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  1. MobilHomey

    Need Boat Varnish Specialist

    Anyone know of a person/company that does varnishing..>? I'm in search of. Your input is appreciated.
  2. MobilHomey

    Garmin 740s, Lost Chart and Sonar

    All - odd deal, sonar has dropped off the menu and also lost the charts at the same time. I can get why I might lose sonar due to transducer or something, but why would I lose charts as well? Charts is on the menu, but when accessed pretty much blank with only way points. Odd deal. I've...
  3. MobilHomey

    Looking to defeat reverse lock on Volvo Penta OD

    What sucks is at the most opportune times, like pulling up to the slip, fuel dock, mooring, I hit reverse and the F'ing outdrive pops out of the water. Ive been down there and cleaned everything on the little catch, pulled, yanked, even replaced everything (springs, catch, etc.) a few years...
  4. MobilHomey

    Good Xrap Colors/Depths?

    Planning to drop a couple coins on some Xraps... and thought I would ping the community on colors/depths. Purple is a for sure... mackeral? Other? Just wondering what others go to's are so I can $pend wisely. Thoughts are appreciated.
  5. MobilHomey

    Cat and Channel 7/25

    Saw private boaters scratching yellows in front of the airport on jigs and at seal rock trolling xraps. Water was 72 so decided to roll by Avalon Bank on the way back... saw birds and foamers a few miles in front of the bank and a few miles after the bank. Threw poppers both times but they...
  6. MobilHomey

    For Sale EZ Loader Boat Trailer

    Super heavy duty EZ Loader trailer for sale - $3,600.00 35 foot, dual axle, 4 wheel drums with flush outs 12,000lb Load Capacity New Fulton jack and winch cable Side guides, both with boarding ladders Self adjusting bunks to the boats deadrise angle Taken great care of - rinsed after every...
  7. MobilHomey

    Trailer Without a Home

    Update... Trailer now available for sale or shared use. The trailer is listed in BD boat parts classified for sale... but would love to keep the trailer somehow. Anyone have a spot to store (even under a boat), but with shared use? PM if interested... Shared use option would be best of...
  8. MobilHomey

    Borrow, Rent, Buy Trailer for 24' Skipjack

    All - need to do a haul out and am in need of a trailer. If you are not using yours, I will compensate handsomely. Or if someone knows if someone wants to sell one somewhere. Much appreciated..
  9. MobilHomey

    Paint AntiFoul on Outdrive...?

    Taking my boat into Basin Marine next week to have the bottom painted, but they have also quoted me to paint the outdrive. I would appreciate a response from someone that has had it done and pros/cons. Thanks in advance...
  10. MobilHomey

    Need to Borrow Trailer for 24' Skipjack

    All - planning to take my boat out for service and am looking to borrow (rent) a trailer from someone. Should need it for less than a month and will certainly make it $worth$ your while. Much appreciated.
  11. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    2012 repost since pictures got lost during the site conversion a few years back. Found this boat in 2012 with only 300 hours on it.
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    Loreto Arturo's Sportfishing...?

    So this is a late post cuz I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Trying to figure out what gear to take. Have pinged them several times on email and all I get is each panga has 3 rods. Pretty much counting on bottom fishing for the yellows, so thinking bringing the big two speeds and use the rods...
  14. MobilHomey

    AQ290 Out Drive Vibration

    Guys, I get a vibration sound that reverberates through the hull from my AQ290 single prop out drive when I turn left or right. I think this is a common problem and have experienced it with other boats that I have owned. Anyone know the proper fix to resolve this issue? I've heard u-joints...
  15. MobilHomey

    Skipjack AQ260 Ignition Issue

    Guys, I have a 1986 Skipjack with a Volvo Penta AQ260 that when I put the ignition into start or run the trim I get nothing, and the dash gauges lose power. I turn the key off then back on and the gauges get power, then I go to start and hit the trim (neither will work), and the gauges lose...
  16. MobilHomey

