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  1. Carrasco

    SOLD Outboard Ear Muffs Pair, any Offer......or trade what you got...

    I just had to... in case you’re trollin’... Kind of tough to cough up $25 when those things are available for $9 each at Walmart. Sorry to derail your thread and lots and I mean LOTS of luck with your sale.
  2. Carrasco

    FREE Trinidad 12A (No BS)

    The reel has found a new home!!!!! I wish each and everyone of you would’ve got it but there’s only one real and only one guy can have it. Well, I guess its back to diving for measly bugs!!!
  3. Carrasco

    FREE Trinidad 12A (No BS)

    If the guy who is supposedly on his way flakes, we’ll do what you suggest. That is awesome gesture on your part!!!!
  4. Carrasco

    FREE Trinidad 12A (No BS)

    Someone is on their way to grab the reel! 7:21pm. I will post if they flake.
  5. Carrasco

    FREE Trinidad 12A (No BS)

    Spoke to the guy that lost it and he is fine with giving it away to someone who wants it. So its still available as of 7:15 pm today. If you can pick it up in an hour its yours- I will not hold it til tomorrow.
  6. Carrasco

    FREE Trinidad 12A (No BS)

    Last Saturday while lobster diving the LB breakwall, I found a Shimano Trinidad 12A fishing reel on a very nice fishing rod. I cleaned up the fishing rod and I am keeping it. However, while trying to clean the reel, I lost a little piece and pretty much gave up on putting it back together. If...
  7. Carrasco

    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    Did you sell the trailer, I see you visited the forum but you have not answered my offer. I’m about to pull the trigger on the trailer and I need to know. Thanks man.
  8. Carrasco

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    From a successful lobster run to motorcycles, way to derail a thread!
  9. Carrasco

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    Alan, I am not a hoop net guy but a freediver. I am also not big on inviting folks because although I don’t need the money, it is nice to NOT be made to feel an ass at the end with... “oh, we had a great time- can’t wait til the next time, thanks.” Consider this- no BS; 1. A good boat is at...
  10. Carrasco

    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    I am a serious buyer at $2500. I have similar offers out on two other trailers and I need it this week, so if you want it gone this week, let me know. Also, I live in Downey CA, so I have to schedule a good time to drive down to you. Please let me know as soon as possible. 562-569-1750 - Mario
  11. Carrasco

    For Sale Slightly used Naval boat

    They don’t lose boats, they abandon them and just purchase more! Hell, why not, there is no tax we won’t pay for the military! Why wouldn’t they recover it and shoot the crap out of it instead of shooting up brand new boats with new motors like they customarily do.
  12. Carrasco

    Friendly Reminder

    I bet that if we started a private boater picture thread of Cattle-boats encroaching, there would be a Hefty amount of pictures the very first week! -Ridiculous
  13. Carrasco

    Friendly Reminder

    It should go both ways! On many occasions, over the years, The Monte Carlo, Victory, Freelance and several overnight boats have violated the “courtesy distance” rule and come within 20 yards of my small boat, whether I was on anchor or drifting. I have experienced this in Catalina, The...
  14. Carrasco

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    Brady, Would you be able to ship it to Downey- 90240. I would of course cover shipping cost and pay in advance. Let me know please. You can text me directly at 562-569-1750
  15. Carrasco

    Dorado on a paddie yesterday

    Congrats on the great fishing!!!! What is the limit on Dorado?
  16. Carrasco

    9-1 at the shoe

    Thanks for the post. We'll be trying it out in an hour or so. Nothing colder than...
  17. Carrasco

    Squiddily Yellows

    Awesome, just awesome! Great work!!!!
  18. Carrasco

    Dana to 181+dick move

    Imagine this being the young man that jumped in the water, that it was your boat and that you cut him. Are you seriously saying that you "don't give a F---?
  19. Carrasco

    My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    I agree with every post prior to this one. In Spanish we call guys like you "Pescador de hueso colorado." Which means, so ardent about your craft that your bones run red! Your tenacity and self trust paid off! Not many folks would turn down smaller bluefin for the unlikelyhood of finding record...
  20. Carrasco

    16' Tidecraft Bass Boat w/ 1995 150hp Yamaha 2 Stroke Engine. $2000 (firm) Turnkey.

    Last price reduction, $2000 (firm). At this price, its a steal. The boat is in great condition.
  21. Carrasco

    WTB Honda 90 outboard

    I have a strong 150hp 2stroke Yamaha. Its on a perfectly good bass boat right now. I can test run it on the water for you. I am asking $2000. The motor is in pristine conditon- with 200 hours on it and 0 rust anywhere.
  22. Carrasco

    Misc. Boat Stuff

    Large Blue Bumper for 30'-35' boat: $40 Medium White bumper 21' boat (a little dirty): $10 Two rod holder Stainless Steel: $40 Four rod holder plastic on stainless steel $50 Two folding boat seats with pedestals (Both): $75
  23. Carrasco

    16' Tidecraft Bass Boat w/ 1995 150hp Yamaha 2 Stroke Engine. $2000 (firm) Turnkey.

