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    Want to apply 'Kung Fu" to your jigging efforts. Here is it's true definition. Walt
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    New Style Tackle Trays
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    PE Line Conversions

    Something to take into consideration if purchasing PE line. While researching for a PE line conversion chart came across something interesting. Apparently there can be 2 different line diameters and 2 different .lb test ratings for the same PE line designation depending on wether the PE...
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    Japanese Jigging Secrets

    Here is a link to probably one of the best sources of information on correct jigging technique and general information on jigging. You may have seen Mr. Benny mentioned it but never took the time to investigate. Can "Strongly" reccomend that you take the time to study this site. It will...
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    Assist Hook Testing

    Started testing some assist hooks for jigs that are attached to the jigs from the manufacture. Have always made my own assist hooks so never really paid attention to the stock units. Until today that is. One unit that previously was attached to a Flat Fall pulled apart at 28 lbs the second...
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    Split Ring Testing

    Had done some limited split ring testing in the past so decided to expand my efforts to see of my original findings were correct. Split rings tested. Owner Ultra #8 405 lbs. Owner Hyper Wire #8 120 lb. #10 220 lbs. Pit Bull ,, does not assign size numbers just wts. #100 lb. ,,#150...
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    Connection Knots for Curious Minds.
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    Flat Fall Assist hook Testing

    Bottom Line: Always change out the assist hooks on flat falls. Tested the stock assist hooks on my new 200 gm flat fall. One failed at 60# the other failed at 20#. After peeling back the shrink tubing it was obvious why. The cord appeared wrapped around the hook shank then super glued then...
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    Radio Frequencies , which for what .

    Don't have a boat and don't know much about the fine points of radio operation and proper usage. But my fantasy dream boat would absolutely need one. Out of curiosity was surfing for what each channel is normally used for and came across this detailed list. Maybe it will be beneficial to...
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    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Rest assured that this economic shutdown will come to an end soon. Want to know the answer to a problem just follow the money. The State and Local tax revenues have taken a nose dive sending the money lusting bureaucrats into a monetary panic. Remember ,,,, only the Subjects must accept...
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    What happened to the New Threads Link?

    This site keeps eliminating features WHY ! What happened to the link at the top of the home page that took you to all the newest posts? It's gone, , for what reason,,,,, who knows? Have drastically reduced my interest since that was eliminated.
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    SOLD Line Winder (Variable Speed)

    Have a reconditioned MAXIMA reel line winder. $150.00 This unit has some history but is still very functional. The mechanicals have been cleaned and re-lubed. The exterior has been cleaned and reconditioned as well. The unit is motordriven and is reversiable with a foot operated variable...
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    Mono / Fluoro Technical Alert

    The fishing line industry is once again playing magical tricks with their product lines. While the data below relates specifically to P-Line it is appearing in other manufactures as well. What they are doing is reducing the diameters of their lines for each line product which eliminates any...
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    For Sale NEW Calstar GFGR 765 L

    NEW Canstar GFGR 765 L never used . Won this rod at the Fred Hall Show and have no use for it. Retail $415 plus tax of about $35 = $450.00 First $250.00 takes it. 891023 GFGR-765L 6'6" 30-80 lb. Light 7 Fuji Turbo Hypalon Fuji Heavy Duty $414.99
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    Super Strong Guide Wrapping

    Instead of using the standard thread for the first wrap on a double wrap over the guide foot build, started using 10-12 lb un-coated spectra for the first wrap. Epoxy coat then do the second wrap with the standard thread in the color desired. Standard thread breaks around 4 lbs the spectra can...
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    ACID Wraping Rail Rod Advice

    Building a rod for a friend, a UC RCX70 CENTAUR 60-100 LB . He wants it Acid Wrapped. Have done lighter blanks in the 12 to 30 lb range but never something this heavy. It will be wrapped as a Rail Rod. Are there any negatives to Acid Wrapping a rod this heavy. Just checking to make sure the...
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    Knot Facts vs. What we are good at.
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    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    Have tested the FG knot extensively. Below are the important things learned, hope they are beneficial. Disclaimer: Have only tested the FG up to 60# spectra to 60# fluoro and mono. So objective information for the 3 digit lines is not available . But the principals below can reasonably be...
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    Want Sharp Hooks?

