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    Just purchased the smaller Fishlab tackle bag. It has the same problem all of the roller bags have. A tendency to tip over and slide around in challenging sea states and the internal shelves that the tackle boxes rest on have a tendency to sag and compress down restricting removal and...
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    Got lucky!! Super Cow jigging

    Congrats PQ , that is an amazing catch on the jig. 👍 👍
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    the 20 visx

    Have been testing knots and lines since 2004 and am very curious. 1. Quote: " It was rigged in 100 yard sections - red, yellow, green, white, blue and white. then i added a 25 yard topshot of 100 pound seaguar pink fluoro." 2. Would respectfully inquire..... 1. What objective testing method...
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    Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    Luck has favored the well prepared 👍
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Outstanding,,,👍 Liking that you can easily lengthen the separation in order to test line to line connections. Walt
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    Who trolls while fishing offshore and why?

    Am not an expert but have a few tips for Combat fishing with the Cattle Boat crew. This is basic stuff and am still learning every trip. 1. Always take your troll rotation, you will be fishing while others are just wish'in. 2. You need your own dedicated trolling rig. "Most" of the short 1-2...
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Cubeye: so you have made a testing rig? If so please post up some pice. It's always of interest to see inventive creations.....:-)
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    ZZ,,, a big help to stop the slipping is to wrap the wood dowel with black electrical tape, 1 half overlap layer will do it, this will greatly increase the friction of the line against the dowel.. Try tieng a simple overhand loop knot in the lines end , hook the loop over the bolt, 2-3 wraps...
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Zimezoom: you may find this thread helpful The force gauge you purchased will work great. You got the peak hold feature. An essential feature, would not purchase a scale with out it. However if you ever start testing...
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Very clever Mr.Zimezoom. A well thought out solution. If a problem ever develops with line breaking at the gizmo an increase in the diameter will most likely resolve the issue. Cubeye: Am thinking you are correct hopefully zimezoom will concur.
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    Want to apply 'Kung Fu" to your jigging efforts. Here is it's true definition. Walt
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    Assist Hook Testing

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    Mono v Fluoro

    Creative advice above, never thought about the burn method. Another option to determine if mono or fluor is to cut about a 3/4 inch pc. of each, aprox. the same wt.. One pc you know for certain is either mono or fluoro. Put both the known and unknown in a clear glass of water, salt or fresh...
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    Always use a new rub rail

    Hey guys, don't usually respond to this sort of self inflicted disaster. Yes he took a swing and struck out but rest assured his next turn at bat will be successful. But mistakes are valuable and the only people who don't make mistakes are those lazy asses who do nothing!! Walt
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    Braid snapping test

    Excellent explanation by lazyfisherman above and MyNomad below. My best advice for the DoDo is for him to convert to a spinning reel. Or completely eliminate the spectra and switch to all Mono, P-Line is a good choice. You don't need spectra for fresh water fishing.
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    New Style Tackle Trays

    Go to the site, scroll down to the second picture. The dimensions are there.
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    New Style Tackle Trays
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    Has anyone added a reel seat to deckhand jig stick?

    As another option there are reel plates. Google "Fuji NS7 then hit "Images" There are several styles and finishes. Also search this site for "Fuji NS7" Very easy to install. Wrap ends with some small Para Cord and soak with a...
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    Colt Sniper rigging

    A 3 lb. bar bell is used for the weight at the end of the line being tested. Yes,, some spectras are quite abrasive but that is a result of very coarse weaving methods. Quite apparent in the cheap low quality Spectras. High quality 8 strand braid with at least 20 pics per inch is quite...
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    Colt Sniper rigging

    FishRock ,,, wrote regarding Spectra " While it has limited abrasion resistance it is much better than zero. " Have done some serious abrasion resistance testing of spectra. While 20# fluorocarbon will survive 8 rotations of the sand paper before breaking ,,, 50# spectra survives 1/2 of 1...
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    PE Line Conversions

    Thanks for your post Mr. Explorer1 Here in lies a prime example of the complete lack of manufacturing standards in the fishing equipment industry. Especially the line manufactures. In my possession are 4 spools of fluorocarbon labled 20# test however all 4 have different diameters .014, .015...
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    PE Line Conversions

    Something to take into consideration if purchasing PE line. While researching for a PE line conversion chart came across something interesting. Apparently there can be 2 different line diameters and 2 different .lb test ratings for the same PE line designation depending on wether the PE...
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    Japanese Jigging Secrets

    Here is a link to probably one of the best sources of information on correct jigging technique and general information on jigging. You may have seen Mr. Benny mentioned it but never took the time to investigate. Can "Strongly" reccomend that you take the time to study this site. It will...
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    To clip or not to clip

    Have used 3 types of clip type attachments to jigs and they all invite disaster. Sooner or later the clip mechanism will hook itself to your standing line and that is a not a desirable situation. Agree strongly with Mr. EXplorer above especially for the jigging application where a lot of...
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    Two Stroke Silencer?

    Just Google this...SOUNDPROOFING AN OUTBOARD MOTOR and a ton of information will come up. Materials, techniques, instructions.... etc. And there are cowling covers..... Or if you prefer ..... Google........sound deadening material spray
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    SPJ behaviors

    For sure I'm not a go to guy for jigging advice, have limited experience but my brain still works so here are some thoughts on what is required. Have caught 100 lb class Blue Fin at the 300 ft. depth range in 2000 ft of water. Have found that the long narrow style and the end weighted designs...
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    Assist Hook Testing

    Re-reading this whole thread as I alway pick up something previously missed. A comment by Benwah22 in his 12/29 post on the important issue of hook penetration in the bony area of a fishes jaw really got my attention. This is not too much of an issue with the standard size of a targeted...
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    A simple, green, Rainshadow.

    Yes, my sediments exactly, beautiful build, nice clean work. Tapered fore grip and a rounded rubber gimbal. It does not get any better then that. Walt
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    Sale of the Polaris Supreme

    R O T F L M H O !!!!!
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Knowing that the jigging purist distain using any bait ever but...... putting a small strip of squid on that Inchiku's hook turns a good lure into a "Red Hot Momma" . Instead of jigging up the water column try casting it out jigging across the bottom. Halibut will not go far from the bottom...
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    Slow Pitch Technique

    900' a depth that cannot be fished by mere mortals. And that's just the beginning,,, 1200' is on occasion explored. To put that into perspective 900' is the depth of 3 football fields, 1200', " Yikes". Have only fished depths to 400' but can reason that at those deeper depths your reel spool...
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    Assist Hook Testing

    As long as we are on this hook thing would advise to keep eyes wide open purchasing any hook as hook sizes vary widely between manufactures for the identical size hooks. True to the no mfg. standards of the fishing industry hook sizes mean almost nothing. As an example the 7/0 Gamakatsu and the...
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    Assist Hook Testing

    The 510's hooks are a very good choice it's the cord attachment method that can be suspect. We take the "small" fish for granted, it's when Gladis the Barbarian sucks up your jig that the quality of jig attachment becomes an issue. My affinity for the straighter hook shape is for sure a...
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    Assist Hook Testing

    Benny was right,,as usual,,, 👍 this is definitely the assist hook posted above.
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    Assist Hook Testing

    Ok,,, there are many very good ways to do this. Personal preference plays a big part in how this is done. Below is what has been fail proof, it's relatively simple and the parts easy to get. Pieces - Parts Cord: 300 lb Kevlar Para Cord. Could go lighter but would not use anything less then 200...
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    Assist Hook Testing

    Would divulge that info in a second but the factory assist hooks are stripped off as soon as they are purchased then just collect them in a zip lock. Consequently I have a bag full of factory assist hooks. Cannot honestly determine what it came off of. Walt
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    Assist Hook Testing

    Started testing some assist hooks for jigs that are attached to the jigs from the manufacture. Have always made my own assist hooks so never really paid attention to the stock units. Until today that is. One unit that previously was attached to a Flat Fall pulled apart at 28 lbs the second...
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    FREE Harassing sellers won't be tolerated

    You must be from Portland, you can't tolerate any one else's opinion. You should start chanting "Seller's Lives Matter" Then schedule an on line beating for any one who has an opinion different from yours.
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    San Diego knot

    Don't mean to be redundant as the below is a re-post from one of my a previous posts. The article deals with all knots and has a section on the San Diego Jam Knot. I found this while surfing the net. It is excellent and will help everyone to tie any knot stronger. This is a long read but it...
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    Split Ring Testing

    Thanks all for the input above. Jason: I'm still looking down on the grass, thanks for the concern. Huck: HPA's very nice..... like the PB's, lite and Flashy . Rubber: Did not know that, learned something today,,TX Aguachino: Glad it helped. Would like to test some of the Triple Wrap Split Rings...
  41. yessokk

    Split Ring Testing

    Had done some limited split ring testing in the past so decided to expand my efforts to see of my original findings were correct. Split rings tested. Owner Ultra #8 405 lbs. Owner Hyper Wire #8 120 lb. #10 220 lbs. Pit Bull ,, does not assign size numbers just wts. #100 lb. ,,#150...
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    Farallon or Parker New Build? Pro/Cons

    Great recommends above. But if you are even considering a Parker just make sure they include the Complementary Time Share Chiropractor in the build contract.
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    FREE Boat Buying Scam

    .Some day some one will actually go to the address of the "Shipper" and confront them directly . They must be a participant in the scam as that is where the money is sent. And we all know how to get to the root of any problem,,, just follow the money !!! Come to think about it the "Shipper"...
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    FG Knot Performance

    As a point of information...... If any one is contemplating building their own line/knot test rig,,, have found the ideal scale for the task. Presently have to switch scales with any pull over 100 lbs.. This AWS scale is 0-330 lb with the peak hold feature that is a must. Very reasonable if you...
  45. yessokk

    Cheaper flouro still ok to use?

    Hello JT, Have done minimal testing on the Premier mainly because it is basically an IGFA rated line. It almost never breaks above it labeled line strength. The STS has an ABS of 45# which is slightly better. The claim to fame of the Premier is it's noticeably softer/limper then the STS . If...
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Thanks for the 3 replies above. Will just have to put more positive effort into the task... ! The statement that if they hit the Yo Yo they will hit the jig makes sense, it becomes a matter of correct presentation. Which apparently in my case needs "adjustment". Danny N. above emphasizes the...
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    FG Knot Performance

    Yes,,,, Picture please 8-)
  48. yessokk

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Thanks for that Jeff. Away from the boat certainly apples to the Tuna never considered that for the YT as have had good results in Mexico directly under the boat. You reasoning makes sense as the fishing pressure is much greater here. The YT are probably conditioned the same as the Tuna. Will...
  49. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    Have been testing this double line via a bimini twist FG construction technique all week. And can confirm as above that it does enhance the strength of the FG knot. And just as important makes it more consistent. Testing is done with 30# Sufix 832 Spectra ,25-30 wrap FG knot to 20# Seaguar...
  50. yessokk

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Has any one been successful jigging either SPJ or SJ for any pelagic . Have had good success with the rockies but minimal for those Yellow Tail and Tuna as they are very elusive. What cannot be explained is that the YT in the Sea of Cortes hit the jig like crazy but their Ca. Cousins have lock...
  51. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    Outstanding,, you deserve a lot of respect for your efforts 👍 Knot breaking point is calculated using the ABS of the lightest line in the connection. So using the Tuf Line ABS of 90# a 90% knot would break at 81# . Does not get any better than that. Your discovery of the large effect...
  52. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    OK,,, thanks for that feed back. Following is my best effort as feeble as it may be I am willing to take a swing at the ⚾ Most all problems with the FG results in either insufficient cinching or the number of wraps needing modification. Cinching appears great turning translucent all the way...
  53. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    Might be able to offer some input , additional information required please :goldfish: What was breaking the mono or the spectra? Was mono used for both tests? Where was the breaking taking place? Using cinching tools, Did the whole section of the wraps turn translucent or just part? Tx Walt
  54. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    You hit the bullseye .... Other factors can come into play but the following are the major concerns. When trying out the latest and greatest super line there can be significant differences in fluoro hardnesses, inconsistent diameters for the same pound test and different coefficient of...
  55. yessokk

    50lb Braided line suggestions

    Have only tested a few braids. The J-Braid is very good, The Yo-zuri has not been tested but all reports reviewed have indicated it is excellent. Tuf Line was my first braid. Good tensile strength and line construction. Now use Sufix 832. It has high tensile strength, knots very well and is...
  56. yessokk

    INNOVATE SPJ - Designed for Head Boats

    Very, very nice YT. Congrats, that is a skill catch for sure. 👍 A 44# pig on an Innovate SPJ rig I love it, putting the sport back into sport fishing. Most guys would be fishing with 60 lb. on a rail rod. You must have opened a lot of eyes when that hit the deck. A little more detail would...
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    FG Knot Performance

    Another suggestion I have never thought of, it makes sense. Will give it a shot. Using the finger method would be a more advanced technique. Not necessarily stronger but a whole lot more efficient. Thanks.
  58. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    Never thought of that , thanks for the suggestion. 👍
  59. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    Here is a challenge .... tie the FG knot with the finger wrap method using 20lb fluoro and 30lb spectra. Then report in this thread on how it went. Or better yet 15 fluoro to 20 spectra. Personally have too much trouble with connecting the lighter lines with the FG using the finger method...
  60. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    Thanks for that observation Mr. Bill you have confirmed what I thought was happening, that the 1/2 hitch right after the wraps can cause leader failure from cutting into the leader if cinched down too tight. Had several premature FG knot failures because of it when testing them until the...
  61. yessokk

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    Have done some limited testing of split rings. And one recommendation that will vastly improve split ring strength is to use the Owner ULTRA SPLIT split rings they are almost twice as strong as the Hyper Wire of the same size. There is however a price to pay for that strength, would assign a...
  62. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    Comments: fluoro inserted into hollow spectra. Have minimal experience with this type of connection . Have constructed a few for study but not enough to offer any solid objective input. However,,upon initial testing a couple of useful observations were noted. First and probably the most...
  63. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    Great thread 👍 Hopefully it will encourage others to learn the FG knot. Can recommend it as one of the 3 best leader/braid join knots. The other 2 are the PR knot and the Bob Sands knot. The 80-85% breaking strength is right in line with what testing has shown. Which is about as good as it gets...
  64. yessokk

    FG Knot Performance

    Have tested the FG knot extensively and it is one of the best for the leader/braid join. Failure is almost alway user error. If tied correctly it is fool proof . The main error is not cinching down properly before cutting the tag end. Everything is explained the attached link below...
  65. yessokk

    Tesoro 5NSJ slow pitch reel?

    The old saying that it's not the gun it's the gunner carries a lot of weight in life. The 5 is certainly within the requirements for SPJ. A lot in this game is based on personal preference and that is an important aspect of consideration. Would say that whatever your choice success will come...
  66. yessokk

    Tesoro 5NSJ slow pitch reel?

    Would suggest the 10S over the 5S. The 5 is 2.4 oz lighter but the 10 has more drag more line capacity and most importantly has 46 inches of line retrieve per crank vs. 39. While 39 is adequate it quickly looses retrieve the deeper you go which will dampen lure action at depth. Would say if your...
  67. yessokk

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    The facts are; large fish, almost to the boat, pulled hook. Many excellent points above to consider . Am thinking that as one possibility your hook set was most likely in a bony section of the jaw where significant hook penetration was unlikely. Especially in older larger specimens the jaw...
  68. yessokk

    Cheaper flouro still ok to use?

    Interesting discovery while doing due diligence on this less expensive fluoro carbon thread. Take a look at the results for the Seaguar STS Salmon it has the second highest PSI (Tensile Strength). This mirrors my own results though its for 30lb test...
  69. yessokk

    Asking the pros, drop shot or palomar knot questions

    As Jerryl above suggest ,,,, old line and or the line has been exposed to any light from the sun during storage is pure destruction on mono. No line should break using any knot at 5%of the labeled line strength. Re-Spool with new line , that should cure the issue. My .37 cents worth for your...
  70. yessokk

    Cheaper flouro still ok to use?

    Have done some testing on less expensive fluoro. Specifically Seaguar STS Salmon, supposedly made for fishing salmon and trout. But a fish is a fish ,,,, right !! 100 yds for $14.99. a bargain. Here are the results. The line is a little on the stiff side and may not be ideal for a lot of...
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Using mostly fluorocarbon leaders, 16-20 foot of 40# sometimes 50#. Using Seaguar Blue or Sunline. You can see from the specification charts in the attached link that the Blue is thicker per pound test then the Premier. Would advise sticking with the Blue...
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    Connection Knots for Curious Minds.
  73. yessokk

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Outstanding analysis Mr. Benny. Never considered which direction the jig is moving determining the attack preference of a fish. And the reasoning for only one top hook required for speed jigging Yellow Tail. Learned something today. Thanks for sharing . Walt
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    The following relates to Yellow Tail but may apply as well to other species. Saw an underwater video filming a Yellow Tail hitting a jig on retrieve. How it hit the jig was very educational. The YT swam up beside the jig with its head just in front of the jig and would very quickly jerk its...
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    You are right,,, the Sea of Cortez is a bonified "Hot Spot" . Have have had serious success jigging for Yellow Tails fishing out of San Carlos, Mex. After a couple of trips there thought for sure the success could be duplicated on 1 to 2 day trips out of San Diego. My success here has been less...
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    Surgeons Knot Question

    3 turns is not enough. Increase the turns to 5 and it will not slip . And be sure the double line loops at each end of the knot are equal before the final cinch. Use this connection for mono/fluoro connections only. As recommended by Huge Bendo above the Seaguar knot is also excellent...
  77. yessokk

    Need more distance

    The objective requirements of long distance casting are: 1: the longest rod that is practical for you. Would say a minimum of 10'. The pros use 12-14 footers 2: a conventional reel with the lightest spool possible . The world recored long distance casting record, with 5 oz . is over 900 feet...
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    how many turns on a san diego jam knot?

    The below deals with all knots and has a section on the San Diego Jam Knot. This is a long read but it will be time well spent. I found this while surfing the net. It is excellent and will help everyone to tie any knot stronger. It's written by a fellow named: BRANDON KREUTEL Thankx Brandon...
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Almost all of the manufactures of colored line changes color every 10 meters or every 32.81 feet. So you just start counting the number of color changes adding 33 ft. for every color change. I just use 30 ft. or just say to myself every three colors is 100 ft. . Then adjust for the variables...
  80. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Well..... yes I do use a knot for the task. For Mono and Fluoro a modified Trilene knot is used. The number of wraps can vary depending on the test of the line. For 20# 6-7 up and 6-7 back down usually does it. But that will change on pound test and manufacture and if fluoro is used. For...
  81. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    The gear ratio is 4:1 The diameter of the wind on spool for the cable is 1" 1 Click equals about 1/16" 1 Complete turn of the handle equals 3/4" The cable diameter is .065" source, Home Depot
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    Line-Knot testing machine

    Hello Dave, Very good question. Testing Line to line connections does require some modification. Also it is the primary reason for increasing the distance between the bullard and the winch from what I did. I get buy, but wish the distance was greater. So.... to answer your question. What is...
  83. yessokk

    Estimating depth while fishing

    RichG and Pacific Jigger.... 👍 great suggestion using the metered multi color braid. It has the advantage of never having to guess how much line is out. And has the benefit of depth accuracy even after cutting off multiple sections of braid for what ever reason. Current speed, drift speed if...
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    WTB Looking to Purchase an Okuma Tesoro 10S
  85. yessokk

    Jigging in Pulley Ridge: Yankee Capts: Look, Learn, Find - May 2 - 5

    .My bad covered this in my post above.
  86. yessokk

    J hook over circle hook?

