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  1. JoshuaD

    For Sale Seeker Blue Lightning BCSW 706-7’-T

    Seeker Blue Lightning BCSW 706-7’-T. Great condition. $200. Located in Dana Point or Corona. Text or PM for quicker response. 949-683-8688
  2. JoshuaD

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta and Penn Slammer

    Calcutta sold. Penn Slammer still available.
  3. JoshuaD

    For Sale Igloo Marine Cooler

    I believe it’s the 110qt. Needs new latches and has a crack in the side plastic. Clean. $25 located in Dana Point. 949-683-8688
  4. JoshuaD

    For Sale Shimano Calcutta and Penn Slammer

    Shimano Calcutta TE 200GT. SOLD Penn Slammer 3 8500.Taken on a few trips but never used. $275 Located in Dana Point or Corona 949-683-8688
  5. JoshuaD

    For Sale F/S Shimano Calcutta TE 200GT

    Great condition, minor boat rash. Filled with 12lb P-Line. $200. Located in Dana Point or Corona. 949-683-8688
  6. JoshuaD

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - September 2020 wrap-up.

    Bummer man. Here is a good picture that describes 2020. You have to zoom in to read the sign.
  7. JoshuaD

    La Lolla Bonito's and Dana Landing Crime report

    Would have been nice to get that sawzall from him and remove his hands at the wrists. Good way to ensure he can’t try it again.
  8. JoshuaD

    Shimano service center Irvine awesome!!

    Yep, sent in a Calcutta 400B in for service on a Monday and they had it back to my house on Friday good as new.
  9. JoshuaD

    For Sale Penn Slammer 3 8500 and Shimano Terez TZS78H

    Penn Slammer 3 8500 filled with JB 80lb hollow spectra. Taken on a few boat rides but haven’t pulled on any fish. $275 reel. Rod sold. located in Dana Point or Corona 949-683-8688
  10. JoshuaD

    Dana point 8/16/20 all the bass

    I’m not sure if it does. I just put in a new Garmin UHD unit in my skiff but haven’t checked. Might be out on the water tomorrow and will take a look.
  11. JoshuaD

    Dana point 8/16/20 all the bass

    There is an app you can download called ArcGIS Explorer. Go to the search bar and type in California MPA. It has all the CA MPA areas including Laguna. The app shows your location on the map so you know if you are in or near an MPA.
  12. JoshuaD

    For Sale Livingston 155 (15.5 LV16) with Yamaha 90 for sale

    I have the same boat and love it. Great boat for inshore and offshore (on the right days). Very stable and rides good in the chop. I plumbed in a Chovy Master single scoop bait tank and wedged in a 25 gallon fuel tank under the center console. Have taken it from DP to Cat and to local offshore...
  13. JoshuaD

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - July 2020 wrap-up.

    Major bummer for the communities and individuals that rely on tourism to keep food in the table. Hopefully Hawaii can figure something out. My family try’s to make it to one or two of the islands every summer but unfortunately, not this year. Good luck! Hopefully things change for the better...
  14. JoshuaD

    Parking at dana point

    It sucks. It’s my local launch ramp. Feel bad for people with big trucks and trailers. When it starts to get crowded, which only takes a few boats, it’s a bitch to park my 4Runner with an 18ft trailer.
  15. JoshuaD

    Dana Wharf fishing license sales

    Just and FYI, Dana Wharf is only selling licenses to customers going on their fleet of boats. If you are planning on fishing around the Dana Point area and need a license, you can get one at West Marine in Dana Point or Big 5 in San Juan Capistrano.
  16. JoshuaD

    For Sale Recaro kids car seat

    Recaro Hero kids car seat. Good condition. Located in Dana Point or Corona. $50 please txt or pm for quicker response 9496838688
  17. JoshuaD

    WTB Edgewater CC 22-25 foot

    Edgewater makes a good boat. Had a 20cc for a few years and liked it a lot. No issues with it. Would definitely be one of my top choices if I were to buy a mono CC again. Own a small catamaran now and I don’t think I would go back to a mono hull.
  18. JoshuaD

    For Sale 2017 Tideline 235 Hybrid

    Bump for an awesome boat! Purchased my first catamaran last year and love it.
  19. JoshuaD

    5 Oceans Wash Down Pump

    Good morning BD’ers, Just wanted to throw out a caution for 5-Oceans products/customer service. I purchased one of their wash down pump kits last year for my project skiff. I finally got around to installing the wash down pump last month since I was waiting to do the thru hull, bait tank, and...
  20. JoshuaD

    Buying a boat in Florida

    For what it’s worth, I just drove from So Cal to South Carolina. Gas out of CA was never above $2 per gallon. Paid between $1.57 - $1.89.
  21. JoshuaD

    For Sale Garmin 545S w/ Airmar P66 Transducer, power cable, and swivel mount

    Nope, not $45. Same unit on Amazon and eBay is going for $350-$400 without the transducer. Thank you for your concern on the price though.
  22. JoshuaD

    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    Bump for an awesome boat. I bought a Livingston 155 last year and love it. Small cat with tons of room. Have taken mine from Dana Point to Catalina and beyond. They ride so good. Mine has a commercial series Yamaha 85 but if it ever dies I definitely want to drop a Yamaha F70 on it. I wish more...
  23. JoshuaD

    DP Launch Ramp

    I was being sarcastic. No additional boat parking.
  24. JoshuaD

    DP Launch Ramp

    Just an FYI, the launch ramp fee was raised from $10 to $15 yesterday. Luckily they added more parking, no wait, 2/3 of the trailer boat parking was removed last year.
  25. JoshuaD

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Dana Point and Newport are also joining the fight.
  26. JoshuaD

    Fred Hall Show Electronics

    I haven’t been to the FHS for a few years but was wondering if Garmin discounts any of their chartplotter/fishfinders at the show? Looking to upgrade to the EchoMAP UHD 94sv with the GT54-UHD transducer. Can anyone recall or know if their units are discounted at the show?
  27. JoshuaD

    For Sale Traxxas Slash 4x4 brushless

    yes, everything for the RC car in the pic.
  28. JoshuaD

    For Sale Traxxas Slash 4x4 brushless

    what do you have to trade?
  29. JoshuaD

    For Sale Traxxas Slash 4x4 brushless

  30. JoshuaD

    For Sale Bikes, stroller, SUP

    Stroller sold. Giant Pre balance bike $40 Haro Z16 bike $40 Kids 404 SUP 9’6” x 24.3” x 5.5”. Comes with a Riveria board bag. $350 Josh 949-683-8688
  31. JoshuaD

    For Sale Beretta floating shotgun case

    Beretta xtrema floating waterfowl case. Great condition. $25 located in Dana Point or Corona 949-683-8688 please txt for quicker response
  32. JoshuaD

    For Sale Snow boots

    Figured I would post these here since they are very warm boots that can be used for cold hunts. Leather UGG’s with traction sole. Size 10 (I’m a 10.5 and these fit fine). $100 Located in Dana Point or Corona 9496838688
  33. JoshuaD

    For Sale Coleman cooler

  34. JoshuaD

    Marine fuel tank builder recommendations...

    Berry Marine Tank in Santa Ana.
  35. JoshuaD

    For Sale Power wheels rzr

  36. JoshuaD

    Anyone Watch 60 Minutes Tonight?

    Might have to add a deep drop set up to the long range arsenal but instead of hooks maybe a scoop shovel at the end :D
  37. JoshuaD

    Penn slammer 3 what rodfor 5500 and 8500

    I have a Seeker Hercules SHS-80H-SP 30-60lb paired to my Slammer 5500 and like it a lot.
  38. JoshuaD

    Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing

    Just looked at their website and it doesn’t look like the new models have dura touch.
  39. JoshuaD

    Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing

    Thanks Jason! Is the dura touch their camo series?
  40. JoshuaD

    Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing

    Curious if anyone has one, is shooting with, or has shot the Browning Cynergy Wicked Wing over under? Looks nice and durable but haven’t had a chance to shoot or hold one yet. Was hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has shot one. Hoping to add an over under to the collection in the near...
  41. JoshuaD

    Dirty water limits

    Nice catch and love the boat! Bluewater 23T’s are awesome sleds. Did you bring it out from the east coast?
  42. JoshuaD

    yellowtail popping from the shore in Korea Aug 28 - Sept 1

    Very cool! Thank you for sharing the photos. YT from the rocks like that would be amazing.
  43. JoshuaD

    Komodo SS

    I'm hoping for a 548 or something close to that. I have the 463 and love it. Would be nice to have a little more line capacity and an option for a lower gear ratio than 6.3:1
  44. JoshuaD

    PCH Spinning Rod

    I’m looking at purchasing a spinning rod or two for a few new reels. I haven’t been able to find any pictures and have not seen any PCH spinning rods at my local tackle shop. Curious if all Okuma PCH spinning rods have the two piece rear grip / split grip or if it’s just for the popping series?
  45. JoshuaD

    Komodo SS

    Looks like this is gaining traction and Okuma already has a few pre-sales. Maybe we can be the product testers :-)
  46. JoshuaD

    My 15.5 Livingston

    I just put a Sea Sport 300 on recently and it helped a lot with cavitation, speed to plane, and mpg. I have a 3 blade SS prop and I read that a 4 blade helps a lot also.
  47. JoshuaD

    My 15.5 Livingston

    Nice sled! Have the same boat and love it. Very stable, great ride, and I agree that it is a big-little boat. Just put a custom 25 gallon fuel tank in it. My son and I went from Dana Point to Cat, fished for awhile then ran home in the afternoon. On the way back we were pacing a 20ft and 23ft...
  48. JoshuaD

