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    11/3 Yellowfinned Tuna

    Nice catch, November Tuna,
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    Tony Reyes first fishing trip this year in San Felipe

    San Lorenzo Island, 275 miles south if San Felipe
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    Tony Reyes first fishing trip this year in San Felipe

    quick report, it was a roller coaster for Tony Reyes fishing trip, tony did not get his permit until first week of July 2014, prior all the other trip have been cancel including my trip, finally Tony able get his permit, lucky enough 22 of us able to make it out to San Felipe to fish on the...
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    Lahaina in April

    yes i got a free trip and there was alots of fish around and saw a 500 plus lbs make swim around while we where fighing the fish
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    Lahaina in April

    I just got back from Maui, i was fishing on April 4 for six hour trip, caught a 669.4 lb Blue Marlin, the fishing there is very good right now, my other group caught yellowfin tuna and Mahi Mahi, and yes they did give my other group a full bag of Ahi for bar sashimi
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    669.4 lb Blue Marlin caught in Maui

    Just got back from Maui Island with my wife Carol, thank you, Start me Again boat company captain Duby and Deckhand Rob you guy are rock, we can not land this fish without you both. Thank you again David
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    669.4 lb Blue Marlin 4/4/14

    Thank you, Start me Again for the excellent fishing trip Captain Duby and deckhand Cosgrove, you guy are rock. Can not finish without you guys, looking forward going back fishing with them again, this fish take three hours to landed. Thanks David
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    Santa Monica Bay fishing adventures Jan./Feb. 2014 w-pics

    35 crab is limit and you need gauge to measure them, they are very tasty crab, i love eating them.
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    MDR Fish n' Bugfest 11/30 w-pics

    thank you Vince to invite me last minute, it was fun fishing and hooping with you always, seal is bad ,anyone love seal BBQ?
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    Captain Vince Red Drum did it again

    Vince have the magic touch, i love fishing with him, always have fun.
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    Captain Vince Red Drum did it again

    I was lucky enough got invite from Vince (Red Drum) for a night of hooping, it was so much fun with Captain Vince, we caught limit of rock fish and plenty Lobster for Thanksgiving. Thank you again Captain Vince
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    Puerto Lobos Slayfest 11/8 - 11/10 with pics...

    Vince that is very nice trip, i wish i was there with you, and man the weather look so good, you always kill them. WELCOME HOME
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    December is tough month to be in Rocky point. it is very windy and you will catch many smaller fish, no big fish around until April. Good Luck
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    Lucky Louie's Lobster Loveshack 10/26

    Good job Vince you are the man on hunt of lobster. nice goat.
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    Nice Dennis that is good eating fish
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    Lobster Report Card Stuff....

    i got the same letter, they are really try to get more money out of every one.
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    Fishdope report

    unbelievable what an Ass respond, i don't need to bitch, but it was frustrating moment, i have been member fishdope for long time, just wonder why lately have been slow keeping up the up date information.
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    Fishdope report

    We the hell now is 10:45 pm i only can receive the fish dope report update at 3pm, i have paid the service for update report every hour or two, how can i arrange my private boat fishing trip the next day with out any update report is this worst the money i spent????????? please advise
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    San Clemnete Island on the "Freedom"

    wow nice fish Scott let see you catch a big one on Tony Reyes trip hahahahaha
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    Santa Monica Bay Bassin' 4/20 w-pics

    hey Vince have a safe trip down in Baja, BOBO go to LOBO
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    Is that right, Coronado Island is now

    Only long range more than three days trip
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    personal best

    should catch and release on the lobster pot, they not good to eat
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    4 hoop nets with ropes

    pm me your number please
  24. BajaConcept

    4 hoop nets with ropes

    how much?????
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    Photos From Mag Bay

    Very nice picture, good job on the catch
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    Nov 4th Lobster Report from Long Beach

    Love to see enjoy fishing and hopping
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    Central Coast Cod 10-29 w/pics

    Nice catch buddy. You always catch nice batch of fish including Lobster and Crab. Good job
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    Pellet Guns in Mexico

    I would not do it, cause you problem is not worth it
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    MDR - Bass & Antennas

    Jason don't worries she still let you go fishing after you change the diaper, hahaha been there and done that.
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    Tony Reyes

    try Longfin they have all the fish report for you, i have been on Reyes trip for pass 16 years, it fun, most fish caught is in San Francisquitos bay, good luck
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    MDR - Bass & Antennas

    diaper time Jason, glad you and Vince make it out on the water, congrat on you new addition.
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    "Baja Concept" 1010 Trench Tuna Trip 9/22 w-pics

    Vince it was a fun trip let go out kill more tuna before they go home south, you and Mike are fun to fish with, Chinese limit
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    1010 WFO

    Vince and I and Mike left SI on Saturday 9/22 at 12:30 am, pick up bait at the Brother was ok, half was roll by 6am, half still swim, found first paddy at 6:30 pick up first DODO and than troll for an other hour and half before find another paddy, when limit on YFT and one BFT on the same paddy...
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    Carpe Diem Mexico trip 9/15 w-pics

    Are you ready Vince this weekend? Let's go kill them Tuna, Nice Albie
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    Priceless DODO

    Very nice, are you still sleep in the bed not the dog house MMMMMMM
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    Tuna pen Giant BluefinTuna

    We did try two week ago with half the bait in the tank, we still have 90% die.
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    Tuna pen Giant BluefinTuna

    This pen is from Selida bay, which just outside north of Esenada, they move every day about 3 to 5 miles per day, which could go any direction, just what the blinking red light at night to will find them.
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    Tuna pen Giant BluefinTuna

    I agree the water too warm to keep bait alive, next week i am going to bring addition oxygen to put in the bail tank to see will that help keeping the bail live little longer.
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    Tuna pen Giant BluefinTuna

    Here is a quick report, left shelter Island at midnight and purchase 2 scoops of sardine, and on our way to look for tuna pen, found them at 52 miles from point, check the bait 95% have roll and die, left may be 30 pieces swim and or half dead, anyway bait is suck, we start fishing at the pen...
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    K&M San Quintin...Tuna & Toads

    Good job guys Kelly you always killing them, my friend Scott seeing you Saturday and Sunday , good luck
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    Caught Bluefin and prepare a good meal

    take the Tuna head put on sheet pan, use olive oil wipe on to the head and sprinkle garlic salt or your choice of seasoning, heat up the oven to 400 degree, than put the fish head in the oven cover with foil and bake for about 20 min, then take the foil out and continue to bake until the fish...
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    Caught Bluefin and prepare a good meal

    When out with my friend Lawrence Li and Kevin Trent to fish on my boat Baja Concept on Sunday the 5th, nice ride down to 238, suck to ride back rough weather, windy and choppy, all day we caught 3 bluefin about 15lb each, hope better next time, here is few picture for good use on the tuna, can't...
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    Great day out of Newport!!

    better than lizzzzzard fish
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    Got Some Love Somewhere Between Santa Barbara and Point Conception few days ago!

    Hi Ruben very nice fish, sorry can't respond on email you have send me, i was on Tony Reyes trip, i'm back now ready to kill some more WSB and Tail, good job on the catch.
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    Epic Baja Fishing

    Hi Jack it was nice fishing with you again this year, i have my own charter next year in July 28 2013, those nice picture, and we have lots of big fish on the boat, hope your feet doing well, see you on the water soon.
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    Bajapaddyhopper Bite-Fest!! 6/30 w-pics

    Sorry i miss that trip, Vince thanks for invit
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    Tony Reyes and the Sea of Cortez deliver again

    I can't wait until July 8th, been on Tony Reyes trip last 18 years, never enough, glad you guy having a good trip.
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    Typical Baja Trip?

    thta why they call 4 wheel drive
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    Loreto to La Paz -La Paz fishing Report

    Very nice catch, love eating Carbrilla
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    Option did it again full limit on WSB

    Just finish reading the 976-Tuna post, Option got full limit on the WSB Good job guys, i wish i was there
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    Great tuna video

    Wow what a way to catch the tuna
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    Panama Adventure via Intrepid

    Very nice report and sound like a dream trip i would love to go on
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    Mirage 4-30

    very nice haul of fish, great boat
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    Tony Reyes Trip Cancelled ?

    Long drive for a road trip and got send back, they should offer the fisherman some type of discount next time, and should pay for all gas money.
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    Gonzaga Bay quick trip 4-24 & 25

    thanks for the report, baja is the best fishing place in our neighborhood.
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    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    Dean let set a trip out to kill some fish, Vince have a great trip to Lobo, i miss that trip.
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    Sea of Cortez - Yellowtail & Grouper 4/21 w-pics

    Vince welcome home, nice trip, I am glad you having a good time, love Baja
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    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    any fish head is ok, i like the best is grouper head
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    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    Here is the recipe for all of you guys, onion, bean sprout, okra, mushroom, tomatoes, fish head and bone, also use tamarine seasoning from Asian market also lemon to the sour tasted you would handle. have a good meal with hotand sour soup, if you like spicy add jalapenos.
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    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    he just fish on my boat last Saturday, he is very nice guy good fisherman
  61. BajaConcept

    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    Ty do you know JSL Jonathan scott?
  62. BajaConcept

    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    they call bone net in the grocery store, they are so cheap save the time to pick the bone out.
  63. BajaConcept

    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    Why waste all the good calcium and good eating fish head, i have a good way to prep a good hot and sour fish head soup, here are few picture. PM me for recipe. Vietnamese said ( Canh Chu )
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    2 Days at SCI

    Very nice, i got to learn how to fish on kayak, look like fun.
  65. BajaConcept

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    any things swim in the ocean
  66. BajaConcept

    SCI 4/21 on the Fortune

    you guys were fishing next to me, look like all of you having alots of fun, i hear yelling with happy noise
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    Good way to eat Rock fish

    I have over 20 difference recipe for cevechi, i got one with a bloody marry mix and black pepper with the Dorado and or Wahoo, lemon and lime is the key for all recipe.
  68. BajaConcept

