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  1. jaw1970

    Bow/Keel glass repair advise needed

    I bought my Skippy in 2012 with this nasty bow keel rash. Finally want to fix it because it’s bugging me and it tears up the trailer bow rollers. I’m looking for some advice on how best to make the repair on inverted surface. My thought is to grind out a bit and bevel, mix epoxy resin with fast...
  2. jaw1970

    So glad to be back on my Skippy

    4th of July. Back after a 3 year break since I lost my first wife to cancer. I have since had both drives rebuilt, I pulled and resealed both engines and installed new oil pans. Got remarried
  3. jaw1970

    Screw hole fiberglass repairs, what’s your method?

    What method do you use for fiberglass screw hole repairs to hold a panel, bracket, or other fixture? I’ve resined up pieces of plywood and placed them as a backer, tried pieces of toothpicks. I’m just wondering it there is some better way?
  4. jaw1970

    Late report-LB 10/4 lobster

    Hopped LB on Friday, 10/4. First trip of the season for us. First trip in 2 years due to life stuff. Started dropping early, about 5, finally quit about 11:30. Caught 2 very legal, threw away about 6 shorts. Fun times, great weather, good to be back.
  5. jaw1970

    For Sale 14’ Caribe dinghy

    Needs work. Tube seam leak. $500 takes it away. No motor, shifter, trailer, battery In Long Beach, 562-335-2203
  6. jaw1970

    1984 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Koa Honu"

    With great reluctance, I'm selling our boat. Wife is dying at 50 from cancer. My life is changing faster than I could have ever believed. 1984 Skipjack with Pilothouse and 3 axle trailer + many extras $19,500. New in 2012-2013: Fuel lines Fuel pumps Circulation pumps Exhaust riser Bilge blower...
  7. jaw1970

    3 rescued by LBLG this morning clinging on the break wall Scary
  8. jaw1970

    Boat Hook Recomendations

    Im looking for a new boat hook. What do you guys have? I'm not a fan of the plastic tipped West Marine ones.
  9. jaw1970

    1970 47' custom Seaway

    Does anyone know anything about this boat?
  10. jaw1970

    Catalina 7/31

    Was really good to be back on the water again. Launched from Daives around 6, got sardines, 1/2 scoop. Nacho was out of squid. Fished Bird Rock to Emerald Cove. Was wide open calico. Caught my personal best. Saw other boats catch a yellow here and there. I got too close to the Enterprise one...
  11. jaw1970

    Fred Hall Show, hoop hauler-need ID

    i saw this on a boat near the entrance. Possibly a Parker. Can anyone ID it? Maybe it was custom made?
  12. jaw1970

    What happened to LB lobster? 2-19-16 report

    Went hooping again last night after a long pause. Last time I hooped was early December. Christmas, work, boat repairs, cutting into our season. But with gas at $1.95 at Costco, it's time to get out there. Started dropping at about 6:45. Didn't see a single lobster until about 3rd set, hoop 33...
  13. jaw1970

    No lobster is worth your life
  14. jaw1970

    Remember a month or two ago...

    when we were wondering when the first wahoo would be caught in US waters?
  15. jaw1970

    WTB 3/8" poly braided line for lobster rigging

    My crew and I want to re-rig all our lobster line this year. Anybody know a good place to buy bulk 3/8" poly braided line? I don't want to go to West Marine. Would prefer somewhere close to Long Beach. Would prefer yellow. Thanks for any advice John
  16. jaw1970

    FREE in the LBC

    Free boat stuff: large fender, small boat steering helm, rod holders, BBQ John text please 562-335-2203 Long Beach
  17. jaw1970

    Dinghy towing

    What's the correct way to tow a dinghy? I just ordered a dinghy bridle. How long of a line do I need?
  18. jaw1970

    WTB-dinghy anchor and rode

    looking for small boat or dinghy anchor Thanks, John
  19. jaw1970

    Wrap for outboard cowling

    Does anyone know of a company that can wrap an outboard cowling? Prefer LB area, but will travel if needed. Thanks
  20. jaw1970