    Komodo SS

    Question for an Okuma pro staffer or rep. Are there any plans for a 500 size Komodo with a gear choice like the 500 Tranx (HG or PG)? Love the level wind for jig fishing.
  49. JoshuaD

    For Sale Trinidad 20a

  50. JoshuaD

    For Sale 12 gallon fuel tank

    Bump for new price. $60
  51. JoshuaD

    Boat friendly restaurants in DP and Newport

    My wife, son, and I went from Dana Point to Newport on Monday and ate at Woody's Wharf. Got there around noon, no other boats at the dock. Good food, service, and music. Ran back home, found some dolphins, a huge grey whale, and caught some calicos on the way back. Was a great day on the water...
  52. JoshuaD

    For Sale Xcel Drylock 4/3 wetsuit

    Xcel Drylock 4/3 wetsuit. Size large. Like new. $150 Located in Dana Point Josh- 9496838688
  53. JoshuaD

    For Sale 12 gallon fuel tank

    West Marine fuel tank Capacity: 12 Gallon Dimensions: 22 3/4"L x 14 1/4"W x 14 3/8"H Both male and female quick connect fitting included $50 Located in Dana Point or Corona 949-683-8688
  54. JoshuaD

    Dana Point Access in Jeopardy

    I commented on someone else’s post about the DP launch ramp issue. Launched for the first time on a weekend last weekend and it sucked. Boaters were doing a good job but the parking layout sucks and a lot of the spaces are small. With the wash down full and people’s trailers hanging out into...
  55. JoshuaD

    For Sale Pelican 1700 Case

    Dana Point or Corona
  56. JoshuaD

    15T Silver VS. Gunmetal ***pics***

    Both look awesome! I bet that reel will be very popular with our local BFT bite.
  57. JoshuaD

    For Sale Plastic Pedestal Seat

    Seat is out of a Livingston 155. Good condition just missing the seat height adjustment bolt. $40 Josh 949-683-8688
  58. JoshuaD

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    I agree with Joe that the Dana Point launch ramp is a mess since 3/4 of the trailer boat parking was removed. Also, the new wash down area and exit wasn’t well thought out. People now have to do a u turn to exit but the u turn area is directly in front of the launch ramps. This summer is going...
  59. JoshuaD

    Tesoro gear ratio

    Good morning BD’ers and Okuma staffers, Does Okuma or an aftermarket company make lower gears for the Tesoro? I have the 5s and 10s and am curious if there is an option out there to install different gears like the Penn Torque with 4.8:1. Thanks
  60. JoshuaD

    The Myth That the U.S. Leads the World in Mass Shootings

    To bad this mom didn’t have a gun near by.
  61. JoshuaD

    For Sale Pacific Edge 32 gallon poly tank

    Memorial Day weekend sale $100
  62. JoshuaD

    For Sale 23' Edgewater Center Console - Custom Built for SoCal!! (Back on the market!!)

    Awesome boat! I had the little brother 20cc and it was a great boat, wish I still had it. Well built, good ride and layout... Whoever buys it will be very stoked!
  63. JoshuaD

    WTB P238 or similar

    Keep your eye on Turners, every so often they have the P238 for a good price.
  64. JoshuaD

    For Sale Pelican 1700 Case

    Bump for new price
  65. JoshuaD

    Livingston Warrior Build

    Boat is looking awesome! How much weight are you adding to it? Also, where/how did you install the two fuel tanks? Can you please post a few pics? I have the regular Livingston 155 and have a single 12gal tank under the center console.
  66. JoshuaD

    Custom built cat

    Very nice! Like the lines. Are you having good success running a single vs. twin outboards?
  67. JoshuaD

    WTB Livingston 155 / 16

    Thanks, saw that one. Very nice rig but 19,900 is out of my price range
  68. JoshuaD

    WTB Livingston 155 / 16

    Looking to buy a Livingston 155 / 16. I believe the older model was called the 155 and the newer one is the 16. I know there are a few on boat trader but those are out of my price range. Don’t mind traveling to get one. Thanks!
  69. JoshuaD

    WTB Honda TRX 90

    Hey BD’ers, Looking for a clean Honda TRX 90 quad for my son. Year doesn’t really matter as long as it’s clean and runs good. Please PM me if you have one you are looking to sell. Thanks! Josh
  70. JoshuaD

    Phenix 809xhj vs Okuma PCH 801h/xh

    Nope. Looking to buy one and not sure which rod to get.
  71. JoshuaD

    Phenix 809xhj vs Okuma PCH 801h/xh

    Was curious if anyone has experience fishing both rods and can compare the two? Was looking to put an Okuma Komodo 463 on it for throwing iron, maybe a small popper... Thanks in advance!
  72. JoshuaD

    For Sale Phenix Casting Rods

    Sent you a pm about the 809xhj.
  73. JoshuaD

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Very nice sled! Dig the color. SeaVee make sure an awesome boat. That’s cool they are customizing to your desires at the factory. Keep the pics coming!
  74. JoshuaD

    For Sale Sato Crimp Kit and Needles

    Hey Blaine, sent you a PM this morning.
  75. JoshuaD

    US Customs boat 900 hp

    HCB 65cc = (5) Seven Marine 627’s
  76. JoshuaD

    3 piece travel rod for Hawaii

    Hey guys and gals, My family usually travels to Hawaii for a few weeks a year for vacation. We have been staying in Kona and I have found some places that look like they would be great for shore fishing. I have read about awesome night fishing for Ulua /Giant Trevally. Looking for a 7 to 7 1/2...
  77. JoshuaD

    For Sale Fishing Backpack

    Yep, buyer pays shipping
  78. JoshuaD

    For Sale Fishing Backpack

    Bump for price drop $50
  79. JoshuaD

    Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463

    Posted this in the reel form but figured would get a better response here since it’s Okuma specific. Looking to buy a 20lb set up mainly to be used for live bait for local dorado, YT, small tuna. Might also double as a rig for throwing small iron. What reel, Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463? Will be...
  80. JoshuaD

    Okuma Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463

    Looking to buy a 20lb set up mainly to be used for live bait for local dorado, YT, small tuna. Might also double as a rig for throwing small iron. What reel, Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463? Will be putting it on an 8ft stick, not sure which one yet but I know the Komodo limits me to a rod with a reel...
  81. JoshuaD

    For Sale Shimano Talica 8 2-speed and Super Seeker 670-7 LB Factory Wrap

    Shimano Talica 8 2-speed. Great condition. Filled with 50lb solid. $375 Super Seeker 670-7 Long Beach Factory wrap. $350 Will sell as package or separate. 9496838688
  82. JoshuaD

    For Sale Fishing Backpack

    Home is Dana Point and I work in Corona. Can bring the bag with me to work if that is closer for you.
  83. JoshuaD

    Where ? At SCI.....!!!!!

    It’s still working, I just watched it. Awesome video! Gets the blood flowing even when not on the boat.
  84. JoshuaD

    For Sale Shimano Talica 8 2-Speed

    Shimano Talica 8 2-speed. Excellent condition. Filled with 50lb JB solid. $400 Josh 9496838688
  85. JoshuaD

    How much 130 JB on a VISX20

    What brand line did you use? Just went through the same thing with my 16VISX. Had them spool it up with 100lb solid J-braid and got a little over 400 yards. Wasn’t stoked on that because Penn advertises 660 of 100lb. So we stripped it, used a new line counter and used PP. Got 600 yards of 100lb...
  86. JoshuaD

    For Sale Kids stuff

    Bob Stroller- handle pad is a torn but other than that it's in good condition. $50 Car seat- $20 Book holder- $5 Step 2 Wagon -$20 Glider seat with foot rest - $50 Josh- 9496838688 please text for quicker response.
  87. JoshuaD

    Late Report 9/173/43

    Nice work in a small boat. As long as you got the fuel and the weather cooperates you can run offshore on your boat. I made multiple trips offshore a few years back on my old Gregor 14 foot aluminum boat. One day I put 80 miles on it paddy hopping when it was flat calm and only burned 6 gallons...
  88. JoshuaD

    For Sale Shimano Talica 12-II and Baitrunner 6500B

    Talica 12-II filled with 80lb JB solid. Excellent condition. Comes with Phenix reel cover. $425 Shimano Baitrunner- Sold
  89. JoshuaD

    WTB Livingston 19 power catamaran

    This is a cool cat also. If you want to go 23ft the Carolina Cat is nice.
  90. JoshuaD

    For Sale Kids beach cruiser

  91. JoshuaD

    For Sale Phenix 800H

    Not really but what do you have?
  92. JoshuaD

    For Sale Phenix 800H

    Phenix ultra swimbait classic 800H. Fast action 15-50lb. 8ft. Great condition. Reel morning included. Bought for $309+tax. $250
  93. JoshuaD

    SOLD 2005-225 Edgewater For Sale-Reduced $28K

    Awesome boat. Edgewater makes a great, reliable boat. Had a 20cc edgewater and loved it. Wish I would have never solid it. Great ride, reliable, plenty of fuel, handled rough seas... Good luck with the sale!
  94. JoshuaD

    Backordered VISX

    Just walked out of Fisherman’s Landing, they have a 20 and 30 VISX
  95. JoshuaD

    Glider/Rocking chair

    Stanley Young America glider with foot rest. $100
  96. JoshuaD

    Audi Q5 TDI

    240HP 420 ftlbs torque 24mpg city/ 31 hwy (if you baby it on the highway you will see almost 40mpg)
  97. JoshuaD

