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  1. Kman

    2-21 Great day at the Shoe.

    So Steve and I took his Whaler out today to brave the 10-20kt forecasted winds. We went because the forecasted winds were from the north, which is manageable—usually. Winds over 10 kts didn’t materialize anyways and it was a beautiful day. We hit all the named spots, but they just weren’t...
  2. Kman

    Local fishing sucks so here’s a video of last time it was good

    I wore a GoPro the last time Steve and I had a hundred fish day. That was almost two weeks ago. Oh, and I serviced that noisy reel.
  3. Kman

    2/6, 2/8 and 2/9 Long Beach to Newport

    2/6. Fished my sled with my neighbor. The plan was to do a big loop from Izor’s to the west shoe and back but the fog was thichernshit so we opted to hit spots south towards Newport and do some mapping of the ARs down there. Fishing was slow as there was no current to speak of. We got like 15...
  4. Kman

    Fishing Long Beach again Tuesday 2-9. Share intel?

    We’re fishing (probably the shoe) Tuesday, 2-9. We’ll be on 16 or my cell if you want to share intel. Trailer Trash.
  5. Kman

    Fishing Long Beach 2-6. Share intel?

    Taking my sled out Saturday, 2-6. Target is bass plus whatever else wants to bite. We’ll be on 16 (trailer Trash) if you want to share intel.
  6. Kman

    Redemption Near Izor’s and the Shoe 1/31

    So Steve got a new 600-watt transducer (TM165HW) and we just had to test it out. For science you know. Unlike last week (when I got skunked), we hit a few spots near Izor’s for around 50 bass, then over to the shoe for another 50 or so bass before calling it a day around 1 with 105 fish on the...
  7. Kman

    1-21-21 The Shoe. Sometimes the Bear Gets You.

    Fished today with Dr Bob in one of his club’s new Thresher 25CCs in beautiful weather. We fished a bunch of places around the shoe, and while we saw fish on the meter, they had lockjaw. Water temp was 59 and change and there was zero current. We tried jigs, tube baits and my Kman Specials. We...
  8. Kman

    Here I sit, broken hearted

    Tried to fish, but never started. Today’s partner (and neighbor) was exposed to Covid. Man this shit is getting old. I just got another 5 gallons of plastic. Guess I’ll pour swimbaits instead. Anybody want Kman Specials lol.
  9. Kman

    Bassing at the Shoe 1-10-21

    Steve and I took his Whaler, the Rocket Sled, out to the shoe for some Sunday bassing. It started off slow in our usual spots in a NNW wind that was capping and pushing us downhill. Seemed like it took a couple hours to get ten fish. It was that slow. This is a broken record, but we just kept...
  10. Kman

    11-29 Shoe to PV. Better fishing and no fog this time.

    My neighbor and I fished the Shoe up to PV again today in great weather but zero current. Outside temp at launch was 42 degrees. Burrrrr. He was around family for thanksgiving, so we treated each other like Typhoid Mary, wearing masks all day which was no big deal. No idea how the pictures...
  11. Kman

    The Shoe and PV 11-22. So so fishing and limits of nasty fog.

    Finally got back on the water today after taking a few weeks off to get a hernia repaired. Man, it is soooooo nice to be pain free. Anyways, my neighbor and I fished the shoe and PV up to the golf course for just OK fishing. The shoe gave up a dozen or so fish in fairly short order, then just...
  12. Kman

    Lame ass excuse not to fish

    I’ve heard some lame ass excuses why people can’t fish—usually family or some other chickenshit reason. This one though, takes the cake: “l fell off a girl’s bike”. That’s Hall of Fame shit right there. You know who you are.
  13. Kman

    Shoe, PV 9/20

    Steve and I fished the Shoe and PV up to the golf course Sunday in perfect weather. Temps were 66 at the shoe, dropping to 62 at PV. Fishing was better at the shoe. There was a slight uphill and in current. There is a crapton of bait out there right now. We spent a good amount of time...
  14. Kman

    WTB WTB New(ish) or Primo Trini 16a

    Like the title says, I’m looking to buy another Trinidad 16a to fill out the 30# spot in my bait quiver. I’m in Diamond Bar. Whatcha got? Oh not looking to buy from a reel flipper unless you’re willing to show me the insides.
  15. Kman

    Izor’s/Shoe Loop 9/3 in Great Waether

    Took Rich (Taxfree) fishing in my sled yesterday. We started at Izor’s, which was dead. We ended up doing a 40-mile loop to the shoe for 40 something mostly bass to 4 or so pounds. Water temp was high 60s and the weather was perfect. There wasn’t much current to speak of. Fish were caught 50/50...
  16. Kman

    Inshore Long Beach 8-20. Just OK, but a biggun at the end.

    So I took another fishing buddy out bassing Thursday, 8-20. It turned out to be an off day. We fished from Izor’s to the west shoe for right at 25 fish. We started early so we could try glow swimbaits that worked so well the last trip. Not this time. We had a nice uphill current all day and...
  17. Kman

    Hard to find Nomad DTX 165 Minnows at Bob’s Tackle

    Hey. Since they became so popular on the tuna grounds, I’ve scoured the Earth for Nomad 165mm minnows in Sardine color. Jason at Bob’s tackle in Norwalk knows a distributor and he got a bunch in. Now that IGMFU (I got mine, fuck you), he has several 165s left, and two are sardine color, and...
  18. Kman

    8-9 Bass Spanking With Something New

    I fished on Steve’s Rocket Sled today. We usually start fishing in the dark and I thought it would be cool to try glow in the dark swimbaits. So I poured some and took them along. Man did they produce. Not only did they catch the big bass of the day (7#) they caught probably 15 sculpin, a red...
  19. Kman

    SOLD Navionics + West Chip

    ***SOLD***. I have a 16gb micro sd card with the Navionics + West charts. It was in my Lowrance HDS Live. It would work in Simrad units as well. Retails $150 from Navionics. I used this chip to upgrade to the Platinum +, so it will always be a Navionics + chip. $75 picked up in Diamond Bar, or...
  20. Kman

    Looking for a couple alarms

    Like the title says, I’m looking for a couple alarms for my sled. The first alarm is to tell me when my bilge is running—and it should never run. I already added an LED , but that’s not enough. Looking for a “dee del, dee del” two-tone alarm as I have trouble hearing monotone alarms over my...
  21. Kman

    Local bass 7-26 Spanked em good.

    So I boat whored on Steve’s Montauk, the Rocket Sled, today. We hit Izor’s and points east. Izor’s only gave up maybe 20 bass so we started looking. We found them suspended in several spots and the spanking was on until they had moved on. Rinse, repeat. We had 100 fish on the clicker by 10am...
  22. Kman

    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    So Dr Bob and I fished Huntington Flats today for a steady pick of big sand bass. It wasn’t the WFO spawn bite (yet) but we managed 71 bass to 6#. Tons of 3s, several 4s and 2 6s. We had lots of aggressive bites on the drop, but Roddy rod holder caught a bunch too. Oh, fish are in deep...
  23. Kman

    WTB 2 Trolling Rods Needed

    So I could use two trolling rods for my sled. Just need your basic 6.5-7’ 30-80# rods. Whatcha got within driving distance of Diamond Bar? Thanks
  24. Kman

    Sunday 6/21 Shoe and the Snot Stick Navy

    So we fished Local in my sled again, this time with my buddy Steve. We went all over the shoe for a consistent one here, five there bite on mostly plastics. We stopped at the green buoy which was hosting the Snot Stick Navy. Must have been 30 boats there, mostly throwing iron for the...
  25. Kman

    Long Beach Inshore 6-18. Spanked em pretty good.

    Mike and I fished my sled today. Didn’t like the forecast, so we decided to skip Cat and spank inshore fish on artificials instead. The wind direction was as advertised out of the SE, but they Effed up the velocity as usual. I mean white caps exiting HH at 0500. We stayed at the shoe in...
  26. Kman

    Fishing 3Bs Newport to PV Thursday, 6-18. Wanna share info?

    The title pretty much spells it out. I will likely be fishing cooperatively with another boat, but the more info the better. Let me know. Trailer Trash on 16.
  27. Kman

    WTB Trinidad 14a, 16a (or gold) to pair up with a couple UC rods.

    Like the title says, I’m looking to buy a Trini 14a or 16a (or a cherry gold one) to stick on a couple new UC rods. Must have clamp. PM me or reply here.
  28. Kman

    Bassing PV to Izor’s 5/29

    Fished bass again today with Rich, this time on my sled. Conditions were perfect, but fishing was less so. We managed 38 bass plus some bycatch in 63 degree water. The current was ripping downhill all day and the wind was merciful. Usually conditions like these make for hundred fish days, but...
  29. Kman

    Fishing Long Beach Area 5-29. Share info?

    Hey Bitches. Tomorrow looks like the least sucky weather day of the next few, so we are going to try for the 3 Bs and whatever else wants to bite anywhere from Newport to PV. Anyone else fishing and want to share info? PM me your cell # or call Trailer Trash on 16 tomorrow. See ya.
  30. Kman

    5-21 PV and Shoe=Major Suckage

    Hopped on a bud’s boat. We fished off Rocky Point. It sucked, but we managed a few meals of bottom dwellers. We fished off PV. It sucked worse. We fished the west shoe. It sucked even worse than PV. Like an hour between a fish sucked. And the west wind blew. Afternoon temps were 61-66...
  31. Kman

    5-17 Not a bad half day in Long Beach

    So Steve and I fished Izor’s, the 150 and shoe today in his Montauk, the Rocket Sled. Started slow and it was looking like it was going to be a 20 or so fish day as our spots just weren’t producing more than one or two each. We then went out to the 150 to look for life and saw none. Towards the...
  32. Kman

    SOLD 195 Leadheads for $75

    SOLD. If you would like new ones, I’m selling them here These are old leadheads I had laying around in a shed. Some were when I was messing around with new colors. Most are new, never fished, but many of...
  33. Kman

    Two Mantis Shrimp in a Week

    So we caught another Mantis Shrimp in Long Beach today. Never caught one this far north before, and now two in a week. We messed with him and got him to strike twice, but not on camera. Guess he had stage fright. Dr Bob will post the report, since he caught most of the fish. Bastard.
  34. Kman

    1-11 Long Beach Bassing. As good as it gets

    Edit: The title should read “As good as it gets for January”. Steve and I fished inshore on his rocket sled Montauk today. The plan was to go south to Newport to see different real estate. Thankfully, we were in touch with Lal and Cory on the Rubber Ducky who told us they were at the pipe and...
  35. Kman

    1-4 Long Beach and PV New Years Bass

    Hey BD is working again. So Steve and I fished local on my sled Saturday, 1-4. We headed out at grey light so we could see the gauntlet of lobster buoys. We started at the shoe and it was very slow, with a couple here and there. We picked our way up PV where it wasn’t much better save for one...
  36. Kman

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Travelers

    All the best to you and yours.
  37. Kman

    Long Beach Bassing 11/9. More of the same.

    Fished with Steve on my sled on 11/9. Wanted to go for those yellowfin off Cat, but could not get enough positive intel, so we went bassing. Found bass here and there, mostly in 100’. Not as many in the column as the last few trips, but we scratched away at them. Nearly all came on Kman...
  38. Kman

    11/2 Shoe Bassing and Rain?

    Dr Bob and I went bassing today in my sled. Launched later than usual so we could see the lobster buoys out of HH. Good God there are a lot! ...and near Nacho too. We hit spots in the middle shoe pretty hard. 60-80’ only produced 10 or so sand bass. Once we got to around 100’, we found...
  39. Kman

    Bassing and whatnot Long Beach 11-2. Share info?

    Fishing Long Beach inshore tomorrow (sat). Will share info. Trailer Trash on 16.
  40. Kman

    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    Steve took me bass fishing on his Whaler today out of Long Beach. Izors gave Up maybe 5 fish in the dark, then another 20 in the 105 area after sunup. We finally found willing bass west of there in 80-100 feet. I was fishing a double trouble rig (2 swimbaits) and must have had 12-15 double...
  41. Kman

    Which UC Blank Equivalent to Calstar 800-M?

    Hope this is the right forum to ask. I’m looking to get another Calstar GFGR 800-M, but a bud said he’d wrap a UC equivalent for me. So which blank do I get? Thanks.
  42. Kman

    WTB Calstar GFGR 800-M

    Hey. Looking to buy another Calstar GFGR 800-M. I’m in Diamond Bar. Prefer we meet. Shipping is a deal breaker. Got cash or will pay any part in leadheads and Kman Special swimbaits at 30% off. Thanks
  43. Kman

    Get to the tuna grounds 35 knots in about any seas.

    Was visiting my Tech Mogul daughter in SF and did the Fleet Week tour. Check out this propulsion screen for an Aussie destroyer that’s like an Arleigh Burke light. Mother of all Pilot houses. Mr. Bushmaster says don’t poach my paddy View from her patio
  44. Kman

    Chasing Tuna Wednesday. Buddy boat and share info?

