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  1. Kman

    Bad day turned good!

    Good report. I’ll keep an eye out for the next one.
  2. Kman

    2-21 Great day at the Shoe.

    We went again today (Monday) for 30 something fish. Tough bite after 9:30.
  3. Kman

    2-21 Great day at the Shoe.

    And what is that growing out of its head? I thought it was an urchin spine, but it had the consistency of spaghetti.
  4. Kman

    2-21 Great day at the Shoe.

    So Steve and I took his Whaler out today to brave the 10-20kt forecasted winds. We went because the forecasted winds were from the north, which is manageable—usually. Winds over 10 kts didn’t materialize anyways and it was a beautiful day. We hit all the named spots, but they just weren’t...
  5. Kman

    Great day at the Horseshoe 2/19

    Nice! Another bud had similar action today as well. We are hoping to go Sunday.
  6. Kman

    DMV suck my little Asian balls...

    Yes. 2013 Yamaha.
  7. Kman

    DMV suck my little Asian balls...

    I brought my sled in from Utah. Went to AAA. No problem with the hang tag issue, but I had to make two trips. First trip was to get my sales taxes paid (I think within 20 days), then the second time when Utah’s DMV mailed me the pink slips 6 weeks later. I had to do the same thing when I bought...
  8. Kman

    Removing bottom paint advice

    The one guy I know that tried sanded off most of the gel coat. Be careful.
  9. Kman

    Local fishing sucks so here’s a video of last time it was good

    Nice to see you are still fishing them even though they are chewed up. They still get bit.
  10. Kman

    Local fishing sucks so here’s a video of last time it was good

    Ya, and this NW wind event is likely to put the kibosh on local fishing for several days.
  11. Kman

    For Sale Furuno FCV 582L Sounder/Fishfinder

    Man, for a couple decades that unit was the gold standard. Coupled with the right transducer, it still would give high end units a run for the money.
  12. Kman

    The sound just got a little tougher.

    Sounds like the old “Spotted Owls only nest in old growth” bullshit.
  13. Kman

    Local fishing sucks so here’s a video of last time it was good

    Mine aren’t just red flakes. They are red, silver and gold flake (two sizes of each flake) and are marinated in concentrated anise. $53 for a bag of 50 shipped to your door.
  14. Kman

    Local fishing sucks so here’s a video of last time it was good

    I wore a GoPro the last time Steve and I had a hundred fish day. That was almost two weeks ago. Oh, and I serviced that noisy reel.
  15. Kman

    2/6, 2/8 and 2/9 Long Beach to Newport

    We were at Izor’s. The fog was bad but not horrible. We headed west and the fog got worse. We have AIS (love it!) but not radar, so we turned around and went towards Newport wanting to avoid the shipping and all those fog horns. One thing we saw on AIS was one of the Catalina boats going...
  16. Kman

    Cat 1/7

    Great minds think alike. My LED SOS beacon (with a flag) arrived today.Though illegal, I’m going to keep the expired flares onboard too.
  17. Kman

    2/6, 2/8 and 2/9 Long Beach to Newport

    2/6. Fished my sled with my neighbor. The plan was to do a big loop from Izor’s to the west shoe and back but the fog was thichernshit so we opted to hit spots south towards Newport and do some mapping of the ARs down there. Fishing was slow as there was no current to speak of. We got like 15...
  18. Kman

    Fishing Long Beach again Tuesday 2-9. Share intel?

    A bud was out today. Weather was awesome but fishing was terrible. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
  19. Kman

    Cat 1/7

    Ya and check your flares. Mine expired 8 days ago.
  20. Kman

    Minn Kota Terrova

    It really helps to have a TM that is compatible with your plotter. You don’t have to use a remote, and you can bounce from rock to rock using the plotter. That said, my Ulterra is not compatible with my MFD, but I wanted the auto deploy and store feature.
  21. Kman

    Fishing Long Beach again Tuesday 2-9. Share intel?

    We’re fishing (probably the shoe) Tuesday, 2-9. We’ll be on 16 or my cell if you want to share intel. Trailer Trash.
  22. Kman

    Izors 2/6

    No. My sled is a blue Robalo, but when I fish with Steve, we look like that.
  23. Kman

    Izors 2/6

    Ya that fog was nasty today. It got worse if you went west, better east (and no shipping traffic) so we hit Newport AR and spots in between. No current and fish weren’t hungry. Only 18 bass on the clicker today—all on my plastics. Going again Tuesday if anyone wants to share info.
  24. Kman

    Slow day at the Horseshoe 2/5

    Fog, fog and more fog for us, though it cleared up as we headed towards plan B—Newport. The ARs and the Pipe only gave up a couple even though the meter was loaded with (unwilling) fish. We ended the day with 18 fish. The boat ran great and thank God for AIS. Going again Tuesday if anyone...
  25. Kman

    Slow day at the Horseshoe 2/5

    Thanks for the report. We are heading out there tomorrow.
  26. Kman

    Fishing Long Beach 2-6. Share intel?

    Taking my sled out Saturday, 2-6. Target is bass plus whatever else wants to bite. We’ll be on 16 (trailer Trash) if you want to share intel.
  27. Kman

    boatus radio check

    The HH site was down for a while. Is it working now?
  28. Kman


    Hey. I’m in Diamond Bar. When my turn comes up, can I borrow the wrenches?
  29. Kman

    UC gp90 monster vs gp reaper

    A bud wrapped a GP90 Mega for me. I used it for the first time a few days ago. I only got a chance to toss 100 gram Snipers with it and it launched them a good 10 yards farther than the 8’ stick I was using. Pretty sure this will be my surface iron stick. I’ll probably have a GP90 Monster...
  30. Kman

    Best saltwater fish attractant gel?

    Concentrated anise. I pour my own swimbaits (Kman Specials), and I started marinating them in anise maybe 15 years ago. We get WAY more bites—especially the multiple ones where it takes two or three bites to set the hook. Once we started using anise we had way more fish come back for seconds...
  31. Kman


    I’d be interested in one of these as I’ll soon be installing one. ...with the fingertips of one hand. Ugh.
  32. Kman

    Redemption Near Izor’s and the Shoe 1/31

    I fished yesterday with Dr Bob. Lost three double trouble rigs to kelp in 90+ feet of water of all things. Ouch!
  33. Kman

    Redemption Near Izor’s and the Shoe 1/31

    Steve has the screenshots, so he’ll have to post them.
  34. Kman

    Redemption Near Izor’s and the Shoe 1/31

    Actually, I’m going to abandon that setup for the double trouble rig because when you get into big fish they fight against each other and can (and will) break the line. Instead of using a 3-way swivel, I’m going to use 2 regular swivels. The main line goes through the first swivel and attaches...
  35. Kman

    Redemption Near Izor’s and the Shoe 1/31

    No, I meant both of us hooked up. Probably happened 20 times today.
  36. Kman

    Redemption Near Izor’s and the Shoe 1/31

    So Steve got a new 600-watt transducer (TM165HW) and we just had to test it out. For science you know. Unlike last week (when I got skunked), we hit a few spots near Izor’s for around 50 bass, then over to the shoe for another 50 or so bass before calling it a day around 1 with 105 fish on the...
  37. Kman

    Izors Bass: Saturday

    Nice! We were out there too and hammered schooling bass here and there.
  38. Kman

    1-4 Long Beach and PV New Years Bass

    I PMd you. 4 inchers are now 90 cents each and 5 inchers are now $1.25 each. Shipping is usually $8.
  39. Kman

    Just Curious..... Why Do They Put The Steering Wheel On The Right Side Of Boats?

    So you are on the dry(er) side going home from Catalina.
  40. Kman

    Good deal on AIS radio

    Could have sworn my buddy Steve bought a Simrad radio with AIS for like $250. Maybe he’ll read this and chime in. I got the full-sized ICOM. No deal there lol. Man I love having AIS.
  41. Kman

    1-21-21 The Shoe. Sometimes the Bear Gets You.

    Fished today with Dr Bob in one of his club’s new Thresher 25CCs in beautiful weather. We fished a bunch of places around the shoe, and while we saw fish on the meter, they had lockjaw. Water temp was 59 and change and there was zero current. We tried jigs, tube baits and my Kman Specials. We...
  42. Kman

    For Sale SOLD-Furuno FCV-582L Sounder $175 obo

    Man that unit was the gold standard for a couple decades. GLWTS.
  43. Kman

    Here I sit, broken hearted

    Thanks. I’d be happy to buddy boat and share intel with you. I would have gone solo, but friends went the prior two days and fishing was beyond slow.
  44. Kman

    Here I sit, broken hearted

    Tried to fish, but never started. Today’s partner (and neighbor) was exposed to Covid. Man this shit is getting old. I just got another 5 gallons of plastic. Guess I’ll pour swimbaits instead. Anybody want Kman Specials lol.
  45. Kman

    Fishing the new Palos Verdes reef

    It was a really slow day according to a couple friends who were out. I’ve been meaning to get over there and make a structure map.
  46. Kman

    Bassing at the Shoe 1-10-21

    The clown head caught the larger models early on. You never know. I just ordered another 5 gallons of plastic, so if anyone wants swimbaits, PM me.
  47. Kman

    Bassing at the Shoe 1-10-21

    Steve and I took his Whaler, the Rocket Sled, out to the shoe for some Sunday bassing. It started off slow in our usual spots in a NNW wind that was capping and pushing us downhill. Seemed like it took a couple hours to get ten fish. It was that slow. This is a broken record, but we just kept...
  48. Kman

    SOLD Trinidad 16a & 20a

    Hey man. Nice meeting you. Thanks for the reels and good luck.
  49. Kman

    SOLD Trinidad 16a & 20a

    Oh what the hell, I’ll take em both. I’ll PM you.
  50. Kman

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Almost listed the YTS as a fav, but man, my gears were NOISY. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  51. Kman

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    TLD Star 15/30 and 20/40. They lasted forever and were cheap. Musta caught a couple hundred schoolie tuna (and a couple accidental 60+ pounders) on those reels.
  52. Kman

    A little Dab will do You - DP 11.29.20

    Nice report. I hooked what I thought was the bottom a couple days ago. It wouldn’t pull up, so I put the boat in gear to break it off. It moved along the bottom for maybe 100’ before I gave it some gas and broke off. I knew it wasn’t coming to the surface on 15#.
  53. Kman

    11-29 Shoe to PV. Better fishing and no fog this time.

    We wanted to do Izor’s/108 area yesterday, but the west wind picked up pretty good by 3 and we cut our day short and headed downwind to the barn. Bummer too, cause the afternoon bite was materializing. Oh, I PMd you.
  54. Kman

    11-29 Shoe to PV. Better fishing and no fog this time.

    My neighbor and I fished the Shoe up to PV again today in great weather but zero current. Outside temp at launch was 42 degrees. Burrrrr. He was around family for thanksgiving, so we treated each other like Typhoid Mary, wearing masks all day which was no big deal. No idea how the pictures...
  55. Kman

    Removeable VHF Radio

    Hard wired as in the power wires? Go to any auto parts store and get a set of male/female 2-pole Packard connectors—or something similar.. Assembled correctly, I would trust them powering a radio.
  56. Kman

    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    She was the sweetest lady and the world is a better place because she was here. Rest In Peace Barb.
  57. Kman

    The Shoe and PV 11-22. So so fishing and limits of nasty fog.

    Finally got back on the water today after taking a few weeks off to get a hernia repaired. Man, it is soooooo nice to be pain free. Anyways, my neighbor and I fished the shoe and PV up to the golf course for just OK fishing. The shoe gave up a dozen or so fish in fairly short order, then just...
  58. Kman

    Trailer boats. leave inspection hatches open?

    Storing your sled bow up, covered, plug out, hatches open will add years to its life.
  59. Kman

    Lame ass excuse not to fish

    I’ve heard some lame ass excuses why people can’t fish—usually family or some other chickenshit reason. This one though, takes the cake: “l fell off a girl’s bike”. That’s Hall of Fame shit right there. You know who you are.
  60. Kman

    For Sale Bnib Trinidad 20A

    Can you wave a wand and turn it into a 16a? I would be on it in a heartbeat.
  61. Kman

    10/10/20 SLOOOOnoW Ester area

    Hey. At least you got out and got some. I’m stuck at home for a bit.
  62. Kman

    Anyone get bit on 40lb+?

    A friend was out at Tanner Thursday on a sportie. There were 2 kite fish plus one bait fish caught on 50#. I don’t know the details on the bait setup. All three BFT were around 150#. Might as well do a fish report for him. Day 1 (9-22) somewhere off Ensenada. WFO dodos and footballs. Day 2...
  63. Kman

    Tranx 400 help with constant water intrusion?

    I bought one of the early Tranx 300s. It started getting sticky after just 2 months of weekly private boat use and failed at 4 months. I never hose my reels. Just spritz, wipe off, pop the side plate and spool and store horizontally on an unused bed. I sent it in to Shimano. They called me...
  64. Kman

    Shoe, PV 9/20

    60-100 for bass, 150-220 for rockfish.
  65. Kman

    Shoe, PV 9/20

    Steve and I fished the Shoe and PV up to the golf course Sunday in perfect weather. Temps were 66 at the shoe, dropping to 62 at PV. Fishing was better at the shoe. There was a slight uphill and in current. There is a crapton of bait out there right now. We spent a good amount of time...
  66. Kman

    What’s wrong with PV?

    We fished local yesterday. The shoe bit well and was 66 degrees while PV was slow and 62 degrees. We didn’t go past the golf course though. Oh we caught a couple Spanish Macks too. Haven’t seen them in ages. Man the weather was awesome yesterday!
  67. Kman

    For Sale Shimano 20/40 tld Star Just serviced PRICE DROP

    Man, I caught a buttload of tuna to 64# (an outlier) on that reel back in the day.
  68. Kman

    Performance improvement plan

    I tried lining my non bass stuff up to figure out what I had. Jig setups need some help.
  69. Kman

    WTB WTB New(ish) or Primo Trini 16a

    Like the title says, I’m looking to buy another Trinidad 16a to fill out the 30# spot in my bait quiver. I’m in Diamond Bar. Whatcha got? Oh not looking to buy from a reel flipper unless you’re willing to show me the insides.
  70. Kman

    Paid off truck. They still have my title.

    Bought a boat and a Yukon out of state in the last couple years. One thing I noticed is that it takes like 6 weeks to get a title.
  71. Kman

    Santa Monica Bay 9/13

    Thanks for the report. Man I miss fishing out there. Lots of good structure, great bass fishing, butts. ...until the drive home to Diamond Bar.
  72. Kman

    Theft Alert - This is why we can't have nice things

    Sorry for your loss. F’n thieves. Some of the manufacturers are coming out with software updates that allow you enter a PIN before the machine will fire up. Steal it, and it bricks. This needs to be made robust and widespread. ...and somehow communicated to the thieves and junkies out there.
  73. Kman

    Lb Sunday?

    It’s going to be hot as hell Saturday night/Sunday. Hottest day in two years they say.
  74. Kman

    Izor’s/Shoe Loop 9/3 in Great Waether

    Took Rich (Taxfree) fishing in my sled yesterday. We started at Izor’s, which was dead. We ended up doing a 40-mile loop to the shoe for 40 something mostly bass to 4 or so pounds. Water temp was high 60s and the weather was perfect. There wasn’t much current to speak of. Fish were caught 50/50...
  75. Kman

    Eating raw fish not previously frozen?

    I had a fishing bud (OG BD member) eat his first bluefin heart right on the spot. Some days later, he started getting these sulfurous burps, then explosive diarrhea. Within hours, he was in intensive care. Doctors said he had a parasite from the bluefin. It cleared, and he has a good story...
  76. Kman

    HB Reefs/Pipe 8/28

    We did Izor’s and the shoe yesterday. Got blown off at noon—probably would have been sooner but we were in a (semi) pilot house. From the sound of things, it didn’t stop blowing. We’re supposed to go again Sunday, but now I’m not so sure. Thanks for the report.
  77. Kman

    Izors 8/28

    Thanks for the report. We did a loop that started at Izor’s yesterday for just a couple there. Man did it blow around noon.
  78. Kman

    Go Get a GoPro Hero 8 Black at Costco! Why?

    I have a Hero 5. The 8 is more powerful and has amazing image stabilization. The only thing keeping me from getting the 8 at that price is the 9 is coming out, maybe next month, and I want to see what new features it has.
  79. Kman

    Inshore Long Beach 8-20. Just OK, but a biggun at the end.

    I have the Lowrance HDS 12 Live. That was the latest and greatest from Navico a year or so ago. Now I think I’d get an EVO 3s.
  80. Kman

    Inshore Long Beach 8-20. Just OK, but a biggun at the end.