    Audi Q5 TDI

  98. JoshuaD

    South Carolina Duck, Quail, and Chucker

    Kind of, inland South Carolina is not a major fly-way for ducks. This place brings in mallards ever year for people to hunt. We usually hunt flooded timber on my in laws property for wood ducks but they have not received rain in awhile so the rivers are low which equals no flooded timber on the...
  99. JoshuaD

    South Carolina Duck, Quail, and Chucker

    My wife, son, and I did our annual pilgrimage to her family on the east coast for the holidays. We usually hunt my father-in-laws property for deer and duck but we wanted to try something different so my brother-in-law set up two day hunt for us at Toney Creek Plantation. We towed my...
  100. JoshuaD

    HR 38: National CCW Reciprocity

    Nice! Makes traveling a lot easier when carrying. With that being said, people who do carry across state borders should still be familiar with the laws of that state for concealed carry.
  101. JoshuaD

    FS: Kids bikes

    Norco Blaster 14” bike. Front and rear hand brakes. No coaster brake. Excellent condition. $120. Retails for $240 Giant Pre balance bike. $60 Josh 9496838688 Please txt for photos if interested. The photos are not uploading for some reason. Located in Dana Point
  102. JoshuaD

    S&W 629-1 44mag

    S&W makes a great .44mag. I have the performance series in the same caliber. It’s awesome!
  103. JoshuaD

    FS: Springfield XD9mm Subcompact

    Bump for lowering the price
  104. JoshuaD

    Traveling with Shotgun over the Holidays

    Good morning gentlemen, I will be flying to the east coast for our usual Christmas trip back to the in laws. I usually just borrow my father in laws rifles for deer hunting and an old pump shotgun for duck hunting. I have always contemplated taking my shotgun for duck but we are usually...
  105. JoshuaD

    WTS/WTT: Toyota Tacoma Sport Wheels/Tires

    2015 and yes, 17" wheels.
  106. JoshuaD

    2530 Parker - Long Cabin - Dialed in

    If someone is interested in a Parker pilot house they definitely need to take a look at this boat. I have been fortunate to fish on the boat a handful of times and it is an awesome boat. Plenty of rod holders, holds a lot of bait, nice ride, has all the extras, and the owner takes great care of...
  107. JoshuaD

    SOLD Price drop.... $69k Yamaha Warranty....Smoking deal....

    Nice sled! Contender makes an awesome boat.
  108. JoshuaD

    4/3 wetsuit

    Xcel Drylock chest zip wetsuit. Size large. Like new. Comfortable and warm. $250 Josh 9496838688
  109. JoshuaD

    Specialized Rock Hopper mountain bike

    Bump for new price
  110. JoshuaD

    Makaira 16II vs 16IISEa

    I noticed the mentioned versions have the same gear ratios, drag pressure... does the gold version have the same size handle as the SEa or does the SEa have a longer handle?
  111. JoshuaD

    What two Mak SE's?

    A 20 and what other reel? The 16 or 50?
  112. JoshuaD

    What two Mak SE's?

    I'm trying to decide which two set-ups to go with for our bigger local BFT. I have plenty of setups ranging from 8lb bass outfits up to 60lb but would like to add two heavy rigs to the arsenal. Should I go with a Mak 16se filled with 80 or 100lb spectra and mainly use it for an 80lb (occasional...
  113. JoshuaD

    FS: Super Seeker 6470-7

    Long Beach- factory wrapped super Seeker 6470-7. Excellent condition, minor scratches on reel seat from mounting the reel. Located in Dana Point. $300 Josh (949)683-8688
  114. JoshuaD

    Guess everything went nanners today

    Yep, the banana thing is stupid. Plenty of bananas on LR boats. Caught this the other day right after a banana with breakfast.
  115. JoshuaD

    Advice on freezer type requested ???

    I had a freezer chest but now own an upright. I find it easier to locate items in the freezer and it's easier to organize.
  116. JoshuaD

    50lb iron reel. Saltiga 40 vs Trinidad 20a

    I have never fished the Saltiga but I do have the 20A on my jig stick and like it a lot. It's filled with 65lb braid and topped off with around 100yards of Izorline Platnium 50lb mono. I tried full spectra to short topshot of fluoro but didn't like it for throwing iron. I have caught wahoo, YT...
  117. JoshuaD

    Step 2 clubhouse climber with slide

    Dana Point
  118. JoshuaD

    Step 2 clubhouse climber with slide

  119. JoshuaD

    Specialized Rock Hopper mountain bike

    Specialized Rock Hopper mountain bike. 15" female bike. Good condition. $150 Josh 9496838688
  120. JoshuaD

    Which reel for poppers

    I recently purchased a Penn Slammer III 8500 and filled it with 80lb hollow. Made an end loop so I can change out my leaders quickly and easily. The 8500 is pretty big but I wanted the drag and line capacity in case I hook into something big. I have yet to use it except for practicing casting in...
  121. JoshuaD

    WTS / WTT Cannondale Mountain Bike

    Bump for pics
  122. JoshuaD

    WTS / WTT Cannondale Mountain Bike

    Will post pics and send u a pm on Monday with pics.
  123. JoshuaD

    WTS / WTT Cannondale Mountain Bike

  124. JoshuaD

    What is Your Dream (Realistically Affordable) SoCal Fishing Boat

    Forgot to mention the SeaVee 43 Fisharound. That's a nice sled also.
  125. JoshuaD

    What is Your Dream (Realistically Affordable) SoCal Fishing Boat

    Freeman 42LR- saw one coming into Key Biscayne the other day... AWESOME!!!:cheers:
  126. JoshuaD

    WTS: Quickblade Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

    Bump for new price
  127. JoshuaD

    WTS: Quickblade Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

  128. JoshuaD

    Standup paddleboard

    I will trade you all of my paddleboards for your Parker :-)
  129. JoshuaD

    Standup paddleboard

    Only interested in selling...
  130. JoshuaD

    Standup paddleboard

    No thanks
  131. JoshuaD

    Standup paddleboard

    No thanks, have plenty of gear already.
  132. JoshuaD

    Standup paddleboard

  133. JoshuaD

    WTS: Xcel Drylock 4/3

    I know this isn't the classified section but I figure the only people interested in a wetsuit would be the spearfishing community. Selling a like new Xcel Drylock 4/3, size Large. Paid $520. Asking $250 Josh 949-683-8688 please txt if interested.
  134. JoshuaD

    Diawa Lexa 300 HS-P

    They are great reels. All of the new baitcasters are awesome. I caught a 30+ lb BFT last year on a Lexa 300. Took a little bit of time it got the job done.
  135. JoshuaD

    Diawa Lexa 300 HS-P

    Father's Day bump
  136. JoshuaD

    Diawa Lexa 300 HS-P

    Saturday morning bump
  137. JoshuaD

    Diawa Lexa 300 HS-P

    Good morning Steve, Just checked and didn't see a PM from you...
  138. JoshuaD

    Diawa Lexa 300 HS-P

  139. JoshuaD

    Large Xcel drylock 4/3 wetsuit

    Xcel drylock 4/3 Size: large Like new condition, never torn or repaired. The suit new is $520. $250 Josh 949-683-8688
  140. JoshuaD


    Very nice! Whoever picks this up will have an awesome new boat. Good job on the rebuild.
  141. JoshuaD

    Passport Card

    Good evening, Some friends and I will be doing a few multi-day trips this summer. A few of the guys have passport cards and they were wondering if the card is sufficient for trips that head into Mexican waters? From the research I have done, I believe they will be ok. Just wanted to ask if...
  142. JoshuaD

    2002 Ford F-250 7.3 Diesel 4x4 Crew Cab

    Posting this truck for my buddy. Please contact him at the email or phone number below. 2002 Ford F250 with the legendary 7.3 Diesel power stroke motor. automatic transmission, manual 4WD. 8in lift kit, K&N filter, new up pipes installed, Transmission flushed and new fluid added, New ICP...
  143. JoshuaD

    Okuma Komodo SS 463P vs 471P

    I'm considering picking up one of the above mentioned reels and matching it up to a Phenix PSW809H. My plan is to use it for everything from bigger plastics to poppers to live bait. Basically an all around reel. What gear ratio would you recommend and why? I know that the 7:1 will retrieve...
  144. JoshuaD

    Guns are too easy to buy....for some people

    Must suck to be dumb...
  145. JoshuaD

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - August wrap-up.

    Bummer about the closure. It sucks how the elected officials don't listen to the people who put them in office. Hopefully there is a way to reverse the closure.
  146. JoshuaD

    Full bed frame

    Full bed frame. $50 949)683-8688
  147. JoshuaD

    Trinadad 20A Wahoo reel?

    It's the reel I use for throwing jigs at wahoo. It's filled with 65lb spectra then I put a short 100lb fluoro leader when throwing to wahoo...
  148. JoshuaD

    steiger craft??

    I have never fished one but have walked on the 23 and 25 pilothouse. Very nice boats! The 23 or 25dv Miami would be my first choice in a pilothouse. I believe they recently started making a 31ft also.
  149. JoshuaD

    Talica 8 2-speed and Super Seeker 670-7'

    Shimano Talica 8 2-speed with 50lb JB solid spectra. Great condition both mechanically and cosmetically. $450 Super Seeker 670-7' (25-40lb). Great condition also. Hypalon added to the front handle for protection. $350 Josh (949)683-8688
  150. JoshuaD

    Fishing 6/22/16

    Very nice! Your stoked...:cheers:
  151. JoshuaD

    What spectra for Trinidad 20a on a jig stick?