    Cleaning a spark arrester

    Carb and choke cleaner, gas, mineral spirits, other? I'm thinking carb and choke cleaner after doing some interwebbing. Thoughts are appreciated.
  17. MobilHomey

    SoCal Bottom Painter Recommendations

    Called Long Beach Boat Yard $$$$$, calling Cabrillo manana. Any other recommendations for quality work? I have no paint and understand the importance of prep, epoxy, primer and coats. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  18. MobilHomey

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    Guys - I have a 24' skip open that that the fuel gauge is not accurate. It used to be off by about 25% and now its off by 50% or more. Do I just replace the sending unit or sumtin? If so, where does one get one from? This tank was replaced by the previous owner and was made by the company...
  19. MobilHomey

    Volvo Outdrive Service

    Guys - I'm in Long Beach with a 24' Skipjack open with a AQ290 outdrive that needs service. For the past 20yrs I used to go to Rainbow/Tilly's but it seems they don't have interest in working on older boats anymore. Very unfortunate because the head mechanic there (John) is a great guy and...
  20. MobilHomey

    Volvo 290 Outdrive Service - Outdrive Exchange?

    I live in the Long Beach area and need service on my Volvo 290 outdrive. Anybody have any recommendations? My days going to Tilly's (Rainbow) are over. Anybody have any experience with Outdrive Exchange? I have an appt to drop my boat off next week but would rather not run all the way down...
  21. MobilHomey

    Weekend Report - Offshore and Islands

    Saturday made our way to the 209 and stopped 10 miles short again on a paddy for 7 yellows. Drove to the beach looking for warmer water and found one more paddy for another yellow. Pushed back to the area we were at in the morning cuz it seemed to have a lot of life. Started trolling the area...
  22. MobilHomey

    Size of cedar plug for trolling tuna...?

    So planning to line up some purple/black plugs for trolling this weekend and am thinking 6" but other say those are too small, then another "expert" said I really want the 4"ers. Thoughts anyone that has real world recent tuna catching knowledge? Appreciated...
  23. MobilHomey

    Diver/Bottom Cleaner Wanted in Alamitos Bay

    Looking for a diver to clean the bottom of my boat located in Alamitos bay. Need it cleaned by Friday night. I prefer the independent guys if possible. Appreciated....!
  24. MobilHomey

    Sunday Yellows Short of the 209 (Binocular Recommendations)

    Nacho at 4:30, headed to the 209 and about 10 miles short found a paddy holding. Ran to the 267 and trolled the slide into the east end for nada. Sure was fun listening to the chatter on the radio... good stuff. Hey so thinking of doing an upgrade on the optics for spotting paddy's. Thinking...
  25. MobilHomey

    Importance of OEM risers and manifolds?

    Planning on replacing my risers and manifolds this year and am wondering if I should pony up the extra $$ for Volvo product for my AQ260. I think I heard some time ago that in this area you only want to use OEM product. Thoughts...?
  26. MobilHomey

    Importance of OEM risers and manifolds?

    Planning on replacing my risers and manifolds on my Volvo Penta AQ260 this year and am wondering how important it is to use OEM parts for these items. I think I have heard years ago that it makes good sense to go OEM in this area. Your thoughts...?
  27. MobilHomey

    Carbon Fiber for Dash Replacement

    I'm looking to redo my dashboard with carbon fiber. Doing some research I'm seeing vinyl, wrap and carbon fiber stock products. My current dash is made of ABF plastic with a dimple type of texture so not sure how well a wrap would work. Your thoughts or experiences with this product is...
  28. MobilHomey

    Teak Suppliers?