    So I took another fishing buddy out bassing Thursday, 8-20. It turned out to be an off day. We fished from Izor’s to the west shoe for right at 25 fish. We started early so we could try glow swimbaits that worked so well the last trip. Not this time. We had a nice uphill current all day and...
  81. Kman

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    Trailer Trash will be part of the shit show on Thursday. Channel 16.
  82. Kman

    San Diego fleet behind Catalina

    I was out today in a 24’ CC at the shoe. Constant 2’ wind waves from the west after 10AM. we saw a few smallish boats HAULING ASS towards the west end. I thought something was up. We’ll be joining the shit show Thursday. Hope Nacho isn’t grumpy at 0330. My new axle with 5-year hubs and new...
  83. Kman

    Hard to find Nomad DTX 165 Minnows at Bob’s Tackle

    Hey. Since they became so popular on the tuna grounds, I’ve scoured the Earth for Nomad 165mm minnows in Sardine color. Jason at Bob’s tackle in Norwalk knows a distributor and he got a bunch in. Now that IGMFU (I got mine, fuck you), he has several 165s left, and two are sardine color, and...
  84. Kman

    8-9 Bass Spanking With Something New

    I fished on Steve’s Rocket Sled today. We usually start fishing in the dark and I thought it would be cool to try glow in the dark swimbaits. So I poured some and took them along. Man did they produce. Not only did they catch the big bass of the day (7#) they caught probably 15 sculpin, a red...
  85. Kman

    SOLD 27’ Custom Aluminum Offshore Fishing Boat “ ALUMINATOR “

    I’ve had a ton of good memories on that boat. Snoozing on chaise lounge pads on the deck. Still remember Dennis tossing a really nice YT I had caught overboard saying “we don’t keep trash fish”. 20 years later, I still call them Aluminator trash fish. Gonna miss you Dennis. He’s one of the good...
  86. Kman

    Any tips for calico bass swim bait fishing

    I poured some glow in the dark swimbaits to try tomorrow before sunrise. Anyone tried them before?
  87. Kman

    SOLD Navionics + West Chip

    ***SOLD***. I have a 16gb micro sd card with the Navionics + West charts. It was in my Lowrance HDS Live. It would work in Simrad units as well. Retails $150 from Navionics. I used this chip to upgrade to the Platinum +, so it will always be a Navionics + chip. $75 picked up in Diamond Bar, or...
  88. Kman

    Swimbaits for Yellowtail

    Perfection loop. Or at least my version of it.
  89. Kman

    Swimbaits for Yellowtail

    I’ve hooked up yellows maybe a dozen times while calico fishing. This guy below is in the teens, but I caught my PB YT (30#) on the same color swimbait while fishing calicos. Yellows are always a welcome bycatch.
  90. Kman

    Amazon Fishing Rods

    Amazon totally f’ed up a rather pricey TV last year. I refused delivery. They just aren’t set up to deliver some items at times.
  91. Kman

    Looking for a couple alarms

    Thanks for the reply. The wiring is the easy part. Finding a two-tone “dee del dee del” alarm that I can hear over my tinnitus is proving to be hard. Something that isn’t a 110 decibel home alarm piezo at least. On the bait alarm side, I would imagine it would tap into the feed side and...
  92. Kman

    Looking for a couple alarms

  93. Kman

    Looking for a couple alarms

    Like the title says, I’m looking for a couple alarms for my sled. The first alarm is to tell me when my bilge is running—and it should never run. I already added an LED , but that’s not enough. Looking for a “dee del, dee del” two-tone alarm as I have trouble hearing monotone alarms over my...
  94. Kman

    Local bass 7-26 Spanked em good.

    With 15# as the main line on this double trouble rig!
  95. Kman

    Local bass 7-26 Spanked em good.

    We’re heading out Tuesday. Hopefully a bait trip to cat, but the weather isn’t looking too hot so we might just do the local thing again.
  96. Kman

    Local bass 7-26 Spanked em good.

    So I boat whored on Steve’s Montauk, the Rocket Sled, today. We hit Izor’s and points east. Izor’s only gave up maybe 20 bass so we started looking. We found them suspended in several spots and the spanking was on until they had moved on. Rinse, repeat. We had 100 fish on the clicker by 10am...
  97. Kman

    7/24 Tuna Skunk but Large Calico

    The big calicos sure bit yesterday. A bud got a 7, an 8+ and a 10+ out of Long Beach.
  98. Kman

    7/24- Izors and the flats

    Nice way to start! Sorry about losing the gear, but if you aren’t getting stuck here and there while fishing structure, you aren’t in the zone. It gets tedious, but before you start pulling really tight when stuck on structure, drive back over it and pull tight the other way. That saves about...
  99. Kman

    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    They are on both sides of Izor’s right now and have been there for a couple months. I counted 4 nets or so the last few trips.
  100. Kman

    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    Kman Special scores again by a fishing buddy. 10#+ Calico this morning, an hour after catching an 8+. They were caught in one of the oceans on earth lol.
  101. Kman

    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    So Dr Bob and I fished Huntington Flats today for a steady pick of big sand bass. It wasn’t the WFO spawn bite (yet) but we managed 71 bass to 6#. Tons of 3s, several 4s and 2 6s. We had lots of aggressive bites on the drop, but Roddy rod holder caught a bunch too. Oh, fish are in deep...
  102. Kman

    SOLD Terez TZC-59HFR trolling rods(2) both for $150

    Thanks for thinking of me. I’m looking for 30-80# thereabouts. The pair of Speedmaster 16IIs arrive today and they need rods!
  103. Kman

    WTB 2 Trolling Rods Needed

    So I could use two trolling rods for my sled. Just need your basic 6.5-7’ 30-80# rods. Whatcha got within driving distance of Diamond Bar? Thanks
  104. Kman

    SOLD Shimano talica 16ii brand new with braid

    Oh snap! You’re only one city away. I don’t NEED this... I don’t NEED this... I don’t NEED this... Somebody snap this up and remove the temptation.
  105. Kman

    Bad water pump/impellor?

    I have to have the earmuffs on just right or my Yamaha won’t drink from the hose.
  106. Kman

    SP Waters Warming Up

    Nice! You want to see nearly every rock out there? Navionics just added “relief shading” to their high end chart cards and mobile apps. Izor’s
  107. Kman

    Dumb outboard question of the day

    Putting a dab of grease on the tips of those trim rams keeps my Yamaha from making a gawdawful squeal when trimming.
  108. Kman

    7/17/20 Go Now

    Of course the fish bite just before a wind event.
  109. Kman

    Video of using Navionics Relief Shading for So Cal Saltwater Fishing

    My Navionics + chip is getting yanked when the Platnium + arrives. This screenshot is from my iPad. Anyone recognize Izor’s? My MFD with structure scan still makes more accurate (better resolution) maps, but these are good enough for most cases. I did notice there are plenty of areas that...
  110. Kman

    Poor fishing but GREAT sightseeing at Catalina 7/16

    Nice getting out. Damn those elusive YT!
  111. Kman

    WTB Lowrance outboard hydraulic autopilot

    Maybe sell your Point 1 for $100 and buy the kit for a grand. Love my Outboard Pilot. Best grand I ever spent.
  112. Kman

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    Wow. Hope there’s more to the story because saying you’re fishing buddies, splitting trip costs equally, used to be the correct answer. F&G would hang out at the bait barge, asking who is paying for what back in the early 2000s.
  113. Kman

    Her First Catch!

    Nice! We started with the Barbie setup. That was some of the best fishing ever. She’s a tech executive now, but she still loves to fish with me. Got her hooked on camping early too. Now she and her hubby go every couple weeks.
  114. Kman

    Rock Addition (South OC) 06.28.20

    At least you got out. I’m on the sidelines for a bit. That barge/crane outfit looks like the one that was making the new PV artificial reef off the golf course. I can’t wait to “mow the lawn” over it and map the new reef.
  115. Kman

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    Never gotten queasy in either. You looking to change boats again?
  116. Kman

    Bazillion barracuda:

    So what’s a Brazilian cuda? A race car driving, hairless fish?
  117. Kman

    Out of State Buyers Flocking to Montana

    The billionaires in Wyoming displaced the lowly millionaires to Montana and us po folk are flocking to Idaho lol. Someplace between Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint in N Idaho for us.
  118. Kman

    For Sale FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    I PMd you. Basically, you PM me a list of what you want. I’ll price it out. You PayPal me, I bag everything up and either ship or you pick up.
  119. Kman

    Sunday 6/21 Shoe and the Snot Stick Navy

    So we fished Local in my sled again, this time with my buddy Steve. We went all over the shoe for a consistent one here, five there bite on mostly plastics. We stopped at the green buoy which was hosting the Snot Stick Navy. Must have been 30 boats there, mostly throwing iron for the...
  120. Kman

    Wide open sand bass bite at the shoe today

    Nice! We spanked various fish out there too today. What great weather!
  121. Kman

    Izors Grumpy Bass

    Good Lord that is a big ass Sandy. Congrats. We are headed out tomorrow.
  122. Kman

    Newport Pipe 6/19

    Nice to get out with family. And throw some fishing in to boot. Another father and I are going out tomorrow for the local 3Bs, as I think Cat is gonna be a shitshow.
  123. Kman

    Long Beach Inshore 6-18. Spanked em pretty good.

    No. We met up with Taxfree. Insults were exchanged, but we could not get the scooters to go.
  124. Kman

    Long Beach Inshore 6-18. Spanked em pretty good.

    Mike and I fished my sled today. Didn’t like the forecast, so we decided to skip Cat and spank inshore fish on artificials instead. The wind direction was as advertised out of the SE, but they Effed up the velocity as usual. I mean white caps exiting HH at 0500. We stayed at the shoe in...
  125. Kman

    6/18/20 Catalina report they are still biting

    Nice! We left HH at 0500 and were greeted with white caps from the SE, so we spanked the bass instead. Maybe Sunday with a thousand other boats.
  126. Kman

    Long Beach 6/17 Fishing Report

    Nice! Good to see the slimers back. We’re heading out in the morning.
  127. Kman

    Fishing 3Bs Newport to PV Thursday, 6-18. Wanna share info?

    The title pretty much spells it out. I will likely be fishing cooperatively with another boat, but the more info the better. Let me know. Trailer Trash on 16.
  128. Kman

    Rod ideas to pair up a Shimano torium 20

    Ditto on the used 800M. Or a used UC Tilefish Jr or Mega. My Torium 20 currently sits on a Phenix 809XHJ.
  129. Kman

    Minn Kota, Motor Guide or Rhodan

    And it integrates with his Lowrance. He can control the TM with his touch screen. Even move from rock to rock. Very cool. I have the Minn Kota Ulterra. It won’t integrate with my Lowrance, but it remotely deploys and stows which is very important to me. I can do the usual stuff with the...
  130. Kman

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    It’s been a million years, but my old reliable was the 3” AA motor oil (could be chartreuse) curly tail grub AKA the Mike Gardner Special on a 1/4 or 3/8 oz football head and 6# line. The football head orients the hook up, lowering your risk of snagging the bottom. Of course about anything...
  131. Kman

    6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Nice job Ryan. Glad you got your biggun. And great report! A bud was trolling a Rapala while skipping a Yummy at the 425 yesterday. The Yummy went unmolested, but a 35# YFT latched onto the Rapala.
  132. Kman

    For Sale Trini and mak

    Do you have the clamp for the Trini?
  133. Kman

    Where can I buy Mexican fishing license

    From the site listed in the posts here? That’s where I got mine last time and need to re up next month.
  134. Kman

    Bait Pump Problem with Acceleration

    The only negative effect I see is you aren’t contributing to the economy as much because you won’t be burning up (and replacing) bait pumps every three trips lol.
  135. Kman

    Bait Pump Problem with Acceleration

    This would be tough to do by hand but doable if you are brave enough. I used a drill press with a vise. And for the drill, I used a short centering bit.
  136. Kman

    Burned on offer up need help

    I bought what turned out to be a Frankenreel from someone here with over a thousand posts. It worked great till it needed servicing. That’s when I found short side plate screws that were glued on, missing and substituted parts inside... Every purchase is a roll of the dice.
  137. Kman

    Newport Beach Pipe

    In order to get to the pipe from Newport, you practically have to drive over Newport artificial reef. Plenty of fishing to be had there too.
  138. Kman

    WTB Trinidad 14a, 16a (or gold) to pair up with a couple UC rods.

    Like the title says, I’m looking to buy a Trini 14a or 16a (or a cherry gold one) to stick on a couple new UC rods. Must have clamp. PM me or reply here.
  139. Kman

    Biting YellowFin

    Damn. Nice fish for early June. Is anything going to be normal in 2020?
  140. Kman

    A good day 5/30

    It’s generally not a good idea to run electronics off trolling motor batts. Modern trolling motors cause tons of electronic noise, sufficient to disrupt and even damage electronics.
  141. Kman

    Bassing PV to Izor’s 5/29

    Fished bass again today with Rich, this time on my sled. Conditions were perfect, but fishing was less so. We managed 38 bass plus some bycatch in 63 degree water. The current was ripping downhill all day and the wind was merciful. Usually conditions like these make for hundred fish days, but...
  142. Kman

    Bait Pump Problem with Acceleration

    The holes in back keep the scoop from acting like a ram, which ruins some pumps in just a couple trips Some pumps say right on them not to use scoops.
  143. Kman

    Fishing Long Beach Area 5-29. Share info?

    Have AIS to keep us from bouncing off the big ships, ferries and work boats.
  144. Kman

    Fishing Long Beach Area 5-29. Share info?

    Hey Bitches. Tomorrow looks like the least sucky weather day of the next few, so we are going to try for the 3 Bs and whatever else wants to bite anywhere from Newport to PV. Anyone else fishing and want to share info? PM me your cell # or call Trailer Trash on 16 tomorrow. See ya.
  145. Kman

    For Sale BNIB Trinidad 20a and Tranx 500HG

    Is there a clamp for the 20a?
  146. Kman

    My quad Rod dryer

    Gotta love a PID for maintaining temperature. I’ve used one for like 20 years for powder painting and reflow soldering. Wifey even uses it for candy making.
  147. Kman

    For Sale FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    Bump for adding my super secret “Clown” leadhead paint scheme. Been using this since the 90s and works when seemingly nothing else does. Cost is an extra 30 cents each as these are a PITA to paint.
  148. Kman

    5-21 PV and Shoe=Major Suckage

    Green at the shoe, dirty at PV and worse up around the corner. Probably explained the 66 degree temps up there. We saw 57 degree water early in the AM.
  149. Kman

    5-21 PV and Shoe=Major Suckage

    We had squid. Didn’t help. How about this: I caught 2 octopus within 30 minutes. On a swimbait.
  150. Kman

    Rpt.-Sat.-05-16-20 Seeing Red, Grey and Calico!

    Man, we hit those same spots today. Major suckage.
  151. Kman

    5-21 PV and Shoe=Major Suckage

    Hopped on a bud’s boat. We fished off Rocky Point. It sucked, but we managed a few meals of bottom dwellers. We fished off PV. It sucked worse. We fished the west shoe. It sucked even worse than PV. Like an hour between a fish sucked. And the west wind blew. Afternoon temps were 61-66...
  152. Kman

    Skipjack 262 Vs. Blackman 26 ride quality.

    Just don’t remove those partitions on multi day trips. We had tuna do the mosh pit thing in the melting ice. They rubbed each other’s scales off and water penetrated the meat. We ended up throwing away all but the last afternoon’s catch.
  153. Kman

    Skipjack 262 Vs. Blackman 26 ride quality.

    I have ho’d on the 262 a couple times and a zillion times on the Billfisher. Similar boats. Great in their own way. Both are very fishy. The Skippy is more family oriented while the Blackman caters more to the hard core fisherman. JMO, but if you’re going to spend weekends at the islands with...
  154. Kman

    05-17 Izor's / Long Beach

    NOAA ( is pretty good about predicting swell. They had today’s swell as 3’ @ 7 seconds which is pretty much what we had today. For once, their wind forecast was accurate too—at least till noon when we bagged it...
  155. Kman

    5-17 Not a bad half day in Long Beach

    So Steve and I fished Izor’s, the 150 and shoe today in his Montauk, the Rocket Sled. Started slow and it was looking like it was going to be a 20 or so fish day as our spots just weren’t producing more than one or two each. We then went out to the 150 to look for life and saw none. Towards the...
  156. Kman

    Rpt.-Sat.-05-16-20 Seeing Red, Grey and Calico!

    Nice haul! We are heading out tomorrow. Looks like the last OK weather day for a while.
  157. Kman

    SOLD 195 Leadheads for $75

    SOLD. If you would like new ones, I’m selling them here These are old leadheads I had laying around in a shed. Some were when I was messing around with new colors. Most are new, never fished, but many of...
  158. Kman

    Prescription Sunglasses Advice

    Costa progressives in a wrap frame here and no complaints, other than shades should not cost 5 bones with insurance.
  159. Kman

    Little WSB at Izors 5/12

    Nice! We fished my boat Monday up to the golf course. The “light and variable” wind forecast could not have been more wrong, but it felt sooooooo good to be on the water. Fish wanted Kman Special swimbaits more than the iron Monday, but I did manage a nice calico trying to get another scooter...
  160. Kman

    Yamaha 250 vs Honda 250 Etec

    Choose a vhf radio with AIS. Amazing technology that compliments radar.
  161. Kman

    Quick report from Horse Shoe 5-3

    Nice job. Did you launch? Anyone know if Sunset Aquatic ramp is open or if there are restrictions?
  162. Kman

    For Sale FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    They aren't vacuum sealed. Just put in zip lock bags. I try to squeeze the air out prior to boxing. If a bag is leaking, transfer the contents to another bag.
  163. Kman

    4/29 COVID CAT

    Nice! I know there was a tanker WSB caught there yesterday.
  164. Kman

    For Sale FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    Not really. *Molds are hard to make *They don’t catch fish any better than my swimbaits *They get wrecked too easily
  165. Kman

    For Sale FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    Quarantine bump. I just bought glitter and worm oil. How gay is that?
  166. Kman

    Cat 4/23

    Nice report. I’d go tomorrow if I had a partner with a positive Covid 19 antibody test.
  167. Kman

    Mustad Sale

    I need another thousand 4/0 jig hooks. Other than Captain Hooks, where can I get a box of 32786BLN? Not the fake Chinese shit either.
  168. Kman

    Tax & License Refunds

    Your car insurance co will likely kick back some of your premium because of lower use. Wawanesa sent us a check just for asking.
  169. Kman

    UC US80 mega and monster.

    For what line class? I’m looking for a heavy 30# bait stick. Will be fishing braid, so I want parabolic, which these rods are. The Monster specs heavier than the Mega.
  170. Kman

    UC US80 mega and monster.

    Same here. I might just get one of each.
  171. Kman

    Ocean Institute’s tall ship Pilgrim Sank

    Bummed. Both our kids did the overnight thing on her.
  172. Kman

    Where to get a Fishing License?

    Buy it online (CDFW) and print your receipt and temporary license. Those are good enough to fish with. A week or so later the permanent one arrives in the mail. One of the VERY FEW things California did right.
  173. Kman

    What are the capabilities of this boat?

    1970s tri hull. Stable at drift and will beat the living shit out of you under way. Kind of a poor man’s Parker lol.
  174. Kman

    Goodbye LOLA

    So sorry Lal. I know what those labs meant to you and Barb.
  175. Kman

    Auto-Pilot Suggestion for 2120 ?

    I have the Lowrance Outboard pilot and love it. Best $1000 I’ve spent on the boat. I’m sure the Simrad does everything better somehow, plus, it has its own head unit .
  176. Kman

    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    Our daughter lives on Telegraph Hill and can see the Bay Bridge. Says it’s weird seeing it with no traffic at all.
  177. Kman

    A way to pass time. What did you get new??

    Looking to get either an 8’ UC Mega or Monster (maybe both) wrapped as I need a solid 30# bait stick for use with braid. Speaking of, which one would you guys vote for? Along with that, I’m going to do some rearranging in my sled’s potty console for more storage. Also adding a two-toned alarm...
  178. Kman

    Are Long Beach boat ramps open or closed due to virus?

