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  1. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes first fishing trip this year in San Felipe

    quick report, it was a roller coaster for Tony Reyes fishing trip, tony did not get his permit until first week of July 2014, prior all the other trip have been cancel including my trip, finally Tony able get his permit, lucky enough 22 of us able to make it out to San Felipe to fish on the...
  2. BajaConcept

    669.4 lb Blue Marlin caught in Maui

    Just got back from Maui Island with my wife Carol, thank you, Start me Again boat company captain Duby and Deckhand Rob you guy are rock, we can not land this fish without you both. Thank you again David
  3. BajaConcept

    669.4 lb Blue Marlin 4/4/14

    Thank you, Start me Again for the excellent fishing trip Captain Duby and deckhand Cosgrove, you guy are rock. Can not finish without you guys, looking forward going back fishing with them again, this fish take three hours to landed. Thanks David
  4. BajaConcept

    Captain Vince Red Drum did it again

    I was lucky enough got invite from Vince (Red Drum) for a night of hooping, it was so much fun with Captain Vince, we caught limit of rock fish and plenty Lobster for Thanksgiving. Thank you again Captain Vince
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    Fishdope report

    We the hell now is 10:45 pm i only can receive the fish dope report update at 3pm, i have paid the service for update report every hour or two, how can i arrange my private boat fishing trip the next day with out any update report is this worst the money i spent????????? please advise
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    1010 WFO

    Vince and I and Mike left SI on Saturday 9/22 at 12:30 am, pick up bait at the Brother was ok, half was roll by 6am, half still swim, found first paddy at 6:30 pick up first DODO and than troll for an other hour and half before find another paddy, when limit on YFT and one BFT on the same paddy...
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    Tuna pen Giant BluefinTuna

    Here is a quick report, left shelter Island at midnight and purchase 2 scoops of sardine, and on our way to look for tuna pen, found them at 52 miles from point, check the bait 95% have roll and die, left may be 30 pieces swim and or half dead, anyway bait is suck, we start fishing at the pen...
  8. BajaConcept

    Caught Bluefin and prepare a good meal

    When out with my friend Lawrence Li and Kevin Trent to fish on my boat Baja Concept on Sunday the 5th, nice ride down to 238, suck to ride back rough weather, windy and choppy, all day we caught 3 bluefin about 15lb each, hope better next time, here is few picture for good use on the tuna, can't...
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    Option did it again full limit on WSB

    Just finish reading the 976-Tuna post, Option got full limit on the WSB Good job guys, i wish i was there
  10. BajaConcept

    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    Why waste all the good calcium and good eating fish head, i have a good way to prep a good hot and sour fish head soup, here are few picture. PM me for recipe. Vietnamese said ( Canh Chu )
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    Good way to eat Rock fish

    Well finally got out on Saturday 4/21, made to SCI by 7:30 am, got limit on the big Rock fish in few hour for four people, Scott, John, Steve and I having a great time and good weather, here is a good recipe eating rock fish ceviche, lemon, lime, onion, cilantro, and jalapeno, here is few...
  12. BajaConcept

    time to kill some fish

    We are going out tomorrow 4/21/12 hope for the best at SCI, i invite some of my friend to fish with JSL and John and Steve on my Baja Concept, we will keep all of you post in Sunday with the fish report. if any one fish the SCI call me on channel 69
  13. BajaConcept

    Good Night Lobster and Crab

    Time to go out before the lobster season is over, Vince, Kevin , Jason and I having a great night on the water, lobster slow crawling and pick 12 total for the night, pull the last net at midnight, the moon too full, still have fun and good time with all my friends. Tide line
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    Great night hooping

    Great time hooping on 10/9 night, thanks Vince(Red Drum) joining us Kevin and I for a great night hooping for nice size bugs and crabs, here is few pic's.
  15. BajaConcept

    going out Friday 9/3

    going out Friday afternoon and may be make a 100 miles run mark or stay me at where the parking lot is Hidden Bank, anyone wish to buddy boat call 72 or 69, Baja Concept, hope we can kill the tuna this trip, good luck who out there this weekend
  16. BajaConcept

    Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy New Year to all Asian member, how each of you celerbrate your New Year? I'm going to eat and eat fish and lobster and seafood until i drop.:hali_olutta:
  17. BajaConcept

