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  1. Squid Sammich

    Wtb tib sst-50

    Want to buy tib 50 in good working order. If you have one or know someone who wants to unload one please pm me. Thanks
  2. Squid Sammich

    Another Big Fish Transport Success Story

    OK sorry about that, texting technical difficulties. Just left San Diego this morning from taking my first long range trip and have to say I'm blown away on so many levels. But the one thing that made my experience so care free and amazing was meeting Mike Morris and using his concierge...
  3. Squid Sammich

    new avet owner

    Hi I am making my first long range trip soon (a 10 day on the Intrepid) and I have a few new raptors I am taking with me. My questions are: should I grease the drag washers and if so with what exactly (there are several types of Cal's apparently), and also are there any spare parts I should have...
  4. Squid Sammich

    26oz Catchy Spinners

    Ok full disclosure, I'm a newb so feel free to beat me up for asking a newb question.... Are these 26 oz spinners as good as some reports say? What is the preferred rigging: 400lb cable? Double hooks? Hook type? 180 deg? I already have a few of them but don't have them rigged and want to make...