    "More to see" and more to hear. Would suggest a small loop knot. Walt
  87. yessokk

    SOLD Okuma ALIJOS 5NII Brand New in Box

    Can buy them brand new for $360 You can keep the line , how much.
  88. yessokk

    Hello Mr. Spooky,,,,, got any 1 1/2 day trips planned ? If so let me know we need to fish...

    Hello Mr. Spooky,,,,, got any 1 1/2 day trips planned ? If so let me know we need to fish together,,, would be a blast. Walt
  89. yessokk

    Fg knot on Doubled braid?

    Yes, of course :-) , have tested a few different knots using the doubled line of a bimini. The FG was one of them. There is actually a modest improvement in the ABS using the bimini doubled line. Certainly no negative effects from using it. But.... the testing has shown that it is very...
  90. yessokk

    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    Yes,,,, go for it. The lighter side is always a lot more fun and for sure doable. Would respectfully recommend the 400 as suggested above . It holds a lot more line and has slightly more drag. The following is unsolicited but I can't help myself :-) Suggest a high quality 8 strand spectra...
  91. yessokk

    Lexa 300 for yellowfin and small dodos?

    No problem go for it!
  92. yessokk

    Flat Fall Assist hook Testing

    Good question.... To be honest I did not examine the knot that closely. When the shrink wrap was removed all I noticed was just a bunch of wadded up fuzz where the very light wt. cord was attached to the hook shank. Thanks for waking me up, will pay more attention in the future.
  93. yessokk

    Flat Fall Assist hook Testing

  94. yessokk

    Flat Fall Assist hook Testing

    Bottom Line: Always change out the assist hooks on flat falls. Tested the stock assist hooks on my new 200 gm flat fall. One failed at 60# the other failed at 20#. After peeling back the shrink tubing it was obvious why. The cord appeared wrapped around the hook shank then super glued then...
  95. yessokk

    1 1/2 day on the fortune

    Thank you Sir !!
  96. yessokk

    1 1/2 day on the fortune

    Would you please tell us the details of your fishing method. It would be a big help to all. thanks, Walt
  97. yessokk

    Radio Frequencies , which for what .

    Don't have a boat and don't know much about the fine points of radio operation and proper usage. But my fantasy dream boat would absolutely need one. Out of curiosity was surfing for what each channel is normally used for and came across this detailed list. Maybe it will be beneficial to...
  98. yessokk

    Fluro knot testing

    Hello Dennis, That is one of my favorite FG videos. Thanks for posting it. Prefer this video for the Rizzuto instructions. The young man is very clear and precise. Walt
  99. yessokk

    Fluro knot testing

    Yes.... the standard 25/30 % is good..... however....... You just hit upon one of the main advantages learning to tie 90% knots. You can run heavier drag. IF you have fresh leader material or if running 25 yds have cut off 4 ft before each trip and know from TESTING that your knots produce a...
  100. yessokk

    Fluro knot testing

  101. yessokk

    Fluro knot testing

    Normally have no problem with the cinch down. Never need cinching tools. Did you wet the knot and try my suggestions in the previous post? Walt
  102. yessokk

    2020 Temple Reef Levitate 5th Anniversary

    Are these made with Quill Project blanks??
  103. yessokk

    Fluro knot testing

    Understand your concerns. The 7 up 6-7 back is best for lines 20lb and under but those wraps can be reduced as thicker line is used. Some times it takes a little experimentation reducing the number of wraps until significant ABS is lost. With the 30# would try 6 up 5 down. For 60# 4 up and 3...
  104. yessokk

    Fluro knot testing

    Thanks a lot Swami,,,, How did I miss that one the diagram was wrong. You are correct, the tag will stick out perpendicular or it may point down at the hook eye . Have corrected the diagram. Walt
  105. yessokk

    Fluro knot testing

    There are many adequate knots for the tasks you described, just search this site for a multitude of opinions on what works best. Have found the following to be my personal favorites. Two very good knots for joining Fluoro to Mono are the Seaguar knot...
  106. yessokk

    Fluro knot testing

    Thanks for the kind words Mr. aguachico 👍 When tying mono any of the above mentioned knots they can produce very good ABS for the knot of at least 90%. Fluorocarbon is a very different product and under most circumstances does not produce equivalent knot strength. In fact, your testing...
  107. yessokk

    Yellowtail Fishing. Mono-flouro or Braid-Flouro?

    Great thread !
  108. yessokk

    Any plans for cast control on 25N

    For those with curious minds and reasonable mechanical aptitude. Wrote this many years ago, before magged reels were popular. The control is fixed not adjustable but with some fine tuning a fairly good universal setting can be achieved. Hope this information is helpful...
  109. yessokk

    Drags no good on TWO brand new Alijos???!!!

    Here is the $64,000 question.... What serial number starts the good manufactured Alijos that have the correct drag discs?
  110. yessokk

    I am no expert but

    Very interesting thread. Have been doing some study on weather affecting fishing success. Have not discovered anything earth shattering yet. But there is one observation that is quite consistent. That is when conditions turn into a cold front. Indicated by cooling temperatures, crystal clear...
  111. yessokk

    Getting Tuna to Come Up

    Thinking the best bet is to forget about getting the BF to come up just go down to them. The 100 ft zone is easy to get to. Stick that nose hooked fat sardine or better yet a fat mackerel right in front of their face. Metered colored line or marked line every 50 ft. will ensure you are deep...
  112. yessokk

    Two Rainshadow RX6 E-Glass RCJB 84 blanks.

    Beautiful, nice clean work. Curious, ,,,how many coats of DII did you apply to the wraps?
  113. yessokk

    San Diego Sportfishing landings updating trips with undesirable maximum capacities

    It is subscription based. About $20/yr.
  114. yessokk

    San Diego Sportfishing landings updating trips with undesirable maximum capacities

    To keep that from happening: These Solar charts are not a sure fire bet. But they can give a strong indication of what to expect. Have had good fishing on bad Solunar and bad fishing on good Solunar days. The following 3 combination keeps me home: 34 limited loads (Pac Queen Style) stuffed...
  115. yessokk

    What’s the purpose of dragging line behind San Diego sport boat, not trolling

    As Downtime and Plj46 stated above ,,,, attach nothing. You want the line bare so the water pressure will untwist it.
  116. yessokk

    What’s the purpose of dragging line behind San Diego sport boat, not trolling

    As above. And it eliminates most of the twist in the line. Especially especially spectra on spinning reels.
  117. yessokk

    What models do you recommend for slow pitch jigging?

    It depends a lot on what gear each reel has. The SX comes in a gear ratio of 5.3:1 or 6.3:1 with the 6.3:1 retrieving 30 " per crank. The JX comes in a gear ratio of 4.6: 1 or 6.0:1 with the 6.0:1 retrieving 46" per crank. In order to develop the best jig action you should have a reel that has...
  118. yessokk

    Some serious jig research

    Are the jigs pictured rated in effectiveness for 1 to 20 with the more effective being #1 and the least effective being #20? And what do the different sections represent ?
  119. yessokk

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Use colored metered line. :-)
  120. yessokk

    SC Knot

    Looking for a smaller profile? The FG and PR knot are the slimmest available to date. And meet the 90% strength criteria.
  121. yessokk

    SC Knot

    Fish a lot of 20# so naturally that was the first wt. line tested. 20# fluoro to 20# spectra. Sufix 832. Don't cringe :-) that 20# spectra has an ABS of 41#, the trick is to use the correct knots to take advantage of that strength. Consequently only knots that will deliver at least 90% of the...
  122. yessokk

    SC Knot

    Tested it..... forget it.
  123. yessokk

    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement

    Unfortunately do not have any of the Hyperwire in a #6 to test. But from previous tests can estimate that they would be about 50% weaker. As a point of information on the package of the #6 Ultras it states a strength rating of Min. 150 lbs Max 250 lbs. That difference is a result of applying...
  124. yessokk

    Braid Breakoffs

    Where did you buy your Power Pro. Hopefully NOT on line from some e-bay seller. Power Pro is the most counterfeited Spectra on the planet earth. That Chinese counterfeited PP is absolute "JUNK". There are other excellent spectras available but Personally have found Sufix 832 to be one of the...
  125. yessokk

    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement

    Stopped by Anglers Center in Newport looking for hook and split ring replacements for my Colt Snipers. The store manager, Koromon, turned me on to the Owner Pro Parts Ultra Split Ring. Went home and Tested both the stock and the Ultra split ring in the same size #6 as the factory installed on...
  126. yessokk

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Looking at the prints the front profile is very blunt. Is that the design or an optical illusion ? Would seriously look into that design aspect and the ramifications of it. Walt
  127. yessokk

    Colt Sniper rigging

    Don't want to come across a dogmatic or dictatorial but please do not tie spectra directly to any hook or lure. Have extensively tested Spectra knot strength and abrasion resistance. Spectra, contrary to Madison Ave. Hype, has next to zero abrasion resistance and very poor knot strength to any...
  128. yessokk

    Shogun 1.5 Day 7-15-20

    I have the Diamond but the Alumia Oxide should do the job well. The hone comes in a plastic holder, the stone can be removed if required. Lansky Diamond Hone $24.00 Alumia Oxide Hone
  129. yessokk

    Shogun 1.5 Day 7-15-20

    Have experienced the same situation, pulling hooks on larger fish. Here is what was done to improve the situation and why it was done. There are several possibilities. The hook catches on a weak or thin section of the mouth and just rips out. The hook catches on the exterior of the mouth or...
  130. yessokk

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    Quote: "That is definitely a issue when trying to select this sort of gear. But you just have to start someplace and learn." That bit of wisdom is the key to success in any pursuit. You have to start somewhere. If the prospect of being a successful SPJ'er has piqued your interest there is only...
  131. yessokk

    Penn FATHOM II 15SDCasting Special....Replacing KNOBBY Mag

    MR. REXOR, Am going to do this. Would you please post up the part #s and where they were purchased. thanks ' Walt
  132. yessokk

    Kastking braided line

    Have never personally tested Kast King spectra but the grape vine has nothing good to say about it. If someone purchased any Kast King Spectra send me some and I will test it. And post up a report. PM me for details. If you reel already has spectra, a money saving idea is to just flip the...
  133. yessokk

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    Have never used the Inchiku style Jigs before but I am tempted8-) Have used the standard style jigs 90 - 150 gm with success. Attaching a single strip of squid increases hook ups. Using the 2 oz jig with the whole squid I thought it would attract a lot of attention from the Rock Cod but to my...
  134. yessokk

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    Your observations of the YT around deep water structure is in MHO a potential ultra hot spot. It has the possibility being the home to the truly trophy YT's. It's oft been said that the home of the biggest fish of a species resides in the deepest areas of structure. Speaking of using lurs...
  135. yessokk

    Accurate getting into slowpitch

    About 4 year ago I started vertical jigging . A medium style not speed and not SPJ . Kind of in between. The only rods available back then were Japanese units that were titanium infused, triple helix, super nano molecular graphite that were epoxy layered with geranium impregnated vacuum...
  136. yessokk

    Black Market for Sea Lion Heads - Hooray

    Think Sea Lions are cute, this Sea Lion is thinking about lunch.
  137. yessokk

    Braid/Fishing Line Diameter

    Nice work Anzboy, useful information. As a point of information. The entire chart above is in Millimeters. To convert into inches Multiply the mm by .0394 e.g. Sufix 832 30# is .230 mm .230mm X .0394 = .00906 in. 8 = the number of strands 32 = pics per inch Walt
  138. yessokk

    Why no love for the original Albright knot?

    This Albright Knot thing can get confusing as the same knot is called by several different names. Below are the Pics of how to tie the Albright and the Improved Albright. The last pic is of the Alberto Knot which shows wraps up and wraps down. This is the strongest version of this knot. Be...
  139. yessokk

    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    KEVINA in the post above pretty much tells it like it is. Might suggest you try the below to help minimize possible issues. Stay away from rubber core sinkers, can guarantee they will get tangled with itself or something sooner or later. My preferred method is to lock the slider in position with...
  140. yessokk

    GT knot tutorial..

    Thanks for the feedback Mr Jim, The minimum turns using spectra for a Bimini Twist is 50 turns. No less. Don't say that is crazy. Well maybe it is. :) Tony Pena Knot: As is the TP knot OK but it is more reliable if one uses a figure 8 knot or a 4 turn uni as a stop knot. That single overhand...
  141. yessokk

    Braid to braid splice or no?

    It is always the ABS of the lighter line.
  142. yessokk

    GT knot tutorial..

    Thank You Sir Did some research and It came from you Mr.Jeff Burroughs. Thank you for sharing your knot and graphic construction skills it is much appreciated. And has helped more fishermen then you can realize.
  143. yessokk

    GT knot tutorial..

    The knot in the video is for sure not the same Knot as the diagram. As a point of information the knot diagram shown in Sacto John's post 3 posts above "how to tie" pictures is almost identical to the Bob Sands Knot except that the BS knot uses a single line instead of the double line by a...
  144. yessokk

    GT knot tutorial..

    Have tested this knot extensively and never got close to 100% ABS.(absolute breaking strengths) The main error that is made in these knot testing projects is that when doing the testing only one brand and pound test is used for both the Braid and the Leader Material. The fact of the matter is...
  145. yessokk

    What is the best braid line?

    Do not think the sticking spectra is a line problem, the brand usually makes no difference. Your problem, most likely, is that the spectra was not wound on to the spool with enough pressure. Just winding it on like you would with mono results in too soft of a base. Consequently when pressure...
  146. yessokk

    2 Fishing Knots You Should Know – Beginner & Pro

    Yes, tested it throughly. Very strong. Have tested it from 20 lb mono up to 100 lb mono. Using the lower test lines 50lb and under the line would sometimes break not the knot. Always breaking above the rated test of the line or up to 30% higher then labeled. Testing 100 lb the knot usually...
  147. yessokk

    2 Fishing Knots You Should Know – Beginner & Pro

    The title of this thread should be 1 good knot to know and 1 not so good knot to know. The Uni Knot to the hook is excellent, especially strong when the line is threaded twice through the hook eye. It is sometimes known as the "Fishing Fool Knot" Just be sure the two lines through the hook eye...
  148. yessokk

    Are masks a deal breaker?

    Thinking that a broader perspective is required here. The greater risk of contracting Covid is not on the deck in an open air environment but below in the bunk room where everyone is confined in the same room. Even in State Rooms the ventilation system ensures that every one will get some air...
  149. yessokk

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Great thread, makes one face reality.
  150. yessokk

    Loop prop

    For curious minds, the attached video is interesting.
  151. yessokk

    Color of your Braid, does it matter?

    After being stubborn for several years using the dark green, finally re-spooled my bait reels with hi viz yellow. Chose yellow because most use white and that way the yellow will give me a better chance of knowing which line is mine. That dark green all but disappears at night or in low light...
  152. yessokk

    powerpro maxquattro - any feedback/reviews?

    The material used by Maxcurado is supposed to be the latest and greatest new formulation ( HT ) for spectra fiber. At first I thought that this was a Honewell Ad but scrolling to the bottom the Power Pro ad indicates a marketing attempt. Have done some...
  153. yessokk


    Here is a STICKY on the Flat Fall Jig. Well worth your time. Something to give serious consideration is to spool up with colored metered line. This is very important as those flat falls flutter down and do not...
  154. yessokk

    Best Reel for Calstar 90J Mag???

    Personally would prefer the 16 as it should hold close to 300 yds of line and has the lightest spool. The lighter the spool the loner the cast. No matter what reel you end up choosing would also would recommend washing out the spool bearing with aerosol break cleaner , shake out the excess ...
  155. yessokk

    Floro other than seaguar?

    A micrometer was one of the first things I acquired when I started testing lines in 2004. Highly recommend Mr. Woodfish's suggestion to buy one. About $25 for a 0 - 1" at Harbor Freight. My most recent discovery was finding 4 different 20 lb. fluorocarbon lines with diameters of .014, .015, .016...
  156. yessokk

    Floro other than seaguar?

    Have got to say that there is a complete lack of any manufacturing standards within the fishing line industry. They manufacture what they want, advertise what they want and claim what they want. e.g. "our line is super human and capable off leaping tall buildings in a single bound"...
  157. yessokk

    Floro other than seaguar?

    Ok..... you have an inquisitive mind. Will list two of the main discoveries, findings from Objective testing not Subjective "hear say". 1. Monofilament has about the same abrasionsion resistance as fluorocarbon and in some cases slightly more. Even though fluoro appears to have a harder...
  158. yessokk

    Floro other than seaguar?

    You mean like this....
  159. yessokk

    Broken rod guide

    Mr. Mattanza is right on. His price is reasonable and it is your best option. And like Mr. Swami indicates you will never know it happened. Don't be tempted to try and have someone solder the ring back on. You will not like the resulting cosmetics and there is risk of other blank damage due to...
  160. yessokk

    Knot strength

    Disclaimer: Don't want to come across as being dogmatic but as a source of information put forth for everyones consideration. The below are some insights gleaned from testing lines, knots and connections since 2004. Started on this journey when I realized that there was almost no objective...
  161. yessokk

    Covid 19.... Just follow the money

    Rest assured that this economic shutdown will come to an end soon. Want to know the answer to a problem just follow the money. The State and Local tax revenues have taken a nose dive sending the money lusting bureaucrats into a monetary panic. Remember ,,,, only the Subjects must accept...
  162. yessokk

    Finished wrapping my first rod!

    Great job, nice clean work. Epoxy: Some tips Be meticulous with the mixing ratios. 50-50 as exact as you can get. The graduated measuring syringes work good. Mix well then mix some more. Doing these two things will ensure a proper cure. And as Mr. Punted coho recommends above keep that...
  163. yessokk

    What happened to the New Threads Link?

    Thanks guys, I feel better now.... LOL !
  164. yessokk

    What happened to the New Threads Link?

    This site keeps eliminating features WHY ! What happened to the link at the top of the home page that took you to all the newest posts? It's gone, , for what reason,,,,, who knows? Have drastically reduced my interest since that was eliminated.
  165. yessokk

    SOLD Line Winder (Variable Speed)

    Ok,,,,,, The lowest price $99.00,,,, there I just low balled myself. :) SOLD,,,,,, thanks for the interest.
  166. yessokk

    SOLD Line Winder (Variable Speed)

    Acquired the winder thinking that it would be useful but not being a hunter of cows, could see that just spooling 30lb and under it was not practical for me and honestly have never spooled up any reel with it. Have done a small test after the reconditioning to make sure it was functioning...
  167. yessokk

    SOLD Line Winder (Variable Speed)

    The pound test is not a problem but an issue may arise if too much tentioning pressure is applied to the spool of origin. And don't know exactly how much pressure it can take. But at the highest torque setting I cannot stop it with hand pressure.
  168. yessokk

    SOLD Line Winder (Variable Speed)

    Have a reconditioned MAXIMA reel line winder. $150.00 This unit has some history but is still very functional. The mechanicals have been cleaned and re-lubed. The exterior has been cleaned and reconditioned as well. The unit is motordriven and is reversiable with a foot operated variable...
  169. yessokk

    Mono / Fluoro Technical Alert

    Have about 60 spools of line I have tested. Mostly mono and fluoro and some braid. Regarding the Mono & Fluoro 15 & 20 # the variation in diameter is "usually" about .0015. Personally use a lot of 20 lb fluorocarbon and have found product variation is great. I have 20 fluoro with diameters of...
  170. yessokk

    Mono / Fluoro Technical Alert

    The fishing line industry is once again playing magical tricks with their product lines. While the data below relates specifically to P-Line it is appearing in other manufactures as well. What they are doing is reducing the diameters of their lines for each line product which eliminates any...
  171. yessokk

    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    SLIPPAGE.... it is almost always caused by too few wraps. More friction is needed , just keep adding wraps and the slippage will stop. Walt
  172. yessokk

    Painting Surface Jigs

    What has worked really well for me is to just paint the jig with any color scheme you want with any paint you want. Usually spray paint from Home Depot. Dry well then hang vertical and apply a thin coat of liquid clear epoxy. Do not use the quick setting type. Have been using clear rod wrap...
  173. yessokk

    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    Yes you are correct. Over wrapping does not alter the breaking strength of the knot. It just does not look as pretty. :) It is the under wrapping that will cause the knot to slip off the tag end of the leader. That is why it is so important to really cinch down the knot. Which is the main...
  174. yessokk

    Clint Eastwood weave

    Outstanding craftsmanship , Just curious how many hours were invested in that work of art. ??
  175. yessokk

    Weight to depth ratio?

