a PM. Best, Ron
  54. pgangler

    My thoughts about the current situation

    You're off by a couple of decimal places on the percentages (it's .04%), but your point is still valid. It looks like most places will come in way under the worst case scenarios forecasted by various state and federal gov't - which does beg the question whether the shutdown is worth it. The...
  55. pgangler

    First time trip to Guadelupe November!

    Thanks. Any particular solid that you like? I only know JB Line One hollow. I've heard that the coated lines have a lower propensity to stick to the spool.
  56. pgangler

    My thoughts about the current situation

    Thoughtful perspective and input. Can this be BD??
  57. pgangler

    First time trip to Guadelupe November!

    Last Nov/Dec, I found my Tac 12ii and 16ii had a little too much inertia to cast a medium-sized sardine quite far enough at the Lupe. The guys with small 2-speeds and really hot baits were getting bit much more consistently. So I'm dropping down to a Mak10 with 50lb spectra and 40lb mono -...
  58. pgangler

    FUD check please?

    Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
  59. pgangler

    Corona Virus Therapy

    Rebuilding my TAC12 and TAC16 - time for new bearings. Great YouTubes to follow. Also went to HD today to stockup on hardwoods. That should last me a couple of weeks - after that, I start cutting up the wife's furniture.
  60. pgangler

    Boat Independence New Engines

    I really am curious - why are heavy mechanical engines better than lighter, electronically controlled engines? How will the fuel economy actually be better with these? I had a couple of old iron 3208's for many years, so I get the reliability comment, but fuel economy has to mean a lot for...
  61. pgangler

    Montana 2020, post your plans

    End of June: two days wading the Madison, 1 day on the Bitterroot, 1 day on the Blackfoot, 2 days floating the Mo. Rest of the year - we'll see. Would like to try wading the East Gallatin since it's close to family.
  62. pgangler

    7 day Guadalupe/ridge Gear questions.

    X2. I could not get a bite until I dropped down to 40lb flouro, AND a #1 hook. I also think it's extremely helpful to have a reel that can cast a sardine and that line size out to at least 20 yards to get past the nearest sea lions. I'm investing in a Mak10 before my next trip as my...
  63. pgangler

    Looking for a new tackle box....

    I WD-40 the steel bits on my Nomad, added a front bottom bar to prevent tipping, and sprayed it down with a silicone-based waterproofing. No broken zipper so far (6 yrs?), thank goodness - but I would recommend spraying the zippers with water after every trip to remove the salt buildup. I have...
  64. pgangler

    American Angler 12/1 10 Day report

    We only made bait one night on the Star, but we had good luck on scads and greenies - once we figured out to chum the waters with chopped up scad, leftover bread, whatever it took. Honestly, our sardines were so good that we never ran out on a 7-day. Not sure anyone actually caught anything...
  65. pgangler

    100lb+ fish?

    Congrats Gene, continue to thrive!
  66. pgangler

    100lb+ fish?

    I agree that at 15day trip has the highest chances of clearing the 100lb bar, but I had as much fun fishing with lighter tackle at the Lupe as I did catching cows on 130lb gear at Hurricane Bank. And to be honest, catching a 100lb fish at Hurricane Bank or the islands is kind of a...
  67. pgangler

    Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag Mods?

    I've had the big Nomad for several years, and yes - it is tippy, even with weights and jigs in the bottom trays. I fixed mine by cutting a cross-bar out of fir, and screwing it to the FRONT of the front legs, without increasing height. Since they're angled, I beveled it a bit, to keep the...
  68. pgangler

    Small bait hooks

    Update on this. Kevin and I just got off of the Royal Star trip to the Lupe. What worked for me was was a Size 1 (not 1/0) Mutu circle hook with no ring, and a single-tie San Diego knot. I left about a 1/4" loop in it, and that worked fine. Had no knot failures on 40lb. I did have one...
  69. pgangler

    Royal Star Nov 30-Dec 7 at the Lupe

    Well, it wasn't fresh spectra - it's been on the reels for about 5 yrs. It did get hardpacked by the fish. I'm really curious if brands make a difference on this issue.
  70. pgangler

    Royal Star Nov 30-Dec 7 at the Lupe

    Brief report on the Star's journey to Guadalupe last week. We loaded with a full contingent of anglers, and the boat had already loaded up with great bait, so we got out of the harbor around 10am on Sat. Checked into Ensenada, and arrived at the island around noon on Sunday, to join the RP and...
  71. pgangler

    Red Rooster, Nov. 2019 Accurate 11/8 day video

    Can't defend the action, but I've gotta stand up for Ethan. He's a great kid - intelligent, not mouthy and no attitude. Hopefully, he learns something from this.
  72. pgangler

    Clothing for January 16 day

    Yes, hot at the Bank. Some boats run their AC wide open on the way down - so it's actually cold inside the boat before you arrive. Doesn't hurt to bring some long sleeves or a sweatshirt for that.
  73. pgangler

    Red Rooster

    No, it's just the reverberation of the aluminum hull when it's mostly empty and hits a wave. Nothing to do with the drive train.
  74. pgangler

    Red Rooster

    Great boat, very fishy crew, great chef. The only thing I don't like vs some of the others is that the heads are all on the main deck. However, they're very clean and that means something to me. Agree on the staterooms - some are longer than others. Have never run out of bait. There...
  75. pgangler

    105 FOOT BOATS

    Trying to get back on topic - the article on ship design was very cool, but didn't appear to apply much to boats in our class, since the formulas provided are for large ships. If we applied the design length formula to fishing boats it would indicate that they were only designed for waves up...
  76. pgangler

    Mike nail

    Congrats Mike, very happy for you! "Uncle Sheffie"?!
  77. pgangler

    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    Props Soda - you are 100% a class act.
  78. pgangler

    RR3 5 day report

    x2 on Mike's food. Looks like all of the fleet in 5-day range saw the same thing - almost 100% YT reports. Probably have to get to the Ridge or the Rocks (8-day) to break out of that mold right now.
  79. pgangler

    First time with the 13 year old on the intrepid

    I started my son at 12 on a 3-day Rooster trip, and am starting my 13-yr-old granddaughter on a 1.5 day - mostly to make sure seasickness isn't an issue. I completely agree with the advice about making sure they have basic skills (they'll feel better about themselves if they do), and that...
  80. pgangler

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Beautiful work Mark. I really like the shelves - that's a classy look.
  81. pgangler

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Hand towel, finger tape, hooks, and jigs.
  82. pgangler

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    He did NOT just double boxjoint that, did he?? Mad skills - beautiful work!
  83. pgangler

    Monterey Bluefin

    What's strange (at least to me) is how close they are. I've caught them before about 25 mi outside the bay, but they're getting fish between Santa Cruz and Monterey - at Soquel Hole. Temps were about 57 last week. Not sure what they are now.
  84. pgangler

    April 6-7 Salmon

    Privates have been reporting 1/rod to limits. Soquel hole and in. Supposed to be a very good season - excellent abundance of adults for the Sacramento River system.
  85. pgangler

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    So can we have one of the doctors on this thread weigh in on the whole mercury contamination topic? I know there's at least 2 of you out there. What are the long-term affects of higher than AMA recommended levels of mercury in our system, if we're not having kids anymore??
  86. pgangler

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    X2 on Bob Michener, aka "Junkyard", aka "Pappy". That man is a tuna-fishing machine. Whenever I'm on the boat with him, I try to soak up some more wisdom. He doesn't chase the latest knots or crimps, doesn't chase the latest hooks, or reels (you should see his reels - corrosion build up on...
  87. pgangler

    Bag to carry clothes

    No offense to the OP, but who cares? Use a trash bag, use a duffel, fly it on with a drone - whatever. I think the only useful comment on this is that waterproof helps because of the nasty carts - hence the trashbag wins. Maybe double it - just in case. Now gear bags - well, we can go at...
  88. pgangler

    Tuna are overrated!

    Fat hoo's, and great hat!!
  89. pgangler

    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    Favorite equipment: RR3 Favorite feature: "Brail bait!" as he throttles back and turns into a slide. I'm horny just thinking about it.
  90. pgangler

    What do you look for in a tackle bag/box?

    X2 on the zippers. You can tell the quality of a good saltwater bag by the stitching and the zippers. Heavy stitching and thread, and large, plastic zippers. Aluminum zippers just clog up with corrosion.
  91. pgangler

    Favorite Boats

    No love for the Searcher? I think Art and Celia run a great operation, and Art's a good captain. I'm taking my granddaugther out for 1.5 days in July to see if she has sealegs and wants to pull on something bigger than a trout. Looking forward to it!
  92. pgangler

    1st timer flyfishing

    Learning to cast is certainly helpful, but a good guide can get you to flop a line away from the boat pretty quickly. You'll most likely be fishing a 2-fly rig, so it's not about the beauty of the presentation. Just get the flies away from the boat and not tangled. The Mo is not a difficult...
  93. pgangler

    The Fred Hall show .... Long Beach

    Fred first - then Joe Jost's!
  94. pgangler

    Deep Blue sighting

    And don't forget - got his girlfriend eaten for good measure.
  95. pgangler

    Maz today

    Really appreciate your reports James. I go to Maz 1 week/yr, and look forward to 1 or 2 days on the water. If we can find a debris line, it's usually good for trolling up dodo's. I'm guessing that since your'e traveling so far offshore, you're not seeing that?
  96. pgangler

    RP Line One 18 day, 1-20 thru 2-7-19, Part 2, Pretty Tuna

    Great pics, and report Loc!! Stunning closeups of the tuna skin. I must confess, I hadn't looked that closely before.
  97. pgangler

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    This isn't a tackle box, but I wanted to post it here because, frankly, I was inspired to build this by looking at all of the beautiful woodwork on this thread. I still can't get my head around building a piece of wooden art and then sticking it on the deck of a LR boat, but that's on me...
  98. pgangler

    Processing question

    Smitty, I live in the Monterey area. I've only used 5-star, but am not sure that's relevant to my point: We make arrangements ahead of time so we're nearly first in line, then we've got all of our fish processed (typically 100-200lb net), and in our coolers for the drive home by 11am...
  99. pgangler

    First Long Range Trip Looking for Tips and Advice Please!

    You can bring your own water, but I've never had a problem with the water on the Rooster, and ice is available 24/7. Last trip I was on, one guy brought 15 cases of beer (that's not a typo). I bring my own plastic coffee mug, and keep it snapped to my tackle bag. Otherwise, you'll go...
  100. pgangler


    Only here could a ridiculous question about the weight of sardines go on for 3 pages. Jesus, you guys are fish nerds!!! Uh - I'm in at 3 oz for a 8" (that what she tells me...)
  101. pgangler

    Light line super?

    A 3/0 circle hook?? Are the albacore on the lower banks?? You have extra-large huevos, my friend. Congrats to you and your brother!!
  102. pgangler

    Shogun gets them.