    $500? What's the matter with you? Well, I did say "make an offer." Sorry Brandon, you're going to have to collect cans just a little longer.
  24. Carrasco

    16' Tidecraft Bass Boat w/ 1995 150hp Yamaha 2 Stroke Engine. $2000 (firm) Turnkey.

    I just reduced the price again- the boat is turnkey and ready to go fishing- needs nothing. Ready to test on the water. $2500 562-569-1750
  25. Carrasco

    I have a boat to trade...

    I have a boat to trade. Call me- Mario- 562-569-1750
  26. Carrasco

    mercruiser manifolds for sale

    Can you text pics and how much ballpark? 562-569-1750
  27. Carrasco

    In need of a new motor 125 / 150 would be ideal.

    1995 and I need $2800 for it. Its on my bass boat now and can run it for you on the water, not just a water hose.
  28. Carrasco

    Looking for 60-115hp outboard

    There is no bigger mistake in replacing an engine buying an underpowered one. Get the highest rated engine for your boat. You won't have to run at wide open throttle to move quickly and in rough weather especially, you will be thankful that you did.
  29. Carrasco

    2 Yamaha props for sell (might fit other outboards)

    I am interested, give me a call 562-569-1750 Mario
  30. Carrasco

    16' Tidecraft Bass Boat w/ 1995 150hp Yamaha 2 Stroke Engine. $2000 (firm) Turnkey.

    Still available! Make the offer- who knows? 562-569-1750
  31. Carrasco

    16' Tidecraft Bass Boat w/ 1995 150hp Yamaha 2 Stroke Engine. $2000 (firm) Turnkey.

    I have had two guys that were "ready to pull the trigger" but ....yadda.....yadda....yadda, and neither even showed up to the boat ramp. The boat is still up for grabs at $3500 OBO.
  32. Carrasco

    In need of a new motor 125 / 150 would be ideal.

    Well, Maybe not new but it runs every bit as new!!! I showed you mine, now show me yours!
  33. Carrasco

    WTB trolling motor battery

    Seriously Bian, you are better off buying new. Sam's deep cycle Duracell batteries are $89 with 1 year free replacement. Cosco has Interstate deep cycle batteries for $98. If you buy used, who knows how old they may be (they usually only last between 3-5 years).
  34. Carrasco

    16' Tidecraft Bass Boat w/ 1995 150hp Yamaha 2 Stroke Engine. $2000 (firm) Turnkey.

    Just lowered the price on this fast, turnkey bass boat.
  35. Carrasco

    16' Tidecraft Bass Boat w/ 1995 150hp Yamaha 2 Stroke Engine. $2000 (firm) Turnkey.

    Turn key, Seatrial ready, 1984 Tidecraft Bass Boat with 1995 150hp Yamaha 2 stroke. The engine has under 200 hours of use, runs very strong and pushes the boat past 50mph. The boat comes with a Wide View Humingbird Fish Finder and trolling motor. Trailer is in grear condition and has new tires...
  36. Carrasco

    1987 Seaswirl cuddly cabin

    That is a great deal!!! Seaswirl boats have some of the best hulls.
  37. Carrasco

    Live to fish, Did you read my offer on your Elite 5?

    Live to fish, Did you read my offer on your Elite 5?
  38. Carrasco

    Simrad CE40 - Great working condition

    Dustin, I sent you a PM Sent. Send me a text at 562-569-1750 - Mario
  39. Carrasco

    Garmin 3210 with built in charts and GPS Antenna

    I have $350 for your Garmin Chartplotter. I am in Downey and would drive down midweek. Text me and let me know 562-569-1750
  40. Carrasco

    Elite 5 in box cheap

    I am a buyer for your elite 5 unit at $175 picked up tomorrow, Sunday 5/7. Text me and let me know. 562-569-1750
  41. Carrasco

    1 scoop fiberglass tank

    Awesome deal- someone is going to score!!!!
  42. Carrasco

    SMB 10/10 - Hot as hell, bullets

    LOBSTER BAIT!!!! oh wait, he threw it all back:hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli:
  43. Carrasco

    some yellow pus under the bluefin skin

    Pussie fish? Don't you mean Fishy pussie?
  44. Carrasco

    SOLD*******Selling my 22' CC walk around IMP fish boat

    BFT, HFT, YT, all within a 1/2 day charter's distance for less than 5K- of course he picked it up! CONGRATS!!!!
  45. Carrasco