    We’ll be at SI around 0500. Looking for other boats to buddy boat with and/or share info. We have AIS but no radar. Trailer Trash on 16 and 72.
  45. Kman

    Ho or Buddy Boat and Share Info 10-8

    Hey, looking to go tuna fishing on Tuesday. First choice is to hop on a larger boat and be a big ol ho—something I am very experienced at. Please PM me if you have a spot. Most recent reference Absent that, I’ll drag my...
  46. Kman

    10-6 Long Beach Bigish Calico Slugfest.

    Soooooo I wanted to fish my boat for tuna Sunday but my partner, Steve, hit me with what BDer Alan calls a “lame ass family excuse” so we fished local on Steve’s sled. We did a loop that was Izors, the 105, mussel farm, 150, then west shoe. It wasn’t so much a quantity day as it was quality...
  47. Kman

    Fair to Middlin Bass Fishing 9/22

    Fished White’s Point to the inside rigs for 39 bass and a sculpin. Nearly all fish caught on Kman Specials. Could have caught more, but my boat is stripped down for tuna fishing so I don’t have the trolling motor (or its heavy batteries) to hold position over stacked up fish, which we found...
  48. Kman

    Fishing Tuesday 9/24. BB, share info?

    We’re launching from SI around 0500 Tuesday. 24’ Skippy FB. Boat name is Yahoo. We’ll be on 72. Buddy boat and share info?
  49. Kman

    Sunday 9-15. 115 Mile Boatride!

    Well the title pretty much spells it out. We were baited up at 0500 and headed to the Upper Hidden bank area. Saw our first white cap at 0600. Ugh. Between the 425 and 371 we saw several serious tuna foamers, but they wanted nothing to do with anything that had a hook attached to it. And I...
  50. Kman

    Fishing Sunday 9-15. Buddy Boat?

    We’re dragging the Trailer Trash down to SD again to chase tuna. Should be at SI around 0430. Want to buddy boat and share info? Looks like it might be foggy. We have AIS but no radar.
  51. Kman

    WTB Calstar 800-ML

    Like the title says, I’m looking to buy a Calstar GFGR 800-ML. I have the M and L already. I’m in Diamond Bar.
  52. Kman

    HH Bendo. It Wasn’t Me

    People were giving me shit for using the autopilot to enter the harbor. I just want to state for the record I didn’t do this in Huntington Harbor lol.
  53. Kman

    PBers work together for good fishing below the 302 9/6

    So my buddy Steve and I trailered town to SD. We were buddy boating with Ryan on his 24’ Skippy FB. The plan was to start at the 302 and work southeast. We stopped on a paddy with meter marks, but all we got was a rat yellow. Ryan radioed to say they were on meter marks and needed more boats...
  54. Kman

    Reliable ice source from I5 to SI

    Hey. Looking for a reliable source of ice on Rosecrans (or thereabouts) on the way to Shelter. Our last couple tries didn’t go so well. Yes, I know there is a machine at SI. Does it ever run out? We don’t use large amounts. Just 100#. Edit: Is there a gas station off the 5 in SD (before...
  55. Kman

    Fishing 302/226 and beyond 9/3. Want to buddy boat and share intel?

    Pretty much what the title says. A bud and I are looking to hit the 302/226 area tomorrow, weather permitting. Anyone else going and want to share intel? Launching from SI around 0430-0500. Also, my weather sites say wind should be wnw 3-5 in the am and 5-10 pm. Swell is not a factor...
  56. Kman

    Fishing 302 Area 9/3. Want to buddy boat and share info?

    Pretty much what the title says. A bud and I are looking to hit the 302/226 area tomorrow, weather permitting. Anyone else going and want to share intel? Also, my weather sites say wind should be nw 3-5 in the am and 5-10 pm. There is a hefty nw blow developing up north. Swell is not a factor...
  57. Kman

    Around the 226 8-28. Only got two, but one was a biggun5#

    Fished the 226 area with my neighbor, Doug, on my Robalo and buddy boated with Rich on Taxfree. It was tough sledding till around noon when we finally put a cookie cutter 15# YFT on the boat. All the marked fish were deep, so I was fishing a 3/4 oz egg sinker on 20# fluoro with a #1 J hook. We...
  58. Kman

    Boaters Lost at Sea

    From the Robalo Facebook page, two firefighters launched out of Florida and never came back. Godspeed. I’m getting an EPIRB or floating PLB and another inflatable PFD.
  59. Kman

    WTB 40-50# Boat Rod & Reel

    Hey. I looking to add a couple 40-50# boat rods for tuna chasing in my boat. They’ll be used mainly for trolling, but may also serve as heavier bait rigs and for flat falls and such. Not looking for high end gear. 25NLD2 or Speedmaster 12 is good enough if 2 speed. Looking for pairs or loose...
  60. Kman

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    5.2k axle with the shoot thru grease system and dust caps craps the bed AGAIN. I pop off the rubber grommet and replace the grease at least 4 times a year, and still water ends up ruining the outside bearing within a year. The other day I pumped in new grease and brown grease (with farts of...
  61. Kman

    Long Beach Coastal 8/17

    Steve and I did a quick half day in his Montauk. We fished from 45-120 feet in 65 deg water. Caught 25 bass, mostly legal. Calicos to 3#, sandies to 4#. Bycatch was a sculpin and an approx 50# BSB who was an asskicker on a 15# bass rig. Got a couple bass on the Snipers, the rest on Kman...
  62. Kman

    Lowrance Autopilot Cuts Corners

    Lowrance HDS 12 Live Lowrance Outboard Pilot—hydraulic steering. Commissioning done So, like the title says, my Outboard Pilot autopilot cuts corners when exiting/entering the harbor. It works fine in all other scenarios and I am very happy with it. For example, I have a series of waypoints...
  63. Kman

    Catalina Front Side 8-4

    We baited up with so so deans by 0500 and made the crossing to the East End. We hit some spots, only to be adopted by dogs at each one. Tried slow trolling deans around the backside, but again the dogs wrecked it, so we started fishing up the front side. There was almost no current, and even...
  64. Kman

    Max out charging system to charge TM batts on the water?

    Hey. Got my eye on the Minn Kota On Board Alternator 2-bank charger. It reads your motor battery voltage and if adequately charged, will charge your trolling motor batts while you run. Would be nice to put a few AHs back into them during the day as I usually use 30-35 AH during a full day, which...
  65. Kman

    High Speed Pick Up Overpressure Fix

    So I burned up a Rule Tournament 1100 GPH cartridge pump after a 30 kt run to Cat the other day. Come to find out there is a warning right on the pump not to use high speed pick ups with them. They roast, or worse, pop their tops and flood your bilge. One would think the “professional” I...
  66. Kman

    Fathers Day Bass. We hit em good.

    My buddy Steve and I decided to skip the weekend YT shitshow and go bassing on Fathers Day. We took my sled to the shoe and spanked the bass pretty hard most of the day. It was never WFO, but we had a pretty consistent bite at several spots. 20 fish turned into 30, then 40... Around 2, we hit...
  67. Kman

    New Thermostat Time?

    2013 Yamaha 115. NMEA'd to my HDS Live unit. According to the unit, the hottest the motor got all day was 125 degrees. How accurate is the NMEA 2000 bus? Those gauges? My tach, MPG and fuel usage were right on, BTW. So, ASSuming the motor never got over 125 degrees, is it safe to ASSume the...
  68. Kman

    Long Beach 4/21. A few 3s a 4, a 5, a 6 and Big Moe

    So Steve and I went out of Long Beach again today to check out some new potential waypoints. Fishing was secondary, but we still managed to pull on a few. We took the Rocket Sled—Steve’s Montauk 17 with an Etec 90 on it. Temps were a constant 58 degrees and the wind was a steady west 10 all...
  69. Kman

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    I haven’t posted a trip in a while so here goes. The last few weeks the bass bite has been where they are stacked up in the column feeding. They are moving like a school of cuda, but without visual cues, so the bite is WFO for a couple minutes, then done and you don’t know where they went. Then...
  70. Kman

    Electronic Tail Wags The Dog

    So I have this new 12” Lowrance HDS Live with the 3 in 1 ducer. Like all bare MFDs, when not under way, the unit has no idea which way the boat is pointed, so you don’t know where this or that pinnacle is in relation to the boat when you’re on e-anchor or drifting. You need a heading sensor on...
  71. Kman

    Stern Saver or Stern Pad to mount a structure scan ducer?

    So I bought a new MFD and it came with this donkey dick transducer. I’m looking to not put any more holes below the waterline so I’m going to mount this thing on one of those pad gizmos that gets attached to my transom. My options are: Stern Saver. This is a Starboard pad that gets epoxied to...
  72. Kman

    So will this shopping list get me real time MPG?

    Soooooo, I need to set up my 2013 Robalo R180/Yamaha F115 with a MFD. I fish mostly shallow water species (under 150’) in So Cal. Finding structure is very important to me. I’ve been waiting for something new to come out, and the Lowrance HDS Live with 3 in 1 ducer is checking the boxes—at least...
  73. Kman

    Issues Leaving MB at Low Tide and Hurricane Swell?

    Hey. Thinking on going out of Mission Bay later in the week. The tide will be at 1 foot, and the dominant swell should be SSW and 7 feet. I remember leaving on a sport boat one time in a big swell. The exit was dicey. What should I expect given a 1 foot low tide and 7’ SSW swell? Thanks.
  74. Kman

    9-7 Good Long Beach Bassing With a Noob

    I haven’t posted a trip in a while so here goes. Looking for new faces to fish with mid week, I took my friend and neighbor Greg fishing today. We hit Izor’s in the gray for only three fish. We bounced around from rock to rock till we found THE ONE. Every fish was over two pounds, many were...
  75. Kman

    Break Out Another Thousand

    Pretty sure the tire tread is supposed to be vertical. MAYBE I didn’t wreck the spindle. Shit. Those bearings were replaced last September.
  76. Kman

    Robalo R180 Gets Custom Bait Tank

    Thought I’d share this with you all. I had a cut down “fat oval” bait tank put in under my seat by Tom (Towerfab) at Saltwater Specialties. All plumbing is below deck. I had hinges for the seat back fabricated to access the bait. Thanks for the idea Kid Creole. The tank has a sealed lid, so...
  77. Kman

    SOLD Great Family SUV for $4,500

  78. Kman

    Which Washdown Pump?

    So the Trailer Trash is getting a new bait tank and associated plumbing. I might as well finish it off with a washdown system. Not interested in something that just pees. I want pressure and volume, and I have the amps to deliver it. Looks like Shurflo and Jabsco are the main contenders. I’m...
  79. Kman

    Fishing PV and the Shoe with the Kids 8-5

    So my tech mogul daughter and son in law were down from SF for a long weekend and wanted to go fishing. SIL gets seasick watching Victory at Sea, so I had him take a Meclizine the night before and two more when he woke up. It worked. This was not a serious fishing trip as much as it was a...
  80. Kman

    3 Bs on Cat’s Frontside 8/2

    Dr Bob can fill in the details in his own post. I’ll just show the casualty.
  81. Kman

    Any New 12” MFDs Around the Corner?

    Hey fellow addicts: I’ve been putting off buying a 12” MFD for a while now, waiting for someone to come up with something new. I’m leaning towards Simrad’s NSS EVO 3. I’d hate to buy it, only to find out an EVO 4 is coming out. Same with the Lowrance Carbon and others. I mostly fish bass...
  82. Kman

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    Edit: I’m talking about the ramp by the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Like the title says, what’s going on there? This used to be my preferred ramp when meeting people from the South Bay. It was a little dicey getting out during a low tide, and full of trash after a rain. Anything I should know...
  83. Kman

    7-16 PV and Shoe Bass and a Butt. Things are Coming Together.

    Oops. Title should read 7-15 Fished with Steve on the Trailer Trash Sunday, 7-15. Forecast was for an afternoon west wind, so we fished our way up PV, hoping to get blown home. We hit a few spots for some bass on the way up the line. Then, in the usual place, Steve is up on something nice...
  84. Kman

    Bass and Cuda in Long Beach 6/28

    I haven’t posted in a while so here goes. Fished my boat with buddy Steve on 6/28. We launched and headed out to the fleet at the green buoy. Bass fishing was tough. We managed to get 10 on rocks here and there. The Enterprise was parked on our magic rock. Cuda fishing was better. Black...
  85. Kman

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    Anybody here tow with a Tahoe or Yukon? I have narrowed my search to the newer ones (2017) with the 5.3/355HP (Tahoe Premier) and the 6.2/420HP Yukon Denali. I like them both just fine, but I’m thinking the bigger motor in the Yukon might be better for dragging my 4,500# boat up and down the...
  86. Kman

    WTB Newer Tahoe or Yukon and Out of State Smog Question

    Hey. I’m looking to upgrade my tow vehicle. Been looking around, and I like the Tahoes/Yukons. I got the wife a new Honda earlier this year and I’m REALLY digging the adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, Apple car play etc, and want that in my next SUV which means...
  87. Kman

    1100 GPH Bait Pump. Rule Cartridge or Jabsco Bait Sentry?

    Hey, putting in my 37 gallon fat oval bait tank. Pump wise, my options appear to be in the title. The pump is a BITCH to access, so I’d like it to last a while. Which one do you recommend? Have I overlooked one? Also, I’d like the option to add a washdown pump. Does it matter whether it...
  88. Kman

    Need steps to get from trailer to bow

    Hey. Been launching solo, and it’s a long way down from the bow to the trailer—especially with the trolling motor in place. I seem to recall someone making aluminum steps that allow us old folks to climb up and down. Looks like I could just fab one piece of aluminum plate and bolt it to the...
  89. Kman

    Help me set up my bait tank

    OK, so I'm having a cut down "fat oval" tank made to fit under my existing seat. A mock up of it is pictured below. It calculated out to 37 gallons. Working in my bilge is a total bitch, so I only want to plumb this thing once. I've been boating a zillion years, but this is my first below the...
  90. Kman

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    So I have a 2013 Robalo R180. Its existing bait setup is wholly inadequate for West Coast fishing. Soooooo I’m looking to either put a cut down fiberglass tank under the seat or replace the Robalo seat altogether and get a combo bait tank/leaning bench/bench seat. I posted earlier about this...
  91. Kman

    How to guarantee little to no snow

    Go to a cabin for the 48 hour Winter Storm Warning storm, then chain up ahead of time. Now I’m used to the weatherman effing up the inshore wind forecast, but this is the first time in over 50 snow storm trips over the decades they totally screwed the pooch on a full on winter storm forecast...
  92. Kman

    Robalo R180 and 200 Owners: How did you set up your bait tank?