    Man, this blows—but I understand. What an unprecedented upset to our economy and lives in general. Going to be A LOT of boats for (fire) sale soon I’m afraid.
  179. Kman

    covid-19 and sport boats

    I read somewhere they were working on a a 15-minute test. I could see LR boats (even overnighters) testing passengers and crew before boarding.
  180. Kman

    Whuutcha mean no mo masks?

    Free the nipple!
  181. Kman

    covid-19 and sport boats

    I sure as hell won’t be going on any sport boats. I have a chronic cough and I’m pretty sure people would throw me overboard lol. Yes, I’ve had the cough checked out by numerous docs. Can the long range boats put O2 and a ventilator next to the defibrillator and teach crew how to intubate? This...
  182. Kman

    Two Mantis Shrimp in a Week

    So we caught another Mantis Shrimp in Long Beach today. Never caught one this far north before, and now two in a week. We messed with him and got him to strike twice, but not on camera. Guess he had stage fright. Dr Bob will post the report, since he caught most of the fish. Bastard.
  183. Kman

    Mantis shrimp, not much else 2/17

    Hey Bob: Thank you for the invite. Great day fishing. Catching could have been better but we’ll get them next time. We tried to get the Mantis Shrimp to snap at a pair of pliers but the little bastard just stayed cocked—probably waiting for some skin to get near him. He was released. Carefully.
  184. Kman

    2/16/20 Cat report (no legal fish)

    Thanks for the report. We are heading out again tomorrow.
  185. Kman

    Puddingstone Lake - Frank G Bonelli Park

    Nice! If you are private boating there, make sure there isn’t a drop of water on/in the boat/motor or they will turn you away. Quagga mussel inspection.
  186. Kman

    Cant post up any pictures!

    Pictures taken on my iPhone 11 Pro (which is all of them nowadays) are too large to upload, so I choose “reduce size” and it loads. BUT, I have yet to get one to load right side up.
  187. Kman

    Getting ready for Montana

    Congrats on your California exodus. We are looking at North Idaho. Remember, it takes much longer to get things done up there as contractors are on “Montana time”, meaning they show up when they want to—if at all.
  188. Kman

    Big, angry bass at Izors 1/21

    Nice job Bob. Wish I was there.
  189. Kman

    Winter Bass local

    I have lost the ability to post pics that are right side up. Seems text only fish reports are in my future.
  190. Kman

    Yes we are messing with the forums layouts 3/18

    Pictures taken with my new iPhone are “too large”, and when I choose a smaller size, they get randomly rotated. What gives?
  191. Kman

    Winter Bass local

    Nice sandy. Went out on the water today, but it was, hard. Why the hell is my pic upside down? Ali!
  192. Kman

    Davies Launch Ramp changes

    Ugh... That is the highest capacity ramp around. Losing it for a year or so (SI style) will be a bear.
  193. Kman

    Jan 11 LB Area

    Retrieved at low tide today. The HH ramp was so slippery, I thought it was covered in anal lube.
  194. Kman

    1-11 Long Beach Bassing. As good as it gets

    Steve caught another one biggun too. But SOMEONE was fishing with chafed line and got himself bitch slapped lol.
  195. Kman

    1-11 Long Beach Bassing. As good as it gets

    Edit: The title should read “As good as it gets for January”. Steve and I fished inshore on his rocket sled Montauk today. The plan was to go south to Newport to see different real estate. Thankfully, we were in touch with Lal and Cory on the Rubber Ducky who told us they were at the pipe and...
  196. Kman

    1-4 Long Beach and PV New Years Bass

    Just got home from a 120-fish day. Will respond soon.
  197. Kman

    1-4 Long Beach and PV New Years Bass

    NOAA weather looks fine. We’re going. Worst that can happen is we turn around.
  198. Kman

    1-4 Long Beach and PV New Years Bass

    Hey BD is working again. So Steve and I fished local on my sled Saturday, 1-4. We headed out at grey light so we could see the gauntlet of lobster buoys. We started at the shoe and it was very slow, with a couple here and there. We picked our way up PV where it wasn’t much better save for one...
  199. Kman

    BD Freezes

    Unusable on IOS or Windows.
  200. Kman

    Long Beach Report 12/21/19

    Man it wasn’t sheet glass on 12/22. Blew hard from the east all morning, and those wind waves were made more steep by going against the current. Ugh.
  201. Kman

    D P 12.14.19; poor conditions, had rEEL fun though

    That eel looked like fun. We fished on Friday. Channel 16 was lit up with warnings of the upcoming wind/swell event. Glad you got out safely. We had a weird one on Friday. I hooked a calico on a swimbait. Got him a few cranks off the bottom, then another fish bit him and took me for a ride...
  202. Kman

    How did you spend your holiday weekend?

    Snowstorm camping at Big Bear.
  203. Kman

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Travelers

    Thats my first choice too. We rent cabins during storms all the time. Still, I like to get my snowstorm camping fix in a couple times a year. Mine got extended when I tried to leave yesterday, and the only road open had a fubar accident that took like ten hours to clear. I gave up after 30...
  204. Kman

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Travelers

    Easy night. Got up once to piss in the Nalgene bottle my daughter left when she moved out. Doubling up the tent poles really helps with the snow load. Have not been outside, but it looks like we got another 6” or so. Those lumps of snow used to be bushes. I have no idea why the pic is upside...
  205. Kman

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Travelers

    Serrano campground. We got a pretty good dumping (for down here). I hear there is snow about everywhere, so maybe the googans will spread their carnage around. Will probably exit via 18. Haven’t seen snow in the high desert in years. Longer drive, but way fewer idiots.
  206. Kman

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Travelers

    My Yukon is 4X4 with a locking rear diff. That works great for snow. I chain up if there’s ice. All three roads to Big Bear are closed currently. That’s cool, I’m snug in my tent after eating Thanksgiving dinner in a friendly neighbor’s motorhome. I think they felt sorry for me lol. I’m...
  207. Kman

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Travelers

    Before and during. We have around 18” so far and it’s still falling.
  208. Kman

    Happy Thanksgiving Fellow Travelers

    All the best to you and yours.
  209. Kman

    Weather forecast for next week. Rain.. prepare yourself

    I’m waiting. But for the white stuff. Supposed to get 1-3’ and winds 40 G55.
  210. Kman

    Looks Like They're Still Fishing the Same Spot (43)

    Nope. This is best done sober. Supposed to blow 40 G55 and dump 1-3’ of snow the next couple days. Calm before the storm
  211. Kman

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Ya they pound something fierce. Get a suspension seat for you and a guest and you’re golden.
  212. Kman

    Fish 3 times the line test

    Estimated 6 foot thresher shark (tail included) on 6# while fishing for spotties by Pier J—pre 911. Numerous mud marlin same deal. Several BSB estimated 60-75# on 15# bass rigs over the years. Recent best is a 60# BFT (56# bled, gilled and gutted) on 20# Blue Label fluoro. Took an hour or so...
  213. Kman

    Yamaha CL7 display — worth it?

    If you decide to go without, please make sure someone disconnects or plugs the speedometer tube. I rode in a new Key West the other day without any gauges—just had NMEA to the Simrad MFD. Whomever set up the boat didn’t bother to plug the tube. There was saltwater sprayed all over the inside...
  214. Kman

    Looks Like They're Still Fishing the Same Spot (43)

    Yup, crazy here. Probably have a hundred days camping in blizzards. I only go when there’s big storms in the forecast. Wifey and I rent cabins during snow storms as well.
  215. Kman

    Looks Like They're Still Fishing the Same Spot (43)

    I’m looking to indulge one of my more crazy hobbies
  216. Kman

    Looks Like They're Still Fishing the Same Spot (43)

    Looks to be a major snow maker in the mountains and a gully washer in the SD and OC areas. From NOAA discussion: For the latter half of next week a strong disturbance in the Westerlies will carve out a deep, cold, area of low pressure over the Great Basin and Rockies. Even though the center of...
  217. Kman

    Looks Like They're Still Fishing the Same Spot (43)

    You better get out before Tuesday because the rest of the week is likely to be washed out big time.
  218. Kman

    Unbelievable Tuna Fishing in Nov

    Hey Alan. Thanks for the invite. I had a great time, and glad we were able to get that trailer bunk replaced. Till next time, Kurt
  219. Kman

    Limits on Yellowtail 277 Bank 11.18.19

    Nice! Hey, that Robalo R200 with the Yam 200 you were looking at, was it this one?
  220. Kman

    WFO 11-18-19 done by 9 am

    Way to go! STEVE, and all you other pussies I invited to go out today on my sled (and declined with lame work excuses) are you reading this?
  221. Kman

    Athletes and Enhancement Drugs

    Don’t know if they still have it, but they once allowed juiced cops to compete in the Police Olympics. There were two categories: drug free and what my cop buddy called steroid boys. My drug free bud could bench press 460#, don’t know what a juiced up guy could press. Juicing was allowed...
  222. Kman

    11/15 Offshore

    Hey. They went nuts about 3 miles west of the 226 today. Easy limits for some. Looking to do one last hurrah Monday. Want to fish my sled or yours?
  223. Kman

    11.16 226 Limits

    We were in a 30’ boat today and went all the way out to the SSK. There was a decent west swell today, but it was long period and not a factor. It would have easily been fishable in a decent 18 footer today. Monday looks awesome. I’m looking to do a last hurrah in my (or anyone’s) sled.
  224. Kman

    11-16 offshore report

    Nice! We were late to that party (30’ Proline) and most of our bait had rolled. We still managed 7, all over 20# till we ran out of bait. Those numbers had better juju than the previous spot, where we had the worst farm-a-thon ever. Until that event, I hadn’t farmed a single tuna this year...
  225. Kman

    F thieves!

    Or give a customer a straw in a restaurant if he/she didn’t ask for it...
  226. Kman

    Long Beach Bassing 11/9. More of the same.

    Fished with Steve on my sled on 11/9. Wanted to go for those yellowfin off Cat, but could not get enough positive intel, so we went bassing. Found bass here and there, mostly in 100’. Not as many in the column as the last few trips, but we scratched away at them. Nearly all came on Kman...
  227. Kman

    F thieves!

    What an asshole. Problem is, even if he is caught, the worst he’ll get is a ticket. And he knows it. Welcome to the new California.
  228. Kman

    11/2 Shoe Bassing and Rain?

    Jonathan: I meant tuna fishing for us mere mortals was done. Or tuna fishing on my sled was done. I’m happy to ho on tuna trips. Will someone please put a GPS tracker on Jonathan’s rig?
  229. Kman

    11/2 Shoe Bassing and Rain?

    We were both paying our dues to the fish gods that day. Man we went through a lot of gear. A good way to almost guarantee a break off at the hook is to tie a perfection loop at the hook and something like a SD jam knot at the swivel. The hook end knot breaks first 90% of the time.
  230. Kman

    11/2 Shoe Bassing and Rain?

    Dr Bob and I went bassing today in my sled. Launched later than usual so we could see the lobster buoys out of HH. Good God there are a lot! ...and near Nacho too. We hit spots in the middle shoe pretty hard. 60-80’ only produced 10 or so sand bass. Once we got to around 100’, we found...
  231. Kman

    Bassing and whatnot Long Beach 11-2. Share info?

    Double trouble strikes again!
  232. Kman

    Bassing and whatnot Long Beach 11-2. Share info?

    Fishing Long Beach inshore tomorrow (sat). Will share info. Trailer Trash on 16.
  233. Kman

    How do you measure MOA?

    We always did 5-shot groups on varmint rifles and measured center to center.
  234. Kman

    SOLD Like New shimano TLD 2spd $165

    Do you have the clamp for it? If so, I’ll take it.
  235. Kman

    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    I’d rather do both. Tuna trips run $260-$275 in my boat. I budget for several trips.
  236. Kman

    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    We catch bass in good numbers all year. Ho hum as in a bass report when tuna are down south. I wanted to take my boat to SD, but nooooooooo. SOMEONE had family duties. Harrrrrrrumph! We should be doing this!
  237. Kman

    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    25# mainline to 3-way swivel, then 2 different lengths of 15# fluoro to 1 oz leadheads w/swimbaits. It casts like shit (backlashes something fierce) so be careful. Except for casting, fish it like a single swimbait. Oh when you get bit, wait for a few seconds for the second rig to get bit.
  238. Kman

    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    Steve took me bass fishing on his Whaler today out of Long Beach. Izors gave Up maybe 5 fish in the dark, then another 20 in the 105 area after sunup. We finally found willing bass west of there in 80-100 feet. I was fishing a double trouble rig (2 swimbaits) and must have had 12-15 double...
  239. Kman

    WTB Calstar GFGR 800-M

    What the fuck? Nobody has a 800-M bump.
  240. Kman

    WTB Calstar GFGR 800-M

    Bump. Still want another 800-M
  241. Kman

    Which UC Blank Equivalent to Calstar 800-M?

    That’s why I’m asking. Thank you. I’m looking for a solid 8’ 30# bait stick.
  242. Kman

    Which UC Blank Equivalent to Calstar 800-M?

    Hope this is the right forum to ask. I’m looking to get another Calstar GFGR 800-M, but a bud said he’d wrap a UC equivalent for me. So which blank do I get? Thanks.
  243. Kman

    WTB Calstar GFGR 800-M

    No thanks. Not familiar with them. Know and love the Calstar 800-M. Not the deckhand one though.
  244. Kman

    WTB Calstar GFGR 800-M

    Nope. Can’t handle the extra length where I store my rigs.
  245. Kman

    WTB Calstar GFGR 800-M

    Hey. Looking to buy another Calstar GFGR 800-M. I’m in Diamond Bar. Prefer we meet. Shipping is a deal breaker. Got cash or will pay any part in leadheads and Kman Special swimbaits at 30% off. Thanks
  246. Kman

    Runaway Westport Ghost Yacht

    Drove all the way home from San Francisco yesterday and only used the brake/gas pedals to get off the freeway and on the side streets. Automation is great. ....till it isn’t.
  247. Kman

    Get to the tuna grounds 35 knots in about any seas.

    There was a Phalanx aft, the business end of the CIWS
  248. Kman

    Fishing gear taken from driveway in SF

    Sorry for your loss. Were you part of the flotilla watching the airshow? The view from Ghirardelli‘s.
  249. Kman

    Get to the tuna grounds 35 knots in about any seas.

    Was visiting my Tech Mogul daughter in SF and did the Fleet Week tour. Check out this propulsion screen for an Aussie destroyer that’s like an Arleigh Burke light. Mother of all Pilot houses. Mr. Bushmaster says don’t poach my paddy View from her patio
  250. Kman

    Chasing Tuna Wednesday. Buddy boat and share info?

    We’ll be at SI around 0500. Looking for other boats to buddy boat with and/or share info. We have AIS but no radar. Trailer Trash on 16 and 72.
  251. Kman

    Efficient, stable, Trailerable... The soon to be Hobie Trimaran

    Good luck with the build. Older Hobie 16s were notoriously weak and tended to snap in half when under stress. I snapped mine in hurricane gulch in Long Beach way back when. I believe the weak point in the design was the decks were thin, but don’t quote me on that.
  252. Kman


    $350 It does nav too if you NMEA it to a GPS
  253. Kman


    I have a barely used Furuno FCV 628 with P66 ducer that I took off my boat. Edit: $350
  254. Kman

    Ho or Buddy Boat and Share Info 10-8

    Hey, looking to go tuna fishing on Tuesday. First choice is to hop on a larger boat and be a big ol ho—something I am very experienced at. Please PM me if you have a spot. Most recent reference Absent that, I’ll drag my...
  255. Kman

    10-6 Long Beach Bigish Calico Slugfest.

    You know what a calico looks like, though some over-the-shoulder fighting pics could have been good as most of my fish came on straight 10# mono and an 8’3” noodleish UC rod to make it a fair fight. We did get a killer sunrise. Now take me out on that boat of yours and let’s catch some tuna!
  256. Kman

    10-6 Long Beach Bigish Calico Slugfest.

    Soooooo I wanted to fish my boat for tuna Sunday but my partner, Steve, hit me with what BDer Alan calls a “lame ass family excuse” so we fished local on Steve’s sled. We did a loop that was Izors, the 105, mussel farm, 150, then west shoe. It wasn’t so much a quantity day as it was quality...
  257. Kman

    WTB Robalo r200

    There is an active Robalo owners group on Facebook. That’s a good place to look. Northerners winterizing their boats and could be convinced to sell.
  258. Kman

    9/24 YFT

    Hey Ryan, thanks for the invite. That was a great bite at sunup. Highlight of the trip for me was clearing a troll rod when a YFT bit the jig and ran like crazy. Thanks again
  259. Kman

    9/23 - WFO Skippies with some football yft

    What a difference a day makes. Fished Tuesday. We got a blind triple then a quad YFT jig strike then a solo skippy within 45 minutes right at sunup at the 371, then a boatride the rest of the day. Metered almost nothing. Saw nothing. Trolled for hours and hours for nothing. Still got 7...
  260. Kman

    Fair to Middlin Bass Fishing 9/22

    Fished White’s Point to the inside rigs for 39 bass and a sculpin. Nearly all fish caught on Kman Specials. Could have caught more, but my boat is stripped down for tuna fishing so I don’t have the trolling motor (or its heavy batteries) to hold position over stacked up fish, which we found...
  261. Kman

    Fishing Tuesday 9/24. BB, share info?

    We’re launching from SI around 0500 Tuesday. 24’ Skippy FB. Boat name is Yahoo. We’ll be on 72. Buddy boat and share info?
  262. Kman

    9/22 Yellowfin at the Parking Lot

    Glad you got out and bloodied the boat. I vote for the RP knot for spectra to mono/fluoro. Never had one fail. And retie the knot to the hook after EVERY fish. We’re headed out tomorrow.
  263. Kman

    9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    Nice job, and damn that water looks nice.
  264. Kman

    Curado 200 Spool Won't Engage

    Polish only. I used 400 grit sandpaper once and took off maybe a couple thousandths. Big mistake. The spool rattled something fierce. Had to get a new gear set.
  265. Kman

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Are you getting anything over the NMEA 2000 buss? Do you have terminating resistors at the ends of your network backbone?
  266. Kman

    Cutting through Coronados when not planning to fish

    I had a friend fish a “no passport” trip on a sporty—Meaning they were going to fish offshore. They fished the hidden bank area and split the islands on the return. They were transiting only and not fishing. They got boarded, papers checked, and were on their way with APPARENTLY no harm no...
  267. Kman

    WTB Calstar 800-ML

    Still looking
  268. Kman

    Oside Nada 9.16.19

    Fishing at the crack of 8 are we? Just kidding. Hey, at least you saw a paddy. We saw zero on our tour down south. Thanks for the info.
  269. Kman


    The fleet is off Ensenada now.
  270. Kman


    Sounds like Sunday. But without the skippies.
  271. Kman

    Sunday 9-15. 115 Mile Boatride!