    Congrats, Papa! It's a great life!! Can't wait to get my little guy on some tuna.
  103. pgangler

    Rooster reports on FB

    Two Supers reported on the Rooster - up to 352! Noice!!!
  104. pgangler

    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    I'm betting that most people on this site have loved to fish most of our lives - regardless of size and species. I know that's certainly true for me. I still remember the first trout I caught on a salmon egg - 52 years ago. It looked like a jewel to me. I can't justify my fishing with any...
  105. pgangler

    fishing areas around mazatlan

    X2 Dropoff 25 miles due west, running north/south. Nearly always good for sails, marlin, and tuna. Usually dorado holding on the scumline from storm wash - could be 3-15 miles from shore. Watch out for longlines hanging out in the area - tough on the running gear. Also, lots of humpbacks...
  106. pgangler

    2.5 Day with Danny Gomez on the Dhamar II 11-14 thru 11-17 In No Particular Order

    Wow, beautiful catch/story/pics. Those don't look like pelagic crabs - are they? I'm wondering if this beast was eating off of the bottom.
  107. pgangler

    Finally Getting on the Shogun

    Yep, we did. But these were about 150miles south of SD, not the San Clemente variety. Honestly, they saved the trip. We saw very little down below at HB, and other spots. We swung by Alijos on the way up and saw WFO skipjack. I believe we got 2 honest cows out of the BFT, but it was...
  108. pgangler

    Knot Numbers, disappointing

    Thanks for the response Loc, and thanks for this very informative thread! I'm just guessing, but if the standing line is where the breaks are occurring, and well below line rating, maybe that implies that heat (friction) was a factor. I can't see any other reason for the standing line to...
  109. pgangler

    Knot Numbers, disappointing

    I scanned through this thread and didn't see any mention of chafing tubes or collars (did I miss it?). I would think that reducing the bend angle on the mono/flouro would reduce stress quite a bit on the outside surfaces. Would love to see a direct comparison with several of those knots with...
  110. pgangler

    Finally Getting on the Shogun

    Great captain. I did a 5-day on the 'Gun, and a 15-day on the Rooster with him. I'd fish with Aaron anytime, but I thought he was getting out of LR?
  111. pgangler


    I too worry about the future of LR, but more because of the resource than the cost. I don't think the owners are gouging us - fuel prices have gone way up for the LR boats as well as the bait boats. We've demanded fancier food (which I think we're going to regret as we age), and they've...
  112. pgangler

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    That's a beautiful quote, but if I'm being honest, despite thinking that I"m a pretty enlightened individual - I still don't get it. The ride is beautiful, the food is great, the friends are great, but if I couldn't hook and fight a fish that scares me, whose flesh I have to earn - I wouldn't...
  113. pgangler

    Long Range Capt's perspective on Full or New Moon. Interesting article....

    Great read, thanks to the OP and Larry Brown for putting this together. Here's what intrigues me: Why isn't the current predictable? I'm no oceanographer, but this should be a reasonably deterministic system, just like the weather. While not a sure thing, I would bet that there are some...
  114. pgangler

    long beach long range fishermen

    I've seen Joe Jost t-shirts all over the world. Course, I was wearing most of 'em. LB native - but in NorCal since the 80's.
  115. pgangler

    Your favorite 5 boats for 6-8 day range

    Question for the guys that like the RS and the AA: They're both admittedly great operations, and have loyal fans for lots of good reasons. But do you notice the smaller platform, as opposed to being on the X, Intrepid, RP, Indy, or even the Rooster? I've ridden the Searcher (same size I...
  116. pgangler

    We Lost Jim Hernandez...

    Me as well. Jim taught me the double San Diego, and could tie it faster than anyone I ever met. Helluva nice guy, and great person to be around. Sad day. RiP JIm!
  117. pgangler

    First Long Range Trip on RR3 in 2 Weeks

    I disagree with part of the above. Water density and viscosity do not increase significantly with depth - only 1-2% for the depth ranges we're talking about. Pressure (in all directions) increases linearly, but since it's in all axes, it doesn't have any net affect on drag. So drag is...
  118. pgangler

    New Braided line finger protection.

    It's about F'ing time!
  119. pgangler

    FREE - RR3 - #200lb Jacket. XL. Never worn

    Only way I'm giving up mine is if it's replaced by a 300. I will wear this thing out. Jorge was an institution, but with Mike's cooking - I'm a VERY happy camper.
  120. pgangler

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Both generate the same amount of total heat due to the amount of work involved. But power is the rate at which that work is being performed. So if the 200 yards @15 lb takes less time than the 100 yards at 30lb, there's less time to dissipate the heat - which cooks the drag.
  121. pgangler

    Help/ Advice for Salmon

    When we limited while trolling on the party boat 2 weekends ago, I was surprised at how light the leaders were - about 15-20lb, in my estimation. I wonder if that's affecting some people's results?
  122. pgangler

    Limits in HMB on 7.14

    For those who haven't done this before: You troll with individual 2 1/2lb weights on spring releases. So when a fish hits, you lose the weight. Fighting the weights/drag is easily more difficult than fighting the fish. The big surprise to me was the cost: Those weights used to cost $1.00...
  123. pgangler

    Limits in HMB on 7.14

    Fished on the Hulicat with my son-in-law and ganddaughter on Saturday, for limits of kings. Beautiful seas all day, but we didn't find the fish until the captain made two moves. For me, most days that have started slow stayed that way, but Captain Tom kept searching and ended up finding...
  124. pgangler

    Red Rooster Mermaids

    Now THAT was funny! I think Pappy is finally losing it... Still, he got 2 cows and the jackpot. Those purple tights must have been good karma.
  125. pgangler

    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    So okay, where's the best place to live in Montana? I used to think it was Bozeman, near the MSU campus, but the explosion of apartments, condos and tract homes on the northwest side of town has really spoiled it for me. Livingston is still a great town, and the Stone goes right through it -...
  126. pgangler

    Royal Star Cancels Mazatlan Trips

    Very classy apology by Tim, IMO.
  127. pgangler

    First Crowley Trip 2018

    I've never seen browns with that coloration. The ones I've caught are much more yellow with spots that range from brown to red. Is that a different strain, or a hybrid, or just a non-spawning phase, or? Anybody know? Congrats on the productive trip!
  128. pgangler

    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    Beautiful home - congrats! and with an outdoor ice skating ri-I mean pool!!
  129. pgangler

    Monterey Kayak Rentals and Fishing?

    Monterey Bay Kayak is the place by the pier. Very well equipped for paddlers, not sure they have any fishing gear. Good rockfish back up towards Cannery Row, but check regs for which sections are legal to fish - it's pretty chopped up. I'm no expert, but I believe there's hali fishing and...
  130. pgangler

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    Maybe 20 years ago, my second albacore trip on the Rooster - borrowing my father-in-law's customized (and signed) albacore setup. Got into a typical albacore cluster* on the side of the boat with 3 other guys - we all have fish on. Big Jim Hernandez says "Hand me your rod!". I hand over my...
  131. pgangler

    Yeti cup tipping over on trip ? what to do.

    I brought the 20 oz Yeti on my 15-day, and bought a handle for it ($10 on Amazon). Then I clipped it to my tacklebox at night with a carabiner, so I'd always know where it was for morning coffee. Didn't have any problems during meals - more a testament to the great seas we had than anything...
  132. pgangler

    Nice Day on the Juan

    The Juan!! Fond memories of ridiculously easy fishing. Good for you by handicapping it with a 3wt. I really, really, really want to just throw my shit in the car and take a road trip. God, I love spring!
  133. pgangler

    Marijuana on LR boats

    For the record, have never used the stuff, but I do believe it's less harmful to people than alcohol is. Have been on at least 2 boats where I smelled it, and one guy had it for legitimate medicinal reasons. I think the reason you're not hearing any stories is that there aren't any, at least...
  134. pgangler

    sur randy, monterey, ca - 4/11/2018

    That dish your wife is holding looks outstanding! Slow so far for the party boats on salmon - about 1/2 fish/rod from what I can tell. Curious if the private boaters are doing better? Went whalewatching with visiting guests from the UK this morning - saw a pod of Orcas in the middle of the...
  135. pgangler

    Pl68 Do's and Don'ts for Yellowfin

    Hmm - I haven't used a swivel, but have had terrible problems with line twist because of it. Do all PL68's spin, or is it just mine (with the big ass 12/0 on the back end)??
  136. pgangler

    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    What other rivers between Helena and Missoula would you guys recommend for a float? As another poster mentioned, I haven't explored much, because I love the Mo, the Madison, and the Stone.
  137. pgangler

    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    Would love to know how you do on the Mo in April. I always fish it at the end of June, and meet our guide at Headhunters. Love fishing the canyon, that canyon - the rainbows in the Mo are the strongest I've pulled on outside of Alaska. Will spend 2 days on the Mo, and then wade the...
  138. pgangler

    Guadalupe in Sept or December

    I've been looking at the same BFJ trip in October. According to Andy, the Lupe is on the agenda.
  139. pgangler

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    "But most of all... I just love to fish" That says it all. I've tried to explain that to people over the years, and have felt every explanation is inadequate. Glad I'm in a fraternity of people that get it. Thanks for the great read, Craig!!
  140. pgangler

    UC invictus vs Calstar 770 xxxh

    x2 on the 7'6" Viper. I started out thinking 7' Invictus for 130 and an ATD 50, but Jamie convinced me to go with the Viper, for the same reasons already mentioned - casting and keeping the tuna away from the boat at the end game. I'll let you know in 2 weeks how it worked out!
  141. pgangler

    Long Range boats at Fred Hall

    Rooster will be way south during the show (I hope!)
  142. pgangler

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    X2 Different details, same story. I took her flyfishing and wasn't standing next to her the whole time, so she decided that meant we weren't fishing together. 38 years later, she won't go fishing with me (which I'd actually enjoy), but she's fine for me to go since I love it. Make sure...
  143. pgangler

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Craig, you're enjoying this too much!
  144. pgangler

    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    Best wishes Mike - hang in there!
  145. pgangler

    Best meal on a LR boat

    I think most of the more critical comments about food are from the older trips. Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years.
  146. pgangler

    Inserting & Glueing

    If you all don't mind a question on a related topic: I saw a video recently where the guy making the topshot used an extra 2 feet of the mainline braid as the serve material. In other words, he started the insertion of the needle about 2' up the line, ran the mono another 3' up the braid, then...
  147. pgangler

    Spectra for surface iron

    What you want to avoid is having that knot between the spectra and the mono at a point where it's running under your thumb on each cast - really tore up my casting thumb by making that mistake. So I'd go really short mono or 50 yds of it.
  148. pgangler

    Talica 20 or the larger 25 for blue fin

    I love my Talica's (12 and 16) but for 100lb, I'd go Mak 20.
  149. pgangler

    Bob Sands

    X2. I've never met Jamie in person, but he was very patient at explaining my options when I called about a 130-150 rail rod. No pressure at all, but I became convinced that the Viper 7'6" would be the right choice. Rod arrives next week, and I hope to put it to good use in March.
  150. pgangler

    doing research would like your help

    The Searcher is a great 3-day boat, very helpful captain/crew, and a well-run operation. That said, I think the 3-days have become crapshoots based upon whether or not you find the right school of Bluefin. Without that, you're most likely to see yellowtail, or small yellowfin. For more...
  151. pgangler