    Looking to replace my laminate doors to my cuddy with teak. Was going to make a run to H&L Marine Woodwork in Rancho Dominguez but unfortunately I think they are closed. Anyone know of a place to buy some teak stock in the LA/OC area?
  29. MobilHomey

    GW Shark Locator App

    I wish they would do this for seabass and yellowtail....!
  30. MobilHomey

    Great White Caught Off Beach in San Clemente

    You guys see this?
  31. MobilHomey

    Wireless Boat Kill Switch/Lanyard

    First of all thoughts and prayers to Ruben and his family..! Very sad story.. I boat solo often and when I do I take precautions such as inflatable vest, PLB, ditch bag at the ready etc. This is the first I have heard of a wireless kill switch. I looked into it and the one listed on the...
  32. MobilHomey

    Calstar 8' Deckhand Special - $110.00

    Sold it, Sold it, Sold it...!!!!
  33. MobilHomey

    Active Squid Beds at Catalina?

    I heard earlier there were active squid beds on the back side near the V's or back side on the west end. Can anybody confirm any of this info. Lookin to head over Thursday for a few days and would love to be able to make some. Your input is appreciated.
  34. MobilHomey

    Squid availability to purchase in LB or at Catalina

    Planning a trip to Catalina, leaving Sunday, coming back? Don't know if I'll have time to make squid and have heard the sceiners (sp?) are collecting for commercial sale only. I was at the island today on another boat and didn't see the Marie Claire. How would someone go about getting squid...
  35. MobilHomey

    Speed comfort level running with radar...

    Just wondering what is a common cruising speed with zero visibility (night time) using radar? What are you comfortable with..?
  36. MobilHomey

    A Milestone in the Evolution of Mankind!!!

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  37. MobilHomey

    Corrosion Issue

    Does anybody know why I'm getting so much corrosion appearing at the hose fittings. The hoses are new a 100 hrs ago and connect to the exhaust manifolds. The engine is not fresh water cooled. Your thoughts...
  38. MobilHomey

    Looking to rent a 24' Skipjack Trailer

    If yours is collecting dust or rust... rent it to me for a month and make some $$. I need a trailer to take my boat out for seasonal service. Please PM if you can help. Thanks, Dan
  39. MobilHomey

    Want to rent 24' Skipjack Trailer

    If yours is sitting collecting dust, let me borrow it for a month and get a nice return. I need it to take mine out for seasonal service. Please PM if you have something I can use. Thanks, Dan
  40. MobilHomey

    Want to rent 24' Skipjack Trailer

    Looking to take my 24' out for annual service and would like to rent a trailer from someone. Probably will need it for a month. Will pay well $$ Let me know what you have. Appreciated. Dan
  41. MobilHomey

    Guess Where I Took This Picture...!

    So I live in SoCal and went on a fishing trip last weekend. The place I went fishing was less than a thousand miles away and I snapped this photo after I got off the boat... Take a stab and try to guess where I was. The answer may surprise you..!
  42. MobilHomey

    Garmin Sonar Intermittent Issue

    Guys, I have a Garmin 740s connected to a transom mount transducer. I can run sometimes at full speed and the sonar works fine... the next day I take the boat out and it won't work unless I'm at an idle or stopped. Lately it's been not working a lot more than working... Fricken frustrating...
  43. MobilHomey

    Banks Heat Back Up Again...!

    Terrafin SST has never been this far off... could it be? This report taken yesterday at 3:35 PM. Water warming back up after the storm remnants from last weekend..? <table id="chartInfoPanel"><tbody><tr><td class="PointIndexCellStyle">1.</td><td class="LatLonCellStyle">33° 31.38´ N / 117°...
  44. MobilHomey

    LB Bait Recievers have Squid?

    Does anyone know if Nacho or the other guy in the LB harbor has squid? Or if there is a number that I can call to find out?
  45. MobilHomey

    Unattended Rod - In gear or not?

    When putting a rod in the rod holder and fishing another... do I put it in gear or free spool with the clicker on? Do I reduce the drag if in gear? For me this comes up when fishing sea bass and for now... dodo's on the paddy... This is the sh&t that keeps me awake at night :)
  46. MobilHomey

    No Bueno...
  47. MobilHomey

    How to add an avatar...?