    Well the title pretty much spells it out. We were baited up at 0500 and headed to the Upper Hidden bank area. Saw our first white cap at 0600. Ugh. Between the 425 and 371 we saw several serious tuna foamers, but they wanted nothing to do with anything that had a hook attached to it. And I...
  272. Kman

    Fishing Sunday 9-15. Buddy Boat?

    We’re dragging the Trailer Trash down to SD again to chase tuna. Should be at SI around 0430. Want to buddy boat and share info? Looks like it might be foggy. We have AIS but no radar.
  273. Kman

    Oceanside to Lower SCI Ridge out 45m ( BFT Tonnage)

    This is why I like bluefin (like WSB) as a bycatch. We’ve caught a half dozen or so to 60# in the last two trips.
  274. Kman

    WTB Calstar 800-ML

    Thanks, but shipping is a deal killer. Not worth the risk or expense.
  275. Kman

    WTB Calstar 800-ML

    Like the title says, I’m looking to buy a Calstar GFGR 800-ML. I have the M and L already. I’m in Diamond Bar.
  276. Kman

    North West of the Coronados 9/10

    I had a buddy in that gaggle of boats. It was a very tough day for them. 1 YFT.
  277. Kman

    Thursday Offshore Trip

    If you say so.
  278. Kman

    Thursday Offshore Trip

    Hailing also.
  279. Kman

    Thursday Offshore Trip

    We might be out. Trailer Trash on 16 and 72.
  280. Kman

    HH Bendo. It Wasn’t Me

    Well, it depends on what your definition of “is” is 8-)
  281. Kman

    HH Bendo. It Wasn’t Me

    People were giving me shit for using the autopilot to enter the harbor. I just want to state for the record I didn’t do this in Huntington Harbor lol.
  282. Kman

    9-5-19 offshore fishing report El Sueno

    They had both sides open on Friday. We’re heading out Thursday or Friday after the seas come down.
  283. Kman

    Heading out tonight

    Good luck. That west swell should be kicking up. Should be worth it given the amount of tuna out there.
  284. Kman

    9/8 What Wind!

    “Lame ass family party”. Nice priorities! Glad NOAA was wrong as usual on the wind speed. Good haul.
  285. Kman

    BFT and YFT their back!

    Hey Welcome and thank you so much for your report.
  286. Kman

    PBers work together for good fishing below the 302 9/6

    You should know not to ask that. I’m open all week, though tomorrow’s 4’, 9 sec W swell could get us some air time heading out. Anyone need a ho? You have to go back to the Allcoast days, but I used to be a big ol slutty boat ho, sometimes fishing multiple boats in a week. I always got invited...
  287. Kman

    PBers work together for good fishing below the 302 9/6

    Haha. I love those Gerber shears. Steve, who has gutted thousands of fish with a knife on the Rooster, said gutting was easier and safer with the shears. They also cut the tendons and collar easier than a knife. For chumming, there isn’t much room on my boat for a cutting board, so we just...
  288. Kman

    PBers work together for good fishing below the 302 9/6

    Man, I move slooooooow the day after a full day fishing on my boat. I’m still doing it though. Mine is the groin belt. And today it is not happy!
  289. Kman

    PBers work together for good fishing below the 302 9/6

    So my buddy Steve and I trailered town to SD. We were buddy boating with Ryan on his 24’ Skippy FB. The plan was to start at the 302 and work southeast. We stopped on a paddy with meter marks, but all we got was a rat yellow. Ryan radioed to say they were on meter marks and needed more boats...
  290. Kman

    9/6 - Wide Open @ the 425

    Damn. Heard everyone down there having a good ol time. We can’t fish that area due to lack of permits, but we scratched out near limits of YF and BF below the 302.
  291. Kman

    Awsome morning 9/5

    Thanks for that. How if you are just transiting the area, like to the 302? You cross a little bit of the verboten area.
  292. Kman

    Curado 200 Spool Won't Engage

    Usually on those the pinion bearing corrodes into the pinion gear. The bearing is just under the clutch cam. If the pinion gear can’t slide in and out, it can’t go in and out of gear. Edit: Which Curado? I’m talking about the DHSV200.
  293. Kman

    9/3 YFT Limits 302 area

    Is anyone scoring on the troll, or are we just doing it out of habit? What lures are working in this crappy water?
  294. Kman

    Reliable ice source from I5 to SI

    Yup. We were staring at that machine last Wednesday at 0400 while the attendant said they had no ice.
  295. Kman

    9/3 Big BFT - YFT Limits and a short boat ride

    Are you guys even bothering to troll? It seems with the terrible water clarity the fish can’t even see the lures. We trolled a bunch last week for nothing. It did slow us down to see sonar fish.
  296. Kman

    Reliable ice source from I5 to SI

    Just about all gas here is 10% ethanol. Top tier gas has better and more additives. Important for port injected engines, super important for direct injected ones IMO.
  297. Kman

    Reliable ice source from I5 to SI

    I only use top tier gas. /snobbery.
  298. Kman

    Reliable ice source from I5 to SI

    We like to launch between 0430 and 0500. What would really be convenient is a gas station with ice, so we could ice up while filling up. We have a couple (gas stations with ice) here 120 miles away, but in a perfect world I’d rather not trailer all that weight if I don’t have to.
  299. Kman

    Reliable ice source from I5 to SI

    Hey. Looking for a reliable source of ice on Rosecrans (or thereabouts) on the way to Shelter. Our last couple tries didn’t go so well. Yes, I know there is a machine at SI. Does it ever run out? We don’t use large amounts. Just 100#. Edit: Is there a gas station off the 5 in SD (before...
  300. Kman

    Tuna processing at home?

    We bleed, gut and gill on the water. Loin em up when we get home. Give most of it away and vacuum bag meal size portions or large bags for future canning. I have a friend’s employees come by and they gladly take the carcasses, no matter how many. The only things left are skin and bloodline...
  301. Kman

    9/4 Yellowfin

    Thanks for the info. Please let there be fish in the vicinity Friday. Please please...
  302. Kman

    Fishing 302/226 and beyond 9/3. Want to buddy boat and share intel?

    Pretty much what the title says. A bud and I are looking to hit the 302/226 area tomorrow, weather permitting. Anyone else going and want to share intel? Launching from SI around 0430-0500. Also, my weather sites say wind should be wnw 3-5 in the am and 5-10 pm. Swell is not a factor...
  303. Kman

    Around the 226 8-28. Only got two, but one was a biggun5#

    Nope. White hulled boat in a close pack took off like he was pulling a skier. Okay, two douches.
  304. Kman

    Fishing 302 Area 9/3. Want to buddy boat and share info?

    Pretty much what the title says. A bud and I are looking to hit the 302/226 area tomorrow, weather permitting. Anyone else going and want to share intel? Also, my weather sites say wind should be nw 3-5 in the am and 5-10 pm. There is a hefty nw blow developing up north. Swell is not a factor...
  305. Kman

    302 today 9/1

    Thanks for the report. We’re heading out there Tuesday.
  306. Kman

    8/31 226 Area YFT

    Thank you for the report. Can’t wait to get back out there. I hope is wrong and that n/w blow doesn’t materialize later next week.
  307. Kman

    Heartbreak at "182" 8-27

    Man that’s rough. We hooked a 60 pounder on 20# fluoro Wednesday. Fought it for over an hour and it kept going through my head that there are three knots between me and sashimi. Somehow, they all held and we landed it.
  308. Kman

    9 mile, 226, 302, coronado canyon. NOTHING! 8/30

    Any report is a good report. Thanks for the info.
  309. Kman

    Around the 226 8-28. Only got two, but one was a biggun5#

    Nope. It’s spinning all new Timkens protected by Bearing Buddies. Water intrusion (causing corrosion) has been my problem. Hoping the Bearing Buddies do what they did for me the last 40 years or so on previous trailers.
  310. Kman

    Around the 226 8-28. Only got two, but one was a biggun5#

    Fished the 226 area with my neighbor, Doug, on my Robalo and buddy boated with Rich on Taxfree. It was tough sledding till around noon when we finally put a cookie cutter 15# YFT on the boat. All the marked fish were deep, so I was fishing a 3/4 oz egg sinker on 20# fluoro with a #1 J hook. We...
  311. Kman

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    Did a run to SD yesterday, loaded for bear. Hubs stayed cool. I noticed the bras did hold some water.
  312. Kman

    Boaters Lost at Sea

    From the Robalo Facebook page, two firefighters launched out of Florida and never came back. Godspeed. I’m getting an EPIRB or floating PLB and another inflatable PFD.
  313. Kman

    YFT Chum? Anything other than live stuff?

    I found Gerber’s Game Shears chop up deans like nobody’s business. I keep extra bait in ziplock bags in the freezer and bring a bag along each trip. The Gerber shears chop them even when mostly frozen. Watch your fingers!
  314. Kman

    226 Area -- me and the fleet

    Thanks for the info. We’re going Wednesday, weather permitting.
  315. Kman

    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    Man. I’ll take our coyotes and bobcats any day. You probably have those too.
  316. Kman

    WTB 40-50# Boat Rod & Reel

    Hey. I looking to add a couple 40-50# boat rods for tuna chasing in my boat. They’ll be used mainly for trolling, but may also serve as heavier bait rigs and for flat falls and such. Not looking for high end gear. 25NLD2 or Speedmaster 12 is good enough if 2 speed. Looking for pairs or loose...
  317. Kman

    Tunas. 226. Biting.

    It blew good this morning from the south. White caps in SD bay. Had a bud turn around in a Parker 2320.
  318. Kman

    Mexico permits and the 12 mile limit.

    No. Just a Mexican fishing license. You can’t drive straight to the 302 without going thru the 12 mile zone, so stay on our side of the border till you are past it, then turn left.
  319. Kman

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    Luis at Pacific Trailers gave me a bag of the heavy blue grease they use on all their trailers. I have it loaded into a gun. It stays nice and thick and tacky. My only experience with red grease is with Starbright brand. It turns to liquid in the grease gun and leaks all over the place...
  320. Kman

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    OK, to bookend this thread. Pacific is going to replace the bearings under warranty and check/bleed the brakes. They only use the (Chinese) bearings they get in bulk, so I’m going to bring with me Timken bearings and races. It’s worth $130 to be riding on Timkens rather than Chinese shit. Add...
  321. Kman

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    Mine is torsion. I’m looking into getting Timken bearings and races rather than that Chinese shit everyone installs. I found sets on Amazon and EBay, but there is no seller feedback on them. I’m afraid these might be Chinese knockoffs. I’ll try some bearing houses in town.
  322. Kman

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    Thanks. Pacific Trailers is doing the job under warranty. I’m sure they have a press. This also probably means I’ll have a hell of a time getting them off when I refresh the grease in a few months.
  323. Kman

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    Pacific says they do it all the time. I went to BB’s website, and the 2441 info says it works with the L15123 bearing I am using. I checked the ID with 2 different calipers all the way around. Worst case, I take a six pack to someone with a lathe and we knock off a couple thousandths. Worst...
  324. Kman

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    After my first failure I asked Pacific about it. Whole new axle. $2200.
  325. Kman

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    5.2k axle with the shoot thru grease system and dust caps craps the bed AGAIN. I pop off the rubber grommet and replace the grease at least 4 times a year, and still water ends up ruining the outside bearing within a year. The other day I pumped in new grease and brown grease (with farts of...
  326. Kman

    Mexican fishing license

    Got mine yesterday. It’s good for a year minus two days, which is close enough for hand grenades and dealing with Mexico.
  327. Kman

    SOLD Parker 2320 DVSC $29,900

    And you must pay sales tax within 20 days.
  328. Kman

    Long Beach Coastal 8/17

    Good to know. There is a very short list of local game fish this lure has not caught.
  329. Kman

    Long Beach Coastal 8/17

    The only fish the Kman Special hasn’t caught are tuna and dodos. And that’s only because we haven’t tried. Yet.
  330. Kman

    Long Beach Coastal 8/17

    Steve and I did a quick half day in his Montauk. We fished from 45-120 feet in 65 deg water. Caught 25 bass, mostly legal. Calicos to 3#, sandies to 4#. Bycatch was a sculpin and an approx 50# BSB who was an asskicker on a 15# bass rig. Got a couple bass on the Snipers, the rest on Kman...
  331. Kman

    Another "What's this" thread -- clear gelatinous tubes with red dots - Horseshoe Kelp

    They were all over Cat’s front side last week.
  332. Kman

    Lowrance Autopilot Cuts Corners

    NAC 1, Point 1 AP. Everything is working great. Just wondering if this is a limitation of the technology or if it will do better with some tweaking.
  333. Kman

    Lowrance Autopilot Cuts Corners

    My last two Furnuos spent more time in the shop than on my boat. Jackass
  334. Kman

    Lowrance Autopilot Cuts Corners

    Lowrance HDS 12 Live Lowrance Outboard Pilot—hydraulic steering. Commissioning done So, like the title says, my Outboard Pilot autopilot cuts corners when exiting/entering the harbor. It works fine in all other scenarios and I am very happy with it. For example, I have a series of waypoints...
  335. Kman

    Catalina Front Side 8-4

    We baited up with so so deans by 0500 and made the crossing to the East End. We hit some spots, only to be adopted by dogs at each one. Tried slow trolling deans around the backside, but again the dogs wrecked it, so we started fishing up the front side. There was almost no current, and even...
  336. Kman

    Izors to Horseshoe, three degrees, Monday 8/5.

    Nice. We stopped at Izors yesterday on the way home from Cat. The downhill current was so fast (2.3 mph), we could not fish it in any decent way, even with a trolling motor.
  337. Kman

    Saturday Rubber Ducky Bassin

    Hey Lal. Remember that YT at Rocky Point on plastics? I did it again, this time at Cat.
  338. Kman

    8-10 277 Equals BOATRIDE. 150 Saves The Day

    Guys: This report is 4 years old!
  339. Kman

    Local Sand Bass MIA.

    We seem to be doing it too. Every year, starting around July, I see those fucking black flags (marking gill nets) near the sand bass spawning grounds.
  340. Kman

    Dana Point Action?

    Except for Catalina recently, I’ve caught way more bass on structure with plastics than with bait.
  341. Kman

    Local Sand Bass MIA.

    Sandies can still be had in the usual places. We usually only get stupid WFO (250+ fish) during the spawn, which doesn’t seem to be a regular thing these days. Used to be at H Flats in August, but now it happens when it happens, where it happens. Last time, they spawned at Izors. Normal mid...
  342. Kman

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    I’m putting this in for when exotics arrive in US waters. Hopefully the girl is in there too. Got structure scan? Eagle Reef. The black is shadow indicating tall structure. Resistance. Is. Futile. B.O.A.T. Lol.
  343. Kman

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Hey, you can’t take it with you. You get an autopilot yet? Can’t imagine life without one. Lol. Another view of the tank
  344. Kman

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    You build the (pricy) lid, install a seal and tweak the stand pipe so it raises the water level. When you get to the destination, you adjust the stand pipe for normal level.
  345. Kman

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Glad your first trip went without major drama. We went to Cat Sunday also. All you wanted calicos and lots of cuda, but no YT for us either. I tweaked my bait tank and now it’s officially a “pressure” tank with no sloshing. Didn’t kill a single bait on that bumpy crossing and no red noses...
  346. Kman

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    I found a 400 mile hill to drive my 6.2 Yukon Denali down. I get 14-15 mpg towing 5000 pounds in the 80 mile round trip to Long Beach. Of course this thread is about towing 10k pounds plus. That’s out of my league.
  347. Kman

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-25-19 Local Bass fishing!

    With all this slow bassing, we’re grabbing a scoop of bait and hitting Cat with a thousand other boaters this weekend.
  348. Kman

    Livin the dream

    Fishing Sunday too. So today I: Changed oil above and below Changed both fuel filters Changed 5 anodes Changed thermostat Changed spark plugs Checked seal behind the prop. I changed the bait pump a few days ago and am getting ready to install a wash down pump. Saturday I get to squirt grease...
  349. Kman

    Max out charging system to charge TM batts on the water?

    According to the guys at THT, it takes 9 amps to run the motor. That leaves 16 amps for all other charging duties. Figure 4 amps for the MFD and AP computer, one for the VHF (on standby), and 4 for the bait pump. That leaves 7 amps to charge the batts. Think I’ll just keep charging the motor...
  350. Kman

    Max out charging system to charge TM batts on the water?

    The trolling batts can’t be combined as they are wired in series for 24 volts. I wouldn’t want to combine them anyhow as I want to keep the motor and house batts topped off at all times as they run critical systems. The Minn Kota “charger” does some magic to charge the TM batts with...
  351. Kman

    Max out charging system to charge TM batts on the water?

    Hey. Got my eye on the Minn Kota On Board Alternator 2-bank charger. It reads your motor battery voltage and if adequately charged, will charge your trolling motor batts while you run. Would be nice to put a few AHs back into them during the day as I usually use 30-35 AH during a full day, which...
  352. Kman

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    When you get the shingles vaccine and you wake up that night to find you are sleeping on your injection arm. Cussing helped...a little.
  353. Kman

    High Speed Pick Up Overpressure Fix

    Man, that warning is there if you read the finer print. My head is around 40”. I use a throttling valve on the output that’s maybe 40% closed. Maybe that valve is exacerbating the pressure. Anyways, that pump lasted 4 trips. If I’m not using bait (which is most of the time) the seacock is...
  354. Kman

    High Speed Pick Up Overpressure Fix

    So I burned up a Rule Tournament 1100 GPH cartridge pump after a 30 kt run to Cat the other day. Come to find out there is a warning right on the pump not to use high speed pick ups with them. They roast, or worse, pop their tops and flood your bilge. One would think the “professional” I...
  355. Kman

    Catalina 7-15, Hot Bass Bite

    Even with Navionics, the MPAs are sometimes difficult to see. I inputted the MPA boundaries as waypoints, then connected them as routes with big fat lines. They really stand out.
  356. Kman

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    You know how I did mine
  357. Kman

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    I did a similar search for my Yukon, but I used Cargurus cause I was looking at dealers. If you find your truck where they use salt in the winter, expect to find horrific amounts of rust.
  358. Kman

    Bait pumps ...