    Good way to eat Rock fish

    Well finally got out on Saturday 4/21, made to SCI by 7:30 am, got limit on the big Rock fish in few hour for four people, Scott, John, Steve and I having a great time and good weather, here is a good recipe eating rock fish ceviche, lemon, lime, onion, cilantro, and jalapeno, here is few...
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    Leaving San Pedro tonight 4-20 Need one or two Ho's

    Hey Dean i will be out there tomorrow at SCI i will give you a report, di you see Vince killing the Yellow at Puento Lobos?
  70. BajaConcept

    time to kill some fish

    oh yes, the picture was taken at Puento Lobos, my friend Red Drum (Vince) is at now, his is killing the yellowtail 200 yard from the point
  71. BajaConcept

    time to kill some fish

    We are going out tomorrow 4/21/12 hope for the best at SCI, i invite some of my friend to fish with JSL and John and Steve on my Baja Concept, we will keep all of you post in Sunday with the fish report. if any one fish the SCI call me on channel 69
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    spearfishing from shore

    Rocky Point area, Point Vincents light house
  73. BajaConcept

    Sta. Rosalia

    Very nice report thanks
  74. BajaConcept

    Flying Tuna Photo must see

    Cool picture, love flying bird and tuna
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    Quick Gonzaga Trip Apr 3rd & 4th

    Hey Scott nice talk to you on the phone, let go kill some fish(JSL)
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    MDR-Halibut and Bass Rpt. 3/31 w-pics

    good job guys, you two are too much fun together and catch too much fish, Chinese limit
  77. BajaConcept

    Puero Penasco

    we have house there, fishing is very good at this time of year, Sierra all over the place, and also no yellowtail, you may get luck, grouper and white sea bass should be good at 22 mile reef, too far for Yaking, you can yak out La Chola bay area, man you will have some fun just out side the...
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    this is worse than a communist country
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    MDR - Rockfish, Triggerfish & Lobster Season Wrap Up!

    Nice seeing you guy on the water that night, BOBO go to LOBO
  80. BajaConcept

    The Tasty Trifecta! (or bottom grand slam)

    Nice catch when are we go fishing together with Vince and Jason
  81. BajaConcept

    MDR - Just Another Day On The Red Drum!

    good job guys, i wish the day we were out was better weather, next time
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    Good Night Lobster and Crab

    BOBO go to LOBO let go kill some Gouper
  83. BajaConcept

    Good Night Lobster and Crab

    let's go Dean, set up a day with Vince and Jason
  84. BajaConcept

    Good Night Lobster and Crab

    Ruben we need to go out do some fishing and hoop before the season close, also how is your boat new engine install???? can't wait to see it and ride on the boat with new engine
  85. BajaConcept

    Good Night Lobster and Crab

    The spider crab have meat on legs and claws and body, they so sweet just like candy, taste very good, make sure cook all the way through, also take the meat make egg roll and deep fried them in hot oil, oh man you will die for it.
  86. BajaConcept

    Good Night Lobster and Crab

    The sea snail taste very good if you prepare the right way, I boil with hot water and beer then take the meat out to saute with butter and mushroom asparaga and little bit of black peper, OMG they are taste like WOW
  87. BajaConcept

    Good Night Lobster and Crab

    Time to go out before the lobster season is over, Vince, Kevin , Jason and I having a great night on the water, lobster slow crawling and pick 12 total for the night, pull the last net at midnight, the moon too full, still have fun and good time with all my friends. Tide line
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    Monster Grouper at San Bruno, BCS

    that is black sea bass not grouper
  89. BajaConcept

    A quick little Halibut recipe

    Sound good, what time do you want to show up at your house, i will bring beer, when do you want to hooping with Vince and I?
  90. BajaConcept

    Got my target fish

    Good job Ruben, nice fish
  91. BajaConcept

    Sea of Cortez Roosters w-pics

    Let's go Vince, i just finish moving my office, BOBO go to LOBO
  92. BajaConcept

    2012 starts out with big ass yellowtail in Asuncion

    What a way to start a New year, good job on the big boy
  93. BajaConcept

    12/30 MDR - Limits Of Reds & Crawlers! Plus A December Recap!!!

    Good Job Vince and Jason, this is even better year to kill some more fish, BOBO go to LOBO
  94. BajaConcept

    Happy B-day jscrib

    Happy Birthday big JJJJJJJJJJ hook up
  95. BajaConcept

    PV Trip Video

    well done, i love watching this kind fishing video. thank you
  96. BajaConcept

    buy a boat without sea trial?

    No sea trial no buy, and you should have a marine survey on the boat, you may not seeing little BS inside the boat. Good luck
  97. BajaConcept


    Yes after they filet the fish they call is White sea bass, it hard to tell between Totava and WSB
  98. BajaConcept


    absoluty not, they try to issue tag system next few year, Tony Reyes is working on the Tag and permit.
  99. BajaConcept

    Ever eat a Spider Crab?

    love eating the spider crab, need work but worth it, i boil them in hot water and beer and salt, for about 20 min, use hammer to crack there legs and crawls, also the meat inside the body is super good, sweet and tasty try them.
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    SM - Sunday Fun on the Drum!

    Nice job guy's, Vince you know your spot.
  101. BajaConcept

    Smoked Rat Yellowtail...

    Thank you, that is good way to smoke the fish, i have to try it this weekend.
  102. BajaConcept

    Great night hooping

    thanks Dean, it was nice seeing you there, also the crab are tasting very good guys
  103. BajaConcept

    MDR and SMB breawalls for a goose egg

    Sorry to hear you have tough night, been there and done that, alway next time. Good luck
  104. BajaConcept

    Great night hooping

    Party time guys, BYOB<<<<<< we all should make a trip to hooping and put all the catch together and party at my house, send me PM if you interested to doing the party...........
  105. BajaConcept

    Great night hooping

    Great time hooping on 10/9 night, thanks Vince(Red Drum) joining us Kevin and I for a great night hooping for nice size bugs and crabs, here is few pic's.
  106. BajaConcept

    Lobster check warning!

    next item on BD
  107. BajaConcept

    Sea of Cortez Roosters w-pics

    Where is the big grouper you guy's are #$%K, just joking Vince, glead you have agood time at my house. Next time i will take you guy to my Honey hole for the big boy
  108. BajaConcept

    Big Bug!

    What up Ruben?? been fishing
  109. BajaConcept

    going out Friday 9/3

    going out Friday afternoon and may be make a 100 miles run mark or stay me at where the parking lot is Hidden Bank, anyone wish to buddy boat call 72 or 69, Baja Concept, hope we can kill the tuna this trip, good luck who out there this weekend
  110. BajaConcept

    big blackie took the bait

    Good job release the big boy nice fish
  111. BajaConcept


    they are here on kelp paddy, not in volumn yet, hope the water temp stay up above 68F
  112. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes trip

    Hey Brian nice seeing you on the boat, hope i will see you next year trip, what a great big Yellowtail fishing hahahaha.
  113. BajaConcept

    bringing my boat to Baja

    Do not forget the trailer, they need the boat registration and trailer registration, i trail the boat to Punta Penasco every year, make sure you buy full coverage, do not take any chance to screw up your trip and money. Have a safe trip.
  114. BajaConcept

    The Tony Reyes June 3-17th 2011

    I will be there fishing with Tony on July 10th to 15th i will give you all update, this is my 16 years trips, can wait every year to get there.
  115. BajaConcept

    BOLA 6-9-2011 JC Classic

    Epic, love fishing LA bay.
  116. BajaConcept

    SM 5/21 - Sunset Bass Slayfest w/ Red Drum

    Hi Jason and Vince good job, nice catch, sorry for the big boat, small boat will do find, I like to fish you and Vince again, take you out for some big WSB. Good catch.
  117. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes Trip - May 1-6, 2011

    Try that site will give you the boat name Erik, they have trip going out of Mag Bay, and also they give you the fish report. Gook Luck.
  118. BajaConcept

    SM 4/16 - Excellent Bass And Rock Fishing!!!

    Good job guys, i should be on that trip, Vince nice catch. LOBO soon
  119. BajaConcept

    Ba Da Boom, Ba Da Ling!

    Very Nice fish Ruben, I try invite you on my trip 4/2, igot your message late, we when to SCI kill the rock fish, no love on ling, got 12 nice calico, and all the white fish and sheep head you could handle, i will give you a call some time this week.
  120. BajaConcept

    Pesca Panama Feb. 20th, 2011

    Very nice pic's thank you for sharing the good time.
  121. BajaConcept


    keep eye open on the ebay and craig list, some time dump criminal are very dump, sorry to hear the lost, suck have to go through that, hope your insurance cover the lost. Good luck
  122. BajaConcept

    K&M YELLOWTAIL!!! Sac Reef Trip

    I still want to fish the SC reef, miss you guys Kelly, I will try to get there soon
  123. BajaConcept

    Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy New Year to all Asian member, how each of you celerbrate your New Year? I'm going to eat and eat fish and lobster and seafood until i drop.:hali_olutta:
  124. BajaConcept


    are they Nut during winter time, good luck on way up in sea of cortez, nothing but wind now through April, be safe.
  125. BajaConcept

    01.09.11 Grumpies and Sculpin on the Spitfire

    Thanks for the report, nice batch of sculpin
  126. BajaConcept

    Hooping for Saturday Night at CAT

    Matt i will give you a call tonight. have a safe ride over guys should be flat night good
  127. BajaConcept

    Hooping for Saturday Night at CAT

    they are crawling noe go get them
  128. BajaConcept

    Hooping for Saturday Night at CAT

    ok Mike 000001lat 11111222 funny, do you want to go with us?
  129. BajaConcept

    Hooping for Saturday Night at CAT

    Any one going out 1/8/2011 to CAT for Bugging? I will be out there with Vince Red drum, try to get our limit early. give us a call on channel 72:hali_olutta:
  130. BajaConcept

    MDR 12/27 w-pics

    Very nice good eating tail
  131. BajaConcept

    Fat Lady have Sing for 2010

    Iw was good fishing year 2010 except Tuna fishing, looking forward 2011 should be a good year for WSB and Yellowtail, Happy New Year to you all. Tight Line.
  132. BajaConcept

    Or trying to

    try 150 spot and half way between the twin rig and 150, good luck
  133. BajaConcept

    put 2010 in memory book fishing good

    Vince i have the date to Puenta Panesco (Rocky Point) are you ready ???? Are you ready get ass kick by the big grouper? and WSB?
  134. BajaConcept

    They're back

    good job guys. Happy New Year
  135. BajaConcept

    put 2010 in memory book fishing good

    i know 13 days left plenty time to fish if the weather permit, good luck every one and to all my fishing friend, and Happy Holiday and Happy New Year, see you all on the water. Tide line
  136. BajaConcept

    put 2010 in memory book fishing good

    I can put year 2010 in the book here are some of the picture for you guys to enjoy
  137. BajaConcept

    Hoopin' at Catalina

    Thanks for the report Dave, at least you have a chance to get out on the water.
  138. BajaConcept

    Limits at San Clemente Island

    Great job on the rock cod, weather looking great, i wish i was out there.
  139. BajaConcept

    Catalina 12/8 the Ultimate tease

    Sorry to hear you have a slow night, alway next time.
  140. BajaConcept

    Cat bug report 12-8-10 a "new first" for me

    I have very lucky on dirty water, that help them to crawl better, also tide change is a big help, before and after the change is alway good to me, low tide i fish 50 ft to 75 ft, high tide i fish 40 ft to 60 ft. Good luck
  141. BajaConcept

    SnakeHead fishing in the philippines???