    Solid advice above. Jig shape makes a big difference when in deeper water. If too deep or in heavy current it helps to use a longer thinner style jig as opposed to the center weighted football shaped jigs. As they will sink much faster. Have found that starting the jigging right off the bottom...
  176. yessokk

    For Sale NEW Calstar GFGR 765 L

    The lowest I have seen the rod for is $370 plus tax of about $30 $250 is more then a great deal. Lo Ballers please show some self restraint. :-) Walt
  177. yessokk

    For Sale NEW Calstar GFGR 765 L

    Price lowered,,,, need to get this sold. $250.00
  178. yessokk

    For Sale NEW Calstar GFGR 765 L

    NEW Canstar GFGR 765 L never used . Won this rod at the Fred Hall Show and have no use for it. Retail $415 plus tax of about $35 = $450.00 First $250.00 takes it. 891023 GFGR-765L 6'6" 30-80 lb. Light 7 Fuji Turbo Hypalon Fuji Heavy Duty $414.99
  179. yessokk

    ETEC 300 Consider objective facts over subjective hear say.
  180. yessokk


    Looked for the Temple Reef Booth and could not find it. It was not even listed on the Vendor List in the Fred Hall show Vendor listing. Any one know the actual booth number. That would be super helpful. Booth 1015 thanks Wish that was listed in the Fred Hall Show Guide.
  181. yessokk

    Alternative to FlexxRap

    The pic below shows a water proof medical tape. It is a very soft rubber type material and is water proof. Very comfortable to use no need to wrap it tight, and stays put. You may want to give it a try. Can be purchased at any Target, CVS etc. in the medical supply dept. usually some where...
  182. yessokk

    Super Strong Guide Wrapping

    Instead of using the standard thread for the first wrap on a double wrap over the guide foot build, started using 10-12 lb un-coated spectra for the first wrap. Epoxy coat then do the second wrap with the standard thread in the color desired. Standard thread breaks around 4 lbs the spectra can...
  183. yessokk

    Some people are stupid

    "He has fished this spot before" well ..... then he should have known how much rope he would need to set. Thats what happened when you get a trophy for finishing last.
  184. yessokk

    ACID Wraping Rail Rod Advice

    Building a rod for a friend, a UC RCX70 CENTAUR 60-100 LB . He wants it Acid Wrapped. Have done lighter blanks in the 12 to 30 lb range but never something this heavy. It will be wrapped as a Rail Rod. Are there any negatives to Acid Wrapping a rod this heavy. Just checking to make sure the...
  185. yessokk

    Circle hooks on charter

    The socialists have not taken over yet so your hook choice freedom is still intact.
  186. yessokk

    Deep jigging line type?

    That is a matter of necessity if you want to be able to remove them. Also guys are using the triple wrapped split rings to minimize any split ring opening issues.
  187. yessokk

    Deep jigging line type?

    Outstanding advice above. When fishing open water for suspended targets the metered line is a MUST. It's the only way to accurately know how deep you really are. You need to fish where the fish are in order to catch them.
  188. yessokk

    Deep jigging line type?

    Yes ,,, that is an option. But be sure to also tie the assist hook to the solid ring never the split ring. Don't know what type of jigging you are doing Slow or Speed jigging but be advised that if speed jigging a figure 8 ring is the better choice as when using the round solid ring the split...
  189. yessokk

    Deep jigging line type?

    Have tested many combinations attaching braid to any lure or hook. Would strongly suggest never tying braid directly to anything. If you got an ABS of 50% you would be lucky. Connect the braid to a leader with either the PR knot, FG knot or the Bob Sands knot then to a figure 8 ring, attach the...
  190. yessokk

    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    Yes,, an important point I missed. I Normally use 30# spectra (Sufix 832) and never higher then 40#. Thanks Mr. DennisV
  191. yessokk

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    SF-25-10 25 Yard Spool Fluoro Clear 10 LB .28 mm SF-25-12 25 Yard Spool Fluoro Clear 12 LB .30 mm SF-25-15 25 Yard Spool Fluoro Clear 15 LB .33 mm SF-25-20 25 Yard Spool Fluoro Clear 20 LB .41 mm SF-25-25 25 Yard Spool Fluoro...
  192. yessokk

    Tesoro 5S ?

    Don't have the 5S but looking at the specs. it will do the job for sure. The important spec is the line retrieve per crank,,the 5S at 38.9 In per crank and 19 # of drag is within the requirements that Mr Benny recommends. If you already have the 5S it is a great entry reel for SPJ . You may in...
  193. yessokk

    The STRONGEST Leaders Are Stretchable Fluorocarbon! Knot Strength? Try The San Diego Jam!

    You are insinuating that only the Soft Steel stretches while other flours do not. Well that is pure marketing hype. All Fluoro stretches but just slightly less then mono. The advantage to Fluoro is that it takes more force to stretch it equally compared to mono. Which gives it the advantage of...
  194. yessokk

    Pacific Queen January 31

    Living in Costa Mesa I Understand completely with the frustration driving to SD from OC. However the pain can be mitigated by avoiding travel on any Friday. That traffic destined for TJ and points beyond is nothing short of spectacular. But it's a Catch 22 as Friday departures of the fleet are...
  195. yessokk

    INNOVATE SPJ - Designed for Head Boats

    Yes, Benwah22 is Benny. Nobody out here in Calif. carries the Innovate or any of the Temple Reef offerings., PM Mr. Benny he will be more then happy to hook you up. Walt
  196. yessokk

    Slow pitch rig Some objective facts to help with the decision. Personally like the 2000 it has you covered for almost all jigging situations . If you are just getting started with the SPJ game and you already have the 16A it is a very capable reel in...
  197. yessokk

    Getting started with rod building--equipment + learning options in/around SF Bay Area?

    Another option: Scroll down
  198. yessokk

    Inches per crank versus higher gear speed

    Here is the reality of torque and retrieve . You can simply look at it from how much line per crank is retrieved by the reel either conventional or spinner. It does not matter even if the gear ratios are different,,, 40 inches per crank is 40 inches per crank no mater what the ratio the...
  199. yessokk

    Advice on repairing loose guides on G.Loomis Hybrid

    I like Swami's denatured alcohol method. It's a good de-greaser a great suggestion.
  200. yessokk

    Advice on repairing loose guides on G.Loomis Hybrid

    My best suggestion: You have got the light epoxy, good. Now heat the entire wrap and guide up with a hair dryer. Not blistering hot but very warm close to hot to the touch. Now re-coat the wraps paying special attention to the voids next to the guide feet. The heated wrap will thin the epoxy...
  201. yessokk


    Looks can be deceiving. The ugly is mostly a result of the sloppy half hitch finish. But the finish has nothing to do with the strength of the knot. It only helps prevents the knot from slipping off the end of the tag and slims down the lead end of the knot to better pass through the guides. The...
  202. yessokk


    Knot Facts vs. What we are good at.
  203. yessokk


    HOME: OUTRIDER LINK: ABOUT Directions FISH REPORTS Fish Counts SCHEDULE CHARTER RATES: SEE BELOW LINKS CONTACT Charter Rates for Outrider Sportfishing Year Round Trip Type Passengers Mon - Thu Fri, Sat, Sun 3/4 Trip (11...
  204. yessokk

    Looking for some knowledge - Trolling for tuna

    Some very excellent advice above. Especially like 2 points in the post by Mr. Surfgoose above. Scent abatement: Much more important then anyone realizes. His tips for this are right on. Clean hands, a must. Wash 2 X then crush a sardine in your hands shake off guts and let air dry. Then rig up...
  205. yessokk

    Anyone else getting a constant webpage alert?

    My I mac freezes up with that rotating ball. and my phone freezes just looking at BD. It froze my computer before I could finish this post.
  206. yessokk

    Prototype rod rack

    Yes.... I considered Fish Buzzy as I was posting. He has set the bar pretty high. His assention to such heights gives us all the incentive to aspire to greatness. A true icon of having the correct set up for every possible situation. :beerbang: Got to admit I am jealous. :)
  207. yessokk

    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    Would suggest that you just follow the "How to determine the number of wraps required:" In the paragraph 4 posts above. You will have to tie a few test knots at home but it will be time well spent. Too many wraps you will be OK but to few may cause slippage. It basically depends on how hard your...
  208. yessokk

    Most used size tuna hook?

    For me the hot set up for the smaller BF/YF, say 30# and under, was 15 or 20 lb Pink Yozuri fluoro to # 2 circle or sometimes a #4 circle. It is paramount to get that line away from those teeth. A corner set with a J hook is possible fishing it like a circle but better consistentcy is obtained...
  209. yessokk

    Prototype rod rack

    Ah Yes..... the wife issue .... how to avoid this >> :Beat_Them Just take her in the close closet and count the number of shoes she has. Should not be a problem after that fact finding mission. Mine has 32 pairs, I'm a long ways from that count. :-) Walt
  210. yessokk

    Yamaha vs Honda

    Evenrude G2, 1 Better gas milage and more torque 2 Less pollution (No more smoke) 3 As quite as a 4 cycle 4 Aprox. 300 fewer parts (per engine) to fail when you are 40 miles off shore. 5 Yamaha vs G2 test comparison. 6 Some Yamaha's like to fill the crank case with combustion byproducts giving...
  211. yessokk

    Yellowtail Dropper Loop Question

    Spider Hitch Knot Tying Instructions Double over a length of line and form a loop as illustrated. Hold the loop between thumb and forefinger. Wrap the doubled line around the thumb and the loop five times (15 times if using braided line). Then pass the end of the double line through the loop...
  212. yessokk

    INNOVATE SPJ - Designed for Head Boats

    You may already have the skill below mastered but to guys at the start of the learning curve it will be worth consideration. As mentioned above and in several SPJ threads using the lighter 30 or even 20 lb spectra has distinct advantages. Personally like the 30 as the food chain contains slugs...
  213. yessokk

    What scale for setting drags

    Just make sure you get a spring scale with a "Tattle Tail" on it. Something like this......
  214. yessokk

    Keeping your feet dry on a sportfisher

    Fishhead..., above, is right on !|401_17833594|rei waterproof socks|none|6a2394b4-fd18-4406-afda-2073bdade20d|kwd-81226556933010&kclid=6a2394b4-fd18-4406-afda-2073bdade20d&msclkid=aa78276dbf811deb022d7a83e60a8529\ Walt Oooops, wrong...
  215. yessokk

    Keeping your feet dry on a sportfisher

    PROBLEM SOLVED There must be a over boot on this site that you will fit your needs. You can ware your New Balance and be dry as a bone. :-) These look ideal...
  216. yessokk

    Why don't fishermen on the west coast buy as nice/expensive of boats as those on the east coast?

    This is real simple. Like all problems it is just matter of following the money. It always leads to the answer. Have always wanted my own personal flotation device so to speak. I can afford the cost of a mid 6 digit boat and want one dearly. But have never pulled the trigger. Reason being, the...
  217. yessokk

    INNOVATE SPJ - Designed for Head Boats

    My name is not Benny but here is some independent thought. Which reel has a lot of personal preferences to consider but there are a couple of issues that deserve serious consideration. First on the list would be line retrieve per crank. Would recommend not to go under 36” per crank and...
  218. yessokk

    20# Test,,, Technical Alert !

    Something that I omitted from my first reply to your question was that line diameters vary within each manufactures production of any pound test line. The 20# seems to vary about +- .0015 from the stated diameter on the spool. It is very difficult to keep line diameter under that spec. . To do...
  219. yessokk

    Liberty Full Day Trip 11/22/19

    That's what the FLEET calls a "Limited Load" !
  220. yessokk

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Personally got my vertebra compressed 1/2" by a Parker last year on a day trip in 3 footers. There was absolutely no bottom entry into the sea only a violent slam, like hitting concrete not water. Took me a week to recover from that beating. Never again. Would think the key to your decision is...
  221. yessokk

    People who fish dark braid

    Love White it's great,,,,, very easy to see the huge loop of spectra coming under the boat from the guy fishing on the down wind side thinking he has the hot bait, stripping line off his reel like crazy.
  222. yessokk

    Best and easiest knot for spectra to spectra

    Steve K, The back to back uni to uni. 65% to 70% depending on which spectra mfg is being used and the number of wraps used on each end. 7-8 wraps on each end was pretty good universally. But could not test for all variables as buying 20 different brands of spectra is not practical. 50-60 %...
  223. yessokk

    Best and easiest knot for spectra to spectra

    Tested spectra to spectra joins last year for about a month. Needed some objective facts to determine a strong connection. Basically there is NO 80% or better knot for that S to S join. The only knot that got to the 70% rating was the Bimini to Bimini. Your best solution by a large margin are...
  224. yessokk

    what should i take on a 1.5 day on the fortune out of pedro

    The 850M with the Fathom 12 would be , IMHO, your go to set up for the trip. 20# leader to 30# spectra with a #4 circle hook. Use a 10 ft leader so you can retie 'OFTEN". That is the secret to fishing the 20#. And as above a 40 rig that you can change out leaders , 30# to 50#. And just in...
  225. yessokk

    Possibly Bad Spool of Seaguar Premier - Return to MFGR?

    The diameter of the Premier in 30# is .018 +- .002 The diameter of the Blue Lable in 30# is .020 +- .002 That is why the Blue Lable is more consistent , it is thicker thus stronger. The original Premier had on the lable that it was IGFA...
  226. yessokk

    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    Have tested the FG knot extensively. Below are the important things learned, hope they are beneficial. Disclaimer: Have only tested the FG up to 60# spectra to 60# fluoro and mono. So objective information for the 3 digit lines is not available . But the principals below can reasonably be...
  227. yessokk

    Want Sharp Hooks?

    Had mine about 5 years, paid $100. Have never needed to replace the diamond wheel. When sharpening the hook finess is required, very light pressure is needed to make the point razor sharp. Consequently there is little ware on the stone. It takes a few hooks to get the hang of it but the...
  228. yessokk

    Want Sharp Hooks?

    Yes hooks are sharp enough out of the bag to catch fish but in reality they can be much sharper. If the hook does not stick to your thumb nail with "NO" pressure it can be sharper. The only stock hook that passed this test is the Trokar and then only about 50% pass the test. Examining the hook...
  229. yessokk

    Jigging in socal for tuna or yellowtail(depth)

    As above it is doable. An important aspect of jigging for tuna in 2000 ft. of water is knowing exactly how deep your jig is at all times. When the Capt. says the Tuna are right under the boat @ 50 fathoms there can be only one way to "accurately" determine the depth of your jig, and that is a...
  230. yessokk

    Braid to floro OR???

    To answer your questions the following seems to be a good formula to limit out on the schoolies . #2 or # 4 J or Circle hook. Would start with the #2 and if they get picky drop to the #4. Personally prefer the J but fished like a circle, never set the hook, just reel down to tension. Most of the...
  231. yessokk

    Please dont touch my drag

    Good suggestions above. Also think your title of "Please don't touch my drag" would work just fine , polite and not threatening. Something to consider when hooked up and you can't focus on your spool because it's spinning so fast form an agitated 50 pounder stripping line. As your spool is...
  232. yessokk

    New To Crimping

    " But more than my drag setting would be" That seems to be one of the keys to successful crimping regardless of its perfection as the leaders crimped are in the100-300 lbs test class. Have never heard of a crimp failing. Would suggest purchasing an inexpensive 15 kg (150 lbs) or a 300 kg (661...
  233. yessokk

    New To Crimping

    Have done some very limited testing of crimped connections. And the results are not exactly stellar. The biggest problems are inconsistency and slippage. The inconsistency can be mitigated by adjustable pressure crimpers. But the slippage is another issue. Have found that when loading the...
  234. yessokk

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke Outboard, Control System 2018 Engine Test / Reviews Videos, Specs, Fast Facts, Captain reports | Evinrude E-tec vs. Yamaha on Vimeo Evinrude E-TEC Sinks Yamaha 4-Stroke - YouTube Yamaha 40Hp vs Etec 40Hp vs Suzuki 40Hp, 2...
  235. yessokk

    Oct 10 How to gear up Overnight Aztec

    It is always a Catch 22. Rig for whats biting and catch footballs or rig for Gladis the Barbarian and maybe get hooked up to a 60 pounder and not catch the 25 pounders.. My best suggestion is to rig up with 20# pink Yozuri fluoro with a # 2 or 4 hook, circle or J. Catch 3 or what ever your...
  236. yessokk

    Yellowfin/skipjack hooks

    As above #2 or #4 "J" hooks,,,would not go larger then a 2. If the bite is very hot 25# should be ok but if it's not 15# or 20# Pink Yozuri and re-tie often. After every other fish or if any minute abrasion is detected when checked after every fish. That is the secret to fishing the lighter...
  237. yessokk

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    There is a miss understanding here. My comment was "It may seem counter intuitive but it is a fact that a knot tied in mono can be stronger then the line that created it." That was wrong ,,,,my bad. What should have been said is that when testing mono the line can break not the knot. As you...
  238. yessokk

    Pj 83

    A re-furb project that came out beautiful. . You took a Miss America covered in mud and gave her a steam bath. Really nice work "J" , something to be proud of. Walt
  239. yessokk

    20# Test,,, Technical Alert !

    There are definite variations. The thinner the line the lower the ABS. Not that it is not possible for thinner to be stronger but testing of about 10 different 20# fluorocarbons the rule has always held. Thinner = Lower ABS Walt
  240. yessokk

    20# Test,,, Technical Alert !

    Not yet but I want to. Will buy some soon and post up on testing results. Have not found it locally. Will have to Amazon it.
  241. yessokk

    20# Test,,, Technical Alert !

    Have measured the lines with a micrometer and all lines were within +/- .0005 of stated diameters. Here is the manufactures verification link for the first 5. And below are pics of the spools for the last 4 on the list which I have in my possession.
  242. yessokk

    20# Test,,, Technical Alert !

    Here is an older study done by Mark @ Charkbait not current but good for comparison. Walt
  243. yessokk

    20# Test,,, Technical Alert !

    Just looking at Seaguar their line varies accordingly. Premier .015 Blue Label .016 Seaguar Pink .016 STS Salmon .016 Red Label .016 Gold Label .014 Invizx .016 Tatsu .015 Blackwater .017 So you can see what manufactures do is just alter diameters, maybe change formulation and give it a...
  244. yessokk

    20# Test,,, Technical Alert !