    Yes hooks are sharp enough out of the bag to catch fish but in reality they can be much sharper. If the hook does not stick to your thumb nail with "NO" pressure it can be sharper. The only stock hook that passed this test is the Trokar and then only about 50% pass the test. Examining the hook...
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    20# Test,,, Technical Alert !

    Do a lot of knot and line testing of 20# mono and fluoro. Noticed a significant amount of variation of test data in different manufactured lines. Upon some investigation it became obvious that the line diameters of different brands for 20# test were extremely inconsistent. Seguar Gold Label...
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    SPJ 101 to 8.0

    A wealth of slow pitch jigging information here. Especially the Video Gallery. Walt
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    The Physics of Distance Casting

    The Physics of distance casting. About every 6 months a curious mind wants to know your favorite reel for casting Irons. The results are always the same, an endless list of reels that work well and cast great for the task. For informational purposes the world record casting distance is 939...
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    For Sale Saltiest 40 HA

    Daiwa Saltist 40 HA Mechanical 10 cosmetics 9 6.4:1 gearing 350 yds. 40 lb Sufix 832 Star Drag Level Wind Alan Tani Handle Upgrade Very clean well maintained. $105.00
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    Knot stronger then the line???

    A true 100% knot is accomplished, when tested the line breaks and not the Knot. It would seem counter intuitive to believe this could be true. However the facts reveal otherwise. Please view the video below. BD will not allow large files so I could not down load it. Sorry about that. I will...
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    Figure out why 200 lb gets bit and 40 dose not !!

    Last week on the Aztec guys fishing the bait on 40 or 60 had a hard time getting bit but the balloon rig with the double trouble rigging of 200 lb mono crimped to the hooks got bit like there was no tomorrow. Open to any and all creative thinking on why this is so.
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    Colonet Intel

    Fished the 26th on the New Lo An. Straight down to Colonet to the high spots on a YT hunt. The YT were all decent size 15-25 lbs. All were caught on either the Yo Yo or dropper loop no flylining. Standard technique ,,,,Irons straight down to the bottom and speed crank 3/4 of the way up then back...
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    YT size for Colonet

    Keep seeing decent YT counts for Colonet 1 1/2 day trips but never seen anyone mention the size that are being caught. That would indicate they are nothing to get excited about. Can anyone please provide some details regarding the average size of YT's being caught at Colonet. Thanks much for...
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    Knot Basics for the Curious Mind.

    This article is a long read but is well worth your time. Found this in 2006 and is still vital information today. The three most important factors I have found to facilitate consistancy and strenth in a knot ar 1) When lubricating the knot hold it in your mouth for a 10 count, don't just slob it...
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    Sold thanks for the interest
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    PE line ratings converted. (Approximate)

    Jigging is very Japanese and mainly orientated towards metrics. Japanese braid is usually given a PE rating which is not even a metric dimension....confusing and ..... not what we are use to. Its quite useless to equate to any reasonable breaking strain specification. So made a chart that is a...
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    Fluorocarbon speaketh with forked tongue.

    My own testing has confirmed the results found in the attached link below. Walt
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    PE line "Untangled"

    PE ratings are for line diameter not breaking strength. This makes converting to our standards confusing. To assist in unraveling the PE backlash did some research for a more definitive method for obtaining a relatively accurate estimate of PE rated breaking strains. Below are two charts one to...
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    WTB Izor XXX Mono.

    Am looking for any spools of Izor XXX that is made in Tiawan NOT China. That information is on the spool Lable. Am mainly looking for 15 #, 20#, 30# & 40#. If you have some or know of where it can be located please contact me. Have cash will travel. Thanks, Walt
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    Blue Fin every where !!

    Jumped on the Mustange out of H&M last Fri 12-15 1 1/2 day'er. Great trip. Limits of Blue Fin for 11 anglers. Sweet ride on a 70 foot boat. Great weather, sunny, no wind and 1 ft swells. Limits by noon. On the anchor at the 50 mile bank. Details: 15 or 20 lb fluoro a must,,, go heavier and its...
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    Wanted: Realtor with scruples.

    No longer looking for a realtor Thanks, Walt
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    Cerakote.... Polymer Ceramic Coated Reel.