    I currently have JB 65lb spectra on my reel. I usually tie on a varying length of 40 or 50lb fluoro top shot. I do pretty well at avoiding a professional over-run but it happens from time to time. Was wondering what others are using for spectra when tossing surface iron? Is there spectra that...
  152. JoshuaD

    Queen size futon bed and mattress

  153. JoshuaD

    Medium SKB w/rod holders and Large Avet Reel Bag

    Bag sold. SKB box still available.
  154. JoshuaD

    Medium SKB w/rod holders and Large Avet Reel Bag

    Medium SKB 7100 tackle box with 4 rod holders. SOLD Large Avet reel bag: SOLD
  155. JoshuaD

    2014 Audi Q5 TDI Premium Package

    It's a 3.0L turbo diesel
  156. JoshuaD

    2014 Audi Q5 TDI Premium Package

    2014 Audi Q5 Quattro TDI Premium Package. Runs and handles great being a turbo diesel all wheel drive. Like new condition, parked in the garage when not at work. Excellent mpg at 31+ on the highway. All windows tinted. Comes with Audi Care package from Audi Mission Viejo. Mileage: 35425 (will...
  157. JoshuaD

    2016 23 Steiger craft Chesapeake

    Very nice! Steigers are awesome boats. Would be my top choice for a pilot house in that size range. Are you planning on putting a second station up top?
  158. JoshuaD

    SKB deluxe golf club travel case

  159. JoshuaD

    What Is Your Opinion on This Type of Boat ?

    Freeman's are SICK!!! If I had big bucks to spend on a CC, Freeman would be my first choice. I don't think they make the pilot house anymore.
  160. JoshuaD

    You’re lucky we’re letting you fish there at all!

    Good luck guys! Hopefully you don't get railroaded like we did in California with their so called "science". I went to a few MLPA meets, it was emparrassing when the state representatives for the MLPA spoke. They knew nothing... I can't believe our tax money pays for theses idiots. If I was that...
  161. JoshuaD

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Free swag is always a cool surprise and should not be expected from charter masters / trip sponsors. With that being said, I have been fortunate enough to win a Avet HXJ which was rad. I think the item I have used the most is one those neck/face UV gators. When at the rail all day, they really...
  162. JoshuaD

    Whites Boots

    Thanks for the bump. Yeah, I think they are close to $450 after tax. Whites does have great customer service. There was a rough spot near the heal caused by bad stitching, sent the boots up, fixed and shipped back. Didn't cost me a cent.
  163. JoshuaD

    Smaller Star Drag

    Hey guys, Thinking about getting a smaller star drag reel. Looking at the Penn Torque 15 or Trinidad 14a. Will most likely be pairing it to a Seeker STL-8030-8' CT. Since it's a cork tape rod the Trinidad 12a, which seems more in line with the Torque 15 will not work because it doesn't have a...
  164. JoshuaD

    Whites Boots

  165. JoshuaD

    Baby stuff... Crib, stroller, car seat and bases

    Graco for both car seat and stroller.
  166. JoshuaD

    Baby stuff... Crib, stroller, car seat and bases

    Stanley young America crib. Some paint chips but in good condition. Currently disassembled. $350 Car seat with two bases $50 Toilet trainer $10 Booster seat with tray $10 High chair with tray $20 Josh (949)6838688
  167. JoshuaD

    Yamaha EF1000 Generator

    Sold it. Thanks to those who responded!
  168. JoshuaD

    Yamaha EF1000 Generator

    Laguna Niguel
  169. JoshuaD

    Yamaha EF1000 Generator

  170. JoshuaD

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Just got back from the Long Beach FHS. Was able to climb aboard the Mag Bay CC. WOW! That is one awesome sled! Great lines, attention to detail everywhere... If I was in the market for a big mono hull CC, Mag Bay would be a serious consideration.
  171. JoshuaD

    AR-15 for sale

    Bump for new price and because south-paw guns are hard to sell...
  172. JoshuaD

    Springfield XD9

    The XD 9 is a great gun. I bought one when Springfield first came out with it. I have put thousands of rounds through it with no issues. I bought the 40 also because I like the gun so much. Good luck with the sale.
  173. JoshuaD

    AR-15 for sale

    Yes, sorry, it is a left hand eject.
  174. JoshuaD

    17ft Boston Whaler Outrage 2

    I'm in Orange County. Are you still in Long Beach?
  175. JoshuaD

    17ft Boston Whaler Outrage 2

    Was hoping someone could help me out. I just sold my Gregor and I'm looking to purchase a 17ft Boston Whaler Outrage 2 (model year 1996 thru 1999). From what I have read, seen in photos... it will be a good boat for what I am looking for in a small skiff. I have yet to see one in person and...
  176. JoshuaD

    AR-15 for sale

    Sorry, not looking to trade.
  177. JoshuaD

    2015 Suzuki df20a 4-stroke short shaft

    Almost new 2015 Suzuki df20a short shaft fuel injected 4-stroke. Just finished the 20 hour breakin / maintenance. Motor runs great. Amazing mpg/gph. Comes with a 3 gallon and 6 gallon fuel tank. Extra motor oil and gear lube. $2750 Josh (949)683-8688
  178. JoshuaD

    AR-15 for sale

    Bump for added pictures.
  179. JoshuaD

    For Sale Super black eagle 2 $1350 OBO

    Surprised this hasn't sold yet. I have owned my SBE2 for about 8 years now. It's an awesome gun! Not one issue with it... My father in law has one. We were duck hunting one morning when he tripped and his gun fell into some nasty mud. Picked the gun up and hunted the rest of the morning without...
  180. JoshuaD

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    Hopefully the person or persons who stole your sled get hit by a large truck when they step out of their vehicle... Hope you find it in one piece.
  181. JoshuaD

    Osprey Northwind 22'

    That is a cool boat!
  182. JoshuaD

    1992 Gregor w/ 2015 Suzuki df20a

    Bump for Friday and the start of the weekend.
  183. JoshuaD

    AR-15 for sale

    AR-15, left hand eject LRB lower with Stag quad rail upper. Shoots both .223 and 5.56. Vertical forward grip and telescoping stock, flip-up rear sight and fixed front. (2) 10 round mags and carrying case. Bullet button. Left hand eject. 35 1/2 inches fully extended. A little over 32 inches...
  184. JoshuaD

    How Long Before The Feds Are Knocking On His Door.......?

    I believe guns and ammo can't be sold on CL anyway. Easy way to flag yourself...
  185. JoshuaD

    1992 Gregor w/ 2015 Suzuki df20a

    As far as I know it's the only fuel injected motor in that size. It runs amazingly well. It got on plane with three adults with a lot of gear in it. I opted for the manual start to save on weight for the motor and boat. Now I don't have to carry a battery also. I believe the electric start can...
  186. JoshuaD

    Best place to buy GPS

    Right on. Will give semperfishing a hit. Thanks!
  187. JoshuaD

    Boston Whaler 17' Montauk or 17' Outrage

    Awesome! Thank you guys for the information.
  188. JoshuaD

    Boston Whaler 17' Montauk or 17' Outrage

    Thank you for the responses. Even though they are a little harder to find, im leaning towards the Outrage. Can anyone confirm that the 96 - 99 has a 56 gallon fuel tank? I have read that in a few different areas but have not been able to confirm on a Boston Whaler spec sheet.
  189. JoshuaD

    Boston Whaler 17' Montauk or 17' Outrage

    I'm looking at the two above mentioned boats for my next sled. Was hoping to get some reviews from owners or people who frequently boat/fish on one or the other. I'm looking for an Outrage between 96 to 99. I believe that is when the design was changed a little (wider beam, more fuel, deeper...
  190. JoshuaD

    Best place to buy GPS

    I would like to buy a Garmin echomap 74dv for my skiff. Does anyone have a good place to buy/order GPS units? I used to use a website called GPS On Sale but they are not around. The cheapest I have found that particular unit for is $799.99. Which is the going price for all the stores I have...
  191. JoshuaD

    Hiking backpack

    Mountain Smith 80L hiking pack. Like new condition. $100 9496838688
  192. JoshuaD

    WTB Garmin echomap 74dv w/tansducer

    Want to buy a Garmin echomap 74dv with tansducer. Please PM if you want to sell yours. Thanks!
  193. JoshuaD

    Telica 10 II or 12 II

    I have (2) 12's and (1) 10. For long range trips or anywhere I think we would be getting into bigger models, I set up one 12 with 40lb and the other with 50lb. The 12 has lower gearing and more drag pressure than the 10. The 12 also holds a lot more line incase you do hook into something that...
  194. JoshuaD

    WTB Steiger craft Miami DV

    He will most likely have to go to the east coast to pick one up. If he can buy new, there is a dealer in Oakland CA.
  195. JoshuaD

    26 ft. Shamrock Pilothouse

    If I had the $ right now I would be on my way up there to buy it. Nice boat! My buddy owned a Shamrock for years and loved it.
  196. JoshuaD

    Cool Underwear

    Just go commando (aka. free ball). It's cooler, less stuff in your bag, and you can use that money on more fishing stuff...
  197. JoshuaD

    2004 steiger craft 25 chesapeak pilot house

    Very nice! Steiger Crafts are great boats. Good luck with the sale!
  198. JoshuaD