    Do a lot of knot and line testing of 20# mono and fluoro. Noticed a significant amount of variation of test data in different manufactured lines. Upon some investigation it became obvious that the line diameters of different brands for 20# test were extremely inconsistent. Seguar Gold Label...
  245. yessokk

    SPJ 101 to 8.0

    A wealth of slow pitch jigging information here. Especially the Video Gallery. Walt
  246. yessokk

    For Sale Big lot of Calstar graphiters, few seekers, Fenwicks, Shimano & others

    Another very positive recommendation for doing business with Fernando. Have fished with him and have conducted several equipment transactions with him. Always prompt with payment, honest and keeps his word. And would highly suggest booking a trip with him. Drive down to San Carlos or Fly down...
  247. yessokk

    Jigging in Pulley Ridge: Yankee Capts: Look, Learn, Find - May 2 - 5

    It's the same for all of us. For the die hards its exploring the unknown and conquering the challenge. For the romantic it's the intrigue of the adventure, For the hen pecked its getting away from the "pecker" :D. Or a combination of the above. We all have our goals. For sure it's never that...
  248. yessokk

    Split Rings

    These are 3 coil split rings, another choice for consideration, Another option is to just use the split ring to attach the jig and use a figure 8 ring to attach the hook. As below. Walt
  249. yessokk

    Jigging in Pulley Ridge: Yankee Capts: Look, Learn, Find - May 2 - 5

    Having the additional line capacity of a 600 may not necessarily be its desired benefit. When jigging at 700+ ft. depths your spool diameter is reduced by quite a bit. With reduction in diameter your line retrieval per crank gets significantly reduced. eg. An Accurate 500n has a full spool...
  250. yessokk

    New Lo An Two-Day 8/25 - 8/25 Light Line, Small Hooks

    Art, I am very curious, if you would please look at you spool of Seaguar 20# that you used and see what the diameter is. Am interested to see if yo have an older spool when the line was thicker, thus stronger. The line diameter is usually on the spool in very fine print. It's notation will...
  251. yessokk

    Jigging in Pulley Ridge: Yankee Capts: Look, Learn, Find - May 2 - 5

    Please do not get persuaded by the Madison Avenue super hype regarding how great spectra abrasion resistance is. Benny brings up a very important but little known fact. That is,,,, Spectra has next to "Zero" abrasion resistance. Constructed a crude but effective abrasion testing tool. Some120...
  252. yessokk

    New Lo An Two-Day 8/25 - 8/25 Light Line, Small Hooks

    Using the small hooks sometimes when you get a hook set in the lip behind the teeth the hook shank is so short the the knot is abraded by the teeth. Have had this happen a couple of times.
  253. yessokk

    Jigging in Pulley Ridge: Yankee Capts: Look, Learn, Find - May 2 - 5

    30# braid is an optimal choice but knot tying skill is what separates the successful. That knot between the braid and the leader is the most difficult in fishing. The strongest and slimmest join knot is the PR knot. Tied correctly it is a 90-100% knot The FG knot runs a close second. In the...
  254. yessokk

    Tern 500 Narrow

    Valiant BV-500N 15oz 6:1Ratio 300yds/50lb 45″ In per crank 30# Drag Tern TX-500XN 16oz 6:1Ratio 300yds/50lb 45" Per crank 33# Drag If just getting started in the SPJ game here is a comparison of the Valiant and Tern , The Valiant is one of the preferred reels for the task. But the Tern...
  255. yessokk

    The Physics of Distance Casting

    The Physics of distance casting. About every 6 months a curious mind wants to know your favorite reel for casting Irons. The results are always the same, an endless list of reels that work well and cast great for the task. For informational purposes the world record casting distance is 939...
  256. yessokk

    First build

    Yes,,,, you are correct. It's excessive application of excess epoxy that bulges away from "flat". If left unrotated the excess will drip down to the low side. When the blank is rotated the epoxy forms the bulge. With heavy coats it can be minimized with horizontal brushing. But the best and...
  257. yessokk

    Musky fishing northern MI

    The Chippawa Foliage, It's considered the premier Musky habitat in America. Small children are not allowed in the water. A stuffed and mounted Muskie at a visitors park.
  258. yessokk

    Jigging in Pulley Ridge: Yankee Capts: Look, Learn, Find - May 2 - 5

    Thanks you sir for the detailed and in depth development process of the new Innovate. You obviously have put a tremendous amount of mental and physical effort into its creation. Walt
  259. yessokk

    Jigging in Pulley Ridge: Yankee Capts: Look, Learn, Find - May 2 - 5

    OK.... they can be pre ordered now how about pricing. And more specific detail on the benefits of this new design would be helpful. And maybe a pic or two. Preorder for USA only Benny Ortiz Signature Series INNOVATE. Available in: INN-80MH - 8’0” | 100-400g | Med Hvy | Mod Slow INN-78H -...
  260. yessokk

    First build

    Outstanding ,,,, very clean,,,, especially for a first build. A little bit of footballing but that is a cosmetic issue easily addressed. Just wait until you catch with that rod it will look even prettier . Walt
  261. yessokk

    For Sale Saltiest 40 HA

    The Reel is "SOLD" but thanks for the interest guys. :)
  262. yessokk

    For Sale Saltiest 40 HA

    Price dropped to $90.00
  263. yessokk

    For Sale Saltiest 40 HA

    Daiwa Saltist 40 HA Mechanical 10 cosmetics 9 6.4:1 gearing 350 yds. 40 lb Sufix 832 Star Drag Level Wind Alan Tani Handle Upgrade Very clean well maintained. $105.00
  264. yessokk

    Split rings and pliers
  265. yessokk

    Knot stronger then the line???

    Using 20# P-Line the knot use was a Trilene Knot with 7 wraps up and 5 wraps back down. The line broke not the knot.
  266. yessokk

    Guide Spacing Q?

    You might consider Acid Wrapping it, which would eliminate a lot of the spacing issues.
  267. yessokk

    What makes a trip a limited load?

    Yes they are a business. The term "Limited Load" is often used as a marketing tool. A trip is advertised as a "LIMITED LOAD" of 18. As the number of open spots is reduced they will not post up the actual number that have sighed up. Then 2 hours before departure the count will look like 15 on a...
  268. yessokk

    Ringed Hook vs Perfection Loop

    Yes , 2 good points. Thanks for mentioning them. Knew that small gap could be a problem, you have got me thinking. Maybe a small drop of Super Glue at that joint would smooth it over. Can not find any 2/0 's that are welded. It's the larger hooks that have that feature. However That issue needs...
  269. yessokk

    Ringed Hook vs Perfection Loop

    As fate would have it have been doing a lot of loop knot testing this week.Have seriously been thinking of switching to a Loop type hook attachment. A knot that is practical and consistent in strength is the Perfection Loop Knot. You do however loose some knot strength using it. My best guess...
  270. yessokk

    Knot stronger then the line???

    Sorry about the problems with the video above It will not open just by clicking it. It has to be downloaded then opened from your down load file. BD will not accept videos because of their size. I need to find a FREE video storage site. If any recommends please forward. Thanks Walt
  271. yessokk

    shears to cut braid?

    Have a pair of the Pit Bull Braid Cutters and they are everything the video cracks them up to be. The absolute best I have ever used. They cut braid like butter. Highly recommend them. The secret to these cutters is that the cutting blades are about 3X thicker then normal braid cutters. They...
  272. yessokk

    Smallest line for fg knot

    The FG knot can be tricky. It must be realized that different brands of spectra and leader material can require different combinations of turns. Usually more turns. Especially when using fluoro which has a harder surface then mono, and certain spectras which have coatings making the line extra...
  273. yessokk

    Knot stronger then the line???

    It is most likely that as the line is being pulled with constantly increasing force it stretches which reduces its cross sectional area compromising the lines strength. While within the knot that does not occur. Walt
  274. yessokk

    Knot stronger then the line???

    "Scam" interesting and thoughtful reply. "Found weak spot in line" True.... the entire line on the spool is weaker then the knot. Walt
  275. yessokk

    Knot stronger then the line???

    A true 100% knot is accomplished, when tested the line breaks and not the Knot. It would seem counter intuitive to believe this could be true. However the facts reveal otherwise. Please view the video below. BD will not allow large files so I could not down load it. Sorry about that. I will...
  276. yessokk

    Tying Mono to Braid?

  277. yessokk

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    Matt and Carl, It may seem counter intuitive but it is a fact that a knot tied in mono can be stronger then the line that created it. Have been testing knots since 2004 and can easily demonstrate that a knot can be tied in mono to a hook where the line and not the knot will break under max...
  278. yessokk

    Winding check question From pg. 202 to pg. 211 the specifications give the OD of all the winding checks. Hope this helps. Walt
  279. yessokk

    Reel for throwing iron???

    The physics of the matter is straight forward, the lighter the reel spool the longer the cast. That is the precise reason Newells have been the gold standard for casting irons the longest distance possible. They have the lightest spools. From my research the Shimano Trinidad is your next best...
  280. yessokk

    Thoughts on Braid to braid?

    Have tested spectra to spectra connections and using a piece of hollow to connect the spectra as suggested by Coweyes post above is your best option. 100% Strong and super slim. Your next strongest choice would be to take a 2 ft section of 100 lb mono and attach the ends of the spectra to both...
  281. yessokk

    the accurate tern!

    Busted...... LOL !
  282. yessokk

    the accurate tern!

    OOOOP's that would do it for sure. As your spool diameter decreases the drag increases in reverse proportion . e.g. if your spool diameter gets cut in half your drag doubles. That is why a lot of attention is required when cranking your drag down after 300 yds of line has been ripped from your...
  283. yessokk

    Acid wrap questions

    Great advice above. As you can see personal preference plays a major role in decision making. Here are links to guide spacing sources. Not specifically for Acid Wraps but a place to start. Would say a...
  284. yessokk

    Mono vs Fluoro - Stretch Test (20 yards/50#)

    For curious minds....... The "Stretch" segment in the link below will be of interest. Walt
  285. yessokk

    BFT on vertical Jigs?

    How deep will you normally be jigging? And does the 400# indicate the wt. of jigs or the model of the rod. And what style of jigging, slow pitch, speed jigging, etc. /
  286. yessokk

    Line to line knot vs. Swivel for mono to flouro connection

    The Seaguar Knot is one of your best join knots for fluror to mono. Quick and strong. Be sure when cinching down that all the lines in both the double line loops are equal. Most of the time one loop will be larger then the adjoining line in the same loop. Adjust so they are equal then cinch. Walt
  287. yessokk

    Pena knot questions....

    SouthBayKiller has the answer to your issues. Have tested the Tony Pena Knot many times and that over hand stop knot is what always slips. Have seen some historical instructions by Tony Pena on tying his knot and he always stresses cinching down the overhand knot very tight. That may reduce...
  288. yessokk

    How To: Shimano Talica 50 Power Handle Install on Talica 12 - 25

    Outstanding tutorial Mr. Rich.
  289. yessokk

    What tip top kit?

    There is no pulling pressure on the tip when hooked up. There is just a twisting force. If it falls off it was that force that loosened it not a pulling force. Take the glue stick adhesive that is normally used for tip attachment and install as per SouthBayKiller in the above post. Just make...
  290. yessokk

    Braid breaking point

    OK ,,, as long as the line broke and not the knot it is the line for sure. Would send it back.
  291. yessokk

    Braid breaking point

    Great addition of the plexiglass !!!
  292. yessokk

    Braid breaking point

    Please don't send the line back yet. Where exactly is the spectra breaking? What knot are your using to attach the spectra to the scale. This is very, very important. As the only way to test the braid is between to bollards as shown in the link below...
  293. yessokk

    Understanding a woman

    Here is an oldie but a real goodie. Well worth your time Walt
  294. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Gary, Just now saw the pics of your testing device . From what I can see it will work just fine. Great job. A couple of small suggestions. Would remove about 75% of the nylon strapping from the winch. A smaller diameter at the winch will make cranking much easier. And would run the strap...
  295. yessokk

    Moon phases bft

    Many thanks Dan for posting the above. An excellent article worth everyones attention. Walt
  296. yessokk

    Best floro to mono knot?

    Tying Fluorocarbon to Monofilament . The Two strongest knots I have tested are the 3-4 turn Surgeons Knot and the Seaguar Knot with a very slight advantage to the Seaguar Knot. Would not drop to 30 as 65% of 30 = 19.5 you don't want to go there targeting these local Blue Fin. Personally would...
  297. yessokk

    Assist Hooks for Vertical jigging and Flat Falls

    Regrading the hooks. Personally like the Trokar's. They are easy to find on the WC. The eye is welded and the hook points are ground sharp not chemically sharpened. For these bigger Blue Fin would not go smaller then a 7/0. Unfortunately due to no hook manufacturing standards the hook gap for a...
  298. yessokk

    5/17/19 - Tribute BFT Report

    First report or not it was a great one. Thanks for sharing. We all learn from each others experiences. Doubt your join knot broke as a result of too hard of a strike. There is just too much elasticity in the system. Don't know what knot you are presently using but if I could respectfully...
  299. yessokk


    BlackWater Fluoro,,,,,, the line and the myth. Yes BW fluoro is stronger for its labeled # strength. But there is a obvious reason for that. For any given line rating BW is thicker by about .001 or more. That .001 difference does not sound like it would have much affect on ABS but in fact it is...
  300. yessokk


    Have done some testing of the Gold Label. It is basically an IGFA rated line. Even though the spool label does not say so. It's ABS (absolute breaking strain) is very close to its labeled strength. Tested 20# and the line broke between 18 and 21 lbs. Like all fluoro it does not knot well. Would...
  301. yessokk

    BFT on vertical Jigs?

    Spectacular catches,,, congrats to the Mdkikkawa Brothers :cheers: A couple of skill catches for sure. Wish I could have been there to witness the victories. Walt
  302. yessokk

    BFT on vertical Jigs?

    You are right,,,, to look at the rods you would think they were at the best 25 lb sticks. 5' 3" and not super skinny like the slow pitch guys use but not exactly a rail rod. Trying to use the rod to fight the fish would risk turning a 5'3" foot rod into a 2 foot rod. There are many styles of...
  303. yessokk

    BFT on vertical Jigs?

    Caught a 120 lb BF last year on a vertical jig. Using a 5' 3" jigging rod I made with an acid wrapped Rainshadow RCKJB 503-300 blank 150-300 gram jigs but will handle to 400 gm if required. Got hit at 9pm 290 ft down. Using metered line is a must wether using a vertical fast sinking jig or...
  304. yessokk

    FG knot failure??

    If brands of fluorocarbon were changed or new fluoro was purchased for the trip the new fluor could have a harder surface. In which case the spectra did not cinch down into the leader adequately. Or if using the original fluoro that was tested at home the following is most likely the problem...
  305. yessokk

    Jigging in Pulley Ridge: Yankee Capts: Look, Learn, Find - May 2 - 5

    OK Ben.... I'll bite,,,,,,, what new rods? Am assuming Temple Reef.
  306. yessokk

    BFT on the Troll

    Excellent input Mr. Brett.... The evidence for the prop wash issue makes sense. Did not think of that,,,, but being back 100 + yds does reduces the prop wash effect. Certainly a major benefit in addition to being far from the boat. You have a big advantage on a private boat.You have the...
  307. yessokk

    Jigging in Pulley Ridge: Yankee Capts: Look, Learn, Find - May 2 - 5

    Just to be generous lets say 30 " average line take up from 750 ' thats 9000" divided by 30" = 300 cranks to get to the top. Add to that scenario a 23lb anything and the words "man up" take on a new meaning. Would view 750' as a spectator sport....:) Outstanding effort Mr. Benny. An adventure...
  308. yessokk

    BFT on the Troll

    Agree with Albiebec above regarding distance from the boat. They hit the Yummy Flyer and the Double Trouble because they are 200 yds. from the boat. The real trick trolling for Blue Fin is to get the item trolled back,,,, way back. At least 100 yds. BF are "Usually" extremely boat shy. However...
  309. yessokk

    can you get away with straight mono

    Here are the facts. Fluorocarbon does indeed stretch and almost as much as mono. It has a slightly different elongation curve but is basically identical. Fluorocarbon fishing line stretch discussion and stretch charts in the article below. And if further confirmation is required just google...
  310. yessokk

    Figure out why 200 lb gets bit and 40 dose not !!

    Ok Mr. "J " I can accept a drubbing, being down does not mean I am out. Just wait, next time there is always a next time.:-) You and Kenny did great. PM me on your next trip will see the possibility of going.
  311. yessokk

    Figure out why 200 lb gets bit and 40 dose not !!

    The bait is suspended with the heavy leader above the bait. Now why did not I think of that, so simple. Thanks guys for helping the mentally impaired .
  312. yessokk

    Figure out why 200 lb gets bit and 40 dose not !!

    Last week on the Aztec guys fishing the bait on 40 or 60 had a hard time getting bit but the balloon rig with the double trouble rigging of 200 lb mono crimped to the hooks got bit like there was no tomorrow. Open to any and all creative thinking on why this is so.
  313. yessokk

    can you get away with straight mono

    My name is not "Fishbuzzy" but feeling compelled to comment in addition to any of his possible responses. Quote: 1. Thinner for any given diameter Am thinking what you really meant to say is.... 1. Thinner for an given pound test. However would respectfully suggest that statement is not...
  314. yessokk

    can you get away with straight mono

    Let's objectively separate fact from Madison Avenue. Walt
  315. yessokk

    New Youtube Video--Bluefin on the kite

    How fast were you trolling those kite rigged Yummies?
  316. yessokk

    Latest build - this is what happens when a 1y/o picks the colors...

    Like Eric says above ,,, you won't have any trouble finding that rod in the rack :) Nice clean work, something different and quite attractive. Did the same thing with my 3 yr old grand daughter, ended up with a purple and silver wrap , got real lucky with those choices it came out quite nice. Walt
  317. yessokk

    Tern 300 Review

    The ability to produce 30# of drag is not the main issue here. The real issue is,,,, does the product meet the claims of the manufacture or not. If Accurate had indicated 23 lbs of max drag this thread would never have survived. Have seen exactly 2 posts where anglers actually took objective...
  318. yessokk

    What tip top kit?