    Brand New Phoenix Black Diamond PSW 809H 20-50lb

    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!!! I have a brand new, never before used Phoenix Black Diamond PSW 809H 20-50lb rod for sale. The rod retails for $289+tx. I am selling it for an even $200 (FIRM). That is my lowest price so I respectfully request that you do not offer anything less. I am located in Doweny...
  46. Carrasco

    Folding Boat Seats Back to Back Style Price Drop $100 OBO

    If you are selling both for $75, I will take them off your hands.
  47. Carrasco

    ebay score.........

    Don't watch too closely! When the lures don't sell, he'll probably up the ante be turning around :eyepoppin
  48. Carrasco

    Please Watch Out When Fishing The Long Beach/Los Angeles Break Wall

    Just as Spearbodj stated in his earlier response, I am simply trying to raise awareness of the fact that the popularity of spearfishing has grown enough to where a boater should expect to encounter a free-diver in the water, particular near structure, kelp beds and of course near boats flying...
  49. Carrasco

    Please Watch Out When Fishing The Long Beach/Los Angeles Break Wall

    Over the last ten years or so, the popularity of spearfishing has greatly increased. Where once it was rare to see a diver in the water, today you see them spearfishing on almost on every outing. Making matters worse is the fact that the MPLA closures have driven divers to seek other, less...
  50. Carrasco

    Sheephead at catalina sunday 8/4

    Not far fetched at all. I would not take lobster unless I had a receipt from the place I bought it. DFG wardens see red when they see any and all lobster out of season. They don't care to hear that you caught it last season, froze it and saved it for a steak and lobster dinner at Catalina- they...
  51. Carrasco

    WTB small outboard

    I have a 15hp Mercury 4 sroke, electric/pull start with less than 5 hours on it- $1500.
  52. Carrasco

    12 ft Gamefisher $800

    I have a 15 HP, 2 stroke, Johnson Seahorse outboard motor that runs like a champ but has a hard time idling. I will sell the motor for $200 to whoever buys that boat. 562-569-1750
  53. Carrasco

    WTB- Plastic Gas Can with hose

    I bought a can thanks all!
  54. Carrasco

    13' Boston Whaler w/25hp Johnson $2,800

    13' Whaler with 25Hp Johnson in perfect condition. Current registration, new trailer and Bimini top, $2,800. I just got another boat, so this one has to go. Text your offer, there is no such thing as a lowballer! 562-569-1750<o:p></o:p> Mario
  55. Carrasco

    Turn-key 24.5' Invader Reef Runner

    Turn-key, 1993 Invader Reef Runner Cuddy Cabin Boat. 5.7L V8, 350hp, very fast and powerful Mercuiser engine. Bravo III outdrive with dual rotating stainless steel props. Pacific galvanized dual axel trailer with new tires and surge breaks. Pacific Edge two scoop bait tank. Rocket launchers and...
  56. Carrasco

    14' valco aluminum skiff

    That boat is going to fly when ready! Valcos are good sturdy boats. I have a 12' with a 15hp Johnson and I get everywhere with it. :cheers:
  57. Carrasco

    Real Big Yellowtail (Kingfish)

    A million apologies but you look like Ronnie Covak in the bite picture.:puff:
  58. Carrasco

    4/22/12 Long beach halibut fishing,

    :eek2:No joke, I saw one swimming on the water which was transparent and only about 1/2". Plus, it was missing most of it's face.
  59. Carrasco

    Wide Open Yellows on the RTA

    Yellowtail huh, intel seems suspect. :D
  60. Carrasco

    Where is nochinges63

    No chingues 63 probably got tired of people knocking his sandbass slaughters and so he decided not to post about his daily limits of lobster all season long... thanks a lot haters.:hali_blablalba: Come back... come back!
  61. Carrasco

    Last night season close bugs

    Hey there Mr. Ty. I thought I recognized you. This is Mario, the guy that stopped by Eddie's house to give him fish and showed you the biggest sheepie you ever saw. Nice closing bugs by the way! We gotta get together and hunt the Sea Bass (locally) ... I saw something xxxxhuge...
  62. Carrasco

    buyers beware COLD WATER TACKLE

    No you're not- Just offensive. Keep your comments in your head if conjugating words for meaning is beyond your ability. Your meaning as written was that the conflict was resolved but you don't like it.
  63. Carrasco


    There is no such thing as fishing too much- you sound like my ex-wife. No one should have to apologize for taking his legal limit, even if the person fishes often. I doubt Raul is throwing the fish in the trash or using them for fertilizer. Raul's cultural tradition is one of giving as is...
  64. Carrasco