    Favorite crew photos

    Beefy arm, crew quarters, Rooster: Nicky?
  152. pgangler

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Was this thread really a good idea? I'm on a fuckin' diet here!! Jorge - RIP well, amigo. Mike's wahoo taco's, and pork loin on the Intrepid (Jeff?).
  153. pgangler

    Healthiest Meals on a LR Boat

    I've eaten on 4 of the LR boats, and certainly there is a trend right now of trying to out do eachother on the fanciness of the meals. One of the best meals of my life was on the Intrepid - pork loin with a mushroom sauce, as I recall. But of the boats I've eaten on, the Rooster seemed to...
  154. pgangler

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    You hear about this enough that there must be some physics to it. Here's my theory: Lines cross at different angles underwater, and the hook on one line will happily work its way up the other line until it hits something. If that's the swivel, then maybe the hook hits one end of the swivel...
  155. pgangler

    Orcas on the chew

    Well send them back! We've got too many f'ing sea lions up here!
  156. pgangler

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    There's a simple fix for that rolling bag that wanders across the deck - put a wooden bar across the front that is taller than the wheels. When you want to roll it, you're tilting the bag - no problem. When it's stationary, the front wheels are off the deck. It also sticks out further than...
  157. pgangler

    Silent Jim Intrepid 15 Day Report

    Thank you for a great and informative report! Your experience is completely different than my last (and first) LR trip, so it's time to learn a bunch of new things. Leaving on the super chicken in 5 weeks - sleep deprivation will now commence.
  158. pgangler

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    Did anyone notice that the X ended up with 33 cows?! Is that a record?
  159. pgangler

    whats the scoop

    Or, how are two sets of rods/reels/tackle stored on the boat since everything had to be preloaded in San Diego? I'll be the crew stored one set below deck and rotated them for the second trip. But that's a guess.
  160. pgangler

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Since the setup Pangamaster has described (rod, reel, wind-on) has been used thousands of times by hundreds of fishermen, I'm now thinking that since we don't hear more about failures of this specific type, there may be something specific about his tackle that caused the failure. I could see...
  161. pgangler

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    I think that means I had it exactly backwards - I thought the stress would be on the first few inches of mono near the serve. So then the whole mono section is under tension, and some portion of the braid is not (closest to the serve). So Pangamaster's break could happen anywhere along the...
  162. pgangler

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Thinking about this some more, it doesn't make sense to me. Once the flouro is inserted into the braid, the load is transferred to the braid. Beyond some critical length of insertion (4"? 6"? 24"?), the extra flouro has no impact - it just sits there without tension (but is under some...
  163. pgangler

    whats the scoop

    Glad you got yours through - had the exact same experience until the part where he says, "wait here". Didn't happen in my case.
  164. pgangler

    whats the scoop

    As noted above, the Star is going to run some trips out of Mazatlan. Mazatlan is the same distance from the Marias as PV, and doesn't have any big tuna charter fleet there - the charter boats in Maz are all day boats going after local sails, marlin, dorado and tuna. I think this is...
  165. pgangler

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    So has anyone done a controlled tensile-strength test of mono or flouro inserted into hollow core braid? We've seen lots of testing of straight braid and straight mono/flouro, but I don't know that I've seen one of the combined system. Logic would suggest that it shouldn't be a problem, but...
  166. pgangler

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Assuming that's the case, there's still the question - why would the 130lb Yo zuri have parted? Surely he wasn't pulling anywhere near its breaking point. Could pressure from the Spectra generate heat on the Yo zuri?
  167. pgangler

    2.5 super cow!!!

    Unbelievable. Congrats on a great trip to all concerned!
  168. pgangler


    1. Very cool feature. I had no idea this existed - thanks Robert. 2. Who named these things? Anybody notice all of the mathematicians on seamounts down towards Clipperton? 3. Robert - WTF are you thinking? Now all these LR guys are going to waste hours examining this thing looking for...
  169. pgangler

    Nebraska Goes Tuna Fishing - Sophomore Edition

    This post redeems all of the crap we read on this board. Thank you Goose!
  170. pgangler

    What makaira sea for 2x4

    I don't think this was directly suggested, but I wouldn't fill a Mak20 with 130 - I only got about 550 yds on mine. If you're out there on a long soak, you haven't got much to work with. As Hoodad famously stated, he gets 800 yds of 100 on a Mak20, and I know I got 750. I'm much more...
  171. pgangler

    Time Limits on Kite Fishing

    So my first big fish was a 155 on a double-trouble at about 5pm. Another guy brought balloons that had LED lights inside, so you could see them at night, and we used those on the kite until it got pitch black. (Very hard to see - they were just little lights off in the distance with no...
  172. pgangler

    Slowest trip in 5 years

    I disagree. Speaking only for myself, I'd happily spend all 8 days hunting for big fish (and in fact did that at Clarion). I think Andy made the right call by getting down there quickly, and my only criticism is that he didn't drop the hammer and spin up his 3 mains to beat the X to the...
  173. pgangler


    Responding to this and the post criticizing the Packard Foundation: Both posts represent extreme points of view, IMO. Long Range fishing isn't necessarily bad for the environment - it depends upon catch rates and the sustainability of the target population (and assumes that our fuel...
  174. pgangler

    Personal question, tackle boxes

    The one wear problem I'm seeing is that the axle is getting pretty rusty on my Nomad. I highly recommend making cleaning/corrosion prevention for the axle as a part of your cleanup process when you get home - or replace it with a stainless rod.
  175. pgangler

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    I sympathize with where this is coming from, and believe it's driving some very current behavior. But I don't think it's realistic as a trend. We're living in a more and more transparent world. Even we on this board get fidgety if the boats haven't posted on their sites or FB for a few...
  176. pgangler

    Personal question, tackle boxes

    X2 on the Okuma. Works great for me - I added a wooden bar to the front to help stabilize it. Otherwise, the footprint is a little small and it gets tippy in rolling seas. Love being able to wheel it around the garage or getting to/from the boat.
  177. pgangler

    Lingcod: is it just me or do they seem less common this year?

    Boats up north (Bay Area) caught lots of Lings this year. Maybe it is water temps in the SoCal Bight, as suggested.
  178. pgangler

    Catchy Tackle 15 day on the Intrepid.

    Dream trip. Props to the crew, and the anglers!
  179. pgangler

    Fitness for cow trips

    "Off the scotch"?? Good God, man!! What are we, Neanderthals??
  180. pgangler

    Fitness for cow trips

    Had the same concerns before my first LR trip (at age 57). Caught a 155, had a scotch and a beer, then caught a cow an hr later. I don't think you have to be in great shape to do this (I'm not), but I do think stamina will make you feel better and enjoy the trip more - like most things in...
  181. pgangler

    PV on the RR3

    Eric, what was the total count? Andy didn't post it. Thanks for the report!
  182. pgangler

    Circle Hooks for Cows

    Big thread on this 2 years ago. Lots of good info. I don't know if anything substantial has changed since then. All I know is that I caught 2 bigs on ringed Mustad Demon 7/0's.
  183. pgangler

    Osuna's backyard

    Please give us a report when you get back!
  184. pgangler

    Guadalupe Night Fishing

    "Pull" is a function of thrust from their tail - not directly correlated to body weight. I think bonito can punch above their weight as well.
  185. pgangler

    One man’s wahoo rigging suggestions

    Extremely informative - thank you!
  186. pgangler

    Knots for big game

    Wow, this thread won't die - and you guys are still putting out great ideas! Thanks Scott, I certainly can understand your setup and it makes sense. But I'm really intrigued by T-Bro's spectra loop-to-loop with a full gainer and a roundhouse finish. All kidding aside - T-Bro, why double up...
  187. pgangler

    Five Star Fish Processing

    He had his shipped, but Sarah filled my coolers lots of times and I didn't bother to (or think I needed to) look in them to verify that I received my catch. I don't know Marcus and Drew, and by all accounts they're good guys - but I don't think it's lame for the OP to bring that to this board...
  188. pgangler

    What's your idea of a successful Long Range Trip.

    I haven't done enough LR yet to claim that it's about catching up with old friends - but I hope to get that point in another 10 years. I do believe that a great crew and fun/interesting fellow anglers makes a trip really enjoyable - and that "That Guy" can make it very irritating. Good...
  189. pgangler

    Tube Mackeral catching at Clarion

    I think the 30lb stick is fine. Biggest issue we had is that we had a mix of salamis and tubes. The salamis would come along and DESTROY our light sabiki's, so I would go with a heavier sabiki that the salamis can't break. It's not that deep, so whatever cranks up and down 100 times the...
  190. pgangler

    What Not to do when you loose a fish

    Takes a big man to admit his faults - and then put video evidence on a blog for thousands to see! I applaud you, sir.
  191. pgangler

    Rodless Again

    Very, very sorry Jim - that is really shitty and must have been a devastating blow when you saw it. No doubt you'll have plenty of loaner gear on the boat, and I hope you have a truly great trip! Makes me wonder what more we can do to protect our gear - is there an inexpensive lojack...
  192. pgangler

    Scopace pills

    I have used the patch for many years as well, and it has always worked well for me to ward off seasickness. However, I have found in the last few years that I feel lousy after I get off the boat - sort of like flu symptoms for several days. I have heard anecdotally that this can be an...
  193. pgangler

    The one that should have gotten away but didn't

    Big Jim and Jimmy Burwell - man, that takes me back!
  194. pgangler

    The one that should have gotten away but didn't

    First 15-day LR trip, and my goal was to boat a 150; my buddy who is more humble than I (but easily as good a fisherman) had a goal for 100. Prior to this trip neither of us had caught a tuna over 70. After losing 2 good fish in the first 3 days to pulled hooks, I'm on the kite at the...
  195. pgangler


    I was doing ok...until Ap threw down the "Aging a Prime Brisket right now". Now I gotta go find some f'ing BBQ. Thanks a lot!
  196. pgangler

    PV on the RRIII

    I would absolutely be on this trip - but...I'm going on the March trip instead! Really anxious to hear how this January trip works out, because it sounds perfect. A week of cow fishing on the Rooster without a 4-day ride out and ride back? Heaven. And the staterooms? I spent 15 days in...
  197. pgangler

    SA MPX or Rio Grand

    I've been very happy with Rio Grand. Can't comment on the SA
  198. pgangler

    Which Boat? daughters first multiday

    X3. I just got off a 3-day on the Searcher. Art and Celia are a class act, and the boat was extremely clean. Real pride of ownership. Perfect for mini-LR
  199. pgangler

    -60C freezers for keeping sushi grade catch year-round

    Very informative post Adrian - thank you! One question: Why do you need to pre-freeze the fish to -20 before putting them into the deep freeze? That part isn't clear to me.
  200. pgangler

    Circle Hooks...inline or offset?

    Huge thread on this on the San Diego Long Range board about 2 years ago - went on for pages and pages. Seemed like everyone rationalized why their preference was the best answer. But as I recall, more people had concerns about poor hooksets with the offset hooks than the inline - because the...
  201. pgangler

    Solar eclipse

    Weird...but interesting!
  202. pgangler

    Coming to Mazatlan need some boating info.