    Forget the kit. Not only low quality but it most likely will not have the units required. You need the tube size and the ring size as mentioned above. Remove the broken tip top guides. Clean off the adhesive on the blank and measure the diameter of the blank at the tip and covet into...
  319. yessokk

    Tern 300 Review

    The Tern has an optional longer handle available. Can anyone explain the advantage of using a longer handle? Thought at first it was just a cranking torque assist. But there appears to be more to it. Walt
  320. yessokk

    Tern 300 Review

    Mr. Ben's review is as unbiased as it gets. He is not going to jeperdise his personal integrity for some fishing gear manufacture. His review mirrors several others I have read. The only aspect that needs additional consideration would be the drag output. The Tern claims 30+ lbs of drag...
  321. yessokk

    Need to Re Power

    Why would you want a 4 cycle that has 180 extra parts to fail when you are 40 miles off shore. Why would you want a 4 cycle that has less torque. Why would you want a 4 cycle that consumes more gas. Plus the 2 cycle smell has been eliminated and the noise level is comparable or less. Evinrude...
  322. yessokk

    Tern 300 Review

    Great review, well detailed and objective. The bulbous look has been redesigned. That change was made very quickly. Most dealers still have the original fat boy look. Here is the new redesign. Personally like the reel a lot an excellent value. Walt The new style. The original style.
  323. yessokk

    Need help choosing guides on first build

    What is so critical about them being exactly straight that goes away if you decide to acid wrap a rod? :) Also, but for the OP. Black (murdered) is a good choice for several reasons especially if you are holding off on the "art" part till till later. The "football" effect can really...
  324. yessokk

    Valiant Magged

    Sorry ,,, you cannot mag a twin drag reel. The drag apparatus on both sides of the spool prevent the magnets for getting close enough to the rotating spool. See link below for details. Walt
  325. yessokk

    Need help choosing guides on first build

    Being that this is your first build here are some unsolicited hints to help avoid the mistakes I made when starting out wrapping. Don't mean to assume that you are not aware of the below It's just that they were the source of my own failures and they may or may not be of help. 1 grind the...
  326. yessokk

    FG knot vs RP knot

    Found another great knot contest - 53 knots tested Updated dec 1st 2018 SCROLL TO TOP of link: Sport fishing removed this post, you have to subscribe to see it. Sorry for that. Very educational post. Sometimes we...
  327. yessokk

    Colonet Intel

    Some were caught on the bottom and some at 5 or so cranks off the bottom.
  328. yessokk

    Colonet Intel

    Fished the 26th on the New Lo An. Straight down to Colonet to the high spots on a YT hunt. The YT were all decent size 15-25 lbs. All were caught on either the Yo Yo or dropper loop no flylining. Standard technique ,,,,Irons straight down to the bottom and speed crank 3/4 of the way up then back...
  329. yessokk

    Magging Lever Drag for Casting Large Lures My .37 cents worth for your consideration. Walt
  330. yessokk

    YT size for Colonet

    Keep seeing decent YT counts for Colonet 1 1/2 day trips but never seen anyone mention the size that are being caught. That would indicate they are nothing to get excited about. Can anyone please provide some details regarding the average size of YT's being caught at Colonet. Thanks much for...
  331. yessokk

    My Version of Loc’s Breako Machine

    You did it,,, congratulations. That test unit is a beauty it will provide endless hours of intellectual stimulation..... LOL ! The scatter shield, so to speak is an excellent modification that I need to make for my unit. A bit overkill but would not ever recommend testing without some sort of...
  332. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    The description of the scale does not mention anything about water resistance. However looking at its construction one could surmise that incidental splashing of water would not be an issue. One could seal up the main halves of the scale with some silicon. Personally do not feel the weighing of...
  333. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    You mean something like this ?? Walt
  334. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Yes, the AWS scale described in the post above has a PEAK HOLD feature which records the weight at failure. Walt
  335. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    First off would highly recommend to never use a spring scale as they will self destruct from the recoil impact. Learned that the hard way. The HOLD feature on the scale is always on when you activate it. It freezes the highest reading registered on the scale at the exact point of breakage. For...
  336. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Used to bow hunt many moons ago back when my "Buck" factor was at a higher level. But have since moved on to a more gentile activity. Fishing. However the reality of going head to head with a not so gentle 100lb BF has be begging for the oxygen tank .:) Before the tester in the picture was...
  337. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Like Cubeye says,,,, yes ,,, the AWS scale shown in my post above has a peak hold feature , would not buy a scale without it. Very Very useful. Walt
  338. yessokk

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Excellent choice on the E TEC re power. Why anyone would want to buy a 4 cycle with 200 extra parts to fail when 40 miles off shore always puzzles me. Plus you will have superior performance is all categories. Evinrude E-TEC Sinks Yamaha 4-Stroke - YouTube Evinrude E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs...
  339. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    True,,,, but there are so many variables such as material temperature, material composition, pull rate, accuracy of instruments, capture rate of data, angle of pull, how the knot is tied is very important, how fast or slow was the knot cinched down and probably things that haven't been thought...
  340. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    YES !! Safety glasses are very important. No matter if testing 4lb test always ware them. I have to ware glasses so that important fact got by me. The potential for flying debris can be minimized by using the spring loaded clips that are shown in the pics. Thanks for that reminder . Walt
  341. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    For those with curious minds here is a short list of what "Information" will be learned from scientific testing of lines and knots. You will now take with a grain of salt all subjective statements regarding what knot or line is the strongest. Such as " I really like the Zoo Lu knot it works...
  342. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    The scale looks great , it looks like it has a HOLD feature which is almost a must.Will be keen to see how it works. May have to get one myself that way two separate scales will not be needed. As a suggestion: if you remove about 2/3 of the strap from the drum that will reduce the diameter of...
  343. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Will start with the mechanical construction. Bill of Materials: 1 pc of plywood aprox 8" W and 48" long at least 3/4" thick mine is 3/4 but wish it was thicker as when you get above 150 lbs the board will start to bow. So for now it gets "C" clamped to the table when testing heavier lines. Be...
  344. yessokk

    Line-Knot testing machine

    Have been testing knots and line since 2004 and have come up with a cheap very accurate testing device see pic below. If you want the details I will give you specifics. Also tips to drastically shorten your learning curve. You are taking the first steps to separate objective facts from...
  345. yessokk

    Recommendations on private or limited load fishing charters

    Be aware, be very aware that the term "Limited Load" usually, but not always, is double speak for ...... "We be limited to the maximum number of bodies we can stuff on the boat" . For example it is common for a boat to advertise on the landing schedule that a 65 footer is offering a...
  346. yessokk

    Knot Numbers, disappointing

    Some where within the below a possible solution resides. The three most important factors I have found to facilitate consistancy and strenth in a knot are: 1) When lubricating the knot hold it in your mouth for a 10 count, don't just slob it up and start sinching it down. Knots break from the...
  347. yessokk

    Knot Basics for the Curious Mind.

    This article is a long read but is well worth your time. Found this in 2006 and is still vital information today. The three most important factors I have found to facilitate consistancy and strenth in a knot ar 1) When lubricating the knot hold it in your mouth for a 10 count, don't just slob it...
  348. yessokk

    Knot Numbers, disappointing

    Your results are ,,,, as you say,,, "lower then expected". First, be advised that the Seguar Premier is an IGFA rated line. Meaning that the line has no over test like standard line. It's ABS must not be more then the labeled strength of the line. Second, fluorocarbons knot strength is...
  349. yessokk

    Tony Pena knot vs. FG knot

    The only knot that I know of that is 100% is the PR bobbin knot. Got to have a special bobbin to tie it. Since I really enjoy light tackle fishing I will be mastering this one this winter. Jeff Have seen the PR bobbins selling for up to $85.00. A more sane solution is to purchase a Fly Tying...
  350. yessokk

    Slow Pitch Jigging Seminar - Miami - Saturday Dec. 15th

    Speaking for a lot of eager anglers wanting to educate themselves. This may be unreasonable but. would respectfully request...... could you please video the seminar, and we don't care if it's done with a cell phone and post it up. Walt
  351. yessokk

    PE line ratings converted. (Approximate)

    Great information Mr. Benny , very beneficial. It confirms my own observations. Have done a lot of line strength testing and knot testing. See the latest testing "Contraption" below. The fishing line industry is a mumble jumble of inconsistency . Have mainly focused on 20lb test as that is the...
  352. yessokk

    If anyone is willing please give me some tips on slinging iron

    Casting distance is directly related to the length of the rod and weight of the reel spool. The lighter the spool the longer the cast. This is pure physics not a subjective opinion. Your 30 is a bait soaking/trolling reel not a casting reel. The recommendation above for the Trinidad 16 or 16N is...
  353. yessokk

    PE line ratings converted. (Approximate)

    Thanks for that input. A big help in understanding what we are unfamiliar with. You explanation goes a long way to understanding why there is such variance in PE rated line by different manufacturers. The whole fishing line industry is in dire need of standardization. Walt
  354. yessokk


    Sold thanks for the interest
  355. yessokk

    PE line ratings converted. (Approximate)

    Jigging is very Japanese and mainly orientated towards metrics. Japanese braid is usually given a PE rating which is not even a metric dimension....confusing and ..... not what we are use to. Its quite useless to equate to any reasonable breaking strain specification. So made a chart that is a...
  356. yessokk

    Split Rings On Flat Falls

    There is a soft solder and a hard solder. Wether the solder will adhere to the plating on the split ring I do not know. If it does it would be better then nothing. But.....Agreed that the butt ring is the preferred choice.
  357. yessokk

    Split Rings On Flat Falls

    Great idea. Preventing the split ring from "splitting open" or "unwinding" greatly strengthens it.
  358. yessokk

    Split Rings On Flat Falls

    Braze the split ring.... problem solved.
  359. yessokk

    New F300 - Making Oil

    Never heard of that problem with an E Tec.
  360. yessokk

    Rainshadow jigging rod.

    Nice clean work, great job. Like the Acid Wrap. BTW what bland # did you use? Have built many of the RCKJB 503-300 with good success. Walt
  361. yessokk

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    A very important step it tying the FG knot is outlined in the attached link. It's done by the same guy that did the video in Tony's post at the start of this thread. Tied correctly the FG knot is an excellent choice.
  362. yessokk

    Diesel mechanic near Temecula

    It most likely is either a broken piston ring a suggested by Armabob above or worn out valve guides. But that kind of excessive oil usage would generate a lot of smoke which you have none. My first step would be to get a compression test report. That will give a good indication of the condition...
  363. yessokk

    30/40 # mono help

    As a point of interest that most are not aware of,,,, Segura Premier is an IGFA rated line, it's printed on the spool lable in fine print. Which means that it has no over test as normal fluoro does. Usually 25-30% over test. It is also a couple of thousandths thinner then normal fluoro of...
  364. yessokk

    30/40 # mono help

    IZOR used to be made in Taiwan but they have shifted manufacturing to CHINA . Look closely at any newly purchased spool. Previously used nothing but the XXX copolymer however due to recent failures of the Chinese made line I am also looking for a substitute. IF you still have a bulk spool of...
  365. yessokk

    Report: Yankee Capts Ironman, July 18-22

    Outstanding Report. Question: Does the Yankee have a Refrigerated Salt Water Hold for caught fish? If not what cool down method is used to preserve caught fish?
  366. yessokk

    Hooks for Slow Pitch Jigging

    Am very specific jigging out of So. Cal and San Carlos Mexico. Mainly with 180 gm Knife Jigs and Turkey Sliders. Using a modified speed jigging style. More of a med speed which has produced good success. Below is a bit of a different take on rigging and a split ring modification you may find...
  367. yessokk

    What should I re-power with?

    4 stroke manufactures have done a superb job marketing their product. De bunking 2 strokes at every possible turn. How ever the objective facts prove that modern 2 strokes are superior in all categories, that includes fuel economy, quiet operation, usable torque, pollution and top speed...
  368. yessokk

    Braid to braid splice or no?

    I posted above regarding using a pc. of mono and attach the spectra to each end of the mono. However Mr. Cubeye's post suggesting using hollow to solid splicing connection is probably the very best method for connecting two pcs. of Spectra. Yes is is more work and it will take some time...
  369. yessokk

    How light is too light?

    Agreed..... However be advised that it is important to pay attention to the diameter of the line. It is usually imprinted on the spool lable. Harbor freight sells some cheap micrometers, 0-1 in. that work great for line diameter measurement if it's not printed on the lable. Some 15 lb test is...
  370. yessokk

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Seal skinner just posted a little known successful kelp fishing technique. Two of the largest fish I have ever caught , a 64 lb Dorado and a 252 lb Blue Marlin were caught approximately 120 yds from a kelp patty trolling in a large circle around it. Cabo San Lucas The larger units are almost...
  371. yessokk

    Braid to braid splice or no?

    After testing every known connection for joining 2 pcs of braid have found only one method that will get you above 80% of ABS of the braid. Take a 2 ft. pc of mono equal to the heaviest spectra and attach each spectra to the ends of the mono. Use a FG or PR knot.This conclusion is not my...
  372. yessokk

    Cow on the Thunderbird!

    Thanks, :notworthy ,,,,,pay attention everyone.....that is valuable information.
  373. yessokk

    Squall 50vsw drag

    Modern day reel mfgs. are no dummies. They know exactly how much load their reel designs will safely handle. They are sure to under rate models so there will not be an issue with durability. If its rated for it fish it. The last thing any reel mfg. wants is a failure at rates specifications...
  374. yessokk

    Cow on the Thunderbird!

    Any idea approximately how deep the flat fall was when it got picked up ?? And a big congrats, you are one tuff Cookie :)
  375. yessokk

    Stuff I've learned

    Read every one of the above , thanks to all for the honest thoughtful advice. Never been on any trip longer then a 2 day'er. But would like to offer a suggestion that has not been mentioned above and applies to any type or length of fishing trip. . It has been said that dog can smell 50 X...
  376. yessokk

    Getting Jiggy with Accurate and CHAOS Fishing

    Mr. Benny , Is your seminar available on line ??
  377. yessokk

    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    OK ,,, so did any one bother to ask Mr. Rose what was he doing different???
  378. yessokk

    Slow Pitch Jigging Seminar - South Florida August 30th

    Am also very keen to see an on line video of your presentation. It would be extremely helpful for those of us interested in solid slow pitch jigging information. Accurate sure was quick to change the external configuration of the TERN the original looked like a tennis ball with a handle...
  379. yessokk

    Will this setup work for flatfall?

    Neither can the fish. :-)
  380. yessokk

    Camping Catalina advice

    Mooring: Here is a suggestion you may want to try. Position your boat in water depth as close to shore as the tide will permit. Take your anchor which has had a pulley attached, thread anchor rope through the pulley and attach it to the eye bolt at the front of the bow. The other end needs...
  381. yessokk

    Glow paint for jigs

    Another option: Purchase some rod wrapping epoxy .... ( any brand works fine) and mix with the "Day Glow" powder color of choice. Do not skimp on the amount of powder used to mix with the epoxy. Hang lure from a pc. of line, apply epoxy/powder...
  382. yessokk

    Sharpening Big Game Hooks

    Great video, thanks for posting it. But not all of us can hunt for "Big Birtha".... and must be content with 50 lb Blue Fin . In which case the attached can be highly recommended. A bit pricy but it does an excellent job. If your hook does not stick into your finger nail with "No" pressure it...
  383. yessokk

    Lies by Nat Geo on Sharks vs. Tuna

    Was it on CNN ?
  384. yessokk

    Ceramic bearings??

    Harder yes, tougher no. Hit each with a hammer and observer which one shatters There is almost zero elasticity in ceramics.
  385. yessokk

    Used Boat Manf to stay away from??

    Yamaha has done a superb marketing job trying to debunk 2 cycles. Here is some objective information that shows which is actually superior. Hit the watchh on VIMEO tab. technologies are being further developed.
  386. yessokk

    Rod recommendation for casting small sardines/anchovies

    Here are a few critical elements to maximizing casting distance for very light baits. 1. longer rod 8-9 ft preferable 9 ft. 2. No fast or extra fast action blanks, medium or medium fast . The Faster blanks will whip the bait off the hook. 3. Stay away from the high end reels with the heavier...
  387. yessokk

    Is a Jig Stick for a First Build a Bad Idea?

    You can do it for sure but I am with FAT CAT. Your learning curve will be steep and fast. Getting some experience on something less critical will help tremendously. You can always consult this board with concerns. Lots of very talented builders willing to help on this sight. Walt
  388. yessokk

    Ceramic bearings??

    Ceramics have a very nich application. Mainly the smaller bait casters like Curados. Industrially they are used in small very high speed rotating machines. You never see them in heavy duty industrial rotating devices. The advantage is that the rotating balls in the bearings are lighter which...
  389. yessokk

    FG knot tutorial video

    The purpose of using the Rizzuto is not to make the knot stronger but to keep the end of the FG wraps from unraveling. It is much more secure then a series of half hitches. If the FG knot is cinched down properly there is absolutely no need to mushroom the end of the leader. That mushrooming...
  390. yessokk

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Great thread lots to learn here.
  391. yessokk

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Mr. Benny, Any insight on why what appear to be Micro Guides are used on the slow pitch rods. Is there any logical objective reason for this? Walt
  392. yessokk

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    You are right ,,,My math was off.... of the 16 pics that were viewed on FB 12 were hooked with the top hooks and 2 with the bottom hooks and 2 undetermined . That is 83% hooked with the top hooks. Realize that is a limited sampling so my assumptions are probably incorrect.
  393. yessokk

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Mr. Benny, Noticing that you normally use 4 hooks, 2 on top, 2 on bottom of the jig, but 98% of the fish photographed were hooked with only the top hooks. Considering this do you feel the bottom hooks are necessary? Or is it an action consideration, maybe to balance the jig out on the fall.? Walt
  394. yessokk

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Have viewed that video before but since have viewed it several more times on your recommend . One thing that has opened my eyes is how important the rod is. It is imperative that upper portion have excellent rebound recovery characteristics for the wt. of jig used. If a blank is not responsive...
  395. yessokk

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Benny, Thanks much for your well thought out comments on various aspects of jigging. It is of tremendous help for those of us who desire to improve our angling skills. It is extremely difficult to find information that is devoid of self interest. While many want to focus on equipment it is only...
  396. yessokk

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Yes, good success on the yellow tail and have had limited success on the Blue Fin. Does Temple Reef create units that are suitable for speed jigging? If not , any recommendations. TX, Walt
  397. yessokk

    Slow pitch jigging rods

    Ok Benny, what about speed jigging which seems to be ignored. Have had good success speed jigging. When I slow down only the smaller rockies bite. Its only when I speed up that larger fish get interested. Your comments on speed jigging please. Walt
  398. yessokk

    Fishing club in SGV
  399. yessokk

    Honda VS Evinrude

    Yamaha has done an excellent marketing job promoting their outboards and by all standards are a premium choice. But the hard facts remain that a 2 cycle is more efficient and more reliable then a 4 cycle. Why burden yourself with an extra 130 extra moving parts that can fail when 30 miles off...
  400. yessokk

    Help me with FG knot please

    The attached is a good instruct for the Rizzutto Finish. It is nothing but a uni that is unwound backwards. The Rizzutto starts at 1:40. The asian guy with the british accent is entertaining in itself but the kid is pretty sharp and knows his stuff. Another important part of his video is the...
  401. yessokk

    Fluorocarbon speaketh with forked tongue.

    Ran the test using 120 grit sand paper wrapped around a wood dowel which was chucked up in my rod wrapper with the motor set up for drying which turned the dowel once every 7 seconds. Attached the line to a bracket that was fixed and attached a 10 lb wt the the other end so the results could be...
  402. yessokk

    Fluorocarbon speaketh with forked tongue.

    My own testing has confirmed the results found in the attached link below. Walt
  403. yessokk

    Best fitting rod to cast a popper

    That's a really good question but popper strikes are basically reaction strikes and color is not really critical. Although personally like the green gold/yellos or blue patterns. The bottoms are all basically white and the lure is violently jerked across the surface just rasing cane. But can...
  404. yessokk

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    Great Thread:urno1: Wow guys !!! I am salivating just reading the above . Makes me want to get off my duff and catch some fresh YFT. Special thanks for all the suggestions above. Could go crazy trying each of them. Walt
  405. yessokk

    SOLD Penn Squall 12 w/ Braid, Clamp, Box - 10/10

    Have both the 12 and the 15. This is a great deal. The reel has a mag cast control that all but eliminates professional overruns, making it one of the best for casting bait and smaller lures like jigs and mega baits. Perfect for Yellow Tails. Bolt it on an 8 ft Med Action, 15-25lb stick for...
  406. yessokk

    Another new 2320 aka ”TUNA SNIPER”

    Nice color, blends in with the ocean making it much harder for the lazy crazies to home in on you when you have found the fish. Congrats she's a beauty. Walt
  407. yessokk

    Help me with FG knot please

    What brand spectra? Did you buy it off E-Bay? There is a lot of junk knock off spectra being sold on line, especially Power Pro. Can almost guarantee that you have bad spectra. To verify,,,buy some locally and retie the FG. Can highly recommend Sufix 832. Or bum about 5 yards off a sympathtic...
  408. yessokk

    Line recommendations? Lexa 400. Thx!!

    You have a versatile first class set up . Depending on your knot tying skills. 30# spectra to 12/20# fluoro. Good for all Yellow Tail and Tuna under 40'#. Know this sounds too light but if your goal is "Sport Fishing" you will be forced to acquire an "A" game to be successful. If it's meat for...
  409. yessokk


    Thanks Don, The best video yet on the FG Rizzutto finish. Going to Bookmark that one. Walt
  410. yessokk

    Sea Adventure 80 2.5 Day Smoked my Baja Special

    Mr. Dan, Great war story. One for the grand kids for sure. Question.... did you fish the flat fall vertically or did you cast it out and let it fall? And best guess as to how deep the FF was when lightning struck? Thanks Walt
  411. yessokk


    View the 3rd post on pg. 1 by nefarious235 Dan Watch until the end he shows how to do it. Walt
  412. yessokk


    BE sure to study the attached link below,,,, very very important. Would highly recommend cinching tools to pull this knot tight. It's difficult to apply adequate pulling pressure with your bare hands. Also the 6 wrap Rizzutto finish does not need glue but it does not hurt.
  413. yessokk

    Double Uni Knot For Braid To Mono Connection

    Have done a lot of knot testing, since 2004 and if I could say one thing regarding a spectra to mono/fluoro join knot is to treat the uni to uni like the plague that it is. It is one of the worst join knots available. A lot of guys use it with success only because they are using line weights...
  414. yessokk

    Trolling Idea

  415. yessokk

    Trolling Idea

    Here is a suggestions from the mentally ill. Has any one considered just getting in the water with a mask and SEE the reality of what is actually going on in one of those boils. Those Blue Fin are not just having a Ho Down they have gone bezerk on a specific prey item which is difficult to...
  416. yessokk

    how long of a fluoro leader?