    Avalon for the 4th

    Anyone else going? We're leaving Thursday, fishing the east end. Can't wait. Hit me up on the radio. KOA HONU
  21. jaw1970

    WTB 7' Seeker Athena rod for the wife

    looking for. 7' Seeker Athena 15-30lb rod for the wife John, Long Beach
  22. jaw1970

    6-12 150, skunked

    Launched at Davies just before 6, headed for bait with high hopes of getting some yellow. Waited in line for half hour, bought a 1/2 scoop. Line for bait had to be 30 boats deep, when we were done. Got out to 150, almost all bait dead, or close to it. By 8:00 we counted 93 boats, by 9:00, too...
  23. jaw1970

    6/6/15-target yellowtail

    Short version, got skunked. Long version, launched at Davies Friday night with the wife. Got up early to hit the bait barge at 5:00. Had a couple boats in front of us, and a line behind us. Knew then, it was gonna be crowded out there. Saw MobileHomey in line. Bait wasn't that great, a little...
  24. jaw1970

    Best way to run wires thru deck?

    i need to run wires through the top of the deck and through the roof of the pilot house for my new lights. What's the best way to run them through? Obviously they must be watertight. I was thinking of the Shakespeare antenna cable outlet, but open to other suggestions.
  25. jaw1970

    The last weekend of lobster season

    who got out and caught some? I couln't, so tell, me how great it was
  26. jaw1970

    Gooch Juice-Fred Hall Show

    We just got back from Fred Hall, saw a new product called Gooch Juice. Anyone ever heard of it or used it? It's being sold as a lobster attractant.
  27. jaw1970

    Bait Tank in Long Beach, $50

    looks to be a 30 gallon, trash can style John Text please 562-335-2203
  28. jaw1970

    Avon dinghy, 8hp Johnson FOR SALE

    Avon dinghy, holds air for a few days, we pump it up when we go to Catalina every other day. Roll up floor. 8hp Johnson 2 stroke, pull start. Clean title, current registration. Fuel tank 1 year old. $500.00 OBO NEEDS TO GO John Text is best, 562-335-2203 Long Beach
  29. jaw1970

    WTB 40-60hp 20" shaft, electric start, outboard

    I'm looking for an outboard, prefer 4 stroke but will consider 2 stroke. Also need control, harness, gauges, etc. Cash in hand John 562-335-2203 TEXT
  30. jaw1970

    Hobie Outback $1000 with extras Long Beach

    Hobie Outback with turbo fins, sailing rudder, sand wheels, original and aftermarket seat. No holes drilled for transducers. Very nice kayak, light use, great fishing platform. Not looking for trades or low ball offers $1,000.00 John Text is best...562-335-2203
  31. jaw1970

    New Father/Son Skiff Project

    My son and I just picked up this little boat. Can't wait to get started. Plan is to get grinding this coming weekend. Want to use as a tender, and lobster hooping boat using our Spkippy as a mothership. We're thinking of making her a v-bottom. Suggestions welcome.
  32. jaw1970

    1-10-2015 rain hoopin Long Beach

    Launched at Davies about 3:00, tried the wall, pier J, Island Freeman, Middle Harbor. Pretty slow and wet night. 3 keepers, 5 shorts. Sea lions were all over, but couldn't get in our cages. Talked to a couple of other boats, both had only 3 also. Quit at midnight.
  33. jaw1970

    Exhaust Elbows Osco, Long Beach

    FREE send a text if you want them John 562-335-2203
  34. jaw1970

    Boat Crash
  35. jaw1970

    WTB GREEN Turners Hoop Nets

    I'm looking for the green Turners Hoop Nets complete with float, Turners sold these last season, they don't seem to be selling them this year. PM me or send me a text. Thanks John 562-335-2203
  36. jaw1970

    10-24 boat record lobster for the Koa Honu

    biggest one yet, weighed it at Ralph's, 8'pounds exactly. Thanks to my crew, John and Andy
  37. jaw1970

    Need Help Please-San Diego

    My 20 year anniversary is coming up and I promised to take the wife to San Diego. We love it down there. Here's my problem, I haven't booked at hotel. I'm looking for suggestions/help. We'll be going to Ruth's Chris for dinner Sat. night, and would like to be somewhat close, but not absolutely...
  38. jaw1970

