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    I'm second let me know when and where i pick up i'm from sdiego 619-964-8944
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    FREE Big Igloo cooler

    i"ll take it text me 619 964-8944 thanks
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    SOLD Used skb 7000 140$

    lf you are in sdiego j'll buy it
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    Easiest Split Ring Pliers for Colt Snipers etc

    where did you buy that plier ? thanks
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    SOLD 124 qt. West Marine Cooler

    i take it give your address or phone # I live in paradise Hill San diego Can i pick it up anytime ? text me 619 964-8944
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    SOLD Phoenix Axis 7202H 7’2 40-100 lb

    i take it if you are in Sdiego area. Thanks
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    First time wrapping...

    well the fish don't look about the color or the guide. but at least you got time to do all the work. keep the good work.
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    For Sale Mustad 7691 galvanized

    let me know, Paradise Hill. will pickup anytime
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    For Sale Mustad 7691 galvanized

    how much for the whole package ?
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    SOLD Sold! Thanks bd

    you say negotiable so how much ?
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    SOLD Sold! Thanks bd

    two hundred for terez. let me know. 1 619 964-8944.
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    For Sale 120 quart Igloo cooler - beater - $20 or trade?

    give me your address and i will pick up anytime. my phone # 619 964-8944
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    SOLD SKB 7000 Mini w/Rod Holders

    when you will be in fisherman' landing ? $ 175.00. Thanks Let me know.
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    SOLD 2002 Acura TL/s

    My # 619 964-8944
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    SOLD 2002 Acura TL/s

    Is this 4 or 6 cylinder ? let me know
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    SOLD SKB Mini 7000 series tackle box w/rod holders

    Hi, is the box still available ? I offer you $ 140.00. Paradise Hill Diego,
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    Reel Service Needed

    Ken on oceanside is dependable and reasonable price.
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    Shorter trips during the December Timeframe

    Hi my friend If you are in the service USNavy, Marine,Air force or Army request to be station in Diego Garcia for sure you don"t have to worry about Fishing. This is 24/7. Thanks for your Service. even Lobster
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    For Sale SKB. Mid size. $160

    Hi if you had a chance coming down to San diego, i'll take it.
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    WTB Avet 2 speed MC Sx, Mx or JX

    Hi Gold JX 2 speed for $250.00. call 619 964-8944 Paradise Hill Sdiego
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    like new skb mini tackle box with rocket launchers sold

    Hi What part of southern Ca Let me know I'm interested or give me a call. 619 964-8944. thanks or free shipping I'll take it. SDiego CA.
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    Reel Repair

    X2 Ken Oside.
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    Reel Service

    X5 Ken on Oside
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    New Flat Rate Service

    Ben, Compliment for the service of my 4 accurate reels. All bearing and one arm of my reel was replace. Highly recommended to all fisherman. You don't have to worry for additional charge for parts seen it is flat rate, not like before. Martha is an asset to your company.
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    okuma makaira and Calstar gfgr-700xh

    Hi give me a call I'll buy the rod anytime (619) 964-8944 I live in Paradise Valley in between Spring Valley and National City. Thanks Tony # 2
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    Accurate 30N BX2

    Hi If you are from San Diego I'll take it (619) 964-8944 text or call Tony#2 Paradise Hill. Thanks
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    Pronto vs Vendetta

    Ray got more experience and he run the San Diego way way back before. He know every corner of the Island of Coronado for yellowtail.
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    Need fishing reel covers?

    Ok I live in Paradise Valley. I got 4 Penn 12LT, 2 16S and 30T. How do you work this thing out ? Text or call 619 964-8944. Thanks.
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    Need fishing reel covers?

    Hi What part of SDiego ? Thanks
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    WTB Lexa 300H - San Diego

    Hi, $ 100.00 Lexa 300HS-P yellow spectra. Very good condition, use twice. Text me your phone I send you a pics. 619 964-8944. Paradise Hill.
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    WTB Lexa 300H - San Diego

    Hi, $ 100.00 Lexa 300HS-P yellow spectra. Very good condition, use twice. Text me your phone I send you a pics. 619 964-8944. Paradise Hill.
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    Sorry SOLD Rod & reel combo gloomis&penn 12LT

    Hi How much for the reel only ? Thanks
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    Super Seeker 80H Blank

    location and rating of rod Please Thanks
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    Baja special

    Hi. $ 150.00 No spectra service by Ken tackle on ocside. Paradise Hill 619 964-8944
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    star vs lever for yoyo?

    I'm 70 yrs old I use super 12lt. you never miss. for young dude they use anything.
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    Reels FS: Super 12LT, TLD 50, P332

    Hi If 12LT falls second on line. 619 964 8944 Paradise Hill. San Diego.
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    guadalupe big fish

    2 speed is a must not a SX or Mxl. JX raptor and up
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    Reel Servicing needed.