    Couldn't find anywhere else to post this so... sorry.. Anyway I'd like to put something for my avatar but can't find anything in the my dealy that says what to click or whatever. Anybody have experience with this..?
  48. MobilHomey

    Marlin Reports...?

    I used to hear all these reports of all the Marlin that is being caught on the slide and everywhere else. I'm not seeing or hearing much... Am I looking in the wrong place? Has anyone heard of the catch and release counts from the tourny's that have been going on..?
  49. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    Found this late model skip with only 300 hours on the original Volvo AQ260 and 290 outdrive. The hull was like new and the engine ran good so I pulled the trigger. Planning to go from a boat with brown trim to a boat with blue trim… first up was to scrape the brown boot stripe decals...
  50. MobilHomey

    Bait barge at Dana...?

    Thinking of moving my boat down to Dana for a couple of weeks and am wondering where I get the dines... Is there a bait barge down there somewhere? Let me know what you know.
  51. MobilHomey

    Bait pump losing prime...

    All, I have a through hull at bottom of the bilge in my 24' open skip, new brass ball valve, new 500 GPM Rule pump connected to about 4' of hose running out through my transom to the bait bag. Several times during a fishing trip the bait system fails. The pump never stops running, the pump is...
  52. MobilHomey

    SCI Naval Hazard Areas...

    Guys, thinking of making a trip to SCI... I know it is a Naval area and thought I would do some research and ran across this. This lists their operating zones... and on most days coming up it seems like the whole island is shut...
  53. MobilHomey

    1988 20' Skipjack Open

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  54. MobilHomey

    Correct Prop for Skipjack?

    I'm in need of a new prop for a 24' Skipjack Open with a Volvo 290 outdrive connected to the Volvo Penta 350 motor. Anyone know what is the correct pitch for this application?
  55. MobilHomey

    24' Skipjack Trailer Share???

    I have a 24' Skipjack (no trailer) that I keep in the water and am looking for someone that keeps their 24' skip in the water and the trailer in storage and would like to share in the cost of the storage and let me use the trailer once a year for yearly service in return... Make sense...?
  56. MobilHomey

    What gear to bring for Panga Fishing?

    So me and few buds are heading down to Playa Del Coco, CR (near Tamarindo) for a week or so and plan to fish the pangas (assuming there are some) in that area. Probably will fish inshore for grouper, pargo, rooster etc. If you were me... what gear would you bring (lures, line weight, etc.)...
  57. MobilHomey

    Radar/Sonar/GPS for 24" Open?

    Any thoughts on a combo system (integrated Radar/Sonar/GPS) from Garmin/Furuno or others. I'm kinda leaning toward Garmin... but what do I know... Also thinking of non-touch screen. I guess I'm kinda old school and I can get a bigger screen for the $$...
  58. MobilHomey

    Wheel Chair Accessible Fishing In Panama?

    Guys, Four of us plan to be in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com Also we may be in the country until 3/14 so any other thoughts on sites to see would be appreciated.
  59. MobilHomey

    24 Skipjack Open Wanted

    All BD'ers, I'm aggressively looking for a Skip 24' open, 1986 or newer in any shape. If anyone has a line on one... please give me a shout.. Gracias...
  60. MobilHomey

    29' express with single drive?

    I'm considering putting an offer on a boat (see link below) however it only has one engine/drive setup. After doing some research I have noted that it seems that 90% of the boats in the 28 to 29' range have dual power/drive setups. I'm thinking I can go straight okay, I'm just wondering if...
  61. MobilHomey

    Wanted - 24' Skipjack Open

    Just putting the shout out.. I'm looking agressively for a 24' Skipjack open. I would like to get one 1981 or later in reasonable shape. Could be a fixer... PM or reply to this post if anyone has a line on one... Thanks, Dan