    I've only fished on charter boats, but FWIW: Inshore: Lots of places, including right outside the harbor between the islands and the beach. But I like Marmol, about 10 miles up the coast. Currents seem to sweep bait into the corner, and then it's game on! Offshore: 10-25 miles straight out...
  203. pgangler

    Upgrading the 5wt Rig?

    The only thing I'd add is that all of my old rods (20+ yrs) are 2-piece, and all of my new rods are 4-piece. I only buy 4-piece now because it's easier to travel with them. Well, ok - I'll add one more. Some rods are moving to 9' 6" or 10', which can really be helpful if you're wading in...
  204. pgangler

    Cabo boat size question.

    IMO, a 31 isn't big enough for 5 guys. When you're trolling around all day, you want to find seats for everyone, preferrably near the cockpit, but possibly out of the sun. I'd go 35 or 38 - or split the group up as suggested. That increases everyone's chances.
  205. pgangler

    East Cape Boat Recommendations

    Mark Raynor - the Jen Wren. Arguably one of the most successful captains in the East Cape.
  206. pgangler

    Wild West

    Nice browns! It just doesn't get any better than that.
  207. pgangler

    I just want to catch some damn salmon...

    I thought about that Tim, and agree it's a nice destination. It took us 1hr to get out of YVR (on the way in) and 2 hrs to get through YVR and customs (on the way out), which seems like a huge PIA. So I'm thinking if I can solve for good fishing through SeaTac and a rental car, it might...
  208. pgangler

    I just want to catch some damn salmon...

    Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated. Westport looks like a great option for early Aug next year, and I'm going to try and line that up. Of course, we're not looking for an all-inclusive. I think I can get this at just under $1K/pp with 3 days on the water, local hotel, and Alaska...
  209. pgangler

    I just want to catch some damn salmon...

    So I just returned from a trip to River's Inlet. It was a great adventure (float plane, excellent lodge, captain your own boat, etc) but we caught very few fish, they were mostly coho and the cost of the trip is very high (about $4K/pp). I've been to Alaska and BC about 6 times, and 3 of the...
  210. pgangler

    Red Rooster 5-day report.

    I, for one, think this is a great change on the Rooster. Last trip (before weighing on the boat), I had a 195 at the dock - after they flushed it, after they bled it, after it sat in RSW for 5 days. I'm almost certain it would have been a cow on the boat. How many of you have had 198's and...
  211. pgangler

    Red Rooster 5-day report.

    " Andy never stops looking for fish."
  212. pgangler

    Intrepid's Kevin Osborne

    I'm a Rooster guy - and you know who my Captains are, but I did get to fish with Kevin once on a 5-day. You will not find a nicer friendlier captain than Kevin. At one point during the trip, he just leaned on the rail for 30 minutes and talked to me and my buddy as if he had nothing better...
  213. pgangler

    Down south 7/21 on Pride, WFO yellows

    Enough with the food porn - I'm dyin' here!! :D
  214. pgangler

    Todays Blue Marlin

    He wasn't talking to you Jim - he was talking to Barbosa. Great catch, and I completely understand the harvest.
  215. pgangler

    We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    That is some funny shit, right there. Congrats on a great post!
  216. pgangler

    El Matador 2.5 day trip , July 13-15

    Outstanding!! Manny, I'll be in Mazatlan Nov 11-18, and can get at least one other angler. Please PM me if you think we can put a 2.5-day plan together, and the pricing. Ron
  217. pgangler

    Measuring the Length of a Trip

    In my experience, unless there's a hot local bite, on either 2 1/2 or 3-day trips, you expect 2 solid days of fishing. There's an outside chance of getting to fish the first afternoon on the latter trip, but I wouldn't expect it.
  218. pgangler

    Santa Cruz 7/13

    Terence, welcome to BD! I live down in the Monterey end of the bay, so can you tell me where Natural Bridges is? I've heard it often, just unclear about its location. I agree with Fujirose - what I've been hearing is that they're catching them deeper.
  219. pgangler

    Belt Creek, Montana (Montana Sporting Club)

    The Chubby! Great fly, good for dry or as a strike indicator. Nice pics!!
  220. pgangler

    Need help picking flies. Beginner

    I haven't fished the sierras in a long time, but since no one else has responded, I'll give you some general advice. But I would encourage you to call a flyshop in Fresno and ask them. In general, small dry terrestrials (ants/beetles) work well on those lakes. In times of desperation...
  221. pgangler

    Anyone in Mazatlan this July?

    I'll be there in November Manny, let me know if you'll be around - I'd certainly be interested.
  222. pgangler

    Three days on the Mo

    Just got back to Bozeman after fishing the Missouri for the last 3 days. This stretch is from Holter Dam past a wide spot in the rod named Craig, and on through a spectacular canyon section, before opening up on the way to Great Falls. We've done this trip every year for the past several...
  223. pgangler

    Headed to Montana

    Can't speak for Springdale, but they're there in Paradise Valley. Streamers along the cut banks early and late are the trick. Fishing the Missouri out of Craig this weekend. I know it's not on your list, but I'll give a report next week.
  224. pgangler

    Headed to Montana

    If you're up for the expense, I'd hire a guide for a day ($500), and float the Yellowstone. Should be great hopper fishing, and with a guide you cover a lot of water. It's also one of the most beautiful floats in the world. Call Sweetwater flyshop, just south of Livingston. I agree with...
  225. pgangler

    Trolling for Salmon Golden Gate?

    Definitely mono - you need the forgiveness, as they have soft mouths.
  226. pgangler

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    I already weighed in, but forgot these two: Chili prawns with COLD Heineken at International Seafood in Singapore. 95F, 99% humidity, spicy shrimp, and cold beer. I was sweating and crying, and couldn't have been happier. Fish tacos at Pueblo Bonito Rose in Cabo, from a dorado we caught...
  227. pgangler

    Flights within Mexico Heavily Discounted on Volaris

    RT getting all the way to your destination, and landing safely: Priceless
  228. pgangler

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    The Sand Bar? Old Fishermans's Grotto? Isabella's? (now gone).
  229. pgangler

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Didn't see thsi until after I added mine. I like the way you think Bill!
  230. pgangler

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    1. Mama's Fish House in Maui. Opakapaka (deep reef pink snapper). Incredibly delicate and tasty. 2. Wahoo sandwich served by Mike on a little restaurant I like to call the RR3. Oddly about the same cost as going to Mama's!
  231. pgangler

    Boat suggestion out of Santa Cruz

    I know you don't want to hear about nearby fleets, but I would strongly consider Kahuna out of Moss Landing. They have the range to hit all of Mty Bay, and Big Sur. Usually a good operation, but I've had ups/downs with them.
  232. pgangler

    Braid backlash; why on one reel and not another?

    Great question (I have the same problem), but too many variables. I would put both reels on the same rod and see how it performs. I would suggest the more llimber rod so that you can feel the performance of each reel. If that doesn't resolve it, I'd put the same line on both reels to get a...
  233. pgangler

    Talica Rental?

    I don't really see i that way. The OP didn't say he wanted to pay $10, someone mistakenly quoted that to him. Seems to me that if there's a market for high quality gear that you only use occasionally, why not rent it? I just rented a motorhome for 5 days and think that was a great solution...
  234. pgangler

    Reel for 100# Class Tuna

  235. pgangler

    Best bet for bluefin bellies

    You had me at bacon
  236. pgangler

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Christ, that's beautiful. I'd be afraid to fish it, but it sure is pretty to look at. Looking at these tackle boxes got me back into woodworking about a year ago. Haven't built any boxes yet, but have been building custom cabinets for the wife - which has justified me spending $1K on a new...
  237. pgangler

    Mazatlan to La Paz

    Manny, thanks for the report. Any size to the tuna outside of Maz?
  238. pgangler

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Boy, how'd we get here?? 1. I respect the OP's experience - can't blame him for being unhappy. I had a different one - fished the Shogun 4 years ago, had a very good trip, it's a very comfortable boat, crew was great, food was very good. Assuming they fixed the mechanical mechanical issue...
  239. pgangler

    Favorite Hook Knot

    Double San Diego
  240. pgangler

    Please dont kill me

    I completely agree with Bill. If you've never fished LR, you are in for the treat of your lifetime! From the food, to the accomodations, to the oustanding crew, and your fellow passengers, and THE FISHING - all will be top shelf. There is absolutely nothing to fear, and you will have a...
  241. pgangler

    Sober Fishing

    Good for you, man! Life can be anything you want to make of it - some people just need to do that without alcohol. Best wishes on your sobriety and life!!
  242. pgangler

    SoftSteel 15 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    Great write up - thank you!
  243. pgangler

    mexican waters closures ??

    That's not how I read it. The info at the start of the paper said they reach maturity in 3-5 years, and the info at the bottom said that most of the spawning adults off Japan are 20 years old - meaning that harvesting so many of the juveniles has restricted the spawning population to just...
  244. pgangler


    I was on the trip when Matt's french press "somehow" ended up in the lobster trap. Most thought it was funny as hell. Matt, not so much. The lobsters seemed indifferent. Hollowcore threading kit Kindle - fully loaded. those 4 days back uphill are a grind.
  245. pgangler

    Salt Fishing Italia

    Haven't fished in the Med, but I did go flyfishing in Tuscany one afternoon. Beautiful gin-clear creeks, and small (8-10") brown trout. Very little color to them, but they were still pretty little fish. Found a guide in the Lucca area, and he hooked up my friend and me with cane rods - we...
  246. pgangler

    The moment that you fell in love with fishing

    8 years old, camping with my family at Twin Lakes up in Mammoth. They had just stocked one of the lakes, and my father set me up with a salmon egg on an egg hook. I watched an 8" rainbow eat the bait right next to the bank, and I was permanently hooked for life. It looked like a jewel to...
  247. pgangler

    Bozeman/Yellowstone dream vaca for disabled - help!

    I agree with the VRBO comment - there's lots out there. For me, if you want to be near Yellowstone, I'd look at Paradise Valley (just north of the park), and hire a guide to drift the Yellowstone for a couple of days - looking at hopper fishing in Sept, or even streamers. There's no mobility...
  248. pgangler

    June Heat .... Red Rooster 15 day roll call.. May 27- June 11

    Wish I was going! Hope you guys have a GREAT time. Mike - be sure to take my favorite shirt: "Ahoy Fuckers"
  249. pgangler

    last trip of the year = 55 yellow tail

    THAT is a beautiful fish!
  250. pgangler

    Recommendations for mazatlan

    Will do! Probably in early November. Thanks.
  251. pgangler

    Recommendations for mazatlan

    Manny, does anybody work the Tres Marias from Mazatlan? Would love to find a 2.5 day trip out of there.
  252. pgangler

    Recommendations for mazatlan

    X2 on Aries Fleet. We have a timeshare at Pueblo Bonito, so I fish Maz every year - usually in Nov. Have never had a bad day of fishing (way better than Maui). We usually get dorado, 1-2 sailfish, and the occasional marlin. Have run into tuna a few times - but not as much as I'd ilke. If...
  253. pgangler

    R P on fire
  254. pgangler

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    I stand corrected! :) So what I think you guys are saying is that since the Mak30 is just a wider version of the Mak20, it doesn't offer any more drag power, but has a downside in rotational inertia for fishing bait. And since you can put 800yds of 100lb on a Mak20 - why handicap the...
  255. pgangler

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Well, now I"m curious. What's the downside of the Mak30? I would have thought that's a better fit to the Invictus than the Mak20. I've heard Hoodad say he will put 600 yds of 100lb on a Mak 20 - but if you just go with the 100lb, why bother with the Invictus?
  256. pgangler

    "That Guy" roll call

    Jeez, you sound like a decent guy. How'd you get on this thread??
  257. pgangler

    The one thing you forgot to bring?

