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  1. Jay1

    Night on SD bay-slow...but a couple!

    I experienced the same thing last time i went to the bait barge in the bay. I usually can over stuff my 5 roach coaches with a half a scoop of deans and have a lil left over but i was way short last time. I think I’ll pay more attention to how full the net is on every pass i guess and i feel you...
  2. Jay1

    Big bay big lobster 2-16

    Thanks ya it was the best night we have had this yr so far so we are stoked on the results. Appreciate the words of wisdom also it’s helped me figure the lobster thing out a lil butter i mean better! lol 😂
  3. Jay1

    Big bay big lobster 2-16

    Hit the jetty with my son on a tip from my sons friend that had hooped a limit for 2,2days in a row a couple days prior. We got 4 for the night but 2 of them are the biggest ones we have had all yr. One of them went 2.2 lbs we fished the jetty. Fresh deans was bait. We also caught some pretty...
  4. Jay1

    For Sale Phenix axis 3x & 4x

    The 3 x can even be used for deep drop swording if ur trying to get into it without a huge cost!
  5. Jay1

    For Sale Phenix axis 3x & 4x

    Just small tuna on the 3x and nothing on the 4x
  6. Jay1

    For Sale 1988 Chris Craft Sea Hawk 213 WA

    In the market and boat looks clean for the yr but 12 and a half for a hull seems pricey.
  7. Jay1

    For Sale 19' Marlin CC

    Need a price !
  8. Jay1

    For Sale Axis 3x and 4x

    San Diego north county Cardiff area
  9. Jay1

    For Sale Phenix axis 3x & 4x

    Up for sale a couple big bluefin rods. Phenix axis details In the pics, rods only no reels.$250 for 3x $300 For the 4x
  10. Jay1

    For Sale Axis 3x and 4x

    Up for sale a couple big bluefin rods. Phenix axis details In the pics, rods only no reels.$250 for 3x $300 For the 4x
  11. Jay1

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    And it pays to read the thread!
  12. Jay1

    What is this lobster looking thing?

    My nephew caught one that was huge like that on sat he got lassoed then hooked, in the bay also. Try a reverse dropper loop with a stinger hook easiest set up in my opinion.
  13. Jay1

    Mission bay shorts 1/26

    So i tried on the southern arm of the jetty past the low spot and got 1 short and like 30lbs of salad for 5 pots. Didn’t feel like fighting the salad so came in and tried from the bait barge inlet south along that wall. This is my first yr really getting out and the big bay has been the best by...
  14. Jay1

    Mission bay shorts 1/26

    Dropped some pots 30-45 min soaks, salmon heads from LP Fishing Supply 6 or 7 shorts. Dropped in 20-35 feet of water. Picked up a lobster pot on the way in if anyone lost one last night mission bay jetty area.
  15. Jay1

    Swordfish video from the past season. My wife on the rod.

    Sad i missed the trip but stoked to see the vid i want in next yr! lol
  16. Jay1

    SD Bay On Saturday...

    Out here right now and pulled nothing on the first pull ,7 shorts on the second and 3 shorts 3rd pull. Just waiting for the big ones.
  17. Jay1

    SD Bay On Saturday...

    Dam hope it’s better today headed out on an hr after the right swing .
  18. Jay1

    SOLD Mixed Gas SD area

    I’ll take it if it’s free
  19. Jay1

    Big Bay 1-1-21

    The sea dogs already figured the threaded pvc cages out already, I returned mine on the fact that they didn’t stop them from getting in. I use the roach coaches they are the best by far even in my short time of using them. Easy to open and fill, takes up minimal space in the cage and lays flat...
  20. Jay1

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    Ya your right the line right now is pretty long at the barge !🤪
  21. Jay1

    Post rain lobster

    Well i live in San Diego soooo not too worried about the spill affecting my bugs.
  22. Jay1

    Post rain lobster

    My buddy backed out and i didn’t end up going solo hope whoever went got them!!
  23. Jay1

    Post rain lobster

    What’s the play big bay, mission, Oceanside ? I might hit Oceanside with less wind but the last time i went i didn’t even pull a short. I have only had success in the big bay but i run a 14 foot john boat so could be dicey with the wind.
  24. Jay1