    Cerakoated my Saltist 30H graphite black it was silver. It's a polymer ceramic coating used on military weapons. Completely dismantle the reel, strip the end plates and abrasive blast the old coating off which creates a suitable substrate for the ceramic coating to adhere to. Air spray on the...
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    BLUE FIN: Formula for calculating weight.

    Several methods but one that is used often is: Largest circumference squared times the Fork Length (Nose to bottom of V in the tail) divided by 800 e.g. C = 35" Fork Length = 57" 35 X 35 = 1225 X 57 = 69825 / 800 = 87.3 lbs. Walt
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    Blue Fin Trolling Rant

    Most if not all of the standard charters are having very dismal luck on the troll for the Blue Fin. Yes some are caught on the troll but very, very few. A possible reason for this is their unwillingness to get those trolling lures back away from the boat. By back ,,, a minimum of 100 yds. Blue...
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    Wet Slippery X-Wrap Cure.

    Caught one of those 50lb class BF a couple of weeks ago with a rod I have with the X-Wrap on the fore grip. The grip was wet and so slippery it was very difficult to keep a grip on it. Wraped some cork tape on it. To keep the ends of the cork tape secure and prevent them from coming undone I...
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    Vertical Jigging: Bad Vibrations

    Before viewing the video below please be alert not to what you see but what you hear. The important information is contained in the noise that is generated each time the jig is jerked upwards. That low frequency wooshing shound is generated by the...
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    She "SCREAMS"

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    Colonet Charters

    Anyone know of any charters out of San Diego that will be fishing Colonet within the next 5 days. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Walt
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    This is a continuation of my first post on fishing anchovies. Have almost never fished anchovies until this year when if you don't fish them you don't get bit. Well I went on another 2 1/2 day'er on the...
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    Anchovies ,,,,, yes ,,,, Anchovies !

    Anchovies are not exactly on my favorite go to bait list. Probably because I avoid them at all cost until I am forced to use them. While I am still not a big fan my skill level using them is improving. It was dismal to start with so any improvement is a quantum leap forward for me. Last week was...
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    Counterfeit Power Pro

    Our ambitious friends from across the sea are extremely industrious in their efforts to vacuume our wallets. Fake PP is difficult to spot. The only test that may expose the fake is to try and light the end of the line on fire. If it immediately burst into flame then its fake if you have to burn...
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    Do Do Farming Cure.

    Lot's of Dorado out there this year and have noticed a lot of guys on the cattle boats farming a disproportionate amount of them. About a third of the Do Do bites I see result in the angler missing the hook up. About 8 years ago I too had contracted that disease. Here is how I got the cure. I...
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    Reality is sometimes tough to face....

    The next time you think about how good a triple cheeseburger and a chocolate shake is going to taste review this video before you do it. Walt
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    Fluorocarbon ..... Just the Facts.

    If you like objective data instead of subjective opinion here are 3 important facts to consider regarding the use of Fluorocarbon. 1. Giving water the specific gravity of 1 Mono is 1.15 and sinks very slowly. Fluorocarbon has a specific gravity of 1.78 and sinks about 3X as fast as mono. A...
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    Killer Ceviche Recipe

    Got this recipe from a bartender under a palapa on the Sea of Cortez Hands down the best I have ever eaten. Hope you all enjoy it too. SUPER CEVICHE RECIPE About 3 lbs. of fish filets. White meat type fish only like Reds, Calicos Halibut, White Sea Bass, Cod, any white meat type of fish. Use...
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    Blue Fin Hunting Tips.

    Surfing around N found this list of tips for catching Blue Fin Tuna. Written by an East Coaster but a lot of the principals are universal and should apply well to our Pacific Fishery. It's primarily for private boaters but a tip or two for us combat fishermen. Well worth your time if you are...
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    Sometimes we Catch and sometimes we just Fish.

