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  1. NorCalSoCalIDC

    10/8 Lucky > Good

    I normally don't post reports for trips I'm working but with the dismal counts yesterday and the lack of reports on here I figured this could help motivate some of ya'll to keep after it! Grabbed the worst bait of the season, perhaps the worst I've ever seen, at the barge. The water running out...
  2. NorCalSoCalIDC

    SOLD Penn Spinfisher 7500

    Used Penn Spinfisher 7500 for sale. Just don't have a use for this thing. Was a hand me down and I never used it once so not positive of the condition, but it looks like it was barely used. I just popped the spool off as writing this and took a couple photos, inside looks perfect. $100 obo...
  3. NorCalSoCalIDC

    SOLD AVET LX 6/3 two speed!!

    AVET LX for sale, 80% filled with 65# power pro. Has some boat rash for sure but fully serviced last season and has only pulled on a few fish since then so ready to go mechanically. $220 obo Would consider trade (+ cash on either side depending) for decent rod. Looking for a jig stick and a...
  4. NorCalSoCalIDC

    BOLA video

    Hey BD, I went down to Bola in June and brought the gopro. Just got done putting an edit together and thought you all might enjoy it! It was an awesome trip, can't wait to go back.
  5. NorCalSoCalIDC

    3/11 offshore skunk

    edit: 6/11 Launched at shelter island at 6:40ish and didn't clear the point until 8:15 (not many parking spots left but there were at least 10 trailers that were taking up 2 spots). Loooooong line for bait 30+ boats. Did make 10 macs while waiting. Bait was good mostly 5-6 inch sardine with...
  6. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Liberty Full Day 6/9

    Hey BD, If anyone wants to ride the liberty tomorrow I'd give fisherman's landing a call. I had a spot booked and had to give it up unfortunately so there may be 1 even if the site says full.
  7. NorCalSoCalIDC

    California Fishing News

    Hey BD! I've been sitting on this idea for a while now and finally decided it was time to put it into action. Basically it's a weekly youtube video & podcast that talks about the fishing that's happening all over the state of CA. The idea is to provide simple news round up with catches...
  8. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Hodges, a 20+ year family affair!

    My Dad used to fish Hodges a lot in the 90’s and early 2000’s. He’s never owned a boat so would mainly shore fish or occasionally rent one. He generally went on Wednesdays when I was in school, so unfortunately I missed out on most of his adventures. I was always his most captive audience when...
  9. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Largemouth Video in Washington DC!

    Hey everyone, I got a GoPro for Xmas this year and have been taking it fishing. I put together a video of me catching a few bass in DC last month. I spent some time editing it trying to make it a fun watch so I’d appreciate it if you checked it out. If ya like it please hit subscribe! I gotta...
  10. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Late Report: CLUBFISH Pacific Voyager charter Nov '18

    Edit: Some of these photos were taken by Robert and Rachel, so I do not have ownership of all photographs included. After a little bit of a long-term weather forecast scare, the trip was set to depart as scheduled on Thursday, November 15th, at 10 am. This trip last year was, well, epic...
  11. NorCalSoCalIDC

    2 day on The Pride 9/25-9/27

    Have 5 spots open currently for a 2 day departing 10 pm September 25th and returning at 8 pm September 27th on the Pride out of Seaforth. Limited to 15 anglers. Price is $500 including meals and permits. ($30 off if you already have your Mexican license) The plan is to fish YFT/dorado the first...
  12. NorCalSoCalIDC

    TL;DR 3.5 days of EPIC on the PAC VOY

    In early October I saw Steve Young’s post advertising a few spots open on the CLUBFISH 3.5 day charter on the Pacific Voyager. It seemed like a reasonable price and a good opportunity to fish that boat but I didn’t think I’d be able to make it happen. Let’s just say the stars aligned, I sent my...
  13. NorCalSoCalIDC

    La Jolla 11/8

    Grabbed a scoop around 8 am from Mission Bay and pointed it towards La Jolla with my buddies Josh and Larry. Had a wide open bonito bite there on Saturday so figured we could find them and give my buddy Josh something to pull on. I've taken him trout fishing before but this was his first time...
  14. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Delayed Report: My first Bluefin last summer!

    As I'm sure you guys know, the summer of 2016 was a strange one for southern California anglers. Bluefin over 200 pounds showed up sometime in April and stayed for most of the summer. The yellowfin weren’t far behind them - but both were keyed in on the ample supply of microbait that was around...
  15. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Help a Newbie Out

    Hey all! So I'm a 21 year old college student at Sonoma State University. I'm entering my third year here, but really just sparked my passion for fishing again! Caught loads of trout last winter and been doing some bass fishing since, though not with much luck :Dynamite:. Anyways, after...