    Post rain lobster

    So i have been trying to figure the lobster crawl out and been hearing after the rain is best to go. Anyone headed out today even in the wind ? Or is it not worth the wind
  25. Jay1

    Great way to end 2020

    Wow guys what a trip. Good thing he wasn’t over 150 lbs could of got dangerous. Awesome catch.
  26. Jay1

    Mackeral in Sd bay

    Seen guys posted at the big bay bait barge pulling a couple up earlier in the week.
  27. Jay1

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    Get really small sabiki most people get the big ones and tip with squid if possible only thing i use and big mackerels are good for bounce ball if you got it.
  28. Jay1

    For Sale Classic series Seeker

    Will ship at buyers cost
  29. Jay1

    For Sale Seeker trolling 40-60lb

    I’ll shit at buyers cost.
  30. Jay1

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    Ya sometimes i don’t have anyone else on the boat or I’m limited on time usually being the reason for not needing so much bait. I can drift all day with one pass of bait if I’m solo and the bait tank has not problem with a half scoop even if it’s smaller pieces.
  31. Jay1

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    Why is a kayak scoop/ 1 pass only available for kayakers or guys that don’t have a legit bait tank just what the guy told me at the bait barge in San Diego big bay? I don’t feel it’s right to only offer that option to people in that category. All because i decided to drop the money on a tank and...
  32. Jay1

    For Sale Seeker trolling 40-60lb

    100 bucks new home price today
  33. Jay1

    For Sale Classic series Seeker

    New home price today $100
  34. Jay1

    For Sale Classic series Seeker

    Used Seeker don’t know much about it got in a groups of rods but don’t need this one. Looks to be in good condition 8-10 i would give it for all around. Specs in pics $100
  35. Jay1

    For Sale Seeker trolling 40-60lb

    Seeker trolling rod good condition looking for $100
  36. Jay1

    Thanksgiving day bait ?

    Ya it’s open
  37. Jay1

    Thanksgiving day bait ?

    Is the bait barge in big bay San Diego open tomorrow? Looking to get some halibut drifts in before the dinner bell.
  38. Jay1

    SOLD Seeker bass rod bushido

    Up on a Tuesday
  39. Jay1

    SOLD Seeker bass rod bushido

    New rod with tags. $100 takes it. Or trade for 2 Promar xl hoop nets heavy or light.
  40. Jay1

    The Big Al

    Dam is that fish juice in my eye, it won’t stop watering good post and great celebration of someone’s life.
  41. Jay1

    SOLD Shimano Trini 30a

    No you would have to cover shipping
  42. Jay1

    SOLD Shimano Trini 30a

    Dropping price 350
  43. Jay1

    SOLD Shimano Trini 30a

    Al the way up
  44. Jay1

    SOLD Shimano Trini 30a

    Catch taco make taco happy taco Tuesday
  45. Jay1

    Threshers galore!

    Better to be thought of as a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt! Thanks for bringing it full circle !
  46. Jay1

    SOLD Shimano Trini 30a

    8.5/10 on looks 10/10 on function. Reel has been lightly used for 2 season. Has some boat rash from use but overall a good reel. $400 makes you the new owner. Thanks
  47. Jay1

    Threshers galore!

    Well smart guy the picture or the description don’t say any of that and thats my point, nobody has info but still wants to complain. If they are harvesting the sharks to eat and are within the regs what should it matter. I know most of the guys would love to have 2 bluefin and not just 1.
  48. Jay1

    Threshers galore!

    How many of you fish for sharks? How many of you know the laws on fishing for sharks? Who said it was one person? Could of been a group of guys like the pelagic seekers who catch and cook the sharks they catch on the HB pier. Maybe the buoy floats the bait like a bobber? Guilty until proven...
  49. Jay1

    Threshers galore!