    The perfect Boat Accessory

    Cordless/rechargeable hand blender (Breville) Brand New. This blender is just as powerful as a regular kitchen blender but can be taken on the boat to make margaritas, daiquiris or smothies for the kids. Come with everything you see in the pictures. Great gift for only $40. Send me an email to...
  65. Carrasco

    1993 Invader Reefrunner $10,500 OBO

    25' Invader, Cuddy Cabin Reefrunner $10,500 reduced by $4,000. 1993 Invader Reefrunner cuddy cabin boat. 5.7L V8, 350hp Mercuiser engine with dual prop. Bravo III outdrive. Pacific galvanized dual axel trailer, completely gone through with new tires, and surge break system. Pacific Edge two...
  66. Carrasco

    12ft valco aluminum

    Kekoa, I bought it. Thanks Eric, the boat is the bomb. Took it out yesterday and caught 4 sand bass and one nice cabezon off the Long Beach breakwall.
  67. Carrasco

    25' Invader Cudy Reefrunner $14,500

    Turn-key, 1993 Invader ReefRunner Cuddy Cabin Boat. 5.7L V8, 350hp, very fast and powerful Mercuiserengine. Dual rotating Bravo III outdrive with stainless steel props. Pacificgalvanized dual axel trailer with new tires and surge breaks. Pacific Edge twoscoop bait tank. Rocket launchers and...
  68. Carrasco

    Aries Sportfishing mixed batch 4/11....

    I am planning a trip with four other friends down to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Oceanside</st1:place></st1:City> on Saturday the 24th. We are looking for a party boat that might be targeting the...
  69. Carrasco

    81 Yellowtail: Sea Adventure II Report 3/28

    I hope your guy Chuck cuts out the cigar chewin'; Esophageal cancer is a F---ed up way to go. My best friend went slowly and very paifully from chewing on the stuff.
  70. Carrasco

    YT at the islands 03-13-10 SD

    Great catch. My friends went out of Davy's Locker on an overnight trip onboard The Eclipse and got beat up to shush. They caught about 25 rockfish between the two of them. They said the boat had a fuel leak and that the bunks and galley were nearly uninhabitable due to the strong fumes. Besides...
  71. Carrasco

    24'Skipjack FB w/Yanmar Diesel 19Kobo

    My buddy bought his first boat last year and it ran just fine for about a month. The seller failed to inform us of a small seal leak under the engine which our mechanic could not see. Soon the boat began presenting engine problems that cost over $5,000 to repair. The head mechanic at Dick Sheer...
  72. Carrasco

    While NOT fishing the cod.....

    The best of all worlds- She seems to dig your mug, catches big fish, and is every bit as pretty as you said. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> All unbelievers that thought "BS" (including myself) stand corrected... awesome pics, congrats...
  73. Carrasco

    Catalina 2/28 Report

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I took my 11 year old son fishing on my friend's boat this morning. My friend brought along two- never seen the ocean, never caught a fish in their life yahoos who kept catching birds (they kept calling the...
  74. Carrasco

    Catalina lobster ticket from DFG

    I completely agree, especially if this kind of thing happens while you are trying to get kids interested in the sport. DFG officials should be able to more or less tell a scumbag poacher from a typically "responsible" angler or hoop-netter and the latter should be cut a little slack. We need...
  75. Carrasco

    El Nino. good or bad for inshore?

    :hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli: Don't say that!
  76. Carrasco

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    Damn fellas there is no denying- any publicity is good publicity! This guy is a terrible actor but now that he has been on TV, some idiot will probably hire him for a badguy role and pay him much more than his lawyer's fees and DFG fines. Besides, if he goes to jail he will be on holiday...
  77. Carrasco

    Jumbo squid trip tonight from Dana Wharf

    I am in the same boat so to speak. I have the steaks on my counter right now and I alrady breaded and fried a few strips. They taste bitter. I am waiting for a reply from a fellow BD'r who knows how to neutralize the bitterness of the strips. I hate to turn the steaks into chum.
  78. Carrasco

    Newport Squid 1/30

    We were out there last night also; caught five and kept two. I want to try some today but I have no idea how to cook them. We cleaned them last night, packed the steaks in ice and I cleaned them further today (removed the outer and inner layers). I cut small, thin strips, breaded them and fried...
  79. Carrasco

    Live squid and more

    Great to see your report. Keep us posted!
  80. Carrasco

    Great Night in Long Beach

    Easy killer! Look up the term facetious. For a law school student, you're not too bright. Let me guess, LSAT 145 w/accomodations. :indabutt:
  81. Carrasco

    sabiki hooks ALL bit in half?!?!?