    Try Frog lurh and cd14 green and orange, i fish them when i was living in Vietnam, we kill them on the frog lurh, good luck
  142. BajaConcept

    Cat bug report 12-8-10 a "new first" for me

    they are early crawl for me last Friday, and also late crawl around 9pm, try salmon next time, the bugs been eating alots of squids, i also put 10 pieces of squid eat cage, good luck out there guys, be safe going to be foggy, the weather calling for windy at the Island. Have fun
  143. BajaConcept

    Stolen Boat!!

    Matt did you have insurance, they should help you to investgating the lost, sorry to hear your boat stolen it suck before the holiday, good luck
  144. BajaConcept

    Lobster SD Bay

    good job, nice batch of bugs
  145. BajaConcept

    Bobby Van Wormer sr. passes

    Sorry to hear that, Bobby is great guys, alway smile and friend to all his guest he will be miss.
  146. BajaConcept

    Catalina Tomorrow 12/8

    good lick Mitch, weather should be good. Let us know how you did
  147. BajaConcept

    Beautiful weather and Lobster, YUM YUM

    Hi Ruben i was talking to Vince he said on Saturday he only got one short but all the crab he want, i guess i just got lucky or i may have a decent spot i hooping at, i met a new fishing friend matt that night at the same spot just little west of me, he got three in a short time, after he left...
  148. BajaConcept

    Beautiful weather and Lobster, YUM YUM

    Hi Mitch i was fish in the middle of the Island, find the most rocky area you can and fish aprx 40 to 60 ft of water, we only have salmon head, i wish i have some fresh bonita or Mac, good luck out there. Hey Dave pm me if you wanted to go. I enjoy to meet new fishing friend.
  149. BajaConcept

    Beautiful weather and Lobster, YUM YUM

    Matt it was nice to meet you at the Island, yes they decide to crawl right after you left, and hopeful will see you soon out on the water.
  150. BajaConcept

    Beautiful weather and Lobster, YUM YUM

    I was hooping with my friend Lawrence Li, Vince find a good day this week, let go get them.
  151. BajaConcept

    Beautiful weather and Lobster, YUM YUM

    Hi Vince no ploblem, let me know when, how is your trip on Saturday?
  152. BajaConcept

    Beautiful weather and Lobster, YUM YUM

    Start late on last Friday, left Davies landing at 2:30 pm got to island by 3:45pm, fog at Long Beach area, couldn't go too fast, calm weather and no wind, finish pulling by 9:30pm got two people limit and about 50 shorts, seal is alway problem, no lost of net this trip. Looking next trip this week.
  153. BajaConcept

    Big Lingcod on the Bank Robber 11/26

    Nice, good job Vince, let go hooping soon
  154. BajaConcept

    North of the Hidden

    Nice catch, good eating sashimi
  155. BajaConcept

    San Quintin Yellowtail..on the iron

    Very nice due, Kelly you alway have a good time on the water.
  156. BajaConcept

    The San Diego

    302 and 371 also some fish at the 9
  157. BajaConcept


    Where were you at im going tonite will give you a report
  158. BajaConcept

    My First Fishing Report... and a good one!

    Eat the heart first Yellowfin. MMMMM
  159. BajaConcept

    Who's running tomorrow 9/3/10 ?

    i was plan to go, but the fish stopping me, no fish and don't want to burn dissel until they are here for good. Good luck on the water
  160. BajaConcept

    Offshore D220, 295, 238

    Thanks for the report, plan to go out this weekend, i guess may be should stay close until they want to die.
  161. BajaConcept

    Planning on going to BOLA september 9-12

    Make sure you tell the captain what you want to fish or go to the big Island fish big yellowtail, September would be a good month fish dorado, they may have you pay little more for the gas money. Good luck
  162. BajaConcept


    How much can yo put in the bait tank that is your limit
  163. BajaConcept

    Ethics... What do you think? boater (rookies) looking for secret spot

    Ocean are big, share the spot, there is no secret spot, nobody own the ocean, enjoy the ocean life too short.
  164. BajaConcept

    Ton of corvina... or 25

    That is not corvina, those are tom cod or croocker, look at there mouth, MMMMMMMMMM
  165. BajaConcept

    8/9 to 8/14/2010 - intrepid 5 day to cedros island, baja california

    Thanks for the report, Javier is alway a great cook, he make sure everyone is happy with there meal. sorry you guy didn't catch more fish, this year is difference, don't know why? Where are all the Tuna??????
  166. BajaConcept

    if you were purchacing offshore boat

    Trailer Boat would be the best and Dissel, make sure give you good range
  167. BajaConcept

    Bird School Bigeyes on the 14!!!

    They are here Big Eyes Tuna at the 43
  168. BajaConcept

    K&M San Quintin

    Hi Kelly how is Jimmy doing today on fishing???
  169. BajaConcept

    WTF with the offshore weather????

    What with this California weather, I have have a chance to fish the Tuna this year yet, every time plan to go, F**ken weather is up, today blowing 15k to 25k offshore. Can anyone doing a weather dance????:2gunsfiring_v1:
  170. BajaConcept

    Where are the paddy Yellowtail?

    all the paddy are taking a break, when can we have a good week without bad weather.
  171. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes July 11, 2010

    Mike, don't worry you will get them, try to get Voka is skipper, his is good, let him know you are David friend, he will take good care of you. Good luck
  172. BajaConcept

    Where is the best place to fish in Mexico?

    Go East Cape, book through Cass Tours, 800-594-6500 they arethe best, now is the time to catch Marlin, try to book the boat call Rude Girl, Captain Jose, his is excellent skipper, I have not caught a Marlin yet, everytime i fish with him, and he does speaking english, good luck, Hotel is Palma...
  173. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes July 11, 2010

    let me know when you be back from SQ, i like to take you out on my boat to kill some Tuna, with Chinese limit.
  174. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes July 11, 2010

    Hi Denis, yes i love to fish with iron, i know the jig you make should do well on the yellow, you should go with us one year on this trip
  175. BajaConcept

    los barriles bottom fishing this time of year?

    Pargo (red snapper) all year round, just tell the skipper take you there, buy sardine for bail and giant squid for bait, get them every time. good luck, you should have the hotel kitchen cook a fresh for you and your family to eat, can't get any bettet than a fresh red snapper.
  176. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes July 11, 2010

    the best jig to use is blue and white 6x jr and scramble egg 6x jr, butterfly jig working good on the pink color, bring extra one lb weight and 20 oz weight, and nothing less than 40# test line, i only use my trip 50 and 60 lbs test, the caught some yellowtail on the surfer jig too, i use 7-0...
  177. BajaConcept

    thinking about going long!

    No thanks, too far to run, wait until little closer, the weather didn't look good, lonng way from home if the weather going blow, good luck if you go out
  178. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes July 11, 2010

    No i have not when on the Erik boat, suppost the baot have very large stateroom, and bathroom in your own room, the blue ribon is tag color, i love this trip, never get old. This trip is very inexpensive, all inclusive package, beer and food, also water and soda, they also fillets and vac pack...
  179. BajaConcept

    SMB Bassin' & Rockies 7/17 w-pics

    Good job Vince, mucho Taco meat.
  180. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes July 11, 2010

    What a trip, this is my 15th years, never get old, all the Yellowtail you wanted, beautiful weather, great group of fisherman, plenty of drinking and joking, laughing, BS all day, the yellowtail are big and mean, live bait all week except first day, can't wait until next year. Enjoy the Picture...
  181. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes Trip

    Nice meeting you both it was a fun trip, hope we meet up soon
  182. BajaConcept

    Rockfish/Bass 6/25 Rpt w-pics

    Hi Vince great pic's, WSB are bitting at CAT, i'm leaving to Tony Reyes trip next week, will give you report when i get back.
  183. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes June 13-18th Report

    Great Pic's, I can't wait until July 11th, I been on this trip for fourteen years, never enough, Tony running the A1 operation.
  184. BajaConcept

    I need an awesome salmon chowder recipe!!

    1lb salmon 1/2 cup butter milk, 1 12oz claim juice, cut up one to two potatoes, little garlic salt and 3oz butter slow cook them and stir the pot every 10 sec so make sure doesn't burn, enjoy
  185. BajaConcept

    I'm looking for people with high water bills.

    We pay so much water and sewage fees, I pay $1 dollars on the water bill, there $3 dollars on the sewer charge, the utilities try to put us out of business, we only collect quarters.
  186. BajaConcept

    I'm looking for people with high water bills.

    What about Coin Op Laundry???
  187. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes Trip For Sale

    sorry i already on the trip in July otherwise i would like to take the trip from you, always good trip, love to fish with Tony
  188. BajaConcept

    Tanker Seabass with K&M Day2!!!