    Garmin echomap 74dv or 54dv

    Was curious if anyone has one of the above mentioned units? If so, how do you like it? Pros, cons... I like Garmin units because they seem to be the easiest to use. Also, it will be going on an aluminum boat. Is there anything special I need to do when mounting the transom mount transducer? Can...
  199. JoshuaD

    14 Gregor w/ new 20HP yamaha elec. start

    Nice clean set up. Good luck with the sale
  200. JoshuaD

    Bow Tank in Skiff

    Thanks! That is my plan. I already have the 3gal with fuel line for my spare tank.
  201. JoshuaD

    Bow Tank in Skiff

    Fellow boaters, I have a 15ft Gregor with a 20hp Suzuki 4-stroke. To keep weight forward in the boat, I was thinking about putting a 6 gallon bow fuel tank in. My question is, do you think (or know from experience) the fuel pump would be able to pull fuel from the tank to the motor with the...
  202. JoshuaD

    WTB Moeller 6gal bow tank

    Want to buy a Moeller 6 gallon bow fuel tank for my skiff. Please PM or txt me if you have one you are looking to get rid of. 9496838688
  203. JoshuaD

    36 Contender fish around

    The 36 and 31 Contender fish-around are AWESOME sleds! I might have to put up some of my organs on the black market or in the BD classified section.
  204. JoshuaD

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    Sorry, I just get hot headed about stuff like this. Your right but a few words would have to be exchanged for stuff getting thrown at the kid. A violent altercation wouldn't happen in front of the kid. However, if I did see the deckhand somewhere without the family around it would take every...
  205. JoshuaD

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    WOW!!! I would have got into a little verbal judo with the captain. As for the deckhand, throwing stuff at your kid... Hopefully you see him somewhere privately and remind him of what happened with the biggest beat-down of his life.
  206. JoshuaD

    Want to choose either world cat or mono hull.

    Mono: contender, yellowfin, Everglades... Cat: Freeman (wish I could buy the 33' pilot house)
  207. JoshuaD

    Minn Kota motor

    sold (949)683-8688
  208. JoshuaD

    Online outboards?

    Looking to buy a 20hp Suzuki from Was curious if anyone has purchased a motor from them and what their experience was good or bad? Thanks in advance!
  209. JoshuaD

    Rolling Tool Cabinet

    Bump for new price
  210. JoshuaD

    Can anyone explain the extra boat taxes in California

    I think it varies between counties. I received a notice for my POS 15ft Gregor. The Orange County tax collector rep told me its any vessel worth over $1,350... Luckily my boat is worth $13.50 and I didn't have to pay. I did own a 20ft Edgewater CC and paid the "luxury" tax and kept it at the...
  211. JoshuaD


    Awesome sled! The true fisharound feature is awesome for SoCal fishing. Wish I had the coin to buy it. GLWS.
  212. JoshuaD

    GorTex Insulated Camo Bibs

    Bump for new price
  213. JoshuaD

    Rolling Tool Cabinet

    Bump for new price
  214. JoshuaD

    Toyota wheels with Falken tires

    Bump for new price
  215. JoshuaD

    GorTex Insulated Camo Bibs

    Red Head Extreme Elements goretex insulated bibs. Mossy Oak breakup pattern. Size: Medium (for reference, I'm 6' 175lbs) $80 Josh: 949-683-8688
  216. JoshuaD

    Rolling Tool Cabinet

    Going to re-do the garage with different tool storage and cabinets. No need for it...and I'm going to take Marian to dinner with the left over money :)
  217. JoshuaD

    Rolling Tool Cabinet

  218. JoshuaD

    Toyota wheels with Falken tires

    2403 lbs per tire
  219. JoshuaD

    Toyota wheels with Falken tires

    Bump for new price
  220. JoshuaD

    Toyota wheels with Falken tires

  221. JoshuaD

    Red Head Gore-Tex Camo

    Jacket sold. Bibs are still available.
  222. JoshuaD

    Help me pick a Center Console

    The Contender Fish-around is an awesome sled. Best of both worlds, 360 access around the boat and has a small cabin for staying the night at the islands. If looking for CC only: Edgewater, Everglades, Yellowfin... I used to have a Edgewater CC, great boat!
  223. JoshuaD

    Honda or Yamaha

    Hello BD members, My brother just gave me a 15ft Gregor that I plan on using for hitting the local kelp near Dana Point and San Clemente. It doesn't have a motor so I'm in the market. I plan on running a 20hp 4-stroke. Was looking for the pros/cons, issues... of the above mentioned size for...
  224. JoshuaD

    Epic 8 day on Excel!!! Wahoo, Big YT + Monster Dorado

    Awesome report! Nice wahoo and epic dodo!
  225. JoshuaD

    Monday theft report at DP and BFT

    That sucks. Would be nice to find the person(s) who stole your stuff, use the Velcro for their wrists and fire a flare up their ass. Nice YFT!!!
  226. JoshuaD

    Whats your best catch with a Trini 16A or 20A?????

    20A = the wahoo pictured
  227. JoshuaD

    LR videos to get you pumped for your trip

    Shea from Stoked On Fishing was on our 11day Rod & Reel trip last year on the Intrepid. Here is the link to the three videos he put out. Good luck to everyone doing a LR trip this season, have fun!!!
  228. JoshuaD


    I believe the only difference between the 2500 and 3500 (non-dually) is the rear suspension. The 3500 actually costs a little less than the 2500 because you are not paying the advertisement fee, but like someone already mentioned, you will pay more in yearly registration. Both vehicles are nice...
  229. JoshuaD

    The Chief update

    Glad everything is fixed and The Chief is back out catching. Captain Chris is the man!
  230. JoshuaD

    Help Please....choosing an 80# reel

    16VSX Or like the other guys said, take a look at the Mak16 SEa
  231. JoshuaD

    Hi-Count Sportfishing

    Have not been on the boat but have fished with Jason on the Intrepid a few times. He is a top notch individual and it looks like a great boat.
  232. JoshuaD

    2006 Edgewater 265 CC - Yamaha - Low Hrs

    Very nice sled! Edgewater CC's are top of the line. Built very well. Anyone who picks up this boat will not be disappointed.
  233. JoshuaD

    Chief Sportfishing

    Haven't fished the boat but I fished with Capt. Chris when he ran the Indian. Awesome Captain! Have heard a lot of positive feed back about the boat, crew...
  234. JoshuaD

    New Super Seeker 1x3

    Bought and never used, perfect condition. 60 - 100 lb rating. SOLD
  235. JoshuaD

    Yoyo rod for long range island trips

    Super Seeker 6465xh
  236. JoshuaD

    Yakima Rocket Box 16

    Yakima Rocket Box 16. Good condition, no cracks, always kept inside. $250 (949)683-8688
  237. JoshuaD

    Iron for Bft?

    Along with the blue n chrome single hook, big mega baits and laser minow's with singles work good. BFT on the iron is AWESOME!
  238. JoshuaD

    Brand New Super Seeker 1x3

    New Super Seeker 1x3. Never used. $375.00 Will try to post pics ASAP. 949-683-8688
  239. JoshuaD

    Super Seeker 1x3

    Brand new SS 1x3 Factory wrap with x-wrap front handle. Perfect condition. $400 949)683-8688
  240. JoshuaD

    Cal Sheets Penn 16VSX, Super Seeker 1x3 & 6465XH

    Reel sold. Rods are still available
  241. JoshuaD

    Cal Sheets Penn 16VSX, Super Seeker 1x3 & 6465XH

    NIB Penn 16VSX. Cal Sheets blue print plus 1.1:1 low gear and bigger handle. 550 yards of 100lb JB hollow. Phenix reel cover. Taken on one trip, never used. SOLD Super Seeker 1x3, also never used. X-wrap front handle. $400 Super Seeker 6465XH, same as above. SOLD All the gear is brand new...
  242. JoshuaD

    NEW Super Seeker 2x4 & 6465XH

    2x4: SOLD 6465XH 6 1/2 still available
  243. JoshuaD

    NEW Super Seeker 2x4 & 6465XH

    Thanks Jerry! Good luck on your upcoming LR trip, hope you get to pull on some big one's with the Mak30.
  244. JoshuaD

    NEW Super Seeker 2x4 & 6465XH

    Super Seeker 2x4 - 7ft. 100-130lb SOLD Super Seeker 6465XH - 6 1/2ft. 30-80lb. Awesome yoyo rod $300 Both rods are new with no scratches or dings (949)683-8688
  245. JoshuaD

    Makaira, Talica & Super Seekers

    Talica 16 sold Super seeker 2x4 and 6465xh still available
  246. JoshuaD

    Makaira, Talica & Super Seekers

    Bump for new price
  247. JoshuaD

    Makaira, Talica & Super Seekers

    MAK 30SE: SOLD PICS added
  248. JoshuaD

    Makaira, Talica & Super Seekers

    Will try to post pics tomorrow
  249. JoshuaD

    Makaira, Talica & Super Seekers

    Factory wrapped Super Seeker 6465XH-6 1/2. New $300 Factory wrapped Super Seeker 2x4. New $400 * Both rods have x-wrap on the front handles for rail protection Okuma Makaira 30SE, new in box. Filled with 800yrds of JB 100 hollow step spliced to 100yrds of JB 130 hollow. SOLD Shimano Talica...
  250. JoshuaD

    Go to wahoo lure?