    I love how most jump to conclusions and still admits to knowing nothing about the pic but knows enough to complain!! Sheeple unit !! :idiot:
  50. Jay1

    Swordfish consolation prizes..... 8/22

    Nice haul of reds. How far out do you have to be from the coast to use electric reels? Last i read electric reels are illegal to use in Mexico for fishing unless you have special permission usually for someone with special needs.
  51. Jay1

    8/03/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, trip #10, 4 BF + 3YF, Tuna # 30 and skunk yet YTD

    Killing the game well placed baits most likely but whatever your doing obviously works. Good work guys we missed the early bite window but got one yesterday too. Where can i order that rice from !😂😂
  52. Jay1

    What's happening down south

    Pelican Sports fishing out of Dana Landing in San Diego was limited by lunch on 25-35 lb grade bluefin today, don’t know anything else besides that.
  53. Jay1

    SA 80 Cortez bank

    So general rule is she says she been with 3 guys you multiple by 2. If he’s a fisherman and says it’s 8 inches long or the fish was 60lbs you divide by 2. 😂
  54. Jay1

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    San Diego does turn on his ais they just turn it off the moment they are in Mexican waters.
  55. Jay1

    Say what?!?

    One was caught in 66 degree water i think last week.
  56. Jay1

    6/10/2020 BF

    I know a guy that got one out of Oceanside so i have a feeling that’s new fish at the hidden and Last weeks fish moved northwest
  57. Jay1

    Burned on offer up need help

    Okuma got back to me gonna just grab bolts make it work for now then send it in later and see what happens
  58. Jay1

    BFT fishing Thursday 6/11

    If anyone need a hoe let me know
  59. Jay1

    Burned on offer up need help

    Ya so i looked at the reel and it was brand new with one scratch still had grease in the clicker and drag pre setting . He was pretty craft in what he did and the only way i noticed was the heads he super glued on came loose when i put braid on. On the delay for response I’m gonna say it’s...
  60. Jay1

    Burned on offer up need help

    It’s a new sea gunmetal color
  61. Jay1

    Burned on offer up need help

    So i emailed Okuma and Christian got back to me i was just asking for the 4 bolts that are broken but last i heard he wanted my address 5/26 but have yet to hear back from him even sent another mail a couple days later see if he received my first one but have yet to hear anything.
  62. Jay1

    Burned on offer up need help

    So i buy and sell a lot of fishing stuff on offer up and figured it would happen eventually. So i bought what i thought was a new 50w and it was but guy had broken 3 out of 4 bolts holding the reel seat foot. He then tried to easy out one decided to stop after he drilled it wrong and super glue...
  63. Jay1

    For Sale Shimano Tyrnos 30 reel

    Shimano tyrnos Up for grabs $300 full of hollow core 100lb with 300 lb wind on brand new. Between the wind on and braid your only paying 150 for the reel. 8-10 on looks 9-10 on function always taken care of and washed but has put some fish on the deck. Need cash to put into john boat who knew...
  64. Jay1

    SOLD Sold sold sold sol

    I’d be interested in the rod for the right price
  65. Jay1

    Salty Dreams late season trip of a lifetime!!

    Speak your mind sir !! That’s what BD is known for. Yes eventually that’s gonna happen but most people aren’t gonna let their first sword go, not mine but Mikes. We will post that video also so you guys can get all warm and fuzzy inside. With the limit of 2 a day per fisherman 1 for 3 people...
  66. Jay1

    Salty Dreams late season trip of a lifetime!!

    300 feet of slack to catch up to him!!
  67. Jay1

    Salty Dreams late season trip of a lifetime!!

    Dana landing in San Diego and for the tuna or sword?
  68. Jay1

    Salty Dreams late season trip of a lifetime!!

    So Monday morning i get a text from Derek asking if i wanted to go deep drop Tuesday so i fudged some priorities around and said let’s do it. Monday mid day the yellowfin numbers start hitting the inter web and they are lights out amazing. So like clock work i get the second text that afternoon...
  69. Jay1

    If you have Insta these guys could use your help !!

    Follow the Bravo project they take vets out fishing. They could use our help today sending in votes for them to receive 5k to keep doing great work.
  70. Jay1

    Salty Dream does it again!!

    Yes that pic most def going up on the wall next to the 200 lb tuna pic he got last yr. Fishing with my son has been an amazing adventure with more to come. It’s all thanks to my father who gave me my start fishing canals and small lakes in the Imperial Valley. He always mentions he never thought...
  71. Jay1

    Salty Dream does it again!!

