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  1. Jay1

    Big bay big lobster 2-16

    Hit the jetty with my son on a tip from my sons friend that had hooped a limit for 2,2days in a row a couple days prior. We got 4 for the night but 2 of them are the biggest ones we have had all yr. One of them went 2.2 lbs we fished the jetty. Fresh deans was bait. We also caught some pretty...
  2. Jay1

    For Sale Phenix axis 3x & 4x

    Up for sale a couple big bluefin rods. Phenix axis details In the pics, rods only no reels.$250 for 3x $300 For the 4x
  3. Jay1

    For Sale Axis 3x and 4x

    Up for sale a couple big bluefin rods. Phenix axis details In the pics, rods only no reels.$250 for 3x $300 For the 4x
  4. Jay1

    Mission bay shorts 1/26

    Dropped some pots 30-45 min soaks, salmon heads from LP Fishing Supply 6 or 7 shorts. Dropped in 20-35 feet of water. Picked up a lobster pot on the way in if anyone lost one last night mission bay jetty area.
  5. Jay1

    Post rain lobster

    So i have been trying to figure the lobster crawl out and been hearing after the rain is best to go. Anyone headed out today even in the wind ? Or is it not worth the wind
  6. Jay1

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    Why is a kayak scoop/ 1 pass only available for kayakers or guys that don’t have a legit bait tank just what the guy told me at the bait barge in San Diego big bay? I don’t feel it’s right to only offer that option to people in that category. All because i decided to drop the money on a tank and...
  7. Jay1

    For Sale Classic series Seeker

    Used Seeker don’t know much about it got in a groups of rods but don’t need this one. Looks to be in good condition 8-10 i would give it for all around. Specs in pics $100
  8. Jay1

    For Sale Seeker trolling 40-60lb

    Seeker trolling rod good condition looking for $100
  9. Jay1

    Thanksgiving day bait ?

    Is the bait barge in big bay San Diego open tomorrow? Looking to get some halibut drifts in before the dinner bell.
  10. Jay1

    SOLD Seeker bass rod bushido

    New rod with tags. $100 takes it. Or trade for 2 Promar xl hoop nets heavy or light.
  11. Jay1

    SOLD Shimano Trini 30a

    8.5/10 on looks 10/10 on function. Reel has been lightly used for 2 season. Has some boat rash from use but overall a good reel. $400 makes you the new owner. Thanks
  12. Jay1

    Burned on offer up need help

    So i buy and sell a lot of fishing stuff on offer up and figured it would happen eventually. So i bought what i thought was a new 50w and it was but guy had broken 3 out of 4 bolts holding the reel seat foot. He then tried to easy out one decided to stop after he drilled it wrong and super glue...
  13. Jay1

    For Sale Shimano Tyrnos 30 reel

    Shimano tyrnos Up for grabs $300 full of hollow core 100lb with 300 lb wind on brand new. Between the wind on and braid your only paying 150 for the reel. 8-10 on looks 9-10 on function always taken care of and washed but has put some fish on the deck. Need cash to put into john boat who knew...
  14. Jay1

    Salty Dreams late season trip of a lifetime!!

    So Monday morning i get a text from Derek asking if i wanted to go deep drop Tuesday so i fudged some priorities around and said let’s do it. Monday mid day the yellowfin numbers start hitting the inter web and they are lights out amazing. So like clock work i get the second text that afternoon...
  15. Jay1

    If you have Insta these guys could use your help !!

    Follow the Bravo project they take vets out fishing. They could use our help today sending in votes for them to receive 5k to keep doing great work.
  16. Jay1

    Salty Dream does it again!!

    We came, we saw, we conquered!! So my son has been asking to go on a sword trip since we got a couple under our belt and it finally lined up for us to go. Started the day off grabbing some bait seeing if we might be able to grab some tuna in the am and then switch to deep drop late morning. Well...
  17. Jay1

    Struck out on big blues but got a couple singles on the yellows!