    Just tied this PR knot, 50 Spectra to 40 mono. This will go through your guides without a hitch. Long leaders ,,,,, no problem. Prefer a long leader around 20 + ft. . This has three distinct advantages. Can get several hook reties without having to attach a new leader. It acts like a shock...
  417. yessokk

    FG tested to failure

    Well thought out strategy. I like it. That technique can also be applied to the smaller grade 80-150 class units. Just scale it down. Also will start adding a 30 yd. mono top shot to supply some cushioning effect. And thanks for the long reply, length means detail, the information required. Walt
  418. yessokk

    FG tested to failure

    ``` Have been thinking about doing he same thing.... Getting a little aggravated with loosing fish at the gaff. Questions? Please describe "light" in pounds of drag related to line strength in lbs. And how much time (aprox.) on average does it add to the fish coming to the gaff? Thanks Walt
  419. yessokk

    PE line "Untangled"

    PE ratings are for line diameter not breaking strength. This makes converting to our standards confusing. To assist in unraveling the PE backlash did some research for a more definitive method for obtaining a relatively accurate estimate of PE rated breaking strains. Below are two charts one to...
  420. yessokk

    Flat Fall sink rate

    Hope that your question has been understood and the answer below helps. Flat Fall or any free falling jig fishing requires attentive angler participation. No kicking back like relaxed dropper loop fishing. For controlling the line on the drop very light thumb control or no thumb control if...
  421. yessokk

    Flat Fall sink rate

    Most of the pick ups on the Flat Fall occur on the drop. Applying tension on the way down kills the action the jig was meant for. If you need to get to the bottom fast then sure apply tension but if fishing in 2000 feet of open water for the elusive BF would respectfully recommend a free fall...
  422. yessokk

    Drag Debating

    Have done several tests checking the drag with the line through the guides and just off the reel. And Yes it does make a difference but just a little. The friction from the guides on the line under load will add a pound or two. As a thought to keep in mind, reel drag increases as line is...
  423. yessokk

    Coronado Islands on the San Diego 6/19

    If I may respectfully suggest: Ck the hooks. IF they do not stick into your thumb nail without any pressure they probably need sharpening. Walt
  424. yessokk

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    Yes they are too expensive( cheaper ones available ) , ,, that was part of the intended humor.... . But..... there is some truth to the outragious $$$$ equipment suggestion. Hope the attached is beneficial ...
  425. yessokk

    HOW DO YOU TELL FLEX COAT is adequate?

    Great advice above 2-3 thin coats and make sure the guide foot is sealed. And don't worry about your pictures of builds not being up to snuff for this group. We all started some where. These guys respect that and will be your best resource for improvements available. Have never read anything...
  426. yessokk

    Rough Weekend Offshore

    Challenging conditions handled well. Very smart adding wt. trying to get deeper. When they get lock jaw it is beneficial to stick the offering right in front of their noses. It's the only way you will get bit. Those BF can swim but they can't hide.....Next Time. Walt
  427. yessokk

    Backup House Generator

    My only recommendation is to get one that runs on Natural Gas.That way you never have to worry about running out of fuel. A possibility.....This unit is rated at 11kw but drops to 10kw on Natural Gas. Walt...
  428. yessokk

    Tinkering with knots

    This is a long read but it will be time well spent. I found the below while surfing the net. It is excellent and will help everyone to tie any knot stronger. It's written by a fellow named: BRANDON KREUTEL Thankx Brandon for taking the time to share what you learned. :notworthy: Walt KNOT...
  429. yessokk

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    Beautiful boat sir. Now for your first upgrade.
  430. yessokk

    Reel seats or deckhand style?

    Longer arms seems to be the main reason why guys like their reels further up the blank. That is one of the positive advantages for having a custom rod wrapped for you. The reel seat can be placed where you like it. Started making my own rods about 15 years ago for that very reason. Also back...
  431. yessokk

    Catching BFT on glow sliders, thing of the past?

    Outstanding Mr. Goose, very inventive. Thanks for sharing that valuable technique. Have done something similar that has been very successful. When on the anchor not on a drift. Attach a 3/4-1 oz. about 3 ft (no further) in front of the sardine. Glow if you have one. Long soak , out 80-100 yds...
  432. yessokk

    Anybody Use A Spiral Wrap Rail Rod?

    Great advice above. This one is an easy decision, go Acid Wrap you will not be sorry. The wrap is especially beneficial as the targets get larger. Rod torque is eliminated making the fight much more relaxing. And as a suggestion be sure the fore grip is extra long, some where in the 14 inch...
  433. yessokk

    No. of anglers on boat - How important?

    The fewer the better and here is why,,,,,, without exception the bulk of the anglers sooner or later all end up at the stern when on the anchor. The boat will usually point into the wind which which normally takes all the baits to the stern along will all of the attached anglers. Don't care...
  434. yessokk

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    Good explanation, there are so many ways to rig up jigs I was thinking along different lines then you were. The picture was worth a thousand words. As long as the leader and the jig are not attached to the same ring all is well. Thanks for the corrective feed back and visual. Walt
  435. yessokk

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    Quote ... " I don't think that a figure 8 ring is really necessary. " On the surface it may not seem necessary, but.......have witnessed lost fish due to the line being tied and the jig attached to the same split ring. That jig will jump up and hammer the knot at the top of the split ring and...
  436. yessokk

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    Have never had a problem using these. or These guys are jiggers on steroids. All of the product purchased from them have been top notch. or.... if you really want to get into it ....... Google..... figure 8...
  437. yessokk

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    And one more suggestion....... Try and avoid using the solid round ring to tie your leader to and attach the split ring to . What happens is the split ring with the jig attached will jump up and hit the knot of the attached leader and eventually weaken it substantially. Not so important with the...
  438. yessokk

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    Large.... and yes they are cheaper on E-Bay. Large
  439. yessokk

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    Just buy the figure 8 rings and forget about soldering.
  440. yessokk

    For Those Who Still Use Split Rings On Flatfalls For Big Bluefin...

    Perfect analysis..... the split ring is to only hold the jig to the solid ring. Would suggest modifying your rigging to reflect Mr. Fishbuzz's description. That's it !!! All the pressure is applied to the solid ring the split ring just attaches the jig.
  441. yessokk

    FG reigns over loop to loop?

    The link below is a MUST for those using the FG knot. It will cure the potential slipping problem. Be advised to use cinching tools to tighten the FG knot down. Very important as you cannot pull hard enough with bare hands. Hope this helps Walt
  442. yessokk

    First offshore trip on my new boat 5/12/18

    If I may ,,, here are a couple of suggestions. You may already be doing the following but just in case. Run your trolling lures at least 100 yds. behind the boat. BF are notoriously very boat shy. The same with flylined baits. Dump them then drift or motor 100yds. away from them. If running...
  443. yessokk


    One more thing ,,,, would suggest checking out guide pricing. Jon at California Tackle House is very competitive and a great guy to deal with. Very customer service orientated.
  444. yessokk


    Lot's of great recommendations above. Either the Stainless Steel or any of the ceramic type guides will work fine. Do not be concerned about spectra line wearing grooves in your guides. That is an old school fear that originated years ago when anglers were all using Dacron based lines. Dacron...
  445. yessokk

    New Type of Mono to Try

    Where is the monofilament made???
  446. yessokk

    Valiant Magged

    Good point thanks for bringing that up. Walt
  447. yessokk

    Valiant Magged

    Here is how you do it. If you have any questions PM me. Walt
  448. yessokk

    Acid wrap rods

    Have not experienced any negatives. Due to the laws of physics there may be a very slight loss of casting distance, like maybe 1% but I do not notice any. It is a non issue. It's main benefit is to eliminate the rod torque when fighting a fish. Which creates much less stress on the angler as...
  449. yessokk

    Favorite knife for fish

    Eddie is a very creative guy,,,,, just another example of the old quote "It's not the gun,,,, it's the gunner"
  450. yessokk

    New Lo-An 1.5 4/28/18

    One of the main "Tricks" to using the 20# is to maximize the chances of getting a hook set in the corner of the jaw or in the lip so the hook eye is outside the mouth......... .Would suggest fishing all hook types ( circle or J hooks) the same as you would fish a circle hook. That is to...
  451. yessokk

    WTB Izor XXX Mono.

    Am looking for any spools of Izor XXX that is made in Tiawan NOT China. That information is on the spool Lable. Am mainly looking for 15 #, 20#, 30# & 40#. If you have some or know of where it can be located please contact me. Have cash will travel. Thanks, Walt
  452. yessokk

    New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    Take a tape measure with you next time and tape out your tuna. With the tuna on the deck , at the fattest section of the fish, measure from the dorsal fin to the center of the belly then double that measurement. That will give you the circumference of the tuna. Square that number then...
  453. yessokk

    Your desired improvement to your favorite boats?

    A repeater screen so we could all see it is a great idea I love it........ BUT.... the captain would hate it. Just imagine all the critical blow back it would generate. You would have 25 Captains voicing their personal opinions on how each screen should be interpreted and what the appropiate...
  454. yessokk

    best way to get bubbles out of epoxy

    No , never, never, never. I Always use color fast thread (NCP). Applying CP (color preserver) seals he threads preventing full penetration of the epoxy though the thread down to the blank. That soaking of the epoxy down through the thread wraps to the bare blank is what creates the strong bond...
  455. yessokk

    best way to get bubbles out of epoxy

    Contrary to popular belief the major air bubbles originate from the air trapped in the thread wrap not the mixed up epoxy. Those are the air bubbles that show up 20 minutes after application and drive us crazy. This source of air bubbles can be greatly reduced or completely eliminated by heating...
  456. yessokk

    Snacks on overnight trips

    Like the home made cookies,,,, always a great snack.
  457. yessokk

    Snacks on overnight trips

    Some sort of a large Gator aid type drink to suck on all day to keep hydrated. Fresh fruit , apples & oranges & grapes are always good. Protein type drinks, i prefer chocolate . Good quality beef or pork jerky is always tasty. Some of the better boats have decent food but most boats have two...
  458. yessokk

    Parker 2510 Advice Needed

    AMEN !!! TO THE POST ABOVE. stick with the deep V otherwise be prepared to shrink your height by a quarter inch every time you return from a trip on ruff seas. Those mod V's will pound you into submission .
  459. yessokk


    New in box never been fished. $140 8 inch Lunker Punker Costa Mesa, Ca Walt 909 720 xx ^% 3951
  460. yessokk

    Yamaha or verado?

    Here is a consideration worthy of your attention. Walt
  461. yessokk

    La Salina 2/17 angler needed

    ROTFLMHO !!!!
  462. yessokk

    Braid to Mono/Fluoro: Winners and Losers

    FG is very strong and very slim I use it . In addition to the above video be sure to view the below.... VERY IMPORTANT. Walt
  463. yessokk

    Reel Help for Black Hole Slow Pitch Spiral Wrapped B-581H3R rod

    Excellent advice. The reel feet on some Avets are too thick to fit most reel seats on smaller rods.
  464. yessokk

    Line test: how high is too high?

    OK..... some sound reasoning above. But here is something else to consider. Years ago when spectra first came out it caused a lot of hart ache because the join knot between the spectra and leader kept breaking resulting in whaling and nashing of teeth. As a result anglers kept upping their...
  465. yessokk

    Blue Fin every where !!

    I like the shoulder hooking idea. Adding the wt. 2-3 ft in front of the bait helps to get it down. Regarding the drag setting I don't know if that is a benefit. All 4 caught on the slow retrieve had about 6 lbs of drag all 4 got hooked on the strike. I will need more experience with the...
  466. yessokk

    Blue Fin every where !!

    Yes,,,, 1 turn every 4-5 seconds this is important don't get impatient and start reeling faster. I slow reel in until about 3/4 of the way in then speed crank in to change out the bait. All of my hits came during the first half of the retrieve .....away from the boat.
  467. yessokk

    Blue Fin every where !!

    Yes,,,, do not get board and start cranking faster. You defeat the purpose of the technique. Fishing it faster just pulls the bait through the water like a torpedo. You need that slow retrieve to give the bait some slack so it can struggle in an attempt to escape. That struggling gives off a...
  468. yessokk

    Blue Fin every where !!

    Yes ,,,, we had some frozen squid but I did not see any catches using it. But that does not mean it did not happen. News of catching on squid usually spreads fast on the boat , never heard anyone mention catching on squid . The sardines we had were small around 4 inches. But they were unusually...
  469. yessokk

    Blue Fin every where !!

    Jumped on the Mustange out of H&M last Fri 12-15 1 1/2 day'er. Great trip. Limits of Blue Fin for 11 anglers. Sweet ride on a 70 foot boat. Great weather, sunny, no wind and 1 ft swells. Limits by noon. On the anchor at the 50 mile bank. Details: 15 or 20 lb fluoro a must,,, go heavier and its...
  470. yessokk

    Knot contest knot

    The Benjamin Knot is what won the Knot Contest at the Fred Hall show this spring.The first 2 places went to the Benjamin Knot the 3rd place went to a modified Trilene Knot. The Knot Off used 100 lb. Izor mono. 1st place broke at 136 lbs , 2nd place broke at 134 lbs. and 3r place broke at 133...
  471. yessokk

    Popping knot

    Einstein said success is a result of 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration . Would highly advise you not to abandon the FG knot as it is the second strongest knot available to attach spectra to mono or fluoro. The strongest being the PR knot. But the FG knot runs a very close second to the PR...
  472. yessokk

    113H Need More Drag

    Remove the steel washers in the drag stack and buff them shinny on a buffing wheel. To really get involved flat grind the steel washers so they are dead flat. ( they are never flat from the factory) then polish on the buffing wheel. Re-assemble with gease. You will get more drag and they...
  473. yessokk

    Flat Fall Rig

    Seriously take the reccomeded above to use metered line. Those flat falls, regardless of the weight do not sink nearly as fast as you think they to. Have had a captain tell me that he watches the flat fall drops on his sonar and they hardly ever even get close to where he is telling the...
  474. yessokk

    BLUE FIN: Formula for calculating weight.

    This is for a Yellow Fin Tuna but the IGFA confirms that it is also valid for Blue Fin. :) Or any tuna for that matter. May How To Accurately Estimate A Tuna’s Weight Posted by admin Published in General On January 19, 1996 an apparent world record 376-pound tuna was officially weighed at...
  475. yessokk

    Seeker 270 guide replacement.

    Assuming you are talking about a salt water rod rated for at least 25+ lbs the short form, Fiberglass rods are the battle tanks of the angling world. Strong, bullet proof and almost indestructible. But that strength comes with a heavy weight penalty. Consequently the total guide...
  476. yessokk

    How far can you actually throw a Jig???

    It's my fantasy rig, sorry no pics, only in my dreams. LOL !!
  477. yessokk

    Spooling Expertise needed.

    The key to spooling spectra yourself is to make sure that you spool up with at least 3 lbs. of pressure . IF you have no way of accomplishing this it would be wise to have it professionally spooled. If it is spooled on too loosely it will dig into itself under load and cause whaling and nashing...
  478. yessokk

    How far can you actually throw a Jig???

    While 90-100 is doable on land it's a completely different story on a cattle boat. Would consider a 70 yarder excellent under combat circumstances. Take your rig to the local park, remove the hooks from your jig a take some accurate, objective measurements. And take Bill's advice to hart. Be...
  479. yessokk

    ? For those that have repaired or know how the guides on "flats blue" rods are wrapped

    Most likely a sacrifical thread was used, then it was removed to leave the gap. But would highly recommend not doing that. Guide wrapping like that is inherently not very strong, you need max wraps to get max strength to hold the guides in place. Have found the absolute strongest guide wrapping...
  480. yessokk

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    What would really be nice and very innovative would be to have the gears interchangeable for the same reel. Say the reel comes standard with 6.2:1 gear ratio. Oakum would include another set of gears with the reel that you could swap out to say 4:1, now how sweet would that be.
  481. yessokk

    Komodo as a go to 30# reel

    Yes... stay away from that shrink tubing it gets very slippery when it gets wet. And everything gets wet on a sport fishing boat.
  482. yessokk

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day Sat. 6/17

    Did not like the fact that the Yummy Flyer did not produce. The cure for the problem is usually to get that bait at least 100 yds. away from the boat. That is why the Yummy is successful, it's a couple of hundred yards out there. But if they won't even hit that it becomes problematic , thing do...
  483. yessokk

    Spectra to flouro knot idea

    Have done many test on the RP or Albright (both the same) and both knots will slip under heavy load. The cure is to increase the number of wraps up an down to at least 10 down and 10 back down. You will need cinching tools to tighten this down but the knot will be stronger and the additional...
  484. yessokk

    Sebile Knot versus John Collins vs ???? Fluoro / Mono to braid ?

    There is a lot of buzz right now on the FG knot, it is an excellent choice but is second to the PR knot. After testing both extensively have found that they will both test out about the same breaking strength (95-100% of actual breaking strength) but the PR knot is much more consistent. The PR...
  485. yessokk

    Sebile Knot versus John Collins vs ???? Fluoro / Mono to braid ?

    That's because you are most likely using a bunch of half hitches to lock it down instead use a Rizutto finish that will cure your problem. Also very small application of super glue on the Rizutto finish is extra security but not absolutely needed. See the link below to obtain good instruction...
  486. yessokk

    Super Abrasion-Resistant Fluoro

    Fluoro is considerably more abrasion resistant then mono as it is about twice as dense as mono. Also do not hesitate to run a longer leader, at least 10 ft. . That way you can retie several times before having to attach a new section of leader. Below is a link that will supply you with...
  487. yessokk

    Best mono to flouro leeder knots

    Thanks for the correction Mr. Huck , you are right, my bad. I have corrected my original post.
  488. yessokk

    Best mono to flouro leeder knots

    Have tested all the knots mentioned above and have found by actual knot testing on a digital scale that the worst is the Uni to Uni knot it is at best a 60%-70% knot. The best is the PR knot. Hand down it is the best. It is as close to a 100% knot as you can get. And I mean the actual breaking...
  489. yessokk

    7' popping rod

    The main requirement for a popping rod is long casting. And for that you need an eight to nine foot rod fast action. You can for sure use the 7 footer but distance will suffer accordingly. And you need the fast or extra fast action to facilitate good jerking action to the popper. IF you use a...
  490. yessokk

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    Eddie is right on, If you want a good chance to hook up with something that will send you to school Colnet is by far the best place. Going to Ventura or to any other shallow water destination will be a rock cod fishery. That's OK but wouldn't you rather have a chance at a 25lb warrior of the sea...
  491. yessokk

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    I am interested please PM me when the details get firmed up. Walt Galen
  492. yessokk

    Neon orange

    Nice clean work....... He will be happy. !!
  493. yessokk

    Wanted: Realtor with scruples.

    No longer looking for a realtor Thanks, Walt
  494. yessokk

    Avet JX 4.1.1

    Buy 2 new replacement pinion bearings , you will be needing them soon. I have the same reel and that reel is legendary for destroying pinion bearings. If you can keep the drag setting below 15 lbs you will be ok but start loading it up and its bye bye pinion. But as above a great 30-40 bait...
  495. yessokk

    Cerakote.... Polymer Ceramic Coated Reel.