    Cupacabra? That's some funny sh*t :cheers:
  82. Carrasco

    Great Night in Long Beach

    In layman's terms; all lobsders are boddom feeting , crebice duelyng, scavenjing cokrochs any-BUEY... Where can you catch a perfectly non-polluted bug? Let the man enjoy his big-ole bug and stop being a HAITER. :slap:
  83. Carrasco

    its flatty time

    :appl:Damn fellas, you kicked those slimy critters hard!
  84. Carrasco

    Barn Kelp

    Fish tacos enjoyed by the niños is the best payoff there is. Any kid that fails to appreciate a good fish taco amounts to a mutt- and I hate, hate, hate mutts. Classy kid. that's all I gotta say. YouTube - CRY for Food
  85. Carrasco


    You drive a hard bargain, $51.25, final offer; stop...:deadhorseand sell it already!
  86. Carrasco


    I am willing to pay $50 for all of it. Let me know.
  87. Carrasco

    Dam cat.

    3rd try also, great game thanks!
  88. Carrasco

    FREELANCE 3/29 CAT-Bonies,Barries and Funtime for ALL

    We pulled up two boats away from the Freelance just as it was leaving and the barracuda was still biting; I don't know why they left. We landed a total of five large barracuda and lost several. We also found a couple of bonito around the rock quarry but the bite didn't last long.
  89. Carrasco

    catalina seabass,yellowtail,halibut,limits of calico bass

    We fished the v's on Sunday with the squirters but no luck on the seabass. Barracuda made a good appearance with 5 landed and four shaken loose on short Taddy jigs. The rock quarry produced two nice bonito to five pounds using the same small blue and white jigs. Ended with a nice count, adding...
  90. Carrasco

    What kind of shark is this?

    See them all the time, yellow and white "muy gordo" wisker shark!
  91. Carrasco

    Day to Remember 8/22/08

    :eek2::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang: He will never, ever, ever, forget. My first fish was a tom cod at Seal Beach pier when I was 10 years old and I was hooked for life....... 35 years later, still hooked and still catching tom cod at seal beach. Great going kid, if the analogy works...
  92. Carrasco

    8/19 Bring your own paddy and brass knuckles.

    Just so serious- Hard work paid off, nice take!
  93. Carrasco

    I found this on craig's list

    Six folks looking for someone to take them fishing. Good opportunity to double up on gas while fishing Catalina! Can someone take us fishing???
  94. Carrasco

    1250 Gallons of Diesel COME GET IT!

    I will buy back the empty barrels for $3.00 each if delivered to the city of Vernon close to the 710 & 5 fwy interchange. I know it is a long way from where the fule is located but the empty barrels are sometimes difficult to dispose of. If interested send a couple of pictures of the barrels...
  95. Carrasco

    Citation for too many razor clams

    Man, I agree profusely! Most government jobs are just a place to squat, do nothing, use up diminishing resources, feel important while doing it, and waiting arround to die. If only the right amount of people were involved in the court process, the fine would have been $50 tops or worse case...
  96. Carrasco

    Red Tide

    Awsome pics and thanks for not being shy with the girl; eye candy alway strengthens the post -literally. :drool: :boobies: :eyepoppin :beerbang:
  97. Carrasco

    I think I found the right forum for me

    No cookies, just the Welcome and enjoy!
  98. Carrasco

    31' Fountain c/c Lakewood? long Beach?

    Send along pics of your trip, it would be interesting to see what the boat's wake looks like when you hit the throttle hard. Hell of a boat!
  99. Carrasco

    looking for boat

    What's wrong with 10 million boats for sale in the classified section of BD. Could it be that you are tired of seeing the same damn boats for sale since February of 2007!!!!! Look past the first page and there is a boat or two that fit your description.
  100. Carrasco

    Surf Halibut 4-30-08

    Halibut noodling? That's a hell of a new sport. Well done!!
  101. Carrasco

    Why does Saluki???

    That my friend, is some funny shit!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  102. Carrasco

    4.26 Bird rock

    Nice day when you can fish along side such pretty girls and actually get them hooked up. With at least a six pack of beer and your guest fisher folk, life gets no better.
  103. Carrasco

    Stolen gear...