    So I have a 2013 Robalo R180. The 15-gallon transom “bait tank” and plumbing are wholly inadequate for West Coast fishing. I’m going to put some sort of bait tank under my seat/leaning post, or have something made that includes a bench seat/post. I also need all new plumbing as the thru hull...
  93. Kman

    20-18 Bassing the Shoe Before the Blow

    The title should read 2-18 bla bla, but we can’t edit title f-ups. Steve and I went bassing on his rocket sled Montauk Sat, 2-18. It was supposed to be my turn to drive, but there was a delay in getting my trolling motor mounting plate hard anodized. The plan was to fish the Shoe, and that’s...
  94. Kman

    Ok to nighttime wallbang the big LA Harbor piers?

    Hey. Loving the new boat, but not loving the mid week having to be off the water by 1:30 to beat the traffic home. Before 911, we used to switch gears at night and “wall bang” Pier 400, Pier J and others for Spotties. It was great fun with 6 and 8# bass gear and little grubs. Seemed like no...
  95. Kman

    WTB: Shimano Calcutta 820 XFA

    Hey. I’m still looking to buy a Washington made Shimano Calcutta 820 XFA rod. PM me if you have one you want to part with.
  96. Kman

    Need a Plate Fabbed

    So I got a trolling motor for the boat. I need to mount the motor off to the side to clear the anchor locker door, so I’ll need to fab a plate to mount the quick disconnect puck on. Looks like around 10ga 316 stainless or 3/8” aluminum will do the trick. It will be an irregular shape. Anybody...
  97. Kman

    Bugging tonight out of Long Beach? Stay home.

    The Santa Ana winds are blowing like a mofo inshore right now (Sunday, 1-28). Do yourself a favor and rearrange your sock drawer, make a withdrawal from the spank bank or something if you were planning on going out tonight. We launched Steve’s Rocket Sled Montauk at 0530 and hit Izor’s in a...
  98. Kman

    Which Plug and Receptacle for 60 Amps?

    I have the 24 volt 80# Ulterra trolling motor on order. Installing batts, circuit breaker and wire. Question: The Ulterra is rated to draw 56 amps, so which plug/receptacle combo will handle that and 6 gauge wire? Edit: I need it on a plug as the TM will be stored indoors when not in use...
  99. Kman

    So, I’m Buying an Ulterra. Buy the Link or Not?

    I’m going to be buying an Ulterra Riptide trolling motor for my Robalo R180. 24V, 60”, 80# thrust. Only question is do I spend the extra $500 to get the link even if I will not select Humminbird to connect it to? Looks like the link system (without the Humminbird) has more features than the...
  100. Kman

    Aborted Cat Trip Saved by the Bass

    The plan was to fish the front side of Cat for bones, then head over to PV for (hopefully) a PM bass bite. I picked up Steve at his house at 0430 and we were off to the races. About 3 or 4 miles out, the Icom’s AIS collision alarm started going off. All the big boats around us were anchored...
  101. Kman

    Took the Kids FOG Fishing LB to PV 12/30

    Both my daughters and their beaus were here for the Hoildays. We had one day between events to fish. Since the boat is still new to me, I made the hard decision to limit the load to three (me included). My tech mogul oldest and her husband travel a lot (and are here more often) so they decided...
  102. Kman

    WTB Washington Made Shimano Calcutta 820 XFA

    I found an 812 and an 815 XFA. Both are like new. Just need the 820 to make the trifecta. Price dependent on condition. I’m in Diamond Bar. PM me what you got. Thanks for listening.
  103. Kman

    Izor’s to Newport 12-16 Limits of Wind!

    Did a little trial by fire on the newest Trailer Trash today. Both the NOAA spot forecast and said Saturday would be OK if you stayed nearshore and went south from Long Beach. Well, they had the wind directions right on, but missed the velocity by oh, 100% or so. I picked up Steve...
  104. Kman

    Yamaha Transom Saving Spacer for Towing

    You learn something new every day. Yamaha says you are not supposed to trailer with the motor up and the service lever (kickstand) down. You are supposed to use a spacer that goes over the port trim ram. Yamaha part number MAR-MTSPT-YM-10. It works on my 2013 F115. YMMV. I picked this one up...
  105. Kman

    How’s the Pot Situation From Alimitos to Izor’s?

    Like the title implies, I’ll be heading out well before sunrise in the next couple days to start fishing at Izor’s. I have a spotlight and flashlights from Hell, but would like to know what to expect lobster buoy wise from Alamitos to Izor’s. Thanks
  106. Kman

    Maiden at PV, Shoe 12-12

    Well I went and did it. I picked up a new (to me) boat. It's a 2013 Robalo R180/F115 with 102 hours that until today has never seen saltwater. Save for the last few years, I’ve owned boats nonstop since 1976. Since we’re gonna be in Calif a few more years. I figured what the hell. After adding...
  107. Kman

    Need Tool Holder for 1.3” Rail

    Well, like the name implies, I am in need of a tool holder to go on the 1.3” rail that goes behind my seat. Doesn’t need to be anything elaborate—though I’m open to anything. I just need a home for needle nose pliers and dykes. Looked all over to no avail. Thanks Here’s a pic of the rail...
  108. Kman

    WTB Small SUV or Crossover for the Wife

    So, I’ve been spending money like a drunken sailor lately on a boat, the hou$e, new tow vehicle (still looking for a Yukon or similar). Might as well continue the path to ruin with a car for the wife-e-poo. She likes the form and function of the small SUVs, so we’re looking for a (EDIT) Honda...
  109. Kman

    WTB Shimano Calcutta 820 XFA and 812 XFA

    Like the title says, I’m looking for a Loomis-made Shimano Calcutta 820 XFA and 812 XFA. I should never have sold mine way back when. I’m in Diamond Bar. PM me if you have something.
  110. Kman

    WTB Starboard Piece

    Hey. I need to make a couple mounts for things. White Starboard would be nice. Say 4” X 10” X 3/4” thick or thereabouts. Not thereabouts on the thickness though. I have all the tools to cut it into what I need. I’m in Diamond Bar. Whatcha got, or do you know someone who sells the stuff...
  111. Kman

    Furuno DFF-3D

    Anyone using the new Furuno DFF-3D technology? My guy says if you don’t mind spending a bit (quite a bit, actually), this is the best fish and structure finding system out there for private boaters. Two things scare me about this unit: The price of course New technology=low serial...
  112. Kman

    Brand New Calcutta 812 XFA Value?

    Hope this the place to post this. So, I have the opportunity to buy a new, never used, Loomis-made Shimano Calcutta 812 XFA rod for $240. Top dollar for a rod no longer in production to be sure, but I just love those Calcuttas. I have owned most of them over the years—including the 812. It...
  113. Kman

    WTB Full Size SUV

    Hey. I'm looking to buy a full sized SUV. Something like a Tahoe/Yukon or similar. I would REALLY like it to fit in the garage, so no Suburban sized vehicles. Big V8 and tow package would be nice. Locking rear diff and/or 4WD also. Under 70K miles (well under) would be nice. A two or three...
  114. Kman

    Hurricane Boats

    I think this bears repeating: Watch out for hurricane boats. I just got an email from someone who went to Houston to look at boats. On one, the ad said “great shape”. They left out the part about the hull being all scratched to hell and there was water in the 50-hour Yammi 250’s oil. Man, I’m...
  115. Kman

    Where to mount that big 12 inch MFD

    So some Robalos have this big honking potty console. Problem is, they REALLY want you to flush in your MFD if there is any size to it. On the top of the console, there’s a compass in the middle and two smallish depressions on either side of it, with room to mount a 7” in each depression. You...
  116. Kman

    Where to buy electronics

    So I've been working on the new (to me) boat. Since it was a freshwater boat in its previous life, nothing is up to snuff electronics wise. I've made quite the list of stuff I need. Several K$. So where do you buy from? I only have one commercial account left--and they suck at electronics...
  117. Kman

    Side Mount Rod Holders. Tell me the good ones

    Hey, please help me spend some more money. Got the new (to me) boat and I have a ton of things to address. One of them is replacing the cheesy rod holders Robalo put on the side of the console. I want to replace them with side mount vertical rocket launchers. My console is 28" long, and I...
  118. Kman

    Transfer a Yamaha YES Warranty in LA Area

    Hey. I'm (hopefully) buying a newer boat soon. There is still 2 years left on the Yammy's YES warranty. I've read the procedure for transferring the warranty. Just wondering if someone has done this or if there is a Yamaha Dealer reading this who can help me out. I believe I have 15 days...
  119. Kman

    Icom Black Box VHF Radio. Experience?

    Hey, I'm looking to set up a boat from scratch. Don't really want to see a radio body, so I'm looking at the Icom M400BB. It gets mounted inside the console, and only the Commandmic shows. I had this setup (but with a regular radio) on my last boat, and loved the extra space. Can anyone...
  120. Kman

    So who installs bait tanks in the LA area these days?

    Like the title says, who Installs bait tanks in the LA area? I need someone with spider monkey arms lol. Likewise, who would like to help me DIY in exchange for heart felt gratitude and a few fishing trips? Thanks
  121. Kman

    Engine performance hit in freshwater and 3300 feet elevation?

    So I "sea" trialed a 3000+ pound boat yesterday with a Yam 115hp 4-stroke in freshwater and 3300 feet elevation. It seemed just a RCH over propped, reaching 5200 RPM and 32 MPH at WOT. It will go 34-35 MPH at 5400 RPM with a rediculous amount of trim. WOT is 5-6K on this engine. Holeshot was...
  122. Kman

    Yam F115 in Freezing Temps Issues?

    Hey. I'll soon be checking out a boat with a 2013 Yam F115 that lives in the Mountain West. It has seen months below freezing. On the visual inspection, earmuffs and sea (so to speak) trial, is there anything I should be looking for, knowing this motor has seen single digit temps? Is there an...
  123. Kman

    Sound difference between Yam 115 and 150

    Hey. The boat search is narrowing. For the hull I'm looking at, Yammy 115 and 150HP are options. To me, the 150 is the clear choice for the hull weight, hole shot, higher cruise speed, MPG, and resale. Engine weight should not be an issue as this boat has a ton of freeboard. Question is, is...
  124. Kman

    Century 1801 and 1902 Trolling Motor Wiring

    Hey I'm looking at a couple Century center consoles, a 2007 1801 and a 2008 1902. Neither are wired for trolling motors. Anybody wired one of these? Were you able to use the nav light wires to pull the extra wires? I would need to pull a pair of 6 ga plus a NMEA 2K cable. Thanks. PS. Mr...
  125. Kman

    Taxes and out of state boat purchases

    So,if I were to buy a boat from a dealer in, say, Alabama, and pay their 3.25% sales tax, what happens when I go to register it here in LA county? What if I registered it in Alabama? Thanks
  126. Kman

    iPad as Extended Screen?

    Hey. As my boat search drones on, I might as well dial in the electronics I'll be putting on her. I fished inshore with a guy the other day who had 2 12" units. Thought that was a bit overkill till I was schooled in their use--and I've been using electronics on boats for decades. In the days...
  127. Kman

    Izor's, 150, Shoe 7-28

    Fished with Rich on his 21' Parker Taxfree Friday, 7-28. Onboard with us was Rich's pal Richard. We started at Izor's with high hopes, which were dashed in the first couple hours. We fished the reef shallow, medium and deep for just a few bass in 67 degree water and a slight downhill current...
  128. Kman

    Where's the rest of the trailer?