    Excellent question. The cured film thickness is , on average, .001 thick. Upon assemble the end plates mating to the main frame did fit slightly tighter but it was not an assemble issue. There was a very small amount sprayed into the threaded holes but again not an issue. The screws did fit...
  496. yessokk

    Cerakote.... Polymer Ceramic Coated Reel.

    Cerakoated my Saltist 30H graphite black it was silver. It's a polymer ceramic coating used on military weapons. Completely dismantle the reel, strip the end plates and abrasive blast the old coating off which creates a suitable substrate for the ceramic coating to adhere to. Air spray on the...
  497. yessokk

    FG KNOT?

    Slippage with the FG knot can be eliminated. Just view the video below.
  498. yessokk

    Lost two...more confident than ever - 8/4 Dana Point

    It is also a safety issue to go solo. There is real danger if you fall overboard and cannot get back to the boat. At the very least always ware a life vest that is a must. But there are enough very enthusiastic salties on this board willing to accompany you. Take advantage of them. Both of you...
  499. yessokk

    Fathom 25N Two Speed Big Enough for These BF?

    AS above a tight drag but lets define that..... Would start at 20 pounds and be very patient. It will take about 15 min. before you will be able to get a good crank on them. When you start to get 2 cranks thing will start going your way. Patience is the key. Best of luck ,,,, we all can use...
  500. yessokk

    Cedros 10 star drag

    Dondo is very close if not right on. Got 380 yds. of 40lb Toro Tamer hollow on my 10S. Great reel by the way. Walt
  501. yessokk

    3.5 day report on Sea Adventure 80

    Curious,,,, how deep did you drop before starting the retrieve?? Outstanding catch and with a spinner yet. Amazing !!
  502. yessokk

    Introducing Sticky Business 4

    Nice John, very nice. Congrats. Have fuel,,,,will travel ! Walt
  503. yessokk

    leader line help

    The standard spool (25 meter) are 4 " in diameter the larger spool usually holds more line and are metric in diameter (12.5mm) or (4 7/8" ). Have some Sunline FC100 System Leader 50lb test , 100 meters fluoro that comes in the larger diameter spool. Purchased it at Charkbait...
  504. yessokk

    Static Testing set-up

    The site below is very informative. Excellent information on guide spacing , Static Load Tutorial and much more. Hope this helps. Walt
  505. yessokk

    Quick question on spiral wrapped rods

    Build my own rods and have 5 that are spiral wrapped, usually speed jigging sticks and my heavy bait stick. Or any rod that targets fish over 40 lbs.. Never had any issues wrapping the spiral left or right on any of the rods though a rt. handed reel is always used. Regarding the line piling...
  506. yessokk

    2 questions.

    Yes it's long...... way too long. Do yourself a favor and stick with the shorter rod that is specifically designed for vertical jigging. You will be much happier. The 8 footer will be fine for casting poppers, irons any type of plug. Walt
  507. yessokk

    BFT on the Downrigger?

    Do a Google search on Blue Fin Down Rigger fishing. Lots of very good information. The technique is used a lot on the East Coast. Two very important tips in Tony's post .... 1. 50-100 feet down and Waaaaaaay back. Private boaters can use that information. But as a general rule on a charter you...
  508. yessokk

    BLUE FIN: Formula for calculating weight.

    SSU Wrote: ."Call me crazy but isn't that the formula for yellowfin? It sounded like the guys on the Hi Count who called in a 270 were grossly overestimating, possibly from using this formula. It's a good idea, but I don't there data to support it for BFT?" The formula was derived...
  509. yessokk

    BLUE FIN: Formula for calculating weight.

    Several methods but one that is used often is: Largest circumference squared times the Fork Length (Nose to bottom of V in the tail) divided by 800 e.g. C = 35" Fork Length = 57" 35 X 35 = 1225 X 57 = 69825 / 800 = 87.3 lbs. Walt
  510. yessokk

    I got taxed hard today!

    If I had my choice between a whole tuna and a hum drum off shore report or a great war story that will live thorough the ages. A story that one day with your grand child on your knee you can bedazzle them with the tale of Jaws Junior a monster blood thirsty shark that ate half your trophy BF...
  511. yessokk

    Blue Fin Trolling Rant

    There are a lot of successful tuna lures , we all have our favorites but the below has caught its share of tuna. As above the Maurader style lures work well The smaller purple Halco with at least a pound of lead 6ft up from the Halco. A Halco is one of the few lures that will dive sub surface...
  512. yessokk

    Blue Fin Trolling Rant

    Most if not all of the standard charters are having very dismal luck on the troll for the Blue Fin. Yes some are caught on the troll but very, very few. A possible reason for this is their unwillingness to get those trolling lures back away from the boat. By back ,,, a minimum of 100 yds. Blue...
  513. yessokk


    Thankx for the Great Post Norm. A video like that is enough to boil a mans blood....!
  514. yessokk

    Tuna Poppers?

    Great advice above. As you can see we all have a popper that has worked well In the past. There Is not one particular Mfg./style/color that stands out. When tuna are on a popper bite they will bust anything that moves. The only feature that Effects much is the size and configuration of the cup...
  515. yessokk

    Losing irons during cast

    First thing as advised above check the ceramic inserts in the guides for cracks. They will eaisly cut you line. You have to look very carefully with very good lighting as they are very difficult to spot. Second learn to tie the FG knot or the PR knot. Especially if you are using the Uni to Uni...
  516. yessokk

    CONDOR 4 day Trainwreck @ Colnet, big yellows

    THANKS Walt. You must be waiting for the bluefin to go wide open before coming? LOL LOL With the volume of red crabs and other stuff floating around may be a hit or miss summer on those. Ron, been out 3 times already on the Shogun, 1 1/2 day'ers. April and May. Caught 3 BF in the 50 lb range...
  517. yessokk

    CONDOR 4 day Trainwreck @ Colnet, big yellows

    Entertaining write up Ron. Glad you guys got into them. And good to see Norm able to bend a stick. Walt
  518. yessokk

    Welding Base of Reel to the Frame

    Steve is right. You cannot weld Aluminum and Stainless steel together they are two dissimilar metals. Your best bet is to just duplicate what you did to the stripped out hole. Just make sure you use NF or National Fine not NC National Corse. The NF is a finer thread and has more threads per...
  519. yessokk

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

  520. yessokk

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

    Bill , Is that 8 oz or 3 oz ? Thankx
  521. yessokk

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

    Now why didn't I see that. Thanks Stuart
  522. yessokk

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

    Baller (Bill ) method above and below is superior would recommend using it. That's a great way to do it. Probably the best way. I have avoided that method because the torpedo has to be attached before you attach the hook. But for a dedicated heavy bait rig I plan on starting out your way and if...
  523. yessokk

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

    With a #64 Rubber Band. Buy them at Stables. Get a bag full for $4. You may have to take a pc. of mono and thread it through the eye on the torpedo, loop it through the rubber band and pull the rubber band through the eye with the mono. Pull the rubber band down very tight on the leader so it...
  524. yessokk

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

    The 300lb test line is not the problem. It's the short distance between the hook point and the hook shank. Those BF are very powerful and they can just rip those small hooks out of their mouths. You need a wider gaped hook to catch a bigger hunk of meat so it won't pull out so easily. Walt
  525. yessokk

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

    Ya..... got lucky. On the Shogun out of Fisherman's Landing. Early in the season they were running 1 1/2 day trips for $300. Passport was required for the May trip fishing 4/7 and also for the other 1 1/2 day'er I took on the Shogun fishing 5/3. When I saw the Shogun running those 1 1/2...
  526. yessokk

    Igor 50 lb vs 65lb diameter and strength questions

    Checked the line diameters of Seaguar Blue Label and their line diameter chart shows 50 lb. to be .029 and 60 lb. to be .032 in diameter. Don't know what two lines you are using for comparison but I think you picked up a piece of 200 lb. by...
  527. yessokk

    Which Jig for the Big BFT?

    Great advice above especially the suggestion that those whimpy hooks on the Flat Falls be change out. Would recommend a single J hook at least a 7/0 attached to a heavy split ring to the F/F. Jigs and Irons are great but also would suggest you be ready for plan "B". Decking BF on a surface bite...
  528. yessokk

    Do colors really Matter?

    Take a look at the chart below it shows what colors can be seen down to a particular depth. You can see why blue and white is so popular as it's colors can be seen the deepest. And please do not fall for the line that pink fluoro disappears at depth. Pink or any other color just turns to grey or...
  529. yessokk


    Agree with mike, not to get excited just yet. Every year the fleet decks a few Albacore. But we can all day dream, it's what fishermen do. :)
  530. yessokk

    Wet Slippery X-Wrap Cure.

    Mine did not have the flocking. Very smooth when new. Just wet down your fore grip and see if the flocking prevents slippage.
  531. yessokk

    Wet Slippery X-Wrap Cure.

    Caught one of those 50lb class BF a couple of weeks ago with a rod I have with the X-Wrap on the fore grip. The grip was wet and so slippery it was very difficult to keep a grip on it. Wraped some cork tape on it. To keep the ends of the cork tape secure and prevent them from coming undone I...
  532. yessokk

    Braid line test

    There is a ton of fake Power Pro being sold. Reguardless of the how you test if the line breaks outside the attachment knots at 23lbs it is junk . Yes,,, how it is pulled makes a difference but if the spectra breaks away from the knots how it is pulled does not enter into the equation. Buy...
  533. yessokk

    Vertical Jigging: Bad Vibrations

    Realizing that the subject of Braid Line Noise is almost never discussed as a possible deterrent to catching fish would recommend that you Google...." Braid Line Noise" . While this is not definitive proof that it has any effect it is reasonable that the very sensitive lateral line of a fish...
  534. yessokk

    Vertical Jigging: Bad Vibrations

    Thanks for the comment Ron, that thought never entered my mind. The camera could certainly be the cause. of the noise. Have discovered a definite relationship between the leader length and jigging success. Guess I jumped blindly looking for a root cause. Have also read other blogs relating hook...
  535. yessokk

    Vertical Jigging: Bad Vibrations

    Before viewing the video below please be alert not to what you see but what you hear. The important information is contained in the noise that is generated each time the jig is jerked upwards. That low frequency wooshing shound is generated by the...
  536. yessokk

    Shimano jig bag turners tackle bag and jigs

    What is the longest jig the jig bag can store?
  537. yessokk

    Knot for casting larger poppers

    A few guys are using the FG knot. Please be advised that it is extremely important to cinch that knot down very hard "BEFORE" cutting the tag end off. And always use a cinching tool, not your bare hands. You cannot pull hard enough without the tools. When it is cinched down it will slip down the...
  538. yessokk

    What are your favorite slow pitch jigs

    Been having good success with the speed jigging so have not gotten into slow pitch "YET" but a lot of our fishing friends in the far east seem to like it a lot. Here is a pretty good link describing this popular jigging variation. Lots of great information here.
  539. yessokk

    The Good,Bad, and Ugly of Ride sharing?

    Now ther's a 10 percent'er!!
  540. yessokk

    Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    Yes,,, what you say is true. There is always the possibility of that 75 pounder sucking down your sardine. And when that happens your chance of decking that brute with 20 are greatly diminished. But that does not mean you cannot land it. Get lucky with a corner of the jaw hook set and have a...
  541. yessokk

    Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    The rockies were very friendly but could not get much love from the BF. Was jigging in 300+ feet of water after I got skunked on the 7th drop I got tired of all that cranking and went back to the BF Sardine soak.
  542. yessokk

    Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    Was on that trip with you, Rich's report was spot on. Hooked 2 but only 1 caught 1 in the early AM 180-200 ft. down. 2oz lead on 30 fluoro. Sardine on a 5/0 circle hook. 25lb range. Fizzled out in the PM due to lack of patience. Could not endure the 20 min. soak to get hooked up....LOL! Would...
  543. yessokk

    Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    Job #1 is to get bit, if you don't want to get bit keep using the 40 lb. fluoro when the bite gets real picky you will be sure to accomplish your goal. The oft quote saying that ..."friends don't let friends use 15 lb for blue fin" only reinforces the negative outcome of an empty sack...
  544. yessokk

    Superslick8 w/ FG knot...Reliable?

    Do not have any experience with Super Slick but have 5 years of experience of testing spectra to fluoro knots. Including the FG knot. From the testing done it is reasonable to assume that the Super Slick nature of the spectra reduces the friction of the line that is required to grip into the...
  545. yessokk

    Superslick8 w/ FG knot...Reliable?

    Very , Very important to view the video that MIKE posted above. If you don't cinch that knot down before cutting off the tag you are asking for trouble. Also make sure that you use some sort of cinching tool to tighten that knot down. You cannot pull strong enough with just your bare hands. I...
  546. yessokk

    Where to Retire Up North

    My bad sorry you are right. Post above corrected.
  547. yessokk

    Where to Retire Up North

    Live in Washington very close to the border of Oregon. Washington has no state income tax and Oregon has no sales tax. LIve in Washington and buy everything in Oregon. Save a bundle.
  548. yessokk

    How long is Specta good for?

    No matter what you see or feel in the first 5ft or so of your spectra there is damage wether you can detect it or not. After each trip I cut off about 6ft of the spectra and re-tie on a new leader. Doing this keeps your leader to spectra knot in tip top condition and eliminates and section of...
  549. yessokk

    San Carlos

    The Golden Goose was more productive. That Pink Silver hooked that Cabrilla on the first drop after I attached it to the assist hook. Boy was I surprised !!! At first I thought is was a giant YT.
  550. yessokk

    San Carlos

    Fished San Carlos Sat and Sun. We turned a Pigs ear into a Silk Purse. We go fishing and, have fun, enjoy your fishing buddies and occasionally do some catching. There are those days when we get little more then a sniff and are happy to settle for a few rockies and a great day a sea with...
  551. yessokk

    Jigging and popping leader question

    Normally use the Bob Sands knot with the modification of increasing the down wraps to at least 15 and as many or more back down. But lately have been using the FG knot. Tied correctly there is very little difference in knot strength between the two knots. The FG has the edge of being very slim...
  552. yessokk


    So why was the Cedros line of star drags cancelled in the first place. I love my 10S.
  553. yessokk

    Cheating bleed through on a RCLB80M

    Really nice clean work. Beautiful sitck. Built the exact blank 2 years ago and beware that is one beast of a stick. As a friendly suggestion make sure you have a 2 speed reel on that 80M. I caught a 37lb WSB on mine with a 6.4:1 reel. The 8 ft. length along with the High Gear ratio almost killed...
  554. yessokk

    She "SCREAMS"

  555. yessokk

    illegal to shoot or capture pigeons........WTF

    Or a rat harvesting stamp !! Or maybe a Termite harvesting stamp !!
  556. yessokk

    Rod Bond

    I used to just eye ball it as it is not picky regarding correct ratios, close is good enough. But my wife bought one of those cheap electronic kitchen scales that weighs down to one tenth of an oz. So I use that now. Results are the same I just feel more scientific ..... LOL !
  557. yessokk

    Best Reel for Black Hole CCS 150g

    Jigging reels: There are many choices and price points, some good reccomendations above, but there are a couple of important considerations. Real Gearing: Or to better put it line retrieve per crank. It is advantageous for your reel to pull in at least 36 inches per crank and preferably over...
  558. yessokk

    6 Pack Overnight help Dreamer

    You can only go down hill from the Dreamer. It's one of the best. Just pull the trigger and if you are short participants just PM me for an alternate.
  559. yessokk

    Counterfeit Power Pro

    Well worth your time. Walt
  560. yessokk

    Slow Pitch Jigging Blank

    What ever set up you end up with at the Cortez banks take a single pc. of a small strip of squid and attach it to your assist hook. You will not be able to keep the rockies off of it. Good luck. Walt
  561. yessokk

    Colonet Charters

    Anyone know of any charters out of San Diego that will be fishing Colonet within the next 5 days. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Walt
  562. yessokk

    Is 38" Per Crank Sufficiant Enough For the YoYo?

    The 38" per crank is just fine. But be sure to keep your reel full of line. Circumference = Dia. X Pi (3.146) if your spool diameter is reduced by 1/2 inch you will loose about 10 inches of line retrieval per crank. That is variable depending on each reels spool diameter and the reels gear...
  563. yessokk

    Slow Pitch Jigging Blank

    Looking at the Black Hole blanks for slow pitch jigging noticed that the lightest one offered is for 200 gm. max jigs. Nothing lighter is available for slow pitch jigging that I could find. Depending on how deep you will be jigging will determine the wt. rating of the blank needed. A...
  564. yessokk

    Slow Pitch Jigging Blank That's one source. Just Google ... slow pitch jigging blanks. They will be tough to find them in the U.S.. The Asians have about a 5 year head start on the Americans. Here is another good site for jigging...
  565. yessokk


    Now that's creative thinking. Thanks for the great suggestion Mr. Luke. Who would have ever thought considering which side to hook the chovy on was of importance. That's the kind of information that helps turn us all into a 10%'er.
  566. yessokk


    Jeff, agreed there are many different and effective methods to fish the chovie However at my retarted stage of fishing them I can only digest one method at a time. The guy I was watching had my attention because he was hooked up almost constantly when we were on a bite. So on that day I learned...
  567. yessokk


    This is a continuation of my first post on fishing anchovies. Have almost never fished anchovies until this year when if you don't fish them you don't get bit. Well I went on another 2 1/2 day'er on the...
  568. yessokk

    A Blonde's Phone Call to Mom:

    The blond is driving down the highway in her convertible in Kansas along side a huge wheat field. She looks out in the wheat field and sees a red head rowing a boat. The blond slams on her breaks stands up on the seat of her car and yells out at the top of her voice to the red head.... "You...
  569. yessokk

    Condor 9/22 rockin' good time off Baja Limits Dorado,48 Yellowfin

    As always a great positive report. Thanks for the tips. I go out tomorrow on a 2 day. I'm bringing my bass gear for those adolescence footballs. The Blue Fin are gone but their genetic cousins still want to play.
  570. yessokk


    Increase the number of wraps down with small gaps between the wraps and to at least 18 and back up to at least 18+ with no gaps that should solve your problem. You will most likely need cinching tools to cinch the knot down. Wet it as usual and pull "SLOWLEY" the slow pull is important. Pulled...
  571. yessokk

    RP knot question

    Yes, doubling the spectra is supposed to be an additional improvement.
  572. yessokk

    RP knot question

    Was using the Bob Sands Knot with 15 wraps up and down. But the FG knot (link above) is somewhat stronger and has the slimmest profile possible. Have gotten results of 90-100% breaking point testing the knot. The RP knot is a great knot but it is just another name for the Modified Reverse...
  573. yessokk

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Thanks John for stepping up and providing valuable information that we would otherwise not be privy to. Your mechanical analysis is well thought out, well written and greatly appreciated. We need more of this type of input. "You Da Man" Walt
  574. yessokk

    Anchovies ,,,,, yes ,,,, Anchovies !

    Wow !!! What a bunch of great anchovie stories. A lot to learn in the posts above. I am amazed at how small of a hook is used the fish them. From #2 all the way down to a # 6 to a #10 for really tough conditions. There is a lot of respect to be given to the guys who can fish a chovie...
  575. yessokk

    Anchovies ,,,,, yes ,,,, Anchovies !

    Anchovies are not exactly on my favorite go to bait list. Probably because I avoid them at all cost until I am forced to use them. While I am still not a big fan my skill level using them is improving. It was dismal to start with so any improvement is a quantum leap forward for me. Last week was...
  576. yessokk

    50 yard top shot with fluro leader

    Contrary to the above I use at least a 20 ft. to 30 ft. fluoro top shot. Disregarding the cost which is the only negative factor here are the benefits. Fluoro sinks 3X faster then mono. This really helps to get your bait down into the water column where most of the fish are most of the time. It...
  577. yessokk

    Upgrade to Dual Drag or TwinDrag?