    Epic weekend, Lobster opener, Marlin 10 miles from LB

    We left Friday, multi day lobster permits and all gear loaded, from Davies launch ramp at about 7am. Picked up live bait and headed for Catalina hoping to find some paddies to fish, but our main goal was lobsters. Found a some smaller paddies for nada, then a really nice sized one, still nada...
  39. jaw1970

    12 x 2 Drum Brakes, Bearings, Bearing Buddies, Master, etc

    For Sale, 4) 12 x 2 drums, backing plates, bearing buddies, master cylinder, etc. Backing plates, shoes, wheel cylinders, and hardware are only about a year old. Also the bearing buddies, which are stainless steel, are only about a year old. John 562-335-2203 Long Beach PRICE SLASHED!!! $50
  40. jaw1970

    Free Bimini-Long Beach

    FREE approx. 83" wide, 60" tall 562-335-2203
  41. jaw1970

    NEED HELP PLEASE, looking for a boat captain for a friend

    My friend, 18 year old, is looking for an escort boat for the upcoming Catalina Classic paddle board race. Please help him out if possible, he will cover the expenses. John Williams
  42. jaw1970

    Boat on the rocks, Catalina 8-5-14

    Anybody know this boat? Glad he's OK.
  43. jaw1970

    WTB swivel rob holder BBQ mount MAGMA

    Looking for a deal on one of these... new or used Thanks John 562-335-2203
  44. jaw1970

    Another Catalina boat crash, one critically injured

    Just saw report on. ABC7...
  45. jaw1970

    looking for a Bimini Top fabricator/modifier

    We would like to install a Bimini top over our deck area for Catalina trips or whenever we're not fishing. A very generous BD member gave me an old one that will need some modifications to work. Looking for recommendations preferably in or near Long Beach area. Anyone have experience doing...
  46. jaw1970

    Thetford 550p Porta Potti-never had an ass on it

    Brand new, never been used. We boat to use in our old boat, but ended up buying and boat with a head, been sitting in my dining room ever since. Wife says it's gotta go. $75.00 PRICE SLASHED! Long Beach 562-335-2203
  47. jaw1970

    Boat fire, Avalon

  48. jaw1970


    Hobie Alter
  49. jaw1970

    DLT full size slate cherry finish pool table

    In need to sell this great pool table, includes cues, cue stand, Aramith balls, tons of chalk. 1" thick 3 piece slate top. Felt, bumpers, table in excellent condition. 44" x 88" field, outside dimensions are 54" x 98". I really need to steel this, as I owe Uncle Sam some cash, so first $500...
  50. jaw1970

    Quake 3-28-14

    Big quake here in Long Beach, epicenter was in La Habra
  51. jaw1970

    Horseshoe or Izors for lobster?

    End of the season is upon us. I'm looking to try someplace new for hooping tonight. Possibly Izors Reef or Horseshoe Kelp areas and looking for a little input from people who have fished them. I did read a report from Donnie Nelsen, who did well at Horseshoe a couple of weeks ago. Thanks all,
  52. jaw1970

    Hot Lobster Spot

  53. jaw1970

    Can't Catch Em From The Couch 3-1-2014

    Hooped Lake Long Beach again last night. Launched at 4 from Davies under grey skies, a little rain and thunder in the distance. Water was the choppiest I've ever seen it in Alamitos Bay. Got out to the channel and decided to go for it. Big swells at the channel entrance. Headed straight for bait...
  54. jaw1970

    Rain Coming=Bugs Crawling?