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Both my wife's and my car have been broken into in the past and I know well the rage you feel. I have taken a picture inventory of my garage, car equipment and home interior. I e-mailed the pics. to my wife's and my e-mail address in case they steal the computer...
  104. Carrasco

    We are having so real global warming

    Read Mike Davis' Ecology of fear, especially if you live in Los Angeles.
  105. Carrasco


    The balance in the ecosystem went awry because of the taking of sea urchin. The critters keep kelp growth in check when they are not over-harvested. The orange roe-like flesh of the sea urchin is very expensive. Each live whole sea urchin costs between $7.00 to $10.00 dollars and only yield...
  106. Carrasco

    Tj Heads up

    OK, here you go.... It happens all the time LA :puff:
  107. Carrasco

    catalina dive boat and DFG busted

    The point is not that they carry a badge or not but that they are poorly trained at their job and have little if any PR skills. I once had to defend a guest on my boat who caught a 38" legal leopard shark, and the officer insisted it was not of legal size and proceeded to write the...
  108. Carrasco

    catalina dive boat and DFG busted

    There would be no better agument except many courts are not allowing pics. as proof anymore. There are too many "Photoshop" style programs that can turn an illegal lobster into a legal one with ease.
  109. Carrasco

    Salton Sea

    Thanks for the pics. the BD aficionados have made their point sufficiently clear; keep the yak at home. I am going golfing at Terra Lago and checking out the Palm Springs, Arial Tram instead. :food-smiley-014:
  110. Carrasco

    Bait Barge @ Long Beach breakwall

    The guys that sell the bait know well that you can't take a full scoop and that you will probably be back. I am sure they will sell you $5.00 worth at a time - it only makes sense. Best to you on your day.
  111. Carrasco

    Where to recycle Lower Unit Oil Contaminated with Water?

    Don't do that! Jiffy Lube recycles oil by mixing 1/2 of the cheap oil they usually use and 1/2 of the oil they collect from waste. :shithappens: :skullbone :skullbone :skullbone
  112. Carrasco

    The bay bite is back on..

    Have you ever seen one of those sharks blow themselves up full of air? I cought one on the wall a few years back and when I released it, it floated for a while until it deflated and swam away. That is one ugly, stinky critter to be catching for sport. Better that fish than no fish.....I guess.
  113. Carrasco

    Salton Sea

    Nope, I will definitely not kayak the Salton Sea as mentioned before. Thanks to all who have reported on the environmental catastrophy that has occured there.
  114. Carrasco

    yamaha 150 fresh water flush

    I saw a class demonstration at Cypress Community College on the effectiveness of using Salt X for removing salt deposits. After a 48 hr. period of soaking a salted piece of an engine riser, no difference could be seen, even under a micoscope. The results concluded no better effect than plain...
  115. Carrasco


    What! NO SALT?
  116. Carrasco


    I know someone else who has tried those burgers!
  117. Carrasco

    Fed up with boats for sale that don't need to sell boat

    Next time you are ready to buy, tell the seller your serious interest to part with your hard earned money. Ask him to disclose any and all problems the boat may have and ask for photos of the problems he knows of. Afterwards, tell him the price you are willing to pay providing there are no other...
  118. Carrasco

    Fishing buddy etiquette question

    As Benito Juarez said: "The right to respect from others is earned through peace." Heterosexual or otherwise, everyone is entitled to a degree of respect. You have every right to adapt the lifetyle of your choice as do I. I was simply playing and meant no disrespect...
  119. Carrasco

    How to keep bonito

    :drool::drool::drool: That does it, I neeeeedo a Bonito!!!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  120. Carrasco

    fishing ensanada 4-19-08

    Nope, you have the hole bahia to yourself, Enjoy!! : farmer :
  121. Carrasco

    trying to buy a used boat

    Damn, I was going to buy that boat for my son's 18th B-day. He turns nine tomorrow. :Bawling_e
  122. Carrasco

    The rules of the launch ramp, pre-season!

    Typical summer day at Davie's lauch ramp. Don't believe me, hang out there for an hour or two. :picknose:
  123. Carrasco

    Fishing buddy etiquette question

  124. Carrasco

    Fishing buddy etiquette question

    You kids enjoy, just bring the girl in your avatar for me. We'll drop you off on the SP breakwall so you and your Dr. Phill guy can bust nuts to your heart's content. :gayfight:
  125. Carrasco

    Fishing buddy etiquette question

    As a previous boat owner, I am well aware of the heavy expenses that acrue even in the shortest of trips; having such understanding is at the heart if the matter. The suggestions I have found most insightful are: crewing the boat, cleaning afterwards and saying thanks. Also, I will be ready to...
  126. Carrasco

    Fishing buddy etiquette question

    Can't help you with that one pal, "not a shared experience."
  127. Carrasco

    Fishing buddy etiquette question

    I appreciate the quick response. Thank you, and I will certainly suggest what has been recomended thus far. I am counting the days until I return to the workplace so much better prepared. I will be able to make up the times financially then.
  128. Carrasco

    Fishing buddy etiquette question

    A good friend of mine recently bought a boat and wants me to fish with him every time he uses his boat. He is a novice on the fishing/boating scene, and doesn’t swim very well. He is financially well off and I am trying to finish graduate school. Fishing is an ultimate luxury for me at this...
  129. Carrasco

    How to keep bonito

    That is the absolute truth. Eat fresh or chum mushy! :shithappens:
  130. Carrasco

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    Next time you are on the sport-boat, tell the deckies to be on the lookout for blue hands and place a freshly painted jig in plain view. You will soon find out who is stealing your jigs!
  131. Carrasco

    Favorite wsb recipes !!!!!!!!