    125 gram gold and pink raider. I prefer straight spectra to 6ft of 80 to 100lb fluoro top shot. Very low stretch = solid hook set (not swinging, just keep reeling)
  251. JoshuaD

    Super Seekers

    John builds a good stick! Good luck with the sale buddy! I accept donations if they don't sell :)
  252. JoshuaD

    RIP - Rueben - Annabelle fuel dock

    Very sad! He was a nice guy who had great customer service. RIP
  253. JoshuaD

    Curado 300ej or Daiwa Lexa 300HSP???

    Just bought the Diawa Lexa 300, feels smoother than the Curado, more drag, less expensive...
  254. JoshuaD

    Ice machine

    You should trade John the ice machine for a free fishing trip. How's the ocean up their right now John? Lake Pacific down here, air 70+ degrees but the water is cool, mid 50's.
  255. JoshuaD

    Red Head Gore-Tex Camo

    Red Head Extreme Elements Gore-Tex. Mossy Oak Break-up pattern. Bought and never used. Jacket: SOLD Bibs: size medium $100 (949)683-8688
  256. JoshuaD

    Best Rods For Lexa 300

    I put mine on a Phenix 800h inshore, it's awesome!
  257. JoshuaD

    Want to buy Parker 2530 extended cabin

    Awesome, thanks for the info!
  258. JoshuaD

    Safeway/Vons and MLPA

    X2, Vons is expensive. Stater Bros is way better.
  259. JoshuaD

    Want to buy Parker 2530 extended cabin

    Thank you for the PM's. Just wanted to give this one last bump incase someone made it their New Year's resolution to sell their Parker 2530.
  260. JoshuaD


    Nope. Trinidad 20A with a super seeker 6480H. Works great for throwing raiders at hoo also.
  261. JoshuaD

    Glow Iron at the lower banks?

    Definitely give it a go. Was on the lower banks early this season, put in a ton of time with the glow jigs early morning and after dark with no luck. Just put the rod on the rail and get as many up/downs as you can. Good luck!
  262. JoshuaD

    Intrepid Larry Brown 14 Day: 12/4-12/18 Report

    Great report and photos. Kevin and the gang are awesome. That was cool of the RP to help a brother out.
  263. JoshuaD


    Outboard. More deck space (no motor hump), IO outdrives require a lot of maintenance.
  264. JoshuaD

    19 Albi

    Very cool!!! Post some pics of the build.
  265. JoshuaD

    waterfown gun

    I shoot south paw so I went with a Benelli Super Black Eagle 2. Expensive, but awesome gun.
  266. JoshuaD

    Truck bed carpet / camping kit

    Truck bed carpet / camping kit. Length 6ft, width 4ft 10inches. Designed for 2005+ Toyota Tacoma. Excellent condition, kept in the garage when not in use. Both sides are hinged for storage and easy access. $300 (949)683-8688
  267. JoshuaD

    Want to buy Parker 2530 extended cabin

    Posting this for a friend. He wants to buy a Parker 2530 extended cabin pilot house with a trailer. Doesn't have a preference on a big single or twin motors. If you are thinking about selling now or in the near future please pm me. Thanks! Happy Holidays!
  268. JoshuaD

    Which rod for a new Lexa 300

    Just bought a Phenix 800H fast action inshore 15-50 for the lexa 300.
  269. JoshuaD

    Aluminum quad / utv ramps

    Aluminum ramps. 6 1/2ft x 1ft. SOLD
  270. JoshuaD

    Utah Bull Hunt! Picture Heavy!

    Epic!!! Brrrr, I got cold looking at those photos. Elk is by far the best eating red meat.
  271. JoshuaD

    700m or ss 6470

    I have two SS6470, they are awesome!
  272. JoshuaD

    Yamaha Rhino and flatbed trailer

    Bump for new price
  273. JoshuaD

    NIB Avet HXJ 2-speed MC-cast

    Bump for new price
  274. JoshuaD

    Yamaha Rhino and flatbed trailer

    bump for new price
  275. JoshuaD

    NIB Avet HXJ 2-speed MC-cast

    NIB Avet HXJ 2-speed MC-cast control. Never used. SOLD
  276. JoshuaD

    Yamaha Rhino and flatbed trailer

    2008 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI. Tech-one long travel kit, boxed arms front and rear. Fox shocks just rebuilt with external adjusters. 1 3/4 inch tig welded cage, OMF 3 piece beed lock wheels (with spare), newer Bighorn 2.0 tires, HID conversion in stock lights, 42 inch LED light bar. Aluminum skid...
  277. JoshuaD

    first super!!!

    I just got back from the 11 day Intrepid trip today. Mark did a great job fighting the fish, the crew did an awesome job helping when needed, and the rest of the anglers worked good together to make sure he landed the Super Cow. Will post more about the trip later. Congratulations to Mark and...
  278. JoshuaD

    Legend 1.5 day Slayfest 10/2/12

    Sounds and looks like a great trip. Capt. Mike is awesome!
  279. JoshuaD

    Reel seat on jig stick?

    It didn't fit on the rod handle because it was to narrow. The washers used for the mounting the reel cut into the cork. Tried to fab some washers but it still didn't work.
  280. JoshuaD

    Reel seat on jig stick?

    I tried the cork-puppy plate, it sucked.
  281. JoshuaD

    Reel seat on jig stick?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question. I have a Super Seeker 6480H-8' CT as my jig stick. I have a Trinidad 20A to put on it. The problem is, the reel base is to narrow and the factory screws are to short. I made longer screws but the reel still doesn't mount all that great. Can you or would...
  282. JoshuaD

    Carry on bags for reels, recommendations wanted

    Check out the Avet reel bag/case. Bought one last year, works great!
  283. JoshuaD

    Super Seeker 1x3 factory wrap

    Looking to buy a Super Seeker 1x3 factory wrapped in good condition. Please PM me if you are interested in selling. Thanks!
  284. JoshuaD

    BFT on Artificials

    Picked a few up on the sardine color megabait, got hit on the drop. I change the stock treble hook out with the Owner treble, its a lot stronger. Was using 50lb braid to 50lb fluoro top shot and got bit fine. My buddy also tossed out my jig stick with a blue/white tady 45, let it sink a little...
  285. JoshuaD

    Super Seeker 6480H-8' CT 30-50lb

    Brand new Super Seeker 6480H-8' CT 30-50lb. Bought two, only need one. No scratches, boat rash...SOLD
  286. JoshuaD

    Trinidad 14 and Super Seeker

    Sold the Trinidad, Super Seeker still available.
  287. JoshuaD

    Trinidad 14 and Super Seeker

    Bump for new price
  288. JoshuaD

    Trinidad 14 and Super Seeker

    Shimano Trinidad 14, just serviced, carbon tek drags, new 50lb JB spectra, aluminum clamp. SOLD Super Seeker 6480H-8' CT brand new. SOLD
  289. JoshuaD

    Thinking about a 4 Runner

    You should be ok. I have a 2006 Tacoma V6 and I towed my 20ft CC which had a 100gal tank and a dual axle galvanized trailer. Going up hill sucked, but the flats were fine.
  290. JoshuaD

    Seaguar Kanzen Spectra

    New Seaguar Kanzen Spectra, 500 yard spool of 80 pound white solid spectra. $50 (949)683-8688
  291. JoshuaD

    Pacific Boats V1925

    Was curious to what you guys think of or if you have first hand experience riding in a Pacific Boat. Was thinking about picking up a smaller skiff and this one looks like a nice boat. Any pros or cons with aluminum vs. fiberglass? Thanks in advance!
  292. JoshuaD

    Mercury Motors

    Yamaha! The new offshore series are awesome motors.
  293. JoshuaD

    Which Talica II for 40lb (long soak)

    Get the 12. I filled my Talica 12 with JB 50 solid. Worked great on a fall 8day last year.
  294. JoshuaD

    Sea Adventure 2 or Producer

    Looking for some opinions on what boat to ride. My brother and I are planning my bachelor party and we want to do an overnight boat in early June. I don't want to do a charter because of potentially getting stuck with the bill if people back out. We are trying to plan it early so people can get...
  295. JoshuaD

    Del Mar March 22-25 Fred hall show

    John's comment X2. I was at the Del Mar show on Sunday last year, got some insane deals because the vendors didn't want to take stuff back to the shop.
  296. JoshuaD

    Toughest built 22ft centre console fishing boat

    I had an Edgewater CC that could take the rough stuff like a champ.
  297. JoshuaD

    NEED HELP: First 7 day trip

    I fished my first 8 day last year in mid September. All reels are good, just depends what feels comfortable in your hands. I used to fish Avets, now I have all Talica's. They cast really well, smooth, and reliable. If you are looking for a good 40/50 lb reel I would go with the talica 12. That...
  298. JoshuaD


    Yep, California SUCKS! I wonder who is going to pull the first hunting tag on one of our crooked politician's or radical environmentalist?
  299. JoshuaD

    Seeker Inshore rod

    Bump for new price
  300. JoshuaD

    We need more of this

    That's awesome! Another example of why law abiding citizens should be able to carry concealed weapons.
  301. JoshuaD

    Seeker Inshore rod

    Seeker Inshore series rod 6'6" 15-25lb. Good condition $60 (949)683-8688
  302. JoshuaD

    Trinidad 16A, Saltist 40, Shimano Talavera rod

    Sold the Trinidad 16A and Shimano rod
  303. JoshuaD

    Trinidad 16A, Saltist 40, Shimano Talavera rod

    Diawa Saltist 40, filled with JB 65lb spectra: $115 Seeker Inshore Series 6'6" 15-25lb: $100 (949)683-8688
  304. JoshuaD

    Shimano Talica 20

    bump, still available
  305. JoshuaD

    Edgewater 225 CC

    Nice boat, Edgewater's are one of the best CC out there. Good luck with the sale!
  306. JoshuaD

    Accurate BX2-500 stuck at strike

    Accurate is in Corona
  307. JoshuaD

    Shimano Talica 20

    New Price $550
  308. JoshuaD

    Shimano Talica 20

    No thanks, just interested in selling.
  309. JoshuaD

    Shimano Talica 20

    Bump for pics and price
  310. JoshuaD

    Which reel?