    Been looking at Florida and other places for boats. Found this Century. Check out the short trailer it sits on. Is this a Bubba setup, or are the extended bunks really that strong? It's $10,000 and low hours, but that hillbilly trailer scares the piss out of me.
  129. Kman

    Fished PV with Some New Friends 7-22

    Fished PV with BDers Steve and Helen Saturday, 7-22 on their Whaler. Some of you may know Steve. He was a deck hand on the RR III. We didn’t have any waypoints for the area, so it was pretty much dead reckoning fishing. We started at White’s point and caught a few calicos and a rockfish. We...
  130. Kman

    06 Zuke 175--anything I should look out for?

    We all know every motor has its weak spots. Yam 150s with their balancers, 350s with their flywheels, 02-07 90-140 Zukes with that steel plug in the exhaust. Is there anything I should know or be on the lookout for on a 06 Zuke 175 with 200 hours of saltwater use? Thanks
  131. Kman

    Part Deaux: WTB 17-23+' CC

    Score! 2013 Robalo R180. Blank slate. Always stored indoors. Showroom new looking. Freshwater use only. Potty console. 104 hours on the F115, which still has 2 years left on the warranty. Mooring cover--which will make a nice tent for overnighting. Budgeting at least $10K for pimping out...
  132. Kman

    150, 14, then Inshore on 7-16. Limits of Wind

    Fished with Lal and Cory on the Ducky Sunday, 7-16. While comparing notes on forecasted wind the night before, Lal was seeing 6-8 knots, while my source said around 15 knots. My source turned out to be right this time. Crap. The plan was to hit the 150, then check out the 14. If both were a...
  133. Kman

    Hitching Giude. Which one?

    Hey, I'm pretty close to being a boat owner again. This rig will be substantially heavier than the last one, and I'll typically be hitching it solo at 3 AM. I like the idea of the "V" shaped guides that you just back into (since I'm mostly still asleep or drunk then:eek:) but which one? Boat...
  134. Kman

    Izor's and Bolsa Chica 7-6. Got a brute.

    So I fished with Lal and his friend Mark on the Ducky on 7-6. I got the call to go because two of his hos begged off at the last minute for candy ass reasons. Guys, if you want to be a boat whore, YOU SHOW UP RAIN OR SHINE! Acceptable excuses include having Ebola and are bleeding out of at...
  135. Kman

    Looking for a combo unit under $2500

    Hey, been reading all the specs, but I'm looking for real world experience. I'm looking for a combo unit (or MFD) that will have: CHIRP FF Structure scan to the right, left and below the boat. Ability to accurately put a waypoint on found structure w/o being on it. Fast GPS refresh. My old...
  136. Kman

    Cat Front Side, Izor's 7-1

    Did a sea trial today. We launched from Cabrillo, picked up a pretty sad scoop of deans and headed for Cat. The crossing was fairly smooth. We fished the front side from maybe 1/2 mile west of Avalon to Empire landing. The guy I was with was fly fishing a chovie fly (which looked to me like...
  137. Kman

    Izor's and Bolsa Chica 6-25

    I fished with Lal and his buddy Dave on Sunday, 6-25. We launched from a busy Davies and were at Izor’s a little after 06:00. It was a tough pick in the 65 degree, green water, but we managed maybe 30 bass from there once we found an area that was holding willing bass. The bite never went...
  138. Kman

    Mobile Yamaha Mechanic to Simi Valley?

    Like the title says, I may have a need for a Yamaha mechanic to download and bless a motor in Simi Valley. Names and numbers would be appreciated. Thanks,
  139. Kman

    PV Tough, but Long Beach Saved the day 6-22

    I fished with Lal in his blow up boat Thursday, June 22. Joining us were Lal’s friends, Mark and Buzzy. We launched around 0500 and headed up the line to PV in the cold and drizzle. Can't believe we ran our AC the night before. We hit spot after spot, working our way to RP. Fishing in the...
  140. Kman

    So You're Shopping for a CC and you see Bottom Paint. Deal Breaker?

    I’ve been looking for a 17-21’ CC with a modern 4 stroke, and it’s pretty slim pickings out there. Been looking here, CL, iBoat, Boattrader etc. One thing I have been doing is if I see bottom paint on a boat, I dismiss it out of hand. Like I said in previous posts, I am DONE replacing decks...
  141. Kman

    Bass go stupid at Izors. As good as it gets.

    Wanted to get a quick report in just in case you can play hooky from work tomorrow. A BDer and I caught and released 254 assorted bass at Izors (at basically 3 spots) and were done before 1 PM. It was mostly all quality sandies, and they were in spawn mode. No need for quality Leadheads and...
  142. Kman

    Tails, Bass and Cuda at the Shoe 6-15

    Fished Thursday, 6-15 with Lal on the Ducky. We were going to target Aluminator trash fish (Yellowtail) at the shoe as Lal had received intel the day before. We picked a scoop of really healthy dines from Nacho and headed out to around 100’ of 64 degree, green water. We put the baits out then...
  143. Kman

    Tell me about the Triumph 190 Bay

    So, I'm looking for an economical 17-20' CC with a modern 4-stroke. Budget is up to $20K after EVERYTHING. 90% of my fishing is inshore for the 3 Bs (mostly the first B), but I do go to Cat and have been known to chase tuna weather permitting. Triumph 190 Bays keep popping up. I've been...
  144. Kman

    Anyone experienced in fixing the Zuke steel plug problem?

    Hey. I'm looking at a boat with an 06 Zuke that has the now infamous steel plug in the aluminum engine holder. When this area fails, hot exhaust fries your loom and ECU, costing thousands. An updated engine holder (without the steel plug) is around a grand, plus 5-7 hours to install. Lucky...
  145. Kman

    Bassing on the Ducky Again 5-24 This Time PV and the Shoe

    Sorry for the late report. Went fishing off PV and the shoe with Lal on the Rubber Ducky Wed, 5-24. We launched around five and were greeted with 57.5 degree water as we left San Pedro. Burrrr! It warmed up a little as we headed up PV. We stopped about half way to RP, and caught a couple...
  146. Kman

    Trolling Motor Integrated with GPS?

    So, I'm looking to get a new (to me) boat. I fish inshore bass mostly. One new technology that caught my eye is GPS enabled trolling motors like the Motor Guide Xi5. It alone can do some cool stuff, but when you NMEA connect it to a Lowrance HDS FF/plotter, it can do WAY more. I love the...
  147. Kman

    NADA Guides Boat Valuation: Realistic?

    Sooooo, many of you know I'm looking to buy a 17-20 CC with a 4-stroke outboard. Been looking here, Craigslist, etc. Want to know if the NADA Guides for boat valuations is a realistic starting point for negotiations. Thanks,
  148. Kman

    Ducky Goes Bassing Newport and the Shoe 5-19 (With Vids)

    Fished Friday, 5-19 with Lal and his buddy Mark on the Ducky. We launched around 0500 and headed for Bitch Slap rock near Izor’s. I picked up a GoPro, and a bunch of mounts. The videos in this report were done with a chest mount, so bear with me as I learn this contraption and its gazillion...
  149. Kman

    Tell me About Triumph CC Boats

    Hey, I'm in the market for a 17-20' inshore center console boat. I'm looking for something economical and easy to tow that will allow me to scratch the itch for the couple years before we move to N. Idaho--where I will need a whole 'nuther kind of boat. Triumphs have caught my eye. Can anyone...
  150. Kman

    WTB 18' or so CC

    Hey, it looks like we won't be making the move to N. Idaho for a couple of years, so I'm looking to get back into being a boat owner. I'm looking for a lighter weight boat around 18 feet, maybe one of those plastic jobs, (Triumph?) that can do Catalina on a good day. My old Bayrunner (the...
  151. Kman

    Bassing PV and the Shoe 5-1 Plus Review of Shimano Tranx 300HG

    I fished with Lal on the Ducky Monday, 5-1. We launched from Davies and made a B-line to Rocky Point, where we were met with 58 degree, mildly dirty green water. This was to be the inaugural trip for my new Shimano TranX 300HG reel that I paired with a mint condition Loomis-made Shimano 815XFA...
  152. Kman

    The Pipe, 150, 105 and Some LB Stones 4-10

    I fished with Lal and his friend Daniel Monday, 4-10. We launched from Davies and headed to the pipe. Luckily, the slop from the weekend’s wind event had flattened out and it was an easy drive down the coast. The obligatory sunrise pic We arrived at Newport reef and started fishing. It...
  153. Kman

    Izor's, 150 and 105 on 4-1

    Fished with Lal on the Ducky Saturday, 4-1. Launched from Davies and headed out. We got this sunrise We hit Izor’s first. The water was 59 degrees and dirty brown. We bounced from mound to mound for a tough pic of maybe 30 bass to 4 pounds. As Izor’s is known for, I got a serious bitch...
  154. Kman

    Custom Shallowish Water Rockfish Leadheads

    I came up with an idea for a new product the other day fishing for rockfish on the Ducky with Lal. We were fishing around 150' of water and were having trouble getting to the bottom with 1.5oz leadheads--the largest heads I pour before going to 5/0 or 6/0 hooks. Problem is, while rockfish love...
  155. Kman

    Sanity Trip to PV 3-19

    I needed a sanity day as the previous 48 hours were as shitty as it gets. My mom has end stage Alzheimer’s, and after those shitty 48 hours, she’s now in hospice care. You’d think the second go round would be easier (my dad had vascular dementia), but nope. Anyways, Lal accommodated my...
  156. Kman

    Drones for tuna fishing

    Sorry if this has already been brought up, but I can sure see multicopters (drones) increasing your catch by dropping bait on fish or even spotting paddies. I would imagine the regs will catch up-- if they haven't already.
  157. Kman

    Bassing PV and the Shoe 2-14

    Fished local with Lal on the Ducky 2-14. With a benign weather forecast (boy, was it wrong!), we fished our way up the coast to Rocky Point. The bassing was a tough pick in the 58 degree water. We got one here and there, always on structure. No big fish today, but I did hook a toad that...
  158. Kman

    Humbled at the Pipe, Izor's 10-30

    I fished with Lal on the Ducky Sunday, 10-30. Lal’s trip to PV a few days before resulted in slow fishing (around 30 bass), so we headed south to Newport hoping to do better. We went to the Newport AR, hitting a couple stones on the way down. Fishing was between slow and dead. We hit several...
  159. Kman

    10-22 Ducky New Motor Break In Trip

    Lal and I took the Ducky out for a new-motor break in trip on Saturday, 10-22. The old Yamaha lost the oil pump, and the powerhead had what NASA euphemistically calls a RUD (rapid unintended disassembly). We launched from Davies a little after 0530 and putt putted toward PV. We had to keep the...
  160. Kman

    For Sale FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    Hey. I just poured another bunch of leadheads and will sell off the excess. They are my usual "Kman Special" candy red color with premium Mustad 32786BLN wide gap hooks. I’ll do my super secret “clown” paint scheme (see pic below) for another 30 cents each as they are a PITA to paint. This...
  161. Kman

    Need 8' Jig Rod

    Hey: I'm looking to trade leadheads .5oz to 2.5 oz for an 8' graphite rod that will serve as a 30# jig stick for throwing stuff like 100 gram Colt Snipers at yellowtail, tuna, etc. Gotta be graphite, and no more or less than 8'. Will give you 50% more leadheads than the value of your rod. PM...
  162. Kman

    Bassing on the Ducky off Newport 7-30

    Hey. Sorry for the late report. I have mother issues :( Anyways, Lal, Cory and I fished inshore Newport and points north on Saturday, 7-30. We started out at the reef in 70.5 degree water. Fishing was tough, and most of the bass we did get had no size to them. We worked our way over to the...
  163. Kman

    7-8 Newport, Long Beach Bassing--Got a Biggun

    Went out bassing with Lal on Friday, 7-8 on the Ducky. We launched around 0500 and headed for Izor’s. Water temp there was 65.5 degrees—about 5 degrees cooler than on Monday. Fishing at Izor’s was very slow. We only managed one sandie. We then made a run for Newport. We started off at...
  164. Kman

    New cars and Ipads

    Hey: I'm planning on taking the wife on a road trip this summer to northern Idaho and surrounding places to check out where to retire, then return down the coast. I'm renting a "luxury" car (Chrysler 300 or similar) from Fox Car Rentals in Ontario. My question is: What are the chances that a...
  165. Kman

    4/7 Izors and the Pipe

    I fished with Lal Thursday on the Ducky. We figured this would be our last chance for several days due to upcoming storms. We started out at Izors, where we usually catch big bass and get a bitch slap or two. This time Izors was the nursery. We caught nothing over 1.5# so we headed for...
  166. Kman

    Lumpy Bassing at PV 3-25

    Got a call from Lal Thursday evening to fish Friday along PV. The call couldn’t have been better timed as I was seeing cross eyed, having spent the last few days looking for a place to retire that actually has four seasons, and is out of California. Currently, the Coeur d'Alene/Sandpoint area...
  167. Kman

    Where to Retire Up North

    Hey there. Wife and I are looking for places to retire in the next few years, and could use some ideas. Our kids live up north and have no desire to return to So Cal. We are done with big city living, and want to downsize our house in a small city, town or even a modern cabin in the...
  168. Kman

    2-17 160 Bass PV Blowout

    Got a call from Lal yesterday to see if I wanted to go fishing before the storm with him and Cory. I said hell yes, as I really needed a break from dealing with a nasty bout of email attacks, ID theft and mail theft. I had also just bailed on going snowstorm camping in the Sierras due to a...
  169. Kman

    Need lobster bait?