    Kelly stop showing those picture, you're driving me crazy, i have to work this month, shit i may have to take a few days off to just go down to see you, will call you soon. Suck not to be there
  189. BajaConcept

    Steady YT fishing-6/9

    Alway the best no other boat around, good job catching all the yellowtail.
  190. BajaConcept

    Blue fin are in!

    wow spelling wrong, "hungry"
  191. BajaConcept

    Blue fin are in!

    making me hurgry
  192. BajaConcept

    More Pic's from Puerto Penasco(Rocky Point)

    Here more Grouper Pic's enjoy, can't wait to be back there in August this year. If you never pull on one of this bad ass grouper, should try it.
  193. BajaConcept

    K&M San Quintin 1st WSB of 2010 Toads!!!

    Holy moly shhhhhh big ass WSB good job Kelly
  194. BajaConcept

    Asians Love White Sexy Bitches...

    Nice catch, we AsiaN EAT EVERTHING not just white meat anything move we eat
  195. BajaConcept

    Finally a little love

    Nice catch Ruben, i can't wait to catch one of this big boy
  196. BajaConcept

    New Service From BRAID Products!

    they are a good company (Dennis) and great product, i personally like all they product
  197. BajaConcept

    Tuna Coast from Cebaco Bay, May 24-28, 2010

    I love those kind the trip, just like Tony Reyes trip, mother ship , no phone no fax and no email. Just fish eat and drink.
  198. BajaConcept


    Good job, don't need big boat to catch big fish
  199. BajaConcept

    Just got back from........Epic!!!!

    Nice to take some time off Kelly
  200. BajaConcept

    Corvina or WSB?

  201. BajaConcept

    Puerto Penasco MX. 5/13-5/15 w-pics galore

    that's funny how this world go, my son chris been friend for a while
  202. BajaConcept

    Cat 5/19.....WTF kind of fish is this

    cold water monk fish good eating, may be poison on the spin
  203. BajaConcept

    Puerto Penasco MX. 5/13-5/15 w-pics galore

    Vince i might taking another trip in couple week on the long weekend, the yellow are biting good and the grouper are going crazy, i will be there at the end of May
  204. BajaConcept

    Puerto Penasco MX. 5/13-5/15 w-pics galore

    Vince I met one of your good friend last at my son school, Becky told me she have a friend just when fishing for a week, so i ask her what his name, she said Vince, i just start laughin, just a small world, my son and her son on the same baseball team.
  205. BajaConcept

    Puento Penasco Mex Rocky Point

    Hi El we will there soon, i think some time next month will post a day we should get a big group go out together and have fun, i enjoy fishing in Baja.
  206. BajaConcept

    Puerto Penasco MX. 5/13-5/15 w-pics galore

    Vince July 11th to 17th i will on Tony Reyes trip for 6 days fish all the island down south, fun trip catch alots of fish.
  207. BajaConcept

    Puento Penasco Mex Rocky Point

    we were way south from Rocky Point 80 miles south
  208. BajaConcept

    Puento Penasco Mex Rocky Point

    Hi Denis we use major jig fishing, yes we do use live bait, blue and white jig 6x jr fun to catch those big grouper with jig. Yes you should come with us one of this trip, we have a house there and we bring our own boat, minium cost for the trip, enjoy fish and clams dinner every night at our...
  209. BajaConcept

    Puerto Penasco MX. 5/13-5/15 w-pics galore

    Hey Vince nice picture's that stuff will fill your cooler fast, by the way we fish the yellowtail only 1/4 mile from the point, only 25ft to 50ft of water, we kill them big time, drive away from the bite, quit fishing in four hours. Next time we should fish together, i will let you know the...
  210. BajaConcept

    Puento Penasco Mex Rocky Point

    Thanks Vince, we should fish together next time, buddy boat with your big boat, we caught all the yellow south of Rocky Point.
  211. BajaConcept

    Josie Lynn bluefin report

    great to see the tuna start to show up, looking forward for a late season
  212. BajaConcept

    Rocky Point more picture

    Here are few more good picture's
  213. BajaConcept

    Puento Penasco Mex Rocky Point

    I spoke to Vince this afternoon, yes sound like you guys have fun, i try to radio Vince, I hear you guy were at Choya Bay, you should stop by our house to visit, we got enough grouper and cabrilla and yellowtail, we catch yellowtail all day long, stop fishing in four hour, great grouper fishing...
  214. BajaConcept

    Puento Penasco Mex Rocky Point

    Here are some pic's for our trip, let the picture do the talking for three days fishing, can't wait until next trip, Victor, Kevin, and Ed they with me to fish all three days, fun time.
  215. BajaConcept

    Can Cows Really Fly ?????

    That is the best pic i have ever seen, million doolars pic. Good job
  216. BajaConcept

    Super Late Report for 5/4/10 Catalina

    Next time Ruben, try Baja Fishing you will get them every time. See you at Bob Sand shop
  217. BajaConcept

    Catalina West End 5-2

    A bad day of fishing is alway better day than a working day, nice Calico good job
  218. BajaConcept

    Steve's first Yellow Tail 4/25

    congrats did you eat the heart? Good luck after you eated.
  219. BajaConcept

    C-Bass at Rocky Point Puenta Penasco

    Blue and white jig, Denis did you see Kelly catch those big ass WSB in SQ, i'm think make a trip out there before my May 12-16 trip to Rocky Point again. Are you interest to go SQ soon?
  220. BajaConcept

    Another Mex Panga caught in CA waters with drugs

    Why our coast guard or Navy didn't catch this people come across our country. That make us don't feel too safe????? MMMMM
  221. BajaConcept

    What about BIG GAME 90?

    Just go have a great fishing trip, all captain are good, just matter finding you the fish.
  222. BajaConcept

    best cruisers at palmas de cortez

    rule Girl Jose is great skipper take good care of you guys.
  223. BajaConcept


    great job nice tuna lots of poki
  224. BajaConcept

    C-Bass at Rocky Point Puenta Penasco

    Blue and white jig fishing live bait is touch to make, jig jig jig
  225. BajaConcept

    C-Bass at Rocky Point Puenta Penasco

    Jimmy have not see this yet Kelly, his just got back from Loreto Baja, he told me the fishing was touch, but him and Mr. G got two day limits on the Yellow, Kelly hope see you soon in SQ.
  226. BajaConcept

    C-Bass at Rocky Point Puenta Penasco

    We have the location mark, no local captain, every trip down there we find new rock to fish with, there are so many spots, depend what you wanted to fish, many fisherman charter a boat out of rocky point, we launch our boat at La Choya bay, actual 7 miles north of Rocky point. May will be a...
  227. BajaConcept

    C-Bass at Rocky Point Puenta Penasco

    Vince I will be there on May 12 to 16th hope see you there.
  228. BajaConcept

    C-Bass at Rocky Point Puenta Penasco

    22 miles reef. Yes we have release over 30 -40 fish have our limit, they bitting good
  229. BajaConcept

    C-Bass at Rocky Point Puenta Penasco

    Great White Sea Bass Fishing, I'm ready for another trip in May, should be a good grouper fishing and WSB fishing, and unlimited amount of Sierra they are Giant size. And great Cabrilla fishing.
  230. BajaConcept

    Cat C-bass report for 4-19. First for 2010

    sweet on a Monday, great job nice fish
  231. BajaConcept

    K&M San Quintin Huge Reds! Great Weather

    Nice Red i love fish those, great eating fish, good job always Kelly
  232. BajaConcept

    Fishing South Sat 4-10 for Tails

    I will be on the water by 2am this Sat radio us on 72, Baja Concept
  233. BajaConcept

    Yellowtail Friday 9th around the Coronados

    you should sign up with, that where i get all the info, you don't need teacher, put time in the water you will get better, good luck
  234. BajaConcept

    Santa Rosalia report with pix 4/3 and 4/4

    Felipe good job, love seeing kid doing fishing, i wish my son have the time to do that.
  235. BajaConcept

    sept san quintin

    too long to think the schedule Denis, I may take my boat down there will pm you soon.
  236. BajaConcept

    What do I name my new boat?

    Can't carry more bait
  237. BajaConcept

    2010 grunion runs

    Why use them for bait, they are good eating, deep fry the hole fish yum yum yum and cold beer your choice
  238. BajaConcept

    "Ready to Assemble" Catches WSB

    Wow great job, nice to see some one catch a WSB
  239. BajaConcept

    where is the report for WSB

    Wow i didn't know this ocean so small. I better hurry to go kill some of those WSB
  240. BajaConcept

    March Madness

    Down to four team, Duke or Bay$%^%&???? West Vir gor the win today big ass upset for Uk Wowwowowowowowo:fighting0061:
  241. BajaConcept

    where is the report for WSB

    Where are all the WSB? no report for this weekend, where are all the squid? is this WSB season about to be over? May be time to going offshore to find some Tuna%#$%^&*
  242. BajaConcept

    Catalina 03-25-10

    goat are great for salad, and steam the whole fish even better, taste like lobster, since the lobster season is over, this is call poor man lobster, great job, DFG are doing there job, nice to see that.
  243. BajaConcept

    Great way to end Lobster season

    I know season end is suck, but always looking for the next season, I'm ready for some early season Tuna and Alby
  244. BajaConcept

    San Quintin Surface Slugs!

    Hey Kelly that is good looking yellow and red good job hope down there soon with Lawrence and Jimmy
  245. BajaConcept

    Great way to end Lobster season

    Yes the yellow already at Cat i meter when i was at the Island on Monday, they not ready to bite yet. Soooonnnnn
  246. BajaConcept

    Greay way end this Lobster season

    Here are some Pic's for the last post.
  247. BajaConcept

    Great way to end Lobster season

    Finally the weather is good to go on Monday 3/15, let Davies ramp at 1:30 pm got to the Island at 2:30 pm fishing bonehead for back up bait, no problem with make bait, start set the net at 6pm first pull 3 legal, after that triple limit by 11:15 pm for three of us, they all good size, biggest 4...
  248. BajaConcept

    Pacific Quest on it way to Catalina

    Thinking going out on Sunday, wealther didn't looking bad at all on Sunday.
  249. BajaConcept

    Catalina Sat Sun 13/14

    Any squid for sale at the LB wall??
  250. BajaConcept

    live shrimp

    They are taste good, i cook them with beer and water and little salt, and bay leaf, sound good i may have to go Chinese market to buy some for dinner tonite.
  251. BajaConcept

    live shrimp

    Chinese market they having them in the live tank, $3.29 per pound, They call red crab
  252. BajaConcept


    Nice job, them they crawl late, are you at the Island.
  253. BajaConcept

    We Killed Whitey!