    X2 on the towel - on a 15-day!!
  258. pgangler

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    They are?? I didn't know that - I thought the larger fish in most species were females due to the energy requirements of creating eggs. Learn something new every day... Two things that are really unlikely to happen in one sentence: "If my first fish is a cow, I'll stop fishing"...
  259. pgangler

    Looking for Definitions of Terms to Screen Rods

    Great thread - this has confused me for years. You know what would be great - by somebody who knows (not me!) is a table comparing the different sizing/performance codes for the major rod manufacturers - Seeker, Calstar, UC...
  260. pgangler

    Knots for big game

    This is my inclination as well. I have yet to land big game (billfish or tuna) on a fly rod, but given my experience with LR fishing, the pressure on the knots is tremendous. I want a 30-50lb connection between the braid and the flyline, that won't give. I think the loop-to-loop should be...
  261. pgangler

    Sport boat records ?

    - most anglers in a single tangle - ugliest fishing clothes (BFJ?) - longest time to get a bait out of the baitwell - with others waiting.
  262. pgangler


    X10 on Jose Wejebe. But check out "The Obsession of Carter Andrews". Big Boy loves to fish. I also watch Angler West. That and Dan Hernandez are the only 2 pure West Coast shows I know about.
  263. pgangler

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Congratulations Craig, so glad that you got the trip you dreamed of. And thank you for writing it up so beautifully, in a way that the rest of us could experience it with you.
  264. pgangler

    Roll call... 16 day Intrepid Catchy tackle Trip

    It had been my impression from Andy that, in general, you go to the Bank to fill the boat, and go to the Buffer zone to settle the jackpot. On our January 2016 trip, we spent all week at the buffer zone, caught 150 tuna, and 7 cows up to 274. The AA caught a supercow next to us. I agree...
  265. pgangler

    BLUEFIN ALERT... Excel Long Range Sportfishing

    Already? Let me get the popcorn...
  266. pgangler

    Crazy fish

    I think we all want the fight and to have to earn those fish. If catching cows was like scooping bait, I hope none of us would want to do it. We do this in part to see if we have the skills, strength, and stamina to conquer some pretty amazing animals. But on the rare occurrence that a cow...
  267. pgangler

    The journey has begun!

    Nebraska made the headlines - check out the report on the Intrepid's website. Beautiful picture!! Think he's having fun??? Congratulations Craig!
  268. pgangler

    How do you set the hook fishing sardines?

    Yes and no - the smaller the eye, the more stress and necking (reduction in cross-section) the wire will endure during when manufacturing the hook - which reduces its strength. The counter is that the larger eye creates a larger moment (leverage) if the line is being pulled sideways, which...
  269. pgangler

    Tom with a nice skinnie

    Correct! Sorry if that was misleading - not meant to be.
  270. pgangler

    Tom with a nice skinnie

    We stayed at the buffer zone the whole time. We ended up with 150 tuna, and 150 wahoo; 7 cows up to 274, and biggest wahoo was about 48lb. The AA was parked next to us, and they got a supercow while we were there. We had very few sharks, which sounds lucky because I hear about so many other...
  271. pgangler

    Tom with a nice skinnie

    Great captain too - he led our 15-day last January, and we had a terrific trip at Clarion. Very happy for Tom.
  272. pgangler

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    1. 8" rainbow trout at Twin Lakes in Mammoth 2. BFT 3. Opakapaka 4. Alaskan King Crab
  273. pgangler

    Current LR reports are Slow- Andy heading to lower banks.

    Elite, I never did see a final report from that trip. How many cows did you guys catch, and how many tuna/wahoo overall? Thx.
  274. pgangler

    Andy Cates tackle briefing circa 1997

    X2...and Big Jim Hernandez - taught me the double San Diego. Great guy.
  275. pgangler

    Bow State Room on the Rooster

    I always take the rear stateroom on the Rooster (if I can get it), and I always bring earplugs. That bunk right up against the engine room wall is an echo chamber. And if you get the rear stateroom on the port side - please look for my ipod! :D
  276. pgangler

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Really? I thought that would have been late. I've only fished PV once - with "the captain who shall not be named", but it was in April and all we got was a 45lb YFT on the kite at El Banco. Do others concur on March or April?
  277. pgangler

    Nick gets his shot

    I dunno. If Nicky's in the wheelhouse, who's going to sling a sardine 40 yds on 50? Good luck Nick!!
  278. pgangler

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Craig, I was in the same "boat" as you a year ago - never had done a real LR trip. Then I jumped on the Rooster for a 15-day in January, and had the time of my life. I'm already smiling for you, thinking about what a great time you're going to have! Not going to dispense any advice, there...
  279. pgangler

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    I'm sure Sarah's monitoring this so - Thank You, Sarah!! Your mgmt and team have been great! But the big question is: Can we still get 5-Star T-shirts?!?
  280. pgangler

    fly fishing with the MAFIA

    Oh - I want some! We need that in Mazatlan.
  281. pgangler

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    I binge-read this sucker in one go. I need a smoke, and a shower...
  282. pgangler

    Royal Star 12-26/16 14 day changed to 7 day Guadalupe trip

    Here's my answer for every F'd up thing for the next four years: Trump
  283. pgangler

    Super moon over Guadalupe

    Mark, thank you for a really fascinating and thorough response! I was unaware of most of the parameters that went into current calculation - particularly altimetry. Ron
  284. pgangler

    Mazatlan - 10.25.16 for no love

    Fished out of Mazatlan on the Aries III - 33' Crystaliner. The captain and deckhand had teasers on board, so we put out a general spread for marlin and sails. We raised 3 blue marlin and 1 sailfish, but couldn't get them to hook up. On two of the fish, I had pilot error getting the fly...
  285. pgangler

    Super moon over Guadalupe

    This begs the question - can current be predicted in advance? We certainly can predict the moon and tide. I'm no oceanographer, but if you know the prevailing weather patterns, bathymetry, and tide cycles for a location, can the current be predicted like SST's or Chlorophyll - or is current...
  286. pgangler

    Catching flying fish on the Excel

    Went to Barbados several years ago on vacation. Flying fish sandwiches are as common out there as fish tacos are out here. Hard to imaging so many flying fish that you could make a commercial endeavor out of them - until you see this video. At Clarion in January, the porpoises were...
  287. pgangler

    Top Gun 80 3.5.

    "Only real difference?" The TG80 is a good boat, I've chartered it twice, but it's a narrow beam, and a good 25' shorter than the big boys. Like the man said, "Weather...". And I'd rather be ignored by Andy than yelled at by Bob. My $.02.
  288. pgangler

    Observations about fishing a Certain Island that starts with a G

    Excellent report - thank you! I really like the ballsy move to go to SCI for the BFT - because 150lb YFT and 40lb tails ain't enough! Did you have to go back through Ensenada, or straight to SCI?
  289. pgangler

    Strength training for fishing

    I was just about to yell, "Use the rail!" when I saw it was a spinner. Not sure what to say now - except, congrats! I was very concerned about my lower back before my first 15-day last Jan. I can barely stand at the sink for 15 min without pain - let alone pull on cows. I found, however...
  290. pgangler

    New Lo-An Report Aug. 12-14th. 2 Day

    The DOMinator! Good job, Dad.
  291. pgangler

    LR question -- kind of

    I'm going to disagree with you on that Pat. RO was first used for the desalination of seawater aboard ships. It does remove most of the salts - but maybe not all.
  292. pgangler

    LR question -- kind of

    That's an interesting theory. I have the exact same problem at a hotel in Mazatlan that we frequent. They, of course, have filtered water - but I don't know what it's salinity content is.
  293. pgangler

    Question about hoos..

    Yep. Had one go across the stern, and up the side of the boat in 3 secs - then jump 6' up and spit my bomb back at me.
  294. pgangler

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    X3, but I would throw in the 3/0's to complete the set! And you really don't need more than 15 of any of them. Find a buddy and split the 25 packs, IMO - that's what I do. Don't forget some small egg sinkers, (1/4, 1/2, 3/4) in case the fish are down and you need chin weights. Can't tell...
  295. pgangler

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Wow, that's beautiful. And I love the marine-grade hardware. Not sure I could take it fishing, but I certainly would enjoy looking at it.
  296. pgangler

    best Trout water you've ever fished?

    Oh hell, there's no one right answer to this one! For me, the best and most consistent is the Missouri, coming out of Craig Montana. We regularly have 20 fish days, and the average size is 18". The most majestic is the Yellowstone, flowing through Paradise Valley in Montana. The most...
  297. pgangler

    Anything in Albuquerque NM???

    San Juan River in northern New Mexico, coming out of Navajo Dam, has some of the most unbelievable flyfishing you'll ever experience for rainbow and brown trout. The fish are huge (averaging about 18-19"), and they feed constantly in midges. It's about 2 hrs from Albuquerque, and you'll need...
  298. pgangler

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Thanks Sarah!
  299. pgangler

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Love Sarah, love 5-star, love the t-shirts, use 'em every year, blah blah blah. On a related note - I've pulled a few packs out of the deep freeze and found them to have larger air gaps than I remember, some had freezer burn. I think I must have broken a seal (not Sarah, me - don't get...
  300. pgangler

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    i caught 2 big fish on the Rooster, on my last trip - one taped at 210, the other at 199. They were then hosed out (not bled), and put in the RSW. At the dock the larger one went 205, and the smaller went 195. I think they weren't bled because the crew knew they were close to the mark, and...
  301. pgangler


    X2 up to 130. To be clear, though, I do a triple-surgeon's.
  302. pgangler

    time to fish

    Like most others I could barely read this, and can't imagine the pain from such a tragic event. God bless you and your family - if there is a memorial fund for Wyatt, please let us know. I hope you and Shane have a long and happy fishing journey (through life) together.
  303. pgangler

    Front Load Tackle Bag Suggestion?

    "There are no perfect answers" - true enough. I've got the big Nomad, and like the wheels and capacity, dislike the tippiness and the tray friction. I just bought new trays for it that have a bigger front handle - the ones that come with it don't have much of a lip. Should make them easier...
  304. pgangler

    RP is on em good at Guadalupe

    I want to go on THAT trip! Nice!!!
  305. pgangler

    Dumb Question of the day

    Can't take credit for this, learned it from Gary Keller: staple two paper plates back-to-back. They make a large diameter spool, are thin, and the edges of the paper plates stands up enough to open a slot for the leader. Then, you can write the test/length on the paper plate.
  306. pgangler

    Need advice booking first ever LR trip!