    :drool::drool::drool: to your pic. of the girl!!!
  132. Carrasco

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    4" kaledoscope Crocodile at the backside of Catalina! Bass Bass Bass.
  133. Carrasco

    How to keep bonito

    You will never taste a better fish in you life!!! Take a quart size tuppaware along full of a mixuture lemon juice, tapatio and soy sauce. Fillet the Bonito immediately!, and remove all dark meat. Cut into 1/4" pcs. and deposit them in the concauction for one to one and a half hours (this will...
  134. Carrasco

    Salton Sea

    I would appreciate the pics. I am going to the S. Sea anyway, perhaps not to kayak as I am heeding the warnings, but to teach my kids about the importance of environmental preservation. I truly hope the scientists can restore the S. Sea. I will also post an update on what I learn from my July...
  135. Carrasco

    Throw back the big ones ****

    :beerbang::beerbang::beerbang::beerbang: to your pics!!!!
  136. Carrasco

    need help fishing lajolla

    Oh, no!.... here we go!
  137. Carrasco

    SpAcE Pics

    Those are George Bush Senior's satelites, used to meter fish and nothing else. :rolleyes:
  138. Carrasco

    Anyone have any rogue wave stories?

    Fishing the Cabrillo Beach area. Never fails.... crazy, careless boaters get too close to the shore and pay dearly for their mistake. The waves dissapear for five minutes at times and return suddenly, sometimes exceeding 6 ft. I always pay extra close attention when fishing that area...
  139. Carrasco

    Couple New Pics

    Ay, pinchi crazy gringos!!! That's some air you got there!
  140. Carrasco

    28' Skipjack for $9000...

    Just when I had convinced the wife to dig into our kids' college fund!:nutkick:-is right.
  141. Carrasco

    Salton Sea

    I will be kayak fishing on the Salton Sea the first week of July :_hot_:and need information on bait to species. Thus far I know there is corbina, sargo and tilapia to be had. What I don't know is what type of bait works best for each species. I would appreciate a heads up. I plan on dealing...
  142. Carrasco

    LJ 04/12

    Great to hear such undying love for the sport.
  143. Carrasco

    Need help

    Castro's Camp sounds like a good option for you considering your limited time. The following URL will take you to pictures taken at Castro's Camp in August 2007.
  144. Carrasco

    kelp beds???

    Easy on the kid pal. Nobody is asking for your honey spot- just a pointer or two. My two centavos
  145. Carrasco

    LJ 4/12 WSB

    It won't matter for a few days. Digging canines on into a perfect WSB steak with friends- it does not get any better than that!..... Well deserved
  146. Carrasco

    A few "Off the Wall"

    Nothing short of outstanding! There is nothing better than fishing the wall at night- absolutely not for light-weights. Thank you for sharing......:beerbang:
  147. Carrasco

    Ruined my new RAT-L-TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have seen that very thing before. The year was 1998, the boat was the Victory fishing barracuda. A Lady fishing a Tady 45 failed to look back and snagged an innocent angler by the nostril. His excrutiating pain was evident as he bellowed away at the miserable idiot who made his head turn away...
  148. Carrasco

    LJ 4/12 WSB

    That's one corn eatn' tom cod !!! Thanks for your Yakety Yak.
  149. Carrasco

    Do fish shrink after dieing?

    One tenth of an inch a very small margin. I would have released the critter just to avoid the whole fiasco with DFG, but that's just me. I have known cases where the fines were stiff and others that have been totally dismissed. I agree about the need for pictures in making your case. Don't tell...
  150. Carrasco

    Kayak - Employment Opportunity

    $6.75 an hour? I'll tell my son to cancel all his weekend fishing trips this summer just in case you are in a bind. :slap:.......gotta go I just pooped my pants.....stupid Depends!
  151. Carrasco

    Need some renters' rights help.

    Don't :argue: with teh guy, make an invoice of the repairs made and then sue him for the money. It would help greatly if you have before and after pics of the repairs made. Most of the BD members are in construction as I understand, so request advice on how much the reapairs are worth. Three...
  152. Carrasco

    Why, oh why?