    Also, if you use a rule, you’re not supposed to use a forward-facing strainer/high speed pick up. Says it right on the pump. I guess the pressure on the suction side messes up the motor. Edit I can see how. Under normal operations, the shaft seal sees negative pressure as it is under the...
  359. Kman


    A 4.6? Pussies.
  360. Kman

    Rpt.-07-11-19 SCI C-Bass and Tails!

    Nice catch. We hit Izors on our way back from Cat Wednesday. Instead of west 5-10, it was more like 15-20 with 2-3’ cresting wind waves. Glad we left Cat when we did. Doable but nasty.
  361. Kman

    Cat 7/10 quick report

    Same here, only we never hooked a yellow. Bass were thick as fleas and a hoot on floating stick baits. Did not see current all day.
  362. Kman

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    When I bought my Robalo in Utah, I rented a diesel RAM from Enterprise Truck Rental. Their rates were surprisingly cheap. If I only needed to tow hard a few times a year, that would have been my plan. Alas, my sled outgrew the Trailblazer for any towing so I got a Yukon Denali. It easily tows...
  363. Kman

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    We fished again today and I can’t emphasize enough how nice it is to have AIS. We used it over and over today. You made a good call to get it.
  364. Kman

    Anyone reports from local fishing today?

    We had our best fishing in 60 feet of water (at grey light) at the shoe today. Early on there was a smoking downhill current. Fishing got worse as we went deeper. Fishing died with the current. Still ended up with 38 including a 3.25# sculpin. The meter was full all day of uninterested fish...
  365. Kman

    Bait Tank Install & Hatch

    Because you may want to access that area in the future. 4200 would be more appropriate in that case.
  366. Kman

    Bait Tank Install & Hatch

    That’s what I did.
  367. Kman

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    I’ve had radar and AIS. They compliment each other. Radar takes interpretation, AIS does not. I was fishing the other day off Long Beach. Looked over at my plotter and there was a big dashed line going through the boat. Zoomed out and sure enough, there was the Catalina Express about .5 mi...
  368. Kman

    New Boat, No Name Yet

    Nice! Highly suggest you get a radio with AIS and network it to your plotter. You will love seeing the big ships and working boats show up, along with their paths. Adds greatly to your situational awareness. To save helm space, I mounted my radio (ICOM M506-AIS) in the console and only have...
  369. Kman

    102 at the Shoe!

    I do two versions. One is 30# mono to a 3-way swivel to 25# fluoro of different lengths to swimbaits. I fished it today for maybe 10 double hookups and a bunch of singles. Of course you can reduce the line diameters for even more hookups. Fishing the double rig is way easier than fishing two...
  370. Kman

    102 at the Shoe!

    Hey Bob. Thanks for the invite. Even though those early fish didn’t want to play despite the favorable conditions, we finished strong. Welcome to the Century Fish club. It’s 0250 and I’m getting ready to do it again. I retied the double trouble rig. It was shredded.
  371. Kman

    shoe laces

    Hey Steve. I had a great time. Thanks for the invite. The double trouble rig killed them today too. Dr Bob now knows the Century Club’s secret handshake. Big ol ho that I am, I’m fishing tomorrow on Taxfree. Three days fishing in a row. Think I’ll sleep for the rest of the week.
  372. Kman

    New Tesla semi truck motor.

    As much as I want electric to work, you just can’t beat the physics. Lithium battery technology has maxed out (I’m being generous here) at 300 watt hours per kilogram. Diesel is 12,000 wh/kg. 300 vs 12,000. Not even close. The drive electronics and motors are nearly there, but until someone...
  373. Kman

    Fathers Day Bass. We hit em good.

    Hey. I’ve got a pretty good callus going on my thumb. Looking at the calendar, I’ve fished 6 of the last 15 days. I intend to fish A LOT this year.
  374. Kman

    Fathers Day Bass. We hit em good.

    My buddy Steve and I decided to skip the weekend YT shitshow and go bassing on Fathers Day. We took my sled to the shoe and spanked the bass pretty hard most of the day. It was never WFO, but we had a pretty consistent bite at several spots. 20 fish turned into 30, then 40... Around 2, we hit...
  375. Kman

    6/14 Local Long Beach Report

    We hit the Long Beach bass pretty hard today. Wasn’t WFO but we managed plenty.
  376. Kman

    Trolling for Clams

  377. Kman

    6/10 LB Loop: No YT/Cuda in am, 59 bass in pm

    Hey Bob. What a great day today. Ya we didn’t get the glory fish but we ended strong in that WFO bass bite, called in a buddy and had a downwind ride home. Thank you for the invite.
  378. Kman

    Izors / The Rigs 6/8/2019

    Nice day! We were out there too for 43 bass plus some bycatch. By the time we got to Izors, it was dead. I got bitch slapped by Big Moe out deeper. What I get for fishing light line...
  379. Kman

    For Sale 2016 Robalo R180 (lots of mods + trailer) - $27,000

    Whomever bought your boat got a hell of a deal. IMO, that boat was worth at least $27k before improvements.
  380. Kman

    Simrad RS35 ... I like it.

    My VHF does AIS. Love it. I had to turn off the alarm too.
  381. Kman

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Our typical trip is to head to the east end then fish to the west end. If it’s blowing, head for the barn. If it’s not blowing, we head for Rocky Point and fish our way down PV, then back to the barn. The latter makes for a full day of fishing and you are exposed to all kinds of different...
  382. Kman

    Connecting a Yamaha F250 to a Simrad NSS Evo3?

    Hey. First, you need to verify all those units are NMEA 2000 capable. I know the VHF is. I have that radio. LOVE seeing AIS transmitting boats/ships on the chart plotter. The Lowrance Yamaha Cable is part number 000-0120-37. They are around $95. The Lowrance NMEA Starter Kit (the backbone) is...
  383. Kman

    Finally going to make the crossing

    It helps to end up on the west end of Cat before returning home. You get a better angle on the (usual) west wind and swell. Good luck.
  384. Kman

    Hand held vhf and hand held gps

    Ditto on the HX870. VHF w/DSC and distress. GPS has a rudimentary plotter that will get you home. I practiced navigating with it a couple times and it got the job done. The lithium battery seemingly lasts forever.
  385. Kman

    Where to Fish in riverside

    We started our kids fishing at Lake Hemet. Camping, good trout fishing from shore, rental boats. There might be some access problems as they got hit hard in the rains.
  386. Kman

    Connecting a Yamaha F250 to a Simrad NSS Evo3?

    Pulling the cable through the rigging tube can be a hassle. I was able to do it by pulling the round NMEA connector first. For even more room, you can disconnect the square plug from the cable wires with a tiny screwdriver. There is a thread on that over on THT.
  387. Kman

    WTB Parker 1801 or like center console

    An 1801 with a 90 horse? By the time you weigh it down with west coast stuff... I see a source of constant regret. I’m only posting this negative thought in the for sale board because it’s a non member selling it, else I would keep my yap shut.
  388. Kman

    Fuel water separator suggestions wanted

    With ethanol blends the norm now, is water in the bowl even a thing anymore? The way I understand it, ethanol gas absorbs water till it can’t, then the gas separates into two distinct liquids. At this point, you are major league screwed. I use the Yamaha spin on filter and change it every 100...
  389. Kman

    Connecting a Yamaha F250 to a Simrad NSS Evo3?

    I’m a little punchy from traveling all day so take it as you see fit. I have the nothing fancy Yamaha round gauges that do tach, trim, speed, voltage etc. There is no hub that I know of. I connected the cable to the connector in the motor and the NMEA backbone and magically, data started...
  390. Kman

    Connecting a Yamaha F250 to a Simrad NSS Evo3?

    Good question. Ask here or on THT.
  391. Kman

    Connecting a Yamaha F250 to a Simrad NSS Evo3?

    I recently bought the Lowrance cable and linked the NMEA backbone to the engine (2013 F115). It was plug and play with the HDS Live. Real time MPG and fuel used are right on. I was surprised to see my motor running at 125 degrees. You will need a Fuel Data Manager to keep track of fuel usage...
  392. Kman

    18’ Bayrunner Re-power Weight?

    I had that same hull and replaced the Mariner 40 with a Honda 50. Not much performance improvement though. It didn’t need it. I gained maybe 2 mph on the top end and 1 to 1.5 mpg. That was the last of the carbed Honda motors though. I would expect the FI motors to give better MPG. Now do you...
  393. Kman

    SOLD BNIB Talica 10ii $380 New 5-2019!

    PMd you. Where in OC are you? I’m in Diamond Bar.
  394. Kman

    Looking to add autopilot to lowrance hds7 gen3

    I can’t speak to your outdrive situation, but I just added the Lowrance Outboard Pilot to my Robalo and love it. It seamlessly integrates with the HDS Live and was plug and play. I’ve cruised and trolled with it in various sea states and it tracked straight. Tuesday, we went from the opening of...
  395. Kman

    Catalina 5-9-19

    Nothing better than fishing with the kids. Now here comes the weather. Crap.
  396. Kman

    5/3 Long Beach Yellowtail

    We were out there yesterday (Tuesday). Lifeless.
  397. Kman

    Anyone remember the Tuna Commander???

    Pretty sure it was Dimitry
  398. Kman

    5/3 Long Beach Yellowtail

    Nice job. We’ll be out there tomorrow.
  399. Kman

    Ma! where’s the protein 5/3

    Hey Steve. That was a great trip. Perfect weather, 2 for 3 on the yellows, fat rock fish, and big bass made it a 53 fish day. Hard to beat that. Thanks for the invite.
  400. Kman

    5-3 Report: San Pedro/Cat West End/Backside/Isthmus/Mussell Farm

    Great day with your dad! We were one of the first boats at the farm. Nothing was happening so we went out on our own. We found a fishy place and waited for the yellers to pop up, which they did every 1/2 hour. We went 2/3 on surface action with surface iron and 100 gram snipers. Also got big...
  401. Kman

    New Thermostat Time?

    Maybe they can. I haven’t read that part of the manual yet.
  402. Kman

    4/28 Barracuda at Angles Gate

    Really? We were out there today and ignored the birds (and there were a ton of em) figuring it was just mackerel given the 60 deg water. Damn... We did get a quick 13 bass within a mile or so of Queen’s Gate.
  403. Kman

    New Thermostat Time?

    Oh, AIS isn't radar, but it is awesome nonetheless.
  404. Kman

    New Thermostat Time?

    2013 Yamaha 115. NMEA'd to my HDS Live unit. According to the unit, the hottest the motor got all day was 125 degrees. How accurate is the NMEA 2000 bus? Those gauges? My tach, MPG and fuel usage were right on, BTW. So, ASSuming the motor never got over 125 degrees, is it safe to ASSume the...
  405. Kman

    Long Beach 4/21. A few 3s a 4, a 5, a 6 and Big Moe

    Cool. We’re heading out this Friday and again on Sunday.
  406. Kman

    Long Beach 4/21. A few 3s a 4, a 5, a 6 and Big Moe

    So Steve and I went out of Long Beach again today to check out some new potential waypoints. Fishing was secondary, but we still managed to pull on a few. We took the Rocket Sled—Steve’s Montauk 17 with an Etec 90 on it. Temps were a constant 58 degrees and the wind was a steady west 10 all...
  407. Kman

    FS: 18' Fiberform 115 hp Merc Outboard

    That motor brings back memories of my first boat. Never let me down. GLWS
  408. Kman

    Lowrance Autopilot Questions

    I have my Lowrance outboard pilot half installed. Still have to do the three hoses and bleeding. If all works out, sea trial on Sunday.
  409. Kman

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    Not tons of fish, but enough for a bite. The meter had more fish, stacked higher, during our WFO sessions. I was too busy to take a pic.
  410. Kman


    PMd you on the Calcutta 820 XFA rod.
  411. Kman

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    I usually get 4 years from an interstate. Just don’t use more than 30-40% and charge immediately. IIRC, group 31s and 29s are the same size.
  412. Kman

    She’s little and cute but she’s mine! Here goes nothing!

    Ya, none. It gets in the way of casting in a small boat. Plus, it may make your boat porpoise.
  413. Kman

    She’s little and cute but she’s mine! Here goes nothing!

    Welcome to the boat owners’ club. Learn that boat inside and out, start out with close in trips (maybe with a buddy boat) and get towing insurance. Again, welcome.
  414. Kman

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    Man I love Roddy, but he was just used so I could take the pic. When the bass are in the column, you’re bit in the first 20 seconds. Roddy was unnecessary today. Sure, we could have added a few fish to the count with Roddy but at the cost of possibly missing the thrill of getting bit on the...
  415. Kman

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    I haven’t posted a trip in a while so here goes. The last few weeks the bass bite has been where they are stacked up in the column feeding. They are moving like a school of cuda, but without visual cues, so the bite is WFO for a couple minutes, then done and you don’t know where they went. Then...
  416. Kman

    Rough & slow at the Horseshoe 4/3

    Sorry that the weather man got it right. The fish could have still bit though. Roddy is usually a hell of a fisherman when it’s sloppy. Next time. We are shooting for Saturday.
  417. Kman

    Auto pilot for 19ft Bayrunner

    I have hundreds of hours in larger boats with AP. LOVE THEM! Mine just arrived this week. l aready have the heading sensor hooked up. An added bonus with the heading sensor (on a modern MFD) is it will correctly orient your boat on the chart when drifting or at anchor so you know where to...
  418. Kman

    AC Plier

    Wonder if he can make a triple one—needle nose, duck bill, dykes—for hanging on the bar behind my seat.
  419. Kman

    Electronic Tail Wags The Dog

    The AP arrived today. I’m loving the Point-1AP. It keeps the chart pointed in the right direction when stopped and halved the GPS error since it has WAAS. This was inside my living room. I expect the EPE to drop to single digits outdoors.
  420. Kman

    3/30 1/2 Day at the 150

    So the swell wasn’t bad? We bagged a private boat trip when NOAA was saying 4’, 9 seconds. Oh well.
  421. Kman

    For Sale Shimano Tranx and Calcutta conquest

    I’m kinda thinking that little Tranx would be a good fit for the 83M a buddy is wrapping for me.
  422. Kman

    Electronic Tail Wags The Dog

    So I have this new 12” Lowrance HDS Live with the 3 in 1 ducer. Like all bare MFDs, when not under way, the unit has no idea which way the boat is pointed, so you don’t know where this or that pinnacle is in relation to the boat when you’re on e-anchor or drifting. You need a heading sensor on...
  423. Kman

    Two fish on one hook

    Same here but with a swimbait and two calicos.
  424. Kman

    Snow with FWD.

    I have 4WD plus a locking rear diff and still felt the need to chain up on our last trip. All Season (M & S) tires are shit on ice, which made up the base layer on the roads this last trip to a cabin at Donner Pass. My Yukon is awesome on snow. Ice, not so much.
  425. Kman

    SOLD Looking for some firewood.

    Man, I love the smell of burning Doug fir...
  426. Kman

    Horseshoe 3/17

    Nice! We were out there too, structure scanning for new spots. We could not get the fish to go on structure, but when we found them in the column it was WFO on nice sized calicos and a few sandies. Pretty cool getting bit (hard) in the first ten seconds of the drop this time of year.
  427. Kman

    Box Canyon 3.18 and warning to private boaters

    There was plenty of crap in the water at the west shoe on Sunday. Nothing as bad as you described however.
  428. Kman

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    So now we’ve lost most of DP parking and they want to make South Shores (SD) ramp parking area a designated homeless shithole. At least we got Shelter Island back.
  429. Kman

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    Three foot, 7 seconds is doable if you aren’t going far and you don’t mind getting thrown around while underway. If your bassing, your rod holder will be a great fisherman. Also, plan on dodging the tons of debris that will be in the harbor and inshore since we had substantial rain two days...
  430. Kman

    Coldest February Since....

    Mammoth had their best February on record. This was Soda Springs (Donner Pass) last week. This was after 3 of the 6 feet we got last week.
  431. Kman

    iPilot fried?

    Like others have said, your TM is probably fine. Your wires corroded, causing resistance, which causes heat when under a load—which further increases resistance and heat. Cut those wires back to clean wire, make PROPER connections, and I bet you’ll be good to go. Also the plugs themselves...
  432. Kman

    Horseshoe Bass wide open Friday 2/22/2019

    Nice braving the cold and getting out. I need to get out there and try out the new MFD, but more storms are lining up so Tahoe is looking better than Long Beach right now. Winter bass bites are the norm and not a fluke.
  433. Kman

    Rocket launchers on Amazon?

    I bought the Amarine $20 clone of the $100 stick-in-gunnel-rod-holder outrigger. I like it better than the expensive one because the $20 one has a thinner walled PVC liner, which allows larger butt rods to fit in them. Now I have two of the clones in the boat and the $100 one stays home.
  434. Kman


    Hey. I used to rewire boats looooong ago for side money. IMO, #4 cable would be the minimum size for short distance runs (under 10’). I would use #2 cable for the run you describe. I see you are in the Duarte area. I’m in Diamond Bar. If you gather up all the parts you need, I will crimp them...
  435. Kman

    What happened to the primary rule around here?

    Doc told me to watch my carb intake. OK...
  436. Kman

    What happened to the primary rule around here?

    Just because someone has been around a while isn’t a guarantee of a square deal. I bought a reel from someone here with like 1000 posts. It worked fine for a while, then started acting up. Upon disassembly I discovered I had a Frankenreel. Outwardly, it looked fine, but it was pieced together...
  437. Kman

    Stern Saver or Stern Pad to mount a structure scan ducer?

    So I bought a new MFD and it came with this donkey dick transducer. I’m looking to not put any more holes below the waterline so I’m going to mount this thing on one of those pad gizmos that gets attached to my transom. My options are: Stern Saver. This is a Starboard pad that gets epoxied to...
  438. Kman

    Oregon introduces bill to ban derbies

    Camel’s nose under the tent. Boiling the frog. Don’t give an inch! Oregon’s motto: We make California look normal.
  439. Kman

    1/29/2019 at IZOR's

    Well the bait sure wasn’t up north today. We ran to Rocky Point, then out to the shoe and saw only one bait ball all day. Last time, though, it was solid bait from Izor’s to Newport.
  440. Kman

    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    You can inhale the gas and yell WASSUP on 72.
  441. Kman

    So will this shopping list get me real time MPG?