    IMO, the ride and accommodations are better on the Intrepid - like below deck head/shower; but I've had better fishing success on the Rooster. I think June is a species crapshoot, particularly with the BFT's making early showings and departures from the Mexican waters the last 2 years. The...
  307. pgangler

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    I hate this thread. It is so very true - from cellphones (and driving), to 24-hr news, to the terrorist threat du jour. It used to be that after a long trip, I'd want to know what happened in the market, and at work. Now we find out how many mass-killngs we've missed, and which national...
  308. pgangler


    Love my Fujinon 7x50's. Anything over 7X is really overkill from a boat, due to the motion. Also, these are much lighter-weight than the Baker's I had preivously. That fatigue gets to you after a while - the glasses start to droop...
  309. pgangler

    Alaska Fish Species Bucket List

    X2 yelloweye Other things to "catch" on your bucketlist: Brown bears, bubble-netting humpbacks, and hand-feeding eagles from the boat! It's an incredibly special place, and do get away from Anchorage!
  310. pgangler

    SF area Charter Boats?

    Saw the old Wild Wave at the boat yard in Monterey about 6 mos ago. Not sure where it is now. Popped my bluefin cherry on that boat! Salty, the cook, came out of LR and had some great stories.
  311. pgangler

    Red Rooster going to PV.

    Not to hijack the thread - but what did happen to JT? I don't hear his name anymore.
  312. pgangler

    A Little Road Trip

    You, sir, are my hero. But what was that giant-ass monstrosity in the 5th picture down? Chinook?
  313. pgangler

    Some SoCal saltwater flyfishing questions

    I agree with Acorad. 8wt is ideal for all but the bonito - I think 9 wt-10 wt works better on bones. But at 9 yrs old, he might not have the power to sling anything bigger. The other thing you can do i slow-troll behind the boat, and I've done that for bones - it's a blast. If you do...
  314. pgangler

    Tackle Question For First Time Long Range Trip.

    X2 on Tony Pena, and your braid-to-flouro strategy is just fine. What you may want to consider is putting 50-100 yds of mono between the braid and flouro for castability. If you do, I find the triple-surgeon's knot to be an easy and effective mono-to-flouro connection. The mono may be more...
  315. pgangler

    Top Gun

    Haven't fished the TG80 in a few years, but Bob's a great fisherman, and will absolutely put you on fish. He can be a little intense and will let you know if you're making a mistake. Food was OK, staterooms were OK. Boat rolls a bit because of its narrower beam. If I couldn't find an LR...
  316. pgangler

    Moving to Bay Area, have some fishing questions.

    Tough call. Nothing up here is anything like San Diego or Dana Point, in terms of fishing quality. I agree with the posts above about being flexible and planning on trailering to the different landings. IMO, south of SF, Monterey seems to have the best rockfishing, down by Carmel/Big Sur...
  317. pgangler

    What do you use or could I make/attach to stabilize the SKB 7200?

    I have the big nomad and made a wooden base for it - the wheels and feet fit inside of it. It extends the base to the footprint of the box - which is about 2" wider (front-to-back) than the touchpoints of the feet and wheels. Worked great - until I left it on the Rooster on my last trip! Now...
  318. pgangler

    An Unexpected Turn of Fate

    Jim, we don't know eachother, but your response to Racer spoke volumes about your integrity and moral code. I too believe that our parents are our responsibility, and we should take care of them if we are able. My family was in a similar situation where my MIL had Alz for over 10 years, and...
  319. pgangler

    New to fresh water Fly Fishing

    All due respect, but $300 Aus is $225 US, and for that price, there isn't much quality or brand differentiation. I went on the Cabela's site, and there are several outfits in that price range. I would try to get a large arbor (large diameter reel), and a 9' 5 or 6 wt, 4-piece rod (for...
  320. pgangler

    New to fresh water Fly Fishing

    I agree with Capt Gray's advice on the rod/reel outfit - you don't have to go fancy to learn how. But I'm not sure about the line choice or flies. You really have to find out what people are fishing for, and what they're using in your local waters. If it is streamer fishing, then I'd go...
  321. pgangler

    Sailfish on the FLY- How to video

    Great vid. Really want to book a trip down there- maybe next spring?
  322. pgangler

    Montana fly fishing river/float guides?

    The Missouri is the best river I've ever fished, but it's a long ways from Billings - at least 4 hrs. Two great streams closer to you are the Boulder and the Stillwater. As previously mentioned - they may too high right now due to run off, but that situation changes quickly. A great...
  323. pgangler

    Braid to Braid

    Splice. It's really not that hard, but will require a couple of tools. You can buy a good splice kit for under $100, and it pays for itself when you stop refilling whole reels. The splice connection is so smooth, you generally don't even feel it.
  324. pgangler

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Honestly, that looks like more than 150 to me. On 60?? Great achievement!!
  325. pgangler

    Pacific Halibut on the chew

    I don't know much about halibut. In that second picture, they look like two different species - is that possible?
  326. pgangler

    Why don't we fish with tuna crabs?

    "you're gonna need a bigger boat" Getting back to the crabs that swim - why not a sabiki wrapped around your leader, with a 6/0 stinger? Charlie comes along, snarfs the crabs like a kabob and ends up with the stinger in his gullet? If they love crabs that much, seeing 4 in a row ought to draw...
  327. pgangler


    And for footage - you really can't beat GoPro. I've mounted mine on the upper rail before, and then use the remote control to start it when there's interesting action on deck. A GoPro and selfie stick are great for closeup rail footage.
  328. pgangler


    Not so much a specific camera, but if you're not going to bring an SLR, I'd bring a "point and shoot" (no auto focus), so that you get fast shutter reactions. The auto-focus cameras can take a long time to focus and with a moving boat, it doesn't work very well. I used to bring an SLR, but...
  329. pgangler

    How bad are Sharks at the Bank & Buffer Zone.

    I have this same question. My first LR trip was this January on the Rooster, and sharks weren't a problem at all for us - I recall seeing just a few get hooked, and don't recall many carcasses being pulled back to the boat. I had one 40lb YFT where a small shark had ripped out the throat...
  330. pgangler

    Showtime on the Star

    Finally, I can get back to work! Thank you very much Joe, that was incredibly entertaining - nearly as entertaining as Steph Curry's performance last night. The gag on the Captain was truly impressive - "you have Extra-Large huevos!"
  331. pgangler

    Hollow ace splicing kit

    Just sent you a PM.
  332. pgangler

    sick cow fishing on a 2.5 day with cap. Danny Osuna

    Wow - incredible underwater pics. Noice!!!
  333. pgangler

    Passports and fishing Mexican waters

    Book a hotel in Ensenada for 2 nights, and tell them you're taking your family?
  334. pgangler

    La Paz vs San Quintin

    X2 East Cape!
  335. pgangler

    Most Useful Freebies?

    X2 on Loftus and Martin. Their giveaways are very practical - but my favorite part is that they send the anglers nice frameable pictures of their big fish after the trip. That said, i can't get enough finger tape, sabiki's, Salas 6X or 40lb flouro!
  336. pgangler

    First overnight trip on the Excel, what to bring?

    Brad, you're getting a tremendous amount of advice here - and while I don't think any of it is wrong, it's just overload for your first trip. With what you already said you're bringing, I'd add the flipflops, a book, tip/beer money, learn one good hook knot, and learn how to cast a...
  337. pgangler

    Monterey Bay Opener

    Congrats on scoring any - from what I hear, there were very few fish caught in MB yesterday. Haven't heard anything about Half Moon yet.
  338. pgangler

    Hotel around fisherman's landing

    #1 Vag #2 Ramada #3 Dolphin The Vagabond is obviously the most convenient, and it's easier to get your gear into a cart and to the boat - especially if you're on the Rooster. The Dolphin is small/old, but I didn't see any sketchy activity (2 yrs ago). Be careful about prices - i tried to...
  339. pgangler

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    Great read - but I loved the original! For those that have done both, do you have a preference for LR or PV?
  340. pgangler

    Salmon Season Alternatives....Share your opinion with PFMC

    Done. Thanks for doing this Derby!
  341. pgangler

    Last Minute Prepping Tradition.

    Winchell's. I always get a chocolate old-fashioned before the boat leaves - and usually get a backup (just like reels and rods...). We always double check the tackle, but next time I'll triple check the sundries - I left my bath towel in the car, and spent 15 days drying off with a clean...
  342. pgangler

    Ever used one of these to keep bait alive?

    If the beer didn't develop a circular motion, you need to buy cured beer! :D
  343. pgangler

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    So I read this thread before going on the RRIII 15-day in January - but after I had already stocked up on Mustang Demon 4X's for the trip - in sizes from 6/0 to 12/0. I used the Demons since there were sufficient positive comments to warrant it. I hooked 4 big fish on bait. For the first two...
  344. pgangler

    Rod for talica 12ii

    I have my Talica12II loaded with 65lb braid, and matched it to a 7 1/2' 30-50lb jigging stick. Perfect for me, both in throwing iron at big YT, and wahoo bombs. Landed a couple of 35lb hoo on it a few weeks ago. I really like the setup, because the same rod has enough backbone for BFT - or...
  345. pgangler

    Heavy Mono/Fluro to Mono/Fluro Connection

    Actually, a short clarification - the diagram above is for a regular or "double" surgeon's knot. What several of us are referring to is a triple - one more wrap.
  346. pgangler

    Heavy Mono/Fluro to Mono/Fluro Connection

    I used it on 130 as well - no problem at all. Caught a 205 and a 195 with that knot.
  347. pgangler

    ATD drag ramp

    Thanks Ben, much appreciated but I live in NorCal. Is this the kind of thing you can do at your booth at Fred Hall in LB?
  348. pgangler

    8 Day on the Red Rooster

    I agree, there are three big Luggers below deck, but they run the boat at about 10 knots - no doubt due to fuel costs. I've never seen them hammer the throttles - that would be something!
  349. pgangler

    8 Day on the Red Rooster

    I just got off the Rooster, and upgrade my opinion of the food from "Good" to "Great". Mike Nall did a terrific job on our 15-day L&M trip. Filet, Lobster, Prime Rib, Wahoo tacos (the best, in fact). It was excellent without being too fancy or rich (a good balance). He also didn't make...
  350. pgangler

    Cow tuna reel ATD 50 or 80?