    Don’t give up. I’m a hunter and fisherman and if i kill it i eat it. Im teaching the kid how to be a responsible human being.
  72. Jay1

    Salty Dream does it again!!

    Thanks ya it’s been amazing to say the least!!
  73. Jay1

    Salty Dream does it again!!

    We came, we saw, we conquered!! So my son has been asking to go on a sword trip since we got a couple under our belt and it finally lined up for us to go. Started the day off grabbing some bait seeing if we might be able to grab some tuna in the am and then switch to deep drop late morning. Well...
  74. Jay1

    WFO YFT 10/24 - 3 Miles North East of 226

    Work sucks go fishing hell ya!!!
  75. Jay1

    Mooooo...Cow Yellowfin Weighed In At Catalina Island On Cedar Plug
  76. Jay1

    How rare is this

    The new purple fever
  77. Jay1

    For Sale SHe saId MAN im gOod 16ii

    No thanks i wouldn’t want to take the only thing you can cast.:Beat_Them
  78. Jay1

    New daiwa lx hd 400 vs wide open yft

    You must not have too many friends. Calling people names is not how you introduce yourself, especially for someone who is new to BD. Keep trolling me it’s funny.:fighting0061:
  79. Jay1

    Need help choosing line for my jigging reel

    I would recommend anything like Diawa with depth finder on it. Super important to know where you are at in the water when jigging.
  80. Jay1

    New daiwa lx hd 400 vs wide open yft

    . Can’t take a joke it seems and if i was a dick i would talk shit about how you can’t cast a bait caster and your fishing skills are sub par. The first fish you hook up you can hear the deck hand telling you to follow your fish so ya your that guy by the way . Take a chill pill weekend...
  81. Jay1

    YFT on San Diego Full day trip

    Oh the golden fish calendar. I got the app yesterday. :idiot:
  82. Jay1

    Finally found some dodos

    Seen those the other day heard they are motorized so watch how close you cast. 2nd hand info on the radio
  83. Jay1

    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Congrats Ali learning your opponent is key with this monster of the deep. Time out on the water finally got rewarded such a great feeling!!
  84. Jay1

    Deep Drop Swords

    Ya that fish was caught earlier in the yr might be the Florida state record. I can’t wait till someone pulls a nickel from our local waters gonna be epic.
  85. Jay1

    Salty met Elvis...epic day

    What a day! What a boat! What a capt! Crazy to think that 4 yrs ago i was putting my name in for this boat trying to get a shot at being a boat hoe. BD has brought two fisherman together to create amazing memories on the water. Thanks BD!! Can’t wait for the next one. #teamsaltydream.
  86. Jay1

    San Diego Padres Anglers Night Aug. 16

    I have a rod from way back in the day from a Padres fishing day it’s shimano too bad they don’t give those away anymore
  87. Jay1

    Struck out on big blues but got a couple singles on the yellows!

    Went out to look for these bluefin in us waters and didn’t even see one, we covered a ton of water in the 302 area. On a better note 3 out of 5 kelps holding 5-10 lb yellows. One kelp had a couple bruisers In the 20lb range but couldn’t get them to go. Yellows seemed to react better to chunk for...
  88. Jay1

    Going to LJ tomorrow

    Take shrimp for bait to give you the best shot on sheepshead.
  89. Jay1

    Advice on a boat please

    Guardian charters has open party for 4 or 6 not totally sure.
  90. Jay1

    For Sale SHe saId MAN im gOod 16ii

    Last chance at $400
  91. Jay1

    For Sale SHe saId MAN im gOod 16ii

    300 yards green power pro
  92. Jay1

    For Sale SHe saId MAN im gOod 16ii

    The tuna are coming don’t get caught without the right gear.
  93. Jay1

    4-2-19 A.M. half day

    Ya the New Seafourth is great at seeing private boats catch fish then make the 500 yard voyage to cut them off. Oh but wait they have been fishing off of Del Mar for a week. Don’t get within bino distance because they claim rocks like certain people claim the corner of the rail. That operations...
  94. Jay1

    For Sale SHe saId MAN im gOod 16ii

    Ya i would of made it simple but i figured the “SMART”ass :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv:fighting0061: BD’ers would get it.
  95. Jay1

