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  1. Mnunez42

    SOLD Sea Pro 176 2018 Yamaha Center Console

    Seapro 176 with a 2018 Yamaha 115hp outboard... 300hours Lowrance Elite Ti-7 NMEA 2000 Livewell Tons of storage 2008 Hull Brand new twin batteries Biggest 18 foot boat; terrific skiff Brand New West Coast Trailer built 4 months ago 30 Gallon fuel tank, amazing fuel range, perfect for both...
  2. Mnunez42

    For Sale Boston Whaler 15 foot 2016 Merc Bay Boat

    Wish I could Jason, time came too soon, but she taught me alot this past season and a lot was accomplished, but unfortunately time always wins.... still pending
  3. Mnunez42

    For Sale Boston Whaler 15 foot 2016 Merc Bay Boat

    150 super sport 84’ currently pending
  4. Mnunez42

    For Sale Boston Whaler 15 foot 2016 Merc Bay Boat

    ***SOLD*** Well sadly the time has come so quick... recently I have gotten in my Masters program so expenses are off the roof... therefore, here is my love and joy up for grabs, a perfect boat to fish the bay whether it be recreational or SBS, to even offshore. ASKING PRICE starts at $10,500...
  5. Mnunez42

    For Sale Tranx 300hg and P322-F

    PRICES DROPPED* Shimano tranx 300 hg 7.6.1 65lb max quatro Rarely fished, I have too much gear. 190 o.b.o. I have an all original P series Newell 322 Comes with an upgraded power handle currently on along with the original short P handle as well as all P parts and spool. Has 150 yard of...
  6. Mnunez42

    SOLD Custom Boston Whaler

    Unfortunately this skiff won’t be listed for sale for a veryyyyyyy long time... thanks again jason, beyond stoked and grateful
  7. Mnunez42

    WTB 75/90HP 4 Stroke Outboard

    Looking to repower my Montauk with a 4 stroke outboard. PM what you got or text me at 626-393-4941 what you got. Preferably looking for a Honda, Yamaha, or Mercury with low hours. I'm open to all offers, even a 115hp if the dry weight is under 370lbs.
  8. Mnunez42

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    Had a friend on his skiff pull up on em... hooked up on a bigger one and got spooled on the 10 foot rod but he said the school was not looking to stay in the area for more than a few days, its going to look like a mall parking lot on Christmas Eve out there tommorow
  9. Mnunez42

    I had a great inshore fishing year

    Hell yee brother, now for another year of breaking pb’s:cool:
  10. Mnunez42

    SOLD Boston Whaler 17' Montauk 1980

    pm’d... this is a killer skiff
  11. Mnunez42

    Newell Reels Today

    I definitely feel that newells serve multiple purposes... For one, may seek them to use for personal preference since they are so light and that is what they like and are used to. Second, people many resort to these while on a budget because you can find them in pretty good condition for...
  12. Mnunez42

    Rpt.-Tues.12-04-18 BRRRRR, but decent Bass'n!

    Looks like a decent time, at least you guys got out, I've been stuck in school with work and finals... nice lights btw! Nothing like fishing through the holidays!
  13. Mnunez42

    WTB Greenough Del Mar 13 or Hobie Power Skiff

    Thanks for the pointer! I knew a couple guys in the industry who have done a bit of work for me for extremely cheap and I've been talking to them and planning this out... so there are things which I am self-capable of in doing and then when it comes to those nitty-gritty somewhat specialty...
  14. Mnunez42


    Lucky your down south and not up north, Santa Cruz averaged about 25ft this week as well as the rest of the channel islands. Had a buddy try to fish right out front and fish the wall, it was a definite abort mission ordeal. He had to come in and fish the bay. Other than that... be safe and have...
  15. Mnunez42

    WTB Greenough Del Mar 13 or Hobie Power Skiff

    I definitely understand I'd be down for something like this if it wasn't entirely so much work, I have a very busy schedule working 2 jobs and going to school so finding time to fish is scarce as it is, I could only imagine what it'd be like to have a boat to build, but I will definitely look...
  16. Mnunez42

    Questions/Reviews on Del Mar 13 and help finding next skiff!

    Hey, Bd'ers, I've been in the market for a Del Mar 13 which I thought was the proper skiff for me, however, I thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone has had any experience with these skiffs and if so, could you inform me of the pros and cons of this skiff before I do actually make a purchase...
  17. Mnunez42

    Trolling White Seabass

    A rapala X-rap such as the one above or what you shouldn't try is an OG 5 or 6 in wham slow trolled, if you coincidently have them, but trust me, they don't get bit :D
  18. Mnunez42

    WTB Greenough Del Mar 13 or Hobie Power Skiff

    Definitely something I'm going to have to look into, my buddy just got one recently with a pilot house built and that thing is insanely wicked
  19. Mnunez42

    Hey live2fish, I saw you posted that you have a 15 foot Radon for sale? If you could, could you...