    I have little experience here, but just caught a cow and an almost-cow on an ATD30, and it was just fine for capacity, drag, torque, etc. I had it loaded with 500yd of JB 130 hollow, and a 25-yd wind-on, also in 130. I completely agree with everyone else that an 80 is just too big for...
  351. pgangler

    ATD drag ramp

    As Steve said above, I used the preset lever to set the drag pressure to 25lb at strike. I think that was position "K" on one reel, and "L" on the other. I'll check out the adjustment under the preset lever (didn't know about that), and will otherwise have them professionally serviced...
  352. pgangler

    ATD drag ramp

    I recently acquired an ATD 30 and ATD 50 (both used), and they had recently been serviced. I used them on the recent Rooster Loftus&Martin 15-day, and was fortunate enough to land a 195 and a 205 on the ATD30. I used the ATD50 for jigging and didn't get bit on it. Both reels exhibited...
  353. pgangler

    Talica 16ii or 20ii with what rod

    X2 on the Castability - a Tal12 casts a bait waaay easier than a Tal20. But then I've got the Tal12 loaded with 65lb braid and 50lb top, and the 20 with 100lb braid and 60-80lb top. Still, the rotational inertia of the smaller spool on the 12 makes a huge difference over the 20, regardless of...
  354. pgangler

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    I'm glad to see Fernando get some love on this list. I haven't caught any BIG fish yet (check back in a month...), but his quiet competence and easy demeanor give me great respect for the man every time I'm on the Rooster. Nicky worked me through my first BFT over 60, like a champ. I think...
  355. pgangler


    I've been riding the Rooster for 20 years, but never more than 5 days. Heading out on Jan 4, on my first ever 15-day. Can't sleep, can't work, daily visits to Tackle Direct... A ridiculous state of mind for a guy in his 50's.
  356. pgangler

    would you go all Talica II or have some Trinidad in the mix.

    My personal experience: The TAC12II casts much easier than the TAC16II, which is nice on sardines and lighter jigs. The TAC16 holds more - I get 400 yds of 60lb braid on the 12, but I can get the same yardage of 100lb on the 16. Nice to have the hundy if you're headed to the Lupe.
  357. pgangler

    Casting Spectra

    Actually Steve, I had the same reaction as irob - I like mono for casting over spectra, so I keep 30-50 yds of mono on for stretch and castability. That said, I haven't fished for wahoo much - so would appreciate yours and others' perspectives: why is that a bad idea?
  358. pgangler

    Mazatlan Report 11/10, 13

    Fished 2 days with Aries Fleet, and Captain David in Mazatlan last week. First day was smooth and hot - typical Mazatlan weather. We trolled a bait/lure spread, but I had a 12 wt flyrod, with a pink Cam Sigler big game fly, as the flatline on the port corner. My buddy landed a 60lbish...
  359. pgangler

    Telica 10 II or 12 II

    x2 That's how I'm setup and love it! 12 casts great, much better than the 16 IMO.
  360. pgangler

    Killed it out of Dana

    Nice catch, and way to Man Up on the weights!
  361. pgangler

    defrosting processed fish

    Fellow passenger on the Intrepid (Mark) SWEARS by this: He takes them out of the vac pack, wraps in paper towels, puts in fridge, then rewraps in fresh paper towels after overnight. Claims that removing the excess moisture minimizes the oxidation and keeps the meat very firm for BBQ...
  362. pgangler

    Monterey Advice

    Wrong - I've been there and experienced it. I'm not saying that all members are wannabees, but I was invited to join the yacht club by members who did not own a boat, and never had. I declined. I have nothing against the MPYC, just think that you should be a boater to be a member.
  363. pgangler

    Monterey Advice

    Right next to the Sand Bar on Wharf2 is the Monterey Yacht Club. It's filled with wannabees - so I'm sure they'd be thrilled to see an actual boat owner who pilots their actual boat! Very good prime rib on Fri/Sat, and drinks are cheap. Entrance is on the side, not the front.
  364. pgangler

    The Romance of Tuna at Sunset 8/15

    Eloquent report, tremendous effort, great adventure, and beautiful picture - well done, Sir. You are a class act.
  365. pgangler

    Fish farm planned off SD Coast

    Grumpy, Thanks for bringing Agenda 21 to light. I've downloaded it, but it's a loooong read, so will take a while to digest. The Ocean's/Seas section (Chapter 17) looks like a straightforward environmental protection agenda at first glance. Certainly they recommend international...
  366. pgangler


    The LR captains have been using that for a long time to estimate weights, when they don't have a scale onboard. My observation from reading lots of posts, and then seeing what happens at the dock, it seems to be accurate, +/- 5%. In reality, you'd have a custom tailored algorithm for each...
  367. pgangler

    Bluefin vs Yellowfin ID

    Agreed - caught a 20lb bft in March of 2004, off a kelp SW of SD, and it had a yellow dorsal, anal and finlets. The only way to lock the ID was by the fin length.
  368. pgangler

    Tackle Recommendations?

    Stand next to Bob, do what Bob says, and don't let him bite your head off. Oh, and let Bob cast the 50...
  369. pgangler

    discover angling on the hulicat - 7/30/2015

    Good for you and everyone involved with this project! Have never fished the Hulicat, but will proudly do so next time I'm in HMB (will there EVER be salmon again??) Congrats.
  370. pgangler

    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    Have used the patch for multi-day for years and never had a problem - works great for me. One caution: A friend who was on prostate meds used the patch and couldn't pee for an entire 3-day trip. By the time we got him off the boat, he had to go to emergency to get a catheter. I can't...
  371. pgangler

    7/30-8/2 Big BFTs and a marlin

    Perfect. The fish, the food, the friends - there's just nothing else to say. Sincere congratulations!!
  372. pgangler

    Alittle Thing That Happened at West Marine

    There's your $10000 fine! :)
  373. pgangler

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    I think we're seeing a split between the 7+ day trips and the 3-5 day trips. The 7+ are getting down to the Ridge and Alijos, which increases their options and historically puts them into bigger YFT and wahoo. The 3-5's can't get past Cedros and are currently finding mostly small YFT and...
  374. pgangler


    Ringed Owner Gorilla 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 - all tuna, YT, and WSB
  375. pgangler

    Bluefin go wide open- Dana Point

    I'm gonna need a new keyboard...
  376. pgangler

    Bluefin Go stupid WFO in OC

  377. pgangler

    polaris supreme

    X2 As much as I love the LR boats, if I could do a 2.5 day for the same price, on a really good short-range boat, like the PQ or the TG80 - that's what I'd do. That extra day means the world for range/options.
  378. pgangler

    Mazatlan Vacation at its best 6/25/15

    Great family times, and congrats on the catch. If you don't mind me asking, what did the charter cost? I haven't fished with Aries yet.
  379. pgangler

    Calling all bad backs, what rod profile is easiest to use ?

    Really good question, really good answer. It's mostly about the moment (torque) on your upper body, which is all about the angle of the lever created by the rod, and how far that lever arm is from your midsection. All that said, shorter rods will create less moment than longer ones - take...
  380. pgangler

    This is happening 6 to 8 miles off Point Loma

    You guys are f'ing killing me. Headed to Montana for a week of browns and rainbows on Friday - will try not to think about the tuna until after I get back! 5 days at the end of August on the Intrepid - WHAT will be around then? Wahoo?? YFT? Dorado? YT?
  381. pgangler

    Recommendation for a first timer

    The Monterey boats are killing it on rockfish and lings down in Point Sur. Try Randy's Sportfishing on the wharf. I agree on the Kahuna - great boat, but salmon is still really slow.
  382. pgangler

    Go to knot for mono ?

    Double San Diego
  383. pgangler

    Whats this look like to you??

    I wish!! Roosters in MB? How cool would THAT be?! Love it.
  384. pgangler

    My first 6 day trip

    There are threads on this board about "Andy-isms" - look them up! He's got a very dry sense of humor that I think is hysterical, but not everyone here appreciates. Somebody mentioned Derek, and Tom Ferrari is starting to run more trips as well - both great fisherman. Fantastic boat and...
  385. pgangler

    So what ever happened to the albacore?

    That's a myth - millennials don't vote.
  386. pgangler

    Fish Weight

  387. pgangler

    6/2 big whale and big tuna

    Fantastic humpy pics, and beautiful BFT!! Thanks for the story - I'm a whale geek too. Heading out this morning, in fact.
  388. pgangler

    A couple questions

    What's the right setup for that? Do I go with a 20 loaded with 80lb braid, or do I need to break out a 50W for that?? My clothes are BIG... Any excuse to buy another rod/reel.
  389. pgangler

    Great start cut short!!!

    Godspeed Amy!! We're praying for you!!!
  390. pgangler

    TLD 20 2 speed for BFT ?

    20-size ok. TLD20II for large BFT - not. TalicaII, Avet, Okuma... You get what you pay for.
  391. pgangler

    Any good reels for big southern california bluefin?

    Everybody's going to post their favorite reels. I think the common denominator is a smaller 2-speed that can put out at least 25lb of drag, and hold 500yd of 65lb braid with room for a topshot. My version of this is a TalicaII16, with 65lb JB hollow, and whatever topshot weight you want. A...
  392. pgangler

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    30-50 yards of mono for shock AND castability (braid binds up on the spool), and 6' of floro. After reading this thread, I think I'll extend the floro to 15'.
  393. pgangler

    Here we go…..You Ready?

    4 days on the Missouri River, end of June. Will probably leave the 2-speeds home for that one. Then 5-days on the Intrepid, end of August.
  394. pgangler

    Buying new gear

    X3 on Eric's
  395. pgangler

    Ideal 30lb Rig for New Angler

    A $450 reel (Tacii12) for a kid's first trip?? I started my kids on a Torium 20, with a 6'6" 30lb rod (don't recall the brand), and they handled that just fine for albies, small bft, YT, and dodo's. A low gear is nice for YT in the rocks, but that's why they're kids - let 'em yank! I also...
  396. pgangler

    Bluefin: #50 2sp Reel Thoughts (Talica or Fathom)

    I have both the TalicaII 12, and TalicaII 16. I agree with the poster who prefers the 12 - I find it a lot easier to cast with the 12, and I've got it loaded up with about 350yd of 65lb braid, 50yds of 50lb mono topshot, and 8' of 50lb flouro leader. I like the mono for stretch when the...
  397. pgangler

    Looking for suggestions for Charter - P.V. or Mazatlan

    I fish with Escualo in Mazatlan every year - Captain Juanito on the Black Marlin. Not a fancy boat, but it gets the job done, and Juanito is a good skipper. We target dorado (as opposed to billfish or tuna), and have never failed to connect, even on flyrods. The dorado are typically closer...
  398. pgangler

    Kahuna, Pt. Sur, May 3

    Nice report. Fished on the Kahuna a month ago, and absolutely agree with you about Noah. He said he'd ultimately like to make it to San Diego, "the show" - and I can easily see that happening. They had gotten tied up in a crab pot line the day prior, and Noah said that's what screwed up...
  399. pgangler

    ARE THESE SALAS 6x jr DAMAGED???????????

    Since nobody seems to know, I'd mount one in a vice, take a pair of pliers, and try to break the tip off. If it doesn't break with a reasonable amount of force, then the crack is not structural, and you can fish both. If it does break, throw them both out.
  400. pgangler

    West Coast Sardine Fishery Shutting Down

    What do the enviros have to do with this? Bluefin are at 4% of historic stock levels. Should we just keep fishing until there aren't any? I don't think the sportfishing industry should see nearly the restriction that commercial does since we're about 1% of the take, but I can't see how we...
  401. pgangler

    Summer Fishing Destination

    July/August? BC, Alaska or San Diego. Too caliente from Cabo on down.
  402. pgangler

    What to bring to Rancho Leonero?