    X 2 Ken on OCside
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    Lupe Info

    Hi mike We lost a lot of big yellowfin due to tangle and drag us to anchor. I lost a wahoo due to not paying attention. A Mexican guy is so lucky one big on troll and four on bait. He expecting a dorado somehow wahoo came up. All you need a luck not an skill.
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    16VSX Drag/Freespool Question

    Send to Ken's tackle shop on Oside.
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    Whose job is it to educate less experienced anglers on sportfishing boats?

    X2 When is your next trip Mike ? So that I can follow your footstep ?
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    WTB Penn int 12 two speed

    Hi give me your Phone number I'll send you a pics. Thanks
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    SX Raptor issues

    Send it to Ken Tackle Shop on Oceanside. He do everything even to upgrade the fishing reel.
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    WTB 12t or lt 2spd (Cal Conversion), will pay fair price...

    Hi give me your phone # or text . This is a 12T cal converted 2speed $ 300.00. I'll send a you a pics. 619 964-8944. Paradise Hill Thanks
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    WTB Lexa 300

    Hi LEXA 300 sold
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    WTB Lexa 300

    H text me your Phone # I'll send you a picks or drop by Paradise Hill. 619 964-8944. $ 100.00 Tony #2
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    WTB Lexa 300

    H text me your Phone # I'll send you a picks or drop by Paradise Hill. 619 964-8944. $ 100.00 Tony #2
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    For Sale Misc tackle

    Hi shrink wrap how much ? let me know 619 964-8944 picking up anytime. thanks.
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    trade skb backpack w/lunch box for skb 7100 w/launchers plus cash

    Hi I got 7200 w/out rocket launcher. $ 165.00. cash / no trade. tony#2 paradise hill. 619 964-8944. no shipping. thanks for reply.
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    Service location

    x 2 Ken is #1 and reasonable price. if you need to up grade your penn inter he is the right person. any reel he can do it. give him a call 760 967-7335.
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    Jig Master / Penn 500

    Hi I'll take the three handle anytime call me 619 964-8944 thanks
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    Free : 162 quart igloo cooler / rug

    Hi i'll take it give me a call anytime 619 964-8944. tony paradise hill. thanks
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    Tiburon 7530 for sale

    Hi do you think that's a 2 speed ? open you f %%%king eyes dam Fck before you open your big mouth.
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    Tiburon 7530 for sale

    Hi $200.00 thanks and your location please
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    Openwater jig tackle bag

    Give me a call if still available any time 619 964-8944. paradise hill. thanks
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    SKB 7100 box with rocket launchers $175 shipped

    Hi Please sent me a picture at 619 964-8944. I'm interested. I sent you a US Postal Money Order and add your mailing address. Thanks
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    Need to fill 1 spot on The PRIDE 2 day leaving today 09/10. MAJOR DISCOUNTED

    Hi give me a call I'm interest. let me know right away. 619 964-8944. Thanks
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    Trinadads seeker grafit USA

    Hi what is the line rating of all rods ? thanks
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    Pacific Star

    alcoholic captain mike
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    Higher end gear (avet, tiburon, custom rods)... and a snake cage

    Hi what is the line rating on the blank phenix and united composite. Thanks
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    SKB 7200

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    Up for sale fishing rods and reels

    HI What is the prizes ?
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    San Diego3/4 Day51guys /85 Rockfish

    Go for 6 days for sure you got the tail. Instead wasting $ 100.00 for nothing or go to seafood city for tail your wife or your sidebet will be happy and the fish is clean .
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    Accurate 870n and Shimano Trinidad TN20

    I"ll buy it give me a call anytime 619 964-8944 Paradise Hill. Thanks Tony
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    How much for the ROD ?
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    how much for the rod? thanks
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    2 yozuri Bonita lures

    Hi I'll take for $ 25.00 Give me a call 619 964-8944 Thanks
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    Accurate - Daiwa - Shimano Parts

    Hi I'll take the two handle + shipping, let me know how much for the shipping. I send you a Postal money order. My zip code 92139 Sdiego, Ca. Thanks
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    SKB-7100 Tackle Box

    Hi give me a call 619 964-8944. Paradise Hill Thanks
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    7465l and 7465m/l in need of clean up and re wrap

    Ray i'm next in line. Paradise Hill SDieego. Give me call Ill pick it up. 619 964-8944. Thanks
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    OC Rod - Kauili XHJ 6'6

    Hi if you don't mind i offer you $ 100.00. I'm in SDIEGO give a call at 619 964-8944. Thanks
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    Rods - Loomis Hybrids, GUSA, Calstar

    Hi # 4 and # 8 . I'll buy it for free shipping. Let me know paypal or check. call (619) 964-8944. thanks
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    Accurate 270

    Hi I got one without line $ 200.00. Paradise Hill or call 619 964-8944 Thanks
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    Lightly used Avet handles

    Hi David $ 25.00 Give me a call anytime 619 964-8944 Paradise Hill. Thanks
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    Purple SX Raptor with matching custom GUSA 70HP. Phenix 700H Spinner