    Hey live2fish, I saw you posted that you have a 15 foot Radon for sale? If you could, could you Text or DM me pictures and a price if you're still looking to sell it? And we can discuss it as well.... Thanks! 626.393.4941
  20. Mnunez42

    WTB Greenough Del Mar 13 or Hobie Power Skiff

    Thanks! I reached out to him, but haven't received a response yet! Hopefully, he gets back soon because I'm looking to get a hull and build it over my winter break!
  21. Mnunez42

    For Sale Calibogie on craigslist

    Thanks for the share, I have looked and never came across this one, however it is definately on my watching list now:cool:
  22. Mnunez42

    SOLD 2010 Ranger Z21 Comanche IntraCoastal $34,000

    Oh my:drool: once i graduate college and start making money...
  23. Mnunez42

    For Sale WHALER - RADON -Reduced to $14,950 - RESTORED 2018 For Sale

    This skiff is so sexy :drool: should get sold super quick, i’d take it off your hands but I’m a broke a$$ college fisherman
  24. Mnunez42

    WTB Greenough Del Mar 13 or Hobie Power Skiff

    Do you know the name of this man or the links to the Del Mars? I found one on craiglist in Ensenada, without a center console, it may be his, but i’d like to look at the hull with the center console.
  25. Mnunez42

    SOLD Boston Whaler 17' Montauk 1980

    Does the skiff come with the rods as advertised?LOL
  26. Mnunez42

    WTB Greenough Del Mar 13 or Hobie Power Skiff

    If only my best buddy Aren would give me his Montauk :D
  27. Mnunez42

    WTB Greenough Del Mar 13 or Hobie Power Skiff

    On the prowl for a 13 foot Greenough influenced Del Mar. I’ve been having witchdrawals after selling my 17ft montauk and I’m looking for a small skiff to fish inshore and potentially the islands if the swell is calling. A hobie power skiff may catch my interest as well or a 13 or 15’ calibogie...
  28. Mnunez42

    Rockfish on a Halco popper Dana Point

    Wide open cod on the popper? Get em
  29. Mnunez42

    Fishing for Rockfish in Mexican Waters After Jan 1?

    Good question I was literally gonna post the same thing about bringing the fish back after Jan. 1 but Azarkon answered that, thanks!
  30. Mnunez42

    12-20. New lo-an overnight

    That is a captain who truly loves to put people on fish!
  31. Mnunez42

    12/23/2017 Halibut Report

    Not sure about lizardfish but sardines are practical Hali candy, guratee bites!
  32. Mnunez42

    Rpt.-12-19-17 SCI Lings, Reds, Coppers w/Pic's.

    Nice lings! I’m still tryna get my 30lber before the season ends! I love how the quality of the fish increased as I scrolled further down!
  33. Mnunez42

    12/18/17 Channel Island First Ling

    Solid ling, I’ve caught a bunch of barely legal’s this year, I’m still pushing for my 30lber
  34. Mnunez42

    Frustrating night hooping

    Not cool man, I hope the operator of that boat reads this post somehow and learns an obvious lesson, some of that stuff should be common sense
  35. Mnunez42

    12-22-17 Local reds on the chew

    Nice reds RP never seems to fail when in doubt.
  36. Mnunez42

    Catalina 8/22 - The Tradition-the good and the bad

    Rough trip man, I see where you're coming from especially when there's a lot of money and future business involved, not cool of them! Definatelt recommend the pursuot next time as Gus and John bust their butts to put their customers on quality fish. I've fished the pursuit since I can remember...
  37. Mnunez42

    Got one to go

    Radd!! Staying away from the crowds seems to be the best tactic with all this boat traffic and pressure.
  38. Mnunez42

    277 Dorado and Yellowfin on 8/5

    Sweet trip man! It's always the best when you hook up on the way in!
  39. Mnunez42

    Coronados 8/7 -Liberty

    Yeah man sucks to find out after you spent so much money... it pays to ask around and know people :(
  40. Mnunez42

    Found a Couple

    Makes you feel like the next greatest captain hahaha
  41. Mnunez42

    Sunday report

    Nice dodos! It's all about the consistent grind and hardwork that puts you on fish!
  42. Mnunez42

    8/6/7 Footballs 4 Miles Off Of Laguna Canyon

    I saw the same school probably running off the 14 mb but they were hard to hook on the large irons and they were moving too quick
  43. Mnunez42

    Found a Couple

    Same here man! Just got my first Whaler at 17ft and its so awesome to hook your buddies up!