    The biggest disadvantage to dual drag systems is the extra weight added to an already heavy spool. The lighter the spool the longer the cast. This is pure physics. There are extra components attached to the spool of dual drag reels which adds weight. This has a direct negative effect on your...
  578. yessokk

    WTB 30# Reel

    Got a Daiwa X30 SHA, used this reel 3 times. It is mechanically a 10 cosmetically a 9.5. Slight boat rash on the gold ring on the opposite drive end. 6:1 gear ratio, 15 lbs. drag, 17 oz. This reel new is $125.00 plus tax. Selling price of this reel is $75 (Firm) and that includes 450 yds. of...
  579. yessokk

    Anybody try the Toro Tamer Popper?

    As in Mr. John's post above don't worry about color. All the fish see is the bottom any way. Most poppers have white bottoms, if you can find one with a dark bottom I would get one for low light conditions. Their poppers are made out of plastic which are tougher then the ones made out of wood...
  580. yessokk

    What grit sand paper for sanding flex coat?

    I use 220 grit nothing courser . Cut it into 1/4 strips and use a "Shoe Shine" motion to sand down the high spots. But you have to be careful not to sand down into the threads especially if you only have one coat of epoxy on the wrap. Would recommend you don't motorize the blank rotation as it...
  581. yessokk

    Its official I selling my boat. 2007 Parker 2510 XLD

    Down load the pics from your camera to your ..."My Pictures" file on your computer. Go to your original post and hit the ..."Edit"...button. Go to the bottom of your post and hit the ..."Upload a File"... button, then hit the ...."Browse".... button then go to the ..."My Picutres" file, select...
  582. yessokk

    Counterfeit Power Pro

    Our ambitious friends from across the sea are extremely industrious in their efforts to vacuume our wallets. Fake PP is difficult to spot. The only test that may expose the fake is to try and light the end of the line on fire. If it immediately burst into flame then its fake if you have to burn...
  583. yessokk

    Do Do Farming Cure.

    Lot's of Dorado out there this year and have noticed a lot of guys on the cattle boats farming a disproportionate amount of them. About a third of the Do Do bites I see result in the angler missing the hook up. About 8 years ago I too had contracted that disease. Here is how I got the cure. I...
  584. yessokk

    Phenix PSW 909XHJ for Jayson

    Nice clean work Mr. Jim. That beauty will kill plenty of fish.
  585. yessokk

    Reality is sometimes tough to face....

    The next time you think about how good a triple cheeseburger and a chocolate shake is going to taste review this video before you do it. Walt
  586. yessokk

    Fluorocarbon ..... Just the Facts.

    ] That is an interesting question. The latest information I have studied indicates that the stretch factor of mono and fluoro are actually very close at around 30-35% , that can vary as per mfg. . The difference is that fluoro takes a pulling pressure almost equal to its breaking strength to...
  587. yessokk

    Fluorocarbon ..... Just the Facts.

    If you like objective data instead of subjective opinion here are 3 important facts to consider regarding the use of Fluorocarbon. 1. Giving water the specific gravity of 1 Mono is 1.15 and sinks very slowly. Fluorocarbon has a specific gravity of 1.78 and sinks about 3X as fast as mono. A...
  588. yessokk

    E-Bay Spectra/Dyeema - good or junk?

    IF you touch a flame to the spectra in question and it is not PE material it will burst into flames almost instantly. If it is genuine PE you will have to put the flame to it for several seconds before it ignites. The Chinese mfg. lines are notorious for selling fake Spectra. They especially...
  589. yessokk

    Like Ultra Ultra limited load?

    $9000 divided by 15 day = $600 per day
  590. yessokk

    Trolling for tuna advice

    Contrary to popular belief tuna do not spend most of their time on or near the surface. Most of the time they will be living in the 10 to 18 fathom depths. The closer you can get your lures to that area the better your chances of a strike. On at least one of your trollers run a deep diver of a...
  591. yessokk

    Killer Ceviche Recipe

    4 cloves of crushed garlic (IMHO) in 3 lbs. of fish is not excessive. Especially when it is being altered by all that citric acid. In fact,,, like the ketchup, you will never perceive it as garlic. Second, like MIke (FishinMcNuggets) stated the 48 hour time in the frig ensures that the pickling...
  592. yessokk

    BD is acting up

    Yes I get that too and I am not a happy camper. It's enough to make one look around.
  593. yessokk

    Killer Ceviche Recipe

    The ketchup will give the mix a slight pink tint but don't worry, you will never taste it as ketchup. And if you use a reduced amount of fish be sure to reduce the ketchup as well. Trust me,,,, just do it.
  594. yessokk

    Killer Ceviche Recipe

    Got this recipe from a bartender under a palapa on the Sea of Cortez Hands down the best I have ever eaten. Hope you all enjoy it too. SUPER CEVICHE RECIPE About 3 lbs. of fish filets. White meat type fish only like Reds, Calicos Halibut, White Sea Bass, Cod, any white meat type of fish. Use...
  595. yessokk

    So Cal tuna Help

    Go Here: Go to: H&M Landing, Seaforth Landing, Point Loma Landing and Fisherman's Landing. Go to each landings website and hit .... " Complete Schedule ". That will list all the available trips. Take...
  596. yessokk

    Condor 7/23 Yellowfin, YT, Dorado out SW rockin funtime

    The Phoenix rises from the ashes. Another fine example of the saying...."Us Old guys rule." Also great to see Norm catching, I know he is fighting back issues which I hope are under control. Scott does not put up with rats. It won't be long before the Bird decks something to stare at. Good to...
  597. yessokk

    How to fix X-Rap, Rapala plugs, fix hooks, run true

    Great post Mr. Mark. The kind of useful information that helps everyone be more successful. Am anxious to try your technique when trolling on the charters. They always troll right around 9 knots, it can be next to impossible to get the lipped lures to run straight at that speed. Have found the...
  598. yessokk

    star drag vs lever drag casting

    Subjective option does not trump pure physics. The lower the mass of the spool and all of its attached rotating components the longer the cast. Lever drag reels by design of the drag systems have the drag disc attached to the spool which increases mass and side load pressure on the spool...
  599. yessokk

    Blue Fin Hunting Tips.

    Surfing around N found this list of tips for catching Blue Fin Tuna. Written by an East Coaster but a lot of the principals are universal and should apply well to our Pacific Fishery. It's primarily for private boaters but a tip or two for us combat fishermen. Well worth your time if you are...
  600. yessokk

    What's the problem, the rod the reel or me?

    Both the Lexa and the Squall have very small and "Light" spools. The lighter the spool the longer and smoother the cast. So casting performance should go in this order. The Lexa 1st, the Squall 2nd and the Cortez 3rd. Which is what apparently is happening. The laws of physics prevent you from...
  601. yessokk

    why do I suck so bad at trolling?

    You are pulling or rather ripping the hooks right out of their mouths. When they hit that lure at the trolling speeds you are using they are hooked as soon as you realize the strike. Keeping up the trolling speed does nothing but pull the hooks harder into their flesh and make the hole bigger...
  602. yessokk

    solid spectra to solid spectra

    Have tested a lot of joining knots for spectra to spectra and there are only 3 that are worth their salt. The hollow to solid as recommended above. In your case take a pc. of hollow and connect each end to the solid line on your reel and the new line your are attaching. The second best join is...
  603. yessokk

    Sometimes we Catch and sometimes we just Fish.

    Yes that is correct. Yes we fished from sun up to about 3pm the next day then back to port. Fishing was better on Monday. But not much better.
  604. yessokk

    Sometimes we Catch and sometimes we just Fish.

    I think some were getting bit mid water, just guessing at maybe 35 ft. I saw a couple of guys get bit including me within a min. of dumping the sardine. There are always free swimmers and they sometimes just bolt up from 60 ft. to get a bait. But the main point was you had to get your bait down...
  605. yessokk

    Sometimes we Catch and sometimes we just Fish.

    OOOps.. thanks for noticing that Mr. Dave. I corrected my post.... 10-15 fathoms. Walt
  606. yessokk

    Sometimes we Catch and sometimes we just Fish.

    Lackluster Tuna Hunt Left Sunday morning July 12th , to depart @ 9 am on an inverse 1 ½ day’er abord the Eclipse out of Seaforth in San Diego. Arrived at the landing and every single parking space was taken in their lot. Had to go to the extended part north of the main lot. Have never seen that...
  607. yessokk


    In reality the sport boats are not trolling they are hunting for the next sonar stop, birds or kelp patty. The trolling is secondary. That is why they troll so fast. They want to get to that next hot spot ASAP. If trolling was primary they would slow down so the deep divers could run...
  608. yessokk

    Hollow to mono connections

    As stated above you can thread the mono into hollow spectra without a needle but a needle makes it much easier to do. Getting the correct size needle helps . Would suggest that you take a pc. of hollow spectra and a pc. of the mono your are going to use to Charkbait in Hunting Beach. They have...
  609. yessokk

    Repower with 90 hp Evinrude E-tec

    Just call the dealer and ask him.............
  610. yessokk

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    Spectra has about 3 to 4 percent stretch. So with 500 yds you should get about 45 to 50 ft. of stretch but you may not want to pull that hard to get the max stretch as your spectra must break at some point. Drag increase by the inverse proportion to the reduction in spool diameter. e.g. reduce...
  611. yessokk

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    There is another advantage to this. Fluoro is 3X denser then mono and sinks 3X faster. This increased sink rate helps pull your sardine down into the water column where most of the fish are most of the time. ( Spectra Floats ) And not only do you have to replace the leader less often the long...
  612. yessokk

    you buy the gas and bait tuesday AM

    Good for you eDDie, but he also said some one who does not talk too much..... ROTFLMHO
  613. yessokk

    Spangler knot

    Having learned the difference between the Spangler Knot and the Springer Knot as shown in a video I posted above there are some differences that have been exposed by the testing of each knot. The method of tying the knots are slightly different in construction. Now please be advised that I have...
  614. yessokk

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    This fishing business is crazy. Everyone has their own way of doing things that are all successful to some degree. So once a guy gets settled into a routine getting him/her out of their rut becomes almost impossible. Case in point: fishing the back side of Catalina, 15 anglers. Very slow pick...
  615. yessokk

    Spangler knot

    Thanks guys for pointing out the differences. After closly examining the FDF file on the Spangler Knot the difference becomes apparent. Have changed the heading on my previous post to reflect a correct description. Walt
  616. yessokk

    Spangler knot

    I am honored Mr. Spangler please educate me. Maybe I am missing something. Please show me how it is different. I am not interested in putting out bogus information. Here is a PDF file showing how to tie the Spangler Knot...
  617. yessokk

    Should deckhands be fishing?

    This is a little tricky. We would prefer for the deck hand to be as attentive as possible and be there for assistance when ever required. But.... always a but..........I personally kind of like it when the deck hand wants to fish. It tells me that he has a passion for what he is doing and can't...
  618. yessokk

    Spangler knot

    Very similar to the Spangler knot. Not the same but very close. A nice instructional video for your consideration.
  619. yessokk

    What knot for braid to dacron backing on downrigger?

    The strongest way that I have found by actually testing is to take about a 3 ft. section of mono heavier then the spectra and Dacron and just attach the spectra to one end and the Dacron to the other end of the mono. Use and improved Albright, Bob Sands knot or the FG knot to attaché the Spectra...
  620. yessokk

    If you were going to buy 6 accurate reels for trollers...

    High Maintenance not only mechanically but financially. You send 6 Accurates in for yearly maintance and you have an excellent chance of dropping another $100 each. Every reel I have taken into Accurate for mechanical work of any sort has set me back at least a bill each. Took 4 top shelf...
  621. yessokk

    Just Picked Up a Lexa 400

    Using the 300 on the kelp: For several years I used an ABU 6500 CT C3 Mag for local 1-2 day trips. A modified 6500 used for surf casting on the East Coast $250 not your ordinary 6500. That reel is about equivalent to the 300. Max drag was 10lbs but usually running 6-8 lbs it was pushing it but...
  622. yessokk

    Just Picked Up a Lexa 400

    Wow,,,, just read you post Mr. John on reel service for the 400, all I can say is "Outstanding". Not only very well done it is a service to all of us regarding reel maintenance. It really emphasizes the importance of pre fishing reel care. Thanks for sharing your knowledge we are all smarter...
  623. yessokk

    Just Picked Up a Lexa 400

    Mark, Perfect !! The 400 can give you 25 lbs., plenty of overhead to tackle the big ones. And you set your drags with a scale. Something I rarely see on a local 1 to 3 day charters. Most guys just give their line a pull and think that's good enough when in reality it is set much lower then what...
  624. yessokk

    Just Picked Up a Lexa 400

    The 400 is more then adequate for 30-40lb YT's or Tuna. Look at it this way, if using a 30 or 40 size reel with 40 lb test your drags will be set around 8-10 lbs but I am betting more like 8 lbs. The 400 can generate 25 lbs. of drag more then double what you will ever need in any situation. The...
  625. yessokk

    Connecting a mono loop knot to fluoro leader

    The Seguar Loop knot is very strong. But there is no place to see how it's tied. I concocted this on my own. Here is how to do it. Make a loop in your line , a long one , about a foot. Now just tie the Seguar knot in that doubled line just like you would with two lines parallel to each other...
  626. yessokk

    Calling all bad backs, what rod profile is easiest to use ?

    Mike has nailed it.... And other great advice above. This is purely a matter of physics. The shorter the rod and the more parabolic the easier it is on any ones back. Go with the more forgiving glass units. The fighting belt and the back brace are also a big help. Also the lower gear ratio...
  627. yessokk

    Useful Info...PE to Lbs. Chart

    Here is a quote from a Japanese fishing store. This will add to the confusion for sure...! "PE is a Japanese unit of measurement to ascertain certain silk thread thickness. This measurement have since been adopted to measure super lines. Same diameter line may have different ratings; i.e. YGK...
  628. yessokk

    Useful Info...PE to Lbs. Chart

    As more and more metrics creep into our sport it helps to have some sort of reference to un-fry our brains. Well .... my brain anyway. :) Using a factor of 10 seems to be a good guess-ta-ment. The chart below converts Line ratings in PE to Lbs.
  629. yessokk

    New Saltiga Pictures and more pictures.... And a little tech info.
  630. yessokk

    15# Calstar Blank

    800XL ooooooooooooops ...........changed my mind. The 196-8 ..... because of its extra give in the blank will make up for the lack of stretch in spectra helping the hook to stay where it belongs.
  631. yessokk

    New daiwa saltiga 10

    For inquiring minds:
  632. yessokk

    New boat and first blood

    What I really like is you have proved that you don't need to spend $75K for a nice comfortable fishing platform. Have a lot of respect for guys that use their brains and perseverance to get blood on the decks. Its always back to the old cliché....." It's not the gun it's the gunner"...
  633. yessokk

    Uni knot any good?

    The San Deigo Jam, Polomar and the Uni knots all test very well. If you are comfortable with the Uni just stick with it. You will be using one of the best available.
  634. yessokk

    Proper Pistol Shooting Technique

    So you think you know all about shooting a pistol.... well cowboy, time to get educated.
  635. yessokk

    Strong knot for heavy leader please?

    . For the heavy string this knot works great.
  636. yessokk

    Started poorly and ended great...not from the 150

    And I dropped 4 bills to fish the Channel Islands Monday on the Ranger 85, 2 day'er. I need my head examined!!! Congrats guys, very happy for you. That is an inshore trip of a life time outstanding achievement.
  637. yessokk

    Combat style fishing on the 150 - 6/11

    Very nice job Mr. Jeff, Your brain was in gear. Something you don't have to worry about with the blood crazed mob at the stern. Everyone is pulled to the stern because that is the way their baits are being pulled. And being that the crowd is at the stern that must be the right place to be...
  638. yessokk

    6/12 Yellowtail Tunas and Dancing BFT

    Mr. Austin, Here is a suggestion. With a private boat you have a lot of options not available to the cattle boat fishery. When the BF get super picky they are obviously not picky because they are on the surface busting anything that moves..... "Except".... they won't bust what you are...
  639. yessokk

    FG Knot

    Mr. T, I too had the same problem ,, very inconsistent knot construction. Then I found this video and got instant improvement. I now tie the FG knot with 100% consistency and never had the wraps slip off the end again. Would...
  640. yessokk

    Tony Pena Knot Realization

    If you use a single overhand knot for the Tony Pena knot sooner or later it will slip and the connection will fail. A 2 or 3 turn uni is MUCH better. Have never had that uni stop knot fail.
  641. yessokk

    Black Pearl 2 day 6-5-2015 Morrow Bay

    Great report. Congrats to all on that thrip, whish I could have made it. And got to say the rock fishing up there blows So Cal right out of the water. It's so overfished down here if you catch any rock fish over 2 lbs. you are considered a rock fish guru.... LOL !! Walt
  642. yessokk

    FG Knot

    Dan, Did you tie the FG knot like the video above shows or did you use a tricky hand weaving technique different then shown in the video? Have found there to be significant differences in its strength depending on how it is tied. The method shown in the original video posted by T.O.T.W above is...
  643. yessokk

    2nd Rod, RCLB80M

    I'm gonna go hide in the corner. Your second rod and you blow me out the door. Very nice work , clean and neat. Natural talent there. Great job. Now the real satisfaction comes when you put a bend to it catching a nice 35lb Blue Fin.
  644. yessokk

    ALL SOLD!!!

    What is the gear ratio?
  645. yessokk

    ALL SOLD!!!

    Is the other reel a 400 ? Is it for sale? And what is the gear ratio of the 300?
  646. yessokk

    Pacific Voyager 3 day

    Nice report. The Pacific Voyager is a great ride in all respects. Captn. Mark is a bonified "HUNTER". Great operation, can't go wrong riding the PV. The only problem is he has very few open charters. He is pretty much booked with private charters. It's difficult boat to get on. Any slug BF? Walt
  647. yessokk

    DIY Reel Spooling

    Stright from the professional....... In an earlier article by JB he recommended 3-5 lbs of tension when spooling spectra on your reel. Be fore warned that winding on 400 yds of spectra with 4-5 lbs of pressure will turn you into jello. It is work...
  648. yessokk

    Best live bait reel?

    Seanvdp5, I have the Squall 15 and the 12. 30 spectra and 20 fluoro on the 15 and 30 spectra and 15 fluoro on the 12. You can spool 400 yds of 30 spectra on the 15 with a 20ft. 20lb fluoro leader. The 15 is the set up most used, that is until the bite dies and the fish get real picky then I use...
  649. yessokk

    FS Lowrance LS 527 CDF GPS SONAR

    SOLD Thanks for looking
  650. yessokk

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    The Talica IMHO much smoother drags and gearing, basically more refined. And as an added bonus Shimano won't vacuum your wallet when you send it in for service.
  651. yessokk

    I stink at guide prep work

    Sometimes the guide feet are ground too smoothly and when the wraps starts to climb the guide foot the thread will slip back down to the blank and not climb up the guide. After I grind mine is take a piece of dry wall sand paper, lay it down on the edge of my wrapping table and run the ends of...
  652. yessokk

    FS Lowrance LS 527 CDF GPS SONAR

    I have a New used twice on fresh water Lowrance LMS 527 CDF GPS SONAR UNIT NEW it cost me $610 SOLD Good Fishing Walt
  653. yessokk

    Felx Coat Finish

    Great advice above. This also helps. Towards the end when the epoxy starts to thicken you can warm it up with a hair dryer and it will thin quite a bit. Also hit the wraps with the hair dryer for about30 sec. that will warm the wrap up and the epoxy will stay thinner longer..