    I've heard that rain storms get the bugs out crawling. Anybody have any experience with this? The night after a storm? During the storm? Lots of rain in our forecast.
  55. jaw1970

    LB Hoopin 2-20-2014 & 2-21-2014

    Hooped again Thursday night and Friday night. Caught 7 on Thursday due to poor bait I believe and short soak times. Last night we did better. 13 legal lobster, 5 crabs. A couple of 7 lb'ers. Again a late crawl. Foggy, wet night. Lots of boats out there.
  56. jaw1970

    2-15-14 & 2-16-14 Lobsters

    Hooped Long Beach again on Saturday night and Sunday night. Two other buddies and my self. Launched at 4pm both nights out of Davies. Started pulling as soon as it was dark. First hoop of the first set on Saturday, had a nice 4-5 pounder. I'm thinking, this is gonna be a sweet night. Then, no...
  57. jaw1970

    Promar Eclipse Hoop Net-Long Beach

    For Sale, one Promar Eclipse Hoop Net, used approx. 6 times, includes bridal kit $30 Bloody Decks special John Text me 562-335-2203 I can send pic if needed
  58. jaw1970

    Lobster Limits X 6

    I just saw a report on Facebook, Gail Force got limits for 6 fisherman, that's a lot of lobsters! Way to go!
  59. jaw1970

    LB hoopin 12-22-13

    Got out early, on the water at 3:30. Lots of boats at the launch ramp. Passed a few getting to our spot. Hooped till 9, used salmon heads for bait. Lots of hoopers out last night. Only caught 3. No 18 pounders.
  60. jaw1970

    Catalina Lobsters 11-23-13

    Weather said small craft advisory. Almost didn't go. One of my crew drove down to beach, said it looks like a lake. Left Davies around 10 ish. He was right. Like a lake. Fished for a while, caught some junk fish and 2 sheepshead. Started scouting-out our spot around 3 and prepping hoops. Set our...
  61. jaw1970

    Any lobster reports this weekend?

    No hoopin going on?
  62. jaw1970

    Lobsters-Catalina 11-1-2013

    Left Davies about 5pm after getting off work. Crossing was slightly choppy, thanks to the mild Santa Ana. Arrived a little after sunset, getting dark quick now. Would have like to arrived a little earlier and set up in daylight, but in the end it didn't matter. Found a nice stretch of coast and...
  63. jaw1970

    Mackerel Milkshake II

    I'm prepping to hoop again this weekend. Trying some new forms, toliet paper tubes. A small piece of Saran Wrap on the bottom. Used my new grinder, since a smoked the old one. This thing worked great. It makes little mackerel nuggets about corn kernel size. The hard part was cranking the handle...
  64. jaw1970

    Mackerel Milkshake

    Made some lobster bait tonight. Anchovies, sardines, and of course mackerel.
  65. jaw1970

    Asian Market for lobster bait near LB

    I need some help finding salmon heads or cheap mackerel in or near Long Beach. I remeber there was a market in Cerritos but drove around and couldn't find it last weekend. Any help would be appreciated.
  66. jaw1970

    Check this out!!! 18ft. Oarfish Catalina

    By Nadra Nittle, [email protected], @NadraKareem on Twitter Posted: 10/14/13, 3:25 PM PDT The head of the 18-foot-long oarfish found by Catalina Island Marine Institute instructors in Toyon Bay in the late afternoon of Sunday October 13th, 2013. (Submitted photo) A...
  67. jaw1970

    Good for hoop netting?

    Anybody use one of these?
  68. jaw1970

    Catalina 10-11-2013 Lobsters

    Left Long Beach after work, got on the water at Davies around 5 pm. Very rough, very slow ride over. Didn't get there until after dark. 4 guys, 8 hoops, we got 9 keepers. Threw back at least 10. We fished until 3am. Tough night, nothing like last week, but still fun.
  69. jaw1970

    10-5 Catalina Lobsters

    10-5-2013 to 10-6-2013 3 first-time lobster hoppers. Left Davies around 3:30. Concerned about wind, Santa Ana conditions. Checked weather reports, didn't sound good. Decided to give it a shot, turn back if necessary. Turned out to be the most beautiful evening/night I ever spent at Catalina. No...
  70. jaw1970

    1st timer Hooper, building bait cages

    I'm planning to go hooping Catalina this weekend. Started building some bait cages. ABS pipe and strainer end caps from Home Depot. Any advice or criticism? I also have some wire cages. Thanks - - - Updated - - - 3" pipe, 6" long
  71. jaw1970