    :deadhorse I don't understand why members who have sold their boats on BD do not remove their adds from the classifieds section of the web-site. The spots they are holding up are are prime and should be cleared for other sellers to use. I enjoy viewing the classifieds, and find it a nuisance...
  153. Carrasco

    3 thieves busted at docks

    Is there a video surveillance system in place for instances when there are no vigilant boaters? A little extra expense to protect such expensive investments would not be a bad Idea. It was a good thing you were there to foil their thieving- goes to show, often there is a cop when you need one...
  154. Carrasco

    bad news from the feds..

    The diesel prices have hit my neighbor very hard this month. He owned a transportation company for twelve years and his dad owned it for 8 before retiring. He told me the greatest costs to his business used to be the benefits he provided his drivers (e.g., decent wages, workman’s comp, Health...
  155. Carrasco


    Always interested in reports about the wall. Day or night, there is no better place to fish.
  156. Carrasco


    Cerviche? There's always got to be a drunk in the bunch! Its CEVICHE and its GOOOOOD, especially with a Pacifico and fishing on the Pacifico!!!
  157. Carrasco

    check out my project boat and give me some advice!! assholes!!

    You have a bonified money-pit. Do yourself a huge favor and take the advise of going with an outboard. Before you even start, consult Russel Sandor or whoever the marine reapair instructor at Cypress Community college is and learn for yourself about the problems with our OMC setup. If money is...
  158. Carrasco

    and this is why I have a gun in my car

    :indabutt: I go a close-up of his teeth, curb stomping him might be doing him a favor. The one holding his lip is probably his tweeker neighborhood dentist.
  159. Carrasco

    and this is why I have a gun in my car

    I was in Vegas once and I pinned an idiot that pulled some crap like that on a petite lady in her 20's When everything was said and done, I was criticized by the cops, my friends, and got in an argument with my wife for geting into someone else's business. I would definitely do it again; it is...
  160. Carrasco

    Catalina Fishing 04-01

    Seem to be missing the ones from the front side. Did you not try for bonito? The mix bag is great but a bonito or two would have added color to your variety, not to mention the fun of top water fishing. Thanks for the great report and pics.
  161. Carrasco

    Engine Problem "Stumper"

    It is true that a leaky gasket does not always mean milky oil; take the advice given beforehand and do the simple things first. Have the leak down test to see if your leak is in the combustion chamber.
  162. Carrasco

    They worked pretty well

    :puff:Well, did you try the squid all by itself?
  163. Carrasco

    Tony Reyes Trip. suggestions/tips

    Beware of going off on a little boat; it can get lonesome, cold and famishing.
  164. Carrasco

    Anyone get April fooled?

    That is some funny sh..!
  165. Carrasco


    Hey NukeDawg, This is your perfect opportunity to test drive that 13ft, garage fitting, 25hp powered small boat you were asking about. The answer to your question should come whiriling at you at arround 11:00 am or so. By the way, when you get back let us know if the trip was productive or only...
  166. Carrasco

    getting rust/salt water damage off of reel

    I looked arround the web for a solution for a similar problem and came across this bit of advice from an old painter: "I recently got Magica Rust Remover Spray from True Value Hardware, and it works extremely well. I have used it on the shower ceramic tile and concrete patio. You spray it on...
  167. Carrasco

    Small Boats (Why does size matter)

    I owned a 22' aluminum Starcraft (riveted) boat. I fished that boat til the last rivet said "no mas." I miss the old girl but not the harsh poundings I placed on her hull coming back from Catalina. I also do not miss getting drenched by the overspray of the ocean for the two hours or so it took...
  168. Carrasco

    Stolen boat

    I will definitely keep an eye out for your boat. I am sure everyone who has seen your boat on this forum will aswell. Meantime, I am actively looking for that halibut first!!!
  169. Carrasco

    Catalina 3/29 report

    We made an attempt at the WSB on Saturday but engine troubled kepts us out of the game. Several boaters returned to Davie's launch ramp after a mile or so of bad weather. Perfect consolation as we were heartbroken on the sidelines. Great advice, "we'll get um' next time."
  170. Carrasco


    Nope, it has never been free and you would be wise to call San Pedro department of parks and rec. to get the skinny on price and hours. You may just be locked in as changes have taken place lately. Hope you find what you are looking for !!!WSB!!!
  171. Carrasco

    Trolling for WSB

    I am sorry to hear that the weather will not be as cooperative as we had hoped. I am about to head out to back side of the island to fish the gray light of Saturday. I heard from a friend that the squid boat Carnage has squid for sale on the east end. The local dope is that the WSB are near the...