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  1. glenniesan

    7/17 Dolphin half day with medical emergency ending

    Last minute decision to stick around town and I rode on the Dolphin for the afternoon bite. Quite a few folks maybe 50 aboard. After getting lots of bait we quickly pulled up to a spot right off the point. Found fish pretty much immediately, crew did a great job bringing them up the whole...
  2. glenniesan

    Value of the trip description

    I have been hesitating to get on 1.5+ trips because I'm confused about the trip info regarding passports. I assume that just because the trip description doesn't explicitly say "Passport required" that doesn't mean the they won't be required if/when there is "last minute" a decision to head to...
  3. glenniesan

    First "big boy" rig

    I think I've narrowed down the choices for me to invest in my first 2 speed. I might go with HX Raptor, 80# LB solid/80# mono topshot on a Grafighter 770HX. A bit much for my first 2spd? I don't know but I want to feel confident with even the possibility that I may get hooked up with one of...
  4. glenniesan

    Any recent feedback for Long Run?

    A friend has booked the Long Run for an all-day trip in a couple of weeks. I've searched all over and found very mixed reviews. I think the most recent posts here are 2+ years old. Do any of you know/have any experience with this operation? Thanks.
  5. glenniesan

    3/4 on the Point Loma

    I don't have docs to fish South yet. I am interested because, I understand this is a trip that will stay in US waters as it's described as a "local water exploratory". I just confirmed with Javier at PL: no passport/Mex docs are needed for these particular trips. So... do you guys have any...
  6. glenniesan

    Any recommendations for rods/line

    Scouring these forums I'm piecing together info, bit by bit, on how to maximize my reel "collection" to appropriate rods & line. I'll lay them out in this post, in hopes I get a little more advice to help get me started venturing a little further out. I have next to no offshore/islands...
  7. glenniesan


    My buddy & I checked it out for my second hoopn trip last night, this time with enough mackers for bait. Drifted around the spots from 8-11 for one legal and I think two shorts. Water was 62 most of the time, 20-30'. Other than a couple pulls of kelp not much happening that we saw. Chilly...
  8. glenniesan

    Bug report: Oside

    First time hoopin for myself. Stopped by OEX Oside for a few items - thanks for the help as always Nate! My fishn partner and I hit the ramp round 8ish and paddled around till about midnight for 1 legal and six shorts. Dropping in 20 - 40'. Half-ish moon, nice warm, soft breeze, night to be out...
  9. glenniesan

    5/17 LJ

    :doh:Short: No bait found!! S-L-O-W picked a couple sand dabs, and a vermillion(?) close into the end of the pier. Just as we were ending the day, drifting the beach to the N of the pier, the bass rod loaded up in the rod holder. Ended up with my first Leopard which was also my first...
  10. glenniesan

    Overdue FV Pelican

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right forum mod's may want to move... Last night I picked up CG San Diego on 22a talking to FV Purple Jet out of Oside harbor. They were in the middle of a conversation about a missing 32' FV Pelican fishing 6 NM out of (Oside?). Listend to the traffic for a...