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  1. Smellinfishi

    newby on the 371

    Not a bad covered all 4 bases! Good report...bleed that fish quick or it’ll make you bleed. 😛
  2. Smellinfishi

    I love San Diego fishing

    Awesome work brother! Great video. Don’t forget to tell everyone fishing in SD make it look easy. Looks like you’ve still got room there for a couple hoop nets ...
  3. Smellinfishi

    W371 FOUND IT!

    Way to get r done! Was it foggy at the zone?
  4. Smellinfishi


    Looks like an epic day! He’s hooked for life!
  5. Smellinfishi

    9/12 San Diego

    Nice fish! Good report. Sometimes tackle is key. ...going out tomorrow🗝😁
  6. Smellinfishi

    1 and done 8/31

    Nice fish! You didn’t miss anything at the 371. Did the bite shut down around 10?
  7. Smellinfishi


    Way to go Vindog! Back at it! Hahaha, I’ve Still got you’re Spare gaff from last year...( this guy had 3 gaffs on his aluminum when I couldn’t remember one)🙄’s going to take a ride on my little 2 seater runabout when they get a little closer. I’ve never fished off a jet ski but that’s...
  8. Smellinfishi

    Memorial Day Yellowfin

    Not a bad start for the season! Tuna in May...:rockin:Were the tuna pens at the 425?-they were Friday. Water still 65*?
  9. Smellinfishi

    Yellowfin limits in November 11/21

    Epic day catching tuna in November! Making it happen brother, I love it! Now That the storms past I’m thinking about taking a look tomorrow...
  10. Smellinfishi

    Offshore with no gaff

    Thanks for that brother! I think I tuned that whole day out. First It was a cracked primer ball then broke a shift cable at the barge after getting bait...That safety pin got me out there!...a little late but got some time on the water- that was an expensive boat ride!
  11. Smellinfishi

    Offshore with no gaff

    That was Tuesday. Late report but I don’t think many fished yesterday or today...
  12. Smellinfishi

    Offshore with no gaff

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to go burn gas all day in hopes of fish or not so I didn’t set an alarm and left it up to someone else. As fate would have it I woke up a little late but the itch was there! Should be flat in the morning and wind wave in the afternoon...It’s on. Left SD barge around...
  13. Smellinfishi

    10/6 Hidden/475/425/south 9

    Stellar job not letting up till those kids saw how awesome the ocean can be! Perfect report, put a big grin on my face! It is a shame Wong and the other drop outs pollute the airwaves...used to be the ocean kind of weeded out that type of behavior. Can’t they wait until noon for the BS? Thanks...
  14. Smellinfishi

    2 hour drift

    Nice work! I’ve got to say, it was a pleasure being on the water today! Everyone was considerate and working together. Giving tips and handing off fish! I didn’t land anything today but had a great day on the water. Good energy. I hope the weekend warriors get a is contagious
  15. Smellinfishi

    Catching dodos on the yummy flyer by cortez

    Wow. I’m baffled. When is your boat going to get repoed? You can’t possibly be making enough off those Minnos to pay the gas bill, or the dope the fuck do you own a boat? Have some respect for the ocean and don’t post this stuff. I don’t think I’m the only one with less than no...
  16. Smellinfishi

    Dana to 181+dick move

    Well, I sure hope I can stay away from all the Chads out there this year. Sshhhhha!
  17. Smellinfishi

    Thanksgiving Bay!

    Sounds like a blast bro! Warm up on that light stuff in case these fish stick around....happy turkey day!
  18. Smellinfishi

    Best Fishing of The Year, yes the 23rd!

    Sooooo...I am headed out late this morning-solo if anyone wants to split gas on my 18' cuddy cabin. PM me. It'll be al ALL day trip!
  19. Smellinfishi

    Best Fishing of The Year, yes the 23rd!

    Well,that's it! Looks like I'm heading out at noon after work tomorrow before it cools off....I've got a fire lit under my ass now:eek: thanks for the motivation!
  20. Smellinfishi

    Mission Bay out of bait.

    It's kinda silly that this forum is the place to get an early AM bait report no?....I've driven from mission to SD a few times...bait there is generally a little healthier in my opinion. Either way, get out there and get some!
  21. Smellinfishi

    Mission Bay out of bait.

    Wow, funny how this report is more current than Everinghams Facebook BS that's never current? Not funny haha:cussing:
  22. Smellinfishi

    Casualties in SD Bay :/

    I'll definatly put my info on me buoys and weight me nets. I don't know why I havnt weighted them in the past. I kinda thought they were close enough to shore and lit well enough to be avoided by boats but there's always one guy that needs to drive right through wherever he wants to...guess I've...
  23. Smellinfishi

    Casualties in SD Bay :/

    Cheeseburgers it is! The thought had crossed my mind to put my # on them...but never in front of buoys with a pen in my seems I'm always scrambling to put things together when going fishing. Well, this was another expensive lesson learned!...I hope. I'll do the best I can to return...
  24. Smellinfishi

    Casualties in SD Bay :/

    Really? High tide was around 11:10 and I just couldn't hang out all night on my little tin boat waiting for the tide to go out. I was back out at 4:30 this morning and found nothing. Low tide yesterday was a -1.2 and this morning was a +1.2, so that's 2.5 feet difference... Not in my favor.Spent...
  25. Smellinfishi

    Casualties in SD Bay :/

    So I hit SD bay last night on the bug hunt....was hoping to catch a couple....tide was alright...well, I started running a string and by the time I got my last conical dropped the tide was kickin' and my first buoys were getting dragged under. Long story short I'm down 3 nets. I spent some time...
  26. Smellinfishi

    Honda pair of 130 parts motors

    Hee hee! You're right about that shit!
  27. Smellinfishi

    Honda pair of 130 parts motors

    Hey bro, I'm also interested. Do they have props? What year? I'm in SD. Obviously theres at least one guy in front of me....
  28. Smellinfishi

    Tuna limit

    Shit dudes, I didn't notice this had gone on all day and was still looking at the first page. Anyway, looks like we have a difinative answer. Fish on brothers!
  29. Smellinfishi

    Tuna limit

    Well, it appears to me that dorado would fall under this general limit which seems strange that the limit for a more common and desirable fish would not be specified....I drive by a fish and game office and think it's worth my while to stop for a definate answer as I plan on catching a few of...
  30. Smellinfishi

    Tuna limit

    See dude, even ca dfg doesn't mention dodos that I see....I think it might be 10?....that would have been a day... ...and yea, that was October of last year....sorry for the late report.
  31. Smellinfishi

    Tuna limit

    License? For sure! And a couple boats. I've only had to worry about it once, 20# dodos on a paddy, had 3 didn't know the limit. Offered #s but no takers. Radio fish tasted good the next night with a couple bugs. Now that's what's up! Epic day.
  32. Smellinfishi

    Tuna limit

    How about dorado? I believe they fall under the limit of 10 for one particular species, but have heard mixed things...think I've seen and heard 3 as well...
  33. Smellinfishi

    Video at 30 mile bank cashing out!

    Badass video! I might need a camera man once I get this "catching" thing down....
  34. Smellinfishi

    Sunday Bloody Sunday

    I want to catch a radio fish!