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  1. TunaTonight

    SOLD Black Hole Challenger Bank 731H (Spinning)

    For Sale: Black Hole Challenger Bank 731H (Spinning) 7’3” 1pc 4-10oz lures 20-60lb Like new! No scratches or dings. Great rod for SoCal fishing. Retails for $380 plus tax get it for $325 Local pick ups only, San Diego, CA (Mission Valley area) ***NO**TRADES***
  2. TunaTonight

    SOLD Power Pro 100lb 550y (white) *New*

    Power Pro 100lb solid 550 yards, white, brand new, never touched water. $70 Just got it on a reel but ended up removing it to put hollow line instead. The 500 yard spool of 100lb retails for $80-100 depending on the store plus tax. Get an extra 50 yards for a total of 550 at a discount price...
  3. TunaTonight

    For Sale Shimano Stella 10000SW (2013) *Like New - Used Once Only*

    Used once and never used it again, the reel is in excellent like new conditions, no scratches, super clean, Mechanic: 100% Cosmetic 99% (*I put 99% because there's just a very tiny barely noticeable mark on the part that attaches to the rod. Fully spooled with Power Pro Maxcuatro 65# Moss Green...
  4. TunaTonight

    For Sale Talica 8 single speed / fully spooled 65lb Maxcuatro

    ***SOLD*** For sale: Shimano Talica 8 single speed fully spooled with 65lb Power Pro Maxcuatro, got a bit over 400 yards. In excellent, like new conditions, only used one trip, didn't catch fish, drag never screamed. Rinsed and dried afterwards. Mechanical: 10/10 Cosmetic: 9.9/10 Comes with...
  5. TunaTonight

    For Sale Reliable Fishing Products Large Kill Bag Kayak

    ***SOLD*** For sale in like new condition. $150 Local Pickup, San Diego CA
  6. TunaTonight

    For Sale Poppers (Halco & Yo-Zuri) *New*

    I have two new in box poppers for sale, $25 each including shipping. Price is firm. 1) Halco Roosta Popper 195 Haymaker 4 1/4oz with 7xx-150lb rings and Mustad 5/0 hooks *SOLD* 2) Yo-Zuri Bull POP (F) 200mm 8” 140g or 5oz
  7. TunaTonight

    For Sale Power Pro Maxcuatro 80lb 500y (White) *New*

    ***SOLD*** 500 yards Power Pro Maxcuatro 80lb White. I had this brand new line spooled in a Stella 20k I ended up selling, never used. Took of the line at my local tackle shop and put it back in an empty spool. I paid $100 for this line, get it for only $80 Free local pickup in San Diego or...
  8. TunaTonight

    Talica 8 Maxcuatro capacity?

    Hey, who knows how much maxcuatro 65lb or 50lb can you put on a Talica 8, full spool. Thanks!
  9. TunaTonight

    For Sale Seeker Black Steel Spinning Rods 30# and 40# 7' *Excellent*

    ***BOTH RODS SOLD*** For Sale: Seeker Black Steel Spinning Rods in Excellent like New conditions. One is a 25 (30) 40lb 7' for $225 ***SOLD*** The other one is 30 (40) 50lb 7' for $225 ***SOLD*** ***Each Rod is $225*** Beautiful spinning rods for our local SoCal fishery...
  10. TunaTonight

    For Sale Shimano Thunnus 12000 & 6000 *New*

    ***SOLD BOTH REELS*** For Sale: Brand New in Box, Shimano Thunnus 12000 (Baitrunner) Spinning reel This reel has the bait runner (double drag lever) for free spool and main drag. Comes with box, manuals and adjustment washers. Great reels for flylining live or cut bait. Thunnus 12000 $259...
  11. TunaTonight

    For Sale Saltywater Tackle Race Point 250 ***NEW***

    ***SOLD*** (For Sale) I bought this Saltywater Tackle Race Point 250 by the end of January this year planning on a trip that ended up being cancelled so decided to sell it. Never used, never been close to water. Saltywater Tackle Race Point 250 ***Reduced to $650*** Free Local pick ups, San...
  12. TunaTonight

    For Sale Shimano Stella 18000 SWB + 20k spare spool + Race Point 250 Killer Combo! *All Brand New*

    ***Stella 18k SOLD*** ***Stella 20k spool SOLD*** ***Saltywater Tackle Race Point 250 Still Available*** For sell, Killer combo! Everything is Brand new never used. I was planning a trip that unfortunately got cancelled. Shimano Stella 18000 SWB + Shimano Stella 20000 spool + Saltywater...
  13. TunaTonight