    Captain Dave Hanson on Let's Talk Hookup

    I heard Captain Dave on Let's Talk Hookup this morning, but haven't seen any post from him on BD in a long time. He did mention BD on the show, but I didn't catch what he said. Anybody hear it?
  72. jaw1970

    For Sale-dinghy gas tanks

    One is steel, one is plastic, no leaks but need cleaning. $5.00 each. In Long Beach John 562-335-2203
  73. jaw1970

    Skipjack anchor locker hinges

    I'm looking for a little help finding these hinges. Preferably stainless if available. From 1984 Skipjack anchor locker hatch door. Thanks...
  74. jaw1970

    Bait Tank For Sale

    Aqua World plastic bait tank for sale. Looks to be about 20 to 30 gallons. No pump. Hoses & bait net included. $100 call or text 562-335-2203 John Long Beach
  75. jaw1970

    Catalina Boat In Camping

    My wife made a reservation for boat in camping. 3 days, 5 people, almost $300. The number she calls says there is a $9.95 concierge service fee just to call and talk to someone. I want to cancel. And i dont want to pay another $9.95 to do so. Does anyone know who to call? What number? The number...
  76. jaw1970

    QUESTION: Where to buy Bimini Top?

    I want a Bimini top for island trip, harbor cruises, etc. for our 28' Skipjack. Needs to be easily removable for fishing days. Needs to be high quality. Any suggestions? Should it attach to roof of pilot house?
  77. jaw1970

    Co founder of Body Glove dies

    Body Glove co-founder Bob Meistrell dies on boat returning from Catalina - Press-Telegram
  78. jaw1970

    NEED HELP PLEASE-Skipjack cooktop

    Our boat is missing the original cooktop. Had a microwave in its place. I'm looking for an original or equivalent cooktop. Any help or pictures would greatly appreciated. John
  79. jaw1970

    Need Help, stainless fabricator

    I need recommendation, ideas, advice for modifications/repairs to my rod holder/antennae mount rail. The 360* light post has been bent back and the metal is torn at the bottom. I would like to add three additional rod holders and replace the 4 with weld on rod holders. Any advice or...
  80. jaw1970

    Stadium Super Trucks

    Checked out Stadium Super Trucks last night at the Coliseum. Great show. They have some bugs to work out, but defiantly good entertainment. They're coming to Qualcomm next weekend. My son and father in law (he's the starter)
  81. jaw1970

    Looks like a good time
  82. jaw1970

    Glad their OK
  83. jaw1970

    Skipjack owners

    Does anyone know what it says or have a picture of this label or plaque on the dash of their Skipjack that is still legible? Mine is in really bad shape. On my dash it was just below the bilge blower and running lights switches.
  84. jaw1970

    Fishing Boat Sinks
  85. jaw1970

    cool Avalon Harbor video

    check it out:
  86. jaw1970

    non skid deck gelcoat repair

    How do I fix this? Clean deck, Make a rubber mold (stamp), Mix color matched gel coat, Fill and stamp pattern into it? Any help, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  87. jaw1970

    Female Boat Captains Convention

  88. jaw1970

    Skepjack Steering Helm Pump

    my 1984 Skipjack 28 has a Wagner helm pump model 701. Does anybody have any experience with these? Mine leaks and feels stiff and jerky. Did all Skipjacks come with these? Has anybody converted to Seastar? If so, what model?
  89. jaw1970

    Skipjack helm reseal

    My steering helm is leaking a little and I would like to try and reseal it. Anybody have any experience with this?
  90. jaw1970

    Guest slip in Long Beach

    How do you go about getting a guest slip in Long Beach? Do you go to or call the harbor master? What are their hours? 7 days a week? Thanks, John
  91. jaw1970

    OMC Stern Drive Books

    one is old, one is brand new! In Long Beach. 562-335-2203 John
  92. jaw1970

    Battery Charger

    In Long Beach, come and get it! It does not work, but parts are available still 562-335-2203 John
  93. jaw1970

    1999 Mercury Optimax 225

    I bought this pair of motors. I put one on my old boat. This is the other. It is counter rotating. Includes oil tank, harness, stainless steel prop, custom built stand, 2 sets of extra spark plugs, 2 flush hose kits, engine flushing cap, Faria gauges. Great for a bracket conversion project. The...
  94. jaw1970

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    We bought this boat 8-20-12. Couldn't wait to get her home and cleaned her up. We started right away.
  95. jaw1970

    Factory VolvoPenta or Sierra parts?