    Hi Mike don't be offended for offering $150.00 for GUSA. give me a call in case you change your mine. 619-964-8944 anytime Paradise Hill. Thanks
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    Purple SX Raptor with matching custom GUSA 70HP. Phenix 700H Spinner

    Hi Mike Don't be offended on GUSA $ 150.00 anytime I'll pick it up. All my rod is GUSA. Give me a call anytime 619 964-8944. Thanks Tony II
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    Tiburon SST-50

    Hi I got 20/80 one time boat ride $425.00 + shipping with 80 lb white spectra and box. thanks
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    14 Various GATOR rod blanks for sale

    Hi. Sp-pc 701 swh-92 gator live bait 7'8 30-80 i buy it both give a call 619 964-8944 tony II Paradise Hill Thanks
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    AVET Handle Brand New

    Hi jake is this a two speed or single ? I got a mxl 2 speed give a call or leave a message. 619 964-8944 Thanks
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    INDIAN 1-1/2 TRIP SPECIAL 8/17-18/2011

    Hi if you need one more person for discounted price give me a call anytime 619 964 8944. thanks
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    INDIAN 1-1/2 TRIP SPECIAL 8/17-18/2011

    Hi if you need one more person give me a call anytime to work this thing out. 619 964 8944 thanks
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    Accurate Xtreme 500 and 2 Super Seekers

    Hi What is the rating on the rod ? Thanks
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    accurate,tiburon handles

    Hi If i'll buy it all how much discount ? Thanks
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    accurate B2-197 or B2-270

    Hi I got two b 197 one silver 6 to 1 and limited edition dark red in color 4 to 1 both 50lbs white spectra since i always go for long range is no use to me. sorry i don't know how to insert the picture in web site. b197 silver $ 250.00 limited edition $ 275.00 both reel in perfect condition i...
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    If you had a chance to be in SDIEGO i'LL buy the GUSA rod. Thanks
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    Talica 12 II

    john Continental United states
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    Which boat out of San Diego

    X2 On the Indian he is a Deckhand on the Producer way back on 80's plus limited load for 24 passengers.
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    saltiga and newells reel

    Hi Gear ration on Saltiga Please. Thanks
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    Saltiga 30t , Super Seeker 6480

    Hi what is the gear ratio and where are you located ? US Postal Money order is good. thanks
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    xtratuf boots

    Hi. ill take it if wil fit on me and you when you will be on Sdiego Paradise Hill give me a call 619 964-8944. thanks
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    Penn Newell tiburon parts for jigmaster

    Hi i'll take the tiburon clamp. call me 619 964-8944. thanks
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    Shimano Banar Boat Deck Bag

    Hi If the bag still available let me know i take it. (619) 964-8944. Paradise Hill Thanks
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    Penn 4/0 W/ accurate YTS

    hi give me a call i would like to see it. 619 964-8944. thanks
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    NEW Custom Calstars 870-H and 6460-H

    any pix on tiburon and prize
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    Shimano tackle bags, hooks

    hi i take the two spool give me a call 619 964-8944 paradise hill thanks
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    Is the 501 still available ? give a call (619)964-8944
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    Accurate 197 with cast control any color

    Hi i have 197c 6.1 silver with spectra and whiffle ball $ 280.00. call 619 964-8944 or [email protected] tony#2
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    Accurate 197c

    - I got 197c limited edition 4:1 $ 28O.OO give a call 619 964-8944
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    gusa monster

    hi its me again the rod is custom or factory ? give me a call 619 964-8944 thanks
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    gusa monster

    What is the length ? 7 or 8 and the rating of mono line. thanks
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    Tiburon Smart Shift 2sp Reels

    hi, interrested on 7540 how much including paypal and shipping. ? give me a call 619 964-8944. thanks
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    TN 40 Tiburon 16 SS Daiwa 80W SLT UPDATED

    I offer you on tiburon 16 $375.00 cash and pick up (619) 964-8944 thanks
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    john what is the line ratig on 80 monster rod ? thanks
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    Tiburon QC 16 & QC 7540

    hi bob on qc 16 do you accept pay pal or postal money order and ship to san diego ? if you do ill take the qc 16 thanks
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    calstar 850L

    paul nasaan ang panorama ? thanks
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    GUSA 80mag....

    joe give me your reasonable lower price. near by national city and spring valley. thanks
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    GUSA 80mag....

    joe what part of so cal ?
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    Quality rods/Jig sticks for sale

    hi interested on united rod urs70h. give me a call 619 964-8944. thanks
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    More Reels avet jx lx

    hi how much is the jx and do you ship in sdiego. thanks
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    reels and blanks for sale

    ray i tell you i take the tiburon what else you need call me at 619 964 8944.
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    reels and blanks for sale

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    custom ss cjbf 70h with tiburon qc 7540 combo

    hi its me i buy your tiburon my # is 619 964 8944 give a call i pay you cash. thanks
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    custom ss cjbf 70h with tiburon qc 7540 combo

    hi where is your location ? thanks