    I should have approx 100# of tuna carcasses and trimmings (3 fish) this Thursday. I'm in diamond bar. PM if interested.
  170. Kman

    Long Beach/Newport Bassing 11-13

    Hey a bass report from Kman--just like old times. Sorry, no hoo or other exotics. Save for tails here and there, I think that ship has sailed. Got a welcome call from Lal last night to fish bass Friday, 11-13. Seeing’s how I was upside down sizing up my differential (and the rest of my SUV)...
  171. Kman

    Blizzard Camping--Need Campground Recommendations

    OK, I have a crazy hobby: I have a brick-shithouse 4-season tent and love to camp through blizzards. I love hunkering down in the howling winds at the peak of the storm, watching it snow, and going snowshoeing and stuff. Both my kids have done this with me and they loved it. They are grown...
  172. Kman

    1000 Watt Microwave $25

  173. Kman

    Need stopgap roll-on roofing to get me through El Nino

    OK, I waited too long to get my roof replaced, and now every roofer is either booked till spring, or jacking the shit out of their prices--or both. Not complaining btw. Supply and demand at work. I fixed one of the two active leaks on the house roof this weekend (moved 300# of tiles to find a...
  174. Kman

    Roofing Contractor?

    Anyone know of a good roofing contractor who works in Diamond Bar that isn't booked till Spring and charging for estimates? Need R & R of my cement tiles with new underlayment installed plus 550 sq ft patio roofing removed and torch down installed. I had a very reputable contractor lined up to...
  175. Kman

    Brand New Trailer and They Used What?

    I had the Ducky over at my house for some maintenance today. Got the mechanical and electrical stuff installed then took a look at the 2-month old trailer as the last time I fished with him I noticed the right brake light was out. Good God. They used 1970’s type bulb lights instead of LEDs...
  176. Kman

    Anybody going Long Range?

    Hey Long Rangers: I haven’t gotten my freezer/canning supply full enough of YFT or YT, and my prospects for going out are bleak with my mom in memory care. I could use another 15 or so fish (or 30 footballs) to make my year. I’m all set up at the house to process ~300# at a whack--albeit...
  177. Kman

    WTT 8' 12# Bass Rod

    I’ve been building back up my bass arsenal. All I need now is an 8’ 12# stick for my Curado CU200. I used to have a Loomis-made Calcutta 812XFA, and was an idiot to sell it 18 months ago when I went on a fishing hiatus. My little Curado is currently on a 7' Shimano Convergence which works...
  178. Kman

    Need QUALITY Custom Tarp

    Anyone know a place that makes custom-sized tarps that last more than one Summer? I have one of those rigid-tubing carports that I used to keep boats under. Now that I'm boatless :(, it shades the sunny side of my house, a couple sheds in my RV storage area and provides shade for outdoor...
  179. Kman

    PV 9/12. Trash Fish Interrupt a Bass Outing

    Edit: Title should read 9/11. Mods--please change. Fished with Lal and his friend Mark Friday on Lal's blow up boat, the Rubber Ducky. The plan was to take a break from chasing big fish, and just have a leisurely day of bass fishing up and down the PV coastline. Little did we know it was...
  180. Kman

    WTB 8' 15# Bass Rod

    Well I just ended up with another Curado 300DSV parts reel that I am going to bring back from the dead. Now I need a rod for it. I don’t suppose whomever bought my Loomis-made Calcutta 815XFA (God’s gift to bass fishermen, IMO) a couple years ago wants to sell it back to me? Anyways, I’m...
  181. Kman

    Curado 300DSV Question

    Any Curado 300 experts out there? I've torn down a friend's Curado 300DSV that has badly corroded internals and was plastered inside with grease by the last guy who worked on it. I've identified all the parts that need to be replaced--that's no big deal, but the side plate has a post coming...
  182. Kman

    AM Smoking

    It's been too friggin hot to smoke fish here--you can't cold smoke at 90 degrees when it's 104 outside lol. So I got up at 0330 and prepped the YT that had been in the Teriyaki for 24 hours or so . They were in the smoker by 0500 and 71 degrees outside. No overcooking this time. The table...
  183. Kman

    Which vacuum sealer?

    Edit: I ordered the Foodsaver Gamesaver Deluxe from Amazon. I hope it lasts as long as my last Foodsaver. Well my Foodsaver Ultra from the late 90's is starting to give me trouble. The sealing wire doesn't seem to be heating long enough to do the job every time. I added a push button to it...
  184. Kman

    8-10 277 Equals BOATRIDE. 150 Saves The Day

    I called Lal Sunday night around 9 to thank him and his wife for coming to my daughter’s wedding a couple days ago. He responded by inviting me to fish the following morning. The plan was to find Jonathan’s monster temp break out by the 277 and catch some big YFT. We launched from Davies, got...
  185. Kman

    Bloodied the Ducky Oside to SD 7/31

    Lal and I gave the Oceanside bite a shot on 7/31. We got a generous ½ scoop of horse deans (that lived all day) and headed SW. As we passed about the 12 mile mark, the temps dropped from 73+ to 70.4, so we turned S to parallel the coastline in the warmer water. Weather was cloudy and seas...
  186. Kman

    Boat Wire 10 ga down to 18ga

    SOLD. Still have the #4, #6 and #8 in the “Battery Cables” post This is the good stuff. Wire is tinned, type 3 stranded (extra flexible), and is UL rated (BC-5W2) for use on boats. I used to...
  187. Kman

    Instead of releasing, how about keeping a couple for me?

    Man, this tuna bite is killing me. All I’ve caught this year are two YT--and one (a 30 pounder) I gave to the boat owner. My commercial freezer, vacuum bagger, canner and 6-rack smoker are sitting here pouting. I used to boat ho all the time many years ago, but can’t afford to now that gas is...
  188. Kman

    Really Cheap Leadheads--like 35 cents each

    How about some cheap leadheads? These have the Eagle Claw 413 forged, tinned saltwater hooks. These hooks have an O'shannessey bend. I have about 250 hooks in each size from 1/0 to 7/0. Prices are for 25 minumum units each size...
  189. Kman

    Bupkis at Catalina, Then a $135 Yellowtail in the Channel

    Short version: We drove 100 miles and got our asses kicked on the way in for one yellowtail today. Regular version: Lal, his buddy Mark and I launched from Davies and picked up a fantastic scoop of deans from Nacho. Our destination was Catalina, as we didn’t want to get stuck in the goat...
  190. Kman

    Adding to the family

    After losing so many family members (dad, mom, both brothers) in the last 5 years, it's nice to be adding one. My MIT brainiac found someone as smart as she is, and they're getting married. They both work in tech in San Fran, living the dream.
  191. Kman

    Give me Your Lead

    Edit: I just closed a deal on lead that will set me up for quite some time. Thank you for your offers. If you are interested in my Kman Special Leadheads and swimbaits pictured below. PM me. I’m feeling magnanimous, and am willing to take that awful stuff Kollyforneah has declared war on...
  192. Kman

    Custom Outboard Battery Cables Plus #6 and #8 Wire

    As some of you may know, I used to rewire boats. I haven’t done it in years, but I still have some wire that needs a home. I have #4, #6 and #8 extra-flexible type 3 (thin strands, tinned) marked Boat Cable UL BC-5W2, 105 degrees dry, 75 degrees wet. This is the good, Coast Guard approved...
  193. Kman

    PV Bassing 6/29. Buggered my chance at glory.

    Fished Monday, 6/29 with Lal and his friend Mark on the Ducky. The weather prediction of west 5-9 and not much swell couldn’t have been more wrong. The AM wind was from the south, and there was a fairly hefty short-period swell from the west that got us airborne a couple times and we had to...
  194. Kman

    Breaking in a new oven

    Got the wife a fancy new convection oven. Now it's time to break it in properly. I do this when I have too many leadheads to cure (the powder coat) in my small oven in the garage that only does like 60 at a time.
  195. Kman

    6-18 PV and the Shoe-- Brought a Knife to a Gunfight

    Went fishing 6-18 with Lal and his buddy Mark. We launched the Ducky and made it to Rocky Point around 0600. The water was 65 degrees and there was a ripping uphill current. It was also full of these Despite what seemed like ideal conditions, bassing was tough. Really really tough. We...
  196. Kman

    Leadhead Grab Bag

    Reduced to $90 shipped and added a third quantity option. So I poured some more leadheads and have a few extras. How about this leadhead grab bag? All have Mustad 32786BLN Wide Gap hooks and are my patented candy red with hologram and silver glitter Kman Specials. The powder paint is...
  197. Kman

    Back In the Saddle 5-31

    OK, so you haven’t read a fish report from me in well over a year. That’s because I grew tired of fishing and boat maintenance, and sold the boat and all of my saltwater fishing gear some 18 months ago. I mean geeeeeez, I hadn't not owned at least 1 boat since 1976! Then I got this itch that...
  198. Kman

    Termite Services in Diamond Bar

    So, we've got subterranean and dry wood termites in the house we have been living in for almost 30 years. It has never been treated. For sure we need to be tented and fumigated. The question is how to treat the underground buggers. The two choices seem to be: 1. Drill holes every couple...
  199. Kman

    Old ammo. Still good?

    Ok, so my brother and hunting partner was sick for a long time and died last year and I sold all of his custom varmint rifles and other guns. Now I'm left with my own custom 22-250 Ackley Improved (along with accessories and reloading equipment) that I'll be selling soon. So my question is...
  200. Kman

    20 Bucks for a Little Free Air Conditioning

    With energy prices going up, I've been chasing after efficiency at the homestead. One of my pet peeves for years is that our old central AC unit's fan shuts off simultaneously with the outdoor compressor/condenser unit. The A-frame is still freezing cold, and there's still 30 or so feet of...
  201. Kman

    Blown In Insulation. What Type? Worth It?

    OK. We live in a 1800 sq ft ranch house in Diamond Bar at ~1200 ft. altitude. Take out the garage, and the house is ~1400 sq ft, with half that having a vaulted ceiling. Maybe 10 degrees hotter and colder than LA. Cheap ass house built in the 80s with single-pane windows and R-30 in the...
  202. Kman

    HVAC Question--Part Deaux

    Some of you will recall I asked for advice on this forum re: replacing my deteriorated flex duct throughout the house. Thank you for your help. The job went beautifully. I fixed hundreds of leaks in the tin work, straightened out runs, eliminated pinch points, etc. Not only has my R value...
  203. Kman

    HH Mapping GPS For Sale

    SOLD! For sale is my old-reliable first mapping GPS--The Lowrance Global Map 100. It is in perfect condition. It comes with a cradle, 1" RAM mount hardware (you need a base or suction cup), 12V adapter and data cable. The screen is black and white, and can be backlit. It holds 750 waypoints and...
  204. Kman

    Leadheads--14 pounds of various colors

    Sold pending funds with one on deck. Too bad this took so long to do. I had to deal with a major flake that cost me several days. Well my brainiac daughter who graduated MIT with a 4.95 GPA found someone as smart and ambitious as she is. Now I gotta pay for a wedding. Let's start off by...
  205. Kman

    Leadhead Grab Bag

    I just poured some more leadheads and as usual have some left over, so I thought I'd make up a couple grab bags. These are "Kman Specials" that I have been fishing for over ten years. Probably caught over a thousand bass and other critters on this color alone. They are candy red with silver and...
  206. Kman

    Calstar Shimano Combo

  207. Kman

    Tons of Rods and Reels

    EVERYTHING IS SOLD No thanks to stangclassic66 who flaked after leading me on for a full week and three phone calls where he told me he was sending payment. Watch out for that deadbeat.
  208. Kman

    HVAC Flex Duct Question

    Hey. Got a question for you HVAC guys. Our house was built in 1987, and the ducts are flex duct with the dreaded gray vapor barrier. Well that barrier has failed everywhere near a light source, of which there are several. I got with the original manufacturer, and they are going to sell me...
  209. Kman

    1000+ Stainless Steel Fasteners and some 5200

    SOLD. Thanks BD. You guys rock!
  210. Kman

    Stainless Fluted Barrels 22-250 Imp and new .223

    Hello there. I'm finishing up selling off my deceased brother's gun stuff to pay his medical bills. All the guns and accessories are sold, but I found these two stainless, fluted barrels, boxed, in the back of his gun safe. Bear with me here, as I'm going from memory. Barrel #1 is a...
  211. Kman

    Leupold 30mm Medium Rings--new

    $30 delivered to your door. Payment by postal money order. New, never opened Leupold STD 30mm Medium Rings (.770"). Matte finish. Part #49956. Includes screws and torx wrench.
  212. Kman

    Mitutoyo Electronic Caliper and Micrometer

    SOLD For sale in Diamond Bar, CA but will ship for $10.00 Postal money order only. I will not split them up. First up is a Mitutoyo Digimatic micrometer with a resolution of .001mm or .00005". Model number is 293-765-30. It was owned by a reloader and has seen very little use. I just...
  213. Kman

    Leupold scopes, Gun vise, Scale, asstd equipment

    Can be available for pick up in Diamond Bar, but I will ship on your dime. $75 RCBS Case Master Gauging Tool #87310. New, in box. Measures: Case neck concentricity Case neck thickness Case length Bullet run-out Detects case head separations Dial indicator included
  214. Kman

    Kimber #84 in 223 and Rem 40X in 22 BR custim varmint rifles

    My brother died, and I'm selling off his guns to help pay his medical bills. With the help of you guys, I've sold most of them, but I have two left. I'm in Diamond Bar, and the gun transfers will take place at Evan's Gun World in Orange, CA. I wish I had all the juicy details on them, but I...
  215. Kman

    What is this stuff worth? Picture heavy.