    For Sale SHe saId MAN im gOod 16ii

    Went on a couple boat rides 80-80 has a couple marks shown in pics. $450 is the price and location north county San Diego/Cardiff area
  96. Jay1

    For Sale Super Seeker SS6470xh

    :indabutt: I know someone on the west coast wants this :rockin:
  97. Jay1

    SOLD Penn Trq40nld2

    Looking for any trades
  98. Jay1

    For Sale Super Seeker SS6470xh

    I’ll be in Temecula this afternoon if anyone is interested in that area.
  99. Jay1

    For Sale Super Seeker SS6470xh

    I’m trying to sell first but if i don’t I’ll let you know.
  100. Jay1

    For Sale Super Seeker SS6470xh

    Thanks don’t want to sell but i want to complete a set i have going and picked up a sweet deal on a mak 16 with a 3x just need the right rod for the 16.
  101. Jay1

    3-1-19 a.m. half day

    What size weights where you using ? Headed out Sunday with my kid and some of his friends for his bday already canceled once cause of weather it’s a go rain or shine! Swells supposed to suck.
  102. Jay1

    WTB Calstar 775H

    Not exact but i have a SS 6470 xh 7’
  103. Jay1

    SOLD Cousins Jig stick brand new still in plastic

    Lol oh you speaking to the choir. I’m looking for a 95 j mag i don’t care about the warranty, trust me. If you have never pulled on a cousins your missing out. Bump for a guy backing his stuff up , no seller ever does that.
  104. Jay1

    SOLD Cousins Jig stick brand new still in plastic

    People won’t pay money for something that doesn’t have a warranty. I still love my cousin rods.
  105. Jay1

    San Elijo lagoon project

    I live off of Birmingham and i would do the supervisor a favor and take those butts off his hands anytime. I’m sure some of those workers are eating real nice.
  106. Jay1

    Electric Reels in Mexico ?

    Hey guys seeing if anyone has a better idea of how to get permission. Maybe a website the link that was posted doesn’t work.
  107. Jay1

    2019 Bluefin Trip(s)

    Just bring your credit card,might be cheaper to buy it at Point Loma Seafood!!!
  108. Jay1

    For Sale Peen VISX 30 2speed

    Stacking braid accurate had an article on it. So when you get tuna in death circles you can put the wood to him.
  109. Jay1

    PQ canceled. Lobsters instead

    That’s the Karma kicking in for splitting the cost . Good stuff
  110. Jay1

    Rock cod round up

    Sounds like a great time to me!! I guess I’ll have to talk about last yrs fish cause this yr not to hot. Talked to my buddy and we are gonna do it see you guys Friday. Goodluck to the participators, lets get bent this weekend and finish the yr on a high note.
  111. Jay1

    Rock cod round up

    Was thinking of hitting the rock cod round up this weekend. Anyone ever fish this before? Just looking for a lil info on it. Is it a tourney or just a fish fry with fishing/drinking buddies? All in all looks like a lot of fun for two days.
  112. Jay1

    SOLD Cousins/shimano set up TLD30a

    Sorry for the late response guys but i sold this on another site totally forgot to change it.
  113. Jay1

    YFT Trip Video - 11/17 & 11/18

    Awesome vid if you ever need 1 for the bluefin dm me. Always looking for the hardcore fishing finatics.
  114. Jay1

    SOLD Ra

    I’ll send my address so you can gift it to me lol
  115. Jay1

    Wide open Skipjack Light line (video)

    When was the yellowfin video ? That’s always awesome when you get called in on a legit bite love the hardcore hook set .
  116. Jay1

    10/28 178/N9/La Jolla

    The N 9 has all the skippies you can handle right now black and purple daisy chain or small feather is the key limits by lunch. Good report always great when the noobs get on fish.
  117. Jay1

    Sunday overnight on the Tribute

    This late in the season he went for the sure thing. Would of sucked to pull off the fish and not found anything else the rest of the day.
  118. Jay1

    New Lo An 10/20/18

    Best cattle boat and crew in San Diego hands down!!! Markus is the man !!!
  119. Jay1

    Flying fish rigging tips

  120. Jay1

    Flying fish rigging tips

    Does anyone have tips on rigging flying fish for the big blue fin??
  121. Jay1

    Gearing up for the big bluefin

    Use 130 top shot and put at least 200 lb leader on everything crimped !!!
  122. Jay1

    For Sale Teramar 90MHB jigstick & Seeker Black Steel G665-6

    The bumps probably mean a dr visit but here it’s to go all the way up. Lol
  123. Jay1

    Late report cow.