    Lackluster Tuna Hunt Left Sunday morning July 12th , to depart @ 9 am on an inverse 1 ½ day’er abord the Eclipse out of Seaforth in San Diego. Arrived at the landing and every single parking space was taken in their lot. Had to go to the extended part north of the main lot. Have never seen that...
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    Useful Info...PE to Lbs. Chart

    As more and more metrics creep into our sport it helps to have some sort of reference to un-fry our brains. Well .... my brain anyway. :) Using a factor of 10 seems to be a good guess-ta-ment. The chart below converts Line ratings in PE to Lbs.
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    Proper Pistol Shooting Technique

    So you think you know all about shooting a pistol.... well cowboy, time to get educated.
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    FS Lowrance LS 527 CDF GPS SONAR

    I have a New used twice on fresh water Lowrance LMS 527 CDF GPS SONAR UNIT NEW it cost me $610 SOLD Good Fishing Walt
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    New Izor Spectra For Sale

    Won the Izor spectra to mono knot tying contest for Thursday at the Fred Hall Show. The prize was a spool of Izorline Spectra , White, Solid, 50 lb. 300 yds. It is new in factory sealed original packaging. SOLD,,,,, thanks for the replys guys. Walt
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    My latest creation

    Any suggestions or comments appreciated.
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    Pacific Quest @ San Clemente = Success

    Overnighter on the Pacific Quest out of Peirpoint Landing. Departed Fri. evening 9:30 pm on 4/9/15. Return 4/11/15. 9 pm. Never been on this boat before but the thought of only 12 anglers max on a 57 footer was too much to ignore. She’s an older model just like all the rest of the charters in...
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    Giant Katfish Kayaking

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    Epoxy Application Hints

    Been building my own rods and some for friends for about 8 years now and have learned a lot from others on this board. Epoxy application seems to be a speed bump for most newbies. It sure was for me. So in an effort to speed up the learning curve here are a few hints that hopefully will assist...
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    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    Friends don't let friends eat.... Farmed Salmon Found this on a Heath Food site: Although fish sounds like one of the healthiest foods possible, farmed salmon is one you should avoid. Unfortunately, more than 60 percent of the salmon consumed in the USA is farm raised. These fish are fed...
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    And You Thought Paddy Fishing Gets Crowded.

    The mouth of the Columbia river. At buoy #10.View from the air. Monkey see Monkey do!
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    Excited Chinese Girls find a treasure.

    This video stops for a few seconds ....Keep Watching for a barrel of laughs.
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    Tanner Banks: Sea State

    The Tanner Banks has been hot lately and if you book a charter that is where you most likely will be fishing. While the link below is "Tanner Banks" specific it is excellent for checking out the weather for any area you might consider. Hope you find it beneficial. Walt...
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    Incredible Fisherman !!!!

    So you thought you could fish, check out the clip below. NCREDIBLE - BOTH THE BIRD AND THE PHOTOGRAPHY Hard to believe this Osprey got 5-6 fish at a time and then got a flounder under 3 feet of water and made off with what looks to be a 5+ lbs steelhead. Have you ever seen a bird shake water...
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    Oceanside 95,,,1 1/2 day report. 11/19/14

    Oceanside 95, Helgrens Landing, 1 ½ day’er report. Fishing 11/19/14 Got back home this morning about 9 am. Hot shower and breakfast, I’m almost a human again. Basically a good trip. The boat is huge @ 95 ft. but after starting with 11 one day before departure when I signed in we ended up with...
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    Spinning Reels: Objective Ratings

    For everyone's information: This guy has a spinning reel for a brain. If interested in the purchase of a spinning reel for any application and any price range studying this site will be well worth your time. Walt
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    Wind North Current South

    Here is something for your consideration when fishing an unusual situation where the current is running opposite of the wind. This condition can provide an unusual opportunity. If anchored the boat will usually be pointing into the wind. While everyone is still on the stern trying to figure what...
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    Source for Lure Wraps.

    Anyone know of a source to get the wraps that are use on lures? Want to wrap my own lures. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks Walt
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    Global warming is real!

    Things can get hot in a hurry!
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    Knife Jigging in it's Purest Form

    Take a close look at the jig Fernando is using. Just another example that IT's is not the gun,,,, it's the gunner. Walt
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    Batson Knife Jigging Build

    Built this for a friend. A Rainshadow RCKJB 503-300 Knife Jigging blank. Have done 10 of these a perfect tool for the job. A friend, a professional fishing guide in Mexico bought a high dollar Jigging Master Rod and ended up with a shattered stick soon after he got it. We switched him over to...
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    Big Brother......Little Sister
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    Jigging Reel on Steroids

    Not too enthusiastic about it but it is very inventive.
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    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    On a 2 day and we killed it just like every other boat in the fleet. Limits for all. Did not want or need 10 YF or the $70 fish cleaning bill that went with it. Consequently I only kept 4 and gave the rest away to Banana Bob. Getting close to the harbor and time to pay the piper. So I am...
  75. yessokk

    What Colors are Visible Underwater.

