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  1. bun87

    For Sale Seeker Greenie Baby Ulua

    Gotta make sure its legit 👌
  2. bun87

    For Sale Stella 18K & 20K, Trinidad 12a, dauntless 600N, fathom 30LD2, phenix

    How is selling under MSRP overpriced? I know what’s been paid for these rods and reels. If someone is asking about what I have posted, I’m gonna assume they have done their research before spending their money. If you don’t agree with the price you have no business here. Same as if someone tells...
  3. bun87

    For Sale Stella 18K & 20K, Trinidad 12a, dauntless 600N, fathom 30LD2, phenix

    Imagine this, you have your own store or business. You have a customer talking crap about you business and harassing you and your customers. Would you be happy with that and will you allow that person to continue what he’s doing in your business? There’s a place to speak your opinion/discussion...
  4. bun87

    For Sale Seeker G6480, BCSW 807, & BCBW 809

    What’s the specs on the 6480?
  5. bun87

    FREE SuperSeekers, Avets, and Saltiga 30T Stolen - Please be on the lookout

    Sorry to hear that, will be keeping an eye out for you. Hopefully the a**hole gets what he deserves.
  6. bun87

    TRADE San Diego - Trinidad 16a for

    Looking to trade for a Trinidad 20a or a tranx 500HG. This reel is a little to small for the jig stick. The only rash is on the face of the reel that’s pictures. It is lined with 65lb braid, with 40lb leader. I can throw cash on top if your reel is in great condition. Message me for more pics
  7. bun87

    For Sale Stella 18K & 20K, Trinidad 12a, dauntless 600N, fathom 30LD2, phenix

    I don’t believe so but will ask my buddy if he still has the receipts.
  8. bun87

    For Sale Stella 18K & 20K, Trinidad 12a, dauntless 600N, fathom 30LD2, phenix

    Looking to sell all of these for my buddy, he’s not in a rush. No trades. Almost everything is in mint condition or brand new, few with rashes from moving them around. What you see is what you get, no boxes sorry. Most of this stuff is top of the line gear unused. Price is FIRM. Buyer pays for...
  9. bun87

    For Sale Gloomis bbr gl2 12-25 bass rod

    Looks like Huntington Beach
  10. bun87

    SOLD Seeker Black Steel G6460-6

    Asking to sell this rod for $140, open to trades. Pick up in San Diego, no shipping but will drive to meet at a reasonable distance. Rating: 25-40lb Length: 6ft
  11. bun87

    SOLD Rainshadow Rods RCLB79L and RCLB79ML

    Thank you for the rods, tight lines! 🤙🏼
  12. bun87

    SOLD Shakespear Ugly stick

    Text sent for Graphite Live Bait BT8030 8’ 25-40lb Graphite Composites F670 8ft 25-50lb
  13. bun87

    SOLD Phenix 809H, Seeker black steel G 6460-6

    Looking to trade 2 of my Phenix 809H for Calstars, Seekers, or Cousins rods. Took these out but the diameter of the rods are too small for my hands. Would like to trade for rods that are the same length (8-9ft), ratings (20lb-50lb), and value. One has a fuji reel seat, the other is deckhand...
  14. bun87

    SOLD Talica 20II new

    Wish you were in SD I’m looking for one right now
  15. bun87

    SOLD Goneerrrr

    Next in line
  16. bun87

    WTB tac 8ii

    How much are you willing to spend?
  17. bun87

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    It’s always the same groups of people there at night. Every time I go there, they don’t speak English and the play like they don’t know what’s going on. Smh, they clearly know what they’re doing is wrong
  18. bun87

    SOLD Talica 12II with Box 80# Maxcuatro

    What a steal, won’t be up for too long! GLWS!
  19. bun87

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LT MD 3000

    Definitely will! Gonna slay the surf with it!
  20. bun87

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LT MD 3000

    Thank you for the reel! 👍🏼
  21. bun87

    For Sale 23 rods, 13 reels for sale

    Pm incoming for the torque
  22. bun87

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    Definitely, I was able to contact the DFG and someone answered. Hopefully they did something about it. By the time I called them one of them already grabbed the net in the van and left with the evidence. At least they didn’t get anything that night and DFG is aware of the situation 👍🏼
  23. bun87

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    Fingers crossed that they get caught
  24. bun87

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    Yup that’s the spot. It was very dark and they were doing their best to hide
  25. bun87

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    I usually don’t post about anything outside of the classified but what I saw last night angered me. Apologies in advance if this isn’t the right place for this thread. It was at the coda-sac in mission bay next to the Hyatt hotel. For those who don’t know where this is, it’s in San Diego. It’s a...
  26. bun87