    Can you share your rigging tips for the flying fish? Looking for good info thanks
  124. Jay1

    SOLD Cousins/shimano set up TLD30a

    Going to Irvine today
  125. Jay1

    Macks outside Mission Bay?

    Grab a squid to tip the sabiki with helps when it’s tough!! I cut tenticals off and use those
  126. Jay1

    SOLD Cousins/shimano set up TLD30a

    One more guys let’s do this
  127. Jay1

    For Sale Axis rod for sale

    Sorry for the late response guys.
  128. Jay1

    For Sale Axis rod for sale

    80-200 4x axis rod used once no fish on the factory one and the custom i got from another bd he said rod used hand full of times he didn’t hang and fish and i used once and didn’t either .Would like to sell the custom for same price over the factory but just need to sell one to get a railrod to...
  129. Jay1

    For Sale Trini 30 a

    Sold yesterday
  130. Jay1

    For Sale Torium 30 hg

    Sold yesterday
  131. Jay1

    For Sale Torium 30 hg

    San Diego north county
  132. Jay1

    For Sale Torium 30 hg

    Just looking for cash
  133. Jay1

    For Sale Torium 30 hg

    160 pick up today
  134. Jay1

    For Sale Torium 30 hg

    Need this thing gone guys
  135. Jay1

    For Sale Torium 30 hg

    Used Torium 30 hg 9/10 looks 10/10 functional . Has 80lb braid just needs fresh topshot. Scratches shown in photos.$180
  136. Jay1

    For Sale Trini 30 a

    Yellow killer
  137. Jay1

    For Sale Trini 30 a

    Plus some cash I’m in
  138. Jay1

    For Sale Trini 30 a

    Any offers
  139. Jay1

    For Sale Trini 30 a

    All the way up
  140. Jay1

    For Sale Trini 30 a

    $400 new with power pro backing 65 lb with top shot izor 40 lb BNIB
  141. Jay1

    For Sale Mix of used rods

    Rods for sale all normal use. All in working condition . Black tip $50 ,California is a spinning rod $75, Seeker $100
  142. Jay1

    SOLD Phenix M1 SMX82MH

    I’m interested pic also please
  143. Jay1

    For Sale 05 Yamaha 25hp tiller motor

    Short shaft or long
  144. Jay1

    For Sale Shimano Stella 20000 SW *NIB* latest model

    This would sell faster under used rods and reels
  145. Jay1

    SOLD Penn 40N 2 Speed-Please lock thread

    How long does shipping take ?
  146. Jay1

    WTB Penn fathom 40 2 speed

    Looking to buy a fathom 40 2 speed with or without braid. Looking for NIB but will entertain other offers. Local buy San Diego
  147. Jay1


    I’m good just went to turners they are 200 from them.
  148. Jay1

    WTB: Made in the USA Xtratuf boots

    Looking for new ones size 9 San Diego area
  149. Jay1

    February 3rd 2018 With Phillip

    Way to go Dad maybe didn’t catch any fish but awesome on the clean up karma will soon be tightening your lines.
  150. Jay1

    USA xtratuff size 9

    coming to San Diego anytime soon
  151. Jay1

    WTB heavy spinning rod 60-120 lb braid

    Looking into buying heavy spinning rod. Looking for shimano brand but willing to entertain other brands gonna pair with my Penn slammer 3 10500 series thanks .Looking for local seller San Diego area.
  152. Jay1


    What’s the gear ratio
  153. Jay1

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    After all the crap i can’t wait till me and D hang our first deep drop fish on the rod. By now the rod has so much fish karma coming it’s should be stellar this yr like last yr was for us.
  154. Jay1

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    To me looks like the pics are set up in the ad to show everything but the true condition. Derek is a straight shooter, i met him on BD yrs ago and he isn’t asking for much after getting ripped off. I would of asked for the whole value of the replacement parts needed to make it right on sellers dime.
  155. Jay1

    Overnight or 1.5 day, where are the bluefin right now?

