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  1. Deamon

    Found Life Vest- LJ

    2-22? Very good condition. Figured it blew off a boat as this is a nice, near new vest. Describe it a bit and I’ll be happy to return.
  2. Deamon

    Orcas on the 9

    Just after grey light on the 9 saturday morning, I came across carnage exacted by orcas on a porpoise pod. Right in front of me, I see a porpoise get catapulted 8' into the air with the orca flying out of the water as well. When the porpoise were gone, the orca clan followed me for a good while...
  3. Deamon

    SD Bay Lobster

    Worked it and eventually got our limits. I took an initial look at Zuniga and the inside jetty. That entire area was an f-n zoo. So many dudes bombing traps on top of each other, lol. I dropped the boat in at Pepper Park and came in around 10:15pm, just as the Nat City PD were about to lock the...
  4. Deamon

    Kodiak PF-14 Bait Tank

    Used 14 gal bait tank in good condition, made by Kodiak. Has the nice soft flow on the inside. Retails new at $260ish. $90 obo. San Diego.
  5. Deamon

    1977 Yamaha XT 500

    Thumper...should be nuff said, lol. Pics and info on Craigslist. It'll be hard to find a cleaner, original bike. Runs beautifully. $4k obo.
  6. Deamon

    Found at Dana Landing Mission Bay

    Sorry wasn't sure where to place this...launched too damn early and found a phone along w some other goodies. Right at the launch ramp. Let me know if it's yours. Jim
  7. Deamon

    Wanted: Trinidad 20 Gold or Silver

    Good to great condition...fair price. Thanks. Jim
  8. Deamon

    Senko's in San Diego Tubed a favorite spot using Senko's. Had a ball on quite a few.
  9. Deamon

    Conical Hoop Nets

    I'm in need a set of conicals. Squidco volcano's or Promar style. Let me know what you've got. I'm in San Diego. Thanks! Jim
  10. Deamon

    Seeker 8' #6480 Jig Stick

  11. Deamon

    Lobster Traps

    Promar or Squidco's Volcano only. San Diego area preferred, but...
  12. Deamon

    Dive Gear- Integrated BC (Bouyancy Compensator)

    Sea Quest Black Diamond BC. Men's Small. Used twice and in EXCELLENT condition. $120.00 or best offer.
  13. Deamon

    Conical Hoop Nets (5)

    I'm looking to buy (5) conical hoop nets...Eclipse, Promar, etc...Rigged or not okay. Let me know if you've got it with your best price. Thanks! Deamon
  14. Deamon

    Is this your feeesh?

    sombody's #6 chrome live bait hook in the corner... Wow...what could have been an epic late afternoon turned out to fizzle when the weed moved in. (3) beans with quite a few free swimmers...
  15. Deamon

    Eastern Pacific Spotted Drum

    okay I know it's a Spotfin Croaker but it sure deserves a better name. Great fight and challenge to catch in our local surf...
  16. Deamon

    Wanted: Hobie Pro Angler

    Found a Hobie, thanks!