    For Sale Shimano Stella 18000 Genuine Spool *New*

    Shimano Stella 18000 spool. Fits Stella 20000 and 18000 SWB (2013) model. $220 PayPal “Friends & Family” or 3% more. Free local pickup / San Diego, CA Nationwide shipping $10 ***NO**TRADES***
  14. TunaTonight

    For Sale Seeker Hercules SHS 70M-7 (30-60) *Red* Spinning *Excellent*

    *****SOLD***** For Sale, Seeker Hercules SHS 70M-7 Spinning rated (30-60) Original Devious Red version, rare, not easy to find. In excellent conditions, all guides in perfect conditions, rod too. Excellent 30lb & 40lb rod, super strong and light, great for our local yellowtails, dorado...
  15. TunaTonight

    For Sale Shimano Stella 20000 SW *NIB* latest model

    *****SOLD***** For Sale: Brand new in box, Shimano Stella 20000 Comes with reel cover, spool strap, service oil, part to switch handle and documents in box. Get it for $900 + $35 Nationwide Insured shipping. ***Price is FIRM*** PayPal "Friends & Family" or add 3% Free Local Pickup: San...
  16. TunaTonight

    WTS: Shimano Ocea Offshore Stickbait rods *New Never used*

    ***SOLD both rods*** For sale two Shimano Ocea Offshore Stickbait / Popper Rods. Brand new never used, designed by Ian Miller. (Spinning) Great rods to throw stickbaits and poppers. 2 piece rods, include sleeve. 1. Model: Stick Bait GT Spin 792 by Ian Miller: 7'9" (2pc) Rec lure wt: 100-250g...
  17. TunaTonight

    Rod length for flat falls / knife jigs?

    What’s the recommended rod length (spinning setup / no rail use obviously) for flat falls, heavy lures for yo-yo and knife jigs? For use mostly on sport boats. Thanks!
  18. TunaTonight

    Shimano Saragosa 6000 ***NIB***

    *****SOLD***** Shimano Saragosa 6000 SW Fishing Reel. Brand New in Box. Just opened the box to take the pictures. Powerful reel, get it while still available! Comes with original box, spool strap, packaging & manuals. Reel retails for $270 + Tax. Get it for only $229 If the ad is up it's...
  19. TunaTonight

    Chasing Monsters Guy Stella 18k of 20k?

    I was binge watching the show and noticed he uses one of the big stellas, but I wasn’t able to see if it’s the 18 or 20k. Just curious if someone knows,
  20. TunaTonight

    Seeker Hercules Rods real rating?

    Just curious, what the real # rating of the seeker Hercules Rods is. It’s clearly not the same as the black steels, super seekers or the other line of rods they have. Medium 30-60 - real rating? Heavy 40-80 - real rating? X-Heavy 50-100 - real rating? I think rods should be rated by usable...
  21. TunaTonight

    1/3 or 1/4 Breaking strength drag set Spinners

    1/3 or 1/4 Breaking strength drag setting for spinning reels? Thanks!
  22. TunaTonight

    Saragosa 6, 8 or 10k??

    Looking to buy a new reel and wondering what's the best option between this sizes, 6, 8 or 10k spinning reels for local yellowtails, tunas, white fish, and others in the range from 15 to 40#, maybe 50 pounds. Line capacity, reel weight and size & drag capabilities. Intend on using on the 3/4 day...
  23. TunaTonight

    Power Pro Maxcuatro 80lb 500yd $49

    *****SOLD***** Power Pro Maxcuatro 80lb 500 yards (moss green) new, the line was spooled on a Saragosa 20000 that I ended up never using and just sold it. Took this expensive line off the reel at my local tackle shop before selling it and put it in a spare spool the tackle shop had. Actually...
  24. TunaTonight

    Power Pro 65lb 300y and J Braid 50lb 350y

    *****SOLD***** I have some line that was removed from my reels, Power Pro 65lb 300 yards (moss green) in very good conditions, was used only a handful of times. J Braid 50lb and a bit more than 350 yards (white) like new, only used once. Power Pro 65lb 300y get it for only $10 J Braid 50lb...
  25. TunaTonight

    Power Pro Super Slick 65Lb 300y *NEW* $20

    *****SOLD***** Power Pro Super Slick 8 (Marine Blue) 65Lb 300 yards *NEW* Never seen water. I had it spooled on a reel that ended up selling, had the full 300 yard line removed from the reel at my local tackle shop and put it in a spare empty spool. Retails for $33 get it for only $20 I'm...
  26. TunaTonight