    Edit: All the guns are sold except for the Kimber 223 and the Rem 40X 22BR. Thank you so much for helping me price these things. I sold most of them through and did the paperwork at Evans Gun World in Orange. OK Here’s the deal. My brother died and I need to sell off his...
  216. Kman

    Selling estate guns

    Well, my bro just died and left a gun safe full of high-end varmint rifles and an AR-15. I was going to donate the AR to the local PD, but what's the best way to sell off the rifles? We're talking all custom rifles built by legendary gunsmiths, with the best optics. 222, 223 (Ackley), 22-250...
  217. Kman

    18' Bayrunner

    SOLD SOLD SOLD! For sale is our beloved Trailer Trash. It's a 1983 18' Bayrunner with a (edit) 2007 50HP Honda outboard along with a 24-volt Minn Kota Riptide trolling motor. It has a custom center console with 17 rod holders and a radar arch. This is an inshore bass catching machine...
  218. Kman

    Slim pickings on the local B & B 6-24

    Fished out of Long Beach Friday, 6-24 with Lal on his boat, the Blow Job, er, the Rubber Ducky. We started out fishing for bass on some local stones off Long Beach. By the time we had ten or so, the barrie fleet was established. Thank God, because Lal was outfishing the crap out of me. We...
  219. Kman

    Snow Camping 2011

    Kind of getting a late start snow camping this winter, but we made it out to Serrano campgrounds at Big Bear this weekend. We got the tent set up on Friday, just as it began to snow. Friday night, there was a full-on blizzard. The winds must have been gusting in the 40's. It was...
  220. Kman


    *********ALL SOLD********* Here's some lightly-used retro furniture for sale. 7' Couch--$100 Solid walnut coffee table and matching end tables--$200 Lamps--$50 or free with the tables. PM me if interested. Stuff is in La Habra Heights.
  221. Kman

    Saved a baby hawk--now what?

    We saved a baby hawk that was being tormented in our back yard by a pair of mocking birds. He's probably a Cooper's Hawk, as they are known to nest next door. Now what? We're in Diamond bar.
  222. Kman

    Transom Mount LED Lights Coming Along

    Ok, I’m making headway on the SURFACE MOUNT LED transom lights. The electronics are tested and done. The prototypes have been working for a few months now. This is filthy water, BTW Here are the first housings—before being anodized. They are to be mounted to the transom...
  223. Kman

    Vacuum Pump

    Hey, I need a small vacuum pump that runs off 120VAC. Borrow for a while, swap for leadheads, go fishing, whatever. It doesn't have to be big, but it does need to be able to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, i.e., pull a major vacuum for degassing purposes. The (bright as the Sun)...
  224. Kman

    Snow Camping

    Hey, does anyone else snow camp? Here I have camp set up in the southern Sierras before last week's storm: In the storm: Winter wonderland--just right for snowshoeing: Anyone else try this crazy stuff?
  225. Kman

    Laptop w/wifi

    Hey: I'm looking for a laptop with wifi I can take on the road. Should be at least XP and be able to read read DVDs, CF cards, etc. Be nice if the battery worked more than a few minutes too. Cash, leadheads, fishing--whatever floats your boat. Need to stay cheap. thanks, Kman
  226. Kman


    Hey: I'm looking for a laptop with wifi I can take on the road. Should be at least XP and be able to read read DVDs, CF cards, etc. Be nice if the battery worked more than a few minutes too. Cash, leadheads, fishing--whatever floats your boat. Need to stay cheap. thanks, Kman
  227. Kman

    Above-Water LED Squid Light

    Just in time for the season, I finished up another squid light. Particulars are on the Classifieds board.
  228. Kman

    Squid Light: 54 High Power LED White and Green

    Edit: This is still available. Hey Squid makers: Leave your generator and 120 volt stuff at home. Here’s the latest creation—same as the last one--a 54-LED 12-volt squid light. It has white and green LEDs and is switchable between them. Each color is switchable low (3.5...
  229. Kman

    Leadhead Grab Bag 110 heads for $120

    How about this leadhead grab bag? All have Mustad 32786BLN Wide Gap hooks and are my patented candy red with glitter. 25 .5 oz 3/0 25 .75oz 3/0 and 4/0 25 1/0oz 4/0 15 1/5oz 4/0 10 2/0oz 5/0 10 2/5oz 5/0 and 6/0 All for $120 shipped to your door. Any takers?
  230. Kman

    What color for underwater lights?

    Well, I know I can blind fish with white LEDs, but I see blue and green are also used. So what is your preference? Cool White (~6500 deg Kelvin)--pictured below in filthy green water. Blue (~485nm) Royal Blue (~465nm) Green (~535nm) Also, how many amps can you afford? Shown in...
  231. Kman

    Bassing PV With My Girls 12-21

    Fished with my girls on Monday. We launched from S Shores ramp at O dark thirty so I could get a pic of some transom lights I had made. The water was filthy, so there wasn’t much light penetration at the ramp, but the results were spectacular outside in the kelp. We got a good sunrise...
  232. Kman

    LED Transom lights--Tell me what you want

    Ok, you guys finally talked me into making some surface-mount underwater LED transom lights. There are already plenty of them out there, so I will aim for the Tim Taylor end of the market--brighter and more power—as well as see if I can lower costs. What I need to hear from you guys is...
  233. Kman

    Need Mill or NC for a Couple LED Prototypes

    Hey there: I have an idea for an underwater LED light from Hell (something you guys have been asking me about for years), but first I need to hollow out a couple pieces of, say, 3/4" thick aluminum. A regular mill would do the trick, but an NC is more fun to watch :). We can work out payment...
  234. Kman

    65 1/2 oz Leadheads for $50

    Woops, forgot the little ones. Here's 65 .5oz leadheads with Mustad 3/0 Wide Gap BLN coated hooks. Color is my patented, fish killing Kman Special. No photoshopping here--they really are that shiny and glittery. $50 picked up or $60 Shipped. You can add 3/4 oz (3/0 or 4/0) heads to this...
  235. Kman

    Big Leadheads Plus Big Hooks=Big Fish

    I put BIG hooks in new batch of leadheads today and have a few extra, so here's what I'll sell: 15 1.5oz 5/0 Mustad Wide gap candy red "Kman Special" 15 2.0oz 6/0 Mustad Wide gap candy red "Kman Special" 15 2.5oz 7/0 Mustad Wide gap candy red "Kman Special" These are big rascals and will...
  236. Kman

    Leadheads--Mix of 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5oz

    Got too many of these too. All Special process applied and cured candy apple red (Kman Specials) with prism and sparkles. 25 1.5oz 4/0 Mustad 32786BLN Widegap Hooks 25 2.0oz 5/0 Mustad 32786BLN Widegap Hooks 25 2.5oz 5/0 Mustad 32786BLN Widegap Hooks These things are proven fish killers...
  237. Kman

    100 3/4 oz Leadheads For Sale

    Edit: Feel free to change color ratios, as the ones I have left are unpainted. You can change quantity too so long as minimum is 50. Once again, I went a little overboard making 3/4oz leadheads for the Trailer Trash, so I thought I’d sell off some excess. Here’s 100 ¾ oz shad heads with...
  238. Kman

    50 1oz Leadheads For Sale

    Edit: Feel free to change color ratios, as the ones I have left are unpainted. Well, I restocked the Trailer Trash with leadheads and went a little overboard, so I’ll sell off some excess. Here’s 50 1oz shad heads with 4/0 Mustad Wide Gap BLN hooks. Colors are Candy Red (Kman Special) with...
  239. Kman

    4-Season Tent

    I used to snow (storm) camp and the kids say they want to try it. Problem is, all we have is a straight-sided cabin tent soooooooo, I'm looking for a 4-season tent that'll sleep 3.
  240. Kman

    Monster LED Squid Light

    I’ve got another monster LED squid light for sale. It has 54 high-power LEDs; half white, half green. It is switchable white/green; high/low each color and has a retina-burning “both” mode. Amps are ~3.5 amps either color on low, 7.5 amps on high, and ~15 amps on retina burn. It runs on 12...
  241. Kman

    Enco Vertical Mill

    Like the lathe, Dad and I aren't using the mill much these days, so for sale is an Enco 1526 mill like this $5,600+ package Enco - Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Machinery, Measuring Tools, Cutting Tools and Shop Supplies for $3,000. It's three phase, 208 volt with 120 volt power feed and...
  242. Kman

    Hardinge Bros Super Precision Tool Room Lathe

    SOLD! God I hate to do this, but I hardly use the thing and my dad can’t anymore :(. We’re selling our cherry condition 1983 Hardinge Brothers Super Precision Tool Room Lathe model HLV-H. We bought it in 1988, and has since only seen VERY LIGHT use. It runs on 208 3 phase with 120V for...
  243. Kman

    Need Intern Position for Brainiac Daughter

    Hey there: I don’t know if she’s landed one yet or not, but my daughter is looking for a Summer intern position at an engineering or some sort of tech company. She is a freshman at MIT, and although they moved her up in math (multivariable calculus) and English, she still got straight As...
  244. Kman

    Rewiring? ~6000' of boat wire for sale #16-1/0

    Hey guys. Thought you'd like to know I'm unloading a bunch of boat wire for dirt cheap. It's in the classified section. Boat Wire Blowout! #16-1/0 - Bloodydecks Classifieds Kman
  245. Kman

    Any interest in WARM WHITE LED Interior Dome Lights?

    Now that high-power warm white LEDs are out, is there any interest in converted interior dome lights? I’ve been testing the warm white LEDs that are out there and they are marvelous for interior lighting. No more bluish tint that makes colors hard to discern. These rascals are true...
  246. Kman

    Need a bait tank cheap

    OK, you guys are killing me with your YFT bait catches while we drag lures around for zip. OK, we caught a couple. Sooooooo, I'd like to put a TEMPORARY bait tank capability on the Trailer Trash. Anybody have a 1-scoop or less tank laying around? We can talk about a trade for something...
  247. Kman

    LED Squid Lights are Back

    Hey there. Well, we got the knucklehead all set up in her dorm at MIT and school's about to start for the other one so I can make a couple more squid lights. Like the last one I made, they will consist of 18 high power white and 15 high power green LEDs. Each color will be switchable...
  248. Kman

    Tuna fishing around the 182 Sat, 8/23

    Dan and I decided to hit Saturday’s (predicted) weather window and try some tuna fishing. We launched from S. Shores ramp in SD ~0400 and drove off into the night and Lake Pacific. Boy that radar sure works nice in flat seas. We arrived below the 182 on the Mex border and started...
  249. Kman

    Tuna fishing with the girls 8/12

    Well, junior’s going off to Bahston on Saturday for college, so I figured it’s now or never to get her and her sister on tuna. They are veterans of the 3Bs, but have never been more than 6 or 8 miles offshore. This would be their first time chasing tuna. I woke a couple tired...
  250. Kman

    Off to the 182 Tuesday

    I'm gonna try putting the girls on exotics for the first time. They don't have mex permits, so I'm thinking launching from Dana and heading to the 182 or thereabouts. We'll be on 69, 72 and 16. Boat is Trailer Trash. If anyone wants to fish cooperatively, I'm game. We'll be launching from...
  251. Kman

    Congrats to the Graduates

    Congratulations to all the graduates and their parents and teachers. You guys and gals worked hard for it. Was pretty proud watching my oldest giving yet another speech to a couple thousand people last night (she's the Prez), but it was sad knowing it would be her last at this school. Props...
  252. Kman

    LED Squid Lights Ready for Prime Time

    OK, I have the LED Squid lights figured out. They will be switchable between white and green, and both colors will switchable between high and low intensity. White output will be ~3,300 lumens and green output will bright as hell too. Amp draw will be ~4 amps at 12VDC. I can get the white up...
  253. Kman

    LED Squid Lights Almost Ready

    It seems I've got the brightness thing figured out LOL. I swear you could land an airplane in our backyard. You HAVE to use a welding helmet to look at these things--unless you like having a purple spot in your eyes that lasts 12 hours or so. I've got about 80% of the heat and...
  254. Kman

    Best Mothers' Day Gift Ever

    What’s the best Mothers’ Day gift? How about coming out of a coma after being on a roller coaster in the ICU for 8 days? My bro (a great fisherman and hunter) is very ill and all we’ve been getting this week was bad news. It was looking like we’d be unplugging his respirator in the...
  255. Kman

    Looking for CC/CV Bench Power Supply

    Hey guys: My power supply croaked, so I'm looking for a 0-30VDC (50V ok), ~0-5A (10A ok) constant voltage or constant current power supply kinda like this one: . Will trade for bass trip or ??? Thanks, Kman
  256. Kman

    LED Squid Lights--Design your own

    As many of you know, I’ve been playing with high-power LEDs for some time now. Some of these rascals are so bright; I swear they are little friggin pieces of the sun. I use a welding helmet when I have to do close-quarters work when they are on. So I have a question for you: If I was...
  257. Kman

    Catalina & PV on 4-26

    Dan and I took the Trailer Trash to Catalina 4-26 to get some bass and bones. Short Version: Boat Ride! Long Version: L O N G Boat Ride! That’s pretty much it. We had 59.7 degree water on the backside and 60.4 on the front. Had some current on both sides, but only three bass...
  258. Kman

    The OC Coast--4/19

    Dan and I decided we needed to fish new areas so on Saturday we launched out of Dana Point and headed up and down the coast. It was kinda weird fishing an area you aren’t familiar with. All I can say is thank God for radar, GPS and a good fish finder. We started out on a kelp border and...
  259. Kman

    A Tale of Two Saturdays. Caught Big Moe, Kinda...