    I like all fish, long they swim and smell like Tuna hahahahahahaaaa
  254. BajaConcept

    San Quintin????

    Jardine Hotel, and fish with Catain Kelly K&M sportfishing #949-370-6532 they are the best, Kelly will put you on the fish.
  255. BajaConcept

    'Nados Yellers 3/3/10

    Time to take my boat out to kill some those yelllllllllooooowwwtail
  256. BajaConcept


    Nice fish, good job love to fish with jig
  257. BajaConcept

    Another good day today!!!

    Oscar and Gordo that how Yellowtail look like, inside joke Oscar, you know what i mean hahahahahahah
  258. BajaConcept

    fishing San Quintinn with Capt Kelly

    Thanks Kelly, looking forward next trip to fishing with you, glad to be there, fishing is alway better than working.
  259. BajaConcept

    fishing San Quintinn with Capt Kelly

    by the way Denis we did use your lures, they work better then my Jr 6x blue and white, they love the pink one you have, 3 to 1 hook up on your lures good job Denis.
  260. BajaConcept


    Nice Pic's great job with those big ass yellowtail, they are fun fish to catch and eat
  261. BajaConcept

    Anyone Want to Caravan to SQ? 2/26

    We just got back yesterday the road condition is ok, i feel very safe driving down to SQ, the Federary are find, they didn't give us any problem, i love driving that road very safe. Good yellowtail fishing now we did good
  262. BajaConcept

    fishing San Quintinn with Capt Kelly

    Denis it was nice to meeting you too, great conversation, looking forward to having you and your friend on my boat to fishing with me and Lobster fishing, WSB and Yellow are bitting at second Island I will email you a day we should fish together next couple week. Are you interest fishing in...
  263. BajaConcept

    fishing San Quintinn with Capt Kelly

    We left Saturday Fed 20th afternoon 1pm at Sherman Oak, got to San Quintinn at 8pm having dinner at Jardine, great place, great food and service, we stay at Jardine hotel, nice place comfortable clean bathroom and bed, the drive to San Quintinn wasn't bad, road condition little muddy, and we...
  264. BajaConcept


    Hi Ruben, Good job releasing the daddy hope he can make more baby, on my way to San Quintinn see u at the shop some time. Good luck tide line
  265. BajaConcept

    San Quintin weather for this weekend Feb. 20-21?

    too much water in the ocean don't go
  266. BajaConcept

    K&M San Quintin Yellowtail!

    Kelly see you Sunday at the ramp
  267. BajaConcept

    Bugging out at Catalina Friday creates triple limits

    Vince give me a call, leaving on this Saturday to SQ to fish the yelowtail and lingcod, i will post some pic when get back on Tuesday,
  268. BajaConcept

    Got Triple Limit Lobster

    Nice meeting you at the store, the spider crab taste very good, make sure cook all the way through, can't have enough, just let me know next time you want to go out fishing or lobster hooping, good luck to you tomorrow night for squid. see you soon at the store
  269. BajaConcept

    Hoopin it up with Michael

    I wish my son would do that, my son have too much baseball game and girl friend,v good job
  270. BajaConcept

    Got Triple Limit Lobster

    just joking must tast like chicken
  271. BajaConcept

    Got Triple Limit Lobster

    i wish we can buy tag to shoot them too, seal meat $3.99 a pound i bet chinese market would sell them good.
  272. BajaConcept

    Got Triple Limit Lobster

    What a great way to start a Chinese New Year, triple limit on the bugs, great night for bugging, 21 legals and 40 shorts, have to work for them Seal is pain in the ass, lucky we have make enough Bonita and Mac for bait, looking forward next trip at the Island, the water condition good for...
  273. BajaConcept

    K&M San Quintin Feb 11 2010

    Kelly I will be down with Jimmy next weekend, see u next week
  274. BajaConcept

    San Felipe Mother trip

    All way fun on Tony Reyes trip kill Umm
  275. BajaConcept

    Dam Yellows! San Quintin is HOT

    very nice post good job, sound like a great yellowtail year in SQ, looking forward to fish with Kelly on Feb/21,22
  276. BajaConcept

    Three Hall Passes 2-6-10

    some time you have to deal with some ass hole people, thast happen to us in Catalina, try they set all there net right next to all of our nets, remember those people doing it they may you your and our nets is guideline to set there, they don't know the spot, they were setting next to our with a...
  277. BajaConcept

    got soaked

    nut nut nut nut nut
  278. BajaConcept

    eviction law california

    #1 yes you can get out due to the date is wrong, black and white in writing, #2 depending on your situation, now you are on month to month base, you have no lease at this point, if the lanlord decide to ask you to leave you have thirty days to move out, if you don't pay rent he could get you a...
  279. BajaConcept

    Huge Yellow On Yak Yesterday...

    Wow that is big mother good job
  280. BajaConcept

    Whats the Fishing going to be like this weekend

    No good this weekend we cancel our trip too windy and rainy, gusts at 35 knot.
  281. BajaConcept


    sweet and wet dream
  282. BajaConcept

    Long Bch Wall

    did you release that cab?? condition look good
  283. BajaConcept

    Caught this evil looking fish FISH ID?

    is so ugly shit, need some dental work
  284. BajaConcept


    nice sound like you have a great night hooping, no crab? good job
  285. BajaConcept


    those are three great tuna when can we eat them???
  286. BajaConcept

    cook crabs

    cook the lobster and crab with beer and salt and water, for aprx 20 min
  287. BajaConcept

    San Quintin

    great time to spear fishing in that lake, does not require mask and fin, for sure you won't get ben
  288. BajaConcept

    Plenty of Squid and Calico Bass

    Great video, where is the fish pic???
  289. BajaConcept

    Nor Cal SHRIMP

    wow those shrimp look good, i bring the beer and help you cook them
  290. BajaConcept


    Nice catch winter Yelowtail fishing, all way good fishing in SQ never go home without fish in the cooler. Good job guys
  291. BajaConcept

    Bones and Bugs 1-16-10

    very nice, good job guys
  292. BajaConcept

    El Nino this year?

    El Nino is here, watch this spring at all the Island, kick ass WSB and YT fishing
  293. BajaConcept


    Wow look like a great adventure trip, would like to try it some time, what is the cost for this trip? and how is the living space? do you stay in the hotel or camp?
  294. BajaConcept

    Is spider crab good eating?

    try to mix the juice inside the head with Vodka chinese people love to drink that shit, make you very happy and hhhhh------ny
  295. BajaConcept

    Castaic Lake 1/12/10 Another Week of Good Fishing

    life too short enjoy more like him
  296. BajaConcept

    moving to SoCal

    Welcome back to California, good luck
  297. BajaConcept

    Is spider crab good eating?

    no poison in this spider crab, they are good eating crab, the meat very sweet and i think better than rock crab.
  298. BajaConcept

    Is spider crab good eating?

    HAMMER work fine, they are selling $ 5 a pound at Asian market
  299. BajaConcept

    Is spider crab good eating?

    absolutly they are good eating, you have to work on them, well worth it.
  300. BajaConcept


    Hi Vince Yes i will be at Rocky Point coming March, and April should have a great trip for grouper.
  301. BajaConcept


    yes I'm Kevin T Partner.
  302. BajaConcept


    Any one going out Friday, I will be out Friday call me Ch 72
  303. BajaConcept


    What a trip loving this wealther, suck rock fish close, water temp holding good at Cat, watch the Yellow and WSB pop up soon, The Bug stay at the same dept for the last month. Limit for Two
  304. BajaConcept

    I have no idea what's goin on

    Welcome to BD Happy New Year
  305. BajaConcept

    They are Crawling at CAT

    Good Luck tonite, they should be crawling good, full moon may slow them down little, but they will craw early. Look for thirty water
  306. BajaConcept

    They are Crawling at CAT

    Yes I do have a distributor for Continental Equipment please call me 818-787-8881
  307. BajaConcept

    They are Crawling at CAT

    nerver enough for Lobster, found a great spot to hoop, so far this year 2009 we get every time there. we got them at 50 to 65 ft of water.
  308. BajaConcept

    Lobster fishing etiquette question

    it was happen to me last week at Cat, i have my drop already in all the spot i fish at, some idiot drop all there net next to my, i think this people doesn't know what the spot are, they just follow us and drop on top all our net, no courtesy at all.
  309. BajaConcept

    They are Crawling at CAT

    They are Crawling good after storm, full limit for three people this week
  310. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes Sr Pass away

    What a big loss of a Baja legend, he is a good man, been fishing with him and Tony Jr for last 15 years, he will be miss. :hali_parkutuli:
  311. BajaConcept

    buggin on the bay-12/27-decent night

    next time let me know i bring the beer
  312. BajaConcept

    Hooping 12-26 - Early Limits for 3

    nice report enough lobster for new year dinner
  313. BajaConcept

    Back At It! 12/20

    Nice fish in December
  314. BajaConcept

    San Quintin Winter Special K&M

    Hi Kelly you know how to turn on fisherman'[email protected]#$%^&^******
  315. BajaConcept

    Costa Rica Vacation

    Call Cass Tours people they can help you and advise, they are nice people, richard been there many time. 800-593-6500 good luck
  316. BajaConcept

    south cornado is. area thurs 12/17/09

    Very nice report, in December?? could the year and next fishing through the winter, I believe the SC Island and Cat Island should have the same report, too much squid in front of Cat island, something going to blow soon
  317. BajaConcept

    K&M .......Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holiday Kelly and your family, wish you for more success business coming year, hope see you in SQ soon.
  318. BajaConcept