    Bring a lil of everything
  156. Jay1

    Looking for Rod builder

    I’m in San Diego.
  157. Jay1

    Looking for Rod builder

    Looking to get a rod built for my son,for Christmas. Want something to match with a Lexa 400.
  158. Jay1

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    The kid must be a savage like mine. Way to go Dad,nothing builds a lil character like some struggle,hardship and then reaching your goal. It will teach your kid nothing in life is easy especially BFT fishing but that makes the Tuna belly even sweeter. That’s a Father building a young man not...
  159. Jay1

    10/24 Big some big BFT on the Aztec...

    So how many lbs of drag is “Choate”.
  160. Jay1

    WTB 2 Avet 30ex exw or 2 TLD30A II

    I have 1 tld 30a with450yrds of 100 lb spec all new just went on boat rides.
  161. Jay1

    Penn slammer 10500

    Or trade for a rod inshore 15-40
  162. Jay1

    Got the reel awesome that you can still trust people. Better packing and shipping ever.

    Got the reel awesome that you can still trust people. Better packing and shipping ever.
  163. Jay1

    WFO 1 Mile NW of the 425

    Awesome report :D it's such a great feeling to find them and get them to go. They have been reaching to chunk also if you don't want to use too much live bait to get them going. A good use to get the dead bait out of the tank. A ton of chunk and a half dozen live ones been a good recipe for me...
  164. Jay1

    South of 425 9/26

    Only selfies I take are with my dinner dates lol
  165. Jay1

    South of 425 9/26

    Cool thanks for the numbers but we didn't make it to your numbers. We found our fish about 5 miles past the 425 with no one around. We actually got foggged in so nobody could see us when the bite got crazy. Glad to hear that some people still have Boating/Fishing etiqutte. We got paddy numbers...
  166. Jay1

    South of 425 9/26

    Took out my buddies fish killing machine "Salty Dream". Took off about 5 am with a plan to head south 302 area but not too far because the bite had slowed down with the nasty weather that picked up over the weekend. We get into the area and start looking and trolling. Within 30 min we get lit up...
  167. Jay1

    Penn slammer 10500

  168. Jay1

    Penn slammer 10500

    Also will trade for newer lexa 400
  169. Jay1

    Penn slammer 10500

    I live in Cardiff
  170. Jay1

    Ranger 85 Reporting In

  171. Jay1

    Penn slammer 10500

    Will handle anything in the sea 40 lbs of drag and will hold 500 yrds of 80 lb braid
  172. Jay1

    9/16 - Never made it to the spot... Limits

    Awesome it's always better when your alone and find your own fish. Im always down to boat hoe it if you need one have my own gear and always ready to go. It sounds like you might have a new crew member in your wife.
  173. Jay1

    They went stupid 9-12-17

    Sounds like someone is jelly and ya I hate it when the whole boat catch fish so fast that the deck hands can't get them out the way or wash off it's the worst. :frehya2: Dam I hate those WFO days. :idiot:
  174. Jay1

    Wtb lexa 400

    title says it all looking to buy a lexa400 cash in hand for a deal in San Diego
  175. Jay1

    Penn slammer 10500

    Penn Slammer 10500 $250 BNIB 7602356041
  176. Jay1

    FS - Mint Blue Avet HX & HXJ Not Raptors-SOLD

    I'll take the HX for 300 if you want to meet up
  177. Jay1

    Outer Limits Huge Bluefin Epic Drone Footage

    What dreams are made of :appl::720icon::worship:
  178. Jay1

    WTT fishermans landing overnight voucher 4 lexa 400hd

    It's for the landing so any boat I assume
  179. Jay1

    WTT fishermans landing overnight voucher 4 lexa 400hd

    Have an overnight voucher for fishermans landing looking for a lexa 400,Penn Fathom 40 2speed or $200
  180. Jay1

    277 Dorado and Yellowfin on 8/5

    Awesome day putting fish on the deck
  181. Jay1

    Terez rod strength

    What is the max weight fish on this rod? Looking to go bluefin hunting!!
  182. Jay1