    Looking for opinions. Factory Volvo Penta parts or Sierra or other aftermarket parts? I need water intake elbow, s-hose, drive bellows, exhaust bellows. And I have 2 drives so I needs 2 of everything. Any recommendations? Best price? Quality?
  96. jaw1970

    Volvo Penta 280

    How do i remove the upper gear housing? Do I have to remove the steering helmet? I am trying to replace the driveshaft bellows, exhaust bellows, s-hose, and water inlet. Thanks for any help.
  97. jaw1970


    Anybody going this weekend?
  98. jaw1970

    Our New Toy!!!

    28 ft. SKIPJACK!!!
  99. jaw1970

    Pool Table

    Full Size Pool Table, 1" thick slate, with accessories, including enough chalk to last till 2099, overall outside dimensions 55" x 99" $600.00 OBO 562-335-2203-John Long Beach
  100. jaw1970

    2 OMC Sterndrive service manuals $10.00

    two manuals, one is new, one is old both for $10.00 Long Beach 562-335-2203 John
  101. jaw1970

    Dingy Repair

    Does anybody have any advice on a Dinghy Repairer in the Long Beach area? What about do it yourself dingy repair? Thanks John
  102. jaw1970

    Kona Kai-24' Sea Ray for sale

    ***SOLD*** ***PRICE DROP*** I NEED IT SOLD!!! $5,500.00 I'm selling our 1969 24 foot Sea Ray, Kona Kai. She is powered by a 1999 Mercury Optimax 225hp. includes bimini, GPS, digital Azimuth compass, new carpet and headliner in cuddy-2011 new Blue Sea switch panels-2011 new[/B]King Starboard...
  103. jaw1970

    12-31-11 Long Beach Breakwall

    My wife out fished me again. We a had a fun day on the water, last day of 2011. Foggy, so we stay close to the breakwall. She caught one 13" sandbass, and I got skunked.
  104. jaw1970

    Holiday Pictures

    My 15 year old son is an aspiring photographer, anyone in the Long Beach/Lakewood area that would like holiday/family pictures feel free to call me: John 562-335-2203. Here is a link to samples of his work:
  105. jaw1970

    Midnight Star sinks off Catalina

    here's the article:
  106. jaw1970

    upholstery/carpet glue removal

    does anybody have any ideas on how to remove 42 years old carpet and glue residue. I've been using pull and scrape method but it is taking forever. I was wondering if there is a solvent that would loosen it up. Any ideas? John
  107. jaw1970

    Catalina Camping

    We are planning our first camping trip to Catalina and I am looking for advice. I will hopefully have a big group (8 or more people), but minimum of 3. I was thinking of Hermit Gulch (showers are a +), but would like advise and tips from others who have done it. Thanks John<!--...
  108. jaw1970

    Campgrounds-which one is best?

    We are planning our first camping trip to Catalina and I am looking for advice. I will hopefully have a big group (8 or more people), but minimum of 3. I was thinking of Hermit Gulch (showers are a +), but would like advise and tips from others who have done it. Thanks John
  109. jaw1970

    upholstery shop

    I'm looking for a good place to take my 24' Searay cuddy cabin to get the ceiling and walls re-upholstered. Long Beach area preferred. Any advice? Or any experience good or bad on a shop? John
  110. jaw1970

    Micrologic Explorer Loran

    Micrologic Explorer Loran, with brackets manual and antenna $25.00 John 562-335-2203
  111. jaw1970

    July 3 Huntington Beach flats

    Went out yesterday morning with my wife. Launched from Davies around 8:00, headed to Huntington Flats, calm flat seas, overcast, slightly foggy. First stop, first cast, my wife is retrieving and gets hit. Then she says, I saw it, it was a shark. I'm thinkin, yeah right. A little while later she...
  112. jaw1970

    seat comfort question

    I just bought a used 2009 Hobie Outback. I've taken it out twice for about 1 hour each time, cruising around Naples Island. I'm having a hard time getting comfortable. I'm a big guy, 6'0", 270 lbs. I feel like the seat isn't supporting my upper back and I am bending backwards over the top of the...
  113. jaw1970

    New Ride

    just picked this up off Craigslist, yea baby!
  114. jaw1970

    my new pilothouse!