    Bite Me Trout

    should try on the ocean fishing
  319. BajaConcept

    San Felipe, Tony Reyes Boat...NEED FISHERMAN

    Ramon what's up, pm me i will going to Rocky Point in March may be you should meet up with us.
  320. BajaConcept

    New hours of operation

    Thanks could post on this site before friday, looking going out friday fishing Thanks
  321. BajaConcept

    Cold Lobster Appetizer

    Try Lobster Sashimi, the way i prepare put the lobster in ice bath with beer and then sear the lobster in a hot pot of beer and salt for aprx 2 to 3 min, do not cook all the way through, then slice then in thin slice and serve them with ponzo sauce and wasabi, you will have a hard eat another...
  322. BajaConcept

    New hours of operation

    any squid in the receiver??? Please advise
  323. BajaConcept

    Punta Mita Lobster

    No gringo can take lobster and abolondie, hoop net is no no in Mexico
  324. BajaConcept

    When does San Clemente Turn On?

    never know when is turn on, you have to be there at the right time and the right place, I was there last friday kill the rock fish, no love yellowtail, meter them but they don't wanted to play. Good luck
  325. BajaConcept

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Felipe good job on the catch, hope see you on the Tony Reyes trip
  326. BajaConcept

    Big Swell this weekend

    i will out to the San Clemente Island No Guts No Glory, the yellow are bitting good.
  327. BajaConcept

    Catalina Bottom Fishing - Need Help Please

    try east end of the Island, 180 ft deep outside church rock, and Farmsworth bank good luck weather is not too good for thisweekend on the backside.
  328. BajaConcept

    Book with Cast tour

    They are the best booking agent, call 800 593 6510 ask for Richard or Rhonda, I have been booking all my Mexico trip with them, they will set you up with the best Captain in any area you wish go to, good luck
  329. BajaConcept


    Call Bob Sand Tackle shop they may have them for sell there. good luck
  330. BajaConcept


    great island for rock fish, nad at this time of the year you should ablev to catch few yellow and blue fin tuna, don't get caught in the wealther, long ass ride home, good luck
  331. BajaConcept


    what time is dinner time, be there with 12 pack
  332. BajaConcept

    Baja Pirates, La Paz, 10/21-26/09

    you guys know how to get fisherman excited
  333. BajaConcept

    Mantis Shrimp...Did you know this?

    they are good eating
  334. BajaConcept

    K&M Sportfishing, San Quintin

    hey kelly how is family???
  335. BajaConcept

    Any Good Lobster Reports

    limit out every week, catalina is the best place to bug
  336. BajaConcept

    Does anybody know what this critter is?

    eta it to you will find out is a fish
  337. BajaConcept

    Point Loma-Whistler's Bouy 10-10-09

    Love to see kids fishing, keep up with the program with kids good job
  338. BajaConcept

    Lost 2 nets

    wil give you call if i find them, going out there friday nite
  339. BajaConcept

    SMB Hooping 10/3

    Good job with the bugs, you got luck no diver in that area
  340. BajaConcept

    Limits YFT...

    so nice you share the number, too many people keep it to them self. good job
  341. BajaConcept

    Monsta Ling from Lingcod Todd / La Push!

    OMG that look like F**k dragon
  342. BajaConcept

    Opah of a day 8-11 09

    Hi Ross i was on the radio with you yesterday, what was weigh, good job
  343. BajaConcept

    BFT and Chickens

    wow nice catch local fish huhhhh
  344. BajaConcept

    Question re: big southern swell coming

    inshore only, offshore u will love the flat wealther
  345. BajaConcept

    K&M PaddySlugs!

    Hey Kelly Nice fish good job
  346. BajaConcept

    Going to Bay of L.A 07/23

    They are having a tournanment there that weekend, i was suppost fishing there for the tournament, got to cancel, will be so many people there, make sure you have a place to stay. Good luck.
  347. BajaConcept

    sci report

    for sure that is not a red....
  348. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes / Andrea Lynn

    I fish with no drag system, button down all the way, volcanic rock everywhere MMMMMMMMMM
  349. BajaConcept

    Late july

    Top Gun
  350. BajaConcept

    Mexican insurance, Truck and Boat

    buy the insurance by the border is ok, they have good rate, that what i do every time travel with my boat into Mexico, they do not cover boat insurance, only trailer and your truck or car. Good Luck
  351. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes / Andrea Lynn

    Tony Reyes report been good, i have a skipper name Ramon, he have call me the fishing is out standing on Carbrilla, Yellow is little slow, should start bitting good coming month, little difficult ofr making bait,should have another report next week. Good luck i will there fishing the metal boat...
  352. BajaConcept

    Setup help please

    8ft rod will be fine, and try jig master 500 should do the trick
  353. BajaConcept

    Way to Eat Barracuda

    thanks, have you try use them for fish taco? and soup? they are good eating fish.
  354. BajaConcept

    Catalina report 5-28

    thanks for the report. Squid does make a differance, good luck next trip
  355. BajaConcept

    Photo Editing PhotoPhix

    wow that's cool
  356. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes 5-17 to 5-22

    be there July 4 th week can't wait been there last 13th years tony have a great boat and captain
  357. BajaConcept

    K&M San Quintin

    Nice catch Kelly, i miss fishing with you, try to make a trip out there soon, good luck
  358. BajaConcept

    bonita, yellow tail

    try pink hoochie it work all the time at the island, all the bonita you want at long point
  359. BajaConcept

    need some expert advice

    use 40 lbs test for jigs and 25 t0 30 lbs test for bait, slide egg sinker or dropper loop, with two squid, you should try white jig with squid while fishing dark, it work for me all the time. Good luck
  360. BajaConcept

    Razor Clams 4/25

    is this in Washington area???? I know is stupid question
  361. BajaConcept

    BG90 Tonight anybody else going?

    are you sure they still going check the weather report blowing 25 knot gust at 35 to 40 knot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  362. BajaConcept

    Free Ride..Seabass Catalina...

    i would so you the spot but i have to blindfold you all the way to the spot, follow the sport boat dreamer or phamtom
  363. BajaConcept

    425 on 4/20

    try to eat the bonehead in sashimi style, I sear them on the grill for about couple min, them eat then just like sushi, yum they are good, make sure you bleed them first then put in a ice bath with ice until you get home. I have good receipt under my hat for bonehead
  364. BajaConcept

    Seasons Sportfishing WSB Report 4/23/08

    Nice job, where did you caught the wsb??? I hear the phamtom got limit today too, and few big fat yellowtail
  365. BajaConcept

    Catalina Halibut Hayday

    why don't you try to have chinese limit for halibut????
  366. BajaConcept

    Catalina Halibut Hayday

    Al where did you buy the halibut from chinese market is that on sale???? just fuckin with you, good job
  367. BajaConcept

    fishing mag bay

    follow the birdsssssssssssss
  368. BajaConcept


    suck may be already in somewhere Mexico good luck finding them
  369. BajaConcept

    San Evaristo, Baja...(part 1)

  370. BajaConcept

    What happened to good old days for YT

    wow every one in panic mode, just be patient, yellow will be back, water condition have change the last few year, yes i do remember the day you can catch 20 to 30 tail a day, the last time we have that fish wide open like that was late 90's, they will be back
  371. BajaConcept

    Can someone ID this fish please?

    sneakhead fish, should turn to dfg asap, so this fish don't kill all other fish in that lake or river
  372. BajaConcept

    Introduction to Eclipse Sportfishing

    Congrat good luck looking forward to fish your boat.
  373. BajaConcept

    Lets see some NW BD boat pics

    watch out the whale may think that is salmon for dinner, sick ass paint job.
  374. BajaConcept

    Yellows on the San diego

    middle ground meter shit load of yt, not bitting yet, squid should kill them good.
  375. BajaConcept


    yellow are at the cor Isl, they at the middle ground, meter shit load of fish, don't want to bite yet, should be a good yt month coming
  376. BajaConcept


    down in Mexico all the time, never have any problem, fed was great, we have came across the police try to pull over we didn't stop, keep going, who know who they are, they don't carry alot of gas,my tank is al full, go ahead chase me.
  377. BajaConcept

    What to do with BFT Bellies???

    toro toro toro yuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm
  378. BajaConcept

    What to do with BFT Bellies???

    shashimi raw no other way, they are very expensive at the sushi bar.....
  379. BajaConcept

    for the Catalina Angler "Your Welcome"

    nice do you have any more secret spot????
  380. BajaConcept

    need lobster bait

    try chinese market they are cheap.
  381. BajaConcept

    Strike one on the Cat. Seabass

    great report, wsb should bite good next week, alway three day before full moon, and three day after full moon, they will bite good.
  382. BajaConcept

    Heading to Catalina 3/12

    try radio channel 11, LB car may be there
  383. BajaConcept

    San Pedro bait - Rude Behavior WTF???

    they are good people, give them a chance, never have problem there, even when i get there at 1am or any time, they are there for me.
  384. BajaConcept

    *****TRAVEL ALERT******

    Life too short, driving or travel to baja, you just don't do stupid things get to where you wanted to go, stay on the main street.
  385. BajaConcept

    Directv in Baja?

    No TV Please, bring a girl friend
  386. BajaConcept

    Fishing grounds

    try lat 1010101010
  387. BajaConcept

    san quintin

    Have a great trip say hi to Kelly, should be a goooood trip, good luck
  388. BajaConcept

    What Boat should I get on this weekend

    try redondo boat, they been catching bass every trip
  389. BajaConcept

    terror radio chatter in TJ Dang!

    Third country, what do you want??? just have to be careful when you wanted to travel there.
  390. BajaConcept

    K&M, San Quintin Yellowtail part2

    wow nice catch, could'n wait to fish with you again Kelly.
  391. BajaConcept

    Anybody need some HANDYMAN "stuff" done ?

    Hi Bert give me a call at my office, 818-787-8881
  392. BajaConcept


    Last year we fish Rocky Point we kill the wsb, first day we have limit and second too, and third day we try grouper can't keep them out of the rock even with leader, that was in mid March, 22 miles reef. Good luck
  393. BajaConcept

    Yellowtail & Fat Reds!!! K&M

    you killing me "kelly"
  394. BajaConcept

    Goodbye my friend!