    The EP-60R is a totalizing flow meter. The fuel data manager would be redundant. Didn’t want to have to buy piecemeal, but maybe that’s what I’m gonna have to do. I’ll have to look up the NMEA 2000 starter kit. I have an ICOM radio that will output NMEA 2000 AIS data. It needs a short cable...
  442. Kman

    So will this shopping list get me real time MPG?

    Thanks Cap. I’m familiar with most of Navico/Lowrance’s accessories. I was hoping not to need the EP-60R and use the engine’s fuel flow rate instead. The engine is direct injected and could certainly calculate fuel flow a couple different ways and transmit it on the NMEA2000 bus. Think I read...
  443. Kman

    So will this shopping list get me real time MPG?

    Soooooo, I need to set up my 2013 Robalo R180/Yamaha F115 with a MFD. I fish mostly shallow water species (under 150’) in So Cal. Finding structure is very important to me. I’ve been waiting for something new to come out, and the Lowrance HDS Live with 3 in 1 ducer is checking the boxes—at least...
  444. Kman

    Polarized sunglasses fishing

    Love my Maui Jim shields. I have two pair. One to salt up on the boat, and a clean pair for driving home. Alas, I need prescription glasses now, so I’ll get some good quality polarized shades for fishing and outside stuff. Then I’ll get a set of non polarized shades for driving so I can see...
  445. Kman


    In a few months, Navico will release the LiveSight transducer. It should do some cool stuff, similar to Garmin’s Panoptix. Cost should be $1500 for HDS Live. HDS Carbon and NSS EVO3 will be able to run it with a $300 box.
  446. Kman

    Tie downs optional?

    Aft tie downs do very little to stop forward motion on a trailer. The geometry just isn’t there. Lateral motion, sure. It’s all about the bow stand for forward/rearward motion control. The military (or more likely a contractor) learned this the hard way when they put a MRAP in a 747 and tied...
  447. Kman

    Need tips for keeping bass alive in bait tank

    We fished many bass tourneys. We just used an 80 qt cooler and replaced the water with a 5 gallon bucket every here and there. Kept 5 bass alive just fine and we never killed a fish.
  448. Kman

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Hope you’re healing Cory. Dr Bob and I got around 40 bass and some by catch at the shoe on our half day today. I dislocated a finger right before a Christmas ski and snow machining trip, and like the doc predicted, it’s now a thermometer that measures cold temps with pain. Aging blows!
  449. Kman


    Very cool. I have a 12” HDS Live with 3 in 1 ducer, NMEA 2000 starter kit, Yamaha NMEA 2000 cable, and Navico Fuel Data Manager in my basket at Hodges Marine. Probably going to dump the C Map and put Navionics in.
  450. Kman

    SOLD Calcutta rod 820 XFA WA

    Love the 815s. IMO, those are God’s gift to us re: 15# bass sticks.
  451. Kman

    SOLD Calcutta rod 820 XFA WA

    Dammit! Been looking for one of those for a couple years. Got another one?
  452. Kman

    SOLD 300e parts or reassemble

    That reel looks to be in the same condition a “9/10” Curado DSV I bought from a BDer a few months ago... If you were closer I’d grab it.
  453. Kman

    Warm Under Garments

    I’ve blizzard camped a couple times a year for the last couple decades and was pre packing stuff for my first trip of the season. Can’t speak highly enough re: Merino wool for the base layer. It’s EXPENSIVE, but works the best and can be used for two days if you don’t sweat in it. Capilene would...
  454. Kman

    Other hobbies besides fishing??

    Was hoping to indulge my blizzard camping hobby tomorrow, but it looks like the Sierra snow levels are going to be a little high with this storm.
  455. Kman

    Rough weather for a 21 ft. Center console?

    One bummer about going out of Long Beach after a storm is all the crap in the water that washes down from LA. The worst are those damn plastic bags that levitate just below the surface and wrap around your lower unit, starving the water inlets.
  456. Kman

    Rocky point 11-20

    We went to Izor’s and down to Newport yesterday in beautiful weather but crap conditions. We had a dog adopt us at almost every stop. ...and we were fishing artificials! We watched a Mako eat a sickly rockfish who waited too long to swim to the bottom. That was cool. Also first time fishing...
  457. Kman

    Local LB fishing 11-18-18

    That Redondo bone bite is a hoot. We’ve been going up weekly. Heading out tomorrow. We had tuna clear water around the MPA last time. That was weird.
  458. Kman

    Us vs the seals

    Hey Steve, thanks for the invite. It was a great day of fishing. We got the 3 Bs, a red for dinner, a good scare on that BSB (I was thinking butt), the Santa Anas didn’t kick our ass on the way in, and unlike the last couple weeks, it wasn’t foggy. And we didn’t sink the boat or get arrested...
  459. Kman

    Redondo Friday 11/9 Bonito are still there

    I hear you. It’s Santa Anas on the trip home after rounding Fermin that I dread. I once came home into 5’ wind waves at Angel’s Gate. It wasn’t much better inside either.
  460. Kman

    Redondo Friday 11/9 Bonito are still there

    We hit Redondo today for limits of bones trolling hoochie daisy chains away from the fleet. Scored the 3 Bs plus bycatch. Thank God the forecasted Santa Anas didn’t pop up. Davies>Redondo>troll>back=74 miles.
  461. Kman

    Redondo Friday 11/9 Bonito are still there

    Thanks for the report. We are heading out Sunday. Weather permitting. We got our asses handed to us by a Santa Ana earlier this year, so we’ll be watching the forecast.
  462. Kman

    Horseshoe and Izor on Sunday (11/4)

    Nice catch. Little foggy? I was out there too, trying to take my visiting daughter to Redondo for a repeat on that bone action. I turned around at the V. The fog was way thicker than last Sunday. We fished Izor’s and down to Newport instead.
  463. Kman

    Side scan, do you use it?

    Structure scan is awesome for us bass fishermen. We use it all the time to find structure we never knew was there. Big screens (like 12”) are a plus, as structure scan requires screen real estate.
  464. Kman

    11/2 Redondo - Bonito Boils

    Hey. My daughter is in town and we tried for those Redondo bones, but the fog was too damn thick without radar. Way thicker than last Sunday. We turned around and fished our way to Newport.
  465. Kman

    Redondo Canyon/MDR - 10/28/18

    Good to know. We usually stop at Rocky Point or go north when launching from MDR, so that area is unknown to me.
  466. Kman

    11/2 Redondo - Bonito Boils

    Nice! We will be joining the parking lot tomorrow.
  467. Kman

    Redondo Canyon/MDR - 10/28/18

    We trolled the larger model of these in blue/white and red/white on Sunday. They got bit about the same. I’ve trolled the smaller one for over 20 years with great success.
  468. Kman

    Redondo Canyon/MDR - 10/28/18

    Hey Min. Glad you found them. We were up there too by ourselves and got around 15, all on the trolled bonito feathers. We held the rods while trolling to get the full effect. Tick, tick, BOOM! Most of our hookups were doubles. They would not bite jigs or spoons though. There was a nasty...
  469. Kman

    For Sale Channel lock long nose, duckbills pliers and cutters

    Would like a set of cutters and long nose pliers in fire orange camo, with sheath and shipped. Sent you a PM.
  470. Kman

    Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses...???

    Quality polarized sunglasses are the bomb—especially over water. EXCEPT if your car has a HUD. I love the heads up display in my Yukon, but it all but disappears when I put the shades on. I need prescription sunglasses, and am agonizing over what to buy as my insurance only covers one pair per...
  471. Kman

    Bonito for smoking - stupid me removed the skin...

    I wrote this years ago. I’ve had many compliments on this recipe.
  472. Kman

    Issues Leaving MB at Low Tide and Hurricane Swell?

    Thanks. Is there a place or person I can contact the day before to get conditions at the entrance?
  473. Kman

    Issues Leaving MB at Low Tide and Hurricane Swell?

    Which current? Tide/bay current (that is predictable), or uphill/downhill current that is not? There’s already a low bringing some wind later in the week, and that swell at the entrance. I just want to make an informed decision before I drag the boat 100 miles down there. SI can’t get...
  474. Kman

    Issues Leaving MB at Low Tide and Hurricane Swell?

    Hey. Thinking on going out of Mission Bay later in the week. The tide will be at 1 foot, and the dominant swell should be SSW and 7 feet. I remember leaving on a sport boat one time in a big swell. The exit was dicey. What should I expect given a 1 foot low tide and 7’ SSW swell? Thanks.
  475. Kman

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    Nice time capsule! Any plans to close up that huge transom cutout? IIRC, those have caused issues.
  476. Kman

    Tow rig ??

    Thanks. I used to launch my 19’ ski boat with a little Subaru wagon back in the early 80s. Like you, I towed all of 100 yards from storage to the ramp. I’m 40 miles from the nearest ramp. I looked all over for a mid-sized SUV that could tow my current boat (4700#, 550 tongue weight) legally...
  477. Kman

    Tow rig ??

    With a non load leveling hitch? Doubt it. A 7200# trailer should have at least a 720# tongue weight. I guarantee that hitch/SUV combo can’t do that non load leveling. Hell, my Yukon, while it can tow 8100# (8400# for 2WD), it’s only rated for 600# tongue weight. Read the small print in your...
  478. Kman

    Boat US confusion

    I was equally confused at what seemed like a shady business practice. I have Geico insurance that includes boat and trailer towing. Then I get a bill from BoatUS saying I only had $50 of towing insurance and needed to reup. WTF? I called BoatUS, and the guy pretty much said the BoatUS reup...
  479. Kman

    Major Surf Event - Be Careful

    Fished off Long Beach today. Ya, the horizon disappeared a couple times, otherwise not a factor. Really looooong interval.
  480. Kman

    Tow rig ??

    Surge brakes? Ever hit a bump that starts an escalating up and down oscillation where the brakes engage on every down cycle? That’s a hoot. I was going to get helper air bags, but just bit the bullet and got the Yukon. It’s soooooo nice not towing at max. And the Yukon fits in the garage. Auto...
  481. Kman

    Tow rig ??

    I used Enterprise truck rental to bring my boat home from Utah. Got a Ram/Cummins 250 for a song.
  482. Kman

    La Jolla seal assault.

    I had a Wrist Rocket on the last boat, and was pretty good at bouncing marbles off those bastards’ heads. One hit and they were outta here. Given how noisy they were when leaving the scene, I believe it made an “impression” on them. Now that I’m fishing bait more on the new boat, guess I...
  483. Kman

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    Hey Henry. I’ve caught bones on about everything but keep going back to a plain Jane bonito feather. Prolly caught a hundred bones with my kids over the years on them. Troll 7 MPH or so. Bones are a hoot on heavy bass gear. I used this last Sunday on bones between Izors and the farm, oops, I...
  484. Kman

    Paying dues, full moon blues...

    We had a similar day. Man that wind was blowing at 0900. Good thing it backed off for a while. On a good note, Nacho had great bait and we made 30+ macks in like 20 minutes. Too bad there were no fish to eat it.
  485. Kman

    Tow rig ??

    I just went through upgrading my tow vehicle. I ended up with a 2017 Yukon Denali with the 6.2L and could not be happier. It’s a shorter wheelbase than a full sized truck, but it is very stable. One thing you should do is read the fine print with regard to tow capacities and tongue weights...
  486. Kman

    Garmin or Simrad GPS/Chartplotters which one to purchase?

    I’m in the same boat as you, looking to commit to a manufacturer for my electronics package. Garmin, Simrad and Lowrance are my top pics. I like the Garmin look and feel in the store (plus a thousand hours or so on pre-chirp/sidescan units) but my only experience (and it has been good) is with...
  487. Kman

    BEWARE Launch Ramp Closed 9/16 Oceanside Harbor BEWARE

    THANK YOU for the heads up. You saved many of us a major headache.
  488. Kman

    Yamaha OX66 mechanic in Long Beach

    Pretty easy to test for spark. Take a loose, CLEAN plug, plug it in and hold the threaded portion against exposed metal and have someone turn the key. It either sparks or it doesn’t. Then there’s the hillbilly method I used the other day on my chainsaw: complete the circuit with your hand. It...
  489. Kman

    Tranx 500 Casting Problems

    What he said. That reel is likely a corroded mess inside.
  490. Kman

    Tranx 500 Casting Problems

    I’ve done my reel maintenance for decades, yet polishing the inside of the pinion gear eludes me. Secret? Hell, I’ll settle for ideas.
  491. Kman

    boat trailer wash down

    Stuck caliper does this. Not mine
  492. Kman

    Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    You again. I thought you (and your perfect trips) were gone... Just kidding. Nice going with the new ride Jonathan. May there be many more perfect trips. Bastard lol
  493. Kman

    Rule 1100 Bait Pumps problems again!

    When you restrict the flow of a centrifugal pump, you REDUCE the work the motor is doing. On a centrifugal pump (and squirrel cage fans) work and amps are related to flow volume, not pressure. I usually get arguments on this, sometimes even from engineers who should know better.
  494. Kman

    Rule 1100 Bait Pumps problems again!

    You guys aren’t giving me warm fuzzy feelings about my choice of bait pumps, but I knew that going in. I went with the Rule cartridge because it’s the only one that can be replaced one-handed and blind, which is how I have to work in my bilge. Plus, my existing Bait Sentry was noisy as all...
  495. Kman

    9-7 Good Long Beach Bassing With a Noob

    Going again tomorrow (Sunday). Was hoping to drag the boat down to Oceanside and head west, but the stars aren’t aligning. I need a (new face) mid week partner to fish offshore.
  496. Kman

    9-7 Good Long Beach Bassing With a Noob

    I haven’t posted a trip in a while so here goes. Looking for new faces to fish with mid week, I took my friend and neighbor Greg fishing today. We hit Izor’s in the gray for only three fish. We bounced around from rock to rock till we found THE ONE. Every fish was over two pounds, many were...
  497. Kman

    boat trailer wash down

    I’ve got an aluminum trailer with surge disc brakes. Don’t do a thing when launching and retrieving, but the trailer (and especially the brakes) get a serious washdown as soon as I get home. I usually wash the trailer the full ten minutes that the motor gets flushed. Then, if I remember, I take...
  498. Kman

    CU 200 DHSV

    Love that little reel! Sounds like the handle nut is loose. If not that, then something big has gone wrong inside. I just serviced mine. Shimano no longer supports these reels, but, eBay and pretty much have everything. There are three different lengths of...
  499. Kman

    Break Out Another Thousand

    Hope you didn’t put it off as long as my friend.
  500. Kman

    Break Out Another Thousand

    Yup. The driver mentioned something about driving a semi up my hill. It’s a biggun. No one rides bikes around here lol.
  501. Kman

    Break Out Another Thousand

    We had a hell of a time winching the boat up that low boy. It took both of us pushing the tongue left as it winched up. Reminded me of differential breaking in my sand rail way back when. Good luck with your brakes. I had just finished servicing my left side and was driving it around when this...
  502. Kman

    Break Out Another Thousand

    Pretty sure I ground the shit out of my spindle. Good news is that the bearings were replaced on 9-26-17 when I had other trailer work done and are under warranty. The guy at Pacific said if the warrantied bearings took out the axle, they will replace the axle at no charge.
  503. Kman

    Break Out Another Thousand

    Pretty sure the tire tread is supposed to be vertical. MAYBE I didn’t wreck the spindle. Shit. Those bearings were replaced last September.
  504. Kman

    local yellow tail helmet

    At least the bass wanted to play and they were nice ones. Thanks for the invite Steve.
  505. Kman

    Long Beach 8/28

    Thanks for the report. The yellows seemed to have taken wednesday off. We spent hours from the 105 to the 150 and didn’t see or catch squat. We did see one boil, but there was a boat trolling over it. Pretty sure we saw and tangled with a mako too. The bass were BIG though and saved the day.
  506. Kman

    The 150

    The YT took today (Wednesday) off at the 105–150. We were there from 6-11 AM and didn’t catch or see shit. The bass were BIG though and saved the day. That is all.
  507. Kman

    Running on Empty

    That is the cleanest Invader I’ve ever seen. Two boats ago (2000+-) I was shopping invaders, among others. Could not for the life of me find one that was not rotted thoroughly below deck.
  508. Kman

    Tranx 400 what a bad design.

    I have a Tranx 300 that was maintained exactly like Shimano recommends--light spritz with something like WD40 and a wipedown. It had never been in a wet boat, yet it started to fail (hard to get out of gear) at 2 months of age, failing completely at 4 months. Shimano originally was not going to...
  509. Kman

    Running on Empty

    Aside from a spot that gave up a quick 20 bass first thing, the shoe and Izor’s sucked balls Sunday. We went east to find bass.
  510. Kman

    Horseshoe Bass Friday 8/24/2018

    Thanks for the report. We’re heading out again in the morning.
  511. Kman

    Shade from T Top

    I agree, but there is A LOT of adapting and adjusting in an 18’ boat—especially with a euro transom, which shortens the fishable space back there another foot or so. A year ago, I was shopping for a boat. One boat I looked at was an 18’ Striper CC with a euro transom. It checked all the...
  512. Kman

    Shade from T Top

    If you’re a bass or iron fisherman, it will wreck the castability aft.
  513. Kman

    Washdown pump replacement

    Pretty sure he went on to design Robalos. You need a freekishly long arm to work in the bilge. I used arm in the singular, as you can only get one arm down the splashwell hatch as you lay on your side. I’m ready to put in a washdown pump as well. It’s between a Jabsco 5.2/70 and a Johnson...
  514. Kman

    Horseshoe action?

    We chummed them up with Nacho’s horse deans from today. Boils all over. While I didn’t use them today, I have a pair of Gerber game shears that make quick work of chunking deans. Tough day inshore overall though.
  515. Kman

    Horseshoe action?