  115. jaw1970

    Fuel Tank repair in Long Beach

    Anybody know of a good fuel tank repair shop in or around LB?
  116. jaw1970

    what's this called?

    does anybody know if this "fitting" has a name? I am missing the "cap" or "lid" for it. thanks, John
  117. jaw1970

    Mechanic/Electrical/Trailer in Long Beach

    Automotive repairs and maintence. Trailer rewiring or brake work/disc brake conversions. Dodge specialist about me: 20 years Dodge dealer experience, 2 years medium/heavy trucks and equipment experience I charge $50.00 an hour (about 1/2 retail rates), and do not mark up the parts. Questions...
  118. jaw1970

    Osco/Barr exhaust parts

    brand new, never used, Osco/Barr 90 degree exhaust elbows 2 each: part #803023 part #902323 first $50.00 take them all, located in Long Beach John 562/335/2203
  119. jaw1970

    San Onofre Lobsters

    My son and I went San Onofre today, had a fun morning, although it was a little cold. We walked down the beach and he found a lobster head, and then another, and them a lobster body. We found a bunch of lobsters washed up in the beach, at least 10. Anybody ever seen that before? I haven't been...
  120. jaw1970

    Lawyer/wife got in an accident

    My wife got broadsided by someone who ran a red light in my less than 1 yr. old truck. Thank god she's relatively OK, but my truck is wasted. Looking for advise and a good lawyer in the Long Beach area. Thanks John Williams
  121. jaw1970

    Any boats with outboard brackets???

    I'm looking for any boats, preferably in the Long Beach area and preferably with dual outboards. Armstong, Stainless, Gill, Hermco doesn't matter what brand. I think most of the new Parkers use brackets. I want to take some measurements and build my own bracket. I have a welder lined up and a...
  122. jaw1970

    OMC drive, complete $200.00

    selling a complete drive, with prop, came out of a 1969 Sea Ray behind a 350 Chevy motor, I don't know if it works, leaks, or makes noise $200.00 John 562/335/2203
  123. jaw1970

    Mother's Day Trip

    I took my family on a 3/4 day out of Pierpoint Landing. We're pretty new to fishing and learning alot. Had a great time, ride was slow, but pleasant. Capt. Mike on the Victory was cool and helpful. First spot we hit was twim rocks about 300 ft., there was a strong current and we didn't have...
  124. jaw1970

    I'm having trouble with BD

    I don't know if it's my computer or a virus or what or maybe it's my browser, but I'm having trouble with the website. I'm using msn, when I go on BloodyDecks my "back" button doesn't work. And also some of the "boxes" that dispay ads don't work, the dispaly an error message "saying the website...
  125. jaw1970

    1-19 Me and My son went fishing

    I took my son fishing yesterday on the Victory out of Long Beach. My son's first time on a fishing boat. I hadn't been out on one in the last 16 or 17 years. We both had a hard time sleeping the night before. I asked a neighbor and his son if they wanted to go, and they did. Weather was a little...
  126. jaw1970

    Mechanic Available 4 sidejobs in Long Beach

    I've been a Dodge mechanic for 20 years. I am an ASE Certified Master Mechanic. My specialties are engines, transmissions, differentials, and brakes. I recently went to work for a certain city as an equipment mechanic and we work 4/10's. I am home every Friday and available for...
  127. jaw1970

    my 1969 Searay project boat

    I bought this boat a couple of months ago. Not running. Exhaust all shot. Found out bellhousing all corroded where exhaust hoses attach to it. This boat has and OMC drive. An old OMC drive. I am contemplating going to an outboard. I am a do it yourselfer type guy and have a small budget. I would...