    Posting this just as a point of information. Facts that we all need to help with our objective decision making. Here is how light is filtered as it passes into the depths. Now you can see from the chart why blue is so popular. The color blue is one of the best at keeping its color at depth...
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    Fortune: Patty Attack

    The Fortune had one spot remaining departing Mon. night fishing Tues. returning Tues evening. Either jump on the Freedom out of 22nd St. for some local "Combat" fishing against 35 other combat veterans or call Fisherman's Landing quickly and reserve the remaining spot and fish with 18. No...
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    Tuna, good or bad after cleaning.

    When I get the filleted fish off the boat I always pack with a bag of ice covering all the bags and ice in the bottom of the cooler. The fish is always very cold during my 2 hour ride home. Put everything in my garage refrigerator @ 34 deg F. But about half the time when I take the fillets out...
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    I am a HATER :Trip Report

    Got to say this just once to get it out of my brain....I HATE ANCHOVIES.... There ,, I feel better now. Jumped on the Aztec Friday 6/27 for a 1 1/2 day'er. They had already baited up so as soon as everyone is on board we head south for some action. Bout 7pm. putting out of the harbor I take a...
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    For your visual enjoyment!

    Just surfing around and found these photos which I thought were spectacular. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Killer whale on steroids. These guys are really optimistic. Dinner!
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    Yellow Tail ,,,,,, What Size??

    I see some boats coming back with 100+ Yellow Tails. Does anyone know what size they are. Are they adults or are they the same bunch of RATS we were plagued with last year?? Walt
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    Super Seeker Blank F/S

    Have a SS-CLBF704 blank $75.00 firm. New. Seeker Super Seeker, 7 ft. , 10-15 lb, New Cost $110.00 plus tax $10.00 Call if interested 909#@$720&&*3951 Location: Walnut, Calif 91789 Walt
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    Uni to Uni Knot Vs. Improved Albright

    There are much better choices then the Uni to Uni for joining Spectra to Fluoro/Mono, Here is one of the best alternatives. The Albright Knot: Would suggest using the Modified Albright. As it is a good 20% stronger then the standard Albright. The modified version is one of the best join...
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    Salmon Fishing from the Shore.....HELP!

    Really want to learn how and where to fish for Kings and Chinooks from the shore in the Portland Oregon area. Plenty of good choices for on the water guides but no one advertises shore fishing instructions. It would be of tremendous help if anyone knows of a contact that would be willing to...
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    Blood Sucking

    This won't hurt a bit.
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    Spectra to Mono/Fluoro Knot.....Best one

    This should give the anglers who use the Uni to Uni some alternate possibilities.
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    Columbia + Lucky Luckett = Dinner

    <hr style="color: rgb(209, 209, 225);" SIZE="1"><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> Just got back from Portland for a B-Day party for my now 1 yr old grandson. And a one day Columbia River Salmon fishing trip. With our guide Terry Luckett. Got to Sacppoose Landing @ 6:15am Terry (White...
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    Bloody Deck's rod decals

    Are there any Bloody Decks rod decals available, I would Like one for a rod I am building. Thankx Walt
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    Need one enthusiastic White Sea Bass killer.

    Due to unforseen circmstances we are looking for one White Sea Bass fisherman. Its on the Option's out of Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach, Ca. 6 anglers only. Departs May 30th @ 6 pm return 7 pm May 31st. $300.00 Its White Sea Bass or Skunk, we fish hard, we...
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    Portland Salmon Guide Reccomendations

    Want to take my son Salmon fishing within about an hour of Portland, Oregon this spring. Need reccomendations for a good Salmon Guide , any and all help will be greatly apprecaited. Thankx Walt
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    Walnted: AVET MXJ 4.5:1 ratio

    HELP!! Looking for an Avet MXJ 4.5:1 ratio reel, the newer style. If you got one you want to sell please e-mail me @ [email protected] I would appreciate it. Thankx Walt