    Trinidad 14A
  311. JoshuaD

    Shimano Talica 20

    SOLD. New in box Talica 20, filled with 80lb Jerry Brown hollow. Taken on 1 trip but never used it. $550
  312. JoshuaD

    Intrepid Sept.13-21 Video

    Bob (aka. LA Smoker) already wrote a great report about the trip and posted some good pictures. The trip was awesome, everyone on the boat was cool, the crew was top notch, the boat is very nice, and food was outstanding! Thanks to Dave for bringing his GoPro and to Kona Mike for wearing his hat...
  313. JoshuaD


    Hauling ass in the dark, couldn't see nada... NOT COOL. Glad you guys got a few and made it back safe.
  314. JoshuaD

    A few more tips for Long Rangers

    Awesome write-up! I leave in a little over a week on an 8-day, thanks for the info.
  315. JoshuaD

    1.5 on the Prowler

    Yep, the skunk always sucks but you will do good next time. Last year I did a 2.5 day and there were 3 fish on the boat for our trip. I got skunked, shit happens. Went out a few weeks later and got limits! Thats why fishing is addicting.
  316. JoshuaD

    Adjustable gaff and fins

    Sold the gaff but can't figure out how to remove the photo. Lowered the price of the fins.
  317. JoshuaD

    Bluefin bite WFO for Intrepid

    That doesn't suck! Will be on the Intrepid for an 8 day Sept.13th. Can't wait!!!
  318. JoshuaD

    Adjustable gaff and fins

    Mares Volo race free diving fins. Excellent condition. Size 8-9 but my foot is a 10.5 and they fit perfect. $40 (949)683-8688
  319. JoshuaD

    Tying Floro to Solid Spectra

    Go to YouTube and type in royal Polaris knot. I heard let's talk hook up talking about it. The video I found wasn't great but it's an easy knot and small.
  320. JoshuaD

    Tying Floro to Solid Spectra

    The Royal Polaris knot or Tony Pena knot
  321. JoshuaD

    Need to speak up!!!

    Sounds like the same crap they are trying to do in California with the MLPA process. Good luck with the fight!
  322. JoshuaD

    Hoo at alijos

    Thanks for the info! Was wondering when they were going to show. Going on an 8-day mid September.
  323. JoshuaD

    Video of Catching a BFT

    Very cool video! I like the camera on the gaff, awesome idea.
  324. JoshuaD

    Bluefin Tactics WTF

    When I had my CC a few years back the BFT were doing the same thing. You slide up on them, throw everything at them and nothing. Started trolling rapala x raps way back from the boat and that was the trick to get them on the troll. That was the only way I was able to put BFT on the boat.
  325. JoshuaD

    Standup Paddle Board

    14ft Ron House SUP, carbon fiber board with board bag, good condition, always kept in garage in bag. $1300 (949)683-8688
  326. JoshuaD

    No, We Don't Need limit Changes

    Yeah thats ridiculous if they are keeping that many fish. 5 per angler would be way better, or even 3. Just keep a few for dinner and throw the rest back to catch another day. If we don't change our practices big brother (government) will and nobody will like that.
  327. JoshuaD

    What Rod would you match to an ATD 12 topless?

    Depends what lb test you are fishing but seeker 1x3 or 2x4. I have the 2x4 with a penn 16vsx and like it a lot.
  328. JoshuaD

    Shimano Tackle Bag

    Bump for lower price
  329. JoshuaD

    Best trolling feather or ? for albies/ bluefin

    Cedar plug plain or bp. This might sound stupid but we were trolling for BFT in my boat and we were not getting pick-up with plugs or feathers. Dropped back some magnum rapalas and got three BFT that day. We were the only boat in the area to catch BFT that I heard of.
  330. JoshuaD

    Embarcadero in Dana Point?

    I liked keeping my boat there, the embarco has a wash-down area for the boat owners so you don't have to wait for anyone at the wash-down area by the ramp. The ramp is nice, bait is good, and its fast getting in and out of the harbor. Like Matt said, the only thing that sucks is the hours of...
  331. JoshuaD

    Shimano Tackle Bag

    Shimano tackle bag, holds 5 large trays or expands to hold 7 trays. Excellent condition, includes 7 trays. $50 (949)683-8688
  332. JoshuaD

    Long Range Tuna

    Good luck, some BFT would be a nice treat!
  333. JoshuaD

    How do you know you are a tackle ho ??

    Holy smokes! HTA is a reel ho
  334. JoshuaD

    Ninja fighting belt

    Its still available, the size is adjustable. I'm a 32 waist and fits me fine but also fits smaller and bigger people also.
  335. JoshuaD

    Why are there Talicas for Sale but no Makairas

    I agree with Jeff, there are probably a lot more Talica's sold than the Makairas which would make more available in the used market. I have a few Talica's and like them a lot. They cast good, 2-speed functions good, and they have a nice balance. I have never used the Mak's but they look like...
  336. JoshuaD

    Golf Clubs and bag

    Callaway Warbird driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, Lynx Black Cat irons SW-3iron, and Ping Hoofer bag. All are in good condition. $250 (949)683-8688
  337. JoshuaD

    Ninja fighting belt

    Not sure, I will throw it on my girlfriend to see if it fits her and let you know. What waist size is your wife?
  338. JoshuaD

    Kencore rod

    Yeah, there has been a lot of interest in the rod. Call me when you are passing through OC and it's yours if I still have it. 949)683-8688
  339. JoshuaD

    Kencore rod

    Thanks! If I'm down in SD in the near future I will PM you if the rod is still available.
  340. JoshuaD

    Fenders, cutting board, bait net

    Fenders: $20 for both Cutting board: mounts in gunnel rod holders - SOLD Bait net: $5 (949)683-8688
  341. JoshuaD

    Ninja fighting belt

    Ninja fighting belt, never used, just sat on my boat. $30 SOLD
  342. JoshuaD

    Kencore rod

    Kencore 8ft cork handle rod, MC800 series, 15-40lb, Good condition. $50 (949)683-8688 SOLD
  343. JoshuaD

    2 spd for Casting Iron Anyone???

    I used a Talica 8 last October down at Cedros/Benitos and Turtle Bay for throwing iron. It worked very well and was stocked with it's casting ability.
  344. JoshuaD

    Avet JX vs Makaira vs Talica

    I have fished the Avet JX and the Talica 12 and have caught a lot of fish on both. I like the Talica a little more, smoother and casts a little better but it does cost more. I know people say buy American, I always try to, but Shimano has donated a lot of money to help fight the MLPA process...
  345. JoshuaD

    Tackle Bag

    From the car to the boat
  346. JoshuaD

    Tackle Bag

    Was hoping to get some advise from some of the long range vets. I'm want to buy a new tackle bag that will mainly be used for long range trips (8+ days). Was looking at the Open Water roller bags that have four rod holders on them. The OW3605-RA comes with 5 of the smaller trays and the...
  347. JoshuaD

    Fuel Surcharge

    Finished my payments for an 8-day in Sept. on the Intrepid the other day. I asked about a fuel surcharge and they said they don't plan on it. If any of you guys/gals from the inland empire trailer your boat and your boat is a diesel, Downs Fuel in Corona carries red-dye diesel. Im not sure...
  348. JoshuaD

    Thinnest diameter high quality 50# braid?

    X2 for the Jerry Brown Spectra
  349. JoshuaD

    Spinning reels

    Was looking for some expertice on spinning reels. My wife likes to fish and has been wanting to go on a 5 to 8 day trip with me. I currently have her fishing with Shimano Baitrunners but was thinking of buying her a few higher quality spinning reels for the above mentioned trips. Any...
  350. JoshuaD

    Talica 16II capacity

    You should get more than 500 yards. My Talica 16 as 500 yards of JB 65# spectra
  351. JoshuaD

    HXW Raptor or Talica II 25 on a 2x4?

    Don't think you could go wrong with either of those reels. I think the Talica is a little over $600 and not sure what the Avet $ is. You could also buy the Penn 16vsx and send it to Cal's to get blue printed with gearing. Put that reel on your 2x4 and it will be a cow killer. (that is what I...
  352. JoshuaD

    Trying to decide between a parker and an edgewater

    If you are going to be camping for a day or two or get caught in some nasty seas the pilot house is the way to go. You cant beat a CC for a straight up fishing machine. I had an Edgewater CC and don't have anything bad to say about them. Built very well, had a nice / dry ride. Wouldn't...
  353. JoshuaD


    Im going on an 8 day with the Intrepid in Sept. I think its trip number 18 departing on the 13th. Heard thats a good time to go to catch a variety of fish. Me and a buddy are going, we are both fireman in Corona, CA. You should try to join us Chief.
  354. JoshuaD

    Avet HXJ 2-speed

    bump again
  355. JoshuaD

    Bottom fishing reel(LEFTIE??)...need advice

    Avet JX. My brother uses all avet lefties, great reels.
  356. JoshuaD

    Which Shimano Talica for 40-50lb!?

