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  1. The Matador

    Looking for a Yamaha mobile mechanic Dana Point harbor

    I recently purchased a Robalo R305 that lives in its slip in Dana Point Harbor. It is coming due for 300 hour service and wanted to know if you guys had recommendations for Yamaha mechanic. Thanks in advance
  2. The Matador

    WTB Looking for Wellcraft 290 on west coast

    Thanks Ryan. I will reach out to you.
  3. The Matador

    who is Paul camera on the royal star?

    Paul worked the deck/engineer on the RS for I believe th last 5 plus years. He is a One of the hot new young guns coming up and I am glad that he is getting to run more trips. Well deserved.
  4. The Matador

    Which would be more rail room

    My feeling is that a good fisherman can make either work. I would be more focused on overall experience. In my many years of riding the AA each trip is like being with your extended family. The crew is just awesome and IMHO the best. That is what I base my decision on. Not how much rail space...
  5. The Matador

    How bad are Sharks at the Bank & Buffer Zone.

    Got back from trip on the Star a few weeks ago. The sharks at Clarion were manageable. The sharks at Hurricane were so thick that it was un-fishable. We spent two days at the bank and it was crazy frustrating.
  6. The Matador

    Showtime on the Star

    Great Job Joe!! It was great to be able to share the rail with you. You captured the trip so vividly. My take away from the trip "Nothing colder than yesterday's hot dog"
  7. The Matador

    Showtime on the Star

    It's like reliving the trip all over again.. Nice job Joe!!
  8. The Matador

    Royal Star Fly Down/Fly Back April 17/11 Day

    Great seeing you and meeting your wife yesterday. Looking forward to the story!
  9. The Matador

    Royal Star Fly Down/Fly Back April 17/11 Day

    I could not have said it better. See you at the landing tomorrow.
  10. The Matador

    This is cool , Daily Video updates from current Excel Trip 02/01-02/17

    Great Videos.. Looks like those East Coast guys are having a great time. Looking forward to next one.
  11. The Matador

    American Angler 10 day fish report Nov 3-13

    Thanks for the Great report. Congrats on the personal best. Those guys on the Angler are the best. Nice to see Capt Ray pull one out of his hat.
  12. The Matador

    Wifi performance on the boats

    I have read several posts about the performance on the LR boats who have it. My question would be how did the apps like voxer, or viber work. I think that Skype would need too much bandwidth to work. I am just curious as i am looking for an option to the sat phone. You guys that have ridden...
  13. The Matador

    How fat is too fat?

    I fished a three day on the AA about 15 yrs ago. It was not until about a week before the trip that was found out that Dan Hernandez had sponsored the trip. The thing I remember most was how his huge body could not fit in the the seat for dinner and had to sit on the end of bench with his huge...
  14. The Matador

    That guy!

    Could not of said it better.. COMPLETE PANIC MODE.. i think the best was listening to him talk like he was a veteran, but yet didn't even know where to cast in his bait.. Too funny
  15. The Matador

    That guy!

  16. The Matador

    2003 Pro-line 20' center console

    Dude must be smoking something.. He bought it for $11,250.00 last year and is now trying to sell it for over $14k with a hole in it. He Definately screwed himself on this site.
  17. The Matador

    Need help choosing some Avets - 1st timer

    Excellent post.. Great info... But I will also throw in my two cents.. Do not use a Avet HX Raptor to fish cows. Tried it last year and got spool within 2 minutes of hooking the fish. They do not have the capacity to fish cows. I have a regular HX that I fish bombs for wahoo. No need to...
  18. The Matador

    1969 Skipjack Pilothouse

    Is the price a typo?? 7700.00 REALLY???
  19. The Matador

    Going Long...Which Boat, Which Trip

    The Accurate Trip on the AA is one of the popular ones. The Ken's Custom Rods and Avet Trip are usually booked a year in advance.. I am partial to the AA. Been fishing the book for years and they are like family.. Good luck finding a trip
  20. The Matador


    It's only a matter of time until all of the LR boats have it. It was great to get the play by play on the Excel Trips this year. Indy is having it installed now during their yearly maintenance. Even Old School guys like Frank are going with it. Part of me is torn, as techinology keeps us more...
  21. The Matador

    2007 Parker 2820 XLD

    Bump for s sweet sled..
  22. The Matador

    american angler sports chalet trip!

    I think Rocky and Jay are going also. There are going to be a great group on this one... cannot wait.
  23. The Matador

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    AA 14 day Sport Chalet Trip April 2013. Not sure the wife would let me do my normal 11 day in fall on top of that.
  24. The Matador

    AA - Another Super, that makes 4

    Capt Ray is a stud. Cannot wait to fish with these guys in two months. Hopefully the fishing will hold up.
  25. The Matador

    american angler sports chalet trip!

    I am stoked to be going with this group. Have fished with most of these guys several times and have always had a great time. Now just need to wait the two months until the trip.
  26. The Matador

    2003 Pro line 22' Center Console

    Wish I had the money... Nice ride
  27. The Matador

    410 YFT on EXCEL

    What a slug.. Congrats to the angler..
  28. The Matador

    2007 Parker 2820 XLD

    Damn that is sweet ride... I need a new job that pays me more.
  29. The Matador

    21' mako CC, 1998 Mercury 200 offshore

    Nope... Missed that one... Feel like a dumbass right now
  30. The Matador

    TG day trips arrive today

    Dude has to be stoked...
  31. The Matador

    ATD-30T Spectra Question.

    So it looks like the consensus is hollow. Thanks for the feedback
  32. The Matador

    Poll: How many days per year on a sport boat?

    I can only sit and envy those who spend more than 35 days a year on the water... :hali_olutta:
  33. The Matador

    ATD-30T Spectra Question.

    Just picked up an ATD-30T. Want to fish a short top shot of 100lb floro on it. Question is would you recommend solid or hollow spectra? What is the capacity difference?
  34. The Matador

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    Sweet report... Can't wait for my trip in April.
  35. The Matador

    08 Defiance 250 EX For Sale!

    Sweet ride.. Good luck with the sale.
  36. The Matador

    Super Clean 2003 Pro-Line 20' Center Console

    Didn't you buy this boat 6 months ago for $11,250.00? What is wrong with it that you are now selling it?
  37. The Matador

    23 foot Trophy Walkaround

    Wish I had the scratch... Someone is going to grab it..
  38. The Matador

    23 foot Trophy Walkaround

    Great boat.. Had to get rid of my Trophy... Wish I had the money I would take it off of your hands... Can we arrange a payment plan?? If not good luck selling..