    Went out to look for these bluefin in us waters and didn’t even see one, we covered a ton of water in the 302 area. On a better note 3 out of 5 kelps holding 5-10 lb yellows. One kelp had a couple bruisers In the 20lb range but couldn’t get them to go. Yellows seemed to react better to chunk for...
  18. Jay1

    For Sale SHe saId MAN im gOod 16ii

    Went on a couple boat rides 80-80 has a couple marks shown in pics. $450 is the price and location north county San Diego/Cardiff area
  19. Jay1

    Rock cod round up

    Was thinking of hitting the rock cod round up this weekend. Anyone ever fish this before? Just looking for a lil info on it. Is it a tourney or just a fish fry with fishing/drinking buddies? All in all looks like a lot of fun for two days.
  20. Jay1

    Flying fish rigging tips

    Does anyone have tips on rigging flying fish for the big blue fin??
  21. Jay1

    For Sale Axis rod for sale

    80-200 4x axis rod used once no fish on the factory one and the custom i got from another bd he said rod used hand full of times he didn’t hang and fish and i used once and didn’t either .Would like to sell the custom for same price over the factory but just need to sell one to get a railrod to...
  22. Jay1

    For Sale Torium 30 hg

    Used Torium 30 hg 9/10 looks 10/10 functional . Has 80lb braid just needs fresh topshot. Scratches shown in photos.$180
  23. Jay1

    For Sale Trini 30 a

    $400 new with power pro backing 65 lb with top shot izor 40 lb BNIB
  24. Jay1

    For Sale Mix of used rods

    Rods for sale all normal use. All in working condition . Black tip $50 ,California is a spinning rod $75, Seeker $100
  25. Jay1

    WTB Penn fathom 40 2 speed

    Looking to buy a fathom 40 2 speed with or without braid. Looking for NIB but will entertain other offers. Local buy San Diego
  26. Jay1

    WTB heavy spinning rod 60-120 lb braid

    Looking into buying heavy spinning rod. Looking for shimano brand but willing to entertain other brands gonna pair with my Penn slammer 3 10500 series thanks .Looking for local seller San Diego area.
  27. Jay1

    Looking for Rod builder

    Looking to get a rod built for my son,for Christmas. Want something to match with a Lexa 400.
  28. Jay1

    South of 425 9/26

    Took out my buddies fish killing machine "Salty Dream". Took off about 5 am with a plan to head south 302 area but not too far because the bite had slowed down with the nasty weather that picked up over the weekend. We get into the area and start looking and trolling. Within 30 min we get lit up...
  29. Jay1

    Wtb lexa 400

    title says it all looking to buy a lexa400 cash in hand for a deal in San Diego
  30. Jay1

    Penn slammer 10500

    Penn Slammer 10500 $250 BNIB 7602356041
  31. Jay1

    WTT fishermans landing overnight voucher 4 lexa 400hd

    Have an overnight voucher for fishermans landing looking for a lexa 400,Penn Fathom 40 2speed or $200
  32. Jay1

    Terez rod strength

    What is the max weight fish on this rod? Looking to go bluefin hunting!!
  33. Jay1

    7/26 Mello Yellows

    Headed out around 10am from Mission to paddy hop. Bait was a mix of small to large sardines more small then large but a good mix. Plan was to head straight west look for life, hit paddies on the way out. Started to see paddies around 5 miles out cruised by for a look nothing. Right as we hit 6.5...
  34. Jay1

    Drilling holes and mounting location for 14 flat bottom

    I have a 14 foot flat bottom skiff i use as my bay boat and i am trying to mount the bilge pump for bait tank and transducer for fish finder. I am new to boating and honestly drilling holes in the boat don't excite me but if i can get someone that has experience in drilling aluminum and mounting...
  35. Jay1

    need prop 87 Suzuki

    have a 87 40 hp suzuki looking for a new prop located in San Diego
  36. Jay1

    Lexa 400

    Lexa 400 hs-p with power handle has approximately 150 yrds 65 braid 180 firm.