    Well my hard drive had “issues” so here’s a couple late reports. Sat, 4-5: I fished the Trailer Trash solo, buddy boating with Lal and Cory on Lal’s rubber boat, the Blow Job. The water at PV was a frigid 53.1 degrees and the fishing was horribly slow. I managed 17 bass all day...
  260. Kman

    Any Interest in Underwater High Power LED Lights?

    Hey gang: I’m writing this to see if there’s interest in underwater LED lights in the 600-1200-1800 (or more) lumen range. I’ve had the LEDs and power supplies blazing away for several months now, proof testing them, but have yet to make an enclosure for them or work out thermal & boat...
  261. Kman

    Wrap my Sabre B710 for some fishing trips & $$$

    NEVERMIND! I picked up a Sabre 710M 10' E-Glass rod at FH. I'd like to have it wrapped (nothing special) as a light jig stick in exchange for a couple all-inclusive bass trips on the Trailer Trash plus a little sumthin/sumthin . Interested? Kman PM me if interested.
  262. Kman

    Inshore Long Beach--Saturday, 3/8

    Dan and I took the Trailer Trash out for an inshore trip on Sat, 3/8. We launched out of S. Shores ramp in LB around 0500. We buddy boated with Lal and Cory on Lal’s boat blow up boat. Fishing started out s-l-o-w in the 56 degree water. The water was dirty green and there was a...
  263. Kman

    Calm Before the Storm Fishing, 2-2

    Dan and I fished Saturday, 2-2, buddy boating with Lal and Cory in Lal’s rubber boat, the Blow Job. The weather was beautiful all day. Water temp at PV was 55.8 degrees and the current couldn’t make up its mind till the PM, when it became a ripping downhill one. Funny how the...
  264. Kman

    New Year's Eve Long Beach Inshore Fishing

    Dan and I fished Long Beach inshore on 12-31. We buddy boated with Lal. It was blowing (Santa Ana) like a mother at my house, but luckily it was calm at the ramp and the ride out was uneventful. The obligatory sunrise pic: The fishing started off pretty good, but it turned into a...
  265. Kman

    Friday 12-28 Inshore Ice Fishing

    Sorry for the late report. Good ol Time Warner took 4 days to get internet service back up and running in our neighborhood. Fished with Lal in his blow-up boat on a COLD Friday, 12-28. We launched from a COLD S. Shores ramp rather than Davies so we wouldn’t have to drive so much with that...
  266. Kman

    Inshore Smorgasbord 12-23

    I fished a half-day with Lal on his blow-up boat the blow job, er, the Rubber Ducky, at the usual places out of Long Beach on 12-23. First, the sunrise Before the sunrise, there was a beautiful moonset, but I just couldn’t keep the camera still. Dang. We started fishing...
  267. Kman

    PV With Heymon 12-15

    Fished PV with Andre (Heymon) on the Trailer Trash from before sunup to after sundown in beautiful weather and 57 degree water. We buddy boated with Lal and Cory. Fishing was OK with ~40 fish on the boat—all released. Highlight of the day came when I brought a medium-sized mackerel to...
  268. Kman

    Frustration in PV 12/3

    Fished with Lal in his blow-up boat on 12/3. We figured what the hell as it looked to be the only fishable day for the next week. The harbor was 55.8 degrees and whitecapping. Surprisingly, it warmed to 58 degrees and there was no wind at Pt Fermin. Go figure. Got a sunrise...
  269. Kman

    Izor's and PV on 11-25

    Fished with Lal again in his blow up boat on Sunday. We launched from Davies and headed for Izor's. There was a nasty, leftover lump coming from the south so we had to take it slow getting there. Got a nice sunrise: Fishing at Izor's was tougher than tough. We had to fight for each...
  270. Kman

    Catalina and PV 11-23

    Thought I’d get this report in quick. Fished Friday, 11-23 with Lal in his blow-up boat the Blow Jo…. er, the Rubber Ducky. We lunched from Davies and made it to the west end in pretty good time. It was 48 degrees this AM at the house, so I threw the face mask in my dry bag...
  271. Kman

    Izors, Shoe, PV & the Wall on 11-17

    Fished all over LB & PV with Dan in our boat, the Trailer Trash, on Sat, 11-17. We buddy boated with Lal and Cory in Lal’s blow-up boat, the Blow Job, er, the Rubber Ducky. We launched from Davies, and after stopping at a boat we thought was in trouble, headed out to Izors. We hit a...
  272. Kman

    Seeing Red in PV 11-7

    Fished PV with Lal in his blow up boat on 11-7. When we arrived at PV there was a ripping downhill current. It lasted all day, irrespective of the tides. Water temp was 59 degrees and the water was clear out deep (90’) and greenish towards shore. We set up a drift in our usual spots...
  273. Kman

    No SMB Critterfest for Us 11/3

    Thought we’d try a new area. Having read several (and once experienced) Vince’s “SMB Critterfest” trips, I thought we’d give it a go. Dan and I launched out of MDR and headed to some promising areas. It felt spooky driving into the night/fog, having never driven the area before, but...
  274. Kman

    10/28 at PV

    Finally got a chance to take the Trailer Trash out with Dan on Sunday. Thought it was a fitting way to spend my wife’s birthday LOL. We launched from SS and were feet wet a little before 0600. We made it to PV and began what was to be a slow pick on the bass. We were buddy boating with...
  275. Kman

    9-17 371 & Coronados...The sea was angry that day

    I fished Monday, 9-17 with Lal on his blow up boat. We wanted to get one more trip in before this big storm hits later in the week. While the weather forecasts (NOAA and Buoyweather) were rather benign, it turned out to be anything but. We arrived at SI at 0500 and there was a good stiff...
  276. Kman

    Smorgabord at the 371 on 9-6

    Edit: Mods: Please change Smorgabord in the title to Smorgasbord. Duh! Fished with Lal in his blow-up boat on 9-6. We launched from SI at 0500, baited up and were at Pukey at graylight. Gave Pukey a quick dean troll for nothing then headed for the 371. It was lifeless around the 425...
  277. Kman

    3Bs and Tails at the Rockpile and Pukey 8-24

    Short and sweet. There were tails galore at the Rockpile in the AM and at Pukey between 1100 and noon. Don’t know about the PM bite as we ran out of bait. Fishing was great. GO NOW. Thanks again for the invite Lal. Must sleep now…
  278. Kman

    Submerged bait pumps keep croaking

    Tailman’s Rubber Ducky likes to eat the submerged (transom-mount) bait pumps (Rule 700s and now 800s). They always fail the same way, corroding away the lower shaft, leaving the impeller in the housing with nothing to spin it. Seems he has some electrolysis/galvanic issues as this...
  279. Kman

    Coronado 3Bs and Tails 8-16

    Fished for YT with lal in his blow-up boat Thursday, 8-16. Left his house at 0300, launched at 0500, baited up and were slow-trolling deans at Puky at 0600. Not much going on at Puky other than bones so we headed over to S Island where we had scored on the last trip. Caught some bass, bones...
  280. Kman

    7-31 Limits 'O Tails at the 'Nados

    ….Well, almost limits. You’d think Lal and I, with ~110 years between us, could count to ten. You’d be wrong. Anyways, we fished the Coronados on Lal’s blow-up boat Tuesday, 7-31 as we had heard there were tails to be had at the South Kelp. We launched from SI...
  281. Kman

    7-28 PV/HTB Bass & Cuda

    Fished HTB and Long Beach inshore with Lal and his blow-up boat Saturday. We started at PV, and while the current and temps were right, the fish just wouldn’t bite. We caught a couple, then bagged it and headed for the cuda fleet at the east ‘shoe. We had heard there were bass...
  282. Kman

    7-24 182 Area Marlin, Then Bupkis

    Fished with Lal and his kid on Lal’s blow-up boat 7-24. Lal had some hot numbers he got at Zubies from a guy named Salami, Saluchi or some such thing. These numbers (39/34—something like that) were so hot, there was no need for an early launch he said. We met at Lal’s...
  283. Kman

    Long Beach/Htg Beach Inshore 7-21

    Fished Long Beach/Htg Beach inshore with Dan on the Trailer Trash on Saturday. We started out at the ‘Shoe and there were plenty of fish on the meter. Only a few bass wanted to bite though. We didn’t find any rock pile worthy of anchoring up-current and dropping in the chum...
  284. Kman

    Need recommendations for non-skid coating

    Hey: I need some recommendations for a non-skid coating to put on the Trailer Trash’s cockpit floor. The floor material is ¾” plywood with some sort of (well-worn) matting on it. It's about 20 square feet. When we bought the boat, I epoxied the underside and (heavily)...
  285. Kman

    Albies: Go South, go Long, or stay home.

    Hey: Just got back from 10 hours of trolling from the border to the 182 to most of the way to the 181 and back. Ninety six lumpy, windy miles... FOR NOTHING! Bupkis! Zip! Nada! Didn’t see one fish caught all day--but lots on the meter. Water was rough all day too...
  286. Kman

    Another 182 report. Plugged the boat on 7-10

    Fished around the 182 with Lal in his blow-up boat on Tuesday, 7-10. We dropped in the jigs SW of the spot (38 over 43) around 0630 and started trolling. We got a double w/in 15 minutes. We trolled toward the high spot and counted thirtysomthing boats in the fleet. We didn’t see much...
  287. Kman

    PV Bass and Horseshoe Barrie Bonanza 7-7

    My girls and I fished PV and the Horseshoe on Sat, 7/7. We launched out of SS at 0500 and hit PV. Fishing was slow. At slack tide (~0800) we only had a dozen fish on the boat. There wasn’t much size to them either, but when the kids are fishing, they’re all good. The...
  288. Kman

    Laguna to Barn Kelp, 6-21

    Went fishing with Frankenstein in his blow-up boat Thursday. We launched from Dana Pt at 0500 and headed for Laguna. The water temp dropped like a stone as we rounded the point. This can’t be good. We threw plastics from Salt Creek to the hospital for maybe a couple little...
  289. Kman

    Bass & Barries at PV and the Flats 6/16

    Took the youngest knucklehead out fishing again last Saturday, 6-16. The low tide was one of those doozies, so I told her we needed to launch either at 0400 or 0800 to miss it. Without hesitation, she said: “Let’s go at four o’clock.” Cool! We launched out of S...
  290. Kman

    6-12 PV Bassing and Shoe Cuda

    Took Knucklehead #2 out fishing yesterday. We buddy boated with Tailman and his blow-up boat. FINALLY got to use the big LED arrays I’ve been making. Oh man do they light up the boat, and they do it for a measly .5 amp each. These are gonna be great for night fishing. We...
  291. Kman

    6/2 PV Snot Stick Extravaganza

    Fished again with Lal in his blow-up boat Saturday, 6/2. We launched from South Shores ramp at 0500 and went to one of our bass spots at PV. We caught maybe ten there then went to Pt Vicente as we had heard the jumbo squirts were being caught there on previous days. No love on the squirts...
  292. Kman

    5-31 Catalina WSB Chase

    Well Lal called the other day and asked me to do something I said I’d NEVER waste time and lose sleep doing again: chase that mythical creature, the White Sea Bass. I told him forget it and instead sleep in, then pop a Corona in the back yard and look for unicorns. His chances of spotting...
  293. Kman

    DP Memorial Day Kid Fishing

    Took my daughters out of Dana Point Memorial Day to do some local fishing. I don’t know the area at all, but thought we’d play there anyway. We launched around 0500 and headed for the domes. We stopped just short of the power plant at some kelp and caught all the short barracuda you...
  294. Kman

    Thirty Pound Surprise... PV 5-27

    Fished with Lal in his blow up boat Sunday, 5-27. We went all over PV for a nice mix of fish. Fishing was slow all day (we quit at noon), but we picked one here and there in ~60 degree, dirty green and red tide water. I was up first with a nice 3 pounder on a freshly—poured Haloween...
  295. Kman

    Some days the bear gets you... PV 5/20

    Well I guess you should post the bad ones… Met Boswell at SS ramp at 0400 and we fished the PV area. The forecast was for a 4-6’ swell @ 8 seconds, so I recommended Jay take seasick meds just in case. It seems he took sleeping pills instead. Here he is sound asleep. I tried to...
  296. Kman

    OTW Report for PV 5-11

    Hey there. Lal (Tailman) just called from PV. Fishing is terribly slow and the water is cold as a witch's tit (hey, I can say that here :finger: ). Water temp was 51.5 degrees (that's not a typo) this morning and it's up to 52.6 degrees at 1225. They had one flurry on the bass that lasted...
  297. Kman