    Shimano Tranx 500PG *NIB* $419

    *****SOLD***** Shimano Tranx 500 PG Baitcasting low profile Fishing Reel. Brand New in Box, just opened the box to take the pictures. Beautiful fishing reel! Get it while still available. Comes with original box, packaging & manuals. Retails for $499 + Tax, get it for only $419 If the ad is...
  27. TunaTonight

    Shimano Saragosa 10000 *NIB*

    *****SOLD***** Shimano Saragosa 10000 SW Fishing Reel. Brand New in Box, just opened the box to take the pictures. Powerful & Beautiful reel! Get it while still available. Comes with original box, packaging & manuals. Retails for $310 + Tax, get it for only $249 I'm at La Jolla / UTC, we'll...
  28. TunaTonight

    Shimano Saragosa 10000 *Excellent Conditions*

    *****SOLD***** Shimano Saragosa 10000 SW Fishing Reel. In Excellent mechanical working conditions. It was used very few times last season. Very well taken care of, thoroughly cleaned after every use. Very little cosmetic signs of wear (boat rash) See the pictures. Great reel for the South...
  29. TunaTonight

    65# or 80# Maxcuatro for Stella 14K?

    Deciding if spooling a Stella 14K with 65# or 80# maxcuatro, worried about line capacity. What do you guys think? Thanks for the feedback,
  30. TunaTonight

    Shimano Saragosa 20000 + 500 yards Maxcuatro 80lb *NIB*

    *****SOLD***** Shimano Saragosa 20000 spooled with 500 yards of Power Pro Maxcuatro 80Lb. *Brand New in Box* Got this reel for a long range trip that ended up not going. Retails for $360 + PowerPro $70 Total = $430 plus Tax Get it for only $319 Comes with original box, manuals & spool...
  31. TunaTonight

    Tranx 500pg to flyline live bait?

    Tranx 500pg to flyline sardines / mackerel targeting YT’s and other large fish. What’s your thought on this? Currently do this with spinning Baitrunner, Shimano Thunnus, but would like to try something different, and I really like the tranx considering that I don’t fish conventionals I’ll...
  32. TunaTonight

    How hard is it to fly line bait with a Saragosa 10k?

    I'm used to fly lining sardines and chovies with a shimano thunnus 12000 and it works fine but for some reason I feel the saragosa is stronger and feels better built and tougher in case I hook something bigger. I was wondering if it's easy to fly line live bait with it, is it easy to close the...
  33. TunaTonight

    Seeker Black Steel Spinning - Fishing Rod 30Lb (G670-7') Like New

    Seeker Black Steel Spinning Rod Model: G670-7' Spinning Rod Rated 25 (30) 40 pounds. In perfect cosmetic conditions, looks exactly the same as a new one, was used only once last season. Perfect for the West Coast, Yellowtails, Tunas, Bottom Fishing... Retails for $308 get it for Only $225...
  34. TunaTonight

    New Shimano Saragosa 25000 + Power Pro Maxcuatro 100lb 500yd

    New in box Shimano Saragosa 25000 fully loaded with 500 yards of 100# (moss green) Power Pro Maxcuatro This reel has 44# of drag, pair it with the right rod and you're all set for any giant fish out there. *Maxcuatro 100# has the same diameter as 80# so you can fit more line in the spool...
  35. TunaTonight

    Wanted: Seeker Hercules Spinning 7' XH 50-100 (Old Red model)

    Looking for the older model "Red" Seeker Hercules XH 50-100lb Spinning. I am located in San Diego at 92122
  36. TunaTonight

    Seeker 1X3 good for 60# ?

    Just got myself a Seeker 1X3 - 7' Spinning, rated for 60-100lb which I plan on using with 60# and 80# top shots. I'm just curious if it's going to be ok or too heavy to use with 60# top shot, as the rule says, I'll use 15# of drag when fishing 60# test and 20# of drag when fishing 80# test. I...
  37. TunaTonight

    Anybody trolling big game with spinning reels??

    Just curious, I've been thinking about trolling 80lb braided with short topshot 80lb for Marlin, tuna in SD-Mex have a Saragosa 20000 and I was able to put 500 yards of 80lb of power pro maxcuatro, paired with a 6' Seeker Hercules XH 50-100lb When I ask around, people say things like, I have a...