    Sorry to hear that, at least you there for her before she go
  395. BajaConcept

    LB Harbor - Finally caught some!!

    Very nice bugs, on a full moon haaaaaa
  396. BajaConcept

    K&M San Quintin, Yellowtail!

    Kelly I though you never make mistake????
  397. BajaConcept

    K&M San Quintin,New Year Lings!

    Hi Kelly Nice catch, nice wealther great looking lings.
  398. BajaConcept

    K&M San Quintin,New Year Yellows on the Yo-Yo

    Hi Kelly Happy New Year, wish you and your family have a sucessful year fishing and business.
  399. BajaConcept

    K&M, San Quintin, Yellows/Dorado!!!

    Hi Kelly Never fell what you can do fishing in SQ, you are the king//////////////////
  400. BajaConcept

    Baja Camping Trip 10/11-10/18 w-pics

    Thank you for the pic's love this kind the trip, peaceful area and beautiful ocean.
  401. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore Sportfishing,SanQuintin

    hi kelly good job on the fish i alway know you can catch fish. good luck see you some time soon
  402. BajaConcept

    Mexican Fishing license

    Savon Tackle in santa Fe Spring
  403. BajaConcept

    SCI and LA Harbor

    don't kill too much fish, save some for me
  404. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore,San Quintin sept

    Congrad Kelly and family, isn't make you old kelly?????? GGGGrandPPPPPPPa
  405. BajaConcept

    209/181 YFT

    good job great catch, thanks for the report
  406. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore,San Quintin sept

    Hi Kelly Great catch nice tuna's
  407. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore,San Quintin,sept 08

    too bad jimmy and lawrence dien't catch that
  408. BajaConcept


    Limited fishing Efly and 371 and two miles out cornado island full of yellowfin, 25 to 45lbs fish. Good luck
  409. BajaConcept

    Fishing Peurto Penasco

    try 22 miles reef, great fishing at this time, should have plenty white sea bass, and grouper, depending where you stay , try to call Jessie on channel 12, he does all the launching to us, we go there every spring at least twice in the month of april, jessie will give you some number to...
  410. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore,San Quintin,Aug

    Hi Kelly great looking fish, good luck
  411. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore, AHI-TAILS-DODOS ......

    Nice catch, tell jimmy leave some fish for me to catch,
  412. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore Paddy action,Big Slugs&mini Dodos

    Nice catch Kelly DODODODODo no tuna??????
  413. BajaConcept

    Bahia de Los Angeles - Trip Report - July 13/20

    great to see kids enjoy fishing, grest job with your kids, nice pics
  414. BajaConcept


    great pic, never get tired of the place, it beautiful town, nice people, been there last 20 years, great fishing ground.
  415. BajaConcept

    Caught a BSB in San Quintin today.

    just like taste a 18 years old girl
  416. BajaConcept

    TONY REYES 6/23 - 6/27

    I will be down there on 7/12 to 7/18, should be good fishing can't wait
  417. BajaConcept

    Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point

    everyone have there opinion, fish anyway you wanted, just remember fish enough what you want to keep, release the rest for the future
  418. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore, San Quintin Baja

    Wow you're getting old Kelly
  419. BajaConcept

    Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point

    Hi Ric Nice grouper, look like you having a great time, you were fishing next to us when the April trip for the WSB, we kill those Sea Bass big time , hope see you down there soon.
  420. BajaConcept

    Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point

    try to fish the 22 miles reef
  421. BajaConcept

    Albies & Bluefin 371 6-27-08

    Nice Albie, great weather behind the pic.
  422. BajaConcept

    Loreto, BCS

    very nice, great big dododododo
  423. BajaConcept

    Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point

    I just got back from rocky point late april, too many WSB, and grouper, at the time july you should have fun with the grouper and alots of sierra, and may some YT, good luck.
  424. BajaConcept


    1010 looking good and butterfly bank is good
  425. BajaConcept

    SCI 6/21

    thanks for the report, matter of time the yellow start bitting
  426. BajaConcept

    K&M Fish/Surf report june...Yellowtail

    Hi Kelly Very nice report, can't wait to fish with you soooooonnnn
  427. BajaConcept

    sanfelipe & gonzaga bay drive and fish report.

    Hey thanks for the report, nice catch Cobina good eating fish
  428. BajaConcept

    K&M Fish/Surf report june

    Hey Kelly you have been missing in action for awhile, glad to hear from you, great report, I'm still waiting to fish Sacramento Reef, hope to see you soon
  429. BajaConcept

    Fishing Catalina Weds. 6-11-08

    tunaslam. i will be there tonite, call me to see if we able to get squid........ BajaConcept ch 72
  430. BajaConcept

    nados...:( 6/ 9 / 08

    are you in the fishyyyyy area??????
  431. BajaConcept

    Late Sat report Catalina Isl

    some time people don't think, dropping a hook in the water that can spook the fish in second, dump ass people, they should ask you to let them to slide into your spot when you done, good luck, great catch on your WSB
  432. BajaConcept


    the albie is outside cortez bank, water temp break is looking good coming week
  433. BajaConcept

    5/30 Cat. No WSB........But

    nice YT where did you caught the tails?
  434. BajaConcept

    6/1 Catalina Yellowtail

    great job for the report, good fishing.
  435. BajaConcept

    Fishing In baja

    I fish with my wife and son for he last 18 year, east cape is the best place, stay at Palma De Cortez, the best booking agent CASS Tour 800 593 6510 they are family run business, I love them, never have a problem. Good luck
  436. BajaConcept

    Mexican Water Help

    No need boat permit, just mexican fishing license, make sure you know the Mex fish limit
  437. BajaConcept

    YELLOWTAIL!!! at SCI; 5/18

    Nice fish, great weather, yellow should start bitting good soon, after the full moon what outttttttt...
  438. BajaConcept

    K&M fishreport may

    Hi Kelly, great report, where are the yellow and WSB? The yellow are bitting good at San Clemente Island and Catalina, soon see you down S.Q
  439. BajaConcept

    5/17 Took a nice ride

    my friend got one blue fin today out at 1010
  440. BajaConcept

    5/17 Took a nice ride

    thank for the report, next time you will get them, good luck
  441. BajaConcept

    SCI ?

    try east end pyramid cove, the yellow are bitting very good right now, squid will do the job, my friend just got back today, he got 15 fish half on blue and with 6x jr, and half on live squid, and even one on live mac, good luck
  442. BajaConcept

    Time for me to go OFFSHORE

    good luck Joe try 60 mile bank they're bluefin out there, fin bait is must.
  443. BajaConcept

    Mexican Authorities Respond

    been Baja in hundred of time, nerver been trouble, only stop for inspection and check point, long you don't stupid things you will be ok, remember you are in some one else territory. I will continue to drive down baja, its beautiful country, be safe.
  444. BajaConcept

    Yellows at Catalina

    Yup ben west is ben rock, by the way great halibut fishing there too, last year i call my limit halibut there, and release 7 black sea bass. good luck
  445. BajaConcept

    Shogun Mothers Day

    congrat, Norm is the best skipper, we miss him in the san pedro area, good job catch those yt
  446. BajaConcept

    BONITO SLAYING 5/10/08

    save some for lobster bait
  447. BajaConcept

    Yellows at Catalina

    try Farmsworth and ben rock I have very successful in those areas, 80ft to 120ft dropper loop with live squid or big mack, yo yo is ok, not this time of the year, water little warmer will do well on jig, good luck
  448. BajaConcept

    Big Bonito

    Nice bonehead, good eating fish, and smoke them, light tackle must be fun, hope bonehead stay long enough through summer
  449. BajaConcept


    good job, nice catch, local lings, wow did you use live bait or jig, plastic?????
  450. BajaConcept

    EPIC WSB trip 2 day limit BIG fish!!! pic

    nice big WSB where did you guy fish, Sci or CAT?????
  451. BajaConcept

    Wide open bonita

    welcome back bonehead, they're good eating fish, make sure bleed first smoke them is the best
  452. BajaConcept

    This is Better then the Lucanus JIG

    Nice hot chick screw the jig, girl and sex first
  453. BajaConcept

    PL KELP BASSIN' - 5/6/08 - REPORT

    Nice report, sure the calico are came strong, sound like thousand fish out there.
  454. BajaConcept

    Big Cow Cod

    Nice catch, How deep sis you fish??
  455. BajaConcept

    fished 4/19/08 and 4/20/08

    Hi Felipe very nice fish, what about this year San Felipe? kevin and I going taking the boat to rocky point this Wednesday to fish the grouper and WSB, let you know next week.
  456. BajaConcept

    Tony Reyes San Felipe Trip

    great report I'm going in mid july, this is my 14th years same time every year, alway great trip and lots of fish, you never know what big fish you going to catch, i still loving it, Tony run a great operation. great captain, can't wait until july 13
  457. BajaConcept

    sci and cat tips?

    Look for any kelp bed, in 30 to 60 ft of water, WSB in off color water, live squids for bait. Good luck
  458. BajaConcept

    Dreamer 6 pk

    Dreamer doesn't like to post any fish report, they like to keep it secret. Call the landing to get the report, good luck
  459. BajaConcept

    crappy day at Catalina!!!