    We chummed up calicos, a cuda and a probable YT (self release) on Sunday east of the green buoy. Bass were boiling on our chum.
  516. Kman

    Robalo R180 Gets Custom Bait Tank

    Thanks guys. I’m torn on adding the washdown pump because I dread adding ANOTHER 10 or so pounds to the ass end of the boat after adding 50 pounds worth of bait tank. I need to tie floaties to my transom. What size Permatrim for a F115 again?
  517. Kman

    Robalo R180 Gets Custom Bait Tank

    I bait fished cat two weeks ago for WFO calicos. I used to bait fish all the time in my boat whoring days. I’ve caught hundreds of tuna/YT/dodo over the years. Not interested in cow fishing (or going that far out), but the US banks maybe out to the 43 and down to the 371 are certainly within...
  518. Kman

    Robalo R180 Gets Custom Bait Tank

    Thought I’d share this with you all. I had a cut down “fat oval” bait tank put in under my seat by Tom (Towerfab) at Saltwater Specialties. All plumbing is below deck. I had hinges for the seat back fabricated to access the bait. Thanks for the idea Kid Creole. The tank has a sealed lid, so...
  519. Kman

    Bad fuel

    I’d drain it all, add a few more gallons, tow the boat around, then drain that. Then run new fuel hoses, filters, basically everything from the tank to the engine THEN put gas in and fire her up.
  520. Kman

    SOLD Great Family SUV for $4,500

  521. Kman

    Which Washdown Pump?

    Bait pump has a T built in, so I’ll be connecting to that.
  522. Kman

    Which Washdown Pump?

    Thanks for your input. Looks like Hodges has the best prices and no sales tax.
  523. Kman

    Which Washdown Pump?

    Thanks. Then I can have two big Johnsons. That one is 5.2/70. Jabsco makes a 6.0/70. One brand better than the other? These draw a lot of amps, so my plan is to power it with a 30 amp water proof relay in the stern electrical compartment so the circuit is nice and short.
  524. Kman

    Which Washdown Pump?

    So the Trailer Trash is getting a new bait tank and associated plumbing. I might as well finish it off with a washdown system. Not interested in something that just pees. I want pressure and volume, and I have the amps to deliver it. Looks like Shurflo and Jabsco are the main contenders. I’m...
  525. Kman

    Any fog crossing from San Pedro to Catalina this week?

    Anybody using AIS? I have it on my ICOM, but have not bought a MFD yet. Was going to try it as a poor man’s radar for the larger boats that are transmitting AIS info.
  526. Kman


    TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome on display.
  527. Kman

    Fishing PV and the Shoe with the Kids 8-5

    Hey, I’ve got nothing to prove. Just about any bass over 3 pounds gets the Boga.
  528. Kman

    Fishing PV and the Shoe with the Kids 8-5

    So my tech mogul daughter and son in law were down from SF for a long weekend and wanted to go fishing. SIL gets seasick watching Victory at Sea, so I had him take a Meclizine the night before and two more when he woke up. It worked. This was not a serious fishing trip as much as it was a...
  529. Kman

    3 Bs on Cat’s Frontside 8/2

    Hey. It was great fishing again with you Bob. I have not bait fished in a while and that was a hoot! We had a run there where every single bait produced a Calico. Must have been 20 or so fish in a row. Way cool. We’ll do my boat again next time and thank you for the invite.
  530. Kman

    3 Bs on Cat’s Frontside 8/2

    It was a Bluewater. No idea what size. I think only one or two pieces rolled all day and we beat the living shit out of it (as well as ourselves) coming and going. Constantly sloshing.
  531. Kman

    3 Bs on Cat’s Frontside 8/2

    Dr Bob can fill in the details in his own post. I’ll just show the casualty.
  532. Kman

    What leadheads for these to fish inshore?

    I use what I call Wham heads on those, usually 3/8 oz with a 2/0 or 3/0 hook.
  533. Kman

    For Sale shimano reel calstar rod combo

    Thanks. How many fishing days on the reel approx? How old? Last serviced?
  534. Kman

    For Sale shimano reel calstar rod combo

    Looks and condition of reel?
  535. Kman

    Any New 12” MFDs Around the Corner?

    That’s the thing. Nothing new (other than the Furuno DFF 3D) has come out in the last 18 months with 12” screens. Simrad NSS EVO 3s have been out for a while now and are getting long in the tooth. Ditto for Lowrance Carbon. I’ll jump when something new comes out. It’s like buying an iPhone in...
  536. Kman

    Any New 12” MFDs Around the Corner?

    Hey fellow addicts: I’ve been putting off buying a 12” MFD for a while now, waiting for someone to come up with something new. I’m leaning towards Simrad’s NSS EVO 3. I’d hate to buy it, only to find out an EVO 4 is coming out. Same with the Lowrance Carbon and others. I mostly fish bass...
  537. Kman

    7-16 PV and Shoe Bass and a Butt. Things are Coming Together.

    I’m game. Always looking to fish with new people.
  538. Kman

    2 islands 1 weekend tradegy

    So sad. My PFDs may be in the console during daylight or nice weather, but the throwable is ALWAYS right by the drivers seat.
  539. Kman

    Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    Yup. Shockwaves from the nose and tail gives you the classic boom boom.
  540. Kman

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    So South Shores and Queensway are the same ramp. Sounds like it’s a little worse with the homeless and the PWCers. Thanks for the replies. Back in the 70’s, I used to launch across the river at Golden Shores ramp, which is long gone. There wasn’t a speed limit in the LA river back then and...
  541. Kman

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    I used to love South Shores. Back in the day, it was the best kept secret in Long Beach. We’d go there on holiday weekends and it would never be crowded. It’s about 20 minutes closer to fishing if you are going to the shoe or PV. It’s also right off the freeway—no traffic to deal with.
  542. Kman

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    Thanks for the comeback. How’s the people around the ramp? When I was using it years ago, there were no homeless or gang types around.
  543. Kman

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    Whoops, sorry about the confusion. I meant South Shores ramp by the Queen Mary in Long Beach.
  544. Kman

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    Edit: I’m talking about the ramp by the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Like the title says, what’s going on there? This used to be my preferred ramp when meeting people from the South Bay. It was a little dicey getting out during a low tide, and full of trash after a rain. Anything I should know...
  545. Kman

    Slick Bunks Glides?

    Just to follow up. I launched for the first time after spraying my bunks with Liquid Rollers. The boat slid off the trailer WAY easier than ever. Easier to put on too. Only one problem: I also upgraded my tow vehicle, and the hitch is 5 inches higher than before, so I do not know if the...
  546. Kman

    7-16 PV and Shoe Bass and a Butt. Things are Coming Together.

    Oops. Title should read 7-15 Fished with Steve on the Trailer Trash Sunday, 7-15. Forecast was for an afternoon west wind, so we fished our way up PV, hoping to get blown home. We hit a few spots for some bass on the way up the line. Then, in the usual place, Steve is up on something nice...
  547. Kman

    Good place to purchase Xi5 salt trolling motor?

    I dealt with them once. They seem to be a “factory outlet store” for everyone under the sun. Cancelled the order after they started asking weird questions about my other credit cards. Myself and others got a REAL shady vibe from them. Beware. I got my Minn Kota Ulterra from Gil Travis at...
  548. Kman

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    OK, to close this thread out, I scored an 11 month old loaded 2017 Yukon Denali 4WD near Phoenix with 3600 mommy miles on it and not a hint of corrosion. The 6.2/8-speed rides and tows like a dream. Still figuring out all the tech. Oh, for anyone looking, The $2700 22” rims/45 series tires...
  549. Kman

    Anchoring at Izor's

    Yup. One of the best things I added to my sled.
  550. Kman

    Slick Bunks Glides?

    I took the boat out today and gave the bunks a good soaking with most of a can of Liquid Rollers. Will let you all know if there is any difference. Now the new Yukon has a hitch height of 25 inches vs 20 inches for the Trailblazer--taking sag into account. That nose up attitude may have an...
  551. Kman

    Let's see your desert toys

    It was like 1976. I had just finished my first rail and I figured “how bad could it be?” Fucking shit, never again!
  552. Kman

    Ok im stupid. So here is the same question been asked about 1. million times

    Well, since we’re asking... Drivers license ok for ID, or is a passport required?
  553. Kman

    Let's see your desert toys

    Nice! I went to Glamis in the summer. Once...
  554. Kman

    Slick Bunks Glides?

    Following... I have the same problem at shallow angle ramps. The boat sticks to the bunks like I forgot to remove a strap or something. It takes 3/4 reverse throttle and a couple brake checks to get her free, usually dunking the brakes. I just got a new tow vehicle ($$$) and dunking it is not...
  555. Kman

    So sick of California, CA taxes, Gov Brown

    We are still looking at N. Idaho. Anywhere between Coeur d’Alene and Priest Lake. Hey T: That’s a big driveway you got there. How you gonna plow it? What’s your internet like?
  556. Kman

    Catalina Calicos...National Geographic Style 7/3/18

    Dayum! Very cool video. We saw a mini version of that at Bolsa Chica once. Nothing like the show you got though.
  557. Kman

    local lbc waters

    Thanks for the invite Steve, and ya, it’s the Rocket Sled. How many other fishing boats can go 0-50 in like 5 seconds? Fishing was fun today, with each of us having flurries while the other one could not get bit. Then the hook-and-hand offerings and the resultant fuck yous lol. Till next time...
  558. Kman

    Bass and Cuda in Long Beach 6/28

    Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. Arleigh Burke guided missile destroyer with the Aegis weapon system.
  559. Kman

    Bass and Cuda in Long Beach 6/28

    I haven’t posted in a while so here goes. Fished my boat with buddy Steve on 6/28. We launched and headed out to the fleet at the green buoy. Bass fishing was tough. We managed to get 10 on rocks here and there. The Enterprise was parked on our magic rock. Cuda fishing was better. Black...
  560. Kman

    Kids and Cuda

    Gotta love fishing with the little ones. Some of my daughters’ best memories they tell me was us trolling or jigging up big bones and gar, then fighting them till the kids’ arms fell off. They were already accomplished bass fishermen, but those never made them come home sore like when the other...
  561. Kman

    WTB Tacoma or 4Runner

    I’m looking HARD for a slightly used tow vehicle. Has to fit in the garage, so it’s been between a 2017 Chevy Tahoe Premier 5.3L with Max Towing, or a 2017 GMC Yukon Denali 6.2. Both have to have adaptive cruise, and both come loaded with sensors and tech stuff. I’m looking at around $55,000...
  562. Kman

    How do you guys transport the fish (Whole) to your house from a 8 dayer?

    Yup. I would bring a couple 150s a couple 100s and an 80. I’d also bring a battery powered sawzall to lop off the heads and tails of big fish at the landing. I have a folding table that allows me to clean a 100# fish in the kitchen. As for carcasses, a buddy of mine has Filipino employees who...
  563. Kman

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Hey. You can take me off the list. I’ll buy my own when ready. Thanks
  564. Kman

    Do you have a Landing net on your boat? It’s the law for everyone who is fishing!

    I got asked once if I had a net for shorts, bycatch, etc. I said no, but that I use a Boga Grip that is even less harmful. He said fine. That excuse worked. ...that time.
  565. Kman

    FREE Moving to Wyoming

    Congrats on the move. The billionaires pushed the Wyoming millionaires into Montana lol. We’re looking for a place on a few acres in North Idaho.
  566. Kman

    Another east coast boat purchase question

    I did my transaction directly with the guy’s bank, as it held the note. My boat was in Utah, so I was able to do the deed myself.
  567. Kman

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    Ya, I thought about that as I was typing it. I’ve been having them send pics of the engine and front suspension. It’s easy to spot a salt car. I’m in no rush as my current SUV tows the boat just fine. I just want the cool features of today’s cars like adaptive cruise, lane keep assist, nav...
  568. Kman

    SoCal Barracudas!!

    They can be made to taste good (great smoked!), but God, I just hate dealing with all that snot. They are C&R for me. I never even bring em on the boat. Just grab em with the Boga, unhook, and let them go to slime someone else.
  569. Kman

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    Yukon Denali: it’s all standard. Regular Yukons and Tahoes, max trailering (NHT) is only like a $300 option, and boosts towing capacity from 6000 and change to 8000 and change. You get a lot here: 9.76” diff(s) with 3.42 gearing, aux trans and engine oil cooling, 2-speed transfer case if 4WD...
  570. Kman

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    One of my requirements is that it fits in the garage, so trucks and long wheelbases (Suburban, Yukon XL) are out. Also, no vehicles from states that use salt. Even one year old vehicles showed rust and serious pitting. These are all aluminum engines nowadays. The no salt state thing sucks...
  571. Kman

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    When I heard the 2017 6.2s had an 8-speed Trans, gear hunting was the first thing I thought about. Well, actually it was the second thing. Fucking EPA mandates was the first. Then I saw they have a “trailer mode” that is supposed to reduce hunting along with +- for manual shifting. I’m also...
  572. Kman

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    I went straight to a certified scale when I bought the boat, so I’m comfortable with the overall and tongue weights.
  573. Kman

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    Anybody here tow with a Tahoe or Yukon? I have narrowed my search to the newer ones (2017) with the 5.3/355HP (Tahoe Premier) and the 6.2/420HP Yukon Denali. I like them both just fine, but I’m thinking the bigger motor in the Yukon might be better for dragging my 4,500# boat up and down the...
  574. Kman

    Yamalube Ring free

    Ship to So Cal? If so, I’ll take em.
  575. Kman

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    I’d be interested. I have an account with Fisheries Supply in Seattle. My cost on these is $150. Could probably do better with a group buy. They now charge sales tax on Calif purchases, which blows. I bought like 50 Mustang inflatable PFDs for people after a drowning. Let me know if I can help.
  576. Kman

    WTB Newer Tahoe or Yukon and Out of State Smog Question

    Hey Bill. We love our Honda too. I used the ACC yesterday in the wifey’s CRV. If the local test drives go well and I get the Georgia Tahoe, I’ll have ~28 hours to try it out.
  577. Kman

    WTB Newer Tahoe or Yukon and Out of State Smog Question

    Thanks everyone. I've had a couple dealers tell me all Tahoes 2016 and newer are 50 state cars, but I sure as hell won't be flying out there without verifying the sticker. Ill verify with GM. I found one in NC that checks most of the boxes and one in GA that checks all the boxes (ACC, Max...
  578. Kman

    SOLD Calstar 800m (with reel seat)

    I’ll take it PM Sent
  579. Kman

    IPad on your boat what apps do you use

    I have the Navionics app on my phone and love it. Too bad that I have Sprint, that does not give you internet access at Catalina. Most apps are worthless at Cat if you have Sprint.
  580. Kman

    WTB Newer Tahoe or Yukon and Out of State Smog Question

    Thanks Shad. I’m talking 2017 and fewer than 30k miles. When would they require regular smog testing for an out of state vehicle? Maybe the folks at AAA can help with that. I’m going to look at a 2017 Tahoe Premier (14k Miles) this weekend that has everything but adaptive cruise and max...
  581. Kman

    WTB Newer Tahoe or Yukon and Out of State Smog Question

    Hey. I’m looking to upgrade my tow vehicle. Been looking around, and I like the Tahoes/Yukons. I got the wife a new Honda earlier this year and I’m REALLY digging the adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, Apple car play etc, and want that in my next SUV which means...
  582. Kman

    Catalina Front Side 6/3

    Nice. It’s great fishing with family. We were out there on Saturday, throwing hard baits at rocks and kelp. Steve got our first calico.
  583. Kman

    Izors, Eva platform, and balloons

    What the hell is with the balloons? We picked up ten 6/2 from the west end to PV.
  584. Kman

    Cat 6/3

    We went yesterday. Weather was beautiful, with an easy crossing both ways. Fishing sucked... east end, super clear water and no current, west end lots of current but no life. Got some calicos, a butt and then these on the way to PV
  585. Kman

    2018 Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up is back bigger and better and it starts now!

    My haul from Saturday. 17 mile run from Cat’s west end to PV. Could have tripled the number if I felt like deviating more. But I’m deviant enough already :cool:
  586. Kman

    What ever happened to Bruce Carter?

    He was a hoot and a very good fisherman. He got into hunting and kind of fell off the fishing scene. Anyone remember Jazz?
  587. Kman

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    Everything said above plus a drug to take once you start to feel bad: Nauzene. My oldest and her husband use it to great effect in their adventures. It gives them relief almost immediately, and you can redose every 15 minutes—not to exceed 24 pills in 24 hours. I have a box here and it says...
  588. Kman

    For Sale 1997 Blackman 26 BillFisher 43K

    Man, I have a lot of good memories in that boat back when Harvey owned it. GLWTS.
  589. Kman

    Rpt.-05-28-18 Monday Good Bass'n!

    Nice going. Has Roddy been doing much catching? He has sucked big time the last couple trips.
  590. Kman

    WTB minn kota 36v 72" minn kota ipilot trolling motor

    Gil Travis had the best prices on these. I went new to get the warranty, cause there’s a lot that can break on these. Mine has been trouble free.
  591. Kman

    WTB minn kota 36v 72" minn kota ipilot trolling motor

    You are gonna love it. These things are game changers.
  592. Kman

    Going Hard 5/23

    Nice! I gotta try that. Drowning swimbaits is fun and all, but I need to broaden my horizons. Anyone accomplished with throwing hard baits at Cat want to join me on my sled?
  593. Kman

    Izor 5/22/2018

    We went south again. Bass were biting on the way to Newport, where it was drizzling pretty well.
  594. Kman

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Roast beef sandwich and an apple. Plus a granola bar and pretzels for snacks. Lots of water. At least that’s what I’m bringing today.
  595. Kman

    1100 GPH Bait Pump. Rule Cartridge or Jabsco Bait Sentry?

    Hey, putting in my 37 gallon fat oval bait tank. Pump wise, my options appear to be in the title. The pump is a BITCH to access, so I’d like it to last a while. Which one do you recommend? Have I overlooked one? Also, I’d like the option to add a washdown pump. Does it matter whether it...
  596. Kman

    Rpt-05-19-18 The good Old Days 100+ Bass Today!

    We went south. And shallow. We saw what could have been cuda bringing a gaggle of birds down, but fishing was so good at the time, we did not investigate.
  597. Kman

    Rpt-05-19-18 The good Old Days 100+ Bass Today!

    Nice going Cory. We were going to go north tomorrow. May have to rethink that and join the hundred boats heading south after reading this. Trailer Trash’s custom bait tank comes in next week.
  598. Kman

    SOLD 2005 Triumph 190 w/ 2005 Yamaha F150

    That one won’t make it to the weekend. And with the 150! The motor’s computer will give up its hours.
  599. Kman

    Need steps to get from trailer to bow

    Hey. Been launching solo, and it’s a long way down from the bow to the trailer—especially with the trolling motor in place. I seem to recall someone making aluminum steps that allow us old folks to climb up and down. Looks like I could just fab one piece of aluminum plate and bolt it to the...
  600. Kman

    Is it possible to return electornics after they are installed?