    PV Bassing 5/6

    Fished PV with Dan on the Trailer Trash today. I couldn’t wait for that stupid dove to hatch and raise her babies, so we evicted her. We moved her nest to the top of a nearby shed, but she would have none of it. Lesson: don’t get between me and fishing… We buddy boated with Lal...
  298. Kman

    Hit and Run Hell

  299. Kman

    Shock Absorbers for Pedestal Seats

    Ok, I’m getting whinning complaints from the front seat passengers on the TT. Seems while under way in bumpy water, their colons are being shoved into their throats :rofl: . Hey; it doesn’t affect me, standing behind the helm, but they’re complaining. Soooooooo, what kind of...
  300. Kman

    Trailer Trash hits PV Again--4-28

    Dan and I Fished PV Saturday on the TT. We met up with Lal and Cory (our buddy boaters) at SS ramp at 0430 and headed out. Weather was overcast and a bit chilly all day, with 20kt winds kicking up in the afternoon. The morning started out hot, with a big Halloween curly tail getting a nice...
  301. Kman

    Trailer Trash is Back--100 fish day at PV on 4-25

    Lal and I took the new-and-improved Trailer Trash to PV Wednesday to try out a different prop for the new Honda and do some fishing. We launched from S. Shores and headed out to PV. Nice way to start the day We got to our first spot and the fish were showing on the meter, but they...
  302. Kman

    Got the LED High/Low Thing Figured Out

    Hey, I’ve got the high/low thing figured out. High: Good for fishing and whatnot. Low: Good as a night light and for running at night w/o blowing your night vision. All it takes is a SPDT (three position) switch--High Off Low. Shoot, on the 66 LED monster light, I could...
  303. Kman

    Rail-Mounted LED Lights

    A few of you guys asked me to make LED floodlights for temporary mounting to rails during bugging (or whatever) outings. Here is what I came up with. Please ignore the POS box. I got greedy and tried to put too many LEDs in it and ruined it. I'm putting really tough and non-corrosive...
  304. Kman

    LED Light in a Cuddy

    Thought I’d try out the 18 LED fixture I make in a cuddy cabin. I placed the unit above the doorway facing forward. Not bad for 120 milliamps—just over a tenth of an amp, roughly one tenth the power draw of a typical interior light. The 18 headed monster is the guy on the bottom...
  305. Kman

    LED Deck Light Actually on a Boat

    Finally got a chance to try out the 66 LED deck light on a boat. Gotta say it was everything I had hoped. The distance to the transom was 10’ on this boat and the whole cockpit was lit well enough to fish from. The only thing I noticed was that there was a definite shadow (as...
  306. Kman

    LED Decklight V2.0--She's Getting Bigger

    And so it begins. The mother of all LED decklights—so far at lest :). Just the lenses are mounted as I'm waiting for a bunch of electronics to bulletproof the thing. It’s 2” X 4” X 2” (HWD) with 66 LEDs. 45 of them are facing forward, 6 ~30 degrees right, 6 30 degrees left and 9...
  307. Kman

    LED Decklight V2.0

    Woops. Looks like this should be in the "Check Out My Boat" section, so I moved it. Mods: Please gas this thread. Thanks and sorry for the hassle. Kman
  308. Kman

    Any Interest in Monster LED Floodlights?

    The LED floodlight V1.0 and 1.1 thread (at Allcoast) seemed to have gone over pretty well, and both the 12 and 18 LED fixtures were quickly sold--the 18 LED fixture lit up my kitchen--albeit dimly. I believe the 18 LED fixture sold here on BD. Here is what it looked like: Once...
  309. Kman

    Catalina and PV 1-10

    Fished Catalina with Lal in his blow up boat on 1-10. Yellowtail was the targeted species, but this was also a shakedown cruise as we had just done a bunch of work on the boat, giving it a new electrical system, new pumps and a seal kit on the steering ram. We launched From Davies around...
  310. Kman

    Catalina After Christmas Yellowtail Special 12/26

    Fished for yellowtail with Lal in his blow up boat Tuesday, 12-26. We bought a half scoop of horse deans over at Nachos and figured they were big enough so we didn’t make macks. The channel crossing was uneventful in the north breeze. Got a nice sunrise out of it too. The...
  311. Kman

    12/2 PV Santa Ana Bassing

    Dan and I buddy boated with Tailman Saturday and hit PV pretty hard for a tough pick. We made it through the IEDs (lobster pots) and were fishing just before sunup. Lal scored first, getting a 3 pound sportcoat. I scored on the second cast on what I call the MOAB (Mother of all baits)--a...
  312. Kman

    11-19 PV Bassing in the Fog

    Fished with Dan and his bro in law Jeff yesterday on the Trailer Trash. We launched from S. Shores and inched our way out to PV in heavy fog. Man, that stuff was nasty. Guess I need to install that radar… The conditions at PV looked good on paper—good tides, new moon, etc, but we could...
  313. Kman

    Sunday PV & Long Beach

    Will be launching the Trailer Trash around 0430 on Sunday. The plan is to go up and down PV. We'll be on 69. Kurt
  314. Kman

    PV Bassing 11-16 Big Calico

    Well, this was supposed to be a Catalina Yellowtail trip, but the forecast for NW 10-20 w/gusts to 25 nixed that, so Lal and I went bassing at PV instead. It was a cold ride out to PV. Adding gloves and a skiing face mask to the wardrobe really helped. The day started out great as I was up...
  315. Kman

    PV Bass, Barries, Bones and a Butt 11-12

    Thought we could thread the needle between a NW small craft advisory and a Santa Ana, so Dan and I launched the Trailer Trash from South Shores at 0430 Sunday. We made it out to White Point in the dark, avoiding the IEDs (lobster pots) by staying in at least 100 ft of water before heading in to...
  316. Kman

    125 Fish Day at PV 11-5

    Well, we had our 1.5 day to Cortez/Clemente canceled due to weather so Boswell and I took the Trailer Trash out on Sunday, 11-5 in what appeared to be a good weather window accompanied by an 8.2 foot tide swing. Holy crap did we hit the right conditions! Major league downhill current all day...
  317. Kman

    PV/Long Beach Marathon 10/28

    Wow. What a day. Ten species of fish were caught. Fished with Dan on the Trailer Trash on Saturday, 10/28. We buddy boated with Lal and Boswell. I’m not just a boat whore, I pimp too, hooking up Bos with Lal. We launched from S. Shores a little after 0530 and made our way out to PV...
  318. Kman

    10/24 Oceanside 100+ miles for BUPKIS!

    Short version: The temps were there, but not the fish. We did a 100+ mile figure eight for nothing. Regular version: Well, I sorta put the bug in Lal’s ear while fishing last Saturday that the SSTs for Oceanside have held up nicely and there may be one more yellowtail trip to be...
  319. Kman

    PV Bassing and FOG 10/21

    Bassed PV with my buddy Dan on the Trailer Trash on 10-21. We buddy boated with Tailman Lal. We launched from S. Shores and managed to miss all the IEDs (lobster pot buoys) on the way out. Truth be told, we drove in Lal’s wake, hoping he would hit the buoy/rope first LOL . We got a...
  320. Kman

    Oceanside Yellowtail 10-16

    Fished out of Oceanside with Lal in his blow up boat on Monday, 10-16. The day started like last Wednesday: waiting for the bait people to show up. Last week they were 40 minutes late. Today, it was a full hour. Nothing like sitting around blowing good travel/fishing time waiting for someone...
  321. Kman

    Oceanside Yellow Farm-a-Thon 10/11

    Fished with Lal in his blow up boat out of Oceanside on 10-11. Everybody seems to have been catching rat or firecracker yellows lately, so to make it a fair fight, we fished 15# bass rigs all day. The day had kind of an ominous start as there was a pretty good (cold!) wind blowing from the...
  322. Kman

    Broken Record--PV bassing 10-8

    Fished with Lal in his blow up boat at PV on Sunday, 10-8. The AM conditions were tough as there was hardly any current. The water was clear and 63 degrees. We put six bass in the boat in pretty short order including this calico. Then we had a dry spell. Man, we tried everything...
  323. Kman

    PV Bassing 10/3

    Well, it’s not a bug post, but here it is anyway. Lal and I fished PV on the Trailer Trash Tuesday, 10-3. At least the sunrise was nice. There was a great downhill current and the water temps ran 63 in the AM to 66 in the PM. The water was soooooooo clear it wasn’t...
  324. Kman

    Izors, Pipe and PV 9-29

    Fished with Lal again in his blow up boat Friday, 9-29. First stop was Izor’s. It was 66 degrees and foggy as hell. Though the meter showed some fish, we didn’t even get a bite. Next was the pipe off Newport. 66 degrees and lifeless again. We fished it hard from 50’ to...
  325. Kman

    Palos Verdes PM 9/23

    Fished with Dan on the Trailer Trash Sat, 9/23. We hoped the weatherman was wrong, cause the wind forecast was awful. Santa Ana winds are hard to predict in specific areas, so we went anyways. It turned out to be a good call, as the weather was beautiful. We launched from S. Shores a...
  326. Kman

    Mods: Please change....

    Hey Moderator Please change the title of my fishing report called Catalina 9/9...The Report to Catalina/PV Marathon 9/20. I spazed out on the auto fill-in while typing the title. Thanks
  327. Kman

    Catalina PV marathon 9-20

    Did a fifteen-hour tour with Lal (Tailman) in his blow up boat on 9-20. We launched from Davies at 0500, grabbed a scoop of bait and headed for the west end of cat. We were greeted with white caps and pretty nasty conditions about half way over, so we altered course to the island proper to get...
  328. Kman

    9/9 No Love at Catalina

    Fished with Lal (Tailman) on his blow up boat on 9/9. The plan was to hit the YT at Catalina. It was a tough call, given the YFT reports at the 43 and 182. We launched from Davies and made it to the bait barges. The macks were thick as fleas at Bill’s, and we made 40+ pieces. Damn...
  329. Kman

    Long Beach Labor Day Wind Report

    Fished the Long Beach end of the Breakwall with Dan today. I was trying to improve on his past two trips--a guy died on his 5-day a few weeks ago, and fishing was so bad on his 3-day last week, a LINGCOD won the jackpot. Well, I didn’t do any better for him. We launched from S...
  330. Kman

    Trifecta at the Shoe 8-25

    Fished with my daughters today. We launched from S. Shores and were at the Shoe by 0600. Man was it dead. We finally found some life, and the first bone hit the deck at 0630. He fell victim to the dark Hoochie daisy chain. Long story short: The bones and barries never massed anywhere...
  331. Kman

    8-12 Kid fishing at the Shoe for the 3Bs

    Had a great local trip with the youngest daughter Sat, 8-12. The plan was to fish the bone and barrie bite at the Shoe as Sarah had never pulled on anything over a few pounds. The excitement started on the 60 freeway as there was a drunk knucklehead busting lanes all over in front of us. I...
  332. Kman

    8-8 Dana Pt--Only Exotic was at the ramp

    I took the daughters (12 and 16) out Tuesday, 8-8 to go for a boat ride and maybe--just maybe--catch an exotic or two. Well, we got the boat ride at least. The plan was to hit the 14 for a couple hours, zipping in to Newport at the first sign of wind, then tour the OC coast. Not an...
  333. Kman

    8-5 Long Beach Inshore and Cat Channel

    Fished with Andre (Heymon) on the Trailer Trash Saturday, 8-5. The plan (to fish PV) was thrown under the bus when Lal (Tailman) told me there was a tourney going on there, so we launched out of Davies and headed for the wall. The trip was further hampered when I couldn’t make any new...
  334. Kman

    7-26 Oceanside Dodos and YTs

    Got a last-minute invite from Lal to do some offshore fishing. Boat whore that I am I boiled on it :). We launched from Oceanside at 0600 and got a scoop of nice, healthy deans. The plan was to go to the 181 then troll to the 182. The bait guy said not to bother going that far—just go...
  335. Kman

    PV, HB Bassing 7-16

    Fished again with Lal in his blow up boat today. We started at PV and were greeted with 60 degree water and a pretty stiff east wind. Yes Martha, the wind was from the east. Go figure. There was a ripping uphill current too. We set up off the palms and I was quickly on a nice one. He...
  336. Kman

    PV, Izors, H Flats 7-13

    Fished with Lal in his blow-up boat Thursday, 7-13. Lal’s truck was in the shop so we used my SUV. Everything hooked up fine, but the electrical harness was too short. Crap. Hey man, this is fishing. We went anyway. Hit the ramp a little before 0500 and were on our way. The...
  337. Kman

    H Flats and Izors 7-8

    First report here. Thought I'd give it a try. Took Jay (Boswell) fishing on the mighty Trailer Trash. We met up at 0430 and were on the water and heading for HB straight away. Stopped along the way in 60 feet and found small sandies that were on the chew. The meter showed some suspended...
  338. Kman

    Thanks to Shark

    Thanks Shelly for being the official greeter on our Wallbanger tourney. It was nice meeting you. Your special way of keeping our raffle tickets safe and warm was really appreciated. My ticket was still smiling the next day. I just hope the wife doesn't notice the envelope in my pillowcase...