    7/26 Mello Yellows

    Ya me too!!! :zelfmoord
  183. Jay1

    7/26 Mello Yellows

    Headed out around 10am from Mission to paddy hop. Bait was a mix of small to large sardines more small then large but a good mix. Plan was to head straight west look for life, hit paddies on the way out. Started to see paddies around 5 miles out cruised by for a look nothing. Right as we hit 6.5...
  184. Jay1

    Still Local Enough! 8-28 43'ish

    Awesome dam 400 yards behind the boat what kind of kite you fly. Know we all know why the paddys are empty this yr.o_O
  185. Jay1

    Drilling holes and mounting location for 14 flat bottom

    i put up pic for reference point for placement on transom for my specific situation.
  186. Jay1

    Drilling holes and mounting location for 14 flat bottom

    I have a 14 foot flat bottom skiff i use as my bay boat and i am trying to mount the bilge pump for bait tank and transducer for fish finder. I am new to boating and honestly drilling holes in the boat don't excite me but if i can get someone that has experience in drilling aluminum and mounting...
  187. Jay1

    My pb on the New Lo An 235lbs

    I have been fishing with Markus for about ten yrs and i have found no one better then him. I never left after my first time with him. Always on the fish if not no one found them that day. The crew is always top notch also.
  188. Jay1

    Not the biggest but the biggest for me!

    Hey be proud most people are catching there best ever the past two summers.
  189. Jay1

    Fishing Wednesday the 13th

    I'm down for thursday what the details
  190. Jay1

    Im willing to go out on thursday if your willing to go let me know what the cost is and all that...

    Im willing to go out on thursday if your willing to go let me know what the cost is and all that goodness don't smoke don't drink don't care if anyone does ready to catch some bluefin
  191. Jay1

    looking for people to fish

    I'm ready to go split cost and all that goodness live in Cardiff can meet anywhere 7602356041
  192. Jay1

    For Sale Diawa Lexa 400 H Reel Sold

    can i get a pic of torium
  193. Jay1

    Halibut tournament -June 25th.

    i clicked the link and it take me to some cox internet site
  194. Jay1

    need prop 87 Suzuki

    have a 87 40 hp suzuki looking for a new prop located in San Diego
  195. Jay1

    Lexa 300hd. SOLD

    is it the new version or old
  196. Jay1

    Mid 80s Johnson 40hp tiller

    I asked for info and pics and I never got them how do you expect to sell if you don't give people proper info good luck in ur sale
  197. Jay1

    Mid 80s Johnson 40hp tiller

    Can I get some pics and info on the condition of motor need one for my duck boat asap
  198. Jay1

    Mid 80s Johnson 40hp tiller

    is it a long shaft
  199. Jay1

    hoop net

    So that's a no jk
  200. Jay1

    hoop net

    still have item
  201. Jay1

    Set of Hoop Nets(7) & Cages

    Do you still have items
  202. Jay1

    How to gaff a fish

    Its not the size of the gaff its always on how you use it .:imdumb:
  203. Jay1

    New Lo Ann 2day charter Aug 14-16th, report

    Markus is on fire this yr he always finds fish even on the worst days. You can't go wrong with him as capt.:worship:
  204. Jay1

    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    Nice catch but have a lil respect for the animal you just killed plus throwing him on the deck like that is going to mess the meat up. Just a thought
  205. Jay1

    Mastering the art of chunking

    I let it go back 100yd drift before I think about stopping depends on the bite and if you put the reel down put the clicker on and free spool pick rod up when bit and engage lever hold on
  206. Jay1

    Mastering the art of chunking

    Only tips i can add that i didn't read is when you cut your chum bait cut it into 1/8 inch thick pieces and day old,dead,frozen chum it all. When cutting your pieces for hook bait use a large piece three to four inches of the bait so it sinks faster to the fish. I like using freshly dead pieces...
  207. Jay1

    Lexa 400

  208. Jay1

    Lexa 400

    bump for lower price $170
  209. Jay1

    Lexa 400

  210. Jay1

    Lexa 400

    Lexa 400 hs-p with power handle has approximately 150 yrds 65 braid 180 firm.