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LT MD 3000

    Lemme know when you wanna meet tomorrow 😂
  27. bun87

    SOLD Shimano Talica 50II (New)

    Beautiful reel, GLWS!
  28. bun87

    SOLD BNIB Talica 12ii - San Diego

    He’s pretty firm with his price right now, sorry.
  29. bun87

    SOLD BNIB Talica 12ii - San Diego

    Selling this reel for a friend who just received it in the mail. It is literally brand new in the box, sealed. Opened it only to take a photo, have not been touched. Asking for $480 firm, no trades (not mine). Buyer pays shipping.
  30. bun87

    SOLD Shimano Talica 12iit w 80 lb JB Hollow

    Thank you for the new reel Jeff! It was a pleasure chatting with you!
  31. bun87

    For Sale (2) Phenix Red Eye Travel Rods: RTXS-760-3M/ RTX-800-3ML

    I’ll take the spinning rod per our conversation
  32. bun87

    For Sale Tac 12ii 450 obo

    Willing to trade for a tac 10ii?
  33. bun87

    SOLD LEXA WN 400 HS-P ($220)

    Where are you located?
  34. bun87

    TRADE Talica 10ii for talica 12ii

    Looking for a talica 12ii to trade my talica 10ii. Used a few times, there are boat rashes. Please look at pictures. This reel is too small for me and need something bigger. I’m located in San Diego.
  35. bun87

    SOLD Tranx 500HG with max cuatro

    A little difficult to see but is there bite marks on the handle? Also where are you located?
  36. bun87

    SOLD TN 16a for Talica 12ii or 16ii

    Updated a few pictures
  37. bun87

    SOLD TN 16a for Talica 12ii or 16ii

    Looking to trade only, located in SD. Let me know if you’re interested and we can work something out, thanks!
  38. bun87

    SOLD Talica 8 & 12 2 speed

    Id take the other if you can ship
  39. bun87

    WTB Phenix black diamond PSW909H - San Diego

    Looking for one of these rods if anyone has it to sell please send me a message with price and pictures, thanks!
  40. bun87

    SOLD Avet 30/2

    pm incoming for the Phenix 809H
  41. bun87

    2009 Bowtech Diamond Marquis

    check out the shop at miramar, they have some very good bows there. a worker named eric helped me out. when i went there he actually let me shoot some high end bows
  42. bun87

    2009 Bowtech Diamond Marquis

    Brand new never shot bare bow, comes with an apex sight. 60lb draw and 29 inch draw length. Asking $350 for it. Text me at (858)2259535 or email me at [email protected]
  43. bun87

    Spooled Trinidad 16A NIB

    Willing to do a trade for an ipad and other inquires, give me an offer
  44. bun87

    Spooled Trinidad 16A NIB

    Pictures uploaded!
  45. bun87

    Spooled Trinidad 16A NIB

    I have a NIB never used trinidad 16A spooled with 25lb p-line for $400 obo. Bought for yellow tail season but I don't have the time to go out. Give me a text at 8582259535 or PM me if interested. Pics will be posted soon. SOLD!
  46. bun87

    Pheonix recon 6"9 new 100$

    whats the line rating on this?
  47. bun87

    Phenix and Daiwa Combo

    ill take it
  48. bun87

    G Loomis GLX 6'6" New

    Whats the line rating on it?
  49. bun87

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $150 Accurate Product Pack - Ending Nov 14th

    Guy in the back: I knew I should of bought my Accurate gear. I know! If i jump in this picture no one will know
  50. bun87

    Topwater Tuna Madness!

    awsome post
  51. bun87

    Lots of Shimano Reels

    Thanks Greg really appreciate you driving down to SD to sell me the 14A, cant wait to bring it out
  52. bun87

    Saltist Lever Drag 20 single speed

    This reel was only brought out 2 times, almost new. It is loaded with 125yd of 50lb suffix 832 bright green braid and a 100yd top shot of extra tuff 25lb P-Line. It comes with a low profile clamp that cost 50$ individually. Selling this reel because I want the 2 speed Saltist 20. Letting this go...
  53. bun87

    shimano calcutta 200 A silver classic $$1.00

    ill give you 8 whole dollars(more than all your other offers combined) and ill pay for shipping
  54. bun87