    I totally agree with you, you would drive the boat any of your favor spot you would like to go to, I will take my boat out this weekend, if you go out this weekend give me a call on channel 72 (Bajaconcept) good luck
  460. BajaConcept

    crappy day at Catalina!!!

    they call california holiday fish
  461. BajaConcept


    Make sure you have fin bait to catch bonehead, all try troll small rapala, good luck
  462. BajaConcept


    make them any way you like, they taste better then yellowfin tuna, just pan fry with butter and lawrey seasoning.
  463. BajaConcept

    Isla San Marcos Report 03-31-2008

    hey Felipe, are you going on our Tony Reyes trip this year? Look like you having a great trip in San Marco.
  464. BajaConcept

    Santa Rosalia 3-25 to 3-30-08-Yellowtail & Grouper

    what a nice trip you guy's have, where did you stay? is it easy to launch the boat?
  465. BajaConcept


    Good choice, gas is about $4.00 a gallon not worth to get beat up to across the island for may be WSB.
  466. BajaConcept


    Washing machine out on the ocean, weather is suck, wind going to blowwwww hard
  467. BajaConcept

    Catalina 3/29 report

    Sorry the weather didn't give you shot of WSB, try again next time. Good luck
  468. BajaConcept

    Weather from dana to SCI

    this week weather is not so good check weather report good luck
  469. BajaConcept

    san felipe first week in April

    don't waste your time on spear gun check the mex law about spear fishing, and in april San Felipe fishing is ok, spotty bay bass, sierra, cobina, halibut is good, not much other kind of fish you can catch, you can get a panga to fish the island, negotia the price bring your own frozen squid and...
  470. BajaConcept

    Punta colonet tips

    very good chance to catch all of the fish you mention, and white sea bass, great rockfish fishing good luck
  471. BajaConcept

    K&M Fishreport,San Quintin

    Hi Kelly, great looking lings, looking fish with you soon. great pics
  472. BajaConcept

    The GUN at Clipperton

    wow I been want to fish this Island for so long, just not enough vacation time to do the trip, great fishing
  473. BajaConcept

    san quentin report

    Oscar become a very good skipper, he know his stuff, catch allot of fish, kelly have a great fishing operation going in San Quintinn, good luck fishing
  474. BajaConcept

    Any Travel Agent hookups?

    Try call the travel agent Cass Tours 800-593-6510, they are good people
  475. BajaConcept

    san quentin report

    here is kelly # 949-370-6532. He will arrange the hotel for and fishing. Good luck
  476. BajaConcept

    End of Bug Season report and wrap up...

    good job, nice bugs, good luck to you next season
  477. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore Sportfishing, New WEBSITE!

    Hey Lawrence, I think i will take the boat back this sunday looking a day to fish the WSB may be tuesday, or wednesday, call me.
  478. BajaConcept


    make sure you have the 2 day permit, and you have to leave the harbor before 12pm for the first day and keep one fish between 12pm to might night, if you did not catch the one fish limit for the first day, you only allow to keep one fish for the second day, remember one fish per a day. good luck
  479. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore Sportfishing, New WEBSITE!

    WWWoooooooWWWWWW you did it good job Kelly
  480. BajaConcept

    Catalina Help

    Great chance catch both, squid boat selling squid at the Island, call then on channel 72 or 11, WSB at Cat, Yellow at San Cemente. Good luck
  481. BajaConcept

    Catalina Squid

    Long Beach Canage light boat on the backside try call them Channel 72 or 11, good luck
  482. BajaConcept

    Santa Rosalia Forkies Up and Chewin

    good job for release the fish, nice size fish on pic
  483. BajaConcept

    never been to cat ever.... how and where is the question

    follow the sport boat phamtom or old#7 they are the best WSB fishing baot, good luck
  484. BajaConcept

    MoJo Magic/ 3 WSB to 58#'s

    Very niccccce fish good job
  485. BajaConcept

    "Black Pearl" H.M. landing

    I fish when Rick run this boat under Seahawk, great skipper, know his shit, put you on the fish, run a great boat,enjoy this boat very much
  486. BajaConcept

    Good boat/captain in Los Barriles?

    I fish at Palmas De Cortez last 18 years it does make difference having a great skipper, i have my own skipper at PDC resort, his name is jose, the boat name is Rude Girl great crew and put you on fish, every year did good with him, try him out
  487. BajaConcept

    Bay of LA

    Nice catch bait or jig????? you should use one of those baby yellow try for big grouper
  488. BajaConcept

    Nice day on the water

    your boss looking for you
  489. BajaConcept

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report March 9

    Great looking red snapper, what bait did you use? sardine or red crab?
  490. BajaConcept

    K&M Fishreport,San Quintin

    Kelly, thanks for a great trip, you the best skipper, looking forward next time to try Sacramento Reef, got to be great place to fish, I will give you a call next week to set up for next trip. Thanks again
  491. BajaConcept

    118.4 lb Wahoo

    Great job, goooood eating fish
  492. BajaConcept

    wsb catalina

    WSB should be wide open soon, they are all over the backside the Island, full mooooooon coming soon, don't forget March 15 will change to one fish limit
  493. BajaConcept

    Hooping Locations Near Long Beach

    try the west wall by the San Pedro entrance, my be little east of the wall. Good Luck
  494. BajaConcept

    Anyone ever win in Court vs the DFG?

    $750 cover the court charge and fee, they have me to payable to Wildlife and fish department for as a donation
  495. BajaConcept

    late report PICS

    Good job, nice catch any yellowfin tuna?
  496. BajaConcept

    Anyone ever win in Court vs the DFG?

    I don't think you can fight with the court, I just when through a case with DFG today 2/27/08, is easy to just make a deal or plead with the prosecutor before the judge, they were actual every nice to settle with me, with a small find and couple month of probation not to get another ticket by...
  497. BajaConcept

    wsb limit

    I got some friend out today 2/27/08 they got there limit WSB by 9 in the morning, on the backside in the middle Island, did anyone else got any other report?
  498. BajaConcept

    Took A Newb Hooping 2-26

    WWWoooowwww what a big ass buggggg.Good job
  499. BajaConcept

    2-25 Hooping

    Nice buggggs, at the Island or Local?
  500. BajaConcept

    K&M Offshore Sportfishing, San Quintin,REPORT

    can't wait til this weekend be with you on the sacremento reef trip, see you saturday night kelly, hope weather is flat for us. See ya david
  501. BajaConcept

    LJ 38lb. Yellow - 2/17/08

    Nice fish, have another beer on me.
  502. BajaConcept

    K&M Fishreport,San Quintin

    Hi Kelly Can't wait til next weekend, looking forward fishing with you again and again, I hope the weather is good so we can get to the spot you want to fish. see you next week David
  503. BajaConcept

    Rpt 2 day San Quitin Big Reds & Lings

    great catch, good eating fish
  504. BajaConcept

    bay of l.a.

    LA bay is great fishing place, i fish the mother boat Tony Reyes every year, we stop at the bay quite offen, the way fish that area, you need to fish deep for yellowtail aprx 200 to 300 ft deep, if you fish the big Island you will catch alot of cabrilla, and yellowtail, I use nothing less than...
  505. BajaConcept

    Catalina bass bite goes off

    Great catch, this size of calico bass look like the one we catch in Sacremento reef in San Quintin. Good job
  506. BajaConcept


    try east end san clemente,must have live squid, china point is good place to start early morning, 100ft to 130ft dept. good luck
  507. BajaConcept

    Sophisticated Mexican groups plot abductions

    it happen every where not just Baja, I still driving to Baja every month who give a shit
  508. BajaConcept

    2002 Parker 2520 For Sale

    Please email your info to me ASAP i habe a friend very intereted in your parker, I already have a Dissel Panga great looking boat, my email is [email protected] Thank you
  509. BajaConcept

    Sophisticated Mexican groups plot abductions

    Running to Baja is safe, long you don't go off the side street, I travel to San Quinn quite a few time a year so far is been good, drive through TJ you be ok
  510. BajaConcept

    going to san felipe need some fishing advice

    San Felipe is party town, hook up the right captain you will have a ball to catch alots of fish, have the captain take you to the Island only 35 minute boat ride, you will catch Cabrilla and white sea bass and all the Cobina you wanted and halibut fishing is pretty good at the Island too. Good...
  511. BajaConcept

    La Paz, Muertos Bay Report

    great catch, nice yellow
  512. BajaConcept

    K&M Sportfishing,San Quintin Baja/Plane Crashes

    Hi Kelly looking at the third week in feb for Sacramento reef, what about full moon in that week? Is any different with the current and water condition and bait to fish that area? David
  513. BajaConcept

    San Felipe and Puerto Penasco fishing in Feb?

    we bring our own boat to rocky point, can hire a captain first time mark the spot next day go out your self
  514. BajaConcept


    Nice fish, what line did you use?
  515. BajaConcept

    conditions tomorrow? whats your opinion?

    stay home this week weather don't look good, beside too much junk in the water, give your boat a big hole, too dangous
  516. BajaConcept

    San Felipe and Puerto Penasco fishing in Feb?

    San Felipe in Feb is good fishing bewaere of the wind, best reef is Golden Reef great white sea bass and black sea bass, some time yellotail, check the weather, Rocky Point is great grouper fishing in early march and april, 25 miles out and fishing bay bass and mac for bait to fish the grouper...
  517. BajaConcept

    Safe way to travel Baja

    please forward the info, very interesting, Feb alots of windsssss. Great fishing area.
  518. BajaConcept

    A little 1/2 day trip on Renegademike in Cabo

    see you when you get back, lobster is crawling at the Island
  519. BajaConcept

    East cape question

    I take my kid to palma de cortez last 15 year, we enjoy stay at the hotel, clean and nice pool, and service was excellent, great food and swim up bar, be back to the hotel in august
  520. BajaConcept

    A little 1/2 day trip on Renegademike in Cabo

    sound great trip, no big cow tuna???
  521. BajaConcept

    K&M Fishreport,San Quintin

    thanks kelly, great trip, the road to baja is great, very safe, don't do stupid thing you will be safe, check point was easy, the road in good condition, i will be back to fish with Captain Kelly soon, looking forward fish new area San Clemente reef WOOOOOOOOOW
  522. BajaConcept

    anybody been to castro's lately

    I just came back from San quintin fishing was excellent, limit rock fish and ling cod good sign yellow, no bite, big bonito and even caught a 15 pounds cow cod, only addition an hours and half more to drive. Good Luck, great weather
  523. BajaConcept

    Fishing In cabo San Lucas on 31 Bertram Renegademike 01/21

    Hi Al What a great day of fishing, good job, nice to release all bill fish, no Tuna?????
  524. BajaConcept

    San Quintin Report,K&M Offshore Sportfishing

    Hi Kelly It was great trip for jimmy, Lawrence, and me, great fishing, nice weather, should post the picture.