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  1. The Matador

    Looking for a Yamaha mobile mechanic Dana Point harbor

    I recently purchased a Robalo R305 that lives in its slip in Dana Point Harbor. It is coming due for 300 hour service and wanted to know if you guys had recommendations for Yamaha mechanic. Thanks in advance
  2. The Matador

    Wifi performance on the boats

    I have read several posts about the performance on the LR boats who have it. My question would be how did the apps like voxer, or viber work. I think that Skype would need too much bandwidth to work. I am just curious as i am looking for an option to the sat phone. You guys that have ridden...
  3. The Matador

    ATD-30T Spectra Question.

    Just picked up an ATD-30T. Want to fish a short top shot of 100lb floro on it. Question is would you recommend solid or hollow spectra? What is the capacity difference?