    I would go with the 12. Greater line capacity when fishing at the rocks and more drag pressure than the 8/10 size's. Especially if you are planning on using 65lb spectra to a 40lb or potential 50lb top-shot. IMHO. Good luck with the decision!
  357. JoshuaD

    Penn or Avet

    I have never fished the Penn so I can't give an opinion about that reel. I have fished the JX 2 speed. It's a good reel, pritty smooth, casts nice, and the two speed works good. I have never had a problem with it. Some people say they bind when fishing at high drag settings catching bigger...
  358. JoshuaD

    Penn 16VSX

    PM sent
  359. JoshuaD

    Penn 16VSX

    Looking to buy a Penn 16VSX in good / new condition. Please PM me if you are interested in selling. Thanks!
  360. JoshuaD

    Shimano Tiagra 30W LRS w/rod

    Shimano 30W LRS, filled with 120lb spectra to 80lb top-shot. Brought on the boat once but never used. Shimano Talavera rod, 60-100lb roller tip and rear. $500 for combo, will seperate. (949)683-8688 SOLD!
  361. JoshuaD

    Avet HXJ 2-speed

    Price drop again $300
  362. JoshuaD

    Talica's and Trinidad A

    Looking to buy a Talica 10 2-speed and Trinidad 16A or 20A. Please PM me if you are looking to sell the above mentioned reels. Not interested in any other size or style. Thanks in advance!
  363. JoshuaD

    Matching rods to some reels

    I will be using all spectra to a small top shot of fluro. The 8 has 50lb spectra to a 30lb top shot and the 10 has 65lb spectra to a 40lb top shot.
  364. JoshuaD

    Matching rods to some reels

    Sorry, I know this forum is for reels but didn't see one for rods besides rod building. I'm going to be buying some new rods for a Talica 8 and 10 2 speed I just bought. I will mainly be using the reels for Tuna fishing on private boats or the occasional LR trip (I'm going on the Intepid for...
  365. JoshuaD

    Rods and reel

    Rods are sold, reel is still available
  366. JoshuaD

    Avet HXJ 2-speed

    New price $325
  367. JoshuaD

    JX 6/3 Too Small for 700H size Rods?

    I think that reel would be fine with those rods and the line you are planning on running. I have a JX 2-speed filled with 65lb spectra to a short topshot of 40lb or 50lb depending on the fishing Im doing. Caught a 90lb Giant Black Seabass a few months back with the 50lb topshot with no...
  368. JoshuaD

    Saltiga 2 speed or Talica II?

    I have a few of the Talica 2's and like them a lot. Went on my buddies boat to Cedros/Turtle Bay and caught a lot of nice size yellowtail with the 8 and 10 fishing 40lb and both worked very well. Was very pleased with all aspects of the reel, casting, retrieve, 2-speed... Have never fished...
  369. JoshuaD

    Shimano Trinidads

    Was looking at getting a new Trinidad to put on my jig stick. Need help in deciding size and model. Will most likely be fishing spectra to a 100 yard top shot of 40lb mono. Was thinking about the 16 or 20 size and either the the new Trinidad A or the DC. Please let me know your thoughts or...
  370. JoshuaD

    Rods and reel

    Selling two new Kencore rods: excellent condition (no need so selling cheap) 6'6" 10-30lb $50 SOLD 5'8" 20-50lb $50 SOLD Avet HXJ 2-speed: Excellent condition, 300 yards of 80lb Jerry Brown spectra. $325 949)683-8688
  371. JoshuaD

    8-day gear

    Going on my first 8-day the middle of next September. I looked on some of the Long Range websites to see their recommendations but would like to know what you guys prefer. Is it best to have bigger reels with lots of line capacity or is a smaller reel filled with spectra? Is it worth it to...
  372. JoshuaD

    Q 105 16 day ride back Firefighter charter

    That's a good deal especially with a fly back option. That's cool the Capt. is willing to leave a few days early to beat the fleet down there. Would encourage anyone thinking about a 14 plus day fishing trip to take advantage of this deal.
  373. JoshuaD

    Avet HXJ 2-speed

    Only used three times, excellent condition, 300 yards of Jerry Brown 80lb spectra. $300 (949)683-8688
  374. JoshuaD

    Avet HXJ 2-speed

    Avet HXJ 2-speed Gold color with 300 yards of 80lb Jerry Brown spectra. Only used three times, minor scratch on the inside of the handle but other than that it is new condition. $370.00 (949)683-8688
  375. JoshuaD

    MLPA meeting last week

    Went to the meeting last week for a few hours and it was California Bureaucracy at its best. It started almost an hour late, nobody from the commission was prepared, all the school kids were there again and had no idea what was going on... I cannot believe this crap is allowed to go on...
  376. JoshuaD

    What boat?

    Looking at doing a 7 or 8 day trip. Can anyone throw out some info good or bad on boats they have been on? What you liked, disliked about the boat, crew, cook, fishability, staterooms... Thanks in advance!
  377. JoshuaD

    Outboard with or without bracket?

    Looking into getting another boat, will probably be between 23-25ft. Looking to get opinions on advantages/disadvantages of a bracketed outboard. I know you get more room with a bracketed motor but its harder to fish around it. Any other info would be great including ride etc... Thanks in...
  378. JoshuaD

    DP to Cedros in a 30' Skipjack

    This was by far the best fishing trip I have had. Awesome fishing, weather, boat, and a great group of guys. Thanks again Paul!
  379. JoshuaD

    Furuno GP-32 GPS

    Furuno GP-32 GPS, includes wiring harness and manual, missing external antanea. $100. (949)683-8688
  380. JoshuaD

    Avet 2-speed reels

    Avet MXL and MXJ, both are 2-speed reels filled with 65lb Jerry Brown spectra. Brand new, never used. $260 each or $500 if buying both (949)683-8688
  381. JoshuaD

    Avet Reels

    Avet reels: JX 2-speed $359 (dark grey), MXJ 2-speed $269 (gold), MXL 2-speed $279 (gold). All reels are new, JX has been used twice and the MXJ/MXL have never been used. All are filled with 65lb Jerry Brown spectra. (949)683-8688 Located in Laguna Niguel, can possibly meet if needed.
  382. JoshuaD

    Yellowtail on the Qualifier 105

    Very nice!! The Capt. made a good call going to Cedros even though its a long hall for a four day. That place has been on fire the past month or more.
  383. JoshuaD

    15' Gregor Baja Special with 2008 20 HP Yamaha 4 Stroke

    That thing is way kick-a$$! I emailed a friend about it, I think he has been looking for a boat like that. Good luck on the sale!
  384. JoshuaD

    Other ways to get the word out

    Thanks for the info. on Laguna Beach. I will have to try and make to one of their meetings. I will post when I'm going if any of you want to join, that would be cool.
  385. JoshuaD

    Other ways to get the word out

    Thats a good idea, maybe I will try to make it down to one of Laguna's city council meetings and speek up about the issue. Im not scared to try to keep my freedoms. I will post the details when I make it down there.
  386. JoshuaD

    Other ways to get the word out

    1st time posting, so sorry if I screw this up. I know there are a lot of fishermen/women that would like to make it to the MLPA meetings but are unable to. Try finding a meeting that your local assembly representative is hosting. The meetings usually don't take that long and are pritty...
  387. JoshuaD

    MPLA: Our voice no longer counts (ESPN Article)

    F-the government. These dumb shits get voted in by the people, so we can kick them out. Making us not have a voice, what is this, North Korea??? All states would loose out on so much money that is generated by the fishing industry. Hunting will be next! Would love to go one on one in the...
  388. JoshuaD

    Marine Fabricators, Southern California

    Saltwater Specialties 949-548-3474
  389. JoshuaD

    Defiance, Parker or Steiger craft?

    Those are three good boats to choose from. The Steiger's are all composite construction and they do offer diesel also with a lifetime hull warranty. They seem like they are finished better than the Defiance. The BAMF boats look awsome also. Take a look at the Blackman 26 outerbanks. Good luck!
  390. JoshuaD

    Offshore newbie

    Maybe pick up some fluro and have an assortment of hooks. If the fish are shy drop down a hook size or two and throw the fluro on.
  391. JoshuaD


    Last night was the first time I was able to make it to a meeting and it was awsome! I know I am a little extreme on my point of view about this whole thing but f-the mlpa process and the people whole want to shut everything down. Im all about taking care of our environment, the great oceans, and...
  392. JoshuaD


    Last night was the first time I was able to make it to a meeting and it was awsome! I know I am a little extreme on my point of view about this whole thing but f-the mlpa process and the people whole want to shut everything down. Im all about taking care of our environment, the great oceans...
  393. JoshuaD


    Sounds to me like the MLPA should be more concerned with run-off into the oceans and factories that polute near the oceans. I don't think fishermen are the cause for our sometimes dirty waters. I have grown up near the ocean and do many different ocean activities, I would like to see someone...
  394. JoshuaD


    I hope everyone has been writing to their congressman and voicing their concerns about the closures. I have an inside connection to Assemblyman Jeff Miller and was going to write a letter to him so it can actually get into the hands of people who need it. Do you think it would be better to...
  395. JoshuaD


    Need to get some input from the guy's who have been up-to-date on the MLPA stuff.
  396. JoshuaD

    Dana Point Local Report for 6/24/08

    Yeah, the $20 minimum bait at DP is a bunch of BS. I have the same problem with my boat. I called the company who owns the bait reciever but they don't have common sense. $20 gives 4 scoops of the net so $5 should be 1 net but they cant figure that out.