    Flouro Spinning rod/lures for the beach north of the resort - great rooster fishing! GoPro! Buddies and I took our sons down there a few years back - great evenings sitting out looking at stars, drinking beer, and talking about life!! My favorite place on the East Cape.
  403. pgangler

    Braid on its way out?

    From another blog site on the topic of diameter of Gliss. Bottomline: Diameter should have been stated as 0.1mm for a 4kg strength. "Dibisch’s joy has been tempered by the fact that the diameter for a 4kg strength GLISS became confused in the communication between himself and Angling...
  404. pgangler

    Moss Landing 4/6

    Thanks for adding to it Dave. I didn't count that flurry, because they didn't even seem like legitimate bites - just slightly mangled baits and in some cases you couldn't even tell that you'd been hit (which was my case - I only found it when I checked the bait). Nice fishing with you, hope...
  405. pgangler

    Point Loma Calicos 4/3/2015

    Do you think that would work on rockfish too?
  406. pgangler

    Moss Landing 4/6

    Was on the Kahuna today out of Moss. Short version: We had about 6 bites, landed 3 for 17 anglers (I was not one of the chosen few). Longer version: We left the dock at 5:30, headed south, starting between Mulligan and the Soldiers Club in about 180 ft of water. Beautiful morning - flat...
  407. pgangler

    Salmon fishing from Half Moon Bay to Bodega Bay - Ready to go fishing yet?

    In general I agree with you, but 2 years ago my buddy caught a 24lb king in May, out of Moss on the Kahuna. Wish it had been me!
  408. pgangler

    Mono life span

    I've been trying to research that exact issue. Haven't found a specific definition of elevated temps, but clearly SoCal garages can be in the 49C/120F range for many hours each day during the summer. That temp accelerates oxidation of the polymers and decreases line strength. I have not yet...
  409. pgangler

    Guadalupe bluefin

    What an amazing thread. Have been on several 5-days but never got to fish Guadalupe. Someday... Would love to see pictures of some of those 200+ BFT's!!
  410. pgangler

    Two fly rods for sale

    Only value is as collector items for someone who has fond memories of those rods. Some flyfishing shows have booths with old gear. They really aren't worth fishing with, IMO
  411. pgangler

    Salmon fishing from Half Moon Bay to Bodega Bay - Ready to go fishing yet?

    Booked out of Moss Landing on April 6. We'll see how it goes - Monterey (where I live) has been spotty the last few years. Would love to bring home a couple of slugs!
  412. pgangler

    San Francisco Bay calico bass

    Water temps in Monterey are several degrees higher than normal, and presumably for the whole central coast. We're usually down around 53F in the winter, and it has been up near 57-58. No doubt that has moved the "normal" food chain further north than usual. But I've never heard of Calicos...
  413. pgangler

    JOURNEYMAN - Last Year Was Not As Good As It Gets

    Fantastic trip pics, and it looks like a really well-maintained boat. The videos on their website are just unbelievable. How was the food/staterooms? Looking to book something in early 2016. Thanks for the info!
  414. pgangler

    best place to fish in mexico

    With wife: PV or Mazatlan. PV gets a lot of love around here, but Mazatlan is a great fishing/vacation destination. Escualo is my favorite fleet in Maz. Without wife: East Cape (Rancho Leonero is my favorite). The difference is that there's nothing to do in the East Cape except fish, and...
  415. pgangler

    Knots for big game

    Thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate the feedback!
  416. pgangler

    Knots for big game

    I'm setting up a 12-wt for dorado and sailfish, and want to use 50lb braid backing so I'll have more capacity, and for more strength. Got spooled last year in Mazatlan and lost the flyline at the backing knot, on 30lb dacron. Any recommended knots for braid-to-flyline (there's no loop in the...
  417. pgangler

    Tackle Bag Recommendation?

    I too like the Okuma Nomad, but they are top heavy, and I've had issues with it falling over in moderate sea conditions. I've tied it down, but that's laborious. Somebody else mentioned bungees - has that worked well for you all? I was thinking of making a base plate for it to sit in, as...
  418. pgangler

    boat reccomendations

    Here we go... X2 Rooster and Intrepid
  419. pgangler

    The Fisherman

    Sorry for the loss of your dad, my own is getting close to his own last cast.
  420. pgangler

    Lahaina Maui Shore Spot?

    No disrespect, but I've never seen anyone fishing at Black Rock - it's usually completely surrounded by snorkelers. Keel, where you're staying at Puamana has been reported to have good flats-type fishing for bonefish, but I've never caught any there. Typically, any rock outcropping near a reef...
  421. pgangler

    Albacore WTF

    Screw albacore - BFT are much better to fight and eat.
  422. pgangler

    Intrepids 10 Day Report???

    I think Socal49erfan and Vikebrian had a perfectly legitimate point to make - they were on the boat, they weren't happy with the size of the fish or the effort level of the captain. Why are people jumping all over them, when they were there and had some data to back up the claim? It seems...
  423. pgangler

    5-6 day trip recommendations

    I think it's more "when" than "which". All of the top shelf boats will treat you right. Personally, I've ridden several 5-days on the Rooster in July and had an absolute blast. The last couple of years, the bluefin have really changed the itinerary - it's not necessarily direct to Cedros...
  424. pgangler

    Conflict At Clarion

    Fantastic story-telling. Thank you for that. Makes me want to see another string of Andy-isms.
  425. pgangler

    Dodo's in Mazatlan

    Just returned from our annual week in Mazatlan, and had a great day chasing dorado with my buddy and son-in-law. Mazatlan had quite a bit of rain in the previous week, so there was (and typically is) a definitive debris line that separates blue water from green water. That debris line held...
  426. pgangler

    Trip Report: RR3 Calstar 6 day 09/26-10/2 - Hero or Zero

    Could not agree more about the "Andy-isms". I've ridden the Rooster at least 10 times, and Andy gets funnier every year. I actually think he's mellowed a bit. This year my buddies and I sat around the deck after dinner drinking scotch and telling Andy stories - and laughing like crazy...
  427. pgangler

    Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    Time magazine this week had a short article on a bunch of meteor sightings around the world on Sept 7. Don't know when this thread started, but maybe we were transiting through a meteor cloud at that time and happened to catch one near San Diego?
  428. pgangler

    Reduced BFT limits proposed

    Just want to thank all who have contributed substance and perspective to this thread - this is one of the more intelligent threads I've see on BD! If we're at 4% (approx) of historical sustainable stock levels, I completely agree with those that would reduce catch limits significantly to buoy...
  429. pgangler

    If you had 40K what boat would you buy?

    The biggest 10-yr-old Grady White that $45K would buy. I owned a Cabo 35 flybridge for 5 years. Incredibly solid boat, but they are so heavy (for their waterline length) that I had to be doing 20+ knots to be on plane. While it's fun to go 25 knots, you really can't do it very often due to...
  430. pgangler


    Red Sails Inn x3
  431. pgangler

    Tuna/Yellowtail on Iron?

    Recently returned from a 5-day on the RR3, where the iron worked VERY well - Scrambled egg or blue/white Salas 6X and 6X Jr for yo-yo'ing yellowtail, and 4 1/2" megabaits in blue mackerel with a single hook for tuna. During one phenomenal stop, where we boated 400 YT up to 30lb in 3 hrs, I...
  432. pgangler

    Anyone know what is that new seasick medicine called?

    The Patch is called Transderm Scop and has scopalamine. I've used it for years on LR trips, and it works very very well for me. Only downside for me was cottonmouth. Had a friend try it who was taking prostate meds. It shut down his urinary tract and he had to get catheterized when he got...
  433. pgangler

    Would You Catch and Release Big Bluefin?

    We have two topics going on here: First, I've flyfished for trout most of my adult life, and never kept one - just enjoy the hunt and the fight. I could see treating tuna the same way, but it got much harder after the RSW tanks became popular - because the quality of the "product" is so damn...
  434. pgangler


    Costas or Maui Jim's - get a croakie or a leash!
  435. pgangler

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    Xn on Talica II 12. The reel is a stud, and very castable.
  436. pgangler

    Mazatlan fishing guides

    Have fished with Bibi fleet a couple of times - competent captains/crew, but they've only got one decent cruiser, and the rest are pangas. Had a good day catching dorado with them last October, and fun chasing schools of sierras prior to that. Haven't really gone after any billfish or...
  437. pgangler

    FIVE STAR???????????????????

    X10 on 5-Star. Sarah's crew did a great job on my bft, and worked with me on shipping the 100lb I couldn't take with me. The frozen is never as good as the fresh, but it arrived in great shape. Very good people, and yes - easy on the eyes!
  438. pgangler

    Cabo Fly Charters

    Had a very good time fishing with Lance Peterson a few years ago on the East Cape. He's a real nice guy, and got my daughter into a 120lb striped marlin on a 12-wt. He's also a total expert at the surf fishing in that area. Can't speak for the...
  439. pgangler

    50 lb. Live Bait Reel

    x4 on the Talica II's. I landed 7 of the 50-65lb BFT's on a Talica II 12 on the Rooster in July, and it handled like a dream. Had 65lb JB, with 20yards of 50lb mono and 6ft of 40 or 50lb flouro for a leader. The mono was a great shock absorber - out of 10 hookups, I had 2 pulled hooks and...
  440. pgangler

    Best Deck Hands!!

    Big Jim Hernandez, worked on the Rooster for many years and retired about 10 years ago. Had hands like dinner plates, and he could tie a double San Diego in about 15 seconds. On the travel days, I would take two minutes tying on a hook, and he'd look at it, cut it off and tell me "Nope...
  441. pgangler

    LR tackle bag help

    I had all the same questions and concerns. Just bought this Nomad Rolling Tackle System bag from Longfin: Nomad Rolling Tackle System | Okuma Nomad Rolling Tackle System | Nomad Roller | The Longfin Haven't used it yet, will deploy on the Rooster in mid-July. Has all of the features I...
  442. pgangler

    Mazatlan Recommendations

    I've fished with Bibi a couple of times. They have one decent cruiser and a couple of pangas. The cruiser was pretty rough - like most of the cruisers I've seen in Mexico. The captains and deckhands are competent and good fishermen. Lots of dodo's out of the cruiser (we didn't raise any...
  443. pgangler

    Who is still visiting Mexico?

    Just got back from a week in Mazatlan at Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay. Had a great time - all inclusive is definitely the way to go, and this place is stunning. With all of the bad press, they're giving great deals right now. Spent two days on the water: Offshore on a cruiser, found a classic...
  444. pgangler

    Late report summer 2011 Alaska Pybus Point Lodge

    Josh, I'm curious about whether those are reds or silvers in your pics. We were at Pybus in August of 2010, and literally caught zero salmon. Lots of rockfish, yellows, and small 'buts, but we couldn't believe there were no silvers to be found. Still, it's a great place, we enjoyed the...