    Curado 200E5

  55. bun87

    Curado 200E5

  56. bun87

    Curado 200E5

    Pictures added
  57. bun87

    Curado 200E5

    Yah, ill post them as soon as i get them, these are brand new
  58. bun87

    Curado 200E5

    I have a brand new Curado 200E5 for sale for $110. Local pick up or $10 for shipping. Wiling to do trades just make me an offer with what you got. This is a great reel, I have a Curado 200E7, which is why I'm selling this one. Call or text me at (858)2259535. Pictures added on the bottom
  59. bun87

    Calcutta TE200GT

    Reel is SOLD to Mike.
  60. bun87

    Calcutta TE200GT

    Pictures added
  61. bun87

    Calcutta TE200GT

    This reel is in mint condition with no scratches on it. It was brought with me lake fishing twice. Just spooled it with brand new 20lb green power pro and 6lb Trilene leader. Asking for $270, local pick up or 10$ shipping. Call or text me at (858)225-9535 for quick reply. Pictures will be...
  62. bun87

    Brand New Phenix PSW807ML ISA

    killer ass rod good luck on the sale
  63. bun87

    Shimano Stradic 5000FH

    This reel is only used twice. I do not have a rod for it anymore, so its just stilling here collecting dust. Its in almost new condition with light scratches at the bottom (can be seen on picture). Asking for 100 for pick up or 105 shipped. Willing to trade for a Shimano Curado 200e7. PM me or...
  64. bun87

    2 Phenix, Custom Shikari, Newell S220-5

    whats the line capacity on the 909h?
  65. bun87

    Seeker BCBW 659 and Tekota power handle

    Power handle is sold, rod is still up for sale.
  66. bun87

    Brand new Phenix Hybrid 837ML

    whats the lb capacity and length on this?
  67. bun87

    Shimano Lucanus Complete Setup

    do you have any pictures?
  68. bun87

    Seeker BCBW 659 and Tekota power handle

    Everything sold thanks for looking Tekota Power Handle - SOLD Only used once with no scratches. Seeker Blue Lightning Inshore Series BCBW 659 - 6 1/2T - $100 - SOLD 20 (25) 30 lb This rod is in almost new condition, used about 6 times. Great rod, just don't have a reel for it. Local pick up...
  69. bun87

    NIB Shimano Calcutta te200gt

    Shoot me a pm if you got one for sale with the box or text me at 8582259535.
  70. bun87

    Shimano stradic 500fh and calcutta 150

    All reels are sold please close thread
  71. bun87

    Shimano stradic 500fh and calcutta 150

    Calcutta is still up for sale
  72. bun87

    Shimano stradic 500fh and calcutta 150

    Have these to reels for sale both in very good conditions. Stradic only has a small scratch otherwise still new cosmetic 9/10 and mechanically 10/10. SOLD! Calcutta cosmetically 7/10 and mechanically 10/10. SOLD! 100$ each with 5$ for shipping or both for 180$ with shipping. Willing to...
  73. bun87

    Daiwa STTBG40H Saltist Black Gold

    Got this reel NIB, looking to trade for both NIB sealine-x 30shv and sealine-x 40shv, I will throw 20$ on top as well. REELS HAVE ALREADY BEEN TRADED
  74. bun87

    Tekota 500

    pm sent
  75. bun87

    358LB YFT Speared!

    wow congrats on that nice catch
  76. bun87

    What fish is this?

    cool it is a midshipman, what do these guys eat?
  77. bun87

    What fish is this?

    On the sand it blew air out of its body to bury itself in the sand.
  78. bun87

    What fish is this?

    Snagged this fish reeling in my line not sure what it is does anyone have an idea? It has some sharp teeth pulled it up in San Diego Bay.
  79. bun87

    NIB Calcutta te200gt

    Anyone who has this up for sale please pm me a price, thanks.
  80. bun87

    Shimano silver Calcutta 100,200

    do you have any pictures for the silver 100, 200 and the 200 xt?
  81. bun87

    Spooling braided with mono

    yah i decided to bring it to the shop and have them spool it thank you for the help
  82. bun87

    Spooling braided with mono

    Thanks alot I appreciate it
  83. bun87

    Spooling braided with mono

    I just bought my first box of braided line, I checked on youtube on how to spool up my reel. It said i need to tie on mono first then tie the braided on the mono. So my question is how many lb test do I need to put on the spool compared to my braided? I'm thinking it defeats the purpose of the...
  84. bun87

    Calcutta 400TE & Stradic 3000FI

    pm sent if your willing to trade for a 5000fg
  85. bun87

    Couple more reels....

    pm set for a reel im interested please let me know if you have any
  86. bun87

    2011 Baja Spearfishing trip

    One word... SICK
  87. bun87

    Shimano Calcutta 400,200

    interested in 400 if you still got it pm sent