    Glad to hear it works for you. We’re you able to use it say, below 10 knots?
  601. Kman

    For Sale Hydra-sports 2150wa Vector w/08 suzuki df175 4-stroke outboard 17k

    God I love that hull! Something about Vectors... You can haul ass in just about any chop and it still gets ok fuel economy. GLWTS
  602. Kman

    Help me set up my bait tank

    Going pressurized. Here is a tank like mine. I won’t be able to use a hinge, but we’ll make something work. Still looking for recommendations re: 800 or 1100 gph pumps and brand.
  603. Kman

    Help me set up my bait tank

    Thanks. One thing hardly anyone knows is that as you reduce the flow of a centrifugal pump, say with a ball valve, the amps go down. Amp draw is related to flow rate, not pressure. It’s counterintuitive, but true.
  604. Kman

    Help me set up my bait tank

    Weight is an issue. I’m told this tank will keep a full scoop healthy. That’s enough for a typical day for me given my boat’s weight (it’s heavy) and power. I do like the idea of having low pressure wash down available for fish cleaning. The boat is currently plumbed that way with the...
  605. Kman

    Help me set up my bait tank

    OK, so I'm having a cut down "fat oval" tank made to fit under my existing seat. A mock up of it is pictured below. It calculated out to 37 gallons. Working in my bilge is a total bitch, so I only want to plumb this thing once. I've been boating a zillion years, but this is my first below the...
  606. Kman

    Permatrim or Not?

    Any negatives like lower top speed, MPGs, porpoising?
  607. Kman

    Permatrim or Not?

    I need to look into these for my ass heavy Robalo. You say it will lower the planing speed?
  608. Kman

    What's the best ff/chartplotter for under $1000

    Down scan on the SV? I thought you needed the GT transducer (not the CV one) to get down scan because of the Navico lawsuit. Then, you blow the $1K thing.
  609. Kman

    WTB Washington Made Shimano Calcutta 820 XFA

    Looking for that unicorn bump
  610. Kman

    Maintain your trailer bearings I got lucky!

    Never one to miss copping a feel, I feel my hubs for heat and do a quick walk around after every freeway run. This is on top of annual inspections and maintenance. 42 years of towing boats, and not one unscheduled stop. Oh man did I just jinx myself.
  611. Kman

    For Sale Benjamin .177 and .22 Regals and NP (1) Trail NP2

    Hey. I use a 20 cal Sheridan for ground squirrel control, but the thing has almost the report of a 22LR. Are those any quieter?
  612. Kman

    Who Reads Which Newspapers?

    Good ones Brad. I would revise that to read USA Today readers are in their hotel rooms.
  613. Kman

    Any BLM land in So Cal?

    No. Way up river. Past the river in fact. North of Johnsondale and just south of Ponderosa, near Dome Rock.
  614. Kman

    Any BLM land in So Cal?

    Upper Peppermint campground near Dome Rock above the Kern river is free also. You can camp right along peppermint creek and watch trout eat flying bugs. Temps in the 70s and 80s in summer. Come to think of it, there are several free camping areas in the upper Kern river area. This area is lower...
  615. Kman

    Any BLM land in So Cal?

    Try these. It may be dicey without 4X.
  616. Kman

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    Thanks Stefan. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.
  617. Kman

    Boga Grip Experiences?

    Experience? Only about 20 years. I have the 30# one and absolutely love it. Best $100 I ever spent. They cost more now. WORTH IT! Mine has grabbed hundreds of fish over the years and looks as good as the day I bought it. Gripping is a bit of an art. Just grab the lower lip when they open...
  618. Kman

    Furuno Electronics go to person

    +1 on Gil. Be sure to have a notepad handy and don’t be shy about asking him to slow down. He just operates at a higher baud rate than most of us. He REALLY likes the new Furuno 3D machines.
  619. Kman

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    Where can I find these hinges? I mentioned this to Tom. He stared at it for a while and said it would not work. Maybe if I showed him your hinges. The pics you emailed me were very blurry.
  620. Kman

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    Thanks everyone. After much deliberation, I’m going to go with a cut down D-shaped “fat oval” from Towerfab. Here is a mock-up. The new one should have better color matching. He swears it will keep a full scoop healthy all day. I’ll probably have that back bar removed and move the outside...
  621. Kman

    Autopilot Help Please

    Wires under a load will mess with the compass (electrical or mechanical), so make sure you are away from those too. I used to drive a buddy’s Skippy 262 whose compass would spin 180 degrees every time you hit the trim tab switch. Also, I read a while back someone had the same problem as you...
  622. Kman

    Cool things I do when the wind is blowing!

    I used to slope soar a million years ago. It was really relaxing. That does not look relaxing
  623. Kman

    Cool things I do when the wind is blowing!

    Believe it or not, it’s an unpowered glider.
  624. Kman

    WTB calstar 800/900 xl/ xlh-graphiter

    I have a hardly used factory 800L with reel seat that’s in great condition. $165. Pick up in Diamond Bar. Edit: The day after typing this, we found a slab leak which is going to shitcan tackle upgrades for a while. Sorry to flake out.
  625. Kman

    New Engine Seitch

    I’ve seen that switch mounted in the helm before. If it is switching some amps (and helm-mounted), it’s probably best to use a relay at the motor.
  626. Kman

    My d-ck is bigger than yours!

    I guess everyone’s dick is bigger than mine
  627. Kman


    Wow. Great reel sold in 30 minutes. Way to beat me to it.
  628. Kman

    What makes a good radio

    For me, a good radio has DSC (and it’s connected), is powered by a clean, reliable source of power and is connected to a good antenna like a Shakespeare Galaxy. In the connection process, the SVWR should be better than 1:1.5, and the output should be 25 watts. AIS is also a good feature to have...
  629. Kman

    Calico Bass San Bass and Barracuda @ the Whistler buoy (video)

    Nice job out there. Man, I miss fishing that area. My kids and I had several 100 fish days fishing the tackle-robbing clam beds and other hardbottom areas out toward SD (the Whistler buoy).
  630. Kman

    Where Is A Decent Used Boat?

    A decent used boat is where you find it. I went to Utah for my Robalo. Looked from local to the East Coast over several months. Good luck.
  631. Kman

    The Wall - Fun Bassin’

    Nice job. So, whereabouts in the inner harbor is it legal to fish? I used to love catching nighttime spotties outside of pier 400, J, etc.
  632. Kman

    Launch ramp at Marina Del Rey

    And the bathrooms are clean. ...and the female joggers are hot!
  633. Kman

    Lowrance AP questions

    Watching. Would like to hear about slow speed performance. Good luck getting everything to talk and listen.
  634. Kman

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Frank Gallagher fishes long range? Who knew?
  635. Kman

    It was a Sand Dab sort of day. 03.31.18

    Until I get a new MFD, I use the Vessel Finder app on foggy days as a poor man’s radar to see where commercial vessels (and private boats transmitting AIS out) are, and where they are headed. Not that I do it, but you can locate a party boat and look at its track to see where it has been...
  636. Kman

    Parker 1801 Center Console Bait Tank ???

    Happy for you. Would like to see pics of the install. I just wish he’d respond to a phone call and email about the same thing (bait tank under a seat) I sent back on March 15th. I don’t have a Parker though.
  637. Kman

    Wind sucks - local fishing shut down

    Must be nice being near the ramp. It’s an all day commitment plus $60 just to stick my nose out. Not that I’m complaining...
  638. Kman

    Wind sucks - local fishing shut down

    Thanks for the info. Glad the swimbaits are working for you. Based on other reports and this, I think we’ll stay home this weekend and wait for warmer water.
  639. Kman

    To get a t top or not.

    JMO, but I think T tops wreck the aft fishability on short boats used to target bass. I put a radar arch on my last boat. Not sure about what I’m gonna do with the current one, but definitely not a T top. You just can’t cast from back there.
  640. Kman

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    Hey Stefan. Thanks for the idea. BTW, I can’t view the pics.
  641. Kman

    How to guarantee little to no snow

    Doing a little better this time, though not much. There’s supposed to be a Pineapple Express storm next week with a ton of water in it. Hopefully it will hit the Sierras.
  642. Kman

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    Ya, saw it. Not really interested in used stuff as my boat is basically showroom new. Unless it is really cherry...
  643. Kman

    For Sale Shimano tranx 400 hg

    Been there many times. Had a friend who was a bigwig there. For warranty service, you need a receipt.
  644. Kman

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    So I have a 2013 Robalo R180. Its existing bait setup is wholly inadequate for West Coast fishing. Soooooo I’m looking to either put a cut down fiberglass tank under the seat or replace the Robalo seat altogether and get a combo bait tank/leaning bench/bench seat. I posted earlier about this...
  645. Kman

    best way to get bubbles out of epoxy

    When I was making LED Transom lights, I would mix up the ploymer (like epoxy) then put it in a vacuum chamber. The bubbles expanded and came to the top. Your application may be to not stir the epoxy so vigorously, or mix it up on a warm day so the bubbles come to the surface more easily. Warm...
  646. Kman

    For Sale Shimano tranx 400 hg

    My last Tranx started corroding at 2 months and failed completely at 4 months. The receipt saved my butt. Anyways it is sold so water under the bridge.
  647. Kman

    For Sale Shimano tranx 400 hg

    Do you have the receipt for it?
  648. Kman

    3/8 - Horseshoe starting to stir

    Good to hear Bob. My daughter is coming out for a visit next week and has asked to fish. This weekend’s storm is supposed to be a warm one, so I’m hoping it doesn’t turn the clock back.
  649. Kman

    Thoughts on Remanufactured NSS Evo2

    There’s also a $300 rebate for the 9” Evo 3–Which leads me to believe there may be an Evo 4 around the corner. That’s one of the reasons I’m dragging my feet on my MFD purchase. That, and the antenna protrusion is giving me flush mount heartburn.
  650. Kman

    Who had trouble at the launch ramp in Ilwaco?

    Man that blows. I once launched a buddy at Oceanside during low tide. I backed up his truck the usual distance, put his truck in park and set the EB. When I opened the door to get out, I realized the truck was sliding backwards! It took brakes on all fours to stop the slide. There but for the...
  651. Kman

    Thoughts on Remanufactured NSS Evo2

    Tuner bought a 16” Evo 2 reman unit. I think he said it came with a 1 year warranty. I’d PM him or maybe he will respond here. Also, watch out for that company. They claim to be a “factory outlet” for everyone. I dealt with them once, and ended up cancelling the order after they started...
  652. Kman

    How to guarantee little to no snow

    The chaining up before the storm thing wrecking chances for snow was my usual poor attempt at humor. I always chain up before the storm. Airbnb sure makes getting last minute cabins a snap. By then the forecasts are high confidence. The forecasters really screwed the pooch on this one—a...
  653. Kman

    How to guarantee little to no snow

    My normal MO. Wifey says no way in hell lol.
  654. Kman

    How to guarantee little to no snow

    We got an inch Saturday evening (in Big Bear Lake), and that was it. We certainly got wind fri and sat. My alternate sites (Sequoia NP, Mammoth) got hosed.
  655. Kman

    How to guarantee little to no snow

    Go to a cabin for the 48 hour Winter Storm Warning storm, then chain up ahead of time. Now I’m used to the weatherman effing up the inshore wind forecast, but this is the first time in over 50 snow storm trips over the decades they totally screwed the pooch on a full on winter storm forecast...
  656. Kman

    Please keep up on your maintenance..... pic included

    I agree. I had no idea Stabil could wreck fresh gas.
  657. Kman

    Please keep up on your maintenance..... pic included

    I filled a clean one gallon gas can with Chevron premium to use for my lawnmower. I added about twice as much Stabil as recommended. Within an hour, the gas had separated into a flammable top layer that had the consistency and volatility of acetone and a bottom layer of non flammable, amber...
  658. Kman

    Rod holder for trolling?

    I feel you. I spent over $100 for 1 on Amazon (CE Smith) not too long ago for I think the same unit. Looks like I can get another one for $22 and change. Amarine brand.
  659. Kman

    Robalo R180 and 200 Owners: How did you set up your bait tank?

    I will. Thanks buddy, and good to hear from you.
  660. Kman

    Robalo R180 and 200 Owners: How did you set up your bait tank?

    I did some inquiries and came across cutdown 28” x 24” “fat ovals” that will just fit under my seat. Says it will easily hold a scoop. May be an answer?
  661. Kman

    Robalo R180 and 200 Owners: How did you set up your bait tank?

    Looking like that’s my best option. What would be a fair sell price for that pristine seat?
  662. Kman

    It begins again...

    Nice ride! Your tight parking could be made easier with a Trailer Valet. I love mine—especially for solo hitching at 0400.
  663. Kman

    Robalo R180 and 200 Owners: How did you set up your bait tank?

    There is another similar sized hatch in the splashwell that gives access (to someone with REALLY long arms) to the bilge. The thru hull pick up is on the bottom of the hull and is only 1/2”. I know that needs to be replaced with at least a 3/4”. There is no strainer—yet.
  664. Kman

    Robalo R180 and 200 Owners: How did you set up your bait tank?

    Ya, I know it’s low. The hatch is for inspection of the fuel tank sender. There is about 3” on top of the fuel tank to run plumbing. The thru hull is way aft, beneath the splashwell access. Someone will need freekishly long arms to upgrade it.
  665. Kman

    Robalo R180 and 200 Owners: How did you set up your bait tank?

    So I have a 2013 Robalo R180. The 15-gallon transom “bait tank” and plumbing are wholly inadequate for West Coast fishing. I’m going to put some sort of bait tank under my seat/leaning post, or have something made that includes a bench seat/post. I also need all new plumbing as the thru hull...
  666. Kman

    Drag washers find

    Stop driving and go online or call
  667. Kman

    For Sale Custom wrapped pliers

    Stainless? Are the pliars duck bill?
  668. Kman

    Is this Craigslist??

    I’ve sold leadheads and swimbaits to 50-75 BDers. I’ve had maybe a half dozen flake. The latest was from Washington last week—the old “I’ll get a check out right away” X 2. I’ve pretty much made myself flake proof, so it’s no skin off my butt. Buying wise, it’s been 100% good.
  669. Kman

    West Marine Price Matching

    I get the support your local store argument. It just doesn’t work (for me) for boat stuff or big ticket items. Tax in LA County ranges from 9.25-10.25%. I’ve already paid 5 figures in sales tax for things in the last year (and nearly that much in property taxes), so they have enough of a bite...
  670. Kman

    West Marine Price Matching

    A match is still almost 10% high due to sales tax. Maybe okay for take home stuff up to a couple hundred bucks, but for big ticket items, I’d go with BOE, Hodges, etc.
  671. Kman

    Slay day in Long Beach.

    Nice trip with the family. Well, mostly. Wish we found that WFO bass bite. It was a tough scratch morning for us yesterday. We did hear the whales a couple times.
  672. Kman

    20-18 Bassing the Shoe Before the Blow

    The title should read 2-18 bla bla, but we can’t edit title f-ups. Steve and I went bassing on his rocket sled Montauk Sat, 2-18. It was supposed to be my turn to drive, but there was a delay in getting my trolling motor mounting plate hard anodized. The plan was to fish the Shoe, and that’s...
  673. Kman

    Calico on the chew = happy kids! Sat 2/17/18

    Great job dad! Sooooooo many memories fishing with my daughters. Get them on bonito someday and let them fish till their arms fall off. They’ll tell that story for years.
  674. Kman

    2/15 - Lots of Bass at the Horseshoe

    Nice going Bob. And it was nice meeting you the other day. Glad the swimbaits worked out. I kinda envy you and the boat club thing. It takes so many hard boat setup decisions off your hands. I’m struggling with opening up my helm to flush in a 12” Simrad. Good God is it a big hole!
  675. Kman

    2-11 green sticks

    Hey Steve. I had a great time today. Thank you for the invite. I think your plastic-bottomed Racor got ethanoled. I’ve heard of this failure mode but have never seen it. That was one nasty leak. We spent some serious time mapping the coastline (our main objective for the day) with the side...
  676. Kman

    Ok to nighttime wallbang the big LA Harbor piers?

    Hey. Loving the new boat, but not loving the mid week having to be off the water by 1:30 to beat the traffic home. Before 911, we used to switch gears at night and “wall bang” Pier 400, Pier J and others for Spotties. It was great fun with 6 and 8# bass gear and little grubs. Seemed like no...
  677. Kman

    Need a Plate Fabbed

    Got her done. Well, I have some holes to drill, test fit, then off to be anodized, but I got the plates made. Thank you to everyone who helped or offered to help.
  678. Kman


    My only consolation as I look at our stocks the last ten days or so. Man, what a haircut today. I survived the 500 point drop in 1987. This too shall pass.
  679. Kman

    Need a Plate Fabbed

    Here is what I need. One is the top plate. The other is the backer. I have the CAD files.
  680. Kman

    underwater lights

    Man, I wish I was stil making those. I could use a pair of surface mounts for my boat.
  681. Kman

    Friday 2/2 PV bassing

    Where is your heading sensor mounted? I’m gonna try putting mine in the console to keep the helm uncluttered.
  682. Kman

    Friday 2/2 PV bassing

    Thanks for the report. Caught fish, smooth water, clear skies, boat ran great. What else is there? Oh nice trolling motor. We test fitted my Ulterra yesterday for a plate to be fabbed next week. Deploying that thing for the first time while holding it onto the bow with our hands had a...
  683. Kman

    WTB: Shimano Calcutta 820 XFA

    Hey. I’m still looking to buy a Washington made Shimano Calcutta 820 XFA rod. PM me if you have one you want to part with.
  684. Kman


    The new day trader!
  685. Kman

    Bugging tonight out of Long Beach? Stay home.

    Always glad to see a happy customer
  686. Kman

    Need a Plate Fabbed

    Thanks for the replies guys. I pulled the 6 ga wires from the bow to the console (ugh), mounted the 80 amp Battery Tender receptacle (a fine piece of engineering), and laid out where everything (batts, 60A CB) is going to go. I can’t make a template without deploying the motor, and I can’t do...
  687. Kman

    Need a Plate Fabbed

    Kinda thought that’s what that was. Something to consider. Be nice to return that $200 quick disconnect.
  688. Kman

    Need a Plate Fabbed

    Nice work! My motor needs to be on a quick disconnect as it will be visible from the street. The disconnect adds 1”. Now I need a plate to mount it to, as the motor hangs off to the side a little leaving one hole of the disconnect puck out over the water. The thinner the plate, the better as...