    Hooping for Saturday Night at CAT

    Any one going out 1/8/2011 to CAT for Bugging? I will be out there with Vince Red drum, try to get our limit early. give us a call on channel 72:hali_olutta:
  18. BajaConcept

    Fat Lady have Sing for 2010

    Iw was good fishing year 2010 except Tuna fishing, looking forward 2011 should be a good year for WSB and Yellowtail, Happy New Year to you all. Tight Line.
  19. BajaConcept

    put 2010 in memory book fishing good

    I can put year 2010 in the book here are some of the picture for you guys to enjoy
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    Beautiful weather and Lobster, YUM YUM

    Start late on last Friday, left Davies landing at 2:30 pm got to island by 3:45pm, fog at Long Beach area, couldn't go too fast, calm weather and no wind, finish pulling by 9:30pm got two people limit and about 50 shorts, seal is alway problem, no lost of net this trip. Looking next trip this week.
  21. BajaConcept

    WTF with the offshore weather????

    What with this California weather, I have have a chance to fish the Tuna this year yet, every time plan to go, F**ken weather is up, today blowing 15k to 25k offshore. Can anyone doing a weather dance????:2gunsfiring_v1:
  22. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes July 11, 2010

    What a trip, this is my 15th years, never get old, all the Yellowtail you wanted, beautiful weather, great group of fisherman, plenty of drinking and joking, laughing, BS all day, the yellowtail are big and mean, live bait all week except first day, can't wait until next year. Enjoy the Picture...
  23. BajaConcept

    More Pic's from Puerto Penasco(Rocky Point)

    Here more Grouper Pic's enjoy, can't wait to be back there in August this year. If you never pull on one of this bad ass grouper, should try it.
  24. BajaConcept

    Rocky Point more picture

    Here are few more good picture's
  25. BajaConcept

    Puento Penasco Mex Rocky Point

    Here are some pic's for our trip, let the picture do the talking for three days fishing, can't wait until next trip, Victor, Kevin, and Ed they with me to fish all three days, fun time.
  26. BajaConcept

    C-Bass at Rocky Point Puenta Penasco

    Great White Sea Bass Fishing, I'm ready for another trip in May, should be a good grouper fishing and WSB fishing, and unlimited amount of Sierra they are Giant size. And great Cabrilla fishing.
  27. BajaConcept

    March Madness

    Down to four team, Duke or Bay$%^%&???? West Vir gor the win today big ass upset for Uk Wowwowowowowowo:fighting0061:
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    where is the report for WSB

    Where are all the WSB? no report for this weekend, where are all the squid? is this WSB season about to be over? May be time to going offshore to find some Tuna%#$%^&*
  29. BajaConcept

    Greay way end this Lobster season

    Here are some Pic's for the last post.
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    Great way to end Lobster season

    Finally the weather is good to go on Monday 3/15, let Davies ramp at 1:30 pm got to the Island at 2:30 pm fishing bonehead for back up bait, no problem with make bait, start set the net at 6pm first pull 3 legal, after that triple limit by 11:15 pm for three of us, they all good size, biggest 4...
  31. BajaConcept

    fishing San Quintinn with Capt Kelly

    We left Saturday Fed 20th afternoon 1pm at Sherman Oak, got to San Quintinn at 8pm having dinner at Jardine, great place, great food and service, we stay at Jardine hotel, nice place comfortable clean bathroom and bed, the drive to San Quintinn wasn't bad, road condition little muddy, and we...
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    Got Triple Limit Lobster

    What a great way to start a Chinese New Year, triple limit on the bugs, great night for bugging, 21 legals and 40 shorts, have to work for them Seal is pain in the ass, lucky we have make enough Bonita and Mac for bait, looking forward next trip at the Island, the water condition good for...
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    San Felipe Mother trip

    All way fun on Tony Reyes trip kill Umm
  34. BajaConcept


    What a trip loving this wealther, suck rock fish close, water temp holding good at Cat, watch the Yellow and WSB pop up soon, The Bug stay at the same dept for the last month. Limit for Two
  35. BajaConcept

    They are Crawling at CAT

    They are Crawling good after storm, full limit for three people this week
  36. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes Sr Pass away

    What a big loss of a Baja legend, he is a good man, been fishing with him and Tony Jr for last 15 years, he will be miss. :hali_parkutuli: